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09-15-2002, 09:06 AM
Good Morning all!! I'm up early again :)

LA: Geeze, sorry about the place. I've no idea what your options are but surely you have some. I would be sure to take LOTS of pictures/videos or something to prove your point. That way it won't be your word against theirs.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend.

09-15-2002, 09:41 AM
Hi All,

Karen- You're probably bloated. That's how I started out.

LA- Sorry to hear about the slumlords. When we moved into our place, the landlords, an older couple, assured us that we could move right in, they would make sure it was clean. Well, we had 2 weeks overlap between the old place and here, and we scrubbed this place. It was surface clean, but things like under the fridge and stove, places that are harder to get to, the windows, were all disgusting. Alot of times older people don't see all the dirt, ya' know? Definitely check with someone at the town, and see if you have any rights? They may say, well, didn't you check to see if the windows worked, or didn't you discuss broken screens, or the details of as is? I hope that you will be able to do something about it. Maybe you can make a list of everything that's wrong, such as the screens, dirty carpets, etc. Then sit down and diplomatically talk with the landlords. Maybe see if they'll split costs with you, or maybe they can pay to replace the screens, and you can have the carpets cleaned?

Yesterday DH brought home a bassinet that his parents bought us at a garage sale. It's in great condition and I washed the cover and sheets that came with it. I told them we had a cradle from my brother and SIL, but I guess they weren't listening or something. Whatever, now we're stuck with both. Since we won't have the crib until around April, because one of brother and SIL's friends is using it, I guess we'll just put the cradle in one room and the bassinet in the other (our room and the baby's room).

Have a great day all!

09-15-2002, 12:32 PM
Good Morning!!!We bought the baby bed and mattress yesterday,,I decided to set it up soo that SD#2 will be use to it and maybe it won't be a big deal in Dec...

La--It seems like U definately have some rights...What a disaster..Keep us posted and take care of yourself...

Karen-I am with Lauren..THe first few weeks are bloating really bad...It is weird how your stomach will shrink after the first 10 weeks and then it becomes baby...Get some rest!!!I remember those days well...I had 3 months of first trimester, 3 months of not pg, and then 3 months of first trimester again!!! Poor DH, we have had a different life this first year of marriage!!!!Hope U R still feeling good!!!!Take it easy!!!!

Have a great weekend!!! I am off to the healthclub to do some excercise!!!!

09-15-2002, 04:19 PM

Still working with my own new eating plan and I'm liking it. Want to stick to whole foods as much as possible and just be healthy.

RR - love the picture (avatar or whatever it's called!). ~ Great that you keep up with the scrapbooking.

Karen - permanent retainers seem to be very common now. I actually have 2, one top, one bottom. And I also have one I sleep with. ~ Be sure to get plenty of rest.:dz:

LA - sorry to hear of your troubles at the new place! Good luck.

Has anyone heard of "heat yoga"? Where you do a full yoga workout in rooms of 100 degrees or more. Sounds nutty to me - I don't like it so hot!

541.57 miles

09-15-2002, 05:33 PM
Hello All,

I can't believe how busy it was here last week, and that I hadn't posted since Mon :o and had to read so much. Oh well not being on the 'puter at work means I have to make the time and I don't seem to do that.

On the weight loss (or not) front we missed WW this week because I had to work and we're going to miss next week because we have an apt. I've decided it's time to "sh*t or get off the pot" so I'm committing to "knuckle down" when we get back from vacation next week and REALLY follow program, and if I don't loose 10 lbs by Christmas to give up and try to re-evaluate what I need. I know the program works it's worked for me before, and I know I can do it, I've done it before, I just can't seem to get moving....

I'm going to try to remember what I read from last week, so if I'm screw up, or miss anyone I'm appologizing in advance:

LBH - Glad DH is at least listening to "different" things, he needs to remember 100 years ago no-one went to the hospital or had a doctor present at a birth, so this really isn't that differnt.

Liz - I read your post to K and he wanted to know if your DH was angling for a swift kick? I guess I'm lucky. Good luck getting it all worked out, and congrats on getting a workout program started.

RR - Too funny about the razor incident. Sad to say but I've done that myself (maybe its an MTU grad thing :lol: ) Glad you're progressing along well.

Elise - We'll be in your neck of the woods this week, we're going winery touring near Niagra-on-the-Lake and then to Stratford for a play, not enough time to head into Toronto, but I love it there.

Karen - Maybe your doctor was up all night at a delivery, I know my first OBGYN who was great was awful one visit because she'd been up all night. Hope your mid-term was successful and good luck on the last 6.5 weeks.

Jul - Hope your vacations fun and your show is succesfull.

GG - Your posts always make me smile. What do you do for a job again? We were watching a show on making Ouzo the other night and thought Greece looked like a great place!

LA - Sorry about the apartment. I'm sure there are avenues to get it straightened out. Good Luck.

Rabbit - Good luck on the new plan. I'm a carbo junkie I don't think I could handle a low carb plan.

Well, I need to go clean out my car, before we take it on Vacation, I know there's a floor under all that junk somewhere.

- Donna :wizard:

PS All you people shopping for Christmas are scary :fr: . I've still got our anniversary, my B-day, my mom's B-day, my sis and BIL's b-day's, one niece's B-day and my MIL's B-day before I go there!!!

09-15-2002, 05:35 PM
Oh yeah I forgot,

Someone asked me where I was in MI. I live in Dearborn which is a suburb of Detroit (sort of).

Also has there been a problem with people selling stuff that they've put that warning on the reply page?

- Donna :?:

09-15-2002, 09:21 PM
Hi guys. We had a pretty fun day. We went to the NJ State Museum. It's like a natural history museum that pertains to just NJ stuff (dinosaurs found here, that kind of stuff) and a planetarium. I'm sorry to say that I fell asleep during the show :o . I must be very entertaining company.

RR/Lauren: I think you are right about the bloating. I had thought about that myself today because the top of my stomach is SO hard (and it's not because of muscles!!). We had fajitas for lunch and I had too much. Peanut has not been happy with me!
I started cleaning out the guest room. It's gonna take me til the baby gets here to get it cleaned out. Guess a bunch of the stuff is going to have to go into the attic. I hate that cause it's really hot up there.

RR: That heat yoga thing sounds awful. When I get hot I can't breathe. I don't think I would like doing yoga under those circumstances.

Tech: Have fun on your vacation. Where are you going?

It's only 8:30 but I think I'm going to bed!! Have a great tomorrow!

09-16-2002, 06:11 AM
LA, I'm SO sorry for you! I'm sure the girls can help you on this better than I can, I don't know what the US laws on this case are. Meanwhile, try to make your home livable by scrubbing away whatever filth you can, take pics etc like the girls said, and see if you can possibly get away if you really can't live in the place, and break the lease. Good luck and hang in there! Let us know what's up! I'm looking for a new place too, somewhat closer to my gran, but I realy fear situations like these!

Baby Girls, I agree with Elisa, I like hearing how all you PG girls get along, very useful too!. I remember finding THE dr Spock classic bestseller from the 70ies about raising kids somewhere in our home library, and asking my mom about it: she apparently got it from well-meaning friends, had only read the first page, and then filed it on the top shelf so she wouldn't have to look at it. With a little help of common sense, discipline and my dad (who, although being Greek, a DR, so always running around, long hrs etc), and who would still find time to feed all four of us and take us out on a sunday, we turned out kinda OK (OTHER peoples words!!!!!).

LBH, you were really lucky with the car! It could have been much worse. Very funny about the two cribs, you'll find good use for them!

Rabbit! Congrats on the eating plan! I have not been very OK, eating good stuff but too much, BUT: remember saying that my sis was starting on WW about 3 weeks ago: well, she's lost 8 pounds so far! I am sooo proud of her, she really had a hard time making up her mind but she's doing very well (I told her this on the phone yesterday), and she's exercizing too!
About the teeth thing, my dad is a dentist (maxillofacial surgeon actually) so he used to do all our teeth too (now my sis is a dentist so she's taken over the easy stuff), and it used to be like: "open your mouth and shut up!", on saturday or sunday mornings... I have to get a root canal done (again) which has started to play up after 5 years, but I'd have to get to the Netherlands to have it done by dad, and I really don't know when I can make that happen .... Fortunately it doesn't hurt and isn't THAT urgent (he saw it when he came over).

Tech, nice to see you back! Good start with the program! I cannot imagine doing your X-mas shopping at this time of year!!!!! I have just bought a very nice present for a couple that's getting married next week (naturally scented candle set, they have EVERYTHING else + they're loaded and she's into art and Feng-Shui so I think it's an OK choice!). I'm in Consulting (software and systems for large companies), but as boss also does several other things, I also dabble in PR, Marketing, whatever I need to do...I like ouzo, but only when it's summer and really cold with LOTS of ice, and with mezedes (tidbits) to go with them, YUM!

Karen, go easy on the cleaning, you still have another 7 months! I like May babies, I'm one myself! Glad you're used to the idea now! My mom said that she wasn't too happy when she got PG so fast and so much, but would not have traded us in for anything afterwards (Nice thing to remember her by) She also said having babies was no big deal, just like having really bad period cramps, and my dad said that she would do accounting in between contractions!!!!

PS, I hate accupuncture and other needly things and can only stand them when my dad does them (not even sis).

OK, this weekend's saga: I went to Nafplio (about 200 kms from athens, like 130 miles) again on Friday, and showed these Dutch People around: They want to buy some land and build a house on it somewhere in the countryside. It was a really nice warm (although a bit rainy), and I had a nice look around in Nafplio, which was the first Capital of Greece after the Freedom fights against the Turks in 1821. It's really cute still, with a HUGE castle on the hill behind the town, and on the seafront. There also is a really nice story about the first potatoes arriving in Greece around 1830. They were put on the main square for anyone to take in a huge pile. Nobody took them, as the general reasoning was that if they were for free, it couldn't be much...And the potatoe heap stayed where it was...Until somebody put some guards to "guard" the potatoes (they were there to "look the other way"). Next day results: not one potatoe left! They had all been stolen by the locals...
When I came back in the twilight and with thunderstorms around me (not on me???), I passed the same fig tree and yes, had another go at it, this time pulling the branches down with my hockeystick. I got some, but also lots of sticky sap all over me from pulling. I ended up sleeping in my appartment and next day i had a swim and went to see an aunt who is a writer, we went to her village (this means: the one she was born and still has a house), and she had me get MORE figs and Grapes etc from the garden (are you feeling queazy, well I was!). I then went home to Athens and had a balcony BBQ with my best friend, who has just bought a new appartment, very nice (we almost all live in apt's here, not much room, and lots of building going on).
Sunday I: went to my 1 gran, saw the other one too, went to visit my cousin and little niece (also a Vassiliki) who had her 4th BD yesterday. I found my gran, who is 96, a lady to look after her (my gran is very difficult and lives alone, not many old-age homes here, people are either looked after by family, not an option here unfortunately, or 24 hr ladies/nurses), and went (finally) see my uncle. We went out for dinner and I got home at 01.00 (pretty early, huh?!). This sounds like 3 people's lives put together, geez!
(ex?) BF was very nice, actually, too (how long, how long?), did all the shopping (including sponges, washing powder) AND did the dusting and washing, etc, which makes me think that being mad may have had some effect after all. I still want him to look for his own apt. though, and see what happens after. For the moment, I feel better for letting rip and being my mean and assertive self, and am slightly happy at the change (how long, how long?) I'm seeing. Well, they have a saying here: They can' be apart and don't go together...

Phew, you're eyes must be tired now! leaving the stage, lots of love!


09-16-2002, 06:12 AM
promise I wont post again till day after tomorrow! Also have a look at: www.disgruntledhousewives.com, watch out, kinda wicked sometimes but funny!!!!

MWAH To all, V.

09-16-2002, 08:28 AM
Hi All,

Well, it's not gonna be a good day. I twisted my knee somehow last night while messing with my sliders that don't close right. I couldn't straighten it out all the way, so DH wrapped it in an ace and I put a bag of ice on it. The thing that has me upset is, this is my "bad" knee to begin with. In sixth grade, I turned over in bed, and somehow twisted my knee and chipped a bone. Woke up screaming. They diagnosed it (Osteocondritisdessacans sp?), and splinted it for awhile. Then, in 11th grade, I had surgery on it, to remove the chipped bone and re-establish the blood flow threw there. They splinted it again, and made me stay off if for a couple months. Then a couple months of PT and I was good...well, good enough for the Dr., he didn't have me continue PT for a real long time, because I wasn't into sports in school, so I didn't need the extra time. Oh, and from 6th to 11 grade, I spent most of the time not being able to straighten the leg out completely, kind of walked on my toes on the left side most of the time. Anyway, of course there's arthritis or something in it, because ever since the surgery, it bothers me in humid or cold sometimes. Now, I'm paranoid, of course, that I did the same thing to it. It hurts a little, but I can walk on it, with my knee slightly bent...can't straighten it out, it hurts to much. I guess I will have to call a doctor and have it looked at. :(

RR- Do you know if they can do an xray of my knee, if they cover my stomach with the apron thing?

Rabbit- I don't like the sound of that heat yoga either!! Have to be cool when exercising.

Tech- Good luck getting back OP this week!! I think one of DH's issues was exactly that, that now we have modern medicine, why do I need a midwife!! Oh well, we have an appt. with the Dr. in her office on the 23rd.

Karen- I have never been to the NJ museum! I love Planetariums though, have been wanting to go for a long time. Good luck with cleaning out the room! At least you have an attic to put the stuff in!! I've only got Mom's basement...which of course she's thrilled about. :rolleyes:

GG- Always an exciting life for you!! That's nice that you found someone to take care of Gran.

Have a great day all...think I'm going to call in sick and just leave my leg up with some ice on it.

09-16-2002, 09:16 AM
Lauren, sorry about the knee! I think you CAN have an x-ray of it, they only take one of the part they have to and it's a long way from your belly so I don't think it's going to be a problem. But go, because bad knees are really the worst thing. Just put it up until you see the dr, don't do hot/cold packs when you don't know what it is, it might backfire.
I have a bad knee myself, but have been able to keep it under control with special exercizes and weights, so my surrounding muscle tissue can support the knee. It kept me from surgery, and the only time it bothers me now is when I stop exercizing. I even lift weights and do deep (!) squats without problems with 100 pounds on my neck. Go figure.
You might want to see a physiotherapist too and discuss some special strengthening exercizes with him.

About my exciting life: Have just gotten warned by Sis #2 that I might be on the verge of exhaustion and a nervous breakdown...
Fortunately for me, this day is becoming boring enough to last all month. Most exciting feature up to now: waterbottleman bringin in new bottles of (YES!YES!) bottled water...

OK girls, I broke my promise but just to make Lauren feel better.


09-16-2002, 01:24 PM
Hi all,
Well, I had a nice weekend with DH and his family over at St. Pete Beach. The weather was really cloudy but I still managed to get a little sunburn. We decided not to go to Busch Gardens this time and instead we'll try to go in November -- we already bought the tickets so we're committed. Instead we spent all day Sat with the kids at the beach. I slept a ton -- asleep by 10 both nights and naps during the days. It was great to be a bum and I feel very refreshed now.

GG, you are so funny. I love reading about your adventures too. I don't know about the rest but when I read your postings I picture all these beautiful exotic places that you are a part of. So was the waterbottleman cute??? :lol:

LBH, I agree with GG. You at least need to go get your knee checked. The doctor will know the best way to help you. Besides won't you need your knees healthy when you're trying to push that baby out? What do I know??? :dizzy:

KK, your museum sounds fun. I tried to get DH to think about going someplace like that on our weekend getaway but football was on. Oh well, I enjoyed sipping my pina colada by the pool with my nose buried in a magazine.

Tech, glad to have you with us again. Yes, DH got a good swift kick in the rump and he had to say he was sorry several times before I forgave him. Good luck getting back on track again.

Rabbit, I just read something about that heat yoga in one of my fitness magazines -- is that where you saw it? I like to sweat when I exercise but I think that would be too much for me. I see people at the gym on the treadmill with sweatshirts and sweatpants on with a puddle underneath them. It seems kind of crazy to me cuz your just losing water and as much as I drink I'd have it back in my system by the end of the day. Why torture yourself??

LA, keep asking people about your situation and you will find someone who can give you legal advice or point you in the right direction. It seems like there are certain "liveable" conditions your landlord has to meet. I'm sorry things are so bad. Do you have some friends who can pull together and help you get the place looking better? Usually with the group I know if you provide some beer and pizza they'll be more than happy to help someone out. Good luck!!! I hope you can find a solution soon.

Have a great week everyone!!

09-16-2002, 04:58 PM
Lauren--Sorry about the knee...Ask the OB about the x-rays...Mine said I could have teeth x=rays now that I was in the second trimester, but i still refused them...Hope it is better!!Keep us posted!!!!

GG--U R too funny!!!!

09-16-2002, 05:03 PM
hello all! :)

I lost one pound this week, so I'm happy with that. Really trying to remind myself why I'm doing this - it's so easy to screw up! But it would be so cool to get to my goal.

Dh & I had a pretty lazy weekend when he got home Saturday afternoon. But we're planning a bike trip for next weekend (hopefully! I gotta work on that) because it's our last free weekend for awhile. We have 3 store openings coming up, an out of town birthday party, and parents' weekend at ds' school.

Tech - enjoy your vacation!:cool: ~ It was me who asked where you live. I couldn't remember. We are opening a store in Detroit in October. I can't remember which mall, will have to check on that. But I don't think I'm doing that opening. The painting should be getting done then.

Greek - super that sis has lost 8 pounds! :D ~ Nice that you have the dentists in the family! My family needs one and a doctor would be nice also. ~ Good luck with the bf. ~ It does seem like you go to a lot of cool places!

Lauren - ouch! Sorry about the knee troubles.

Liz - Is that the same beach by Tampa? I was just there recently. ~ DH told me about the heat yoga. He likes to sweat like that also and will wear a sweatshirt to the gym which I think is crazy. I told him I always talk about the nuts who do that! When he is sick he insists on wearing a sweatshirt to bed also - to sweat it all out. Needless to say, I do not like to be in the same room then!

have a great week all.

Rabbit :flow1:

09-16-2002, 05:22 PM
Hi All,

Well, I'm working the knee thing out. I sat around most of the day, occasionally testing it to see if I could straighten it completely. Finally got in the shower earlier this afternoon and let the hot water run on it, and now I am able to straighten it and put pressure on it. I'm still favoring it a bit, but that's mostly just paranoia. I looked up some Drs. in my plan, but I didn't recognize any names. (A little background for those of you that don't know, my mom's a nurse, and knows a lot of doctors and contacts. She usually is able to give me a name, but since I got married and moved to Morris County, she doesn't know any Drs. that go to my hospital. Also, as far as advice on icing/heat/etc., I always listen to what she tells me to do initially, unless she tells me to go to the Dr.!!) Anyway, DH called his primary, who is in this area (mine isn't!) and they gave him a couple names. His primary is the team Dr. for the Nets. I was gonna call the Dr. that did my knee surgery back in HS, because he's pretty much got the reputation of being the best orthopedic surgeon around, but then I'd have to go to either northern Bergen County, which is a good 45 minutes away, or Newark, which is a horrible area! If it doesn't get better, I'll call one of the Drs. that DH's Dr. gave me.

Rabbit- Congrats on the loss!

RR- I have a dentist appt. next week, but I think I had the Xrays last time i was there, so I won't need them this time. I think they do them once a year.

Liz- Glad you had a good trip, and that you and DH will be able to go to Busch Gardens by yourselves in November. Yes, I'll need those knees for birth! That's one of the things I was worried about before I hurt it!! :lol: I have enough trouble with it normally!!

GG- Aww, thanks for breaking your silence just for me! :lol: Take it easy, we don't wany you falling apart on us!!

Have a great evening all!

09-16-2002, 05:32 PM
Hi all!! I drug myself to Curves and am I glad I did! I feel so much better now. I was dragging before. I took it very easy though down around 70% or so. I have to get a note from the doctor so they will be covered. I forgot the big corset bra and WHEW!! is it rough on PG boobies!! I had to march definitely NOT jog in place and I was still hurting!!

GG: Keep the posts coming! I love to read them. They are so much more exciting than my boring routine!! I'm an occupational therapist and I like to hear about you taking care of your Gran. Here we have to pull the families in kicking and screaming to help with their loved ones.

Lauren: Take care of that knee girl!! Knee replacements are some of the most painful things I see. You need a nice strong knee for pacing up and down the hall with Petey when he is cranky!!

Rabbit: Wow, you are one busy lady. Hope you have fun with all the store openings. Congrats on the pound. Every little bit helps.

Gotta go decide what to do for dinner. Have a nice evening all!

09-16-2002, 11:44 PM
Hi all, back from our St Louis show - it was very good and I got to meet a woman from the Frugal Moms site. This was a show where we knew alot of the other artists so we ended up out late every night with dinner/drinks (didn't start dinner till 10p.m. every night since the show closed at 9 p.m.). All those late night dinners are not good - I'll have to see the damage on the scale in the morning - can already feel it around the middle!!!

We'll be home this next weekend so maybe I can get a bit serious before taking off for the Chicago area.

I need to get the kids to bed and then do some bookkeeping and get the bank deposits ready. Tomorrow I'll get the dog from the kennel and go to Springfield for some shopping.

- jul

09-17-2002, 04:40 AM
Just a short one today:

- points: tall and lanky, too long hair (stringy-too long goatee, not on purpose), blue-one-size-fits-none overalls, buckteeth
+ points: short visit

Went to the gym, did my weights, + tonight I'm going to hockeytraining (+ 1 have two games this week due to bad organization of the federation) so that's exercize taken care of this week anyway. Was good with food.
Made a very nice evening soup with dried black mushrooms, rice vermicelli, broth and a bit of olive oil and red hot peppers (Yummy!). As I have a stainless steel lined stomach this also made my breakfast, after all: the chinese eat rice for breakfast all the time, don't they?!

About sweating:
Sweating IS good for you. It helps you get rid of body waste in a different way, and keeps your body cool. People who sweat too much though (see below) tend to lose more water and minerals than is good for them though (also heavy on the kidneys), so they have to drink lots during and after exercizing, and maybe take extra minerals.
I have been burdened with genes that make me sweat very fast and very much to keep me cool (when I am exercizing), which i think is a real PITA and I have to drink up to 1 1/2 litres (4 pounds) of water during an hour of aerobics. Sweat keeps pouring off me like somebody opened the tap (!!), and I get saltwater stains in my clothes after exercize. This is really annoying, but also very good (hah) because:
1. I can eat as much salt in my food as I like without having to think about bloating (IF I exercize, that is), and high bp.
2. I can get away with exessive long and frequent showering (which I love, in case ANYBODY was wandering, thank you), keeping the bathroom occupied for HOURS (hehe) and buying and trying out lots of nice shower gels on the pretext "that I use it a lot anyway".
3. I can get away from sauna visits, they make me feel very uncomfortable
4. It's good for my metabolism (they say)
Apart from the above, it's pretty annoying, and I'm just trying to justify myself (of course).

Have a nice day everyone! Going for a shower!


P.S. And NO, I do not smell (only of flowers)!!! (in case anybody was wondering...)

09-17-2002, 06:04 AM
GOod Morning!!!!

09-17-2002, 11:10 AM

Got my painter booked for next week. But need some plastering work done first. The painting should take around 2 weeks, it'll be great to have it done.

Lauren - hope the knee is better today! :)

Karen - glad you're still doing your curves - you are really into it now. ~ I will probably not be as busy as it sounds, I may only do 1 of the 3 openings. They are all real close together and even overlapping.

Jul - nice that you had such a fun show in St. Louis! Are you doing a show in Chicago?

Greek - I know sweating can be good for you but I sure don't want to wear heavy clothes to work out!:yikes:

RR - you are certainly the early bird!

have a super day.

Rabbit :df:

09-17-2002, 11:23 AM
Hi All,

My knee is better this AM, like nothing happened to it. :?: ...go figure? One of my former co-workers that I was talking to yesterday reminded me that it may have been nothing, but because I'm PG, and all my joints are loosening, etc., maybe that's why it hurt more. I guess so, because it's perfectly fine today. I'm sure that's what it was, in conjunction to my being a hypocondriac because of my history with that knee!! :rolleyes:

GG- :lol: You're too funny!! My grandmother used to boast that she didn't sweat, not realizing how unhealthy it really was for her. My DH sweats a lot and it grosses me out, but he knows I won't even touch him until he showers when he gets like that!! I sweat a normal amount I guess...when I subject myself to that situation!! :lol: (Which should really be more often!!)

Karen- You are starting to motivate me to go back to Curves!! My bbs are that tender yet, only when I de-bra at night, and I don't really full out jog there, just bounce around a bit. I wish I could go in the AM, and just come in late!! Maybe I will talk to my boss about it. If I could get my butt up and get there at 8:00, which I think is when they open, possibly earlier, I wouldn't have to be late at all really. It's about 15 minutes from work, so I could probably be here by 9:30, and just stay a little later, take a shorter lunch. Hmm...got my thinkin'...

Gotta get to processing all the p/w that came in while I was gone yesterday...that should last 'til noon. :( Have a great day all!!

09-17-2002, 03:14 PM
Happy Tuesday,
I've been having a productive day. I had an audit this morning and she only found one screw up that I did. I hate that!!! I got it fixed right away and it wasn't anything major. I also took care of an issue that I've been procrastinating on for a long time -- like 5 years!!! :o It was kind of like confessing something bad I've been doing but it wasn't my idea. Anyway...I had already talked to my 1st and 2nd level bosses about it but I needed to discuss it with the department that handled the situation. I finally broke down and did it and what a relief!!!!!!!!!! I'm not in any kind of trouble but I still wasn't looking forward to confronting the problem. I'm still sweating about it.

Tonite I have to go home and wash my Jeep and I really don't want to. It got attacked by lovebugs on my way home from St. Pete (it is near Tampa :) ) and their remains eat the paint off your cars. One of the joys of living in the South!!! Thankfully I cooked extra dinner last night so I just have to reheat leftovers.

My gym has some flyers for an October 5K Race so I decided to sign up for it. I've been waiting to see if DH or anyone else wanted to join me but no one is committing so I'm just going to do it. I've been bad lately about waiting for DH to decide about things I want to do cuz I want him to do them with me. But I've decided that I'm gonna stop that and make some plans and hope he will join me. That's how I was when we were dating and we did a lot more things and I felt more adventurous. Lately I've kind of lost that!!! It's hard for him cuz he has a crazy work schedule but I shouldn't let that stop me. I guess that's my new goal!!

Oh well, just wanted to check in. Have a great day!!

09-17-2002, 08:23 PM
Hi all. How's everyone. Hope all are well. I'm in class so this will be short and sweet. Peanut does NOT like yogurt. In fact, it does not like my stomach to be empty. I had just yogurt for breakfast and I was miserable all morning. I pretty much wished I could throw up. Everytime my stomach got empty, the nausea hit. Were you other guys this way? Is this how m/s starts?

Ooops, gotta go. Have a great evening.

09-17-2002, 09:26 PM
Karen--Welcome to the world of Morning Sickness!!!Hope is eases soon!!I found lemon candies in my pockets helped when the queasiness started...

OK--Serious COnfession here....I have been really embarrased to admit this but I am better now since it has sunken in..I have Gestestional Diabetes..I failed the test by 3 lousy points and have to do finger sticks for glucose fasting in the morning and then 2 hrs after meals for a total of 4 times daily...I have cried, blamed myself, freaked out and really griped cuz I have eaten right, excercised, only gained 10lbs and thought I was "Ms Healthy, I can do everything correctly"...Boy was I wrong...I now realize that it was nothing I did or did not do..I saw a dietician ..SHe put me on 2200 calories.. I asked her if that was for 2 days :lol: :lol: She wasnt amused one bit!!!!I am attempting the diet but cant get past about 1400 calories...I was excited to find out that 1 York Peppermint Pattie can be my Carbohydrate serving!!!!!:D :D Ok..I am now able to admit it!!!
Thanks for listening!!!!

09-17-2002, 10:33 PM
Karen- Lemonheads are wonderful...thanks RR...and also Lipton has a Citrus-Ginger tea that helps too, if you like hot tea. Guess you could brew it and make it iced tea too. Definitely eat more often. I had to have something in my stomach practically constantly. Eat something bland (crackers, cheerios, etc.) in bed before you get up. Eat something basically every hour. Oodles of noodles in the AM worked for me...you know, the freeze dried stuff that you add hot water. As long as I could tolerate the milk, cereal was always good...sometimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

RR- Glad you are dealing with the GD. I am really dreading being tested...more for the needle than the result. :rolleyes:

Liz- Good for you on the 5K!

LA Hopeful
09-18-2002, 03:03 AM
well short update.. i did my due diligence and read through the california civil code finding all sorts of violations. the landlords are responsible for about 5 things on my list of things that are wrong or broken. so finally got up the nerve to call them (i tried calling saturday and was basically laughed at by the husband) and this time the wife answered. she seemed somewhat sincere until i was on my 5th grievance and finally she became a little beligerent. she said perhaps this wasn't the house for me and if i was that unhappy she'd break my lease for me. YAY!!!

so i told them i'd be out by the end of the month. i sent them an intent to vacate certified return receipt. i enclosed 2 letters both signed by me and requested they sign a copy and send it back in the SASE i also included. i sure hope they sign it and don't try to say the conversation never happened.

so things are just very up in the air right now. i'm staying with my parents who thankfully live relatively close by until i find another place. hopefully before the 30th or i'll have to put my furniture and stuff in storage until i do. but i'm so glad this weight is lifted off my shoulders. that house really was horrid. and she said they'd had renters there for 25 years and nobody ever complained as much as i did. i guess those other tenants didn't care about the windows being painted shut (no ventilation whatsoever), the carpets smelling like pee (even though she insisted they were cleaned), an inoperable heater (which was red-tagged and deemed hazardous by the gas company) and a bunch of other stuff i won't go into. i'm just glad it's over!

i'm actually thinking of moving nearby my parents. i grew up here and when i went to college i swore i'd never come back :) but i dunno, i forgot how good it feels to be home. so who knows. they say everything happens for a reason, right?

the good news is i'm down 3.5 pounds. yay! i saw an infomercial on something called winsor pilates. i've been wanting to try pilates but going to a pilates studio in LA is not something i'm quite prepared to do. too many beautiful people for me to feel comfortable. but a home video set might be just what i need to get started. has anybody here ever done pilates?

well i'm off to sleep now in my old bedroom. :lol: thanks you guys for all your support. i should get back to posting more regularly now!

09-18-2002, 08:34 AM
Hi All,

LA- YEAH!! I'm soo glad you're out of there!! I'm glad they're letting you out of your lease, but I hope they don't give you a problem getting your security back. I don't know what you have to pay out there, but I know in this area, it's 1.5 months rent, almost all the time. Home's not such a bad place to be...DH and I actually considered moving into my mom's (a mother/daughter) for awhile to save money, but we couldn't do that now with a baby coming.

DH is in a foul mood this AM. It started last night when the landlady came peering in through our sliders. She was looking for me, to show me what they were fixing up upstairs for the new guy that's moving in. (I had been on the phone with her during the day chatting). It freaked him out and that set him off. He's such a PMSing-type a$$ sometimes. And it's always MY fault. ARGH...

And to make things worse, his mom called him and said she talked to the school nurse where she teaches, and the nurse also works in Maternity at our hospital. The nurse doesn't think much of the MW, and said that it wouldn't be safe w/o a Dr. there!!! :eek: What the F... is that about?!?!? As my mom pointed out, any nurse that's worked in L&D for any amount of time can deliver a baby!! He didn't get too much into it, this was his last email to me at work yesterday, but I know this will cause a set back. :( How can he take his mom's word over my mom's, my mom, who has spent most of her nursing career working in a hospital, in the ICU/CCU, and knows A LOT of people in the medical field. His mom, who adopted 4 kids, and knows nothing about the medical field...and is taking a school nurse's opinion. What exactly does this nurse do at the hospital, because if she's working F/T at the school, she certainly doesn't work F/T at the hospital. Maybe weekends or something? She probably doesn't even know the MW!!

Sorry, I'm venting again...

Have a great day all, I'm gonna go shower and try to get in a good mood!!

09-18-2002, 09:36 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

LA - I'm so glad that you're getting out of that place. I have a friend (although I don't even know if you live in LA) who has a beautiful townhouse she rents out and I think she just rented it or I would have passed along the information. Don't know anything about what the cost is but I know she'd be a better landlord!! Good Luck! And I've done some pilates - it's pretty cool you feel so great after but I've never done it often enough to really see a difference. I've been thinking about trying the Winsor Pilates tapes so I'll let you know if I get them or if you do let me know what you think.

I've also been thinking about buying some of The Firm tapes - I've heard good things - anyone try those??

Lauren - don't worry about the venting and the husband bashing - we all understand. Sometimes my husband is just the same way and all I can do is wait for it to end. It sucks here that it's over something so important and I really hope that it works out the best for all of you.

Hi to everyone else - gotta do some work!


09-18-2002, 10:44 AM
Good Morning All-

Just wanted to post really quick before we leave. I'm kind of bummed I may need to start looking for a new job :( . Where I've been closed for 8 months for renovations so they moved us and found "busy" work for us somewhere else. It started yesterday and if that was any indication of how it's going to go I won't make it until June. We'll see..... I really need to check into going back to school or something to get back on track, the tiny pay check no matter how fun the job is gets old pretty quick.

Anyway, nothing new on the Weight plan front, sounds like a lot are getting active, maybe I should do that...

RR - Sorry about the GD. Glad you're dealing with it. Hang in there she'll be out soon :D .

Karen - Glad you could get back to Curves, and that it made you feel better. Sorry about the m/s.

GG - You're posts always are entertaining. Good luck at your hockey games.

Rabbit - Congrats on getting the painter booked. I can't imagine hiring out the painting, of course maybe it'd get done quicker :o:

LBH - Glad the knee's feeling better. Don't worry about venting, I think we all do it at one time or another.

Liz - Glad you're weekend worked out, and you could compromise. Good luck at the 5K :eek: .

LA - Hope the housing situation works out for the best for you.

Jul - Have fun in Chicago.

Well, I need to go get ready to head out. K's been packing up the animals for the kennels. Now we need to pack up ourselves.

I can't remember who asked, but we're going to Ontario until Sunday (our anniversary). We're staying at a B&B and going winery touring first and then going to Stratford to see a play. I should be a fun relaxing time. Then it's time to knuckle down!!!!

Have a great week all!!! :D :D :D

- Tech :wave:

09-18-2002, 06:29 PM
hello all. :flow2:

Working on a birthday party for my sister - should be lots of fun!

Liz - Cool about the race. :cool: I think you've got the right attitude about going out & doing things! Hopefully he'll join you.

Karen - hope you're feeling better this afternoon!

RR - take care of yourself.

LA - HOORAY on the lease! Yeah for the loss! I've done a Pilates tape before - it was cool.

Tech - sorry about the job situation. ~ We have some really high ceilings and it would be tough to paint!

gotta run - Rabbit :flow1:

09-18-2002, 06:46 PM
Hi all. Much better today. I was a little nauseous this morning but that was it. I think Peanut just really doesn't like yogurt. :)
I went to Curves!! Twice in one week, I'm doing well!

Ooops, sorry gotta go. We have to go to the hospital to see FIL.
See ya

LA Hopeful
09-18-2002, 06:58 PM
hi ladies! i hope you are all doing well today. i am so ready for this weekend to come. i was supposed to go to a friend of mine's son's 3rd birthday party but instead i will be cleaning my old apartment. fun fun! then i will have to stop by the bad house to pick up my mail. i think i might pick up my tiny 13" sony tv so i can watch tv in my bedroom. it feels almost illegal or something. tv in my childhood bedroom??

lauren - the security deposit was actually less than 1 month's rent which is rare. if they don't give it back i'll probably not bother fighting them on it. i'm just happy to be out of the lease. good luck with the MW thing. it sounds stressful!

elisa - thanks for your good thoughts. i did live in LA until about a week ago when i moved into the House from ****. i'm not sure where i'll be off to next but we'll see!

tech - bummer about the job situation. good luck on finding something more pleasant!

rabbit - thanks for the pilates info. i am still thinking about the winsor tapes. :)

karen - you're so inspirational! there is a curves out here really close to my parents house. maybe one more reason to think about moving back here (to the town, not the house!) permanently.

take care and be good!:dizzy:

09-18-2002, 09:46 PM
Hi all. Back again. FIL is doing much better. OK, back to posting:

Lauren: If you really don't want to work out right now talk to your Curves people. Mine said that when I can't work out anymore they will put my membership on Hold so that I'm not wasting money. Sorry about the MW thing. Hope you guys can work it out. Sounds like DH was really not comfortable with the whole situation so, of course, he's going to go with the negative opinion. You're the one having to do all the hard work so I would have to say do what you feel most comfortable with.

RR: Sorry about the gestational diabetes. Are they just monitoring or are they going to give you meds?

LA: Glad things might be working out with the house. That is such a bummer. Especially when you were so excited about moving. Curves could be the straw that makes you move back close to your parents!! :) I like it and I think Lauren did too. I get awfully tired and I have to just make myself turn left instead of right when I get to that point on the homeward journey. I have been known to do the machines with my eyes closed!! I wonder what the other ladies think (especially since I'm not working out as hard) but then who cares what they think!! :)

Rabbit: Hope you had fun at the birthday party.

Alright, gonna go take a nap and then go to bed!! :) Have a great evening all.

09-19-2002, 05:20 AM
Hi guys

I was preparing this post yesterday which then got deleted while sending it! Bugger! So now Iím writing them elsewhere and putting them OL from there, hope this works better.

As all of you, Iím very glad LA you got out of there, now on to something better!

Lauren, hang in there! Just let it pass for a few days. I know also all about the YOUDUNNIT syndrom, ignoring it mostly makes it go away after a while. Good the knee is back on track, too! At least you can kick DH when heís being like this;)

Tech-bad about the work thing, if you can and think you should do it because of pressure and low-paychecks, just quit if things stay the way they now are. Itís not worth risking you health, no matter how much fun the job may be! Have fun on holiday, let us know what it was like.

Liz, very cool about the race! Attagirl!

Have not been feeling very well. Had a splitting headache (probably for lack of sleep combined with airco-headcold), so I called everything off including gym and went to bed. At 22.00 a friend showed up (I was feeling better, thank god) and we had a nice time watching soccer (really, German team versus Greeks, Greeks won 6-2, you could hear the screaming of people watching the game through the whole neighbourhood). Then went to sleep, so today I feel marginally better.
With ex?BF things have cooled down a bit, we still have to have the BIG TALK weíre supposed to, and I am also looking for a new apartment (alone for now), weíll see.
I am now also hanging on to the Lysistrata System, so Iím having a hard time, kinda. Iíll explain this: Lysistrata is the name of the heroine of one of the most famous/popular/funny Ancient Greek (2 Ĺ thousand years old) plays. Itís still being played everywhere. Why? Well, because of the naughty jokes and sex of course (people donít change, ever!). Detail: women were not allowed to watch the comedies back then, only the tragedies! Story: So thereís this war going on between the city states of basically Athens and Sparta, and envoys have come over to Athens to discuss terms. The women on every side revolt, they are sick of war and death and famine etc, so Lysistrata, our heroine, comes up with a plan to keep the men from staging war (youíll love this): NONE of the women on either side will sleep with their men until they give in. This opens the way for some of the most hilariously funny scenes in history (picture it), and in the end the men give in (figures), and war is avertedÖI am testing this in real life, figuring that it has been a successformula for over 100.000 years, so hang on for the (steamy?) sequel.
My sis has lost another 1 Ĺ pound at weigh-in so I am very proud. No idea how Iím doing. Felt great, but have difficulty getting into certain (ok, they were tight already) pants Iím wearing today. Eating has been kinda ok, itís just that bloody wine!!!!!
WILL go to training AND gym this evening!!!! I promise. Have fun today, yíall!


09-19-2002, 01:29 PM
Hi All,

Elisa- :wave:

Tech- Have a great vaca!!

Rabbit- :wave:

Karen- Don't know if I mentioned this already, but you may want to stay away from OJ in the AM too, if you have it. It was too acidy for me for a couple months. I'm OK with it now though. Glad FIL is doing better! You know, I feel like telling DH, hey, it's my body, I'm gonna do what I want...but why instigate an arguement, you know? Sounds like your Curves people are much more understanding than mine.

LA- Hope you find a new, better place soon! I loved Curves, heck, I was ready to reach my goal and open my own center!! :lol: I've been trying to get a hold of them during my lunch hour today to see what time they open. If I can do it, I'm gonna try and go in the AM, because I just have nooo energy after work. (Karen's got us all motivated!!)

GG- Good luck finding an apartment...if exbf won't move out, I guess you'll have to! Hope you're feeling better soon!! Take it a little easier.

:wave: to everyone else!! Have a great day!!

09-19-2002, 03:05 PM
:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
So there I am at the store last night standing in front of a smorgasborg of cake and brownie mixes. I glanced over them on my first trip down the aisle but I find myself back there after I've done the rest of my shopping. I'm thinking "I have been really great this week" -- eating on plan and busting it hard at the gym everyday but all I can think about is Duncan Hines Double Fudge Brownies. :devil: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention AF will be arriving in a few days. I glance at the top shelf and see a couple of boxes of some fat free mixes but I'm not even the least bit interested in those. No way will they be as good as the real thing. So I pick up the box and start eyeing the info. It says something like 8 grams of fat per serving -- I can't remember exactly how much but it was less than 10. I'm thinking "that's not too bad" but then I go to that horrible line of truth and it says "20 servings per box." Who the heck has ever gotten 20 servings in a pan of brownies?????? I prefer 9!!!! Maybe 12 (but then I usually eat 2).

So...sad and disappointed I carefully put the box back on the shelf and push my cart away. I'm very proud of myself for not getting any but I'm also kind of mad that I came so close to blowing it. :nono:

Anyway...just wanted to share my moment of strength with you.:cb:

09-19-2002, 04:14 PM
very good lizzard - I say as I wipe the crumbs of a choc chip cookie from my hands.
We were doing science stuff in the kitchen this morning and one thing called for baking soda. As we finish Alex piped up "and now we make cookies" (he knows what baking sodas true purpose in life is for :) ). Thank goodness my friend dropped off her 3 kids for the afternoon - there should be no more cookies by 4 p.m.

To top it off I haven't been walking this week - who has a cattle prod they can chase me down the street with????

- jul

09-19-2002, 04:32 PM
hello all!

Things are going well here, I've been busy, busy.

Karen - I don't blame Peanut, I don't like yogurt either! :p ~ The birthday party is next weekend. She is turning 40 & her dh is throwing a big bash. My other sister & I, one brother, and my ds are performing a song - You are old now (to the tune of Forever Young) and dressing up as her at different stages of her life. Should be fun! :D

Greek - hope you are feeling better.:)

Liz - hooray for the strength with the brownies! :strong: Fudgy ones with chocolate chips are my favorites (something my best friend used to make for me when I was pregnant).

Jul - :lol: You have taught that boy right!

have a good day.


09-19-2002, 05:37 PM
Liz- YOU ROCK!!! :cp: :dancer: :strong:

Jul- I say above as I look at the two chocolate chip cookies on my desk!! :rolleyes:

Rabbit- Party sounds like fun!

I have been trying to call Curves since lunch time, and still can't get them to answer. I refuse to leave them a message just to find out their hours!! :mad:

09-19-2002, 06:48 PM
Hi all. Once again I am in the perpetual **** known as school. :( I will be so glad when this is over. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so tired and my brain hadn't decided to turn off as far as programming is concerned. Sigh. Hey girls, when does your brain allow you to think of other things? It seems that the baby is ALL I think about, 24 hours a day. I even dreamed that it came out talking the other day. I was a Target this afternoon and I was looking at the baby stuff. (NOPE, not buying NOTHING!!, not for a while yet) I found a nice cradle sorta thing that Iwant to get for my room and for naps in the living room. Don't know when it will use the crib that I'm sure it will have!! :)

Liz: You are totally awesome!! I caved and had a donut today and Peanut talked to me about it all afternoon. At least when I screw up I have a little concscience down there making me regret it!

Rabbit: The party sounds great. Maybe you could take a video and post it for us to see!! I dislike yogurt too so maybe the baby is going to take after me.

Lauren: Try the curves website. Maybe the hours are posted there. Leaving a message is pretty much useless because they don't get back to you for hours. Least, mine didn't. Hope things work out for you with them. Especially since you are the one that got me started. :)

Teach is here now so I gotta go. Have a great evening all.

09-19-2002, 06:57 PM
Hello all!!!!

Well, I saw the dietician today...She was very nice..She feels like the blood sugar problems are because I am too restrictive in eating carbs..I had written down my last few days of intake and she said it was way too low...That if there are no carbs to burn, the body starts to predict starvation and knows the baby will need sugar soo there fore it pulls it from the liver and muscle stores making the sugar in the blood go way up...WOW...never knew all that...Soo, the only real change in diet is no milk or fruit in the AM and more carbos!!!!!I am gonna be healthier when this baby comes....

Well, gotta run cook some carbs!!!! ;)

09-20-2002, 08:20 AM
Hello there!

Huh, have I got news! BUT first:

Liz, GOGOGO! Very good!

Jul, if you need a prod, just come over here, Iíll have you walking (mountains, shopping, museums, etc) so much that you wish you hadnít said that!

Karen, itís only a few weeks more of school, then you can focus on other things (peanut seems to be doing fine there, I guess). Donít blame you, hate programming myself!

RR, she gave you very good advice, go for it!

I read this very inspiring website (itís somewhere in the Other Dieters Section), about this guy who lost about 200 pounds (from 370 to 190) and became an absolute HUNK! Too bad heís married and living in the StatesÖBut he gave me push so I feel better about myself.
Anyway, today I came to work happy as ever after a good nightís sleep, but it seems this is just NOT my season; the Cy I work for is not doing very well so I heard (secretly) that it might close down in the near future (2 months). AaaaaaaaaaaH! Good thing: have been sending out CVís all day and have got an invitation to talk to a Headhunting Cy on Tuesday mo. So wish me luck (sigh).
This weekend Iím going to a wedding of a very nice couple: they have a weekend house somewhere (have to figure it out) and are giving a two-day party, yay! That should keep my mind off things. She is Greek-Canadian, into Art, landscape art and feng-shui and things, heís a ship broker. They Must have all these great male friends for me to meet (???:?: ). Anyway, invitation said, bring your bathing suit, informal wear and evening wear, so maybe I got the wrong invitation to a miss-miss contest? In any case, I might meet some nice polite fishÖ

With fingers crossed, have a nice weekend all

Zorba strikes again

09-20-2002, 08:37 AM
Hi All,

TGIF!!! (I think?!)

GG- What do you do for a living? I ask because you said CV, not resume, so I'm wondering if you're in the medical field? Sounds like an interesting party.

RR- Have some mashies!! :D Why can't you have milk or fruit in the AM? Will it shoot up your levels to early? That's interesting.

Karen- No, get used to it, you will find a way to relate everything you so or do to the baby!! I did finally get a hold of Curves at like 4:30 yesterday. They are open 8:30-12:30 and 3-7:30. I'm supposed to start work at 8:30, even though I don't usually get there til 9:00, so I really can't do that. I could go at lunch, but I don't usually take a long lunch like that. I usually just eat at my desk, unless I have plans to eat out with someone. Guess I'll have to find another way to do it.

Have a great day all!

09-20-2002, 09:50 AM
Hey Lizzzard, TGIF back!

I'm in IT (for how long?), but I have a degree in Art (Art history and Archaeology). Here in Yurrup we mostly say CV in stead of resume (at least in the Netherlands).

Zorba again, slightly less depressed

09-20-2002, 05:50 PM
Lauren--GD people tend to be elevated after the morning meal soo that is why fruit/juice or milk is eliminated...My sugars are great today..maybe she was right about the carbs..We are just gonna monitor 4 times/daily and then move on if things are elevated and go to insulin..I am strictly following the diet to prevent all that..My fasting must be 60-90 and 2 hrs after meals 60-120..So far, only 2 out of range but good today after getting the diet low down...

Greek-Stay away from Zorba!!!Doesnt sound like a nice one!!

Karen-hope the queasiness is better today!!!

Have a great evening all!!!!

09-21-2002, 02:35 AM
Hi all, I've had a great evening and then some bad news. First off the great evening my DH and I had a real date. Dinner at the Japanese SteakHouse where they cook infront of you (we had a certificate from some friends from Christmas - about time we used it) and then another friend was in the play Agnes of God - played the psychologist. We enjoyed the play and then went over to their new loft apartment - just a 2 block walk down the street from all the theaters/galleries/eateries in Springfield on the historical street. Their new loft is so cool - I could live in something like that for maybe a week or two (much too small for me 995 sq. feet). It had a red cement floor in the great room then up a few steps and the bedroom/bath area was wood floor. The walls are all the old brick. We had a nice party there with the cast members/director/theater manager etc..

When we got home, the bad news hit. A dear friend who just finished cancer treatments (breast cancer) she is 34 has two children 5 and 2. She's been having horrible headaches for 7 weeks and they just told everyone that it is brain cancer -menanages or something like that (the web finger like things that carry the spinal fluid). Marilyn and Dean could use all the prayers and good wishes they can get right now.

- jul

09-21-2002, 09:15 AM
Jul--I am really sorry for your friend and family...Unfortunately, I see it alot in my profession and everytime I have to stop and pray for the families. Hopefully it is caught early and they will do some aggressive things to help...Keep us posted...

Doing great on the diabetic diet..Still having problems with bedtime sugar and early morning one...Dont know what the deal is...It is not in the insulin range or anything, just higher than the MD wants it to be..The crazy thing is, if I was a normal diabetic, it would be great sugars!!!Hey..maybe I am just a "sweet" person!!!!:D :D :D

Take care all!!! ON a good note, we are probably having this baby the first week of Dec or the last week of Nov to prevent too much weight gain of the baby and prevent shoulder impingement from occuring if Ms Priss decided to gain in the last few weeks~!!!!

09-21-2002, 10:48 AM
hi! 4 pages this week - wow!

Had such a fun day yesterday - went shopping w/friends at the grand opening of a mall - packed, chaotic, fun! Then went out to dinner last night w/friends. I had a gift certificate I got last year for my birthday ($100) for dinner at this restaurant and I noticed yesterday that it expires next week! So we used that last night & all had a great time. Could not let that go to waste, so glad I pulled it out this week & checked the expiration!

Also got some great new clothes yesterday!

Karen - so cool to see you so excited about the little one!:cloud9: ~ I know I had a really tough time in school when I was pregnant. (I was 19 & a full-time college student. also single). The baby was all I could think about & my grades suffered that semester.

RR - interesting info from the dietician.

Greek - good luck with the headhunter! Also have fun at the wedding.

Jul - those Japanese places are alot of fun and always have great food. ~ that sounds like such a cool loft. ~ So sorry to hear about your friend. It is heartbreaking.