Weight Loss Support - Time to recommit...again...MOTIVATE!

05-01-2010, 06:40 PM
All this talk of taking a break and avoiding the scale to goal has got me thinking, it's just time to recommit. I'm so close, just 14-24 lbs to go and it's time to just dig in and get it done! My weight loss has been in spurts between switching calorie counting methods (nutrisystem, portion control, now actual counting) having a baby and losing that weight, the general ups and downs of life, etc. etc. In January I recommitted and started calorie counting and running and have lost 25lbs in this last 5 months. So I need some advice on how to recommit again and lose these last 14-24 lbs. I plan to keep calorie counting (I really like it and it really works for me), but maybe try some new recipes to spice things up a bit. My exercise plan has changed and I am now only to work out in the am before work with NO access to the gym. So I'll continue running but maybe incorporate some free weights and balance ball exercises. I'm also thinking maybe adding some interval running in there. But I need something to remotivate me...any tips? I really wish I had the time and money to start yoga or kickboxing, but I just don't. I also kinda wish I had it in me to go veggitarian, but I just don't have that either...so what can I do...I plan I getting a heart rate monitor, but not until my birthday which isn't until June...so I need something now that will just give me what I got in January...I don't really know what it was that just really got me going...I think it was calorie counting...but the motivation of that has kind of worn away and I can feel myself slacking off a little...ok people give it to me!