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05-24-2010, 10:15 AM
Here's yesterday's report.

-Read more in Beck DFL book, made out some cards.
-Counted calories for day 2. I see where many extra ones can creep in.
-Left bites on the plate for chickens ( got 8 eggs yesterday !)
-Went out to dinner, had only one beer and small burger, salad, no fries.

And, I have lost 4 pounds. I inspire myself, if I do say so. Credit me.

Today a long ride in the woods looking for trails I haven't ridden in a decade.

Best to all, ponee

05-24-2010, 10:41 AM
DH's nephew is coming over today to help in the yard. We hope to get him once a week all summer. Today, we're working on my project -- I still haven't planted any vegetables because the bed isn't ready. It's too wet to till, but we'll weed and spread organic matter in preparation for tilling if we ever get enough dry days in a row. We'll also put my tomato seedlings in larger pots.

Eating will be a bit challenging because I don't have enough food to feed a 20year old male for lunch, so we'll go out. Probably fast food, but Japanese, so I'll still be able to get a lot of veggies. Our traditional afternoon snack for when he's here is homemade frozen yogurt -- I mixed up a batch made with local strawberries yesterday. I hope that turns out!

WI: -0.45kg (new low), Exercise: +70 1105/1400 minutes for May, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

05-24-2010, 10:57 AM
Hi Beck folks, coaches and buddies - yesterday was a healthy day. Credit. Often when I have a 'hard' day around food with many temptations, the next day is a let down day and I over eat. It did not happen yesterday. YAY I did want to get and ice cream cone yesterday - but, resisted. Credit.

Dh wanted a pizza last night. I was ok being in the room with it. I ate my planned meal. In true 'destroy the unwanted food fashion' - out came the dish soap liquid on the leftovers. credit - Too tempting not to eat cold pizza.

DH got a few of the swap plants in the ground. And did some 60 bags of mulch. This year we mostly got tomatoes, peppers, pretty daylillies, some herbs, ground covers, etc. We have a glass artist that comes every year and she always brings her 'seconds'. They go into the garden 'stuff' area - so I got one of those. Plus a hypertupha planter that someone made.

This will be a quiet week for me. I need to clean up my office. There's a futon couch/bed in there. We are having company over the weekend - so I need to clear it off.

yesterday -
eat seated, no seconds - all the time
plan, log, measure, count calories - all the time
leave a bite - most of the time
tv off - most of the time
slow, mindful eating - alot of the time
feeling fullness - once in a while
lots of water

did not read beck book, arc, rc
no exercise

garden joy - sounds nice to have your nephew there to help do garden projects. Credit for planning on a lunch with lots of veggies!

Ponee - WELCOME! I am glad you found this Beck forum. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Congrats on being down four pounds. Enjoy your ride and carry on!

Lexxiss - wonderful credits with not taking the free subway and staying on your plan. Ya know, I think the hunger experiment really teaches that we CAN wait to eat. This is great. Credit for throwing those cookies in the trash.

Billbe - oops on the buffet. It’s over and now you can move forward. We have many cardinals every day at our feeders. I’ll wave at them for you. BTW chasing the birdies is good exercise and counts. Good job passing up the sausage!

Seadwaters - so glad to hear you have your laptop back and don’t have to reinstall it all. You have many good credits!

New2me2 - good job on the walking to the store and all the wii exercise! You are moving forward really well with your cards and chapters in the book. Those are very important things to keep reminding yourself of on that note card!

Thistime7 - credit for bringing your lunch. Even though you had a few unplanned things…you were able to move your chair. Major credit!

Shepardess - yes, new running shoes are a good motivator…awesome! Major credit for planning ahead for the party and time with friends. It’s hard to resist - especially when folks keep offering things again and again.

05-24-2010, 11:46 AM
We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we sorted all of our shed lambs, deciding which buck lambs to keep as rams and which to make wethers. Then yesterday, we went to a neighborís branding and I was on vaccination duty. So that was my weekend exercise. I had hoped to get in a run, but didnít have the time or energy.

Food was sane all weekend, even at the branding. It makes it a bit easier that the hot dogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill donít appeal to me at all. I stuck to the lovely choice of salads. I did have a dessert, but kept it to a small portion. It was a pretty great, though exhausting weekend.

ThisTime7, ouch for the snacks friends brought out, but great job recognizing what you were doing and stopping. Sounds like you did really well with 2 days of dog shows. Do you show dogs or are you an observer?

Ponee, congrats on 4 lbs down! Yay for the bites on your plate that keep you on track and you chickens productive. I know your neck of the woods well. Itís a lovely place to ride.

New2me2, yay for another Ĺ lb gone and for taking care of your neck. Great job turning a routine errand into a chance to get some exercise. I love your Beck insights. I get impatient with my slow progress, especially now that my weight is where I want it to be, I think my brain should be there as well. So thanks for the reminder that Iím changing a lifetime of thought patterns.

BillBE, I love that biking and birding weather! Yay for getting tomatoes in the ground. Great job not even wrestling with the idea of having a sausage. Ouch for the buffet nibbling, but if those unseen cardinals give you motivation than more power to you!

Beverlyjoy, kudos for doing so well at a difficult food event. I think I might lose my mind with tables and tables of potluck food. Good job letting someone else take care of it so it made life easier for you. Another kudos for following up such a great food day with another healthy food day. Hope you brought home some lovely plants!

Lexxiss, yay for clean eating habits becoming the comfortable norm! Great job turning down a free sandwich and free champagne and sticking to your healthy food.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on a new low and glad it helped you get over the resentment of eating less bread. LOL that you donít have enough food in the house to feed a 20 yr old male. Iím always amazed at how much food I need when Iím feeding a crew out here.

Seadwaters, yay for a computer that is up and running. Glad you donít have the extra hassle of re-installing everything. Looks like a good list of credits. Great job resisting those irresistible chocolate biscuits!

05-24-2010, 12:17 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I am really feeling like a deadly-luck charm these days. Since March, Iíve lost my dad, my younger brotherís ďgrandmotherĒ, my best dog-pal that Iíve had since 1998, and Saturday lost my cat that Iíve had since 1997. Most of these were very unexpected. Also, unexpected is the fact that I can tell you all of this and not feel entirely like the world is crumbling around me. It just feels more like a fictional tale that this much chaos can happen at once than anything else. Friday my step-dad also had an angiogram which turned into surgery placing a stent for a 95% blocked major vessel. That at least is some good news.

I am getting back to tracking my food, and renewing awareness of the Beck principles Iíd made it through. Iíve also been cooking and cleaning at home a lot more, which also makes me feel better about my health and life. But, I really want to move forward with my Beck journey and remind myself of the SuperFoodsRx principles (my chosen plan). I have been continuing with my personal trainer at the gym, though it has been a bit sporadic because of the end of the semester schedule changes at the gym. Today I woke up very early this morning after a very restless night to go to the bathroom. I felt off-balance (as if I were drunk, but have had no alcohol for two days, and that was only 4 oz white wine) and a little dizzy. I donít feel comfortable driving, so I will probably work at home most of today.

Todayís Essentials:
Weigh-in: -.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes Ė I cleaned up the dining room, so weíve actually been eating at the table!
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: not really
Did spontaneous exercise: yes, tons of gardening
Did planned exercise: no, was off-balance this morning
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked todayís food: yes

BeverlyJoy, congratulations on the pot-luck victory!!! And the on-plan victory with the pizza and ice cream. Your plan swap sounds great. I wish I knew of one around here. Though, most cases I wouldnít be able to contribute much, as Iíve never had any luck of starting plants from seed.

BillBlueEyes, fantastic job on the sausage suppression! I think all of the cardinals are in my backyard. Iíll try to snap a photo to remind you what they look like!

GardenerJoy, I hear you about how the scale affects my mood! It can be insane at times. Augh! Congratulations on your new low. That is great! Your yogurt sounds wonderful. Do you have a machine to make it or is it made like ice cream?

Lexxiss,white-bean and kale soup sounds wonderful. Can you share your recipe? Congratulations on the cookie-conquering! Yesterday sounds like one of great personal victories for you. Congratulations on that as well.

new2me2, I really appreciate your insights from Beck. Thanks for posting them. Iíve not gotten that far in the book yet.

ponee, a belated welcome to you. You sound as though you are off to a great start.

Shepherdess, your weekend sounds like a terrific success!

ThisTime7, great job on moving your chair. That takes strength. What kind of dogs do you have? (Sorry if you posted it already, but Iím really behind on the forum.)

05-24-2010, 12:29 PM
Hi All,
Weight still dropped this morning so am really pleased after those dips etc yesterday, must of move my chair in time LOL Read all cards this morning as I had missed yesterday.
Weekly loss 4.4lbs total 8.5lbs very happy with this as I havenít started counting calories yet just changing my habits. Love putting it in pounds as Kilo doesnít sound as much.
Got bike back out today and rode the dogs 3kms. Going to keep an exercise tracker or minutes like a lot of you do. Then after I had done that had to take dogs to the Trainee judgesí night and run a few more laps.
Credit - One week and no eating after tea this has to be a record for me as I donít know when I have ever done that. Even at weight watchers I would eat snacks after tea.

New2me2 Well done for taking the longer route. Love that response cards especially
1. It takes time to change a mindset that took years to form. (For when I feel impatient) going to write that one down.

Seawaters Great to here you didnít have to rebuild your PC. Well done on the "I will be eating in ..." technique and refusing chocolate biscuit.

BillBlueEyes Do you watch birds (feather type) I am a self taught bird watcher and am always looking for new ones for my list. I donít know a Northern Cardinal will have to look it up on the net. Yes I had a problem with the nibbling yesterday. I just donít stop when I start.

Lexxiss Well done on you will power for the days eating your resistance muscles where working well. Yea the difference in terminology is quite funny isnít it. I reckon in a few more years we will be calling them cookies, it used a bit now.

Ponee Great for getting back into the books. Well done on your loss and bike ride. Kudos for not having fries.

Gardenjoy Sounds like you will be busy in the garden now. Your rain must be nearly gone now are you going into summer. Frozen yoghurt sounds yummy can you post it to Australia Ha Ha

Beverlyjoy Well done on falling for the pizza or ice-cream cone.

Shepherdess You were good sticking to the salads. I am involved with Labrador Retrievers; I was very big a few years ago and have just gone back into it. I had a marriage breakdown so I got out for a while. My girlfriend and I shared them for years and sheís been onto me to come back. The new man in my life has also been encouraging me so now Iím back running around the ring. Itís a big kennel I am involved in. They are making me get out and do more exercise again.
temp ticker
:sumo:283---274------------------------154 :queen:
A broccoli for every five pounds


05-24-2010, 12:33 PM
Sorry I put falling for pizza forgot the not in the sentence.
Cheers ThisTime7:)

05-24-2010, 07:00 PM
Today was okay for a work day {{she says with her best pouty voice, lol}}. Nothing dramatic in the way of credits, but have followed my plan so thatís always a credit. Just an hour left to go and I'll be on my way home. :) I donít know what Iíll do yet, but I will exercise when I get home.

seadwaters: Yay on not having to replace the hard drive!!! You did a great job with your credits!! I think it was I who congratulated you, and I stand by it even though the number was different, lol.

BillBlueEyes: Oooh, ouch on the buffet! Good recovery though!

Lexxiss: Credit indeed for passing up the Subway and champagne! Very good on eating the sandwich instead of a larger meal!

ponee: Congratulations on your 4 pounds! Youíre off to a great start with your reading and making your cards!

gardenerjoy: LOL on not having enough food to feed a 20year old male! Gosh they can eat, canít they?! :)

Beverlyjoy: Yay, great job on not overeating after your hard day!!! And OMGosh, resisting ice cream cone is huge! And, VERY impressive with the dish soap! I donít think Iím there yet, lol.

Shepherdess: Vaccination duty sounds like it is quite the exercise if you ask me! :) Great job on only having a small portion of dessert!

FutureFitChick: I am so sorry for your losses! So very hard at any time, but so close together is extra tough!

ThisTime7: You are doing so well!! Congratulations on your one week record of not eating after tea!

05-24-2010, 10:21 PM
Hello everyone:

Back from vacation and catching up with my Beck friend's posts from last Monday to today.

new2me2-credit for following your plan and making time to exercise.

ThisTime7 and ponee- welcome to both of you!!

FutureFitChick-sorry about your cat. Sending you a hug.

Shepherdess- sounds like things are really busy and you are still eating sanely.

Beverlyjoy- glad to hear you killed the pizza. I love your stories of murder and mayhem on all things unhealthy. You rock!!!!

gardenerjoy-the frozen yogurt and strawberries sounds great. Family troubles- I have had too many of those lately. A cave in Timbucktu sounds pretty good right now. :D

Lexxiss-what a great OP day you had. Turning down free champagne is awesome.

BillBlueEyes-big ouch on the buffet lunch. Thought about you when we were out in the bush last week and riding the ATV down an old logging road. We came across an osprey nest way up on a hydro line. Had the pleasure of watching 2 ospreys bring food to their young. What a lovely moment.

seadwaters- your credits list is very impressive.

jynx-glad to hear you are out of the hospital. Hope your recovery is going well.

wndranne,Nuxmaga,bennyhannahmama and silverbirch- hello to all of you.

I had a great vacation. Beautiful weather. Two long days on the ATV exploring old logging roads. Lots of lakes and birds and great scenery and all that good stuff. Happened across a huge bear way down a very small trail. He took off one way and we turned around and booted the other way. The trail was so rough that we were going very slowly so I guess he did not hear us coming. Spend 3 days out on the lake fishing for lake trout, checking out the scenery, checking out pebbles on the beaches, and we even got in for a swim. I am not so thrilled to be home and it is back to the grind tomorrow.

While away I did lots of walking and did my weights. Eating- well let's just say oh well on that. I did not go crazy but did not stay in calorie range any day but the first.

Credit today for:

weighing in
riding exercise bike 30 mins
20 minute walk with DH
reading response and advantage cards twice
drinking lots of water
posting here
eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing lunch.

Take care everyone!!


05-24-2010, 11:42 PM
Hi All,
A quick check in before bed. Survived my first outdoor craft show with my own tent, complete with rainstorm. . .Today I tracked food, and stayed under my calories, credit. Went to zumba, credit. Chose the least harmful snack from my vending machine foray, credit, and remembered to check in here, yay!
Have a good night!

05-25-2010, 06:12 AM
Dear Coaches

Today was a good day. I had some medical appointments and suddenly realised I was running late so had to take off without lunch for a 1pm appointment. Then between appointments was confronted with the need to eat (around 2.15). Couldn't decide whether to use the 'hunger is not an emergency' and tough it out or ... In the end I went to MacDonald's (never do that) and had a portion controlled Chicken Caesar Salad - except for all the additives etc at least I knew how much I was eating! I haven't eaten enough today and am not sure it is a good thing to load all the calories at the end of the day - I have my main meal plus about the equivalent of 5 x 150 snacks to eat. But I am losing weight - today's weight was 216.4 (down 1.4lb on yesterday) so things are going well - just need to stay on track. So I seem to be losing all the water weight from not being on track the last few weeks - it will even out soon. But I am enjoying the large drops for the moment

Credits - :goodvibes
- Read A&R cards - no
- Planned my day - Yes - but lost track of time
- Made food plan - sort of but it got derailed by being late
- Food on-plan - Yes - a bit under but I am sure I will make it up tonight
- Posted to the list - Yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - yes
- Put down fork occasionally - we'll see tonight
- Weighed myself - Yes - new low
- Drank water - Some
- Exercise - Not today
- Resistance techniques - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on - :woops:
Staying on plan, habits, resistance

Catching up on a few days of postings - sorry for anyone I missed as I only went back a few pages

BeverlyJoy - Your plant swap sounds great - we don't seem to have such community things happening but it could just be that I am not in the loop. Well done at taking charge of your food on the day. Hope lunch out today went to plan

BillBlueEyes - 2000 chosen calories are looking less and less LOL - but I like the program. The whole arm over the shoulder to join hands flexibility thing is difficult - I used to be able to shake hands on both sides after a lot of yoga but can barely bend an elbow these days. Will have to work on that too. Well done with the whole lower body flexibility. And you are my inspiration for NO CHOICE - before the event of course - I am pretty good at doing it after I have eaten the offending item

CeeJay - Glad you had a great vacation. And it sounds like you have slipped back into Beck routine so credit for that

Debbie (Lexxiss) - You are doing so well - I am glad you find the 3FC community supportive and useful - I do too. It keeps me focussed and coming back. Credit for an on plan day yesterday and using that resistance muscle to such good effect

FutureFitChick - Hope you are feeling better - sounds like you are getting a flu or a virus so hope you are OK. Many dramatic things happening in your life at the moment (and sorry for your losses :hug:) but you seem to be in control which is a major credit. I hope you get on with the project of renewing your awareness and incorporation of Beck principals and good luck with that

Gardenerjoy - Congratulations on the new low - it does make it all seem worthwhile especially if craving for something like bread (lots of it!)

new2me2 - Yay to 2.6lb this week - that is an achievement. A fine list of insights and credits. I am trying to stay away from the computer but it is such a seductive presence - don't know how I did without if for 4 days (and nights).

Nuxmaga - A wave hello - and thanks for checking in. Credit for tracking food and staying under calories - a triumph

Ponee - I think you have found a good place to help with controlling your LADA. I like your resolve in leaving food on your plate - especially if you like it! So credit you. Love your "I inspire myself" - and so you should

Shepherdess - Yay for new running shoes that make running easier - I bought a new swimsuit and it definitely makes the aqua-fitness more enjoyable LOL. I like the no eating if it is past normal bedtime rule - especially if I make (as has been suggested) bedtime around 8pm. Glad your weekend went well and was on plan

ThisTime7 - I am not actually in Sydney but about one hour north at Gosford on the Central Coast - pleasant place but only recently (11 years LOL) moved here. Easier to say Sydney because everyone knows it and I have lived there most of my life. But Gosford is a 'dormitory' suburb for Sydney. It is hard to go out without food and a plan isn't it - for me it is about being organised which can be a bit of a downfall. I notice you carried food the next time. Like your dancing broccoli! I am using one of those next


05-25-2010, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an urge to nibble some candied pecans that are out of sight in the fridge; didn't - CREDIT moi. It was rather stupid of me to buy them in the first place. I got them for a salad I brought to a pot luck that didn't need the whole bag. It would have been smart to just put out the remainder in a bowl and let the masses consume them. I'll plan to have a couple on my salad each night, because underneath the "candied" is a first class pecan.

Gym; CREDIT moi.

FutureFitChick - Sending cyber hugs and supportive thoughts for the loss of your dad and the others. You're doing well to be avoiding that crumbling around me feeling.

Looking forward to you bringing SuperFoodsRx discussions back to this thread. I find it encouraging to be excited about the health value of a food. Yep, please wave to your Cardinals for me.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for tents when there's rain, LOL. Kudos for all those credits - always like to hear the word Zumba.

CeeJay - Now that sounds like a fine vacation. Love the thought of watching two Ospreys bringing fish to their young.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "don't have enough food to feed a 20year old male for lunch" - Yep, that's a chowing machine you've got on your hands. Kudos for 70 minutes of exercise - just continuing to add it up.

Shepherdess - Yay for a sane food weekend. Ouch for the wethers - just my reaction of course.

Beverlyjoy - YAY indeed for avoiding the day-after eating syndrome. You sent me to google hypertupha - found it, but your post itself is on the first page, LOL.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - "portion controlled" is a fine way to deal with best choices available - Kudos for making a sane choice in a place with so few of them. I'm impressed with that old ability to shake hands on both sides - don't think I was ever able to do that. LOL at NO CHOICE after the fact.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Turned down FREE "Subway" and FREE Champagne; I'm impressed - Kudos. Nope, Northern Cardinals don't make it as far west as Colorado according to David Sibley's range map.

new2me2 - Yep, always Kudos for following plan - even on a work day, LOL.

ThisTime7 - Congrats on the 8.5 pounds total, and BIG Kudos for a whole week of not eating after tea. Yep, I'm a bird watcher who dreams of getting to Australia and New Zealand to see the stuff you guys have that's no where else.

ponee - Congrats on the loss of four. You wouldn't recognize Davis Square in Sommerville - it's morphed into the exciting place that Harvard Square was when you were around here in the 60's and 70's.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

We often feel that we're hurting people's feelings when we refuse their offer of food when, in fact, they either feel neutral or, at worst, have a mild reaction. If you find that you're assuming others will be disappointed if you turn down food, ask yourself:

Won't I be disappointed if I accept the food and stray from my food plan?
Why is it more important for me to please them than it is to do what is best for me?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 208.

05-25-2010, 08:51 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I'm stopping for a quick hello this AM. I'm very tired, even after getting alot of rest last night. I think the combo of emotions and long days leading to my friends memorial AND fundraising event, and the additional duties of garden and special needs pets while DH is gone are taking a bit of a toll today.

I do plan to eat healthy today AND exercise.*credit*. I already walked the old guy up the road even though it's very cold (light frost last night). Fortunately, tomatoes are under cover although they will be much happier when they have a hot sunny day. :crossed:

Have a great day everyone!

05-25-2010, 10:16 AM
It is my birthday. I love my birthday. I'm wishing for everyone to have the strength to make a good day for themselves, whatever that good day may be.


05-25-2010, 10:25 AM
Hi Beck folks.coaches.buddies...

Yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that.

I ate almost every bit of food with the TV OFF. I forgot when I was eatng my orange before bed. I am still giving myself Credit.

My mom and I went to Bob Evans for dinner. I got a dinner that was described on theire website as being 362 calories. A friend from another 3fc forum mentioned that she always adds 100 calories to what the website says just because the cooks don't measure. What a great idea! So I did that too.

You won't even believe this - for the two days I've had major plant swap drama. One person at the swap felt they were cheated in getting what they deserve. Folks can technically take home as many as they bring. This person brought 152 pots of plants and couldn't find 152 out of 2300+ to bring home. We let children pick too, if they are gardeners. Everyone gets to pick if they are gardeners. HUGE rant about how it's not set up fairly, they felt they were mislead, blah, blah blah. This is all posted at a website about the swap. And a personal nasty email to me. I am flabbergasted and hurt and everything else. He is 'spouting' bad stuff about what we do and me. Good grief!

I try to always live my life as a total 'kindness' person. So I am mad, hurt, upset and more. I haven't eaten over it, however. CREDIT I can take criticism and will think about the concerns brought up. But, really...this is nuts.

I took the total 'high road' with this person. Saying that most folks like the setup and most come back for years. I explained about five different of plant swaps I know of. That there is a match up for everyone. I wish he/she well in finding one that was a good match for what they are looking. It was never my intention for someone leaving the swap feeling badly.

Folks have come out of the woodwork in defense of what the swap is and does. That feels good. Life sure can be crazy sometimes.

Today I go to the doctor for a foot rewrap - that always feels good. I need to clean up my office!


read rc/arc - yes
plan, log, write down, measure all foods - all the time
fork down between bites - some of the time
stay in calorie range (1200 - 1550 according to sparkpeople) yes
eat seated, no seconds - all of the time
tv off when eating - all but one time
slow mindful eating - some of the time
lots of water - yes
leave a bite - all but once

no exercise
no beck book

I'll be back in a bit for personals.
leave a tiny bite on plate

05-25-2010, 11:28 AM
An exhausting day, but we got a lot done! I basically exercised all day, but only counted the 45 minutes that I need for my goal.

Today, I'm going out to lunch with former colleagues. But, if the weather holds, we're going to the zoo and I'm bringing my packed lunch! I'm very pleased that I proposed that since it poses much less of a challenge to my food plan than a restaurant would.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +45 1150/1400 minutes for May, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Happy birthday, wndranne!

Beverlyjoy: so sorry you're dealing with someone who didn't get the experience of your lovely plant swap.

FutureFitChick: sending you warm and comforting energies -- that's a lot to deal with in a short time! I make frozen yogurt (and sorbet) in one of the new-fangled ice cream freezers. This one:
It's fun and easy.

Hello to everyone else!

05-25-2010, 11:35 AM
I was out on my run yesterday when it started to sprinkle. I was heading into the wind and could see that more of the same was blowing in, but it wasnít bad and I kept going. I felt pretty smug until the wind suddenly changed direction and started to pick up. I turned around and saw the storm that was blowing towards me and knew I was in trouble. The rain and the hail was miserable, but the lighting was pretty frightening since I was out on the open plains without cover. I did make it home before the snow started falling. I couldnít believe how fast the temp dropped. I know the weather can change unexpectedly, but Iíve never been caught out so unprepared. But after a hot shower and a hot cup of tea, everything was OK. Other than changing to some hot foods, eating was on plan. I just canít help worrying that these late snow are going to be disastrous for our lambs this year.

FutureFitChick, sending hugs. You have been through a lot this year! Great job getting back to Beck with everything you have going on. Hope you are feeling better after a day off.

ThisTime7, yay for a number dropping on the scale! Itís amazing how powerful changing those habits can be. Kudos for getting out on your bike. Itís good for you and the dogs.

New2me2, staying OP always deserves lots of credit! Great job getting through a workday and having the will to exercise when you get home.

CeeJay, sounds like a wonderful and much needed vacation. Yikes for the bear, but it sounds beautiful. I think not going crazy on food while on vacation deserves some credit.

Nuxmaga, yay for surviving the craft show in a rainstorm! Good job choosing the lesser evil at the vending machine. Itís taking small steps towards perfection that counts!

Seadwaters, great job making sane food choices when faced with hunger. I love that fast food restaurants are doing things to make eating healthy easier. Congrats on the scale moving down. All your hard work is paying off.

BillBE, kudos for avoiding the candied pecans. It sounds like youíre taking control back from those tree nuts! Having a few in your salad each night is a good strategy to get a treat in a small portion, and youíre right that under the candy is a healthy nut.

I think all men (and women to a lesser extent) have that reaction to wethers, but itís what we do.

Lexxiss, you have good reason to be tired! Great job setting a good intention for the day in spite of the fatigue. Iíll join you in crossing my fingers for some warm weather. Last years cold wet summer meant the itty bitty tomatoes that appeared on my plants stayed green right up through September. Hoping for a warmer one this year.

Wndranne, Happy Birthday! And thanks for extending that good b-day feeling to all of us here!

Beverlyjoy, great job making a responsible estimate on a restaurant dish. I hadnít thought of that, but will have to start doing it. Ouch for the plant swap drama, but try not to take it personally. It sounds like you have set up a very good, informal plant swap. Some people are just bitter and angry and take it out on anyone in their way. Sounds like you dealt with him well.

05-25-2010, 12:37 PM
Hello all. I'm getting into the swing of reading and checking in daily. And I lost another pound. That's ****5*****

Happy birthday, Wndranne !!! ( I'm an Ann myself)

Beverlyjoy - I hate it when folks rain on my projects....but I remember the thoughts "Consider the source", and "It's not my problem", even when they are sure it is your problem and are all about telling you so. Let them be unhappy, you can't please everyone.

Shepherdess - I can relate to the WY weather... we got caught in a squall and hail storm Saturday. Always exciting weather around here. We had snow last June 11th even !

Bill - saw a Western Tanager with red head yesterday deep in the woods, and we have bluebirds nesting at the barn. I love color, and miss those Cardinals.

Today I am xeroxing check off pages from Beck, getting myself my first reward for 5 pounds lost, and running errands. I've been on track and actually pleased with counting sure slows me down and I guess I've almost cut my eating my almost half in the evenings.

Best (or should I say Beck?) to all......ponee

05-25-2010, 12:47 PM
Hi folks…am back for some personals.

Shepardess - I am glad you got home before the snow! That is scary. I am glad you could ‘switch gears’ to a hot supper without it tripping you up.

gardener joy - good job packing your healthy lunch!! Have fun at the zoo!

Wndranne - Happy Happy Birthday - Hope it’s a day full of many smiles.

Lexxiss - good job planning for a healthy day despite all the many things going on in your life. I hope things calm/slow down for you.

Billbe - major credit for staying away from overeating the pecans. I know nuts are hard for you to resist. Good job on the gym. Yes…I looked under hypertupha- google. Yes, I am on the first page because I spelled it wrong. It’s hypertufa - a lighter weight cement planter.

Seadwaters - good job making a healthier choice at McDonalds when you only had small amount of time. I guess learning to live with food involves not always being able to get to meals as planned. You did well!

Nuxmaga - great line of credits. Folks just seem to love zumba!!

Cee-jay - sounds like you had fun vacation - that’s great. I did not go crazy but did not stay in calorie range any day but the first. Not going crazy is better than going crazy with food. Hop back on your plan and you’ll be OK.

New2me2 - but have followed my plan so that’s always a credit. Yes, on a busy day - that can be a huge credit!

Thistime7 - your weight loss is wonderful - and you haven’t even started officially counting calories. It is true proof how helpful and effective all the preliminary steps are.

Futurefitchick - :hug:so so sorry to hear of all the sorrows and stresses of late. This is really tough. Sounds like a good plan you have to get back to Beck. I sure hope that dizziness goes away quickly. Take care now.

ponee - wow - five pounds down is awesome. Sounds like you are into the Beck book and moving forward. Carry on!

05-25-2010, 12:59 PM
Hi Everyone,
Had a good loss overnight 1lb and still not eating in front of the TV. Decided to re-write my advantage deck so they are more appealing. Picked up lots of coloured cards and going to put healthy stickers on them with my advantages. At the moment my cards are just plain white. What have others done to make them different?
Need to start reading stage 2 as I go to the counselor on Thursday. He hasn't started me on that yet but wanted me to just read it. This keeping in touch with you all each night certainly helps my eating as I am busy doing this LOL

new2me2-Well done for keeping to your plan

Ceejay Welcome back from your holiday

Nuxmaga, Credit for counting calories. I wish they would put some health food in vending machine.

seadwaters- Hi Ė Yep I know where Gosford lived in Manly1971 Ė 76. Very hard to organize food when you have many appointments. Well done on yesterdays loss .

BillBlueEyes- Is Pot luck like taking food to friends and creating a buffet or smorgasboard. I like the name of it will have to start using it over here. Well done for not eating the pecans.

Lexxiss- Emotion play a big part in our eating so well done for sticking to it.

wndranne Happy Birthday

Beverlyjoy- That sounds pretty stressfully Beverlyjoy. Some people are never happy and no matter what you do it wonít be right. I always find in clubs etc they just donít come again and the place is a lot better with out them. Boy if you took 152 plants to swap what would do with that many when you get home. You will need to have a big yard or are they sellers at markets. Well done for TV eating I am finding it a bit easier as the days go by.
gardenerjoy- Good on you for taking your lunch, if its like our zoo it will be a lot cheaper to take your own lunch and healthier.

Shepherdess- You were lucky getting home in that weather. Hard to imagine the
lambs in snow, especially coming from Australia though I have seen kangaroos in snow. Isnít it suppose to be going into summer over there.

FutureFitChick, Thoughts are with you in your losses. Hopefully the awful days are behind you.

Cheers ThisTime7

05-25-2010, 05:03 PM
Hello Coaches,

Well, it has taken most of the day, off and on, but I have actually read forwards from my last post! Note to self: stay on top of this - it's important!

While I've not been consistent about reading and posting here, all other Beckian strategies have been in play. Each day I have been

reading cards (credit)
planning food, no matter how briefly (credit)
OP (unbelievable, but there you have it - LOTS of credit)

And, I have lost 4.5 lbs on my 10-lb diet. :celebrate: Today was a new low for me since, oh, I'd say 2000. Yikes, that's 10 years!

So, I made some notes as I was getting caught up. I know I missed some folks, so, apologies for that. Also, I might be commenting on something from a few days ago.

Lexxiss: "If I don't check in early, I don't get here." How true! But then, I don't know what to say about passing up free champagne. In these situations, I think I'd rather pass up the food!

ThisTime7: :welcome2: I'm looking forward to my ticker, too. Also, I understand about cupboard eating. I am a reforming sneak-eater, and to counter this, I made myself a Respect card fairly early in the Beck program, and I read it every day. When I have more time, I will share it with the group.

Wndranne: :bday2you:

BillBE: "Adiposed instead of fat" ! I love it! But you raised a serious point, that our (people who have or had extra weight) body chemistry is different than people who have never had the extra weight.

Beverlyjoy: Thanks for the tip about weighing daily being associated with maintaining weight loss. I do it compulsively, but now I have a really good justification the next time I need to defend myself! Also, good job on planning & executing the plan at the plant swap! Oops - just read the last plant swap update. What kind of a guy even knows that he's bringing 152 plants?? He counted? Tell him that next time he should start small, and not bring out all of his plants until he's satisfied that he's going to get 'value', whatever that means for him.

ponee: :welcome2:

silverbirch: I love naming emotions to take the power away from them, and not put a story behind it. This is a technique I learned when I was doing Insight Mediation (Buddhism), and it helps out in a lot of situations.

new2me2: :congrat: on the 5 lbs! (could be more by now - so many posts to get through...)

shepherdess: "rams" vs. "wethers" - does that mean what I think it does, and are the rams the lucky ones? I think from BillBE's post, it does. Also, the thunderstorm on the plain sounds scary, but then I'm a scaredy cat. Thunder and lightning scare me even when I'm tucked up in bed!

seadwaters: :woohoo: Congrats on not needing a new hard drive. I know I need to keep mine backed up, and I even have the hardware to do it. But I still don't.

ponee: :welcome2: , and :congrat: on the good start!

futurefitchick: Condolences on losing your dad and all the other recent losses. That's a lot all at once.

ceejay: You stayed in your calorie range one day! That's one day more than I do... (That was pre-Beck, of course. Now I'd be perfect, right? ;) )

Hello to gardnerjoy and everyone else!

05-25-2010, 10:33 PM
Hello everyone:

Nuxmaga-boo for rainstorms during outdoor craft shows. Nice list of credits for you for a busy day.

seadwaters-congratulations for being down another 1.4 pounds.

BillBlueEyes-yay for resisting candied pecans.

Lexxiss-hope you get anothrt good nights sleep tonight.

wndranne-wishing you a very happy birthday.

Beverlyjoy- sometimes people just suck. And good for you for taking the high road.

gardenerjoy-your idea of a visit to the zoo where you can pack a lunch, get some exercise and some fresh air all at the same time is excellent. I need to stop making all my socializing be around a table full of food.

Shepherdess- I am sorry about snow for you. That is just nasty. Hope all the lambs are OK.

ponee-yay for another pound gone!!! Hope you got yourself a great reward.

ThisTime7-yay for another pound gone. You are doing great.

MerinoGirl-I know what you mean about not staying on top of posts. I love to check in every day and post every day, but not always possible. Your list of credits is great. Yay for the 4.5 pound loss!

For me, first day back at work and I am dead. LOL. Could not get to sleep last night which always happens to me the day before going back to work after a vacation. Anyways managed the day and am going to bed early tonight. My boss went off for surgery last week so I am now doing 2 jobs. Chaos ensues.

I am headed for 2 nights in hotel- yikes- but I am determined to stay OP. The hotel I am staying at has microwave and frig so I should be fine as long as I say NO CHOICE and just bring healthy stuff.

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating OP and healthy
planning tomorrow's food and packing lunch
posting here
reading cards

Take care Becksters!!


05-25-2010, 11:49 PM
I think I need to check-in in the mornings while I still have lots of energy, lol.

So, when I got home last night I wasted far too much time on the computer and was out of the mood for exercise, but I told myself that I just had to do 30 minutes. So I put on Walk it Out, which has zero dread factor for me. It just so happens that the songs started in a really great place, and the beats per minute were around 150. Adrenaline must have taken over because I was jumping, running in place, skipping, hopping, jacking, scissoring any doing other various types of high impact moves I generally stay away from, lol. I lasted 56 minutes...thankfully the last 5-10 or so were much slower songs, but before that hit the beats per minute were 175 ish :eek: lol.

Today was MUCH more sedate, lol. Just some nice easy marching in place for 1 hour and 7 minutes...not so much for fitness as just to keep me off the couch, lol. My neck was fairly sore this evening so I'm skipping the weight workout I had planned. I'll do that tomorrow.

Eating was on plan, did a little bit of spontaneous exercise, and actually decided against have my work day piece of chocolate on the way home from work.

I've been eating less than the calories my Lose It! program has said I should eat to lose weight, but I've been eating before I'm really truly hungry I think. I think tomorrow I will practice some hunger again by waiting longer between meals, lol.


CeeJay: Good to have you back! Your vacations sounds wonderful!! Credit to you for the "oh well" lol! I have that same problem with lack of sleep after a vacation the night before I have to go back to work. Ugh!

Nuxmaga I LOVE Zumba! I haven't been to a live class, but I have their DVD set and do it at home sometimes! Yay on surviving your rainstormed craft show!

seadwaters: Yay and credit for choosing portion control even though you were very hungry! Congratulations on your weight loss!

Lexxiss: Hope your day was a good one!

BillBlueEyes: Good for you for resisting the pecans! Those are the kind of mindless things I eat without realizing how much I've really eaten!

Beverlyjoy: Wow, definitely credit for eating with the TV off! Wow, that person from the swap must really take things seriously! You are not to blame, so I hope you don't feel badly for too long over it.

gardenerjoy: I hope you got to go to the zoo! Good plan there!

Shepherdess: OMGosh, that weather! How scarey!

ponee Wow, congratulations on your 5 pound loss!!! That's really huge!

ThisTime7 I have don't anything too different with my cards...I have used colored 3x5s though. Hum, some stickers might be kind of fun too. I'll have to look for some.

MerinoGirl Yay for staying on plan!!! :) Congratulations on 4.5 pounds lost and your new low!!!

05-26-2010, 02:24 AM
Hi! I'm new to this group. Started the Beck Diet Solution after it was recommended to me by a Dietitian I had worked with when I was part of a medically supervised weightloss program. Problem was, I didn't lose weight and after having met with the dietitian he told me I really need to work through my emotional and behavioral issues that was preventing me from adopting healthy eating habits. Had no clue what CBT was but he highly recommended I seek out a therapist in my area. So, I did but she's never had much experience with weightloss and while she is able use CBT, I really needed extra support on the weightloss specifics. Grabbed a copy of the workbook and the CD set off Amazon and here I am. With her support, I'm REALLY taking my time in the workbook. For each activity, though it's indicated as "day 1" or "day 2", it's more like "week 1, 2..", "week..." Well, I'm still at "day 1" moving slowly into "day 2". LOL! Has anyone else taken such a slow time going through it? So glad to see a group here utilizing this approach to healthier living. Can't wait to learn from you and share with you.

05-26-2010, 05:38 AM
Hi Coaches

In a cold and rainy period which I quite enjoy but then I don't have to tramp about in it much. It did make it difficult to push myself out the door at pool time (which also happens to be at midday which I consider lunch time). I am always glad I make myself go to the class because I feel SO MUCH better afterwards. Water is wonderful - especially with the chill taken off! I followed my plan today and it has been a good day

Credits -
- Read A&R cards - No
- Planned my day - a little
- Made food plan - yes
- Food on-plan - yes
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - almost
- Put down fork occasionally - yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - same as yesterday - 216.4
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - 1hour in pool
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on -
Reading Beck regularly; A&R cards - read them!

Anne (Wndranne) - Happy Birthday :sunny:! I hope you had a great day in whatever way you wanted

BeverlyJoy - Credit for eating with the TV off - I live by myself and tend to eat with the TV or something else happening and need to change that. People will find reasons to be disgruntled and resentful and place the blame somewhere. It sounds like a fabulously well organised plant swap and no matter how well organised it can't live up to all expectations - and credit to you to take it as feedback and look to see what changes you can make. And DOUBLE credit for not showing them and eating because of it

BillBlueEyes - Huge credit for resisting the candied pecans and for developing a plan to neutralise them!

CeeJay - Good luck with the two jobs - ouch for returning to work. Hope your healthy eating plan holds up to your travel - always such a challenge for me

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope you are feeling more rested - you are having a challenging time and credit for staying on plan

Gardenerjoy - Credit for organising and thinking ahead for lunch - have fun

julzchiki - Welcome :welcome2:- I hope you find the group helpful and it will be nice getting to know you. Also sounds like you have an enlightened dietician. Good luck with day 2!

MerinoGirl - It is hard to catch up with all the posts when you get behind and especially when you don't want to miss anything! Good list of credits and well done on the weight loss. Back that hard drive up! Avoid the inevitable

new2me2 - Great exercise effort so credit to you. Hard to stay away from the computer - I have to turn mine off now because I quite enjoyed the break without it

Ponee - Congratulations on the continued weight loss - and for checking in - it really works

Shepherdess - Your run sounds - well - scary! I don't think exercise is meant to be that challenging. Glad you survived it and felt better after a nice cup of tea.

ThisTime7 - Congratulations on the good loss and for all your planning and involvement with the programme. I have my advantages and other reminder cards on my iPhone in a notes App I forget the name of - they look pretty interesting that way and I can check them easily there


05-26-2010, 06:38 AM
:welcome: julzchiki :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these nearly two years ago, :wel3fc:

That's a great way to learn about Beck - through professionals.

How did you find this Beck thread here on 3FC?

05-26-2010, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Best on-plan food day in months! At a conference, I ignored the breakfast rolls (I'd had breakfast, thank you very much), ignored donut-holes offered by vendors, and ignored FREE chocolate candy bars (Nestle's Crunch - I actually looked them over carefully to see if a dark chocolate bar was available). Served myself a healthy single plate from the buffet lunch: half salad, wad of scrumptious green beans with tiny carrots, and superb grilled salmon - even while sitting next to a guy with a mounded plate of pasta topped with two large pieces of fried chicken. Then . . . drum roll . . . skipped a monster table of first class desserts. Then, skipped iced cupcakes later in the day when I was feeling tired and hungry. And skipped both morning and afternoon snack because I was busy. CREDIT moi - that's acting like a Beck maintainer which I've missed during a recent spat of nibbling like my old self.

Exercise was watering my tomato plants and walking to a place where two Red-tailed Hawk juveniles are standing on the edge of their nest, spreading their wings, and teasing that they're about to fledge (first flight). CREDIT moi.

Anne (wndranne) - Happy Birthday!!! May you have 39 more and then 39 after that. Perhaps it was your wish for me to have a good day that gave me such a splendid one. Did your kids bake you a cake?

CeeJay - Ouch for "Chaos ensues" as you do two jobs on top of staying two nights in a hotel. You've used your NO CHOICE on your hotel trips before - sending you nochoician thoughts for this one.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - A walk in the zoo sounds like a fun excursion. Reminds me that I need to go visit a zoo for myself - used to it with the kids so forgot that I also enjoyed it.

Shepherdess - That's an amazing storm story. I continue to be awed at your weather. Do hope the lambs survive - does their wool grow quickly?

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a "healthy day" - let them add up one day at a time. Ouch that it was your turn to be attacked by a drama queen. It's totally inappropriate to attack the volunteer organizer of an event with one's petty needs. It's childlike unreasonable to think you can go to an event with 152 plants and get exactly that many in return. If you're lucky, he'll take you hint to find the swap that matches his expectations - or to organize one himself!!!

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ain't is so, "Water is wonderful." Kudos for nudging yourself out even though it's lunch time. Your new Avatar is striking - what's the story?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I hope that you allow yourself plenty of time to recover from the loss of your friend. That's a chunk of emotions to feel your way through.

Ouch for a frost this late - yep, that's not what makes tomatoes happy. How old is your dog?

MerinoGirl - Congrats on the new low scale reading, and Kudos for "all other Beckian strategies have been in play." Sounds like you're doing well.

new2me2 - Your 56 minutes of Walk it Out does sound jumping - Kudos for overcoming that old I'm-not-in-the-mood feeling to get yourself going. Your eating sounds admiral - that should give you some progress.

ThisTime7 - Neat idea to rewrite your Advantage Cards as you continue to refine your notions. I kept mine as a tab on the spreadsheet where I record my daily scale reading so they are easy to edit and shuffle as I rethink what's important to me. Yep, a Pot Luck is folks bringing stuff for a smorgasbord. The Luck part is so appropriate when there's no attempt to get different people to sign up for entrees, salads, desserts, etc. We've had then with all salads and with all desserts on occasion. A little organization helps.

ponee - Congrats on the five pounds gone from the scale. What's your reward? I am so jealous of your Western Tanager - haven't seen one yet. We have favorite places we go for the chance of seeing an Eastern Bluebird - and you have them nesting in your barn.

julzchiki - Kudos for just buying the Beck workbook and CD and charging forward. Yep, I took whatever time I needed going through the "days". Those first two weeks contained super ideas for me - they keep me going now. LOL at your Dietitian who didn't know what CBT was, but recommended it. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

We often feel that we're hurting people's feelings when we refuse their offer Or think about it another way. If you were a vegetarian, would you eat meat just to please someone? If you were on a special diet for medical reasons, would you abandon that diet just to spare someone's feelings? You're entitled to do what is right for you, as long as you're polite (but firm, if necessary). People who give you a hard time are the ones who are being unreasonable, not you.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 208.

05-26-2010, 08:16 AM
Hi Beck folks…coaches….buddies - Yesterday was a pretty healthy day - am always grateful for that! I am reporting that I am down two pounds since last week. :):)

During the last week I weighed myself 4 mornings. I am trying to desensitize myself to the fluctuations. :dizzy: It’s lovely when it goes down and hard to take when it goes up. I have been true to my food plan - so I know when the scale went up a pound one day, it wasn’t ‘real’. It’s worth while to keep trying this to see how I do with weighing more often. In a way, however, I found I was thinking more about what I would or wouldn’t eat. Then I’d be obsessing about salt. In my head - I’d probably be obsessing about the food in some other way, too - even if I didn’t weigh more often.

Thanks to everyone for their kind responses to the crazy person from the swap. That seems to be calming down.

Today is lunch with a long time friend. I am so looking forward to it. Because I am having a colonoscopy on Friday, some of my food choices aren’t available. No raw veggies today - so I guess they’ll be no salad. I will make the healthiest choice I can. The menu isn’t on line and it’s the closest place to my friend’s work. I usually like to go to where I know what’s on the menu.


Plan, log, measure, count my calories - all the time
Eat with the tv off - all but one time
Seated, no seconds, leave a bite - all the time
Slow mindful eating - getting better
Read arc/rc
Tasted food - more than usual
Feel fullness - some of the time

No beck book
No exercise

Billbe - I am so impressed with all of those credits. You walked through a storm of temptations but held your ground. Awesome!!

Seadwaters - credit for getting yourself to the pool! Yes - being in the water feels so good. Glad you had such a good day.

Julzchiki - WELCOME! So glad you posted. Yes…I too am taking my time with each day. I’ve been doing Beck for months and I am still not quite done with the book. I think you will find so much of what Dr. Beck has to say very helpful in learning to really live with food.

New2me2 - credit for making yourself do the exercise. I’ll remember you when I am procrastinating. Kudos for not eating your chocolate on the way home and really thinking about it.

Ceejay- reality of work sets in…no wonder you are tired. I am glad your hotel has a fridge and microwave. Plan plan plan and you CAN do it.

merino girl - WOW - VFT (virgin fat territory) that’s a weight you haven’t been at for a very long time. Awesome!!!! all other Beckian strategies have been in play Credit!

Thistime7 - great job not eating in front of the television! Some of my response cards are on cards of light purple, light green, light blue and white. Some are written out and some are typed out and taped on the cards. What kind of stickers are you going to get.

05-26-2010, 09:53 AM
My lunch with friends at the zoo went well. It was a hot day and the only really happy animals we saw were the humans and the ducks! Every one else looked like they had too much fur.

Today is volunteer day, which means lunch out, but I know the menu and exactly what I will order from it.

WI: +0.15kg, Exercise: +30 1180/1400 minutes for May, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: welcome home! Good for you for making a plan to use the hotel fridge and microwave.

Shepherdess: scary weather to be out in -- glad you made it home safe.

ponee: congrats on another pound!

ThisTime7: yay for posting here instead of eating!

MerinoGirl: glad you're back and that things have been going so well.

new2me2: yay for all that exercise!

julzchiki: welcome! Looks like you are off to a great start.

seadwaters: glad you can enjoy rainy days and still get in a swim.

BillBlueEyes: good job on avoiding all the traps of conference eating!

Beverlyjoy: yay for two pounds gone! I was thinking yesterday that weighing myself every day cured my tendency to overeat after my weekly weigh in. But, you're right, it comes with it's own odd pitfalls.

05-26-2010, 09:58 AM
I saw my first antelope fawn of the year yesterday, so now I know that summer is on itís way. I saw a doe the other day that was acting like she had a fawn, but this is my first official fawn. One of my favorite activities is fawn spotting. In the first week, before the fawns have their speed, the moms tuck their babyís away. Everytime I see an antelope that doesnít take off at a dead run, I look for her baby close by.

It was hard to find motivation to do my weights yesterday, but I did them anyways. I even paid attention to my form instead of just trying to get through it. Food was on plan, and I even measured a half a cup of slow churned ice cream. Thereís no way I can objectively eyeball a portion of ice cream.

Gardenerjoy, I missed your post yesterday. I love those active days where everything counts as exercise. Lunch at the zoo sounds fantastic! Thanks for the link to the ice cream maker. Youíre tempting me into an impulse buy. Iím hoping buying an ice cream maker will bring about summer.

Ponee, congrats on your 5 lb loss! Great job getting into a routine of reading and posting. Developing those habits takes time.

ThisTime7, yay for the scale continuing to drop. It always helps with the motivation. My cards are just plain white, but whatever gets them to catch your eye is great. Yes, it is just about summer, and itís arriving in fits and starts. But in these parts, winter doesnít like to let go.

MerinoGirl, great job keeping up your Beck skills. Itíll take time to get into the habit of checking in here. Congrats on your new low! Yep, I think you get the idea of what a wether is (itís the sheep equivalent of a steer).

CeeJay, ouch for being dead at work. It sounds like you hit the ground running and are jumping right back into a busy schedule. Best of luck on another hotel trip. Itís tough, but you can do it!

New2me2, great job finding the motivation to exercise. Ouch that it left you with a sore neck. Kudos for deciding to skip chocolate. I donít think Iíve ever skipped planned chocolate!

Welcome Julzchiki! There are so many things that hold us back from doing the work to lose weight, but Beck is great for working through all of that! Kudos for taking your time. Itís important to make sure that each habit is cemented.

Seadwaters, yay for the pool workouts leaving you feeling good! Great job getting out the door in the rain to enjoy it and great job on a good, OP day.

BillBE, wow, I canít even imagine that many food challenges in a single day. You handled that like a pro, and all while skipping your planned snacks. Iím giving you a standing ovation!

Yes, lambís wool grows quickly. And lambs that are a few days old will be fine. Itís the ones who are born the previous day or during the storm that are not going to make it. Itís just a humble reminder of how little we control.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on another 2 lbs down! Kudos for desensitizing yourself to the weight fluctuations. That scale can be fickle, so itís good to learn not to let it control you. Itís still a work in progress for me. . .

05-26-2010, 10:21 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I will be back later with personals, but like to state my intention in the morning. I intend to have a healthy food day which includes planned-and spontaneous exercise.

Bill, what an outstanding day! I just had to mention it...I saw it in fast motion, but every temptation seemed to be put in your path for you make a sane decision over. I was just thinking the other day how much better my head and heart feel when I stick to my food plan. *credit* *credit*

Just after I posted yesterday, my friend called looking for a walking buddy, so I hopped on my bike and then enjoyed a 3 mile walk. I'm running late this morning-I super slept in.

See ya'll later!

05-26-2010, 10:31 AM
Hello Coaches,

I am currently "multi-tasking". In the background, I am dialed into a discussion where words like "rank segmentation" are featured, and in the foreground I got caught up from yesterday (really helps when less than 24 hours have elapsed) and put together my notes.

So, once again, I am dumbstruck by my scale. It says I weigh 2 lbs more today than yesterday. This is simply not possible. I mean, I think it's not possible. Yesterday was totally OP, with some light exercise in my Pilates class. It's also heart-breaking, since yesterday's reading was a new low. I think I need to take the advice someone gave me a few weeks ago and threaten to throw the wonky thing out if it doesn't behave better!

In protest, I am not adjusting my current weight in my signature. I simply refuse. :p

ceejay - Much sympathy for doing your job and your boss's, too. Not a nice way to re-start work after a vacation...

new2me2 - credit for exercising when you didn't feel like it. :dancer:

julzchiki - :welcome2:

seadwaters - Congratulations for getting to your swim class! And for giving me an opportunity to use a new smiley: :swim:

BillBE - Wow, you have really got this management of free food down pat, haven't you? You successfully navigated a day of really tempting temptations. That's way :cool:

Beverlyjoy - Regarding weighing: " I am trying to desensitize myself to the fluctuations." Tell me about it! Also, glad the brou-ha-ha over the plant swap is dying down.

gardenerjoy - You know, every time I go to the zoo, all those animals set in their "natural habitats" must naturally be hanging somewhere I can't see them. I think they only claim that they have white tigers...

05-26-2010, 01:47 PM
Evening everyone,
Still feeling very motivated and tomorrow is my fortnightly check in with the physiologist. He is talking about hypnotising me as well so I hope we do that in the session as well. Will report in on that tomorrow night. Now gone 9 days and still not eaten after tea.
Went out to a girlís fun night tonight at our church. It a huge night where about 1,000 women meet for wine and nibbles. then we have talks and laughter finishing off with coffee and cake. Had the cake (Mud Cake) and didnít feel guilty because I had been so strict during the day planning for this night. This was the first sweet thing I have had in 4 weeks. Got the coloured cardboard to update my business cards tonight going to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Merinogirl Well done on your loss and thanks for the welcome. Have caught up on 2 of your post and I see that the scale are wonky today. I think itís time for a new set, though I get days where I go back up then 2 days later it all goes again.
CeeJay Never great the first day back- Great for planning lunch and staying on plan

New2me2 You have done great with all that exercise. The walk it Out video sound good, I need to get something like that to motivate me.

julzchiki - Hi and welcome to the becks forum. I have only been on here for a couple of weeks but the coaches and buddies are great. I find that I report on here daily and it helps motivate me. I am working very slowly through stage one and have been for 4weeks. I have a physiologist I am working with and he wants to take it very very slowly with me. I am so please with my results so far and I havenít yet started to count my calories. He has said that I first need to learn a few techniques before I move on. We are working on the way I eat and the difference between hunger and just wanting to eat.
So at the moment I am learning to control night time eating. Good on you for taking it slowly as it took years to put on so it wonít come off overnight.

Seadwater Thatís a good idea to put some on my phone. I will put my cheat sheet on my phone as I would like that handy for when I am working. Doní have a Iphone but have a small work PDA so will add them there. Well done for going to the pool on such a dreary day.

BillBlueEyes Well done on passing up all the bad food and going with the healthy options. Thanks for explaining pot luck and I know what you mean when you get too much of the one thing.

BeverlyJoy No what you mean by desensitizing yourself from the fluctuations it can really get you down, when you know you have been really good the day before. Good luck with the tail job on Friday not the best way to lose a few pounds. I have them done and I always find that the day before I prepare for it I donít seem to mind going without the food. I wish I could have a fasting day every week but if I was to do this for no reason then I would be hungry. Hope youíre making lots of lo-cal jelly.
Not sure what sticker to put on cards but have started looking for keep fit ones and vegetables etc. Got some great coloured cardboard from craft shop and will cut them into business cards tonight. Thought I might start a scrapbook on my weight loss, as this would keep me out of the food.

Gardenjoy Well done in planning what to eat before you get there. Itís great when you know whatís on the menu. Our zoo is the same during the hot months in Perth, they all go into hiding during the day. They now keep it open later in the evening during summer so that there is a bit of movement in the enclosures.

Shepherdess Must be lovely to see the antelopes and their fawns. Donít have them in Australia so I can only imagine how magical it is when you see the young ones. Well done on only having half a cup of ice-cream, I donít have that will power yet so there is none in the house.

Lexis Have a good day and good on you for planning healthy

temp ticker


one broccoli for every 5lb

:broc: :broc:

05-26-2010, 02:43 PM
I switched my schedule a bit, since my Mom will be here later. She will want to go to the pool, so I'm home catching up on everything.

julzchiki, :welcome2: *credit* for taking your time working through your notebook. I had an opportunity to go through each day with an online coach. I was glad to get the whole picture. Now I am going to start over and really work on the ones I need to work on.

MerinoGirl, you may weigh two pounds more than yesterday, but I am sure you have not "gained 2 pounds"-they are very different. I just posted this on another thread, "I weigh once a day, and look at the monthly trend only. I read elsewhere (Pink book) that it is really good to use the scale for "information" and to work on letting go of the emotional component WHEN you are eating on plan, exercising and generally "doing the right things". On my wall is a card which says, "On any given day, the number on the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you ate, how much energy you expended in the past few days, the amount of fluid your body is retaining, and other biological influences." (from the Beck Diet Solution). My personal feeling is that these "tickers" can be very sabotoging. I record each new low and then use the fluxuations(like yours) for information only. Given time, I see a new low which I record on my ticker, and at some point the higher number goes away and doesn't come back. Keep up the good work and and make yourself a response card to put by the scale! *credit* for such a stellar OP day!

ThisTime7, *credit* for planning ahead on a piece of mud cake-1000 women! That's a big event. I like your idea of a scrapbook. I knit to keep my hands busy.

Shepherdess, the fawns are adorable! Loved the moose twins in Alaska, too. *credit* for finding motivation for weights and for measuring ice cream. lol on self observed lack of objectivity with eyeballed portions!

gardenerjoy, *credit* for knowing the menu and sticking to it!

Beverlyjoy, congrats on continued scale movement. *credit* for working on scale desensitization. Hope you had an enjoyable lunch out.

seadwaters, *credit* for pushes towards the pool even when it's lunch time. I'm going this afternoon.

new2me2, *credit* for lasting 56 minutes after planning 30 minutes of exercise...and for spontaneous exercise, too!

CeeJay, *credit* for thoughtful food choices on your vacation and for deciding NO CHOICE while you are in the city.

ponee, *credit* for xeroxing check off pages. They are really helpful. I'm glad you are pleased with counting calories and are noticing that you eat less in the evenings.

wndranne, Happy Belated Birthday!

Nuxmaga, *credit* for staying in calorie range during your rainy craft show!

FutureFitChick, sending blessings your way:hug:. It is such a great decision to get back to tracking your food during such a difficult time.

Well, I may be caught up! I really like it when I have time to read all the posts...lots of insight.

*credit* for me. I've really been wanting an omelette from our local diner-they serve it to me with a salad. I've been recognizing that they are too liberal with cheese (I like a little) and it's probable that they put a bunch of oil on the grill, too. So this AM I made the decision to make my own at home. It was full sized like going out, but was much healthier. I didn't leave a bite..oops..oh, well. Now I will finish my house and maybe take a safety nap before Mom gets here.

Have a great day everyone!

05-26-2010, 04:08 PM
Hi Coaches

Life took over and I walked away from everything. I am tired of watching myself get to the threshold of weightloss success only to have some stress event :devil: whisper in my ear that "it's okay to eat over this".
This time it was the same thing that has tripped me up for years: getting ready for my art shows/my farmers' market booth/fitting my part time job into the mix and making sure I see my mother and trying to keep her happy. I focus oin those issues and drop the focus on my food intake. I do it every-single-time.

I hit a brickwall yesterday with all of it. Actually every day this long weekend and into yesterday there was something that added to me wanting to change the way I live my life. What completely reinforced it was the fact that my mother, who has alzheimer's but is still quite functional, though not as well as she would have us believe, decided to go to the store yesterday on the hottest day so far (91F + humidity) dressed in her favorite clothes: black sweater over blue knit top, navy pants, black shoes and socks. She left her senior's independent living apartment and walked up the hill to the Giant Tiger store, bought something and then turned the wrong way to go back home. She has no idea where she lives. Never knows the address, or even the name of the place, calling it "the hospital" and this is on a normal day. She's told me all along she would never leave there on her own ever. In fact she adamant about this the day before when i quizzed her as to whether she had done that or not. She is physically very very strong so I liken her to my cat Caesar who just GOES and then oopsy! What have I done? and she can't figure it out. So, with the heat and the walking in the wrong direction someone driving by saw her confusion (not sure why they noticed her/don't know the complete details) and they picked her up and took her to the nearest police station where they took her to the hospital and she was treated for dehydration and a blood pressure of 220. They tried to track her place of residence down based on her name which she knew and then called those of us with her last name. I am not listed, my sister is unreachable, my brother unlisted but they found her residence who called my brother who said "Do I have to go get her?" not once, but TWICE, which caused a bit of a scene amongst the staff where she lives.

She's back home now but before she left the dr. asked her if she knew why she was in the hospital and she said "because I fell."
I fully expect to get another call like this in the very near future. She likes to walk, has always walked, the weather is great, she needs X and she will go and there is no one to stop her...yet.

Why so much detail about this coaches you may ask? well it just was the icing on the cake of a weekend of making decisions for my own life. I am no longer interested in wasting my time with the things that are no longer working. Who knows how much good productive time i have? No one can say. I have only barely compromised my whole life and paid my dues for doing that but there are some things that I continue to do that impact poorly on my health and well being. I need to face myself and solve these personal problems and move on. To this end instead of going with the "quick fix" of nutrisystem I just called the Bariatric Medical Clinic. I'm signing on for the comprehensive exercise/nutrition/doctor monitored slow and steady real life life style change program that I can live with. If I don't get my health in order I won't make it to 82, addled mind or not. Time to face things head on.

Nice to be back.

05-26-2010, 08:50 PM
thistime7 - I was peeking in at posts this evening and have to tell you I LOVE your homemade temporary ticker!

05-26-2010, 10:17 PM
Hello everyone!

Today was a pretty good day. Eating was on plan, exercise was a lower body weight workout, and a very nice discovery that the planned piece of chocolate on my way home from work just didn't taste as good as it used to, lol. Yay! :) I am determined tomorrow to feel some hunger somewhere! :D

WELCOME to the group!!!! Taking it slowly sounds like a good plan to me. I haven't yet, but I can see that I will definitely have to reread certain days, so it might have been better to just take my time with it before moving on.

[B]seadwaters: Gosh, nothing better than heated pool water, lol!!! Nice job on your good day!

BillBlueEyes: OMGosh, what a great job you did at the conference!!! Especially when feeling hungry and tired!!

Beverlyjoy: Congratulations on your 2lb loss!!! Yay! Hope you found something good to eat at lunch!

gardenerjoy: Glad your lunch went well!

Shepherdess: Wow, how wonderful to see all that wildlife! My sister lives up in the mountains, and I love that I can sit at the kitchen table and look and and see deer, etc.

Lexxiss: Good job with that spur of the moment exercise! Great job on making your own omelet!!!

MerinoGirl: The 2 lbs is most likely water, and sometimes when that happens to me it takes a couple of days to go away, but it almost always does go away. I do not blame you for not adjusting your weight! :)

ThisTime7 Yay for sticking to your plan! Walk It Out is actually a Wii Video has zero dread factor because it's a game, but it can be a very good workout too.

onebyone: Wow, scarey happening with your mother. That has to be very stressful for you! Great job in taking charge and getting back.

05-27-2010, 06:00 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At gym (CREDIT moi) I amused myself by ordering the dumbbell rack - something I do on occasion. But yesterday motivated because the 85# weights were out of order and I wanted to push myself by lifting them. I can lift them - with effort - but can't lift them both at the same time. I have seen guys doing bench presses with a 100# dumbbell in each hand. Don't think I'm likely to ever get there, but a guy can dream.

Eating OP; CREDIT moi. It was easy since the only food that crossed my field of view was what I'd planned for the day. I would guess that anyone would lose weight at a resort (or prison) where the food was absolutely controlled. The value of that thought to me is to remind myself that seeing extraneous food is what sends me off plan. I don't go out looking for it. YMMV.

onebyone - Ouch for the reality of dealing with your mother's mild Alzheimer's. I've seen the pain that causes caring relatives as they change to accept that portions are no longer there. Sending supportive thoughts for your continued support of her.

Kudos for taking the matter into your own hands with the Bariatric Medical Clinic decision. I know that you've flirted with using that place for a while now. There'll be some structure there to help you find your path.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at all the animals at the zoo being too hot except humans and ducks - who are wearing down coats!. I do admire the thermal control of birds.

Shepherdess - Kudos for working on your form with the weights, and Double Kudos for measuring the slow churned ice cream. Count me as one of those who has no ability to estimate portion size when serving myself a treat. Wave at your antelope fawns for me.

Beverlyjoy - Good work seeking the frequency of weighing that works for you. My dream is to get a continuous plot of my weight for one day so that I could see the slight downward slope of water evaporation due to my basic metabolism, the steeper slope when I'm exercising, and the large jumps up and down when I consume and pass food and water. If I saw it once, I think it would permanently desensitize me to fluctuations.

It certainly is a pain that the days before a colonoscopy require that we step away from our healthy eating of whole grains, nuts, and fruits. I purchased a box of saltine crackers as part of my survival and, ultimately, had to discard the remainder.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for sleeping in and Yay for riding your bike to take a walk - good active day there. That omelet sounds good; Yep, a diner is likely to be adding whatever makes the customers want to come back - butter, salt, and cheese, LOL.

MerinoGirl - Of course it's not possible to gain two pounds of fat or muscle in an on-plan day. It's always possible to be off balance in the 13 pounds of in and out of a given day.

Thanks for the kind words, but gotta tell you that I am so far from having "management of free food down pat." You will read in my comments every time that I conquer FREE food since it's one of the biggest challenges I face.

new2me2 - Amazing that the chocolate didn't meet expectations; was it dark chocolate?

ThisTime7 - Yay for making a plan so that you could have the mud cake. Continued Kudos for continued days without eating after tea.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

How to Say No

Prepare now to turn down someone the next time you're offered something to eat. Here's how:

Create a sense of entitlement about turning down requests to eat. Look at My Cost Analysis of Eating Chart on page 211. to fill it in, think of a specific situation where someone might offer you food. What are the costs to you of accepting the offer? It could make you:

Go off your scheduled meal plan.
Eat more than you really want.
Feel subservient to others.
Feel out of control.
Stop losing or even gain weight.
Overeat or develop a craving.
Feel bad about yourself.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 209.

05-27-2010, 06:56 AM
A good on plan day today - I was at work so no exercise. Late home and trying to organise dinner

I resisted Coolmints that someone was offering - not because I thought the calories were terrible or because it might be a trigger food but because it wasn't on plan and it would essentially be giving in. I think I have just realised that that is the whole point - is that right? I can be a bit slow! And I really hate denying myself anything so can ignore the obvious. It all seemed a bit rigid but I think I get the point now.

I wish I had seen the swimming icon before! I am looking forward to more :swim: tomorrow - :D - it looks a bit like my efforts in the pool

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - No
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes
- Food on-plan - yes
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - almost
- Put down fork occasionally - yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - same as yesterday - up 10oz - 217lb
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - no - at work - but I did walk down the stairs occasionally
- Resistance techniques - yes - triumphed over coolmints!
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes


05-27-2010, 08:46 AM
Hi Beck folks - yesterday was a healthy day - I stayed in my calorie range...always grateful for that.

Tomorrow is my colonoscopy. So today is the prep day...ugh. I'll probably lose some weight but, it won't be 'real' and it will be temporary.

I had lunch with my friend yesterday and was able to find something healthy and allowed as I had many restrictions because of the colonoscopy. I stripped down a very fancy turkey sandwich to just some turkey, lovely bread and some mustard and I ate half - took the rest home I guess. I had a cup of veggie soup too. Credit. Always grateful when I am willing to make it work.

I had some unplanned hard candy before bed - oops. I got that for today. The directions for today suggested sucking on hard candy after drinking a glass of the potion.

No real food plan today!
- gaderade, jello, broth, popsycles, tea, water, etc. after a light breakfast.

Yesterday -
Planned, wrote down what I ate, measured, counted calories - changed plan during the day
Tv off - most of the time
Lots of water
Exercises - yes…yay
No seconds, leave bite - all the time except for sugar free candy
Fork down, feel fullness, TASTE food - some of the time

No beck book
Didn’t read arc/rc

Seadwaters - credit for resisting even a little mint because you thought it might be a trigger food. You are making many good Beck decisions and often figuring it out…that’s wonderful.

Billbe - credit for reorganizing the dumbbells and using it for trying heavier weights. The value of that thought to me is to remind myself that seeing extraneous food is what sends me off plan - that is so, so true…good realization.

New2me2 - wow - chocolate not being as good as you thought it would be is an amazing realization. Good for you - really thinking about food and it’s taste is an accomplishment. Glad you had a good day.

gardener joy - credit for checking the menu first before your lunch. So glad you zoo time went well.

Shepardess - love that the baby fawns are in sight! Credit for doing the weights thoughtfully and mindfully. Credit for measuring your wonderful home churned ice cream. Carry on.

Lexxiss - glad you check in and got a call from a walking buddy! Sounds like a good day planned. It’s nice going to the pool with your mom.

merino girl - I hear you on the scale flucuations. Of course, your two pounds up isn’t ‘real’ - you were on plan and didn’t eat an extra 7000 calories. But, that’s not how our ‘brains’ work. I am going through the same thing. Maybe we will figure it out together.

Thistime7 - credit for no eating after tea for seven days!!! I haven’t ever been hypnotized - but, I have relaxation and weight loss cd’s that I listen to sometimes. I think putting together lots of different things can help us in many ways. Your scrapbook sound nice.

Onebyone - I know it breaks your heart to see your mom with these symptoms of her alzheimers. I am sorry. Ya know…it takes what it takes to learn to be with food and be healthy. Sounds like a comprehensive program could be a good fit for your needs at the Bariatric Center. You need to take care of you. Hugs to you.

05-27-2010, 10:18 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Our super hot weather broke last night and phew! what a relief. I got some real sleep for the first night in a week.

I am just waiting for the washing machine to finish up and once I move stuff to the dryer I am off to have breakfast and to get ready for my day. I hope to spend several hours at the school, getting the ceramic room in order and topping off the glaze buckets.

I have to call and talk to my mother today. I've been avoiding her, truth be told, since she wandered off. I am having a tough time not being mad at her and I know this is so so wrong. It's just the truth of how I feel. I think I may need to seek some support and definitely get some insight/info from the local Alzheimer's society as we/I go through this. I'll be seeing her tomorrow. It's hard to treat her like I always have and yet also keep in mind that she's not like she always was. It's like walking a fine line that sometimes disappears right in front of your eyes, only to come back into view.

Tough, but for today I am not going to eat over it.

Have a good day Becksters.

05-27-2010, 10:26 AM
Hello Coaches,

Well, I didn't think I was carrying around residual anger at my scale, but, events perhaps speak for themselves.

At a 10am meeting, someone brought in a box of Dunkin Munchkins, and I ate one "to be polite". This despite reading BillBE's Beck citings of the week, which actually deal exactly with this topic. I did think of that, later, after I had eaten the thing.

At 3pm, someone came around with free ice creams left over from some event, and I dove right in with barely a thought to the fleeting and faint "Nooooooo ... " I heard in my head.

At 7pm, my husband and I decided that one bottle of rosť wine wasn't going to cut it on a hot and sticky night, and we had a second bottle. Mid second bottle, somehow it seemed like it made sense to open and devour an entire package of Girl Scout cookies (Dulce de Leche).

So, when I saw that I had added an extra half pound to the scale this morning, I was unsurprised. It it takes 3500 calories to add a pound, this time I might actually have consumed that much extra!

<sigh> Back on track today, so far. Looking to get back into my serenity zone. :yoga:

Lexxiss: I copied out what you wrote about weighing and am going to paste it on a card and add it to my response card pile. I think that I need to read those words daily for a while so I can neutralize the power of the number on my scale.

Shepherdess: My equivalent of the fawn spotting is bunny spotting. We have a colony of brown rabbits that live in my and my neighbor's yard, and, believe it or not, I usually see the first one of the season on Easter Sunday. I have my very own Easter Bunny, it seems. This year, I didn't see him/her on Easter Sunday, but I did see him/her later that week.

onebyone: I'm sorry that you are going through this with your mother. It sounds like the burden is on you to be the responsible one, and that is not easy. The realization that "the future is now", or however you describe that moment, is very powerful, and kudos to you for making a plan and acting on it. Good luck!

new2me2: I'm with BillBE on this one - your chocolate didn't taste as good as you thought it would?? You need better chocolate! Or, not...

BillBE: So, now you see why I think you're a master of "free food resistance" ... You're a black belt. I used to think I was a green belt, but maybe I'm still a yellow belt. Also, I am dedicating this smiley to you for your gym story :strong:

seadwaters: Glad you like the swim smiley.

Beverlyjoy : Good luck w/the colonoscopy!

thistime7: When is tea? Is it the evening meal?

05-27-2010, 10:51 AM
I'm leading a book club tonight (The Hemingses of Monticello by Annette Gordon-Reed). I'm not ready. The trick will be to get ready and to not overeat from performance stress. I need to keep reminding myself that this group practically leads itself, so my role is not lead performer but catalyst.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +50 1230/1400 minutes for May, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: Cool about your fawn. If you, or anyone, get an ice cream maker, I'll put up my recipes.

Lexxiss: great job with all your exercise and yay for the home made omelet where you control the cheese and oil

MerinoGirl: hope you're finding your serenity zone!

ThisTime7: hope your appointment with the physiologist went well. Way to go fitting Mud Cake into your plan. Let us know if that works for you (I seem to be able to do that with some things -- other things are triggering and the struggle the next day makes the treat not worthwhile).

onebyone: great to see you! I miss you when you are away. Glad that you are having helpful insights. Sending you warm thoughts and calming energies as you figure out how things need to work with your mom.

new2me2: kudos for planned chocolate and yay for it not being everything you remembered! That's a very valuable realization.

BillBlueEyes: Yep. It's new for me to not go looking for off-plan food, but I'm not. So, it's helpful to have your insight of being wary of off-plan food that I see.

seadwaters: good job on staying on plan -- even for the small stuff. I think you've got it.

Beverlyjoy: hope all goes well with the colonoscopy prep

05-27-2010, 03:03 PM
Hi coaches,

I was very busy at this days so I had so many ups and downs-3 days overeated, 2 days OP, 1 day overeated, 2 days OP.......
So I decieded that only one way for me is to be here EVERY day. I canīt be without food control. Here I am - on track again.

Read ARC 2x
Read Beck
Eat sitting
Eat slow and mindfully 80%
OP 90% (skipped snack , I wasnīt hungry)
Giving a credit
Exercise 40 min treadmill

Weight in - NO , I wasnīt so brave...

Welcome new Beckies julzchiki, ThisTime7, ponee , so glad you posted

05-27-2010, 03:13 PM
We had beautiful weather yesterday, perfect for a run. I guess the brutal storms are the price we pay for spring at its best and itís worth it.

Iím feeling the urge to let portion sizes grow. That voice is telling me that a slightly larger slice of bread here a little extra cheese there wonít hurt anything. So Iím back to weighing and measuring, trying to maintain some discipline. Iím not sure what brings those thoughts on. I keep hoping that weighing and measuring is like training wheels and Iíll eventually just learn to ride the bike and not need them. I can leave it for brief periods of time, but I keep needing to return. So for now each morsel on my plate is checked for size.

Lexxiss, great job setting such a healthy intention for your day. Yay for a friend looking for a walking buddy! Yay for a full sized, healthy version of your favorite omelet. I didnít know that moose tended to twinónot one of our local species. That would be very cool to see!

MerinoGirl, donít let the reading on the scale get you down. There are so many reasons for fluctuationsówater retention, whether you ate later than usual the night before or just the direction of the wind blowing, LOL. It is the long-term average of those daily fluctuations that matter. Ouch for weigh-in anger causing a lousy food day, but good job putting it behind you and getting back into ďthe serenity zone.Ē Your Easter bunnies sound like so much fun!

ThisTime7, I have always been curious about hypnosis. I find the idea intriguing that I can go into a trance and come out a better person, though I know itís more involved than all that. Great job enjoying your treat on plan. Itís so much more enjoyable when you know youíve earned it.

Onebyone, Iím so glad your mom is OK. That is a huge added stress to your otherwise hectic schedule. Best of luck on your bariatric surgery. You had felt that it was the right move for you earlier, so Iím glad you are back in a place where itís possible.

New2me2, kudos for a good day! Itís great that chocolate just isnít as appealing as it used to be. That would make life so much easier. I love your determination to feel some hunger tomorrow.

BillBE, yay for lifting two 85 lb weights with some effort! Itís great that youíve found a way to amuse yourself at the gym, sneak in a little extra exercise and test your strength all at the same time, LOL. I guess you can count yesterday as a temptation rest day and you probably needed one after all the exertion your resistance muscle faced the day before.

Seadwaters, I love the swimming icon! Kudos for turning down Coolmints to avoid giving in. It often seems rigid to me as well, but I think that part of my brain that tells me itís too rigid is the part that has kept me heavier than I wanted to be.

Beverlyjoy, yuck for the colonoscopy prep. LOL at your food plan, but it is a good reminder that when we have to do it, we can be rigid. It just takes the right motivation. Great job finding something healthy at lunch that worked with all of your restrictions and kudos for taking half home.

Gardenerjoy, sending supportive thoughts while you deal with performance stress. Great job recognizing a possible eating trigger before it arrives. Sounds like youíve found a better stress buster than eating anyways.

05-27-2010, 04:21 PM
Onebyone, Iím so glad your mom is OK. That is a huge added stress to your otherwise hectic schedule. Best of luck on your bariatric surgery. You had felt that it was the right move for you earlier, so Iím glad you are back in a place where itís possible.

Hi Shepherdess. I just wanted to pipe up that I'm not getting bariatric surgery! Scary! The place I'll be going to is called the Bariatric Management Institute so you can learn to manage bariatric-ness I guess!

(I had to go look it up...
bariatricsĖnoun(used with a singular verb)
a branch of medicine that deals with the control and treatment of obesity and allied diseases.)

They are supposed to deal with obesity from all aspects: nutrition, medical, exercise, counselling. It's scary too as I can't hide from any aspect of it anymore and going there means I am admitting I need help. I guess I do. Maybe this will be "the thing" that actually does stick with me.


05-27-2010, 05:00 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

It's been an interesting 24 hrs-my old pup knocked the laptop off the table yesterday afternoon and the journey has been about getting back online since I depend on it for work and you all are my main source of support. New computer, but I'm not too proficient yet. Food is OP (so far) and I hope for a clean and planned day today. See ya'll tomorrow-I need to figure out how this works.

05-27-2010, 07:43 PM
Time for some personals

BeverlyJoy - Hope your tests go well today and that you eventually get to eat something that suits your diet and style. Good thinking with the turkey sandwich when you had restricted options

BillBlueEyes - Yes - the C Food diet - see-food-and-eat-it diet - is my core problem which while it seems really obvious hadn't actually dawned on me - that that is what one has to resist! So I spend a lot of time darting away from lurking food sources. Yay for finding and excuse for man-handling 85# weights. Not sure it will contribute to upper body flexibility though :) YMMV? My light-flower Avatar was collected years ago from I don't know where but is in my collection of images - I just like it and it makes me feel good

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope your computer issues sort themselves out - don't I know how annoying they can be! Hope your day goes to plan

Gardenerjoy - Hope your book club went well and didn't trigger stress eating - your insight should protect you

MerinoGirl - I do like that swimming smiley a lot - thanks for finding it! Ouch for your rather off plan day - spectacular! And your were able to tell your coaches about it - that can be really hard and I sometimes want to avoid posting when I have wandered off track.

Nathy - Good to see you back and hope things go to plan today

new2me2 - Good list of credits - and yay for chocolate losing some of its appeal. Hope you got to feel hungry and to ride it out successfully

OnebyOne - Sorry about your Mum - my sister and I spent the first part of last year getting dad sorted out in a safe environment. My sister had taken about 4 months carers leave to be with him and probably would have retired to look after him but he gradually became unpredictable and unsafe as is the nature of the illness. Sister couldn't even go to the toilet without something happening (leaving house or whatever). In the end we had to opt for a safe placement and it was difficult to lose dad a day at a time as he drifted away. He seems comfortable and settled. I looked up the bariatric program and it looks terrific - I hope you have found a program to settle on that will support you.

Shepherdess - Antelope fawns - wow - Bambi! Such a wild and unpredictable place you live with all those treasures about. Credit for getting back into structure on your plan - a bit of rigidity helps I guess. I know I can never trust myself on portion size - a bit of ice-cream over time turns into a plateful

ThisTime7 - I too love your home-made ticker - very inventive! I haven't cracked the no eating after tea / dinner - I always plan several snacks - so you are doing well


05-27-2010, 10:15 PM
I think I got my signature!!! YAY!

Never fails, lol, right before a vacation "they" always try to kill me with work the last couple of days. :D Now that this busy work day is done, I can get down to business (I tried twice to do this from work and both times someone came to hover over while I worked on their project, lol)...

Big credit: I dumped the remainder of a carton of coconult milk creamer down the drain as I realized that I've been oversizing my tablespoons, lol. Moderation is apparently something I can't handle here yet, lol. I thought I could do this instead of my Starbucks, but in the end I think it will be better to just go get my sugar-free vanilla soy latte at Starbuck's because I'm WAY too lazy to go there often, lol. Having the yummy creamer in sight is not good, not to mention I really shouldn't be drinking even decaf coffee anyway. So tomorrow, cold turkey. NO coffee, NO creamer.

Not so much credit: I didn't do so well on the hunger thing. I felt strong hunger when I first got up, but not so much the rest of the day. I have a new plan for tomorrow though. I usually plan for 3 very small "meals" while at work, but tomorrow I'm going to make it two and space them out farther. I think I've just been afraid to feel hunger, partly because I have that tendency anyway, but also the last few days I've been feeling light-headed, and I can't decide if my blood pressure is too low, my blood sugar is too low, or it's stupid allergies, lol.

Okay, off to do some kind of exercise.

BillBlueEyes - Yay for lifting 85# dumbells!! I have a couple of 20lbers that I USED to be able to lift for bench presses, but not any more. I can lift them and carry them, but not actually do any upper body exercises wtih. I also have 1 25lber that I don't even try to lift at the moment. I use them now ocassionally for lower body. You'd be surprised how strong you can get, lol. Good job for OP eating! And the chocolate, it was Dove Dark Chocolate which is usually very yummy, lol. Today's piece was Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds...much better than yesterday, but still not sure if the spell hasn't been broken, lol.

seadwaters: Wow, YAY for you for not having coolmints because it wasn't on plan!!! Major credit! And, yes, I think that is the whole point, lol.

Beverlyjoy: Will be thinking of you tomorrow! I had one a couple of years ago...prep is definitely NOT fun, lol.

onebyone: I can't sleep when it's hot either! Ugh! I think seeking help from the Alzheimer's society is probably a really good idea...they will have specific encouragement and help for you.

MerinoGirl: Ouch on your anger management, lol, but good for you for getting back on track!

gardenerjoy: Hope you're having a good time at your book club.

nathy: Welcome back!

Shepherdess: Oh, yes, my portion sizes are aleady growing a bit. I weigh and measure most things, EXCEPT, I've noticed that I don't weigh and measure the things I don't want to know how much I'm consuming. Like the coconut milk creamer I dumped today, lol. I believe it really will get better and that we won't have to measure forever!

Lexxiss: Wow, new computer?! Good job for being on plan!

05-28-2010, 04:17 AM

Hope you all have a good day - I am getting ready for the evening and posting a bit early. I am a bit restless so need to find something to focus on or I will eat tonight

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - No (what's that about - will read them when I get off here. Might avert the restless eating)
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes
- Food on-plan - yes
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - always seated, not always mindful
- Put down fork occasionally - I thought about this as I started lunch - but then forgot! :hun: I am unable to focus on this one
- Weighed myself - Yes - back down 10 oz - 216.4lb
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - yes - in the pool for 1 hour :swim:
- Resistance techniques - yes - stayed on plan!
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on -
Putting down that knife and fork! :hungry: - and reading and creating A&R cards


05-28-2010, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - When I smelled the pork chops cooking last night I formulated my plan: I'd eat half of mine and take the other half for lunch today. I did; CREDIT moi. Before my journey, I'd always have two when DW had one. It was part of my lifestyle change to reduce my dinner plate to exactly what my 120 pound DW was eating - my personal version of portion control. Initially, cutting my pork chops by half seemed like a deprivation, but last night, half of a 4 ounce boneless pork chop seemed fine - particularly since knowing how good it would taste as my lunch motivated me.

Don't know if I'll ever be able to just leave it on the plate - particularly at a restaurant where it will get tossed. It's amazing to me that it's still such a challenge to think of wasted food despite all the rational arguments why that thought is silly.

onebyone - Yay for sleep. Sending supporting thoughts for that call to your mother. Support from the local Alzheimer's group seems smart. You nailed it for me with, "walking a fine line that sometimes disappears right in front of your eyes, only to come back into view."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for another 50 minutes of exercise - looks like you're on track for your May goal.

Shepherdess - Honking Kudos for recognizing that you need to cycle back to measuring portions to avoid creep. That's the kind of response to a situation that's so devoid of guilt stuff - just observing the facts and responding. Life works for me when I step outside all the loading I put on my actions and try to do what you just did.

Beverlyjoy - Congratulations for completing the prep work last night; my take is that you'll find today's colonoscopy to be a breeze compared to that. Ouch for "gaderade, jello, broth, popsycles, tea, water, etc." - not fine dining that, LOL.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - I join the chorus offering Kudos for recognizing why turning down those Coolmints was so important. Coolmints as an entry drug seems like such an overstatement - but that happens to me also. I remembered your Coolmints when I passed by DW putting out a small dish of dried cherries and mixed nuts to have with her late afternoon tea, when I've recently found myself reaching into the container and having an unmeasured, unplanned handful of both. So I passed by and passed up that snack. Kudos to you for influencing my decision there.

Yep, it's "the C Food diet," LOL. YMMV is the acronym for Your Mileage May Vary, Internet speak for it may be different for you.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for laptop recovery. Hope your backup is fairly current.

nathy - Yep, I know that old 3 days off, 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on-plan. It's tough to increase that consistency. Good news that you've decided to report in daily to help you stay the course. (I was thinking of you when I typed "passed by and passed up" above - Congratulations to you for your fine job of conquering the consistently weird English language.)

MerinoGirl - Yep, "Back on track today" - it's the speed of getting back on track that seems to mark success. Being a "yellow belt" in FREE food resistance is good stuff.

new2me2 - Ouch for over busy when you're trying to get away for vacation. I can only have "Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds" if it's a measured piece and there isn't any more around - or else I go looking for the rest.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

How to Say No

Prepare now to turn down someone the next time you're offered something to eat. Here's how:

Create a sense of entitlement about turning down requests to eat.
Before you write down the costs to someone else, think about how you would react if people turned down food that you'd offered, particularly if you knew they were trying to lose weight. How bad would you feel? How long would that negative feeling last? I wonder if any reasonable person would have more than a temporary, mildly negative reaction.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 209.

05-28-2010, 08:14 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Yesterday was good. I'm planning for another one today. It seems that the changing schedules have been happening faster than I can adjust to, so today will be about focusing on the Beck routines which are helping me so much. I've read my response cards and reasons for losing weight. I printed out the daily food plan chart and will plan through the weekend today. Exercise(as always) is planned.*credit* I'm very happy to note that even when daily life is hectic, I'm able to sit down when I eat-every single time. I'm really happy that some of my new tools are finding their way into my daily living.

BillBlueEyes, What an innovative technique for dinner-eat the portion DW has (or less). *credit* BTW-I'm not one to understand ANY rational reason for wasted food. Since I do all the cooking and shopping, not wasting food has to start long before it's on my plate. It is something I do very well with, especially when we don't go out. If something is unfinished, it goes right to the freezer where it can exist in suspension until it is transformed into another

Cheryl(seadwaters), *credit* for recognizing reading response cards distracts from unplanned eating!

Donna(new2me2)*credit* for recognizing when moderation just isn't working.

onebyone, *credit* for taking steps to take care of yourself, which includes reaching out to a group with insight regarding your Mother's condition.

Shepherdess, lol for likenening food measuring to bike wheels now but once you really learn to ride you never forget!

nathy, :wave: Glad you're back! *credit* for willingness and posting here.

gardenerjoy, lol "performance stress". Hope your book club was enjoyable!

MerinoGirl, *credit* for getting back on track! BTW-Day 21 in the pink book has a scenario relating unplanned eating to numbers on the scale. I think sometimes it helps to understand you're not the only one. "Serenity Now"

Beverlyjoy, sending good vibes for your procedure today. Hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy a nice weekend.

I hope I haven't missed anyone. Getting used to the "tabbing windows" has been an unusual test of patience. I saved, then edited 3 times to avoid the disappearing post. :lol:
Off to a healthy planned day!

05-28-2010, 08:44 AM
I have had a few days of struggle, but am not giving up. Going into town and shopping are very home there are fewer options, but in town there's drive through places and grocery stores that have exciting things and my old habits of just going for food are hard to break.

I did however only buy what was on my list at the grocery yesterday, so there is hope. I will try to make that a skill that I use more often.

I like the term "restless eating"...that's it exactly.

More reading Beck, more planning, more posting are todays goals.


05-28-2010, 08:53 AM
Well - Yesterday, as per instructed, I just drank clear liquids all day and starting drinking the potion at 5pm. I got about one third of a gallon down...and I just couldn't keep it down I called the doctor on call for help. I did what she said...I still couldn't keep itdown in my tummy. (rarely, that happens to people)

I had to cancel the colonoscopy and I'll have to rescheduled it and take a different kind of prep.

Darn it. I wish it had gone well. This is another time to say, "Oh well." - I don't like this but, I can't change it.

Tummy still a little upset - but, not an excuse to eat junk.

I'll try to be back later to catch up

ps I've had this procedure twice over the years and never had a problem before, but - did I different kind of prep. I think each doctor has 'their favorite' for their patient. *sigh*

05-28-2010, 09:16 AM
Beverlyjoy, so sorry to hear....*credit* for giving it your best and your commitment to a good day today.

ponee, *credit* for recognizing that struggling is part of the learning process and that giving up is not an option!

05-28-2010, 11:55 AM
According to the CDC, I am officially overweight instead of obese today!

The book club went well. As many of you predicted, the fact that I was aware of the possibility of performance anxiety overeating was enough to stop it before it started. I did have a planned cocktail when I came home -- a mojito using mint from our first CSA box of the year that arrived yesterday.

We had spring turnips with the greens over pasta for supper last night -- a recipe that came with the turnips in the CSA box. I wasn't sure if we liked turnips. We've had them in the fall with lots of other things in a harvest stew. But, we did like them!

WI: -0.85kg, Exercise: +40 1270/1400 minutes for May, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nathy: great to see you!

Shepherdess: I think that there are some things that I will always have to measure and others that will require periodic measuring to keep my eye and brain trained to what a serving size is. I know that at least some of the maintainers say that they will measure everything for the rest of their lives, so I'm trying to be prepared for that.

onebyone: your program sounds great -- and scary enough without including surgery. Good for you for going for it!

Lexxiss: glad you've found your way back online after a broken computer. Yay for your new techniques really taking hold in your daily life.

new2me2: love your signature!

seadwaters: good job using posting here as a way to ground yourself in your goals!

BillBlueEyes: yay for two meals from your pork chop supper!

ponee: good to see your post, even at a time you're struggling. I had to make rules for myself -- certain places, like drugstores and gas stations, are not places that I ever buy food anymore. It also helped to make a rule that I never eat in the car.

Beverlyjoy: so sorry that you have to go through the whole thing again. But good job recognizing this as an "Oh well" sort of day.

05-28-2010, 12:04 PM
Hi Guys
Catching up on 2 days tonight as went out last night. Fortnightly visit to the physiologist went well and he is really please with my progress. Four weeks on the program and he was please with my loss so far. Still not time to hypnotise me yet and here I was thinking I would be off food completely. LOL He has me collecting (writing them down) all the images of food situations when I think about buying it or eating it. He is going to work these images into the hypnosis as they will be specific to me. I have a bit of bookwork to do each day for him on this.
I am now allow to read stage 2 but donít have to count my calories yet. He said I was going so well and that I knew how to cut back myself that he doesnít want to tighten the ropes on me yet. He thought that improving the Advantage Deck into more appealing cards and starting a scrapbook on my weight loss were good ideas too. I called you all up on the computer for him and showed us all on line. He found it hard to believe I had gone 10 days and not eating after tea or in front of the TV. I told him I had decided to go cold turkey as I really need to get out of this habit. If I can get after tea eating under control my battle will be Ĺ won.
Had a girlís lunch at a friendís place today. We had gone there to pick out the best pups out of a litter of 10 Labradors for the show ring. I knew that it would be food (a Pot Luck) and drinks etc so planned again and managed to stay on track. Twice people offered me desert and I said no. Doesnít it annoy you when you say no and they keep saying just have a little. Told the girls I was with that I would be the driver so drank Pepsi Max not wine.

Credits After tea and still no eating 11 nights and growing.
Refuse dessert twice
Weight loss 12lbs

Beverlyjoy Bad luck for the test, yes there are so many different preps it depend on the Dr
Well done for not eating over it.
Ponee Great for getting only what was on the list. You will always have bad days but at least you are posting and we are all here to support you.
Lexxiss Well done for using all the tools. Thatís what I am finding, they just creep into your daily routine and then you realize that your thoughts are different. Itís amazing how reading the cards every day makes some of your old routines change. Great work on sitting down all the time for eating. Hope the laptop is functioning again.
BillBlueEyes Well done on halving your pork chop that would have taken some will power.
Seadwaters Well done on stick to the plan. The hour in the pool would have been good. Thanks for comments on ticker, not sure if I want a permanent one now. My eating after tea has improved because he has me not eating in front of the TV or computer. If I want to eat I have to eat with my left hand and that doesnít feel right. So I have stuck to it so far.
New2me2 How dare they disturb you at work while you are trying to talk to us on line, they need to get their priorities right LOL Well done on dumping coconut milk better in the bin than on the waist.
Onebyone Bariatric Management Institute never heard of that. It will be good to have someone to work with. I have my own counsellor and he is a great help while I am doing this.
You certainly need some support for mum, we have my mother inlaw in early stages now and we all help Dad to look after her. Make sure you go to the association they will be able to offer so much support if they are like the ones here in Australia. We have someone come and take mum out each week and it gives Dad a break. You always find one member of the family seems to more than the others. Just make sure you donít forget yourself.
Shepherdess Good on you for getting the scales out again. I had to get mind out the other night as I thought my judgement was getting out of hand. I think I will always need the training wheels close by. Ha Ha Didnít get hypnotised this week he wants to leave it a few more weeks yet. He has done me before, for my anxiety attacks and it has worked well.
Nathy Well done for coming back on line daily. Great you have got back on track. Thanks for the Welcome.
Gardenerjoy Hope all went well at the Book club. The planning of the dessert worked well this time and I hope it works well next time. I am so surprised at myself since joining you guys on the Becks how by reading all the cards and writing notes that my habits are changing fast.
MerinoGirl Dunkin Munchkins what are these Merinogirl Iím learning all the American food talk. They sound good I might have been tempered myself. Well done for getting back on track today. Yes itís the evening meal, Iíve always called it tea but more and more people say dinner now. Iím just showing my age.

temp ticker


Broccoli 1 for each 5lbs

:broc: :broc:

Have a good weekend and thanks for the support

05-28-2010, 01:02 PM
We had a historical society meeting yesterday and needed to bring something for the refreshments. I have always ignored the refreshments table, but decided to bring a veggi tray and have veggies and some dip as an evening snack. The couple that did the presentation for our historical society now run the last mom and pop grocer in Casper and just celebrated the 90th anniversary. Now they specialize in high-end meats, cheeses etc. So they brought some cheeses as well. I skipped the dip I had brought and had a bit of fantastic blue cheese instead. A little went a long way.

I meant to get up early yesterday and get a run in before an AM meeting. Once the weather warms up I switch to AM running to avoid heat, but avoiding heat hasnít been a problem yet. But when the alarm went off yesterday AM, I couldnít drag my lazy carcass out of bed. So when I got back home after the meeting, I realized that I had missed my window of opportunity for a cool-weather run. It was already mid-70s and only going to get hotter. I went anyways, and took it easy since the heat was a shock to the system. So now I have my motivation to get up early and exercise. I didnít have a run scheduled for this AM, but I did get up and do weights. It was hard to get moving, but I just need to get into the habit.

Onebyone, thanks for the clarification. It sounds like a good program, but I can see why itís scary. It is facing the problem head on. But it does sound good and comprehensive program.

Nathy, ouch for the busy schedule. When my life gets hectic I tend to fall into the off again/on again habits. Kudos for getting back here and getting back to Beck.

Lexxiss, those pups have a way of bringing chaos. Itís a good thing theyíre cute. Glad you got everything working again. I love the idea of a ďclean and planned day.Ē It looks like youíre up and running now. Kudos for all your good Beck work.

New2me2, ouch for the work crunch before vacation, but does the idea of getting away for a bit make it a bit easier to deal with? Great job dumping the creamer. That urge to supersize is a hard one to overcome! I always start the day with strong motivation and it slowly wanes as the day moves on. If I find a good solution Iíll be sure to let you know, LOL.

Seadwaters, kudos for posting instead of eating. I get that restless urge to munch as well. A good distraction is key. Great job getting to the pool and giving yourself a good excuse to use your great icon.

BillBE, I also find it so much easier to keep portions smaller when I tell myself itíll be another meal. Itís one of those shifts in perspective. Smaller portions become an extra treat instead of a deprivation. I think itís a great strategy. I donít know if Iíll ever be comfortable wasting food, but saving it for later works great.

Ponee, ouch for a few days being a struggle. We do live in a toxic food culture: wherever we look there are reminders to eat and little of it is good for us. Great job sticking to what was on your list. Itís always important because then the only food that is in the house is food that is on-plan.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for the horrible prep experience and the colonoscopy that needs to be rescheduled. Kudos for your great attitude!

Gardenerjoy, congrats on moving into a new weight class! Great job avoiding anxiety-eating. My mint is finally coming in and Iím looking forward to a mojito on the lawn on a warm evening! That CSA box is so cool and it gets you eating adventurous with fresh healthy produce.

ThisTime7, itís so great that you have a physiologist to help you work through your Beck journey. Congrats on doing all the great work so that he is pleased with your progress. My MIL loves to ask repeatedly if I want desser/a drink/an appetizer, etc. ďYouíre not having X? Donít you want some? You sure?Ē It is well-meant but annoying.

05-28-2010, 03:45 PM
Hello Coaches,

I'm not quite back on track yet. Last night was a night out with lots of food and wine. Today I'm in recovery mode, feeling tired from not enough sleep and probably a bit dehydrated as well. Didn't plan my eating, but have pretty much eaten what I would have if I did, with extra coffee. :coffee: Trying to drink water, too, and I do have Pilates tonight. Pity for my instructor (who I usually call the Evil Austrian Torturer) - he will have a very limp and useless client tonight!

To all who have a long weekend - US, UK, not sure about anywhere else - happy days off!


PS Didn't even check the scale - why bother??

05-28-2010, 05:46 PM
Hi buddies,
nice day here, sun was shining ( good for production of serotonin:-D and endorpins), now (itīs 21:53) is raining (good for garden), family is healthy, I was on plan - what to have more? Nothing. Ideal state of affairs...

Even when I was busy(2 weeks ago), I observed my eating behavior properly. Very usefull. What I got to know about myself?

- during pms is dangerous for me to stay at home.I have (and I will) to plan this time properly - I like staying in the garden where time for me and my food doesn īt exist and I love it.I cached myself that I was looking for!!! some weed. So satisfied I was and didn īt want to go home even when the food was waiting.

- Merinogirl gave me an idea of reworking properly on AR cards. I have changed them , they works better and IīM LOOKING FORWARD to read them. Thanks, Merinogirl.

- a lot of sabotaging thoughts. I canīt work with them (for now). If I give myself a question " eat or not to eat (whatever)....?" it is late. It īs not possible win this duel. Only this question is a big sabotage. In 98% my answer WAS (or have been ???) TO EAT... sad, but true.

I have to add that I am a normal weight (118-120/ 5ī3īī) and donīt need to bee on a diet but the endless ups and downs are destoying. I would like to be in normal relationship with food. No honemoon, no divorce. Mutual respect and tolerance...


Weight in
Read ARC 2x
Read Becks book
Eat sitting (80%)
Eat slowly (60%) and mindfully 70%)
Eating on plan (100%)
Giving a credit
Contact you, my dear Buddies
Exercise - 35 min. treadmill

Thanks for listening and helping me.

Wish a lot of sun in your soul...

05-28-2010, 11:07 PM
Hi Beckies! Today was still busy but a much better kind! :) I think everyone knows I need a vacation and were being extra considerate, lol. Still gave me work, but it was manageable. Ah, now I can relax!

My exercise last night was a Zumba DVD, Zumba 20 Minute Express. Fun and short...wish it was slightly longer. I don't like the longer DVDs as much as I like this one.

I think I am going to rewrite come of my cards too. I think I'll start rereading some of the chapters too. I'm starting to feel like I'm hurrying through, and I don't want to do that.

seadwaters: Yay, on your weight drop! :)

BillBlueEyes: Great job on your pork chop plan! I know what you mean about leaving it on the plate...seems wasteful, but I'm getting better at that.

Lexxiss: Big credit to you for sitting down EVERY time, even when busy. I haven't quite mastered that yet, and I'm not even busy when I do it.

ponee: Good for you for not giving up! Habits ARE VERY hard to break!

Beverlyjoy: Oh no! I'm so sorry you had to reschedule! I like your attitude about it though!

gardenerjoy: YAY!!! Congratulations on dropping enough weight to get into a lower CDC category! ;) I'm glad your book club went well!

ThisTime7: I like your physiologist's approach to makes so much sense to taylor it to you as an individual! I agree with him, you are doing wonderfully! :) Good job on the luncheon...yes it annoys me when the "food pushers" try to make you eat. CONGRATULATIONS ON 12 POUNDS GONE!!

Shepherdess: Great plan you had for your meeting! And, oh yes, the idea of getting away for a bit makes a LOT easier, lol. And, I'll let YOU know if I find a solution to the supersizing, lol.

MerinoGirl: LOL on the Evil Austrian Torturer! :D

nathy: sounds like your day was indeed very ideal! Very useful things you learned about yourself. I've been discovering some little things here and there as well. Love the "mutual respect and tolerance" line!

05-28-2010, 11:40 PM
Credit moi coaches as I weighed in to face the scale and I was
264.2 (+2.4lb) from two weeks ago which to my mind is just fine. I can gain 2-10lbs of water so to me this is success. I am a successful maintainer in the 260's now. I am grateful for that.

Food was okay and light until I came home as Friday has become "pizza day" for DH now and I had a very heavy evening meal.
Oh well.
I am up and out early tomorrow to get to the farmers' market as I have to re-stock my booth with the stuff I took down last weekend. I ruined a bunch of work too as it melted in the back part of the rental car under the hot sun. Exactly what I have been warning my customers of since 1991.
Oh well to this too.
I have enough stuff so I am not stressing over it. It's too late to do anything about it and my week was hard enough without carrying that rock too.

nathy PMS is tough for me too. Anytime my body doesn't feel "right" I turn to food to fix it. It's hard for me to not do this but you are right: finding a strategy for all those situations that challenge us is the key to success. Credit for you finding your way.

MerinoGirl Sounds like you diodn't do too bad all in all so CREDIT.

Shepherdess I hear you on avoiding the heat. CREDIT for running when it warm... no, on second thought you deserve a BIG CREDIT. It's been sweltering here but we've had a bit of a break yesterday and this morning but this afternoon the temps were right up there again with a bit more humidity thrown in. We don't have air conditioning as I feel I have to get acclimatized since I work out in the market and DH works in the basement so it's always cooler for him anyway. I just really zone out in the afternoon but I do that in the winter too so... ;) How do the new lambs (and the old sheep) do with the heat? Are they like people in that can some take the heat better than others?

ThisTime7:wave: Hi. I don't think we've officially met :wave:
I'm a cold-turkey girl for sure. I can rarely have or even do something that is tough for me "just a little". I may be successful at first but in the end I can't control it. My two greatest success with cold turkey are smoking (29 years on July 4th) and artificial sweeteners (over a year now). I once eliminated white sugar for 2.5 years but took it back. I'd like to get to there again. Your counsellor sounds very thorough. CREDIT to you for doing the work. You will get the results for sure.

gardenerjoy kudoskudoskudos for being overweight! HURRAY:congrat:

LexxissCREDIT for fitting Beck into your daily routine and for doing it long enough that parts are just happening day after day after day. Awesome.

Beverleyjoy Sorry your test is postponed and you face doing all that again. That's a real drag. This is a situation to use "Oh well" and move on as there is nothing to do to change it. Beck is useful.

ponee:wave: Hi ponee. Nice to meet you. I too like the term "restless eating" I think my "restless mind" brings my "restless legs" to the fridge where my "restless heart" wants to try this, and some of this and maybe that...:lol: And grocery stores to me are like liquor stores to alcoholics so it's best for me to stay out of them if I can and when I do go there to go with a purpose and not for entertainment purposes. I think I shouldn't eat for entertainment either come to think of it:dizzy:

BillBlueEyes I can't think so far in advance as my lunch the next day when I have a leftover. I am still battling the "I want to eat everything and all of it right now" a form of "hunger is an emergency" in my soul I think. Kind of doomsdayesque as in tomoorw may never come since I am unwilling to trust that I may have that leftover tomorrow. I need to slow down. I'm working on it. Are you still decluttering? I'm back on that wagon too ;)

Time for bed.
Have a good Saturday gang...

05-29-2010, 05:17 AM
Hi Coaches

Well I didn't eat last night so stayed on plan for the day. My exercise for the day was the supermarket which I have to say I find more physically gruelling than any other form of exercise! Come home pooped and ready for a stiff drink to soften the landing. The other interesting thing about being out and about is that my head is now covered in 1 cm grey stubble and it is way too annoying to wear a wig as it slips about. So I get some very weird looks because I think people think I paid for the look. But I love being without the wig - it is so...freeing. Weight today was up 0.8 lb (217.2) - I seem to be bouncing up and down but it will go away eventually.

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - Once
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes - a bit looser that I like though
- Food on-plan - yes
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - always seated, not always mindful
- Put down fork occasionally - :hun: - not applicable - haven't used them yet. But I certainly held onto my spoon at breakfast!
- Weighed myself - Yes - back up - 217.2lb
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - shopping
- Resistance techniques - yes - stayed on plan and didn't overeat last night
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on -
Putting down that knife and fork! :hungry: (still) - and reading and creating A&R cards

Have a good day Beckies


05-29-2010, 05:21 AM
I had to cancel the colonoscopy and I'll have to rescheduled it and take a different kind of prep.

Darn it. I wish it had gone well. This is another time to say, "Oh well." - I don't like this but, I can't change it.

Sorry about this Beverlyjoy - I know how annoying the prep is but at least there is usually the advantage of getting it over. "Oh well" indeed :hug:. Hope your weekend is better for you

Ponee - I totally agree with you - If I don't have a list I spend way too much and I end up eating a bunch of things I have not business touching. My list is a very important part of the plan

BillBlueEye - great strategy for measuring portion size. Pork chops are pretty irresistible and left to my own devices and without a scale I would eat lots. I am relying heavily on the scale and the measuring cup at the moment. I am having lunch out (as in expensive restaurant) next week and will need to reread the Beck section on eating out and all the sabotaging thoughts I have about it being expensive and I don't want to pay for it and then waste it


05-29-2010, 06:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Boy was that half pork chop was good at lunch yesterday, CREDIT moi. My after gym exercise was planting the bush beans and basil in our community garden, CREDIT moi for both. Lots of squats involved when planting seeds. I hope that I never get over my wonder that they'll figure out that they're now in the ground with water and it's time to begin the awesome journey to the surface to get two starter leaves out to suck in some sunlight and begin to grow. Just awesome.

onebyone - Kudos for giving yourself credit for being a successful maintainer. Hope your busy day today works well at the farmer's market and that you recover from melted artwork. I know about that "I want to eat everything and all of it right now" feeling - it's one worth battling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on "overweight" from the CDC and "mint" from the CSA. And Kudos for planning ahead for the snacks at your book club so that you conquered a potentially difficult situation.

Shepherdess - Loved reading of your performance at the Historical Society where you got to enjoy the "fantastic blue cheese" while staying on plan. It's important to me to find the path of enjoying good food while avoiding mindless indulging. And Kudos for running in the heat.

Beverlyjoy - Now that's one king sized Oh Well - after three days of eating mush and one third of a gallon of the devil's cider you have to start all over again. Ouch that your doctor was trying a different prep from the one you've used successfully before.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for sitting down to eat "every single time" - my take is that that's one of Beck's biggies and was a real slap upside the head when I realized that I didn't. Good comment that saving food begins with meal planning and includes creative use of the freezer.

nathy - Your joyful celebration of serotonin, endorphins, and raining as Ideal state of affairs reminds me of Robert Browning's The year's at the spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his Heaven -
All's right with the world! I share your notion of seeking a "mutual respect and tolerance" with food.

MerinoGirl - Hope you survived your Pilates last night with your "Evil Austrian Torturer." Sounds like you're headed back on track.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for Zumba - keep posting that you're doing it so I'll go try a class myself, LOL. Good idea to reread Beck - I find more ideas each time I reread.

ThisTime7 - Neat that you give your guy the lines for hypnosis so that it doesn't seem like magic - just more of Beck since part of the CBT stuff seems to be self hypnosis feeding ourselves the attitude we want to become habit. Big Kudos for handling the desserts and drinks at your girls' luncheon. Yep, the food pushers are a pain. One thing that works for me is to visualize that they're acting out their problem by pushing so that I step out of the situation where it's easier for me to stay my course.

ponee - Yep, that habit of grabbing fast food when our brain sees the joints is so strong - Kudos for countering it.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

How to Say No

Prepare now to turn down someone the next time you're offered something to eat. Here's how:

Prepare your initial response. What will you say the next time someone offers you food? Write what you plan to say in your notebook or on a Response Card. For many people, "No, thanks," or "No, thank you, it looks delicious, but I'm fine," will probably suffice. You don't have to explain that you're on a diet or watching what you're eating if you don't want to. If it's appropriate and if you want, you can always say, "Thank you, it looks really good. Could I take a little piece home for later?"

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 210.

05-29-2010, 09:46 AM
Hi Beck folks, buddies, coaches

Thanks for your kind thoughts in response to the colonoscopy stuff. Yesterday I was down four pounds - today I am back up two. I know it‘s all temporary and will go back to being 'real' in a couple of days.

Yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for a healthy day!

Today is DH's bday. Family coming from out of town to celebrate. We will go to our favorite Chinese restaurant where I can get my lovely steamed ginger seabass and cabbage with brown rice. Healthy and deelish.

Yesterday afternoon and really wanted to nibble on rice cakes. I had already eaten my snack. I used my resistance techniques to get through it. I went through that whole list in my head and , thankfully, the urge to eat went away. Credit.

Time for me to be working again on my Beck tasks and living with food tasks. I didn’t concentrate on it all yesterday - except for calories and a few others. I made up my plan as the day went on and counted the calories. Just planned each meal around how my stomach was feeling

measure, log, count calories - on all my food eaten - yes
Plan food - no
eat seated only, no seconds --yes
fork down between bites - some of the time
lots of water - most of the time
TASTE the food - some of the time
slow mindful eating - some of time
try to feel fullness - no
tv off - no
leave a small bite of food - yes
remember why - yes
Exercise - no
Beck book - no
Arc/rc - no

Billbe - good job on the half a pork chop. It feels good to eat something so delicious that is planned. Gardening is such good exercise.

Seadwaters - did you plan to not eat dinner the other night? Sorry that the grocery trip was so grueling. I am so glad you go without your wig…it’s very freeing (as I’ve been told) Do what feels good…people will think what they will. Don’t give them a thought.

Onebyone - yes, sometimes a small gain is a victory. Glad you are going to the farmer’s market. I love them. Such a fun way to get the freshest fruit and veggies. Carry on.

New2me2 - I hope you get that vacation soon. Yes, I think rewriting your response cards every now and then can be so helpful - good idea. What fun - a zumba dvd!

Nathy - love hearing about your ‘ideal state of affairs’. Staying in the garden instead of near any food that is calling you is a major credit. Dr. Beck always suggests ‘distance yourself’ as a good resistence technique. You said - I would like to be in normal relationship with food. Even though your are a normal weight - striving to be able to ‘live’ with food in a better manner is a good goal.

Merino girl - glad you are going to pilates . Hop right back on your plan and carry on.

Shepardess - credit for bringing veggies to the meeting! A small portion of blue cheese counted in is a nice treat. Credit for doing your weight and a run the other day. Also, for realizing you’ll need to now work around hot weather. Seems like just a few days ago you had snow!

Thistime7 - I am glad things went well at your appointment. I am glad you are sharing your journey with him - it’s a learning experience for me too. Credit for staying on plan and saying no to goodies at your dinner the other day! Well done.

gardener joy - YAY for you…being over weight not obese. I am doing an ‘overweight happy dance' for you. ’My son and dil get a CSA basket too. They got their first one this week. I tried turnips last year..they are good. Credit for planning ahead for the meeting, etc.

Ponee - credit for not giving up after a struggle! Credit for sticking to your grocery list. Thanks for mentioning ‘restless eating’ - that IS a good term, indeed. Hop back to your healthy tasks and carry on. You CAN do this.

Lexxiss - it is so wonderful to hear how the Beck tasks are having a positive impact on your life. Credit for the willingness to try all this. I agree - it’s all so helpful.

Company is coming and there’s much to do. Have a great day.

Shout out to any one stopping by.

05-29-2010, 10:08 AM
Off to the Farmers Market, mostly to buy plants because it looks like we'll finally get my vegetable bed tilled today!

WI: +0.15kg, Exercise: +60 1330/1400 minutes for May, Food: 95%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: I quit wearing my wig at about that point, too. It was February and it looked like I got a summer cut in the middle of winter! But it was such a relief. I'm so glad that you are there. It will grow out quickly!

05-29-2010, 10:41 AM
Hi Everyone,
Out at dog show today took lunch and went well. Then when I was coming home I got that bloody feeling like I could eat a horse. By the time I got unpacked and into the kitchen I was working hard to fight it. Decided I would have a roll with salmon on but that led me to want another. This is the first time in 4 Ĺ weeks that I have had that glutton feeling like I could eat everything. Managed to stop at the 2 by reading cards and getting on-line to this site. I hate that feeling it’s like I need food and I will go for it. I suppose at least I recognized it and didn’t go overboard just disappointed in myself.
Credits 12 days no eating after tea
Managed to recognize eat everything feeling
Refused cake at show

Beverlyjoy Well done for using your resistance techniques today I should have got mind out before the 2nd roll. Hope your tummy is feeling better and enjoy your Chinese tonight.

BillBlueEyes Hi BillBlueEyes not really giving physiologist the lines, but what he is doing is taking my thoughts and then some how he will put this in to the hypnosis thoughts when we get to it.
It is great to watch things grow, what is Bush Bean Bill don’t have them in Australia. Will be great to have some fresh legumes. I’m really into them at the moment, have been making lots of veg’s and bean soups in the slow cooker. No fat and very low in kilograms

Seadwaters I’m like you Cheryl shopping is painful the worst bit I hate is putting it all away. Well done for going without your wig today I bet your head was a lot colder than normal. Good on you for keeping that Knife and fork on the table. I have been really practising at that to. I am finding that it takes a lot longer to eat my meal and then I feel fuller.

Onebyone A big hello to you to onebyone. Hard to refuse the pizza, I’m lucky DH is doing this with me so we haven’t had and junk in house for 4 wks. He hasn’t read book yet but he is trying hard.

new2me2 Good on you for re-writing cards I have started doing this. Sounds silly but I have little stickers on them and they are appealing to the eye now. Might do this every couple of months. The Zumba DVD is a good idea, a group of us are looking at joining beginners Zumba classes today. Don’t know how I will go as I am the biggest but will get down the back.

Nathy Good Idea to go out into the garden when food is on your mind. Credit for observing your eating behaviour.

MerinoGirl Happy long weekend to you we have one here next weekend in Western Australia. Enjoy the Pilates this will get you back on track.
Credit to everyone for just coming on line
Cheers ThisTime7

Temp Ticker

broccoli 1 for every 5lbs
:broc: :broc:

05-29-2010, 04:55 PM
Good afternoon fellow Beckites! It is a beautiful day is just about perfect.

I'm down a little bit today after not having budged for a few, so now I'm at 6 pounds lost. My official weigh in is tomorrow though, lol.

It's still pretty early here, but I already have some credits: did a lot of shopping, so got in some spontaneous exercise by parking a littler farther away. More when I made my mother take me back to her mobile home instead of dropping me at my car after we shopped so I would get a few extra steps in.

Went grocery shopping, and stared at the gluten free hot dog buns for a long time and considered taking them with me on vacation, but did not get them. I also looked at the snacky things like chocolate covered banana pieces, but decided once I opened them I would NOT eat just one or two pieces, so did not get them. I opted for some apple chips which were not deep fried instead. Even if I eat the entire bag in one sitting, it's only 110 calories...I'm less likely to do that though. I did buy some Whole Foods equivalent of a fruit roll-up and some safe nutrition bars to take on my shore excursions with me since I can't eat at unknown restaurants without difficulty. Oh, and I parked farther away at the store and got in a few extra steps.

More credit: went jeans shopping because my current one and only pair is too loose. Now, that's not all Beck by-the-way, they were loose to begin with because I do not fit in a standard size and the next size down was too tight, but they got worse since Beck, lol. I found some that fit, so bought 3 pairs. :D They were all on a great sale so I will not feel bad when I undergrow them in a few weeks! :D

Forgot to look for stickers while I was at Target, but maybe I'll see some cute ones on vacation! :)

So, what are some rules you have for yourselves. When I read the "NO CHOICE" section, I could only think of 1 rule and that was, to only eat when I was hungry. I haven't been doing such a great job of that. I finally thought of a second rule in the last couple of days, and that was, eat a proper sized portions, always. That I've been doing very well at.

onebyone: Congratulations on facing the scale and for being happy with what you saw! Great job on applying the "oh well" attitude!

seadwaters: Good job for staying on plan!

BillBlueEyes: I admire you gardeners, lol. I have the worst black thumb, lol.

Beverlyjoy: Happy Birthday to your DH! Great job on using resistance techniques...I am still shakey in that area! :o

ThisTime7: You get lots of credit for realizing what you were doing and taking steps to distract yourself! That's huge! You get credit for stopping when you did too! I really, really hate that feeling too! :(

05-29-2010, 05:04 PM
Hi Everyone,

today I did quite well and our politicians as well (we have an elections today!)

Weight in
Read ARC 2x
Read Becks book
Eat sitting (80%)
Eat slowly (90%) and mindfully 90%)
Eating on plan - 90%
Giving a credit
Contact you, my dear Buddies
Exercise - 35 min. treadmill, 10 km family bike trip to have ice cream-I didn īt have any

BUT for dinner we had a vegetable salad with cheese and my problem is that I like(love) carbohydrates more than proteins. Thatīs why I had more (not much) bread than I want. It would be necessary to add more protein not to eat the food with high GI.

New2me2 - you said: I think I'll start rereading some of the chapters too. I'm starting to feel like I'm hurrying through, and I don't want to do that.

I feel the same. Now I read realy slowly and only 1 short part and I have to REALISE properly which task I will carry out for today and imediately write it down to my "food Beck diary" and in the evening I make selfevaluation...

Seadwaters - again you did so many credits! KUDOS for it!
BTW - my best friendīs ".... head is now covered in 1 cm grey stubble and it is way too annoying to wear a wig as it slips about." The same experience.

BiLLBEE - I have in my garden green beans as well and today I was admiring first green leaves.
Not to forget - credit for sguats and for beans:-D
KUDOS for beatifull Robert Browning's words. I appreciated it. Thank you.

Beverlyjoy - credit for a healthy day. I know how hard it is...
Kudos for using resistance techniques .
Thank you for appreciating my ....Staying in the garden instead of near any food that is calling you is a major credit. Dr. Beck always suggests ‘distance yourself’ as a good resistence technique.
Now, during summer is possible to be "hidden" in the garden but what about from November to March?

ThisTime7- KUDOS for having a cooperating husband. Itīs more than KUDOS!

Merinogirl - today during our bike trip my DD wanted to stop and observe sheep. So we did. I noticed that 2 of them were dark brown (only face).They had a short cut that I couldnīt recognize properly color of their wool (fur?). Do you think that we can have in my country Merino sheep as well? BTW I am a light version of Merino:-D Long wavy hair:-D

Waving to all other.

05-29-2010, 08:48 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I thought about getting here this AM, but only had time to read posts. A healthy holiday weekend here(so far):crossed:. I have been keeping busy and got 2 short bike rides in. Meals are OP, although I had a small piece of my home baked whole wheat carrot cake this AM which really would usually be dinner dessert. *credit* for sitting down.

BillBlueEyes,*credit* for seed squats and for a humorous visual. It made my think of seedsquatting, myself, however I've put it off until tomorrow-they are soaking, instead.

gardenerjoy, *credit* for hard work earning you the catagory of overweight!lol I am 12 # away. The chicks at South Beach swear that mashed turnips (like potatoes) are excellent! I haven't tried although I adore mashed cauliflower. We're having it tonight w/veggie burgers.

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for successful use of resistance techniques on rice cakes. BTW-Ginger steamed Sea Bass is one of my favs. I lived in Hong Kong years ago and enjoyed it often.

ThisTime7, so interesting about the hypnosis specific to you. *credit* for willingness to work on many changes at once. Thanks for the explanation of "tea". Now I know what it means in your neck of the woods. *credit* for winning the resistance battle with salmon rolls.

Shepherdess, your statement, "we live in a toxic food culture" is very powerful. I hadn't put it into words but it is what keeps me going-knowing that the entire industry is geared towards sucking us into spending $$ on food that is really bad for us. I rode my bike to the corner for vinegar this AM and the big sign on the door was HOT DOGS 2/$1.00. Wow! So bad and so cheap! Having mental pictures of how bad those things are helps me stay away. Beck is helping me deal with the super healthy things I want to overeat. lol *credit* for not skipping exercise because of heat and *credit* for recognizing how to make it easier.

Robin(MerinoGirl), *credit* for getting right back on track after a night of food and wine. lol I don't envy you. Hope you are feeling better today.

nathy, *credit* for your search for mutual respect and tolerance in a normal relationship with food EVEN when at a normal weight. I started at a normal weight, and it didn't last. Does that make sense? SUPER *credit* for 10 km bike ride to ice cream which you didn't even eat!

Donna,(new2me2) *credit* for Zumba and other exercise! *credit* for super thoughtful shopping. Rules: I do not eat Doritos. New rule after last weeks cookie-fest. I do not bake things at home that are not on my food plan.

onebyone, *credit* for recognition that stressing after something is a "done deal" doesn't do anything to help in the big picture, but, in fact, is very sabotoging to sane living. *credit* for maintaining your loss.

Cheryl,(seadwaters) *credit* for using your scale for information. Yes, it will go down eventually. *credit* for thinking through your expensive restaurant well ahead of time.

I am off to visit my friend, who is now starting the arduous process of going through the possessions of her deceased partner. Very painful for her and I recognize I can be there sometimes and help in the journey.

05-30-2010, 06:09 AM
Hi Coaches

Had a good day - didn't plan very far in advance but each meal and snack just before it came. Not the best strategy but not bad for a weekend day where I was near the fridge - wouldn't work on a working day where I am near the canteen and multiple temptations.

Weight still going up not down but I really looked again at what I ate yesterday in case there was a fault in my reckoning but not so. I guess being on prednisolone plus the hormone therapy is making it more difficult - it is annoying. Will stay at this level for another week and if nothing happens will drop down to the next calorie level in Beck

BeverlyJoy - Hope you enjoyed your lunch and had a healthy day. Credit for planning so well and using resistance strategies against those devilish rice cakes

BillBlueEyes - The squats needed for gardening are why I can't do it at the moment - I agree that it is strenuous exercise so credit to you. Credit for pork chop tactics.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope your holiday weekend is still going well and credit for the exercise. Credit for supporting your bereaved friend.

Donna (New2me2) - I love to hear about Zumba - even at my age I would love to get fit enough so that I can do it! Looks fantastic. Credit for exercise and the plan to rewrite cards. Well done on new jeans that fit! And picking a sensible snack option for your vacation - that takes planning

Gardenerjoy - Hope you got good plants at the Farmer's market - I can't believe how long it takes for my hair to regrow! I would be saving a lot on haircuts if it normally grew this slowly. I am a little tempted to leave it really short like this because it hides many flaws and it is SO easy

Nathy - Good list of credits. Carbohydrates are moorish and difficult to substitute with proteins - I am doing the same and the Beck plan gives the option of fruit or carbs which is a good choice

Shepherdess - A few quick changes that seemed to work well - I notice that in the green Beck book she talks about flexibility and how to manage it in maintenance. I am not reading that yet! I think you asked about the green book? Not sure which one you haven't seen. The green book has similar concepts to the other two but is not as rigidly tied to a time frame and has the really useful food plan at the back which is adaptable but still usefully prescriptive. It is divided into phases in a more obvious way that the Diet Solutions and the Workbook. Some of the cards are different and are a useful addition - I like it but mainly for the food plan

ThisTime7 - Well done for controlling the hunger for 4 weeks - you will get back on track soon. Credit for nipping it in the bud by reading cards and getting focused. That starving feeling is difficult and you have fought it before

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - Once
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes - just before each meal so a bit loose
- Food on-plan - yes
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - always seated, not always mindful
- Put down fork occasionally - :hun: - Yes - I did it once! At lunch half way through I remembered and it did slow me down
- Weighed myself - Yes - back up - 218lb drat
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - no
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on - :woops:
Putting down that knife and fork! :hungry: (still) - and reading and creating A&R cards

Have a good Sunday Beckies


05-30-2010, 06:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a bike ride with DW (CREDIT moi) that included watching some Red-tailed Hawk juveniles in their nest as well as just admiring the lush greenness around and about. Picked up some fiddleheads at Whole Foods for dinner. That's the first time I recall having fiddleheads - crunchy, tasty, really good. According to Wiki, Agriculture Canada says they have twice the antioxidants of blueberries, but can lead to beriberi in folks who don't get enough Vitamin B. I'll take my chances.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at down four pounds - if that's what it took to lose weight, I'd opt out. Once every ten years is frequent enough for me. Happy Birthday to your DH. Neat that you already look forward to the "steamed ginger seabass and cabbage with brown rice" - I'll add that to my Chinese Restaurant wish list.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for enough hair to skip the wigs. LOL at "always seated, not always mindful" - small steps along the way.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Thanks for the new word, "seedsquatting" - that should be added to the exercise books for busy people who always need to do at least two things at once. Good luck in your gracious help with your friend sorting through the possessions of the departed; can't think of anything more difficult.

nathy - Big Kudos for taking a 10km bike ride and not having the ice cream. Now that's noble choice making. Yep, a good bread calls for second servings all right.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for careful food shopping. And Congrats for needing to buy smaller jeans with a Triple Congrats for getting three pair on sale.

ThisTime7 - Continued Kudos for twelve days with no eating after tea. I finally looked it up to sort out why I have conflicting notions of when tea is served. If I understand it correctly, Afternoon Tea is served with bikkies at 4:00 pm when one is feeling peckish, Cream Tea is served at 5:00 pm with scones and clotted cream when one needs calories to rebuild an Abbey that has been plundered by Vikings, while High Tea is a full meal served at dinner time for those whose three meals of the day are breakfast, lunch, and tea. Am I on track?

Bush beans are the standard green beans (or yellow beans) that grow on their own bush without the need for a supporting lattice. Drooling here over your veg's and bean soups in the slow cooker.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

How to Say No

Prepare now to turn down someone the next time you're offered something to eat. Here's how:

Visualize your plan in action. Who will most likely push food on you in the near future? Where will you be? Who else will be around? What foods will be involved? Try to imagine the scene. See him or her offering you the food. Hear yourself saying, "No, thank you." Think about what this person might say next and how you might respond. See the person turn away and offer the food to someone else. Visualize giving yourself lots of credit and feeling proud of yourself for being politely assertive about your needs.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 210.

05-30-2010, 08:33 AM
Hi Beck folks ... Yesterday I got through a food filled day in my calorie range....very grateful for that!

I sit here with my kitchen full of pies, goodies from my childhood bakery, candy, wonderful breads and all kinds of tasty things my family brought for their visit. Oh goodness. I haven't gotten into the stuff. Credit. Very grateful for that. I'll be distributing things out the door asap. When everyone was eating pie last night in celebration of DH's bday....I measured out 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream and added fresh blueberries. Credit It was deelish. I planned it that way. Glad I could stay out of the pies.

It's been fun celebrating Dh's birthday with family. I added one unplanned thing to my dinner at the Chinese restaurant - one small bbq sparerib. I counted it my daily calorie total and swapped out some of my evening snack. So it worked out well. I still had over a hundred calories left (upper range). I am calling it a good day.

I stayed up til 1am gabbing with my wonderful stepmother. She's well and amazingly active. (on three boards, take a college class, out with friends to theatre, music, movies, etc- it's terrific) We also had my mom and Aunt with us last night. They are all about 85 - yet, mom and my aunt are just wearing down phycially. It's hard to see - but, part of life of course. All these special seniors still have their own aparatments - so this is very good.

Later today company is leaving and DH will plant the tomatoes and peppers tonight. I will direct.

I haven’t been doing my stretches and strengthening exercises. I will do them today!

plan, measure, log, count calories - measured what I could - yes
eat seated only, no seconds - yes
fork down between bites - a lot of the time
stretches and strengthening - no
lots of water - yes
TASTE the food - yes
slow mindful eating - a lot of the time
try to feel fullness - not so often
tv off - most of the time
leave a small bite of food - all of the time
remember why
Arc/rc - yes
Beck book - no

gardener joy - wonderful time and exercise selecting plants for the veggie garden. Tilling too…enjoy!

Thistime7 - huge credit for reading your cards when you started to eat extra food. That’s hard. Forgive yourself, move forward and carry on. Saying no to cake is a big credit.

New2me2 - good job on the extra walking, selecting healthier kinds of foods (so easy to eat the junkier versions!) Loose pants rock!!!!!

Gosh -as far as my rules - some I really work on: eat seated only, no seconds, plan/log/measure food, and more. I'll think some more on this.

Nathy - excellent - so many good credits! Credit for realizing you need to add more protein to your food plan - good thinking. Yes, we will need to think of some places where you can distance yourself from food in cold winter….hmmm. Maybe cold weather walking or sports??

Lexxiss - great that you got in two bike rides!!! Good for being OP except for a smidge of carrot cake. Sitting down, I think, is one of the most important things we can do when ‘living healthfully with food’. Well done! yep - my dish was called Hong Kong Sea Bass!

Shepardess - credit for realizing where and when planning ahead will work well. The medications that you take can effect weight loss, I believe - as a side effect. It did with the prednisone for my niece when she took it. That’s not fair! You are doing well to be so mindful of all these things.

Billbe - credit for a nice bike ride with DW - such a nice way to get in the exercise with your wife. I love the raptors…so fun to see one. I haven’t had fiddleheads in so long. You are second person in two days who talked about eating some. Hmmm. Enjoy! btw - name of the dish I ate at the Chinese restaurant is Hong Kong Sea Bass.

Have a good day, friends. Don’t forget to plan, plan and plan some more,

05-30-2010, 09:31 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I wanted to check in, since life is happening fast here this AM. Our pool now opens at 730 and if I want exercise and socialization it's important to get there before the influx of weekend visitors. *credit* for planned exercise. I'm looking forward to another day of clean and planned eating.

Thanks, Beverlyjoy! I'm going to " plan, plan and plan some more,"

05-30-2010, 10:08 AM
Hi Guys,
Managed to control my eating when I got home today and at least tomorrow it's back to work. I find the weekends really hard and this was a struggling one, my first struggle since I have started on the program. I had the eat more feeling again today but luckily I only had what I took. The cakes passed me again but boy it was tuff. Can’t wait till the day when food goes past me and I don’t worry about it.
Going on holidays in a few weeks will have to watch myself then. We are taking the caravan and heading into the outback. At least I will have internet with me and keep reporting to you all. I find touring with the van hard as food seems to play such a big part in the organization of the trip. Will keep you all informed as the days come closer to keep me in line.
After tea eating slipped tonight and I had a bread roll left over from the show. Though I didn’t eat in front of TV and ate it with left hand at table.

New2me2 Well done on your food shopping for your holiday. You did well not putting the lollies in your basket. I am just about to go on holidays too and I must put food shopping at the bottom of my list instead of number one like I normally do. You did great taking the extra steps today too. Great for buying a lower size in your jeans doesn’t it make you feel good. I don’t think I have brought anything smaller for years. Can’t wait till I go down the rack in sizes instead of going up.

Nathy Credit for the 10km bike ride and still not getting the ice-cream then on top of that you did the treadmill. Yes I’m like you bread is my downfall.

Lexxiss Well done on getting through the long weekend ours is next week hope it’s not such a struggle as this one. Credit for your bike rides.

Seadwater Stick with it the weight will come off soon. I find I go a couple of days sometimes then I get a big drop so hang in there. I don’t reckon the HRT would be helping you drop too quickly.

BillBlueEyes Yes BillBlueEyes you have tea right. I think all that come from the mother country (UK) and Aussies have changed it. I’m glad you looked it up as I never knew what High tea was. We use afternoon tea a lot especially when we are dropping in on friends or morning tea. Now you have me on fiddleheads. Now that I have read the rest of your message I gather they are some kind of berry. Credit for the bike ride. I have been slack in exercise this weekend. Would have love to have seen the juvenile hawks in the nest. Once I get PM I will send you some Australian bird photos. Going up to the middle of WA outback in a few weeks so will have to get you some photos of the birds we see.

Beverlyjoy Well done on having all those tempting treat around you and not touching them. You did really well at the Chinese I would of weekend as soon as I saw Satay chicken on the menu. I need to start leaving a bite of food each meal time.

Cheers ThisTime7

tem ticker

1 broccoli for each 5lb

:broc: :broc:

05-30-2010, 11:31 AM
It was still too wet to till yesterday, but I did plant containers of herbs. Tomorrow, if we still can't till, I'm going to plant anyway and let DH's nephew help me work the organic matter in and dig holes.

Today's challenge is the family Memorial Day gathering. The nephew who just graduated from 8th Grade got to choose the menu -- fried chicken from the church and cake. My plan is a small piece of each and fill up on the salad I'm bringing, that fat-free cole slaw from the church, and the fruit my sister-in-law promised to bring.

WI: -0.35kg (new low), Exercise: +45 1375/1400 minutes for May, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ThisTime7: Good job identifying the glutton feeling and stopping it. I just finished reading Women, Food, and God, by Geneen Roth. In some ways, it's the opposite of the Beck principles, but there are some ways that it can be used alongside Beck. Roth would have you asking yourself what that feeling was all about, where it exists in your body, how is your mind reacting to it and what story is it telling you. Is that story true? (Usually, I think the answer to the last question, is that it was true when I was 4 or 10, but not anymore).

new2me2: yay for all that spontaneous exercise! The rules that got me started were "No eating in the car" and "No eating anything purchased from a gas station or the drugstore." Now, my rules are more nuanced. "Wash it off!" (that means no licking the spoon or my finger when I'm cooking). The classic: "Only eat while sitting down." "Always measure my snack of nuts/chocolate chips."

nathy: good job on doing well on election day!

Lexxiss: yay for getting your holiday weekend off to a healthy start! Good for you for helping your friend with the tasks of after death. From some experience, I suggest getting the clothes taken care of quickly (donating them to a thrift shop or something similar) -- it seems to be a relatively easy job if you do it early on and more difficult emotionally if you wait a few weeks. Enjoy your swim!

seadwaters: how long do you have to be on prednisone? I've heard that can make it hard to lose weight. When I was on it, I was so sick from the chemo that I was at the lowest weight of my adult life, so it wasn't something I was aware of. This would probably be a good time to keep in mind how much worse it would be if you weren't paying attention to your food and exercise.

BillBlueEyes: cool info about the fiddleheads -- I've heard of them, but never run across them, except in the woods and I worry about my skills of gathering the right thing food in the wild.

Beverlyjoy: Good job with all the goodies around and good luck getting them out of your house.

05-30-2010, 12:45 PM
I got up early and did my long run yesterday. Then DH and I went up into the summer pasture and did some fence work. So it was a very active day and a fun day. Being up in the summer pasture was great. I admit to paying more attention to the wild flowers that are just starting to bloom than the fence. Just being up there, seeing all the cows settled and the bulls acting like bulls makes it feel like summer, even though it was a cool day.

I wish I could say food was as good as exercise, but I wound up doing some afternoon grazing. I need to do better planning food on days when I do my long run. I need extra calories, but they need to be planned and rational calories that actually provide some nutrition.

MerinoGirl, hope you survived your Evil Austrian Torturer, LOL. Ouch for the night with lots of food and wine, but good job getting back on the wagon.

Nathy, yay for ďan ideal state of affairs. . .Ē Looks like you came away from a tough week with some good insights. Great job paying attention. I understand the search for a ďnormal relationship with food.Ē When I started out, I had some weight I wanted to lose, but mostly I wanted to fix this relationship with food. Iím still working on it. . .

New2me2, glad your workmates were considerate of your need for a vacation. Taking Beck slow is a good plan. Thereís no prize for getting through it quickly; itís more important that each skill is established. Yay for your jeans being too loose!

Onebyone, kudos for getting on that scale and kudos for successfully maintaining. Ouch for all the heat. I donít think Iíd do well at those farmers markets. Iím a wimp about heat. The sheep do really well in the heat, much better than the cows. Sheep are just a hardy animal.

Seadwaters, great job taking those weight fluctuations with grace. There are just so many things that account for those daily fluctuations and with your recent treatments, you have more than most. Great job taking that weight as information and sticking to Beck.

BillBE, yay for getting bush beans in the ground. I am new to gardening and get endless amounts of joy seeing those little plants spring up. Sounds like a wonderful bike ride. I love outdoor exercise all year long, but the green grass just makes it so much more enjoyable.

Beverlyjoy, great job staying in your calorie range with a house full of temptation. Great idea to get it out the door as soon as possible. Kudos for having a measured portion of ice cream and blueberries. Itís a great, healthy treat.

Gardenerjoy, good luck getting your veggies in, but yay for container gardens. Best of luck on your Memorial Day gathering, but it sounds like you have a good plan.

Lexxiss, great job using all that exercise to help you avoid food. The carrot cake would have been tough to resist. Credit for enjoying a small piece and sitting down to do it.

ThisTime7, great job resisting that urge to overeat, but ouch for the sudden struggle. I think what youíre experiencing is normal. In the beginning, your motivation is strong and thatís great. Youíre thinking of all those positive changes you want to make. But that initial motivation wanes and you begin to think about all those things youíll give up and your brain realizes it has to give up an old coping mechanism, etc. A card that helps me when I lose motivation is, ďDieting is supposed to get hard. Thatís OK. If I keep practicing my skills it will get easy again.Ē

05-30-2010, 01:02 PM
I was down a little bit more today, so I've lost about 1 pound (actually .8, but it flickered to the pound mark, lol) this week. So since starting Beck I'm down 6.4 pounds total. I've gained and lost a few inches as well...allowing for slightly different positioning of the measuring tape, the trend is still down. Yay. I lost 1 inch off my wonder those jeans were so loose in the waist, lol.

I've haven't done much yet today, but planned activity includes printing forecasts for all the cities we'll be going to, then trying on and setting aside everything I plan to take with me. That will be my first "workout", lol. I also plan to do a strength workout today, and some walking with the Wii game. I think I should probably do some stretching neck was pretty sore yesterday.

Oh, and thank you one and all for listing your rules! I've seen some that I need to adopt myself!

Okay, off to check forecasts and then my marathon of trying on clothing!

nathy: Very nice list of credits! Good job on not having the ice cream. I love both protein and carbs but tend to crave the carbs more. I really believe I have a "sugar" addiction, lol.

Lexxiss: Great job getting in those bike rides even when busy!

seadwaters: I find home more difficult to plan for than work. Work, I always eat the same things day after day, but at home I can make different things because I have more time, and sometimes that isn't good, lol. Prenisolone can definitely mess with things. I had to take Prednisone for about three of 10 days, then off for a few weeks. Everytime I started a new course, I would gain a pound a day! The water retention was awful! The same thing, but to a lesser extent happens when I have to take antibiotics. I think you will be able to do Zumba sooner than you think now!

BillBlueEyes: Great job on the bike ride...sounds nice! Hum, I think I heard of fiddleheads on Survivor Man, lol, but have not seen them before locally. LOL, on your Tea research! :)

Beverlyjoy: Amazing for staying away from all those goodies! Wow! Your dessert of vanilla ice cream with bluberries sounds even better than the pies and other goodies to me! What you said about your mom and aunt applies to my mom and aunt as well. :(

ThisTime7: You were bound to have some struggles along the way. Credit for only eating what you took even though you had that feeling of eating more. Your holiday in the outback sounds fun! :) You can plan now for some healthier treats that might make you feel less "left out".

gardenerjoy: Your plan for the day sounds great! I think I need to adopt the rule of measuring. I measure most things, but truly, sometimes I don't want to know how much I'm using, especially things like honey, lol. Those add up. I think I must adopt this rule!

05-30-2010, 01:04 PM
:wave: to Shepherdess...I took a LONG time to write my reply and whilst I was doing so you posted! :D

05-30-2010, 04:04 PM
Hi Everyone,

we have quite strange weather for a month - sunny and then raining, again raining...maybe a vulkano is angry with us...who knows.

Read ARC 2x
Read Becks book
Eat sitting
Eat slowly (90%) and mindfully 90%)
Eating on plan
Giving a credit
Contact you, my dear Buddies
Exercise - 20 min. calanetics, 15 min.legs exerc.
Drunk water
After dinner brushed my teeth
At 20.00 I said "goodnight" to my kitchen and I closed it (mentaly)
My mother in law sent me a chocolate cake - I didnīt eat.

Weight in - NO

05-30-2010, 05:34 PM
new2me2 - marathon of trying on clothing - I love it, too.
Credit for losing 6.4 pounds total! good job.

Lexxiss - credit for healthy weekend even when you vere busy!

seadwaters - BIG KUDOS for going through such a hard therapy and have thoughts and power to work on food issue.
I donīt know if is a good idea to drop down to the next calorie level in Beck. Your weight gaining is for sure from prednisolone plus the hormone therapy. Is possible wait (with down cal.level) till you therapy will end? I think your body needs a lot of energy for recovery. Good luck!

BillBEE - I had to googled "fiddleheads ", I have never heard abou it. Credit for teaching the teacher,lol:-D
"Yep, a good bread calls for second servings all right. " - Yes, but it should be (should have been???) OP!!! , lol. Listen, I put the bread into the toaster and put on garlic(love garlic) miixing with olive oil , yummy.

Beverlyjoy-KUDOS for resisting so much yummy food! You are a hero!

ThisTime7 - for me is the hardest food time during a vacantion. But you did well till now so vacantion will be Ok as well. Iīm looking for you report.

Gardenerjoy - planting herbs is a good exercise, credit for it!

Shepherdess - thanks for sharing your AR card about losing motivation and credit for so much work you did!

05-30-2010, 10:13 PM
Hi Coaches

My plans to do the BMI program have to be canceled tomorrow. I really can't swing it without depleting all of my hard won cash resources. So I am back to my own resources and that means believing in Beck. How many times can you start again anyway?

Guess "once more" will have to be the answer to that.

05-30-2010, 11:02 PM
Hi Beck folks - Today went well - I got the birthday 'goodies' out of the house. No pie or other bakery nibbles for me. Credit. I am always grateful for that.

I am leaving a day early to visit my DS, DIL and GS. GS has had the flu - I thought I could go and stay there and help out. dh will hold down the home front. I will be back on Friday. I am leaving by 6am - to avoid the Monday holiday traffic the best I can.

A few days ago I started reading the response card for travel. I will use my alternative food plan - food exchanges. That is easier for me while away from home. I am bringing a bag of some of my staples and snacks. I'll try to hold on tight to what I know helps. Also - I am hoping for the willingness to try to do them.

I should be able to check in during the week - I hope daily. Everyone...have a GREAT week.

05-31-2010, 06:16 AM
A quick check in before hunger overtakes me - a big day today and I am tired. Good except for a spot of eating while standing over the sink. I was making soup and had to strip the meat. I was about 2 hours late with lunch and not a time to be playing with my food. It ended up one-for-the-pot, one-for-me, etc. I recorded the intake and adjusted other meals but still - I think it falls squarely in the categories of "unplanned eating", "eating while not sitting down" big time, and "mindless eating". Not good. I am also trying to redistribute my calories and take Beck's intentions - as they were intended. In that one divides the calories over the day. I found because of activities etc I have been loading them to the end of the day and I need to stop late night eating (in front of the TV). Will report tomorrow how it all goes. Good so far - I feel more satisfied. I missed my swim today because I had the dentist and the exercise physio - and I really did miss it. Off to work tomorrow

BeverlyJoy - Huge Credit - I got through a food filled day in my calorie range - and what a challenge that was. I am in awe of your resistance and ability to stay on plan. Great practice. Sounds like you are really organised for your travel - credit! Have a great week yourself

BillBlueEyes - I read about fiddle head ferns - baby fronds - years ago in a Japanese Temple Food cookery book and have been fascinated to try them every since. No luck so lucky you and they sound yum. Good luck with the beriberi!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope your day and your swim went well and to plan

Gardenerjoy - Great plan for the family gathering - always difficult to have control of eating in those circumstances. During chemo they give such large doses of steroids to control nausea and to increase appetite that these days you put on weight - unfair really! I went in thinking - "goody - the up side might be that I might lose weight" - not so. Put on about 12 # (I was already well overweight). I am on a reducing dose of pred which I take for arthritis but I rarely get it lower than 2 mg - at moment on 6mg. Will keep chipping away at it. But it does make you hungry and increase your weight. You are right - it would be a lot worse if I wasn't doing all this

Nathy - I am going to adopt your evening ploy of making the kitchen off limits after a certain time - a good strategy. Great list of credits. Ouch for a generous mother in law. Hormone therapy goes on too long to wait (5 years) and I have finished all other treatments so as far as I am concerned I am in the rehabilitation phase so need to get active etc!

Donna (new2me2) - Credit for the weight loss - I can't wait to fit into some of my other clothes but I am not holding my breath. Hope you have fun with your clothing marathon

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - Once
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes - but had to rearrange it
- Food on-plan - not quite
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - A bit of over kitchen bench eating
- Put down fork occasionally - :hun: - Yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - back down - 217.4lb sigh - up and down like yo you
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - Yes - exercise physiology - 45 min
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on - :woops:
Putting down that knife and fork! :hungry: and exercise

Have a good day Beckies

05-31-2010, 07:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - So having mentioned beriberi, I looked up the symptoms to know what to look for to tell if I got it from eating the fiddleheads. I'm clean so far; in fact it's rare in the United States - phew.

Exhibited stellar performance around nibble-able food that included broken cookies and large crumbs - two items that YELL my name. I PLANNED IN ADVANCE to avoid them (predicting that when I faced a table of cookies, there's be some fragments) and I did. CREDIT moi. Yay for planning - seems like I can forget that's what I do with Beck. I like that one since I've been a nibbler lately. Exercise was a bike ride to visit the Red-tailed Hawk nest, CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Ouch for the change in plans. But, welcome to Beck as needed, whenever needed.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for a menu chosen by a 14 year old male - of course it's fried chicken, LOL. Gotta grab the silver lining that the money goes to the church and not to KFC. I think I'd pick fiddleheads from the wild - but I don't do wild mushrooms.

Shepherdess - Yay for the summer pasture. My guess is that Wyoming has to-die-for wild flowers at your altitude. We saw some amazing wild flowers when we climbed Mount Washington a couple of years ago.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a "food filled day in my calorie range" - that's so much what we're trying to do here. Like that plan for a quarter cup of ice cream. That's really a reasonable serving size. There's no need for the giant bowls that I used to have. Hope that I'm as independent at 85 as your mom and aunt.

Have a great week visiting your grandson. Neat that you'd already had experience pulling out your alternative food plan.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Kudos for planning each meal - even if just before. This planning strategy thing is good stuff.

Ouch for the tired in today's post. I've done that "one-for-the-pot, one-for-me" and couldn't figure out why I wasn't hungry by the time I sat down to the meal, LOL. Good luck with your challenge to late night eating.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for getting to the pool early.

nathy - Your Resistance Muscle is getting a workout with your MIL's chocolate cake - Kudos. Yep, the bread should have been OP (Congrats for doing the hard parts of English) - but toasted with garlic and olive oil make me drool as I type.

Donna (new2me2) - Congrats on your scale loss of 6.4. And Kudos for planning your trip so far in advance.

ThisTime7 - Kudos for passing up the cakes - with Extra Kudos because it was tuff. Interesting thought, "Can’t wait till the day when food goes past me and I don’t worry about it." That does happen for me sometimes, but then, when I don't expect it, it's difficult again. I do think it's getting easier for me over time. Fiddleheads are the curled green shoot of the fiddle fern before it unravels and looks like a fern. There are pictures on google.

Oh yes, I'd love some pictures of Aussie birds. I just looked up that you live near Perth (not difficult since there's a large map of Australia hanging right behind me) - got reminded that Australia is one BIG country. It's a long way from Perth to Darwin to Sydney to Melbourne. My dream to visit Australia always confronts that notion that I might not get to see the whole of it and there's special stuff everywhere.

Readers - day 29
Resist Food Pushers

If you haven't had much practice in turning down food, you might get a little nervous the first time you try it. It'll definitely get easier to do over time, as you see that nothing terrible happens.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 210.

05-31-2010, 09:42 AM
Good morning! Hope those of you with a holiday today are doing well with it.

Yesterday, I met my exercise goal for May! Today is mostly about yardwork, so I'll be getting lots of low-key activity today.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +25 1400/1400 minutes for May, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: Yay for the long run! That's an excellent idea to plan for your extra calories on long run days. I think I would resist that notion, too. One of the contestants on The Biggest Loser this past season dramatically made that point -- he trained for the marathon, didn't take into account the extra calories he would need, and ended up with uncontrolled night-time snacking so that he gained 2 pounds in 30 days when everyone else lost 10 or 20 pounds.

new2me2: hope your wardrobe session went well!

nathy: yay for the long list of credits!

onebyone: yay for persistence! "Once more" is a great answer.

Beverlyjoy: hope you have a good and safe travel day. Switching to an exchange plan is an excellent strategy for travel.

seadwaters: good job thinking through how it might work better for you to spread your calories through the day. Thanks for all the info on the current state of cancer treatment.

BillBlueEyes: yay for planning your way around broken cookies!

05-31-2010, 01:37 PM
I hope everyone is out enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day. We spent the day yesterday driving up into the Laramie mountain range. This is the first weekend that some of those roads were accessible. We had a large picnic lunch. I wasnít sure how that was going to work since I almost always have my largest meal in the evenings, but by dinner, I only wanted something small and light anyways. I didnít get a lot of exercise. We got out to walk in a few places, but it was mostly a leisurely stroll so I could identify some wildflowers. Iíve been putting some miles on my legs and they deserved a rest.

I also officially signed up for the Leading Ladies Marathon in Spearfish, SD in August. Iíve run several half marathons and always wanted to do a full one, but something always gets in the way. I wanted to see how Saturdayís long run went before I committed. It was tough, but doable and my legs feel good, so this is the year of the marathon. A lot of people sign up for a marathon hoping that the increased training load will help them drop a few lbs, only to be disappointed that they actually gain weight. Yes, you burn more calories with the increased training, but your body is not stupid and simply increases your appetite to meet the demands of the increased workload. So itís just like anything else, it requires planning so I properly fuel my body to do all the work Iím asking of it, but I have to make sure I donít over-fill the tank.

New2me2, congrats on another lb (or close enough to one) down. Have fun planning for your trip! I hope blue skies follow you wherever you go.

Nathy, those volcanoes definitely mess with weather patterns. Last year there was a volcano that erupted in Alaska. My SIL is a volcanologist (studies volcanoes) and she told us that we were going to have a cold, wet summer and we did. None of my warm weather plants (tomatoes, peppers, corn) produced anything, but my lettuces were happy all summer.

Onebyone, I know giving up on your BMI idea is disappointing. Sending hug of support. Maybe you can start setting some money aside for it and plan on doing it in the future. Meanwhile, you can keep working at Beck. You have been successful at it in the past.

Beverlyjoy, great job getting all of the birthday goodies out of the house. Itís great that youíre going to help out while your GS is sick, but hope it is also a pleasant trip. Kudos for planning ahead.

Seadwaters, donít beat yourself up too much for unplanned eating when you were well overdue for lunch. Itís just one of those ďoopsĒ moments and it is something to plan for in the future. Congrats on getting to the point where you miss exercise.

BillBE, kudos for avoiding ďnibble-ableĒ food. I have a part of my brain that says ďItís not a whole cookie so the calories donít count.Ē Maybe itís that all-or-nothing part of my brain. My favorite wildflower is Indian Paint Brush, our state flower. But itís just the showiest of all of them. There are lots of pretty flowers out this time of year.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on meeting your exercise goal for the month! And great job planning a day of low-key activity to celebrate. Some of us may have been tempted to plan a day on the couch, LOL. Thanks for passing on that tip from the Biggest Loser. I think many of us who have struggled with weight are used to thinking of food as an enemy, but itís good to remember that it fuels us as well.

05-31-2010, 02:45 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Yesterday was good. We were invited out after church (suprise!) but I had time to research the menu online-got there and they weren't serving the usuals. The special holiday menu didn't suit me so well and I had to really think things through-since not eating was really not an option. I did ok. *credit* I had time to reflect last night about how important it is for me to accept my chosen WOE and to always come mentally "prepared" for the "turn of events". On a day like yesterday I need to take personal responsibility for making the best choice possible and to not overeat.

I set aside time for personals, but Mom needed me for a project. I've been to the pool *credit* for 2 hours of water yoga. I'll get back later if I can.

05-31-2010, 02:48 PM
Good morning all!

I am packed and ready to go. I leave early tomorrow. If I can check in tomorrow it probably won't be until late, or I may just try for Wednesday morning. Once the first day is over I should be able to check in regularly, but may only be able to do short posts. I get some free internet time, but only 150 minutes. :D Sounds like a lot, but we're gone for 10 days! :)

I'm going on a cruise, and the food selections will be different every day, so I won't be able to plan actual food items, but my two rules should take care of that. Only eat when hungry, and only eat proper sized portions. I can't eat the desserts and breads, so that helps. And, I have cruised a number of times, so I do know what to expect as far as food selections (just won't know what/when), so that will help. I am planning for a soy latte for most days, and I'm bringing some safe nutrition bars and peanut butter packets to take into ports and on shore excursions with me. But, I plan to practice hunger whenever I can, lol.

I've only got 1 shore excursion planned, and that's a ziplinning trip which I think also includes a little hiking near or on one of the glaciers. In case you haven't guessed, we're going to Alaska!

The forecast is rain, rain, and more rain, but are going prepared, so it will be fun regardless. I've got my rain gear all packed. :) It rained like crazy when we were there in September, and we still had tons of fun.

My friend has been there a lot, in fact used to live there as a child, so she probably won't want to do too much walking around, but I plan to at least get off the ship and do some walking. I bought the warmest pair of socks there last year and I want to get a couple more pair! :p

nathy: Oh gosh, we've had the strangest weather here was SOOO hot in February, and it's been cold and rainy ever since! And, no volcanos close by either, lol. Great job on NOT eating that chocolate cake!

onebyone: Give yourself credit for starting again, no matter how many times! I'm sorry the BMI program had to be canceled!

Beverlyjoy: Credit for no pie or nibbles!!! Sorry your GS is sick, hope he feels better soon!

Cheryl (seadwaters): Hope your plan goes well! Yay for being back down!

BillBlueEyes: Congrats on stellar performance!! Broken cookies would be dangerous for me if I could eat gluten!! :D They do indeed YELL don't they! :)

gardenerjoy: Congratulations on meeting your exercise goal!!!!

Shepherdess: Your day at Laramie sounds wonderful!!! Wow, congratulations on signing up for the marathon! That's HUGE!!

05-31-2010, 05:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

Weight in
Read ARC 2x
Read Becks book
Eat sitting
Eat slowly (90%) and mindfully(90%)
Eating on plan (90% -mutual changed lunch and dinner)
Giving a credit
Contact you, my dear Buddies
Exercise - 23 min. treadmill , 5 min.legs exercise
Drunk water
After dinner brushed my teeth
At 20.00 I said "goodnight" to my kitchen and closed it (mentaly).
Created a Memory "box" - in my "Diet" notebook.
Gave the rest of the cake to my husband for a snack - I didnīt have any.
Have for my snack some strawberies and when I opened my desk (at work) I saw wholegrain bisquits.Had a very short sabot.thought -to have only one.No choise! Didnīt have any. Only planned strawberies - from my garden. Today I made first jam.

Beverlyjoyce - have a nice time with your relatieves! And credit for mental plannning your journey and for preparing snacks.

seadwaters - you said: "During chemo they give such large doses of steroids to control nausea and to increase appetite that these days you put on weight" The same experience had my best friend. After her operation she lost to 103!!! (normaly she is 5ī5īī/120) and couldnīt get chemo untill she is(was??) 110. Now she is after radiation, nearly 1 year chemo and ahead 3-4 years of hormonal therapy. Good luck, brave girls!
Credit for your determination " ....need to get active etc."

BillBEE - funny KUDOS for planned pices of cookies. I am looking forward to
what you creat in you mind tomorrow.

Gardenjoy - you deserve KUDOS for your May exercise goal. It is not easy to exercise for so many minutes.

05-31-2010, 08:57 PM
Hi all,
Just a quick check in missed posting last night. Back on track today and going to keep off the bread for a few days after too much on the weekend.
Put a 1lb on over the weekend so its all system go to get back to where I was Saturday morning. Have a lot on this week and have a two day conference Thursday and Friday. Will have to take some extra heavy duty Response and Advantage cards with me as these work things are hard.

Sorry for not catching up with everyone will get time tonight.
Cheers ThisTime7

05-31-2010, 08:59 PM
Hi Coaches

I'd give myself a 40% effort to be OP today. I am eating too much sugar. I have also awakened the craving monster and I just want to eat eat eat. I can feel I am getting close to being "over it" soon. Some mysterious combination of circumstances clicks and I am on the wagon again. Credit for even thinking about the wagon.

I'm feeling anxiety as I've chewed one nail right down. I used to be a horrible nail biter. Now it's just every so often I do it. I consider this a habit I have overcome with a bit of backsliding. Maybe someday I'll be able to say this about my food and my eating.

I'm not feeling hopeful about the food and finding a plan, but sometimes I have to take any kind of action and then the feelings come around later. Seeing myself try seems to silence the inner critic:mad:the one that's really cranky. So I'll take credit for a few good things today: cooking from scratch for dinner; parking far from the store to make myself walk a little bit more; looking at calorie counts and considering them; trying to be gentle with myself when I want to really be hard on myself which does me no good; posting here and being honest.

05-31-2010, 10:20 PM
Hello everyone-

Have not been able to post much lately. But I am still at it!!

new2me2-yay for your 1 pound loss. FANTASTIC!!! Hope you have a great vacation. I hope one day to do a cruise to Alaska. Will look forward to your stories.

julzchiki-welcome aboard!!!

Nuxmaga- waving hello!

seadwaters- good wishes for you for trying to stop eating in front of the TV. Eating without doing other activities is a challenge for me too- I am a mulitasker and before Beck rarely just ate and did nothing else.

BillBlueEyes-you seem to have avoided the beriberi. Good. LOL. Love fiddleheads.

Lexxiss-good for you for revising the food when you needed to. I think it is a sign of how well you are doing that you can do that.

onebyone-I so can relate to getting to the threshold of success and then to have a stressful event and stop. You can start again as many times as you need to. We are all with you. Credit for what you did today.

MerinoGirl-wishing you well in recovery mode.

ThisTime7-yay for being back on track! Good luck with the confrence, they can be tricky.

Beverlyjoy-Good thing you got rid of all the "goodies", which are really "badies". Hope your grandson is feeling better. You are really good at staying in control while away from home so you should do just fine.

gardenerjoy-congratulations for meeting your exercise goal for May- dedication!

Shepherdess-we have fawns here too- not antelope but lots of deer. So nice to see the babies. Your trip to the mountains sounds lovely. Good luck training for the marathon.

nathy-I can totally relate to the difficulty of staying on plan everyday. But you keep coming back so that's what counts. Nice list of credits yesterday and good for you for not eating the chocolate cake.

ponee-good for you for not giving up.

05-31-2010, 10:34 PM
I have not been posting much but have been reading. Have just been way too busy and working too much. I need to resettle into some kind of sensible routine.

Overwork/stress are huge issues for me and have derailed me many times. But I am happy to report that I did very well last week at the hotel so was proud of that. Having the microwave in the room really helped and I bought frozen dinners and salad from the grocery store and so stayed within reason.

I am determined to keep my health my top priority. I know that the only way to do that is to have enough time so am trying to keep my commitment to myself to not do too much work on off hours. My off hours need to be for cooking healthy stuff, planning meals, walking or riding the exercise bike, checking in with myself and with you dear coaches, relaxing, doing things that are fun and going to bed early.

Credit today for:

-checking in here
-weighing in
-riding exercise bike 30 minutes
-doing weights
-planning tomorrow and packing lunch
-eating on plan
-reading response and advantage cards


05-31-2010, 11:23 PM
Hello all! I just bought the pink book and the workbook, and I am so excited to be starting. I am not new to 3FC, but I am new to this particular forum. Today was my Day 1. I have a great feeling about this plan! A little about me: I am 33, married, have a 13 year old son, live in Texas. I LOVE to read and to cook/bake. I am also trying to learn how to sew. I look forward to learning more about you guys!:D

06-01-2010, 02:22 AM
I'm still getting up and running. About ready for phase one.
Here's my list for today:

Credits -
- Read A&R cards - Once
- Planned my day - n/a
- Made food plan - n/a (Soon)
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - always seatedl
- Weighed myself - Yes
- Exercise - at barn, I am increasing what I do dailly
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Wrote in my journal when I had urges to eat.
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Today's big aha moment-after 20 minutes the urge has really and truly


06-01-2010, 06:36 AM
Dear Coaches

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day. I had to look up what it was in memory of and it looked like an important occasion for quiet reflection, and remembrance and recollection, so I hope you all got the opportunity

My eating last night was better because I had less calories to use having spent more during the day on-plan - I mentally 'closed' the kitchen as Nathy does and that worked psychologically - it became off limits. Today I have been working and haven't eaten enough so 'need' to eat more tonight. I will only eat after dinner when in the kitchen and not in front of the TV - taking a leaf out of ThisTime7's book. Will see how that goes. Had an unplanned piece of chocolate coated honeycomb today - could have resisted and didn't even try! Not useful behaviour. Swimming tomorrow - nice. I found exercise physio difficult yesterday - I can't believe how far I have to go - but the trainer is good and keeps me motivated

BillBlueEyes - What an enticement to bike riding exercise - red-tailed hawks! Credit none-the-less lol. And I would be pleased to have met the broken biscuit challenge too - a tough one.

CeeJay - Great to see you here and to hear that your week on the road went well. I am lucky that I am on extended sick leave at the moment to try and develop a foundation - because once work is on it takes over so I need to develop habits now. Your idea to try and keep work contained to "working hours" is a good one - hope it works!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope you had a good day with your mum and her project

Donna - (New2me2) - Yay for your cruise - sounds fabulous. And you seem to have a really sensible plan which I hope works well for you. Glaciers - I am green with envy

Gardenerjoy - I just noticed how close you are to being under 200# - so close now that you are only overweight! Huge credits there. Sigh - to get under 200 would be an achievement

Nathy - I like the way you do your check-list - it is a useful memory and behaviour aid isn't it. I closed my kitchen last night as you do and it is a useful strategy for me so thanks for the idea

OnebyOne - Hope you find a plan that you are comfortable with

Ponee - Great list of credits - well done

Shepherdess - I love the reference to "putting some miles on my legs" - I agree - they probably deserve a rest. Sounds great identifying wild flowers. That is something I have not yet gotten to do in Australia - go to the desert and look at the wild flowers after the rain - probably in Western Australia. Something to keep for my retirement - I am in training for it now! Very motivated to sign up for the marathon - and making a plan to keep the fuel up to your body - a great plan

texasmama - Welcome newbie! It will be good to get to know you

ThisTime7 - Don't beat yourself up over your gain as someone recently said to me - you are on track and your R&A cards will see you through! Good to hear from you. Good idea to plan carefully for the conference. Having done one recently there are many distractions lurking to trap you

Credits - :flow1:
- Read A&R cards - no
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes
- Food on-plan - not quite
- Posted to the list -yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - yes
- Put down fork occasionally - :hun: - Yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - back up - 218.2lb !!
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - no - but did walk down the steps!
- Resistance techniques - not when I ate the unplanned honeycomb
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on - :woops:
Putting down that knife and fork! :hungry: and resistance muscle and planning

Have a good day Beckies

06-01-2010, 06:58 AM
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