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04-29-2010, 08:08 AM
I am so freaking happy!

It's been almost 18 months since my son was born and I have just gotten into crazy diets with no exercises. I lost weight, but surely not healthy!

I was in another forum, and then a trainer's info came across. He is a professional trainer that deals with fat loss. I read and saw transformation that made me motivated!

This coming Monday, April 3, I will finish 4 weeks doing the program!! and I have lost 4 kilos (8.8 pounds!!) and I fell off the wagon few times.. (ouch!)

My body fat is down, and I am a happy lady! I still need 6kg (13 pounds) to go, and I hope I can do this by July!

I want to post pics, but I cant now because I am at work.. so hopefully I will do once I get home.

Just wanted to share my happiness since I stepped on the scale this morning! even though he tells me not to worry about the weight because its not something to rely on! sometimes we may look lighter than those numbers!

I am questioning about renewing my program for a second 4weeks round. The fact that I have to eat 6 meals a day means that I have to cook ALL THE TIME! I tried cooking meals for 3 days, but then sometimes I would get to busy that cant do a thing.. So here is hoping to lose the remaining weight by July!
Is anyone in here following a nutritional/training program from an online trainer/professional? I am! and would like to know if anyone is doing this.

I will finish this coming Monday, 3rd of May, 4 weeks already! and I have lost 4kg (8.8 pounds!) WOOHOO!!

This program I am following is mainly concentrating in fat loss rather than the simple 'weight loss' issue. I am not losing muscle at all.. and I eat tons of food, that are healthy and clean!!!!

I dont know if its allowed to give names in here of the professional trainers we deal with, but if anyone is interested let me know by a PM!

Good luckkkkk everyone!! :carrot: :carrot:

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:smug: Congratulations!

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