Other Reduced Carb Diets - New to Metabolism Miracle.. and need help!

04-28-2010, 06:28 PM
Hi- Just read the book and still not completely understanding how to start off.

Can someone help me?

Here are the questions I have now:
Must I eat 5 carbs (net carbs) at each meal? Or can I take in less?

Do I count 5 hours from the last bite of carb until I can eat a carb meal again?

If I wake up at 6, and eat at 6, then I must eat by 11, and again by 4 and again by 9 right?

Should I be assuming most meats are 0 carbs? Deli turkey, chicken? Peanut butter? Because according to the nutrition facts there is, but if I go by the book there is 0?

Should I try to get fruit and dairy into my meals somehow?

This seems like a lot of work. More work than Atkins, but hopefully will work better for my weight loss.

Has anyone started this diet? How was ur success?

02-08-2012, 01:48 AM
I'm just starting too on the MM diet.
So maybe together we can work it out?

You dont need to eat 5g net carb at each meal, from what I understand.
You can eat anything from the YES lists, but limit the 5x5 carb lists to no more than 5g net carb every 5 hrs.
Also, I understand that if you dont eat anything for longer than 5 hrs, that your blood sugar drops and this causes the pancreas to release insulin in order that your blood sugar does not drop. This is the negative met B cycle that gains weight.
So make sure you eat something, even a few almonds, within the 5 hrs.

If you eat the 5x5 net carb from the list, then yes, you need to make sure you dont overdo the 5g before you take another bite of a net 5g carb.

Yes, if you wake at 6 then you need to eat at 11/4/9.

Nothing on the YES lists are included in this carb count. These are foods you can eat without checking the carb values. So meat, most veggies and so on are free foods... (although she says not to overdo it).
The YES lists are also nothing to do with the 5x5 carb rule.


Dairy is on the list, but it has to be low carb yoghurt, low fat milk, low fat cheeses like low fat sour creme etc...

I was on Dukan for 3 weeks and had no success, have even taken up running 3 x week and still nothing. I switched to MM and lost 0.5kg after the first 2 days... it showed me something is working.
I dont know it it will keep working, but I'm committing to the next 8 weeks (I'm only in week 1) and will see how it goes! Its' healthy eating anyway!
Dukan was ferocious.

I have done Atkins back in the day and all that high fat really did seem weird. I have a couple of friends who now have diabetes and they were big atkins fans. When I googled if atkins leads to diabetes there is so much information on it I was so shocked!
I think Dukan is a bit like Atkins and not healthy for Met B types at all...
I hope that MM works for me.