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09-10-2002, 10:13 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Our weather has finally cooled down and it is wonderful! The school building was still pretty warm this morning but by afternoon it was tolerable. We all had windows and doors open with fans blowing the cool air inside.

I went to WW tonight -- not pretty :nono: but I am not surprised. I gained a pound and I know it was eating too much of the wrong thing this weekend and not enough walking and water. I will try to do better on all counts next week! :yes:

Maggie -- I'm so sorry to hear about Cowboy! I hope that by now the medical experts know what they are dealing with. Tell him we are thinking of him and hope he is home soon. :goodvibes: You take care as you travel back and forth to the hospital!

Bubs -- Hope you and Jimmy enjoyed your walk. I wish I had a dog to remind me that it was time for a walk! I just really like walking in the early morning as compared to evening -- half the time I don't even think about it until I'm heading for bed. That's not good! :no:

I have a load of towels to fold so better get moving. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :tired: in Iowa!

09-11-2002, 12:53 AM

Update on Cowboy: They drained almost 3 cups of blood off that liver today and sent it to the lab to be analized. Some new and some old blood ..... don't know what is going on there as of yet.

Sorry to hear about your small gain JEAN and good luck to you at weigh in BUBBLES. I am tired and going to bed now. This hospital stuff is sure tiring to a person. Especially when you don't know what is going on there but I realize they are working on this as fast as they can so it is all about a lesson in patience.

Have a good evening Magnolias.

Joyce in CO
09-11-2002, 10:18 AM
Maggie - I don't post here very often but I just had to tell you that Cowboy and you are in my prayers. I hope all will be well. Tell Cowboy we said Hi.

I also have been noticing how well you are doing OP. That is so terrific. :cb:


09-11-2002, 02:28 PM
HI All,

Youall with your fancy colored priint and different font sizes, not to mention all the smilies, are obnoxious! I do well to type in B&W without looking at the keys:D That was one of the few times in my life when I followed the directions, and I didn't look at the keys while I was learning.........I guess it paid off. However, my son goes as fast or faster than I do with his hunt and peck systerm, so go figure. WI was good........another two down:cp: This is three or four weeks in a row.......a record. Someone said I should mention the mild nausea I'm experiencing to my doc, but I told 'em they were crazy! As long as the weight keeps coming off, I can deal with the other. We had six new members last night, due to a special........whew! Ran out of Week One booklets, so I had to run to the hospital to raid our supply there. I know we're supposed to go through a bunch of paperwork, but I'll replace them, and noone will be the wiser.
It's going down to the mid 40s tonight! Yee haw! I can get out my blanket:D

Hope everyone's enjoying hump day, and we get through the anniversary with no mishaps. I think everyone is waiting with baited breath. God Bless America.


09-11-2002, 07:40 PM
This week is flying by so fast! It's been another nice day here although a tad warm in the sun. School was bearable so it wasn't too bad today.

Maggie -- I sure hope the doctors can figure out what is going on and soon! The "hurry up and wait" is so nerve racking! I know exactly what you are going through! You be sure and take care of yourself too! :yes: My dad has been running a temp anywhere between 99.0 to 102.0 and they can't figure out why. All of the bloodwork is coming back "normal." To me, he sounds like he is catching a cold -- makes me anxious to say the least.

Joyce -- Hi! Long time no see! Come back and visit again soon! :)

Bubs -- CONGRATULATIONS on another two pounds that are GONE FOREVER! Just to be on the safe side, you'd better check in with your favorite doctor though. It's better to be safe than sorry later......old Iowa proverb! :rolleyes: I had to :lol: at you getting your blanket out for tonight! I love sleeping with the windows open!

Bob should be home from doing chores so guess I'd better get supper started. Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-11-2002, 08:50 PM

COWBOY Update: He has salmonilla - totally treatable and curable. All through his blood it is and they won't be sure if it of the parasite version or the bacteria kind. However, they have him on antibotics that are working. He goes in for another cat scan this afternoon to see if any more blood collected on top of his liver. That blood is still at the lab being analized and will tell them if it is a parasite or a bacteria. Where did he get it? Don't know.... he hasn't been south of the border so there are many different ways here in the states to get it but we don't know how or when. The good signs he has are that he wasn't losing weight from it or have loss of appetite but did feel a little nausea. We will learn more about his further treatment from the Infectious Disease doctor tomorrow. He has to stay in the hospital until he is able to get off the pain meds they have him on and can eat real food and take his antibiotics orally. Right now all that he needs is going through a tube in his arm. He is back on a real food diet and off the liquid one now so I took him in a large thick strawberry malt. Put a big smile on his face. He hasn't eaten much of the food they broght to him..... I told him to order what he likes and eat it anyway, even if he doesn't want to, because they are "watching him."

BUBBLES I too type at a fast clip - been timed at 110 WPM but still like colors and pictures so if that is being obnoxious so be it. I can live with that.;) CONGRATULATIONS on that 2 pound loss. Girl you had better get yourself checked about that little bit of nausea you are experiencing ~ something is going on in there that may take some meds.

JEAN you may be right about your dad getting a cold since his blood is clear. Fall is coming ------ maybe.

JOYCE Cowboy says Howdy! And thanks for your good wishes. Stop back in and post more often for it is always nice to see you. You are doing good with your program now I see. Good going there!

Catch you all later.

09-11-2002, 11:11 PM
Maggie -- I'm glad to hear that you have a diagnosis and that Will is feeling well enough to want "real" food. Hmmmm . . . . . a strawberry malt does sound good! :T Doesn't salmonella come from undercooked food? It's food poisoning, right?

I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow as we are having pictures taken for our IDs. It's still too warm for any winter clothes and my summer stuff is looking a little out of place! The leaves are starting to fall even though it is still quite warm during the day.

See you tomorrow!

Jean -- :p in Iowa!

09-12-2002, 12:08 AM
No wonder you have all that fancy stuff on your replies........110WPM! My brain won't work that fast, much less my fat fingers! Great news about Cowboy! I know you'll be glad to have him back home and be off of hospital detail.

Jean, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. At this point, any deviation from the norm is scary. Let's hope it's just a cold. Going down in the 40s tonight and tomorrow night, and we're going to an outdoor drama tomorrow night! YIKES!!! We must be nuts. It's also right on the river, so that drops the temp another 5 degrees or so..........just hope the wind isn't blowing:( We'll all just have to huddle up together.

Youall would be proud. Not only did I do aquarobics this AM, but walked the trail this afternoon! I'm going to be disgustingly healthy.

Have a great Thurs.


Seren Dee
09-12-2002, 08:32 AM
hey, guys. :wave: My name is Seren. I've been hanging around the support board for a few days, not really sure where I should jump in. So, I just decided to go ahead and jump anyway!

I'm 21, a fulltime college student, and I work.. a lot. Sometimes it makes it difficult to stay on-track. And sometimes it makes it easier when I don't have time to eat. Anyway, I am looking for support, like everyone else on this board is, obviously:) So, I will be around!


Seren :joker:

09-12-2002, 09:55 AM

MAGGIE: What great news!:) I don't mean that Cowboy is sick but that they finally have come up with a diagnosis!:cp: It may be a while before he is as good as new, however, you sure must feel better knowing the answers and knowing that the Drs. are on top of things. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Cowboy!!! Do what the Drs. say.

JEAN: I know what you mean. The first of the week we had 90 deg. weather and yesterday the winds rose to 50 mph gusts and it turned COLD. This morning it is 57 and still a bit windy. It seems GUSTAV, the hurricane passed east of Nantucket and brought the winds. Now, just like you I can't decide what I should wear! Of, course I am not going off to school nor having ID's taken so I can wear a sweater in the AM and shorts in the afternoon.:twirly: Hope your dad is feeling better and like Greybubs I hope the temp is only a sign of a cold.

BUBS: Boy, an outdoor performance is going to be tough with the temps you were citing. Be sure and bundle up and stay warm.:flame:

JOYCE IN CO & SEREN DEE: :wave: Welcome!!!! We are always glad to have new people here. We are a group of losing ladies! At least, most of us are, I have been on a holding pattern for a while but trying to get back on tract. :)

Gloria in MA....just checking in early and as the house needs cleaning I am trying to talk myself into doing it. Oh, yes, DH just informed me we are going to Mohegan Sun, a casino, for our 45 Anniversary. He knows I love to play the slots--limited amounts--and we will be staying over at their new hotel. Can hardly wait.
Have a great day everyone!!:hyper:

Joyce in CO
09-12-2002, 10:00 AM
Maggie - I am so glad the doctors figured out what is wrong and that they can fix it. I didn't know there are 2 kinds of salmonella, parasite and virus. Hope he feels better fast now that they know how to treat it. {{{{HUGS}}}}

:wave: to everyone -

09-12-2002, 11:29 PM

It has been in the high 90's again this week. On my way home form the hospital which is on the coast, I put the top down but when I get near home I have to stop and put it up because it is so much hotter up here than down the mountain. I am just betting I am NOT going to show a loss this week. I have been writing everything down in my journal and am way over points. However, I have been doing so much walking that I am not used to. The first day was a killer walking in that hospital to the elevator. I have a long route to take in that building and each day it gets easier to do. So It is actually doing me some good in that respect to have him in there. ;) I have actually gone in the market today and did some shopping which I have never done since being here. Also I had to go into a store and buy a wide mouthed 2 cup thermos because Cowboy requested that I make him some chicken noodle soup and bring it for him tomorrow. His taster is off and that delicious - I am serious it is good - food there doesn't taste good to him because of those meds he is on probably. I have the soup cooked and letting it cool some before freezing some and refrigerating the batch to warm for him tomorrow.

SEREN you are certainly welcome to join our little group that is very supportive and helpful down this road to thin. We are all headed the same direction so come along and join hands with us and have a go at it.

EVERYONE thanks for the kind words and thoughts for Cowboy - he isn't so complacent to be there now that he knows what is wrong and wants to come home. But they are still doing some testing to make sure they give him the correct dosage of what he needs to get this bad bug out of his system.

Later all - have a good one. Catch you on the rebound.

09-12-2002, 11:51 PM
Another day is almost done and tomorrow is "Happy Friday" :D !

My dad is still running the temp. -- wanted to go to the bank and do some $$ switching plus get a haircut. His wife said he could do one or the other but not both. He chose the bank and she said he came home and slept all afternoon. He has a doctor's appt. tomorrow for blood work so I am hoping that they will decide to try something besides Tylenol. The temp. comes and goes -- really a strange deal. :dizzy:

Seren Dee -- Welcome! We always welcome new flowers to our flower patch! You are a busy gal! Post often so that we may get to know you better and you us! :smug:

Maggie -- I hope Will is home soon! I can almost smell the chicken soup clear out here! :T

Gloria -- Enjoy your weekend at the casino. Win BIG! :eek:

Bubs -- I hope the weather is "nice" for the outside drama. That sounds like fun! :yes:

I am off to catch the news and then head for bed! Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

09-13-2002, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is trying hard to rain -- a cloudy, dreary day with the humidity on the rise.

Hope this finds all of you ready to enjoy a weekend. Mine will be spent cleaning and fixing food for card club on Monday night.

Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa

09-14-2002, 01:34 AM

COWBOY is home now and one tried person. Instructions are to return to the hospital everyday for 14 days straight to have antibiotics put in the pick they put in his arm to make it easier to administer the meds to his bloodstream. He has 4 prescriptions that he takes by mouth also. This bad bug is nothing to sneeze at or easy to get rid of either. Good to have him home. I am tired also. They discharged him this morning a 10 am but handn't yet put that pick in his arm and we waited until 6pm to get out of there with that pick inserted. That was an interesting process to watch - very steral and the guy sure knew his stuff. Not every nurse has that ability to do that and they were all busy and they called this one back on duty after he had gone home.