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04-16-2010, 08:47 AM
Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting here. I am 24 and I recently lost 35 pounds. However, on Monday, my long-term boyfriend dumped me and I have been emotionally over-eating since then. I need to get my diet back on track (I need to lose about 18 more pounds to be height/weight proportionate), but it just seems impossible at this point. During the day, when I have things to do, I make healthy choices, but at the end of the day when we used to be together or at least talking on the phone, I feel so depressed and lonely and turn to food. I feel so lost.

Ms JanVan
04-16-2010, 08:52 AM
if he dumped you without warning then what I would do is get a punching bag & staple pics of his face to it & HIT AWAY!!! Then when you get to your goal weight send him pics of yourself with a message "look at what you let get away" - GOOD LUCK!!!!!

04-16-2010, 11:01 AM
My best suggestion would be that you try to get out of the house in the evenings when you feel so sad that you want to eat. You can go for a walk in a well-lighted, safe place--or go to a gym--or visit your local library--or get together with a friend (and not to talk about the ex)--or go to a mall (but stay out of the food court!)--or take a drive to a place you have wanted to visit--just anything to get you past that situation of sitting home along feeling sorry for yourself.

I'm sure there are many things you used to do before you met that guy, so try to remember what they were. You did have a life prior to him, and you can have one again.

Good luck!

04-16-2010, 02:46 PM
Try looking at it this way: If everything else in your life is out of control, your eating and exercise are two things you have TOTAL control over. Take advantage of that. Focus your efforts on getting in shape and being kind to your body. If you are physically feeling better, you will also mentally feel better. Enlist one of your friends to be your walking buddy in the evening.

I'm sorry that you are having a hard time right now. I know it doesn't feel like it, but you'll soon start healing.

cody b
04-29-2010, 05:09 AM
Emotional overeating is common but you have to forget what happened and move on (At least for your health). It's really good you are concerned about your health. Now you just need to make a plan & take action. I suggest you start working out a bit if you want to lose weight. Another important thing is to watch your diet. Its a good idea to use a diet delivery program - as it will help you to get over emotional overeating. I suggest you should try Bistro MD diet, I used it for about 5 months and it worked really well for me. It tastes nice and helps you to lose weight gradually.