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04-10-2010, 06:56 AM
Good morning. How did it get to be the weekend again so soon? Life seems to be speeding up as I get older.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy with planned and unplanned stuff. Today should be more in control with Donna coming today (finally!) and Jazz and I off to his obedience class this afternoon. He still doesn't have a clue about the "down stay" command but may manage to pass the test on charm alone.

Drove home from the gym through the forest area yesterday and saw lots of things happening - 2-3 weeks early. The hepaticas are coming out as are the bloodroot so Spring has officially begun. My lawns are green and the lilac leaves are showing. Trilliums will be next. I always get such a lift this time of year and don't even mind that the hard work season is about to happen.

Time for a coffee and some dog cuddling - a great way to start the day. I hope yours has a good start too.

04-10-2010, 07:07 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi Ruth. I'm remembering those weeks in Jan.-Feb. that just dragged on...and on...It seems now we're at full throttle. I reflected last evening how perfect the temperature is here right now-and that soon it will hotter and hotter. I hope you and Jazz have a great day at school. I've been working on "down-stay" with Bing, too.

It's going to be another sunny day in paradise for me. I'm hitting the chore list early, as I'm going to help at the local pet store-they're having a fund raising dog wash. I'll ride my bike over since Kirk has plans for fossil hunting. Baking is on the agenda for tomorrow's potluck at church, and of course pool and dog walking.

I'm sending good wishes to Heidi as she travels today. :hug:

I'll see you all soon! I'm in pursuit of COFFEE:coffee:!

04-10-2010, 07:19 AM
Good morning ladies! :wave:

I'm just about ready to hit the road, but I can't leave without popping in. lol
I talked to my parents last night and my dad is feeling much better now that he's getting more medication. It's going to be sunny and we're planning to take a ride today. We'll see how he feels when I actually get there, but I am so happy that he's feeling good enough to want to get out of the house. :)

It took 1 week longer than I'd planned, but I'm finally at my -50 pounds goal. I still want to loose another 5 so that I'll have some wiggle room, which means nothing really changes, but I sure am happy. :lol: I never would have made it without you ladies. Thank you for being such an awesome encouragement, cheering section and voice of reason. :hug:

OK, gotta hit the road - the sun is up. The first hour of my drive is back roads and I have to keep a sharp lookout for deer, moose and other critters in the road at dawn and dusk, so I hate to leave in the dark.
(The secret's out - Heidi is a big ole wimp! :D)

Have a great Saturday!

* Just saw your post Debbie, thank you for thinking of me. *hug*

04-10-2010, 07:24 AM
:congrat: Heidi on reaching your first big goal!! Safe travels!

04-10-2010, 07:48 AM
:coffee: Happy weekend, girls! Coffee is especially tasty this morning.

Ruth, isn't it wonderful to see everything coming life again after the long winter? It really is a balm for lifting our spirits. :)

Debbie, now that's a fundraiser that I've never heard of, but what a great idea! It sounds like it could be interesting and a lot of fun, too. Enjoy your sunny day in paradise!

Heidi, I pray for a safe trip for you and hope your dad continues to feel good. And CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal! That's wonderful!

It's a work-in-the-yard day for us, once we get our morning running finished. Jake ordered another 3 yards of garden soil, and we're splitting it between the garden and the front yard, and Dustin is bringing us enough sod to finally get our yard back to normal again, after the water company dug it all up to find and repair the broken pipe. I'm getting my radish, carrot and beet seeds planted in the garden this afternoon, too. :)

04-10-2010, 08:00 AM
Heidi, congratulations!!! I hear you about the wiggle room but it's not essential. One day I will reach my goal. I do need to refocus to do that though.

Ruth, Cottage and Debbie: sounds like we are ALL glad spring is here and I'm jealous of your opportunities to garden. One day I will have my own small patch of grass, or at least a terrace where I can do container gardening.

Today will be filled with chores and tonight we have dinner at a friend's house. Tomorrow we will go to the Bronx Zoo. Our membership expires at the end of the month (I don't think we will renew, frankly) and we have a free parking coupon and some free attraction tickets that need to be used up!

Hope everyone has a great day.

04-10-2010, 08:41 AM
Ruth - I think that is an actual phenomenon! Time passes faster the older we get. I am sure of it! And goes by soooo slowly when we are dieting.

Debbie - I was thinking the same thing about the weather. Soon I will be complaining about the heat. And it gets hot here in the summer! Makes me sadder that I am missing such great biking weather. Of course I could be like you and bike all year round! I hope you don't get any dogs that hate baths today. Mine would run when she heard the basement tub go on.

Heidi - I'm glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. :bravo: on 50 pounds! You are such an inspiration! Have a safe trip. My husband is a big fan of Garmin. (We own stock and they are a local company too.) He just got his second for his 50th birthday and we have gotten tons of use out of the first one. I am pretty sure that he found information in Consumer Reports.

Linda - Enjoy playing in the dirt today.

Mmc - Have fun at the zoo today.

DS has prom tonight. Tomorrow DH and I are going to the baseball game with friends and the seats are in a VIP section with a buffet and then we get served food all day in our seats. I am hoping for peanuts in shells.

04-10-2010, 08:48 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's so nice to be back to my usual morning routine of coffee and internet :)

Ruth - I've been noticing the coldsfoot and bloodroot around here. Wish we had hepaticas though, they are lovely. I sure hope you are able to find some quiet moments over the weekend. Happy dog cuddling :)

Debbie - Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Heidi - :congrat: and over the winter too! I know what you mean about the driving, I feel the same way.
Hope your Dad is more comfortable and the weekend is peaceful.

Cottage - Happy planting!

Mmc - Sounds like a nicely balanced weekend - a little work and a little play :)

:wave: Karen. How is the shoulder?

It's supposed to be pretty cool and windy here so not sure how much yard work I'll get done. I do have a lot of spring cleaning I want to do though, so it might be a good day for that. All the usual food prep for the week too - beans, bread, soup, etc. I'm sure we will fit some local birding in too. The next two weekends are away from home for me so it will be nice to spend a weekend getting things done around here.

Don't know about the temperature but the sun is shining right in my face :) Happy weekend

04-10-2010, 09:49 AM
Thanks for asking, Cyndi. I think I have to say it is slowly getting better... because it no longer hurts all the time. Progress. I am eager to see what the doctor says when I see him on Friday. And hope I am much improved before my vacation in two weeks. My range of motion is still very limited. Sigh. Meanwhile, I am trying not to think about my arm muscles wasting away:(

I need to follow your example and do some food prep. Lunches are getting especially boring. Off to eat breakfast finally.

Have a great day all!

04-10-2010, 10:18 AM
Good morning, everyone! I can't believe I'm here this early on a Saturday. :lol: But, the dogs wanted out and DH is OUT COLD! (He had a late, somewhat inebriated night last night.)

Ruth: Good luck to Jazz (and you) today! I hope you have a relaxing evening planned after today's activity.

Debbie: What a great thing you're doing helping at the pet store! I know what you mean about the weather, we've had great temps as well. We'll be outside as much as possible this weekend.

Heidi: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :carrot::carrot: I'm so proud of you for making your goal! I bet you're ecstatic! I can't wait to join you at the finish line!!

Linda: Have fun in the garden today. I think we're going to be out in ours this afternoon. Just doing some soil work to get ready for planting after we get back from NM. I bet it'll be good to get rid of the evidence of the water debacle.

Mmckellan: I hope you have a good time at the zoo! :wave:

Karen: That sounds like the way to watch a game!! DH and I love going to baseball games, but haven't ever been treated so extravagantly! I bet you'll have a blast!

Cyndi: Enjoy your weekend at home, getting everything prepped and ready for the coming weeks! No spring cleaning here, but I may do a bit of food prepping since our week is going to be hectic.

Everything is peachy here. DH is still sound asleep and probably will be for a while. I think I'll have to fend for myself for breakfast instead of waiting for a plate of his delicious skillet eggs. I honestly don't remember the last time I had to fix my own Saturday-morning breakfast. Guess I'm a bit spoiled. ;)

Today is pretty much get-stuff-done-day. I need to catch up on laundry and do some minor cleaning around the house. We're planting the veggie garden after we get back from NM, so we're going to work the soil over today. I also need to get our church clothes ready as tomorrow is our long Sunday at church; we'll be there from 9:00 - 12:30 because DH is running sound. Finally, I want to get online and track down some vegetarian recipes to start experimenting with. Oh, and I can't forget a big workout, either!

Well, the coffee's done and I've got some DVR shows I want to watch before DH takes over. He'll be grouchy and "headachey" this morning, so I'll acquiesce with no argument today. :rolleyes:

04-10-2010, 10:31 AM
Back before heading to the pool....

Linda, YAY for getting your seeds planted!

Mmc, maybe they will have a community garden sometime...or an herb box. I always liked the herbs Jamie Oliver grew out his itty bitty kitchen window on his tv show.

Karen, what bball team? Denver is all geared up-first home game was yesterday.

Cyndi, I really noticed when you weren't here yesterday morning! Beck is hopping me into cleaning and organizing. Soon, I'll be food prepping even more, I hope. See you later, I'm sure.

See ya'll later!

KimStar, aka Pescatarian Beacher. Glad you get a nice quiet Saturday morning. Enjoy your day and the excitement of your new lifestyle!

04-10-2010, 10:34 AM
Good morning, I'm back. We actually got home last Sunday but this week was too hectic to get on here either from work or home. I had floor duty at work so didnt have time and both DS and DD1 had either track meet or soccer games every night this week.

Ruth: Isn't it great this time of the year watching everything blooming. I love it.

Debbie: Enjoy the good weather and how nice of you to help the pet store.

Heidi: CONGRATULATIONS!!! you are my inspiration, that is were I need to be back to. Wiggle room is a good thing.

Linda: Enjoy gardening today. You'll almost :) motivate to start a garden.

Mmckellan: Have fun at the Zoo.

Karen: Are you getting pictures tonight, next Saturday is Prom for my guys, still running around getting flowers, renting tux, and DD still has to get shoes and clutch to match her purse. DH and I are going to Opening day for the Cardinals on Monday, it will be our belated Anniversary Date, our Anniversary was yesterday, 22 years

Cyndi: Glad you are getting to enjoy a weekend at home.

I need to go back and catch up on the threads that I have missed the past two weeks. Scale didn't go up while on vacation so that was a good thing, now I am just trying to get in to a groove for what works for me so I can start ramping up everything, I got some hormone stuff going on so trying to tweaks things and see what happens to get the scale moving along.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

04-10-2010, 11:01 AM
Hi Ladies!!
You guys are all so busy! my Day was supposed to be a Lax game but its so cold & Windy I can't be out in it!
Ruth Jazz getting by on Charm? I can't Imagine ;)
Debbie That sounds so awesome!!! :D
heidi!!! congrats! Be safe on your trip!
Cottage have a great day in the garden I'm getting hungry thinking of your Veggies
MmcK I love the Bronx Zoo! I didn't realize you were in the city! I'm in Jersey
Karen/Pearl We're going to need Prom Pics!! I wish they had a prom for adults!
Cyn Pass the coffee I have an inside day planned today too
Kim come On Over I had a yummy healthy breakfast my DH is just starting to stir
Today is DH's birthday but he's slated to work all weekend so it will be a quiet 1
I just had a yummy breakfast that could be ph 1 or 2 depending on veggies

Going to post it and text myself the picture
I think I'll throw something warm on and exercise!

04-10-2010, 11:04 AM
Kim - now that you say that I realize I have never paid for a sporting event in my life! Maybe if I liked watching more I would pay to go. Maybe. Another gardener! Maybe everyone can send me their extra veggies this year:)

Debbie - Kansas City Royals. They play the Red Sox and I grew up in Boston so may have to cheer for the away team. If I dare.

Rose - I was wondering I would be able to figure out how to post a reasonably sized photo on here. Maybe it will be my avatar for a while. I cannot imagine having to outfit a girl! Fun or drama? Happy anniversary to you and DH.

Kierie - Happy birthday to him!

My sweet hubby is going to exercise alongside me (treadmill and elliptical) today despite his original plan to take a break before he plays basketball later. I am struggling to find motivation to do it on my own. And I am dragging my neighbor out to walk later.

04-10-2010, 02:37 PM
Good Morning Chickadees,

Ruth, are the flowers in your profile pics wild flowers you come across (or maybe your garden flowers)? When I first saw the puple ones I just assumed it was a pic you pulled off the internet because they looked so perfect!

Debbie, What a fun day you have planned! You definitely will not have time to get bored!

Heidi, I am so glad to hear your dad is doing better!! Congrats on hitting your goal, that's awesome!! Have a safe trip.

Cottage, Sounds like you will have a nice veggie garden this summer!

MMc, enjoy the zoo!

Karen, what teams will you be watching? VIP section sounds fun!

Cyndi, I'm doing the spring clean-up thing here too. A pain in the butt, but so nice when it's done!

Kierie, Happy Birthday to your DH!!

I spent yesterday cleaning the house. It is so nice to look around and see everything so spotless! My DH went back to work yesterday after a 7 month lay-off! Woo Hoo!! Although, it feels rather lonely with just me and the pup. I can't remember if I told you about the tadpoles I saved from a draining mud puddle? Well, they are now turning into the tiniest little tree frogs you have ever seen and I've spend all morning watching them climb up the glass and jump into the water over and over again! Too cute! Looks like they will be getting released soon. I have absolutely nothing planned until tonight so we'll see where the day takes me. I hope you all have a lovely OP day!

Fat Melanie
04-10-2010, 03:36 PM
Hey ladies, how are you all? Starting phase 1 and the gym again Monday... can't wait! Filled out the FAFSA to get back into college, and hoping to go ahead and get my 2 year old into Head Start so I have time for my college classes and the gym, and then of course plenty of time to spend with my little one when he gets out of Head Start every day. Went to campgrounds where there is a lovely beach, and me and my father-in-law's girlfriend's 14 year old niece were the only ones to get into the water. We walked way out because it doesn't get to your chest until a certain point, so walking through the water was an amazing exercise. I could really feel it in my legs, thighs, butt... and of course when we finally took the plunge and jumped all the way into the cold water, it was a rush. I really miss swimming, haven't done any in the past couple of years because I didn't want to wear a bathing suit... we were fully clothed. But it was great! What a rush! I'm looking forward to being young and exercising in the water again with my young friend. (By the way, having a young spirited energetic girl around is a lot of motivation for me! They make ya want to get active and splash around in the water like a kid.) Anyway I'm rambling... but yes! I recommend this highly to you all, find a young person in your family, maybe your own children, or a niece or nephew or your best friend's kids, take 'em to any place that allows swimming, and get into the water with them! You'll be amazed at how much fun you'll have, and what an effortless, fun, workout!

Take care ladies... hope you're all doing great!

04-11-2010, 07:11 AM
Good morning. I'm about to go into overdrive but figured I'd better check in.

After Church, I am taking the dogs to the kennel, going to have lunch with a friend and then going to my info session for my Italy trip. After that it's off to the city for a birthday dinner with my dear friend Shirleyanne and I'll stay overnight. There will be a minor shop in Ottawa and then home for lunch.

Next week is very, very busy. (I'll spare you my calendar!) It's a good thing I made freezer stash stuff yesterday: chili, soup, taco bake and pasta sauce plus some meat cut up for stir-fry.

Have a great Sunday!

04-11-2010, 07:33 AM
I'm passing you a shot of expresso to boost you for your busy day, Ruth! It sounds like your whole week is going to be super busy, but lots of fun, too!

I'm fueling myself with coffee to prepare for another busy day working in the yard and garden. We have 3 more yards of supersoil to spread over the veggie garden and more seeds to get in, and Jake wants some help redoing the flower bed and rebuilding the edging wall in the front yard. I don't know what I'm making for today's dinner, but it should be something simple and fast!

04-11-2010, 08:14 AM
Good Sunday Morning:sunny:

Ruth, enjoy your birthday/shopping trip!

Linda, I'm so happy everytime I read that you're gardening!

Pearlrose, I've been missing you! Good job maintaining on your vacation! Happy (belated) Anniversery!!

Kierie, hope it's warmer today! Happy BD to DH!

KellyEnix, what an amazing story about the tadpoles! When we each do small things it makes a big difference!

Melanie, good to see you! the water sounded cold but I'm glad you had fun. My suggestion is to get yourself a swimsuit that you can live with at your current weight and start enjoying the water with your son this summer! It will mean alot to him and help you create a lifestyle to help you lose. As you know, I go to the pool every day-there are lots of people smaller than me...but also bigger...I do it for me because I like it.

I've been busy doing my Beck homework, part of which seems to be control of my environment. In my quest for food sanity my office and freezer are now sane and this AM it will be the refrigerator. Church/potluck so a big salad is in order. I did a monster bake yesterday. I had 2 items I wanted out of the cupboard, so I baked 4 different things and only cleaned one mess! Since tasting while standing is off limits with Beck I wasn't even tempted, but did have the opportunity to notice how many times I thought about it!

I'll check back in a to refrigerator land.

04-11-2010, 08:18 AM
Good morning busy Chicks :coffee2: Boy do I feel like a slug. I don't think I got through 1/4 of my list yesterday. Apparently I needed a leisurely weekend.

Ruth - Have a lovely dinner and overnight with your friend. Remember to take some deep breaths, pet the dogs, and sit on the porch with a scotch this week :)

Cottage - Wow, lots of gardening done! I want your growing season. Of course I'd be too distracted by migrating birds anyway :)

Debbie - Glad to hear you are having so much success with Beck. I agree it's a great tool for long term maintenance. Sounds like an incredibly productive day for you yesterday too!

We are off to do a little spring hawk watching. I don't know how much we will see, but it's a nice little walk up a mountain with lovely views. The spring cleaning seems to be stuck on the back burner. I may just need to take a couple of days off and focus on getting it done.

I made an interesting quick pizza crust last night with oats and chick peas. It actually held together a lot better than I thought it would and was pretty tasty. I posted the link in the On Plan thread if anyone is interested. My only tip is use a food processor not a blender.

Better get moving if we are going to get out and bird before lunch :)

04-11-2010, 08:39 AM
Enjoy your busy day/week Ruth!
Nice work on the freezer stash... it sounds like you're going to need it. I'll be anxious to find out more about your Italy trip. We loved visiting Italy but we focused on EATING not cooking each time we were there. ;)

Another busy day of yardwork for you Linda, are you putting all these hours in the log on your wii fit plus? :lol:
I never bother but sometimes wish I did, then I wouldn't get that scolding message, "Too busy too work out yesterday Heidi, eh?"

Hi Debbie, If you find a little extra time I could sure use your help with MY freezer and fridge! lol I usually do my cleaning/organizing on the weekend and I haven't had many weekends at home lately. I'm glad you're so pleased with Beck. You've got me intrigued, I think I'll google and find out more when I get home.

Cyndi, I was thinking the same thing about Linda's growing season. :) On the drive down yesterday I was peering through snow flurries admiring forsythia and daffodils in people's yards. It's a while before we'll be putting anything in the ground at our house, too.

We had a really, really nice day yesterday. It was cool but very sunny and we rode all over the place with the warm sun coming in the car windows. We made a few stops and my dad felt good enough to get out of the car and walk around a little. He's feeling good again this morning, but tired. Such a change from last weekend. I thank God for the pain medications - they've made such a difference!

I'm going to church with my sister this morning and picking up my parents' favorite - Kentucky Fried Chicken - on the way back. (I'll keep my opinions on that to myself. lol) After lunch we're going to take a ride to the green house to get some pansies, and I'll get those in before I head back to Maine. I'm enjoying this weekend so much, I kind of wish I could skip school and stay an extra day.

Have a great Sunday friends! :hug:

04-11-2010, 08:52 AM
Hi Heidi - Hope you have another good day visiting the folks. What is it with that generation and fried chicken? My Dad loves the fried chicken dinners from Price Chopper. Apparently they know the young woman who works there and she makes them up a fresh order whenever they come in. My Mom is off most of that but not my Dad. Ah well :) I'm just glad your Dad is able to be out and enjoy the weather and, I'm sure, the company.

04-11-2010, 09:05 AM
Prom last night. My son and his girlfriend looked very nice, in my biased opinion:) But some of the other dresses.... wow!

04-11-2010, 09:08 AM
Cyndi, credits for recognizing you needed a leisurely weekend. Enjoy your hawk walk! Maybe you could borrow Donna? I'll check your recipe out! Price Chopper sounds as scary as the chicken!

Heidi, thanks for sharing your really, really nice day yesterday. I almost felt like I was there. Great to hear your Dad feels better this weekend. I wish you could skip school, too....hooky?

04-11-2010, 10:26 AM
Good morning everyone!
Just popping in before I head to church!
Didn't find earrings, called mother, told me I was obviously stressed and that I needed to relax and enjoy myself, listened to her (mothers are ALWAYS right, always), things are good. Now have loads of homework to do today.

Enjoy your sunday, everyone!

04-11-2010, 10:40 AM
Good morning, everyone! I'm running late this morning, so I won't be going with DH to church at nine. I'll just have to take my care and meet him in SS at 9:45. I really hate taking two separate cars; it's such a waste. Oh well.

After church I was going to sweep, mop and dust the house, but it was already drizzling this morning (yay!), so if it keeps it up, I'll just dust. Doing the floors with the dogs is pointless. I'm also going to sit down and do the budget and plan our week, meals and all. I want to pull out of town right at 8 am Thursday and that's not going to happen if I'm not prepared. Well, if I don't get going I'm going to miss SS, too. :)

Karen: Thanks for sharing the pictures! What a good-looking couple! I hope they had fun!!

04-11-2010, 11:21 AM
Back before church...
Karen, I missed you earlier. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing them!

KatehSparrow, I'm really sorry you didn't find your earrings but I'm glad your Mother helped you find your need to relax. Hop on that homework and have a great day!

KimStar, I hear you on dogs and mud. I don't want to water the lawn right now because they'll just track in. I'm going to plan meals today, too. Enjoy your Sunday.

Now to decide if I can fit in riding my bike to church-not the most practical but I need the exercise.

04-11-2010, 11:39 AM
Good morning everyone!

Karen, What a cute couple, how fun!

Ruth, When are you going to Italy? How exciting!

Heidi, I'm glad you had such a good day, and your dad is doing a bit better.

Cyndi, Enjoy your hawk watching.

Katie, Moms ARE always right. :) Good luck with all your homework.

KimStar, I totally know what you mean about doing the floors being pointless when you have dogs. I only have one but it's still a losing battle. LOL

cottage, have a great day gardening!

Debbie, Interesting that tasting while standing isn't allowed on Beck - I do that a lot.

I'm so tired today, I was up a lot of the night because my DS starting throwing up at midnight. I had to change his bedding 4 times and I still have laundry going. He seems to be feeling a bit better and is asking for bananas so hopefully it will prove to be a quick bug. I need a nap.

04-11-2010, 12:26 PM
We're having a family BBQ this afternoon, so I have a mock snack cake in the oven for me right now (blueberry, cranberry & apple!), and am just waiting til it's done before going back outside to finish planting.

BTW, Cyndi and Heidi, the reason I can plant so much in the garden right now is because Jake made a greenhouse thingy for it, and with it on, the temp is in the 80s or 90s. :) It only fits over the raised bed, though, so it will be a while yet before I can plant tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. It's great to be able to get a head-start on some things, though!

Tammy, your son and his prom date make a very cute couple! Did they have a good time?

04-11-2010, 04:08 PM
Lovely Sunday here. Went to my son's campus yesterday and went to see "Clash of the Titans". It was pretty good but I still like the old version with Harry Hamlin. Went out to a Mexican restaurant and made good choices for a delicious taco salad. (My DH ate the tortilla.) Took our dogs for a walk yesterday. It turned into a jog/run/walk. They have so much energy and obviously no manners yet. I think I'll take them again today. I felt very energized by it and was glad I could keep up with them. I didn't know their little legs could move so fast. My daffodils are starting to bloom and my forsythia is lovely. I love spring!

04-11-2010, 11:13 PM
Hi everybody! :wave:

I'm safe and sound back in Maine - Fergie and the pup were very happy to see me and even though it was hard to leave my parents' house it's really good to be home. I'm half asleep so if this post doesn't make sense that's why!

Karen, you may be biased, but I have to agree - your son and his date are both very attractive and look quite happy. I love the way they coordinated their outfits, too!

Linda, thanks for explaining about your greenhouse thingy. It sounds great.

I guess we've decided which GPS unit to get for Fergie... He wants the Garmin Rino 120 ( His plan is that we'll get a pair of them and call them birthday/Father's Day/Mother's Day gifts. :p We always stay together when we're hiking, so I don't really see the need for 2 units - or the walkie talkie feature. But I'm not sure he ever really saw the need for a wii and wii fit plus, either....... :lol: