Maintainer Introductions - Introduction to a long time reader, first time poster

04-09-2010, 12:42 PM
I started losing weight about 4 years ago, when my highest measured weight was 225 at 5'3". I discovered 3 fat chicks forums a few years ago when I was in the midst of losing (down to about 150) and found a wealth of useful information here on the maintainers forum.

It helped a great deal to accept that to maintain my weight, I would need to continue the same eating and exercising habits I had been using to lose. It took about 2 years to lose my weight. The nice thing about such a slow loss is that I felt confident that my habits were well engrained.

I've been maintaining at 125 for 2 years now, and I feel I owe a lot of that success to you ladies for your wonderful posts here. In March 2009 and again last month, I had skin removal procedures done. I never thought I would have cosmetic surgery, but it has helped me feel so... normal. I was one of the unfortunate ones when it comes to skin shrinking back, and it was even difficult to hide under my clothes. The skin FAQ really helped me come to terms with that and move forward with my decision to have surgery.

I'm not sure why I haven't posted before now. This is the only place I've come across that really covers the subject of weight maintenance. I don't know anyone in real life that has had a big weight loss and - most importantly - kept it off, so it is nice to read here and not feel quite so unusual, or not feel that maintaining will be an impossible feat.

A few other random facts about me:
- I have PCOS
- I no longer have any symptoms of PCOS
- I had twins in 2003 when I was extremely obese, fertility treatments were required
- I got pregnant with my 3rd child without fertility treatments. I found out a day or two after I finally hit a normal weight. She may have postponed my final goal weight, but she's definitely my favorite NSV :)
- I've been a vegetarian since I was about 10 years old
- I'm a big fan of lifting heavy weights. Squats, presses and deadlifts are our friends! It's fun to be strong, and has helped make maintaining easier.

Thanks for reading my lengthy intro!

04-09-2010, 12:48 PM
Welcome RJ! :welcome: Congrats on your loss! Please feel free to jump in on any of the threads in the Maintainers forum. :D

Shannon in ATL
04-09-2010, 02:57 PM
Hey there RJ! Welcome! I would say DD3 was one heck of an NSV! :) Congrats on your loss, and your health achievements. Fantastic!

Come on it to the chat threads, the water is fine. ;)