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04-09-2010, 06:49 AM
Well, I can dream, can't I? :rofl: My frolic will be taking out the trash in the rain and then I'll have the fun of going to the gym to work on being fabulous. After that it'll be the Big Domestic Day as Donna is coming and I have a list of extras for her to do before she does the regular stuff.

I do intend to spend some me time this afternoon with my book and a cup of tea. We'll see what else happens. Maybe Johnny Depp will drop in.

How does your Friday look? Fun and fabulous or just a Friday? :cofdate:

04-09-2010, 07:01 AM
Good Friday morning, Ruth!

My Friday is looking both Fun and Fabulous, since I plan to enjoy a quiet day by myself. :) Right now we're still getting some lingering rain showers and it's lovely. I cleaned the house and did the laundry yesterday, so I have the entire day free!

I'm thinking of driving out to one of my favorite garden centers way out deep in the Amish countryside to look around and see what's new. I still haven't heard from the girl who promised me rhubarb from her father's patch, so maybe I can find some today.

My arms and legs are quite sore this morning. I've been doing some strength-training exercises on the Wii Fit Plus and working some muscles that haven't been used in a while! I'm not sure whether I should do the exercises again today, or wait until the soreness goes away? :dizzy: I want to keep up with them, so I'll probably do as much as I can. I keep thinking of that new swimsuit I bought, and that I want to look great when I'm wearing it this summer. :D

Jenne, I hope you found some relief from your allergies!

Anne, I hope your DH finds something soon, and congratulations to your DS!

04-09-2010, 07:06 AM
Linda, as the little wii fit board says each time you finish, "Remember to work out every day!" :rofl:
Those exercises look wimpy but I can't believe the muscles I've got now that I've been doing them regularly since February.

Another busy day here, but that's good. I eat less and go to bed happier on busy days. We've got a middle school class visiting to read with us this morning and most likely an indoor recess at noon time. We're doing a fun dinosaur bones activity this afternoon though, so I'm confident that will get everyone settled down again. :) I'm heading to Massachusetts very early tomorrow morning so I've got lots to do after school too. Hopefully the skies will be clear by the time I finish my errands so that I can get a walk in before I start on the laundry. It was too rainy to walk yesterday afternoon.

Enjoy your Friday friends! :hug:

04-09-2010, 07:09 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi Ruth! Thanks for getting us started this morning. Oops! Sorry to hear it's still raining, but on the positive side it gives you a bit more inside time before the gardening season is in full swing. Enjoy your day and BE SURE to spend time with your book and cup of tea....and if Johnny Depp does show up please send him my best wishes!

ETA-Hi Linda and computer needing a reset so I'll be back...also haven't figured out what I'm doing yet today, either....that task takes coffee.

Despite staying up past my bedtime to watch a BBall game, I seem to have my up and at 'em this morning. Fabulous! Coffee is brewing, family is sleeping and our part of the world is waking. Fabulous is my BIL's favorite word(with his British accent) and I like it because it's another "state of mind". My life isn't perfect and many of us have day to day hardships, but I find that if I can keep a positive state of mind that my task of losing weight and keeping it off becomes easier.

Have a great OP day everyone!

04-09-2010, 07:19 AM
Good morning everyone! It's raining here too, but supposed to clear up later in the day. The weekend will be cooler which will be a relief. It has gotten up to 90 degrees the last two days here.

I measured/weighed today. I lost .2 lb. and a half an inch here and there, not much (and with a half an inch, I am never sure if it is just that I am holding the tape differently). At least I didn't gain. The cold/allergies I have been having seem to be calming down, and I have GOT to get back to exercise.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

04-09-2010, 08:40 AM
Good morning!

Ruth - What are you reading now? I am reading so much less because it really does instantly trigger snacking for me. I should try tea with my book too.

Cottage - I had always heard to rest the muscles a day at least in between but know many people, my mom included, that don't do that. But it makes sense to me because doesn't the soreness come from small muscle tears? Good for you working them that hard!

Heidi - Busy means less eating for me too. Funny how kids are intrigued by dinosaurs. Have a safe trip to MA.

Debbie - You always sound so positive to me! I tend to be more of myself here, moods and all, but on my blog I have tried to be optimistic about the whole journey and it really does help motivate me. But might mislead someone into thinking I really am that sunny - I am not! But trying.

Mmc - You look different! And are going in the right direction:) I feel the same about the tape measure. How often do you do it? I weigh daily but measure only once a month.

I have my workout with my mom today and will do what I did last week - only lower body and abs. But at least it is something. I am doing abs and cardio on my own but need to get motivated to keep up the lower body work at home now that I don't go to the gym. Oh motivation... where are you?

04-09-2010, 09:37 AM
Good morning everyone!

We're getting relief from the heat here too, it's only supposed to get up to about 60 today. Which my DS (age 4) is excited about because he gets to wear his favorite hoodie again. LOL My DH is working from home today, which I love.

Have a great Friday everyone!

04-09-2010, 10:05 AM
Finally back...darned computer...especially when I have lots to do.

Linda, I wish you could come by and pick me up for the tour of the garden centers! Have a great day off!

Heidi, have a great day! I'll be thinking of you and your trip to your folks tomorrow. Is Fergie going?

Mmc, glad your allergies are calming down. I hope you get to start planning for your exercise.

Karen, I certainly have moods but I try to come here with a positive outlook because I have come very far and still have a long road ahead. I had one week last summer where I literally fell apart and I PM'd friends here who helped me get through. I always know I am on the edge of another one, kind of like looking over the Grand Canyon, and there are many times that my attitude is all I can change. Trying counts!'ll find it. Have a great day.

Hi Chelsea, I'm glad to hear it's cooling down for you. I hope you are feeling better on your intro to P2.

Cyndi, :wave:

Me, I have Beck homework to do, then bike to the pool for water walk after, then home for OP lunch and paperwork. I'm working tomorrow, so need to get things done today. Other than that, I'll see you all later.

Have a great day everyone!...Did I say that already??

04-09-2010, 10:14 AM
Ruth-- If Johnny Depp drops in, I expect an invite. I love him. :D

Heidi -- Enjoy your day and your trip!

Debbie -- I really agree with you, how "fabulous" the world is really depends on how you look at it, and I always try to look at it with my cup half full.

Everyone else: :wave:

As for me, this friday is going to be a busy one. Have a lot of work to get started on for next week and I have to clean my room as well as perform in a choral concert tonight.

Hope everyone has a good friday!

04-09-2010, 10:14 AM
Morning everyone! I'm falling asleep at my desk, so I just thought I'd say hello before I attempt to prop my eyes open with toothpicks. I got 7 hours of sleep, but I think I woke up right in the middle of my deep cycle. Boo!

Hope you all have fabulous weekends - I'm going horseback riding on Sunday and I'm so excited!

04-09-2010, 10:25 AM
Good morning all :) we are having internet issues at home so I haven't been online since yesterday afternoon. Can't figure out what to do with myself in the morning without my information upload and my 3FC fix.

Cottage & Ruth - enjoy your quiet time. Good luck with Johnny Depp.

I've spent too long catching up on email so need to do a little work. If it's quiet here I'll check back in later. Not sure when we will have internet back. DW is calling Comcast to try to get a new modem. Hope that helps.

Hope your Friday is an easy ride into the weekend :)

04-09-2010, 11:26 AM
Good morning, everyone! Off to a slow start to the day here. My boss just finally got in. I have a few books to process, but not much else to do.

Ruth- I really wanted to stay take the day off and spend it with a good book. But I knew if I stayed home I'd work on accounting homework instead, so I might as well go to work. Enjoy that book!

Cottage- enjoy the day! A free day to yourself sounds wonderful!

Debbie- you've made me decide that a cup of coffee is just what I need right now!

Hello to everyone else! Better go make my coffee and get back to work!

04-09-2010, 11:37 AM
Hello, everyone! I really miss chatting here. I hope I can start getting up earlier to do it before work again soon.

I've had a pretty good week so far, but I'm ready for it to be over because next week we leave for our mini-vacation!! I can't wait!

I'm on day 2 of being a full-on pescetarian. It's a hard change to make in cattle country/the desert, but I'm going to get creative and find some better resources for seafood if it kills me!

Well, it's time to log off the internet and get to work! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!

04-09-2010, 12:06 PM
I'm back from the nursery WITH some mature, freshly dug-up rhubarb plants! :carrot: Just as I was leaving the house, the girl I spoke to last week that offered me some plants from her father's garden called and said she was holding them for me. :D I'm having a cup of tea right now and reading up on how to plant them properly, then I'm going to get them planted. Now how cool is that to be able to pick rhubarb from my very own garden whenever I want? :flow2:

Cyndi, I'm glad to see you back on line! I was wondering where you had gotten to. ;)

Kimstar, I've missed you! Your mention of becoming a pescetarian reminds me of something funny Maggie said last night. The girls are awed with the fact that I'm a vegetarian and are always asking me questions about it. Well, Maggie had some kind of sea creature action figure and was telling Audrey it didn't eat people, and I said it must be a pescetarian. So Audrey asked what is a pescetarian, and Maggie replied "It's a person that eats "pesces." :rofl:

04-09-2010, 01:17 PM
Morning chicks!

went to the Dr. this am and it's allergies so I've got a steroidal creme for it. I asked her about becoming buff at the end of use but she didn't find me funny. I haven't seen her (my primary) for 2 years. And I am only 2 pounds lighter than I was at that time. Daunting but true. She was impressed with my calf muscles -- I told her it was all the escalator walking! I told her I'd be down another 12 the next time I see her again (6 months).

Thanks cottage for the thoughts ;) What do you do with rhubarb? I am scared of it!
Ruth - we got a lot of rain and howling wind...stay dry!
Heidi - hoping the skies cleared up for you :wave:
Debbie - have a good one!
MMc - nice [new] profile pic!
Karen - when you find your motivation, have it call up mine, ok?
chelsea - hope you enjoy the weather!
kate - have a good one!
jenny - toothpicks hurt too much. just put on a pair of shades and nap sitting up!
Cyn - that's why you get a cell with internet capabilities!! ;)
Geo - hope you have a fab Friday!
Kim - my boss is a pescetarian and loves it. easier here on the coast to be though!

04-09-2010, 02:24 PM
Jenne, I'm glad you got a diagnosis on your rash and hope the steroid cream helps. Don't be afraid of rhubarb! It's wonderful and I use it in lots of things. I like to stew it plain, or with strawberries or blueberries, and stir it into yogurt and oatmeal, and I make a SBD friendly crisp and pies with it, too. I adore the tart/sweet flavor of rhubarb and look forward to it every spring. :)

04-09-2010, 02:38 PM
Good morning/afternoon chickies!
Well my day has started out legs are sooo sore, I started back with my exercise routine two days ago and am feeling it today can hardly walk down stairs but will punish myself again tonight when I get off work

Sound like for the most part everyone is doing awesome --- keep it up

04-09-2010, 02:52 PM
Good Morning Everyone!

You all sound very busy today... Lots of fun stuff!

I'm not sure what I'll do today, maybe my stupid taxes? Grr. It's still beautiful here so I'd hate to sit inside at the computer all day and do taxes, but it has to get done.

Yesterday a shoot popped up on one of my dahlias that I thought wasn't coming back... Yippie!! Ahhh the little things :)

04-09-2010, 05:48 PM
Jenn - be careful with the steroid cream! (Maybe you've used it before?)

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't follow the directions carefully the first time I used it. I was so uncomfortable and applied it too heavily to my blistered toes and it caused thinning of the skin. It recovered eventually but for months the skin would split and bleed if I shoved my foot into my shoe too roughly, or if I scratched an itchy spot. My skin may be more sensitive than average, but it was a pretty extreme reaction and has scared me off the cream, so I warn everyone when I hear they're using it. :lol:

Linda, how great that you got your rhubarb plants! I absolutely love the stuff. :) Ours is up - but it's going to be a while before we're eating rhubarb custard.

Kim, I was happy to see your post. We miss you!
I had to google pescatarian... :)

:hug: Hello to everyone else!

04-09-2010, 05:49 PM
-sigh- Today is turning out to be not-so fabulous. While cleaning my room I discovered that my treble clef earrings are missing. They're very special to me because my mom bought them for me and I wear them at every concert. I have the matching necklace but the earrings are no where to be found. I'm very upset and have looked everywhere but they are either avoiding me.. or worse. I'm hoping that they are at home but I'm trying very, very hard not to eat my feelings right now because dinner tonight is basically an onslaught of comfort food and I can't do that because it will make me more miserable.

Gonna call my momma, maybe she's seen them.

04-09-2010, 05:50 PM
Wow, Heidi! That's awful! I'm really sensitive to a lot of things so I will keep that in mind.

I have a date with my accounting textbook again tonight. :( One more problem to figure out and then I have to write a report that is due tomorrow. Fun, wow...

04-09-2010, 06:03 PM
Gonna call my momma, maybe she's seen them.
I hope they turn up quickly! :hug:
Calling your momma is a great plan. If she's anything like my mom, just talking to her will make you feel better, even if she hasn't seen the earrings.
Wow, Heidi! That's awful! I'm really sensitive to a lot of things so I will keep that in mind.
I don't mean to cause undue alarm. :o I have a good friend who slathers the stuff on, and more than the recommended twice a day. She's used it for years and never had a problem. But for me the thin skin was such an inconvenience and so uncomfortable that I am very wary now.

Also, I'm trying to figure out which GPS to buy my DH for his birthday... got any recommendations?

04-09-2010, 06:22 PM
Kateh - :hug: I hope your momma has some insight for you! Hope you find the earrings soon.

Heidi - :lol: I had to google to figure out what it was called! Thanks for missing me! :D

Jenne - I'm glad you got a diagnosis, but it sounds like you're going to have to watch the cream. It's a great thing SB chicks look out for each other! I do know it's going to be hard living where I do, but aside from going vegetarian, I think it's the best way for me to eat right now. I keep joking with DH to take a job with his agency on the Texas coast. He thinks I'm crazy. :dizzy: (What's new?)

Cottage - Maggie's a hoot! :rofl: Did she ever mention what she thinks "pesces" are? I've seen rhubarb ONCE in my town and it all looked pretty pitiful. One of Jamie Oliver's books claims it's fairly easy to grow, so maybe I'll look into it next year. Thanks for missing me! ;)

Me - Everyone has worked pretty hard this week, so I told them that I wouldn't monitor their internet usage from 4 - 5 today. They are all pretty chuffed about that. This new system of leading/managing everyone seems to be going well, but it is only day 5 of the change. Boss-man and I need to stick to it and be vigilant.

Tonight is "date night" and we're staying in to BBQ. DH is having a big steak and I'm having grilled veggie kebabs. I also made a pot of pinto beans last night, so we'll have those and salad on the side. I'm not sure what we're actually doing, maybe play some Wii Resort since it's been so long.

If you're not off of work yet, are you counting down to five? I sure am!! Hope to "see" everyone in the morning.

04-09-2010, 06:46 PM
Also, I'm trying to figure out which GPS to buy my DH for his birthday... got any recommendations?

Well,unfortunately, I really don't know much about the different GPS units. We're still using the one I bought used from my WW leader's daughter. I wonder if Consumer Reports would be any help?

I hope you found your earrings, Kate. :hug:

Well, off to finish this last homework problem.

04-09-2010, 07:28 PM
Heidi, after doing some research on GPS units last year, I settled on a Magellan, and I love it. We belong to AAA, and this unit is tied into it, so they're only a click away if you need them. I got the larger screen, but that is a matter of personal choice. And it's helpful to make sure your unit is loaded with maps of Canada and Mexico, too. I know the Garmin GPS's and the TomTom's are also highly rated units. What a great gift idea for your DH, he's going to love it!

Kate, I hope your earrings turn up soon! Did you take them off and set them down someplace without putting them away? I often take off my earrings when I get home and set them down wherever, then I forget where I put them.