Weight Loss Support - Am I smaller under there?! Fat vs Loose Skin

04-07-2010, 09:11 PM
How do you know what is fat that still needs to be lost and what is loose skin?

I read 208 on the scale today and after I did that I looked in the mirror and started inspecting haha...I think I'm getting anxious to get under 200lbs. Anyways, I really started to look at my body. I have been told many many times I don't look as heavy as I am and I may have more muscle than fat. For being only 5'3" I also think I carry my weight well, but in the end I'm still 208lbs. O.O

Could a chunk of that weight really be loose skin? Is there a smaller me in there?! lol I kinda started laughing at myself as I was thinking this, I had never really though about it before in terms of myself. I couldn't even concentrate when I worked out today! When I was doing planks I could see my tummy just hanging there! I thought...what is THAT?! LOL and even my legs, its like wrinkly looking. At my lowest of 140-150 I never noticed that before and I had lost 80lbs before I got down to that weight. I know I have a lot of weight to lose still, but I wonder how much REALLY? :dizzy:

09-16-2010, 02:35 PM
Hi Jennie...I find your success really encouraging. We carry weight in a similar way and I'm curious about this post (even though it's quite old). In your video diaries you don't seem to have a real loose skin issue. What have you discovered as you've lost the weight? Was it indeed fat or loose skin?