Momentum / Flex - How many flex points do you eat per week...

04-07-2010, 03:52 PM
to still see good results for the weigh-in? Do you save them for a day/weekend or divide them up throughout the week? Also, how many lbs do you usually lose per week? I usually save my 35 for the weekend but am thinking of dividing them equally throughout the week since I'm starting to exercise 6x a week now that it's warmer out. Thanks in advance! :)

04-22-2010, 05:09 PM
I do WW at Work, and my meetings are on Thursday mornings. I use most of my 35 points on the weekend, Fri/Sat/Sun, and sometimes Monday. I try to stay at my target points the two days leading up to weigh-in. I've been losing 1 - 4 lbs. per week, for six weeks so far. I did have a week where I gained 0.2, and on that week I used some of the 35 points everyday (and ended up going 7 over!).

I occasionally watch "The Biggest Loser," and one thing I remember hearing was something along the lines of to eat strict two days, moderate three, and indulge a little two days each week. I'm sure for everyone it's different, but I find if I use my flex points early in the week or in the middle I do better than if I spread them out over all 7 days.

04-23-2010, 01:44 PM
I've gotten into the habit of leaving them alone for the most part. I may eat 4-7 wpa per week, none, or a bit more for special occasions. I should probably eat more of them routinely but I just eat far too many low point things that I am not hungry for more usually. That may change as my daily points go down, I'm at 30 points a day now and started at 33 points a day.

I'm still losing between .8 to 2.8 lbs each non-TOM week sometimes more, TOM usually gives me a small gain every 5th WI .2, .6 or 1 lb so far.