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04-02-2010, 10:04 AM
So, because of the injury and the absolute inability to bear weight on my leg, I'm bed/couch bound. I'm eagle eyeing my calories like a newborn baby and absolutely giving myself no room for the -treats- I may have previously worked into my schedule on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. I'm not sure if it's finally getting enough rest, since all I do is sleep, day and night thanks to pain pills, if its watching the calories more closely or even the lack of physical movement. Which is pretty contrary to the way weight loss works? Although, I was literally always moving, with 14 credit hours during the day, 12 hour night shifts a 4.5 yr old, a 6 yr old and their baseball/soccer/dance practices and games, maybe I just needed the chance to do absolutely nothing? I don't know. Maybe you ladies with more experience can help me figure it out, cus I want it to continue.

04-02-2010, 10:23 AM
It doesn't sound like you have much of a choice! Your body needs to heal, let it heal. You might be able to lose weight, if you're quite strict with your calories--your body does need a decent number of calories just to exist (find online BMR calculators to find this number).

Maybe while you're healing, you might try mainainting? Your body needs fuel to heal, so I wonder if it wouldn't be better in the long run to just maintain during this period. I'm no expert on this, but it's a thought.

04-02-2010, 10:31 AM
From your title is sounds like you have lost weight, not are asking how to lose? Congrats if you are losing while on being bed/couch bound! We often say that weight loss is 80% food choices and 20% exercise and I think that you are seeing that. Also, not to be a downer, I always have a bit of edema. If I am sick on the couch or bed, I usually see a drop of a couple of pounds because I lose that little bit of extra weight.

You are doing great watching those calories!

04-02-2010, 10:32 AM

I just feel so bad for you! Being bed bound must be awful! This is obviously a challenge-- and I think the challenge is not to give in to OVER eating because you are distressed, or bored...

Luckily, if you're bed-bound you probably can't hobble to the scale...so just focus on eating healthy and don't worry about it too much. You need to heal! Your body will still burn calories, even though you can't move....

Rest assured that once you get up and are hobbling around on crutches you will be burning up calories big-time.


04-02-2010, 10:35 AM
Yeah, my primary goal when they said no weight bearing was to NOT gain any weight during this period. Which, while I'm glad that I know how to do that, cus I've always gone through a period of maintenance every 25-30 lbs, it was an unexpected surprise to see the scale dip below 225. I'd like it to continue!! I am maintaining the calories needed to heal, as well as upping my calcium/vit D intake in the form of dark green salad snacks, which are basically dark greens wrapped around cheese stick with a shot of OJ to help absorption. HA!! Maybe those "Add calcium to your diet to help lose weight" ads weren't all wrong.

Gourmet Bean
04-02-2010, 12:10 PM
Maybe it's because of all the activity and things you've done in the past. You've built up so much muscle that since you're watching your calories so closely that you're burning at a nice rate. Hmm. Whatever you're doing I'm glad it's working! And I hope you're better soon.

04-02-2010, 12:16 PM
I can't do weight baring exercises either because of a foot/ankle injury. I would ask your doctor about if/any exercise you can do. I do upper body stuff myself. But your surgeon will know what's best.

So sorry you are going through this. It will be me in the same place in the fall when I have my surgery. Hang in there. Maintaining would be great.

04-02-2010, 03:22 PM
There is a silly TV show on PBS "Sit and Be Fit" for seniors LOL...They do all kinds of "workouts" from the comfort of their chairs. I think if you did it with enough intensity it might qualify as aerobic exercise. You could also do weight training while seated.

04-02-2010, 03:37 PM
I hate this for you! I can't imagine being bed-bound right now. But you are so determined!!

My cousin lost 90 lbs down to a tiny 120 prior to having knee surgery. She was out of the gym for six months. She made sure to keep her calories low and she ended up dropping down to 113 while bed ridden. So I guess it happens.I think it's important to do just what you're doing right now: Good healthy foods within your calorie range and rest, rest, rest. Rest is an often forgotten ingredient to weight loss anyway! :D

04-02-2010, 05:31 PM
I remember when I dropped my first 80. I did absolutely nothing, no exercise at all. I was a total couch potato, yet it melted off in 5 months.