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04-01-2010, 06:08 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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04-01-2010, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It was nice to walk to the gym after work yesterday (CREDIT moi) in the sunshine after the last three days of rain that broke the all-time March record. The gym has lost the January-New-Years-Resolution crowd so it's easier to get a work bench in the weight section.

Eating was on-plan, CREDIT moi; my lunch included a sardine-can of "fish steaks" which I bought to see what they were. They're longitudinal slices of small fish, bigger than sardines for sure, in oil. Good enough, with the additional benefit of all that extra calcium of their cooked bones. It's time to start dreading that all that Easter candy will go on sale in only four days, LOL.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for doing the Hunger Experiment, however unintentional it was, and then not overeating when you had food. Just nice to see that happening.

Yep, I've wished that I had had a Yiddish speaking grandmother ever since a co-worker used to teach me Yiddish words. My favorites (using his grandmother's definitions) are: schlemiel - the waiter who always spills a bowl of soup, and schlimazel - the guy it always lands on.

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back; Yay for making your goal to post daily. And, belated Happy Birthday.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a good reminder, "I'm not really interested in blowing it just because I'm starting a new diet tomorrow" since that's one of the great Sabotaging Thoughts to lead to over-eating. Smart for you DASH diet to have you thinking about balancing instead of denying.

CeeJay - Gotta consider it moving forward when your off-plan bread is whole wheat, LOL. Sounds like a good day yesterday.

Shepherdess - Ouch for losing power in the midst of making dinner; I'd be gnawing on the steering wheel on that 45 minute drive to dinner. Kudos for eating sanely even if it included some chips and salsa under those circumstances. Hope your power returns soon - don't you keep a large freezer that would be in jeopardy?

Beverlyjoy - Just love reading that dark chocolate is beneficial, even though every time that hits the news all the rational nutritionists are obligated to remind folks that a small amount is beneficial, heaps of it aren't, LOL. Yay for spaghetti squash - I love that stuff.

silverbirch - Sending supportive thoughts as you support your mother on the second anniversary of your father's death. That's not just emotional, it can be physically wearing. Glad to see you write about your struggles, "You've gotta rock and roll with it a bit." Sounds like an attitude that speaks well for survival to me.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Yay for over. Yay for done. "Astonishing" indeed. Now that your radiation therapy is behind you, it's neat that you have scheduled a time to recover. May your recovery go well.

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well

Try saying to yourself:

. . .
I don't feel like exercising today. Oh, well.
I don't feel like writing down my food plan for tomorrow. Oh, well.
It's a simple but extremely important concept.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 180.

04-01-2010, 07:50 AM
Hi beck folks, coaches & buddies!

Yesterday I stayed in my calorie range but, not with my plan. I am grateful to have stayed in my calorie range. I was obsessing about weighing myself today. It had been two weeks - because of being out of town, etc. Also - the dark chocolate went into the trash covered in dish soap.

I stayed the same weight as when I weighed two weeks ago. As you know - I had to go out of town for a long weekend family celebration. Then I was working and visiting family for another week.

At first I was very disappointed with staying the same because I was careful and kept track of my food and tried to eat healthfully. I did all my Beck tasks almost every day I was away from home. I did, however, have a few evenings where I overate. I am trying to accept and learn what Dr. Beck says - that my weight is what it is for that moment I step on the scale. It all depends on what I have eaten, energy expended, fluid retention, hormones, body functions, etc. I think it's actually a victory to not gain weight away from home and all those gatherings, staying in homes full of trigger foods, not being in charge/control of many of my meals and many restaurants meals out.

It's funny - last time I was gone from home for two weeks - I lost some weight. I thought I had ate healthfully enough to repeat that. It wasn't to be this time. It's OK. - (at least I am trying to convince myself.) I did lose four pounds in March - I am grateful for that!

I am planning for a better day today!

planned food - but, didn't stay with my plan
logged all food eaten, planned or not planned
lots of water
read arc/rc
used resistance techniques a couple of times
ate seated only
wrote gratitudes

did not stay with plan - was kind of 'snacky'
no beck book
half an attempt at any exercise
ate too fast
wasn't very mindful

I did my personals last night....I've copied
hikergirl - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope you had a great day. Glad you posted.

bennyhm- good for you getting done with the hunger experiment. Ya know it seems almost silly - but, it's amazing how it can help when you might have to postpone a meal or eat much later. Hooray for the smiling brocolli's.

silverbirch - I understand how it can be hard going home for Easter - for your many reasons. It's hard after the loss of a loved one. Plus - the food. I am glad to hear you are feeling less tussled and back to being organized again. Yay.

shepardess - goodness - you have had quite a time with weather and it's impact. The chips and salsa incident is over...and just move on. Plus - it didn't cause a full blown binge which is good. Kudo's for finding exercise elsewhere after being blasted by the strong wind.

gardenjoy - sounds like you've got a good approach to your plan and planning your plan. Good for you for not planning to 'go crazy' before you start your dash plan. I read somewhere that bingeing before starting a new plan is like going on a trip with extra luggage.

seadwaters - hoooorayyy!!!! so glad your treatments are over. I like that you are taking some time for yourself - with plans to concentrate on yourself too.

billbe - so sorry it's still raining in your part of the world! I hope it doesn't do too much damage. The 'wrong' kind of exercise to have to do, of course. You are so much easter candy. Worst of week it will all my half price. Hang in there!
For today - I am so glad it's not raining today. I am so saddened to see what's happening in the northeast. Glad you are have been on plan with your food and could walk to the gym. Scream to yourself Not Fair/Oh Well/No choice at that Easter Candy -

Ceejay - I hope you are enjoying your week off! I love that you and dh get to take walks together.and pasted them for April. The toast and jam incident is over....carry on!

04-01-2010, 10:27 AM
Coaches/Buddies Just peeking in to say hi. Let's just say that life has not been on the path where I have much mental energy these days, and although I'm keeping my head above water, it's been a little rough.

I continue, lurk when I can, and post occasionally. You all are an inspiration. No foolin'.


04-01-2010, 10:27 AM
Week 3: Go: Start Your Diet
I fretted in the middle of the night, thinking that my DASH diet food plan has too many calories for me to lose weight. So, I threw it into SparkPeople this morning and it's fine. So there goes that excuse. I have my food plan and I'm ready to do Day 15: Monitor Your Eating.

WI: +0.55kg, Exercise: +50, 1855/1550 minutes for March, Food: 70% on, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-01-2010, 11:53 AM

April exercise to date 0 cardio min, 30 stretching min.

I am well, getting focused.


04-01-2010, 01:16 PM
Good morning:

BillBlueEyes- Credit for walking to the gym, working out and eating on plan.

Beverlyjoy- no weight gain despite 2 weeks away is fantastic!!! I hope you can accept that that is a huge accomplishment. The scale for me fluctuates all over the place, so who knows you may have lost a bit too. If not, no matter. The fact that you can practice the Beck skills while away from home is just incredible.

wndranne-nice to see you. Sending you positive energy.

gardenerjoy- best of luck today.

hikergirl- getting focused- that's what I am trying to do for April too.

Today I am headed out doors to clear out a new walking path we made through our little forest. This is one of my favourite things to do. Wind is gone so will be able to have a fire to get rid of some of the smaller stuff.

Credit today for:

weighing in
reading advantage and response cards
posting here
eating breakfast on plan :D
doing weights

Have a good day!!

04-01-2010, 02:03 PM
I'm doing well, but I can feel a "slip" trying to sneak up on me. I figured the best way to prevent that would be to come here. Last night was the 2nd meeting of my running group-- it was fantastic! After the run went with Dad (who arrived yesterday on a visit from NY) and Jim for dinner. I chose steamed mussels, and a warm spinach/mushroom salad with goat cheese. I had one slice of bread (unheard of for me) and a few spoonfuls of my dad's chocolate pudding. I did the best I could to calculate what I ate (without making myself crazy about it-- yeah!), and still ended up with a calorie deficit. Besides the 3 mile (ish) run, I also walked to all my errands in town yesterday afternoon!!

Tonight going to The Melting Pot (fondue restaurant) for dinner with my dad, Jim and my kids. I have never gone there without leaving stuffed. But I also have never "tried" while I've been there. Tonight I will concentrate on eating the food slowly and enjoying it. I will only try 1 of most things and if I really love something have a couple. They serve yummy salads that I can help fill myself up with and I can concentrate on veggies. I will eat an afternoon snack so that I'm not starved when I get to the restaurant.

Knowing that I'll be reporting back to all of you will help too!
Need to get back to work now. Hope you are all having a great day :D

04-01-2010, 03:01 PM
Yesterday was a great day for exercise. I got some great spontaneous exercise when I helped DH unload 50 50lb blocks of salt off of his truck. I had a window to get my run in when the wind died down and before the dark rain clouds rolled in. I dropped everything and ran. It was wonderful. But we woke up this AM to snow on the ground and more falling. It looks like snow and rain for the next several days.

I did have some unplanned trail mix. I was a few hours away from dinner and hungry. I analyzed it and it was real hunger, so I decided on some trail mix. I’m not sure if this is breaking the rules—if I should have just tolerated it or not. But other than that, everything was on plan.

SilverBirch, glad I was there to give you a little extra motivation. Sorry about the tussle over Easter plans. It does sound like a tough situation, needing an emotional break but feeling obligated. Sending comforting thoughts and hope you are able to find a way to have a wonderful Easter.

Bennyhannamamma, I think you came to a sane conclusion about the hunger experiment. I find the same thing, hunger isn’t an emergency, but it does have some potential dangers. It was, however, an eye opener for me to realize how the discomfort from hunger comes and goes. Sounds like you did well with a dinner out and have a good plan for another dinner. Fondue sounds really good.

Hikegirl, waving back and giving you credit for checking in. Hope you’re having a happy birthday!

Beverlyjoy, I am always thrilled to hear about the benefits of dark chocolate. So have some on plan and thoroughly enjoy it! Yay for maintaining on a trip! It’s ne

CeeJay, great job saying “oh well” to the toast and jam (and remembering that it could have been worse). Sounds like you are back on track and doing great! Your day of clearing trails sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

BillBE, yay for the sun coming out. I get shiny when we get a bit of rain. I can’t even imagine what record-breaking rain in Boston is like. Yep, the freezer is always a concern when the power goes out. Luckily it was restored quickly, but it did get DH and I talking about the need for a backup generator.

Wndranne, so great to see you again! Glad you are keeping your head above water in a rough patch, but hope things ease up soon.

Gardenerjoy, starting a new diet can bring some extra anxiety, but glad you got that settled. Yay for ending the month with a whopping 50 minutes of exercise!

04-02-2010, 06:00 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a nice walk in the sunshine to Trader Joe's to get some walnut halves; CREDIT moi. Decide to buy a pound of strawberries while I was there. Then decided that I might as well get two pounds. But, bad news: they had 4 pound clam shells of strawberries for $7.99.

Schlepped them home. They take up a BIG footprint in the fridge. DW snarled that she's going to get her own fridge. Now I have to eat them before they go over-ripe, the thought of which makes it hard for me to be angry at myself for buying too many; I drool sitting here thinking of having to consume an extra bowl of strawberries each evening. Maybe even try strawberries instead of banana on my peanut butter sandwich this weekend. All the vitamin C will cure anything that ails me.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for a rough patch; Kudos for keeping your head above water. Many thanks for a quick post to let us all know that you're still about. Send up some Arizona sunshine to dry us out.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for good busy entertaining your dad. Haven't had fondue in a while - not since back when stuffing myself was the response to the sight of good bread and cheese. Just because. Looking forward to hearing how you navigate that.

When I bumped into a friend who learned some Yiddish as a child, she was pleased to hear that I knew Mechutonim - the parents of your child's spouse. She reminded me that I also knew Schlepped. Then DW told me that she was told that when a schlemiel dropped toast, it landed jelly side down, and a mensch - jelly side up. What's not to love about a language that rich.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for getting focused. I wish I would go do 30 minutes of stretching; my body needs it but it just doesn't appeal to me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Onto Week 3!!! Good work blocking that Sabotaging Thought; never ceases to amaze me what sneaky paths those Sabotaging Thoughts can take to undermine our efforts.

CeeJay - Now clearing a path through your "little forest" produces such wonderful images of your life. And such an obvious analogy to getting the brain in shape for healthy living.

Shepherdess - "50 50lb blocks of salt" - that's alotta salt. This ranching business seems to require a bit of hard work. My take is that responding to real hunger with a sane snack is a good mod to a plan. When it becomes a daily mod with a whole bag of trail mix then you'll have to re-evaluate, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for working out your feelings about your weigh-in. Methinks it's profound to come to accept that "weight is what it is for that moment." Congrats on four pounds lost in March. Thanks for the tips for avoiding Easter candy sales.

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well

You can't stop sabotaging thoughts from
arising, but you can respond to them.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 180.

04-02-2010, 08:30 AM
Hi friends, coaches, buddies of Beckland....

Yesterday was a really good healthy day - I am so, so grateful. I was willing to use my resistence tehniques last night to keep from eating off my plan. yay! Once again I held the bowl for the sweet neighborhood youngsters when we had our peanut party and didn't eat any. Credit!

Now it's time to be planning for our special dinner on Sunday. DH's family has many food traditions. We have come up with a dinner for everyone. Some family will come from out of town and my mom. We've come up with lamb chops on the grill, asparagus, brown rice/wild rice dish, pickled beets and eggs (made with splenda), wilted lettuce salad (made with bacon fat:p) and pie. I will take the salad before it's dressed and forgo the pie.

I got past the hunger and remembered that food is not an emergency as we postponed dinner for 90 minutes last night.

You are all right....not gaining while gone for two weeks and using the beck principles at that time is a big credit. I need to remind myself it's not all about the's 'living' with food. Thanks.

lots of water
tasted food, slowed down - alot of the time
planned and logged food
left a bite of food for meals and snacks
read arc/rc
used resistance tech.
wrote down a few credits after two meals

no exercise
no spontaneous exercise
no beck book

billbe- gosh I wish TJ;s was in walking distance from my house. Good for you! Remember you can freeze some of those strawberries. Put them in the freezer on a tray of plate not touching each other. When they freeze solid put them in a freezer bag. As far as your Yiddish - I imagine you know 'oy vey'. and 'lic-hiam' (to life).

shepardess - such wonderful exercise and spontaneous exercise!!! Phooey on the snow and rain!!

kim - so glad you came here to post when you felt a slip. You did well on your restaurant trip. Hope the fondue went well. Enjoy the visit with your Dad.

ceejay- clearing a new path sounds great...good exercise, being outside, too. Hooray for doing your weights!

hikergirl- glad you posted. I stretch too - love it.

gardenerjoy - I am glad you put the dash plan into the sparkpeople thingy and it worked out well. Carry on!

ann - so glad you posted.. I hope things calm down for you.

04-02-2010, 10:36 AM
Woke up to more snow this AM, so the long underwear is back on. We spent yesterday AM checking up on all the animals and hoping we wouldn’t get stuck. Then it was stuck inside for the rest of the day. I’ve been procrastinating on some work, so it forced me to do that, but it was still miserable. Exercise was yoga, which I needed. I had a snack that was larger than it should have been, but it could have been worse since I don’t do great on days I’m stuck indoors.

BillBE, yay for a walk in the sunshine. Enjoy your 4 lbs of strawberries. I’ve wound up with unplanned strawberries in the cart on my last few trips to the store, but it’s impossible to resist while they’re in season.

Beverlyjoy, great job using your resistance techniques and for resisting the peanuts while holding the bowl. Sounds like you are coming up with a great strategy for Easter dinner. Kudos for thinking ahead.

04-02-2010, 11:56 AM
My first day of the DASH diet went well. I was hungrier than I expected, but nothing I couldn't tolerate. And, I suspect that's the explanation for my two-month plateau -- I was eating too much, duh! I had to make a few substitutes for lack of planning, or change of plans, but it was all like for like, so I'm going to consider that largely on plan.

WI: -0.75kg, Exercise: +120, 120/1800 minutes for April, Food: 95%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-02-2010, 02:27 PM
Beverleyjoy -- Two weeks of travelling and no weight gain is a triumph, and you are proactively planning your food now that you are home. Congratulations.

Ceejay – I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your favourite thing to do.

Bennyhann… I hope that you enjoyed the fondue. Overall, it sounds like you are getting into a good groove

Shepherdess – your trailmix situation sounds like it was well handled both before and after.

BBE – My suggestion --- take the excess strawberries and wash, pat dry, and then freeze on cookie sheet and then put into freezer bag. Yummy at a later date (either semi defrosted and popped into your mouth as a treat, or fully defrosted).

April 2
Weight 156.4
Exercise month to date -- 85 minutes of cardio, 30 min of strength or stretching
Days without compulsive overeating - 1 of 1

04-02-2010, 06:02 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

bennyhannahmama-yay for joining the running group. Good choices at the restaurant!!! Hope you enjoyed the fondue restaurant. I love fondue. I make it at home using chicken broth and we fondue shrimp, scallops and chicken and sometimes a little lobster. Fantastic and low fat. Fondue also forces you to eat slowly and mindfully so it is an all around win.

Shepherdess-sorry for your snow. We had a beautiful run of weather here but it is raining today and snow is apparently on the way. It actually is OK because it was too dry here and with such an early spring we always have to be concerned about fire.

BillBlueEyes-nothing like walking in the sunshine. And nothing wrong with extra strawberries-- yum. I love them mixed with plain yogurt or in salad.

I like your analogy of clearing the path and getting the brain in shape. That is really what it seems to be all about. I feel so much stronger in every way and that is mostly due to Beck's lessons about how to get healthy.

Beverlyjoy- good for you for using resistance techniques last night. Glad you took our congratulations about not gaining on the vacation to heart. Remember---- Credit!!!

gardenerjoy-good for you for completing the first day of DASH.

hikergirl- nice amount of exercise this month already!! Yay to the end of compulsive overeating and thanks for your inadvertent reminder to me to remember to credit myself for not engaging in compulsive overeating.

For me- yesterday was excellent. Did a lot of work in the forest and got a trail pretty well cleared. It was calm enough last night to have a small fire to burn up a bit of the small stuff. Today it is raining and cool. Mom and I went for a walk first thing this morning which was nice and got the exercise done before the rain became an excuse. Other than that it is a lazy day indoors.

Credit today for:

weighing in
walking 35 minutes
eating on plan so far
have a healthy dinner planned
reading advantage and response cards
checking in with my coaches
eating slowly and mindfully


04-03-2010, 12:31 AM
Doing really well but I need to go get some sleep; especially since I have a sore throat :(

Hope to catch up more soon and that all of you are doing well.

04-03-2010, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The cruelties of fate. Walked to the gym as usual (CREDIT moi) and was just getting started when the fire alarm made us all leave. Waited out the coming and going of two fire trucks (since I like fire trucks and enjoyed a mother letting her two year old touch the different parts). One guy had been smart enough to walk out with an exercise ball and was doing crunches on the sidewalk to cheers from the rest of us. One guy had taken the alarm seriously and walked out in swimsuit and goggles and was shivering in the chilly air. Went back in and proceeded with my d*rn lunges. Then the fire alarm again. So I grabbed my clothes from my locker and went home. Too bad. Can't think of a point to this story.

Was without a lunch idea so I microwaved that frozen Lean Cuisine thing in the office freezer. The flavor was labeled "Salmon with Basil". It met all my negative expectations. So I added a can of sardines from my secret stash in my office and made it a meal anyway. Noticed afterward that it had been 11 months past the "best used by date" - since I'm typing I guess that was OK. My standard 1.9 liter container of raw veggies was real lunch as usual; CREDIT moi for preparing those. And CREDIT moi for eating too many strawberries as I attack my 4 pound container.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. Emailing some chicken soup to take care of your sore throat.

Susan (hikergirl) - Good grief, almost two hours of exercise. Kudos for stretching the body. Thanks for the tip to freeze the excess strawberries; hadn't thought of sucking on them semi-frozen.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for two hours of exercise!!! And Kudos for confronting your caloric intake. Good luck finding the right level for yourself.

CeeJay - Early morning walk - that's the good life. Might just try a few strawberries in my salad.

Shepherdess - Ouch for snow when you've already tasted running in the sunshine. Strawberries can just jump into the shopping cart on their own, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for planning your Easter dinner so carefully. Drooling here for those pickled beets and eggs. Neat to pull out your wilted lettuce before the dressing.

Yep, I do know the Yiddish oy vey - how horrible, and have heard l'chiam - to life, but hadn't seen it written before.

Readers - Day 23
Counter the Unfairness Syndrome

Gloria is at work. Her coworkers are eating Girl Scout cookies. She thinks, It's not fair that I can't eat what everyone else is eating, and gives in and eats the cookies.

What Gloria doesn't realize is that while it might not seem fair that her coworkers can eat cookies while she can't, it's even less fair that eating the cookies is going to affect her mood and strengthen her giving-in muscle. Even if she doesn't care at the moment, she's going to care very much in a few minutes.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184.

04-03-2010, 07:44 AM
Hi beck buddies, coaches, friends..

Yesterday was a healthy on plan day...I am grateful. I am aiming to include more vegetables in my daily plan and I accomplished this. YAY I tried to write down a few credits as the day went on. Lately, I've been under my calories at the end of the day and have had to make good choices to fill in. I am willing to be careful with this.

I sat in my lazyboy much of the day...doing work on my taxes and got through alot.

I have not been doing much exercise since coming home. Because I have a limitation of weight baring exercise (foot & ankle injury) there's alot I can't do. But, I can do my stretches and strengthening exercises and some hand weights. I never do spontaneous exercise - but, I was thinking that I could go up and down the stairs two times when I need to go to the basement. (we live in a ranch) I don't think it will bother my least I'll give it a try. Sometimes the recumbent bike bothers my foot - and dh left the seat at his spot - I can't move it. He was out of town. I'll have him move the seat back for a shorty.

Tonight I am cheering on the MSU Spartans at the Final Four. (been connected to East Lansing over thirty years)

more veggies
planned and logged meals/food
felt fullness - some of the time
ate seated - all of the time
fork down - most of the time
no seconds - all of the time
left a bite of food - most of the time
read arc/rc one time
used resistence techniques when wanting to eat over my calories last night
tasted the food - most of the time

no exercise
no spontaneous exercise
no beck book - I really need to move on with this.

bill - too bad about all the gym interruptions. It just breaks up the rhythm of the whole thing. - frustrating. I eat frozen dinners once in a while & I find the very worst ones are the ones with any fish. There are some good ones. I am so impressed hearing about your stash of raw veggies!f btw - I spelled l'chiam wrong. There are many spellings....but, the one I posted yesterday was not one of them.

kim - glad you posted - hope you feel better. Gargling with warm salt water can help. Is your dad still visiting.

ceejay - I love having a fire - just smells so good. Good job on your exercise and eating slowly and mindfully. It reminds me that it can be done!

hikergirl - one for one = CREDIT. Good job on all your exercises.

gardenerjoy - I am so glad your first day with DASH went well. It's always a process learning and living with a different food plan. Carry on!

shepardess - snow again...your spring weather was a tease. Darn. Glad you got your yoga in and checked on the animals. Credits for getting the tasks done you don't like.

04-03-2010, 11:52 AM
I substituted ice cream for yogurt on my plan. At least it was dairy. But it reminded me that I made frozen yogurt last summer and hardly ate any ice cream. So, there's no reason that I can't start that early this season. Especially since the DASH diet wants two servings of dairy a day.

I hurt my back working in the yard yesterday. And I'm very frustrated. I worked so hard all winter to prevent that sort of thing. But, then, I got into exercise for it's own sake and I've been overdoing it. So, yesterday, I went into the yard on what should have been a recovery day and hurt myself, just as if I hadn't been getting myself in better shape. Well, I'm hoping the increased strength and flexibility will give me a quick recovery time.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60, 180/1800 minutes for April, Food: %85op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: those are some great stats to start off April!

CeeJay: sounds like productive work on your trail and a good rainy day to follow. Yay for all of your credits!

bennyhannahmama: yay for getting your post done and for "doing really well."

BillBlueEyes: I had a fire alarm go off at the gym once and was very grateful that it hadn't happened five minutes later when I would have been in a swimsuit in the hot tub. It was a very cold day and the lifeguards were wrapping towels around the wet people who evacuated.

Beverlyjoy: good job with that long list of credits and with working out what's going to help you do exercise with your current challenges.

04-03-2010, 12:31 PM
Ceejay, I hope that you have a wonderful day. It reads as if you are already on your way to one fine day.

Bennyhan---great to see your post. Good Luck with your sore throat.

BBE - past due date salmon...glad and surprised that your were able to post.

Beverleyjoy -- good for you for exercising within your limitations and for exercising.
Gardenerjoy -- good luck with your back. A few weeks ago I spent about 3 hours working very hard in my community garden plot...the end result to my body was that my hamstrings pained me for 5 days. In this instance you have irritated your back...potential to be much more serious if not managed. Good Luck.

FYI - my major cardio workout yesterday morning that a few of you have referenced....I am trying to get some endurance and cardio up for a major mountain biking trip to Utah in less than three weeks. I generally do not aim for 90+ min of cardio per day in a gym...I am just trying to get in a long cycle in a few times per week. Today is a recovery day for me. On another topic I am going to say that yesterday was a day without compulsive overeating but I must admit that I went out to a french restaurant for dinner and ate every butter laden item (appie thru dessert) and I did a fair bit of the bread basket. For me this fit the situation (alas, I do not wish to deny myself anything in this situation) and the good news is that when I arrived home, and when I got up this morning I did not continue with the eating (although it could be argued that I overate compulsively at dinner)

April 3
Weight 159 - yikes
Exercise month to date -- 85 minutes of cardio, 30 min of strength or stretching
Days without compulsive overeating - 2 of 2

04-03-2010, 09:59 PM
I just read all the posts-- thinking about all of you. Sore throat is still hanging around, but had a great day with my dad and the kids. Tomorrow should be less hectic so I hope to post some more and do more Beck work. I'm doing well though :)

04-04-2010, 12:23 AM
Hi all,

It is Saturday night. Tomorrow morning early I leave for 5 days of travel. Will most definitely post again on Friday and may post in between.

Bye for now

04-04-2010, 07:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

Chard and Kale seeds went in the ground, CREDIT moi, 1/2 inch deep. The 2010 seeds were spaced about an inch apart and the leftover 2009 seeds were spaced closer because DW believes they are less robust. Lettuce seeds went in 1/4 inch deep as measured by my eyeball. Those tiny, tiny seeds have to produce their own energy to get to the surface to raise two starter green leaves to get some sun so their chlorophyll can make some ATP to fuel growing up. All of which will happen without my controlling it. Just WOW for the whole process from a humbled novice. Two giant (4 foot) Kale plants remained from last year and had to be removed; they were still alive, which just amazes me. All this stuff is just known to DW from years of gardening. Not much exercise to gardening except that all muscles get sore from doing not much exercise, which I can't explain.

A late decision to serve salmon for Easter dinner sent me to a new fish monger - a small store fish monger with a Japanese/Portuguese clientele. The old man showed me the whole salmon - on ice in the window of the store - and told me where it was caught and how. I got my fillet and then bought two salmon "collars" - the part of the fish where it's shirt collar would be if it wore a shirt - for a good price. Will grill these for lunches next week. My eating was on-plan with my beloved peanut butter and banana sandwich with toasted pecans eaten outside on the patio in the sunshine, CREDIT moi, on the patio furniture that I'd just hauled out from the basement.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Good times with family are the best. Hope the sore throat recognizes that it's overstayed its welcome and leaves.

Susan (hikergirl) - Kudos for two days out of two with on-plan eating. Ouch for the attack of the French Restaurant; they do that. Can't wait to hear about your Utah biking trip. Have a good five days on this current trip.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sounds like DASH and you are working it out - Kudos for that. Ouch for your gardening injury; may it heal in time for you to finish planting your Spring crops. This gardening appears to be strenuous business. We now have to start our tomatoes indoors under the grow lights.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for your Spartans coming so close last night to whatever-their-name-is basketball team right out of the old movie, The Hoosiers. Yay for more veggies. Seems that guys always get complaints for leaving the seat in the wrong position, LOL. Good luck with your careful planning. And thanks for the Yiddish spelling correction. I googled a bit and did see a whole bunch of different spellings, as you suggested.

Readers - Day 23
Counter the Unfairness Syndrome

Many dieters give themselves permission to eat when confronted with issues of fairness. You might be one of them. We've all grown up with the idea that life should be fair - but life isn't fair. It isn't fair that some people have to struggle with their weight. It isn't fair that some people (due to economic conditions) go hungry every day. It isn't fair that some people die young. Life isn't fair. Dieting isn't fair.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184.

04-04-2010, 07:52 AM
Hi beck folks - A Happy Easter to folks that celebrate this day.

Yesterday was healthy - I am grateful for that.

I ate my extra veggies and really tried to follow my bites of food down to my tummy. I find I can actually feel the food there and get a sense of fullness. I made a new response card and read part of the Beck book. And .... got a HUGE chunk of the taxes done. I can finish it up easily on Monday. YAY

Dh came home from the grocery with plastic eggs, small foil wrapped chocolate eggs, gum and change. He wanted to fill the eggs and put them around the yard of our little neighbors. (the ones with the peanut party, my bd cake and lots of hugs, etc) At first I was angry - because I wanted an Easter Candy free zone. DH filled and hid the eggs. The children came home from visiting their grandparents, found the eggs (we watched from the window) and ran over to tell us the the Easter Bunny came to their house and hid eggs. I ate one piece of chocolate and counted it in as 50 calories. Thank goodness it's not dark chocolate.

Since we are eating our dinner at 2:30 - I have planned my day in this order:

ate seated, no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - most of the time
stretches and strengthening
slow mindful eating - most of the time
gave myself credits during the day
left a bite - all of the time
read rc/arc
read beck book and made a new rc
planned and wrote down food

no spontaneous exercise
unplanned chooclate

bill - your salmon sound wonderful - gosh even knowing where and when it was caught. Sounds so fresh! I love planting the garden too. Nothing better than veggies from the garden! Gardening is great exercise. Your sandwich sounds devine. Good for enjoying the outside.
It was a good an exciting bball game. As long as the Spartans have lost (boo hoo)...I'd like Butler to beat Duke.

sue - have a safe trip!

kim - so sorry the sore throat is hanging on. You take care now.

gardenerjoy - so so sorry to hear of your back injury while gardening. There's a fine line between just enough and too much gardening when spring comes and we use those particular muscles. I hope your are feeling better very soon! I love ice cream too - lately I have been putting cups of yogurt and sf pudding or mousse in the freezer for that ice cream effect.

04-04-2010, 12:36 PM
Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

I have two food plans for today. We're supposed to go out to the country for a family Easter dinner. I know just enough of what's showing up at the potluck to plan it into my DASH diet. But DH isn't feeling well so we may skip the whole thing. Plan B is for what I'll eat if we stay home. In the past, a change of plans like that, especially on a holiday, would throw me for a loop and I would feel entirely justified tracking down and consuming large amounts of Easter candy to compensate. Having a Plan B will save me from that fate.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +55, 235/1800 minutes for April, Food: 98%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: thanks for sharing info about your gardening injury. My back problems are in the muscles, so likely no more serious than your hamstring problems. It's doing better today so I'm hopeful for a good recovery this week. Have a great trip!

bennyhannahmama: hope you sore throat continues to improve. Glad you are doing well!

BillBlueEyes: yay for planting greens! DH laughed last year when I planted greens seeds for the first time and used a ruler to make sure that I was following the directions as precisely as possible! I'd love to get some spring greens going, but the bed needs to be tilled so we're waiting for it to dry out. It's been raining about every 4 days so just when it looks like it will be dry enough, it get wets again. I did start some eggplant seeds indoors on Friday. I'll probably start some tomato seeds today or tomorrow.

Beverlyjoy: sounds like you are coping with holiday events well -- yay for all of those credits!

04-04-2010, 10:16 PM
Feeling really lame with all my short posts, but at least I'm posting! Things are still good, but busy. Dad still visiting, childhood friend coming in from NY tomorrow, just for one night. So, it will probably still be a bit until I write a decent post.

04-04-2010, 11:10 PM
Hello everyone!! Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

hikergirl- hope your trip is wonderful!!!

BillBlueEyes- how fantastic to be out planting seeds in your garden. We can't plant until mid May so I am jealous of you more southerly gardeners. Love swiss chard. I freeze little bags of it and add it to soups all winter. I made a casserole tonight with onion, garlic, frozen swiss chard, a little Cheddar, eggs and yogurt, all mixed up and baked for half hour. Yum.

Beverlyjoy- love your story about DH hiding the eggs for the neighbourhood kids. Credit to you for eating only one piece of chocolate.

gardenerjoy- hope plan A or B went well for you. And hope your back is getting better.

bennyhannahmama- short posts are just fine. Glad things are still good for you!!

For me, yesterday was not a stellar day. I was just hungry all day--don't know why- and was picking at this and that. I then gave up after after dinner and did not practice any resistance. Because there is very little junky foods in the house, I made french toast with syrup (at least it was whole wheat bread and no sugar syrup)- and ate 4 slices of bread. Yikes. Today was fine. Saying oh well....

Credit today for:

weighing in
riding exercise bike 35 minutes
doing weights
reading advantage and response cards
posting here
eating slowly and mindfully
eating on plan and planned tomorrow


04-04-2010, 11:42 PM
Quick little check-in, lest y'all forget me.

Happy to see a quick hello from wndranne; glad you said hi.

A little NSV to share...for the first time in 30+years today I got on a playground swing. As part of our Easter, my (sadly) small family gathering ended up in a nice city park after dinner. My sis wanted to go and swing, so we did. As we both pumped enough to make the swing set jump, it was very, very clear to me the memory of the last time I was on such a swing. I was a senior in high school and we were on a break between finals. I got on a swing and broke it. My school was very small, and it was widely known throughout the school. At that time I weighed ~180. Now at ~130, I felt pretty sure I would not break the swing. Moral of the story:

It is *never too late to get control of your life, your weight, your life...your life...your weight...your life.. Getting control of your life, getting *thin is way too is way too cool a thing to deny yourself. As I read the maintainers, they are all doing the Beck program..they learned it on their own. The good news is, we don't have to reinvent the wheel..we just need to choose to do it. Beck lays it all out..we just need to do it. I am so struck by the times I *deliberately *don't do this point, I *know if I am deliberately *not *doing Beck! That is a choice. D*** it...we all can choose...we can choose to *do the *blinking Beck program. We can.

04-05-2010, 04:09 AM
Hi Coaches
I have been a bit out of it this weekend and have been switching off the computer really early - because if I don't I end up doing some work. Not that good with leisure time!

I have been eating sensibly but still haven't developed a plan yet - in hold mode still. I saw Maryblu's post and it inspired me thanks - I do have a choice - about how I eat and how I spend my time on leave. I just need to exercise that choice and not let it all just happen. One of those choices will be to stay away from my desk a bit, but to try and post daily and not "feel ... lame" about it because I need to read what you have to say and have someone bear witness to my choices. And I will work on a meal plan tomorrow

Working on - hanging in there


04-05-2010, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - 'Twas a wonderful Easter day. Finished my DD's taxes using Turbotax and filed her IRS forms electronically (I pay someone to do mine, and they're all done now). That was fun. We had our salmon - first dinner of the year outside on the patio, our equivalent of "ice out," LOL.

DW, DD, and I planted the seeds in little pots that will live under grow lights for a spell: lettuce, tomatoes, basil, and a bunch of others. It was fun. DW has a GIANT box of tongue depressors to use as labels so we know what we did. I continue to marvel that seeds know what to do all by themselves. CREDIT moi for a good, fun day.

And the Red Sox came back from a deficit against the Yankees to win our Opening Day to cap off the day.

maryblu - Yay for swinging, and Kudos for facing the 30 year old memory of your last time on a swing. I feel invigorated by your reflections on using Beck; I particularly like your notion that all the maintainers on 3FC are using Beck - they just made it up themselves. I like that because it reminds me that Beck isn't magic; almost everything she writes has been written somewhere, piecewise, before. It's credible stuff because it's been tried and found to work. Yep, she just puts it all together in a way that makes sense as a whole.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving, with my annual reminder that today begins Easter Candy sales so you have to set up the barricades, LOL.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay that you and your visiting Dad are still enjoying each other.

CeeJay - Your casserole using your own garden's frozen swiss chard sounds divine. I'll have to freeze some this year. Last year we left much on the stalk as it produced far more than we could consume.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for making plans in advance for your potluck. Your experience that it's the unplanned events that can throw you off stride matches mine; I can revert all the way back to before my journey and think pig-out if I face a banquet filed table without a mental plan.

Beverlyjoy - Feeling food all the way to the tummy is a new idea to me; gotta try it. Also seems like a good idea to slow down the eating. Yay for children learning that the Easter Bunny hides Easter eggs and that's the meaning of Easter. That's what I learned - let socialization be passed to the next generation, LOL.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Hang in; keep the faith. Smart choice to turn off the computer to help avoid that giant black hole of work.

Readers - Day 23
Counter the Unfairness Syndrome

You have a choice when you have thoughts about dieting, eating, food, or weight that start with It's unfair that ... . You can dwell on this negative notion and feel bad, or you can say, That's true ... It's not fair ... Oh, well. Then refocus your thoughts on all the advantages in life you have that others don't.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184.

04-05-2010, 08:57 AM
Hi coaches and buddies...

Yesterday was a healthy delicious day. I stayed under 1400 calories and enjoyed plenty healthy and traditional food. I am grateful for the willingness to try. The meal time schedule got changed - but, I was able to go with it. After Easter Dinner - I didn't stay with my plan - but, kept track of my calories so I kept it at a healthy amount and not junk food. It actually feels better to stay with a plan sometimes rather than just being 'out there' in a world of food.

Today I have my yearly physical. It's at 9:30 am. So, by the time it's over, I've taken my synthroid medication and then wait an hour to eat - it's likely to be close to 11:00 am. But, unless my blood sugar happens to get low I think I'll manage because I am trying to tatoo on my brain that eating is not an emergency most of the time - that being really hungry won't hurt me every now and then. Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Beck.

read arc/rc
logged my food
tried to feel fullness
used rt last night
ate seated only
no seconds (this 'rule' was helpful at the big Easter dinner)
left a bite after meals and snacks
gave myself credit a few times during the day!

switched plan around - but, kept track
ate too fast
didn't put fork down between bites
no exercise
didn't read beck book

bill - so glad you got your taxes done. I am almost there! Salmon eaten outside on a nice day is a wonderful way have a great day. The first meal outside is always special.

seadwaters - glad to see your post. Ya know, I agree with so much of what you said. At first I didn't really think that posting here every day and committing to be honest about how I am doing with food - I really didn't think it would make a difference. But, it does - at least for me. It's been helpful. Hope you are feeling well.

maryblu - it seems like your swing was so joyful...that's great. I totally agree about the Beck prinicples and what the folks at the maintainers forum do on a daily basis. They seem to have learned it in another fashion. Yes...having a choice - good, good point. Making the best choices are what all strive for.

ceejay - sometimes life and food 'happen'. Dr. B is right - it was an oops. Now just carry on. The good thing is that you didn't have alot 'junk' to eat around the kitchen. I think that's a credit.

kim - I think even a short post is better than no post! Enjoy your visit with your friend and Dad,

gardenjoy - hooray for having a plan b!!!! It made your change in plans result in having a healthy day. Food at 98% is awesome!

Thanks to all of you for being my coaches/beck buddies!

04-05-2010, 12:10 PM
We stayed home yesterday. I followed my Plan B food plan and it went well. What I had more difficulty addressing was the emotional response that, in the past, would have led to binge-ing on Easter candy. The more that I'm not doing that sort of thing, the more I'm realizing that it wasn't entirely irrational behavior. It would have helped yesterday. With my lower back pain, I was afraid that I didn't have my new favorite response, exercise, available. But I decided to give walking a shot and I was able to make it to the park and back, about an hour, on a gorgeous day, which helped my mood considerably.

WI: -0.25kg (new low), Exercise: +80, 315/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bennyhannahmama: short posts are great! Glad things are going well, if busy.

CeeJay: glad you're getting back on track after a "not a stellar day."

maryblu: love that you played on a swing and all the insights from that!

seadwaters: thanks so much for this: have someone bear witness to my choices. That's exactly what is helping me so much here. I think it's an excellent choice to switch off the computer and practice leisure.

BillBlueEyes: sounds like a wonderful Easter with all the right elements! Good job!

BeverlyJoy: hope your doctor's appointment goes well.

04-05-2010, 03:53 PM
Hi All,
Just checking in--finally! Tracked food erratically, but did do some, so credit. Added more walks at lunch than I have in at least a year, so that's a credit too. I have all my gym clothes ready in order to go to Zumba today.

I need to get past my old sabotaging thought that if I fall into old habits that I am "ruined" and can't get back on track.

My doctor called, and for now I am on an iron supplement for anemia and in 6 weeks she will recheck my hemoglobin levels to see if the iron is helping.

I'm glad Easter is over. The Easter Baskets of my childhood imprinted strongly. . .I will plan to check in sooner this time.

04-06-2010, 06:03 AM
Dear Coaches

Well one of my choices last night was to make and eat French toast - I never eat French toast or sweets but having seen mention of it I dived right in (it was delicious BTW). I have also never made it before so that was a bit of a triumph really - but not in my best interests unfortunately. Sigh. Today has been somewhat better, and I have at least logged my food even though I didn't really make a plan

I have to say that I think a BIG hurdle for me is knowing what to prepare - I know diets make suggestions but I have trouble turning that into a meal even though there might even be menus. I know that sounds weird but I am a bit finicky about food and am a totally hopeless and uninterested cook. If I don't like it I won't eat it and then eat garbage if I am hungry. Over the weekend I made 3 dishes from recipes hoping to create things to put in the freezer - two of them I threw out knowing there was no point in freezing them as I wouldn't eat them. So credit that I made the effort but ... What I need is a list of simple edible meals that I can turn to regularly and easily. Now to create that list - unfortunately what I eat today may not be something I will touch tomorrow. Oh well - I just have to decide that what is on the list (when I create it) is IT and I have no choice but to eat it! Any help with things to put on the list appreciated

BillBlueEyes - Well done getting those taxes finished and out of your life. Nice to have your dinner al fresco! It is cooling down here at last. Thank heavens for little growing things

BeverlyJoy - Hope your physical went well and that the period of fasting was managable - yay for working on hunger is not an emergency. And thanks for reinforcing that this is an important place to be

Gardenerjoy - Great to see a new low especially during Easter - a really challenging time. And well done with a walk when you were in pain - I am not succeeding too well with the whole exercise thing as my body is not cooperating. And I take on board the positive effect it has on ones mood - need to work out something. Stretching maybe - or dancing - I watched Mama Mia the other night and it made me want to leap up and do something

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - it is great to see you posting when it is obviously difficult for you. You are helping me learn that there is nothing lame about a brief post and that when there is time like tonight I can do a fuller post. I love hearing from you in any circumstances. Hope you had a nice time with your NY friend and your dad

Nuxmaga - nice to see your post and I hope the iron supplement works its magic

CeeJay - Your French toast post is not to blame! but it sounded very seductive and I am obviously easily seduced. And here I thought I was a savoury girl

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
Posted to list and read posts - Yep
Sat down to eat - Yes
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - not really
Put fork down between bites - Nope
Spontaneous exercise - none
Weighed myself (if at home) - no - forgot
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yes
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Not successfully
Gave myself credit when on track - YesNot so good: :nono:
Still no food plan or activity scheduleWorking on: :woops:

What to eat and what is edibleCheryl

04-06-2010, 06:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an evening meeting that tends to dawdle over a table of food. I dawdled in the food during the meeting - Ouch. This meeting happens monthly so I have plenty of time to plan. Just gotta get my act together to get a plate, serve it, and stop.

Squeezed in my trip to the gym; CREDIT moi. Enjoyed watching a small guy with a big upper body lifting some big weights - he caught me by surprise.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for continuing Zumba. Yep, those childhood imprinted memories want to be satisfied. It amazes me each year that I long for Easter candy, even though milk chocolate doesn't much appeal to me anymore since I've grown to love dark chocolate and all the other candies don't appeal to me in small servings - only in VAST quantities. Yet, it continues to appeal. Part of my strategy is to avoid seeing the stuff.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having a Plan B to follow and then following it. And Yay for a walk on a sunny day. Wondering what you meant by "the more I'm realizing that it wasn't entirely irrational behavior."

Beverlyjoy - Hope your physical went well yesterday, and its forced period of not eating. Kudos for planning to use Hunger is not and emergency - it really isn't, but I still feel like it is when I experience it before I can think. I need to get my rational brain into the loop to remember that it's just a feeling that will go away in less than an hour. And Kudos for continuing with "left a bite after meals and snacks."

Cheers to Butler for getting to the final game. Can't fault Duke for winning when they play such good basketball, but it's so easy to want David to beat Goliath.

Readers - Day 23
Putting Fairness in Perspective

If the thought that dieting is unfair encourages you to eat, do the following:

Remind yourself why you decided to diet in the first place. Unless you're forced to be on a diet due to a medical reason, you've freely chosen to diet. You don't have to diet. You might not feel this way right at this moment, but not long ago you felt that the advantages were worth the hard work. At that time you felt that the disadvantages of not dieting were too severe. Read your Advantages Response Card again.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184.

04-06-2010, 07:38 AM
Hi beck folks - Yesterday was a healty food - I am grateful. I actually did not get to eat anything until almost noon. I think because of Dr. Beck - I was able to get through, feel some true hunger, & not 'freak out' because I hadn't eaten yet. I did, however, felt kind of sluggish for going without food for 14 hours. I survived!

Because of not eating until lunch time - it become brunch. I had to rearrange some of my planned food and add a couple things to get enough calories. I kept track of it all in my journal. It worked out well.

At my annual physical, my doctor noticed my wieght loss and was pleased. She thinks that some pain I am having is a hernia - we have to watch it and the pain level.

I talked alot my my foot surgery I will do this fall. - my concerns and fears. She didn't have any answers really about it that were very comforting. She did point out, however, I've done surgeries in the past and got through them. I am just freaked over the fact I won't be able to put any weight on my foot for three months, the havoc it will cause to my back changing my gait, I have trouble taking pain meds, it may be as long as nine months for my foot/ankle to really heal, and not being able to work for maybe that long - ugh to it all. I suppose if it was so, so painful I would have done it already. I've adjusted my life around this injury in order to avoid the surgery. I am managing - but, not really living. The whole thing really scares me - I guess I am not as brave as I used to be.

I am anxious to get my lab results because there should be a big improvement! I'll let you know.

lots of water
used resistance techniques
felt fullness - some of the time
slow mindful eating - some of the time
left a bite - all of the time
no seconds, ate seated - all of the time
fork down between bites - some of the time
logged food

forgot to read arc/rc
no spontaneous exercise
didn't read beck book

bill - glad you could get to the gym. Yes, meetings with tables of food are a pain to deal with. Like you said - next time you'll go in with a different plan - one plate full and stop. I really wanted David to beat Golliath - I was rooting for Butler to win It's fun to see a smaller school go so far. DH pointed out that Butler was ranked number 10 at the beginning of the season - which I didn't know. I love college sports.

seadwaters - big credits for trying to do some planning...escpecially because it's way out of your comfort zone. It's a shame you didn't like some of the things you prepared over the weekend. You are moving in such a good direction. Good idea to compose a list of some 'go to' meals!

nuxmaga - so glad you posted! Everyone is doing zumba - looks like so much fun. I am going to try it when my foot/ankle get fixed. I was anemic last year...the iron supplements really brought me back to feeling better. I think it's hard to toss out the notion of all or nothing. You can do it!

gardenerjoy - I am glad you had a plan b that helped you get through last Sunday. Gosh, I am sorry to hear your back is still so painful. I am glad that taking a walk was possible. It's one way to distance yourself from some food you might be thinking about. Credit - no easter basket eating!!! Yay - food 100% on plan.

04-06-2010, 09:56 AM
We’ve been having electrical problems these last few days. It’s a long story involving high winds, a house with ancient wiring and my FIL who is a do-it-yourselfer. He says he learned about electricity on this house, and let’s just say school is still in session. We are still in the midst of crazy spring weather. It’s snow in the morning and high winds all afternoon. You know the winds are bad when the Wyoming Highway Department is issuing high wind warnings. I’m also boycotting because they had been forecasting this weather to last through Monday, but over the weekend, they forecasted snow and rain on Tuesday and then yesterday, it was looking like more on Wednesday. I only agreed to 5 days of miserable weather so until they can forecast something good, I’m in protest. I have no right to complain, since this has been a fairly mild spring so far, but I’m still going to complain. However, there is one bright spot. I was walking by my flower beds and I noticed my daffodil and crocus leaves are starting to come up. That made my day.

Exercise has been lots of yoga. I keep having the thought that weight lifting or jump roping would be better calorie burners, but I’m already cranky about all this weather and yoga is soothing. The best exercise is the one I will do. The yoga has also been helpful in keeping me from eating mindlessly all day, although there was a bit of stray Easter candy that made it in my mouth yesterday. I know better than to leave it in plain sight and it is tucked away now. I also managed to sneak in a run yesterday. After a bout of freezing rain passed through in the afternoon, it cleared up and was sunny. I dropped everything and put on my running clothes. Unfortunately, once I got out, the wind was up and the sky was looking threatening. But I was stubborn and ran anyways—that’s what the rain coat is for. Luckily, even though it was windy and I could see some nasty storms in every direction, I only got sprinkled on. It felt great to get outside.

Bennyhannamamma, hope you feel better soon. Kudos for checking in and staying on track.

BillBE, I was enjoying your stories about gardening and putting your patio furniture out. There is nothing like sitting outside in the sun enjoying a meal! I just have to remember that summer is just around the corner.

Gardenerjoy, ouch for hurting your back on your recovery day. Wishing you a quick recovery. The walk in wonderful weather sounds like a perfect mood-lifter.

Beverlyjoy, I’m so impressed by your ability to remember that hunger is not an emergency. Surgery is always a scary thing. Recovery is tough and there are always risks, but it sounds like your foot pain is getting in the way of so many things you want to be doing. Once you recover from the surgery, you can begin to actually do them. Sending comforting thoughts while you make this difficult decision.

Hikegirl, a Utah bike trip sounds like so much fun and what great motivation to get in long bike workouts. Best of luck with 5 days of travel ahead of you.

Seadwaters, it sounds like you do have some big planning challenges. Have you ever tried making a plan and saying “NO CHOICE” just for a few days to see what that would do? I was thinking that eating planned foods might begin to change your tastes, but it’s just a thought. I’m not sure how it would actually work out.

Nuxmaga, it’s good to see you back here. Getting over that “all or nothing” mentality is difficult. I think that’s why the credits are so important. Remembering the little things we do well, like tracking your food and getting to Zumba, gives us confidence and puts the other mistakes in perspective.

Maryblu, your swing story is so inspiring. Huge credit to you for doing all the hard work to change a lifetime of habits. You’re right that being thin is way too cool and we all deserve it!

Waving to anyone else I missed. Hope everyone is doing well!

04-06-2010, 11:20 AM
Hi everyone,

I know I have been appearing and disappearing seemingly at random lately. I hope to change this and start posting daily again. This year has been so crazy, but I will emerge victorious over the yeti!

Yesterday I managed to get up early, and exercise first thing in the morning. I did it again today and I am determined to make this a daily habit. I'm back to counting WW points again and today is Day 2. Am reading the pink book daily and reminding myself of all the behaviours I need to succeed.

Thanks for being there for me even when I haven't been here for all of you ... that is changing now!


04-06-2010, 12:30 PM
Two new lows in two days. And, I'm well below my plateau weight, so hopefully that's behind me for good now.

WI: -0.25kg (new low), Exercise: +15, 330/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Nuxmaga: great to see you! Good job of identifying the sabotaging thought about falling into old habits = ruined. So not true.

seadwaters: I can't follow diets that have planned menus because they are never what I would plan. And, some of them are just stupid. Half of an English muffin for breakfast? And no where in the week's menu is the other half?! Anyway, for simple meals, I go with salads or veggies and dip, sandwiches or simply a spread on toast, whole fruit or juice, and yogurt. It's pretty easy to get all the nutrients you need with just those items and, yet, there's still room for lots of variation.

BillBlueEyes: I'm realizing that there were real needs that overeating filled for me. So, it wasn't irrational that I filled them in that way. It's helpful to realize that I wasn't just being stupid and it's helpful to identify those needs since they can be the root of sabotaging thoughts. This is going hand in hand with some other thoughts of realizing how hard this really is and being less judgemental about people in my life who choose not to take this journey.

Beverlyjoy: so glad that your physical went well and that you were able to air some of your fears with your doctor. I think you're very brave to be putting up with the pain that you have now and still living the life you want as much as you can, complete with travel! And I'm confident that you will do the surgery when the time is right for you.

Shepherdess: Love this: "The best exercise is the one I will do." Lots of yoga and a bit of running sounds like a great way to deal with your capricious weather.

eusebius: glad to have you back! It sounds like you're making real progress.

04-06-2010, 01:53 PM
Hi, can I join you? I'm in the process of reading the Beck diet solution book, and, I think this is something I could really benefit from, being all ready familiar with cognitive therapy. I'm 37, and was recently diagnosed bipolar, and put on meds. I feel better emotionally, but I've gained weight on these drugs, what a trade off, anyway, the meds change your metabolim, and make your body hold on to weight. I'm losing, but painfully slowly. I know to lose consistantly and a little faster, I need to really watch portion sizes, and exercise five or six days a week instead of the three I'm doing now. My goal is to lose 20 pounds. I'm proud that I'm in pretty good shape, even though I'm heavier than I'd like to be. Any tips for a newbee would be appreciated. Nice to meet you all.

04-06-2010, 10:06 PM
Things got tougher the past couple of days. Difficult having a visitor so long, got out of routine. Just dropped dad at the airport and got kids to bed. In bed myself right now (posting from my Blackberry). Read everyone's posts while I was at work today; that was helpful. Busy day at work tomorrow and then running group at night. Looking forward to getting myself back on track and catching up more with all of you soon. G'nite.

04-06-2010, 10:10 PM
Hello everyone:

maryblu- getting on the swing must have been a sweet moment. Thank you for what you wrote about getting control of life and just doing the program. I needed that today.

seadwaters-sorry for my french toast seduction. BTW that is my first successful seduction with bread. LOL. I know what you mean about trying to find things to eat. I like to cook when I have time but don't always have time after work. I get bored easily but when making anything but plain food it is harder to figure out the calories. I pretty much eat the same thing everyday except dinner. Breakfast- egg whites, Snack- yogurt and berries, Lunch- salad and soup or sandwich, Snack- raw veggies. Dinner is a variety and bedtime snack varies too. What kind of things do you like to eat?

BillBlueEyes-how nice to eat out on the patio. Isn't planting great? Seems I thought you were planting in the outside garden. DUH. Freezing the chard is a bit of a pain as it takes a lot of chard to make each little bag. I remove the stalk up the middle-- just rip off the green part and boil that for 2 minutes and let drip. When it cools, I squeeze out the water before putting in freezer bags.

Beverlyjoy- yippee for a healthy day that was delicious too. And isn't it nice to be talking to the doctor about weight loss instead of weight gain. YAY. Sorry about the foot surgery- it does not sound easy at all but you just have to keep thinking that in the end it will be worth it.

gardenerjoy-congratulations for your new low. Your thoughts that the binging does have a purpose is very true. Recognizing that in myself is helping me. Why am I feeling this way? What was binging going to cover up or smooth over? What do I do instead? Questions like that help me to figure this all out.

Nuxmaga- good to see you here. Forget the sabotaging thoughts. We just say oh well and start again.

Shepherdess-hope your weather improves. Sound miserable. Credit for resisting easter candy and for running despite the weather.

eusebius- hi to you. Good for you for exercising and following a plan.

jazzmegirl- welcome!!! Reading and posting here is a pretty much daily occurance for me and keeps me honest with myself. We all help each other. There are many wise people here who have helped me get this far (farther than I have ever gotten- thank you coaches).

For me- I have been struggling the last 2 days. Have exercised and have had an eating plan but have done a lot of spontaneous unplanned eating. Trying to figure out what is going on for me. Trying to say oh well and move forward. Trying to say that I am not perfect and that this is how life goes. But I need to stop now. Here is my plan- go do the dishes and do not enter kitchen again until tomorrow morning, go to bed early, bring my resistance cards to the city with me tomorrow and read if I am starting to have thoughts of eating off plan. Wish me luck coaches. You know the challenge the city is for me.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Walking 30 minutes in the sun at lunch hour
Eating a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner
Reading advantage and response cards
Posting here

Have a good night!!!

04-06-2010, 10:58 PM
Just a quick reply to CeeJay, and a welcome to jazzmegirl.

CeeJay, don't know if you have read the Oz/ Roisen books..I have them all, thanks to DS..You On A Diet recommends that you eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch each day and only vary up dinner. "Automate" they call it. I think their point is not only do you have a plan, but it takes the focus/decision making off food for at least 2 meals. Sounds sensible to me, and the maintainers do it.

jazzmegirl, I look forward to your presence here. CBT was first developed to treat depression, so I hope that using Beck for wt. helps you all around. I know there are many here who would testify to that..many. We even got a decluttering thang goin' on here...speaking of which, I need to be disciplined and post *there, but I still got it goin' on!

04-06-2010, 11:13 PM
Hi All,
I walked at lunch in spite of a sweltering 80 degree heat wave, credit, and took another long walk with dh after dinner, credit. Tracked food, credit. It's nice to be back and see how everyone is doing. Hope to do personals soon.

04-06-2010, 11:27 PM
bennyhannahmama- we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry for the tough few days. Hope things are back on track tomorrow for both of us.

maryblu- have not read the Oz/Roisen books. Are they worth getting? I decided to do the same breakfast, lunch and day snacks through trial and error. For me, it takes the decision away for most of the meal planning and I only need to worry about dinner. I know that I have to make the next day's lunch every night and just do it. Then there is no decision to make in the morning and no restaurant eating at lunch. I also find that it fills me up with very healthy food so I get lots of veggies and fruit before dinner. The two snacks and eating dinner before 6:00 ensures that I am not hungry. Although I know hunger is not an emergency, for me it is still a trigger for overeating and I just don't need to deal with that on top of everything else.

Now if I could just go to bed right after dinner, I could skip all that night-time eating struggle. :lol::lol::lol:

04-06-2010, 11:37 PM
Hi Everyone:sunny:

I acquired a copy of Dr. Beck's Diet Solution after Bill Blue Eyes chimed in on a South Beach Diet forum thread which asked about cognitive therapy. I've been reading and now have a Diet Coach/Buddy who also follows SBD. We have just started the program together.

CeeJay, my brain clicked on Dr. Oz' suggestion and I have had the same breakfast and lunch almost every day for several years now. It has really worked for me. Thanks for sharing your insight.

Question? I'm in learning mode-could someone please explain the connection between decluttering and Beck. I read through the thread last month and have been successfully parting with a few items I hadn't been able to let go of prior to reading.:cp:

Credit-stayed OP
ate sitting down
posted here

I look forward to getting to know you all better...

04-06-2010, 11:41 PM
Hi Coaches

Where have I been?

I've been eating up a storm is the truth of the matter. I have successfully moved the scale up 10lbs. Sugar hit me like a ton of bricks and led me straight to the fast food places and honestly I am not sure if I am willing to stop it. I am not sure if "willing" is the right word here. Ah, this is why I post here.
Two words: cold turkey. It's the only way for me to deal with sugar. Thank you coaches for your help.

I'm not sure if anyone has read this ( if this has been discussed here or seen by anyone, but I relate to not wanting to eat anything if I can't have junk/sugar. I would really rather not eat and I can't find a thing I feel like eating. This is the first article I have ever read that mentioned this effect of eating poor quality "food". Amazing. And yet and yet... I just bought a book about how the brain changes itself. We may alter our brains with junk food but we don't have to stay in that space. No. we don't.
I love science.
It gives me hope.

As for sisters, well mine is now on Medifast to get a 30lb weight loss she has been chasing with for years. She's in Florida and can get Medifast and inspite of her urgings I couldn't get it if I wanted to up here in Canada. it's not available and is just as well. Her description of it made me want to cry. I did something that extreme about 6 years ago, right before I turned 40. It worked, while I did it, and I lost some hair, but I continued to do it, and I did not learn any maintenance habits but I stopped when I got too frustrated with them to go on and then I.....DRUMROLL....started to re-gain it all.
My feelings of continual failure at being unable to maintain eating on a foodplan which brings me weight loss are mounting. I can feel the fear and the desperation creeping up. My sister with her need to lose 30lbs feels it as acutely as I do at 100lbs overweight and what do you say to that?

I feel very stuck. I just gave up again. I did. I wanted to feel FULL all the time again. I did not want to have to think or care or delay food or even decide how to deal with the cravings. Thoughtless and defiant is how I was behaving. Now I feel sad and kind of hopeless. But, again and again I learn that it's a blip, it's 10lbs not 30, it's all still there to pick up again and try again and plan again and strategize a way for me to succeed. I am not flawed. I am not any different from anyone else here. My body works and it obeys the same physiological rules as we all live with in general; tweaks here and there for our personal quirks notwithstanding.

Again I see how the stress of my life isn't going anywhere and I just forgot I can't cope with life by eating crappy food. Where the heck did I learn that and it doesn't matter doesn't matter doesn't matter. What matters is changing this equation.

Lord am I tired of "trying again". Wow. I feel like I have outlived my welcome here on this Beck forum. Really, I've been here what, 2.5 years? Shouldn't I be thin already? I don't have an answer to that. I can't believe I am still in my own way. I will keep trying though. I wish I'd truly "get it", and not wander away... Staying on plan is easier than getting on plan.
I said that before. It's still the truth.

'night coaches.

04-07-2010, 12:44 AM
Onebyone, I can relate to not wanting to stop a dowward spiral that is comforting and serving some purpose. Your self awareness proves that this program can make you more mindful and change your thought process. Bare with me as I get to know you all, and thanks for the welcome.
Major credit today, had intense craving for frozen dessert that persisted, though I was physically hungry, I knew I could make a better choice, thank god I don't keep ice cream in the house. I said to myself, you're just hungry, you need to eat, but, it doesn't have to be ice cream, this star fruit will do just as well. And it did! I've never resisted a craving before. Feels really good.
Ate on plan, ate sitting down, left food on my plate, exercise, no, water, not much. Night all.

04-07-2010, 05:50 AM
Hi Coaches

I feel quite positive today - not sure why - probably because I am posting here again even if still in disarray. I am still having problems decision making about what to eat, and what to buy to eat. When I get like this I buy ridiculous amounts of food that I end up not eating because I have no plan - but I buy to cover all contingencies. So the whole process is antithetical to the Beck process. But I still feel like I am hanging in there. One of my problems I think is that I was a vegetarian (no flesh fish or fowl) for 15 years - very committed and liked the food (but ate way too much dairy). And then I started eating meat again for health reasons (and I do really like it just don't feel right eating it) so I am essentially a vegetarian who eats meat so procrastinate a lot. From the research I also think I would do better on a low carb, low starch diet (difficult to do when vegetarian) because of autoimmune diseases. I never stick with it long enough to find out the results of course because I am so ambivalent. Honestly - time to decide! The other small contributing factor is that I am really keen on eating things which are high in antioxidants and health benefits to try and undo some of the damage that chemo- and radio-therapy have created. That means lots of fruits, nuts etc and according to some, juices - so I get torn in all sorts of directions

I really think there is something for me in the idea discussed by Maryblu and CeeJay - keep it simple; stay with the same basic breakfast and lunch (although I like BBE's idea of a treat breakfast on weekend as long as in the calorie range); and develop a few basics (go-to meals) to rotate (and freeze) for dinner. So I am going to play with those ideas - and make soup out of everything in the fridge!

Onebyone - lovely to see you back and I am so glad you are in here struggling with the rest of us - hanging in there and keep the faith

Debbie (Lexxiss) - and thank you for talking about how the Automate notion works for you - I am really pleased that this has been discussed here a number of times. While I get bored easily - if I find something I like I am happy to eat it all the time. Great credits for you today

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - well done walking in that heat - nice list of credits

Maryblu - Nice to hear from you - and I will try the whole Automate idea - it is about getting used to new foods and developing new habits so I will just hang in there and stop resisting it. But need to get organised

CeeJay - Going to give your ideas for breakfast and lunch a go. Wishing you luck with unplanned eating - you are doing well to move on and put it behind you

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Difficult when it gets so busy - you are doing well to post so often. I fall by the wayside when I am overwhelmed and have to overcome that

Amie (Jazzmegirl) - Welcome to you - nice to see someone getting excited about this for the first time

Gardenerjoy - Another low! Credit to you. I like your ideas for simple meals - I do like soup and a salad - a favourite meal. Dips and veggies are definitely worth exploring (although going into cold weather now) Will have to get busy.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for daily exercise - what is it? 30 days to create a new habit? You are on the way which is great

Shepherdess - Sounds interesting living with a DYI guy - never dull I am sure. LOL about boycotting the weather - just what it deserves. You really have stickability with exercise - I admire that

BeverlyJoy - Yay for surviving the fast - and a long one. It is a bit reassuring that you have managed surgery before but still scarey not to weight bear for 3 months - and even though now is difficult you are used to it. You have so much insight about it you will be well prepared for the reality. Hope those lab results show your progress

BillBlueEyes - I don't like meet-and-eat because I eat - a lot. And it always catches me by surprise! Yes - a plan would be good.

Not so good: :nono:
croissants when my lovely neighbour visited!Working on: :woops:

simple lunch and breakfast plan - and automatingCheryl

04-07-2010, 07:41 AM
:welcome: Amie (jazzmegirl):welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these some five years ago :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find the Beck Forum over here on 3FC?

04-07-2010, 07:46 AM
:welcome: Debbie (Lexxiss):welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined nearly a year ago, :wel3fc:

Yay for tracking down the Beck book when you spotted it mentioned here on 3FC.

And Double Yay for coming right over here to the Beck Forum.

04-07-2010, 07:49 AM
We've been mentioning Beck on the South Beach Forum, Bill. Too bad I haven't finished the book yet - trying hard not to feel guilty!

04-07-2010, 07:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Saw a dark red tulip growing in DW's flower beds - so much stuff just comes up at once when the yard decides that Spring is near. Had my salmon collar for lunch; it has a lot of fat, which is of course delicious and full of Omega-3's. Glad I tried it.

Took a nice walk in the sunshine wearing a hood-less sweatshirt; CREDIT moi. Felt the urge to walk to Whole Foods to snarf samples, but didn't; CREDIT moi for that also. Wish the urge to get FREE foods would subside, or, at least, that I'd quite whining about it, LOL. I suppose that I'm to learn from Beck to focus my attention on producing a sane response to the unhealthy urges rather than to focus on wishing they'd go away. So, dear Buddies/Coaches, I whine to you to try to beat in into my head to focus on my advantage that I can walk freely toward Whole Foods and NOT go in, like Beck suggests in the quote today.

maryblu - Thanks for the reminder about "Automate." Boston area is having Spring; do you have ice-out yet?

onebyone - Yep, "cold turkey" sounds like the right way for you and recreational sugar to part ways. Sorry that it grabs you so fiercely. Yep, "Staying on plan is easier than getting on plan." Keep the faith; you've got a lot on your plate right now. You can work this also. You can NEVER outlive your welcome on the Beck forum. Nowhere in Beck's books does she mention deadlines for reaching the end of our journey. Seems to me we all stay on the journey and our bodies come along with us finding the weight they want to be as we go forward together.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for dads! Yay for dads visiting!! Yay for dads leaving when the visit is done!!!! Kudos for posting when busy.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Walking with your DH is such a great way to get exercise and enjoy it. Kudos for walking in 80 degrees; that can be a challenge.

Erika (eusebius) - I'll always bet on Yeti Matador One; kudos for emerging and continuing to return as a sane response to your uber busy life.

CeeJay - Ouch for the challenge of Food and the City; Kudos for facing it with a plan. Neat idea to make the kitchen off limits after dishes are done.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on breaking the plateau. Thanks for the reminder that eating serves real needs; that's a helpful thought for getting away from the guilt stuff that it's so easy to dump on ourselves. It's such a Beck-like thought to shift to an alternative way to satisfy our needs rather than to fix our problem eating.

Shepherdess - Yay for daffodils and crocuses to remind us to come out of our winter funk. Ouch for Wyoming Spring! You guys don't let up, do you. LOL at boycotting the weather; Yep, that's as rational a response to weather reports as any. Kudos for sneaking in a run whilst the weather wasn't looking.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for going 14 hours without eating and not "freaking out". Just amazing what's possible with the right focus. Wishing you well as you continue to face the realities of your foot surgery. Your ability to work this stuff out in advance will serve you well as you go thru that process.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Thanks for the thought that without an eating plan it is so easy to over buy food. Kudos for continuing to work the issue of planning your eating to take care of your body. It's always a trade off between the benefits of a good and its caloric load. Good luck finding your path through all that. And thanks for reminding me that I'm not the only person who has difficulty with "meet-and-eat" events.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yep, you're welcome to jump right in. Post any way you like - it doesn't have to be personals, just a brief report works wonders especially when you don't want to post because you've eaten or exercised off-plan. Watching portion sizes is a great plan. It's a challenge to counter drugs with weight-gain side effects. If you're losing, you can consider accepting a slower loss than your ideal after you get your portions to the size you think is healthy for you. Fast weight loss might not be a sane option for you right now. Exercising five or six times a week is a great idea if that's right for you, but if it's only for weight loss, it could turn into a burden that could lead to an all-or-nothing feeling if you decide that it's too much. Kudos for thinking carefully about your plans.

And Kudos for that classic demonstration of resisting a craving by having a star fruit.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for getting a real life Coach/Buddy. Let us know how that works for you since most of us have never successfully arranged that. Gotta think about the decluttering question - can't remember if/where Beck discusses that - but I'm convinced there's a strong correlation.

Readers - Day 23
Putting Fairness in Perspective

If the thought that dieting is unfair encourages you to eat, do the following:
. . .
Make a mental list of the advantages in your life. As compared with many people in the world, you have much more freedom to do what you want, to speak out about what's important to you, to live much of your life as you choose. It's unfair that you have all these freedoms when others don't. Think about other examples of advantages you enjoy.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184.

04-07-2010, 08:09 AM
Hi all!

We got home last night. We had a wonderful trip, probably the best we've had in years. We did a lot of hiking on the 4 days we were in Utah. I'm in better shape than I thought, but still have a ways to go to get back to where I was last fall. But I hiked 3+ hours a day so credit moi! A quick shout out to shepherdess the wind in Escalante was incredible. I thought of you on the 6.6mile hike as I was sandblasted the entire way. I cant imagine enduring wind like that every day.

We also had a great time with family in Kentucky. We went to a really interesting photography show, went bowling, had a big get-together on easter Sunday,and much more :) I walked 30-55 mins every day.

The trip was great on every front except for food. I ate like I had never heard of beck. :( but today is a new day and I will be back on plan today!

jazzmegirl :welcome3:

I'll get back to personals tomorrow!

04-07-2010, 10:39 AM
Hi beck buddies and coaches....

I am so happy to say that I've lost 2 pounds from last week. I am so so grateful. I even got to change my mini goal too - to 209. YAY

However - last night I dealt with stress by eating. A phone call in regards to a family member just had me in a tizzy. I ate and wasn't willing to use any of the techniques I know. DH's sesame sticks are gone, gone, gone in my stomach. I should have thrown them in the trash with dish soap on top! I usually keep dh's stuff hidden or gone. They were around when I was stressed and I love sesame sticks. I need to remind myself to keep tempting foods out of my environment. I t's frustrating - but - life goes on.. food happens ... and I have planned for a healthy day today.

The urban commando bunnies are marching into the back yard 3 by 3 - they are eating so many of my flowers and plants. I am considering getting a sling shot. I am enjoy the ones they've left me.


I had many credits going until last night and still kept to a few even when I was overeating. I don't know how to 'count' my credits & oops when the day ended poorly.

Chinamarie - wow...all that hiking -GOOD FOR YOU! Life and food can happen. Dr. Beck always says to just move forward! Glad you had a good trip.

bill - your salmon and walk sound lovely. Yes...the sample senerio - sometimes when I go into the grocery where I know the samples will be there and I talk to myself and yell to myself....not fair, oh well and no choice. Stay away from the store if you dont actually need something there. You CAN do it - remember you've done it before, you CAN do it again.

ruth - so glad you posted. No feeling guilty necessary.

seadwaters - try writing down a plan for just one day - with the healthy foods you like and want included. My motto is plan for the future but take in one day at a time. You can eat the good stuff to help your body heal from the chemo - just include it in. Maybe this can help.

jazzmegirl - Welcome! Good for you....I think one of the most important things that dr. beck suggests is to keep your environment free of all the temptation. So craving ice cream and not having ice cream in the house is a big credit. It's true - when you resist temptation you strengthen the power within yourself to do it again. YAY

onebyone - I am sorry you are struggling so much and feeling badly. I don't think we can ever stop trying again. Mainly because we never know if the next trying again will be the one that 'clicks in our brain'. You don't have to lose all your weight right away...just get through one day of food sanity. Maybe you could write down a food plan and try to stay with it. Or - just start again with Dr. Beck's book, make your response cards all over and keep trying. I am so glad you posted.

lexxiss - Welcome! - so glad you posted. I too eat just a few different breakfasts, too. Although - many folks change it up alot. Good credit...eating seated only is GREAT!

Nuxmaga - great - taking a walk despite hot weather.

ceejay - sorry you've been struggling the past couple of days. Move forward - good plan to stay away from the kitchen at night. Remember the five D's - Distance, Distraction, Deep Breathes, Drink Water, & Destroy!

kim - it will be easier to hop right back on your plan now that things are back
to normal.

gardenerjoy - yay!!!!!! So glad you are finally below your plateau weight. Hooray. glad you posted. Hope you can post again soon.

shepardess - I hope your electrical problems are gone. The best exercise is the one I will do. That is absolutely true.

04-07-2010, 11:09 AM
I read an interesting article about the thought patterns of successful maintainers. Thought the rest of you might find this interesting: I caved to some chocolate last night when I saw DH having some, so I clearly need to work on re-wiring those thought patterns.

Got quite a bit of snow yesterday and am looking at more falling this AM, but the storm is supposed to break anytime now and it should get warm up into the 50s these next couple of days. Spent a very stressful morning trying to get around and feed yesterday and then it was back at the house to watch the snow fall all PM. I voiced a concern over the truck while we were driving around and DH told me that we’re not supposed to talk about those until we are back at the house with a cup of tea. I did jump rope. I felt like I needed some high-intensity exercise to work out the morning’s stress.

Eusebius, great job getting up early to exercise. I love the determined attitude in the face of all the challenges.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on the new low! Kudos for doing the work to break through that plateau.

Welcome Jazzmegirl! Being in good shape is a great start. Kudos for identifying those areas to work on, but it’s also good to remember that slow weight loss is the kind that lasts. Great job resisting a craving.

Bennyhannamamma, having a house guest is always a big challenge. Hope you get some sleep so you have the energy to be back on track.

CeeJay, sounds like you have a good plan to get back on track. Good luck with your trip to the city, but don’t forget that you have been successful on past trips and you can be successful again.

Nuxmaga, wow an 80 degree heat wave! As tired as I am of snow, I am a huge wimp about heat, so big credit for walking anyways.

Welcome Lexxiss! I think the there are a number of Beck/decluttering connections, but the big two are taking control over an area of your life and a neater, cleaner environment is such a big help with dieting. At least I assume that to be the case. If you saw my house you would notice that decluttering has not taken hold.

Onebyone, great to see you back here. So sorry about the gain, but great job coming back here and getting back on that horse. I agree that extreme diets are not the answer, though it does seem tempting to take the short cut. But they are not lasting. This route may take longer, but in the long run, we will have a different and healthy relationship with food.

Seadwaters, yay for feeling positive. LOL at being a vegetarian who happens to eat meat. I think I might be a meat eater who happens to eat vegetarian. Sounds like you are really thinking through the eating plan problem. Good luck finding a solution!

Ruthxxx, waving back. Good to see you again. Don’t feel guilty about the Beck you haven’t read; just pat yourself on the back for the Beck that you have read.

BillBE, I’m visualizing your dark red tulip. The flowers will come again. Huge credit for walking right past Whole Foods with all those tempting free samples.

ChinaMaine, glad to see you again. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Huge congrats on being in better shape than you thought. All that hard work is paying off in a hiking vacation and thanks for thinking of me in the wind. These Western States’ winds are a force to be reckoned with. Kudos for getting back on track on the eating front, but yay that the exercise was great.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on another 2 lbs gone! Ouch for the stress eating, but sometimes it happens. Good job getting back to Beck today.

04-07-2010, 11:58 AM
I had an off-plan slice of bread last night. Earlier in the week, I managed the feat of pulling a fresh loaf out of the bread machine without taking any, but apparently that isn't so easy when the loaf finishes an hour after supper. Another area that will work better with planning.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +15, 345/1800 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

jazzmegirl: welcome! Major credit for resisting a craving!

bennyhannahmama: glad to see your post and that you are pleased to be getting back to normal.

CeeJay: ouch for the unplanned eating. Sounds like you have a good plan to get yourself where you want to be.

Lexxis: welcome! For me, the connection between decluttering and Beck is that taking control of one thing in my life gives me tools that help in other areas. If I can plan my meals, I can plan other activities. If I can tackle eating one day at a time, I can handle my unpacked boxes one box at a time. I recently read The Spark by Chris Downie that uses that concept of connecting life improvement goals together to achieve better results in all of them.

onebyone: Yes! That addiction to junk food is exactly what I've been thinking about.
The good news is that now that I've been off of it for seven months, salads do actually taste good. One thing that has helped me a lot has been to find other ways to imbue more meaning into my food. I'm getting a kick out of growing sprouts on my kitchen counter right now. Cooking from scratch as a way to connect with my foremothers and/or great chefs helps. Shopping at the Farmers Market is a big deal for me.
The bad news is that while I've successfully warded off cravings for months, I still have moments when I want that pleasure I used to get from overeating. Beck strategies, especially posting here, helps a lot.
Good to see you back here and I miss you when you are gone.

seadwaters: I can relate to getting torn in different ways with all the nutritional information and eating styles. In the last couple of months, I've determined that I "should" eat tempeh, ground flax seeds, honey, and cinnamon every day. Oh, and I spent hours on SparkPeople one day trying to get a day's menus that gave me enough potassium without going over my daily calorie limit and I completely failed! It was kind of a relief to start the DASH diet and put those "shoulds" at the top of the list, which means, while I am still eating some of the nutritional foods I've read about, I'm not eating them every day because they just don't fit for me.

BillBlueEyes: yay for whining here instead of heading for free samples -- a brilliant solution!

chinaMaine: welcome home! Sounds like a lovely vacation.

Beverlyjoy: so sorry you had to deal with a stressful phone call. Good job getting back here and making a new plan for a new day.

Shepherdess: cool link, thanks! That gives me hope for strategizing my way to success over the long haul.

maryblu, Nuxmaga, Ruthxxx, and anyone else who I missed: hello and glad to see you here!

04-07-2010, 12:14 PM
Good Morning:sunny: Day 4 Give Yourself Credit

Thanks for the warm welcome, and also for the explaination of the decluttering connection. I've been working on that for several years now and know I take care of my personal self better when I live in an organized environment.

I'm going to resist the urge to do personals today. I believe the most important thing I can do is post here, keep in contact with my coach and work on integrating these new eating behaviors into my daily life. Credit for recognizing when a task is more than I'm able to handle, and credit for control with my eating habits.

I'm off to Denver to meet up with Step-daughters. Whole Foods for lunch, credit, I make very good choices there. I may also try to find the other Beck book at the library, another credit. Seems like a credit day, but that's what the book says to do!

Have a great day everyone!

04-07-2010, 12:28 PM
Oh my god, there are so many of you, I guess this is a good thing, but kinda overwhelming. Today my trainer measures my percentage of body fat and lean muscle, we do it every couple months. My scale weight shows a five pound loss since last time, but, we'll see if that loss was actually fat. At least the measurements are always moving down. I've finally lost the weight I gained since the doctor put me on this latest drug. I'd gained ten pounds.
My Bf was complaining that he was overweight. I said this wasn't a blame the victem stance, but, had he made a concerted effort to lose, he said no, that he loved steak and cream and rich food. I said, as someone who has lost and kept off weight several times, I think I know what I'm talking about, and added that it was all about what was most important, the momentary pleasure of eating whatever you want, or the long term goal of losing weight. He aggreed, and concluded, I guess it's my choice to be overweight. I offered to help if he seriously wanted to and to lend my support, and left it at that. Anyway, my point with this story is, I think there's a crucial shift tha takes place in order to be consistant with your plan over the long haul.
Well, off to read to my seniors, then exercise, then rehearsal for my jazz gig, then bipola support group, Wednesdays are always crazy. Will post food and measurement results later.

04-07-2010, 01:32 PM
Hello everyone. I was reading your posts and decided to go get my Pink book out of my closet. If I had de-cluttered I would have found it sooner.
It is nice to see so many people posting here. So many good ideas and such a helpful group. I have decided I need to take care of me and do more things for myself instead of everyone else around me. Beck is a step in the right direction. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Take Care

04-07-2010, 06:00 PM
Hi, Ann. Good that you are making your self care a priority. Measurements in. Lost 3 pounds of fat, gained four pounds of muscle, hydration level up to 55 percent. Up two percent from two months ago. Body fat percentage 28, lowest ever! Credit, apparently my hard work is having tangible results.

04-07-2010, 09:12 PM
Not doing great, but I wanted to check in. Thanks for the continued support. Hope to be back in full swing very soon.

04-07-2010, 10:24 PM
Hi, Kim. Oh jeez, really bummed, binged on hot wings ad frozenyogurt, to be fair, I haven't binged in a long time, but, quite a set back. I'm really nervous about my volunteer jog. I'm reading "Marley and Me" to a group of seniors at an assisted living place. I've been doing it for about four months, and they really like me, but, we're nearing the end of the book. If anyone is familiar with the story, "life and love with the world's worst dog", then you know that the end is heartbreaking. Though I'm a professional actress, reading the ending, I can't get through a sentence without crying. The staff and residants said whatever happened would be okay, but, I really don't want to embarrass myself in front of all these people.
I guess a half a pound of hot wings and a half pint of frozen yogurt won't make that problem go away, I never knew how deeply I fear looking inadequate in front of others. Oh, well, I guess tomorrow is another day.

04-08-2010, 12:49 AM
Hello Coaches

Although today was far from perfect, come to think of it most days are but I digress, it was better than most days lately. The real difference is I was here yesterday posting. Funny that.

So this is how I ate:

9am: one cranberry muffin and one medium coffee with cream

1pm: one coffee with cream

2pm: one cola drink

5pm: nachos made at home: salsa, tortialla chips, old cheddar cheese, lean ground beef 1/2 small seedless watermelon

That was it. Gee. I was under the impression that I "had no sugar". This just shows you how much sugar I got used to eating. The stupid availability of cheap easter chocolate really enables me to eat to my heart's content. Friends who attend AA used to say that St. Patricks Day was a favorite holiday as it was acceptable to be drunk in public (same with New Year's Eve) and on my end it's encouraged to eat sweet things over Easter and valentines and the xmas season. Hard to say no if you're giving-in muscle is well oiled. But not impossible as evidenced by many folks on this thread.

Anyway this is an improvement *credit* but seadwaters I'm with you on the search for automation. I want eggs for breakfast. I want to avoid bread and flour(except for one meal maybe at dinnertime). I want to cut out sugar completely again. I'd like to add glasses of cool clear water and a mulit-vitamin and a session of deliberate movement that makes me break a sweat or makes my muscles sore on purpose. I want to cook from scratch. And i want to keep my kitchen clean. It's been un-usable for months. I've been very disconnected from my place and basically ignoring my surroundings. time to put some time into my house and home again even if I wish I was moving somewhere RIGHT NOW. I'm not.

I want to start using the green Beck Book which I've opened but not really followed yet. It's time for that approach now.

Anyway just wanted to report that I did see some progress today, imperfect as it was.

Have a good night coaches.

04-08-2010, 01:36 AM
You all have to know, I have not been posting a lot, but reading and keeping up, and *keeping track. I know when you have been naughty or nice...*laffin', huggin'..had missedya, onebyone....hope you know, this is the first place to come and lay down your burdens..we *all struggle...we *all struggle, even our Fearless Leader, BillBE, reports his struggles. We *all struggle, and mine vary...I do admit to that *free food..endless buffet thang..*whatever..we all struggle, and this is the place to come...just reporting to our Beck coaches seems to help us put things into perspective and layout a plan.

Sorry to be remiss, *yes, we have ice-out..record breaking is springtime here on April 3.. a record, and I won the bet with DS.....but I can't partake of any of the spring gardening rituals due to my little nip/tuck adventure..if ya me..not gonna post pics or do details for all the world, but happy to share my joy with fellow Beckies. I am sure BillBE will be the most interested...*laffin' It's all good.

04-08-2010, 05:01 AM
Hi Coaches
Cooked a few things today - soup to use up abundant over-purchase of food, and a lamb curry to freeze so feel like I am on my way to getting organised. I also made a chicken stew for the dogs who will be returning home at the end of next week after my conference. I will be at a conference from mid-Sunday to Thursday in "the City" which will be a bit challenging food wise (but fun otherwise). Will need to plan for that as well
Maryblu - great advice about this being the first place to come to lay down burdens - and to reality test. Things certainly do go better when I pop in
Onebyone - Sounds like a better day. I like your goals - I am striving to make a simple list of parameters that I can live with and work with. Making soup today is a step in that direction for lunch. And I understand what you mean about being disconnected from the processes that maintain life. Someone else here today talked about it as connecting with our fore-mothers and I see the point.
Kim (bennyhannahmama) - :wave:
Newlifestyle - Good luck with taking care of yourself and credit for making it a priority
Amie (Jazzmegirl) - There are a lot of us at the moment aren't there. Credit for the weight loss and the fat loss and under some difficult circumstances - some of those meds make it very hard. You are having an eventful time - kudos for recognising that food won't take the pain or the problem away
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Enjoy your trip and great to see you post - credits are definitely not mandatory
Gardenerjoy - fresh bread - a real challenge for planning. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that you need to hang in and retrain your taste buds to like a particular way of eating. Will have to look at the dash diet
Shepherdess - Thanks for the link - had a quick look and it looks good. I think we are all trying to retrain our brains and this adds more motivation
BeverlyJoy - Great loss - credit! Good regrouping after a sesame stick incident. Thanks for the taking it one day at a time reminder
ChinaMaine - Nice to see you back and glad you had a wonderful trip - and all that exercise
BillBlueEyes - Your picture of where a salmon collar is makes me LOL - but it does sound delicious. What is this about samples - we are deprived in Australia obviously as it is not a local phenomenon - a good thing too by the sound of it.

Credits: :flow1:
-Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
-Posted to list and read posts - Yep
-Sat down to eat - Yes
-Ate mindfully / slowly put fork down between bites - NO
-Weighed myself (if at home) - Yes
-Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yes
-Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yea
-Gave myself credit when on track - Yes
Not so good: :nono:
-Still not remembering that I want to put the fork down and eat S-L-O-W-L-Y
Working on: :woops:

-Taking responsibility
-Need to reread the doing a daily schedule section I think


04-08-2010, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate on plan - CREDIT moi - including dinner on the patio with DW. A nearby Robin kept making an unpleasant call - not its cheerful mating call. DW said it was annoyed that we were sitting out there when it wanted privacy to take a bath. I laughed at her assertion that she spoke bird. Then the Robin flew to the fence, then to a small bush, then to the bird bath on the ground where it washed with vigor. Then flew away and began making its mating call. Let the whole world know, DW speaks bird, LOL.

Gym-ed on plan; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Congrats on getting nipped and tucked. Hope this doesn't wipe out a whole season of gardening.

onebyone - LOL at "Funny that" in response to a better day after posting. Yep, posting works like that for me too. If I were a certified nutritionist, I'd note that going until 5pm with only a muffin for protein was one long stretch. Do you like oatmeal? Or some tree nuts to go with your breakfast? I agree that "cheap easter chocolate" should be banned.

ChinaMaine - Welcome back. What a trip! So much good hiking in Utah's spectacular mountains. Walking 6.6 miles while being sandblasted sounds like a challenge; Kudos for marching forth. (You can put that on your application for moving to Wyoming, LOL.)

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. May full swing arrive.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - The smell of baking bread is one BIG trigger for me. Kudos for standing it down earlier in the week.

Shepherdess - That is an interesting study - that successful maintainers have a strong visual response to food but that's it's accompanied by a strong inhibitory response. I'd like to think that the Beck strategies help up to build up that inhibitory response. Wonder what she thinks about that. Ouch for Wyoming snow when I'm bathing Robins; your Spring will come.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for family stress; Double Ouch for stress eating. Kudos for acknowledging it so that you can put strategies in place.

Had to share your, "The urban commando bunnies are marching into the back yard 3 by 3" with DW on the patio last night when she pointed to two tulips that weren't there - a squirrel had eaten the bulbs as she watched helplessly from the kitchen window. Thanks for the reminder that I know to stay away from the sample-given-stores when I don't need to shop.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Smart move to cook up your over purchased food into soup. That's taking responsibility for your actions rather than whining about it; Kudos. If I can't solve my FREE food addiction, maybe I can move to Australia where the stores don't play that game.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yep, there are a bunch of regular and irregular posters here. Don't try to do personals right away - it's just too overwhelming. Your technique to do a few, one at a time is a good solution. It's not like valentines in the fourth grade where you had to give one to everybody or give none at all, LOL. Hope "Marley and Me" went well.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yep, Kudos for each time you give yourself credit. (Double Kudos if you feel silly doing it like I did, LOL.) Don't rush doing personals - posting is the key.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Beck is certainly a good step in the direction of taking care of yourself. Bon Voyage on your journey.

Readers - Day 23
Putting Fairness in Perspective

If the thought that dieting is unfair encourages you to eat, do the following:
. . .
Create a Response Card. If you constantly think that it's unfair that you have to diet, you need a Response Card to help change your thinking. This sample card may help you compose your own card:Dieting may not be fair, but I have two choices: I can
feel sorry for myself, stop following my plan, never reach
my goal, and continue to be unhappy with myself. Or I
can sympathize with myself but go ahead and do what
I know I need to do. Everyone experiences some kind of
unfairness in life. This is one of mine. Besides, the great-
est unfairness to me would be if I let this excuse prevent
me from reaching a goal I strongly want to achieve.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184-185.

04-08-2010, 07:24 AM
Good Morning-Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

*credit* for having a plan for today and *credit* for feeling good about it*credit* for staying OP yesterday

Screen saver-"slow and mindful"
Reading response cards
Posting a check in on Beck Board
Eat only when sitting down
Portion control-SBD approved foods only
Eating slow and mindfully-with a smaller fork or chopsticks.

The workbook suggests having a meal with No distractions. I will do that for my lunch. I will re-read my chapters on Day 5.

Today is a travel day for me. *credit* for coming to 3fc first and organizing my day. I need to leave here in the next hour and 45 minutes. I'll be at my other house for at least 3 weeks, so everything has to be in order when I leave. I feel more centered at my other home. When I'm here, I'm interacting quite closely with my Mom with whom I have many issues. We got through a week quite well for which I am greatful.

When I get resettled, I'm going to read through this thoughtful thread again from start to finish. You all have so many helpful insights and I appreciate your thoughtfulness as you each go about your daily lives.

Have a great day everyone!

04-08-2010, 08:08 AM
:df: WI-up 1.3 lbs. Read my cards, but didn’t make a plan. Food – on-calories; Exercise – on-plan (58m).

I’m getting back into the groove –credit! Although I didn’t have time to make a plan yesterday AM (slept late), I ate the kinds of things I eat when op and ended up in a good place calorie-wise. This morning I did yoga for the first time in months and it felt great! (I had tried it once in Jan or Feb, but it caused fatigue so I decided to stick to walking until I felt better.) I hope to make it a daily activity again – yay!

DH has gotten a contracting position with my company. He has worked with my boss before, so when things got desperate enough that my company was ready to hire contractors (everyone with my job title is working 50+ hours; it turns out I wasn’t alone…) my boss enquired about my DH. They are opening up some full-time positions too so they are interviewing him for a FT position as well. Since I already have benefits, it might make better financial sense for DH to stay a contractor… But we tend to be conservative financially so we’d probably go for the security of the FT position, should we have the opportunity to choose. In any case, DH is thrilled to be working again…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – partial credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

gardenerjoy :bravo: for losing 2 lbs and hitting your mini-goal!! I dream of getting an air-gun to shoot squirrels. Varmints are varmints… yes, warm fresh bread after dinner is bound to be a trigger. Kudos for realizing you need to plan around that in the future…

shepherdess Thanks for the link – really interesting! Sounds like your DH has a good attitude… Hope the snow melts and you get to enjoy the warmer side of spring later this week.

Debbie (Lexxiss) :welcome3: Yep, do personals when you find the time is right. Nice you are having a healthy WF lunch with your step-daughters. I like Denver a lot. I lived in Co Springs for 9 months – it was a life-time ago though. ;)

Kudos for op day. I like the idea of the smaller fork or chopsticks

Amie (jazzmegirl) Kudos for such a great measurement day! This is obviously a case of hard work paying off! Re your book reading - If you watch and listen to your audience carefully, I’m sure that the bond you’ve created with them will be what drives their response to you. There’s no reason to feel inadequate because your audience will only see success…

Ann (newlifestyle) :welcome3: Yep taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting, and may you find your groove very soon…

Susan (hikergirl)

one by one I’m glad that yesterday was a better day. Kudos for posting. And good luck with your plan for automation, wise food choices and deliberate movement.

Maryblu You had record breaking ice-out too, just a few weeks later than Maine. I think it was a few weeks later last spring too... Do you have loons yet? We think we saw a couple in the distance last night, but haven’t heard their call yet. So don’t know for sure.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Kudos for all the home-cooking, even for the dawgs! Enjoy your time in the city…

Bill Kudos for having a bi-lingual wife – lol.

04-08-2010, 08:13 AM
Hi coaches and buddies and friends....yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I couldn't fall alsleep and drank chamomile tea - finally had some wine. Not planned ahead but, a last resort at 2am. I must scoot out the door early this morning - have an am and pm program at a preschool.

I'll check in later.

Have a great day.

04-08-2010, 10:35 AM
I can’t explain the sudden mood shift, but yesterday I felt very optimistic all day. We got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of snow on Tues and Wed AM, which is a lot of snow for us. It was that wet, heavy snow and I was worried about being snowed in. Luckily, the wind hadn’t come up and we were able to get around, though there were some scary spots. I saw some blue sky through the clouds and so the dogs and I went tromping around the hills in the snow. I was thinking of you birders since the mallards are on the reservoirs and I saw a blue heron as well. And by the sound of it, the meadowlarks were happy for a bit of blue sky as well. It was a bad housekeeping strategy, but great for all of our sanity.

A sunnier outlook worked wonders for eating well. Resisting is just so much easier when I feel positive. I also finally read the last Beck chapter on maintaining. I’ve been putting it off because shouldn’t I be perfect before I move on? But it addressed a lot of problems I’ve been having recently, like how to find daily motivation once you’ve reached that final mini-goal. Who would have known the answers would have been in the book. I guess when in doubt, read the directions.

Gardenerjoy, great job keeping up some exercise even while your back is hurting. A fresh-backed piece of bread would be pretty difficult to resist. It’s good that you are figuring out when you can resist and when you can’t.

Lexxiss, yay for a credit day and great job staying on plan. I just noticed that you are in CO. I always like to see another member from the Wild West. I also just noticed that you’ve lost 80 lbs. Huge congrats for that!

Jazzmegirl, congrats on the good numbers! It sounds like you have a very full schedule. Ouch for the binge, but it’s good that you pinpointed the trigger. Good luck with reading to your seniors, they will enjoy it no matter what happens.

Welcome Newlifestyle! I have found this group so helpful in keeping me committed to Beck and more importantly, keeping committed to healthy eating and exercise. As a bonus, there are lots of smart Becksters (I’m stealing Maryblu’s line) on this forum. When I hit a speed bump there are so many helpful ideas.

Bennyhannamamma, good job checking in. Ouch for “not doing great.” It’s tough to get back to a routine that works after a house guest leaves. Good luck getting back on track.

Onebyone, the good news is we don’t have to be perfect, just working at it. So big credit for coming back here and making an improvement.

Maryblu, yay for ice out and spring arriving and yay for the nip and tuck. It’s the season for renewal. Hope you are quickly recovered and can get out to that beautiful garden of yours soon!

Seadwaters, great job doing all that cooking, and for the dogs as well. That reminded me of my grandmother who used to make a rice and curry for the family and a separate pot for her dogs.

BillBE, yay for an evening meal on the deck. LOL at your DW who speaks bird.

ChinaMaine, great job getting back into your groove. It’s great that these habits are so ingrained that you can jump right back in. That is good news for you DH!

Beverlyjoy, waving back. Yay for a healthy day. Ouch for not being able to fall asleep.

04-08-2010, 12:01 PM
Thanks Beck people. Feeling better today. Going to make something in the crockpot.

04-08-2010, 12:53 PM
Hello All,
Thanks for all the welcomes. I am feeling very optomistic after reading this thread. I think it is a great idea to have the same breakfast and lunch each day. Now to find out what I would love to eat each and every day for breakfast and lunch.
I think planning will be important for me. Where to find the time in each day. I am sure this is a struggle for many.
I also think that I have that need to be perfect and I have to realize that no one is perfect and I need to accept that I will have slip ups.
Thank you for all the wonderful advice on this thread.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

04-08-2010, 12:55 PM
Hallo Beckies, may I join you? I´m here the new one...and itś my first posting to 3FC.

04-08-2010, 01:43 PM
Had another massage this morning and see some hope that I can get my muscles back in shape for exercise and gardening.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +0, 345/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: yay for giving yourself credit and for recognizing that it's more important to make a check-in post than to do the personals. Most of us do that fairly frequently.

jazzmegirl: Don't worry about how many of us there are -- we wax and wane a bit and this is one of our high number times. You'll get to know us all in time and there's no hurry. Great stats you got from your trainer -- all your work is paying off!

Newlifestyle: welcome!

bennyhannahmama: credit for posting! Hope things improve soon!

onebyone: glad that posting is helping your work things out for yourself

maryblu: hope you are feeling healthy and able to work in the garden soon

seadwaters: great job making some freezable food for yourself

BillBlueEyes: LOL at bird call interpretation

ChinaMaine: glad to see you getting back in the swing of things and that there's good news on the work front for your husband

Beverlyjoy: good job checking in on a busy day

Shepherdess: so glad you found helpful information in the part of the book you hadn't read yet

nathy: welcome!

04-08-2010, 03:35 PM
Anyone miss me? Anyone?
Ha. Thought so. Anyway after traveling, I came home and worked on my new home and marriage for a while...kept to my dietary food selection criteria but let Beck methods slip (portion size, mindful eating). So now I have to cut back more because when I overeat portions of dried fruit or beans or nuts, I get sick to my stomach! Proof: :carrot:Crime doesn't pay! When will I ever learn for good?

Anyway, its good to be back in Beckland.

04-08-2010, 04:17 PM
Hi everyone - just flying by ... the next two weeks are perhaps the craziest of the whole year, but so far I have stayed on plan with minor deviances, and have been exercising pretty consistently this week. Yay for air-popped popcorn, my snack saviour of the week!
Wish I had time for personals but I have another student coming ... I just want all of you to know I'm thinking of you & appreciating your presence here!

04-08-2010, 09:36 PM
Left work early yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. Stayed home today because I was feeling worse. At 9am I got a call from my son's daycare that he has lice and I need to pick him up right away. Picked him up then got daughter from her school. Confirmed with pediatrician that they did indeed both have lice. Took them to a place that treats it because I felt too crappy to deal with it myself. Got home at 4:30 and have been cleaning/laundering ever since :( I've wanted to stress eat a lot, but have kept it under control. I'm not OP, just trying to survive. The cleaning is helping me burn a lot of calories though :) Still feel pretty crappy, hopefully going to bed soon. That was my no fun day.

04-08-2010, 10:24 PM
Good Evening Coaches

Well here's how the day went:

I forced myself to have a real breakfast and to actually choose one so I had 2 boiled eggs & two icky white breads; one slice of bread had minimal margarine on it.

What was good about it? The protein What was poor?it was white bread (DH's - I don't have any bread right now.) Is this a suitable breakfast for me? Love the eggs. Don't want the bread really. What else can I have eggs with? I don't think(?) you are supposed to have whole eggs everyday are you? So I need to look into eggbeaters and such. I like eggs for breakfast. I loathe cereals. blech. And I can do the odd day of oatmeal but it doesn't satisfy me at all. I don't mind fruit in the morning. But I don't like yogurt really-it seems to be a trigger food for me somehow-might be the texture. I love cheese but I need to watch the salt if I am going to start watching other things may as well throw that in from the get go. Hmmm. Maybe I can get into fancy schmancy breakfast omlettes with eggbeaters then? It means (hello) planning ahead :rolleyes: and chopping stuff up or buying stuff chopped but making sure I have fixin's when I need them in a bowl or something.

Lunch did not do so well. I missed it then had a biscotti with coffee a friend bought me. Then I came home starving and got in around 3pm and asked DH if he had a snack. he always has a snack and he handed me a cheap chocolate egg filled with stuff and I snarfed it down. Then he told me not to blame him for falling off the wagon. I don't. I didn't. My wagon wasn't hitched up right then and there. I went into the freezer, got 4 frozen pre-made eggrolls, nuked them, ate them and started dinner right after I ate them but not before I enjoyed a small glass of red wine, which is a rare occasion for me to have some wine.

2 hours later we had potatoes from the oven and porkchops that weren't good. I think I have to throw out the porkchops and the lambchops in my freezer cause when we bought them I let them sit in the fridge too long and I think they went sort of bad. I ate mine with a bit of suspicion and DH just said no to his. No harm done to me; I feel fine but I think they have to go. I have really been neglecting myself coaches, letting good food just sit there and go bad. Wow, so wasteful. Really. But, like Dr Beck says O well, that's over. It's a clean slate so out they go in the trash tomorrow night.
Oh yeah and then DH handed me two Kindereggs for dessert. I enjoyed them.

So is this good or bad? I will again say "better". Credit for having a breakfast today. Credit for having a dinner made from scratch. Credit for stepping on the scale today. Credit for posting here and reading your posts. Thank you for writing-a credit from me to you for doing that.

Need to work on going cold turkey off sugar again. Possibly Monday. For now I continue to cut back. Yes, today was an improvement. I will officially weigh in tomorrow as I do like Friday morning as my weigh in day of the week.

bennyhannahmama No kidding you absolutely did have a no fun day. So sorry about that. BIG kudos for not making it worse with stress eating. Beware that it doesn't get you once this crisis passes. Just keep on keepin' on. :hug:

eusebius Credit for working Beck while :dizzy: busy.

midlifecrisis57 Credit for coming back. :hug: I too just returned. It seems I "forgot" some critical things that Beck had me work on before; portion sizes and no choice definitely fell by the wayside for me.

gardenerjoy Credit for giving your body what it needs to heal re: massage.:cp: (Those smiley hands are the closest things I could find to massaging hands in the smiley list here.) May you be gardening with great joy soon.

nathy:welcome2: Glad you found us!

Newlifestyle:wave: I'm going to take my time figuring out my plan for the lunch and the breakfast. I just want a few options and I've gone this long I can take a few more days to get it right enough; not perfect but good enough to start doing something deliberately and not just on the fly like I usually do. I'm just not sane when it comes to food truth be told. I need structure around it or I go mental. Dr. Beck does work for me IF I do as she says... big IF sometimes! I'm going to need to remind myself just what that is again for sure. Actually she allows us 2 weeks to get ready for dieting if I recall correctly. Two weeks seems about right. Guess I started yesterday.

jazzmegirl In the past the crockpot was my best friend. I hope to renew our relationship very soon. Hope you had a good day today :)

shepherdess It made me smile when I read your line to "read the directions." I thought, man, I can relax! I got a plan-I don't have to figure stuff out, I have to follow a plan-I need to :book2: read the plan again. Thanks for simplifying this so effectively for me.

Beverlyjoy:) I hope your day went well.

Chinamaine Congrats to you for doing your yoga-may you do it any day you want to-and congrats to your DH for landing a job he's happy to do.
Also congrats for getting in the :dancer: groove.

Lexxiss :wave: Hello. I liked this in your credit list
Screen saver-"slow and mindful" It's a great idea you have there.
Credit for all your credits 5 days in! Awesome.

BillBlueEyes Thank you for reminding me that this is protein :cheese: and this is protein :chicken: and this is protein :burger: and this is protein :moo: and this is protein :ink: but a muffin is not protein. 'Tis true enough friend. It was your simple lay-nutrionist observation that pushed me to having some real protein for breakfast today. Thanks coach.

Off to bed now. Thanks for reading all the way to here coaches.
PS. I do enjoy the liberal use of 3fc's hokey smilies.

04-09-2010, 12:22 AM
Midlifecrisis57, yes! I did miss you!

Honestly, I have learned so much from each of my dear Beckies, anyone of us gone missing is a loss, but yes, to answer your question, I *did miss you!

04-09-2010, 03:37 AM
Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yep, there are a bunch of regular and irregular posters here. Don't try to do personals right away - it's just too overwhelming. Your technique to do a few, one at a time is a good solution. It's not like valentines in the fourth grade where you had to give one to everybody or give none at all, LOL. Hope "Marley and Me" went well.

:wave: I am one of the irregulars. Good to see you.

04-09-2010, 06:04 AM

Had a good day today - somewhat on plan (or in control at least). Still messing about with ideas. Had some friends over for lunch to eat their way through my over-abundance of food given I only have tomorrow to finish it before I go to the city. The pile is considerably whittled down. I am still feeling motivated and hopeful but still not settled on a specific diet / plan yet - will have to decide by the end of next week.

I have decided to go to lbs rather than kg because it is easier on this list. I also have to say while the number looks so much bigger - it seems easier to lose 1 UNIT! Also better to have a 5lb rather than 5kg short term goal. So I am becoming bilingual for heights and weights

A big hello to all :sunny:


04-09-2010, 06:13 AM
Welcome Nathy:welcome2: Hope we get to know you soon. This is a useful place to be

04-09-2010, 06:34 AM
Hi beckfolks - yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that. It was busy & I was really tired from getting little sleep the night before - but, I was able and willing to push through and stay in my calorie range. My plan took some twists and turns, but the calories were fine and I wrote everything down that I ate. I really need to get to the grocery store - I am running low on veggies. Since I am trying to eat more veggies, it would help to have them in the house. Planning, planning, planning - yes, I hear your Dr. Beck.

I am heading into my fourth month using the Beck principles. I still have many chapters to read and more response cards to create. I must move forward with this. Historically - I start to 'struggle' around four months when I am eating healthfully. My best friend is a psychologist and she said that it's not unusual for this to happen at around four months. I think I will have to be more dedicated to doing my tasks to get through this time. I must get through it!! I WILL get through it.

Today I will take my mom to have a colonoscopy. She's a 16 year colon cancer surivor. I'll do my 'public service announcement' here and remind folks that this is an important test. It saved my mom's life.

lots of water
logged food
fork down between bites - some of the time
did my stretches and strengthening
left a bite - every time
used resistance techniques
ate mindfully - some of the time

no spontaneous exerices
changed my plan around
didn't think about fullness
ate two peanuts standing up - unusal for me - that's one principle I took to heart early on
did not read rc/arc

I want respond to people often as time permits...sometimes, I'll come back during the day and do a few more personals later on in the day.

seadwaters - it seems like having food premade is helping a bit. It's funny - having different measurements around the world. I get a bit confused with measuring in centemeters and recipes in grams, etc. But - we never outgrow the opportunity to learn new things, I guess.

silverbirch - HI!

onebyone - good credits for eating your meals(dinner from scratch) & posting. You can check those things off your daily list and it will feel good. The chocolate egg incident is over....carry on. I have to throw that stuff away or have dh keep it in his car. (sounds funny I know)

kim - so sorry you are still feeling badly. And head lice - such a royal pain in the arse to deal with. When I was a preschool teacher I was 'the best' teacher at spotting them and the nits. (a talent I wish I didnt have because it became my job) Be diligent and the beasties will go. Take care now.

midlifecrisis - yes, I wondered where you were. Crime doesn't pay! When will I ever learn for good?
- man that is really the truth. Glad you posted.

erika - so pleased for you...staying on your plan!! Glad you posted. Yay popcorn!

I'll be back later for more personals.

04-09-2010, 07:02 AM
:welcome: Ann (Newlifestyle) :welcome:

And in case you didn't get one of these when you joined nearly 4 years ago, :wel3fc:

Neat that you had the Beck book in your closet, but how did you learn about Beck and happen to have it there?

And how did you find the Beck Forum here at 3FC?

04-09-2010, 07:02 AM
:welcome: nathy :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about Beck's books?

And how did you find the Beck Forum here at 3FC?

04-09-2010, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had salmon collar again for lunch with a little left-over rice; CREDIT moi. The rice absorbed some of the excess salmon fat so I would get all the Omega-3's. There's a tension between the Omega-3's and the calories of fatty fish - just a reminder that nutrition isn't a good vs. bad issue, but an issue of getting the nutrition I need in the calories I'm consuming.

maryblu - I second your notion, "anyone of us gone missing is a loss."

onebyone - Yay for protein; Yay for five different smileys for protein, LOL. Yep, each day is a clean slate to live the day. Congrats on working so hard to figure out an eating plan that'll work for you.

ChinaMaine - Wonking Congrats to your DH for landing a job in such a tight market. And extra Congrats that it even has the luxury of choosing between contractor and full time status. Kudos for getting right back to "identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate" after returning from your trip.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Ouch for when it rains it pours. Kudos for bringing your kids to the de-lousing station when that's what you needed to do to deal with it. Around here, lice are most active among the wealthier kids in private schools - don't know how lice can tell the difference, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - Sending supportive thoughts for the "craziest two weeks of the whole year" - Kudos for sticking to your exercise plan despite that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Getting massages to be in shape for gardening is one serious gardener.

Shepherdess - Yay for Meadowlarks!!! Ouch for being a Meadowlark in 6 inches of snow - we don't see them until we have ... duh ... meadows for them to wallow in, LOL. Kudos to you for grabbing the opportunity to tromp about when the blue sky appeared. Do you wear snow shoes?

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for a healthy day even though it ended with difficulty sleeping. Yay for chamomile tea even if it didn't do the sandman trick this time.

midlifecrisis57 - Yep missed ya; welcome back. How do you like your new home? I know that sequence; first you substitute healthy snacks for junk food, then you begin to slowly increase the size of the healthy snack until it's not so healthy anymore.

silverbirch - Waving back at one of the irregular but cherished posters.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Neat to have friends over to attack the extra food. Yep, pounds are the easier choice as a unit of losing, but, since you're bi-lingual anyway, isn't an Australian authorized to publish her weight in stones, LOL? (I'm sure silverbirch will teach us the secret number to convert.)

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yay for crockpots for filling the house with the smells of healthy foods for hours on end.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for an OP day. I, too, like your idea of using a smaller fork or chopsticks to help pace the speed of eating. For years I loved my theory that chopsticks were the reason for so many lean Asians but, alas, had to abandon that theory once obesity hit China despite chopsticks.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, finding the time to stick to a food and exercise plan is a challenge, staring, of course, with finding the time to plan the plans. Beck has some encouraging writing about dealing with slip ups.

nathy - Always room for another Beck person; glad you found your way here. Have you started reading one of the Beck books?

Readers - Day 24
Dealing with Discouragement

For most people, losing weight starts off easy because their motivation and confidence are high. At some point, though, it begins to get harder. Life intervenes in ways that make sticking to your diet a real effort. Cravings become more intense. And some dieters begin to panic. they have sabotaging thoughts, such as:

It shouldn't be this hard.
I'll never be able to keep this up.
I don't want to do this anymore.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-09-2010, 08:53 AM
Thanks for nice invitation. I´m apreciate it...

How did I find you? About + - 10 years ago I have found 3FC, but there was only 1 thread, really. 3 sisters were writting about their dieting.
Now, 1 month ago 1 was looking for someones help, solution about overeating, compulsive eating.....and I tried 3FC, if it exists. YES! I was wery pleased and I read at "overeating" thead first. Someone was mention Beck ś solution, I was curious and came here, so here I am:-D
I´m a perfectionist, so I have read propearly what you have written from 1.1. 2009 to 6.1.2010. I am a reading maniac, so I read this thread every night like a detective story.
And why just Beck? Because I don´t need be on a diet (I am relatively slim 120/5´2´´), but I need to change some of my eating habits. I use food for calming down, for making comfort when I read, I can´t stop as normal people can........And for this I am sure the Beck is the best for me.
I had some problems with ordering the Becks´ books(the pink and the green ones) because I am from Europe (today is in our country your President Obama:-D)-from not English speaking country and book isn´t here. I tried to order in USA but they didn´t want to send books to Europe(even when shipping cost ist 12.60 for each book). BUT yesterday I was sucsesfull, I got it in Great Britain - they are posting to everywhere. I am so happy!

And another reason for contact just this thread is that I never met so nice, heplfull and pleasant people in net.

BillBE - SPECIAL thanks a lot for your quotations from Becks book. I copied it to Word and I use it instead of book till my books come.

P.S: Sorry for my English.I study it by myself, I love it.

04-09-2010, 08:55 AM
:df: WI-unchanged. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – op (58m).

Yesterday was a pretty typical work day. I stayed on-plan, and had to adjust things to get enough calories. (My Food Diary informed me I didn’t have enough calories…) It’s dreary here, but nice spring weather. Patches of rain, mostly clouds with temps in the 50s. So it was nice for walking.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for a healthy day, and hope sleep gets better… I am confident you will get past the 4 month hurdle! Kudos for taking your Mom for her colonoscopy. They found a precancerous polyp in my DH 18 months ago and it was quite a scare. But he got a clean bill of health on his last colonoscopy and doesn’t need to do it again for 5 years. I’m glad he got his done…

shepherdess It’s great that the book has some of the answers you’ve been looking for.

Amie (jazzmegirl) Kudos for crockpot cooking!

Ann (newlifestyle) I found the time investment to get into the habit of planning was significant – probably 30 minutes a day? But since I use an electronic tool (my food diary) that has a substantial database of foods, and I can add others as well as recipes, it usually takes 10-15 minutes a day to make a food plan. So it does get better...

nathy :welcome3:

gardenerjoy I’m glad the massage made you more optimistic about gardening.

midlifecrisis Welcome back!! Sounds like you’ve been doing some good work while you’ve been on hiatus from the group.

Erika (eusebius) Bravo for eating well and exercising consistently during what is such a busy time for you!

Kim (bennyhannamama) I hope you feel much better today.

one by one Some kind of high fiber grain with the eggs would be good, but all I can think of is high fiber bread. Of course fruit would be good too, but probably not enough calories if you move to eggbeaters. Hopefully someone else will have some good advice.

silverbirch :wave:

Cheryl (seadwaters) Kudos for finding a way to use up food and socialize, without overeating yourself!

Bill I have never heard of salmon collar, and found this quote online:
The collar on a salmon and is a prized piece of culinary bliss (ask ANY sushi chef). By all means SAVE the collar and broil it with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Another missed opportunity is the skin of the salmon. Remove the scales of the fish prior to filleting with the edge of a soup spoon. Once the skin is removed it can be sliced into narrow strips and broiled in the oven with salt to produce a savory "fish bacon" that is nutritious and lovely in a salad or use it to garnish your grilled or roasted salmon.

Salmon bacon sounds even more intriguing that salmon collars!

04-09-2010, 08:55 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Official weight: 268.0 lbs

I gained 6lbs in my off plan eating during the last month. I have to say that makes me :D. I saw higher numbers over the weeks, even at the beginning of this week. Not too much damage done and I'll take that and move forward.

Food for today: I just ate breakfast. It was a bit of an adventure. I wanted eggs, but didn't want DH's white bread and couldn't figure what else to eat with the eggs (I need to go shopping) so I spied a box of Kashi Lean cereal. I made a decision to just eat that and looked in the fridge at the lingering box of blueberries, checked them, and they looked a bit shrivelled but hadn't gone bad. They really should be bad by now but I took a chance. Added all the berries to the cereal and then got my older milk out and *bloop* the milk was bad. It coated all the berries. So I grabbed my colander and washed the yukky milk off the cereal (yes) and the berries and the Kashi cereal is all puffy and big so it didn't fall through the holes and I had new milk and now I have had breakfast.

Why this feels like such an ordeal I don't know but I had breakfast today.

I'll focus on getting a light lunch into me before 1:30pm, and it's pizza night so I'll put a limit on my food for dinner and stick to it. No snacks today. No muffins today.

Have a great day Becksters.

04-09-2010, 11:02 AM
Happy Friday Becksters!

My coach and I have agreed to proceed to Day 8, since we have both been OP for quite awhile and have our "food enviornments" under control.

Day 8-Create Time and Energy
-Read my books this morning
-made a list for today
-reviewed the coming week in my planner
-am working at home on delegating and scheduling time for resolving home projects (food and exercise under control)
-changing screensaver to "Create Time and Energy by Organizing"
-will sit down for a 1/2 hr dedicated lunch
-will make a Sat/Sun schedule this evening.
*credit* for these accomplishments

Thanks for being here everyone. I have read all the posts. I recognize that my link to not being overwhelmed is to practice calmness and efficiency.

One day at a time.

04-09-2010, 12:18 PM
I was sick to my stomach last night. Apparently, deep tissue massages can have that effect on some people. I'm hoping I can work something out with my massage therapist so it doesn't happen again. So, I was off plan because I didn't eat enough of what I planned. I didn't weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to see an artificial new low that it would take me a month to get down to again.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +60, 405/1800 minutes for April, Food: 40%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: I thought of you when I read about a system of color-coded "flags" for getting a dieter back on track quickly. Reminded me of your colored bands.

bennyhannahmama: that's a lot to deal with in one day! Glad you're surviving and credit for posting!

onebyone: I think they are saying that one whole egg a day is okay. You said you don't like cereal (I don't either). How about granola? You could have one egg and some fruit topped with granola, which would hit enough food groups for breakfast.

nathy: I am so impressed that you are reading many previous posts! Your English is charming.

eusebius, maryblu, silverbirch, seadwaters, Beverlyjoy, BillBlueEyes, Lexxis, and anyone else I missed: thanks for being here and making this such a vibrant and supportive space.

04-09-2010, 01:22 PM
HI Everyone. I got back home last night at midnight. I had 5 days away and I each one had compulsive overeating. "Ah well". I am here. I am ready.

Ok. A few personals:

midlifecrisis --- good to see your post. Yes, you were missed.

seedwaters --- I have not caught up on your posts in the last few days but I do hope that your health is good.

bennyhanna--- oh my, good luck with the pesky lice. Good for you to turning it into a weight lost positive thought (I know that it is a stretch to think that way, but at least you are trying to find a silver lining).

My stats
(I could not not not stand on the scale this morning for its "information". I will do so tomorrow). of 8 days in April...3 days were without compulsive overeating.

04-09-2010, 02:47 PM
Hi, Beckies. I am switching food plans. I was trying to do south beach for a bit, but, 'm finding it too different from what I'm used to, and too restrictive. I will be switching to the Mediterranian diet, as, it's pretty much the way I all ready eat, which is basically pretty healthy. Need to keep frozen desserts and chips out of the house.

04-09-2010, 02:50 PM
Hi beckies....It's afternoon and I have a bit of free time to get some more personals in.

gardenerjoy - your massage sound so, so good. ah.... hope it helps your sore back. I am sorry to hear about the tummy stuff. My massage therapist always told me to drink alot of water after a massage to help the body flush out the toxins.

maryblu - HI!! Nice to see your post!

hi newlifestyle - I agree. I think that planning is one of the most important things for me to have any success of living with food in a healthy manner. Glad you posted.

jazzmegirl - I love the crock of the best cooking inventions for busy folks, ever.
Good to switch plans and find one to live with. I agree - get the tempting stuff OUT of the house. It just makes it easier.

shepardess - I love your optimistic tone. I think, too, that having sunshine even on a cold day is just plain cheerful.

chinamarie - gosh, another yoga beck person. I've actually done pool yoga and that was fun. I hope things work out for dh to get the job he wants.

lexxiss - you are starting out well - many great credits. My friend, that told me about the beck book, said that every now and then she will actually looks at her watch and waits 30 seconds between bites.- just to really learn to slow down. I've done it a few times over the past months. It does make you think about actually slowing down. For me - this is very hard. I am glad you and your coach feel are feeling ready to move forward.

bill - healthy eating and the gym...fantastic. - that salmon sounds so good! When I hear you say it's a collar, I picture a salmon with a bowtie.

Nathy - welcome- I am so glad you posted!

hikergirl - you rock - being away from home and eating compulsively only one time is awesome!!! Good for you.

Shout out to anyone else that stops by. Have a great day.

04-09-2010, 03:01 PM
Beverlyjoy, I was just checking in before I "sit down" for lunch. I looked at your profile because I also do water yoga and there aren't many instructors...I was interested in your State and see we have the same birthday! My DH is Mar 3.

Hikergirl, how was Escalante? Did you hit the other Natl Parks? We made the sweep-Arches, Capitol Reef, Escalante, Bryce down to Zion several weeks ago.

04-09-2010, 05:20 PM
Hi Beckies,
thanks for nice invitation...
I am just leaving for 2 days with my daughter to Germany to Tropical Islands-something like aquapark.
I am a little bit stressed about food but I will be in my eating thoughts with you and believe I will be safe.

Gardenerjoy - I am impresed with your 1800 exercise minutes. Is it the clear time, you make exercise? I like gardening very much and spend working in the garden a lot of time. If I work very hard , in such as days I don´t go to the gym and consider the working time for exercise time.

To all of you - have a nice day.

04-09-2010, 06:01 PM
silverbirch - Waving back at one of the irregular but cherished posters.

Thank you very much, Bill. I appreciate your kindness all the more as I am still at my mother's, giving the emotional support and feeling exhausted by it. You're right about the physical aspects of emotional support. Too true. And, you know, eating does not help matters one bit. Not a scrap!

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, pounds are the easier choice as a unit of losing, but, since you're bi-lingual anyway, isn't an Australian authorized to publish her weight in stones, LOL? (I'm sure silverbirch will teach us the secret number to convert.)

Cheryl - hasn't Oz been properly metric for ages? The UK is meant to be but old habits die hard. I sometimes look at my weight in kilos just to shake myself up a bit. Hope it does the same for you.

Thanks for being here, everyone. You're cheering me up at a difficult time, and providing some very useful perspective.

04-09-2010, 08:57 PM
Just a quick check in tonight. It has been a truly terrible week as far as looking after myself goes. I need to analyze just what is going on for me. Just had a total collapse of motivation. I did not use any Beck skills. I did not do anything to help myself out of it-- in fact I practised multiple sabotaging thoughts and ate and ate, all the while beating myself up. I did not exercise, did not read cards, did not weigh in and did not post.

I think having last week off work actually blew me off track. I had been doing great for quite awhile and I did fairly well for about half of my week off. Then I started to do unplanned eating. Going back to work on Tuesday was not great and the half baked job I was doing to practice good healthy habits at the end of my holiday just died. I think I did not get enough of a break from work (I have a +++ high stress job with lots of responsibility so need good breaks to prevent burnout) and I was just unwinding a bit and then had to gear back up. I had post holiday blues and just limped through the week. I know this sounds like a big boo-hoo but I need to figure this out because I found myself reverting to some very rotten habits.

So I just read my advantage and response cards. I am posting. I called my mom and we are going out for a walk right after I finish doing some weights.

I have to get back on track. I am scaring myself. I do not want to go backwards. I have come too far to throw in the towel. I know that one good day under my belt will reset things. Tomorrow has to be that day.

Thanks to you for listening and for always being there.


04-09-2010, 09:55 PM
*snip* ... I did not use any Beck skills. I did not do anything to help myself out of it-- in fact I practised multiple sabotaging thoughts and ate and ate, all the while beating myself up. I did not exercise, did not read cards, did not weigh in and did not post....*snip*...
I know that one good day under my belt will reset things. Tomorrow has to be that day.

Hi Ceejay. I did THE exact same thing you describe here. I'm back too. And I have now had two decent days under my belt and already I feel better-calmer-you have already started btw by posting. CREDIT for coming here to post.

Now I don't know where you are in Canada but I'm in south-eastern Ontario and over the holiday weekend we had HOT weather for a few days in a row. Shorts and short sleeves weather. I felt like I wasn't ready to face the summer stuff yet, the "I don't look the way I want to AGAIN this summer" stuff; the I don't want to wear shorts, or I look like crap again negativity you know? So that made my eating worse because it added to my feelings of helplessness and hopelessness especially since I had been sliding on my program for weeks and there was no time left it seemed to get in shape for summer (as every magazine tells me I must do...). I just felt a great panic! And does that help? Not a bit. So I listened to the little voice that told me to calm down and do what I was doing before because it worked. There is no emergency. There is just consistent day in day out humdrum of following a food plan. *yawnsville* Me? I like DRAMA. But no more with the food please. That's wearing me out.

In the end what choice do we have? Go forward or go back. It's not magic Ceejay it's us and it's up to us not our fairy godmothers. We need to start again by doing one good thing for ourselves. we don't need to be perfect, we just need to see ourselves as worthy capable confident human beings. We are. But we have to act on it sometimes FIRST before we can actually see it and feel it.

Be it then feel it is how it seems to go for me these days.

Ceejay I was mostly writing for myself but if any of this helps you great if not keep posting anyway... I'm glad you did that today.


04-09-2010, 10:57 PM
Hi All,
A quick check in. Had dinner last night at a tavern, with my mother who was visiting, and left some food on my plate and beer in my glass, credit. Regretted the french fries, since we all 4 ordered them, and it was enough to feed an army. Today, 2 long walks, credit. Tracked food, credit. Stayed close to calorie goal, credit. I confess I attended a lecture at work on radiation decontamination with a single-minded desire to eat bad cookies, of which I had 4. Sigh, oh, well. I teach a mosaic class tomorrow and am nervous, and vulnerable to eating junk to calm down. I need to pack some good snacks.
Have a good night!

04-10-2010, 05:26 AM
Hi Coaches
Must have been very disorientated last night because I posted for Thursday not Friday night. And yes Silverbirch we have been properly metric since 1964 - and I have totally made the conversion for weight but still have difficulty with height. I have no idea how tall 1.85 metre is. Stones mean a lot more to me for body weight - but on this list pounds it is

Just a quick check in. I have prepared a few menus today. Have decided on a weekday breakfast and put it into CalorieKing so it is easy to log - I have decided that a protein shake (with no artificial sweetener and no sugar) with fruit and seeds will be my regular as it is my most successful breakfast anyway. On weekend I have created a couple of other things and also entered them

Lunch will be soup and salad - need to enter the menus for my basic soups. There is a really good basic vegetable soup we have when I go on retreat that is simple and tastes fabulous - but I am sure it only tastes good because it is on retreat. I am trying to remember what is in it but...I will come up with a few of my favourites. Am planning for shopping next weekend and meals thereafter

Getting ready to travel to town tomorrow for conference where I will need to exercise restraint and not eat everything I can see and that is provided. May not check in except to wave and quickly read and get focussed

Not too many credits today - but I did try to eat mindfully and slowly, I checked in here; and I did some planning so CREDIT

a few quick personals

Nuxmaga - Credit for leaving something on your plate and ouch for the cookies. I am at a conference from tomorrow and the various snacks will be a challenge

Ceejay - Ouch for a bad week and I can relate to how off-putting having a week off is. I have had the last week off and did not really want to go with any structure - not a wise choice. I need to have 4 weeks at a time - 3 weeks to settle down and stop being guilty about not working and one week to actually replenish - I know what you mean

Amie (Jazzmegirl) - I hope the move to your new plan goes well

Hikergirl - Yay for the "Oh Well" and just moving on

Gardenerjoy - Hope you feel better today - sensible not to weigh yourself

Debbie R(Lexxiss) - I need your new screen saver - a real problem area for me

Onebyone - Your breakfast sound like an adventure - and credit for having it. Hope your day went well

ChinaMaine - Lovely to see you back and you were missed

BillBlueEyes - Your reminder is good about nutrient dense vs calorie dense. I need to keep both in mind

04-10-2010, 06:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - After my workout at the gym, CREDIT moi, I sorted the dumbbells on their rack because the 95 pounders were out of place and I like the extra weight task. Now that was fun, since lifting a 95 pound dumbbell with one hand is a stretch for me. Since my gym has reduced the number of visible workers, no one sorts the weight racks during the day. I wish the disorder of my own clutter motivated me like this. Perhaps it's because this disorder has a clear solution with immediate feedback and mine just gets a little bit better - never with an end in sight. Maybe that thought can help me to plan little steps with visible end goals that i find motivating.

I had the opportunity to eat a social biscoti at my own kitchen table when a bunch of us happened to be together. I felt that I could have one since I don't do treats often. But felt the need to get back to strengthening my resistance muscle and passed - waited until visitors had left and had my standard fruit for evening snack; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - LOL at your wonderful story of washing Kashi Lean cereal - have NEVER heard of doing that. Kudos for your clarity, "I'll take that and move forward."

ChinaMaine - Thanks for the Salmon Collars quote; now I'm also drooling for some Salmon Bacon.

Susan (hikergirl) - Welcome back home. Ouch for some rough overeating; Kudos for "I am here. I am ready."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Big Kudos for "left some food on my plate and beer in my glass" - that's the kind of success I never get tired of hearing since I remain hopeful that I'll be able to learn to do that. Good luck teaching your class tomorrow.

CeeJay - Yep, "one good day under my belt will reset things" - you're clear and you're right on. Reading your Advantage card and Response Cards is a great way to start that. Kudos for doing some weights and then a walk.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for a sick stomach; Yay for 60 minutes of exercise anyway. Hope you're quickly back to your full self.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for heading into your fourth month of Beck, and Double Yay for doing so with the notion, "Planning, planning, planning." Planning does seem to be the key. LOL at your image of a salmon with a bow tie.

silverbirch - Sending supportive thoughts as you battle the exhaustion of giving emotional support. It's actually kind of a loss to grow to understand that eating doesn't really provide the emotional support back that we want from it.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Mediterranean diet it is then. Kudos for working to find the eating plan that fits you. Yep, frozen desserts and chips gotta go.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Kudos for planning your menu. Vegetable soup sounds good to me. My DS does a protein shake for breakfast every morning - it works for him. Good luck at your conference - particularly in avoiding those visual eating temptations.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for marching forth to day 8: Create Time and Energy. Neat that you're including resolving home projects. It's all about moving forward.

nathy - Thank you for so graciously hosting President Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev. Neat to be reminded how much grandeur exists in Prague, Czech Republic. Kudos for working that hard to order the Beck books. Have a nice adventure at the Tropical Islands aquapark - perhaps you can bring your Advantages Card to read to remind you it isn't a holiday from mindful eating.

Readers - Day 24
Dealing with Discouragement

It's normal to feel overwhelmed or discouraged at times. It's natural to have doubts about whether you can keep doing what you know you have to do, but it's not okay to let these thoughts overwhelm you. When you have discouraging thoughts, you have a choice. You can allow them to erode your motivation, give up, and abandon your goal. Or you can vigorously respond to these sabotaging thoughts, feel better, become more motivated, and continue to work toward your goal.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-10-2010, 07:22 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Bill BE, I'm sitting in my office (which I'm still working on) and enjoying your description of "sorting" the dumbbells. It is so much easier for me to work on projects not attached to my household. I wonder if it's the emotional connection I feel at home?? Mine always gets, "just a little better", but I am determined to finish this office. It has been on the list forever. I wonder what it will feel like?

Social biscotti sounds good...I had fruit last night and left a remanent of choc cake for DH. *credit* I went through the freezer yesterday, too. It seemed far less challenging than the office.

I feel inspired to "Create Time and Energy" and today, with my coach, will combine Day 9 and 10. My exercise regimen is pretty streamlined *credit* and I am going to set a small, attainable goal. Mostly, I'll continue to work on my new found skills of slowly and mindfully dining while sitting and then giving myself *credit*.:lol:

Best wishes everyone!

04-10-2010, 07:27 AM
Dear Beck buddies and coaches... yesterday was a great, healthy day. I am always grateful for days with food sanity.

I brought my beck stuff with me while my mom had her colonoscopy (btw - she's had a good result). I worked on day 25: Identify Sabotaging Thoughts. On page 193 there's a gray box with a list of 25 or so 'typical' sabotaging thoughts. I wrote them all down and then addressed each one with a good and healthy response. These on the list are many of the same sabotaging thoughts that 'spin around' in my head frequently as I am faced with eating situations. I responded to them several times. It felt very empowering. And during the day - I was able to grab on to a couple of these healthy responses as I was faced with challenges and sabotaging thoughts. I am glad I moved on to this chapter. I think I'll do this list daily (just like 'practicing' - kinda) - at least for a while. Dr. Beck, in the book, gives us the healthy response throughout the book. It was amazing to me how I could build on the responses she has in the book - on my own. Kind of an 'ah ha' moment for me.

Dh brought home of Good & Plenty licorice candy. I was able to pass up the black licorice using some of the things I had just 'practiced' from Day 25 - credit. I told myself that I can have some on another day...just need to plan for it - if I want it another day.

Today I must clean up my's the pits. I total mess from my finishing up my taxes this week.

credits for yesterday-
planned and logged food - stayed in calorie range.
ate seated - no seconds - all the time
fork down - most of the time
slow mindful eating - most of the time
tasted food - most of the time
stretches and strengthening
left a bite - all the time
used resistance techniques
read beck book
read arc/rc
made new rc

- no spontaneous exercise

Lexxiss - love that we share a birthday! I have three cousins that have a March 4 birthday, too. I like it because March 4 is a 'command' too...March fourth! I live in Ohio. is hard to find places that offer water yoga. I don't know why more health centers don't offer it. It's wonderful. for passing on the chocolate cake. Carry on!

bill - reorganizing the dumbbells sounds like a great idea - a 95 pound weight is alot! Passing on the biscotti is a HUGE credit. Great.

seadwaters - planning your breakfasts and lunches is a great positive step to take...major credit. I found it helpful to read ahead and reread becks chapters on Preparing to Travel and Eating in Restaurants. Have a good time at the conference.

nuxmaga - many credits yesterday - that's great. And also credit for coming here and talking about struggles too.

onebyone - so glad to here about your two healthy days. It's something that you can build on!! Carry on.

cee-jay - I am sorry that you have been struggling. Hold on to what know can work. Yes, reading and re-reading the advantage cards can help.

silverbirch - I truly understand how it can be physically, emotionally draining to give support to a loved one at a stressful time. Try to hold on to what can work to help you get through it. Take care now.

nathy - have a safe far as the food goes - try to make good choices one meal at a time. Glad you posted before you left.d

04-10-2010, 10:21 AM
:df: WI-down 1.3 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan (forgot to eat lunch); Exercise – op (59m).

I woke up late (to gain back some time from insomnia), so had to do most of my exercise later in the day. Luckily 1 ½ hours of meetings were canceled mid-afternoon, so I dashed out for a 45 minute walk in the foggy, drippy day. But the payoff will be a sunny, seasonable weekend. Except for being so busy at work I forgot to eat lunch, food was very good.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

one by one Sounds like you had a great plan for Friday. How’d it work out?

Debbie (Lexxiss) I just noticed your weight tally – wow over 80 lbs. lost. You go girl! Which diet are you on? I’m just a calorie counter myself. What a great day of credits too!

I think you may have meant me when you asked about Escalante. It was wonderful! We did the Lower Calf Falls trail, which was beautiful. Then we drove up toward Boulder, but didn’t make it all the way to Capitol Reef. We had 1 1/2 hours to spare before dinner so we drove down a random road and found a huge, beautiful red canyon that wasn’t in our guide books or on the map. Utah is so flush with gorgeous canyons it just treats some of them as throwaways. Pretty amazing, huh? Did you do any hiking when in Utah, and did you enjoy your trip?

gardenerjoy I never knew that massage could have that side effect – I hope you are feeling better now.

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for coming here and posting about your overeating. Today is a new day…

Amie (jazzmegirl) I’ve always found the Mediterranean diet to sound interesting. Hope it works for you!

nathy Have fun on your trip. Where do you live, that you can go to Germany for only two days… Good luck making reasonable choices on your trip!

silverbirch I must have missed when you posted you are at your mothers. :hug: I wish you the best…

CeeJay Ouch for getting off track. I think it’s happened to most of us at one time or another. So you have a big crowd rooting for you. :) You are right to positive to focus on now and the future, make plans, and do your best to keep them. Credit for coming up with a good plan to get you back on track!

Nuxmaga Kudos for a very successful pub dinner! Oh well for the cookies, food happens…

Cheryl (seadwaters) I have to disagree with you. You had lots of credits yesterday – planning your weekday and weekend breakfasts, planning your lunches, planning for your trip out of town.

Bill I meant to tell you about 2 birds we saw in / near Bryce: Stellar’s Jay which is much cooler looking that it’s close cousin the Blue Jay. We also saw the Black Billed Magpie, but only in flight… Other than that and some mule deer, we didn’t see any wildlife. It’s very different than when I’ve traveled to other National Parks, where we seem to see a variety of plentiful wildlife.

Beverlyjoy That’s an amazing list of credits – plus coming up with responses to 25 sabotaging thoughts. A truly impressive day!

04-10-2010, 10:51 AM
Beverlyjoy, my screensaver for the day says "March Forth to Goal"! Thanks! I set a mini goal of 189.

ChinaMaine, yes Utah is incredible! My DH has roots-his Grandfather was born on the Virgin River in Zion. We did do some hiking. DH wanted to take me to Angels Landing in Zion. After we made it up and down(amazing feat for me*credit* good eating and exercise) he said that he had literally prayed for days that I would make it...5 years ago I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs. He was relieved and I was greatful...We're going back in November. We're an 8 hr drive to Zion which was my favorite.

04-10-2010, 12:52 PM
Good Morning everyone…
Wow, what a delightfully active thread over the last few days. I had my first complete day home yesterday. It felt good. I have one binge free day under my belt. I am looking forward to following The Masters today and tomorrow. I will make a food plan today. That is something that I do not always do (it is a pesky nuisance) but I must see if this makes the difference. I am trying to get ready for my trip to Utah (all cycling and biking for 6 days) and I am rather concerned that I do not have the fitness base so yesterday was a cycle day (1 hour up and down hills (actually a mountain) in my neighbourhood). This morning was stretching and strength and I hope to go for a nice toodle on my bike this pm and get in some mileage.

Chinamaine – congrats on the 1.3 lb weight loss. Steady as she goes!

Lexiss – wonderful stats. I have never been to Zion or Bryce but I have been to White Rim Canyon and Grand Staircase Escalante on bike trips with Western Spirit Adventures. I am heading back there in a couple of weeks and cycling and biking in The Maze with the same company for 6 days. I do not have the endurance built up. I am a bit concerned but I totally love the area. I fly into Grand Junction. I agree that the scenery in Utah is wonderful and awe-inspiring. I do live in a wonderful place with incredibly awe-inspiring locales (mountains, oceans, forests, streams) as well, but it does not offer the desert/rock stuff that Utah does.

Gardenerjoy – not good about feeling ill after a deep tissue massage. Have you tried drinking lots and lots of water? I believe that deep tissue massage releases a lot of chemicals in your body and water might help. You probably know all of this and it did not help.

Jazzmegirl – I like the idea of eating Mediterranean style. It really is too bad that chips are not part of the programme.

Nathy – have a wonderful trip. Sprechen/lesen sie deutsch?

Silverbirch – I read in yesterday’s post that you are handling some family(?) issues/loss? Be gentle on yourself with regards to your eating and I wish you well.

Ceejay – try and think “ah well” as per Beck and focus on the now. I know that that is easier said than done but be gentle on yourself. One thing I keep seeing throughout this thread is that we all seem to be so hard on ourselves.

Onebyone - I can relate to the “I like drama but no more with the food please”. Insightful.

Nuxmaga – good luck with your mosaic teaching. You sound really aware of your reasons for eating. You did have some triumphs yesterday.

Seadwaters – good luck with your day.

BBE – wow, good on you for all of those fabulous maintenance skills (and being aware of them)

Beverly Joy – good on you for handling the “good and plenty”. That would have thrown me into a tizzy

April 10 morning
Weight 156.4 - yikes
Exercise month to date -- 135 minutes of cardio, 75 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 3 of 9

04-10-2010, 01:25 PM
My food plan yesterday was to eat only as much as my tummy would tolerate and no more and I managed that. Today's plan is to eat about half of my normal DASH diet food plan and see how that goes.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +0, 405/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

nathy: I count gardening as exercise when I work really hard. If it feels like only half the effort of my normal exercise, I will count half the time (work for an hour, but only count half an hour in my exercise minutes). Some things, like planting seeds, doesn't feel like much exercise at all, so I don't count it. I like to walk and use all kinds of fitness DVDs, including yoga, which I also count in my exercise minutes.

Everyone who mentioned drinking water after a massage: yes! That's exactly right. After my first massage, I had some nausea and put it down to not drinking enough water. For the second one, then, I drank lots of water but ended up much sicker than the first time. Next time, I'm going to bring water in the car, so that I get more water in more quickly after the massage. I heard from my massage therapist and she's going to change things up next time and include some massage work that helps with digestive issues. I didn't know that a massage could help with that, so that's pretty cool.

Hello to everyone else!

04-10-2010, 05:16 PM
I don't feel like posting right now (I've been thinking about doing it for a few hours now), but I'm going to do it anyway! I'm sure my thoughts will be disjointed, so bear with me.

Frustrated by having such a rough week after having such a good week last week. Went for 2nd session with my therapist yesterday and she was great-- I feel like she gets me in a way nobody else has before (or at least in a really long time).

Tried running this morning, but wasn't able to do too much-- I either now have a sinus infection or at least a really bad cold :(

I know things will get better.

Going to play tennis with Jim now.

04-10-2010, 09:22 PM
Hi Coaches

I got up early to get to the art school to meet my buddy Shirley in the printroom. Before I could eat breakfast my sister from Florida called to yak to me about how her guests, our brother and his wife, were doing at her place and their first visit there. They love it, the place is too small for everyone and my DB and my SIL drink a lot. The best part is my DS imitiation of our SIL voice is getting spot on. Geez. it's not very nice but boy is it funny. She has a very shrill voice. We, on the other hand, all sound like broadcasters... but I digress with this horn-tooting behaviour... anyway all this to say with the phonecall and then it was later than I thought I rushed to the bus and I hadn't eaten breakfast. Wow. This breakfast thing is really tough for me. I don't recall it being so tough before. Anyway I got downtown and had a breakfast sandwich thingy and a coffee. Then spent a really physical day hauling big blocks of sandstone with images we drew on them onto the presses and inking them up and printing our stones. This is the wonderful world of lithography. Whoever figured out you take two rocks, rub them together to get a flat surface, then use SIX grades of carborundum to grain the surface smoother (the same gritty stuff that's on the surface of sandpaper) by successively rubbing the stones on top of each other with the different grades of grit one after the other, then write on it with a greasy pencil, then get a mix of gum arabic and nitric acid and "massage" it, with your gloved hands, into the stone to burn the drawing onto the stone (this is the etching process) then ink it up, then cover it with a mix of talc and rosin, then cover that with lithotine (a non-toxic subsitute for turpentine made from trees the label says; we don't buy it) and then cover that with asphaltum (yes smells like asphalt looks like tar) and then you wipe it all off with a damp sponge and it comes off leaving the surface of your stone smooth but your image remains to catch the ink when you roll the ink over the surface, the wet surface, of the stone as it must be kept sopping wet while you ink.

Now tell me, how the heck did people figure this out?

I added a jpg of my wet stone at this stage for you to see it, plus one of the print from it. it's called the red herring. (btw the image is 18" x 15" plus a border of about 3" or so all around it before you get to the edge of the stone. The stone is about 3" thick.) I did the black and white print on Thursday in class; today I did the red one plus one more black and white one. To make it red I took red rice paper, cut it to size and glued it to my paper. This is called chine colle. Then I printed over this prepared paper right onto the red paper, the white paper and two accent pieces of orange paper around the eye. That was TOUGH. I had to line everything up by eye and hope for the best. I love it. I made it after I made 11 copies of "Zombies need HUGS". I have the jpg of the sombie stone but surprisingly not one image of the print! I was too busy getting them done... tomorrow I'll pick them up when they are dry. Can't wait.

Anyway the whole process is physical and it all of a sudden it was 2 pm and ... no lunch and my stone can't dry out and I need to print 3 more for the class edition of 10 prints I was doing and so my friend kept my stone wet while I went down and got some "healthy" omega 3 flax fibre oatmeal chocolate cookie from the vending machine. It must have been healthy as it was quite *blech*.

I broke a sweat printing today too. This was a first. And EVERY single print turned out. Never ever has this happened a truly magical day in the print room with a difficult process I never thought I'd do on my own wihtout the teacher around. Not ever. *credit* I feel so proud!

Then I came home to DH making chicken wings in the oven and I ate some but not all *credit* and I made some potatoes in the microwave for myself because I wanted some kind of a veggie.

So, once more, not perfect but better. I need a real plan though. I'm closer to it than I was before. Thanks for reading my long post...just wanted to share my happy day:flow1:

04-10-2010, 11:14 PM
Hi, Everyone.

I am checking in. Subsequent to my last post in March (after having given myself a concussion from a stupid fall), I went through some major stress with school/work only to be punctuated by the unexpected death of my father. It has been really rough. He was only 61 and I miss him.

With all of that, my work outs with my personal trainer had to go by the wayside, but I am resuming Monday. No real change in weight either way, so I guess that is OK.

You have all been in my thoughts and I hope you are all doing well. I've decided not to try to catch-up on the things I missed and just jump in where I'm at. Please take care of yourselves and I look forward to getting back into the forum.

04-11-2010, 12:02 AM
Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I will sit and read everything and hopefully have time for personals. Thanks to everyone for their supportive words. It really helped me get back on track.

I am very happy to report my list of credits for today:

weighed in
read response and advantage cards
posted here
ate on plan and healthy despite many, many sabotaging thoughts such as "one more day of lousy eating won't make a difference" and "I will start tomorrow".


04-11-2010, 04:37 AM
Hi Coaches
I have arrived in Sydney and unpacked and I am about to go and register and go to the Welcome Drinks and reception. I am hoping that there is something there that I can eat for dinner and that will be half way sensible but I am not expecting it. I hadn't had time for lunch and decided that if I turned up to the reception in that state I would eat everything so have just had a late lunch early dinner in Chinatown - and it was healthy! SO hopefully that will stave off anxious snacking

Credits for today :D
On plan breakfast
Checked in here and read the collective wisdom
Read advantage cards and response cards in preparation
Planned for this evening
Weighed myself - very disturbing. All the scavenging for food while I was travelling and during my ambivalence is showing. I will have to delete my dancing carrot by the end of this week I am sure. Oh well - get organised and keep going


04-11-2010, 07:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Out for an early morning bird walk; CREDIT moi. Didn't see the Spring Warblers I had hoped to see, but did see a Double-crested Cormorant up close looking quite elegant. It was a bit chilly, which is, of course, seasonally appropriate, but I had enjoyed an earlier warm day and felt it should now be warm every day, LOL. Yay for down vests and other warm clothes.

Had several opportunities to eat in response to stress. I was booking some airline flights for May to go to a wedding and different sites quoted different prices for the same flight, showed different availability of flights, and even changed what was available as I was looking it over! But, I didn't eat, and got tickets; CREDIT moi. And CREDIT moi for today being my monthly uptick-your-months-in-maintenance day.

onebyone - Amazing process to "draw" with nitric acid in stone. Sounds like quite a workout lifting stone. Now that's one serious red herring. She's wonderful!!

ChinaMaine - Sleep is good. Walking in the foggy, drippy day is a good way to make us appreciate the sunny days. Jealous of your Stellar's Jay and your Black Billed Magpie. I just love the word, "Magpie."

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for posting when you don't feel like it; you did have a rough week. Let Spring come and enjoy it.

FutureFitChick - Sending my condolences and supporting thoughts as you work through the unexpected loss of your father. Cut yourself some slack to work through the grieving process; it will take calendar time to do so. We're here and you're welcome back as is right for you.

Susan (hikergirl) - Now that's some real bicycling! And six days of bicycling sounds like one good workout. When is your trip to Utah?

CeeJay - Kudos for countering strong Sabotaging Thoughts, the most insidious there is gotta be the old, "just one more day won't hurt."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for continuing to tweak your eating plan to fit your tummy. My limited experience with gardening is that it doesn't feel like exercise when I'm doing it, but the muscles are sore the next day declaring that they felt the burn.

Beverlyjoy - I agree, that's a wonderful list of Sabotaging Thoughts. The one I encounter the most is "It's a special occasion" - there are at least 365 of those a year, LOL. Kudos for standing down the licorice candy.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Such a smart move to eat before going to a reception of dubious choices. Yep, BIG Kudos for planning for your evening.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for leaving "a remnant of choc cake for DH" - remnants are the hardest for me since they trigger my finish-it-up gene. Yep, it's easier working on stuff that doesn't have my "emotional stuff" attached. Good luck finishing your office.

Readers - Day 24
Dealing with Discouragement

It's important to remind yourself that you can do what you need to do! Remember, dieting does get easier. Today's task will help you persevere with your efforts even when the going gets tough.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-11-2010, 08:32 AM
Hi beck folks, coaches and friends...

Yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that! Our cul de sac had a big impromto gathering in our driveway with folks bringing their chairs, beers, and pie. The many children on our street played and froliced. I passed up the chocolate cream and oreo crust pie & beer - CREDIT! (beer is no biggie for me to pass on - but, the pie, yes.)

DH and I had lunch on the bench on the front porch - so fun. DH grilled pork tenderloin for supper. I had mine done plain - so I could control the amount of sauce for dipping. Credit

One of the benefits of living cul de sac is it's safer for children because of less traffic. We never even thought of that when we moved here (our son is grown) But, many families with children are on the street. I think that's a benefit for us!! Everyone watches out for each other, helps with projects and is friendly. It's a wonderful thing.

I cleaned my office!! It's now clean and tidy. DH was amazed at the transformation. I am not one that is very concerned with tidiness (cleanliness , yes) - but, even I couldn't take the clutter and disarray. Feels good to walk in the room now.

credits -
planned food - logged food
felt fullness - some of the time (I need to work on this)
tasted food - most of the time
eat seated - forgot one time and stuck food in my mouth - unusual for me
leave a bite - all of the time
used resistance techniques
no seconds - all of the time
read arc/rc
stretches and strengthening

no beck book
no spontaneous exercise

bill - so glad you got you bird walk in. I love the birdies too. I've seen my very favorite already.-The heron. Every summer for the last ten years a heron or sometimes a pair fly over our house. I don't know where or why they always take this route - but, I love it. My best day - was when of the little neighborhood children knocked on my door to excitedly tell me 'Mrs. C, your favorite bird just flew over the house' - What joy when a 7 year old knows a herron!. Great job NOT eating when stressed! What does monthly uptick-your-months-in-maintenance day. mean?

cheryl - Good job on your planning ahead. Darn that scale - but, it just a moment in time and can help to set you in the direction you want. Have a good trip home. I hope you found something that fit in at supper.

ceejay - so glad you posted . ate on plan and healthy despite many, many sabotaging thoughts such as "one more day of lousy eating won't make a difference" and "I will start tomorrow". This credit is HUGE - it's so easy to just 'wait until tomorrow" Awesome.

futurefitchick - I am so, so sorry to hear of your dad's untimely passing away. I am glad you let us know. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts . Post when you can.

onebyone - your prints are wonderful! All that moving things around definately counts as exercise. You said - So, once more, not perfect but better. I need a real plan though. I'm closer to it than I was before. I am glad you are moving in that direction - that it was better. Sometimes it's hard to make a plan - but, for me, it's kind of calming in a way. With a plan you don't have to have food thoughts spinning in your head - it's all there decided. Carry on.

kim - sorry your still feeling poorly...glad you posted! I am glad you feel well enough to tackle some tennis!!!!

hikergirl - a binge free day is AWESOME! Yes...planning is key. I am watching the Master's too. (at least the media is reporting when Tiger goes to the potty.)

lexxiss - LOVE that screensaver. A positive message, indeed.

gardenerjoy - being on plan when you don't feel well is a major credit. I hope your feeling all better!

chinamarie - forgetting to eat lunch - gosh I don't think I've ever forgotten a meal! I am glad you had a good day. Carry on.

04-11-2010, 09:01 AM
Good Morning:sunny:
Today: Day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings
Day 12-Do on an appropriate day
Day 13-Overcome Cravings
Day 14-Plan for Tomorrow

Today's screensaver: PLAN 4 TOMORROW

I read through my chapters last night, and will work on my exercises today. My major task is "Plan for Tomorrow". My goal several months ago was weekly meal planning and I'm going to try incorporating this into my "planning". I automate for breakfast and lunch and I believe my dinners would be more weight loss oriented if I would plan ahead. My office is done *credit* and feels great! I'm moving on to the kitchen, and today the refrigerator. *credit* Noticing how the day feels better when my space is organized. "Create Time and Energy"

I did a major bakeathon yesterday and had the opportunity to see how many times I want to take small bites....didn't, but noticed!*credit* I planned my tasting for later (all approved foods for South Beach Diet). Sat, tasted and moved on! *credit* My lunch was off kilter because I started too late and had to get to work so it was a shovefest but I noticed-and didn't enjoy. *credit*

BillBlueEyes, good job not eating over the stressful events of daily life. I lived on the coast of Alaska for many years and Cormorants are one of my favorites. I have actually seen a few in landlocked Colorado.

Beverlyjoy, I read through the "Identify Sabatoging Thoughts" list. Thanks for mentioning it! *credit* and congratulations on identifying cluttered office syndrome and dealing with it.

ChinaMaine, I have some sleep issues, which I hesitate to label insomnia, and I work around it. Is your insomnia continual or once in awhile? *credit* to sleep in and gain your needed rest. BTW-I follow South Beach Diet. I'm a health food person on the inside and am working to be that on the outside, too. *credit*

Hikergirl, a fitness base comes one day at a time. I'm working on that. Nice job getting your mileage in day by day. I live about 80 miles E of Grand Junction.

Gardenerjoy, I hope you're feeling better today!

bennyhannahmama, it's a big *credit* posting when you don't feel like it. You had a rough week. Here's keeping my fingers crossed :crossed: for a better week. You know things will get better! It is great that you recognize that.

onebyone, I love your prints and didn't know about doing them with sandstone. Thanks for the description. Art can be very physical. I wanted to mention that I have had a really difficult time with breakfasts. My solution was to find a non-soy protien powder and a greens powder that had vitamins and nutrients that made sense to me. For over two years now I put my scoops in water, shake, then drink with my vitamins. Since starting Beck I drink it sitting down. For me, it means that I NEVER leave home without my nutrition and I don't miss breakfast foods. I'm so glad you had a happy day!

FutureFitChick, I'm sorry to hear about your Father. Congrats! on *credit* for getting back on track. I'm new...nice to meet you.

CeeJay, Good job posting your credits. You are pointed in the right direction!

seadwaters, enjoy your visit to Sydney. What a long trip. Good job having food before your reception.

The refrigerator is calling my name! Have a great day everyone!

04-11-2010, 11:30 AM
Good Sunday Morning Coaches

I came across my foodplan by accident yesterday. I am going to follow the free 12 week online program from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario called the Healthy Weight Action Plan ( They promise me this:

What is the
Healthy Weight Action Plan?
•An interactive 12 week plan
•Developed by experts
•Easy to follow, step by step guidance
Why choose the
Healthy Weight Action Plan?
•From a trustworthy source
•Scientifically based long term weight-loss
•Customized for you
•Next best thing to having your own dietician!

I will give them 12 weeks of my life if they can deliver me their promises. I started today. It is broken into weekly tasks and this week it's monitor your eating and activity... so BECK-like coaches! I have a pdf food and activity log to fill out daily for a week. That's my task. It feels good to have a plan.

So so far I have had breakfast: cheddar cheese on 2 piees of toasted white bread and margarine on both breads. Three cups of coffee with 2% milk. I will be going in to the art school to work a bit in the ceramic room and then to complete my red herring print as I need to glue the red part down to the paper. I think I'll eat lunch before I go.

Lexxiss I see that planning is a focus for you right now and you've automated lunch and breakfast and considering automating dinner as well. *Credit* for all your work! I am thrilled to discover the willingness in me to do this again and the fact that you are doing it helps me. Thanks for posting about your breakfast solution. I'll look into that as well.

Beverlyjoy *Big credits* for letting the pies pass on by... good job. I was reminded how right you are when you wrote that having a plan calms you down. I feel better for having committed to one. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

BillBlueEyes*credit* for moving your ticker one month closer to you-know-what ... 60 months eh? Also *credit* for keeping eyes and hands on your computer keyboard instead of into unplanned foodstuffs while tracking down cheap tickets. Thank you for mentioning the maintainers group whenever that was you did that ages ago. I wandered in there yesterday and got hooked. I read something in a post that was so down to earth, something like "you know how to do this, just do it again" as a response to a maintainer who had re-gained x lbs. SO MANY TIMES I feel it's an EMERGENCY! Like I have somehow lost all sense all knowledge all wisdom about WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO, a chicken-littling of my response to going off plan. This never helps me! Thanks for the maintainers suggestion though. It brought me down to earth. The sky no longer threatens to fall.

seadwaters *Credit* for realizing your own limitations/hunger and giving yourself a chance for a healthy meal before facing the hotel food and drinks. Hope you have a great time!

CeeJay*Credit* for all your credits!

FutureFitChick So sorry to hear about the death of your father. Please take good care of yourself while dealing with this blow. Glad you are back and posting. :hug:

Have a good Sunday coaches.

04-11-2010, 01:35 PM
I need to start posting here more regularly so I can keep up with this thread. Credit for posting now, since I had an awful week. I would've had a two pound loss, but I binged yesterday and ruened, a huge roast beef sandwich for lunch and a jiros for dinner with the works, no no no! Oh, well. Must go grocery shopping today, plan my meals, there's no food in the house. Be back later today.

04-11-2010, 02:34 PM
Wow, lots of stuff to read through. I will comment more in a later post.

FutureFitchick - my condolences to you on your unexpected loss of your father.

April 11 morning
Weight 156.8
Exercise month to date -- 135 minutes of cardio, 115 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 3 of 10

04-11-2010, 04:47 PM
Hello Everyone- didn't know how long it had been since I did personals...Whew...but I am all caught up reading and as always learned new things from my coaches and felt the support!!

Lexxiss- hello and welcome. Your weight loss is fantastic- can you tell us what plan you were on and/or what worked for you?

jazzmegirl-yay for 3 pounds gone! Glad you are just saying oh well about yesterday.

seadwaters-hurray for getting organized. Lucky dogs who get chicken stew. Hope your conference went well.

Ruthxxx- hi--- nice to see you here.

ChinaMaine-glad your trip went so well. Sounds wonderful. Hiking 3+ hours a day is fantastic.

Beverlyjoy-yay for another 2 pound weight loss. It must feel wonderful to be so close to 200. Thanks for the 5 D's- I made a card for them: Distance, Distraction, Deep Breathes, Drink Water, & Destroy!

Shepherdess-hope your snowy weather is done. I like what you said: "Resisting is just so much easier when I feel positive." Another card for me.

gardenerjoy-darn the bread machine anyways. I love using it because I like knowing what is in my bread... but resisting is hard. I liked your thoughts about putting meaning into food. I am trying to do the same. I like gardening and freezing my stuff and am trying very hard to eat very healthy.

Newlifestyle- welcome. Making the choice to look after yourself is a wonderful one. Beck really helped me with that.

bennyhannahmama- hope everything is OK with you. Your lice day sounded just terrible.

maryblu- thank you for "we all struggle".

nathy-welcome aboard!! And hope you had a good trip.

midlifecrisis57-welcome back.

eusebius-kuddos for staying on plan and exercising.

silverbirch- just saying hello.

hikergirl-yay for one binge free day!! Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic trip.

FutureFitChick-sorry to hear about the loss of your father. It is so hard. I lost my dad when he was 56 - it is awful it is to lose such a young parent.

BillBlueEyes-it is so wonderful to see the birds. DH and I went for an ATV ride the other night and saw hawks, herons, Canada Geese, red wing black birds, robins, grey and blue jays, cormorants, and even an owl. Good for you for not eating under stress.

Nuxmaga- credit for leaving food on your plate and beer in your glass. Hope your day teaching went well and without calm-down junk snacks.

onebyone- I am very glad you are back. Boy can I relate to all that you have written about falling off plan. But we are both going forward. Right on!!! Thank you for the time you took to write me (and you) that very encouraging post. It did help. Your thoughts on the disappointment of not being thinner for summer again- you took the words right out of my brain. I have felt that way every summer of my life from age 19 to now (48). And where the h#$% is that fairy godmother. Witch deserted us. :D :D :D

For me-- Yay, Yay, Yay. Saturday was 100% on plan. Today: so far, so good. I am back in charge.

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating slowly and mindfully
reading advantage and response cards
eating on plan and a healthy breakfast and lunch
dinner all ready to go and tomorrow is planned
am heading out for a walk in the sun right after I do my weights.


04-11-2010, 05:51 PM
Lexxiss- hello and welcome. Your weight loss is fantastic- can you tell us what plan you were on and/or what worked for you?

CeeJay, I have been following South Beach Diet since May 2009. I'll share my story briefly. I started losing in 2005 by simply making better food choices and exercising. By Fall of 2008 I was down to 214. I regained 20# that winter and in May 2009 I had the big CRISIS. I knew was going to gain everything back and I needed A PLAN. I picked SBD because it's focus was on healthy foods and a low glycemic index. I am very happy to have lost almost 40# in a year, and my health issues have cleared up. I do really believe what Dr. Beck says, that any reasonable plan works if you work it. I was finally so disgusted that I promised myself to eat on plan for 6 months and by the time I got to six months there was light at the end of the tunnel. I also promised myself to post at 3FC every day, which I have done for almost a year. It's been the biggest help of all.

BillBlueEyes discussed Beck on a SBD thread and I got interested. I was recognizing my need for more "control". That is why I am here and the program seems to be helping me alot.
I understand how you feel about Summer coming because that was me last year. PM me any time if you have more questions. :)

04-11-2010, 07:11 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I am glad to report my energy levels are getting better. I was beginning to fear that I was headed into another depressive episode. I am a little disappointed in my husband. He normally doesn’t say such a thing, but today when I verified with him if it would be OK if I made a chicken dish for me for dinner and he could eat his leftover vegetarian dinner, he protested. So, I felt bad and now I’ve let my healthy dinner plan be derailed. Normally he is really supportive, but sometimes I guess we can all be a little too tit-for-tat-minded. Now I’ve got to figure out what I’ll eat for dinner.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: Did not weight today
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, great control over your pork! That is great. Your neighborhood sounds lovely. Thanks so much for your comfort.

BillBlueEyes, congratulations, yet again!

CeeJay, great job getting on track!

Hikergirl, thank you so much. I hope you are well.

Jazzmegirl, hi, and a belated welcome to you. I’ve been gone for a few weeks so I missed your initial posts. Hope the planning and shopping went well. Now time to execute your plan!

Lexxiss, hello. A belated welcome to you. I hope your cleaning is contagious. My office really is a disaster and the rest of the house isn’t so great either. Congratulations on your success so far!

Onebyone, thank you for the warm thoughts. Glad to see you are still on track.

Seadwaters, hope the reception went well for you.

04-11-2010, 08:01 PM
Yesterday's plan to eat half of my DASH diet food plan went well. Today was weird with a sunrise photography outing as part of a class I'm taking -- packed breakfast and lunch at the cafe. My tummy is a lot better, but I'm pretending it isn't just because it gets me to eat lightly. Tomorrow, I think I'll go back to my normal food plan.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +70, 475/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitCheck: so sorry about the loss of your father. My dad died of a sudden heart attack at age 63. It takes a long time to just get past the shock. Take good care of yourself!

04-11-2010, 08:03 PM
Hi Coaches

I did what I was supposed to do today. I faithfully filled in my new foodplan's food and activity log. I was reminded of this today
The Heisenberg Principle of Observation
1. Every event is changed by the observation of that event.
2. The momentum of an event is changed by observation.

I ate more veggies than I have in months today. I walked more than I have in weeks. I paced my eating better than I have in months as well. These are all credits but they feel fraudulent, like I wouldn't have done them except for the sheet I was filling in so do they really count? Um, yeah. I'll put those saboutaging thoughts to rest now. thanks. O well.

Observing myself made me nervous. As if anyone else will ever see it or care? I guess I don't want to "find out" next week when there is some sort of analysis of the observations and data from this 1st week on plan that I am "that bad" or "hopeless" or something like that. I guess I hate the idea of having my actions judged even willingly and for a good cause. Wow. So many unexpected feelings around this and it's just Day 1. It must be a good start to have these negative thoughts already! Can't wait to get further into it.

Now, my only problem today came at dinner. DH brought me up a sugary can of cola from his lair. I took it as he wanted me to have it and was thinking of me and I wanted it when I saw it. It doesn't do me any good to include this stuff on my foodplan but as today was about recording things I recorded drinking it. But in my gut I know I shouldn't have and had it because it was a show of affection towards me by DH. Also I was thinking about my DB and my early monring phonecall from my DS about her deep concern for him and for his health and that's been on my mind all day.... and dovetails with my concern for my own health. I have GOT to get it together and the panic set in and I just drank the darn thing. NOTE TO SELF: a can of cola does not solve weight or health problem.

I'm done eating for the day. Just wanted to say that out loud. Thanks for being here.

04-11-2010, 08:41 PM
Ceejay, enjoy your walk. Lexxiss, your dedication to your healthy lifestyle is admirable, you've accomplished so much. Fitchick, hi, glad your energy is returning, and so sorry to hear about your father. Onebyone great awareness about the soda, and for filling in your log.
Haven't done anything foodwise, living on my few leftovers, not good. Managed to resist eating out when it wasn't planned, yay. Eating slowly, countering sabotaging thoughts.

04-11-2010, 09:31 PM
1X1: love the red herring,beautiful! and the summa wrestling e-con. how cute is that? AND the Heisenberg Principle of Observation. I've thought that about reflection.

It is so good to read how all of us are doing! Its so nice not to be alone in dieting, and to know you are here no matter what. I need to read my cards and get a bit more disciplined. I just got overheated after eating dinner...bad sign. More later....

04-11-2010, 10:19 PM
Finally got some meds and took them tonight, pretty sure I've got a sinus infection :( Doing the best I can. Jim and I broke in my new grill (dad bought it while he was here visiting) and had steak and baked potatoes. I left over 1/2 of both so I have dinner for tomorrow. I stopped when satisfied-- huge thing for me. The fact that I can't taste so well probably helped with that :)
Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I should be feeling better by morning (it's a z-pack and that usually works fairly quickly). More soon, my friends. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

04-12-2010, 03:20 AM
FutureFitChick - I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Try to be easy on yourself as you go through the coming time. :hug:

04-12-2010, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did a buffet lunch easily; CREDIT moi. I like that since a big spread of food is an easy place for me to lose track of having an eating plan. I even saw my hand reaching toward a bowl of roasted almonds and ... and ... I remembered that I have plenty of roasted almonds at home, that I had walnuts with my oatmeal that morning so my body wasn't in desperate nutritional need of tree nuts, and that I could have some later if I still felt the need. CREDIT moi separately for that one bowl of nuts. Managed to be busy the whole day and not get much exercise - Ouch.

onebyone - Kudos for committing to your Healthy Weight Action Plan - nice 12 week journey ahead. Glad that you like the 3FC Maintenance Forum (; there are some folks posting there who inspire me with their sane, everyday approach to mindful eating and exercise.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Ouch for a sinus infection for knocking one off track - it does that to me. Kudos for "I stopped when satisfied" - that is so much the key to it all.

FutureFitChick - The little things make the day, like "Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes." Glad you've got some energy back. Kudos for keeping sane in the face of little derailments like dinner plans.

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back; happy Monday.

CeeJay - Now that's a nice sentence, "I am back in charge." May you stay there. I'm jealous of your Gray Jays - we don't have them around here.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay that your Half-DASH food plan worked for you, LOL. And Kudos for 70 minutes of exercise. That sunrise photography outing sounds fun. Did you get some good pictures?

Beverlyjoy - Now that's living - when an impromptu gathering just happens in your driveway. Kudos for passing on the "chocolate cream and Oreo crust pie" - I'm drooling a bit here. Gotta love the slooooow wing flaps of the flying Great Blue Heron; neat that you're introducing those kids to the joys of observing nature. I'm a big fan of the phrase Nature Deficit Disorder applied to today's kids who spend their lives indoors. "monthly uptick-your-months-in-maintenance" just meant that I added a month to the counters in my signature showing how long I've been on my journey.

midlifecrisis57 - Yep, you're not alone in dieting. And, even better, you're not alone in dieting in a sane, sustainable manner. Keep on trucking.

silverbirch - Waving back. Have a nice day.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yep, planning is the key. If you plan a week of menus before shopping it's easier to keep the extraneous foods out of the house. May this week be a good one for you.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for progressing on your organization; put my place on your list next, LOL. Would love to see the birds of Alaska; when I look closely, however, I note that Alaska is one BIG state - gotta plan several trips if I want to see it all.

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

To motivate yourself, especially in the face of self-doubt, do the following:

Read your Advantages Response Card more often. It'll probably help to rewrite this card, thinking about each item carefully. Add any new advantages that you hadn't written previously.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-12-2010, 07:34 AM
Hi beck folks, coaches, buddies - yesterday was a great day. I am always grateful for the willingness to keep going forward in this journey. I really concentrated on slowing down my eating and even stretched supper out to over 30 minutes - credit.

I took the day 'off' from doing tasks relating to my job which is kind of unusual for me. I really enjoyed it. Dh and I did chores, DH cleaned and reorganized the garage (one of his favorite things to do), we visited with the little neighbor kids as they road their bikes & scooters up and down our driveway, and we watched the end of the Masters tournament. (a touching moment at the end with Phil and his wife battling breast cancer)

Today I have paperwork to do and I must have some dental work done in the afternoon.

LOTS of water
stretches and strengthening exericises
tasted food - alot of the time
mindful, slow eating - almost all the time
read beck book
read arc/rc - also, addressed sabotaging thoughts list on page 193 twice
planned food, logged food
left a bite of food
no seconds, ate seated - all the time

oops - no spontaneous exercise

It always amazes me how some days can be so healthy & good and some days are the pits. That's life I guess. So glad it's one day at a time.

billbe - kudos for making good choices at the buffent...especially staying away from the almonds. Buffets can be so challenging - you did great! Nature Deficit Disorder - boy that is an accurate phrase for some many kids today.

silverbirch - Hi...hope you have a good day.

kim - so glad you got some medicine for your sinus infection. Enjoy your new grill - so many possibilities for grilling healthy things - I love grilled veggies too. Good job on leaving food.

midlifecrisis - I totally agree - it IS so wonderful to have this community of people who are here to help us with this ever lasting journey to better health.

jazzmegirl - great job on resisting unplanned food, eating slowly, and reading your advantage cards - it all adds up!

onebyone - so glad to here that you logged your food and ate more veggies. As far as the cola - dr. beck suggested a phrase that has stuck in my head that goes something like this...'would you be willing to help me by.....' Sometimes I think to use a fashion of that phrase and it has been helpful.

gardenerjoy - I am glad your tummy is improving. Your class sounds wonderful! Many kudos for packing your food ahead of time.

futurefitchick - I know what you mean about managing your food and the food of your husband at the same time. I am glad he is mostly supportive. If he only 'protests' once in a great while - that seems managable. Take care of you the best way you can. So many credits are wonderful!

cee=jay - I am so, so glad you had a good day. I know that it can be the boost to me forward that you need. I am glad you use the five D's - I pull them out too as I head towards something to eat I don't need.

04-12-2010, 08:09 AM
:df: WI-up 2 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – op (56m).

Saturday evening I went a bit crazy, and grazed freely after dinner. Oh well. Yesterday I was back on plan. I exercised about 60 minutes each day, a good chunk of that being yard work. I want to get all the roots up in the places we walk the most. Oh my aching arms and back! ;)

I bought an iPad last Saturday, and celebrated my 1 week anniversary of geek-heaven by buying a budget app. This is my first Apple product other than an iPod nano, and I am now a convert. I started moving our budget info over this weekend. We also got back into our habit of cooking dinners for the week over the weekend (since DH is working, we don’t have time / energy to cook meals every night after work…)

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Debbie (Lexxiss) Did you go all the way to the top of Angel’s Landing? We stopped at Scout’s Lookout and called that a major success. I think I’m just too old for the rest of that hike. ;) I know what you mean about the change diet and exercise can bring. Two years ago it was a struggle to get to the second floor of our house, and look at me now! Credit to both of us. How nice you are only 8 hours from Zion. My DH and I were talking about going in November sometime – have you been there at that time of year yet? What’s it like? We stayed at a great place in Springdale if you are looking for alternate lodging ideas…

Susan (hikergirl) The Masters were great weren’t they? We missed Saturday, but caught most of Sunday. What a show! I hope you have a great time in Moab. I looked it up in my Utah book and it seems ideal for biking. Do what you can, and you will probably surprise yourself. There doesn’t seem to be much hiking in that area – is that right?

gardenerjoy Credit for adjusting your food plan to meet your tummy’s needs! Hope you feel better…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Credit for posting, in spite of a frustrating week and a sinus infection. Hope the meds do the trick.

one by one You pics were great – I love the red herring. It’d make a great t-shirt to sell… But it sounds like they were very hard work to make – now that’s a workout!

Future Fit Chick My condolences for your loss. :hug: What a great list of credits at such a trying time...

CeeJay Kudos for 100% on-plan! and for resisting your sabotaging thoughts.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Credit for eating a healthy meal in Chinatown before heading to the welcome reception! Some of your weight gain may just be water weight that will come off just as quickly. I almost always gain a pound or two of water when I travel. So, don’t take the number on the scale to heart just yet.

Bill We heard our loons for the first time last night – hallelujah! But that means our buffleheads will be heading north soon I think… Nice you saw some cormorants. Kudos for a small victory over a bowl of tree nuts!

Beverlyjoy Grilled tenderloin – yum! Your cul-de-sac sounds wonderful. Re – skipped lunch: I know I *always* eat meals. When I realized on Saturday I hadn’t eaten lunch I had to go to the fridge and verify my Friday lunch was still there, untouched. Yay for a 30 minute dinner!

Amie (jazzmegirl) The thread has been unusually active the last 2 weeks or so; it’ll calm down again soon I’m sure. Credit for planning your meals!

midlifecrisis I agree it is nice not to be alone when dieting. I know I wouldn’t be successful without the help of this group.

04-12-2010, 08:11 AM
Monday-Day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings
-read my chapter
-reviewed my response cards
-planned my day and reviewed my menu
-included exercise

Today's screensaver "HUNGER OR CRAVING?"

Yesterday I sat down and planned my dinners for the week. It's something I "want" to do, but it never happens...Found out was very difficult for me. I finally got something down, then actually did some cooking in advance. I'm going to stick to this menu even if I "feel" like changing.

BillBlueEyes-Yes, Alaska is a very big State. I miss the birds...I'm glad to get your buffet report. I have one Friday night and your description of "an easy place for me to lose track of having an eating plan" is a great reminder for me. *credit* for staying out of the nuts.

seadwaters-Be gentle with yourself about your weight. Our journey can be hard enough without self inflicted pain.

Beverlyjoy-I'm glad you took the day off from your job tasks and made time for your family...I, too, am greatful for the willingness to go forward.

onebyone-Congrats! on a great day! Your credits aren't fradulent. That is what sheets are for-checking off! BTW- I like your hard to incorporate smileys-can't wait to see the next one.

Amie-posting here really helps me. I hope to hear from you soon.

hikergirl-I hope another bike ride is in order very soon! I will ride today.

CeeJay-I'm feeling "back in charge", too. Thumbs up!

FutureFitChick-Thanks for the welcome! I read your "looking forward to list" this AM. I enjoy your sense of humor with these very important things!

gardenerjoy-I hope you have a good day back on your normal food plan.

midlifecrisis-It is very nice not to be alone in dieting. Glad you are here, too.

Kim(BHM)-I hope you are feeling better today!

silverbirch-:wave: Hello!

Off to my day...Have a great one!

04-12-2010, 08:13 AM
Finishing up my personals

hikergirl - hi...good job on three days of no binging and all that exercise.

lexxiss - I agree - it feels so good to organize and declutter! Kudo's for planning to plan. Major credit for baking and NOT tasting. I am doing a not tasting what I bake happy dance for you. SO great that you are planning meals ahead for the are helping to set yourself up to have successes. I like how you use your screensave for positive reminders.

chinamarie - kudo's for hopping right back on your plan after an evening of grazing. Sometimes life happens...then we carry on. All that exercise and yardwork is awesome. GREAT's wonderful to be getting closer to onederland. Almost surreal - put I am hopeful - a day at a time.

Shout out to anyone that stops by.

04-12-2010, 10:00 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Wow. it's bright and sunny here today. Geez Louise. Caesar just pulled the living room curtain and it's ... no he just pulled the whole thing down. :mad: CAESAR CAT! Man. Now he's wrapped in it. I'm not going over there cause he's got big claws. I'll wait until he comes out from under. It's not really a curtain but a navy blue twin sheet so it's durable but boy. That cat.

ANYWAY... I just had breakfast credit: 1/2 c 2% milk, 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Cereal, 1 c miracle blueberries. The darn things should have gone bad a week ago. I looked them over and picked out maybe 3 berries as dubious but ate the rest. This morning I liked the cereal more than before. This particular cereal has a strong cinnamon component which I am torn about. I don't really like cinnamon at all but I find it kills cravings for me. So I try to have it inspite of my mild dislike of it.

Last night I asked DH if he felt like doing a bit of grocery shopping this morning or handing me $ to do it on my own. We just need a little here and there. I think I'll try and plan some meals for the coming week advanced creditafter this post.

I am trying not to go in to the art school today. I'd like a day off to clean up my kitchen. It's not fit for cooking in and I have to change that. I actually feel like doing it today. Amazing.

I wanted to keep this short. Sorry I didn't succeed! Have a good Monday.

04-12-2010, 10:20 AM
Just popping in to say hi!


04-12-2010, 11:07 AM
Yesterday went fine. I'll try to attach one of my photos showing the earling morning light that makes photographers get up at sunrise. Stomach still feels a bit delicate, but I'll be working my way towards normal today, probably still going a little light on dairy and fruit.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +60, 535/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: loved your red herring! Thanks for sharing it with us.

bennyhannahmama: hope you're feeling better!

BillBlueEyes: yay for a victory in the battle against tree nuts!

Greetings and gratitude for all the rest of you who are making this thread such a vibrant place right now.

04-12-2010, 11:37 AM
Hi all.

April 12 morning
Weight 157.1
Exercise month to date -- 135 minutes of cardio, 145 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 4 of 11

04-12-2010, 12:52 PM
Morning coaches. Bill, great for resisting the nuts, buffets can be full of temptations. Kim, glad you got meds, hope you are feeling better, god for you leaving food over, enjoy the grill. Beverly joy kudos for stretching out your meal, ouch for the dental work. China, yay for all the exercise, and for planning and cooking your food. Lexxiss, good idea to plan your meals and cook them in advance. Onebyone cleaning your kitchen sounds worth while, kudos for stretching your taste comfort zone with the cereal. Off to buy groceries and cook some food for the week, I know I've been saying that all weekend, but, I'm sick of constantly resisting restaurants and grocery stores, because I haven't planned my food.

04-12-2010, 04:51 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

I am doing the hunger experiment today so I'm *really* hungry right now. And that is OK! So far my greatest discomfort level has been about a 6 out of 10 (equal to an ob/gyn exam on my personal scale) ... but that only lasted a few moments and I've mostly been at a 2 to 4 level since about 11 this morning (Breakfast was at 8). I'm allowing myself another cup of coffee in a minute but that's it ...

This past week was an improvement - my weight stayed the same and I worked out four times (2 strength and 2 cardio, plus a fair amount of non-scheduled walking because the weather is allowing for that now!) So I am starting to get my mojo back. Got up and did some walking on the treadmill this morning, which felt great. The Yeti does not stand a chance this week!!

(((FutureFitChick))) I am so sorry to hear about your father. Take good care of yourself.

Bill- Kudos on your conquest of the nuts!! (Star Wars VII: Return of the Tree Nuts)

Beverlyjoy - WTG on stretching supper out to 30 minutes! That can be difficult to do!

ChinaMaine - Wow, an iPad! Insert green-eyed jealousy monster icon here :lol: I just got an iPhone a couple of weeks ago and I cant put the thing down. Nice work getting back on track after a slip!

Debbie - you are doing great! Sounds like planning menus in advance was a real adjustment for you -- good job!

onebyone - Cats, I'm telling you. Kudos for breakfast. I wish cinnamon took away my cravings. I'd be buying stock in Club House spices right about now. ;)

Anne - :wave:

gardenerjoy - glad you are feeling better. What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing it with us.

hikergirl - kudos for keeping yourself accountable here on the thread.

Amie - totally hear you on the resisting restaurants thing. Dr Beck is right - planning our eating is the way to go.

Off to get my coffee in lieu of lunch. I'm excited for the days to come!

04-12-2010, 06:06 PM
Erika, I admire your determination with all the exercise, and now, the hunger experiment, you go, girl! Can't do that one, I'm hypoglycemic, I guess Beck would obviously let me pass on that one, if there's a medical reason not to.
Okay, food OP, exercise sucked, bike time 17 30 not my worst, but certainly no what it has been lately. And, I needed my asthma inhaler afterwords, to add insult to injuy. Trainer said lack of sleep is the biggest factor in determining exercise performance. Oh well, credit for doing it.

04-12-2010, 06:20 PM
Beverlyjoy - your mother is brave and can be proud of her daugter not only for doing public service announcement. I´m happy her result is good.My mother is going through the prevent colon test on Wednesday, she asked me to think about her, so will I.
My father was 26 year cancer survivor-Hodgkin disease.He also help to other people to get through the cancer.Died 2 years ago.
And second thing we have similar -be good at spotting lice and nits- I am a teacher as well (primary school) so I have big experience on doing that:-D
Good job working on your sabotaging thoughts...

ChinaMaine - I am from Czech Rep. I live in the southern part, 20 km from Austria, that for us is near to travel to skiing to Alps or to Italy (6hours and 15 min. by car from our garage to the beach).
You also had a beautiful trip. In 1999 we traveled with my hubby through america.First Nationale parks and big towns in the west and 2 days Mexico and then western part of your beautiful country. I have never seen such as georges nature sceneries. We hope to see it once again but we must wait till our daughter will be older, because this trip was quite difficult.

Hikegirl- Yes, I can speak German, but I can speak Russian better:-D
At our primary school -from 5th grade, we had to study Russian lang., in 7 th grade I attended language school for Germany and at high school 4 years -again Russian and Germany, 5 years at university Germ. and Russian, too.
But I don´t like to speak German, it doesn´t sound well for me. I love listening to the American English but British English is easier for listening.

Bennyhannamama - sorry for this kind of troubles , but believe me, it´s normal between children.We solve it nearly every 2 weeks at school.You must be patient with it.

CeeJay - good decision to get back on track.

Gardenerjoy - thanks for sharing your garden-exercise info. I ĺl do it in your way.

onebyone - please, don´t read stupid magazines! Read this thread:-D There are so nice people around here which support you and love you.
Credit for a perfect solution you have written:
So I listened to the little voice that told me to calm down and do what I was doing before because it worked. There is no emergency. There is just consistent day in day out humdrum of following a food plan.

seadwaters - I have the same problem: I have no idea how long is 5´5´´. A little longer than me 5´2´´ but how many exactly - I don´t know.

BillBE - credits for your geografical knowledge, sense of humor (I love it) and for your continuing workout with finding a motivation.

04-12-2010, 06:24 PM
Next I ĺl write tomorow. It´s midnight here and I need to be fresh (look like) for tomorow:-)
Bye, bye Beckies.

04-12-2010, 08:32 PM
Random ramblings, dear Beckies. Bear with me, or not...*laffin'.

Hi, wndranne; I am glad you check in once in a while. Good to see you!

Dubious nsv.....+ or -..dunno. I had bought a pair of cargo pants on sale really cheap a year and a half ago..they were too small, but really cheap, and I had been at that size before and wanted to get back, so bought them. *sigh. Wore them anyway yesterday, but they are too big. *laffin'. Can't win for losin'. I have purged everything over a size 6, so had better stay on the straight and narrow.

That said, I was at my office today with "my scale"..the old fashioned balance beam kind..did NOT want to face it. Wasn't going to..and it wasn't even Beck wisdom that made me do it; it was the work I have done with my psychologist; he would have said, "You need to know. You don't get to pick your times". So, now I know, and 136 is a gift given my many transgressions. Makes it easier to get back on track and I feel confident about it.

Quite the birding weekend just traveling. Coming back from the Twin Cities on Sat. I was taunted by a Cardinal at a rest stop..could hear, but not see it..kept following the call...kept walking..not finding. Was ready to T him up for taunting. Saw a flock of Pelican flying..they are so startlingly white, but with black wings underneath. Easy to distinguish from anything else. Saw an Egret peacefully sitting by a pond. Amazingly white!

Yesterday traveling in ND I saw so many Ring necked Pheasants..all roosters; the hens are nesting. Only one was suicidal, and fortunately, I wasn't buying into his plan.

And yes, all, the loons are back and they make me very happy!

04-12-2010, 09:32 PM
Going to bed. Long day at work, still sick, just put kids to bed. Feeling like I'm about to lose control of food. Hope to get myself more organized tomorrow. Goodnight, Becksters.

04-12-2010, 11:36 PM
GRRRRRRRRRR-- somehow I lost a nice long post of personals....should not be doing things half asleep.

Anyway all is well with me- 3rd day back on track and it feels really good.

Good night everyone!


04-12-2010, 11:53 PM
12 April 2010:

Coaches/Buddies, had a pretty focused day, which felt like a great improvement over the last week. Thanks for all of your positive thoughts.

Eating went well today. I stopped on the way home from a late class to pick up a sandwich and really thought about how I would deal with all of the components I typically order. I ended up driving home instead and cooking because I wanted more to stay within my calorie range instead.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no – overslept and didn’t make it up in time ☹
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BennyHannahMama, hi, Lady! Glad you got something to help you feel better. Great job with being aware of your fullness while eating.

BeverlyJoy, great job with all of

BillBlueEyes, great job at the buffet. That is such a difficult eating environment.

GardenerJoy, thanks so much for your warm thoughts. Did you change your eating plan to DASH? Looks like your exercise is right on plan. Great job!

Jazzermegirl, great job for sticking with your plan.

Silverbirch, thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

04-13-2010, 01:10 AM
We started lambing several days ago and we were not ready. The first lambs were due around the 10th and we had planned to spend last week getting ready for it. With bad weather and ranch equipment breakdowns, etc., we had put off separating our early lambers out of the herd and setting up the lambing barn. Then the lambs came a few days early, so we have been scrambling to catch up because they are going to do this whether or not we’re on board. On top of that chaos, we had brandings on both Sat and Sun. Both small, but just one more thing to coordinate. Luckily, my MIL and SIL took care of feeding the Sun crew. It took a lot of pressure off of me.

All of this is labor intensive and so I don’t have to find time for exercise. Food, on the other had, has been hit and miss over the last few days. Just lots of challenges feeling stressed and tired. My schedule is now unpredictable—we’re living on sheep time. I also have a friend who stays with us on the weekends and helps with the lambing. She’s a huge help—I don’t think we could have made it through the weekend without her—and she loves to do it. But it was just one more excuse for me to get off track.

It wasn’t all bad. I did use the resistance muscle occasionally and there’s no change in the scale. I’m just worried about gaining weight. I gained a few lbs last lambing season and am determined not to let that happen again. So I have a bit of down time this PM and thought I needed to check in with the Beckstars and I’m making a plan of some quick easy meals that give me lots of leftovers.

Welcome Nathy! I’m so impressed that you are a self-schooled linguist!

Midlifecrisis57, good to see you back! I was thinking of your nickname, Lamb Lady, for me as I’ve been up to my ears in lambs. Thanks for the reminder that “Crime doesn't pay! When will I ever learn for good?” I’ve also found that since I’ve changed my eating with Beck, just slight deviations from my good habits leaves my stomach a bit upset. Now how to remember that before I eat the cookie. . .

BillBE, thanks for the line, “just a reminder that nutrition isn't a good vs. bad issue, but an issue of getting the nutrition I need in the calories I'm consuming.” That’s such a great way to see it and it’s something I need to keep in mind right now, since I need proper nutrition to fuel all the work I need to do.

Onebyone, you’re doing such a great job moving forward. I’m impressed with your attitude that the damage done wasn’t so bad and it’s better to move on. I loved the lithography description—just fascinating and so cool that you do it.

CeeJay, kudos for getting back on track after a rough patch. I came across a great Beck line the other day. Something about how when you fall off the wagon it doesn’t keep going. It stops until you are ready to get back on. Not an exact quote, but my book is not immediately handy.

Eusebius, best of luck on the craziest two weeks of the year. Sounds like we’re in similar situations, so just know I’m cheering you on!

FutureFitChick, it’s great to see you back! I’m so sorry about losing your father. Big hugs while you’re in this rough patch.

Wndranne, waving back. Hope things are going well.

Maryblu, lol at “can’t win for losin’” but yay for too small pants now being too big. Kudos for getting on that scale. It really is just info, not a judgment.

Waving to everyone else. I have read and appreciated your posts, but I’m short on time. Keep up the good fight!

04-13-2010, 06:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was gym day; CREDIT moi. It annoys me that I'm not pushing myself terribly hard at the gym. I worked harder when I had a trainer once a week. But that seems like a lot of money to pay just to get me to pay attention to what I'm doing. I feel like I'm not earning the protein shake I have before gym, which is supposed to help repair the muscle exertions. Feeling guilty like I'm just enjoying the shake, LOL. Heaven forbid!!

Hadn't packed any protein with my lunch knowing that I had some hidden foil packages of tuna and tinned fish. I actually looked at the "best used by" dates of everything, and chose the one that had to go first. CREDIT moi for remembering that food items have a shelf life. The most recently purchased sardines are stamped 2015!!!! Those guys last a loooooooong time.

maryblu - Those White Pelicans are just splendid; see then very rarely around here. Thank you for not wiping out the suicidal Ring-necked Pheasant; we need them all. Kinda amazing that you and ChinaMaine report first loons on the same day. And Kudos for facing the scale.

onebyone - Amazing that cinnamon kills cravings; I'll have to try that.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back; hope your bike has been up the mountain trails and that you get to glimpse my nemesis bird the Roadrunner.

ChinaMaine - Hallelujah indeed for the first sounds of loons. Royal jealously here for that iPad; in Boston the lines were long enough before the Apple Store opened to be pictured in the Boston Globe. Goodbye Buffleheads - you're one smart looking duck.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Ouch for still sick; You can stay in control.

Susan (hikergirl) - "135 minutes" is one serious bunch of cardio; Kudos.

Erika (eusebius) - Happy thought this, "I am starting to get my mojo back." That's a lot of workout with your schedule. LOL at "Star Wars VII: Return of the Tree Nuts" - I'll think of that next time I see my hand reaching out.

FutureFitChick - Great decision to cook after carefully thinking it through.

CeeJay - I hate losing personals; I keep a running backup. Kudos for third day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the morning light photo - it's just a gift to be able to compose that. Ouch for the slowly recovering stomach.

Shepherdess - Just mindboggling your lambing stories are to me. Kudos for thinking mindfully about food at all with that much happening. LOL at "because they are going to do this whether or not we’re on board."

Beverlyjoy - Good grief - "DH cleaned and reorganized the garage (one of his favorite things to do)." Color me jealous. I have a basement that longs to be organized - there are parts for cars long ago sold and even some old slate shingles removed from roof work 20+ years ago just because I think they're neat.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Neat thought; If you cook food, you don't have to resist restaurants. Yep, you're absolutely right; don't do the hunger exercise if you're hypoglycemic - much more important to take care of your intake.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for planning your dinners for the week; I can well imagine that's tough, although I've never done it. DW had done that every week since forever and then makes her shopping list for the week. She laughs that I find that amazing; "How else would you know what to buy?"

nathy - Did your DD enjoy Aquaworld? Do you know one of my favorite English words, 'defenestrate' - used recently when one stops using the MicroSoft Windows operating system, but means to throw out the window based on the event so very long ago in Prague when the political discussion was resolved when 7 politicians were tossed out the window. Did that really happen?

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

To motivate yourself, especially in the face of self-doubt, do the following:
. . .
Add up the difficult hours. Many dieters I've counseled have wanted to give up at one point or another. They've come to me and said, "I had such a hard week. I don't know if I want to do this any more." Then they'd tell me about some struggle they went through to stay on their diet.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-13-2010, 07:10 AM
Hi Beck buddies, coaches, friends.... yesterday was a healthy day. My plan changed during the day in response to my dental work - but, I stayed in my calories range and wrote everything down.

I got on the scale today - I am down 2 pounds since last week when I weighed. :) I am so grateful and so happy!

I got all my thank you notes written to my clients - I am glad I am caught up on that. Today I am having lunch with a friend. She is coming over - we are having salads from Wendy's. My city is a test market for Wendy's and one of their new salads has chicken, cranberries, a few peacons, etc - with a pomegrannet (SP?) dressing. It's good - you can get all these new salads in small and large sizes. I think I'll get the small one.

planned food (changed plan) - logged all food
ate seated, no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - most of the time
ate pretty slow and mindfully
tasted food - most of the time
left a bite after meals and snacks - all the time
read arc/rc/ - read st on page 193 and addressed each one
stretches and strengthening
use resistance techniques

no spontanteous exercise
didn't feel fullness or pay attention to that

billbe - great getting to the gym - yes, do enjoy your protein shake. If you are going to have it - enjoy it without the guilt relating to the degree of workout at the gym. You are entitled to eat and enjoy the foods you have planned for. BTW - Dh rearranged the basement constently in the winter! (garage and basement are his domain).

shepardess - you sound tired - you are a good lamb mommy. Be kind to yourself during this time. All this lambing is certainly exercise.

futurefitchick - I am so glad this week is going well and better than last week. That is great. So many good can build on them!

Ceejay - so sorry to hear that you lost your post - that has happened to me many times. After that I started to click and copy and save it as I go along. That way if it disappears at least I still have it. Three days on plan is GREAT.

KIm - sorry you are still feeling sick and 'shakey' with your food. 'Hold on tight' to what you know and do the best you can. Glad you posted.

Maryblu - that's a HUGE credit buying too small pants and now they are loose!! yay

nathy - I wish you mom well as she does her colon testing. The preparation is awful. I hope you are doing well. So glad you posted. Three of my grandparents are from Eastern Europe. Mostly - Russia. However, my Grandma Frieda lived in the same house when she was little for 12 years and the country changed three times...Russia, Prussia, & Poland. Then her family came to the USA about 1895.

jazz - good credit for staying op and doing your exercise!! Sorry you had to go to inhaler. (my sister has exercise asthma - you take care now)

hikergirl - glad you posted...great job on doing your execises and putting together a string of nonbinge days.

eusebiass - good job on the treatmill! Glad you did the 'hunger - not eating' exericise. Yes, it's amazing how inciteful doing that task is!! I am glad you are getting your mojo back.

gardenerjoy - so glad your tummy is improving and you had a better day - that's the of a day to build on.

hi winddrame! so glad you stopped by to say hello!

onebyone - good job on eating breakfast and planning to plan meals!! What does your cat look like? We lost our Bandit last Novemeber - he was a tuxedo cat. I miss that furboy.

Shout out to anyone that stops by for a peak!! I hope everyone has a good day. Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend.

04-13-2010, 08:16 AM
:df: WI-down 0.4 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan; Food – op, Exercise – op (59m)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We had leftover bbq chicken for dinner. After dinner I was tempted to make some minor changes to my plan, but I resisted. Credit! Other than that I had my standard meals and snacks. Exercise was also fine, some yoga and some walking.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs. fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs. non-hunger before I ate – yes!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Debbie (Lexxiss) Credit for planning your food. It took some getting used to for me, but I notice a difference in my eating when I don’t plan for a few days. I’m much more likely to reach my goals when I plan…

Beverlyjoy Onederland – now that is motivating! Kudos for the hard work that’s getting you there, day by day. Two pounds since last week – yay!

onebyone It’s interesting that cinnamon kills cravings for you, and kudos for using that to your advantage. Do you have a clean kitchen today?

Anne :wave: Hope you are getting a lot of biking in, while the weather is still pleasant…

gardenerjoy Nice light! Sounds like you had a good day yesterday – credit!

hikergirl Yay for incrementing your days without compulsive eating counter!

jazzmegirl Did you make a plan and buy food yesterday?

Erika (eusebius) The hunger experiment is an instructive exercise I think. I still will fall into the ruse of thinking hunger is an emergency, but that exercise clearly proves it is not… Kudos for all that exercise and getting your mojo back!

nathy My sister-in-law (SIL) is from the Czech Republic (Prague). We’ve had many members of her family come to visit from Prague. Everyone is so nice, and their English is so good. We hope to visit Prague in the next few years… I agree we are blessed in this country with beautiful scenery, especially with our national parks.

maryblu yay for loons! Yep, the number on the scale is information for you to use – nothing more, but nothing less.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) Hope you feel better today.

CeeJay Credit for 3 days on-track!

Futurefitchick Kudos from walking out of the sandwich shop! And lots of other credits too!

shepherdess Lambing does sound both stressful and labor intensive. Sometimes the best you can do is rely on the skills you’ve learned. Eat only when hungry, make reasonable / healthy choices, and then eat only until satisfied. Good luck!

Bill We bought my iPad at a store in Cincinnati when visiting DS. My nephew works there and said that although there was a huge line in the morning, they didn’t sell out until eod Sunday. We waited in line only 10 mins. It is the most enjoyable computing experience I’ve had… Yes I will trade my buffleheads for the loons, but I do love their bulbous profile…

04-13-2010, 08:47 AM
Evening Coaches
These have been long days and I am emailing from a fairly shonky connection so I will keep it brief in case it gets lost

I am doing better with food that I thought. I am not that interested in what they are putting on for lunch - I am eating a healthy and substantial breakfast (lots of fruit and yoghurt). I am eating the morning and afternoon teas but instead of having 6 of everything I am limiting myself to one of anything which is very different for me. Today they put on mini chocolate coated ice-creams - and yes I did have one - but only one. So something is changing. I have been reading my advantage and response cards, doing accidental incidental exercise that I would rather not be doing but it is the only way to get about (walking) and the body is sort of holding up. I am actually looking forward to this being finished and taking control again and having a plan and being on plan again.


04-13-2010, 08:49 AM
Evening Coaches
These have been long days and I am emailing from a fairly shonky connection so I will keep it brief in case it gets lost

I am doing better with food that I thought. I am not that interested in what they are putting on for lunch - I am eating a healthy and substantial breakfast (lots of fruit and yoghurt). I am eating the morning and afternoon teas but instead of having 6 of everything I am limiting myself to one of anything which is very different for me. Today they put on mini chocolate coated ice-creams - and yes I did have one - but only one. So something is changing. I have been reading my advantage and response cards, doing accidental incidental exercise that I would rather not be doing but it is the only way to get about (walking) and the body is sort of holding up. I am actually looking forward to this being finished and taking control again and having a plan and being on plan again.

Almost lost it too! Good thing I had pasted it to Notepad! Here goes again


04-13-2010, 09:53 AM
I'm going to another massage session this morning. I'm a bit anxious since it made me sick last time, but my therapist seems very good, so I'm trusting that she will figure out things to do that will improve the situation.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +35, 570/1800 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

FutureFitChick: yes, I started the DASH diet on April 1. I'm still using the web site as my resource, but I just checked and the book is waiting for me at the library! That will be good because I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to dial down the daily calorie count since I'm not currently eating everything I planned (there's a new event for me!) and I suspect that the book can help me do that.

Hello to everyone!

04-13-2010, 10:00 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm discombobulated this morning. I got an email last night from my sister. She forwarded to me 5 recent jpgs of my father, taken a week or so ago. My aunt, his sister, visited him at the senior's residence where he lives a few thousand miles away from me.

I haven't seen my father since, oh, 1978. He looks.... old. And my brother got his nose not me thank goodness. And he has all his hair. And I think I need to visit him and I wish I wasn't fat. That's it. I emailed the cousin, who I've never met, who sent the jpgs to my sister in the first place. She sent my email off to my aunt who has already responded to me with two emails. She lives in the same city I do. We've met twice? It's all timely since I am tracking down my father's lineage to get my UK Ancestry Work Visa. How's that for the universe reaching out to touch you?


Foodwise midafternoon yesterday I had a big treat with a friend over coffee. Otherwise an okay day. I recorded everything. credit I'll be glad when this preliminary week is over. Of course I already *think* I know what my patterns are but I am sure my attention to detail is skewed when it comes to myself and my own habits.

I have to head to the school soon so I'll end this here. Have a good day coaches and I promise not to eat over my discombobulation... one personal before I am off and I'll be back for more later...

BeverlyjoyI've attached a jpg of the Caesar cat in action from a few minutes ago taken with my little netbook. Kitty X was quietly sunning herself on the tower and he jumped on the chair and touched her. Just to bug her. It REALLY bugs her. Now neither of them are in the window...Kitty X left and he trotted off to look out the kitchen window.

04-13-2010, 12:21 PM
Hi, everyone, back later. Took sedative last night, in my sleepy time tea, never doing it again, feeling really groggy this morning. Just the tea next time. Back later. Nothing to report, not hungry, just want to sleep some more.

04-13-2010, 12:43 PM
April 13 morning
Weight - could not stand on scale (did not want to know)
Exercise month to date -- 235 minutes of cardio, 175 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 4 of 12

04-13-2010, 02:36 PM

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, your message felt like a hug to me today. Thanks. How was the salad?

BillBlueEyes, great job at the gym. I’m still in need of my trainer to hold my hand.

ChinaMaine, so nice to be thinking about you in Maine today. You are doing so well!!!

GardenerJoy, I hope your massage went well. How terrible that it made you sick last time! Glad you get the book and great job for using the library instead of buying new.

Hikergirl, great job for posting. Keep it up, one day a at a time.

Jazzermegirl, hope you were able to get your rest.

Seadwaters, what a great realization for you that you miss your plan! Terrific!

Shepherdess, thanks for your kind words. I am so excited for you about lambing season. That sounds wonderful! Good luck with figuring out the food.

04-13-2010, 08:16 PM
Hi Everyone

I slept in (for me that's good) and missed my morning check in.
Day 15 Start your Diet
-read from book
-read advantage cards
-weighed in
-ate slowly and mindfully
-keeping record of my meals
-practiced distraction technique(washed the dog)
-plan for tomorrow
-gave myself credit

Had unplanned food last night, but got right back on track.

See you all tomorrow.

04-13-2010, 09:10 PM
I had a good Beck day today. We’re busy and tired but still having fun. I was even able to squeeze in a short run yesterday. The weather was too good to pass up, especially since we’re looking at crazy today and through tomorrow. My neck, shoulders and back are sore from some sheep rodeos we’ve had in the barn, but I’ve got some time and am going to do some yoga and stretch those hard used muscles.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on another 2 lbs gone! All of your hard work is paying off!

BillBE, kudos for getting to the gym—you’re still earning that protein shake! You could compare your workout now that doesn’t seem challenging to a previous one that did. I bet you’d find that you’re lifting more weight now. In that light an easy workout deserves a pat on the back.

ChinaMaine, thanks for the reminder that I just need to keep practicing the skills I’ve already established. As always, you continue to be an inspiration with your continued practice of recognizing satisfaction and fullness and identifying hunger and non-hunger, even when you’re under a lot of stress.

Seadwaters, congrats on eating well away from home. Yay for “something is changing.” It’s great when those Beck skills just click on.

Gardenerjoy, hope the message gives you some much needed therapy without the upset stomach. Kudos for getting in some exercise.

Onebyone, getting reconnected with long lost family sounds exciting and stressful all at the same time. Kudos for recognizing it as a possible trigger to eat and dealing with it.

Jazzmegirl, ouch for feeling groggy. Hope you feel better soon.

Hikegirl, waving back. It’s always hard to remember that the number on the scale is just information.

FutureFitChick, looks like a good list of credits. You are getting back to Beck quickly.

Lexxiss, yay for sleeping in. I love the idea of washing your dog as a distraction. If I did that I would have the cleanest dogs!

04-13-2010, 09:41 PM

We had movie day today and I had the large sugary beverage and the popcorn. I did try to make some calorie room in my foodplan for it today so credit for being aware but really, it's not enough of an effort in the end. Next time I'll do better. I did eat lunch, a light lunch of soup with a cup of veggies added to the soup credit which is very uncharacteristically healthy behaviour. This was good. So as usual, good and bad today. Progress not perfection.

jazzmegirl I hope you got all caught up on your :yawn: sleep

hikergirl credit for posting here and for keeping track

FutureFitChick credit for all your Beck behaviours

Lexxisscredit for getting back on your program and for taking note of all the on plan stuff you did

Shepherdess You are a great example for taking care of yourself in the midst of a stressful and demanding time. It's amazing to me that you see the time off as an opportunity to do yoga and to stretch. I usually opt for the laz-y-boy. I have a-ways to go I see! Thanks, and formal credit to you for all your Beck behaviours.

04-13-2010, 11:00 PM
Hi All,
I taught my class and the students all had a good time! The cafe at the art center had very good food, and for the most part healthy, except the chocolate cake. Oh, well. It was good cake. . .Today, I tracked my food, credit, and came in under goal, yay! My pedometer has gone wonky, but I probably got 8000+ steps. I resisted an afternoon trip to the vending machine at work, credit. I want to make a flow chart that says something like, "Is it is a puffy sealed bag? Yes---->Don't eat it. Does it come out of a glass fronted machine? Yes---->Don't eat it. Is it sold at a place that shouldn't be selling crap, like craft stores or hardware stores? Yes---->Don't eat it.

Tomorrow I meet with clients for a commission. I'm nervous. I still have that underlying belief that I am inadequate in some essential way. I guess I need to view it as sabotaging, and practice living my life anyway.

04-13-2010, 11:34 PM
Each day is getting better... hope to elaborate tomorrow.

04-13-2010, 11:35 PM
Hi everyone!!

Thanks for your sympathy and tips on not losing posts. :D I'm learning. :D

Just a quick check in tonight. I had a good day today- that is 4 in a row!!! YAY. I still have an amazed feeling every single on-track day. Don't know when that feeling will end- will eating "normally" ever feel normal? Not anytime soon I don't think. I have not eaten "normal" for my entire 48 years, or at least the ones I can remember. Do you know what I mean? I find I have to be on top of this (eating, exercising, cards, weighing in, etc....and resisting, resisting, resisting) all the time. Maybe that is part of what wears some of us down at points. Then again when I don't pay close attention I start slipping into old habits.

I am off to the city for one night in the hotel tomorrow. I have a plan. Just need to do it. Say no choice.

Credit today for:

weighing in
reading advantage and response cards
doing weights
eating on plan
eating for 2nd day in a row in a restaurant for lunch and ordering salad not all the other stuff
driving home very hungry but not stopping for anything off plan


04-13-2010, 11:51 PM
Each day is getting better... hope to elaborate tomorrow.

Excellent!!! Here's to a good day tomorrow for you and everyone else out there!!!

04-14-2010, 06:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It happened again yesterday; around 2 o'clock in the afternoon I felt this hunger pang - I wanted something to eat. I just laughed at it; CREDIT moi. Again, I didn't want to do the task in front of me and I could see a clear, sunny day outside my window, so I thought the obvious, I must be hungry.

For my dinner last night, I walked to a local place and bought a pulled pork sandwich and a pint of freshly made turkey soup. That's not my usual choice if I have to buy my dinner, but I wanted to try a new place. It was superb! The good news is that I simply cut the sandwich in half and will have the saved half for lunch today. My first notion was to eat the whole thing - don't even remember which rationalization thoughts I entertained - it looked good and I wanted it. CREDIT moi for acting like a man with a plan.

onebyone - Sending supportive thoughts as you confront the thought of visiting your father after 32 years. It's a wise thought to do that, especially before you take off for places far away from which rapid return won't be easy. I just booked some airline tickets and was reminded that the flights at the extremes of the day are usually cheaper - particularly if you book a month in advance.

ChinaMaine - Yay for a pretty good day. It's such a joy to read your consistent awareness of hunger vs. non-hunger. I think that just reading that each day helped me during my whiff of "hunger" yesterday.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. It's a good day if you're posting.

Susan (hikergirl) - Beck's day 24, as in today's quote, might be a good re-read for you at this point to help you focus on your four days of success. Each good day is a good day to savor.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Your flowchart is just great; but particularly gotta love, "Is it is a puffy sealed bag? Yes---->Don't eat it."

FutureFitChick - It's the little strategies that keep the plan going, like, "Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes." Apparently, I too, need a trainer to hold my hand, LOL.

CeeJay - Kudos for 4 days in a row. Yep, it you read over in the Maintainers Forum, there are people practicing long time maintenance for whom mindful eating is the normal feeling. Keep the faith; it happens.

Shepherdess - I can well imagine you're tired; good to hear that's it's still fun. Thanks for the encouragement about my lifting.

Beverlyjoy - That Wendy's salad sounds like "food" - by Michael Pollen's definition; Yay for Wendy's - buy several so that it makes it out of the test market, LOL.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Ouch for groggy; Yay for "not hungry."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for posting despite "a fairly shonky connection." Good choice using "limiting myself" to handle the presented afternoon treats.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for posting despite "a fairly shonky connection." Good choice using "limiting myself" to handle the presented afternoon treats.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for "but got right back on track." LOL at "distraction technique (washed the dog)" - don't recall reading that in either of Beck's books, LOL.

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

To motivate yourself, especially in the face of self-doubt, do the following:
. . .
It is interesting how the memory of these struggles tainted their whole week. As it turned out, most of them struggled for between 20 minutes and a couple of hours once or twice during the week. For the other 164 hours of the week, they hadn't struggled. During most of these other hours, they hadn't even thought about dieting. Yet they all initially reported that the entire week had been intolerable.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

04-14-2010, 06:30 AM
Diet coaches

I notice I didn't lose my message last night and in fact posted twice - I wonder if I get twice the benefit. Today didn't seem to substantiate that!

A little more generous with food today unfortunately. The conference finished today but I have two more nights in city because of workshops Thursday and Friday. I love the sabotaging thoughts that BECK mentions like - I paid for it so I should eat it; and its free; and the anxiety in case you don't get food later etc etc. All the ones she mentions about eating out. I have to remind myself every time I go to reach for another portion. I did have seconds at lunch which is something I don't normally do and I didn't even think about it till later! Never mind - have to be more mindful. Will have to read my cards again before lunch at the workshop tomorrow and Friday - the next 2 days are a bit rushed and busy unfortunately. I find eating out a bit challenging but tonight have ordered soup in my room and will forego the butter on the bread.

Thanks for being there and listening


04-14-2010, 08:50 AM
Hi beck folks, friends, buddies, coaches...

Yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for that. By midafternoon my jaw join hurt again from my dental I switched to soft food for dinner and evening snack. I made good choices (credit) and even whizzed up a strawberry 'slushie' before I went to sleep.

The new Wendy's salad is so good....chicken, a little gorganzola cheese, apple bits, cranberry bits, pecans, and promegranite dressing. They have two size - large and medium ? (bigger than a side salad) The whole thing was about 300 calories for the medium. I am emailing Wendy's with a thumbs up.

My backdoor high school neighbor, Issac, is helping with spring clean up. I am so grateful for his interest in gardening (and cash). He really cares about the plants. He's also one of my 'roadies' during the summer when I work.

Today is correspondence for summer work. My mom and I are going to Bob Evans restaurant for dinner. I picked out something that isn't too crunchy and is a good calorie range. I love that bigger restaurants have their menus online and I can find out the calories somewhere online too. How did we ever manage without the internet? It was alot tougher 'back then'.

some good stuff-
lots of water
daily gratitudes
ate seated, no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - most of the time
mindful slow eating - some of the time (did time dinner - 18 minutes)
read arc
left a bite of snack and meals - all the time
did my stretches and strengthening exercises
use my resitence techniques a few times
planned and logged food - changed menu - wrote it all down

didn't read rc cards or my card with 30 st from page 193
no beck
no spontaneous exercise
didn't think about fullness

seadwaters - glad you posted. Yes, it's amazing how the beck 'thoughts' pop into our heads during the day. I guess in the long run...its a good thing. Good credits.. Soon you'll be back home in your food comfort zone.

bill - thanks for reminding me to let wendy's know how much I like their new salad! BIG credit for eating half a sandwich and saving the rest for today!! You are livng the beck life....awesome.

ceejay - I totally understand (and rejoice with you) in your glee of 4 healthy days on your plan. I too think the normal eating part of my brain hasn't worked in over forty years. But, we must keep moving forward to learn it on our own. Dr. Beck has helped me.

kim - glad you've had a better day!

nuxmaga - great job staying in your calorie range. Good luck with the clients.

onebyone - great to add veggies to the soup!

shepardess - SO GLAD you had a good beck day - I know how good it feels. Glad the weather was good enough for your run (credit!)

lexxiss - so many credits...awesome.... glad you posted!

futurefitchik - Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: - I am so, so impressed with this consistent skill you have incorporated in your daily life. Wonderful.hikergirl - so glad you posted!

chinamarie - big credit for staying with your plan. So many credits - so wonderful.

seadwater - from other post.... So something is changing. - this is wonderful. CREDIT for eating one ice cream. That's a hard one to resist!

Hi to everyone stopping by. Stay strong in a life of dealing and living healthfully with food. Treat yourself like you'd treat a good friend.

04-14-2010, 09:01 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I slept in yet again(a good thing).

Me, Day 16 Say NO CHOICE to Unplanned Eating

Screensaver "NO CHOICE"
Weighed myself
Read my list of reasons to lose weight and response cards
Scheduled exercise
Will eat slowly and mindfully, while sitting down
Will say "NO CHOICE " to unplanned foods
Will stick to my food plan and note any deviations
Will use distraction techniques when needed
Will contact my diet coach
Will give myself credit when I perform a dieting skill
Will plan for tomorrow.

Need to work on:
Logging my food immediately after eating

Credit for recognizing how much better I feel when I stick to my plan both physically and emotionally.

I've read through everyone's posts .:wave: Wishing you all a mindful day. I have time to get in to an early morning aerobics class if I stay focused.

04-14-2010, 10:22 AM
My massage went well and didn't make me sick -- yay! My back is much improved. My stomach is still delicate. Stomach problems never last this long for me, which led to an odd realization. I used to overeat my way out of stomach distress. As soon as I started feeling a little better, I would go find something to tempt my appetite and soon it would be back to normal. Obviously, that's not the direction I want to take, but undereating is not getting me better very fast. I wrote down a plan for today and I'm going to eat everything on it to see if that helps me start to improve.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +0,570/1800 minutes for April, Food: no plan, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

04-14-2010, 11:39 AM
I will respond with more coaching thoughts for my fellow Beckies when my head is in a place to be able to "coach". Yes, this will happen. In the meantime...thank you for the coaching from you all.

April 14 morning
Weight - 159.6
Exercise month to date -- 235 minutes of cardio, 175 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 4 of 13

04-14-2010, 03:35 PM
DH reminded me that today is the official due date for our first lambs. . .we’ve already had over three dozen lamb out and I need to get back to the shed soon because there were two that looked like they were thinking about it when we left for lunch. Oh well, live and learn. Still doing well. It helps that I’ve stocked my fridge and pantry with healthy but no work food options. I just grab and go and don’t have to think.

Thanks for all the supportive thoughts. Waving and wishing you all well.

04-14-2010, 09:13 PM
Dear Coaches

I'm sitting here stuffed yet thinking about food and getting something to eat. I won't do it but geez does that even make sense? Only to those of us who have done it; we know who we are.

I had a big breakfast forgetting I was invited to share in the last-day-of-class festivites in the ceramic room where J the teacher was making pizza in the small kiln. I wasn't going to stay for it but ran into him at the front desk and decided it's be good to be more social so I stayed. The pizza was very healthy: flat pita bread with 96% veggie toppings. I guess I ate a large pita bread (this being a 12" pita bread) for lunch and enjoyed it very much. Then I came home and for dinner had soup, fruit and at the end was craving a pita bread (J had me take home the leftover bread) and ate a large bread. I feel very puffy and I feel like eating. I cannot even tell if today was a good day or not. I'm still in a fog from thinking about my father and a trip and all that...

wrote down my food as required
had 3 meals no snacks

C U L8r coaches

04-15-2010, 12:30 AM
Coaches/Buddies, just time for a quick check in. I’m grumpy and wish I had a more time to get my work done and try to live the rest of my life too. Eating going OK. Weight not budging. Worked out with trainer today.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: no change
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: not at lunch
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: yes

BennyHannahMama, hugs and I’m glad thinks are improving for you.

BeverlyJoy, glad to hear about your healthy day. Tomorrow will be another one, I’m sure of it!

BillBlueEyes, the glorious success of laughing at your hunger. I’ll get there some day! Always in awe of the power!

CeeJay, great job on No Choice! You totally want to keep that streak running to 5 days. The full week is just around the corner.

GardenerJoy, I do hope you are feeling better soon. Interesting how we end up with such odd solutions to problems compared to others.

Hikergirl, I know tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day for you and you won’t have a serious struggle with CO!

Lexxiss, good job getting on track after the unplanned food.

Nuxmaga, love the flow chart. You’re so clever!

Onebyone, great job on Progress Not Perfection!

Seadwaters, you go with your awesome plan! Terrific job and I can’t wait to hear about how easy it was to execute it too.

Shepherdess, so happy for you that you got in a little time for yourself. That is great. Fantastic job on a well stocked food supply.

04-15-2010, 06:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did gym; CREDIT moi. Noted that, quite unusual for my gym, one young guy was in total spandex - top to bottom spandex. Noted, perhaps not coincidentally, that he had a magazine-ad bod underneath. Also noted that I felt a wiff of envy since, even if I put in the effort, this bod isn't ever going there. <sigh>

Walked again to the new local eatery to try their fish and chips for dinner (second consecutive desertion by DW). Chips were sweet potato - sooooooo good. Fish was fresh haddock (not previously frozen) in a portion so generous that I ate a full meal's worth and have half left over for today's lunch. This place is a jewel. CREDIT moi for being attentive to my food.

onebyone - Neat to confront that "thinking about food" isn't about hunger. Kudos for recognizing that and sticking to your plan.

Susan (hikergirl) - Keep posting; keep working on it. You're moving forward.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for working out with your trainer; like to read that you keep going forward with that.

Shepherdess - Three dozen lamb out - you are jumping there in your lamb midwifery!!! Big Kudos for planning your food in advance to have enough no-prep stuff to stay on track.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for dental pain - hope that passes quickly. Love the thought, "Treat yourself like you'd treat a good friend."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, Beck's list of Sabotaging Thoughts made me feel as if she were reading my mind. It was helpful to realize that thoughts like "I paid for it so I should eat it" were common thoughts - common as well as not useful. LOL at double credit for posting twice; I get to share those benefits since I responded twice.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for day 16 Say NO CHOICE to Unplanned Eating. And Yay for early morning aerobics.

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

To motivate yourself, especially in the face of self-doubt, do the following:
. . .
Figure out how many minutes or hours you actually struggled in the past week versus how many hours you actually felt neutral or positive. Think about how much time you weren't even thinking about food or dieting.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 190.

04-15-2010, 07:07 AM
Good Morning:sunny:
Day 17-End Overeating (light bulb on! Good idea!!)
I've been being mindful of overeating since I started my journey reading the Beck book.
Yesterday-a very good day! *credit*
Today-more of the same
-read book
-give credit
-read cards and reasons I want to lose weight
-have a food plan and stick to it
-eat slowly and mindfully, while sitting
-plan for tomorrow
-no overeating-notice-
Screensaver "My Actions Matter"

BillBlueEyes, "Attentive to food" is a very desirable quality. I am working on that.
onebyone, yes, it makes sense to be stuffed and want more. *credit* for not doing it.
hikergirl, "Yes, this will happen." Keep posting and being mindful and it will-it's happening now!
FutureFitChick, I enjoy looking at your list in your sig! Your sense of humor shines through!
Shepherdess, my Grandmother homesteaded in Wyoming in the 1920's. When you post your daily life stories, I think of her, too.
Beverlyjoy, thank you for the message at the end of your post. "Stay strong in a life of dealing and living healthfully with food. Treat yourself like you'd treat a good friend." I will write that down.
Seadwaters, *credit* for recognizing the need to be more mindful. I have to remind myself when reaching for more, too.

04-15-2010, 07:22 AM
Hi becksters - Yeterday was a healthy day. I stayed with my calorie range and stayed with my plan with a few additions at the end of the day.. I had quite a few calories left at the end of the day and filled in with strawberries and a rice cake. I wrote it all down. I am always grateful for a healthy day of food.

My mom and I went to Bob Evans for dinner last night. Their menu and calories are all online. It makes it easier. I had breakfast for dinner - eggbeaters (with ketchup) a turkey sausage link, wheat toast (no butter), sf jelly, and a small fruit cup. I enjoyed it all.

planned food - wrote down what I ate
lots of water
daily gratitudes
left a bite every snack and meal
slow mindful eating - some of the time
used resistance techniques a few times
read arc/rc
tasted my food - most of the time
planned exercise
fork down between bites - most of the time
ate seated, no seconds - all of the time

no spontaneous exercise
no beck book
didn't feel fullness - didn't think about it

I need to leave for some programming this morning. I'll get back here for some personals when I can. Have a great day folks!

04-15-2010, 08:57 AM
:df: WI-down 0.5 lbs. Did not read my cards, did not make a plan. Food – off-plan (50 calories over my daily max); Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

Tuesday morning I did a core workout for the first time in months. I did around 50 squats and my legs haven’t felt the same since – still aching this morning! I have been having insomnia a lot since I got back from vacation. Clearly the trigger is stress, since I had no insomnia on vacation. I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, I hope she has a plan up her sleeve…

I was cranky and irritable all day Tuesday, I’m sure because I’m exhausted. Tuesday night I had a blowout – too much wine which led to my nemisis: chips. I confronted my DH about his promise to stop buying, them and then promptly ate two servings. I am a bastion of restraint and consistency – lol. Yesterday I decided I needed some mental health time and took it slow, plus I took a couple hours off in the afternoon for a nap. I feel a bit depressed but will find a way around this insomnia…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Cheryl (seadwaters) Congrats on doing better than you thought on your trip into the city. Sounds like working the Beck skills for the last weeks / months have built up some good habits you can rely on now – Nice! Good idea to read your cards right before lunch to reinforce the habits that are easier to maintain at home…

gardenerjoy So glad the massage went better this time! I do hope eating normal portions help you to feel better soon.

one by one It sounds like the time is right to visit your father. I wish you the best ...

Amie (jazzmegirl) Ouch that sleepytime tea had such an effect. The time to write personals will come, for now we are just happy you are posting!

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for all the exercise!

Future Fit Chick What a long list of credits! I am in the same place as you concerning being grumpy about not having enough time for all the work on my plate, and the rest of my life. Let’s hope it gets better for both of us. :)

Debbie (Lexxiss) Kudos for using distraction techniques to your advantage! Did you get a chance to use ‘No Choice’. I think it’s one of Beck’s most powerful concepts… So many credits – excellent!

shepherdess Nice you were able to squeeze in a short run during such a busy and stressful time.

Nuxmaga Love the flowchart idea!

CeeJay Isn’t great to feel in control of food, eating and exercise? No wonder you have that amazed feeling!

Bill I wanted something to eat. I just laughed at it… Again I didn’t want to do the task in front of me and I could see a clear, sunny day outside my window, so I thought the obvious, I must be hungry. LOL. Your fish and chips dinner sounds marvelouts.

Beverlyjoy Wendy’s salad does sound good-I need to see if it is gluten-free… Your Bob Evans dinner is further evidence of your good food choices – credit! Does your neighbor Isaac dig up roots too – I’d like to exchange a bit of cash to have someone else do it in our yard. ;)

Kim (bennyhannamama) :wave:

04-15-2010, 09:32 AM
Hi Coaches

I have to run but wanted to check in here. I just spent a few minutes getting my food and activity logs updated. Turns out I left the last two days incomplete and since I posted here *credit* I can find out what I really ate. Geez. I pledge to do better today.

I am super frustrated with DH. He has a bad bad toothache and just will not go to the dentist. He gets them peridoically but last night was the worst!:mad: He literally would come to bed, pull the covers up, settle in, and then throw the covers off, walk to the bathroom, run the cold water, take a sip and swish it around his mouth. Spit. Come back to bed, pull up the covers, adjust the pillow and then he was up and back to the tap for cold water. He did this ALL NIGHT, sometimes in the bedroom, sometimes in the living room, sometimes in the basement - he could not settle down anywhere, and he's been suffering with the toothache for the two nights previous to last night, he said it just "wasn't that bad". He is now, I think, sleeping. At 2am he'd agreed to go to the dentsit. With great sympathy and tenderness this morning I said "want me to go to the dentist with you?" And, you guessed it, he said "I'm not going to the dentist." Man. He is fearless in so many areas and yet his fear and loathing of the dentist is still worse than what happened last night. :mad: Maybe today it'll be bad enough; maybe if it impairs his job it'll be bad enough *** he, ironically, finally started training for the aspect of his new job he's been dying to do, albeit now with a toothache... probably as abcess no doubt but whatever. I'm not laying down the law yet but I will tonight if things are indeed the same. SO FRUSTRATING.

Anyway I am off to school. Last printmaking class and class print exchange, my favorite thing. See you later.

04-15-2010, 10:14 AM
I'm reaching out to you guys, because as pathetic as it may sound - I do consider many of you my friends, all you you my boon companions. As soon as I started thinking about work today, I started crying. And I've been leaking tears ever since.

I've had clinical depression in the past, and it started when I sat down to work one morning and cried for the next 36 hours. I'm afraid I may be back in that boat. Glad I'm seeing my doc tomorrow anyway...

Thank you for listening.

04-15-2010, 10:30 AM
Sending hugs and warm supportive thoughts, ChinaMaine, that you will find the way to let this ride over you, cause its pain, and then pass.

04-15-2010, 10:47 AM
ChinaMaine:hug::hug: Take care, friend.

04-15-2010, 10:51 AM
Dear ChinaMaine :hug:

Much sympathy from over here. You've been through a lot in the last few months. Reason enough to cry. Can you go outside with a glass of water and look across the lake and round about?


04-15-2010, 11:28 AM
Chinamaine - warm thoughts out to you and positive thoughts to assist you in riding it out.

April 15 morning
Weight - 157.6
Exercise month to date -- 265 minutes of cardio, 190 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 5 of 14

04-15-2010, 11:35 AM
My stomach is much improved!

Day 16: Prevent Unplanned Eating
I'm glad that I've had months of practice with this because I think it would be a really scary day, otherwise. I like how having a food plan helps me negotiate my day with more calm and ease. For me, though, even more important than the plan is the other thing she discusses in this chapter -- having rules about eating that I just never break, rules that prevent the worst behaviors that led to the biggest binges in the past.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +85,655/1800 minutes for April, Food: 95%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

hikergirl: yay for continuing to post!

Shepherdess: hope all is going well with your ewes

onebyone: good job with following through on your 12 Week Plan. Hope you and DH work out something with the dentist, that is such a frustrating situation when it's so obvious what needs to happen and your partner won't take that obvious step.

FutureFitChick: yay for the long list of credits -- hope you had a good workout with your trainer

BillBlueEyes: glad you are finding such enjoyable ways to cope with not having your normal dinner partner and great job in doing so in ways that support your current lifestyle

Lexxiss: Yay for yesterday being a very good day and it looks like you have a wonderful plan for today, too!

Beverlyjoy: I love your breakfast for dinner! What a great way to cope with that particular restaurant.

ChineMaine: So sorry that you are experiencing such hard landing from your vacation and kudos for identifying the problems and working toward solutions, including posting an extra time here. Just in case one might help, I'll throw out some ideas: take a walk, do some yoga, take yourself out to lunch or a shop or the library, plan some fun and easy activity for this evening, do a mind dump by writing a journal entry or making the longest list in the world or creating a mind map of all of the things that are on your mind and in your heart today, draft emails to every one who is making your situation worse right now and tell them exactly what they can do about it (but don't send them, at least until next week), write the absolute worst-case disaster scenario that you can think of happening from your current situation, write the absolute best-case most wonderful outcome that could come from your situation, consider running away to the circus or stowing away on the next ship to South America or whatever your equivalent romantic get away would be. Big hugs and warm healing energies to you right now.

04-15-2010, 04:11 PM
Dear Beckies frieds,

I am sooooooooooooooo happy and excited .From today I have got 2 Beckie ´s books (green and pink) .I don ´t know where to start first, a lot of interesting reading for me.

Now a bit about my trip to Tropical Islads in Germany. We both (me and my DD-8 years old) were very satisfied. We had a lot of swimming in the south sea and lagunas, super roller costers, entertiment for children and adults, too. We spent a beautiful time in 4 type of saunas (hothouse)-honey, crystal, herbal...We have Enjoyed it.
And my food here. I prepared sandwich and ate it only when I was hungry. Only once I had 50 grams of bisqiuits with 1 side covered with chocolade. Reason? I didn ´t want to put the opened bag to my hand bag for not beiing melted there. Maybe its red herring.
On the next day at home my family asked me to have frid cheese for lunch-it´s very popular in our country. I had a sabotaging thought: I´ll start to eat properly next know how it is. Then I went to read this thread and i prepared for myself chicken breasts stewed with tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic. I was so happy.
My next food examination is in front of me. I ´m leaving with my 10!!! friends(girls -womens in my age), to spend weekend altogether. We do it for 6 years twice a year. We are talking from the morning to morning, do some walks in beatiful countryside and also we will grill some meat. Sometimes we eat more because every „girl“ brings something homemade and we try this and that and after that we are pretty full. Now I intend to eat to be satisfied, no too full. We will see. On Monday I ĺl write it to you.

BillBE – Defenestration is very important historical event in our country, pupils learn about it in 4 th grade.
Language corner: for me is the most strange english word KUDOS. I have never heard about it, I had to googled. It sounds for me like a Greece world. And my question is: Kudos is more than credit or credit is the same as kudos or credit is used only about food and kudos for personals?

Thanks for listening:-)
Have a nice weekend.

04-15-2010, 04:28 PM
Chinamarie - glad you posted. Hold on tight to any of the good stuff in life you can think of now. I am glad you'll see your doctor soon. You take care, friend.

04-15-2010, 04:40 PM
Nathy - kudos to you! You're right, kudos is Greek. Here's a Wikipedia link

For me, for what it's worth, kudos will always be singular.

Have a great time with your friends. Hope you manage to find a safe path through the food.

04-15-2010, 06:20 PM
We had a late night last night and a busy morning today. When I got back to the house yesterday after doing afternoon chores I was feeling ravenous and gave in to a bag of chips. I couldn’t remember that hunger is not an emergency. I’ve been struggling with hunger for several days now and my weight has steadily dropped over the last week. I know this sounds like an annoying thing to complain about, but I’m trying to figure out how to fuel myself to do the work I need to do an not overeat (like last year). The weight may just be a fluke or it may mean that I’m burning quite a few more calories than I thought. Either way, I decided I would add a second snack between lunch and dinner. That way I’ll eat something healthy and take off the extra stress of hunger.

Only energy for a few personals. . .

ChinaMaine, big hug and supportive thoughts. I am honored to be considered one of your friends and consider you and everyone else here one of mine as well. We are all here for you.

RE insomnia: I recently netflixed a DVD on insomnia for my DH: “Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions: Insomnia.” It’s through both the Mayo Clinic and Gaiam I found some good tips in that and it had a good restorative yoga practice that might help. I can’t

Lexxiss, it’s so cool that your grandmother was a WY pioneer! That generation of women is such an inspiration and thinking about everything they went through reminds me that a little lack of sleep is no big deal.

Waving to everyone else. I’ve got to grab a quick nap right now.

04-15-2010, 07:22 PM
Hi Coaches

6:02pm. I'm home, just ate dinner which was mostly unplanned and so I stretched it more than I should have to include more food than I thought I would have at first thought. Apparently this was a thought as it wasn't a decision...this is what happens when I play loosey-goosey with my meals. They stretch.

Credit for breakfast and lunch. The :devil: got me in the coffee shop after the wrap up coffee date of my last printmaking class-I ate a cookie with my coffee when I perused the shelf for something cheap to eat. Cookies were cheapest. It tiedme over until I got home and made dinner: french fries and battered cod. Then DH made pizza and I had a slice and then DH reminded me he made jerky and had I tasted it and handed me a piece and I went back for 2 more pieces. From the end of my chosen dinner, the fish and chips, what I really wanted were canned peaches. Not having them I ate the other stuff and I still, of course, want the peaches. Oh well I suppose though I say Oh Well not easily but :censored: gritting my teeth.

I'm done with the food for the day now. I've written it down. So, really, I am on plan as my plan asks of me only to accurately record my food and my acitivity for the week. So it seems like it's "not enough" for me to do AND I want to beat myself up over my failings but I won't. It's day 4 and I need to complete this first week not stop. I'm not stopping.

BTW DH says his dental pain is all better and he conveyed this to me in his most convincingly chipper and sunny voice. He said it got better last night/early morning. To this I said "until the next time." Not that I'm not glad he's able to function but really. It's not all better. Someday there will be no relief and it will be big time trouble. But that day is not today. On my end I broke out in FIVE mosquito-bite like itchy bumps over the whole episode. I showed him my arm and told him he did that to me. Call me a witch but I'm really :censored: annoyed.

04-15-2010, 07:55 PM
I'm reaching out to you guys, because as pathetic as it may sound - I do consider many of you my friends, all you you my boon companions. As soon as I started thinking about work today, I started crying. And I've been leaking tears ever since.

I've had clinical depression in the past, and it started when I sat down to work one morning and cried for the next 36 hours. I'm afraid I may be back in that boat. Glad I'm seeing my doc tomorrow anyway...

Thank you for listening.

Hello my friend

Sorry to read you are so sad. It feels like you are burnt out ... are you? Sometimes when we get away from our crazy work selves and relax on a vacation we really don't want to willingly walk right back into the situation that gives us so much stress. Taking ourselves away gives us time space and distance to assess where we've been. Sometimes we need a change and cannot do that just yet. Seems quite right to me to cry about having to try to box yourself up tight again to deal with that world. Many times my coping method is one of sheer fantasy. I make plans for my escape and take small concrete actions to show myself that I am serious. I thrive on *hope*. I first have to write down what is important to me, what I need, what kind of life/world I want to inhabit and then I may buy a book on an aspect of that life, or for me I usually make something that reminds me of that stuff: a palm tree pin, a painting of something relaxing etc. I try to have visual reminders that I am getting there and I may have to put up with x and x to get there but I am getting there.

ChinaMaine I was also reading lately that you haven't been sleeping well and that can really make me feel weepy for sure. I too had serious depression and anxiety at one time and have never ever wanted to get to that space again. But sometimes the fear of that happening again is worse than anything... It's good you see your doctor tomorrow. And crying is good. You're allowing your emotions to literally flow out of you SO MUCH BETTER than having them stuck and still inside. ALL things change including emotional states... remember this too shall pass and YOU WILL :yes: FEEL BETTER. I promise. :hug:

04-15-2010, 10:34 PM
:hug: ChinaMaine :hug:

04-16-2010, 12:06 AM
I'm here... thanks to Hikergirl and Garnerjoy for checking on me. :wave:

04-16-2010, 12:11 AM
I wanted to check in but most importantly send hugs and warm thoughts to ChinaMaine. You are a wonderful friend and you aren't going to end up in that deep dark depression again. You recognize in yourself the symptoms of what it has been like in the past. But this time, you are dealing with it differently. To me that is not only powerful but a sign of your committment to healthy being. That is worth pausing for a moment and celebrating.

04-16-2010, 01:12 AM
ChinaMaine - wish a lot of power. To go to the doctor is a good idea. Be carefull.

04-16-2010, 07:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The last sardine cannery in the United States is closing - Maine has been packing sardines for over 100 years. I love the little creatures, and savor the thought of Steinbeck's Cannery Row with each can I down. Yesterday's lunch was the saved half of the order of fish & chips - CREDIT moi - but today I'll have a "tin" of Maine's finest to toast the ladies who've hand packed these for generations.

Walked to buy some Easter Baskets; CREDIT moi. Yes, Easter Baskets. The stick I invented some four years ago when I realized that we continued to stuff HFCS candy into baskets for the kids each year because that was the tradition, and decided to create baskets of good food, has become such a hit that I have to keep doing it. The childhood wicker wasn't build to last a lifetime and SO's have appeared so more baskets are required. Now it's Nutella, roasted red peppers, unusual spices, and mounds of whatever fancy fruit grabs my attention. It was a big step for me to realize that I could convert a fun tradition that was a nutritious disaster into one that wasn't and has become its own fun tradition. Yay for thinking.

onebyone - Boy, a toothache can be sooooo distracting - even if it's in an SO's mouth, LOL. Some saga there. I hope you convince him to take action; losing natural teeth to inattention is a bummer. Ouch for itchy bumps.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back toward the desert.

ChinaMaine - Wish you well for your doctor's visit today. Kudos for 50 squats despite the sore muscles. Hope you find the solution to the insomnia - nothing works without enough sleep. It's "learning to dance in the rain" time.

Susan (hikergirl) - Kudos for continuing to increment your counters.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. May your day tick forward - in a good sort of way.

FutureFitChick - Waving back. Hope the Spring outside helps with your over-busy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a good reminder, "having rules about eating that I just never break." It's so easy when we just incorporate the bounds.

Shepherdess - Congrats for the steady weight loss - so clearly earned. After assisting with the birth, do you have to help with mothering the ewes or conduct Lamaze classes to encourage breast feeding? It all seems so amazing from here.

Beverlyjoy - So neat to go to a place like Bob Evans and eat clean. Do you think this could become possible for the millions of us overeating at restaurants?

silverbirch - Thanks for the reminder that Kudos is both Greek and singular. I despise "kudo" - that sounds like a martial art. And thanks for bringing the English language to this thread; we tend to be a bit sloppy over here, me, the worst of all.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - LOL at "light bulb on! Good idea!!" - Yep, why not just end overeating. Yay for a good day.

nathy - Congrats for getting your two Beck books; Kudos for "ate it only when I was hungry." And Congrats for so casually using the colloquial phrase, "red herring" just like a native English speaker.

<alas> ... my own English is idiosyncratic so not a good example of proper use of the language. My style here is to use "credit" when I acknowledge on-plan behavior in myself. (Specifically "CREDIT moi" since that was the phrase I made up when it seemed impossible for me to just right out give myself credit, LOL.) I use "Kudos" to acknowledge on-plan behavior in others. I use "Congrats" to extend good wishes in response to a happy event, such as a birthday, arrival of good books, a kid graduating from college, or weight loss - something the person didn't directly do but celebrates. Weight loss is included because my take is that it's worthy of Kudos whenever we execute our diet plan and exercise plan and worthy of Congrats when and if our body chooses the weight that matches.

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

To motivate yourself, especially in the face of self-doubt, do the following:
. . .
Focus on what you can do today. Thinking too far into the future is incredibly unhelpful. Every time you find yourself thinking, I can't keep this up for a month, a year, or longer, tell yourself, Forget the long term ... Focus on today ... I know I can continue to do what I need to do today ... If it's hard tomorrow, I'll deal with it then. Make a Response Card to remind yourself of all this.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 190.

04-16-2010, 07:39 AM
Hello Becksters!

Yesterday was a healthy day - as always, I am grateful for healthful days.

I went to a childcare center where I do monthly programming (as part of their literacy and language arts programming). A five year old girl said, "Miss Beverly, do you have a new dress? It's pretty. Have you lost weight?" I just smiled and giggled - said yes - and the teachers were giggling too. I've been going there monthly for almost three years - so, I've known this little girl since she's a toddler or a two. Also, I did have a new dress on. (a size smaller!) She must have a family member losing weight!! Quite an unusual observation for a five year old. (I could write a book about funny things children say.....)

I was really tired yesterday and actually fell asleep in the Lazyboy chair last night. I stayed with my plan. I had to use my resistance techniques because, for me, it's hard when I am tired. I kept walking into the kitchen, openning the fridge, and pondering about what I might eat. However...I didn't eat anything. (credit)

I recently redid my Overcome Cravings rc to Overcome Cravings & Desires - it seems that I use those techniques for both and I was adding the word 'desires' whenever I would read the card. I like it better this way.

Today I am making my Russian Cabbage soup to take to the soup fundraiser tomorrow. I'll be working in my office and do some cleaning.

daily gratitudes
lots of water
made a food plan, wrote down my food
read arc/rc
left a bite after meals and snack - all the time
ate seated, no seconds - all the time
used resistance techniques
looked at Beck book
tasted food - some of the time

no exercise
didn't think about fullness

I don't think I would have read my arc/rc - except for it was on my 'checklist' - and I wanted to check it off.

bill - I LOVE your Easter Basket tradition! It's an idea that should be done by more folks. So the sardine plant is closing? Hmmm - too sad for the folks working there and sardine lovers. (the sardines are rejoicing)

kim - so glad you checked in. Hope you are having a good day.

onebyone - kudo's for writing down your food. It's one thing that is so, so helpful. Glad dh's tooth feels better

shepardess - you observing your food and work and how it's relating to each other is so, so good. It's an excellent way to figure it out and create a good balance. The chip thing is over...carry on!

gardnerjoy - I am so glad you have so many beck techniques to hold on to and use when life comes up. Hunger, a second food plan & rules and guidelines are so, so important - and you lived and used them. major credit. I am glad you are feeling better.

nathy - I am so glad your Beck books arrived! Wonderful credit for not using 'I'll start tomorrow' and your willingness to eat a healthful meal. I am glad you and your daughter are having such a good trip!!

chinamare - I have been thinking of you alot and wishing you well. Sending hugs, friend.

04-16-2010, 08:30 AM
I’m not going to write my usual post today –that’s for tomorrow. First I want to thank each of you for your quick and very warm support. It meant the world to me while I waited for my boss (on the west coast) to get to work. I did try some of your suggestions – hanging out by the lake, taking a long walk, etc. The crying finally let up around 1 PM. So, yes, I did cry through my entire meeting with my boss. :(

When my boss got to work I told him things had to change, and change quickly. I needed to have a job where my scoped work matched my scoped hours. Even with that I told him I’d probably need a leave of absence or to move to part-time. He told me that I could do either, but that in terms of my career and job safety, a leave of absence was a better choice. He was very supportive and I believe things will be changing soon. My boss is very concerned that if it doesn’t that I’ll find a different job. And although I didn’t suggest that, he’s probably right.

I’ve been raising this issue with my boss for months, but it finally started getting real traction about a week ago. There was a previously scheduled meeting on the issue of resourcing yesterday afternoon. There’s a commitment from Professional Services and Sales management to escalate to the executive team asking them to change how resourcing decisions are made on certain accounts. Afterwards my boss called me to say that he feels based on this meeting he has the ability to bring in someone else to do half my job. We meet again today, so I plan to confirm that’s the case and find out what his plans are. Even better, he wants me to propose the job I want to do. I’ve never been given that opportunity before, so this would be a real boon. He also thinks a leave of absence would be a good idea so I can rest and come back fully refreshed.

The upshot is that I woke up this morning feeling tired, a little depressed, but very hopeful.

Bill Thank you very much for your supportive thoughts. It is indeed ‘learning to dance in the rain’ time. Thanks for that thought!

Debbie (Lexxiss) Thanks for the hugs, they helped. :)

silverbirch Thank you for the sympathy. I did walk down by the lake, but it was so windy and cold I couldn’t take it very long. But it did help.

Susan (hikergirl) Thanks for the positive words. Kudos for incrementing you days without compulsive eating counter.

gardenerjoy Who would have guessed that eating more would help your stomach feel better? Having rules about eating do help a lot I think… I really appreciated all your ideas, and I did take a walk which made a big difference in how I felt.

nathy Kudos for having a delicious chicken breast instead of fried cheese!. (BTW-my favorite definition of kudos is ‘Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement.’ Where the key point is that the praiseworthy act was better than typical. ) Thanks for the kind words.

Beverlyjoy Thanks for your warm words, they are helpful. I am doing my best to focus on the positive and finding a path to change things, rather than self-pity. I loved your story about the observant 5 year old. I bet you look great in your new dress. :)

shepherdess Thanks for your supportive thoughts. I’ll check out that wellness dvd – we have Netflix too. I too consider you a friend. :) I’m not surprised that you are losing weight – you are always so active. So adding a snack is a great solution.

one by one Credit for logging your food and fighting back your sabotaging thoughts that it isn’t enough. Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful message. I am trying to focus on the positive and the future. I like your idea of creating visual reminders of the goal, along with consistent reminders that I am making positive progress.

Anne Thanks for the hugs. :)

Kim (bennyhannamama) :wave:

Future Fit Chick Thanks for the hugs and warm thoughts – and for the reminder that I am doing thing differently this time. And that is worthy of celebration.

04-16-2010, 08:45 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Day 18-Change Your Definition of Full
Interesting challenge for me...I would have to say I rarely (perhaps never) eat to the point that the book refers to where I couldn't "easily go for a moderate to brisk walk" after eating. I do feel that I "push the limits" to try and be mindful and learn where that line is. To my credit, my plate had too much food last night (leftovers) and I pushed some aside for another meal.
Already:weighed myself, read reasons to lose weight, read response cards, read from books, had some spontaneous exercise.
Will:- eat slowly and mindfully, while sitting down
- give myself credit for engaging in helpful eating behaviors
- do planned exercise
- write out a food plan
- eat only until normal fullness-and explore what that is.
Today's screensaver "Normal Fullness"
Remembering "My Actions Matter"

BillBlueEyes, "Yay for Thinking"! and for time spent clarifying your use of wording at 3FC. I hope you have stocked up on sardines!

Beverlyjoy, I smiled when reading your story-"out of the mouths of babes"...especially nice when a young, innocent notices your progress. *credit* for not eating when you're tired.

onebyone, take care.*credit* for posting everyday. My yoga teacher says "practice makes practice". Coming here and discussing your inperfections AND giving yourself credit for progress is "progress". I understand quite well frustration with SO's not dealing with their own issues...and understand how it can drag "me" down when I let it. I'm trying very hard to keep my personal house in order before I try to fix my DH's.

wndranne, :wave: I enjoyed a moment with Walt Whitman this AM. Thanks..

ChinaMaine, I'm thinking of you today, hoping you find some answers and are able to start feeling better.

hikergirl, *credit* for posting and another day w/o compulsive overeating.

Kim,:wave: *credit* for checking in.


gardenerjoy, I'm finding the same thing; that having a food plan helps me to negotiate my day with more calm and ease. I'm pondering on the "rules to never break".

Shepherdess, I hope that adding a second planned snack between lunch and dinner helps you find a path around the chips...not such a big issue calorie wise, but probably not providing the nutrition you need right now. I look forward to your lambing updates.

silverbirch, "a safe path through the food" is very good for me to think about. Thank you for sharing that.

nathy, great you got both of the books and thanks for the vacation details. I am new to Beck, too. I take my day by day instruction from the pink book right now and read from the green in the evening to gain more insight.

Off to my day...Have a great one, ya'll...thanks for being here.

04-16-2010, 12:40 PM
ChinaMaine- sorry you are going through such a rough time. I know how much work pressure can effect your entire being. Good for you for taking charge of the situation and taking a break. It is hard but it is worth it. My job nearly consumed me at various times in my career. I have finally learned how to keep myself healthy and at the centre of my life. I had a lot of help from a cognitive therapist. I have my moments and there are times when I slip back to overwork and worrying about work, but I have the tools to battle it.

It helped me to plan out the time off with lots of rest, healthy food, walking, and as many self-pampering activities as I could do. You probably know all this but just wanted to say I am rooting for you. Best wishes.


04-16-2010, 12:49 PM
Had two not great days but am determined. My weight loss has been very slow which I attribute mostly to doing very well some days and then taking a dive for a while, then back to 100%. I am thinking that maybe it would help to simplify my dinners like I have breakfast, lunch and snacks. Maybe for awhile just go to 2 or 3 set choices. I tend to overeat at dinner or slack off on the calorie counting because I can't (or don't bother to) figure out the exact calories in what I am eating. Planning on spending sometime this weekend working on this.

And although the weight loss is at a snails pace, I have to add that I feel healthier and more in control of my health than I have ever. And more hopeful than ever.

Credit today so far for:

weighing in
doing weights
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
checking in with my buddies
reading advantage and response cards

Have the day off so very grateful for a long weekend!!!


04-16-2010, 01:27 PM
So, yesterday I read about the importance of sticking to my plan, and I didn't stick to my plan. DH was having a bad day and saw nothing in the refrigerator that looked like lunch to him, so we went out. Of course, that's why I have plans for all of our favorite lunch restaurants and I did follow that plan -- just not the one that I wrote down in the morning.

I actually had the Beck book checked out of the library a year or so ago, before I found this group, and decided that it wasn't for me on the basis of a kind of perfectionism that it draws from me. In that way, this group is better than the book. We can see each other achieve results with persistence rather than with perfection. The written food plan works really well for me, even when I don't follow it, because it helps me balance out my choices all day long.

Saying NO CHOICE to myself works for me because it stopped my grazing behavior. But, it doesn't work when I would essentially be saying NO CHOICE to someone else. That's where I need to be a little more flexible while staying within the spirit of the plan.

Today is another lunch out and I have yet to write a plan. <scribbling> Okay, now I have a plan!

WI: NAkg, Exercise: +55,710/1800 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

nathy: enjoy your new books!

Shepherdess: great job working out that you need to tweak your food plan to meet your current needs.

onebyone: BTDT with eating several things while trying to avoid one thing. Credit for following your plan by writing down what you eat!

bennyhannahmama: good job getting your post done!

BillBlueEyes: love your Easter Basket tradition!

Beverlyjoy: you did great using your resistance techniques when you were tired -- that is such an accomplishment!

ChinaMaine: so glad that you are feeling better today. And I'm glad you felt supported by us yesterday -- I loved feeling like I was one link in the chain of all of us here who created a supportive circle for you. That sounds like great progress that you have made to make your career work in your best interests.

Lexxiss: credit for working in your mind on where your limits are and for acting out the thoughts by not eating everything on your plate! The two rules that worked best for me were "No eating anything purchased in a drug store or a gas station" and "No eating in the car." Have you seen Michael Pollan's new book Food Rules? It's not new information, but I found it to be a good quick read from the library, and some of the rules have actually stuck with me -- If it's a plant, eat it. If it's made in a plant, don't. I love this video of Pollan talking about the book:

CeeJay: yay for feeling hopeful about your health and making real, if slow, progress!

04-16-2010, 01:41 PM
Good afternoon coaches

Today was official weigh-in day and I was either -0.8 or -0.2 for the week. Not sure which but down is down :twirly: I'll take it!

I had breakfast again this morning. I seem to be over the hump with the skipping breakfast urges so *credit* to me for seeing that through and sticking to the change.
*credit* as well for filling out my forms and keep tracking. It ain't that pretty, especially in the activity columns. Oh well. I'm supposed to only be honest not perfect in my tracking. Thank goodness for that.

DH's toothache returned last night. It was gone all day and until he came to bed. Apparently _I_ may have caused it to return with my question "Is your tooth hurting you?" as he came to bed, asked after he settled in, then got up abruptly to drink some water from the tap. It's a different pain from the excruciating agony he was in the night before. Different for DH = better. I did remind him that absess=poison absess teeth = poison in your head and what else is in your head? Your brain. Hello? we'll see if this works on him. I just griped about it to his brother over the phone. Maybe he can shame him into going to the dentist in the way only family can get to you... For me, I am re-focusing to help support his immune system (and mine). Fresh veggies and fruits. No processed foods. Gee sounds like the foodplan I want to be on anyway! And people say there are no silver linings...

TGIF Becksters. Have a great day.

04-16-2010, 06:06 PM
Tried eating to fix stress and tired. It doesn’t work. Imagine that. Oh yeah, I have a card about that. I tried laying down for a nap yesterday, but was just too keyed up to sleep. So I snacked most of the afternoon, and not the healthy, planned stuff. Finally I had pulled it together by dinner and stuck to veggies. It wasn’t a complete fix, but it was more about getting control.

DH is going out of town today for a week, so I am in charge of the lambing barn. We knew he was going to take this trip for his program and before we bred the sheep he gave me the option of not shed lambing this year. We would go back to breeding all the sheep to begin lambing mid-May and they would do it all on the range without our help. But this will be our third year lambing like we are now and we are starting to see some really good results. And I wanted to shed lamb because the classes I would teach were cancelled this year and I didn’t want another thing taken away. So if I get whiny this week, you can remind me that I got myself into this. It won’t be so bad. DH has been so busy with other ranch things these past few weeks so I’ve already been queen of the lambing barn. And I have two ranch hands who will check on me periodically and are always only a phone call away, a friend who will come out in the afternoons when she’s off work and a high school student who will come out a few afternoons after school. Thanks for all the well wishes. I think check-ins are going to be spotty this next week.

ChinaMaine, so glad you have a boss who is concerned enough to find a work situation that you can live with. Best of luck.

BillBE, LOL at Lamaze classes for sheep. Sometimes it feels like that. After the ewes lamb, we put them in 3ft x 3ft pen (approximately) and keep an eye on them for a day or two. If the lamb is having trouble sucking or the ewe won’t stand for the lamb, we have to climb in there and either milk the ewe and bottle feed the lamb or just hold the ewe so the lamb can suck. And often, when a couple of young ewes lamb close to each other, they can’t figure out which lamb is theirs. When that happens we just assign lambs to ewes and then we make sure that the lamb is sucking before we turn them out into a larger pen. Most days it just feels like a miracle that any of them live.

My best to everyone else!

04-17-2010, 05:54 AM
Hi Coaches
I am home - got home late yesterday and didn't start up the computer. I have spent the day resting but am thinking about having to shop tomorrow and having a plan to shop for! I will have a go tonight at writing some menus and making a shopping list.

I am going to keep bread and grains very low to nil (especially at the beginning), with lots of vegetables and salads with some fruits, legumes and nuts. Protein will be fish/salmon and organic meat (grass fed) and chicken where possible and the budget allows. Dairy products will be restricted to yoghurt (I use soy milk for morning protein shake), white cheeses and some parmesan (because one can't live without that!). Lunches will be Mediterranean type salads with legumes and beans, or soups and green salads. Snacks will be yoghurt and berries and rice crisps and hummus or tahini, or fruit, or nuts. I have to find a snack for after dinner that will satisfy and stop me looking for junk food. I am hoping that this all reduces some of the pain (arthralgias and myalgias from the autoimmune issues and the hormone therapy which seems to be stirring things up - what a surprise).

Read A&R cards
Resistance techniques - a little
Working on a food plan
Posted to the list
ate mindfully and seated every time
put down fork - NO!

There is a lot happening on the list at the moment and I would like to respond to a few

ChinaMaine - Sending healing and supportive thoughts your way my friend. Oh I really hope you are feeling better - and I hope that we as your friends can support you through this. Be sure to come online and just dump what is happening for you because we are here to listen. Ride it out and keep the faith

Have read your later posting and it is great that the boss is prepared to work with you and that you could assertively make your needs known - kudos for that

Gardenerjoy - thanks for the insight into the difficulty of saying no choice to others even when we can say it to ourselves. Hope today's lunch went to plan

Nathy - hope your time with the girls went well and that your food plan of only eating till satisfies wasn't too challenging

Onebyone - I love your way of dealing with bad times; of using fantasy and an escape strategy. And I always remind myself that this too will pass - even when I wake up feeling terrific - because it will and nothing stays the same. Credit for the drop in weight. Hope your DH gets his tooth under control

Shepherdess - thanks for an account of a day in the life of a shepherdess! Sounds full on so credit that you are so organised with food

04-17-2010, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - When I walked to the gym (CREDIT moi) I wore my down vest under my rain jacket. That's only interesting to me because it was only a week ago that I walked to the gym in shorts and t-shirt. I can't think of any reason this should be interesting to anybody else, so consider this a whine. My real whine is that it's still cold and rainy today which kills a birding trip I was looking forward to.

Eating was OP; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yay for breakfast after breakfast - pretty soon now this will become a habit. You might remind your DH that low level oral inflammations are a significant contributor to heart disease, so that it would be wise for him to wear a football helmet at all times so he won't hit his head if he drops from a heart attack.

ChinaMaine - I am so impressed. Kudos for pushing back on the work situation to get a realistic alignment between goals and the hours to meet them. My take is that your boss's response is amazingly complimentary - Congrats for the work you've done in the past to earn that.

CeeJay - Such an accomplishment to "feel healthier and more in control of my health." So, reducing your set of dinners would also mean you could calculate the calories in advance which might help you stick to the calorie counting part of your plan; smart move.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - My take is that changing the day's eating plan in response to events in life is inevitable and good. For that, it's useful to have, like you do, a general plan for the standard expected eating events, like restaurants, visiting friends, buffets, etc. Ya did good.

Shepherdess - Raising a toast to the "queen of the lambing barn." Love reading your saga, and LOL at the image of climbing into a 3x3 foot enclosure to lift up an ewe so a lamb can suck. Just amazing that you assign a lamb to an ewe to keep the process going.

Beverlyjoy - Big Kudos for continuing with your resistance techniques when tired. It's so easy to fall off-plan when we're out of sync for whatever reason. I, too, have more desires than cravings, so I might copy your idea of combining those too. LOL at "the sardines are rejoicing" - yep, swim away little guys.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Nice to be back home. That's one fine menu you've got planned. Do you have easy access to wild caught salmon in Sydney? Wishing you the best for finding the food combinations that help reduce the pain.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat that you don't do the stuff yourself thing that used to sneak up on a lot of us. Kudos for pushing aside food on your plate for leftovers.

Readers - Day 24
Finding Encouragement

Remind yourself that dieting is not difficult
most of the hours of the week.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 190.

04-17-2010, 07:35 AM
Hi beck coaches, buddies, friends....yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful. I stayed mostly with my plan - before bed I had a brown rice cake and strawberries. They weren't planned and needed to have something in my stomach to take some medicine. It's true - but, somehow it seems like a bad excuse.

Today is our fundraiser for our literacy outreach program. (storytelling, language arts activities and books for at-risk children in six week intervals) It's a soup, bread & dessert lunch, storytelling concert, and silent auction. I am excited. We will use money to buy new books to give to the children participating. My friend's church will match all of our money 33 cents on the dollar for even more money. It's wonderful. I am planning to have one bowl of soup - something that is the healthiest, one piece of bread, one cookie. I am allowing an extra 200 calories today, if I need it. I made my healthy Russian Cabbage Soup so I will have a healthy option. However, if there is something else healthy there I will consider it.

yesterday -
planned and logged food
lots of water
daily gratitudes
left a bite of food after every meal and snack
read arc/rc
used resistance techniques
read beck book
fork down- some of the time
ate seated - tasted food while I cooked - twice
no seconds - all the time
ate slowly

no exercise
no spontaneous exercise
didn't think about fullness
need to work about really tasting

lexxiss - you wrote - I rarely (perhaps never) eat to the point that the book refers to where I couldn't "easily go for a moderate to brisk walk" after eating. - I can relate to that statement too. It was good to see you say it here. It's good that you are using other techniques to know and learn when you are full. I have alot of trouble with this - sometime, I will take the time to actually follow that bite of food down into my tummy. I can actually 'feel' it down there...when I do this.

chinamarie - I am so glad that your boss finally realizes what you need to happen with your job. I am glad that he was supportive. You are going through a hard time now. Maybe some deep breathing or a relaxation tape could help or a lovely walk outside. Please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

ceejay - it's good that you can figure out where you need/want to work on different parts of your daily plan. Knowing is the first part of doing!

gardenerjoy - life can happen...meals sometimes change - but, - you were able to go out and stay with a healthy choice. Major credit. It happens to everyone. I agree, Dr. Becks, plan is very very rigid. That works because it's a framework for living healthfully with food. However - she does have the chapter on going out to eat and you made good choices. Carry on, friend. Sometimes DH comes home and isn't interested in what I have planned or what's in the fridge, too. We have to learn to live in that world too.

onebyone - so happy the scale went down. Kudo's for eating does make the day go better. I hope dh's toothache is better or he can get to the dentist to have it checked.

shepardess - you have a lot on your plate (no pun intended) with dh going out of town and all the lamb births coming. I hope there might be someone to help you. Please take care of yourself. You sound so tired. Glad you took the time to post.

seadwaters - your food plan sound good and healthy and full of many nutrients. I am so glad you are home. It always feels good to get home. One healthy snack I like after dinner is rice cakes (brown rice) with some natural peanut butter or almond butter.

bill- well done..op eating and to the gym. Our weather is changing like yours. Two days ago the high was 80 and today it's only 53. Sorry you don't get to see the birdies.

04-17-2010, 10:03 AM
There are a number of things going really well for me. Yesterday I went to my new therapist for the 3rd time and each time I see her, I like her more. She seems to be SO much better than my last therapist. She is relatively young (from googling her name it looks like she completed her PhD in the past year or two), but what she may lack in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm for what she's doing and a great understanding of her field. She gets what I'm saying to her, so much more than I ever felt my last therapist did. Yesterday she discussed with me my diagnosis (not sure that any other therapist has ever discussed that with me) and we're going to be working together on my treatment plans.
I have been exercising on a regular basis and eating well. I have found that on the days I can easily track my food I do, but on the days that I can't easily determine the nutritional information of what I've eaten nor the serving size, I don't. Surprisingly, this right now seems to be working for me. I kind of understand why and discussed it with my therapist, but am having a hard time explaining it now (probably has something to do with my kids climbing all over me!)
Kids just don't want me to do this right now :( Hope to be back with more later this weekend.

04-17-2010, 11:38 AM
My day went according to plan, food-wise. For some reason, I got tired late in the day and never managed to exercise. Something to work on...

WI: -0.55kg (new low), Exercise: +0,710/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-17-2010, 02:27 PM
Saturday-Day 20 Start Over This Moment
ETA-I'm pretty good at starting over tomorrow, but "this moment" would certainly be a leap of progress to work toward.
Screensaver-"MOMENT IS NOW"

Short today; I had a major computer malfunction which prevented my from accessing all my online friends. *credit* I did email my diet coach to let her know I'd connect later since we usually hook up first thing in the AM.

I have yet to do my "Beck Homework" but have a list. *credit*

BillBlueEyes, I did enjoy your "functional" outfit for going to the gym. Sorry to hear your birding trip was a no go. OP is always great!

ChinaMaine, I was so glad to read that options are opening up for you at work. *credit* for getting right to the point with your boss. I have a very hard time with that, instead internalizing....and eventually eating over it.

CeeJay, *credit* for bouncing right back after 2 not so great days! It is so helpful when the days don't turn into weeks.

gardenerjoy, *credit* for an on plan day with your food. I have to exercise in the AM or it doesn't happen. I'm grateful to have a flexible schedule to do that.

Shepherdess, thanks for the update on your lambing..I'm fascinated. Take care while your DH is away.

seadwaters, welcome home! Your food plan sounds alot like mine. Since I started making "mock" snack cakes using beans instead of grain I've found my evening dessert options much more satisfying.

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for another healthy day. I think it's a good thing to "notice" when you have something unplanned and perhaps to use that info when you plan another day, and also important to differentiate valid from "bad excuse". Fun day for your outreach program!

Kim, glad to hear you are "connecting" with your new therapist. Good to hear from you.

:wave: Everyone else! Enjoy your weekend...I'm working on a mindful one.

04-17-2010, 09:07 PM
Hi coaches

When it rains :rain: it pours.

DH relented and went to the dentist this morning. They pulled the tooth. He's got 6 more ready to go according to the good Dr of Dental Surgery. I'm glad that tooth is gone. Already he's better.

Now what's up is Kitty X. Something is wrong with my beloved Kitty. She's very listless and she's stopped eating. She's always been a bit finicky but she's turned up her nose at all my food offerings to date. I am worried we'll be syringe feeding her :( I went through that with my other two cats. I'm jumping the gun but if she doesn't improve we'll take her to the vet on Monday. Luckily DH jusy got paid and at least we have some $ to do what needs to be done. For now I keep trying different foods on her seeing if one is irresistable. Caesar cat is in kitty heaven as he gets everthing she rejects, which right now, is everything.

This cat worry + the DH stress translated into me eating more food than I need tonight. I had twice the amount of ramen noodles I planned. I had the "I want to feel filled up/stuffed urge" which I know is part of my wiring, specifically that feeling stuffed = comforting myself when my defenses are down. I am re-doing my wiring (thinking-choices) bit by bit but it takes some time to get the job done.

Oh Well to a bigger than normal dinner.
*credit* for finishing my 1st week of my 12 week plan.
*credit* for having breakfast all week.
*credit* for cooking from scratch
*credit* for cutting down on sugar intake

I need to work on
eating only while sitting down
weighing and measuring my food
eliminating sugar
cutting down my portions
getting active again
saying NO CHOICE
planning my food

Enjoy your evening Becksters.

04-17-2010, 11:05 PM
Coaches/Buddies I'm making better choices, which is very good, considering I've been on autopilot for a while. Autopilot isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, but still could use some improvement.

Big bike ride tomorrow. I've been mountain biking a lot. I'm loving it.

Saw a roadrunner yesterday and thought of you BillBE! Also saw a rattlesnake and about a thousand jackrabbits. Wildflowers have been spectacular this year, and the cacti are about to start blooming. I've seen a couple of early prickly pears flowering. My favorite.


04-18-2010, 12:56 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I don’t have too much to post. Made it to the gym Friday for a more intense work out than I’ve done there before. Also on Friday, we had a graduate student luncheon and I ate a dessert there. But then I successfully used resistance techniques (outloud to my husband) to remind myself of my lunch time treat and to not have an evening treat.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: not really
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: not yet

BennyHannahMama, so glad things are going better for you. I’ve heard about some people that are working on easier ways to track your food with pictures and portable cameras. Hopefully this will be available to us in a few years to make it easier to track. I agree with you though. The more “creative” my cooking gets, the more difficult tracking becomes and the easier it is to let it slide.

BeverlyJoy, I love your statements of gratitude for healthy days! I hope the fundraising went well.

BillBlueEyes, so sad to hear about the cannery closing. Sardines are such good sources of omega-3 fatty acids! I thought there was Pacific coast sardines as well. Are there no canneries out there? Beautiful Easter baskets. Your family is blessed by such caring!

ChinaMaine, sending more hugs your way. I am happy for you that you had such a successful conversation and wish you continued success in the changes coming your way.

CeeJay, I’d love to hear more about your meal plans. I’ve read that with increased food choices available, people tend to eat more. So, this may benefit you x2.

GardenerJoy, great idea for having a plan for all of your favorite places to eat. Sounds like something I need to do as well. Congratulations on being fairly close to plan on your exercise minutes for the month.

Lexxiss, I’ve been working through the books rather slowly, as I can make time. I haven’t heard about changing the definition of full, so I look forward to getting to that exercise soon. Thanks for sharing. Computers, though they are so helpful, can really derail your schedule. I have been dealing with that all day long today!!!

Seadwaters, your diet sounds fantastic and I hope the planning and shopping went well. Here’s to the next week being less physically painful than this last one. I have fibromyalgia and always find season transitions to trigger some sort of flare up for me.

Shepherdess, loving your tales of pastoral bliss! Good luck on your own next week. I have incredible admiration for you!

Wndranne, your rides sound amazing. Great news about your autopilot setting!

04-18-2010, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Since I couldn't go birding in the rain (birds aren't out gathering bugs when it's raining, so you can't see them) I did some chores; CREDIT moi. Specifically, I worked with DW to fill a volume of about 4 laundry baskets of old chemicals in the basement to bring to a hazardous-substance dump day where the city accepts this stuff by men in full hazardous protection gear. It's kinda fun to watch people drive up in t-shirts to unload their car trunks to guys dressed like a nuclear event has occurred. Our collection is mostly paint, but an amazing assortment of automatic transmission fluids and other auto fluids that were so old that I wouldn't use them.

Eating was OP; CREDIT moi. Exercise wasn't - I remained in a snit about missing my planned bird walk so didn't do much.

onebyone - Congrats for getting your DH to the dentist; glad he's immediately got some relief. Kudos for your great first week, especially all those breakfasts!!! Hope your kitty pulls out of it; you could use a little less excitement.

Anne (wndranne) - It's encouraging to hear that "Autopilot isn't nearly as bad as it used to be." My dream is that my eating and exercise become full autopilot and I don't even think about it - not sure if that's a viable goal or just a false dream. So jealous of your Roadrunner and the beauty of your desert. Good ride today.

ChinaMaine - Waving. Hope all is going well.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for the notion of discussing a treatment plan just like you're learning to play golf instead of getting fixed from being broken. And Yay for having kids who want to climb all over you instead of ignoring you.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for the "intense workout" - that just gotta make your brain more receptive to your graduate studies. Oh, yes, there's sardines being packed on the West Coast - that was just the last one in Maine that closed. My foodie DS still says the best sardines come from Poland; they cost about $3.59 around here while the least expensive (labeled San Diego) only cost $0.99. I can do either since both are quite good. There aren't many places in my life where it only costs a couple of bucks to go top shelf.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Welcome to the club of those that ate OP but didn't exercise yesterday. Let's both get back on track today.

Beverlyjoy - Can't think of a better way to get kids into reading than to give them their very own books. Congrats on working such a good thing. Kudos for planning so well how to handle the lunch, including bringing your own healthy choice.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Like your screen saver updates, and "MOMENT IS NOW" is another great one. Tomorrow is such a convenient sabotaging thought to avoid taking responsibility right now.

Readers - day 25
Identify Sabotaging Thoughts

You've been reading a lot about sabotaging thoughts in this book. I've included the most common ones that I've heard from dieters over the years. I've also found, though, that every dieter has additional sabotaging thoughts. It's important for you to learn to recognize your unique sabotaging thoughts and to respond to them effectively.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 192.

04-18-2010, 06:48 AM
Hi Coaches
A quick check in before I collapse for the night. I had an on-plan day and I organised shopping lists but I had enough food in the house to get by so will shop tomorrow.

I did some gardening today and even though it was difficult I was determined to do something outside. I did it in 3 short bursts and actually achieved a bit so I am happy with that. My lovely 14 year old gardener (with a lot of help from his mother I suspect) prepared the ground and laid some turf while I was away last week - the mother rang me on Thursday morning to see if I wanted it done and I agreed to pay for topsoil etc not really believing they would get it done. Well she ordered it all and it was delivered etc. I came home on Friday night to a lovely patch of grass that the dogs will really enjoy when they get back here (next weekend now). And it inspired me to do some more odds and ends

Credits for today
On plan eating
Eating sitting down and enjoying every bite - except for one almond and I immediately spat it out!
Read my A&R cards
I gave myself credit when heading in the right direction
Some gardening exercise
Reported to my coaches

I am off to have dinner and then bed - big hello to everyone

04-18-2010, 08:14 AM
Hi coaches, buddies, friends .... yesterday turned out to be quite a healthy day and I stayed with my plan and in my calorie range - I am always so grateful for that.

The fundraiser went great - we made enough money to fund two six week sessions for the's wonderful. There were 12 different soups and a couple of healthy choices besides my Russian cabbage soup. So I had a small bowl of vegetarian split pea (I love pea soup -dh does not, so it was my chance), one small piece of bread and one chocolate chip cookie. So, I did stay with my plan (!credit) We all worked hard (I sat and did the sitting down stuff because of my foot/ankle) Dh was in there working hard too.

When we got home he wanted a pizza for dinner. I panicked - but, said I was going to eat what I had planned. When he brought home his pepperoni pizza HUGE cravings kicked in. Really - all those physical responses - anxiousness, heart racing, nervousness.... But, I used my resistance techniques and got through it. For four months every single morning I rewrite the response card in my journal for the anti craving/anti desire strategies. So, I went through my list in my head: Identify as a craving, stand firm, no choice, imagine how I'll feel if I eat this, remember why - I elaborated on each idea above in my head and got through it. (credit) I am so, so grateful for the willlingness to do this. I did, however, throw the three extra pieces of pizza in some soapy water to make sure I wasn't tempted with cold pizza later. (credit)

daily gratitudes
lots of water
stretches and strengthening
planned and wrote down food eaten
left a bite of food with each meal and snack
read arc/rc
used resistance techniques
gave myself credit during the day
tasted my food - alot of the time
slow mindful eating - some of the time
no seconds, ate seated - all of the time

no spontaneous exercise
no beck book
didn't think much about fullness

I will be back a bit later for personals.

04-18-2010, 11:26 AM
Hi Coaches

I am starting week 2 of my Healthy Weight Action Plan today. It's a big leap from week 1 where I just recorded what I was doing day to day to the start of week 2 with a pretty highly structured plan. Luckily I'm not new to this rodeo and I :welcome3: a healthy foodplan into my life. I recognize and accept I will have challenges and may fall short but I promise coaches to keep moving forward.

The plans suggested to me were either a 1200 calorie or a 1500 calorie plan. I could also choose a focus on carbs or proteins and I chose proteins. Either of these parameters can be changed if I want to.

I'm also going to attempt 2 sessions of deliberate sweat-inducing exercise.


1. Physical
Goals: sweat this week 2x - Target Date :April 25, 2010
Tasks: pump up bike tires/clear living room space - April 25, 2010

2. Food
Goals: eat rec. servings of fruit/veg everyday - April 25, 2010
Tasks: get fresh food/shop - as needed

3. Food Servings Goals: aiming for 1200 calories/per day this week
4 grain products :carrot:done
3 meat & alternatives :carrot:done
2 milk & alternatives :carrot:done
2 fruit :carrot:done
5+ vegetables :carrot:done
2 fats :carrot:done
7 water :carrot:done

I can keep track online and that's the final support for my plan: recording my food everyday. :carrot:done

10:30pm:devil:deviated I had two vitamin C Vick's cough drops in frustration as my printer died right as I was ready to print off my material for the City Art Jury due tomorrow at 5pm. Had to use DH's printer.

I have to get back to my work but since I just completed this I thought I'd report here to my coaches.

Have a good Sunday.

04-18-2010, 11:26 AM
Coaches/Buddies, trying to get through a couple more end of the semester projects, so I am having to put some of my routine Beck items on hold until later in the day/week. Cooked at home instead of going out to eat last night.
Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: no

BeverlyJoy, great job with the temptations presented to you yesterday. Congratulations on the succses of the fundraiser & tremendous job on overcoming the pizza!

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the sardine information. Your hazardous waste story is quite an image. Hope you are able to triumph over the weather with your exercise.

Seadwaters, you sound blessed with terrific neighbors! Great job on the unplanned exercise & the preparation of your shopping list.

04-18-2010, 12:23 PM
Good Morning:sunny:

My computer was doing it's monthly tune up when I arose so we headed out for our walk. OP day yesterday! No big bumps*credit*
I unintentionally skipped so;
Day 19-Don't Deceive Yourself
-read my chapters
-read response cards and identified ones to use whenever I'm trying to justify eating unplanned
-identified that my unplanned eating is usually emotional
-read my reasons to lose weight
-planned my menu for next week(it really helped this last week!)
-weighed myself
-completed scheduled exercise
-gave myself *credit* for all of the above
I will:
-contact my coach
-be alert for "fooling myself" thoughts
-use distraction techniques when needed
-say no choice to unplanned food
-eat slowly and mindfully while sitting
-give myself credit
Todays screensaver "Smart=Slender

We had a nice walk this AM with the doggies but seem to have gotten back just in time to head into town. Have a great day everyone!

04-18-2010, 12:29 PM
Hi...time for some personals...

futurefitchick - cooking at home usually is healthier than going out...GREAT I hope you can find the time for your beck stuff soon. I love how you are always eat slowly and mindfullly...CREDIT Glad tiy could make it to the gym Friday.

onebyone - you plan is awesome. It includes so many great things. Having a plan give you a structure of eating that can make it doable. I hope your kittycat is OK.

lexxiss - "no big bumps" is awesome. You have a good plan for the day and even a walk with the dog. Many credits!

Seadwaters - so many feeling well enough to do bursts of gardening. I'd call that a good day!

bill - so sorry you didn't get to go see the birdies - phooey. Always good to properly get rid of the 'chemical' and stuff. So funny that the workers were in hazardous chemical clothing and folks come to them is regular garb! Good job on another good food day.

wndgramme - I am glad autopilot is better than before. I am glad you've made some better choices, too.

04-18-2010, 12:57 PM
Hi Everyone,

Yikes, I have been in the "well of despair" from the perspective of my eating.

However!!! Yesterday I skimmed through a recorded episode of Dr. Oz and they featured a woman who hoarded. I do not hoard, but I am a compulsive overeater. They reviewed the woman's behaviour, etc etc and how it rationally was not acceptable and then Dr. Oz reviewed what was happening in the brain that caused this to happen and that it was possible to "rewire/retrain" what was happening in the brain with this disorder by using CBT and then a PHD talked about CBT therapy. Well, I understood CBT concepts based on Beck book, and I think I really needed to see that it was something going on in my brain (an inability to process/respond to different emotions). I knkow that the Beck book says on this...but...I needed the whack on the head again.

So, HI!

April 18 morning
Weight - ?
Exercise month to date -- 315 minutes of cardio, 210 min of strength or stretching
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 5 of 17

04-18-2010, 01:37 PM
Yay for Sunday :):):)

gardenerjoy- I totally agree with your thoughts that this group allows us to see each other succeeding over time in spite of bumps, problems, time derailed etc. This has been essential for me to learn so that I can keep at it and not give up just because of a bad day or a bad week. It is starting to feel like there is no excuse for me to give up.

onebyone- big credit for finishing your first week. You will do fine on week two as long as you follow your own advice: "I recognize and accept I will have challenges and may fall short but I promise coaches to keep moving forward." Hope your cat is OK.

Shepherdess-sorry for your stress eating afternoon. But you regrouped by dinner, so just an Oh Well. I love reading your posts about your ranch. Keep them coming.

seadwaters-credit for writing menus and making a shopping list. Sounds like you have devised a very healthy eating plan. Isn't it wonderful to get outside and garden?

BillBlueEyes-sorry for your missed birding day. Laughing about your trip to the hazardous waste dump. Kinda makes you think about what sort of chemicals we are exposing ourselves to without much caution.

Beverlyjoy-yay for a healthy day on Saturday. Your fund raiser sounded interesting. What a wonderful thing to do for kids. I loved your story about resisting the pizza. You are so inspiring!! Your description of your feelings before resisting was something I bet every one of us could relate to. Killing pizza with soapy water---:D:D:D.

bennyhannahmama-glad to hear things are working out with the new therapist. It is great that you found someone who is in sync with you. And credit to you for eating well and exercising regularly.

Lexxiss-I like your screensaver= Moment is Now!!! Credit for your on plan day yesterday.

wndranne-hope you enjoy your bike ride. Credit for better choices.

FutureFitChick- good for you for going to the gym. Oh well about dessert at the luncheon. You asked about my meal plan. It is always:

Breakfast- 4 egg whites with one diet cheese slice and mild Tabasco sauce Morning Snack- yougurt and berries
Lunch- salad (vegetables only) and either a tuna sandwich on whole wheat or soup
Afternoon Snack-a container of raw veggies
Supper- variety of things
Evening Snack- varies- about 100-200 calories (often popcorn, diet pudding or cereal)

That is about 900 calories before dinner. The day time part of the plan really works for me. I don't have to think, I am not hungry and as long as I prep it the day before all goes well. There is lots of room calorie-wise for whatever I have for supper, however lately I have been overeating this meal and making stuff I don't really know the calorie content of. Working on that. This weekend I made a big batch of vegetarian chili and am planning on eating that and brown rice for most of my dinners this week so I can go in no-think mode and see if that helps.

For me-- credit today for:

Checking in with my coaches
Weighing in
Reading advantage and response cards
Doing weights
Riding exercise bike 30 minutes
Eating on plan so far and have a plan for the rest of the day.


04-18-2010, 01:44 PM
hikergirl-we were posting at the same time. Sorry you have been having such a hard time. I am a compulsive overeater and it is such a hard struggle. For me Dr. Beck's book was a turning point in realizing what was going on in my head and my heart in relation to eating. Getting another whack on the head is always good. :D. I have to believe that we can do this as long as we don't stop trying. Have a great day!!!

04-18-2010, 03:13 PM
Short and late -- we had another early morning photography session for class. Now, I need to process my hundreds of photos!

WI: -0.7kg (new low), Exercise: +30 740/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-18-2010, 05:29 PM
Hi dear Beckies,

my weekend with friend was splendid, we made a lot of walks, we relaxed by talking.
And food: I ate slowly and mindfully, finished my meal 10 min. after others.:carrot:BUT: ate a lot of, had sabotaging thoughts, cravings.:dizzy: I don´t feel guilty. I have a lot of energy to work at myself- I´m looking forward to it. I made adv. cards and tomorow I´ll continue...;)

I have read Becks book there(every night about 2 pm. and early in the morning) and really enjoy it. The whole book is about me and I am happy I have found solution – ALL OF YOU :hug: and Beck´s books. Thanks God!

ChinaMaine – Prague is very beautiful historical town, you will really like it.
I was glad I could read about solution at your work.

„Miss Beverly“ - what is the best than sincere compliment from 5 years old child? Credit for it.
Russian soup – you mean borsht? I like it very much.
KUDOS for winning your battle with pizza. I know how hard it is – pfeferoni is my N0 1.

Lexxiss – thanks for this supporting words: Coming here and discussing your inperfections AND giving yourself credit for progress is "progress". I will copy to my cards.

With Becks´ books I do it in the same way as you do: I take my day by day instruction from the pink book right now and read from the green in the evening to gain more insight.

Onebyone – credit for weight loss

Kim – I am glad you have good therapist, you are on the rigth way.

Gardenerjoy - credit for your new low

Futurefitchick – credit for your using resistance techniques.

BillBE – man doing some chores? Unbeliveble all over the world! :lol:SUPER BIG KUDOS for it.:-D Thanks for explanation credit and KUDOS.

hikegirl – credit for the fith day without overeating

04-18-2010, 07:27 PM
*snip* ... then Dr. Oz reviewed what was happening in the brain that caused this to happen and that it was possible to "rewire/retrain" what was happening in the brain with this disorder by using CBT and then a PHD talked about CBT therapy. Well, I understood CBT concepts based on Beck book, and I think I really needed to see that it was something going on in my brain (an inability to process/respond to different emotions). I knkow that the Beck book says on this...but...I needed the whack on the head again. *snip*

hikergirl I just had to pass on the name of this book The Brain That Changes Itself ( It is all about re-wiring with just so much good positive applicable information for us! I am so inspired by this book; it's one aha! moment after another for me. If you're into reading, I really recommend it.

04-18-2010, 10:28 PM
Day went ok (could have been better, but could have been a lot worse). I'm exhausted, so I've decided to go to bed and hopefully wake up nicw and early and get stuff done. Still trying to get back in a groove. I feel like a broken record player and I'm sick of hearing the same boring report from myself almost daily. Thank you all for putting up with it and continuing to give me support.

04-19-2010, 04:34 AM
Dear Coaches :wave:

I am struggling to stay on top of things so am just making a quick report

I did my shopping and have stayed on plan so far today - thanks for the suggestions for evening snacks. I got some popcorn and yoghurt (not together probably). And to BillBE - yes we can get fresh Atlantic Salmon here and that is what I am having for dinner with some cucumber etc relish. Nathy - my friends are in Prague at the moment and I am envious. I have always wanted to visit there. Ceejay - I like the idea of the same thing for dinner each night for most of the week - that would really simplify my life and I really like chilli. Futurefitchick - I hope the semester tasks get done and life returns to normal although pressured and stressed seems to be normal these days and learning to live in that toxic environment seems to be the challenge. Onebyone - you are doing so well with your new plan so credit to you and it looks so organised. Had a little peak and it looks interesting. Beverlyjoy - great big credit for resisting the pizza - what a resistance muscle you have

I have read my A&R card - but only once
I have eaten slowly and sitting down
I have planned food for tomorrow and will pack it shortly
I did no exercise except for shopping which was more than enough
Gave myself credit for positive behaviours
Weighed myself

I can't decide what to do with the daily weight and the profile etc. I think what I will do is change the profile weekly on a Sunday and daily record where my weight is with respect to the profile up or down - so today I am PLUS 2lb - I will not remove my carrot however until next time if I have to! That means that the foraging/scavenging during radiotherapy and the conference wasn't too bad I guess


04-19-2010, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did a short, local bird walk despite threatening rain; CREDIT moi for leaving the house, LOL. Eating was OP, CREDIT moi, until dinner when the kids were here and we sat at the table for hours laughing at absurd stories. And I took seconds of stuff that I never take seconds of. But one of them was green salad, which isn't many calories and the lettuce mix was unusually fresh and my DW's salad dressing is a family favorite. But one of them was a half of the slice of ham that I justified because the peach chutney we were putting on it was so good.

My walk, CREDIT moi, took me to Trader Joe's where I picked up some of their carton soups for the Easter baskets. Easter baskets were a hit - a bunch of comparing since I don't put the same stuff in each and siblings don't ever outgrow their awareness that we love the other one more, LOL. An avocado got switched from one basket to another - attempted out of my sight since they didn't want to tell me that one of the SO's doesn't like avocados because the avocado stealer likes to get both. That so reminds me of them keeping it a secret from us that they knew about Santa to be sure that the goodies kept coming.

onebyone - Yay for a protein plan and for a page full of dancing carrots - 5 veggies seems like a lot for you. Ouch for printers that die when they're needed.

ChinaMaine - Waving; hope your loons are waking you each morning.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for continuing to post when you don't feel like you're in your grove; you're slowly working your way there.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for "whack on the head" that CBT works; I, too, like being reminded that this isn't a cult - it works when we do it. Sending supportive thoughts to avoid that "well of despair."

FutureFitChick - Kudos for home cooking when you're busy trying to tie down the end of semester projects.

CeeJay - Nice meal plan; and nice thought of that vegetarian chili for dinner for a few nights.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Hoping you share another early morning photo; those sessions sound like fun. Do you get inspiration from the others in the class?

Beverlyjoy - Such a graphic tale of the physical responses to pizza and the string of responses to stand it down. Kudos for wrestling that to the ground. I do appreciate being reminded that Beck's way to fight off the over eating works when applied. Congrats on the success of your fundraiser.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for a responsible 14 year old gardener and Kudos to you for giving the kid a chance to learn to love gardening (as well as pick up a few bucks that teenagers never have enough of). LOL at spitting out the almond immediately. Sending supportive thoughts for today's report of struggling. Good to have a plan for your ticker; there was a discussion on 3FC recently where different attitudes about when to move the ticker were expressed and a few adamant positions taken. The sanest position seemed to me was that each person have their own plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for planning your meals for the second week in a row. I am one big sucker for the "fooling yourself" thoughts; I seem willing to try to sell myself notions that would cause any sane person to break into laughter if I said them out loud, LOL.

nathy - LOL at "The whole book is about me" because that's just the feeling that I had - that Beck had read my mind and my history of food. Kudos for eating slowly and mindfully.

Readers - day 25
Identify Sabotaging Thoughts

As I've mentioned before, eating doesn't happen automatically. Before you take that first bite of something you didn't plan to eat, you almost always have a thought or a series of thoughts. Once you identify and respond to those thoughts, you'll be better able to control your eating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 192.

04-19-2010, 08:08 AM
:df: WI-down 2.2 lbs (new low). Did not read my cards, make a plan or log food. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

I took the weekend off from the work of dieting. While I tried to make healthy choices, I did overeat in the evenings. It was cold and miserable, so I didn’t exercise. But today, I plan to be back in the game.

I saw my doctor on Friday. The various things she had proposed I try at my last appointment did not help the insomnia as far as I can tell. So we are going to try Effexor – if the insomnia is due to either anxiety or menopause, it may help. It’ll take a month or so to see any effects though…

Debbie (Lexxiss) Kudos for planning and packing food for the day. What a great list of credits from yesterday!

I’ve learned the hard way that I need to be direct with my management. I used to just quit and find a new job instead of trying to solve the problem. I think I do need to get better at being this direct before things get so bad though…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Good luck getting in the groove today!

nathy Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love that you don’t beat yourself up about missteps during your trip- instead you just plan to start again. Very healthy attitude!

gardenerjoy Where is your photography class from – a local college? I think it’s to your credit that you have plans for all your local restaurants. Life will happen, so you can’t always stick to a single plan. Having flexibility is a great part of your planning. Thanks again for your warm words.

CeeJay Your food plan sounds great! Yes I went to a CBT counselor several years ago about stress and anxiety related to work – and it was extremely helpful. I have been working the strategies I learned. But I could certainly could stand to get better at them.

Susan (hikergirl) Sending you supportive thoughts re compulsive eating. It’s good the Dr Oz episode reinforced your understanding of CBT. CBT is definitely the way to go. Would you consider going to a professional CBT therapist for a month or two to get you really going on a good path? Then you could continue on your own. We all need a little help sometimes…

Future Fit Chick Yes the end of the semester can be quite daunting – kudos for putting many Beck-tasks on hold but eating slowly and giving yourself credit during the day.

one by one Great first day on week 2!

Beverlyjoy Sounds like you had a great day at the fundraiser. Thanks again for the supportive words.

Cheryl (seadwaters) I’m glad you got outside to do a bit of gardening. How nice of your neighbors to do some plant a ‘lovely patch of grass’! Your food plan sounds like a great one. Thanks for the warm and supportive thoughts.

Bill lol – hope you are over your snit at not being able to go birding. We had flakes the size of plates on Saturday – so weird! I think you may be right that his response was, at least partly, a complimentary one. My boss, and other managers in our org, did say some very kind things about me last week… But he is also an empathic and supportive manager, so it is also part of his nature – and why I don’t want to leave this job…

Anne Nice to see you! :hug: Kudos for making better choices. I’m glad you are enjoying biking and the spring flora and fauna.

shepherdess I hope all is going well in the lambing barn while your DH is away. It sounds so daunting!

04-19-2010, 09:19 AM
Hi beck folks - yesterday was a 'good calorie day' right until before bed. It actually was kind of a struggle all day long. I made my plan - but, after lunch it kept changing all day long, nothing sounded right or good, my foot/ankle was sore from the all day fundraiser, and maybe even a 'backlash' from the fact that I had survived at least 50 temptations on Saturday. (fundraiser, pizza...) Who knows... however, it was about 300 extra calories - so, it's not the worst it could be. But still - it was a 'sloppy' beck day. But, I was able I to away a full glass of chocolate milk after a couple of sips - grateful for that.

It's kind of amazing to me that I can, on one day, be willing and able to use the beck principals and techniques to have a healthy day facing many many challenges. Then - the next day - not be willing or able to do so. I guess if I could figure it out I would not have a problem with food! I was actually embarrassed to say that I had overeaten yesterday - you know - after getting through such a challenging day the day before. But - honesty is what will help me in the long run. You are my coaches too - as well as beck friends. I know you don't 'judge' me - because I don't judge you either. We are here to help each other...

All that being said beck friends/buddies - I will PLAN for a healthy day and aim to stay with the plan! I am grateful for the willingness to try again today for a healthful day.

I will be back to do some personals later. Have a great day. I need to take my own advice to heart... treat yourself as kindly as you would a good friend.

04-19-2010, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm off to the school soon, but not until I have breakfast. Imagine. I'll take the time to plan my food for the day as well. I am very leary of only 3 protein servings. This seems to me I can have meat at lunch or dinner but not both. Hmmm. I think that's the worst of my plan for me, which I can change if I have to, but not today. Today I will do it as prescribed for me.

I am hoping the school visit will be short and sweet. I hope to see my mom today. She sounded a little distant when I last spoke to her. She needs to get some excitement in her life... I think I can help her with that.

And (BIG CREDIT MOI) I just completed all the application forms and materials that I need to hand in for the Direct Art Purchase by the city. Once every year or so the city buys works from local established and emerging (that's me) artists. I had to choose 10 pieces to submit and then write an artist statement and just generally get it all together and organized. This stuff is getting easier as I tend to do it way more often now so everything is fresh, but it's still hours and hours of work. But I am handing it in today! Yay!
Wish me luck.

All the best to you all today!

Update: I must have walked a solid 3 hours of moderate activity all told today. credit moi. VERY tired right now as I write this. I forgot to mention I bought a small notebook to keep track of my food intake. It fits neatly into my purse and I found I used it easily today and it helped keep me accountable and on track. credit moi Also I forgot to take credit for leaving some of my ramen noodles last night. I did it on purpose just to do it because I really wanted them so bad but I was near stuffed so I thought of all of you who manage to leave food behind, throw it out, pour soap on it, bag it up, box it up, have it all week long and I figured I could do that too. I felt strangely powerful:wl: not eating those noodles. un autre credit pour moi s'il vous plait. Merci.


1. Physical
Goals: sweat this week 2x :carrot:1 down 1 to go- Target Date :April 25, 2010
Tasks: pump up bike tires/clear living room space - April 25, 2010

2. Food
Goals: eat rec. servings of fruit/veg everyday - April 25, 2010
Tasks: get fresh food/shop - as needed

3. Food Servings Goals: aiming for 1200 calories/per day this week
4 grain products :carrot:
3 meat & alternatives :carrot:
2 milk & alternatives :carrot:
2 fruit :carrot:
5+ vegetables had 3
2 fats :carrot:
7 water :carrot:

4. recording my food today. :carrot:

day 2/7 :carrot:

04-19-2010, 10:31 AM
Hi again...I've got a little time I'll catch up with folks.

onebyone - good for you...planning a breakfast. That's a wonderful credit! So glad you got the application ready to turn in. Your direction is so so good.

bill - glad you got to see the birdies! Wonderful to spend time with your family. It's really hard to sit around the table talking without eating. Lately - when folks are here for dinner - I've had them head to the living room for chatting or clear the table of the food if we sit around it. For me - it's just too hard to sit with all that food. That little bit extra you ate won't be a bother in the long run. Love the 'siblings' easter basket stories - some things never change!

chinamarie - I am sorry to hear that things dr suggested for your insomnia haven't helped. It's an awful thing to not be able to sleep/fall asleep. I hope you can figure it out. Hooray!!! - for being at a new low in your weight. wtg!

seadwaters - kkudo's for your many credits! Your two plus pounds after all the radiationtherapy and the conference should not stick around long. You are doing well, friend.

kim - we are not 'putting up with your same report' at all. It's a credit to check in when you are struggling and trying to get back into your better place with food. Glad you posted...and keep doing so, no matter what you have to say or where you are in your food journey.

gardenjoy - new low in weight...wooopeeee! Glad you posted.

ceejay - good food many credits! Kudo's for making your chili to have for your suppers this week ahead of time!!

hikergirl...I am a compulsvie over eater, also. I think that's why the Beck Principles are effective and helpful. It's a wonderful structure and guideline to help us find our way in a world of food and with our eating compulsiveness.

Shout out to anyone that stops by!

04-19-2010, 11:09 AM
Hours of walking yesterday, but it was slow, so I counted one hour of it toward my exercise. I'll attach a spring tulip for all of you!

WI: +0.4kg, Exercise: +60 800/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nathy: glad that you had a splendid weekend! Good job making sure that you did so much walking.

bennyhannahmama: I agree with Beverlyjoy that I love hearing from you no matter what you post!

seadwaters: yay for the list of credits and thinking about you today. I move my ticker on the first day of the month so that I don't have to deal with it going back up, or at least I haven't yet. There was one month that it didn't move at all and that was pretty much my signal that I really was on a plateau and needed to find a strategy to get off of it. As BillBlueEyes said, these are tools for you, whatever you choose to do is the right way.

BillBlueEyes: LOL at your family interactions -- my brother and I got presents from Santa well into adulthood. It's a proven strategy. We haven't seen the photos of our classmates yet -- I'm looking forward to that tonight.

ChinaMaine: so glad that you are finding ways to take care of yourself. Hope the new med does the trick! My photography class is being offered by the Missouri Botanical Garden -- which is why we get access to the Garden before it opens to the public. The classes they offer are more expensive than the local community college (I take classes from them sometimes, too), but we've found that they are of higher quality for the most part.

Beverlyjoy: credit for throwing away the chocolate milk when it no longer served its purpose! Bet you wouldn't have done that a few months ago! Keep plugging along, you are making progress!

onebyone: yay for getting your application forms in! The DASH diet is also pretty low on the protein scale, but, like DASH, you have dairy as a separate category. That's protein as well. I've been sometimes making a main dish salad with a serving of cheese on top for my lunch and find that satisfying. Or, for supper, some pasta or home-made pizza with lots of vegetables and cheese on top. Another supper idea is a gratin of mixed vegetables cooked in milk and then layered with cheese and baked. Also, it has helped me to rethink my meat servings. If I reduce the serving size, I can stretch it out over more meals -- like a stir fry with tons of vegetables and just 2 ounces of chicken.
Thanks for the book recommendation for The Brain That Changes Itself -- I've requested it from the library.

04-19-2010, 11:25 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I'm planning for a good Beck day!

Yesterday, good...I was spared from eating cake at church because it wasn't in my food plan.*credit* W/O that strategy I would have thought about a small piece but it was instead NO CHOICE. I'm remembering that although I've come a long way I must be vigilant in order to keep losing.
Today Day 20 Review Get Back on Track
Day 21 Get Ready to Weigh In
Screensaver "Scale=Information."
Read response cards
Read reasons for losing weight
Planned and posted dinners for the week
Read Beck Books(last night before bed)
Planned exercise
Gave credit where due
Eat slowly and mindfully while sitting down
Not engage in overeating or unplanned eating
Use distraction techniques when needed
Be alert for "fooling myself" thoughts
Continue to give credit

BillBlueEyes, *credit* for your continual food evaluations. Noticing is so important. I enjoyed hearing the avocado adventures. Your kind comment to me reminded me to find my scribbled menu, type it out AND post it. Thx.

ChinaMaine, congrats! on the new low. Good job planning to "get back in the game". Best wishes on the new sleep aid.

Kim, :wave: It is so good that you check in.

onebyone, your plan is very clear! Keep truckin'! Great news you have completed apps! I am finding that tidying up unfinished business helps on my food journey.

hikergirl, thanks for Dr. Oz brain info. I like him..he seems sensible.

FutureFitChick, I'm almost 100% cooking at home these days. It feels good...Best wishes with end of semester projects.

CeeJay, keep planning! I am not hungry, either, when I prep and have my plan.

gardenerjoy, congrats! on your new low!

Beverlyjoy, thanks for the kind words, I will try to treat myself kindly today. "Willing and Able" and "Get back on track" Yay!

seadwaters, FYI-You don't have to remove your carrot, you are working it back. Besides, I like it. Keep up the good work.

nathy, I am happy to be finding a solution, too. *credit*

I hope you all have a good day! I must go or miss bike riding...

04-19-2010, 11:28 AM
Ceejay – you are right about “keep trying”.

Gardenerjoy – tell us more about your photography. Thank you for the tulip.

Nathy – I am glad that you had a nice and relaxed weekend

Onebyone- thank you for the book title. I will look for it at the library. Good luck with your art submission. Have a healthy day.

Bennyhanamama – Hi!

Seadwaters – I think changing the weight profile weekly on a Sunday is a good idea

BBE – I do like your non-sugar Easter Basket gift – wonderful

Chinamaine – being seriously sleep deprived can impact so many areas of your life. Remember, it will pass. In the meantime, be gentle on yourself. Thank you for the CBT professional idea. I think that for now I will continue to try this on my own ($$$)

Beverlyjoy – sending you good thoughts for your “healthy day”

Lexiis - great triumph with the piece of cake.

April 19 morning
Weight – 157.5
Exercise month to date -- 335 minutes of cardio, 235 min of strength or stretching, 180 of walking.
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 6 of 18

Ate all meals and snacks sitting down --- yes
Kept a food diary for planning – no
Kept a food diary for tracking what I ate – no
Got moving – yes
Weighed myself – yes
Read advantage cards – yes
Connected with my coaches (you folks) – yes
I ate calm and sensibly/mindfully - yes

04-19-2010, 09:24 PM
No rest for the wicked. Last year DH and I used to consider 8 ewes lambing in a day busy. We had 8 on both Friday and Saturday, then 11 on Sunday, with 4 sets of twins, and 9 today with 3 sets of twins. Thank god my friend stayed here over the weekend to help. I couldn’t have done it without her. And my FIL was in town over the weekend, so he came out to put hay bales in the feeders for me because I don’t drive the tractor.

On the bright side, food was pretty good over the weekend, and thanks to having some leftovers in the freezer, I have dinner for tonight all ready to go. So I’m taking credit for thinking ahead. Exercise has been lambing and I’m waking up sore.

Bennyhannamamma, hope you find your groove once you get some rest.

Seadwaters, yay for gardening. I hope this means your energy levels are improving. Great job doing all that planning.

BillBE, I love your Easter Basket tradition. Yay for getting out and doing some birding. My friend who’s been helping me lamb is a big birder, so we went for a bird walk on Saturday. It’s so much fun going with someone who knows what they’re looking at.

ChinaMaine, ouch for cold and miserable weather over the weekend. That’s always hard for me to deal with. Glad you are trying something new for your insomnia, but I wish it would kick in faster.

Beverlyjoy, I’m impressed that you threw out a glass of chocolate milk after a few sips. Great attitude for an off plan day. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

Onebyone, I think your approach to your new plan is very good: experiment with it and see if it works for you and if not, modify it. As an all-or-nothing person, I’m very impressed.

Nathy, your weekend with your friends sounds wonderful. I love that you are looking forward to doing the work—what a great attitude!

Gardenerjoy, yay for hours of walking. Your photography class sounds very cool.

Lexxiss, great job saying “NO CHOICE” to a piece of cake. I love your attitude that you were “spared” from eating it.

Hikegirl, looks like you have a long list of credits—great job! Thank you for the note about rewiring your brain. It’s a great reminder of why this process is so important.

FutureFitChick, good luck getting through the stressful time of the semester. It sounds like you have a sane Beck strategy to deal with a busy time.

CeeJay, your vegetarian chili sounds wonderful. Great job identifying an over-eating trigger and finding a way to deal with it.

04-19-2010, 10:04 PM

gardenerjoy- yay for a new weight low.

nathy-kuddos for eating slowly and mindfully- that is a real challenge for most of us. You sound like you are in a very positive frame of mind.

bennyhannahmama-hope you had a good sleep. You are not sounding like a broken record player- just keep posting!!

seadwaters-yay for an on plan day yesterday.

BillBlueEyes-sounds like a wonderful dinner with the kids. So nice that you take the time out to make a different easter basket for each of them. Leave it to a Beckie to put an avocado in an easter basket. LOL.

ChinaMaine-congratulations on your new weight low. Hope your sleeping starts to get better soon.

Beverlyjoy-300 extra calories is an oh well. Carry on right where you were.

onebyone-you are doing great!!! How's the cat?

Lexxiss-good for you for saying no choice to the cake.

hikergirl-yay for 6 out of 18 days and your big list of credits.

Shepherdess-what a crazy weekend you had- I counted 28 babies. Wow!

For me, a pretty great day. Credit for:

weighing in
walking 20 minutes before work today
riding exercise bike 20 minutes tonight
checking in with you gals and guy
reading advantage and response cards
eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing up lunch.


04-19-2010, 10:33 PM
Here are some good things I did today:
Re-wrote my advantages and narrowed them down to 10 main points
Checked in here
Gave myself credit

Thanks all for the words of support.

04-19-2010, 10:53 PM
Hours of walking yesterday, but it was slow, so I counted one hour of it toward my exercise. I'll attach a spring tulip for all of you!

Thanks so much for your tulip photo. I love shooting during the golden hour-the photographer's best friend! Guess what gardenerjoy... I'm going to paint it! people love tulips around here and I've been looking for a good strong image and your fits. Hope it's okay to use it as my model? I love it! I wanted to mention that I took a few semesters of photography while in school too. I enjoy it very much as well. We had a memorable field trip to Montreal with three tasks to complete: 1. ask to take the pictures of five strangers
2. take pictures of graffiti and 3. take pictures of sex. I've attached one from each task. See if you can tell what category they fulfilled:lol3:

04-19-2010, 11:06 PM
Beyond tired tonight. Just checking in. Did better than terrible and worse than perfect today. All in all, it was good enough. Is this the sweet spot?


04-20-2010, 07:12 AM
Hi beck friends, buddies, coaches... yesterday I got my 'groove' back and had a healthful day. Always greatful for a day of food sanity! I did alot of work in my office...letters and such. My mom came over for a hamburger on the grill. But, I opted for a Morningstar Garden Burger (credit). So, DH and mom had the burgers. Mine was delish with 2% cheese, sweet onion, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and lite mayo on ww lite bread.

planned and wrote down food
tasted food - most of the time
slow, mindful eating - alot of the time
left a bite - all the time
ate seated, no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - alot of the time
gave myself credit during the day
lots of water

didn't read arc/rc
no beck book
no exercise
no spontaneous exercise

wndrmme - Grandma used to say...'half a loaf is better than none' Sounds like you did alot of things well.

04-20-2010, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - When I look forward to my lunch at work, it's easier for me to stay on plan. And I look forward to it when I work harder at putting it together. Yesterday I had a half slice of Sunday's left over ham with pasta salad. Yummy in itself, but I remembered to include a huge wallop of the coarse ground mustard from Trader Joe's; CREDIT moi. I drooled over the thought of that mustard all morning, LOL.

Worked late because some of the world chooses to be on different time zones despite that being inconvenient for me, so didn't have time for exercise before dinner. My giving in muscle for skipping exercise is becoming a bit too strong recently.

onebyone - Oh yes, un autre Kudos for stopping mid ramen, SVP. And Kudos for all that walking (3 hours!!!) So many carrots, so much going positive.

Anne (wndranne) - LOL at "better than terrible and worse than perfect today." Yep, it's the sweet spot when you can accept that it is.

ChinaMaine - Congrats on the lost kilogram. Hope the new course gets you back on track with a good night's sleep. LOL at "flakes the size of plates" - it seems to do that when it's desperate to stop the onslaught of spring; but it's coming, it's coming, it's coming.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Keep on trucking.

Susan (hikergirl) - Day after day, "I ate calm and sensibly/mindfully" - it just keeps adding up; Kudos.

CeeJay - Sounds like a good day. Actually it's not a lot more difficult explaining to the kids how an Easter Bunny lays an avocado than how it lays an Easter Egg, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Love the tulip; love wondering if our appreciation for its beauty comes hard wired in our brains since its universally appreciated by humans. We have a few early tulips in our garden and I can see them while having breakfast.

Shepherdess - Just WOW to the mega-midwife. That's a lot of ewes to get isolated in pens and lambs starting to suck. Your life in the lambing barn must make the TV series ER seem too slow to be interesting, LOL. Yep indeed, Kudos for having stuff in the freezer to eat sanely despite the insane times. Hope the ewes are giving you time to sleep.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for a good calorie day despite so many struggles, and Double Kudos for stopping after one sip of the chocolate milk. I don't know why the ease of staying OP waxes and wanes, but it certainly seems to do so. Perhaps the best we can hope for is just to be aware that the ease comes and goes so that we don't find ourselves in a strange place when we encounter struggles, anymore than we'd find ourselves in a strange place when it rains - just time to grab the umbrella.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for whipping out "NO CHOICE" at church for that cake. I wonder if being at church lowers our resistance to foods since we're in a good place.

Readers - day 25
Identify Sabotaging Thoughts
Think About It

Carry your diet notebook (or your PDA) with you for a few days. Mark down your sabotaging thoughts as you identify them. You might not always notice these thoughts right away because your attention might be focused on how you're feeling. If you notice that you're tempted to eat something that you're not supposed to eat, ask yourself, What was just going through my mind? or What was I just thinking?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 192.

04-20-2010, 07:25 AM
Back for more personals...

gardenjoy - love your tulip picture. You doing well - credits for being op so often. That rocks.

hikergirl - you are having many credits - that's wonderful. Kudo's for all the cardio, stretching and exericing

shepardess - so glad you had help with the lambing while dh is gone.Also - fil helping was wonderful. Kudo's for have a meal ready in the freezer and eating healthfully.

bill - thanks for your thoughts on the ebbs and flows is healthful and sane eating. So true and well said. I know part of living with food is not being perfect with (not possible, of course) and doing the best you can at the moment. Craving mustard is so much better than cake!

onebyone - major credit on all the exercise!!!

kim - good progress on doing the beck tasks. Hope you are feeling better.

ceejay - many good credits...especially getting a walk in before work!

lexxiss - using NO CHOICE when faced with cake is a major credit, indeed! You are incorporating many Beck principles in your life. Great!

Shout out to anyone stopping by. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a good day. Kindness matters...especially to yourself..

04-20-2010, 07:28 AM
:df: WI-down 0.2 lbs. Did not read my cards, but made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

I ate on-plan yesterday, without any major challenges. I didn’t exercise, but I’ve already done yoga this morning and plan to go out for a walk after I finish posting. It’s sunny today and looks like it may be sunny the rest of the week. T

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for posting here when you were feeling a bit embarrassed. It is the best thing to do; posting here really helps me to stay on track. Beck has something with her notion of the ‘resistance muscle’ and the ‘giving-in muscle’. The more you resist, the easier it is. But it doesn’t happen overnight, so keep plugging.

one by one Bravo for walking 3 hours and logging all your food! I hope your Mom is doing well; you are a good daughter.

gardenerjoy Yay for hours of walking yesterday! Your tulip pic is very pretty…

Debbie (Lexxiss) You are clearly in a groove – kudos!

Susan (hikergirl) Congrats for a long list of credits! Yes therapy is expensive, and you do have us! ;)

shepherdess I guess when it rains it pours [lambs] – wow, 27 lambs in 3 days! You must be absolutely exhausted.

CeeJay Sounds like you had a great day yesterday!

Kim (bennyhannamama) I think narrowing down the advantages helps. I just read 10 a day – the ones that mean the most to me. Hope it works for you!

Anne Credit for hitting the sweet spot!

Bill Yes I think spring is coming – in fact it seems to be here today!

04-20-2010, 07:48 AM
I am quickly posting before I go to bed - realllllly tired but had a good on plan day. When my day is really busy like today - as long as I have planned and prepared food it is easy to get around desires etc. You haven't got time to dwell on them! But if I hadn't planned it would be nasty so credit for making a plan

Ate on plan
posted to the list
weighed myself (+2.2 lb)
planned for tomorrow
ate slowly and sitting down

Not so good
didn't read cards
didn't read pink book

tomorrow coaches


04-20-2010, 09:27 AM
Day 22 Say, Oh, Well, to Disappointment
I'm on track
After breakfast I will,
read from book
read cards and reasons
reset screensaver "Oh, Well"
weigh in
I will practice healthy eating
-stay OP
-eat slowly and mindfully, while sitting
-portion control
I will exercise and plan for tomorrow

BillBlueEyes, I agree, a mindfully prepared meal is very rewarding! I think I'll have to get some coarse ground mustard...I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it until you mentioned it.

onebyone, thanks for sharing your pictures. BTW-I love paintings of flowers! I just revisited your "Week 2 Goals" with all the dancing carrots. *credit* and best wishes!

wndranne, "beyond tired" sounds exhausting! I hope you find what you need to recharge!

ChinaMaine,*credit* for already getting exercise today...and having more in the plan. Enjoy your sunny, planned day. Lots of "good" on your list. Yay! :cp:

Kim,*credit* for rewriting your advantage cards and putting the idea in my head. I hope you find them of great assistance. Thanks for posting!

hikergirl, always good to hear from you! Yay for *credits*!

CeeJay,"For me, a pretty great day." I agree, your credits shine through! I was thinking, "it must be good chili!"

gardenerjoy, Thank you for the spring tulip!

Shepherdess, Wow! *credit* for thinking ahead during this busy time! *credit* for taking the time for such a thoughtful post.

Beverlyjoy, I love "the groove"! *credit* for a logged day of food sanity.

seadwaters, *credit* for sticking to your plan! I'm finding it soooo helpful to have my menu set in advance. When encountering a possible food detour it's becoming much easier to say NO CHOICE and recognize that if I really want to eat that I can plan for it tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

04-20-2010, 11:39 AM
HI Everyone.

I do not have much time this morning. Wish me luck. A month ago I went to a gathering where we sat around a coffee table for 3 hours looking at all of these goodies and I slid into oblivion and ate alot. Today, I am going back to the same gathering. I have read my resistance cards. I have read my resistance cards.

Wishing you all a good day.

FYI...I will not be posting tomorrow...taking the early ferry to Vancouver Island for the day.

April 20 morning
Weight – 156.5
Exercise month to date -- 350 minutes of cardio, 255 min of strength or stretching, 180 of walking.
Days in April without compulsive overeating - 7 of 18

Ate all meals and snacks sitting down --- yes
Kept a food diary for planning – no
Kept a food diary for tracking what I ate – no
Got moving – yes
Weighed myself – yes
Read advantage cards – yes
Connected with my coaches (you folks) – yes
I ate calmly and sensibly/mindfully - yes 90% of time

04-20-2010, 12:10 PM
Yesterday morning was all about shopping. And everywhere I went, I wanted treats that I used to eat, but no longer do. Fortunately, I was able to rearrange things so that I could buy something from Whole Foods for lunch. A treat, yes, but one that fit easily into the DASH Diet program. Oddly enough, it also helped that I bought lunch for DH, too, different food from my own. I got to choose two lunches which was satisfying, but only ate one!

WI: -0.45kg (new low), Exercise: +40 840/1800 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: yay for your long list of credits and using NO CHOICE against cake -- a wonderful accomplishment!

hikergirl: Yay for reading your resistance cards before a challenging situation! I took a photography class through the community college class this spring and through the Missouri Botanical Garden this spring. It seems to set me up for a whole summer of photographing flowers.

Shepherdess: cool to list lambing as exercise -- sounds like it's effective. Great job in planning ahead so that you have a dinner you're happy to eat.

CeeJay: yay for a long list of credits -- I love that you're getting in two kinds of exercise at different times of the day.

bennyhannahmama: so glad you got a chance to rework your list of advantages!

onebyone: I'd be honored for you to paint my tulip photo! I love the lines in your photos -- the fuzzy bear with all the hard-edged graffiti made me smile.

wndranne: hope you are able to get some rest tonight!

Beverlyjoy: yay for getting your groove back!

BillBlueEyes: I'm having a bit of trouble with the giving in muscle for forgoing exercise as well...Let me know if you have any insights! Loved your insight to Beverlyjoy about waxing and waning ease of staying OP, that some days require umbrellas.

ChinaMaine: glad you have sunshine and that you are finding some of that ease in the areas of food and exercise.

seadwaters: good job on making a plan and on noticing how much it improves your day!

04-20-2010, 03:57 PM
Hi Beckies,
I have started with performing Beck´s suggestions:

SUCCESS (yesterday)
Read ARC
Read Beck book
Eat sitting
Eat slowly
Exercise - working in the garden 1h50 min. (not too hard, not too easy="middle hard")

CHALLENGE (yesterday)
eating mindfully


Read ARC
Read Beck book
Eat sitting
Eat slowly and mindfully
Giving a credit
Exercise 10 min for legs - I was already in my pyjamas, get up and did small exercise with tool for inner tights( I don´t know the word either in English nor Czech:-D)

Challenge - today:

Waving to all of you!