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03-31-2010, 08:02 PM
hello beautiful people I just ran upon this site and I must say very incouraging. I am happy to have found people that are going through the same thing I am. My story is like a lot of people. I'm 27 I started off at 298 the biggest I've ever been and now I'm according to the scale this morning 263.8. I'm a size 20 and I'm excited most of the times but then again I get discouraged at times. Not enough to quit cause I won't stop! But enough to make me sad. I ask myself why did I get this big? How could I ? I've lost weight before so I know what its like to be on the skinny side so again I ask myself why???? I have lost 34 pounds but I am unable to go the next size down. My size 20's fit me loose but not enough to be that excited about. I know patience is key here but I see myself being fit again in my mind and the time is really dragging for me. In my heart I know this time is win all or nothing but sometimes I have to remind myself to be patient. I'm tired of dealing with bad men and feeling insecure and not living my life to the fullest. I am so tired of being the fattest girl I know. I want to lose more weight and finally beat this thing for good. I'm glad I came across this site!

03-31-2010, 08:15 PM
:wel3fc: and congratulations on losing weight. You're right, patience is key. The weight didn't go on overnight and it surely won't come off overnight. Most of the people on here deal w/being in between sizes as the weight comes off. I've heard of people going to thrift shops/ebay/raiding their old clothes so they won't have to go out and spend money on a whole new wardrobe every time they drop a size.

Congrats, welcome, and keep up the good work!

03-31-2010, 08:24 PM
OO!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!! You obviously are doing something right because you have already lost a lot of weight!!! I have gained 90 pounds the past 2 1/2 years (the down side to pregnancy) and am now clear to work out and diet again. I am starting at 280 (my highest ever) so I know how you are feeling. You are already doing great, so just keep it up and yes, be patient!! I would suggest maybe setting some mini goals and maybe rewarding yourself with small NON food treats, like a manicure, a movie, or a night on the town each time you reach a mini goal! Keep up the good work, you'll hit that goal soon! (

04-01-2010, 01:02 AM
Throughout the begining of my journey, I often was stuck wondering how I could have possibly have gotten myself to that low point (my highest weight), felt bad about myself and ashamed. But I kept going. What matters is you are doing it now. This has been the most rewarding process for me. But patience is key. Just keep up the healthy practices and consistency as you are doing, and results will follow. Congratulations on the weight you have already lost... that is an achievement. And celebrate your progress along the way. I wish you all the best.