Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#209

09-06-2002, 10:59 AM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
Well, I fugured that it was my turn to start up a new thread...so here I am. I couldn't remember what you put at the end and I have no clues about the cute little gifs, but it was time to move on, so here we are.

Speaking of time to move on...I was thinking about doing that very thing. I have been utterly miserable this week and my dietary efforts are reflecting that. Carbo loading a go-go! I'm not even PMSing, I just feel so fat and disgusted with myself which makes me eat more. I am afraid to get on my scale. I feel like a hypocrite coming here and trying to post something positive, when I have absolutely nothing positive to post. I KNOW I am depressed and could probably use a good regimen of anti-depressents myself, but I'm too lazy/embarrassed/scared/whatever to go to the doctor to get any.

I know I need help. I'm coming to you guys, who I don't even know, and yet I do know so well, I feel closer to you all than to most people I've worked with for years and years.

Maybe work has something to do with this bout of the blues. The job I was waiting to hear about did not pan out...yet, anyway. They are over budget for the year, so they will not be filling the position til January. Apparently it will be mine then. 4 more months of nights. :sorry:

I came home from a perfectly wonderful vacation and just nose dived. There is so much to be done around this house and I become so intimidated by everything that I just do nothing. I feel stifled by everything I see that needs my attention. I nudged and badgered my dh the other day, who is very patient usually, til I thought he was going to kill me. Perhaps that was the response I wanted, I certainly deserved it, but then I was so upset that he yelled at me, I was in tears.

Could this be some sort of peri-menopausal hormonal thing?

I must say, that just venting here has made me feel better. Putting my thoughts and feelings into words gives them substance...I can look at and analyze and deal with. I KNOW that's why journaling our feelings is so important. I KNOW that if I just get outside and walk in the sunshine I will feel better. I just have to take those steps. And I will, today. Just because I'm promising you guys, I will do it.

I am so sorry to open a new thread with such a downer of a post, but, believe me, it has truly helped. I thought that by venting here, I would receive encouraging words and good wishes from you guys, which would hopefully make me feel better, but just putting my thoughts and feelings into words has helped enormously.

Well, after purging my soul, I'm going to drag my chubby self outside. Sunshine on my brain always makes me feel good.

Thanks for "listening!" Like you had a choice!

Love you all...

09-06-2002, 11:59 AM
OMG KAT, Maybe we should start a Procrastinators Anonymous (I hope I spelled it right:) )Group.

If I worked nights I'd be even worse than I am now. The only time I get anything extra done around the house is if I sit down before I go to bed and make a list that I start on the very minute I get up. Ex: Roll out of bed, collect laundry, hit the bathroom, go downstairs and start laundry..... If the next thing is something I really hate I go immediately to that and get it started. Like when I finally did the bookcase I dumped everything on the bed as I went so I'd have to finish it before the day was done.Then I added an old laundry basket for "saves", a big trash bag for tosses. If I don't get started early it usually just doesn't get done.

Kat, I think you've mentioned before doing things one step at a time. That's the way to go. Divide you projects up into segments and do a little at a time. eg: If you have two rooms to clean Promise yourself a nice walk outside after you dust both rooms then vac and/or mop when you get back. Some times when you know a break is coming everything seems to go faster even if it really take more time than if you did everything all at once. Does this make sense????:dizzy:

Most of us do the same with our weight loss, plan low fat/ low pt. meals around the stuff we really want that may be not quite as healthy for us but tasts soooo good. ;)

I've got to get back to work but I hope some of my ramblings help. CHIN UP KAT! How was your morning walk BTW?

09-06-2002, 12:31 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: Well, well, well, everyone came out of the woodwork since I was here yesterday. GOOD! :D

Food has been horrible this week. It's been a week of 'eating out' type jobs and the scale is definately reflecting that.

Next week I'm working Monday and Tuesday and then DH and I are going back to Niagara Falls for a couple of days. We desparately need a 'get-away'. No word on the job front at this point, still waiting! :eek:

Tina: Our WW franchise is offering what they're calling a "season pass". Basically, for $162 you have paid for the entire fall season up to and including January 4th. It's a good deal for those who attend every week because it cuts the price per week down to just over $9 a week. I'm with you about needing the accountability of weighing in in front of someone. Going to the meetings is the only thing that has made me hold onto 40# of the 75# I had lost. Don't let go of your 50#. Do something now before it all creeps back on!

Mary: Hope you survived the director's visit. What type of fund-raisers are you guys going to do?

J-ann: Good for you being back OP! We CAN do this! * Oops on the friend's car. She's not going to be too happy with you! :(

Michelle: Good to see you! * I know you'll feel so much better after you sign back up for WW today. YES, the coupon was an omen!!!

LuckyLadyBug: Mine was a UPS man!!! When I was doing home marketing, I swear he was at my door at least 4 times a week. My DH and I used to kid around that the boys weren't his, they were the UPS man's! :eek:

Sara: Oh Sara, what troubles you have! What a shame that your sister is like this. Maybe, just maybe, since you haven't talked to her for sometime, she's had #1 an opportunity to know that you meant business when you said you wouldn't associate with her until she would treat you with respect and #2 had a chance to see how off kilter her life is without her sister. Also this party might give you a chance to see if she's made some changes in her behavior. After all, it's been 8 months without her sister. * Ok, now for the advice, I think I would go to the party and treat her as you normally would have. Maybe an 'I've missed you', etc. from you and just see what she does. If it's back to her usual behavior then you can always say something like 'Well, I see you haven't changed a bit' and if she's better you can go on to re-connect and have a relationship. This could be the perfect opportunity for you two to get back together and spare her the embarassment of calling you and apologizing. That is if you want to let her off the hook. Just my thoughts, sorry.

Baylee: I'm glad the program is working well for you so far. I know you're going to love it as you get going with it. * Your granddaughter sounds so precious! My cousin's granddaughter just started kindergarten. On the first day she came home and my cousin asked her if there were any cute boys in her class. She said, "no, grandma, not really. I guess I'll have to look in the first grade." Don't you wonder where they get this stuff????

Steph: Glad you checked in. It must really be an adjustment for you. I almost remember those days! :lol:

Deadnursewife: Hope you'll stop in often. Welcome.

Katrina: Absolutely, it can be a peri-menopausal hormonal thing. My best friend is going through just that. I told her she can't have these nasty feelings and not do something about it. I finally convinced her to go to the doctor and she put her on a mild dose of Zoloft. What a difference it has made!!! Stop with the "lazy/embarrassed/scared/whatever" excuse and go get some help. You're wasting life!

Boy have I had a mouthful of advice today. :o I'm sorry if I offended anybody. I guess I must be in some sort of take charge, opinionated mood today. I hope you all have a great day. I'll check in later.

09-06-2002, 08:27 PM
Evening my fellow chickies:chicken: :D

Thin:Yes we survived the director being here yesterday. She is not that bad. I survived the meeting today too althoughh I did not have to participate. there was food but I ate a lot of fruit. I did eat 2 muffins though.

We are going to have a Sat. morning coffee shop during the winter months. People can come in and have a cup of coffee or hot coco and maybe a cookie or donut for a nominal fee with the proceeds going to the library. My brother in law works for a company that will furnish the coffee and we are going to see if some of the businesses in town want to furnish goodies.

I am off tomorrow and we are going to the Sam's club and I need new shoes.

Well i'll close for now

09-06-2002, 10:16 PM
OK here I am...all signed up and stuffed to the gills! I had my last hurrah at KFC today. Isn't that so sad??!!! I will start fresh in the morning. My water is jug is chilling in the fridge, my salad is tossing in the bowl and I have the makings for that tuna pasta salad in the little handout they give you. I figured since I cooked pasta last night for my chop suey that I would save some aside for that recipe. That will be my lunch tomorrow. Its 5 pts a serving.

Ok I can't respond to you all this time because I have some reading to do. I was running all around today getting stuff for Andrew's 2nd birthday party next saturday. Its Bob the Builder plates, napkins and cups and the cake will be ordered this weekend. I got little loot bags to fill with junk for the kids and I got him a couple of Wiggles videos. He loves the Wiggles. Poor little guy has been stuffy for the past couple of days. He was up all night last night and needless to say...so was I!!! Then the alarm goes off at 5:15 and our day starts once again. I am EXHAUSTED!

Well I gotta get my hiney in bed. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. Only thing on the agenda is grocery shopping for legal foods and cleaning the house and LAUNDRY...thats a never ending story!

TTFN Michelle

09-06-2002, 11:31 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I had to stop in because I was reading on another thread and found this analogy. I thought it was quite the hoot, hope you will too.

Deadnursewife wrote: "losing weight is like being constipated all the time. It only comes off a little at a time and you need to make a tremendous effort."

Now if that isn't the truth, I don't know what it! :lol:

Mary: The coffee and donuts sounds like a great idea. The reason I asked is because I've done/organized several fund raisers when I was running for political office. One of the most fun ones was a video road rally. You sell tickets, $30 per person/$50 a couple or something like that. People need a video camera and you provide clues that they need to determine what you're after and then go video tape it. Everyone gathers at a location, you hand out the clues and give them a timeframe (starts @ 7:00, they need to be back by 9:00, or something similar) to return and off they go. While they're gone, you prepare for their return by ordering pizza or subs or something else that's very simple. When they return you have already set up several (2 is usually enough) TV's with VCR's and everybody gets to sit and vote on the best video. It's really hilarious how some will interpret the clues. It's great fun and we did real well with it for a fundraiser.

Michelle: Congrats on getting back with WW. I just know you'll be doing great real soon. * How's the Algebra???

Well, girls, gotta run. Hope you all have a good night.

09-07-2002, 12:20 AM
Baylee, I laughed out loud when I saw what you wrote about Ward! Thanks!

09-07-2002, 06:51 AM
It's just me! I needed a change and what better way to support my favorite racecar driver? Ok, don't start rolling your eyes. :rolleyes: I won't get on my Tony kick right now. Speaking of Tony, guess who's going to see him this coming Thursday? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count! Yep........
YOURS TRULY. :cb: You guys will have to send me :goodvibes that this time I actually speak to him. The first time I saw him in April, as I was taking his picture he looked up and smiled at me and I was a goner. :faint: I just walked up there like the nerd that I am, picked up my book and walked away. I didn't even manage a "thank you". Of course, I guess as freaked out as I was, if something had of come out of my mouth it would have either been vomit or gibberish, and either way, security would have been called. :foot:

Now that I have had my Tony fix for the day..............

Kat: How many times have you felt this way in your life? I bet, as many times as I have. There is no advice that I can give you that you don't already know, but I am here to listen. I will be here for you whenever you need me. As long as we continue to keep this weight on our body, we are going to be unhappy. Just when we think that we are sailing along, BOOM! we hit a rock and start to sink. Take me for example, flying along......doing just fine. Lost almost 60 lbs in 3 mos and here I am, 3 mos later and steadily climbing. I think I have lost the same 50 lbs a hundred times. I wish you were here close to me where we could "physically" see each other and we could do this together. But you know, even as I typed that sentence, it crossed my mind..........We don't have to physically see each other for me to love you and encourage you. The bottom line is, no one can make our decisions for us. We must be accountable for the decisions we make. No one forces us to pick up that fork or spoon and one way or another, this weight has got to come off. I think you and me both need a pick me up. I'll carry you today because I might need you tomorrow. Come on Kat. We can do this......together. Remember the name of the thread. "Ready to Try Again"........are you ready? I am. Much :love: to you.
P.S. You know I'm back on third shift again........we can be night owls together. :)

Baylee: Girl! What am I gonna do with you? What you wrote about Ward nearly killed me! I had just put a piece of ice in my mouth and nearly choked on it I laughed so hard!! Of course you know, I am sitting here at work and I scared my co-worker to death! She came running over and started beating me on the back. Of course, I suppose I deserved that. Even though I was chewing on a piece of ice from my DIET coke, it was my drink of choice to wash down my four krystals and french fries with. Bad Tina.......bad Tina! Sorry to hear about your hip. Rest up and get to feeling better so you can go enjoy yourself for a little while.

Michelle: I am so proud of you girl and so happy to see you back. Maybe you can inspire me a little. We just need that sometimes, don't we? I can't wait to see your posts and all your wonderful ideas. It is so nice to have you back. I can't say that enough. Also, how is school going? Are you wore out yet? What about your munchkin? By the way, in case your interested, Jimmy Johnson got the pole today. :p But remember, it doesn't matter where you start, it's where you FINISH, that counts!
P.S. Love that KFC too. :s:

Thin: You didn't offend me at all...........I don't think any of us were. We appreciate you opinions. As a matter of a fact, that's what we look to you for. You are always full of good ideas and you know how to kick our butts when we need it. I am very proud to call you my friend.

J-Ann: I will definitely be a member of the Procrastinators Anonymous Club. This is the story of my life. I put off "putting off". That's how bad I am. Making a list sounds good to me, the only problem is........I would lose the list! I lost my remote three days ago and still can't find it. I just know it is somewhere in the muck dying a slow death. I must do better. Today, I will clean my house. Well, after I sleep. And eat. And watch the race........but by then, it will be too late and I'll have to go back to work. Oh well, in the great words of Mrs. O'hara....."Tomorrow is another day". SEE WHAT I MEAN??!!

Mary: So glad you survived the director coming in. When they come in, it can always be so nerve wracking, cause you just know your gonna do something stupid. At least that's what always happens to me. I think the donut/coffee idea is wonderful. That would be a really nice relaxing way to start your Saturday morning. Have fun at Sam's and shopping for shoes. I LOVE to shop for shoes. My boys hate it though.......I usually end up with something I'm not quite satisffied with though, because I can only take so many "Mom, are you done yet?!! Why do we have to look at shoes all day?" before I run amuck and kill someone with a shoehorn! :lol:

I hope I haven't forgot anyone else. To everyone else I missed, hope you have a wonderful weekend and stop by and post if you can. Try something new this weekend. Just for fun, do something that you've never done before. It doesn't have to be anything too risque........like kayaking, take a walk down a path you've never taken before, try a food you've never tried......
just do something new. Sometimes that's all it takes to get our juices flowing again. I love you all!

09-07-2002, 10:14 AM
Baylee: They will be able to drink their coffee and read on Sat. only we have a meeting room with a coffee area so that is where we will have it set up. We have to think up a good name any ideas from you guys. Another library had one they called the
"Cup and Chausier" cute huh

09-07-2002, 12:16 PM
Where da heck are you all? Outside on this beautiful day I bet! You are all out walking and getting in your exercise for the day right? Well as soon as I get off here I am going to change Andrew and get him a drink and take him out in his stroller for a walk. I gotta start right from the beginning. It really does grow on you once you get into a routine...I loved it when I lost that 97 lbs before pregnancy....I couldn't wait to get out there and walk walk walk! And the more I walked the quicker the weight came off! I know....you all know that already...but its sooo true!

Sara...I just have to tell you...I pee'd my pants sitting here reading your post way back about the cable guy! LOL You did have me there! I was actually envious! I was drooling over that discription!

Tina...I am back with a recipe...you probably have it already in that booklet type thing they give you when you join...It has all the coupons in it and menu ideas....its for the pasta salad...and I have to tell you in advance only make up one serving for yourself or you will want to eat it all up in one sitting. It is really filling so you only need the one....here goes:

1/2 cup cooked pasta
1/2 cup canned mixed veggies
1/4 cup water packed tuna
1/4 cup FF mayo

I inhaled it...it was so quick and easy and tasty. Only thing I did was I used the Hellmans 2Good mayo...its got 2 g fat. It tastes really good. I hate fat free mayo...yuk! Why bother! Oh and its 5 points for that recipe. It says to serve it on a bed of lettuce but I didn't bother...it was gone before I could finish mixing it up! It does make a good serving too once you add everything in! I mixed up another serving for tomorrow's lunch. That would be a great meal to take to work!

Mary sounds like a neat idea doing the coffee and pastry at the library. I need to go to my library and check things out. I haven't been in such a long time. Its only across the street from my neighborhood.

Baylee....so you started WW meetings? Good for you!! When I lost all my weight before I was going to each meeting and STAYING for the meeting. That really helped me alot! Of course I was living alone in a new state and knew not a soul so it was my night out for the week. Another thing I did was after my meeting each week as long as I lost I would allow myself to get whatever I wanted to eat for dinner whether it was McDonalds, Chinese or whatever...I looked forward to it...and counted the points...and after a short time I found myself at the chinese restaurant next door ordering Steamed Shrimp and Chinese Vegetables..no sauce and it came with white rice. The McDonalds stuff was actually sickening to me after awhile! The WW plan does work you just have to work the plan...and don't give up...and don't get stuck on the same foods...like Tina said..try something new!

Thin...I gave up on the algebra...I even changed schools AND changed my major! I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up. I changed my major back to Accounting...I want to be a CPA. I am going to go to Thomas Edison State College in Trenton NJ. They are geared to distance learning..no classrooms. I need that with the little guy. Its hard going to class not knowing when John will get home from work each night...and trying to find a sitter. And this is a 4 yr college too. I transfered around 30 credits from Rhode Island so I will be in my sophmore year. I also transfered my financial aid and they are processing that. This school has semester starting every month so I will be able to start in November once everything is processed. So I have a bit of a break right now.

J-Ann...count me in for the procrastinators club! Thats me to a T !
I just have no motivation these days.

Ok you all...I can't remember who posted what on the last thread...so please forgive me. I am gonna go for that walk after I throw a load of clothes in the wash. That way that will be one less thing to do when I get back!

TTFN Michelle

09-07-2002, 12:47 PM
Good Morning Girlfriends!

Well, the dark cloud seems to have shifted a bit, there are rays of sunshine poking through...I feel better today, and will discuss the scary moods with my gyn guy...I'm due for a visit in Oct. In the mean time, I'll take my St John's Wort, along with all the other vitamins that have just been sitting there.

I'm having a balanced breakfast, I weighed myself this am...ulp...here goes...260 , up six pounds from before vaca...okay, I have a number to work with. Time to get my A$$ back in gear and do what needs to be done.

Thank you Thin...we LOVE your opinions, don't ever hold them back...they always make sense.

J-ann...I'm not only a member of the Procrastinator's Club, I'm the CEO! What do you think I'm doing right now?

Mary, I want to come to your library! That sounds lovely! U'll try to think of a name for you.

Baylee...hope the hip is feeling better. No kayaking for you this week...I'll notify Ward.

Tina...thanks so much for the pep talk. Come on, take my hand, we can help each other. (I don;t think you could lift me without inflicting much damage!)

Michelle...let me know when you want to meet. Your schedule is way more demanding than mine! I'm looking forward to it. Steph is a Jersey girl too, I don't think she's too far from where we can rendezvous...How 'bout it Steph? You up for it?

Shoot, I gotta run, bank's gonna close in 10 min and I need to get there...bye!

09-07-2002, 04:12 PM
Good day, ladies! :wave:We didn't get up very early this morning. DH and I about 11:00 and the boys somewhere around 1:00. Just a lazy daisy day! My guys just left to take some chairs and tables out to my niece's. My grand nephew will be baptised tomorrow and they needed a few things.

Baylee: Gotta do the water! It flushes out all that fat so that you can get rid of. *flush* :cool: Sure hope your hip feels better soon. I can see why you didn't want to make that long trip back and forth feel that way. Hope it's better tomorrow for you.

Tina: Aw shucks! :o You're so kind! * The first thing I noticed last night was the new avatar. :lol:

Michelle: It sounds like the school thing will really work out for you. It is hard having a little one and trying to be all and do all. I congratulate you for wanting to finish your education. A CPA is a great career. * Good job getting back on the weightloss trail too. Go for it!! :)

Katrina: Thanks. Most people think I'm far TOO opinionated! :^:
Glad you're feeling a bit better. 6# from vacation is no real setback. It's normal to gain a bit on vacation unless you're really watching. Just all the sodium from eating out so much will do things to you. Get all your water in and 5 fruits/veggies everyday and let nature take it's course. You'll be fine in to time. *tee hee* that was almost a rhyme! :D

Mary: I'll put my thinking cap on for a name for your Saturday morning thing at the library. I haven't been too creative lately though, so don't expect much. :lol:

Hope you are all well. We're having a real heatwave here. 88 today and 90 tomorrow is forcasted. Come on Fall, where are you????

See you all later.

09-07-2002, 04:48 PM
I just got back from my uncles funeral. I have been reading posts trying to catch up…..

Thin Don't change...I love your posts.

Michelle Happy :dance: to see you post. I missed you! :grouphug:

j-ann I do my best working in the morning too. Hit the floor and don’t stop until I am ready to rest. My boss is someone who is always late and stays until 7PM at work. We leave a 5PM and I hate it because she never thinks of telling us anything until 5PM, when she is “finally” working. I have started to say, “Oh, can that wait until morning because it’s 5 and I have to go.” She always says yes but I know she doesn’t like it.

Kat Oh, girl, been there more than once. Sometimes in the last two years I have felt so immobilized that it seemed my brain was frozen…I couldn’t even get it to think. For me I realized that much of my “problem” is my weight. I tend to be a loner, self-sufficient, okay, I like to control my life. I haven’t been able to do that over the last two years so with that and the weight I had put on it really took a toll on me. I have been slowly taking charge of my weight. S L O W L Y :mad: but at least I stopped gaining. I feel stronger on this issue as time marches on. But time seems to be going so fast and I don’t want to live fat anymore. One thing I did start doing when my life started to change drastically was read fiction. I have always pretty much read true stories or self-help books - now that I write that I realize they didn’t help me much…:lol: These books of fiction have helped me escape and now I think I am actually learning from the women (and men) in these stories.

I also agree with, Tina, we have all gone through this and are here for you. BUT, I think “we” are more important to each other than we realize. Before I never had anyone I would talk to about my weight and I really feel a difference being able to come here, be honest and understood.

Sara This Fed Ex guy WORKED OUT….a lot by the looks of him. I was living in an apartment at that time with mostly older (70+) women and they would ALL be at their windows at 1:30PM sharp to watch for him. Summers were great because he wore shorts and his shirt sleeves were almost bursting at the seam from his muscles. Oh, memories…he also flirted like crazy!!:cloud9:

Is it the “problem” sister that is the middle child? Or you…..I am the oldest of four and the sister in the middle is our “problem” too.

What weight lifts do you do? I KNOW I NEED to get back to that but keep putting it off. You know my “time” issue.

Looks like the future therapist needs a therapist in the present THAT is exactly what will make you a great therapist in the future…been there, done that!!!! :smug:

I am with Tina, jogging…you impress me…….

Tina When do we get pictures of Daisy?

Baylee Geez its hot here again…93….

You are journaling…oh, please send me some inspiration. I am WAY over 35 but this prison is owned by some private company. Many of their guards are over 50, some over 60…..

Do any of you do low carb? I find I have much more energy if I eat more protein and less carbs but, what a surprise, hate trying to understand it all.

I have to make sure I keep up cause this was exhausting….I need a nap now!!!!!

09-07-2002, 04:53 PM
Oh, on the man front...I have to shut up about that...today at the lunch after my uncles funeral, a different uncle (so you don't get confused), would point to men and go "he is single, what do you think?" "Should I call him over"? :fr:

It was getting embarrasing - but hilarious....

09-07-2002, 08:39 PM
I too am convinced exercise, or movement...some people have jobs where they move all the time ...is the key, Baylee.

I know when your very overweight changing your eating can help you lose some pounds but in the end we have to move to keep losing. Our lives are just to easy, physically speaking. Nothing like what our ancestors had to do.

I HAVE to get consistant with exercise...anyone want to join me, help me?????:?:

I need to go for 7 days a week because we all know we always miss a day here and there. If I pick 3 days and miss a couple - well, then I haven't really done any!!:sp:

Could you all calm down on posting over the next three days????? I have to go on a trip for work and by the time I get back to read your posts on Wednesday I know you will have filled two threads....I already feel behind!!!!

You can post like crazy until noon tomorrow, Sunday cause that is when I leave and I will check in before I go.

While I am away you COULD find and send me that wealthy hunk!!!! I would even post my address for that!!!:dance: :flow2:


09-07-2002, 08:43 PM
Oh, Baylee, on the prison thing.

This prison was built and owned by the town it is in but they couldn't handle it so some company bought it from some southern state. I think they go this route because we need prisons. This one has been here less than ten years and they have added on twice. Usually the prisoners are from Puerto Rico, Hawaii or some other far away place. The joke here is they do that because the prisoners wouldn't want to escape into Minnesota weather.

I have two relatives working there so I could get more insight on the ownership thing. It isn't a State prison like St. Cloud.

09-07-2002, 10:02 PM
Hello everyone,

Been on vacation over the last week and a half doing things around the house (painting, cleaning, gardening, waterproofing, etc). So tired, but sure don't want to go back to work on Monday either.

I am doing pretty well food wise. I lost 1 pound at WW this morning and received by 55 # star. I am now down 55.5 pounds at WW and 74.5 overall. I am also very close to being in the 260s which seems like heaven to me right now.

My SIL who also has been going to WW with me over the last few months is now quitting, as she is PREGNANT! She is approximately 5 weeks. She told the people at WW that she plans to come back in June 2003 once the baby is about a month old. I sure am going to miss the support, the competition, and the motivation. She was doing so well, but now she has a new challenge....

People seem to be noticing my weight loss a bit more now. While I haven't been losing very fast, I think my fat is repositioning itself (LOL!). I really am looking forward to the day where I will be considered just fat, not morbidly obese. I want to be a size 16 again (7th grade). I want to begin to see myself thinner. I don't want to be a size 6, I just want to be smaller than I am right this minute.

By the way, I have decided that if we are financially ready, we are planning to try having another baby starting in January 2004. Andrew will be 4 then, and by the time the baby would be born, and I take time off from work, he will be starting kindergarten. Which will be helpful, as daycare is so expensive. My ob/gyn wants me to be under 250, which hopefully will not be a problem, but heck, I was over 300 with Andrew and only gained like 10 pounds, of which almost 9 pounds was baby.

Anyhow, that is the update with me.

Have a great weekend.

09-07-2002, 10:29 PM
:) Dear Kat,

This is the first time I have been to any of the forums in a long, long time. I was really inspired by your thread that you started. I did not consider it a downer. It was like reading a page out of my own life.

I have literally reached rock bottom with my weight.:( About the depression you think you might be feeling. The symptoms you are describing are classic of depression. There is no shame/fear or anything else involved with getting help. What people don't understand is that our "mental" health is just as important if not more important than our "physical" health. I am the mother of 4 children, ages 15, 6, 5 and 10 months. After my last child was born about 3 weeks later I had a major breakdown which they described as post partum depression, I had to be hospitalized for this and I am currently taking Zoloft, (non-habit forming) 150 mg. daily. This is the first time that I have ever experienced true depression in my life and I can say with all honesty the good lord above and Zoloft saved my life, truthfully God probably led me to this medication for my survival. The only problem I experienced with this medication is that is takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days to start to work but once it starts to work my life got back to normal in a real hurry. As someone else posted, please get help and don't waste the precious moments of your life suffering.

Now after that lecture;) back to the weight issue. I am 5'2" and I weigh 252 lbs. This is the heaviest I have been in my life. I am only 36 years old and already my knees are giving me tremendous trouble due to having to carry all of this weight around. I have tried numerous "weight loss" diets and tactics. I just can't seem to get on track. I really need all of the help and support I can get from this forum and I also need friends. If I sound desperate then its because I am. My life is passing me by as my children are growing up and I am literally a prisoner of my own house. I don't want to go anywhere or participate in anything because of the comments I get about my weight. My husband says there are more important things in life than worrying about my weight and I agree but I am also concerned about my health. It seems I am totally out of control. I eat, and eat and eat and eat like a pig and then feel guilty, it is a never ending process.

On the housework. I totally agree with what someone else posted. Lists, lists, lists. Do one thing at a time. For instance lets say hypothetically you have a 3 bedroom house with 2 baths, etc. On your list put today I will 1. Clean one bedroom. Tomorrow I will clean 1 bathroom. I mean throughly clean these areas not just surface cleaning. The end result will be a very clean house and then all you will have to do is maintenance cleaning.

Well gotta go for now. I apologize to you if I sound preachy. Its just that my heart goes out to you so much. I can relate to you so very much in my own life.

Thanks for listening and sorry this is so long.


09-08-2002, 03:25 AM
I've been SO busy in the last couple of days that I haven't had time to post... and still don't! :) It's 2:30am here and I just wanted put in an appearance!

Tomorrow, hubby and I are heading into Toronto as his parents will be in town for the day and we're supposed to have lunch with them... SO I'll probably get a good posting in after then!

All's well on the diet front. I've been tempted SO much today with really bad food but I was very well behaved. I actually was in a situation today that if I didn't eat fattening, greasy food, I would have to go without food... so I went without!

ANYHOO... a big welcome to you newbies and I'll be back to post in earnest tomorrow evening!

Sara :)

09-08-2002, 07:40 AM
Well ladies, I'll tell you....... I just don't have it in me for a long post tonight. (or I guess I should say this morning) This is my last day of the week and I am thrilled. The best part about it is, is that I'm not tired. :hypno2: I'm just drained. I've had a real busy week. Work, I am happy to say......is GREAT! It's just like coming back home, but without the fire breathing dragon ready to eat you up! :yikes: I don't know if that last sentence made any sense or not, but for those of you that remember the tales of my old boss........you will understand. I've got about 25 more minutes and I am out of here and on the way home.......I do have to stop by the stupid grocery store on the way home and pick up some stuff for dinner today. I'm like old mother hubbard. (not sure if that's how you spell that) You know, the one that went to get her poor dog a bone and the cupboards were bare? Yep, that's me. Here lately, I've gotten to hate grocery shopping. I send dh as often as I can, but we can only live on hotdogs for so long, you know? :lol: I don't really have a lot to say today, believe it or not. I think my brain needs a rest. I will be back this afternoon. I :love: you all!

I will say, however to Terri: Welcome! You don't know it yet, but you have just entered a thread with some of the nicest people you will ever want to meet. If you post and post often and get to know us. We will be like your second family. (You know, the ones that you pretend your not related to?) :lol: Welcome! Glad to have you here with us!

09-08-2002, 09:37 AM
Good morning, everyone! :wave: I'm up early to post as we have my grandnephew's baptism this morning at 10:00. I figured I would get up, plug in the hot rollers, and come talk to all my friends while they heat up.

Food has been so-so lately. I've fallen deeply into the trap of "I'll start in earnest when I get back from Niagara Falls", not a good frame of mind.

LuckyLadyBug: You're so sweet. Thanks. :love: I bet you were having a fit at the funeral that your uncle was trying to fix you up! What a hoot! You've got everyone on 'man patrol'. :lol: "Could you all calm down on posting over the next three days?????" You're too funny! All the rest of us have to play 'catch up' when we're gone, what makes you so special??? Huh, huh??? :rolleyes: Have a good, safe trip. We'll see you on thread #212 when you get back! :D Besides, I'll be gone Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so that would mean no one can post for a week. I don't think that's going to happen!

Baylee: I wonder if you know how profound a statement this was: "I have to think about what is more important to me; losing weight, or not keeping track of what I eat." My WW leader says that on the top of each page of her journal every week she writes: "Are You Willing?" Even for her, maintaining is a struggle sometimes and she needs to remind herself. I found your statement to be right on target. Isn't taking a minute to write what we bite worth the effort for such a terrific result? You bet it is!!

Susie: Gosh it's good to see you. It sounds like you had more work than vacation this past week. What a busy beaver you were. I hope since it's Sunday, you can get in at least one day of real vacation (relax, take it easy) before returning to work tomorrow. :o You are doing so well with your weightloss efforts. Almost 75# gone, that's wonderful!! Keep up the good work.

Terri/1fatlady: Hi. Glad you stopped in to join us. Mary is from Mississippi too. Maybe you guys are neighbors. :) I'm also very happy that you found your solution to your depression. My girlfriend has found the same thing: she got her life back. * Come back again and join us. We're a pretty eclectic bunch (all ages, all sizes, from all over), and we love new-comers.

Sara: Have fun with the in-laws. Good for you passing on all the fattening stuff. Good job!

Tina: I'm so happy for you that you made the decision to go back to your old job and be happy! [[[hugs]]] You just sound so much better. * I've gotten to the point where I hate grocery shopping too. I'm not sure what's going on with that. Well, yes I do. I don't mind the shopping so much as the dragging it all in the house and putting it away. I can throw stuff in a cart and pay for it, it's just what happens next that I hate! :eek: I've found that I CAN'T send hubby or sons to do it, as they pick up all the full fat stuff instead of the 'lite' or 'fat free' stuff that I use, and then of course there's the donuts and all the other crap they select!!! I can't win!!!

Well, girls, the rollers are hot, gotta run. The rest of my household is up and running now too. See you all later.

09-08-2002, 09:46 AM
Well, I am packed and almost ready for my trip. I feel like I am leaving for years. I won't leave until noon so I will check in here again to make an attempt to not let all the posts pile up for my return. Somedays we don't say much and others we yak up a storm, don't we?

Susie, I am surprised that the WW leader didn't have your SIL stay because when I did WW a couple years ago the leader and some of the group were pregnant. They got more points than the rest of us but they still came. Way to go on the weight loss....

Terri, welcome to the group. Don't aplogize for long posts, they happen here often.

Sara, you sure a doing good on the control!!!! Have fun in Toronto.

Tina, that was a short post for you! :lol: I am so happy you are happy back at your job. I am a bit surprised you have never gotten a job in "you know who's" pit crew!! :cb: I do hate to disagree with you but you CAN too live on hot dogs - indefinately!!! :yikes:

09-08-2002, 09:54 AM
Thin, you snuck in on me...

AND made me have a twinge in my stomach...

Baylee: I wonder if you know how profound a statement this was: "I have to think about what is more important to me; losing weight, or not keeping track of what I eat." My WW leader says that on the top of each page of her journal every week she writes: "Are You Willing?" Even for her, maintaining is a struggle sometimes and she needs to remind herself. I found your statement to be right on target. Isn't taking a minute to write what we bite worth the effort for such a terrific result? You bet it is!!

YOU just may have got me to journal - drum roll and three cheers for Thin!!!!!:dance:

That doesn't mean I won't whine...but I will REALLY start to journal...Wednesday!!!!!:smug:

09-08-2002, 10:25 AM
Welcome Terri?1fatlady: Come visit us often I am from Mississippi also. This group of ladies are great.

To everyone else good morning. I am going into town to shop see if I can find something different. :p :D :

cb: :dance: :dancer:


09-08-2002, 11:43 AM
Good Morning Gals!

Dr Jekyll reporting from the home front...What a glorious day!! (Except for the HUGE amount of ragweed dust flying throught the air, rendering me a sneezing, sniffling, snorting mess)...but you know what?? I don't care because I feel good mentally!!!

Thank you and WELCOME, Terri...I think I'm going to make an appointment with my primary doc, and not wait til I see the gyn guy. I could use a full blown physical anyway/ I have suspected for a while that I may suffer from depression...never really wanted to admit it though. How could I be depressed?? I'm always laughing, the life of the party?!? But deep down, I have always been unhappy with myself. And that is hard to admit. On the one hand, I feel so totally blessed, I have a wonderful husband that I still laugh with and love after 19 years, two great, well adjusted kids (I don't think that happens accidentally, you need good parents to raise them that way), we are not rich, but are financially better off than we have been in years, we all have good health, I've never suffered any of the tragedies and losses that most people I know have....SO WHAT THE **** IS DEPRESSING ME??? I AM an adult child of alcoholics and I know some of my angst stems from that. There is A LOT of alcoholism in my family. I should probably look into attending Al Anon...have thought that for years. You know what??? I'm going to put that on the LIST that I started for this week...right now!

Okay, therapy session over...thank you all, again, for being here and being true friends. I love you guys! :cry: :love:

While I have the tissues out, did anyone see "Whwn We Were Soldiers"? Oh Lord, did I use up a half a box last night! Vietnam movies just really get to me in a way that other war movies don't. Maybe because I remember those days, probably because of the pointlessness of it all. I won't even go there.

Tina, give my regards to Tony! Just flutter your eyelashes and flash him that big smile! He'll be panting for YOU!

Lucky...do you remember the show "Prisoner of Cell Block H?" It was about a woman's prison, with those scary lady guards. But they could kick ***! Maybe you'll want to start pumping iron! :strong:

Baylee...thanks for the article...I KNOW I need to up my exercise, I don't think an hour a day is too much, if you schedule it in...may cut into my computer time though! YOu're right about journalling, gonna start that right now too...I was tidying up before, while waiting for the computer to boot up...came across a little "At a glance" date book and tossed it, thinking, well, I haven;t used this all year, who needs it now? I fished it out of the trash before to start my list, and now I have just added this mornings food and water. look out! I'm journalling! Come on Lucky, you can too!

SaraJoy...have fun with your folks!

Thin, is Niagra Falls far from where you are? It's about a 10 hour drive from here...I've always wanted to go there. Have fun and give us details! Maybe WARD will be there with the barrel over the falls concession!

Hi Mary! Still pondering a name for your Sat AM library/coffee klatch...

Susie...it sounds like you are doing well, slowly but surely...isn't that the way it's SUPPOSED to be done? Good for you!

Michelle...I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up either. I just added calling the community college to my list...Thanks for the inspiration!

J-ann...thank you for the list idea! I have resisted it for so long, thinking, "what the ****, I won't follow it anyway," but it does feel good to be able to cross an accomplishment OFF once completed!

Steph, where are ya? We didn't scare you off, did we?

Malia, parlez-vous francais? German, and now French? You amaze me.

2cute...come back! Miss you!

I hope I didn't miss anyone...if so, I'll catch you next time. Gotta go get ready for a wedding reception this afternoon. My nephew and his gal got married last week in Jamaica, party's today! I was going to buy something new to wear, decided that I have more than enough fat clothes, I really don't need to add to their ranks! Anyeay, I have a cute bargain dress that I've never worn...gonna get my $15 worth!

This is WAY longer than I wanted it to be. Sorry!

Have a great day, all! Thanks again for listening and understanding!

Love ya!

09-08-2002, 11:46 AM
Hi Ladies,
I am so lucky to have such good friends both here and in"real life". I sat out front yesterday for over an hour waiting for my friend to get in so I could tell her about the car 1st thing. :sad: I worked myself up into a tizzy worrying. Well, she was great! After the initial "you didn't?" she just said "these things happen, we'll let the insurance companies handle it." Phew! I knew she wouldn't hate me but you still worry. It did help keep me on program tho. I had a muffin for breakfast, then we had 30 -40 folks over for a barbecue-get together. There were home made goodies everywhere. My stomach was still so tied in knots that I finally had a rib an a couple salt potatoes around 8 pm and that was it for the day. Not the way WW suggests you eat but a heck of a lot better than binging. :)

Today should be better. A few folks who came from out of town will be back to help clean up the left-overs.

WELCOME TERI from MISS. Glad you found us.This is a great bunch!

Can't stay to chat, got to finish cleaning up from the bash.

09-08-2002, 12:17 PM
Kat, you are rolling....you are working on a great list. Becareful at the doctor - don't let them give you drugs, drugs, drugs....you know how you hear those stories where doctors give women drugs to pacify them....but I know you are too smart to fall for that.!:D

Also, I think we may be around the same era - - don't know if I mentioned this before but I am 51. You probably have a hormone thing going on...at least that's what I blame everything on!!!! As I said I have had (and have sometimes) the same feelings as you but have noticed if I take my vitamins and eat more protein I feel better.

Come on, Sara, your our resident therapist even if you did change to Accounting.

j-ann Your friend sounds like a keeper.:goodvibes

09-08-2002, 02:03 PM
Thanks everyone for welcoming me to this wonderful group of ladies.

Kat, you were wondering about why you are depressed. You say you have a wonderful husband, kids and are financially o.k. at the moment. Well as you will find out as you search for the causes of depression all of this has nothing to do with it. It is literally a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you depressed and the medications make the chemicals work properly again.

I had everything to be happy about also, my brain chemicals just went haywire.

What part of Mississippi are you from. I am from the Northeast part. I'll try and post again soon. Thanks again for the warm welcome.


09-08-2002, 03:24 PM
I'm checking in quickly...I had a great walk with my doggie, we went to the beach and strolled around this old fort. It was pretty neat, the fort was in operation from 1896 to 1974...there are old gun bunkers and cannons...During WWII, it was on full alert to protect New York Harbor from attack. There were actually German submarines right out off our coast. See? I got some exercise and some sun AND I learned something!

So far, eating has been fabulous, water excellent AND I've exercised. Good good good.

See you later, love to all.