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03-30-2010, 11:19 AM
I am here, hoping to start maintenance very very soon.

Can anyone give me tips on what I should be doing to maintain? What should I be eating? How much should I be exercising?

Any help would be extremely beneficial. Thanks in advance.


Shannon in ATL
03-30-2010, 11:48 AM
Hi there! Good to see you moving into maintenance. Congrats! :)

I'm about your height and weight and I maintain at 1850-1950 calories per day. I'm a little high on the calories right now because I gave in to the munchies more than I should during the last few weeks of training.

I exercise 5-6 days per week. My vision is 2-3 days of strength training (weights, crossfit, yoga, etc) with light cardio (bike, kickboing, elliptical) & 3 days of running either at the park or on the treadmill. The strength sessions are usually 45-90 minutes depending on time and activity, the runs go from 60-180 minutes depending on how long a run I have planned. I just finished a half marathon last month, have a 10k planned for July, a half marathon for September and possibly a full marathon for March with one other in between September & March. Thus, my running schedule might be a little harder core than most maintainers. :)

My maintenance is pretty much exactly like my weight loss. I still track & log my food every day. I still plan snacks and meals in advance. I still log my exercise on charts. I still weigh and log every day on a chart. I just eat a little more and try not to panic if I don't get all of my exercise in every week. :)