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03-30-2010, 06:55 AM
I've been having loads of ideas for mini goals, so I thought I'd actually jot some down. I had decided on certain mini goals and rewards, but I'm not satisfied with them so I'm making new ones :)

1) Lose ten pounds (completed!)
2) Lose 25 pounds
3) Lose 50 pounds
4) Be able to jog for 5 minutes without stopping
5) Be able to run for 5 minutes without stopping
6) No longer be "super morbidly obese"
7) No longer be obese
8) Have more muscle mass than fat mass
9) Be happy with how my body looks naked
10) Lose 100 pounds

I'm not sure what I want my rewards to be, but here are some things I've been thinking of, I think I'm going to just pick one when I complete something.

1) Trip to Mexico (hoping to be my 50lb reward, I really want to go in the fall...)
2) Buy a super sexy corset lingerie thing
3) Get my hair done, with highlights and lowlights and all that (havent had my hair done in 4+ years!)
4) Buy myself a new bicycle
5) Buy a new bra
6) Treat myself to an at-home spa day
7) Take a 3 day vacation in the middle of the week and go camping, or just drive somewhere, sleep and then come home
8) Treat myself to a movie
9) Sign up for Aquafit
10) New shoes

Money is kind of tight right now, so all of these things while potentially seeming small are actually HUGE because I haven't bought myself anything other than food related rewards (before changing lifestyles) in a loooong time.

03-30-2010, 11:47 AM
I have been the exact same way. It was just depressing to go shop for myself at all. So I didnt do it. My clothes are so loose they fall off but I am not buying anything Till my daughters graduation on May 21st. That will be my first nice outfit in probably 10 years.

I think your rewards are great...and its the meaning that counts not the money :)

Good luck!!