100 lb. Club - Accountability, exercise, menu, chit chat, support - of March 29

03-29-2010, 03:50 PM
Hi...if you are looking for a place to put your plan for the day - food, exercise, life, etc - then this is the place. Please feel free to join in.

03-29-2010, 03:53 PM
Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to check in real quick and let you all know that I will be in and out all week. My life is chaotic right now (I will fill you in when it settles down...haha)

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and lost 3.4 pounds! Yahoo. At least the craziness is off to a good start!

I'm thinking of all of you and hope you have a great OP week!

03-29-2010, 07:22 PM
woohoo for 3.4 pounds!

I have my very first NSV today. The jeans I am wearing right now, size 16, were quite tight on me when I started. Today, when I was putting them on, I realized that I could pull them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Finally some visible results!

03-30-2010, 06:40 AM
Good Morning! Well, I survived my first day back from vacation! Phew....

brandi--excellent news! congrats on the loss!!!!!! Hope things settle down soon!

HokieLoki--Fantastic NSV!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

This afternoon I have to go to the state psych hospital to interview someone for our residential program. I despise going there...it is SO depressing. BUT...I am planning on stopping at the mall on my way home...I need to pick up a couple mini rewards for myself to have on hand...I KNOW I will be needing them (plus it's something to look forward to after going to the hospital!)

I have my healthy lunch packed and my water bottle and lemon slices ready to go!!! No time for the gym today, BUT I am going tomorrow and to Zumba on thursday.

I need to get ready for work! Have a great day everyone!!!!

03-30-2010, 07:23 AM
Hi Chicks......home sweet home! I am glad to be home from all of my travels of late. It felt good to sleep in my own bed and sit in my own chair. Yesterday was a good calories day - I am so grateful. I am happy to be home in my 'food comfort zone' with very few temptations.

lots of water
plan food, log food
stretches and strengthening
remember why
slow mindful eating
fork down between bites, no seconds, eat seated
leave a bite of food on plate

breakfast - turkey on toast with mayo, clementine
lunch - lean pocket, salad with evoo, vinegar
snack - cereal, milk
dinner - egg white omlette with turkey pepperoni, lite cheese, toast, green beans
snack - rice cakes with peanut butter, blueberries

mj - hi! Kudo's for packing your lunch and buying your rewarda. Seems like everyone is loving zumba...enjoy!

hokieloki - it's GREAT that your pants are looser!! It's wonderful when we see and feel the results of our hard work.

brandijune - YAY - wonderful weight loss!!!! - Hope your week isn't too crazy. I'll be thinking of you.

Everyone have a good day.

03-30-2010, 12:14 PM
Good morning my friends!

Things are well...crazy...but good. I organize an annual conference that takes place next week and am also crazy busy with another project. Life is good though.

hokiloki - Woohoo! Doesn't that just feel amazing? Congrats on the NSV! I so look forward to the day that a size 16 jeans are big on me! haha. Way to go girl!

mj5 - Good luck at the psych. hospital. Have fun shopping! Let us know what you find ;)

beverlyjoy - WELCOME HOME! I'm so glad you are back! Thanks for the positive thoughts :)

soulnik - I'm thinking of you :) Hope you are hanging in there. I tried to PM you just to say "hi" but it wouldn't let me so I thought I would throw a shout out to you here :)

b - apple, cereal, coconut milk - 5
s - yogurt, walnuts, granola, orange - 7
l - pork wrap - 8
s - banana - 2
d - ravioli, salad, wine (Date night w/ hubby) - 8

Exercise: Run a mile, brisk walk 45 minutes

03-31-2010, 06:10 AM
Good Morning!!!

Beverlyjoy--Welcome home!!! Traveling is fun, but it is always SO nice to get home isn't it?

Brandijune--How are you doing? Things settling down yet? Date night sounds excellent!

Rhonda--Hellloooo! How are you?

So the psych hospital wasn't as bad as usual. I actually didn't have to go up on the unit...just stayed on the main floor. It is still SO depressing for a place where people are supposed to go for stabilization and to get better. It just makes me sad.....

Then to the mall! I bought makeup as my rewards (shocker there, right?!) Some lipglosses and eyeshadows. I ware bare minerals makeup...love it. It is a bit pricy, but I love it. There is also a National Makeup Artist Event at the boutique at the mall near me in April. I signed up for a that. How fun to have my makeup done by a nationally known makeup artist! I may have to insist on a date night w/ hubby after that!!!

Ok, I need to start getting ready for work. Have a great OP day everyone!!!

03-31-2010, 08:10 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday I stayed in my calorie range - I am greatful! I realized I was way too low in my calories and made up for it in sugarfree dark chocolate. That's all they were talking about on the news...good benefits. I probably should have had fruit!

Today I am going to the foot/ankle doctor for a check. I have to take my mom to the doctor this afternoon. And...I MUST work some more on my taxes!

lots of water
stretches and strengthening
plan and log
remind myself why - say it out loud
fork down between bites, eat seated only, no seconds
slow mindful eating....TASTE the food

breakfast - english muffin, almond butter, black berries
lunch - wrap with egg whites, turkey pepperoni & lite cheese, spaghetti squash
snack - fiber bar, cheese
dinner - big tossed salad with turkey, cheese, evoo vinegar, crackers
snack - rice cakes, pnb, honey, applesauce

mj - I am so glad you got your rewards. Ya know...I reward myself with lipstick and you gave me that idea. Hoping you have a healthy day. Date night is always a good idea. Love that thought of a professional make up day!

brandijune - glad things are going well despite being so busy. Planning a conference is a huge undertaking. Take care of yourself too. I am impressed with those terrific exercise plans.

Soulnic - hope you are OK.

Shout out to anyone that stops by.

Everyone have a GREAT on plan day.

03-31-2010, 11:39 AM
I've been out of touch for a couple of days. Just small posts here and there. It continues to be busy at work, which is just sucking the life out of me. But that's another story. :) I had a rough week last week in that I had zero motivation. I worked out only twice and wasn't diligent in watching what I was eating. Well, the scale reflected that, as did my mood. So this week I've been going to work out every day and back to tracking my foods. Why do we have to learn the lesson over and over?? I have felt so much better this week by staying on track. Being lazy last week didn't help anyone or anything.


04-01-2010, 08:20 AM
Hi chicks....I made it through yesterday staying within my calories - not so much with my plan. But, I am grateful to have not overeaten.

I weighed this morning - stayed the same. It was the first weighin since my trips away from home. Onward I go.

breakfast - egg white scramble with turkey pepperoni and lite cheese, toast, black berries
lunch - Italian veggie stew with cici beans over speghetti squash and parm cheese
snack - yogurt, fiber bar
dinner - grilled chicken, salad with evoo & vinegar, ww noodles.
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

have a great day!

04-01-2010, 08:26 AM
Hi Friends,

I'm supposed to be on vacation tomorrow and next week, so I've been busting my rumpus to get all of my work finished. I'm exhausted! We're not going anywhere...just putzing around the Atlanta....but, I need the break...badly.
Yesterday, I got my lab results back from my routine physical I had last week. My cholesterol is on an upward trend and my sugar is slightly elevated. I can't afford to fool around anymore! This is not about fitting into smaller jeans anymore.

Diane - I understand. Life does get hectic. Hang tough, girlfriend!
Brandi - Congratulations on your 3.4 pound loss!
Hokie - Congratulations on your looser jeans!
Beverly - I hope you hear good news from the foot doctor today.
MJ - I love my Bare Minerals! I also love my Philosophy skin care! Yes, it does cost a bit more, but I've found that it lasts me a long time. I may grab your idea to keep something on hand as a reward goal. Maybe a new Buxom lipgloss or I can finally splurge on a Philosophy bath gel and lotion? Hmmmmm.

Have a great on-plan day!

04-02-2010, 09:51 AM
Hi chicks...yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful.

today's menu:

breakfast - ww Englishs Muffin, npnb, strawberries
lunch - wwnoodles with lite cheese, spaghetti squash
snack - fiber bar, yogurt, steamed spinach
dinner - veggie burger with lite cheese, on lite bread, big salad with evoo & balsamic vinegar
snack - rice cakes, lc cheese, carrots

Where is everyone?

Hi Rhonda - enjoy your time off. Sometimes those lab numbers can be a big motivator.

Have a great day.

04-02-2010, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone!!! Work has been SUPER hectic and by the time I get home I have been exhausted. Here's hoping that today will be a bit less hectic....

Beverlyjoy--Sounds like you are doing well! How are your pieces/parts?

Rhonda--Yep, nothing like labs to get your booty moving. At work, we are having biometric testing done in a couple of weeks....yikes....but they are good #'s to know. I also need to get my booty moving. I know my blood pressure is starting to become an issue. NOT something to mess around with. I LOVE my BE too!!!! I find that having a reward that I can see, touch..whatever, BUT can't use is motivating. I do that for my mini-rewards. Oooh, yes, splurge on some Philosophy body wash. It is fantastic. It is more expensive than others, but seriously, you only need a teeny bit--especially if you use one of those "puff" things. I bought my mom some for her bday and now she is hooked too! LOL!!! ENJOY your vacation!!!!!! that's what hubby and I did last week....just kinda hung out and did stuff around where we live. It was great.

Diane--Hope things settle down soon!

Hi to everyone else!!!!!

I didn't make it to Zumba last night....we had two late afternoon admissions at work, which we NEVER do, but we received a call from the regional OMH office saying that a facility was being shut down that day and could we help.....Today is gorgeous, so a walk with the dogs will be my workout. We can all use the exercise!!!

Have a great OP day everyone!

04-02-2010, 12:43 PM
I have had a great week of working out. It's nice to get that back on track. I'm not sure what will happen with my weight, but it feels good to keep moving. I will finish up my goal for the week by going in to the gym tomorrow morning, so I'm happy.

MJ - Sheesh! Work can just mess up so much of our "me" time!!

Beverly - Glad you had a good day!

Rhonda - Yay for you having vacation! That's always good. You can get those numbers back under control, too. You're a strong lady and we are here to help you, too!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

04-03-2010, 07:11 AM
Hi chicks - yesteday was a healthy on plan day - I am so grateful. I am trying to eat more veggies and I accomplished that.

I got a big chunk of the taxes completed. Since I am self employed it's always a complicated thing. (at least for me)

Today I'll work on taxes and get ready for company coming tomorrow. Of course, I am cheering on the MSU Spartans tonight at the Final Four. (been connected to East Lansing over thirty years)

lots of water
plan & log all food
fork down between bites, no seconds, eat while seated only
slow mindful eating
taste the food
try and feel fullness in my tummy
stretches and strengthening exercises

breakfast - pnb, boca bacon, toast, strawberries
lunch - tuna salad, crackers, salad with evoo, vinegar, cauliflower
snack - fiber bar, applesauce
dinner - soup, veggies
snack - rice cakes, lc cheese, cocoa

mj - my pieces and parts are holding up. Not much pain for the moment, thankfully. Of course, frozen peas and the heating pad are good friends of mine! It's so nice that your dogs inspire you to get exercise! How's your knee?

slash - good, good good job on your consistent exercise!!

brandijune - hope your conference is going well. We miss you.

Have a great day.

04-04-2010, 07:38 AM
Hi...yesterday was healthy - I am grateful. Today will be a fun day with family.

breakfast - egg white scramble, ketchup, toast, strawberries
snack - cheese, orange
dinner - one lamb chop, rice, salad with no dressing, asparagus, pickled beets and egg whites - strawberries
snack - cereal, milk
snack - rice cakes, lite cheese, 1/2 banana

Have a wonderful day...

04-04-2010, 02:06 PM
Happy Easter everyone!

I had a good week last week and I am planning for another good one. I will weigh tomorrow, but I need to set another goal of working out every day (except Sunday) and stay on plan with food and water.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!