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03-29-2010, 10:32 AM
First of all, thank you to everyone for your help through this learning experience.
We ended up taking the german shepherd mix pups to our shelter. I tried calling a GS rescue but they never responded, I called a couple but neither called back.
we had 3 beautiful days with no rain or freezing temps. DH went to check if they were still there and they were all gone. The person working there said they went quick.
We kept one for my ds1 and she's doing great. The learning experience continues though. I've never experienced a dog giving birth or watching her raise her pups. So to see her (in dog language) show her pups where to go to relieve themselves and whatever else she taught them was interesting.
I'm still in awe when I see her disciplining her pup for wrong doing, never seen it before. The other day the pup was pulling on my dd2's pant leg as dd2 was crying and trying to get away. We observed the mom doing something that looked like rough house-playing but the pup was whining. She wasn't hurting her but you could tell what she was doing was much different from when she normally plays with her.
After she was done the pup went and grabbed dd2's pant leg again and once more mom went to correct her. From there I decided we should go back in the house because the poor pup was getting into too much trouble with mom. LOL Since then the pup seems more calm.
The days leading up to when we gave up the pups, I could tell mom was getting annoyed or wanted to get away from her pups because they were constantly nursing from her even though we fed them all well. I would hear her growling as she walked to get them to latch off. Some times she would start scratching at the door to get in to get away from them. Two of her teets have a couple scratches that are now starting to heal. Now that its just her and the pup, she seems way more happy and not bothered at all to nurse her every now and then. Maybe since most of the day all the pup wants to do is explore and play with mom.

Mom gets fixed in a month and I'm gonna find out about getting her pup fixed the same day, she should be 3 months by then.