100 lb. Club - This wouldn't have made a difference last summer.

03-25-2010, 01:19 PM
Yesterday morning, as every morning I'm in a time crunch and I really wanted to work out, I haven't in ages except for yoga once in awhile. So I stuck in my new 30 Day Jumpstart from The Biggest Loser, they have 10 minute workouts. I did a cardio Level on and it's 10 minutes straight of moving. I did it and was find, this morning my obliques hurt my thighs hurt and my shoulders hurt. I just couldn't do the workout again this morning, I'll give it a try later today. But last summer I was in great shape and now I feel so NOT! I need to get back to that place and I darn well gonna get there again, screw the stress I'm under I choose to be healthy and deal with my stress by exercising and planning out meals.

03-25-2010, 01:32 PM
The span of time between the last time I did this and this time was THREE YEARS! I got into pretty good shape at that time (though the weight did not go down.) I started up again about three months ago and am amazed at how quickly I'm regaining both the physical things I had been able to do and the health benefits. Back then it took my BP and HR a while to drop. This time, it's doing it rapidly. My body remembers what it was doing three years ago and it's like it wants to get back to that place. It is not fighting me.

My point is, you will get there and you will be amazed at how quickly. Don't look back! Only compare tomorrow to yesterday. You're going to be back in shape as long as you don't quit. ;)