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03-25-2010, 11:09 AM
I got the idea to have an anniversary thread and update monthly from Eliana (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-lb-club/187834-celebrating-my-one-month-anniversary.html). I will be updating this entry every month on my anniversary date.
10/25/2010 ~ Eight Months
Weight: 210.6 (5.6 lb loss this month - total loss is 45.9: Total from highest weight 69.4)
Sizes: In a comfortable size 14, regular size tops. Bought a man's t-shirt the other day for my halloween costume in a size M. I used to buy 2x and 3x.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -.75 (6.25); Neck: -.5 (2.25); Upper Arm: -.75 (3.25); Waist -.75 (7); Abdomen: -.75 (7.75); Hips: -1.25 (7); Thigh: -1 (5.75)(this totals 39.75 inches, which means I've lost well over 40 inches because I know I lost several inches in that first month before I measured)

Went in last week to try on my dress for the ball and I'm glad I did. It is in alterations right now and should be done Wednesday. The ball is next weekend. They have to take it in about an inch through the top. It was too small September 1, now it's too big. Woo hoo! Since August 25th I have lost about 10 lbs and several inches. I also went through my closet and pulled out more clothes to get rid of. Found some clothes I have been saving for years and have never been able to wear in another closet that now fit (and some that are too big).

A few weeks ago I started watching my carbohydrate intake more closely and have cut them back to about 50 grams a day (was at 100-150) and I try to get at least 100 grams of protein. I'm still counting calories too and trying to stay within 1200-1400. It's getting more difficult. The last few days or so I have no real interest in food. Nothing sounds good (except chocolate, which I'm avoiding), and I've had to force myself to eat more than once. It almost makes me sick to my stomach. I've started adding in extra protein shakes to try to up my calories and protein without upping the fat and carbs.

My latest A1C (2 weeks ago) was 6.8, which is great. It converts to an average blood sugar of 148 (still needs improvement). A year ago my A1C was 12.8, which converts to an average blood sugar of 320. My doctor also cut my insulin dosages again.

I'm 35 lbs from my original goal of 175. Once I get there I may re-evaluate. Right now, I'm looking at onederland by New Years. I am currently at my lowest weight in over 20 years.


09/25/2010 ~ Seven Months
Weight: 216.2 (8.2 lb loss this month - total loss is 40.3) Finally back on track this month.
Sizes: I can officially say I don't need plus sizes in anything anymore. I am pretty solidy a size 14/16. My goal has always been to be a comfortable size 12. I am close.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -1.75 (5.5); Neck: -.25 (1.75); Upper Arm: -1 (2.5); Waist -2 (6.25); Abdomen: -1.5 (7); Hips: -1.5 (5.75); Thigh: -.75 (4.75)

Six weeks from today I will be attending the Marine Corps Ball in Myrtle Beach, NC with my daughter and son-in-law. I was pretty excited that my son-in-law invited me. It was fun shopping for a formal - the only other time in my life I had an occasion to buy a formal I weighed 280 lbs. This was much more fun. I bought a beautiful strapless ruby red dress. It was a lot too small the day I ordered my dress (Sept. 1) so we ordered the next size up. Two weeks later when it came in, the larger dress was way to big and the smaller dress was only a little too tight. I exchanged dresses. Now it looks like I may end up having the smaller dress taken in. That's a great feeling.

I also cleaned out my closet last week and have a huge pile of clothes to get rid of that are too big. I'm not keeping them - it's too easy to go back if you have something to wear. I don't have a lot left that fits, but I'm okay with that.

08/25/2010 ~ Six Months
Weight: 224.4 (1.9 lb gain this month - total loss is 32.1) I don't believe this is a true gain ~ I am very swollen (hands and feet) so I know I am retaining fluid. I had gotten down to 219 earlier this month but have not been very careful with my diet in the past few weeks. Feels like I've wasted the last two months since I'm back to the weight I was the end of June.
Sizes: Same as last month (although I did buy one pair of size 12 capris that I can wear - even though they are very tight).
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -.25 (3.75); Neck: -.5 (1.5); Upper Arm: -.25 (1.5); Waist -0 (4.5); Abdomen: -.5 (5.5); Hips: -.25 (4.25); Thigh: -.5 (4)

Still struggling with the depression, but not giving up.


07/25/2010 ~ Five Months
Weight: 222.5 (1.7 lbs lost this month - total 34 lbs.)
Sizes: Pretty much the same. I did buy (and can wear) a size 14 dress (14 in misses). It is stretchy material, otherwise I don't think I could wear that size. My size 18 misses jean capris are getting too big, but I continue to wear them.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -0 (3.5); Neck: -0 (1); Upper Arm: -0 (1.25); Waist -.5 (4.5); Abdomen: -1 (5); Hips: -.25 (4); Thigh: -.25 (3.5)

I've struggled this month and am fighting some depression issues again (I really thought they were behind me). Although I have not given up, I have not been trying as hard as I should/could. I probably would have lost more weight this month, but I went on vacation and didn't lose during that trip. Next month's update will be much better!

06/25/2010 ~ Four Months
Weight: 224.2 (6 lbs lost this month - total 32.3 lbs. ~ woo hoo! :carrot:)
Sizes: Things are getting looser, but not loose enough to spend the money on new clothes ~ although I'm tempted. I love that I can fit into regular sizes now and not plus sizes.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -1 (3.5); Neck: -.5 (1); Upper Arm: -0 (1.25); Waist -.75 (4); Abdomen: -.5 (4); Hips: -1 (3.75); Thigh: -.5 (3.25)

Exercise: ~ I'm still not working out consistently. I know I need to be, but I'm working on it. Life is crazy busy and stressful right now, so I'm not beating myself up over it. I do take the stairs to and from the parking garage (3 flights) nearly every day now. It's getting easier. I also walk a couple times a week, but other than that my exercise is pretty hit or miss. I'm still losing weight, although I know exercise would move things along faster.

Diet: ~ Yep, still counting calories and loving it. It is so easy and practical for daily living. I have found a few new favorite meals that I seem to eat frequently (zucchini "spaghetti" is probably my favorite). I also have been trying to get in more protein, so I am back to drinking protein shakes every day and found a great protein powder drink mix that I like (Gold Standard). It has 24 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs and 120 calories.

NSV: ~ My blood sugars are still running pretty good. People are starting to notice the weight loss and have begun asking what I'm doing and have asked about my GWF. When I tell people I'm counting calories, many of them want me to give them a copy of "my diet." People don't understand it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

I have a long way to go, but I've come a long way in four months. Sometimes I think wow, it's taken four months to lose 32 lbs, but most of the time I think "Wow, I've lost 32 lbs in four months!!!!" The time is gonna go by whether I'm working on getting healthy or not ~ may as well spend the time improving my quality of life. I also started a blog this past month.

=============================================05/25/2010 ~ Three months (wow time flies)
Weight: 230.2 (6.3 lbs lost this month - total 26.3 lbs.)
Sizes: Sizes have pretty much stayed the same ~ things are getting looser though.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month (total in parenthesis): (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -.5 (2.5); Neck: -0 (.5); Upper Arm: -.25 (1.25); Waist: -1 (3.25); Abdomen: -2 (3.5); Hips: -1.5 (2.75); Thigh: - 2.25 (2.75). Still wishing I had measured when I first started so I would have a complete picture.

Hit my second mini goal on 05/24/10 ~ 10% of starting weight lost

Exercise: I've gotten a little lazy this month. My exercise has mostly consisted of walking and riding my recumbent bike and not as often as I should. I need to get my behind moving again. I did a 2-mile charity walk this month and was pretty pleased with myself. This past weekend I made myself a hula hoop for exercise. I leave it in the living room and try to do a few spins several times a day (I'm getting better, but I spend most of my time bending over and picking it up off the floor).

Diet: Still counting calories and trying to stay within 1600-1800. This past week I've struggled with reaching my calorie goal (been under a lot). I've been a little lazy about my meal planning. Still loving my GWF.

=============================================04/25/2010 ~ Two months
Weight: 236.5 (7 lbs lost this month - total 20 lbs.)
Sizes: Pants ~ solidly a size 16W, but some 14W's fit and also have some regular misses pants that fit (Misses size 18 getting lose); Tops Misses XL or 14W-16W (Bra size went from a 40/42D to 38C); Dress size 14W or Misses 16.
Measurements: Inches Lost this month: (didn't measure until one month in) ~ Chest: -2; Neck: -1/2; Upper Arm: -1; Waist: -2 1/4; Abdomen: -1 1/2; Hips: -2 1/4; Thigh: - 1 3/4. I really wish I had measured when I first started because I'm sure I lost several inches during the first month.

Hit my first mini goal on 04/22/10 ~ to be below 240. Even with a 10-day visit to NC to visit my daughter and her family (and a weight gain of about 3-5 lbs during my visit) I have still managed to finish the second month with a 7 lbs loss overall.

Exercise: I'm still exercising several times a week and this month did a 14-day trial at the Y and took Zumba classes and a few strength training classes. My free trial is up so I'm back to exercising at home. Still doing the Just Dance, kettlebell and this week added "Dancing with the Stars - Dance Away the Pounds"

Diet: Still counting calories and last week upped them again. I am trying to stay in the 1600-1700 range. I added green smoothies to my diet this past week, as well. Two days ago I got a GoWear Fit and think it will be a great tool in keeping track of my calorie deficit.

NSV: A1C down to 7.5. Insulin dosages got cut again and will probably get cut again because I'm still having low blood sugars. I also bought myself a dress (size 14W) and actually wore it in public ~twice.
3/25/2010 – one month
Weight: 243.5 (-13)
Measurements: I didn’t take my measurements until just a few days ago, so will update next month.
Sizes:Pants: My size 18Ws are no longer tight (my 20s are baggy), and I’m back into several pairs of size 16Ws (snug). I even bought a pair of Misses size 18 Levi Capris. Tops: I can wear regular size XL (misses – not plus). For fun I went out to try on clothes the other day and was excited to learn I could wear Misses XL in a lot of tops and dresses.

Exercise: My goal is at least 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week, even though I don’t always meet that goal. I started with the Just Dance :dancer: game for the Wii and have added other activities. I purchased a 10 lb Kettlebell :strong: at the three week mark and have done the 30 minute workout that came with it several times over the past week. Many days I walk on my lunch hour (30 minutes, 17 blocks). I had a treadmill, which I never used (boring), so I sold it.

Diet: I started out just watching what I eat and recording it on the forum (accountability thread). After I stalled out on the losing I started entering my food into fitday and realized I was only eating about 1200 calories a day. I upped my intake to 1300-1700. I am still not consistent with my numbers – most days I’m closer to the 1300-1400 range. I have become very conscious of what I put in my mouth and whether it is worth the calories/fat/carbs it will “cost” me. I no longer snack on the unhealthy junk they provide in our office (chocolate, M&Ms, chips, cookies, etc.), and I can’t remember the last time I had a Diet Coke. I try to drink at least 48 ounces of water a day, but usually end up with 64 or more. I also drink Herbalife tea.

NSV: Since starting my new life, my blood sugars have been doing very good. After the first week, the doctor cut my insulin dosages in half. I still take a shot with each meal, but I’m taking half of what I used to take and I think that will eventually be cut even further. For the first time ever, I am looking forward to my next appointment and round of blood work.

For the most part this month has been easy. Not easy as in no work, but I’ve not really had any true moments of weakness. I had a brief moment yesterday where I thought “this is gonna take forever so why bother,” but I didn’t let it get to me. There are so many people on this forum whose stories have inspired me. Taped across the top of my computer monitor at work it says “one year from now, you’ll be glad you started today” which I found on this forum. There are so many positive quotes that run through my head now, I know the only way I can fail is if I choose to fail and I’m choosing to succeed! Thanks 3FC!
The Beginning:
Weight: 256.5
Sizes: Pants: Size 18W/20W – very snug. Tops: 18/20W
For whatever reason, on February 25th I made the decision to change my life. It wasn’t one of those, “I should start a diet tomorrow” kind of things, it was an “it’s time to change my life and I’m starting right now” moment. I made the decision to exercise and change my diet. For the first time in my life I believe I will succeed. I truly believe a person has to be ready to change, and I am ready. This is a lifelong commitment. I am a Type II diabetic (insulin 4 times a day & oral medication twice a day). I also take medicine for high cholesterol, a magnesium deficiency, a Vitamin D deficiency and I am on aspirin therapy (one baby aspirin a day) because of my heart attack risk number. I am determined to reverse the course that I have been travelling. I am taking back my life.

03-25-2010, 11:15 AM
Awesome!! I'm so glad you took on this idea! I get goosebumps reading this. I hope you look forward to updating it as much as I do!

You're doing wonderful things! I have PCOS, so at my last reading my fasting blood glucose was 104. I too am looking forward to getting a new read in April!

Congratulations again!

04-25-2010, 02:41 PM
Updated today.

04-26-2010, 12:35 AM
Thanks for your anniversary post. You are doing such a great job!! Keep it up!:hug:

04-26-2010, 10:12 AM
Fabulous!! I love reading all that you are doing from month to month. I bet just visiting the Y for that time period allowed you to kick things up at home too.

You've done amazing things with your blood sugar in a short amount of time! That sounds like you may just be able to get off the insulin??

Keep it up! I can't wait to read next month's!

04-26-2010, 10:25 AM
What a great idea! I have a diet/diabetes journal (I bought it when I was first diagnosed and was very angry and scared, so it's black with little skulls and crossbones on it!) that I update about once a month. I kinda like the idea of doing it in the forum, too.

04-26-2010, 10:35 AM
Oh, Synger! You need one with butterflies! LOL!

04-26-2010, 11:00 AM
Thanks guys. I think it helps writing it down here. I was really looking forward to my anniversary date so I could update my post.

Synger ~ I agree with Eliana, you need to get a pretty, "happy" journal.

04-26-2010, 11:56 AM
Well, the one I have (http://www.buy.com/prod/black-skull-crossbones-journal/q/loc/106/204191048.html) is black...

I did find out that it also comes in pink (http://www.buy.com/prod/pink-skull-crossbones-journal/q/loc/106/204191047.html?adid=17662). Would that be happy enough? ;)

05-25-2010, 09:53 AM
Three months now . . . 26.3

05-25-2010, 01:30 PM
Your post sounds like you're getting bored. ;) Just an observation. Maybe try kicking it up in some way with some recipes, new exercise, especially with this gorgeous weather! I love the hula hoop idea! That's got to be fun!

05-25-2010, 01:47 PM
Thanks Eliana, I am getting bored, but I'm trying to change things up and I absolutely have no intention of giving up, taking a break or anything else ~ my end goal is still firmly in sight.

I also have a lot on my mind these days ~ it's getting hard to focus (on anything). My mind/heart is in North Carolina with my daugther most days. She is having some complications with her pregnancy and they are going to take the baby at 36 weeks (about 2 1/2 more weeks) and they have already told her the delivery will be risky. I have put her on several prayer lists and I really need to hand it over to God ~ I know he will take care of her and the baby. I will be going to see them the 4th of July and plan on being at least another 10 lbs down by then. :)

05-25-2010, 02:01 PM
I will just say how exciting it is that you will get to see that healthy little baby in just a little while. ;) I'm sure everything will work out.

06-25-2010, 12:04 PM
Updated today.

Four months ~ 32 lbs lost. :) :dancer: :carrot:

06-26-2010, 10:30 AM
Four months! That's just incredible, isn't it? And I think 32 pounds in four months is fantastic!! I no longer pull numbers like that. ;) Just think...your next anniversary will have you in the teens. :D

06-26-2010, 12:22 PM
Thanks Eliana - I am really looking forward to the teens.

My grandson arrived this morning at 8:48 Eastern time (North Carolina). Mother and baby are doing great. Two weeks early and he weighed 9 lbs 2 ounces and was 21.5 inches long and he is BEAUTIFUL! They have sent me several pictures and a couple of videos via text already and I got to talk to my daughter a while ago.

07-26-2010, 05:02 PM
Updated today: Five months - 34 lbs.

Didn't make it to the teens . . .

07-26-2010, 06:04 PM
I just looked back so I could be sure, but leading into my five month anniversary I had only lost 2.5 pounds. I remember being very frustrated with that. It was at that point I decided to try South Beach diet and I instantly lost 6.5 pounds with it. But looking back at my records, it wasn't necessary to do that. I was just where you are...heading into some 14's and the weight loss seemed to be coming to a complete hault. From that point on it was hard to wrap my brain around the sudden slow down. I think it's normal at about that weight to start losing 2-4 pounds per month.

I hope that helps. :hug:

07-26-2010, 06:52 PM
Thanks Eliana! You are doing fantastic!

08-25-2010, 11:24 AM
Updated today ~ made it to the teens but didn't stay there. :(

09-25-2010, 02:38 PM
Updated today ~ total loss 40 lbs since February 25, 64 lost from my high weight. . . . and finally I am solidly in the teens. Next month below 210.

09-25-2010, 02:55 PM
Oh yeah, a good month for you! I know you struggled last month. I love looking at how it comes off by the month.

09-25-2010, 03:01 PM
Thanks Eliana! I did struggle last month - actually most of July and August were ugly for me (depression sucks). I am much better and doing much better now. You are doing amazing!

10-25-2010, 02:55 PM
Updated today: 5.6 lb loss this month - total loss is 45.9. Total lost from highest weight is 69.4.