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09-03-2002, 10:42 PM
Please join us! This is a site where you can come for encouragement and prayer support in your weight loss journey.

09-03-2002, 10:44 PM
Where are you? I go away for the weekend and everyone disappears. And ... I did so well in my WOE while I was gone tool Please come back and talk to me. I need you!!

I had a great weekend. It's much quieter around here now with one DS gone to school. It'll be even quieter around here after next weekend with both gone. At least there will be less junk food in the house to tempt me!!

I hope everyone is okay. Please reply!

09-03-2002, 11:58 PM
Kittylover here. New to 4FC website. I'm soon to be 50 yrs. old, weigh 225 and hope to get down to 160. I just started a walking program with a buddy today...we walked one mile on the promenade/boardwalk in our little town. I'm feeling it tonight. I welcome prayers, as I need God to help me through this at this point in my life, when I'm dealing with menopause on top of trying to lose weight. Please let me know how I can pray for anyone else that so desires!

Have a super Wednesday!
Kittylover ;)

09-04-2002, 08:27 AM
Blessing today. Sorry I have been gone. I have been struggling with my DD My 8 yr old has a tough time in school. We are two weeks into school and every night she has 4-5hrs of homework! If we leave her side she stops working so that is where I have been every night. Please pray for her.
A big welcome to kittylover! I am in the same boat. I really have to lose about 70 lbs my oldest DD is getting married next year. Some of the woman from church started walking and they have lost a lot! I started walking and Today I am so sore every move I make is painful!
Wilma sorry I have been gone. Way to go with staying OP you always are a inspiration to me! Is your kids back in school?

Lifting you up in prayer!

09-04-2002, 09:09 AM
Sami -- I can sympathize with your homework struggles. Our youngest daughter, who just turned 9, has homework almost every night too. She doesn't work well by herself; needs someone there to constantly re-focus her attention. She was diagnosed with ADD last year and is on medication, but to be truthful, I haven't seen a whole lot of improvement. She also has a real problem with arguing and nasty moods. Most days I am at my wit's end with her.

I just started a walking program with my husband. We've been doing 2.5 miles every evening. I think it's helping me sleep better; I used to wake up a lot at night, but now my head hits the pillow and that's it! :)

09-04-2002, 11:41 AM
Hi Ladies,
So nice to know that someone is praying for my walking efforts. I'll pray for you all too. Last night, I could hardly move...felt like I had been rolled in an alley or something! I am so out of shape...it's not funny.

Praise the Lord though! I felt much better this morning, although my shins are sore. I guess, I haven't used them much before! LOL! I walked a mile again with my friend this morning on the promenade and it was somewhat easier. I'm just praising God that I could walk this morning!!:lol:

I do have a question, however...since this was my 2nd day of walking, it was also the 2nd day that I developed a headache after I returned home...about a half hour later. Is this cause for concern do you think?

And I can sympathize with you ladies that have children with lots of homework, and especially the one that has a child with ADD. My son was diagnosed with that in first grade, and I sincerely believe that the educators of today are overdiagnosing this condition. They like to label boys with ADD, so it seems. My son, who is now 12, was on medication as well. Adderall for a year and a half. However, he developed a low platelet count, which prevented him from clotting blood as normal people do, and he bruising easily. It was also life-threatening if he were to receive a head injury. He could've have a brain hemorrhage. Ultimately, we took him off the Adderall (similar to ritalin) as we felt that that was the culprit of his low platelet count. It also made him like a zombie...his personality was gone totally.

Anyway, the only reason that I share that with you, Chocolate, is that I am so against medicating our children and don't think that it's good for them. The educators just want us to make it easy for them. I say, "If they can't stand the heat, they ought to get out the kitchen!" My father was an educator for almost 40 years, and he never saw a student with ADD. I'll pray for your child.

If you think of it, I would appreciate continual prayer for my walking program, as far as stamina and self-discipline. Have a wonderful day!


09-04-2002, 12:32 PM
Hi Ladies-- Real quick as I wait for the social worker to interview me to see if I am fit to raise my nephew ( at least for the time being) she should be here soon. My 12 yr. old nephew has also been diagnosed ADD, I think he is but I am also against medication for him as I have seen severe changes in his personality--- ZOMBIE, etc.
Keep WALKING!!!! my wife runs 2-3 miles every day-- if she is sore from running she walks-- She swears she feels WAY better every day because of it-- I believe her!! If you are in an area where the weather is bad-- get a good treadmill-- cross trainer-- go to the mall-- ANYTHING to keep moving.

09-04-2002, 12:42 PM
What a treat to come here and see all this posts this morning! I have a day off and so I'm making cabbage borscht. I'll be using the veggies from my garden. I can hardly wait!! I'll also be helping my DS clean up his room. He says it's not messy but we haven't seen the floor for days. He leaves for Bible School on Saturday and I would like to see his room neat!

Gary: I'll be praying for you and your meeting with the social worker. I think it's so neat that you are willing to take your nephew in and give him a good home. God bless you!

Kittlover: I'm so glad you're walking. It does get easier. When I started up I thought my legs would fall off. Then slowly you can increase the distance and speed. Then you start noticing that your hips are disappearing. :lol: Keep up the good work!!

Chocolate: You're very lucky to have your husband's support. My DH supports my efforts but is too tired after work to walk with me. His is a very physical job! Keep it up!

Sami: I'll pray for you and your daughter. It's not easy! My youngest had to be sat with too but by the time he reached High School he was doing it on his own. It does improve!! How are you doing in your weight loss? You'll have to send us a picture of yourself in that dress!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

09-04-2002, 11:52 PM
Hi Ladies-- everything went great with the child protective services counselor. She said I should have my nephew in a couple of days and my brother will take my neice-- it will be better for the time being to have them apart-- we are only 4 miles apart so they will see each other. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming cause this may be a LOOOOOOOOOONG story.
Kittylover, I have bored most of the ladies with this story before but a couple of years ago I walked a 26.2 mile marathon in 5hrs. 43min. my wife and I trained with a group for 6 months. We started out with a mile and worked our way up-- YOU can do this (maybe not a marathon yet- but you can WALK)
Wilma I am getting fresh tomatoes, corn and avacados from a couple that I am doing some work for---soooo good. Tell those boys I am proud of them for their choice in colleges.
Sami-- keep the count down STRONG for that dress-- you FOXY mom of the bride. Hope that your DD gets the help she needs for that school work-- NOT EVERYONE is a student-- even though my wife is a teacher I think AMERICA neeeds to find a way to help those that are not in the MAINSTREAM.
GOTTA go beat up my carpet guy!! Ha, not really he just cant tell the difference between the rooms that get carpet and those that get tile flooring-- sure glad I went with high bidder. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES-- GOD LOVES YOU-- Gary

09-06-2002, 09:51 AM
I know you're out there!! I've been tempted not to post with the way things are going around here. It may be the stress of having my boys leave home but I can't stay out of the ice cream and it isn't even a flavour I like.:( I do plan, however, that once I'm home from taking youngest DS to school to get back on track again. I don't want to blow what I've already lost.

Gary: I'm so glad that things worked out with the social worker. That boy needs a stable environment and you can provide that.

Well, my soup turned out great and I've been taking some to work each day. It's so nice to have something hot and healthy for lunch. I find it keeps me full longer.

Have a great day! Please post when you have an extra minute.

betty crocker
09-06-2002, 03:50 PM
Hello Everyone:wave:

I've been gone for awhile. Not been very motivated and not watching very close of what I've been eating and so forth. Have been exercising some thank goodness:shrug:

My son started kindergarten this year. We had a hard time getting him settled. He is having a hard time being gone all day. :( He does like school though. He even lost a couple of nights of sleep worry about it all:?: which kept me up as well and stressed.

Hope everyone is doing well, See Ya:goodvibes

09-07-2002, 09:58 AM
Thank you for all the encouragement! I am still waiting for the school to do the testing. My kids go to a very small christian school so she has to be tested in the public school she would go to if she were in public school. we have her going in the 2nd grade for the morning and 3rd in the afternoon. Part of the problem is the school has multi class rooms per teacher 1-2 are together and 3-4-5 are together so you have to be able to read and follow instructions that self learn with little instruction and if you have a learning disabilty you fall so far behind because you have to wait for help. I have noticed this week that when I read the problems to her she can answer correct and her spelling when she is saying it she does well there is just somethng between mind and writing it.

Wilma-You have to keep posting here! Just think if you never had to admit you are having a bad day then you would just give up and that is just what Satan wants. I know what stress can do keep on walking.

Choccolate-Thank you for your word of wisdom. Two of my other kids had a LITTLE trouble staying on task. But once they got to high school they have done so well! But my DD we noticed even as a baby she was slow she was the last to do anything. And in every grade even in preschool she was slow she takes 15 min to was her hands after going to the bathroom! Keep on walking you will start feeling so good and after that great nights rest!
Kittylover-I went camping last weekend with out church and I went hiking and I have been so sore I can't stand it! My arms even hurt? Keep it up you will notice like EZ said it will get easier.

Ez- I will pray for your nephew I have been in your shoes before and when my ex sister-in-law took the boys back and remarried and moved away I was heart broken. The boys are grown now and not very happy. It is so hard on the kids because they no matter what love there parents!

Bettycrocker-I know about the stress of school starting! My baby started this year this is the first time in 20yrs I have not had a child at home! Things will settle soon.

I am still hanging in here I think the reason I don't lose like I should is because I am on a lot of pain meds and muscle relaxers and it slows my metabolism. I also have noticed that my bloodsugar is high. I am trying to get off all my meds they are eating my stomach up. I have been on a new med and the side effects are bad........ so pray for me. I am seeing one of my Dr. this week so we will see then if I have lost anymore. I also am trying to walk but when I do my left leg below my knee hurts and my ankle swells (I did nerve damage last Dec when I fell off the top of a ladder (13 foot ladder) and landed on both knees) I know if I would press on I would make it.

09-07-2002, 11:29 AM
Happy Saturday to Everyone ;)
I've walked the boardwalk (1 lap=1 mile) everyday for the past 5 days...it's getting somewhat easier. I've also been practically starving myself for the past 3 days, and was disappointed to see that the scales still read 225 lbs.! :cry:

I'm thinking, maybe, like Sami, it's because my metabolism is slowed because of my meds...I'm on Paxil, Zyrtec and Norvasc. Does anyone know if any of these 3 meds does add to one's weight? I'd love to get off all 3 anyway.

Sami: Try not to get discouraged. :grouphug: I know exactly how you feel. But, I guess, we need to remember that we didn't put this weight on overnight, so it's not going anywhere overnight, either. I'll pray for your metabolism and efforts to be rewarded, though.

Betty Crocker: I'll pray that your son's transition with Kindergarten will improve daily and that your stress level :spin: will be minimized. Maybe, you'll be encouraged to walk away the stress and we can compare notes on how long we walked, etc.

Wilma: I too, love ice cream...but oh my!:nono: I was looking at the fat content of ice cream the other day...it's horrible! Have you tried frozen yogurt? It's lower in fat content...and I don't see all that much difference. Do you walk daily too?

Gary: Praise God things went well with your nephew. Thanks for your encouraging words about walking! :D

Chocolate: That's great that you're walking so much! :cp: I hope to increase my walking session to 1.5 miles starting next week. Please pray for me. :^:

I want to thank everyone for being a part of this message board. It is such a blessing and encouragement to me. If you think of it, please pray that I will see some results, albeit small, soon!

Smiles :)

09-07-2002, 12:04 PM
Hi Ladies-- Real quick here---So happy to see some posting!! Picked up my nephew last night!!! He is so excited to be here-- that excitement along with his ADD has got this hyper child doing 10 things at once-- but it is so good to have him here and safe. My brother picked up my neice yesterday too so we went by his house so brother and sister could see each other. Little sister was alot happier to see her brother than he was to see her. That is the difference between 7 and almost 12. He only has one outfit so it will be clothes shopping today-- my brother and I just went 2 weeks ago with them to buy this years school clothes-- somehow they have been lost in the shuffle.
Well the carpet guy finally left yesterday after 4 days-- my wife is very upset at some damage to the stove and her highboy from Ethan Allen-- rightly so, the owner will be out next week with the installor to go over it--- could get ugly but we are still holding half the money so we have a little leverage.
Well gotta take the nephew for a haircut and put my house back together along with the shopping-
PRAYERS to all of you and thank-you for yours- HE IS AN AWESOME LORD-- Gary

09-11-2002, 09:33 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

It's an incredible morning here today. Beautiful harvest weather. The winters up here are long and cold and the longer this nice weather stays the better.

I've been faithfully doing my exercises each morning and have started to get back into walking again. My WOE needs improvement and I know that I need to stay away from sugars. I bought lettuce - first time this summer because of the garden - and am going to get back into salads at lunch again.

How have you all been doing? It's so quiet around here! Please post. We really do need each other. I have kept the 40 lbs. I've already lost off for 3 years and it's mostly because of the support I get here.

Have a great day!

09-11-2002, 08:45 PM
Yes I have been amongst the missing for a while.......just getting back into school and a schedule has been difficult. But I have missed all of you at this thread and have stopped in just to read from time to time. Wilma sounded so lonely, that I just had to stop in and give her a cyber hug.

Gary, Sami, Kittylover, Chocolate and Bettycrocker- I will stop in tomorrow and get a bit more personal. So sorry that I cannot do that tonite!
Take care-

09-12-2002, 11:34 AM
Hi All,
My name is Fonda and I am new to the 3FC website. I am 38, mother of two boys, 15 and 12, and one little girl, 2 1/2. I was weighing 250 a few weeks ago and joined a challenge group on another board and have lost down to 235. Weight is now slow coming off. I am not on any plan, just cutting back on my food intake and added water. Haven't started exercise in my diet, just haven't put aside time to do so yet. I will though! Reading your posts, you all seem very kind and supporting. Would love to learn the ropes around here. Also, those little smiley faces that some of you use are tooo cute. Where did you get those from?

You all have a blessed day.

09-12-2002, 11:51 AM
This is Fonda again. The new one! I just found the little smiley faces that I asked about. :o If I mess up some, just look me over or give me a pat on my head:joker:

Once again, have a good day. Have to run check on the little one:bb:

God Bless,

FitDay.com (http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=FKSkelton)

09-12-2002, 12:07 PM
HI LADIES- Where is everyone? Out getting in all that last summer exercise I hope.
Things were pretty hectic around here for a few weeks. We have been able to enroll my nephew in school at the middle school my wife teaches at so she can stay right on top of developments with him. I have enrolled him in tennis lessons, he is having a ball at that, and got him fully geared up with a new helmet and pads for his rollerblades. Homework 1st thing every night after school is something he isn't used to but he is starting to get the hang of it ( I don't think he ever did homework before ) He never had a bedtime before either so that has taken some adjusting!! HA!!
All in all things are going great, he has a state represented lawyer and social worker that I have been talking to and they seem very happy with what is going on so far.
Our church had a 911 B-B-Q and service yesterday!! It was awesome-- we had over 500 people come-- I scooped out potatoe salad for 1 and a half hours straight!!! No complaining!! All the proceeds and offering are going to the Lutheran Disaster Relief Fund. I wish people would come together with each other and our good Lord during the rest of the year too:)

09-12-2002, 12:16 PM
Had to answer the phone and didn't want to lose the post.
Well the carpet guy came out and assesed the damage and will make good on the repairs to our tile and furniture. I am slowly getting the house back together!! Am taking a few days off work to do it though-- my wife wishes she could!! At least I am doing the cooking while I am off.
WELCOME FONDA- Glad to see you back Ginny, Wilma and Sami too-- we all have been missing in action-- SOMETIMES life just gets in the way. Just as the weight loss goes though, you have to just keep the battle going no matter how much strength you have!!
My daughter is just LOVING her new college-- not sure if I wll see her at all this year!! Na, she did drive up for church with us on Sunday-- only a 30 min drive that early in the morning-- after that it can be at least an hour more at times.
Well gotta get going on my chores-- In His Arms We Shall Stay!! Gary

09-13-2002, 02:48 AM
Sorry to be missing for so long! My DH is out of town and it has been one thing after another! Wensday I had to meet with my sons surgeon (he is having jaw surgery) after two years of braces and removing teeth and preparing his mouth for the surgery we and at the end of the treatment and they inform me that my insurance will not pay for the surgery. What makes it worse is when we first started the treatment the dr we met with told me not to change insurance that he could get the insurance to pay and my insurance more than doubled this time and I would have changed but The first Dr. told me not to change. Then the mother of the boy that was in the car accdent with my son call and is now threating to sue me if she doesnt get some money it seems the insurance company is giving her the runaround and she is mad. Here I thought everything was paid and and over with. This insurance company is very shady! They tried to tell me that my son was not covered because he lived in the same house hold and was listed as a driver (the accident happen in my dd car and she that day just 3 hrs before the accident had got her own insurance and I had call and had her taken off mine) I told them to show me where it said that in the policy and the only place she could find that was under un-insured which he is insured under my policy. The I saw my specialist and I do have nerve damage in my left leg and and soft tissue damage in my back and hip area and that I need to be and these drugs and they are eating up my stomach! Then I came home and all that was on tv was all the 9-11 things and I just couldn't watch it as someone who has lost more than 1/2 my family I know the sadness of losing love ones and the pain is so raw. So pray for me I know than in all things God works for the good of his people and God is in control! Wilma I need to be on here more for support so I am making commitment to post at least every other day! A big welcome to Fonda this is a great group they really carry me through so I don't give up! Ginny you have been missed! So happy to see you back. EZ what a blessing you are to your nephew. Will keep you in prayer for all the changes. Zoe where are you? Sherry Where are you? Pravda? ect....... You are missed!

09-13-2002, 08:27 AM
Thank you for the welcome Sami & EZ. I don't know all the details EZ but just from what few posts I have read, it sounds as if you are doing a good thing with your nephew:) Sami, my heart goes out to you. You did have some day. I will be keeping you in my prayers for strength to get through your difficult times. Does anyone know of a website that has information on for example, grams of fat, carbs, etc. that one needs to have during the day? I am trying to keep my calories around 1,500 but was wondering what my carbs, fats, protein grams should be on that intake.

You all have a blessed day.

Fonda:wave: FitDay.com (http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=FKSkelton)

09-13-2002, 09:36 AM
It's 7:30 am on my day off and I can't sleep. :( So, I thought i'd come here and connect with you.

I had a good WOE yesterday and hopefully that trend continues. I know I'm addicted to sugar and cant seem to stay away from it. Yesterday I chose yogurt and a peach instead of the ice cream I've been craving.

Sami: I can't believe all the stress in your life right now. I am praying for you. Please remember that God cares and He will give you the strength to carry on.

Fonda: A big welcome to you! I don't know of any sites that give you the info you want. Doesn't Fitday have something in it's site?

Gary: It's so good to hear that things are going well with the adjustments of having a new family member. How old is he again? I probably know but have forgotten. Glad to hear also that your DD is enjoying school. Both my Ds are also enjoying theirs. It's just a little quiet around here. It's me who's having trouble adjusting.

Have a super day!

09-13-2002, 10:55 AM
Thanks for the BIG WELCOME!

If FitDay has that info, I just haven't seen it. Of course that isn't saying much:lol: I will look again! Good luck on curbing that sweet tooth. I love carbs but mostly potatoes, pasta...stuff like that. Run from that fridge today!

Take Care,
FitDay.com (http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=FKSkelton)

09-13-2002, 11:20 AM
HI EVERYONE-- HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I hope you all have the week-end off to spend with your families and weight programs (EXERCISE!!) ;)
All is well here, took another day off to continue putting my house back together, also today is the day I give blood. It takes about 1 and a half hours from the time I get there until I leave. I am not really sure what exactly I do, I am a red cell donor and they call the procedure a double red-- all I know is they take alot out- put alot in and they give me lots of tums to eat. It is pretty cool to be able to do that for someone who needs it!:)
My nephew is starting to feel right at home-- he had his first tennis lesson this week and last night he wanted to go watch my wife do hers-- he had a ball! he spent the whole night shagging the balls she and her teacher friends hit! The coach gave him a popsicle for helping out so he was really excited. Wilma he is almost 12-- next month, he is in 7th grade. He is very OUT THERE socially, not shy at all, so he has already made friends and probably a few that don't want to be. My son had a few of his friends over last night that played basketball together in high school-- they really gave him a hard time (lol) he absolutely loved it!
SAMII am so sorry for your troubles!! My son got his front 2 teeth knocked out in a high school basketball game just one week after he had his braces removed after 2 years, that additional set along with the two other kids sets made a total of 4 for me so I know the expense! I also have had over ten grand done to my mouth with gum surgery and tooth repairs in the last 10 years. You are sooo right-OUCH!!

09-13-2002, 11:42 AM
Sami I wish ther was something I could do for you with those insurance guys!!
WILMA sounds like my wife and daughter with the fruit and yogurt-- I have found if I stay on something long enough I start craving the new, i.e. taking sugar out of my coffee, after a week or so I couldn't stand 2 spoonfulls in it-- before I couldn't see how anyone could drink it black. FONDA I also have to run from carbs-- chips and dip were my downfall, although for years it was my number 1 staple I have not touched dip for 4 years and have very few chips. Have you tried the whole wheat pasta? it is a little drier but way better for you.
With my day off yesterday I got on a roll in the kitchen and made spinach lasagna and chili to freeze, and burritos and tostadas for last night-- wife very happy--.

---------------- HAVE A GREAT WEEK-END YOU LOOOOOOSERS!!:dizzy:

09-13-2002, 04:44 PM
Just got home from giving blood. While I was waiting after before they would excuse me I read in Family Circle magazine that 3500 calories equals 1 pound. In order to lose a pound you need to exercise and or diet 3500 calories less-- OUCH!! Gary

09-15-2002, 10:55 AM
I'm ready for church and have 1/2 an hour before I have to leave. What's up with that? DH had to go to work this am and I got up with him. It's nice to be able to relax a bit.

I weighed in this am and am back to 170. I've been hovering between 170 and 172 for the past couple of weeks. Now it's time to move into the 60's.

I'm roasting a chicken for supper tonight along with potatoes and carrots straight from the garden. I promise I'll go easy on the gravy!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

09-15-2002, 11:19 AM
Way to go Wilma! I know you are going to keep on losing! I went to on of my specialist wens and I was extra down because th scales showed a 10 lb gain but I was really sick sat and thought I had a kidney infection so I went to the dr and I am down 10 lbs from wens! My left side is really painful he thinks it is an infection in my intestines. But my kidneys are fine! I did get some good news on friday about the car accident I finally got a hold of the insurance person who is in charge of the claim and he said that they were settling the claim. This has prove to be a shady company so I will wait and see. They told my daughter that the reason they havent paid is the people sent 3000.00 damage report and were willing to settle for 1000.00 the car was in poor condition before the accident and it is an 87 with 150 thousand miles on it. Also in Indiana if you don't have insurance then the accident is your fault! And they refuse to show proof of insurance. So pray that this is resolved and I never hear from them again! I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and support I know after posting here I felt so much better So prayer does change things. Ez you are very special to take in your nephew that fact that he has already settled in show that he knows that he is welcomed and loved! I got to run I am lifting all of you in prayer! I will try to post more later but it has been hard to get my teen off the computer!

09-15-2002, 02:29 PM

Just got back from church, the nephew and I, wife and step-D at her soccer game this morning. My nephew is quite the salesman-- no one was signing up for the church pic-nic (well not too many) until he started going around asking them to sign up individually during the coffee time between service-- how do you say no to a high pressure 11 year old?
Daughter came home yesterday for the evening-- she was working on a Habitat House in the area with her kinesiology class from college.
Well, gotta help the nephew with his homework before his mom comes to visit today-- have a great start on your week ladies- IN HIS ARMS- Gary:grouphug:

09-17-2002, 11:00 AM
How's everyone doing this morning? It's still quite beautiful out here and harvest is in full swing. I don't see much of DH these days. After harvest I at least get him back for Sundays and evenings. I have been enjoying the produce from the garden. The cucumbers are finished now and the tomatoes are almost done but I still have the carrots, onions and potatoes!

I did really well with my WOE yesterday until after work. I really need to re-evaluate what I eat and when. I think I need something with fibre in it after school so that I don't eat everything in sight. I am back to salads at lunch and I find I'm not so sluggish after lunch then.

Sami: I'm glad that some of the problems in your life are working themselves out. Remember, God cares about you whatever situation you are in and provides a way out! Thank you for being my friend here. I need and treasure the encouragement you are to me.

Gary: Your nephew sounds like my son when he was little. When he would be collecting money for a club he was in he would stand in the doorway of the grocery store and not let people pass until they gave him some change. Of course, who could say no to those big brown eyes?!? God bless you for the unselfish act you did in helping to raise this boy. He is very fortunate.

Fonda: How is your day going? I want to go into the Fitday sight also and see if I can find that info for you. Keep posting here.

Hello to everyone else out there. Please post even if things aren't going well for you. That's when you need the support the most.

Have a super day!

09-17-2002, 02:52 PM
Fonda: I looked at the Fitday.com site and I found a place that let's you know whether you're getting enough nutrients. I don't know if that's what you want. Go to the Reports and into Nutrient Requirement. It compares what you've eaten that day with the daily requirements. Was that what you were looking for?

09-18-2002, 12:04 PM
I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Ours was a busy & wild one as usual:dizzy: . Rush seems to be my middle name! I am so tired of soccer taking over our Sundays. Last year it took over Wednesdays also but thankfully it doesn't this year. We had to miss Sunday School for the 3rd week and I feel like such a :devil: We are getting to church though...we go to the early service (8:30am) which everyone here (except me) cannot stand because they don't like getting up that early. We just always have to be at soccer around 11ish. I laugh when I think of the Sundy School Director pleading with me to take over a Sunday School class...I would never be there! Thankfully this next Sunday soccer isn't until 3pm. Has anyone ever had problems with sports, etc., taking over? Sorry to vent guys! I just guess this is one thing weighing (ha, my weight too) on my mind. Also, bills (always) and my husbands health (bp & cholesterol high, as well as hernia), and also my 15 year (need I go into details here? LOL). Enough of me.

Sami: Glad that your intestines are fine. Also glad that you are down 10 lbs! Great! I am stuck. Still trying though. I will say a prayer for insurance problems.

EZ: How old is your step daughter? So ya'll are soccer parents huh? I am a "Soccer Mom". I have a 12+ son that is on his 3rd year of Select Soccer & recently made it to final tryouts of ODP for state of MS. Very proud of him:cp: That is great about your daughter. I have always wanted to help w/ Habitat House.

Wilma : :tomato: Your garden sounds yummy! I love cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and potatoes! Not quite what I was looking for at FitDay, but I did find some info that I wondered about. Thanks

EVERYONE : I hope that you all are doing well with your weight loss. I didn't mean to go yacking and sorry if I :yawn: anyone. I am stuck it seems but am not giving up. Our church is trying a program Fit4 Life (I think that is the name) and I am thinking of joining. Has anyone heard anything about it? You all take care!

Have a blessed day,
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