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03-17-2010, 11:56 AM
I confess: I would marry mayonnaise if I could.

Since visiting Holland a few years ago and learning that mayo + fries = holy yum, I fell in love with it, being fully aware that it is absolutely loaded with calories.

Now that I live in Holland, I've made the transition to fritessaus (I don't know if you've ever had it, but it's quite similar to mayo, thicker, tangier, and with less fat!). Lately I've taken to stretching it with a wedge of Laughing Cow light and some minced garlic when I have it with my chicken breast, which works really well and is a less painful way to get my raw garlic.

I began my new lifestyle in January and have not changed my mayo habits for the most part. I have lost weight steadily. But I know that the lower I get, the more changes I'll have to make to keep the weight coming off.

What do you like to use in place of mayo? Or do you just indulge when you want it? Considering that mayo and olive oil are pretty much my only sources of fat - I eat mostly lean protein, whole grain, and fruit - should I worry?

What's your relationship with mayo? :D

03-17-2010, 12:01 PM
I don't like mayo myself so I can't relate :)

What do you use mayo for? For sandwiches, I use mustard or hummus.

03-17-2010, 12:57 PM
I am also a mayo addict.
I grew up on miracle whip actually and I prefer the taste of it.
Now I use the fat free miracle whip. It has the exact same taste and texture of the full fat stuff at like 20 cals per table spoon versus the 100+.
So glad I didn't have to give it up!

03-17-2010, 01:08 PM
I LOVE mayo too!

I try not to use it at all now, but if I do I use the Olive Oil Mayo - it tastes just like the real thing but with 1/2 the calories and fat (only 1 WW point per Tablespoon).

03-17-2010, 01:31 PM
I'm a mayo girl too. I just try to limit my intake of it. Try not to switch to low-fat or zero-fat versions of mayo because they're loaded with sugar, corn syrup, and unpronouncable ingredients.

I have recently begun to use avocado on my sandwiches. It has a great buttery flavor, nothing like mayo of course but still rich and delicious. Hey you didn't always like mayo as much as you did, you can learn to like something more healthy just as easily. It's all habit.

03-17-2010, 01:44 PM
Oh yes, avocado ! I love avocado, hummus, cucumber sandwiches, so good! Well or avocado and anything.

03-17-2010, 06:03 PM
Fat Free Cream Cheese has 30 cal. per Tbsp. I've been using that on my english muffin.

We also have been using the Olive Oil Mayo. It has a good flavor and my 13-year-old told me the other day that he likes it alot!:carrot: The fat free Miracle Whip is good, too.

I do like mustard on some things, but sometimes only mayo will do!;) They are two such opposite tastes to me, I can't replace one with the other.

03-17-2010, 06:24 PM
I love mayo also. This weeknd I was making egg saldd and haad a few blts (bites, licks and tastes) of the mayo! For me, it seems ok if I eat mindfully, just a bit here and there.
But, wow, it is gooood. Somebody told me if I think hellmans is good, just try homemade mayo- crazy good.

I find the low fat hellmans, not fat free or the other type of lower low fat is ok but I buy the regular version.

Mustard is not the same but still good. Trader joes has a chipotle mustard with 10 cal per teaspoon. It is great. That is for when you return from holland ;)

03-17-2010, 07:42 PM
I used to mix mayo and ketchup together as a dip for french fries. I used to love it. I don't know many people who do it, but I learned about it from a friend. Now the thought makes me grossed out and makes me somewhat nauseas. I was in love with mayo too. Now I don't eat any mayo at all. I don't really crave it.

I guess if you are still wanting mayo you could try a lighter mayo. Or you could try experimenting with other sauces in place of mayo. You could also try some different seasonings.

03-18-2010, 12:57 PM
I like mayo. But I'm not crazzzyyyy about it.

We had been using fat free mayo. But I found it so sweet. I wonder how much sugar they put in the stuff.

I plan on trying to make my own, with part olive oil, and I'll just go easy on it.

03-18-2010, 02:21 PM
I like mayo but usually cut it out all together when I'm dieting. I've substituted mayo for all types of different mustards. The other day I cut some low calorie ranch with some hot salsa to reduce the calories even more and had it on a wrap.

I've had the olive oil mayo, but I prefer Hellmann's Canola Mayonnaise. It has 45 calories per tablespoon and no saturated fat.

04-22-2010, 01:21 PM
I used to not be able to even eat a fry without having either ranch or bleu cheese dressing to dip it in. Then I realized just how many calories that was and it shocked me into using ketchup! :)

I love mayo, too! I still tend to put it on my sandwiches, but just in moderation. I have used a laughing cow wedge as a substitute, and it works well, but sometimes you just gotta have the mayo!

04-24-2010, 01:24 PM
I love Mayo. I was eating the regular stuff up until almost a year ago when my partner and I moved in together. We were on a shopping trip and she decided to randomly try the olive oil mayo and I admit it, I was a bit skeptical but now I love it. It's the only mayo I'll eat.

lora m
04-24-2010, 02:00 PM
It was trips to Amsterdam during my student days that got me into eating chips with mayo. Yum yum. I still have them on occasion now, but it's oven chips and Hellmans Light. Not the extra light version, because after tasting a Weightwatchers abomination in the past that was extra low, I'm assuming it's going to be weird-tasting.

04-24-2010, 02:50 PM
I like mayo in sandwiches so I use low fat; but in salads for a "mayo" dressing -- like with cole slaw -- I use Greek yogurt. If it tastes too yogurty I add a little mayonnaise.

04-24-2010, 07:53 PM
I too am a lover of the mayo. Here in Italy mayo is a common condiment along with chips as well. Love the stuff and just make room for it in the day's intake. A lil dab will do me lol. Nothing beats homemade mayo! I tried the recipe from Mark's Daily Apple (ooh can't post urls yet) and took restraint to not slather it on absolutely everything in site, good stuff ;)

04-24-2010, 08:49 PM
I did not grow up with it, but came to crave it on toasted baguette with really ripe tomato and bacon bits. I also really like it with baked fries (the packaged ones). I found an on sale squeeze bottle of "horseradish sauce" that was like a horseradish flavored mayo (60 cal/T) and I haved been useing that sparingly. Sometimes I think I would like a really mayo laden tuna sandwich but I usually talk myself out of it. I do notice that if I eat even a tea sandwich with mayo the fat really fills me up now.

04-24-2010, 09:35 PM
But I know that the lower I get, the more changes I'll have to make to keep the weight coming off.

What do you like to use in place of mayo? Or do you just indulge when you want it? Considering that mayo and olive oil are pretty much my only sources of fat - I eat mostly lean protein, whole grain, and fruit - should I worry?

What's your relationship with mayo? :D

I personally wouldnt stress too much about it right now. If mayo is what you love then find a way to work it in to your diet. I think most of us have found ways to work in some not perfect choices. If you come to a point where you have to make changes, you can make them.

I can sub for mayo or stretch it most of the time, but when summer comes and there are very very perfect tomatoes straight from the garden, then I must have mayo. Must. And at least one BLT with real bacon. So I guess my relationship with mayo is I still love it and I still eat it, just not as much of it.

04-26-2010, 10:50 AM
I admit, regular full fat mayo used to be a trigger food for me! I used to mix it with hot sauce and eat it as a dip with cheez-its. I need to stay away from the stuff!

I used to have such contempt for low fat mayo, but I forced myself to get used to the taste. It also doesn't call to me in the same way, so I can keep it in my home without constantly thinking about it.

04-26-2010, 11:06 AM
i ADORE mayo!!!!! :) i am doing WW and still eating it on my sandwiches. i put it on the toasted breat and then scrape most of it off so there is only a light, light layer of it.

i agree that mustart and mayo are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! in the past i switched while trying to lose weight. but this is a life style change for me this time. i would prefer to use mayo so sparingly rather than eat something i dont like and not feel satisfied..that might be worse in the long run!! (cause me to eat something else later)