General chatter - fortune cookie can possibly change your life.

03-15-2010, 03:56 PM
My dh has been having issues at his work, they've been working him practically day and night. He's putting in long hours in the office then while he's home he's on call. He'll get 4-6 calls during the night to troubleshoot computer problems. Then they might fly him out next month.
He was so bummed out this weekend because he felt he wasn't getting a break at all. He didn't have time for anything, he didn't leave the house at all because he was constantly getting calls or meeting alerts with the big wigs.
I got chinese takeout. I know its dumb to believe in fortune cookies, I know there's some bored to death guy making the saying up as he goes. But a couple of the sayings I've gotten over the years have come true or were in the process of taking place. One of which was during a time when I was gonna graduate from a career schooling program and I was unsure of it all. The fortune I got said something on the lines of "You will embark on a new career journey and you will feel complete." I just thought that was the oddest and coolest thing ever. I had it laminated but have no clue where I put it. LOL it was true
Well the same thing happened yesterday. After dh was done he went to work on his computer again. I did my usual, I eyed the cookie I wanted and held it for a while, then opened it. It says "You have a natural grace and great consideration for others." I thought it was sweet.
Well since there was only one left it was obvious whose it was, so I held it for a minute and opened it, it says "A position and a comfortable salary will be your." I kid you not. I called dh over and told him what I did and had him first read mine then to read his, we both laughed. He got on the ball and started putting his resume on a couple sites. Since this morning he's gotten 6 offered, all offering more then what he's making now. One is negotiating a deal with him now because of my pre existing condition...pregnancy.
Whether he gets the job now or waits till the baby's born, at least its helping him see the brighter side till then.

03-15-2010, 04:11 PM
Glad things are looking up!

03-15-2010, 09:27 PM
Our family tradition is for each of us to read our fortune cookie to the others...then add between the sheets at the end....

2 weeks ago Angie opened up this one....Your family is young, gifted and attractive (between the sheets)...

she couldn't wait to text/e-mail/facebook the 4 kids and their spouses....

I hope your DH's doesn't end....between the