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03-12-2010, 10:01 PM
Hi everyone -

I was semi-active on this forum last summer, losing weight before trying to conceive child #2. Well, in September I got that + test and am currently at the start of my third trimester!

I was on Metformin to treat PCOS during my TTC days. I think what it did to regulate my insulin levels along with the SB diet worked quite well. However, I got super-sick throughout the first trimester and anything resembling a "diet" went out the window - whatever I could keep down was what worked! In my second trimester, after the highest risk of miscarriage passed, I did away with the Metformin because those pills just added to my nausea.

Needless to say, in my second trimester my weight ballooned -without the Met and any plan, my carb intake grew out of control. The big wake-up call came recently when I realized I had gained 10 pounds in one month's time. (In the second trimester, 1/2 to 1 lb a week is ideal.) I also failed my 1 hour glucose test and am awaiting the results of the 3 hour test which I took today...gestational diabetes is a possibility.

I talked to the midwife and she said even if I don't have gestational diabetes, it would be a good idea for me to go "back to the beach" because I had done well losing and maintaining weight in the past. I will be doing Phase 3 - eating low-glycemic fruits and whole grains - because the goal isn't to lose. But I have gained 35 lbs so far with 11 more weeks to go, so very slow gain is the goal for the rest of the pregnancy so it doesn't get too out of hand. (25-35 pounds is ideal for pregnancy)

So, here I am! I look forward to chatting with you all again.

Good luck to you all!

03-12-2010, 10:14 PM
Congrats on your pregnancy! I completely understand trying to keep your weight gain under control while pregnant. I gained 58 pounds with my DD and my midwife was NOT happy with me. Hope that coming back to the beach will keep you in a weight gain range you are comfortable with.

Oh and fingers crossed you pass the 3 hour glucose test too!

03-12-2010, 10:58 PM
Welcome back, Kate, and congratulations on your pregnancy! I remember you from before, and am happy to have you back.

03-12-2010, 11:23 PM
Welcome back & congratulations. Good luck on your glucose tolerance test. SB is great for getting those BG back in line. Glad your midwife recommended it.

03-13-2010, 03:00 AM
Congratulations, Kate! You're due on my daughter's birthday!

03-13-2010, 03:43 AM
Hi Kate! Welcome back and Congrats! on your pregnancy!

03-13-2010, 01:03 PM
:welcome: back!