Weight Loss Surgery - Vegas Bandster Ball!

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Blanche Porter
09-01-2002, 02:45 PM
We are having a Vegas Bandster Ball in Vegas in February, for people who have had the surgery, or who are thinking about the surgery. We have a group set up for anyone who wants info or has questions about the Vegas Bash. The link to sign up is at the bottom of this page.

Please go to the poll and vote on how much you would like to pay for a hotel room.

We already have one Bariatric Surgeon (who places the AG Band) offering his support, and probably reps from INAMED (who make the band) will be there also.
Please come, it's a great treat for pre-banders, post banders and their families too.
Come for fun, come to put faces to emails addresses, and come for education :-)

To join please go to:


The email address for sending messages is..