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03-06-2010, 01:13 PM
Last night I did Upper Body w/ the machine weights and then 20 minutes on the treadmill. It did the exercises earlier this week without weights (just the motions keeping my muscles tight) so last night was the first time with heavy weight.
I was so hungry after that. We went out, I bought my son a small pizza and myself a salad with fat free dressing. I wanted wings so badly. I felt stuffed
but not satisfied.
I drank water went to bed hoping it would go away! Nope! I woke up and had 2 oranges and was still hungry. I decided today would be a off day and then had a portion of wheat thins with cheese. (YAY for me & portions! :carrot:) Still hungry so I had 1/2 can of tuna on a whole wheat bread w/ a portion of chips from the health food store. Still hungry so I had a 100 cal granola bar..was not at all what I wanted, I want wings. :lol: I don't like sweet things, that box of granola bars has been unopened until now. I keep them around in case we lose power. I was hoping it would solve this hunger.:( I feel awful now from that sugar, my heart is pounding, I don't tolerate sweet food like granola bars well.

This week I did so good, had lots of fruit, salads when we went out, I can't believe how hungry I have been last night and this morning. I feel full now but still have that type of low blood sugar feeling, does that make sense? I'm craving some type of meat with fat.

I know that was a lot of food for one morning..

Do you think it's related to the weight lifting? I wasn't sure what was going on then remembered that was something new last night.

03-06-2010, 02:22 PM
I lift weights every other day and have not noticed that. However, I also swim and that makes me want to eat a moose!

03-06-2010, 03:48 PM
Cat, I think the problem was having a salad with FF dressing as your post-workout meal. Your body is craving meat and fat because it needed protein and fat (and good carbs) after you worked out. Your post-workout meal is probably your most important meal of the day and the chance to refuel your muscles and help build new muscle. A salad with FF dressing isn't muscle fuel!

Plan to have a protein and good carb meal within an hour of lifting. It can be a protein shake or something like chicken breast and an apple, tuna on whole wheat bread, egg whites and oatmeal (my favorite) -- any combination of protein and good carbs. Good fats like PB and olive oil are great too and will help keep you full.

I think if you eat a good, solid healthy meal to replenish your muscles after working out, you won't get that starving, low blood sugar, "can't get satisfied" feeling. Try it and let us know!

03-07-2010, 12:35 PM
Meg, thank you! I have a lot of tuna, I will try tuna on WW bread! Thank you for the other ideas. I will try them too! :hug:

Paula, I get so hungry after just being in the water -swimming isn't necessary! Last summer we would go in the pool and then go around the corner and buy an inexpensive carryout pizza!:hug: