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03-03-2010, 05:57 AM
It's off to the bank and the store for me this morning! I have to get some fruits, plain yogurt and 1 percent milk. I slept later than I should have, considering that I went to sleep at 6:32pm and just got up 3 minutes ago. I don't know why I've been feeling sooooooo tired! I'm holding my own on the Beach and I'm grateful for all of you!

03-03-2010, 06:42 AM
Good morning Okie! Thanks for getting us started. Hope today is NOT wicked! ALthough it is snowing a bunch out there, and I didn't expect that...

It's kinda odd not having a bunch of personals! Today is same ole, same ole for, then tote the kids around for gymnastics (they both go, but their classes are staggered), and the DH is out for a bible study, so I have the kids tonight. BUT...two days down for work, and two to go until vacation!!

Have a wonderfully wicked wednesday!

03-03-2010, 07:01 AM
Good morning :coffee2: "Wicked" is a very popular adjective around here and we use it for all kinds of things, often paired with good, as in Wicked Good Pizza which was wicked evil ;)

Okie - I think sometimes our bodies just need to catch-up on sleep.

Twynn - Sounds like a good day to have a few minutes of extra quiet time in the morning. Can't remember if you told us about your vacation plans?

Well the retreat wasn't too bad. I think personality typing is a lazy man's way to run a retreat and do team building but it did get the conversation going. I think choosing the color that best described your personality would have the same effect but as long as people were talking and laughing. The last half hour we really got down to the impending changes and communication and it was good. Now I hope that feeling of being on the same team holds. If there is no legislative intervention and our agency wraps up its work we really need to support each other and work together to keep our focus on doing our best for our clients more than ever.

I've got an appointment this morning than office work this afternoon. Should be a quiet day.

It looks like DD is going to Haiti in mid-April. She has decided to travel with Partners in Health instead of the smaller organization. They are all training together which has been a really good experience for her. I'm happy to know she will have a support network when she gets home. I'm not worried about her physically but think it will be emotionally draining for her. The private hospitals are giving their staffs paid time off to travel there but the state hospital staff, who are already paid less, need to use their vacation time. She is more annoyed for friends of hers who have children who want to go but need that time off. She is talking a lot about going every year and working with a couple of others to do fund raising and education and recruitment to help that happen. Some days I'm just in awe and am not sure how that obnoxious, demanding teen turned into this amazing human being :)

Have a good hump day Chicks :)

03-03-2010, 07:04 AM
Good morning, Okie and Twinn. I am hoping it's not too wicked today as I have stuff that needs doing. The meds for the bronchitis are working slowly and I could use more rest but I have two appointments this morning so....

No gym today because of coughing but I hope to take a wee stroll around the back garden. There are bare patches and the ground is thawing so I may see something peeking up. I shouldn't get my hopes up as we almost always have a big dump of snow in March. The guys have started to tap the maple trees though so spring IS coming.

Happy Hump Day!

ETA: :wave: at Cyndi. Good for your DD. I have nieces like that and claim it's genetic!

03-03-2010, 07:10 AM
Okie, have fun at the bank and the store! I always dread going to the bank and I don't know why. Probably because their hours are so restrictive and I have to interrupt my day to go, when it would be more convenient to go in the late afternoon or evening. Well, that turned into a big rant.

Tammy, have fun being a taxi driver today! :)

Cyndi, I'm glad the retreat turned out to be OK. Great news about your daughter and her trip! I hope she is able to do everything she wants to do.

Ruth, I hope you see some fun in your garden. I need to really work on our little front garden but I don't know what to do.

I am in the middle of cleaning. I finished the kitchen and folded the laundry (which should have been folded and put away yesterday...) and now I need to dust and sweep and vacuum the first and second floors. I've got fifty minutes before Connor gets home from school so I think I'll just about make it. I also have to practice my music for the Lenten service, which is tonight. Eek! I was going to try to squeeze in a Wii workout but that may have to be put on hold.

My scale is stuck again. :( I have been noticing some huge changes in my body, though. I can make out some upper abs, which is amazing, and the bumpies on the side of my thighs are almost completely gone. I realized this morning I put too much stock in the scale, but I don't know how to adjust that mindset. I've been 100% perfectly on plan since Tom left (and was doing great before that, too), and I am very proud of myself for that.

We have NOTHING scheduled for this Saturday and I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in!

03-03-2010, 07:39 AM
I love the name of this post, it reminds me of the musical which I adored and own the soundtrack.
Hi Okie, hope the trip to the store is successful.

Twynn, I bet your kids love the gymnastics, I always wanted to do it as a child, it never happened. I can't even cartwheel

Wow Cyndi, your daughter really sounds like quite a woman. I really respect what she is planning on doing.

Ruth, sorry about the cough, feel better. Glad it looks like spring around someone, I've yet to see it yet, but i keep checking!

Kara, congratulations on less bumpies. I know what you mean about needing a day to do nothing, i think that might be my sunday. Not sure yet.

I'm still in a sleeping rut. Talked to bf for way too long last night and didn't get to sleep til 12:30 or 1 and up at 6. I was afraid to step on the scale but made myself do it, and it is moving in a lovely downward direction! yay! So my motivation is up this morning. No afterschool today, maybe i'll come home and read, haven't done that in a while and i miss it. Have a great day all!

03-03-2010, 07:44 AM
Good morning ladies!
"Wicked" often means "extreme" around my neck of the woods, and this is going to be one of those days for me. Meetings before and after school, a quick stop at the store after that and then back to town for youth group after supper. Nothing difficult or unpleasant, just busier than I like. lol It was so nice to walk/run outside in the warm sunshine yesterday but there will be no time to squeeze an outdoor walk in today. *sigh*

Kara, I'm sorry to read that you're scale is stuck again... I was thinking mine was stuck too, but then I realized that I'm just impatient. ;) LOL

Good morning Ruth, I hope you'll be able to get a nap in this afternoon. It takes a while for the meds to do their stuff. Enjoy your walk - I hope you see a few signs of spring! :encore:

Cyndi, I'm glad the retreat went better than expected yesterday! :crossed: I'm also hoping that the good attitudes continue back at the office. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Twynn, that vacation sure is getting close! :carrot:

Hi Okie, your shopping list sounds yummy! Have you started dancing yet? I usually have more energy and sleep better when I'm exercising regularly. I hope you enjoy your day!

I wonder who else might have popped in while I've been typing? I'm running late and can't edit this morning, so please know I didn't "skip" you on purpose! :lol: Enjoy your Wednesday friends!

03-03-2010, 07:52 AM
Good morning! It got off to a rather Wicked start for me, as I'd planned to get up early to start the laundry, and overslept instead. But the first laundry of laundry is in the washer, a pot of chili is simmering on the stove, and I took another bag of trash to the curb that Jake forgot to do last night. We're having trouble with our sump pump, too, so I had to play with that before I could finally sit down with you and my coffee. I hope the rest of the day is calmer! At least it ended up too warm for snow, so we're only getting light rain this morning. :)

Okie, I hope you can fit some time in for dancing between your errands today! I'm glad your sister is doing ok, and hope she continues to do well.

Twynn, corral that snow so it doesn't head further east. Be careful out on the roads, no slipping and sliding!

Cyndi, I'm glad your retreat wasn't too awful, and that some good actually came out of it. God bless your DD for going to Haiti to help out, and I hope she has a safe trip.

Ruth, I'm glad your meds are starting to work their magic, but make sure you don't overdo it today. We're seeing lots of bare patches around here, finally, and are supposed to have mild temps the rest of the week, so that should help accelerate the snow melt! I can't wait to get out and take a look around the yard to see what's poking up through the ground.

Kara, I'm glad all your dedication to working out is having great results! Have a great afternoon!

I'll probably end up staying late at Cindy's today, as she's away at a veterinarian conference. I'm going through the girls' clothes and starting to pack for their trip to Tasmania and Australia, but it looks like we're going to have to plan a shopping trip! Both girls have had growing spurts since last summer, and it will be late summer/early fall down under. ;)

Well, this has taken me forever to write this post, so I'd better get going and finish my chores.

Good morning to everyone I've missed, and I hope you all have a Wicked Wednesday! (In the good way, of course!)

03-03-2010, 08:00 AM
Cyndi, you are too young to be mother to an adult! How old is she? I'm not gonna weigh myself again till 3/15.

03-03-2010, 08:03 AM
Upstairs done! On to the first floor!

Lauren, so glad the scale moved for you today! Yay!

Heidi, I always know when it's stuck because it goes up a couple pounds and then down one and then up one and then down one and then up two more and then down a couple... Argh.

Linda, I bet it's fun to shop for little girl clothes on somebody else's budget! Good luck working late today!

Connor just came home with a SUPER SMILEY FACE! I am SO HAPPY! (A super smiley face is when his teacher draws extra stuff on a regular smile face - hair, teeth, hats, etc. - because he was extra good.) YAY CONNOR!

03-03-2010, 08:03 AM
FoodO - Maybe it is time to shift your hours to match the sun?

Twynn - Do you have exciting plans for vacation?

Cyndi - I had forgotten that use. I grew up outside Boston and used wicked a lot growing up. I'm glad your retreat ended finished well. DD sounds amazing... a credit to her mom:)

Ruth - Maybe it is time for a more thawed avatar? Glad the drugs are kicking in.

Kara - Awesome job. Or should I say "wicked good job." I think the body changes are more important, rationally, but also get caught up in the darn number.

MJ - I like the musical too and my mind went there first as well. Reading sounds good. Glad you are motivated and the scale is cooperating.

Heidi - Hope your day goes well and that tomorrow brings more sunshine with time for a walk.

Cottage - I didn't even know what a sump pump was until we built this house 18 years ago! We've since added a backup to ours. Tasmania and Australia! Lucky young ladies. I don't suppose they are taking you along.

I think I will exercise at home early in case my mom calls and I can't get to the gym. Gotta admit I miss my workout routine.

03-03-2010, 08:43 AM
Congrats to Connor, Kara. I wish my little sister was more focused on school!

03-03-2010, 09:17 AM
Good Morning, Everyone!

I just have a minute this morning. It was raining and snowing when I left work yesterday, so I skipped the gas pump. This morning, I have no choice but to stop. I'd hate to have to hitch-hike to work! ;)

I have an office funny from yesterday.... Use your best back-woods, redneck imagination for the man in this conversation. :)

Me: This is Michelle, may I help you?
Man: DHR said you could help me. They said my daughter needs psychic therapy!
Me: <long pause> Please hold.

I couldn't even talk to him any more! We offer lots of services, but psychic therapy isn't one of them! :lol:

03-03-2010, 09:21 AM
Morning! Where does the morning go!?!? Sigh....

Surprised Chris with a bag full of medicinal goodies last night (no, not THAT kind. :tired: ) Dayquil, Nyquil, Tylenol Cold Severe Congestion, strawberry Halls, Halls Vitamin C drops, and Vics Vapo Rub. I got a text at 4:12 this morning saying that the Nyquil worked for 6 hours on the dot, then he was up with a low-grade fever again. Dang. I do hope he took daytime stuff when he woke up at least....

Forced myself to eat breakfast this morning even though that Taco Bake stuffed me last night. After you cook it all, you forget all the mushrooms you put in it until they hit your stomach and your brain goes "I feel like I just ate 15 mushrooms! Wonder why....." Still a favorite dish of mine!

Well, I'd better go dry my hair. Hope everyone has a great day!!!


03-03-2010, 09:48 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

It looks to be a nice day here! I finally get to check in! Today is Kirks BD, so we got up together early to enjoy his favorite coffee, Kona. He's back enjoying some beauty rest so I tiptoed back upstairs with another :coffee:. Then off to a busy day; I have one pumpkin left from the garden and a premade whole wheat crust so it looks like a BD Pumpkin Pie is in order; roast chix, cauliflower smashed potatoes, green beens and salad. Yum!

Okie, thanks for starting us up! You and I are on similar schedules, and I like mine alright. I think losing weight takes alot of energy from the body and you might just need a little extra rest sometimes.

Twynn, countdown!!!!

Cyndi, thanks for sharing DD's plans. I'm sure it will be emotional, but she will know in her heart that she has truely helped. Thanks for the reminder it's Wednesday.

Ruth, tapping the Maple trees sounds like spring to me! Keep getting better!

Kara, I was thinking of you yesterday....Kirk used to fish and would be gone most of the summer...nights were the hardest. :hug: Good news for Conner today!

Lauren, I hope you get your reading in! Congrats on the scale moving!

Heidi, sounds super busy! Glad to hear you got a walk in yesterday!

Linda, sorry on the oversleep, but it sounds like you're back on track. Have a great hump day and get home ASAP!

Karen, good idea working out early. I'm seeing some trees starting to green in Denver. I hope it's nice when you're here.

Chelby, funny story-perhaps a mispronounciation?? Kirk calls Alzheimers-oldhimers and it drives me nuts!

Lisa, have a great day! I always wonder where the morning goes, which is why I enjoy getting up early-OOPs it's almost 7-I'd better get my quiet time in.

On our yuck list today, is cleaning out our junk truck so it can be hauled away. I decided not to $$ license it again which means it has to go. PITA!

Have a great day everyone! See ya'll later!

03-03-2010, 10:00 AM
Just a quick fly-by today chicks. We were on the ball this morning, up early, chores done, sent the kids out the door to the bus stop, got ready to exercise, and here they come back again! School is delayed 2 hours today and I have no idea why. All I see out my window is a little rain.
Anyway, I got my exercise done, and am showered, dressed, and ready to start the day. That's more than I can say usually! I've got a crock pot of chai tea going and I can't wait to sample it this afternoon. The house smells wonderful. It's 8:59 and I've got to get to work, but just wanted to say hello and that I am thinking of Jenn today. good luck, chickie. :hug:
Yikes, just remembered, the architect comes tomorrow, and the summer kitchen is piled full of recycling. We haven't had a pickup for over a month now. I'll have to spend some time cleaning out so he can walk back there to get measurements. funfunfun.

03-03-2010, 10:23 AM
:wave: Hi Diane...the scent of chai tea sounds wonderful.

Yes, special thoughts to Jenn today.

gothik butterfly
03-03-2010, 11:37 AM
Good morning and happy (wicked) Wednesday to all!

FoodO - Oh joyous sleep! :D Sometimes I sleep 10+ hours and still take a nap during the day. Just because I can. If you feel tired, your body obviously needs it. :)

Twynn - Countdown to Vacation! wahoo! *snoopy dance*

Cyndi - very, very cool about DD. It warms my heart to know there are still people out there who care enough to do something and that "our youth" (I say that with quotes since I'm only 31) still have hope of making a difference.

Ruthxxx - oh please get better soon! Bronchitis has been the bane of my existance... I feel your pain. The last bout I had, I pulled muscles and was sore for 6 weeks.

Tomandkara - You remind me of how important it is to NOT rely only on scale. Don't get discouraged... you're doin great!! p.s. Yay for sleeping in on Saturday! lol

Maryjaneld - Congrats on a downward moving scale! May you be blessed with more lost lbs!

Heidi - I hope you are able to be peaceful and calm as you run around like a chicken today!

Cottage - here's to a calmer day.... and have fun goin through the girls clothes and planning a shopping trip!

Waistingtime - what kind of exercises do you do at home?

Chelby - bwahahahaha you nearly made me spit my coffee!

Weezle - whoah. holy medicine cabinet! Gotta stock up, though! mmm.. taco bake....

Lexxiss - yummo pumpkin pie! Sounds like you have a lot goin on today. I'm sure you'll be glad once you have that truck out of your hair, too.

Schmoodle - you're on the ball today! you give me strength to get my butt in gear too! ... after my coffee. lol

Today is grocery shopping day for me as tomorrow is back to phase 1!! I will be on phase 1 for at least 1 month... I have lots to lose and lost very slowly last time, if you recall. I never got OVERLY discouraged... but did run into financial problems that lead me back to mac n cheese days. Hopefully, that is all worked out now.

Have a wonderfully wicked good day!

03-03-2010, 11:50 AM
Morning everyone!

FoodO- Happy shopping! I love food shopping, probably because I leave all the kids home with my husband or my oldest, so it's the only free time I get!

Twynn- That vacation is close! What a great thing to look forward to. Did you mention before where you are going?

Cyndi- I'm glad the retreat went well. I know you must be relieved it's over with! Your daughter sounds like an amazing woman. It's nice to hear "success" stories of snotty teens turning into decent people! I worry about mine all the time! :)

Ruth- Sorry your cough is still hanging on. I hope you get to see a little glimpse of spring in your garden today. I am starting to see bare patches here again and hoping that we have seen the last of snow for this year. Probably an optimistic thought, but I am so sick of winter!

Kara- There you go being productive again! I'm sorry your scale is stuck again. Mine was up 2 pounds yesterday but is back down 1 again today. Maybe we both need to put the scales away for a while! I am not sure I could function without it though! Congrats to your son on the super smiley face! He must have been very proud to show you that!

Maryj- Congrats on the scale success this morning! What a great way to start the day!

Heidi- That does sound like a busy day! I hope you can squeeze in a walk tomorrow if it's nice out!

Cottage- Sounds like you got a lot done despite oversleeping!

Karen- I hope things settle down for you so you can get back to your workout routine!

Chelby- I Hope you made it to the gas station! I loved your phone conversation- it must have been hard not to burst out laughing!

Lisa- My morning flew away from me too!

Debbie- Enjoy your nice day and your pumpkin pie!!

Schmoodle- How frustrating that you had your kids ready to go not realizing there was a delay! My kids were hoping for a delay this morning too but thankfully they didn't get one! It was snowing lightly when we dropped them off at school but the roads were just fine. I am intrigued by your crock pot chai tea. Is there a recipe on here?

Not much to report here. I am enjoying my last several minutes of quiet before my youngest gets home from preschool. We will be running the rest of the afternoon, speech for her and after school activities for the older kids. Somehow I have to fit in cooking dinner and cleaning the house. I should have been more productive with my free time this morning but I spent it having breakfast out with my husband (2nd time this week!) I like to take advantage of the times he is able to take the morning off from work to spend with me, so I will try not to feel guilty about my lack of productivity this morning.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Halfway to the weekend already!


03-03-2010, 12:13 PM
Cyn- good for DD!!!
Ruth-feel better!
Debbie- have 'fun' heh. Junk trunk makes me laugh...
Chelby- :lol3:

Thanks to you all. I head out in about an hour. I haven't eaten anything since 5pyesterday -- and even then my menu was 4 hard boiled eggs, NSA milkshake, SF jello and SF pudding! Looking forward to a homemade quesedilla :)

03-03-2010, 12:38 PM
Morning everyone:)

Mind if I join you? I am new here & this is day 2 of phase 1 for me.

I have had my coffee & cottage cheese and am dressed. Next I need to shoot off shoot some resumes & hopefully do some laundry before the rain starts. I have bible study tonite and I'm planning to go to Traders on the way there.

Wow everyone is so productive. I can't believe how much cottage & schmoodle got done.

Ruth hope you feel better soon, so many peeps have had the bronchitis this year & it is a pain.

Chelby I think I would've died :lol: if I had gotten that call...too funny.

Jenn, good luck today on your test.

Anybody else, Hi & hope you have a great day!! Don't mean to ignore you there are just a lot of new names to learn.


03-03-2010, 12:48 PM
Welcome Sue! We have a lot of room for all!

03-03-2010, 12:52 PM
Debbie- have 'fun' heh. Junk trunk makes me laugh...
Jenn-glad you got a laugh-haha-cause I'm not. If it were a trunk, I'd be very happy. It's a F-150 full size truck full of s**t! It doesn't run, so we're having to backhaul all the "junk" to our beautiful SUV in order to get it cleaned out...ugg.

Hi Gothik, I didn't get to :wave: yesterday. Yes, I remember how hard you worked SBD last time. I don't recall your ever getting discouraged.

KS, glad you enjoyed your time with DH this AM.

Sue, :welcome2: Thanks for joining in. We're extra chatty so far this year and you'll learn about everyone day by day. Have a great day!

OK, off to the darn truck!

03-03-2010, 12:59 PM
Good morning, everyone! Just a fly-by to let you all know that preliminary totals show that our preferred candidates were elected in all contested races out here! :carrot: The tension in the office is gone as we're all breathing a sigh of relief that our jobs are secure and will run as smoothly as they have been until the legislature meets again in 2011. Phew!

03-03-2010, 02:04 PM
Hello quick flyby for me, didn't realize I hadn't posted yesterday, it was crazy busy.

Anyway tonight is DD2 dance and day 14 of Phase 1, the scale was down a lb today finally so hopefully it will trend down.

Good luck Jenn today
Debbie uggh I feel for you having to clean out the truck.

Have a great day everyone.

03-03-2010, 03:18 PM
Just popping back while waiting for the kids' bus so I can go back out.

Gothik- Happy shopping and good luck with phase 1! I am not sure I could handle a are stronger than me for sure!

Jenn- I hope your test went smoothly and relatively painlessly. I know you will enjoy that quesadilla when you get home!

Sue- Welcome and good luck with SB!

Kim- Glad your job is secure! What a relief!

Pearl- Congrats on the downward scale motion!

gothik butterfly
03-03-2010, 03:58 PM
Well I'm back from grocery shopping... 115 bucks later... I have food for 2 weeks. Some of it may carry over into week 3 but when I was SB'ing last time I spent about 50-60 a week so thats about right.

Today I'm eating as much crap out of the house as I can. There isn't much... but I have to get rid of the goulash leftovers. Last night I got rid of the ice cream LOL

I hate to waste food. But at least the majority of whats left in the cupboards I can eat on ph2. I always buy whole grain pasta and brown rice so even though i can't have those things right now... they'll keep and they are legal.

Feel very accomplished today.. and it's only 1 pm! i'm thinking ... book, nap, walk, dinner. :)

Hope everyone's day is going well!

03-03-2010, 04:13 PM
Chelby - Darn... I could use a glimpse into my future:)

Lisa - I was telling someone how you would never know the mushrooms are in there! I like it a lot too.

Debbie - I hope the weather holds too! It looks like the 50s here later this week so I maybe DH and I will ride outdoors, finally. Happy birthday Kirk.

Schmoodle - I have never heard of Chai in the crockpot. I bet it does smell amazing! Sniff, sniff.

Kari - I am not great at exercising at home and used to just do the elliptical. But DH just got a new treadmill and I wanted to work harder so I added some intervals on that. I much prefer my classes at the gym... they are more motivating for me. I did get to go today so it was cycling followed by pilates. Happy PH1:)

K - Thank you; me too! Hubby time sounds well worth the lack of productivity.

Jenn - I hope you finally learn something!!!!!!

Sue - :welcome2: It took me a long time to begin to keep everyone straight and I still can't get it all!

Kim - Woo hoo. :cb:

Rose - Phase 2 here you come!

I made it to two classes at the gym today! I realized I had not been able to get to cycling in over a week. Hopefully things are settling down now. We may have news soon about the next step for my mom's husband, probably inpatient rehab for a while. His daughter came in town for a few days so I am giving her space with her day. Which is nice for me...I even got to the grocery store!

Tonight we have a boring parent meeting for my son's track team. Then DH will go to the hospital to watch basketball with my stepfather. So I am sure I will be back here later.

03-03-2010, 06:03 PM
Hi Ladies
I've been on a seemingly neverending fibro flare for days so would you like some carbs with your carbs? how bout some carbs? DH has been taking care of me and taht's all he knows how to cook!
I feel like a Macys day float
I'm going to Peapod some groceries and Do Ph 1 much to his consternation

Also book an appt with a rheumatologist and a WLS friendly dietician I need to feel good and burn some flab without sending my sugar off the deepend
I'm just heading out of work will bb tomorrow!

03-03-2010, 10:43 PM
Evening chicks

I know I have been missing. I guess not much is new but I have been stressing out because tomorrow I go for a physical and I hate, hate, hate it so much. Its been almost two years since the last one and for some reason they have phoned me 3 times and I gave in the third time and said yes. You would think that a woman my age would be a bit more mature about it.
take care