100 lb. Club - Plateau? What's the problem?? HELP!

03-01-2010, 08:09 PM
I have been so frustrated lately! I've been steadily losing since September of year, and the last 2 months I've had a 2 pound change. Now, I haven't gained anything, so that's good, but I've only lost 2 pounds.
I have to admit I haven't been as faithful to my diet as I could have been, but I've been working out regularly, switching up what I've been doing and so on.
Anyone relate? I'm going to give it my ALL this month, being really good diet-wise, and working hard at making sure I get all I can out of my workouts, and if I don't see a difference... I don't know. Perhaps I'll go see the Doc.
Anyone have any tips? Any great workouts, foods, etc. LOOOVE to hear from you all!

03-01-2010, 08:18 PM
You're not plateauing, you're simply eating too much. Your food is the #1 most important part of the weight-loss equation, and as you say, you haven't been sticking to your plan. Working out cannot make up for going off your food plan. Why? Because even if you burn a couple hundred calories by working out for half an hour to an hour, it is extremely easy to eat that number of calories (or more) in less than 5 minutes.

Get your food plan firm and stick to it for a good period of time, and you will see weight loss.

03-01-2010, 08:24 PM
When you hit a plateau that is the best time to measure your body to see if your losing inches. I have only lost 3 lbs since November but I am steadily losing inches. My clothes are getting looser and I have more energy even though the weight is slowly coming off. Try keeping measurements of yourself and see if you losing inches instead of weight. That's the main reason why I focus on inches instead of the scale, for me weight fluctuates so much that its normal to be down one day and then up the next. I got tired of the roller coaster of emotions that the number on the scale would cause me to have. If you are feeling more fit and your clothes are getting loose then you are getting healthier. Focus on your fitness goals instead, can you run faster are your muscles getting stronger? That's what should matter I'm sure your losing inches

03-01-2010, 10:29 PM
go back to recording every bite for the next week. this will help you realize where you are slipping look at you cravings, and record those as well. check all labels to make sure you are not eating hidden calories. increase your exercise by 5%. this steps should help you break a plateau. Stay the course, you can do this!

03-02-2010, 05:25 AM
Great advice!! Thanks ladies!! I've now found some new motivation!

Ten Years
03-02-2010, 09:15 AM
I think you've got the same problem I had during January and February! If you think back to the little extra bites you had here and there, thinking you were being "Ok, not perfect, but Ok", chances are- like me, you won't believe the number of extra calories you had. Then you'll think, no wonder I wasn't losing any weight!

I always get to a point where I think I can manage weight loss without any help. I stop tracking my calories because I think I can keep track in my head or something, and that's when I stop losing. It's no coincidence!

You can do it, though! Get back on track and you'll be losing steadily again.

Good Luck!