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03-01-2010, 06:26 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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03-01-2010, 06:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Got in a walk that included Whole Foods because I needed some sparkling water. Left with a liter of extra virgin olive oil also - at half price - because it wouldn't be on sale if I wasn't supposed to buy it, LOL. CREDIT moi for the walk. CREDIT moi for not buying two liters of EVOO. Ordered Majestic Vegetables with feta cheese at the restaurant last night (with brown rice) - just enough dinner. No appetizers, no desserts, no liquid calories. CREDIT moi. I could eat like that every night and not gain weight.

Congrats to the Canadian Men's Hockey team for a (painful to watch) Gold medal last night.

onebyone - Congrats for getting married - nothing like planning a wedding on top of all you've got going. Do enjoy it as a big deal - it is. Don't try to minimize it just because you aren't having dozens of bridesmaids and a grooms cake. I don't have a special list of "the like" that I avoid; just the standard fried foods, crouton-ed foods, white sauces, glazed - you know, the ones that look like gratuitous calories.

Anne (wndranne) - Yep, "overwhelmed" is the new whelmed. Takes getting used to.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for leaving "eggplant parmigiana" - although you now have me drooling for some. Thanks for the mention of feta cheese yesterday - it got caught in my brain and influenced my dinner order last night.

Shepherdess - Not to be picky, but is "I just fed them, and apparently, all is forgiven" teaching them that food is the solution to anxiety? Hello! What would Beck say, LOL. Yay for sore muscles and "measuring, counting, planning."

Susan (hikergirl) - Kudos for “ok” on the food front - just what every day needs. Hope you're giving yourself credit.

silverbirch - "Cheerio!" back 'atcha (in local vernacular) - could I add "old chap" to a female or is that for men only? Yep, we don't have the Common Buzzard here in North America and have stolen "buzzard" for Turkey Vulture so thoroughly that most NA readers would have thought that's what you referred to, instead of your elegant hawk. Kids here also stop believing in Storks when they learn the facts of life. I do admire that the UK has so many serious birders.

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

. . .
Continue to eat normally. Some people think, Now that I ate something I wasn't supposed to, I have to make up for it and not eat for the rest of the day. If you allow yourself to think this way, you might end up feeling unhappy and resentful or anxious that you'll be too hungry later on. You might then decide to eat everything you want. You need to put this mistake in perspective. It's just not that big a deal. Go ahead and continue with your eating plan for the rest of the day.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 167-8.

03-01-2010, 07:04 AM
Good thing I delayed posting so that this Australian made it into the March list and spared BillBE from having to cut and paste me again! Today not bad on the Beck front - although I did forget my salad dressing and cheese for lunch salads when I packed - had to go and buy more. By the way (a question from a while back) - in Australia vinegar on chips is becoming more popular but not how it is in England - I remember being quite surprised when i went there that it was so common.

Credits: :flow1:

Have read my cards on my iPhone today - novel and easy to keep to hand. Now need to add an alarm function
Checked in
Ate somewhat on plan but there was an easter egg incident (it was very small but still)
I am reading a small section of Beck tonight
I am making a schedule for tomorrow and stuck to my schedule today
Recognised hunger v desire. Stopped eating dinner when full Not so good: :nono:

No exercise today - still sore and tired from all that standing around in the kitchen yesterday!
That (small) Easter egg that was not on plan Working on: :running:

Doing my Beck stuff - mindfully and constantly

03-01-2010, 08:09 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Did not read cards or make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

I took a few days off from posting because I was getting so stressed about work. I was off-plan for food Thurs and Fri, but have gotten myself back into the groove for Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been at or under my calorie max for those 2 days. No exercise for over a week. I worked 3 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, and am dreading going back into the breach today.

I did have a food victory yesterday – I made Thai Seafood Curry for the first time. It was delicious!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

I think I’ll do 5 personals today…

seadwaters an easter egg incident? – sounds intriguing… And Easter’s not for another month right? – even more intriguing…

Bill Kudos for exercising again! Glad you are feeling better.

one by one Congratulations on your wedding! I’d recommend keeping it simple and small and concentrate on planning a day where you and DH can have tons of fun.

gardenerjoy Kudos for leaving food on your plate. I still find it a struggle to leave food, but it does get easier.

Anne I empathasize with your feeling overwhelmed. I hope you find a way to reduce the stress in some places in your life. I know I’m feeling overwhelmed at work (luckily home life is calm and easy), and have come close to melting down a couple of times in the last week. I’m not proud of myself at times like these…

03-01-2010, 09:09 AM
Home Sweet Home!

After ten days away, I am so glad to be back home to my own food comfort zone. All in all I am pleased with my approach to food while away. The Beck techniques were very useful and helpful. It kind of gave me 'something to hold on to' with being away from home. Was I exactly on target all the time? - of course not. But... I am happy with the way it went I used my second food plan - exchanges and allowed up to three hundred extra caloroies per day. I don't think I went over that amount more than once or twice - I am grateful for the willingness to try. Wednesday is my usual weigh day - I am hopeful I won't gasp at that number.

Yesterday was an all day travel day - I left blooming, green & sunny California
to arrive to gray, snowy bleakness in the Midwest. I read my arc, rc, wrote down my food, did my exercises before I left for the airport, gave credit. I've planned my day for food and more - I will go back to counting calories today.

Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and supportive during this trip. I'll try to get back for personals later. I have so much to do today!

03-01-2010, 10:49 AM
I got my eating back on track and am feeling better about the world. The good thing is that after a two days of poor food choices, going back to my regular habits feels good. I feel better eating the healthier food. Exercise was an hour of yoga, which was exactly what my body needed. Now I feel like I can get back into my running routine.

Hikegirl, you gotta love those effortless on plan days. I think I’ve had one once! Keep up the good work.

Wndranne, ouch for the idea of feeling overwhelmed becoming the new normal. I hope you can get a handle on your hectic life soon—are you fully recovered from your surgery.

SilverBirch, I love the thought of cleaning up as resistance training. LOL at “Little things please little minds.”

Nuxmaga, yay for getting some exercise. The winter, especially a tough one, always puts a crimp in exercise. Kudos for putting in all the practice to leave food on your plate, but you’re right about the need to be patient. We didn’t develop these habits overnight and we won’t break them overnight.

Onebyone, great job avoiding the cookies, but LOL at the self-punishment bringing some home. I love the idea of a summer solstice anniversary at Stonehenge. I don’t think having a particular wedding ring you want is asking to much. It’s more than just another piece of jewelry; there’s a lot of meaning there.

We do use sheepdogs to herd the sheep—mostly Border Collies, but dh and I have an Australian Shepherd. Though everyone’s dogs are either green (like ours) or out of practice, so at the moment, the dogs get in the way more than they help. But a good dog can move the sheep so efficiently and its less stress on the sheep. And yes we do use sheep crooks, when we need to catch an individual sheep. In fact, they have sheep hooking contests at sheep fairs. We use the traditional ones that catch a sheep around the neck, but the easiest one to use is about 8 ft long, with a very narrow crook that flares a bit at the bottom. That catches a sheep by the leg, which is much easier when they’re running from you.

BillBE, good job getting in your walk and stocking up on EVOO at the same time. Mmmm, Majestic Vegetables with feta cheese. Kudos for enjoying a healthy meal and skipping the unhelpful extras. LOL, at teaching my sheep to sooth anxiety with food. It is something I ponder, but they only love me because I feed them.

Seadwaters, kudos for a good Beck day. I understand how frustrating the easter egg incident is, but I find these minor indiscretions easier to deal with when I put them in context. I ask myself how I would have handled it in my pre-Beck days, which helps me see my progress.

ChinaMaine, ouch for all the work stress. I understand how easily stress sabotages a good plan! Good job getting back on track and hope work slows down for you soon.

Beverlyjoy, huge congrats on a successful trip! I’m so inspired by how well you handled all of the challenges thrown your way. And great job having a plan in place to get you back to your usual routine—for me, this is a surprisingly difficult transition to make.

03-01-2010, 11:58 AM
Hi all,

Billblueeyes – Majestic Vegetables, what an interesting name on the menu.

It is a beautiful clear day here in post-Olympic Vancouver - hoping that a non-alcoholic hangover (post Olympic withdrawal) does not set in. I want to stay focused on Advantages, Food Plan, Responses.

Bye for now

03-01-2010, 12:53 PM
Morning Coaches

I've had breakfast and I think I may tackle the clutter in the living room corner for about an hour. I think if I approach my clutter with time limits maybe I can manage to get stuff done. Seeing my non-progress in February reminds me that I can go on like this ad infinitum, which is how I got into this, literal, mess.

I have had an OP breakfast and intend to be OP all day long.

Shepherdess Have you seen this picture? Talking about sheep dogs always brings it to mind. That I managed to find the orginal story to accompany the photo is just a bonus! Interesting info about the shepherd's crook, especially the little flared out part for catching their springy little limbs! So practical. How long have you tended flocks? Seems your DH was born to it, were you?

hikergirl Were you in that crowd on Robson Street that CTV kept showing on my tv? Did you stand and cheer when Crosby sunk the puck? Here in Ottawa, upstairs in my bedroom with the window open, I heard cars honking horns in every direction when the goal was scored. Local news said the good citizens of Ottawa flowed onto Elgin Street and up to Parliament Hill to sing O Canada around the eternal flame. If we were still living downtown we would have been there too.

Beverlyjoy BiG CREDIT for staying on plan while away and arriving home to fearlessly, even slightly eagerly (!), face the scale. That's Beck in action for sure. I am always glad to hear that there is greenery somewhere in the world when we are still covered with snow. Though there are signs of hope: my cement porch in the back can now be seen where the snow has melted from the side of the house. And my lack of fall yard clean up is starting to show through. Yikes. Oh Well.

ChinaMaine Kudos for the many and continuing Beck strategies in your life. Sorry for the work stress but so glad it stays confined to your work life and doesn't follow you into your home! Yay for that. I hope it all eases up soon. :hug:

seadwaters CREDIT for all your Beck strategies as well. So neat to know you are inthe sweltering late summer heat of Australia. When are summer holidays there as in when does school let out and go back for the kids? When do most people travel? A question about the type of vinegar used on french fries aka chips: malt vinegar or regular white? What's more common? Also, do Aussies call potato chips "chips" or the British "crisps" or do the British call them "crisps"? We, Canadians, call them chips.

BillBlueEyes Credit for your walk to the store and for resisting the extra bottle of EVOO because it was a "good deal". Excellent practice for FREE FOOD when it next darkens your doorstep. Credit also for your sportsmanship in extending congratulations to the Canadian Men's Hockey Team. It was a squeaker. I would not want to be Ryan Miller. In every replay of that winning goal there he is letting it in. I suppose it has to be someone but gee. That would be tough. A big :hug: to him.

Have a good OP day everyone.

03-01-2010, 03:25 PM
I move my Ticker on the first of the month, but no movement for this month. Not unexpected, however. I pretty much already dealt with this disappointment by starting the pink book and workbook.

I'm through the introductory material of both.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +0, 1408/1400 minutes for February (yay!), Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

03-01-2010, 04:52 PM
Hi everyone,

Gosh, it has been a long time. I am hoping I can still be a part of this wonderful group.

Brief update: I have been working. A Lot. It's a good thing, because more and more great opportunities have been coming my way. But the balance with home life and spending time with my daughter (now 6) has been difficult, and there has also been inner resistance to the new, higher level of work ... like part of me has decided I don't deserve this.

So, in short, I gained 30 more pounds. Yecccccccchhhhhhh. There, I said it.

On the up side, I have been meditating everyday for a while and with the combination of that and trying to sense the "inner body" a la Eckhart Tolle, I think I am finally achieving a new peace ... at times ...

So I am back, and back on WW, and with the beginning of a new month I am reviewing the Beck steps once again. I see there are some new folks here as well as familiar screennames that I'm very glad to hear from again.

All best,

03-01-2010, 07:09 PM
So happy to see you, Erika,and be the first to welcome you back! Home. It never ceases to amaze me the wisdom of the WW diet. ..second only to the wisdom of Beck, of course. If I were just a bit more disciplined, I could do that diet. I just am not, but what I love is the wisdom of the gradually reducing points (calories) as your body gets smaller and needs less.

03-01-2010, 10:32 PM
Erika - I think of you (and dear old Hamilton) often. Are you getting a lot of piano gigs? BTW - we are going to Nova Scotia for summer vacation this year, stepping in your footsteps I think...

You are in the right place, and will find your groove again quickly I'm sure. But, selfishly, I'm just happy to see you back...


03-01-2010, 11:29 PM
Hello Everyone:

hikergirl- I don't know if I said welcome yet, but if I didn't---Hello and welcome. I am in Olympic withdrawal also.

gardenerjoy- glad to hear you were in your garden- it must be wonderful to have such a long season. We plant after the May long weekend. Good to hear it is spring somewhere.

KidsLibrarylady- I am happy that you are here riding out the bumpy sections with me. I don't know why we make it so difficult...but I know I keep coming back, and so do you, so I think that's progress.

Nuxmaga-yay for you for boxing up the chocolate chip pancakes ...and leaving them behind. And for leaving some eggplant parmigiana on your plate.

midlifecrisis57- you are right - lots of us had a stressful month. Kissing February goodbye.

seadwaters-boy are you ever in prep mode. Excellent. Glad you are getting back on track.

BillBlueEyes- good for you for moving the pecan bowl. Pretty darn hard to eat just one. The hockey game put everyone up here over the moon. What a match. I did feel sad for the American team who played such excellent hockey and looked so depressed afterwards. One of the athletes from another sport was saying that it takes a day or two for those that win silver to start to feel like silver is a huge success too and not a loss.

Shepherdess-good for you for saying Oh Well and moving on.

wndranne- hope things are slowing down for you.

onebyone-kuddos for avoiding the cookies when stressed. Best of luck planning your wedding and congratulations to you and your DH.

silverbirch - hello to you too!!

ChinaMaine-glad to hear you are back in the groove. Would love to have your recipe for the seafood curry- sounds good.

Beverlyjoy-sounds like you did excellent when you were away. It is pretty easy to get way off plan and you did not. Your planning and hard work has paid off.

eusebius-hello to you in Southern Ontario.

For me- slowly climbing out of the depths of defeat last week...

Credit today for:

weighting in
reading advantage and response cards
walking 30 minutes
eating on plan and healthy
planning tomorrow and packing up lunch
posting here
and most of all- I actually managed to eat slowly every meal today. I am really going to focus on this because it is so hard for me but I believe Beck when she says it is crucial to master this. It is hard after 48 years of rushing at lightening speed through meals to turn it around. But one step forward today...

Take care everyone and have a good day tomorrow.

03-02-2010, 12:10 AM
Hi All,
I did Zumba today, yay! Tracked food, credit. Had a run of rogue snacking which frustrated me, but only went 100 calories over my goal. I am seeing how many of my calories have no nutrition in them(unless an Easter egg counts as protein???). I may need to pick up the Beck book again. . .

03-02-2010, 12:39 AM
i made it on plan today. Went to Zumba Gold. It is for the active older adult. The median age was well over my 36 years but I could almost figure out what they were doing. I have to determine what is more humiliating.... being the youngest, by far, person in the class but sort of being able to keep up or being with people around my age but having NO idea what I am doing. :) Regardless, it was a nice feeling to have a little bit of freedom; it's been a long time. I actually started to get really emotional when I realized I was doing something for myself. Had anyone been paying attention, they would have seriously been concerned about my emotional state. I was laughing to myself when I got in there when I realized the age difference and then starting to cry when I realized I had a little time for me. :o My three-year-old loved the child care, my one-year-old did not. That was predictable. I actually knew the instructor in the class and one of the participants. So much for anonymity.

I am up and unable to sleep. DH is knocked out on Nyquil. So jealous. Personals tomorrow, just wanted to check in for the accountability.

Ceejay-- We CAN Do it!

03-02-2010, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did gym again, acting like gym is on my schedule; CREDIT moi. Even though I worked out like a recovering invalid, it was more than last time, e.g. did 80 of my planned 120 d*rn lunges. Ate on-plan until I had some roasted almonds coated in something deadly. Embarrassed to be embarrassed again and again with treating nuts as like I would have before I began my journey. Too many blueberries on my oatmeal - which is just the right amount - because Trader Joe's had sold me a 24 oz clam shell of them for $5.99. I've got enough anti-oxidants in me right now to walk in traffic with impunity, LOL.

maryblu - It was a surprise to me to learn that I'd have to eat less as I lost weight - had overlooked the obvious my whole life.

onebyone - An ABSOLUTE time limit is the only way I can even think of de-cluttering, although, apparently, not very often recently.

ChinaMaine - Does your "Thai Seafood Curry" use coconut oil? Just listened to a MSN nutritional taut it as healthy despite the saturated fats "which don't contribute to cholesterol like animal saturated fats."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Certainly an Easter egg counts as protein, presuming you meant one laid by a chicken, hard boiled and dyed. Yep, Yay for Zumba.

Erika (eusebius) - Great news on your professional success, even with the Ouch that it's a tension against DD time. Great to see you. You can get our Yeti Matador juices flowing again.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, Honking Kudos for beating your February exercise goal 1408/1400 minutes.

KidsLibraryLady - Big Yay for Zumba Gold for yourself. Once you catch on to the class, maybe you can become a Zumba leader?

Shepherdess - Yay for an hour of yoga. Our beloved Australian Shepard was with us for 15 years. Initially she kept trying to nudge us to stand closer together whenever she could, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Welcome to the comfort of familiar home. Kudos, again, for remaining mindful for ten days of travel and visiting.

CeeJay - It's so amazing that eating slowly is difficult. And even more amazing that those of us who ate rapidly weren't even aware of it. Kudos for your success there.

Susan (hikergirl) - May Vancouver recover from the Olympics and remain one of the neatest cities in the world.

seadwaters - Always good to hear, "Stopped eating dinner when full." Was that your picture I saw with a zillion other Aussies in front of the Opera House?

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

. . .
Learn from your mistake. Review your mistake with your diet coach. Use this experience as an opportunity for learning, so you can try to limit similar occurrences in the future. For example, did you:

Forget to review your Advantages, NO CHOICE, and it's Not Okay Response Cards?
Neglect to plan your food?
Forget (or not bother) to have your planned food available.
Meet up with someone who pushed food on you?
Try to eat like the other people you were with?
Encounter an unexpected trigger?
Wind up surrounded by food you hadn't planned to eat?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 168.

03-02-2010, 07:39 AM
Hi Beck buddies/coaches - yesterday was a great day - it was SO nice to be home, go the grocery for what I want, and catch up on life - I am grateful.

While I was home DH brought in cookies and candy - these need to go or be put in his car!

Congrats to the Canadians for their gold metal Olympic hockey win. My plane had a tv screen on the back of all the seats. (in coach!) I paid $6 and was able to watch the olympics, hgtv, Michigan State v Purdue, Law and Order, ballroom dancing, etc. It's nice to have that option on a 4 1/2 hour flight.

credit -
eat seated
no seconds
planned food - logged food - timed meals/snacks
left one bite on plate
tasted food
lots of water
really worked on feeling fullness
mindful and slow eating

oops -
didn't read arc/rc
no exercise
no spontaneous exercise

Kidslibrarylady - your Zumba class sounds wonderful - really - on many levels. Yes, doing something for yourself can be emotional. And, the children made it through child care.

nuxmaga - another zumba person, awsome! Kudos for thinking about the Beck book again.

ceejay - having a whole day of slow mindful eating is so, so good!!

maryblu - Hi! - hope you are having a great day.

eusebias - nice to meet you....I like to meditate also - it soothes and mind, body and soul. I didn't get to do it while I was out of town lately. I am so glad you mentioned it - it reminds me to.

gardenjoy - no movement on the ticker - not down...but, not UP either. Sometimes maintaining is a credit, too. Glad you are into the Beck book.

onebyone - kudo's for your decluttering! Looks like your day got off to a good start. I wouldn't say I was 'eager' to get on the scale tomorrow - but, I am not dreading it. LOL

billieblueyes - I am glad you are able to get back to the gym - even if it's a limited are there! Those darn nuts - hmmm. They seem to have some power over you (I understand). When you see them!!

seadwaters - Have read my cards on my iPhone today - novel and easy to keep to hand. Now need to add an alarm function What a great idea. I have eaten vinegar of chips/fries. I can't quite get into it - I am a ketchup girl. (although it's on baked fries now)

chinamarie - sorry you are dealing with so much stress - that's hard. I am glad you have been able to get back on your plan. Carry on!

03-02-2010, 08:19 AM
:df: WI-down 0.3 lbs. Did not read cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (30m).

Work was just busy yesterday – and it felt wonderful! I actually ended the day with all my urgent items done, as well as a few important items. For weeks, I’ve ended each day with 4-5 urgent items left on my list. I went out in the mud (spring in Maine==mud season) for a walk, and enjoyed the 40 degree weather. And I talked to DS for 45 minutes before dinner.

I’m feeling healthier the last three days than I have since October. If it keeps up the rest of the week, I’m going to give yoga another try over the weekend. I’d love to start doing it again every day! CeeJay asked for the Thai Seafood Curry recipe I mentioned yesterday. I've created a new thread for recipes, and put it there. I'd love to see some of yours too!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Read the pink book – nope
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

CeeJay Kudos for eating slowly at every meal. It is hard to master, especially if you have a lifelong habit of eating quickly. So be sure to dollop on a extra credit every time you do it. ;)

Nuxmaga Ouch for the ‘rogue snacking’. Kudos for posting here and going back to basics.

gardenerjoy Kudos for doing the zumba class! You can always join the younger class, if you want, after you get the moves down. I find joining classes like that to be daunting when everyone else already knows the moves (because I am severely challenged when it comes to following choreographed moves…) So, I think its impressive you joined any class. ;)

Bill Kudos for getting back into the exercise habit. Isn’t it ridiculous how easy it is to get into the habit of not exercising again? I love daily exercise – and yet when I don’t do it for a while the inertia is so hard to break… My curry recipe has no oil at all! I’ll post it later, CeeJay has asked for the recipe.

Beverlyjoy Kudos for all your credits – especially working on feeling full and leaving a bite on your plate!

03-02-2010, 09:46 AM
CeeJay asked for the Thai Seafood Curry recipe I mentioned yesterday. I've created a new thread for recipes, and put it there. I'd love to see some of yours too!

Excellent idea to start the recipe thread. Looking forward to trying your Seafood Curry!!!

03-02-2010, 11:50 AM
I am hanging on with the Beck activities but I can sense that I am starting to lose my groove. Yesterday I ate standing up and did not eat mindfully. I was wanting to scavenge for food to eat yesterday and was able to reign that in. Credit to me for that. Have a great day everyone. What a wonderfully supportive "conversation thread".

03-02-2010, 01:04 PM
Day 1: Advantages Response Card
I still liked the advantages that I identified in August. So, I'm keeping those. It is working for me to have them on a sheet in the same Excel file that I record my daily weight (thanks BillBlueEyes), so I'll continue with that. I also set up email reminders at HassleMe ( so that I'll get an advantage in email randomly. I'm putting a card on the shelf where I keep my snacks. I made a card for Tickler file to be read each day. And I put a card with just this one "I want to lose weight so I can get off my blood pressure medication" with my pills since I think that advantage will be a good motivator for the next year or so, when maybe I will accomplish the goal.

I forgot to weigh in this morning. I don't know what I was thinking about. Oh well. I'm not going to bother analyzing that unless it becomes something regular.

WI: N/A kg, Exercise: +60, 60/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: best wishes on the occasion of your wedding! I think you are allowed some bridal strangeness, especially when you didn't expect to be a bride. I'm sure you will work things out as the strangeness wears off.

eusebius: welcome back!

CeeJay: yay for a step forward!

Nuxmaga: Yay for Zumba and food tracking!

KidsLibrarylady: yay for getting to the gym! That Zumba class sounds great. Let those older women inspire you! When you are feeling more confident you can always try a different class.

BillBlueEyes: big kudos for "acting like gym is on my schedule." LOL about blueberries granting special powers in the face of oncoming vehicles.

Beverlyjoy: glad you are enjoying all the pleasures of being home, including being able to work your plan the way that you want.

ChinaMaine: so glad that work moved into normal urgency instead of extra urgency and that meant that you could walk.

hikergirl: good job with posting even when the news isn't all good and with reigning in the scavenging behavior -- that's been a tough one for me, too. Since I did most of my scavenging in the car, I had to make firm rules of no eating in the car and no eating anything that I purchased from a drugstore or a gas station. That curtailed my worst behaviors.

03-02-2010, 01:07 PM
Hikergirl...oops, I forgot you in my personals. Hang on tight. Make your response cards and read them. (I find that so helpful) You CAN do this. Kudo's for holding off your scavenge - credit. Credit for posting when the going is tough.

03-02-2010, 01:17 PM
Another good Beck day, despite a crazy day with a very late lunch. I even skipped a dessert I had budgeted. We had dinner with dh’s dad and stepmom, and I had planned on dessert, but the dessert just didn’t seem worth the calories. It might be the first time I’ve ever had a thought like that. I decided I’d have some chocolate I had at home, but once we got home, it just seemed too late to eat. So I skipped it altogether.

I also got my run in yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm, not much wind. It feels like spring, though I have to remind myself that winter isn’t done yet.

Hikegirl, good luck with the post-Olympic letdown. Ouch for feeling like you're barely hanging on to Beck. One thing that helped me was to make a card that reads, "Dieting is supposed to get hard. Just keep practicing your skills and it will get easy again."

Onebyone, good luck with the decluttering. I think tackling a little bit at a time and giving yourself deadlines is a good idea. I loved the picture. It’s amazing what a good dog can do. DH’s family has been in the sheep business for more than a hundred years, but we only came back almost 4 years ago to work full-time on the ranch.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on meeting your Feb exercise goal. March is still young, you'll get your exercise in.

Welcome back, Eusebius! Sorry about the gain, but we’re all here to help. It’s always difficult to eat carefully when life is so busy, and it sounds like you have a hectic one. I’m always impressed by those with a regular meditation practice. I’ve never found the discipline to do it, so kudos to you.

CeeJay, kudos for focusing on eating slowly. I was just thinking I needed to focus on that one yesterday, while I was trying to set a world-record for speed eating lunch. I feel your pain about not being able to garden until May. We can’t plant until mid-to late May. Do you ever use cloches to extend your growing season?

Nuxmaga, yay for zumba! Ouch for rogue snacking, but good job keeping the damage to 100 calories. I understand the frustration over empty calories. When I need a lift, I like to track my calories on because it gives me a letter grade, based on my day’s nutrition. I’m competitive, so I like going for that A.

KidsLibraryLady, huge congrats on taking some time for yourself! Zumba sounds like fun. Kudos for an on-plan Beck day! Sounds like you are back on track.

BillBE, yay for getting to the gym again and doing more than last time. You’ll be back to your former workout in no time. Ouch for a run-in with nuts again. I was wondering if the halo-effect is partly to blame. Sometimes my brain says, “It’s OK to eat that because it’s healthy.” Yep, it’s healthy, but not on-plan. Just a thought.

I love that established herding instinct in Aussies. Our Aussi loves to herd our other dog.

Beverlyjoy, yay for being home and being in control of your food. Now if your dh would just get on board. My dh does the same thing. Maybe we need to give them an approved list of things they can buy at the store!

ChinaMaine, yay for a productive work day that leaves you with time and energy to go for a muddy walk! We’re in mud season as well. My floors will be dirty until May. Oh well! Thank you for the recipe thread—it’s a great idea!

03-02-2010, 11:20 PM
Hi Coaches

So my sister has arrived. Just got a short call from her. So this is good.

DH and I saw Avatar today. I felt James Cameron was thumping me over the head with a blunt object: People. Bad. People. Bad. thump thump thump LISTEN TO ME. thump. A lot of pretty colours and a lot of money spent to tell a story that's been told many times before. I hoped for more but expected exactly what I saw. Sometimes I think I've seen too many movies. I'm a tough audience. My apologies to those who loved it-don't mean to offend-to each their own.

Foodwise I was more hungry today than I have been since DH got home. credit. this means I ate less today. credit. I am up +4 lbs this morning over 2 weeks ago and the recent low I set back then. Seems my interest, appetite, and opportunity to eat is back, not to mention my eating buddy. Good ol' DH. 266.6lbs today.

We ate out for lunch today, plus we had popcorn and I also had a drink at the theatre today. I did not resist coaches. When I came home I made a sandwich and that was my food day. Not horrible but not perfect. far from it.

I really wanted seasonal chocolate today. bad. I wanted it bad. credit I did not have any nor did I have any of the never-seen-before-therefore-never-tried-before gummy things DH bought when he was waiting to meet me. Gummy is a food group to DH. And nothing gets me wanting something more than something new that I've never seen nor tasted. I'll give myself another credit for not having any. DH ate it all so there's nothing to salivate over this evening.

I'm pretty tired so I'll head to bed now.
I'm so glad it's March.

03-02-2010, 11:24 PM
Hello Everyone!!!!

Nuxmaga- credit for doing Zumba and tracking food. Not sure easter eggs are protein either- but nice try. :lol:

KidsLibrarylady- you have lost 51 pounds. Don't forget that. Yay for a day on plan and trying Zumba. Glad for you that you felt good about doing something for yourself.

BillBlueEyes- yay for being back at the gym. Hope you continue to feel better.

Beverlyjoy-lots of credits on your list today.

ChinaMaine-sounds like you are feeling much better- what a relief that must be. Thanks for the reminder to take credit. It is hard to remember but I find doing this really helps the day move along.

hikergirl-hope you find your groove again. Huge credit for resisting scavenging for food.

gardenerjoy-good job putting your advantages all over the place. I have one on the dashboard of my car that says: Credit. That's because I find driving a good time to review what is going well. Good idea to put one by the bp meds.

Shepherdess- excellent story about turning down dessert because it didn't look like it was worth the calories. I think that is fantastic. Haven't uses cloches but it might be worth a try. We plant in May but start things indoors early.

For me, a very good day. Credit for:

Weighing in
Reading advantage and response cards
Riding exercise bike 30 mins
doing arm weights
eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing lunch up
and finally- my second day in a row of really trying so hard to eat slowly and enjoy the food. I am talking myself through this all the way but maybe one day it will be more automatic.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone.

03-02-2010, 11:37 PM
onebyone --you were posting at the same time I was. Credit for resisting the gummy treats and the chocolate. I know how hard it is to have a partner who is not following the same program. My DH can eat anything and everything and still weigh the same as he did 30 years ago. I have asked him to help by putting all the stuff I do not want to eat out of my sight. The stuff is in his home office, which I am staying out of (mostly- I did forage in there a few times, but mostly it is out of sight and out of mind). Best I don't even know what he has in there. It is not a perfect system but it is helping me with the spontaneous eating.

Re: Avatar. Saw it 2 weeks ago. I loved the special effects but I had the same thoughts as you about the story.

Take care

03-03-2010, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took my favorite, full-sized, 4 mile walk after work; CREDIT moi. Solved the samples from Whole Foods by walking by without going in; same solution worked for Trader Joe's. CREDIT moi again. I was winning. Then I happened upon a new fast food place that advertises itself as different, with Boar's Head deli meats and all fresh stuff. I stepped in to get a menu to read at home and the owner chatted with me a bit; then I accepted a "sample" of homemade sweet potato and corn soup. Soooooo good. Had to buy a pint since I couldn't tell DW about it without giving her some. Otherwise, food was on-plan; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yuck for "gummy things" - not til you find an organic gummy tree growing them, LOL. Just another HFCS product. I liked Avatar for the animation that was picked off markers on real actors - made it look very real to me.

ChinaMaine - Hope you give yourself double mileage for walking in Maine's Spring mud, LOL. Does that mean you return with a Moose in need of a bath each time?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "HassleMe" being your nudge. Neat goal to get off a medication.

Shepherdess - Skipping a dessert because it just wasn't worth the calories is so sane. Love that you planned for some good dark chocolate instead, even though you even went without that. Neat idea to give yourself an alternative rather than just a denial.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for "left one bite on plate" - consistently doing that is good stuff; it eludes me.

CeeJay - Yay for working so diligently on eating slowly; Yep, it'll grow to be a habit.

Susan (hikergirl) - Once you observe yourself loosing your "grove" you're on your way back.

Readers - day 21
Get Ready to Weigh In

Tomorrow, you'll step on the scale and find out if you lost weight this week. Weighing yourself is essential. These weekly weigh-ins can help you in the following ways:

They allow you to celebrate and build up your confidence when you've lost weight. It's important for you to recognize how your hard work has directly led to your weight loss (it didn't happen by magic!) and to feel good about these results.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171.

03-03-2010, 07:12 AM
Hi coaches/buddies -

Yesterday was a healthy good day :) - I am grateful.

I was worried :dizzy: all day because Wednesday is my usual weigh in day. I was away from home for 11 days. I hoped I had been able to avoid a gain during that time...even, maybe lose some weight. the past two weeks I lost four pounds. (credit :) ) I am happily stunned. I feel proud. This accomplishment is soley due to the Beck principles, the willingness to try and having this site to come to so I could say - "Help" there's so much tempting unhealthy food around me everywhere." Thanks to you all - with all my heart.

My ticker down below isn't working (is yours?)- so I am now down 51 pounds :) - at 220. I am grateful.

Now one of my goals for today is to NOT overeat because of my loss - if you know what I mean. I have written down my plan and will try to carry on.

yesterday -
read arc - 1
rc - 1
really tried to taste and enjoy my food
left a bite of food on plate after each meal or snack
no seconds, eat seated
lots of water
planned food, logged food, kept track of how long to eat
reminded myself that food is not an emergency
working on feeling fullness

spontaneous exercise
read beck book - move on

billieblueyes - excellent avoiding the sample at whole foods and trader joe's! The soup you tasted sounds healthy - carry on. You did well.

Ceejay -my second day in a row of really trying so hard to eat slowly and enjoy the food. I am talking myself through this all the way but maybe one day it will be more automatic. This is so good. CREDIT!! I also struggle/am working on this. Sounds like a good day...yay.

onebyone - so glad to hear your sister arrived! Good for you staying away from the chocolate and gummies! I am glad you posted. People have said avatar is good - but, mainly the effects more than the story.

shepardess - so many credits! Actually not eating dessert and chocolate because you thought it was too late and not worth the calories is a major, major credit. You did it..., listened to you body and used good logic around treats and chocolate. Fantastic.

gardenerjoy - I really love how you are putting reminders of healthy activities in different places. It's so good to have these in places....great idea!

chinamarie - I’m feeling healthier the last three days than I have since October. This is wonderful! I am glad to hear you are thinking of doing yoga good for the body and the soul. Thanks for starting the recipe thread.

Shout out to everyone that stops by.

03-03-2010, 08:29 AM
:df: WI-down 0.3 lbs. (new low!) Read my cards (RC but not ARC), made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (36m).

Another good day at work, and seem to be less hungry this week too. I remember reading stress can increase hunger levels, but no way to know if there’s a causal factor here… Our warm, dry winter seems to be turning into an early Spring. We are having a string of 40+ degree days, and I had another enjoyable walk at mid-day. I hope the shoe doesn’t drop and we get a month of cold and snow before April is over. Even though we’ve had no winter to speak of, I’m ready to get outside and start cleaning up the winter mess…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – hung laundry out for the first time since November!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

hikergirl We’ve all had times when we’ve lost our groove. Try to figure out what changes you could make that would help you in the tough moments. For me, I read my cards and try to get myself juiced about the ones that will help me fight that ‘I don’t care’ voice. I also make the pledge to pull out my response cards and read a few targeted ones for the situations where I know I’m making mistakes. But we are all different, and your path is likely to be different from mine. Just remember it takes time and effort to get back in the groove, so beware of having perfectionist standards for yourself while you are getting back in the groove.

gardenerjoy Nice list of credits – especially 60 mins of exercise!

shepherdess Excellent on the dessert! Glad you enjoyed your run…

one by one It’s too bad that you eat so differently when DH is home, versus when he’s not. Can you two make any changes together that would help? Or can you choose to join DH in all the non-food related habits, but go your own way as far as food goes?

CeeJay I can remember when I first starting eating slowly and mindfully it took constant effort during each meal. Now I just have to remind myself to put my fork down, finish chewing, etc. It’s still something that I think about at each meal, but doesn’t take anywhere near as much effort. Hope you like the recipe!

Bill Sounds like your day was fantastic, and such a nice day for a long walk! Is the fast food place a chain? If so, what’s the name of it? I’ve stopped taking Moose for my afternoon walks unless he expresses interest. He’s generally happier to sleep in his big leather chair…

Beverlyjoy Four pounds in two weeks! Fifty pounds total! :woohoo: :woohoo: You should feel proud, you are working very hard to make this happen. Your chili recipe looks good!

03-03-2010, 08:47 AM
Morning Coaches -

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome back. You are the best!!

Monday was a pretty good OP day. Tuesday ... not so much, but I did track everything, and I didn't actually get into that crazy binge mindset which has sometimes consumed me in the past several months. It was a nutso day ... teaching all morning, recital at noon with several major clarinet works (Milhaud, Honegger, Poulenc ...), then teaching all afternoon until 5:30, drive home, pick up daughter, another rehearsal with a violinist, the end. I can see that incredible tiredness of the sort I felt last night leads to "eating to stay awake" ... I wanted to go to bed right away but my daughter gets antsy if I'm not sitting outside her bedroom door while she goes to sleep. I need a strategy for this ... next time I'm just falling asleep on the couch with a relaxation tape.

Today is Day 3 - sit down to eat ... I can usually manage this ... it's the mindful eating part that gets me. Eating slowly is a big key for me.

maryblu and ChinaMaine - thanks for the welcome back messages ... I am so happy to see you both again!

CeeJay ... hello back ... where are you in Canada? Big credit for all your Beck behaviours!

Margaret - Great to see you are still doing Zumba!! Love the phrase "rogue snacking" ... I can really relate to that.

KidsLibraryLady - :wave: I have a six-year-old daughter myself so I can really understand the place you were in at the Zumba class realizing you were doing something good for yourself. It's so hard to put yourself high on the priority list sometimes. Kudos to you for doing it.

Bill - Olé!! So great to be back with you & the matadors. That Yeti got really big, but it's time to cut him down to size (more like the little Quatchi dolls they had at the Olympics). I'm happy and completely unsurprised to see that you are still an amazing role model for all of us!

Beverlyjoy - :wave: Wonderful to meet you ... sounds like you did really well on your recent trip - big kudos for that! Our Westjet airline has the TV in the seats thing too. It's super cool.

ChinaMaine - Wow, you are doing fantastically well. That Thai Curry recipe looks amazing. we have a great Asian grocery here in the neighbourhood so that could be an excuse to go over there ...

Hikergirl - :wave: I so hear you on the "losing your groove" ... big credit for staying off the scavenger hunt!! I've been there so many times ...

gardenerjoy - Looks like we are both revisiting the steps around the same time ... cool!!

Shepherdess - :wave: Very cool to meet you and I'm interested in hearing more about your sheep. I've always thought sheep are really neat animals, plus I'm a sometime spinner and so I'm slowly learning about different fibres. What sort of sheep do you keep? Kudos for a great Beck day and admiration from me for your running - I need to get back to that.

onebyone - Great to see you ... Big credit for your awareness of your eating desires and not acting on them! That's fantastic!

Wow, it feels great to post here again. All of you are such an inspiration to me and I feel I'm already learning new stuff that I can use in my journey. Have a great day all!

03-03-2010, 10:49 AM
Dearest coaches and old and new Becksters,

Hello! Seems I haven't visited since February--surprised me! I am struggling because the life I had when I started Beck Forum is so different than the one I am in now! I was trying to escape at inlaws so I was out and about alot and getting exercise. Then the new house and the snow shut-in changed my priorities. I'm home alot and subtly and slowly, and with diet success, my program doesn't seem to have the old punch. Also, I am still insecure about marriage--hubbie is changing too, and we have political differences (we live in different color states!) and so I'm feeling a bit weird--so much so that I freaked out at Shutter Island and wanted to get out of the theater! I was surprised at my discomfort at the movies, I can usually relax and look at the dialogic imagination of it, but this movie freaked me out!
So I am good on plan till the evening, but by then, I'm a bit "oh what the ****" and eating extras. It is frustrating, but I can see how our overeating can be definitely a (chakra?) alert to our discomfort somewhere. I seem to be relatively unrooted at the moment. It is upsetting, I'm finally in my dream home, but I'm not rooted in it! it is hard to get rooted, it takes so much effort. Can I be true to myself and stay married and keep this beautiful home? At my age, it is important. To be true to oneself or live like a monster. ? Meantime, I learn how to restore 100 year old oak paneling. I see oak grain when I close my eyes.
Kudos for all of you who are doing well with little choices during the day, and for coming back, and for being my rootedness in Beck. You don't know how much I love you, coming here to hang out with you! I love the lessons in shepherding and the adventures, and the Canadian voices (go Canada!) and those across the US and the globe (down under!). Love you, keep reminding me how to do the program and how it makes you, or me, "a better person" (a la the big date in restaurant scene in AS GOOD AS IT GETS). ta.

03-03-2010, 12:08 PM
Thank you all. I seem to be back in the Beck zone. Good news—I have not binged for 8 straight days. Big for me. I have not had that achievement in years. Yesterday I kept repeating to myself my main Advantage and that kept me in a decent space. Yes, I had 200 calories of a trigger snack food, but I was able to have one package and not use that as a springboard for many more calories. So, instead of 150 calorie bonus I had a 200 calorie bonus and did not go on a slide. Boy, as I write this I realize how skewed my relationship with food is

Shepherdess – awesome that you are at a place where you are able to listen to your body and make conscious decisions over whether you will have something or not.

Onebyone – challenging situation with regards to DH’s food habits. Yikes. Focus, focus, focus on Advantages and Resistance techniques.(?). But,wow that must be difficult.

Ceejay – steady at it…I too have to focus on eating slowly and I slip out of that with frequency because old habits take over and my busy, fragmented life diverts my attention.

Beverlyjoy- awesome, awesome numbers and a triumph. Congrats. Travelling and losing weight!

Chinamaine – congrats on the new low. What a positive outcome/reinforcement for all of your efforts.

Eusbus – slow and mindful – I know that it is so much more difficult than it sounds.

Mid-life crisis --- I agree that at our age one must be true to oneself. I would urge you to continue on the path of waiting for total clarity until you are sure on what being true to yourself is in this instance. I find that clarity is what makes me decisive in making my decision as to what is being true to myself in different circumstances. Sometimes it can take me a long time to arrive at this clarity

I know that I have not commented to everyone who posted yesterday. I will catch up in future posts. In the meantime ---- one day at a time and if necessary – one minute at a time.


03-03-2010, 04:28 PM
I finally threw out all the leftover treats from shearing. One of the disadvantages about living the right on the ranch is that after all these big workdays, the extra food always ends up in your kitchen. So I’ve had some cookies, blondies, and carrot cake cupcakes (they’re the devil) sitting in my kitchen for a few days. I’ve been able to ignore them, but I took advantage of my mindset yesterday when it was easy to remember my card, “The food is already wasted. It can either waste in the trash or on my butt.” So I did what I almost never do and threw away desserts I don’t need.

Another beautiful day, so the dogs and I got our very muddy run in.

Onebyone, I felt the same way about Avatar. Visually beautiful, but the storyline was predictable and the characters too simple. I know the weigh-in is disappointing, but this is just another difficult situation to deal with. It might be helpful if you found a way to get your dh on board. Maybe get him to read a bit of Beck or tell him about your diet and let him know that if he is going to bring treats in the house he needs to keep them somewhere where you won’t see them.

CeeJay, kudos for getting in your exercise. Yay for another day of eating slowly. I think that if you keep it up, it will one day be automatic.

BillBE, yay for getting your full-length walk in. Kudos for getting by Whole Foods and Trader Joes without stopping for samples and laughing at the diet gods for putting another obstacle in your path, just when you figured out how to avoid the others. Your comment about the organic gummy tree reminds me of some organic gummy bears I once bought at Whole Foods. Apparently, it’s impossible to get those bright gummy bear colors with natural food dyes, so the organic gummy bears were some of the most ghastly colored candies I’ve ever seen. DH and I were imagining the poor deprived child that grew up with those gummy bears telling his friends, “My favorite gummy bear color is grey.”

Beverlyjoy, huge congrats for a 4 lb loss, on a trip no less! That has to be a big confidence boost. If you can remain Beck-faithful on a trip, you can meet any diet challenge. Remind yourself of this weigh-in any time you feel your confidence flagging.

ChinaMaine, yay for subsiding hunger levels, warm weather that makes outdoor exercise possible and for good work days! It sounds like you are on a roll! Crossing my fingers that you’ll have an early spring.

Eusebius, kudos for Monday OP and for avoiding major damage on Tuesday. I had to make a response card that reads, “Food doesn’t fix tired.” I seem to associate any physical discomfort with hunger—it’s a tough habit to break.

So glad to hear you’re a spinner. I have so much wool around I need to learn. We raise Rambouillet sheep, also known as the French Merino. They’re a fine wool breed. And we have begun to breed some very fine-wool Merino’s from Nevada into our herd, trying to bring down our micron count even more. The Nevada program is really amazing. All of my wool books say the finer the wool, the shorter the staple length, but the Nevada program is turning the conventional wisdom on its head. They have super-fine wool with a 4 ½ to 5 in staple. It’s pretty exciting.

Midlifecrisis57, ouch for difficulties with hubby and in-laws. Night can be a difficult time—just worn down from a tough day. Sending comforting thoughts. It can be so difficult to make a big move. Are there any community organizations that you can get involved in? Maybe finding a community will help with feeling rooted.

Hikegirl, yay for being in the Beck zone! Great job keeping your snack at only 50 calories over your goal, especially with a trigger food. One of the things I like about Beck is that she stresses being able to eat those trigger foods in sane serving sizes. I have had a lot of food fears and I like slowly taking the power away from those foods. I am stronger than a chocolate chip cookie!

03-03-2010, 11:05 PM
Hello everyone!!!

BillBlueEyes-Big credit for the 4 mile walk and avoiding the food stores. The soup sounds healthy and delicious so nothing to worry about there.

Beverlyjoy- yay for a healthy Tuesday. Losing 4 pounds while you were away is so fantastic. Who does that???? YOU!!!!!!!! You should feel proud. Being away is one of the biggest challenges and you more than succeeded. 51 pounds!!!!

ChinaMaine- hurrah for a new low. We are getting great weather here too. You know what they say about March- in like a lamb, out like a lion. So I have my fingers crossed. Snow was actually starting to melt over the last few days.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with eating slowly and mindfully. I just know all I can think about and do when I am eating is eating. :D That is so simple, but so hard. I am planning on making your recipe once I get back to the city to buy ingredients.

eusebius- your day sounds crazy. Yay for an on-program day on Monday. Hope Day 3 went well for you. I am in the boonies of Manitoba, north of Winnipeg.

midlifecrisis57-sending you a big hug-- it sounds like you are doing a lot of soul searching.

hikergirl- yay for being back in the zone and your accomplishment of 8 days binge free.

Shepherdess-good for you for throwing away the desserts. That is huge.

For me, another day on track. Thank you all for this place. Reading your posts, being accountable, and posting to you is helping more than I can believe.

For me, taking credit today for:

weighing in
walking 35 minutes in the sunshine with DH
posting to my coaches
reading advantage and response cards
eating on plan and healthy
eating mindfully and slowly. :cool:
resisting the invitation to lunch at a Chinese restaurant and eating my salad and tuna sandwich instead
planning tomorrow and packing lunch.


03-04-2010, 05:57 AM
Hi Coaches
I am back home and today got to stay home because it was a machine maintenance day so I didn't need to go to r/therapy. I also cancelled physical therapy because I am feeling very tired so maybe it is starting to get to me. Never mind - after tomorrow only 3.5 weeks to go!

I haven't eaten much today - not that hungry but looking for fruit so I followed the urge. I have been planning food and activities so I will have a less hassled weekend getting everything ready for the few days in Sydney. The last few days a bit off plan because I am tired I think (even though "food doesn't fix tired"!). But I will be more organised the next few days. Have been reading Beck and looking at my cards - and checking in here to read.

In answer to a few of the questions: In Australia they are definitely chips that one has with fish. I am a Tomato Sauce girl myself but if someone has vinegar it is always dark malt vinegar I believe; no - I was not in front of the Opera House having my picture taken with a zillion other Aussies. It would have been quite a sight though! School and Uni has long summer vacation - school from just before Christmas to end of January, and Uni from middle November to late February or early March. There is usually a month in July

Will check back tomorrow - hopefully with more enegy!

03-04-2010, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Another trip to the gym; CREDIT moi. Can feel the chest muscles from my workout two days ago. Need to keep a rehab notion in my mind instead of a guilty-for-being-away notion. Saved a third of my broiled salmon from dinner for lunch today; CREDIT moi. I'm already looking forward to lunch, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Yay for hanging laundry out - now that's believing in Spring, LOL. The fast food place of yesterday isn't a chain, it's its own thing. I hope he makes it, even tough the menu as a whole isn't what I'm currently eating, there are corners - like the daily homemade soup - that look promising. Suspect that Moose has this Maine-mud-season figured out, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - It's great to hear how professionally busy you are; hope you're giving yourself mucho credit for getting there. Thanks for the reminder that "eating to stay awake" fits right in with all the other if-it-isn't-hunger-food-isn't-the-answer. Thanks for the kind words. I'm happy to be here.

Shepherdess - Big Kudos for tossing all those treats and for "The food is already wasted ..." I wish I could get that already-wasted thought down into my gut without needing to do so much analysis before I get to it. LOL at “My favorite gummy bear color is grey.”

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on the four pounds lost during difficult times. And Yep, Big Kudos for "willingness to try." (Tickers are down throughout 3FC - they're looking into it.)

CeeJay - Neat to have "walking ... sunshine ... DH" all in the same sentence. Good job choosing your packed lunch over the Chinese Restaurant.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for "back in the Beck zone." Yep, I recognize that realization of how skewed our relationship with food is. Keep the faith, you're moving forward.

midlifecrisis57 - Kudos for confronting "I seem to be relatively unrooted at the moment." Hope begins when we expose our issues to the light. Wish you well.

seadwaters - Ouch for tired, buy Yay for the neat perspective, "only 3.5 weeks to go!" Neat that your urge was for fruit.

Readers - day 21
Get Ready to Weigh In

These weekly weigh-ins can help you in the following ways:

. . .
They keep you honest if you've gained weight. If you haven't been following all the steps in the program, regular weigh-ins make you face that you can't get away with doing only the parts of the program you feel like doing.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171.

03-04-2010, 08:26 AM
:df: WI-up 0.3 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (25m).

I’m still feeling very good physically, but had a sad evening. When MIL came down in the evening, I’d sit scooched forward on the sofa so I could be as close to her chair as possible. She had trouble speaking, and wanted to be able to hear her (and reduce her level of effort). Last night, without thinking, I scooched up on the sofa. Oh well…

This afternoon, DH is heading to Ohio for a week. His cousin, an Iraq War vet, died from an aneurism. When it rains, it pours I guess… The good news is that when talking to various family members yesterday, DH found out that folks seem to be interested in coming up to spend Memorial Day here and help plant MILs garden. I think we’ll have a houseful!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – I ate to fullness for lunch, I’m going to start making half sandwiches so that I can eat veggies and fruit with lunch, and not feel full - partial credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope
- Used resistance techniques – I had too much wine last night…

Erika (eusebius) Your days sound so busy! – kudos for tracking everything and being op Monday. Yes, I’ve been concentrating on having my Beck skills become daily habits. But I haven’t been exercising much (fatigue issues), and so haven’t been losing much weight. But the exercise seems to be coming back, so we’ll see how it goes…

midlifecrisis You are going through so much right now. Hopefully working the Beck skills can help you stabilize your food and exercise, while you deal with the other things in your life that you don’t have sole control over…

Susan (hikergirl) Bravo! For eating a slightly bigger snack and not binging!

shepherdess Yay! For the warm, muddy run – and especially for throwing away all those desserts! Let’s hope we both get an early Spring!

CeeJay Kudos for the walk in the sun, and for all your other credits!

seadwaters Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Hope it turns around soon for you. Good luck getting organized for the weekend.

Bill Sounds like bit of moderation at the gym might be in order. ;) I’m drooling over salmon for lunch!

03-04-2010, 08:43 AM
Hi coaches/buddies...yesterday was a healthy day until my little neighbors came over with a dark chocolate birthday cake with nuts that they made for me. They serenaded me with songs. It was so sweet of them...and sweet a cake too. It seems like two weeks away from home and weeks before that following the Beck Principles flew out the windows. I had more than one piece of cake. I honestly think it was a kind of 'let down' of my guard after trying so, so hard. Not an excuse - some how I wasn't willing to push through one more time of saying 'not now' - 'save it for tomorrow' - 'this is unplanned', etc. But, all in all it was just not really worth eating all that cake when it was all over. I hate having to learn all these lessons.

Today I am planning for a healthy day!

chinamarie - sorry you had a sad night yesterday. Also - sad to hear about dh's cousin. I am glad folks will come and help plant the memorial garden.

hikergirl - I seem to be back in the Beck zone. Good news—I have not binged for 8 straight days. Big for me. I have not had that achievement in years. Thhis is wonderful. I know it feels good - you can keep moving forward.

Bill - sounds like a good workout. Saving yummy salmon for another day is a good way to plan ahead for another good meal!

seadwaters - sorry you are feeling so weary. Perhaps - getting these days off from therapy will help. Glad you are craving fruit and reading your Beck cards. Take care now.

cee-jay = kudo's for all those credits. I am glad you had such a good day. Those are the kind of days to build on. I agree....come here to the forum does help and is encouraging.

shepardess - tossing those extra goodies from shearing time is a major credit! Carry on.

Midlifecrisis - , sorry to hear about the difficulties with dh and in-laws. Night time can be challenging -we get tired out down from a tough day. Hugs to you. Moving or comtemplating a move is stressful - maybe make a list of what you really want, don't want and what is really feasible.

Take care everyone.

03-04-2010, 11:05 AM
Day 2 is choosing the diet and back-up diet, which I pretty much did while reading the introductory material to the workbook. I've hit a snag on the DASH diet -- I'm fourth in line for the book at the library. So, I may do my backup plan, calorie counting, earlier than expected. I've been reading the new book The Spark by Chris Downie, CEO of SparkPeople which I think is big on calorie counting, so I might have been headed in that direction anyway. It seems to have a lot of same underlying theory as the Beck books, but doesn't take itself nearly as seriously and so is more fun and exciting which seems like good traits when my mission is to break through a plateau.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +70, 195/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverljoy: LOL at "Now one of my goals for today is to NOT overeat because of my loss" -- I've done that! I don't recommend it :-)

Hi to everyone else!

03-04-2010, 12:32 PM
Hi - all is well.

Beverlyjoy - Happpy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!. The cake sounds wonderful. If you can, try and put behind you the fact that you had more than one slice. Look ahead (and it was your birthday!).

Bye everyone. Today's posts (the ones I just read) are inspiring and supportive. It is a great way to start my day.

"Talk to you" all tomorrow.

03-04-2010, 03:09 PM
Afternoon Coaches -

Morning was too busy to post today but the young violinist I played for this morning won the competition - yay! (She was outstanding, and is a student at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia; no real surprise that she won, but it was a pleasure to play for her.) I'm somewhat amazed that I managed to get through yesterday on plan, but it all worked out. Today for lunch I had something I didn't know existed: a 5-point macaroni and cheese. Cool. No doubt full of too many chemicals ... but right now I'm focusing on keeping within the points, and will eventually try to decrease the processed food content.

Read ARC: yes!
Sat down to eat: yes!
Gave myself credit: yes indeed ... today is day 4 so I'm focusing on doing that.

midlifecrisis57 - welcome back! Oh, those evenings are so hard sometimes ... particularly when you're going through life changes and struggles. (((Hugs)))

hikergirl - nice job staying within a 200 calorie bonus instead of a binge!! Awesome.

Shepherdess - well done throwing out all those treats - the food is already wasted!! Wow, superfine merino with a 5 in staple length? That's incredible! I want some ... :) :) :) I have a secret dream of spinning enough lightweight yarn for a sweater and dying it in all kinds of colours so I could knit a fair isle sweater ... but given that I haven't even spun in a couple months due to my crazy schedule, this is a long-term goal for sure.

CeeJay - way to go staying on track and avoiding the Chinese restaurant! I have dear musical friends in both Brandon and Winnipeg (my Winnipeg friend hails from Steinbach originally). I am always amazed by the spaciousness and grandeur of the Manitoba prairie landscape.

seadwaters - hope your energy levels rise. Good job keeping up with your Beck reading and planning your weekend.

Bill - Good notion of "rehab" instead of guilt. This is something I need to incorporate into my view of exercise generally.

ChinaMaine - (((hugs))) to you ... what a beautiful idea to plant MIL's garden at Memorial Day. How perfect. Awesome job identifying satisfaction vs. fullness!

Beverlyjoy - OH WELL on the cake ... you really have been doing well and you can keep right on track now!

gardenerjoy - excellent choices for your diet and backup diet. Calorie counting is my backup as well.

OK I think a flute player is headed my way now ... better go. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, all ...

03-04-2010, 03:28 PM
I've doused the cake with dish soap and water and it's in the trash can. I've been saying "oh well" all day. Dh is shocked that I pitched the homemade cake our little neighbors made. Also went his candy and chips!

03-04-2010, 03:34 PM
I was able to run my summer route yesterday. It’s my favorite running route, but it gets snowed in during winter. These several warm days and lots of wind have left the road fairly clear and dry, although it was still snowed in further up the road.

Well, it is official: I have reached my goal weight. I actually reached it over a week ago, but didn’t believe it. My weight went up a few lbs after shearing, but it’s been back down for two days in a row now. I’m finally accepting it. This should be cause for celebration, but it’s bringing more anxiety. I have dieted to goal weights before (they’re a moving target) decided I still didn’t like the way I looked, got stricter, then wound up falling off the wagon and gaining the weight back. I’m feeling more confident now. I’m eating in a way that is sustainable for the long-term and I know intellectually how well my former overly-strict/let it-all-go eating pattern has worked for me.

I’m having trouble making the transition from someone who is trying to lose weight to someone who is happy with the way she looks. I have never been happy with the way I look and as soon as my goal weight showed up on the scale, I began looking for flaws. I guess, like everything else it just takes practice. I think it was ChinaMaine who said to counter every negative thought with a positive one. I’m going to begin working on that. And for now, I’m going to celebrate reaching my goal. I’m ordering a running skirt so I will be ready for warm-weather running.

CeeJay, yay for a walk with your husband in the sunshine! Great job eating slowly and for resisting the desire to go out for Chinese. Each good day under your belt establishes a habit.

Seadwaters, ouch for being tired, but good job giving yourself the rest you need. You’ve been extremely busy and stressed, so some tiredness is to be expected. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

BillBE, kudos for getting to the gym and for thinking of it as rehab. It’s always hard for regular exercisers to take it easy after taking time off. Great job saving some dinner for lunch. Establishing a habit of delayed gratification isn’t easy.

ChinaMaine, hugs for missing your MIL and so sorry that you have had another death in the family. It’s great that his family will come out to plant the Memorial garden. Glad to hear you are feeling better physically.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for the chocolate cake, but kudos for learning something from it, even if you would rather not have the lesson. Sometimes it’s easier to resist during those times we know are going to be tough because we prepare and get in the right mindset. It’s the days that we least suspect trouble that can cause problems.

Gardenerjoy, yay for breathing some new life into your diet. I hadn’t heard of the DASH diet before. It sounds intriguing. And yes the dieting principles may be the same, but sometimes it just helps to hear them in a different way from someone else.

Hikegirl, waving. Glad all is well.

Eusebius, that’s so cool that the violinist you play for won the competition! Congrats on a day on plan. I agree that focusing on one thing at a time is best. Whenever you’re ready to start spinning again, let me know. I’m happy to provide the fiber!

03-04-2010, 04:07 PM
Shepherdess - Congrats on reaching your goal weight!! :woohoo::carrot:
I am so happy for you!

03-04-2010, 04:18 PM
Shepherdess - oh, well done! Very good going, especially in winter. Just fyi, some people over at the Weight & Resistance Training board were dissatisfied with their bodies at goal weight & took up weight training to change things. Many maintainers do weights too. (I love them.) I know you're hefting things about on the farm but thought it might be worth considering.

Bill - reward the positives. 'Oh, well' the negatives. (I think there's a parallel here. A friend is trying to toilet train, etc her children. I really don't think those big black crosses she's putting on the chart are the way to go.)

:hug: :hug: to those of you wrestling with the loss of dear ones and other emotional loss and change

03-04-2010, 11:21 PM

seadwaters-glad to hear you only have three and a half weeks to go. Hoping for more energy for you.

BillBlueEyes- credit toi for the gym and for saving salmon for lunch. Yum.

ChinaMaine-sorry about your DH's cousin. My grandmother died of an aneuruism at age 62. It is hard when it is so sudden.

Beverlyjoy-Happy birthday to you. What nice neighbours you have. Sorry about the cake, but who can resist their own cake? Yay for killing the cake, candy and chips...way to go!!!

gardenerjoy-let us know how The Spark book is and if it is worth buying. Credit to you for all your credits. :)

eusebius-yay for yesterday on plan. Hope day 4 went well for you.

Shepherdess-congratulations on reaching your goal. :cp::bravo::cb::jig::carrot: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on getting there. It is incredibly motivating for the rest of us on the journey.

silverbirch- hello there!!!!

For me, a good day. Dodged a few bullets. Credit for:

Weighing in
Riding exercise bike 30 minutes even though I did not want to
Doing weights even though I did not want to
Posting here
Reading advantage and response cards
Eating slower and tasting most of it
Eating on plan except I popped 3 Timbits in my mouth in the coffee room. It was chaos at work and I was stressed. I did it on automatic pilot. Then I stopped. Thank goodness, cause in "the old days" I would have polished off many many more than 3.
Went to lunch and ordered salad even though my lunch partner ordered a denver, fries and gravy. For a moment I was considering it but then knew I would be so mad at myself if I did it.

Have a good Friday everyone!!

03-05-2010, 12:22 AM
Beverlyjoy :woo: Happy Birthday!

Shepherdess! :carrot:Congrats on meeting your goal!:carrot:

And thank you so much for writing this to BBE todayEstablishing a habit of delayed gratification isn’t easy. Say what sista?? A habit you say of what? Delayed gratification? Lord have mercy on me. Why in all my years I have never thought of putting these two concepts together: habit + delaying gratification. Sheesh. Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me. I look forward to trying to practice this as a habit and not a "one-off special event!" :dizzy:

And Dr. Beck wrote, and I quote via Billblueeyes quote for today:
These weekly weigh-ins can help you in the following ways:

. . .
They keep you honest if you've gained weight. If you haven't been following all the steps in the program, regular weigh-ins make you face that you can't get away with doing only the parts of the program you feel like doing.

*big sigh* I weigh-in officially tomorrow. This week my weight climbs daily.

Oh Well.

First the credits: no sugar :carrot: no seconds :carrot: not sedentary :carrot: no snacks 95% of the time = good enough :carrot:

Challenges: eating to overfull again - poor food choices 50% of the time (I suppose I can get a small credit for the other 50%) -
exercising the giving in muscle more than the resistance muscle- and I am PLAGUED( let this :df: be a stand-in for locusts ok?) by cravings for sweet things like you would not believe. DAILY, several times a day actually, whenever I am in transit from one space to the next I want to detour and get into some _____ insert any sugary object here.

How can the sugar resistance muscle be stronger than the all-round-general-bad-food resistance muscle? obviously I see sugar as a much bigger threat to my food plan and staying on my food plan which I suppose it is.

Guess things are not as bleak food-wise as I thought when I first sat down to write this out here. Hmmm. that's good.

CHALLENGE for the coming weekend: family get together at an Italian restaurant while my Florida sister is in town. This will be a food-fest of the highest magnitude. I'll need a strategy.

Right now I feel like I am swimming in mud. My weight is climbing, but I suspect it is hormonal, which is more erratic than ever so I never know anymore but I think so. Some of this then is water. okay. I think I am going to take the weightLOSS pressure off and focus on re-claiming/maintaining my loss to date. MAINTENANCE at 262. I think this is where I am at. For whatever reason, I don't have it in me to do what I need to do to lose weight right now. Not in a big focused way. I feel tired. really tired. Guess it's back to the small things. That I am completely off fake sugar and have been for close to a year now, and now the sugar is gone since Jan 1st and 20-24'bs have been shed since Jan 1st it's all good. And sometimes, just admitting I can't do it anymore strangely gives me the focus and the drive to get on with it once more. We'll see.

Thanks for reading.

03-05-2010, 06:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent a long day in a virtual meeting where I'm at my computer as are some half dozen others with voice connection and projector screen connection to a room filled with people in another time zone. Yay for the marvels of modern electronics. Which, however, do not consider that my lunch time arrives just when the meeting is going strong and it doesn't break for lunch until I'm chewing on my chair leg. CREDIT moi for waiting; hunger is not an emergency and all that. But, it's not just the hunger, I wanted a break from the d*rn meeting.

But when we did break, was my left over salmon good. CREDIT moi again for saving it from the previous dinner.

onebyone - LOL at you enjoying the thoughts about habit of delayed gratification. Kudos for a day of working your 4 No S's and Double Kudos for taking the time to give yourself credit that you're winning.

ChinaMaine - Sending hugs as you experience the MIL in you by scooching forward for her convenience. Neat plan to substitute veggies for half your lunch sandwich.

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats to the pianist who make the young violinist so comfortable that she won the competition. And Kudos for giving yourself credit.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for charging forward into March with your exercise minutes. Neat that you're enjoying The Spark - do let us know about it from time to time; sounds like a good book to get.

Shepherdess - Congrats on reaching your goal weight. And Kudos for recognizing the Sabotaging Thoughts that arrive when trying to feel the good feelings that come with that. Time for onebyone's slogan, "Persist in Victory."

Beverlyjoy - Happy Birthday!!!!!

What a joyful story of your little neighbors bringing you a cake - and amazing ending; Kudos for choosing to let it go. It's so hard to let go of unwanted sugar calories when "little neighbors" is so fondly written on them.

CeeJay - Yay for "Dodging bullets." Do need to ask for translation for "Timbits" and "ordered a denver, fries and gravy."

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back. Can't do better than "all is well."

silverbirch - Yep, "big black crosses" wouldn't help me keep my hands out of the nut bowl, LOL.

Readers - day 21
Get Ready to Weigh In

These weekly weigh-ins can help you in the following ways:
. . .
They help you stay committed to the program. If you're happy with your weight loss, you'll feel motivated to continue doing what you've been doing. If you're disappointed, you can declare that you're going to figure out where you went wrong, reread parts of this book, and start fresh.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171.

03-05-2010, 06:38 AM
Hi Coaches
Checking in before another early night to catch up on sleep and beat this tiredness. I have been on plan today food-wise but haven't really read cards or my book. I have written a plan for tomorrow and have included it. I got through work I needed to organise but have a major project I need to get sorted over the weekend. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow and have Sunday for me. Otherwise I am hopeful of getting back on plan

Shepherdess - CONGRATULATIONS - brilliant and I can see why success can be scary. But you are so solid now and did it under less than ideal conditions. Plus you seem to have developed HABITS which will see you through. Now - how can I follow in your footsteps ...

ChinaMaine - Grief is slower and sneakier than we realise. My mothers death (2006) still comes back to surprise me occasionally. I too have been making half sandwiches that I freeze and then I can have a salad or fruit - it works well for Sydney and I will cook a chicken this weekend to do it again.

BeverlyJoy - Happy birthday :cheers: - and congrats on overcoming vast quantities of chocolate cake (my favourite)

03-05-2010, 08:02 AM
Hi Becksters - Yesterday I pushed through and had a healthy day - I am so grateful. I think that Shepardess was right - I was so focused on getting through the challenges of being away from home for ten days -that when the cake came in the door - my guard was down. I don't know if dh can get over the cake in the trash. I suppose I could have taken it to my mom's apartment and she would have shared it with all the seniors. But - I am glad it's gone.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. This was my first year on Facebook on my birthday. It was so much fun to get greetings from so many folks.
Today we are going out with my mom and aunt for a birthday supper - I've chosen the Chinese restaurant with the lovely steamed ginger sea bass.

Yesterday -
cake and goodies in the trash
arc/rc - 1 time
tasted food = most of the time
fork down, no seconds - all the time
said OH WELL all day
logged food

no exercise or spontaneous exercise
I planned food in my head, but didn't write it down
haven't looked at the Beck book since coming back from LA

I am off to get my car serviced....I'll be back for personals.

03-05-2010, 08:21 AM
:df: WI-down 0.2 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (30m).

I had half a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch with a cup of soup, fruit and veggies on the side. It’s fewer calories than my usual grilled cheese lunch (whole grilled cheese sandwich and cup of soup), healthier, and just as filling. Now I just need to remember this epiphany … ;)

Thanks for the warm wishes everyone – they mean a lot to me…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied - credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Read the pink book – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

Beverlyjoy Ouch for 2 pieces of cake! But how nice your neighbors did that. It’ll be a nice memory up until the eating part. ;) Oh but steamed ginger sea bass – yum! That’ll be a delicious meal with no residual guilt! BTW: ‘Happy Birthday!’

gardenerjoy Good luck finding the right diet. I don’t think you can actually start the diet for a couple of weeks (if you follow the book), so you have some time for the DASH book to come in…

Erika (eusebius) Sounds like a grand day with the talented violinist! Kudos for staying op when you are so busy.

shepherdess I was able to run my summer route yesterday. – How lovely! :congrat: Wow – reaching your goal weight – that is so cool!! You’ve worked hard to get here. I think you are right to enjoy your weight for a while, and push off the decision to lose anymore weight until later.

You give me hope that it’s possible to get to my goal weight – most of the time I don’t really believe I’ll be able to do it…

CeeJay Bravo! For a great day – exercising when you didn’t want to, ordering a healthy lunch instead of a decadent one, and stopping at 3 Timbits. Any one of these is great, doing all 3 is impressive!

one by one :hug: that you are so tired. And Kudos for recognizing that it’s a time in your life to have a goal of maintaining, rather than losing weight. Sometimes doing the extra it takes to lose weight is just too much, and it’s good to have some good practice at maintaining. It is time well spent.

Bill Kudos for using ‘hunger is not an emergency’ for your conference call.

seadwaters :hug: and hope you beat the tiredness. Take care of yourself…

03-05-2010, 10:50 AM
Here I am, back from another little hiatus. I've been thinking about why I've been struggling at this point with moving forward. I know there's a couple of things coming down the road that I'm anxious about. One of them is weighing. I haven't weighed myself in probably about a month and I'm scared of what that's going to be like... what will the # be and how will I react to it. I know the Response Card for weighing (that's one I've read pretty regularly in the past), but I'm not sure that reading the Response Card is going to cut it completely. As much as I'm anxious about it, I do know that starting to weigh on a regular basis again will be very helpful and probably motivating. I think the unknown with that one is the worst.

The other, even bigger task I'm concerned about is the planning. I think it boils down to two main reasons for me. #1 is the fact that I struggle with organization in my life completely unrelated to exercise, diet, etc. My first nemesis in life is my weight/eating issues and the second is lack of organization. I've struggled with both since childhood and they are (not surprisingly), very intertwined. When one is going well, the other seems to follow and of course, vice versa applies too :( So planning for my Beck program on a daily basis is a HUGE hurdle... it means I need to get my act together. If I manage to accomplish that, they I've overcome my two biggest "problems" in my life... it's unbelievable to realize the fear that comes with that notion. It's just so foreign to me. Ugh.... I need to push through this fear! I've made it through much more difficult and scarier things in the past couple of years, I can make it through this too.

Oh and #2 in my resistance to planning is about planning exactly what I'm going to eat, etc. The "diet" I plan to follow is simply calories in vs. calories out. I have a Gowear Fit system that allows me to monitor very accurately all the calories I expend at any given time and I then use their web-based software to keep track of what I eat. It's the program I used successfully last year to lose 25 lbs. I kind of had a general idea of what I was going to eat, but I also made decisions based on how many calories I had left at the end of the day, etc. Or, if someone brought some type of treat to work one day and I decided it was worth eating it, I would. I would calculate for it and then either eat less or work out more later that day. But now that I'm trying to follow the Beck program to the letter, I know that this won't fly. I'm scared of that. So, I've got a ton of sabotaging thoughts and I just need to keep working to fight them. That's where I am right now and I believe why I got stuck on Day 5.

The good news is, I've continued with my good habits during my little hiatus. I've continued to read my Advantages (on my phone), eat only when sitting down (I think I've only slipped on this twice and once was to taste something I was cooking) eating slowly and mindfully and giving myself credit. With each day that passes that I haven't checked in here, those habits feel as if they're about to slip through my fingers though. So, it's good to be back.

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I'll ask 3FC Beck Diet For Life Members to be my diet coach.

I unfortunately, just don't feel comfortable asking anyone else in my life to be my coach. Although my boyfriend (I'm going to share his name so I can stop referring to him as "my boyfriend"- Jim) would be happy to help me and probably very supportive, I don't want to introduce that into our relationship. I kind of feel like it's a parent teaching a child to drive- just not enough separation there and too much potential for issues. This group of course has been a tremendous support to me in the past. I believe it's just as good (better, really) support than I would receive from most IRL (in-real-life) people. The one aspect it's missing though is the accountability of someone checking on me and not letting me disappear for days/weeks at a time. So, as I was typing this, I came up with an idea I thought I'd try. Is there anyone in this group that would be interested in some type of daily exchange to check in with each other? Maybe just a quick email-- "Did you post to the group yet today?", "How's your day going?", etc.
I would really like to find someone who is very committed to this program and I too would take my commitment to you very seriously. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and we can discuss it and see if we're a good match.

If anyone would like to comment, I'd be curious to know how many of you have IRL coaches, what relation they are to you, how often you check in with them, etc.

03-05-2010, 11:13 AM
Day 3: Eat Sitting Down
I rephrased my response card for this to something more like an affirmation: I sit down when I eat because I enjoy my food more that way. One of the advantages of starting Beck over again is that I know, from experience, that this is absolutely true for me.
I'm also putting this in my responses as something of mantra: Wash it off! Because my continuing problem in the arena of eating only when seated is wanting to lick the spoon that I've been using during food preparation.

Japanese restaurant for lunch yesterday, so I didn't weigh myself this morning.

WI: N/A kg, Exercise: +30, 225/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: glad that all is well!

eusebius: good job on staying within points during a busy but satisfying day!

Beverlyjoy: kudos for getting rid of the cake! That's a hard one but so affirming for your new way of living!

Shepherdess: Yay! Yay! Yay! and Hooray! for goal weight. It is a cause for celebration!

CeeJay: good job catching yourself on the mindless eating and on choosing the salad at lunch!

onebyone: I'm with you on the sugar cravings. I'd describe in detail, but it might trigger someone else's cravings, so I'll restrain myself! But it's real frustrating, especially when we've both had good days in recent memories, to have sugar cravings multiple times a day!

BillBlueEyes: good job not using food as a break from a meeting and for crediting your self twice in two days (deservedly) for saving salmon from supper.

seadwaters: glad your on the food plan and working out other things. You have a lot going on!

Beverlyjoy: Enjoy your birthday dinner and your steamed ginger sea bass!

ChinaMaine: I'm taking notes on the half sandwich idea...Thanks!

bennyhannahmama: Me! Me! Me! I, too, have the same issues. No one IRL seems quite right for a coach for me. And this group is great, but it's not quite enough accountability, since it's easy to be not noticed if I don't post. I'd be happy to swap quick daily emails to encourage each other to post. I'll send you a private message with my email.

03-05-2010, 11:14 AM
Hi again-

Thanks again for the nice birthday wishes.

bennyhannamama - I think planning can be challenging - I always make my plan is the morning. I know it's suppose to be the night before - but, that really works for me. If you can push yourself to write it down - it is very 'freeing' in a sense - you don't have to think about food until it's time to eat. I am a calorie counter too. Kudos for reading your arc and the other things you've been doing! I can see why you don't want your boyfriend as a coach. He can be supportive from the outside. We can be your coach. But, you have to be willing to say what you need to say here...if you are struggling or need help or cheering on.

gardenjoy - I rephrased my response card for this to something more like an affirmation: I sit down when I eat because I enjoy my food more that way - I have done that too on many of my response cards - I use the word health and food plan and life style, etc - in place of the word diet. Affirmations are good and positive.

Chinamarie - good for you, editing your soup and sandwich to work better in your plan! SO MANY great credits - you are doing it, friend.

Bill - good for you....pushing through a long meeting without a break for lunch - it's nice that you can pull 'hunger is not an emergency' out of your back pocket to help you get through. However, it's too bad you couldn't get a break in general during this long meeting.

seadwaters - glad you can catch up on some sleep. Good idea - planning for what you want to be doing. I helps.

onebyone - hooray for losing 24 pounds!!! and having many credits. It's an interesting question - resisting sugar more easily than food in general. It isn't easy to come here and say that your are struggling - but, glad you did. Planning the food for the day is so helpful to me. I think delayed gratification is like knowing that food is not an emergency.

ceejay - good job on exercsing when you really didn't feel like and resisting food at lunch and at work.

shepardess - thanks for your good incite into the birthday cake and my not resisting. It makes good sense.

CONGRATS ON REACHING YOUR GOAL!!! That is an amazing and wonderful accomplishment. GREAT.

Shout out to silverbirch and eusbuise and anyone else stopping by to read.

03-05-2010, 12:50 PM
Eusibus - What a wonderful day for you. You were a part of someone elses success and you stayed on track with your eating.

Beverlyjoy – You were made of steel yesterday 

Shepherdess – Congratulations on achieving your goal. Wow, what an aware and insightful post. You know yourself so well. I respect that.

Silverbirch – thank you for the good wishes to those experiencing loss or changes

Ceejay – Sounds like you are “in the zone”

Onebyone – Good luck with your weigh in.

Billblueeyes- Credit to you for staying centred with the eating after your virtual meeting.. Your post regarding the weigh-ins…The Complete Beck Diet for Life wants us to weigh in daily. In the past this has not been a good thing for me to do because of weigh fluctuatioins etc. I have found this go around that it really is starting my day reminding me of what I am trying to do and I really am just viewing the numbers as information and not a judge of “goodness or badness” (that is my big bug-a-boo). My weight has been going up every day for the last 3 days but I know that I have been eating sensibly…so, I view it as information because I am so thrilled with my eating sensibly (and I so desperately want to “nourish” (eat sensibly) myself)

Seedwaters – Congratulations for an “on plan day”

Beverlyjoy – a big congratulations for an “on plan day” after an off plan day

Chinamaine – Congratulations on a having a good day.

Bennyhama – A big, big, big “hats off to you” for continuing with your new habits during your hiatus. A big, big, “hat off to you” for the awareness to catch yourself now rather than later….that is very difficult to do. I do not have an In Real Life Coach. They would not be able to relate or “get” what my issues are. They are great friends but that do not have the same issues with food that I have. This thread is the place for me because I can relate to so much of what everyone is writing.. I started with this thread last year around this time and then lost my way. I found my way back about 12 days ago. What an insightful post.

Gardenerjoy – Congratulations for revisiting challenges and coming up with different ways of addressing them.

All is well with me....

03-05-2010, 02:31 PM
I had some post-run, off-plan chip snacking that got out of hand yesterday. They were visible and my thought was, “I just ran; I deserve this.” This is the same mentality that kept me from being slim despite years of regular running. So clearly I still need to work on those Beck strategies. The plan for today is in place.

Beverlyjoy, great job tossing all the food you don’t need around. I’m laughing at the idea of dousing a cake with dish soap. Your planned birthday celebration sounds great. Kudos for planning something wonderful and healthy.

SilverBirch, thanks for the reminder to do weights. I was doing them regularly, and loving them, but it fell by the wayside last month when things got busy. No excuse now, I just need to do them again.

CeeJay, great job getting your exercise—especially doing the weights, even though you didn’t want to. I know all about that auto-pilot eating, but great job keeping it minimal. Kudos for ordering something healthy, even when your lunch date was not.

Onebyone, sorry for all the frustration, but good job seeing the light at the end of the rainbow (I’m stealing a friend’s line). For me, cravings tend to be cyclical. I can go along, not even thinking about off plan food, then suddenly, it’s all I can think about. Just thinking about maintenance when things get tough is a good strategy—it keeps expectations to something manageable. Good luck with all of that and be sure to give yourself credit for all you are doing well—that 50% or good food choices deserves credit.

BillBE, laughing at your description of your virtual meeting. Great job maintaining sanity while missing lunch and sitting through the meeting. Glad you had something to look forward to afterwards. Thank you for the reminder to “Persist in victory.”

Seadwaters, great job doing all the planning and sticking to your plan despite exhaustion. Crossing my fingers that you will have Sunday for yourself—you deserve it!

ChinaMaine, your lower-calorie, but just-as-satisfying lunch sounds fantastic. I have some meals that need a similar makeover. Yay for getting in your exercise!

Bennyhannamamma, I understand struggling with organization. The good news is, you don’t have to tackle organization in every aspect of your life, just the eating part. I keep hoping my food organization will spill into other areas of my life, but that hasn’t happened yet. Good job keeping up your good habits even while having a hiatus.

Gardenerjoy, I liked your positive eating while sitting card. Great job putting such a good spin on a good habit.

Hikegirl, you have such a great attitude towards weigh-ins. I’m still struggling with weight as information, no as a judgment. Keep up the good work.

03-05-2010, 10:37 PM
Happy Weekend!!!!:dancer:

onebyone-sending you a big hug. I think you are wise to go into maintenance mode if you feel you need to. That way you keep practising your Beck skills.

BillBlueEyes-credit for holding off on lunch and not eating the furniture. Timbits are donut holes sold at Tim Horton's- a major coffee chain in Canada. A Denver is basically a fried egg and green onion sandwich usually ordered with cheese on it too. Around here they use 3 pieces of bread with 2 layers of egg and lots of butter. Definitely not on my plan these days. :D

seadwaters- hope you find more energy this weekend.

Beverlyjoy-yay for a healthy day yesterday. Enjoy your dinner out.

ChinaMaine-your list of credits is always impressive.

bennyhannahmama-this group is better than a coach in "real life" for me. There is no one I would want to discuss this with every day. To me that would take a friendship in a very strange direction. This group for me is much more comfortable. People here know pretty much what I am going through and offer much better advice than anyone in my life could about this issue because I don't know anyone with as big as a weight issue as I have. Certainly don't know anyone who has lost the kind of weight I need to lose. The other thing for me is I never discuss my weight issues with anyone. I cringe and find a way out when people start talking about anything near weight. This group is a first for me on many levels.

gardenerjoy- I like your re-wording for eating while sitting down-- much more positive--- I need to re-frame eating slowly as a positive.

hikergirl- I read The Complete Beck Diet for Life first and began weighing in daily. This is the first time I have done this as a routine. It has been a help for me, because I fluctuate a lot and if I weigh in weekly and hit a big upward fluctuation I can't help but be very discouraged.

Shepherdess-sorry about the chips. Oh have a plan for today.

For me today- another good one. A day at the office where I actually managed to take off an hour early.

Credit for:

weighing in
eating on plan
walking 30 minutes with my mom
about to read response and advantage cards
checking in here
planning tomorrow


03-05-2010, 11:27 PM
Hi All,
Just back from setting up our craft show booth, and credit for not getting snacks on the way home while exhausted. Tracked food, credit. Walked 5000+ steps. Only one small snack at work today instead of foraging more frequently, credit. Tomorrow and Sunday will be at the craft show, and the volunteers bring a pastry cart around first thing, so I need to make a plan for what I will do! Well, I should head off to bed.
Have a good night!

03-06-2010, 07:46 AM
Hi Beck folks, coaches, buddies!

Yesterday was a healthy day :) - I am so grateful. We went out with my mom and our very favorite aunt and they treated for a bd dinner. I had my steamed ginger sea bass and had enough bring it home for today's lunch. YAY My mom and aunt love getting to see each other - so it was extra good. Today we are getting together with our old neighbors/friends. They have a March birthday too and so we are going out for dinner. I don't have a clue where we will go to eat :dizzy: - we'll decide when they get to our house. So in my plan - I have written - protein, veggies, starch. That's as good as it can get for now.

ate healthy at the restaurant :)
no seconds, fork down, no seconds
working on feeling fullness
said Oh well a few times
read arc/rc one time
left one bite from each meal and snack
mindful/ slow eating - some of the time
planned food, logged food eaten

working on
exercise (back ache :( )
spontaneous exercise
reading Beck book - I need to move forward

nuxmage - kudo's for getting though the craft show so well. :) That is great. Also - thinking about your plan to get through the rest is so helpful. Carry on!

ceejay - hooray for getting out of work early and having a good day living with food. :carrot:

shepardess - I can so relate to that discussion in our head when we want something!! :?: Well - glad it's over. You talked about here now - just move forward. Glad you have a plan - I know that will help.

hikergirl - Hi!! All is well with me.... :D: - so glad to hear this. Have a great day!

Shout out and hello to anyone that stops by!

PS - I miss my ticker - hope they get it fixed soon!

03-06-2010, 08:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Nominal on-plan day; nominal CREDIT moi. The food pusher at work arrived at a meeting with his dark chocolate covered coffee beans. I was tempted, then had a sane moment and realized that I didn't want a few, I wanted the whole bag. Took that as a signal that it probably wasn't hunger I was feeling, LOL. CREDIT moi for telling myself, NO CHOICE.

ChinaMaine - Neat that you executed your half-sandwich plan. And Kudos for getting back into reading the Pink Book.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for all is well. Neat to get scale readings to being just numbers.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Hiatus come and Hiatus go; it's always about getting back on track. Kudos for continuing your good habits; sounds like they're becoming, well . . ., habits.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Good luck with sales at your craft show this weekend. And good luck with that pastry cart.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Absolutely amazing how strong that desire to lick the spoon is. Kudos for countering it. We opened our vegetable seed order a couple of days ago; could begin to feel the juices flowing. Come hither, Spring!

Shepherdess - Yep, the Sabotaging Thoughts are feeling a bit threatened by your success and are fighting back.

Beverlyjoy - Thrice, no less, since my last post. Kudos for planning then executing your "steamed ginger sea bass" and bringing some home. You've got a lot of birthday celebrating to stay on top of.

CeeJay - Yay for taking off an hour early. Ouch for that definition of a "Denver" - wish it didn't sound so good to me.

seadwaters - Ouch for working the weekend; will send you good vibes as I do the same.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

Think about the previous times when you've weighed yourself and felt unhappy. Does the following scenario seem familiar?

Situation: The scale shows a higher weight than you'd hoped to see.
Sabotaging Thought: I can't believe it. This is really terrible.
Emotion: Upset (angry, sad, demoralized, hopeless)
Behavior: Embark on a "bad eating day"

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171.

03-06-2010, 09:49 AM
I'm going to a Wellness Fair for cancer survivors with my brother today. I'm a long term survivor. My brother (the same one who lost his significant other in December) was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in July. It turns out that's a quite low key form of cancer, so he's not sure that he wants to be part of the survivor community in any significant way. Accompanying him to this Wellness Fair is a way to help him check it out to see if it would be helpful.

They're serving us lunch. It would seem like I ought to be able to count on a healthy lunch at a Wellness Fair wouldn't it? But I think I've seen on their flyers that they serve cookies at meetings, so I'm going prepared to leave half of my entree, focus on vegetables, and eat a tiny amount, if any, dessert.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +70, 295/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-06-2010, 11:32 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (40m).

I had a good day yesterday, for diet, exercise and all else. DH is safely in Ohio, but it’s just a lot less fun when he’s not around. The silver lining is that I’ll only need to cook dinner once while he’s gone, cuz the leftovers last a lot longer. I just planned my meal for the next four nights and will head to the supermarket after lunch.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied - credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Kim (bennyhannamama) I use this group as my diet coach. I know Beck thinks a single person is more effective, but I find this group is perfect for me. I too have anxiety issues as well and have used CBT to deal with it, but do need to take an anti-anxiety drug to sleep through the night. Since you have anxiety issues, it might reduce your anxiety to choose one item to ‘work’ on at a time. And once, you are no longer anxious about that item, pick another one to work on. It’ll be slower, but the skills might become more ingrained if you master them well. Just a thought…

gardenerjoy I love Japanese food... Hope the Wellness Fair is fun and useful.

shepherdess Kudos for continuing to work the Beck strategies and planning even after reaching your goal weight!

CeeJay Leaving work an hour early on Friday – happy weekend indeed! I like how you make walking a social event.

Nuxmaga Good luck at the craft show – both on the sales and food front. Can you get much exercise in when you are at a craft show?

Beverlyjoy I hope your back feels better today. Kudos for the drool-worthy restaurant meal! And for continuing to work on feeling full.

Bill Nominal on-plan day – sounded more than nominal to me… Kudos for resisting the food-pusher. The on-gong battle between the two of you never grows old…

03-06-2010, 11:54 AM
Just wanted to report in and tell you that this morning I hit 20 pounds gone. Finally!!!

So I need to find a reward. And I need to take a few minutes to think about the fact that new lows often result in days of struggle for me. I have the weekend's eating planned out and lots to get done, so I am trying to just carry on.

Credit today so far for:

weighing in
reading advantage and response cards
eating a healthy breakfast of oat bran and berries.


03-06-2010, 12:12 PM
Ceejay, that is BRILLIANT! Well done! And of course you can get through the next few days - you have the tools and you know how to use them.

03-06-2010, 12:52 PM
Hi there. Just reading through the new posts to this thread since my post of yesterday. Positive energy in this thread, my friends. We have many things to credit each other and ourselves for. Wow what a great way to start the day. Sending you all positive energy for the day (can you feel it coming up through your keyboard?:) ).

Midlifecrisis57----where are you?


03-06-2010, 03:48 PM
Snow started falling in the late morning and didn’t stop until late afternoon. It’s not enough snow to get us stranded out here, but it was a good reminder that spring is here and I’m not ready. I stocked up on canned and frozen veggies and made sure the pantry is full of healthy staples, so I’m ready for whatever spring brings. I’m glad the snow came yesterday, since I wasn’t planning a run anyways. I did a quick weight workout. I was pretty tired and my rule is that I do about 15 min and if I’m still feeling tired I can quit. Usually I get in the zone and finish the workout, but yesterday, I was still feeling tired so I opted for some gentle yoga. I have discovered a new and interesting way to get spontaneous exercise. The ranch recently bought a “new” truck (it’s a 1970) that is basically the missing link between my husband’s ¾ ton truck and a semi. We’re using it to feed hay—we used to pull a trailer with my husband’s truck, but in the spring weather you spend more time going back for the tractor to pull the truck out of the mud/snow. I’ve been driving the hay truck, mostly because it’s so much fun to drive something so huge and my husband thinks it’s funny to see me behind the wheel. I get a leg workout on the stiff pedals; an arm workout trying to put it in gear; and because the seat doesn’t move forward, I get a surprising ab workout bouncing around on the edge of the seat.

I had a good food day yesterday. I’m trying to remind myself that my main Beck goal was to feel in control around food. My mind and body have always had an antagonistic relationship. My mind was like the overly-strict parent and my body was like the rebellious teenager, sneak out behind the parent’s back. Over past several months, working the Beck program, I felt like I was moving towards a more cooperative relationship and was beginning to learn that I don’t need to go on food benders if I actually feed my body. The Diet for Life meals were larger than what I was used to. I was sure I’d never lose weight on the program; so this was a huge revelation. Oddly, reaching my goal weight has brought back a lot of old food-fears and those old feelings that I need to be restrictive or I’m going to gain weight. So I’m back to working the Beck program in hopes that it will lead to a better mind/body relationship. I have to remember that food-fear and restriction is not control. It’s never worked for me in the past.

CeeJay, yay for another Beck day and getting away from work an hour early. Great job with a long list of credits. Huge congrats on 20 lbs gone forever!

Nuxmaga, great job avoiding snacking while exhausted. Always a huge challenge. Good luck on your next show—that pastry cart sounds dangerous.

Beverlyjoy, great job on a healthy day, with enough leftover for a second celebration meal. Ouch for the backache. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

BillBE, kudos for a “nominal on-plan day.” Yay for a sane thought that heads-off unplanned eating. Do you think those sane thoughts come quicker and more often the longer you maintain?

Gardenerjoy, you would think a wellness fair would offer healthy lunch choices, but good job being prepared. Congrats on being a longterm survivor.

ChinaMaine, yay for exercise and an on-plan day. I hate it when my dh is away as well, although I always use it as an excuse to watch super-girly movies. I don’t actually like them, but somehow it seems appropriate.

Hikegirl, thanks for all the positive energy. This is a great site—lots of good problem solvers and positive attitudes.

03-06-2010, 06:46 PM
I've been very out of whack today and don't really have time or mental capacity for a very thorough post, but I won't let that stop me! That's been my problem in the past-- my perfectionism. If I can't do it "right", then I don't do it at all. Well, that isn't working so well for me.

What is working (so far, day 1) is having someone else I'm accountable to, to make sure that I'm posting. Thanks, Joy! :wave:

I did decide that even if I'm resistant to the whole planning thing, and not sure how I'm going to handle it all, I'm not going to let myself get hung up there. I am formulating some ideas in my head and hope in the next couple of days to make it more concrete and report it here.

So for today I will report that I:

- have read my Advantages before I've eaten
- tried to combat negative thoughts
- sat down while eating slowly and consciously (for the most part)
- stopped myself multiple times from picking at food while standing
- checked in with my coach (both here and via email)

I need to work on:

giving myself credit

Thanks for listening and being here. I definitely feel a boost after doing this-- the feeling that I did something "right" and that I took an important step in the right direction.

03-07-2010, 05:47 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Directed my walk to get a haircut; CREDIT moi. Wish I remembered to get my haircut more frequently. Went to a big catered event - with multiple feeding troughs: Chinese, Italian, and carving with the best asparagus ever. And then over-the-top too much desserts. I did OK, because I have a generous allowance for major events. But I'm disappointed because the food wasn't particularly good - except for the asparagus. Left some food on my plate, so CREDIT moi for that. These things with waaaaaay too much food confuse my thinking; I want it all.

ChinaMaine - Yay for the full stint of exercise. Ouch for a full week without your DH.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yep, I'm feeling the positive energy you sent. Good stuff, that.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for getting a "boost" from taking a step in the right direction.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for helping your brother get in contact with the survivors group; even if it doesn't click now, it might set the bit for when he does feel the need for it. Congrats for being a long term survivor yourself; I'm so old that when my grandmother died we only said the " 'C' word " - like Valdermort, it wasn't said out loud.

Shepherdess - Love your monster truck workout diet, LOL. What a neat toy. Thanks for the reminder that the goal is to "feel in control around food." Yep, it's that out-of-control feeling that I'd like to fade away.

CeeJay - Congrats on the twenty gone. Yep, think of a good reward - one that you'll savor.

silverbirch - Waving back.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

If you view your weight as an indication of how weak, inadequate, or out of control you are, then weight gains (or smaller than expected weight losses) can easily result in overeating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171.

03-07-2010, 10:01 AM
Hi Beck folks -

Yesterday was a healthy day.:) I enjoyed my leftover fish for lunch. We went out for supper with friends and I was willing to ask the waiter "What would you recommend for someone watching their choloesterol?" Actually - my choloestrol is good, but it's great way to find out what's healthy at the restaraunt. He pointed out the pasta with red sauce and veggies. (I hadn't noticed it!) Perfect! I ordered a half portion and was willing to leave some on the plate because I had eaten enough. CREDIT! :) I am so grateful.

My back is really hurting today - ugh....I need to take meds and rest it....phooey. :p Thanks to all for hoping it gets better soon.

I used 'stop fooling yourself' and 'oh well' when I wanted to eat to eat from the stress of my back hurting. I was having those conversations in my head about wanting to do some unplanned and compulsive eating. I am so, so grateful I was willing to push through the feelings. I reminded myself that food doesn't make pain go,I'll take some drugs today and it should be improved in a day or two. I hate taking medications that make me loopy :dizzy: - but, they always seem to work, so I'll just do it.

I had a good 'beck' day-
made a new response card
logged food
gave credit
used many beck principles
no seconds
fork down
left a bite of food - most of the time
read arc/rc/no choice - 2 times
slow/mindful/tasting eating - most of the time
read beck book

no exercise
no spontaneous exercise

My friend who told me about the Beck book because it had helped her - said to me via an email - that when she feels like she can't slow down when eating. She will take a day or two or more where she consciencely waits thirty seconds between bites. She used the second hand on her watch. I think it's a good idea that I could use now and then too. Thought I'd share. By the way, this friend has lost nearly 100 pounds with Beck and Weight Watchers. (I am a calories counter)

I will come back for hurts to be sitting at the computer for extended times.

03-07-2010, 11:42 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (15m).

I didn’t exercise much yesterday – no good reason. I just kept putting it off, and then decided to skip it. Since DH has been out of work since last June, I haven’t been doing much grocery shopping (or cooking) lately. So yesterday I had fun finding a new recipe for the Tilapia that’s on sale this week (Sauteed Tilapia with Green Peppercorn Sauce). It was pretty good, and I have a mountain of Tilapia to eat for the next few days. I think it should freeze well, so I’ll probably freeze some of it for future lunches.

I enjoyed my trip to the supermarket, loitering in the produce department, studying yogurt possibilities, checking out the new gluten-free options, and looking high and low for the jars of green peppercorns. In the produce department, I finally settled on Jicama as my side veggie. I just sautéed it with garlic and spices. It was okay, but it’s a veggie that probably should be mixed with other things. I’d like to try it with a black bean salad. Anyone have a good black bean salad recipe?

I had thrown away all the chips we had – or so I thought! DH trotted out a bag of chips for lunch last week, and I confronted him ‘I thought we weren’t going to buy anymore chips??’ Turns out he unearthed an ancient bag of chips my mother brought over last summer. And last night, after eating a filling snack, I sat down and snarfed them like there was no tomorrow. First thing I did this morning was throw those chips away. That better be the last of them. grrrrr

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – except for the chips – partial credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – except for the chips – partial credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – except for the chips – partial credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – except for the chips – partial credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope
- Used resistance techniques – nope

CeeJay :congrat: 20 lbs gone is fantastic! All your hard work is paying off.

Susan (hikergirl) :wave:

shepherdess Your story about the new-to-you truck made me smile. I wish I could see you driving it… It’s interesting to read your reaction to reaching maintenance weight; I think your plan is a good one… I like girly movies, and I too use his absences to watch them. It was Mamma Mia on Friday, but last night I watched Enchanted April. It’s definitely a girly movie, but not really a romance. It’s more about self-discovery and female bonding (with a bit of romance for good measure). But I always end up dreaming of spending a month in a castle on the Amalfi Coast – it’s vacation porn. :)

Kim (bennyhannamama) Sounds like you’ve got a plan – congrats on getting a diet coach!

Bill Isn’t it the case that food at those big events tends to be mediocre? At least the asparagus was good, but it’s too bad about the rest. Kudos for staying within your plans for the day.

Beverlyjoy Hopefully your meds will make you feel better today and help you recover in just a few days. Kudos for using resistance techniques so successfully! And for having so many credits when you are not feeling at all well – impressive.

03-07-2010, 12:23 PM
The Wellness Fair was fun, although the information for the most part was too basic for our needs. I didn't do quite as well with the lunch as I'd hoped, but credit for skipping the pasta salad that I didn't like anyway, but would have eaten in the past because it was there. Minor rant: why would you put a pasta salad in a box lunch with a sandwich? Isn't two pieces of bread plenty of carbs for anyone at lunch?

One of the breakout sessions I intended was on exercise and I did pick up a few tips there, especially that the way I stand probably causes some of the problems I get in my shoulders and hips. No standing with hands on hips or arms crossed in front (rounds the shoulders forward) and no standing with all the weight on one foot, hip jutting out (since we tend to have a favorite foot to do that, the hips get out of balance over time).

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +30, 325/1550 minutes for March, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: congrats on 20 pounds down!

ChinaMaine: the tilapia sounds wonderful! Good job throwing the chips away.

Beverlyjoy: take care of your self! Back pain really effects every part of life. Glad you know what works for you. For me, generally it's ice and careful exercise. Things tend to get worse if I sit too long -- especially, like you, if it's at the computer.

BillBlueEyes and Shepherdess: I read a book (I think it was _Changing for Good_ by Prochaska, et. al.) that outlined the steps it takes to overcome addiction. The last step was maintenance and they talked about how to tell if you have fully recovered or if you need to continue maintenance. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you indulge in your addictive substance today? Apparently, most smokers and some alcoholics will eventually reach the point where they will say that they would not want a cigarette or a drink on their last day on the planet. However, most alcoholics and nearly all overeaters never reach that point and always are in a maintenance mode of continuing to have to consciously exert control over the desire to drink or overeat. But, as Beck tells us, it keeps getting easier.

Hi to everyone else!

03-07-2010, 01:24 PM
The roads were a muddy, muddy mess yesterday, so I skipped my plan long run. Instead I did my strength workout (both the truck workout and the one involving recognizable home-gym equipment). I haven’t done my full workout in almost a month—just a few exercises here and there. For the most part, I was able to pick up where I left off, and even increase weights on some moves. It’s good to know that even though I’m not doing the formal workout, I’m still getting a workout from my day-to-day activities.

We went to a Mammoth Ball last night—a fundraiser/celebration of a recently excavated mammoth. One of our neighbors discovered a mammoth bone while moving dirt for an oil well. It wound up being a pretty exciting find. It is the largest intact mammoth skeleton in the state. The paleontologist is a good friend of ours and teaches geology at the local community college. DH and I went out to the site last summer when they were excavating the tusk and just discovering the skull—the tusk is about 9 ft long.

The event was a lot of fun and I was able to stick to my plan. Skip hors d’oeuvres, leave half my entre, and enjoy a small portion of dessert. My calorie intake was no doubt higher than my usual day, but within my plan for a special occasion. As a bonus, I was able to fit into a dress that I bought back in college. I loved the dress, only wore it once or twice, and for years it was too tight, but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. I actually ran across it in the closet not too long before starting Beck and was thinking I just needed to get rid of it since I’d never be able to wear it again. It’s a pretty big reward to be able to wear it again.

Bennyhannamamma, if you have the time and energy to read this, huge congrats on just getting in here and posting. That perfectionist, all-or-nothing attitude has been difficult for me as well. It is so much more helpful to try to make the best choices for the given circumstances.

BillBE, kudos for a walk with a purpose and congrats on successfully navigating the feeding troughs. I have a difficult time avoiding overeating at events where the food is plentiful but not that great. I don’t know if I’m trying to make up for the lack of flavor in volume or if I’m sampling everything to find the one good dish. Thanks for your quote—I’m working on this one right now!

Beverlyjoy, what a great restaurant strategy! I have such a difficult time being assertive at when ordering, but you are an inspiration. Ouch for the back pain, but good job recognizing that eating won’t help.

ChinaMaine, ouch for munching on chips “like there is no tomorrow.” I know all about that. Good job throwing them away. I need to get my dh on board with a “no chips in the house” rule, though I buy them too thinking I’ll be able to control myself. LOL at “vacation porn.”

Gardenerjoy, I loved your line “credit for skipping the pasta salad that I didn't like anyway, but would have eaten in the past because it was there.” If I wonder how many lbs I would have saved myself if I didn’t eat food I didn’t really like. . . That’s an interesting point about weight maintenance. I have to admit that I would definitely take that “last meal” and it seems I’m always looking for an excuse to have one.

03-07-2010, 01:26 PM
Good Day to all of you. I am well. Look after yourselves for today and I look forward to reading your posts tomorrow.

03-07-2010, 04:02 PM
Hello everyone:

Nuxmaga- credit for not eating when exhausted. Resisting is so much more difficult when you are tired.

Beverlyjoy-yay for staying on plan during your meals at the restaurants. You are doing fantastic!! Hope your pain is less today.

BillBlueEyes-good for you for resisting the chocolate coffee beans. I find it hard during meetings when everyone else is eating the treat of the day. For morning meetings I bring my regular morning snack, yogurt and berries, in with me but sometimes I have to fight the deprivation feelings. And also yay for your self control at the catered event.

gardenerjoy-credit for skipping the pasta salad. I know all about the tendency to eat whatever is there, just because it is there.

ChinaMaine-Yay for having a plan for meals. Oh well about the chips.

silverbirch- waving hello.

hikergirl-thanks for the positive energy- sending some your way too.

Shepherdess-sounds like a good plan to deal with the issues you are experiencing upon reaching your goal. It is so helpful for the rest of us to read your posts about how you are feeling so when we get there, we will recognize that these feelings are normal. (Whatever normal means :D). What a wonderful feeling it must have been to get in your dress from years past.

bennyhannahmama-kuddos for your list of credits.

For me- thanks to everyone for your congratulations on the 20 pounds. I was happy seeing no scale fluctuation today so I got to see the same number again.

I am having a good day so far. Planning on a walk with my mom and then she is coming over to watch the Oscars. This is a yearly tradition for us. Most years that meant making very calorie laden snacks. This year I am making a chick pea dip- mom can have crackers, I am planning on dipping veggies.

Credit today so far for:

weighing in
reading advantage and response cards
posting here
eating on plan so far
eating mindfully and slower- this is getting just a little bit easier but still a work in progress


03-07-2010, 10:25 PM
I'm fighting the voices that are telling me that there's no point in posting if I'm not going to "do it right". Well, I'm not going to skip this. This is important and helps keep my accountable.
I had a difficult weekend mentally. I just felt off. I'm not sure why. I think the most important thing I can do for myself right now is go to bed. I will do that shortly.

03-08-2010, 06:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Enjoyed a pleasant sunny day. Took a walk in some woods where I'd never been with some old friends; a lovely day. CREDIT moi for activity and socializing at the same time. Opportunity for some extra calories with some hot homemade bread. Opportunity accepted; cut back a little at dinner to try to compensate. It was good bread.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for the attack by ancient chips. Kudos for giving yourself credit for an otherwise mindful eating day rather than wallowing in the single diversion.

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back. Hope you had the sunshine yesterday that we had.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yep, keep yourself accountable and d*mn the perfectionist Sabotaging Thoughts.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - It could have been worse; I've heard of a pasta salad sandwich, LOL. Thanks for the reference and the comments about overcoming addictions. I doubt that on my last day I'd ask for Big Mac. Got some work to do on a Big Bowl of candied pecans, LOL.

Shepherdess - Yay for sane eating at a "Mammoth Ball" - can't say I've ever been to one, nor can I say that any of my neighbors have dug one up lately. 9 feet long is a lot of skull. Interesting point that mediocre food draws us to eat more looking for satisfaction.

Beverlyjoy - I am so stealing your question, "What would you recommend for someone watching their cholesterol?" Just love having a question that doesn't imply that anyone not asking is not a sane eater. Kudos for leaving some of your order.

CeeJay - Neat idea to bring my own snack to a meeting where I know there's going to be food. Kudos for designing a snack for you and your mother where you each get what you want.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

It's important for you to start using the scale as an information tool that provides data you can use to guide your eating. If you took your temperature, you would use the number on the thermometer as a guide to decide whether you should go to work, whether you should take over-the-counter medication, or whether you should call your doctor. When you weigh yourself, use the number on the scale as a guide to decide whether you should keep doing what you're doing or make some changes.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 171-172.

03-08-2010, 08:26 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – almost on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (30m).

I’ve been pruning back the calories in lunch, dinner and snacks for the last couple of months. My lunches tend to be 300-350 calories now, with my goal to keep it closer to 300 calories. Yesterday, my planned lunch was 240 calories, and I decided to see what my hunger levels were with such a light lunch. I was a little hungry when I got done eating, but within an hour I was very hungry. And I had elevated hunger levels for the rest of the day. Lunch was just too light yesterday, and I’ll go back to having 300 calorie lunches… :)

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – partial credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

gardenerjoy It’s too bad the Wellness fair was too basic, but interesting info about how you stand.

shepherdess So cool that you could wear your dress from college! Sounds like you had a reasonable plan for the Mammoth Ball, and kudos for sticking to it.

CeeJay Love your healthy Oscar-night snacks!

Susan (hikergirl) Keep on posting...

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting!

Bill Yay for walking and socializing at the same time. The bread sounds yummy…

03-08-2010, 09:41 AM
Hi beck folks, friends, coaches, buddies -

Yesterday was a good healthy food day. I am so grateful. I took some strong muscle relaxing drugs to help the lower back spasm go away. It did help. It need to be alot better tomorrow because I need to do two programs. This is a school where we've rescheduled two times this year (when I was so, so sick with the flu and two snow days) I can't cancel unless I am in really really bad shape. I have a friend who is coming along to help. I am feeling pretty hopeful that if I am willing to baby it (no bending, lifting twisting) I be OK for tomorrow.

I think I've found a way to finally feel fullness - I follow the bite of food from my mouth down to my tummy. If I concentrate then I can feel it down there.

gentle stretches and strengthening
lots of water
read beck book
read arc/rc = two times
fork down between bits - most of the time
no seconds - all the time
ate seated only
tasted food/mindful - almost all the time
working on feeling fullness
left bite on plate - all the time
DH went to the store and got me healthy foods for the week
read beck book
mindful slow eating - most of the time
ice and heat for my pieces and parts

no spontaneous exercise

Today I must get some letters out for work. I will only stay at the computer for short patches of time.

I am sorry I can't do some personals now - I will as soon as I sitting at the computer is easier. I sincerely appreciate you all here - with your wonderful ideas, support and comments. Have a great day with lots of food sanity and willingness to try.

03-08-2010, 09:59 AM
My big worry about getting more serious about dieting is the need to count and measure. Doing it ad hoc worked for me for several months, but now it has stopped working and since I'm not ready to stop losing weight, I'll need to take this step. To quote Beck, Do It Anyway.

I've been fretting about it so much that I got tired of myself and started doing it yesterday, by tracking my nutrition at SparkPeople. It was every bit as onerous as I anticipated. And, I seethe with resentment that it would be easy to add a slice of Wonder bread while it's a many step process to add a slice of my healthy home made bread. However, now that I've got my bread in the system, it won't be nearly so difficult next time. The longer I do this, the more of my own foods I will have in the database and the easier it will get to track things.

Not too surprising, I discovered that I'm eating too many calories. Fortunately, I also identified a couple of easy changes to make where I can measure smaller servings, eliminating a couple of hundred calories, and probably not even miss them.

WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +60, 385/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: congrats on fitting into the special dress for your Mammoth Ball -- what a great event to celebrate!

CeeJay: chick pea dip sounds like a great plan for your little Oscar party!

bennyhannahmama: I've been collecting quotes to combat my perfectionism in the last year. There's a phrase in the crafting world (I've heard it from both scrapbookers and quilters): Done is better than perfect. I stole one of onebyone's sayings and put it in my Response Cards: Progress, not perfection. Then there's always the classic Voltaire quote: The perfect is the enemy of the good.

BillBlueEyes: good point about not wanting a Big Mac on your last day -- that would be on my list of things I don't mind if I never eat again, too. A good indication that we are getting better at this, even while there are still challenges!

ChinaMaine: love your experiment figuring out how light your lunch can be before it's just too light. Good job!

Beverlyjoy: Hope your back is doing better today. No bending is another biggie for me. I've been working all winter to strengthen my quads and glutes so that I will squat or lunge while I'm working in the garden instead of bending over. I noticed when I was in the yard yesterday that I squat now without even thinking about it and my back feels much better in that position.

03-08-2010, 10:46 AM
We had a sunny, warm day yesterday that dried the roads nicely. I got my long run in, in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, no less. Unfortunately, it looks like sunny and warm will end tomorrow and we’re looking at snow and rain for the rest of the week. Oh well, that’s spring. Besides, we always need the moisture.

We celebrated dh’s nephew’s 4th birthday last night. I’m taking a big credit for not even noticing the chips and salsa when I walked in (I usually have a pretty strong food radar). I was also able to play several rounds of cards sitting right next to cheese and cracker plate without taking any. I stopped myself the few times when I was about to reach for them—especially after hearing someone say, “That’s really good Gouda.” So both of those are big successes for me. On the other hand, I should have passed on the second dinner roll, when they were passed around but just snatched it up without thinking. Oh well. I’m still counting it a success.

Hikegirl, waving back. Glad things are going well.

CeeJay, great job planning some healthy snacks to celebrate the Oscars. Glad to hear that eating mindfully and slowly is getting easier.

Bennyhannamamma, good job ignoring the sabotaging thoughts and posting anyways. Sorry for a week of feeling off—hope you’re feeling better in the new week.

BillBE, your sunny walk with friends in the woods sounds wonderful. It’s so great (and rare) to find ways to socialize that burn calories rather than consume them. Fresh homemade bread would be difficult to resist. Good job compensating for the extra calories.

ChinaMaine, I’m so impressed with your lunch experiments. Good job recognizing that the hunger you felt after the light lunch was not an emergency—just information. Wow, I’m so impressed!

Beverlyjoy, I hope you are fully recovered for your programs. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but I know a lot of people who swear by them. Great job having healthy food days despite the pain, and extra kudos for the gentle exercise.

Gardenerjoy, huge congrats on beginning the measuring and counting. It is time-consuming and cumbersome at first, but like so many other things, it does get easier. LOL at it being easier to add the wonderbread than your healthy homemade bread. I have had similar problems with the site where I track my food and in previous diet attempts, have consumed more processed food for this very reason. Talk about counter-productive.

03-08-2010, 11:00 AM
Good Morning. Great posts everyone. I have two busy weeks ahead of me. I commit to myself that I will visit this site and post every day.

03-08-2010, 02:56 PM
Okay-- I am in need of your best strategies. It seems like I get on a roll and then hit a speed bump and lose my fool mind. The most recent speed bump was a very sick husband and then a very sick one-year-old. Flu hit those two hard. I hate that as soon as that happens, I completely lose track of what I am supposed to be doing. Many of you have hit MUCH larger speed bumps than I, what has worked for you to KEEP you on track??

Many thanks!

03-08-2010, 10:03 PM
Hi Coaches

I've been having a great time with my sister over the past weekend. She was here on a "working vacation" and I just decided to take a vacation. She left this morning. I'm a bit :(

Food-wise it was a bit of a free-for-all. I ate sugar maybe three times: a giant cookie one day, a very special Italian dessert at the family dinner we had to celebrate the selling of my mother's house (her reason to come up from Florida as she's the executrix for my mother and had to sign papers and arrange to have the money go somewhere safe to cover the expenses of my mother's new apartment in the senior's residence). I think it was the best time we all had together in years. And there will be a few of you here who know it wasn't that long ago that I was frozen out of the family altogether.

My how things can change.

DH was unable to participate in any of the events with us. His work schedule is 12-9 so that cuts out all evenings and he is not a morning person. I now think, having lived with it a full month, that his schedule SUCKS.:mad: Usually when people work full time they can sometimes squeeze a little something in after work but not so with this schedule. DH is probably perfectly happy with it this way. He's not really very social though he's at his best when out with others. I really enjoy that side of him... but I'm ticked off at him tonight. I made reservations spontaneously for us a day ago for early this evening, 5:30pm, at the same Italian place my family and I went to cause I thought it'd be a nice thing for us to do and I thought he would like it and so I looked forward to going somewhere new with him and so I rushed my day at the school to come home in time to go back out with him and not meet him here and he's weird about that sometimes and when I came home he was all pis*y. Just sour. Really irritating. He wouldn't actually say anything until finally I just said "do you want me to cancel the reservations?" "Yes." So I did. No discussion. No explanation. Nothing. So then I said "I guess that I can't count on you wanting to do anything on your days off then?" No answer, no discussion no anything. Still nothing and it's what? 8:41pm.

I may as well live alone. Have we talked ourselves out after 18 years? Am I so boring and so predictable that there's no need no point to talking to me let alone going out with me anywhere? Man.:mad: It's all just worse to me because of his dumb work schedule because we only HAVE two evenings we can do anything.

So what's he doing instead? Playing poker online. Yep. He's a full time employee for an online gaming company 12-9, Wed to Sunday and he is now spending his day off glued to the screen playing poker online for relaxation while I STEW.

Believe me coaches, this won't last. This will get worked out cause I won't put up with it. And I REFUSE to eat over it. The way I am feeling I will say something all wrong and I am sure something is behind DH's actions but I don't really care right now truth be told. He's not a child and I am not going to chase him to get him to tell me how he feels. He may not need to talk about his feelings but, thankfully, I can leave mine here and not stuff them down with food. Those days are over.

As B used to say... You can be stuffin' your face or facin' your stuff - your choice

Thanks for listening coaches. I'm giving myself a big credit for turning to you guys and not to the food. Thanks.

03-08-2010, 10:12 PM
Okay-- I am in need of your best strategies. It seems like I get on a roll and then hit a speed bump and lose my fool mind. The most recent speed bump was a very sick husband and then a very sick one-year-old. Flu hit those two hard. I hate that as soon as that happens, I completely lose track of what I am supposed to be doing. Many of you have hit MUCH larger speed bumps than I, what has worked for you to KEEP you on track??

Many thanks!

KidsLibraryLady ask yourself "how will me eating food make this situation better? Will it fix it, cure your DH, or your one year old, of their illness if you eat x and x and then more x and x?"
"Is excess food the answer to this problem?"

The ONLY problem food can fix is.... HUNGER.
If hunger is not the problem, then food is not the solution.

Also remember this gem: If I have a problem, and I eat over it, then I have TWO problems....

These all work for me if I can think straight to remember them, so thank you for reminding me as I need to keep them in mind this evening. I hope everyone is on the mend in your house tonight...big :hug: to you

03-09-2010, 06:52 AM
Hi beck buddies and coaches...

Yesterday was a healthy, on plan, beck day. I am so grateful. My back is slowly improving - grateful for that too. I am able to do some gentle stretches and strengthening. No loopy meds I can't do my programming that way. I was supposed to have a friend helping me off load my things - but, she has a job interview. So, I will HAVE to be willing to ask the school for help. I must not do it myself or I'll undo the progress I've made with my sore back..

Yesterday - credits
planned and logged food
read beck book
read arc/ rc/no choice - 2 times
new ar card
fork down - most of the time
tasting food - most of the time
no seconds - all of the time
feeling fullness - doing better
slow/mindful eating - most of the time

did not
spontaneous exercise

I am sorry I can't do the personals...I need to scoot out the door and sitting at the computer is still not coming easiely.

Have a GREAT healthy day. Thanks to all that have been such good coaches, friends, and helpers.

03-09-2010, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Doing taxes this morning. Yuck. I've been told that I should be grateful that I can pay taxes. Today isn't gratitude day. Food is on-plan; CREDIT moi. Exercise was running an excel spreadsheet and looking for receipts. Ouch.

onebyone - Yay for the wonderful story of good times with your sister. I well remember the days when you were an outsider in your own family. Congratulations for continuing to work that issue and coming out on top. Ouch for the difficulties of living with an SO; Kudos for being clear that you're going to work it out and Double Kudos for being clear that you "REFUSE to eat over it."

ChinaMaine - Neat that you're experimenting with your eating levels. My guess is that it's easy to forget that our needs change over time and we would be wise to continuously experiment to keep up with that. Just guessing, haven't tried it myself, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "Do It Anyway" and Kudos for a full 60 minutes of exercise.

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back. Good demo that one can check in with one line. We'll be here.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch - speed bumps with the flu are difficult. It's worked for me to keep chanting, NO CHOICE. Doesn't reduce the pain, has just allowed me to keep going. You're in a tough spot; sending supportive thoughts for you to be able to think about yourself when you're so committed to taking care of your family.

Shepherdess - Yep, well deserved Kudos for ignoring the chips and salsa. Love hearing that you ran in a short-sleeved shirt; Spring is coming.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for real back pain and going forth anyway. Good luck.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

On any give day, the number on
the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you
ate, how much energy you expended in the
past few days, the amount of fluid your body is
retaining, and other biological influences.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 172.

03-09-2010, 08:12 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise - TOM is visiting).

It feels like work is burying me alive. I was actually happy DH wasn't home so I could work until 8:30 last night. Pathetic...

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy You are making great progress every day on building your Beck skills, it’s impressive. Kudos for finally feeling defense. I hope school goes well and you continue to feel better.

gardenerjoy About logging foods – I found it took a few weeks to get the foods I eat most into my database. But now that I’ve done that, it takes me 10 mins in the morning to make a plan, and another 15 mins during the day to tweak it so it matches what I’ve actually eaten. And I don’t think I could lose weight without doing it, so it’s well worth the effort…

shepherdess Wow – what a great weather day you had. At this time of year, a nice day like that is all the more special because you know it can change in a moment… Kudos for using resistance techniques at your family event!

Susan (hikergirl) Good luck for the next 2 weeks.

KidsLibraryLady Speedbumps… I think reading response cards help me the most. I think in a situation like yours, I’d probably carry a few around with me – maybe the ones that combat my feelings of ‘Life isn’t fair, so I want to eat’ and ‘I don’t care’. I find that the ones about the ‘giving in muscle’ and the ‘resistance muscle’ are very helpful too. Finally, be sure to say ‘oh well’ and get immediately back on track if you do eat off-plan.

one by one I’m so happy you had a great time with your sister, and that your relationship with your whole family has improved so much. Ouch that you and your SO have hit a rough patch. But Kudos! For refusing to eat over it.

Bill lol at taxes as exercise…

03-09-2010, 09:17 AM
Good Morning!!

bennyhannahmama-It is tempting to avoid posting when not on plan. I have done that at times and it seems to just add to my problem. It feeds into the all or nothing thinking that so many of us seem to struggle with. Glad you are posting.

BillBlueEyes-yay for eating the bread but cutting back later in the day. The only thing good about doing taxes is when they are done.

ChinaMaine-I agree that 240 is a bit light for lunch. Credit for experimenting and not treating the hunger as an emergency.

Beverlyjoy- I like your idea to follow the food to the stomach. That is so in keeping with mindful eating. Will try following my breakfast today.

gardenerjoy- good luck with tracking your food and figuring out where to limit calories. Love the quote "Done is better than perfect".

Shepherdess-sounds like you had a nice day to run. Yay for ignoring chips, salsa, cheese and crackers. Excellent

hikergirl-hope your busy weeks go well.

KidsLibrarylady-hope you are finding your way to back on track. I have tried many, many times to lose weight and always gave up after awhile (usually at 5 days or 3 weeks or have stayed on longer but really only eating well some of the time until things just petered out).

I can't give you any advice but I can say that this time with Beck, I have got back on every time I have fallen off. The concept of Oh Well has really helped. The things that I am finding helpful are: weighing in daily, reading the response cards (not just reading them but thinking about them and how they apply to me), spending 5 minutes in bed every morning running the coming day through my head, writing everything I eat down, making 30 minutes exercise a day a no-choicer, giving credit, trying to only worry about today, reading and posting here is incredibly helpful, and planning each day. The other thing for me is that at my age, 48, the health threats are getting more terrifying- don't have anything terrible but live in fear that it is just around the corner for me. Also I am so sick of my feet and knees hurting. I don't know how helpful all that is but there it is.

onebyone- Good for you for not eating the difficulties away. I like what you said "Those days are over!!!"

For me: yesterday all was well. Today am heading to the city for a night in the hotel...You all know how much I don't love that. I have not made a plan yet but will.

Credit today for:

Posting here
Weighing in
Reading Advantage and Response Cards

Have a good day!!!

03-09-2010, 10:37 AM
Yay, we had our first range calf born yesterday! The thought of seeing the babies again keeps me going through the winter. Felt a few raindrops on my run yesterday and the clouds were rolling in. It made me grateful for the days. I can actually run. Eating was on plan, with strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar for dessert. I am definitely thinking spring!

Hikegirl, kudos for making the commitment to continue to post during a busy week.

KidsLibraryLady, ouch for a sick kid and a sick husband at the same time. I wish I had some good answers about how to stay on track with a sick household. The best advice I have is that I have a few food standbys that are easy and on-plan.

Onebyone, glad you had a good time with your family, but sorry it involved some off-plan food. Sorry for the problems with your dh’s new schedule. You are both going through a big transition right now, so it’s going to take some time for you both to adjust. Kudos for not eating to deal with the frustration.

Beverlyjoy, glad to hear your back is improving and that you are keeping up some gentle exercise to help. Great job continuing to eat well while you’re in pain.

BillBE, good job staying on plan on tax day. Ouch for “running an excel spreadsheet and looking for receipts” for exercise. Whoever told you to be grateful that you could pay your taxes was not working on taxes at the time. Good job getting it over with for another year.

ChinaMaine, I’m so impressed that you continued to eat mindfully and got spontaneous exercise while work was burying you alive. Hope things ease up soon.

CeeJay, yay for another day on plan. Good luck staying on plan on another trip. Just remember that you have been successful before and you can do it again.

03-09-2010, 11:37 AM
HI. A bit of a slippery day for me food wise yesterday. I over ate but did not binge...but it is the thin edge of the wedge for me. I am about to read my advantage cards. I did stand on the scale this morning. All the best everyone.

03-09-2010, 11:56 AM
Day 4: Give Yourself Credit
I do pretty well with this, since I've known for a long time that I do better at anything and everything when I encourage myself than when I berate myself. This was a good reminder to do it more and more often. I liked her idea of putting stars next to completed items on my to do list -- so I did that. Yay me! I deserve a star.

Credit for tracking my food for the second day, for measuring smaller servings, and for keeping my calories within an appropriate target range.

WI: -0.4kg, Exercise: +60, 445/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: good job avoiding traps at a birthday party!

KidsLibrarylady: Staying on track during tough times. First, I haven't actually had the particular speed bump of having two sick people at home, and every situation comes with its own challenges. I guess what's worked best for me is to accept imperfection and do the best that I can under the circumstances. I guess I don't really keep on track, it's more of a zig-zag line that I try to keep as close to the track as I can get, in that moment, knowing that I will get back later when the time is right. The big change for me with Beck is that it used to be that when I was off track, I couldn't imagine ever getting back on track. Now, I know exactly where I need to go and how to get there and I'm confident I will make it back. Credit to you for posting and I hope every one is on the mend.

onebyone: sorry you are having such difficulties at the moment, but I'm glad things went well with your family. And I'm glad you find posting here is a good alternative to emotional eating.

Beverlyjoy: yay for an on plan Beck day! Good for you for working it out in advance that you will need to ask for help and getting yourself mentally prepared to do it.

BillBlueEyes: I started taxes yesterday -- and discovered a whole separate project I need to do before finishing them. So, I'll keep you company working on financials today! It's not something I have ever developed gratitude for either. However, I had one horrific time of super-complicated taxes the year after my mother died. Ever since then, my normal tax work has seemed easier, so I complain less than I used to.

ChinaMaine: thanks for sharing your experience with tracking your food -- very encouraging to me right now to know that it's worth the effort.

CeeJay: glad yesterday went well and good for you for planning to plan for your night away.

hikergirl: good for you for getting right back into Beck habits of weighing, posting, and reading Advantages after a slip.

03-09-2010, 01:13 PM
Hello my BecSis's and -Bro. Catching up on some of your good and sweet news and support:hug:.

Hikergirl: Clarity. That is my new intention for the day, thanks! I read your thought just before coming in for a break from washing windows. Between your concept of "CLARITY" and BevJoy's suggestion of writing down three lists about wants, I think I may have some interesting soul searching ahead! Thanks so much for thinking of me. I'm also encourage to see your success with the program. Good insight on the AB-BS (Automatic Beck-Braking System). This is really the key to the whole issue, isn't it, given that we are human and well trained in bingeing (some of us): the real trick is to reduce the amount of binge damage, and then the number of binges, eventually, until we just can't do them anymore for the discomfort. I do believe that time will come.

LambLady (Shep): Woowoo for the leftovers locator (junk to the dump, not junk to the trunk)! You've made the wiser choice. LOL on the organics: "my favorite is the drab olive". GOSH YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT WOOL! I do know merino is spanish for wool. That's about it. And they have a lot of wool production in New Zealand.
Community roots, new, you make me review my choices....yes, my volunteer services have actually been increasing my sense of unrootedness I think: the few dogs that haven't found homes at the Shelter I volunteer at are my favorites--the pittbulls--hardest to place--sweetest human companion dogs you could imagine. (its around other dogs that they get their bad rep). I am impatient that they find homes, though I would not take one unless I lived on an isolated island. Lack of confidence is hounding my choir singing--though one must merely be confident to do better there. My race-relations awareness training group has been painful and unsettling. The privileges that have been taken in the name of the "teutonic race" (sic, from Lapham on Bloomberg radio interview of James Bradley and "The Imperial Cruise:A Secret History of Empire and War") IN AMERICA is overwhelming and greatly under reported. It is also unsettling to me to find out about the injustices of real estate and bank lending and redlining that have occurred since WWII. I'm redefining my own views as all this goes on. And we are in an integrated neighborhood now, instead of the white white white I've known all my life. It is unsettling. Financially risky. But awesome in clarifying and taking a stand.

CeeJay: Thanks for the hug BeckSis! Soul Searching seems to go hand in hand with shedding those last few pounds, or first few pounds, or somewhere along the journey to a more honest assessment of one's self and one's values. Kudos on your successful checklist and 4 grins!

Seadwaters: I support you totally in daily napping! I hope you have the luxury to take them. You need them!

BillBE: A candle will be lit for "Hope begins when we expose our issues to the light". Thanks much. Its a wonderful bright lining to think that HOPE is on the other side of revelations. I definitely feel like I am at a turning point.

ChinaMain: Your good checklist is so encouraging-- sounds to me like you are behaving like a winner. Lacking Sole Control--and soul searching. Nice homonymic play on words there! Must be a connection, a strong connection.

Bevjoy: Wow. Tough call to make on the cake. I think you did the right thing socially. Kudos for that. And then the natural thing...keep eating to re-feel the connection. No shame in that. Next time maybe you'll be able to tell them of your dilemma, and share the cake with them but postpone eating your piece till you have a plan for it. Maybe you can remember that you can "donate" the cake to someone else's pantry to deal with, or to enjoy--hence doubling your pleasure (though not your appetite per se). Thanks for the idea of writing lists of want/don't want/and feasible. WHy didn't I think of that? I'm going to try it and see what it clears up! Cheers!

Eusibus: Hey fellow pianist! And fellow pianist fighting piano butt! It is sure noticable on other pianists, isn't it? I've recently removed mine, but my pianos were in storage! Now I have to get back to practicing and not restore the butt. Congrats on helping the Curtis Institute violinist! They are all winners at that institute for getting in! Look forward to your posts....

More later yinz!

03-09-2010, 02:11 PM
Yesterday was another crappy day. I was just in a horrible mood all day for no apparent reason. I did wake up early and exercise (credit), but that still didn't make me feel good the way it normally would. I was just very anxious and overwhelmed by every little thing all day. My mind was racing over anything and everything.
I did some really good things for myself though. I forced myself to stay home by myself (instead of running to Jim's house the way I wanted to-- that would have just been me trying to escape from the feelings) and I did some writing. I just did some relaxing things for myself like watching junky tv and crocheting.

I only ate a small piece of the chocolate raspberry cheesecake my boss made for my Birthday and avoided the temptation to bring a piece home with me to eat. I wanted to do that. I wanted to wallow in my misery but I didn't (credit). I remembered that ultimately that wouldn't make me feel any better. I ordered a yummy salad for myself from a local restaurant and took that home for dinner instead.

Today is going much better... after dropping the kids off at school this morning I took a walk/run which felt great!

I think my mood swings are definitely hormonal (I seem to have an even harder time when I'm about to ovulate than I do when I'm PMS), but I also need to get into a doctor to have my meds reviewed and find a new therapist. I made some calls today to work toward that, but need to make more calls (credit).

Arranging my environment isn't really too much of an issue. I already keep sweets/treats up on the highest shelf for both my kids and me. When I binge, it's usually on "regular" food, not sweets, but it depends. I should probably get rid of some of the treats my parents have sent my kids... oh and the Halloween candy can probably go now too :)

03-10-2010, 12:04 AM
So, to add a twist to my question... my departure from my plan isn't accidental when I hit a speed bump. I feel like it is becoming intentional. I am actually thinking about what crap I can eat. Ugh. This is embarrassing. I actually looked up a cognitive therapist to see; I am concerned that my eating is a little too far out of control. Thoughts?

03-10-2010, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did my gym; CREDIT moi. Didn't think of taxes after I completed what I had to do in the morning. Picked up a pint of soup-of-the-day at the new place that I can walk past thinking about a light starter for dinner. It was beef stew with more beef than I've ever had in a beef stew. Really good, but hardly a light weight starter. DW dropped the sweet potato she had planned for dinner to better fit it in.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for too much work. Yay for being needed. Ouch for trying to balance life with work.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for taking care of yourself instead of berating yourself.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat that you know already to encourage yourself rather than berate; wish I knew that in my gut as well as in my brain.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for "I did stand on the scale this morning." - nice distancing from the burden of "weighing oneself."

KidsLibraryLady - Sending supportive thoughts for a rough time. Sabotaging Thoughts swarm in when they sense weakness. Best bet: write down your plan and use your most powerful strategies to stay on it. NO CHOICE can work wonders. Good luck.

Shepherdess - Happy Birthday little calf. Absolutely drooling over "strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar." What kind of balsamic vinegar did you use?

CeeJay - Yay for being determined to have a plan before the hotel in the city. Yep, taxes feel so good when they're done; not there yet, but the hardest part is over.

midlifecrisis57 - Yep, you do sound like, "I definitely feel like I am at a turning point."

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

Before you step on the scale, try not to think, I hope I weigh ____ pounds. Instead, think, Last week I weighed ____ ... Today I should probably weigh somewhere between a half pound to 2 pounds more or less than that.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 172.

03-10-2010, 07:48 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (15m).

DH came home late yesterday afternoon (:yay:) And my new team got our first major deliverable out. One of them lost his hard-drive and had significant issues getting our design tool to work on his under-powered backup laptop. And the second member was pulled off our project for 15% of her allotted time. Both were ramping up on new processes, etc. And we managed to be only a half day behind. Phew! Now it’s time to get planned and prepped for the next deliverable.

I quit at a reasonable 5:45 and we went out to dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant. I had a fresh roll for my appetizer and one order of sushi. It wasn’t quite enough – I was still hungry when we got home. So I had my snack right away and felt fine…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!

CeeJay Good luck in the city!

shepherdess I’m enjoying imagining what it’s like to see a new born range calf Very nice… Your strawberries sound delicious!

Susan (hikergirl) Ouch for overeating but bravo for not binging! Today is a new day…

gardenerjoy Kudos for measuring and logging your food!

Kim (bennyhannamama) I’m glad yesterday was better than the day before, and hope today will be better than yesterday. :hug:

KidsLibraryLady Everyone needs a little help sometimes. If your gut tells you this is one of those times for you, then I’d listen… The good news is that CBT is usually not open-ended; my understanding is that you can expect to be done in 6-12 sessions.

03-10-2010, 07:51 AM
Hi beck buddies, coaches...

My plan took some twists and turns in the evening last night - but, I stayed in my calorie range. I am grateful! We got a sample of chocolate Chex Mix in the newspaper. I was going to have it today. But, I substituted it for what I had planned for last night's snack. Hmmm...I wasn't willing to wait. I need to work on that. I did my programming yesterday and it went very well. Folks were very helpful with getting my 'gear' inside. Today I'll go back to the school and do one more program. My back is slowly improving every day - yay.

This morning I weighed and I am down one more pound!!! :) :) Four sticks of butter are gone. I reached my mini goal of 219 - so I got to change that to 214. :)

Credits -
left a bite of food
read arc/rc/no choice - 1 time
made my plan
feel fullness - some of the time
no seconds
ate seated only
gave credit several times
gentle stretches and strengthening
went off plan and got back on right away

no spontaneous exercise
ate some different food than planned
did not read beck book

I hope you all have a great day with much food sanity.

I'll try and catch up on personals when I get home....back providing. Thanks for all of your support. You'll never know how helpful you have been to me.

03-10-2010, 09:55 AM
...and I will say it again. This group, our group, my dear Beckies, is the smartest buncha chicks(led by one smart rooster)...on all of this site.

I love learning about wool, and sheep shearing and am very envious of the WY weather you seem to be experiencing, Shepherdess..

Midlifecrisis, thanks for reminding me of the The Imperial Cruise; it was highly recommended to me a cuppla months ago and I spaced it out. Prolly lost the scrap of paper I had written it on due to de-cluttering. *laffin'. I *hate it when I de-clutter something I need!

Kidslibrarylady, re:

"So, to add a twist to my question... my departure from my plan isn't accidental when I hit a speed bump. I feel like it is becoming intentional. I am actually thinking about what crap I can eat. Ugh. This is embarrassing. I actually looked up a cognitive therapist to see"

Beck says the exact same thing!

"The thought comes first. You may not be conscious of it, but you always have a thought before you eat." page 25 of BDS(pink book)

I just realized, we are referring to BDS as "the pink book" AA they refer to the "Blue Book"..the main "Bible" for AA. *laffin'.

Beverlyjoy, I picked up the word grateful twice in one of your posts a few days ago. Being grateful is a good thing!

Best to all.

03-10-2010, 10:16 AM
I had one of those frustrating days where half of what I attempted had one more step than expected. For the other half, I messed up something so that completing it took one more step than expected. I wasn't tempted to overeat, but I was keenly aware that I didn't have my favorite coping mechanism available to me and that I don't have a reasonable substitute. So, instead, I was grumpy with my husband. Sigh.

I'm off for a day of volunteering at the Missouri Botanical Garden. At least, I won't be worrying about my to do list, since I can't do a thing about it. My work is indoors in the Archives, but the weather is gorgeous so I'll be taking my breaks on the grounds.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +0, 445/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

KidsLibrarylady: Oh! I used to do that, have a kind of sense of relief and adventure about blowing things so that I had the opportunity to blow them further with worse and worse crap. What stopped me cold was the book The End of Overeating by David Kessler. It got me to make rules for myself that stopped that behavior (My rules: "No eating in the car" and "No eating anything purchased from a gas station or drugstore", but every person has different situations and would need different rules) and the success of that led me to the Beck book. Also, Kessler's book generated some healthy anger at the food industry that made my inner rebel want to stick it to them by refusing to buy and eat their products, a much better role for my inner rebel than the one where she pushed me to eat whatever I wanted.

Hi to everyone else!

03-10-2010, 09:25 PM's evening and I have a bit of time and a pillow behind my back, I'll try to catch up on some personals.

gardenjoy - I guess being a littlle grouchy is better than eating unplanned food. I hope your enjoyed your walks at the gardens.

maryblu - yes, gratitude is a big part of my life. Every day for the past twelve years I have gotten up and written down five things for which I am grateful. Some days it's easy...some days not so easy. But, it always puts life into perspective. No matter how good or bad things are - there are always things to be grateful for.
I agree about the folks here being wonderful, wise, helpful and supportive.

chinamarie - so glad DH is home....yay. - Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit! This is so awesome - you are doing these things so consisitently. MAJOR CREDIT

billblueeyes - doing the gym is great. From a few days ago - regarding asking a waitperson for a recommendation that would be low cholesterol for a healthy suggestion. It's amazing that people are more 'respectful' of someone needing to watch their cholesterol or blood sugar than trying to lose some weight. They are all health concerns - but, I don't think losing weight gets the same respect, if you know what I mean.

kidslibrarylady - I think sometimes when the overeating starts up again that it's like a snowball going down the mountain - getting bigger and moving faster. It's easy for all the Beck stuff to fly out of our brains. BUT - I don't think we can ever stop trying again. You never know when it will 'click in' again. Take a deep breath - maybe get a new beautiful journal and write down all the things you want to accomplish - any of the 'credit' things you think you can do to start again. I don't know if this is helpful. It wouldn't hurt speaking to someone very familiar with cognative therapy - that kind of stuff is always positive.

bennyhannamama - you said you had a 'crappy day'....but, you also had many many credits, too! I agree with you...the Halloween candy can go. It will not be a temptation then.

shepardess - shorts and a tshirt - wowser! You did GREAT at the bday party. Many, many credits. Your first spring calf...very exciting. That's what I love about life emerging - animals and plants.

ceejay - you CAN do this...plan plan plan for the best while you are in the city.

hikergirl - I am so glad your extra food did not turn into a binge. Hold on tight to what you know can help. Glad you posted.

midlifecrisis - thanks for your support!

Shout out to any one I missed!

03-11-2010, 07:11 AM
Good Morning Beck folks, coaches, buddies.

Yesterday was a healthy day with food and life. :) I am grateful for the willingness to keep trying. My pieces and parts are improving - I am very grateful for that. I've been able to do some strengthening and gentle stretching more each day. It was my last day performing at the school in a small town about 40 miles from where I live. One of the teachers helped me bring out my stuff and put it in the car. It's humbling to ask for help - but, better than not being able to work.

I've been planning a birthday party for my wonderful stepmom. DH and cousins are helping. My cousins are doing the baking and cooking. Not me - CREDIT! I am doing everything else - invitations, flower arranging, making the coursage, getting the 'stuff' for the table, making bookmark favors, coordinating, etc. DH will get her apartment set up for 37 people coming over for brunch - later this month.

Yesterday I used many of the Beck principals...after dinner I wanted to go grazing. I realized it was not hunger - just desire and cravings. I pushed through with a few 'oh wells' and some distractions. :) CREDIT I am grateful I was willing to do so,

planned and logged food
feel fullness - some of the time
fork down - all of the time
no seconds - all of the time
gave credit - many times
read arc/rc - 1 time
redid a rc
said "oh well"
gentle stretches and strengthening
left a bite of food - all the time

I just realized that I have mostly not had any second helpings on anything in 2 1/2 months. This is a joyous miracle! Wait - I take that know, the birthday cake incident! Almost no seconds helping in that time. Still amazing to me.

ate too fast - some of the time
no spontaneous exercise
not enough water

I hope everyone has a GREAT day.

03-11-2010, 07:24 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (34m).

I was very hungry by the time dinner-time came last night and I had 2 servings. And then I did the classic sabotaging thinking – ‘since I already had 2 servings of dinner, it’s okay if I snack in it all night long.’ Even as I write it, I know the thinking is just plain nonsense. Oh well, today is a new day…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – up until dinner partial credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – up until dinner partial credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – up until dinner partial credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – up until dinner partial credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Used resistance techniques – nope

Beverlyjoy Down a pound to hit your mini-goal! :yay: Glad to hear your program went well and that you are feeling a bit better every day…

gardenerjoy Ouch for a very frustrating day, but kudos for not falling back on your favorite coping mechanism. Perhaps it’s time for you to find a new coping mechanism for frustration? Do you have a distraction list?

Bill Hope all is well…

03-11-2010, 07:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I'm Willy Working Wonk these days. But I'm not eating myself about it. CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Love the quote that a thought always comes first.

ChinaMaine - Sending you good vibes to remember you are more than your work. Humbly begging you to send me the same.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, I always get done in the time I predict - for the steps I predict, LOL. Those unplanned steps take the other 95%.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for an improving back. Kudos for making changes to stay on-plan.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

If the number on the scale doesn't go down - or doesn't go down much - and you suspect you've been eating too much, don't waste time blaming yourself and having negative thoughts. Consider what you might be doing wrong and do something positive to solve the problem. Maybe you've become lax about measuring food or counting calories or carbohydrates. Maybe you need to add a few more minutes of planned exercise each day. Ask your diet coach for help implementing any tasks you need to practice.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 172.

03-11-2010, 10:03 AM
Food was challenging with a volunteer day. I had a plan for lunch, the quiche of the day with salad (leaving the quiche crust), but it was mushroom quiche and I don't like mushrooms. I got a more decadent entree, I think. I don't actually know the calorie counts at that place.

I have an appointment to have my blood pressure checked and I'm worried it's going to be high since I've had such a stressful week. Oh well. I know that the direction that I'm headed in the long term will help with my blood pressure, maybe help me get off my medication entirely. If I need more help in the short term, then I'll just take it.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60, 505/1550 minutes for March, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ChinaMaine and everyone: I have a distractions list. But my brain seems to be a bit broken about this. On a busy, frustrating day, I don't have time for my distractions. Somehow, I always had time to overeat and it was like that time didn't count (kind of like the calories, heh). But to do any of several good alternatives, some part of me immediately says "You don't have time for that." Any tips on a response to that?

03-11-2010, 10:04 AM
Gave up posting yesterday after several error messages. Oh well. Spent yesterday watching snow fall, so no run. I have run in worse weather, but I just didn’t have the energy. I was sore from pitching hay the day before (giving dh a break). But since I was stuck inside after feeding, exercise was a massive house-cleaning attempt. I am contemplating the wisdom of dirt floors. . .

I don’t know if it was the weather, being tired or just being stuck in the house, but I was fantasizing about snacking. I wanted something starchy—chips, crackers, something. I managed to work on that resistance muscle and stay on plan.

Hikegirl, kudos for getting on a the scale after a less-than-perfect day. It’s tough to eat well while busy, but good job getting those cards back out. Getting back on track quickly is so important.

Gardenerjoy, I liked the idea for putting a star next to completed items. I need to be more consistent about credit. I know intellectually that it would help to encourage myself, but old habits. . . Great job not overeating on a frustrating day. As for being grumpy with your dh, well, one thing at a time.

Midlifecrisis57, wow, you do have a busy volunteering schedule. Glad it is helping to make you feel more rooted. I like pit bulls too, though they can be tough dogs and are so often mistreated.

Bennyhannamamma, sorry about horrible mood, but it sounds like you dealt with it really well. Give yourself lots of credit for that! Getting some alone time can be so helpful. Glad you are feeling better today.

KidsLibraryLady, many of us look for excuses to give up our healthy habits and it sounds like extra stress is your excuse. In CBT, we are trying to break these unhelpful thought patterns and even putting a chip in the old patterns helps. We all need to start somewhere. So maybe, when your life gets hectic, just focus on one small change, like eating a healthy breakfast or something small. Then the next time life gets crazy, you can add another small focus. In other words, work your way up to the point where you maintain all of your good habits when life gets tough. Hope this helps.

BillBE, great job doing what you needed to on your taxes and moving on—to the gym, no less. Kudos for making it through a busy work schedule without eating. Hope it eases up soon!

RE balsamic vinegar: I buy whatever balsamic vinegar looks fanciest. On the strawberries I used a brand called Alessi. It’s from Italy and the label says it was aged 4 years in wood—that sounded impressive. I use about a tablespoon on a pint of strawberries and about a teaspoon of sugar. It’s amazing!

ChinaMaine, glad you have reached the calm between storms. I’m impressed with how well you ate at your favorite Asian restaurant and how you dealt sanely with a post-dinner hunger. Ouch for sabotaging after-dinner thoughts, but good job moving on from a bad night.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on reaching your mini goal! Your 2 ½ months without seconds is really paying off. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I love how you were able to help plan your stepmother’s BD party without getting involved in the food.

Maryblu, waving back. Yep, it’s spring here, which means for the next two months it’s a week or two of beautiful warm weather. Just enough to make you lazy and get us lazy and get our guard down, then we socked in by a big storm. Speaking of smart Becksters, what a great reminder: “The thought comes first.”

03-11-2010, 10:22 AM

If you need an alternative sometime to reading BECK try listening to this Michael Pollan FOOD RULES: Eater's Manual. I listened while eating breakfast and doing some wood restoring. It reinforces BECK steps.

03-11-2010, 12:15 PM
Arrrrgggghhhh. I reverted back to my "old" (hopefully old) behaviour with food and myself on Tuesday and Wednesday. I feel like a garbage can today. Oh, I am so familiar with that physically awful feeling accompanied by the self-beating. How did the start slide? I went to a meeting at someones home and sat around a coffee table for 3 hours staring (totally totally focused on) at the large muffins, scones, cake ---- I figuratively (and almost literally "dove in"). I ate 5 large baked goods (I had no shame) in front of everyone and when I left there I was on a tear. Yesterday, (credit to me) I stood on the scale in the morning and left very early to travel to visit my mother and continued on one heck of a bad day with food.

Today - I have no stood on the scale (I cannot bare to read the information it will provide me) but I have a food plan (but yikes, a meal out in a restaurant tonight.

Stay tuned. I will post tomorrow....I commit that to myself. I will also weigh myself tomorrow.

"When my eating is managed I sparkle. I am powerful when I sparkle".


03-11-2010, 09:23 PM
Ugh, I feel a bit like a child kicking and screaming that I don't waaant to do it. Post that is. I'm just tired and it's been a long week. Overall doing better. Hope to get back into the swing of things more (especially with posting and progressing with the book).

So, just wanted to check in. Hope you are all doing well.

03-11-2010, 11:17 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

Shepherdess-hurray for spring, eating on plan, running and baby cows!!

gardenerjoy-good for you for tracking food, measuring and earning stars.

midlifecrisis57-you do an incredible amount of volunteering. How fantastic that you give so much.

KidsLibrarylady- hugs to you. Don't be embarrassed- we have been there and know how hard it is. I highly recommend cognitive therapy- my life has improved in every way since I started therapy.

BillBlueEyes- credit for revising your meal after the beefy soup.

ChinaMaine-fantastic control at the restaurant. Your list of successes always inspires me.

Beverlyjoy- yay for another pound down and for reaching your mini goal!!! No second helpings in 2.5 months is quite an achievement.

maryblu- wishing the best to you too!!

hikergirl-we both had a terrible Tuesday and Wednesday. Mine started at the hotel where I ordered Chinese and continued the next day into a sugar overdose. It is so frustrating. Today I am back on track. Hope you are too. We can only say Oh Well and move on.

bennyhannahmama- you didn't want to post and you did. So that is a big credit. Glad you are doing better overall.

For me, as stated above, Tuesday went well until I got to the hotel and reverted right into old habits. I had a plan that went out the window. I ate way too much. The difference was I was not really happy about the decision to do it, felt unease while doing it and felt totally uncomfortable after. The good news is I consumed way less than other times. Hotel stays suck!!!!

Wednesday I did well until the evening and then I ate a bunch of sugar/ chocolate. Eating sure triggers eating.

Today I am back on track. I am giving myself credit for:

Weighing in
Exercise bike 30 mins
Reading advantage and response cards
Planning tomorrow and packing lunch.
Eating slower and more mindfully.

Onward and upward!!! Friday :D:D:D

Take care

03-12-2010, 06:33 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (tired – no exercise).

I had a good day from a food perspective, but was too tired to exercise. Even if I wasn’t tired, I might not have done any exercise. Just too busy at work. Today looks to be a bit better…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – up until dinner partial credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :stars:
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – I was very hungry and just vacuumed my dinner without thinking or pausing.
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – And not only did I inhale my food but I made the DECISION to eat my entire dinner, even though I was satisfied about 80% of the way in. Oh well...
- Read the pink book – nope
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

Bill lol-Willie Working Wonk… Hope things are beginning to let up for you…

gardenerjoy I had a therapist who told me to ask myself this question – ‘What’s the worst that could happen if I do X?’ and when I’d actually answer the question honestly, I’d realize that no catastrophe would occur if I took 20 mins away from work. But, this isn’t something I do well myself, so I certainly am no role model… ;)

shepherdess contemplating the wisdom of dirt floors - lol

Susan (hikergirl) thanks for the link. Ouch for coffee table overflowing with large baked goods. Today is a new day…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting and reading the book. One baby step at a time and you’ll get where you want to be…

CeeJay Eating sure triggers eating. – great observation… Credit for being on-plan most of the time while in the city. Here’s to hoping you are on-plan today.

03-12-2010, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Apparently, I've decided to devote my life to working, although I'm having real fun because the stuff I'm doing is coming together well and I'm like a pig in shiitake mushrooms. The urge to eat while tense comes more often. I use the old NO CHOICE more often; CREDIT moi.

Today is ticker tick day for me. At four and a half years into my journey I seem to be increasing my concern that five years is a looooooooooog way away instead of increasing my confidence that I've made it this far so it will be easier to reach my 5 year goal. Interesting, I have no plans for after 5 years since that time was so impossible far in the future when I started that it was the goal of my wildest dreams.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for continuing too busy. I'd try to think of something helpful to tell you but I'm too busy working to think. Hope you can take the weekend off.

CeeJay - Great insight, "Eating sure triggers eating." I would do well to remember that. Chanting to myself, Nuts beget nuts.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yep, some weeks - their time has come to end.

Susan (hikergirl) - Neat to recognize what happened and see it as different than before in your "old" behavior.

Shepherdess - Yay for good sore. If you had dirt floors, would you be annoyed when your dog tracked dirt out of the house?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at not having time for distractions, but "always had time to overeat."

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for more ways for positive reinforcement.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

If the scale doesn't go down and you know you've been following your diet and exercise plans faithfully, don't panic. You can easily go up or down 2 pounds on any given day due to hormonal or other physiological reasons. If so, you'll undoubtedly lose weight next week if you continue to follow your plan.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 172.

03-12-2010, 08:24 AM
Hi buddies and coaches.... yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. My back is slowly improving. Gosh - so many of my pieces and parts are hurting. I feel like I could do a commercial for Aleve. I really, really want to wait until September to have my ankle surgery. I hope I can wait that long.

Today I am making Russian Cabbage soup. It's delicious. I got this recipe from my MIL. The funny thing is that it contains V8 juice. It makes me laugh - this recipe is from 40 year ago. I didn't know communist Russia had v8 juice. ;) :dizzy: It always makes me laugh.

Well - next Thursday or maybe Friday we go to do the birthday party my cousins and I are doing. I'll be home one night after that- then off to a different state for performing and spending time with my grandson and his parents (notice who gets top billing). That's about 10 days. I know I made it through the last trip. . but, I wish food sanity wasn't such a big issue for me. So as Dr. Beck says - I am starting to plan a week ahead of time. I will use my second food plan...exchanges, allow a couple extra hundred calories if I want, take my response cards, my journal, take a few snackie things I like, log etc. It's tough because I don't know what food will be around when I get to these places. It's all about willingness to try - I am trying to start to prepare myself in my mind for this trip. It's a joyful event - but, scary for me in the food department. I am determined to finally learn to LIVE with food - I hope so.

credits for yesterday

fork down between bites - most of the time
no seconds - all of the time
gave credit - many times
did some stretches and strengthening exercises
left a bite - all the time
read arc/rc one time
made plan - logged food

workin' on
sponaneous exercise
feeling full
slow mindful eating - tasting

bill - I'm like a pig in shiitake mushrooms. Love this! Ya know it's good when you really like what you are doing considering all the time you must put in to do it. GREAT - using no choice when necessary! I agree five years is a very long time - I think smaller batches of time are more manageable.

chinamarie - I think trying to do everything Beck sometimes is a challenge when we get tired. It's good that you identified being full even though you ate your alotted amount. You didn't over eat.

ceejay - sorry that the hotel has proved to be so challenging. I totally understand. I good thing is you saw what was happening. Every day is a new beginning. Carry on!

bennyhannamama - glad you checked in! Hope you have a great beck day with willingness.

hikergirl - glad you have a plan. Those triggers can control us - it's amazing. Dust your self off, forgive yourself and move forward. Glad you posted.

midlifecrisis - thanks for the link - Dr. Pollan was on Oprah too. Quite a message.

gardenjoy - I know those distractions can be hard. Lately I've been using what I call the Five D's: Distractions, Distance, Deep breathing, Drink water, Destroy the food. (and only IF I am willing to do so). Perhaps, you could make a list of things that you CAN do in that environment - get a huge glass of water, deep breathing a few times can help, take a little walk, wear a bracelet or ring and change hands for them (it's a funny way I remind myself). Hang in CAN do this.

shepardess - cleaning counts as exercise! Kudos for using your resistance muscle when you wanted to snack and stayed on your pllan.

03-12-2010, 12:04 PM
Hi all. I am trying to gain some control. Yesterday was still skewed with regards to my eating but it was not as bad as the two days before. I weighed myself this morning and the "information" provided to me was what I expected (but credit to me for standing on the scale).

My big bugaboo is when I am in a setting where the food being presented to me in a manner that is not "controlled". In other words, for me to be successful with managing my eating I will have to become a 100% stay at home eater. This, I will not do. So, much, much, much work to do on resistance to techniques. I have to have hope that I will eventually have the skills to be able to manage my way through these situations. I socialize with my friends around a restaurant table and this is important to me.

I will post tomorrow. I will not drop off of this thread. I will get back on track. Thank you for "listening".


03-12-2010, 02:42 PM
Running just didn’t happen yesterday. I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I need to remember that it’s fine to skip a run when I’m fatigued, but I need to do some other form of exercise—a gentle yoga session, an easy walk, whatever.

Still craving something starchy yesterday, so I had chips instead of my planned snack of veggies and hummus. I did keep the chips to a single serving, but it helps when that is all that is in the bag. I’m not sure if this reinforces my giving in muscle or not, but it certainly took the edge off of my craving and it was within my calorie budget.

I did have what I would consider a victory at the grocery store. I forgot my list.I can usually remember everything, but it means that I have to wander the store, setting me up for lots of impulse buys (read lots of off-plan food). I didn’t realize it until I had left the store, but my impulse buys were some raspberries, a new flavor of tea, and some lentils. I’m just proud of myself for not letting any cookies, crackers or chips end up in my cart. While I was passing the snack isle (all conveniently located in one place) I had the momentary thought to go down it, but then thought, “There’s nothing I need down there” and passed it without a struggle. It may seem like a silly victory for most people, but it’s a big one for me.

Midlifecrisis57, thanks for the Michael Pollen link. The thing that I like about Pollen is that he stresses that food is first and foremost, nourishement for the body. We can and should enjoy it and be a bit disgusted by the food that doesn’t nourish. I heard a very funny piece on All Things Considered the other day. All of the staff were confessing their food sins to High Priest Pollen.

Hikegirl, ouch for the baked goods incident. Huge credit for getting on the scale—it’s a big step towards getting back on track. I’m not sure I could stare down baked goods for 3 hours—I’m not sure why people think it’s necessary to lay food around at meetings, get-togethers, whenever. I am posting a link to an interesting article about “restrained eaters” (otherwise known as chronic dieters) verses “natural eaters.” It was eye opening for me; hope it helps you.

Bennyhannamamma, great job posting when you don’t wanna. It’s like Beck says, there are plenty of things we do whether we feel like it or not, like stopping at red lights, brushing our teeth etc. The good news is, the more we just do them because we say NO CHOICE, the more they just become routines and those “I don’t wanna” feelings subside.

CeeJay, ouch for a plan that goes out the window, but do give yourself credit for damage control. And don’t let this incident color your past success during hotel stays. You’ve done great before and you can do it again. Kudos for getting back on track.

ChinaMaine, sorry about the fatigue and hope it will pass soon. Kudos for the long list of credits. Ouch for eating past satisfaction, but good job identifying that it was a decision and moving on.

BillBE, congrats on another successful month of maintenance. Would giving yourself a mini-reward during maintenance (whatever time period you choose) help with the feeling that 5 years is a long way off. Then you could look forward to the reward rather than thinking about the far-off 5 years. Kudos for keeping that NO CHOICE working for you—it’ll help you get to 5 years.

Beverlyjoy, yay for slowly feeling better and continuing to eat well. Great job thinking ahead to another trip. When you lose your confidence, just remember how good you felt about yourself after your last trip. You can do it again. It just takes planning and you are doing that.

03-12-2010, 08:39 PM
Hello Coaches:

Today was my official weigh in day. I had a surprise as it told me I am down a pound to 262.2. I saw that number before DH came home from Costa Rica 3 or 4 weeks ago now, and I haven't seen it again since. It's been a steady rise, all the way to 266 last week so this was unexpected. I was starting to think I would just re-gain the weight I'd lost.

Apparently I was wrong.

Credit for being wrong.

I now feel re-energized to get into the 250's.

Food-wise I am still fighting the good fight against seasonal sweets. Oy vey its tough right now. My all time favorite treats are from this season and I continue to be gripped by them. The obsession with having them waxes and wanes but it's never completely gone. Not for today anyway.

I have not been 100% on plan, more about 80-85% OP. Credit.

Shepherdess BIG credit for the grocery store victory. I caved on a few items this afternoon. Chalk it up to shopping while hungry and then reading the advertising that told me item X was 25% LESS FAT:devil:! It justified my desire for these things... And then seeing a 99 cent sticker price when it used to be over $2.00:devil:? Well that sealed the deal:devil:. I bought two and have already consumed 1/2 of one:mad:. I called that "lunch". I call the rest of the stuff "DH's".

hikergirl Credits for continuing to post and for the willingness to work through the restaurant/out of your hands eating-type situations. Things do change following Beck. You are already better at these situations...just look at your own behaviour and give yourself credit.

Beverlyjoy Credit for your willingness to plan for your upcoming trip and for the challenges you anticipate having. I too wish I had more sanity around food as well. In the past I'd cave and buy the food I am obsessing about thinking giving in to it would rid me of the obsession. This time round I am resisting. No one else knows or sees my struggle, but a struggle it is. So far, I am winning and so are you! credit.

BillBlueEyes Are you at 4.5 months or 4.5 years? Did you make a Freudian slip? Or do I just see you as _that_ sober aka sane around food that I figure you must be close to that 5yr mark? Credit for enjoying your work, working when you need to, and avoiding poor food at your workplace. Perhaps you can be grateful the food is so bad--it forces you to get out of there to get decent eats. ;)

:wave: hello to everyone I missed... have a good evening.

03-12-2010, 09:09 PM
Happy Friday Night

ChinaMaine- ouch for inhaling dinner and eating past satisfied. Oh well- gotta let stuff like that go.

BillBlueEyes-I can imagine that reaching 5 years would seem like a dream. I hope you are planning on a huge reward for that. In the meantime, some small rewards are maybe in order. I think that just because you are maintaining does not mean you should not get credit and rewards.

Beverlyjoy-yay for a healthy day. You did so well on the last trip you obviously had a great plan then that will work again as long as you say NO CHOICE.

hikergirl-credit for standing on the scale. Eating out is so hard, I am still struggling with that.

Shepherdess- good for you for staying with a single serving of chips. Your impulse buys sound very good. No one ever gained from those choices.

onebyone-yay for back to 262 and renewed energy and optimism. You can definitely lose 3 pounds and hit the 50's and you are going to feel so good when that happens!!!

For me- a good day today. The hotel fiasco is starting to fade from my memory. Credit for:

weighing in
walking 35 mins with DH
eating on plan
reading advantage and response cards
planning tomorrow
eating slower and tasting the food
posting to my coaches.


03-12-2010, 09:27 PM
Late and short, but it's a post!

ChinaMaine, thanks for the "what's the worst that could happen" question. I could see that working if I remember to use it! And, really, what is the worst that could happen if I read a novel or took a walk for 20 minutes? And even more, if I take Beverlyjoy's suggestion, what's the worst that could happen if I took a few deep breaths and drank a glass of water -- hard to imagine any catastrophe from that!

I finished our taxes today, the primary source of my stress this week. And then, 100 minutes of exercise, which pretty much got rid of the physical aspects of stress.

03-13-2010, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The work week concluded well; I left on-time and I left a happy man. CREDIT moi for taking care of that part of my life. I did gym, CREDIT moi, a full session of it - telling myself it was a reward for a good week's work. This included the full 120 d*rn lunges that I've not felt able to whine about since my outage due to a severe cough and slow rehab like re-entry into workouts. Eating was on-plan without particular distractions - the old ho-hum on-plan day that I dream of having more and more often.

onebyone - Yay for a scale reading that pleased you, and Yay for responding sanely to it. Kudos for giving yourself credit for being wrong. (I think that makes sense.) Yep, must have been a Freudian slip, I'm at 4.5 years, not months. Thanks for pointing that out.

CeeJay - Yay that memories of fiasco's fade and that you can give yourself credit for "walking 35 mins with DH." My take is that Beck is pushing us to give ourselves credit for those positive steps we had been ignoring.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for finishing taxes. Kudos that it only took 100 minutes of exercise to get that out of your system, LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for treating the scale reading as "information" - good demo of the very chapter showing up as quote of the day. Big Kudos for "I will not drop off of this thread. I will get back on track." That's winning in my book.

Shepherdess - That's a great story of your grocery store success. In my book, a single serving of chips is a near miracle, LOL. Thanks for the tip about mini-rewards.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for your continued "willingness to try." It encourages me that facing new situations is well covered by Beck. And useful to be reminded that if starting to plan a week ahead is what it takes, then do it. LOL at the communist Russia V-8 Juice. I hadn't made that communist-red connection; suspect that the purveyors hope no one else does.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

No matter what tomorrow's weight is, take a step back and remember this: On any given day, the number on the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you ate, how much energy you expended in the past few days, the amount of fluid your body is retaining, and other biological influences.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 172.

03-13-2010, 07:52 AM
Hi Beck folks -

Yesterday was on plan and healthy. I am always grateful for a good day with food. DH got home from his business trip - it was nice to see him! It was such a nice day - all the children in the neighborhood were outside enjoying the day. So much fun listening to them playing, laughing, yelling back and forth and more.

Again I ate way too fast more times than not yesterday. I really need to be much more mindful, slow and taste the food better. My friend who told me about Beck says when she gets into that mode - she will do a day of waiting 30 between bites to get her 'mind right'. I think I'll try that today.

Today is a hang around the house day. Those days are nice.

Yesterday's credits
no seconds, fork down between bites, ate seated only
gave credit
worked on and redid a response card
left a bite of food or snack
feel fullness - some of the time
made a plan - stayed with and logged my food
checked in here
lots of water
no choice and oh well when dh brought some some beautiful bread for the soup.
been planning for my trip

working on
no exercise or spontaneous exercise
ate too fast
inconsistent tasting the food
felt fullness only a bit of the time
I need to move forward in the Beck book

bill - I am glad you are feelilng well enough to do a full workout. That's wonderful. Plus - using a workout as a reward for getting through a busy week is awesome. Ho hum days are nice, really.

gardenjoy - so GREAT getting the taxes done and using exercise to releive the stress of it. WONDERFUL!

ACK!!! - my responses to the others disappeared! So frustrating. I'll come back later to redo them.
I'll be back for the other personals in a little while

03-13-2010, 10:58 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Did not read my cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (35m).

It was a busy day at work, but not so busy as it has been lately. I only had 2 short meetings (amazing!) and took my planned walk. My new resources are still ramping up, so I’m still spending weekends keeping us on track in the timeline. But I think this’ll only go on for another few weeks.

I’ve had a number of tests done trying to find the source of the fatigue I’ve been feeling. To date, all tests have been normal. Last week my endocrinologist’s office called and told me my thyroid numbers were back up to the high level of normal. He planned to leave my dosage at the current level, but I asked his assistant to ask him to reconsider; I told her about my inability to exercise on a daily basis. This doctor is the most supportive about my weight loss, and my ability to exercise is always a point of discussion when I meet with him. The assistant called back yesterday with a new prescription to try to bring down my thyroid numbers a bit. If it works I should be feeling better in 6-10 weeks. :crossed:

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Bill I'm like a pig in shiitake mushrooms that’s great. It’s almost worth it to work too much when you are having fun. My management is trying to make it so I’m doing fun work again, I’m looking forward to seeing what it feels like. Kudos for no choice to stress eating! Yay for d*m the crunches! (Have they replaced d*m lunges?)

Beverlyjoy Do you think you could share your Russian Cabbage soup recipe? It sounds yummy… I’m glad you are feeling better and that you had a good food day. And yay DH is home again.

Beverlyjoy , Susan (hikergirl) Yes traveling and other social situations are a challenge. I’ve found planning, posting and just trying to make reasonable choices help a lot. But circling back mentally to analyze how I could do better next time is just as important to long term success...

shepherdess Kudos for knowing when to run, and when not to. I think your choice to have chips was a reasonable one, bravo! And :congrat: for your grocery store victory – impressive!

one by one :yay: for your scale victory! And kudos for being op 80+% of the time. Sending supportive thoughts in your internal battle with seasonal treats…

CeeJay I always love to see how you combine exercise with social interaction. Kudos for all your credits!

03-13-2010, 11:13 AM
Yesterday was on plan. . .until the Cadbury Crème Egg after dinner. This is my favorite Easter candy and I have been enjoying an egg here and there on plan. They were not on the plan last night and DH got them out while we were watching a movie. I didn’t even try to resist and then, just to make sure I had fully blown it, I had a second. So lessons learned: 1) Buy only what I have on my plan. The multi packs are not a value if they mean I eat off plan. 2) Keep DH apprised of my plan. He’s good about being supportive when he knows what is on and off plan on any given day.

Exercise was a tromping around the nearby hills with the dogs. I was planning some yoga in lieu of doing weights—shoulders and back have been sore and tight from the daily winter feeding. But the dogs thought my yoga mat was a good place to play and were wrestling underneath me while I was in downward facing dog. I thought this was a good sign that they needed some exercise as well. So shoulders and back are still sore and tight, but we all had a lot of fun.

Onebyone, yay for a positive weigh-in to renew your motivation! There are so many reasons that weight goes up, but it’s so hard to remember that when standing on the scale. Kudos for being 80%-85% and for giving yourself credit for that. It’s so easy to get stuck on the few mistakes rather than focusing on the big picture, which is positive.

CeeJay, congrats on a good day with lots of credit! Yay that the hotel incident is fading from memory. It’s so easy to let these mistakes overshadow all of our success and hard work, but the general trend is success.

Gardenerjoy, huge congrats for finishing taxes! 100 min of exercise—what a great way to celebrate.

BillBE, yay for leaving work on time! It’s so cool that you see a full gym session as a reward—you and Gardenerjoy are my heroes! And wow for 4.5 years of maintenance. I suppose—another inspiration. To me, that looks like 5 years is just around the corner, but I understand that sometimes, the closer we get to the goals, the further away they seem. Maybe a big celebration is in order (complete with veggies and with low-fat dips and other healthy fare).

Beverlyjoy, I love those first days of nice weather when everyone comes out of the caves where they have been hiding. I have been walking around humming “Here Comes the Sun” for the past week. Your strategy to slow down while eating sounds like a good one, but don’t forget to give yourself credit for that long list—especially turning down “beautiful bread.”

ChinaMaine, yay for a slightly less busy day so that you can get in your walk! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your doctor—so important. Crossing my fingers that your new prescription will do the trick.

03-13-2010, 01:00 PM
Feeling much better about life, the universe, and everything since my taxes are done! (and knowing that the answer is 42)

WI: -0.4kg, Exercise: +100, 630/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: congrats on 4 1/2 years. That gives me motivation to stick around for six more months, just so I can see your signature turn over to 5 years! Glad you finished your work week on a high note and, like me, found exercise satisfying after too much time at a desk.

ChinaMaine: yay for taking some initiative with your doctor's office to get your health where you need it to be.

Shepherdess: ouch about the Easter treat, but yay for drawing lessons from the experience. LOL at the image of dogs playing under your downward facing dog!

03-13-2010, 01:54 PM
Hi Everyone. Your posts are wonderful. Encouraging. Supportive. Thank you. I hope to reciprocate with supportive posts to you (in the near future). I am sort of "ok" with regards to food. Shepherdess...I read the restrained eater vs natural eater ---- wow, is that every me (restrained eater).

Bye for now.

Again, thank you.


03-13-2010, 02:14 PM
The Spark by Chris Downie

What I liked best about The Spark was that it utilized something we have often talked about here -- getting one thing "right" (eating or exercise or decluttering) often carries over to improvement in other areas. So, The Spark asks us to work on generating small successes in different areas and to set goals that help make these crisscrosses work for us by effecting all areas of our lives.

To get the most from The Spark, it's fairly obvious that it would take using the SparkPeople site. I've been cautiously exploring it while using the Nutrition Tracker there. It's very overwhelming and I already have this site, plus I'm active on 43 Things which is a site for goal setting. I'm not sure that more social software is what I need in my life. I'll probably continue for awhile to use the tools and read the informaiton over there, but I'm less inclined to be involved on the Message Board or Teams because I'm finding it hard to tap into them while continuing my connections elsewhere on the internet.

I'm really getting a lot out of the Appendices. There's a mix-and-match meal plan in Appendix A that makes a lot of sense to me and I may move in that direction. There are a couple of strength training workouts in Appendix C that they have also made into 10-minute videos on the web site -- I tried them this week and liked them as good overall strength routines. Appendix E explains Spark Points, which is a reward system used on SparkPeople and gives you points for completing tasks in the book, something that I'm finding more motivating than it would seem like they are worth (kind of like putting stars when I complete something on my to do list).

For The Spark, SparkPeople surveyed their membership. From that, they were able to draw some conclusions between people who had successfully lost weight and those who hadn't. These secrets were peppered throughout the book, but they are also pulled together in Appendix F. Here's one that sounds like Beck: Of those who met their goals, a full 74 percent planned their meals and workouts in advance, and over 78 percent of 100-pound losers did!

03-13-2010, 05:42 PM
Hi beck folks - I am finished with most of my 'chores' and now can return to catch up.

Gardenjoy - I am glad you got your taxes done. YAY -and glad you are feeling better about life in general!
gardenjoy - I have a spot at sparkpeople. They have all the wonderful support 'bells and whistles' for folks trying to lose weight and get healthy. (daily updates, daily recipes, emails with great articles. ) However, I think the support from PEOPLE is better here a 3fc. (my opinion) I agree...there's only so many places a person has time to put energy into. This book sounds good. Thanks for bringing it up.

Hi Hikergirl - glad you posted and your food has upgrated to 'sorta OK'

shepardess - ah the Easter candy is appearing - those yummy chocolate goodies. I am glad you told DH that it's to hard to have them around when you don't have them in your plan. I was just reading beck today and she said to say....'Would you be willing to help me by.....'. I love that way of putting it. I am glad DH is supportive in general too. Good you got outside to run around with the dogs - that's fun exercise.
shepardess - from friday - yoga is a wonderful exercise to do when you are tired and sore. Kudos for impulse buying healthy things at the store when you forgot your list!! Major credit.

hikergirl - big credit for stepping on the scale and facing it. It's sometimes really a tough thing to do. Dr, Beck's chapter on eating at restaurants and special occaisions is pretty helpful. On my response cards - I outlined those chapter and used each bullet point with a short phrase. It somehow helped me to get through going out to eat so much lately.

chinamarie - I am glad you and the doctors are being vigalent about finding the right dosage of thyroid medicine to take. I have been hypothyriod (take synthroid) for 25 years. The doctor may have to test it several ways...but, once they get it figured out you will feel much better. I totally agree about travelling - it's all about planning planning and then willingness to plan some more. Good idea - going over how how traveling or outings turn out.

ceejay - I am glad you are moving on from the hotel stuff. It is OVER and time to move forward. So nice to walk 35 minutes and with DH!! I hope, when I get my ankle fixed, I'll be taking long walks too. Thanks for the reminder of NO CHOICE for my trip....I'll throw in some OH WELL"S and I hope it will take me through some of the harder times.

onebyone - excellent that you are down a pound and down to where you were when dh came back from costa rica!!! It's a huge credit to get those quick pounds on....gone gone gone. Can you plan for a goodie in your daily plan and purchase it that day? Or would that be a trigger?

03-13-2010, 06:40 PM
Have been so busy de-cluttering I I haven't taken time to post. If anyone wants to join me over there on the de-cluttering thread, please do. It is a great feeling, a never-ceasing chore, and I do have that fear I will throw something I need. Not likely, but it does remind me of Beck saying how many of us fear hunger. That whole piece about what if I don't eat now? Will I get hungry? I think there is some overlap there with the clutter thing.

So, I will take my clutter thoughts over to the appropriate thread. ..*laffin'. Am getting soooooo organized.

Am so happy for U.S. grown Asparagus at a great price...spring is here.

Saw a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker today..the only way to tell from a distance is size, but it was too far away to tell if it was 6" or 9". Am thinking I need to put a ruler up on the Spruce Tree, the way they do in banks for height reference of suspects. I'm sure I have ruler that I didn't get rid of :)

03-13-2010, 07:09 PM
Bevjoy: thanks again for the 5 D's! I needed that! Hikergirl, your honesty and confession is appreciated! Benny's too, and everyone who is struggling, as I am, with backpain, and lack of motivation, despite advantages of being thin, as I have become, and dealing with the removal of blinds to see and understand and be responsible for much of the negative in my marriage, and to see the parts that hubby won't take responsibility for! Thank goodness for the CBT couples therapy, but it is painful. I am reading THE FANTASY BOND and it is really painful and depressing. Beautiful house, awful marriage. Hello.
I keep getting the thought of eating off plan, contraband, just to spite myself, hurt myself, self-mutilate. Self-injury. I get it: I've never cut or anything, but I can see today how I would eat not only to get the endorphin sleepy druggy effect to numb out, but in anger, eating to get even. Eat to get in touch with the biting anger. The sheer physicality of it. (I will go stretch instead.) It is amazing to see this with clarity. Clarity keeps coming up now that I am looking for it, btw! ... Anyway, thank goodness there is no sugar or chocolate available to me in the house so I cannot eat it. I have been way over calorie count for a few days though. My son is home and the way hubby treats him makes me so mad! He tells me to keep out while he literally brow beats my son into submitting to his will about his parents. It's so unbelievable.
So I am in the raw anger that I keep denying I feel at therapy. But today, a day of endless rain, flooding, I slip into sleepiness and awake to my anger and frustration. Thanks for being there coaches: I hope you don't think I'm too crazy, but with my therapist and my diet coaching me not to eat over things, I am feeling them full force. I hope I will find better ways to deal with the frustration and helpless feelings!!!!!! Merci mes amis. More later, I hope it will be good news!

03-13-2010, 07:40 PM
Threw my anger into unpacking a big framed puzzle and hoisting it on the wall. Then held on to some asanas and let go of the anger. I feel better now! I should have gone to yoga today and gotten out of the house and not been a witness to hubby-son. There, I said it. Just not taking care of my needs for physical very well. What's wrong with me! ?? !!!!!! Goodness knows. Get out there girl!

03-13-2010, 08:09 PM
I'm attempting to post from my Blackberry, so bear with me. Thanks to Gardnerjoy and Hikergirl for checking in on me when I didn't post yesterday. It's been a difficult couple of days in terms of Beck, but like Hikergirl reminded me, if I post then I can at least give myself credit for posting :). I will write more tomorrow.

03-13-2010, 11:15 PM

BillBlueEyes-120 lunges. You rock buddy. One day I might lunge. :D:D:D

Beverlyjoy-yay for another day on plan for you.

ChinaMaine-hope the change in your prescription helps. Your list of "good" is always impressive.

Shepherdess- I love those Creme Eggs too. Here comes another chocolate holiday to stress over. LOL.

gardenerjoy-happy end of taxes!! Thanks for the review of the book.

hikergirl-thank you too for your posts.

maryblu-you sound like you are really going to town on the de-cluttering. It's got to feel good.

midlifecrisis57-better to write it out. We are all here to support each other. I also am trying to cope with feeling more now that I am not smoothing everything over with food. It is strange thing. When I was stressed I used to just eat. Hard to figure out what to do without that release.

bennyhannahmama-sending you good wishes. Hope to see you post tomorrow!

For me- a good day. Last night the refrigerator broke down. What a pain when you are in the boonies. Ended up having to drive to the city for a fan. I was mighty p*ss*d off that I had to give up this beautiful Saturday for that. Anyway, it is fixed. And I got in a nice walk late this afternoon. It is so warm here and all the snow is melting.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Walking 35 minutes in the sun with DH
Eating on plan
Doing weights
Eating slowly and tasting everything- it is getting easier to remember this and to do it.
Reading advantage and response cards.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.

03-13-2010, 11:43 PM
Dear Coaches
I have had a BAD week. It started when I reversed into a car as I was trying to get a parking spot at radiotherapy (they are at a premium). That would normally be anxiety provoking but it was particularly inspiring because the week before I had a loan car while all the dents were taken out of the body work and the car was having a complete detail to remove all the damage done when people hit the car in car parks all over Sydney ($1350). Normally I wouldn't care and would drive around in a wreck but it had to be fixed so I could hand it back at the end of a 2 year lease. The accident happened Monday and I had to hand back car on Wednesday and get replacement. Also that day they were running late with r/therapy because of machine breakdown so I couldn't organise repair. Anyway the car got fixed in the afternoon of Tuesday and got swapped on Wednesday and all I have to do now is pay for it all (including the damage to the other car because I did actually leave my details - no I am not bitter :mad: ). Anyway this has nothing to do with dieting and a lot to do with my energy levels

I am really tired and I don't think I can carry on trying to manage food at the moment - I will have to cope with take-away and other forms of prepared food. I have spent the weekend in bed essentially recovering from the week. Over the week I have been foraging and scavenging and in fact lost weight because I was under eating. Unfortunately when I realised I couldn't successfully diet and prepare food I started to eat total rubbish which was not a solution at all.

So I am going back to the first 2 weeks of Beck (before one picks a diet and starts on it) and will follow those basic principles while eating for convenience I think (and making healthy choices hopefully!).

I will try to check in based on the following

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards?
Checked in to my diet coaches?
Sat down to eat?
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite?
Spontaneous exercise?
Weighed myself (if at home)?
Did a daily schedule?
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving?
Used distraction and resistance techniques?
Gave myself credit when on trackNot so good: :nono:
Working on: :woops:

(it exhausts me just looking at that icon)On the up side:
I have only 12 more radiotherapy sessions (apparently the tiredness may get worse - oh well) and they will be finished by Easter. I will have the week off after Easter weekend :carrot:.
I am getting my eyebrows and eyelashes back :carrot: which will be great given the humid weather and the realisation that they are useful to divert the flow of sweat from one's brow.
And my hair is regrowing :carrot: not that it was ever my best feature but will beat wearing a wig in humid weather (mind you it is cooling down now of course)
Will aim to maintain posts this week. :wave: to everyone


03-14-2010, 08:23 AM
Hi coaches/buddies - yesterday went well...I am grateful. I ended up changing my dinner. DH didn't want what I planned. So- I rewrote my plan, figured the different dinner into my caloreis and it went fine.

I spent quite a bit of time reading and redoing some of the response cards. It's my way of preparing for my ten day trip. I changed many of the response cards by outlining the chapter with the bullet points, a short phrase after, writing down some of the important points and adding some sabataging thoughts along with the healthy responses. I think that this should be helpful.

I am feeling very weary of my parts hurting. My back is doing better, thankfully. I now am dealing with my foot that will have surgery later this year. I really want to be able to wait on the ankle/foot surgery because it's a long long recovery. (3 - 9 months) So, I am hoping it will calm down. I need to remind myself that food does not make pain go away. You are probably tired of hearing about my health concerns...but, unfortunately, it's a big piece in the puzzle of my life.

ate slower - did some timing to slow down
no seconds, fork down, ate seated
asked dh nicely to put his candy out of sight
lots of water
stretches and strengthening
said Oh well a few times
made plan - logged food - make conscious planned change in dinner
read arc/rc - redid many of them
read beck book
used some resistence measures

as usual - no spontaneous exercise

seadwaters - I am so sorry to hear about your hard week...- the car accident and all the rest. I totally understand how you are tired of your treatments. I will be happy for you when it's completed. I can see how managing 'the food' can be so, so challenging. Please do the best you can with your take aways and prepared foods. I am glad to hear that your eyebrows are growing back...I know that feels good. You take care now.

ceejay - it stinks that the fridge broke! Sorry you had to spend your day dealing with it. Glad you DID get a walk in...big credit! You have many credits to be proud of on such a stressful day.

bennyhannamana - glad you posted! Keep doing the best you can.

midlifecrisis - I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much internal stress along with the family stress. It makes it so difficult. It's good that you helps to write it all out. Kind of keeps those thought from spinning around in your least for a while. Hang in and do the the best you can. Be kind to yourself.

maryblu - decluttering and a woodpecker in the same day...that is joyful! Chances are you will NOT need the things you are getting rid of. So glad you took the time to post.

03-14-2010, 08:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - We're having stormy, wet weather on the US East Coast. But, I put on the rain gear and went for a walk anyway; CREDIT moi. Motivated by being out of my favorite peanut butter and loathe to be forced to swallow from the jar of "Simply Jif" my DW uses, I trudged forth to Whole Foods where I get to grind my own. Got reminded that I don't really own rain pants in my current size and using wind over-pants designed for joggers provides water protection for only for so many minutes of real rain. However, I made it home to a house full of dry clothes and places to hang the wet stuff. It's fun to walk in the rain.

At Whole Foods, I took a sample of GoodBelly probiotics something-something drink in Blueberry Acai flavor - a full serving contains 20 billion little good guys. I walked out feeling my belly was happy, LOL. I have no idea if this stuff is necessary or even useful. But it had that combination medicinal-happy taste that satisfies the longing to be healthy.

maryblu - Drooling for local asparagus. Yeah for de-cluttering; hope to get myself to join you in that. I saw a Hairy Woodpecker this last Sunday; he was so close we were sure even without a ruler. I was pleased since Hairy's aren't so common where I tend to look.

ChinaMaine - Glad that you were persistent chasing down the tiredness. Hope the change works for you. Yep, I meant lunges; thanks for catching that. I do squats now instead of crunches as suggested by me trainer in my last session some months ago. There's no end to the list of exercises that I think would be good for me.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yep, Kudos for giving yourself credit for posting. LOL at posting from a blackberry.

CeeJay - LOL at "I might lunge." If you do, I've set the precedent that you can whine about it on 3FC. Yay for warm; Ouch for having to spend time tending a refrigerator rather than enjoying the warm.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on another 100 minutes of exercise. Do stick around to see my sixth tick from now hit 5 years; I'll have to plan something appropriate - thanks for reminding me that it can be veggies.

Thanks for the Spark review. So interesting that the folks who succeeded planned their meals. I share your question about the need for "more social software" - so many opportunities to spend time on the keyboard instead of living.

Susan (hikergirl) - Tell us more about "restrained eater vs natural eater" - is that a current book?

Shepherdess - Ouch for Cadbury Crème Egg - such an appealing treat with so many calories. Maybe you can remember that they are now made by the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese company, rather than the noble Quaker family in England that made them for nearly 200 years. Congrats for having dogs smart enough to recognize that your dog posture meant for dogs to play on the mat. Tromping with the dogs in the hills sounds like splendid fun.

Beverlyjoy - Love the description of the sounds of children playing outside - makes me long for spring. Neat that you're focusing on your speed of eating, even though you're already doing "fork down between bites, ate seated only."

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for the pain in confronting stacks of feelings. Kudos for confronting them, and for the neat CBT like technique of hanging a heavy puzzle to let out anger.

seadwaters - Sending supportive thoughts as you go through a difficult time in your life with speed bumps thrown in when they're not needed in addition. Congrats for confronting your need to find a balance in your food plan that recognizes your energy levels - and your need not to under-eat right now. Those first two weeks of Beck are killer-good stuff; happy reading.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

If the scale has gone down, be happy, even if you've lost only a small amount of weight. As I tell the dieters I counsel, we celebrate every half-pound loss.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 173.

03-14-2010, 10:06 AM
:df: WI-no-weigh-in. Read some cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (35m).

My exercise Saturday was yard work, and food was on-plan. DH made us fruited game hen for dinner and we watched a good movie (Gone Baby Gone). Just a nice Saturday…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

shepherdess Oh well for the Crème Egg, and good idea to keep DH in the loop about your plan. It’s great you have a DH who is so supportive. Tromping around the nearby hills sounds wonderful.

Bill Congrats for hitting 4 1/2 years! Kudos for walking on a blustery, stormy day. Why not get yourself a pair of rain pants that fit when you hit your next one month anniversary?

gardenerjoy 100 minutes of exercise, amazing!

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for being ‘ok’ with food and for posting.

Maryblu Yesterday morning was the first day I heard a lot of birds singing. Spring is here…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting.

CeeJay Sorry for losing your beautiful Saturday for a broken fridge. Yay that eating slowly and tasting everything is getting easier.

Cheryl (seadwaters) :hug: :hug: :hug: Sending supportive thoughts while you go through the last couple of weeks of r/therapy. Yay that your hair is beginning to grow back. Kudos for working the Beck strategies when you are too fatigued to manage a diet. :hug:

Beverlyjoy :hug: for your ‘[I]parts hurting. Kudos for asking dh to move his candy out of sight.

midlifecrisis :hug: and supportive thoughts for your onslaught of feelings.

03-14-2010, 12:18 PM
Blech, I’m hating the end of daylight savings. It was so hard getting out of bed when it was so dark outside. Or maybe I’m just in a bad mood because I’m looking out at grey skies and it looks like snow. Good thing I got in my long run yesterday in perfect running weather—mid 40s, not much wind and the sun was shining. I’m getting a little too used to running in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. It was a great run, the furthest I have gone in 2010 and it felt fantastic.

Unfortunately my eating was not as good as my exercise. I did great until I was still feeling hungry after dinner. I waited the 20 minutes, was still hungry and just didn’t believe that hunger isn’t an emergency. So I wound up eating some unplanned crackers. I’m not sure why I just can’t seem to bet my eating together. I haven’t been done the check sheet (from The Complete Diet for Life) in a while, so I printed one out this AM and will go back to checking everything off. I need to figure out where I’m going off track. If I’m still struggling, I’ll go back to the beginning of the program and start again.

Gardenerjoy, love that upbeat attitude and wow, 100 min of exercise! The Spark sounds interesting and I think you are smart to cautiously explore it. You already have a logging system that works for you, but you can still gain some insights from the program.

Hikegirl, so glad that article was helpful. I had the same reaction when I read it. It felt like they were following me around and watching me eat. My hope is that “natural eating” can be a learned behavior. I’m thinking about attempting a practice like ChinaMaine where I pay attention to satiety and fullness every time I eat.

Maryblu, I’m so impressed by your de-cluttering. I agree that clutter and eating are related. A chaotic environment leads to distracted eating. Also, I tend to hang onto stuff just in case I need it and sometimes that stuff that I’m hanging onto is food. I was cleaning out a cupboard and found several packages of valentine hearts from several years ago. I don’t even like those candies, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away—they’re in the trash now.

Midlifecrisis57, so sorry about anger, depression and frustration. It’s great that you put all of that into a yoga practice—such a healthy way to deal with the negativity, but so hard to do. Ouch for bad weather and flooding. Crossing my fingers for weather the weather and your emotional state to improve.

Bennyhannamamma, credit for posting! I understand the reluctance to post on not-so-great Beck days. I’ve had too many of those lately, but it is helpful to come here and confess.

CeeJay, ouch for fridge breaking down and losing a Saturday to deal with it. I think you get extra credit for having a good Beck day in spite of it all. Yay for melting snow and a walk in the sun!

Seadwaters, so sorry for all the added stress and for the exhaustion. It does sound like you have too much going on to do your own food prep and cooking. Can you find the nutrition info on some take-out, fast-food options, and ready-made meals and find some healthy choices. Then you can have some options when you don’t have time to think about food. So glad the end is in sight, but sending supportive thoughts to get you through the rest of it.

Beverlyjoy, great job on another good day and for being flexible, but staying on plan. I loved that you asked your dh nicely to get his tempting food out of sight. So sorry for hurting body parts. Are you putting off foot surgery because it will be easier to take time for the recovery later? Crossing my fingers that you are pain-free soon.

BillBE, call me impressed that you got out for a walk in inclement weather. Now you have me thinking about peanut butter that you grind yourself. I’m also a fan of peanut butter with a simple ingredient list—mine just says “peanuts.” LOL at your story of the GoodBelly sample. Thanks for the reminder that my Cadbury Eggs are now made by Kraft.

RE: “restrained eater” vs “natural eater” this was from an article I suggested for Hikegirl:

ChinaMaine, your Saturday sounds so fantastic. Yay for yardwork for exercise. I love those multi-tasking workouts. You’re fruited game-hen sounds like a good reward for all your hard work.

03-14-2010, 01:30 PM
I wrote a new response card based on my experience last week of wanting to overeat when really what I wanted was a way to justify taking a break, and the advice I got about that (thanks, y'all!). "I deserve to take breaks and I don't have to overeat to get them. I can do anything on my distractions list or simply breathe and drink a glass of water."

WI: +.05kg, Exercise: +70, /1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: thanks for your assessment of SparkPeople. That matches mine, but I was worried that I just wasn't putting enough energy into figuring things out, so it helps to know that you came to similar conclusion -- good bells and whistles but not so much on the emotional support.
No need for apologies about discussing your pain. We all have it at one time or another, so your responses are helpful.

midlifecrisis57: good job in reaching for clarity even when it is accompanied with pain.

bennyhannahmama: yay you posted! And it really is something to give yourself credit for.

CeeJay: glad the fridge is fixed -- we had a multi-week problem when we got our new one. It's so difficult trying to find ways to function without a trustworthy fridge. And yay for that long list of credits on a day that didn't go the way you wanted.

seadwaters: I think you have hit on an excellent plan for yourself -- realistic in your current circumstances while continuing the structures that will help you now and in the long run. Good for you for working it out and posting here! I remember how ecstatic I was when my hair grew back enough to ditch the wig -- I wore it unfashionably short, buzz-cut length, with big earrings (even though it was the middle of winter) because it was so much preferable to the wig.

BillBlueEyes: I walked with a friend in a rain coat this morning, too. Although my husband just pointed out that if we'd waited an hour we wouldn't have had to do that.

ChinaMaine: Mmm. Fruited game hen! Good job on getting some exercise in!

Shepherdess: I share your dislike for the spring time change. And, I find it amazing that those of us who don't punch a time clock in the corporate world are still effected by it.
I'm a "restrained eater." I think one thing that Beck has done for me is give me a way to deal with the trap that they are discussing in that article. I have little hope that I will ever be a natural eater, but much hope that I can make restrained eating work better and better for me.

03-14-2010, 02:41 PM
Woohoo! I'm finally caught up on March posts! It took literally giving myself a concussion to get a break in my schedule, but I'm back to being able to read the forums at last (though my typing is a bit off, so please excuse any errors I don't catch)! School and research has been really busy, but overall things are going in a positive direction. I've even gotten the scale to budge a bit, finally!

BennyHannahMama, I totally hear you about your 3/5/10 post regarding food planning. I feel like I can make a great plan but them am never able to execute it because of other things that become priorities in a day. It gets me so disappointed. I also use a GWF (though I lost my display, yet again, and haven't been able to find it for about a month now--- Grrr!). Happy belated birthday. 3/9 is my mom's birthday too. Please give yourself a hug and tell yourself that you don't have to be perfect. You are loved (by many, not just the Beck community) for being who you are today!

Beverleyjoy, glad you had a nice trip to CA. Congratulations on the loss!! Happy belated birthday to you as well.

BillBlueEyes, glad to see you getting back to yourself after that nasty cold you had. Thanks for all of the work you do on this forum. What an image -- pig in ****ake mushrooms! I think it would be fun to have a truffle hunter on the farm (don't think my subdivision HOA would approve, however). Congratulations on 4.5 years. That is fantastic. Weird question, how long do you have to blend the nuts for the peanut butter?

CeeJay, tremendous job at your -20#. That is fantastic and I am so excited for you. Keep on truckin'!

ChinaMaine, so sorry to hear about another loss in your family. What a rough time for you. Memorial day sounds like it will be a delightful way to honor them. I was intrigued by your jicama, cooked. I've only ever had it raw on salads - a terrific crisp texture.

Eusebius, congratulations on the 3/3/10 win for the violinist. Accompanists totally deserve more credit than they get, so you deserve congratulations too! When I was competing, playing with accompaniment brought something entirely new to the music I was experiencing, so thank you (to all accompanists) for that!

GardenerJoy, congratulations on exceeding your February exercise goal. I know it is way beyond the original posting, but if you are still waiting for DASH book, has good information to get you started in the mean time. Great wisdom you shared about Prochaska & Downie. Thanks for that.

Hikergirl, hi! I posted frequently here up until about a month ago when chaos set in, so I missed reading your early posts. Just wanted to say hello to you.

KidsLibraryLady, hi! I in your boat with things getting thrown off with life. I just keep chuggin' along and hope that it gets easier when I am more practiced in a healthy routine and more flexed "no choice" muscles. I think the struggle is better for me than the complacency of waiting for "life" to be calm enough to obtain some contrived form of change that would fall apart as soon as chaos hit again for me anyway...

Midlifecrisis57, I really hope things are looking up for you! Moving is such a challenge to any marriage.

Seadwaters, love your idea about the iPhone and putting cards on there with an alarm. I'll have to try that too. Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Shepherdess, congratulations on meeting your goal weight. I wish you good luck in letting your head catch up to your body and hopefully make peace with the gift that is yours. I love your commitment to exercise, even on days when you are tired - just for 15 minutes to start is so powerful. I am really glad you shared that. Loved the 1970s truck workout plan. You should market that as both a recycling and exercise product. Hoping the adjustment at your new weight is going easier for you. Oh, and congratulations for getting through calving season. What an experience that must be! How freakin' cool to have a neighbor with a mammoth skeleton and double cool that you fit into an old dress!

Gotta quit, because I'm not supposed to be on the computer this long!

03-14-2010, 03:20 PM
Chinemarie - I put the Russian Cabbage Soup recipe you asked about in the recipe thread. :)

03-14-2010, 06:26 PM
Hi – my eating is ok. Ok. Almost following a plan. I am not in the big slide that I was for 3 days last week. I am giving myself credit for weighing myself, posting, and swinging back to some sanity with my eating.

Gardenerjoy – thank you for telling us about The Spark. I am always interested in learning and checking things out.

Beverlyjoy – I hope that you savoured your day at home and a big credit to you for being flexible and planning ahead when you food plan had to change.

Maryblu – thanks for the heads up on the asparagus.

Midlifecrisis – this is a safe place to post your thoughts. Good luck on your journey.

Bennyhamamama – a big credit to you for posting!

Ceejay – refrigerator is fixed, you got a good walk in on a beautiful day. Way to go!

Seadwaters – look in the mirror, and give yourself some strokes to your head and shoulders with your hand telling yourself how special you are (for me, when I do that, that can feel real good!)

Billblueeyes – walking in the rain – wonderful. Restrained Eater vs Natural Eater --- a few posts back in this thread Shepherdess drew my attention to it. I have cut and pasted an explanation to the bottom of this post.

Chinamaine – sounds like you are “in the zone” – good eating, good time at home.

Shepherdess – I agree about the daylight savings time change—more darkness in the morning but…the pay back will have late this afternoon. I hope that I can move from restrained eater to natural eater….hopefully this CBT is the way to get there (nothing else has worked!). In my dreams I am "listening to my body" and not to my mind/emotions when it comes to food.


Are You Always On A Diet?

Do you get excited about a new diet, sure it'll work this time? Do you need specific rules regarding what to eat because you can't trust yourself? Have you tried many diets, but never succeeded in maintain the weight loss?

You may be a "restrained eater." "Restrained eater is the academic term for an overly rigid chronic dieter. The opposite of restrained eating is natural eating. A "natural eater" usually eats when hungry, stops when sated and doesn't think much about food in-between meals. A natural eater does not have a head full of diet rules; in fact, a natural eater has never dieted.
Rigid Boundaries

Compared to natural eaters, restrained eaters are very, very careful. They allow themselves to eat only certain foods, and their portions are kept within predetermined limits. Body signals of hunger, satiety, and the taste and enjoyment of all foods are not primary considerations when they are deciding what, when and how much to eat.

Restrained eaters are very, very hungry before starting to eat, and they "plan" to stop eating when they think they "should." They try to push the plate away when it is half empty, before they are sated. Their artificial eating boundaries are unnecessarily narrow and severe. Restrained eaters think they have it under control, but when temptation is too high or their resources are spent, their plan falls apart.

When restrained eaters eat past their boundaries, they find it difficult to stop. Instead, their usual reaction to overeating is to continue overeating. They are not flexible enough to accept they're choice and move on. They think, "What they ****; I've blown it; I might as well eat all the food I want. I'll start to eat healthy again tomorrow." Eating disorder researchers Janet Polivy and Peter Herman call this mindset "The What the ****" effect. In contrast, natural eaters acknowledge their choice to overeat and, because of fullness, choose to eat less for the rest of the day.

A restrained eater would agree with these statements while a natural eater would not:
• "I give a lot of time and thought to food."
• "I get so hungry that my stomach often seems like a bottomless pit."
• "I feel guilty after overeating."
• "I avoid eating many foods because they make me fat."
• "I consciously hold back at meals in order not to gain weight."
Mindful Eating

We all know people who are conscious about what they eat. That's a good thing because we're surrounded by tasty, but unhealthy, food.

The difference between restrained eaters and natural eaters is the intensity of their thoughts, their attempt to deprive themselves, and their reaction to overeating.

In weight control, the key to success is to be flexible and trust your body. When you can eat when physically hungry and stop when satisfied, you've got it made.

03-14-2010, 10:54 PM
Hi Coaches

I've had a strange food weekend. After my surprise good weigh-in on friday I sort of gave up kind of. Like I achieved something and could stop now thanks. :?:
Maybe I just wish it was over-this pursuit of weightloss.
I'm feeling not so gung-ho to do the things I need to do..and yet...and yet. Could this be The Sabotager:devil: whispering in my ear?
My own form of it always tells me "I don't care." which is completely untrue. In fact this week I tossed away cheese cubes in a baggie credit given to me by a friend. I didn't need it, didn't want to say no, and once I could I ditched them. She didn't want to bring them home and neither did I.
I also deliberately pursued feeling hungry more than feeling full all day It was good. I need to get used to feeling hungry again. It's what I need to do to lose weight and the single thing I have sought to stamp out my whole life. Hunger has always triggered anxiety in me and I am getting over that now by seeing that I can live through hunger very well
Today though I decided, again, that "I don't care" and I actively sought out the foodstuff that I have been craving for weeks now. I was triggered to desire it again as I was in the store I first saw them at. So I found them and they didn't come home with me. creditWhy? well as I actually took the time to read the label I discovered they were only a bit of the thing I thought they were and they were primarily a type of sweet thing I hate! I was COMPLETELY attracted by the packaging and the novelty and thank goodness it wasn't all that.
What a head trip.
I was also carrying a size 18 pair of jeans with me, on clearance for $10. My jeans recently split on me. First the fabric thinned out and then it split in the upper inner thigh (this is where they all wear out on me :mad:) and so I've been walking around with athletic stretch pants that are so-so and some cords that have a split zipper that you never see cause it's all done up with pins and hidden beneath my long black hoodie. These are so loose I can pull them on without undoing all those pins. I have been so resistant to buy another pair of size 20 jeans from Additionellle for $40+. So when these $10 clearance size 18's in a petite, with a bit of elastic in the waistband (which I actually hate) the price and the size made me crack open my These jeans are a "petite" in length only; they brush the tops of my running shoes-just barely okay-they could be an inch longer but I'll take them for the price. I just want to move on to size 16. All the jeans seem to start at 16. I want to be a 16. And so my pursuit of the size 16 jean is starting to get me interested in watching my food intake again; that and not having to wear the size 18 floodpants too long :o !

Oh and at dinner I ate 1/2 the spaghetti I had planned to eat,credit which was really a serving of "too much spaghetti". I also removed, at DH's request, 1/2 of the pasta I had served him as well. As a result there are leftovers. creditYay. Oh and we are going to be measuring out the food for the cats too. Seems I am feeding them way too much and Caesar, my new kitty, has a game leg and he's been gaining weight. I truly don't notice it but others have commented. It dawned on me that he cannot ever get overweight as his bad leg will not support him. I can't do that to him! I may even give over the cat feeding duty to DH if I can't handle it. I predict several weeks of bad sleep until new habits are established. *sigh*

Sorry for the lack of personals coaches. Maybe tomorrow....

Wishing you all well.:hug:

03-14-2010, 11:42 PM
These are the things I have done well:

- I am here posting
- I have bookmarked this site on my phone, making it easier to post from my phone
-I have a computer set up in my bedroom which hopefully will help me post first thing in the morning or at night before bed
- I ate mindfully and slowly and brought home 1/2 my breakfast from the restaurant this morning
- I went on a 6.5 mile hike
- I intend to wake up tomorrow morning and work out before I go to work.

I hope to be back in a fuller capacity very soon.

Thanks for the continued encouragement.

03-15-2010, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wasn't a stellar eating day. Did good enough at a quick potluck between events - especially because I served myself some nuts using a serving spoon onto my plate where I ate them sitting down; CREDIT moi. However, I later attended a memorial gathering for a late friend where sorrow was expressed by platters of top shelf foods. I was whacked by some smoked salmon with cream cheese; then whacked by some monster sized shrimp in a basil-something dip; and then, least expected, as I was trying to leave, whacked again: et tu salami chunk on a cracker?

Sigh, it continues to be really raining here. Exercise is, again, dancing with a wet vac in my basement. It has to get dry enough and warm enough to hire a mason to come in and try to patch the places that it leaks. I'm well able to stuff a little wet concrete about, but I'm not sure that weekend-warrior patching will be enough. We had 2.54 inches of rain yesterday!!!! That's a bunch.

onebyone - You're so clear identifying "I don't care" as a recurring Sabotaging Thought; Kudos for that. Yay for seeing through the deceptive packaging at the store and leaving it behind. I'm so easily fooled by packaging designed to, well, fool me, LOL. Love hearing about your $10 jeans; that's my kind of shopping. You've invented the floodpants diet; wear your reminder that you want to eat on-plan.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for your consistency in "identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate" - good for me to be reminded of consistency. Yay for a DH who makes fruited game hen for dinner - sound yummy. Might just take your idea to buy myself new rain pants as a reward; I'm a bit slow to spend money on myself, especially on clothes. I'm always a little awed with people who enjoy going out shopping for clothes. My version of the lot of poor old Sisyphus is that he's condemned for all eternity to search for an item at WalMart where on isle 1 the clerk tells him it's in aisle 197 where a different clerk tells him that's that it's now been moved to aisle 1 - etc. <Shudder.>

Kim (bennyhannamama) - That "6.5 mile hike" sounds good to me. Hope you saw some neat birds along the way.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Like your notion that you "deserve to take breaks and don't have to overeat to get them." That fits me when I'm working hard and can only think of eating when it's a walk that I really need. Neat to go walking with a friend in the rain. Yep, it takes a spouse to point out that rain always ends, LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) - Kudos for giving yourself credit and for 'swinging back to some sanity with my eating."

Thanks for the Restrained Eater vs. Natural Eater clip. Not sure why, but it annoys me a bit. It seems to give a negative connotation to those of us who have to watch what we eat to remain on track. I'm happier with Beck's observation that naturally thin people actually do watch what they eat. I do have to accept that I'm drawn to food in an odd way that rather bugs me. If there's a group of people who don't have that, good for them. There are also some "natural thinkers" who don't have to work so hard to find solutions to the same problems that I have to wrestle to the ground, but I don't feel stigmatized just because some people's brains are faster in some areas that mine is. Wish I could get past the stigmatized notion in that article. Will ponder it some more.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for the concussion; hope you're healing. And Congrats for the scale movement. I vote for getting a truffle hunting pig to wake up a stodgy Home Owners Association. It might take them at least a year to get organized enough to force you to release it. Then they'd have to catch it since it would now be a feral pig and not your problem, LOL. I've never made peanut butter in my blender. In the store, it just squirts out of the grinder when I flip the switch.

Shepherdess - Ouch for a bout of struggling with eating now that you've reached your goal weight. Kudos for facing it head on; with attention you're bound to get on top of it. Yep, "Peanuts" is the proper length of the ingredients list.

Beverlyjoy - Sounds like really good prep for your ten day trip. Good to be reminded that planning can be taken seriously when serious results are desired. Ouch for the hurting parts; may you last til later in the year for your ankle/foot surgery. Venting about health here is the best way to get it clear in your own head - vent away.

So neat that you also post in the wee hours of the morning, even though that means that we cross post a bit.

Readers - day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

Don't expect your weight
to go down every week - it won't.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 175.

03-15-2010, 08:40 AM
Hi Coaches
I did OK today - didn't take too much with me to Sydney this am so it was less challenging to pack the car and get out of the house. Didn't reverse into anyone today so that has to be good

Restrained v Natural eating - thanks for the reference Susan (Hikergirl) - I really think the issue of full v hungry and not knowing when satiety is reached is the key isn't it. ChinaMaine has it down in her check-list. There is a diet author - American but living in Australia for a while - called John Gabriel (Gabriel Method) whose 'diet' is all about learning how to nourish the body and I guess it is about becoming a 'natural' eater. I think all of these approaches together with Beck could complement each other but what a long journey that is. Beck is so clear and has the element of coming to learn and accept hunger and desire and craving but she deals with the fact that there is a lot to unlearn before eating "naturally" becomes a possibility. Anyway - all really interesting - I have to say I like the Gabriel stuff because it strengthens my resolve to eat healthy and nourishing foods

Shepherdess - we are coming to the end of daylight saving and it is very dark in the morning - do you still have it going in winter? I love autumn and when the humidity passes it will be beautiful - after Easter. Credit for the "furthest I have gone in 2010"

BeverlyJoy - you sound so organised with cards and responses - kudos. It is annoying to always be in pain and have your parts hurting and it wears you down - big credit that you stay positive

Gardenerjoy - big credit for your new ideas about a break - I think I find excuses to binge and I need to replace it with thoughts like this

BillBlueEyes - Oh for some heavy rain - I still love to splash in it and it is so rare here these days (although when we get it we can get 4 inches in a few hours). I know what you mean about wanting to feel nourished. I liked your thinking about restrained v natural eating - that we are all different and that an approach like this might try to pigeon hole people.

FutureFitChick - hope you get some more time in your schedule and credit for the scale starting to move

ChinaMaine - Glad you had a nice balanced Saturday - it sounds, well, balanced

Kim (Bennyhannahmamma) - well done for working out how to post on your Blackberry - that takes commitment

Onebyone - :wave:

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - only once
Checked in to my diet coaches - here I am
Sat down to eat - yes - always
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - pretty much - lost interest in food half way through tonight
Spontaneous exercise - walked down the stairs and scorned the lift a couple of times
Weighed myself (if at home) - not at home
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - I did stop eating dinner - knew when I was full
Used distraction and resistance techniques? A few times - wanted "something"
Gave myself credit when on track - sometimesNot so good: :nono:

Ate unnecessary sweets this evening because they were on offer and it would have been very easy to refuse - not even that nice really so why!?!Working on: :woops:

Keeping it simple and not getting discouraged

03-15-2010, 10:15 AM
:df: WI-up 0.5 lbs. Read my cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

I worked a half day and then we went into town to do errands. My exercise was dodging raindrops as we walked in and out of stores. We are excited about the warming weather and the prospect of daylight after work. So we bought a new charcoal grill yesterday. It’s a got a lot of grill space, which we’ve found we need with so many weekend guests in the summer. It also has some neat features, like the ability to raise and lower the bed of coals. We’ll grill the first sunny day this week! We fixed the wii, so I can weigh-in again. It seems to have been a movie weekend for us – we watched 3 movies, all of them were quite good.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

shepherdess Sounds like a great exercise day on Saturday! Good luck with your reset on the Beck plan; your approach sounds just right.

gardenerjoy I love your response card idea for taking breaks. Reading your post as a :doh: moment for me. I will make a new RC for this as well. Thanks!!

Future Fit Chick Welcome back and glad things are going in a positive direction.

Beverlyjoy The recipe sounds great – thanks!

Susan (hikergirl) Glad you are getting back into the groove…

one by one Thinking about new pants are a great way to get your motivation back – credit!

Kim (bennyhannamama) Sounds like you had a great day!

Bill I’m going to engage in some stereotyping here, and say that men seem much more likely to dislike clothes shopping than women. Is that why clothes sizing is so much more sensible for men? The insanity of women’s clothes sizing is one of my major pet peeves. And actually, your Sisyphus scenario sounds not too far from reality…

Cheryl (seadwaters) What a nice long list of credits! Ouch for the sweets – especially since they weren’t even that tasty…

03-15-2010, 11:20 AM
Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: will try to get to the gym as long as I feel up to it later
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yess
Tracked today’s food: yes

BennyHannahMama, good to see you check in. Your hike sounds great.

BillBlueEyes, too bad about the pot luck. Hope you get some dry weather soon.

ChinaMaine, your grill sounds great.

Hikergirl, thanks for the restrained eating information.

Seadwaters, glad no vehicle bumps today.

03-15-2010, 11:29 AM
Hi there. Sanity has returned to my eating. Whew. I hope that it stays for a while. I will do everything I can to make sure that it stays for a while.

Onebyone – great email focusing on the positive/credits. Wow, you are wonderfully self aware of your food habits. Big, big, big credits to you!

Bennyhannahmama – sounds like you had a great day.

Billblueeyes…insightful comments on restrained versus natural. You are right…I don’t beat myself up when people are able to quickly and easily come up with answers to questions that I find difficult. In these situations I simply think that their minds work differently than mine and that I can probably do some things that they cannot do etc etc. Thank you. On the food front – a big credit to you for eating a spoonful of nuts (you planned and controlled that gnarly “nut” trigger food).

Seadwaters – “nourishing ourselves”---- it sounds simple, but that is the challenge --- in two simple words.

Chinamaine – I just noticed that you have followed the Biet diet/concepts for over a year and I noticed your weight ----- wow, you are doing it! Rock on!

Bye for now.


03-15-2010, 12:06 PM
This is my first new low since February 2nd. Thank you all for being here. I've never before sustained a diet through a plateau that lasted that long and this group is responsible for helping me work through it.

WI: -0.65kg (new low), Exercise: +60, 760/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: Thanks for That's where I learned about the book -- however, I got so focused on it, that I never realized there is enough on the site to get my started. And, there really is! So, a late reminder from you is a blessing!
Glad to see you back -- sorry it took a concussion! And, I hope you're feeling better soon.

hikergirl: good job on finding sanity!

onebyone: yay for the pursuit of size 16 jeans and all of your other credits!

bennyhannahmama: that's a nice long list of accomplishments! Go you!

BillBlueEyes: hope you're drying out up there!

seadwaters: glad you arrived safely in Sydney with no accidents and less of a challenge. Yay for that long list of credits!

ChinaMaine: the new grill sounds wonderful! Here's to lots of fun, healthy meals emerging from it!

03-15-2010, 12:51 PM
Had an early St. Patty’s Day last night meal with my DH and FIL. Apparently the corned beef was extremely disappointing, but I wouldn’t know. For me it was cabbage, potatoes, carrots and parsnips, so lots of veggies and carbs—yes I’m a vegetarian that is perfectly fine eating veggies cooked with meat. I actually tolerated some post-dinner hunger, a major accomplishment for me, and just like Beck says, hunger is not an emergency. I don’t know why I keep finding it so tough to remember even though I have demonstrated it a number of times.

I’m back on the checklist and I’m surprised by how many things I have let slide. I thought I would remember without the list, but now I realize I only remember the things that are easy for me to do and rest is conveniently forgotten. I think I’m going to find my lost discipline in this checklist somewhere.

Not a huge amount of exercise. Some gentle yoga and a short walk, but gentle exercise is what I needed. It was a major accomplishment to get some movement at all. It’s amazing how grey skies can bring down my mood so quickly since I’m used to 300 sunny days a year. But the sun is shining again today, so I’m feeling good.

Gardenerjoy, I love that response card. I think I’m going to steal it. Great job getting your exercise and thank you for your thoughts on the natural vs. restrained eater. I think you’re right that some of us may never be able to become natural eaters, but we can still find ways to eat sanely.

FutureFitChick, great to see you again! Kudos for getting the scale to budge, even while your life is so hectic. I’m so impressed by your commitment to get caught up on all of our posts. Hope you get a chance to catch your breath soon.

Hikegirl, great job on sticking to your plan, for the most part. In the Complete Beck Diet for Life book, she suggests starting with just a single meal on the plan and then adding a meal when you have adjusted to the first meal, and so on. So you are doing great easing your way back on plan.

Onebyone, good weigh-ins can sometimes be as tough as bad weigh-ins. Recently I’ve been using it as an excuse to let things slide. I can relate to: “Hunger has always triggered anxiety in me and I am getting over that now by seeing that I can live through hunger very well thankyou.”

Bennyhannamamma, it’s so good to see you posting here again, and great job on all those credits. Kudos for setting up your phone and computer so posting here will be so much easier. A 6.5 mile hike sounds fantastic.

BillBE, yay for a controlled serving of nuts! Sorry about the memorial service and for the unplanned eating that it brought about.

You have a good criticism of the article maybe I will never be able to read my body’s signals properly. But I really saw a weakness in myself with the restrained eater who binges in situations where control is lost (i.e. they had a fattening milk shake and so take 4 times (!) the ice cream they would have normally eaten). Dieters need to be very careful because there is good evidence that dieting leads to eating disorder, which is what this article discusses, and something I have struggled with. The author, Mary Hartley, R.D., is an advocate of a book Intuitive Eating, which is a “diet” designed for people recovering from eating disorders. The problem with many diets is that the food is still in control. Beck has really helped me because her program is teaching me how I can gain control over the food, which we do by learning to be flexible with our eating. I think the article is making a distinction between discipline and overly rigid eating.

Seadwaters, what a great list of credits! Yay for taking the stairs. I know this is especially difficult because you’re dealing with fatigue. It’s so odd to hear about your seasons, since it is so opposite. My brother married an Australian—they were married in Sydney and he wanted to get married at the end of Nov because he wanted a winter anniversary. His wife pointed out that Nov was the middle of summer, but no matter how long he lived in the S. Hemisphere, Nov was still winter for him.

ChinaMaine, now you have me thinking about outdoor grilling. I love meals outside in the warm weather. Now that I think about it, that is the only time I naturally eat slowly and savor my food. I don’t know why that is. Kudos for your continuing long lists of credits.

03-15-2010, 02:05 PM
Good Morning:

seadwaters- sorry about your bad week. You have enough to deal with without the car problems at the same time. I think you are very wise to figure out what you can deal with, do that and not worry about the rest right now. The first 2 weeks of Beck will help you through.

My new response card is your quote (hope you don't mind): "Keep it simple and don't get discouraged."

Beverlyjoy- yay for changing your game plan during the day. And for taking the time to redo some response cards. You will be well prepared for your trip.

BillBlueEyes- hurray for walking in the rain. I agree with you that walking in the rain is fun. Anything works for me except walking in the heat. Give me -25 over +25 anytime (just for walking, not for anything else)!! Sorry to hear about your friend.

ChinaMaine-kuddos for doing yard work and eating on plan.

Shepherdess-good for you for taking steps to get eating on track.

gardenerjoy- I like your new response card. Congratulations on your new low.

FutureFitChick-glad things are going well for you.

hikergirl- it is good that you are feeling more sane with your eating and that the slide is over. Thanks for the info on restrained and natural eaters. I am so not a natural eater.

onebyone-you are doing so well at identifying your sabotaging thoughts. I have to battle them every day too. Some days are good and some are not. "I don't care" is a frequent one for me, that and "just this once. I will get back on plan tomorrow."

bennyhannahmama-credit for posting, taking steps to make posting easier, eating mindfully and slowly, getting exercise and planning your next day's work out.

For me:

Sunday was hard. Ate sugar in the form of Costco cookies. I felt sort of sick after. And I am glad I felt sort of sick. I'm going to try to remember that feeling next time I am tempted. I wonder if it would help to eat a small piece of chocolate every night to see if that would hold off the overdoses? I find I don't think about sugar for a certain amount of time and then I have a sugar binge. This never happened to me before I was in my later forties. Before it was all about overeating carbs and fat. Oh well, deal with it!!!

Credit today for:
weighing in
riding exercise bike 30 mins
doing weights
having a plan for healthy eating


03-15-2010, 02:19 PM

03-15-2010, 02:46 PM
Hi Becksters - coaches/buddies...

Yesterday was a healthy day....I am always grateful for that! I've been working some more on my taxes. I am self, it's kind of a pain. But, managable, of course. Last night I was feeling frustrated, anxious and a bit of pain. I have a hard time taking pain meds...nsaids have given me an ulcer in the past - so, I try to manage just taking them when absolutely necessary. Usually I take arthritis tylenol and use ice. Anyway...I was having difficulty last night. I was scrounging around the kitchen and had a hand full of DH's sesame sticks. I fought with myself about putting them in my good I know they taste. Then I was willing to think about oh well, no choice and the anti craving techniques. I threw them in the trash. CREDIT!!!! Every single day I write down all the anti-craving techniques in my journal - I have them memorized by now. For me, it's always been about willingness - I am grateful that I was willing to use them.

feel fullness - working on it (I am trying to follow those bites down to my tummy to feel any fullness
ate seated, no seconds, fork down between bites
read arc/rc - one time
looked at beck book
redid a response card
left a bite of food with meals and snackx
gave credit a few times
used anti craving techniques
planned food
reading about preparing for travel.

oops -
no exercise
no spontaneous exercise
changed my night time snack
working on eating slower

I don't have time now to do the personals. I hope to come back later. Have a Beck Day!

Thank you for all your support and friendship.

03-15-2010, 05:30 PM
I'm going to try plowing forward. Later today I will work on making a schedule. I feel a lot of resistance to this because following a set schedule will be one more thing I "should" be doing. I don't do well with "should"s, I rebel :( So, I may need to structure things more loosely, I'll see. Today is going well so far. I woke up at 5 am to exercise and I feel fantastic both that I woke up to do it and because I feel good from the workout. :broc:
I've also given myself credit for the good things I've done so far :broc:
Today is day 1 of quitting smoking (again!- I've stupidly let myself think I can have an occasional cigarette-- I'm done for good now!) :broc:

I'm on a lunch break at work right now, so it's difficult to really figure out how I want to handle this. I would like to get to some personals right now.

Since it's been so long, I'm just going to look at yesterday's posts until now.


Kudos to you for preparing for your trip. Is it a vacation?


Yeah for walking in the rain! I remember when you got your rain gear and I also remember the time you didn't walk because of the rain and I reminded you that you had purchased rain gear :D I really love doing any activity in the rain!


Glad you had such a nice Saturday... I'm very impressed with your consistency of the "good" things.


Yeah for your long-run in perfect weather! I'm planning on re-joining one of the running groups I've belonged to in the past. I find that I just don't have enough motivation to do it entirely on my own.
It sounds like you have a good plan for getting yourself back on track-- don't forget to give yourself credit for all the great things you are doing!


Good point about taking breaks! Let us know how that Response Card works for you. Again, thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!


Thank you so much for your really sweet response. Of course, it always helps to know I'm not alone :) How did you get a concussion and I hope you're okay!


Sounds like you're headed in the right direction! Hopefully we can continue to motivate one another. Thanks for all your reminders and support! Oh and I appreciated the information on restrained eater vs. natural eater, thank you.


Although things have been difficult lately, you're still here posting, examining your thoughts and moving along-- kudos to you for that and all the good things you are doing. I can't wait to read your post about buying a pair of size 16 jeans :D

That's all I can do for now. Hope to be back later.

03-15-2010, 10:52 PM
THANK YOU for all your support and good vibes. I got them right away! Today at therapy I got the news that I'm not responsible for anyone else's feelings, good or bad, and that its too much of a burden to carry all that and it doesn't work anyway, so its a wasted effort. Kind of like eating, hoping that it will take away the hurt, or fill the emptiness. etc etc. That doesn't work either. So what's left for self-medicating? Or is that a hinderance to real relating? I guess that is what I am trying to deal with: self-medicating and the sterile world of that, either over eating or any kind of over indulging vs real relationships. hmmmmm.
Saw the Last Station this evening with friends. It was very therapeutic: about marriage aka War and Peace. It makes sense going through a midlife crisis. I guess Tolstoy and his Countess (Plummer and Mirren) were in midlife crises for many a year, together. The machinations! I cried. We all cried. Cathartic. I hope to respond to your sharing soon... much love to you all in the meantime.

03-16-2010, 06:50 AM
:df: WI-down 0.4 lbs. Read my RC, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (40m).

It was a good day all-around. Food, exercise and work were all reasonable. The toughest part was getting out of bed in the face of the time change. But it was well worth it because I could work until 5:45 PM and still have time for a 40 m walk before it got dark. And it was almost 50 degrees still! It made me feel like Spring really is here…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Future Fit Chick Kudos for eating slowly and mindfully!

Susan (hikergirl) Yay that sanity has returned to your eating! Yep it’s been over a year that I’ve been doing Beck.

shepherdess Bravo for ‘hunger is not an emergency’ – that really impresses me! By default I still think hunger is an emergency – and it takes real effort to convince myself otherwise. About the checklist – it’s why I started adding the list to my daily posts – because otherwise I let things slip but think I’m doing the plan…

CeeJay It’s an interesting idea to eat a small amount of sweets occasionally to keep binges at bay. It seems a reasonable idea to me, but who knows? ;)

Beverlyjoy WOW what an accomplishment throwing away those sesame sticks! Working the Beck strategies is certainly working for you…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Perhaps it’s not a ‘should’ but a ‘want’. You want to be healthy and be able to control your own diet. So you want to learn to do the things that support that, right?

midlifecrisis I'm not responsible for anyone else's feelings, good or bad – powerful news indeed.

03-16-2010, 07:18 AM
Not a bad day all round - not far to drive to work or the hospital which is always a novelty. I am beginning to get burns so that is a bummer but not much longer - the nurse was terrific and gave me good advice and treatments to take home and use.

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
Checked in to my diet coaches - here I am
Sat down to eat - yes - always
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - pretty much - still not putting down my cutlery - will have to add that
Spontaneous exercise - Not really - no opportunities
Weighed myself (if at home) - not at home
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yep - knew I was hungry for lunch and didn't finish what I have
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Didn't need to - I was so distracted didn't think about food much
Gave myself credit when on track - sometimesNot so good: :nono:

No exercise and a bit out of focusWorking on: :woops:

Keeping it simple and not getting discouraged - still

03-16-2010, 07:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Worked hard. Felt good about it. Drove home in the rain. Realized that I didn't want to walk to the gym in the rain. Walked to the gym anyway. Good workout; CREDIT moi.

Eating was on-plan; CREDIT moi. Good news is that lunch included the fourth of five Lean Cuisine frozen meals that I bought on sale a loooog time ago. Good news only because it's now gone. I really don't like them. Don't even remember which species it was - I've already made up my mind that they all taste alike so I don't try to like them. Supplemented it with leftover butternut squash mashed with apples; now that was good. I have a rendezvous in the basement before I can go to work; Ugh.

ChinaMaine - Yay for buying a new charcoal grill to show you believe that spring will come. And Yay for posting before me this morning despite the time change, LOL. Yep, I only know one man who likes shopping for clothes. It shows; his presentation is impeccable every day - even at work.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for waking up at 5am to exercise. Good stuff, that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on a new low; just love that feeling myself.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yep, welcome "Sanity has returned to my eating." May it stay a while.

CeeJay - Costco cookies making you feel sick is such good feedback. Yay for small servings of good dark chocolate.

FutureFitChick - Yay for continuing with your planned exercise.

Shepherdess - Neat that you're doing the checklists to discover what you've overlooked. I generally choose to "overlook" the things that I don't want to do - because they're the things that will change my behavior, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for taxes; Ouch for "sesame sticks." Did you ever wish to cover taxes with dish-washing detergent and stuff them in the waste bin when you're feeling the urge to prepare them? Taxes are not an emergency, LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - Thanks for the review of the Last Station; I just added that to my list.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Ouch for "Didn't reverse into anyone today" being the positive statement of the day. Whatever, LOL. Kudos for continuing to eat mindfully with every bite.

Readers - Week 4
Respond to Sabotaging Thoughts

How are your weight-loss efforts going so far? I hope you're using your Cognitive Therapy skills daily. Some are probably automatic by now. Some are probably still difficult for you. For example, it probably still takes a lot of effort to plan and monitor what you eat, to tolerate craving, and to use good eating habits. Other skills might still require considerable thought and energy, too. Your might need to go back frequently to reread previous material in this book. Stick with it! Your skills will become more and more automatic with each passing day. As you keep practicing, they'll all become second nature. At that point, everything will be much, much easier for you.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 178.

03-16-2010, 09:02 AM
Hi coaches and beck buddies...

Yesterday was a healthy day...I am grateful. Still working on the taxes...making progress. Yes, Bill - I would LOVE to dump liquid dish soap on them and throw them in the trash!!

I went to my back doctor (DO) and got a manipulation...always helps the back. It always feels great right away, sore the next day and good the day after that for days.

A couple folks have asked why I am postponing my foot surgery. Many reasons, really. We have crappy insurance - with a $6000 out of pocket co-pay before the insurance company pays one dime. I would like to keep working to get money saved for the surgery. I need to be available to take care of my mom because she needs to have surgery. I have a hard time taking medications - I have a hard time thinking about facing the side effects of them. The recovery time is 4 - 9 monthes. Three monthes with non-weight bearing. My orthopedic doctor confirmed my fears that wearing a cast and a ortho boot WILL aggravate my back (that I will need to get a lift or special shoe to even out the level) and.....I am not brave about these things in general. That's why I am waiting as long as I can manage. My dear DH says to do whenever I want - not to worry about any of it. However, I am kind of a worry wort. No one need worry in my presence...I'll worry for them

I am still trying to prepare mentally for my 10 day trip. Am hoping and planning.

gave credit
fork down, seated, no seconds
planned and logged food
lots of water
left a bite for snacks and meals
read arc/rc
feeling fullness - some of the time
tasting food - most of the time
mindful slow eating - most of the time
preparing for travel
used resistance techniques

no exercerise
no spontaneous exercise
changed evening snack (fit it in and wrote it down)

Bill - good for you walking to the gym - in the rain. Glad you got your frozen meals just about gone...great add on. What's in the basement?

seadwaters - sorry to hear about the burns starting...I am glad the nurse was helpful. Big credit on being able to use the beck principles even while you are feeling the best. Feel better.

chinamarie - down .4 of a pound - hey, that's almost two sticks of butter. I am so happy that your program is going well. Yes...enjoy these springy days!

midlifecrisis - I am so glad to hear that therapy was so helpful. YES - eating will not taking away stress and all that. I wish we could tatoo this on our brains. It helps me to write it down daily in my journal.

bennihannahmama - good for you....first day of not spoking, getting up and doing exercises right and and planning when you don't really like doing it. You asked about my time away from home. First part of the trip - I am doing a birthday party for my wonderful stepmom - her 85th. I'll have lots of help from dh, cousins, and son. Then off to East Lansing (near you) to spend a week with my son, dil, and gs...also doing some programs at two elementary school. The best part of that trip is spending time with my gs!

Shout out to everyone!!!! Have a good beck day.

03-16-2010, 11:45 AM
Hi there....posting. I stood on the scale. Went to the gym...otherwise--food totally off plan yesterday. I will regroup. I have kept the minimum commitment to myself 1) post to this thread every day 2) stand on the scale every day.
Bye for now

03-16-2010, 03:49 PM
My second new low in two days!

And, I passed the mid-point of this month's exercise goal yesterday on the Ides of March.

WI: -0.25kg (new low), Exercise: +45, 805/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: congratulations on successfully finding a place for hunger is not an emergency. My favorite way to keep daily checklists is either laminated or put in one of those vinyl sheet protectors like you put in scrapbooks -- a dry erase marker can be used to check off the item each day. In the morning, I use a rag to erase the previous day's checks (or stars) and I'm ready to go again.

CeeJay: One of my daily snacks is 1/4 cup filled with half nuts and half dark chocolate chips. This seems to give me the feeling of a treat without actually triggering cravings for less healthy things. Nuts have all kinds of micronutrients and dark chocolate has antioxidants. Measuring is important, though, since they are calorie dense -- not measuring was a primary cause of my plateau.
I'm currently reading The Instinct Diet by Susan B. Roberts and she says that dark chocolate rarely triggers cravings, even in people for whom milk chocolate is a trigger. I've found that to be true for me.

Beverlyjoy: yay for all your credits, especially using anticraving techniques!

bennyhannahmama: what a long post! Good to see the dancing broccoli.
My inner rebel can get activated by shoulds and should nots, too. Lately, I've been keeping her busy with one of my Advantage cards: "Living an extraordinary life is a subversive act." That comes from reading Michael Pollan and David Kessler's books that talk about a food industry gone mad and how hard it is to simply eat real food in the modern world. My inner rebel likes the idea of being subversive and will, usually, help me with that goal rather than sabotage it.

midlifecrisis57: glad you are getting some rewarding experiences from therapy and from movies!

ChinaMaine: good job taking advantage of Daylight Savings Time the way it was intended!

seadwaters: "not a bad day all around" is doing pretty good under the circumstances. Glad you found a helpful nurse--a good nurse makes a wonderful difference.

BillBlueEyes: way to go with walking to the gym in the rain -- your weather made the national news last night. It sounds just awful.

hikergirl: good job keeping up with the basics -- that will ground the rest of your efforts!

03-16-2010, 06:00 PM
Ok, I've officially found something more frustrating than losing a post- losing a post I've typed on my Blackberry :( Anyway, last night I obviously never made it back to post. Should have gone to bed after I got my kids to bed at 8, but instead I stayed awake and really missed my cigarettes. I ended up doing some unplanned eating, but I made sure to read my 3 Advantages before I ate, I was sitting down and I ate mindfully and slowly :broc: I also made it through my 1st 24 hours w/out smoking :broc:
So, I refuse to continue to let myself stay stuck on Day 8: Create Time & Energy, but yet I continue to be resistant to making a set schedule. So, I am compromising by saying that the few mornings a week I have kid-free time, working on Beck will be top priority. That might involve exercise, planning, posting, etc. It's not ideal, but at least I now feel like I can move forward. Would love to hear how some you successfully implemented Day 8.

03-16-2010, 09:50 PM
Hi Coaches

Yesterday I took my mom out. My mom is being treated for Alzheimer's but she's just really forgetful at this stage but I think she is a tiny bit worse that the last time I was out with her. I can't put my finger on it but the sadess it's triggered in me tells me it is so. Of course, with the time change, I lost that hour and so I was catching the morning bus at 7:30am to go across town to her place (3 buses to do that) and I made it for 9am. I was worn out before we started out. We went gambling, my mom's fav thing to do, and since money is not an issue for her as my sister who controls her finances, has built it into her budget, we go 2x a month, or more if we win. Anyway she was a bit worse, a bit more confused, than before. When we came home on the bus she wanted to comment on a woman's piece of jewelery and she asked me, in Hungarian, if I still remembered how to speak/understand Hungarian. I do and I did and she commented on her ring and we chatted about it and laughed and then spoke Hungarian here and there the rest of the trip back to her house. This was both sweet and bittersweet for me. The reason I speak Hungarian is because my grandmother/her mother raised me as she raised her. I grew up with my grandmother, not my mother. I am the only one of my mother's children who can speak Hungarian. So speaking this language, and especially in the way we were usng it, to talk about others, really reminded me of days long gone where my grandmother and I would share this secret bond between the two of us. I wanted to pursue it with my mother and I didn't. We never speak Hungarian to each other and yet, she remembered it flawlessly and I wonder if it wouldn't be a good thing and I could further use my Hungarian so I don't forget it. But I just felt so sad :( Like I just got this special version of my mother and I can feel her starting to change and slip a little bit more away. Plus, she is so hard on herself. Merciless. She told her dinner-table companion that we were going to the casino when I arrived to take her out and then she called herself "just so stupid" and "so dumb" for telling her eating companion where she was going. She calls herself stupid a lot now. It really bothers me and she won't stop. She repeated about being so stupid for telling P at the table where she was going more than a few times as she forgets and she speaks in loops. It takes a few loops before she gets caught up in the next one. There were no loops speaking Hungarian though come to think of it. Maybe I'll test that out the next time I am there with her.

Anyway why talk about all of this. Well I ate over it. She likes candy and I suggested we get candy. I wanted to feel better. I did not want to feel really sad with her beside me on the bus and I could feel myself slipping into it. So we got cookies and a choc bar and gummies. One package of each for each of us. We enjoyed eating them together and my blood sugar rose and I made it to the end of our visit without crying. I almost cried on the way home on the bus but managed to keep it in until I sat down to eat with DH. He said no matter what, every day I visit my mom is a good day, even if I don't always think it is, it is. And that going to visit is the best thing, the only thing, I can do as I can't change the course of her illness but I can visit.

Coaches it's tough. I need to be better prepared for my visits now. they really make me want to eat so I have to get a handle on it. I also ate sugar today at the movie theatre. They, ironically, had the exact thing that I had decided I would have at the store that turned out to not be the thing. The movie theatre didn't have the regular discounted ticket+ popcorn/pop combo they've had for forever. We purchased an expensive combo on top of our ticket and I, of course, was starving so the smallest combo was big popcorn, two drinks plus one candy. It felt fated I should eat them and so I did-credit though for sharing with DH and handing him the bag with some left in it. I was, however, done in, again, by my lack of planning. I am practicing life avoidance bigtime. I'm not sure I wanted to resist eating that stuff...
Right now I don't want to move forward.
As if there is a choice eh? Not really.
I don't want to fall backward though and regain weight that's for sure. I certainly do not want to wear and own those new floodpants long enough to wear out the inner thighs on them. :p ugh.

O well. No choice. Dr. Beck is right. Put it behind me, learn from it, and move on. Practice makes progress; progress not perfection.

Thanks for reading coaches.

03-17-2010, 06:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went walking after work in shorts!!! CREDIT moi. Could feel the sun. Felt like Noah walking about after the waters receded. Made the walk an errand to stop at a nearby library, which was closed because it was Tuesday. In a zillion years I'll never remember the hours of this particular library - til 8pm some nights, til 5pm some, closed now and then. Oh Well.

Eating on-plan without interest, CREDIT moi. Except for the orange for evening snack. I'm into my oranges these days - they are just unbelievably good. Thanks to all you California growers out there.

onebyone - Just wonderful that you can have such a lovely day with your mom. It's been such a journey for you over the past few years to be able to do that. And it's neat that you cherish each of these visits - especially since they'll be less frequent when you're a resident of some neat neighborhood in London.

ChinaMaine - Yep, the time change does grant a slice of daylight for an evening walk. I saw a Turkey Vulture from my backyard yesterday - my first time ever from my own yard; they're just not that common around here. My DW reminds me that that's a sure sign of Spring since they've been gone for the winter.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Ouch for lost posts - especially on a Blackberry since I don't know if they have a feature of opening another window with a file where you can save your posts before hitting [Submit]. Big Kudos for the first 24 hours without a cigarette.

Creating time and energy was a big one for me. I found that I wanted all the benefits of losing the weight, keeping it off, and getting into shape without any effort on my part. For me, I just had to make the commitment to allocate the time spent on this board, the time spent going to the gym and walking, and time spent shopping for the stuff I need for my lunches. I still want that all to fit into zero hours per week, but I'm better about the walking time now that I've learned to make it an excursion, an errand, or an exploration into the changing season.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for keeping up with your exercise plan for March. Yep, our weather was worth making national news. You'll have to tolerate my repeated references to Noah - that's just the way I've felt for a few days. Been pondering what they talked about on the Ark, "Looks like rain," LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yep, keep to your minimum commitments - you'll pull yourself forward one day at a time. And then slowly you'll feel yourself getting up and starting to run.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for continuing your planning for the ten day trip. (If I've got the story right, Noah had to pack for 40 days and 40 nights - without a refrigerator, LOL.) It's new to me to hear the word "manipulation" for a DO session; descriptive term. In my basement was an attempt to accumulate my fair share of the 10 inches of rain that fell around here for some three days - attempting to make itself at home but thwarted by a constant removal by my DW and I using a wet-vac. But, that's all over; the sky is blue again. That's why I have Noah on my brain.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Kudos for continuing with your Beck strategies despite having good reasons to be distracted. Ouch for the burns - emailing homemade chicken soup which was declared to cure everything when I was a kid.

Readers - Week 4
Respond to Sabotaging Thoughts

This week you'll continue to build your sense of control and confidence. Each day, you'll identify and respond to the sabotaging thoughts that have previously led you to unplanned eating. You'll learn how to respond to

Disappointment: I really wish I could eat this.
Unfairness: It's not fair that they can eat that food and I can't.
Feeling Overwhelmed: This is too hard. I can't keep this up.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 178.

03-17-2010, 07:12 AM
Diet coaches
Today was a good day - one day closer to finish, well cared for by nurses, good day at work. I came back home today and tomorrow I don't have to go to radiotherapy - it is machine maintenance day! And I get to work at home and not drive to Sydney for work either so it will be so nice to be in my home and able to catch up on work.

Food was fairly chaotic today because my schedule was all over the place so I scavenged as I could. I even found myself walking around eating an apple. I find it hard to see eating an apple while walking about as a bad thing. Once when on (yet another) diet, I used to walk the dogs in the afternoon and take along an apple - I loved it and if I didn't get an apple a day life felt strange. But I suppose it is mindless eating - although I always savoured that apple

It is interesting to read/see you all talking about the weather - the rain, the dark mornings, the difference. And how it affects your lives. I am hanging out for Autumn - and it is nearly here.

I got home very late so I am off to get organised before I fade. A big wave to all

03-17-2010, 07:46 AM
:df: WI-up 0.2 lbs. Did not read my cards, or make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (33m).

Yesterday I made the long trek down to Portland for 2 doctor’s appointments. The last time I discussed my fatigue issues with my former primary physician, she told me she wouldn’t try ‘for perfection’ (and couldn’t look me in the eyes when she said it). The week after (in October), I got myself on a waiting list for a different primary care physician. I finally got an appointment with the new doctor yesterday and what a difference. She thought of a half dozen things that could be causing my fatigue and insomnia, and we are going to start trying them right away. For example, my levels of vitamin D are in the normal range, but they are sufficiently low that they could be causing fatigue. So she’s going to have me take 50K units of vitamin D once per week for six weeks to punch the levels up quickly. I’ll eliminate alcohol for 2 weeks, and then try a different allergy med for the two weeks after that. I’ll see her again in 4 weeks to discuss how each of those worked. Then, since peri-menopause can cause fatigue and insomnia, we’ll discuss whether it makes sense to try Effexor to mitigate those symptoms. (I guess this anti-depressant can reduce some symptoms of menopause, who’da thunk?) There are a couple of other things we might try, but those are the top 4. I’m thrilled to have a doctor who thinks and problem solves, rather than just runs through a checklist and kicks the patient out the door.

My next doctor’s appointment was 5 hours later, so I was a migrant telecommuter looking for the mythical place where I could find an electrical plug, wifi (would have paid even!) *and* lunch. I never found anyplace where I could do all three at once, but I was able to attend a requirements review at Starbucks, work on a design document and have lunch at empty tourist-y restaurant, and then found free wi-fi that allowed me to walk one of my new resources (in Brazil) through the intricacies of one of our internal tools on webmeeting, plus IM with a developer (in Morocco). How my work world has changed in the last 15 years…

As Bill mentioned, the weather here was fantastic yesterday. So I enjoyed the sun and the warmth as I searched for a place to work. After my last appointment I drove out to the Promenade where you get a gorgeous view of Casco Bay and all its islands. There’s a nice urban park there with paths at the top of a bluff, as well as another along the water; there’s also a large playground, green-space, and a beach. People and dogs were everywhere; it seemed as though everyone wanted to come out and greet our early spring. The beach seems to be an unofficial dog park with dogs playing together, while their ‘parents’ watch from the sidelines, wearing leashes around their necks where winter scarves would have been a couple of weeks ago. I am a country girl at heart, but do enjoy the sense of community you can experience in a city…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – lots!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Cheryl (seadwaters) Kudos for recognizing hunger, etc., including not finishing your lunch! Yes, I still have to remind myself to put down my cutlery during a meal too… I love your positive, pragmatic attitude. I hope the next couple of weeks go by quickly. And, I think it’s okay to eat the apple while walking about, if you are eating it mindfully (my 2 cents…)

Bill You went from wading in the basement to walking in shorts within 12 hours – lol.

Beverlyjoy Yay for putting your fork down and for leaving a bite at snacks and meals! And another yay for another healthy day…

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for posting (especially on a day when it may have been tempting not to)! It’ll help you get back on track more quickly.

gardenerjoy Two lows in two days – kudos!

Kim (bennyhannamama) Yay for 24 hours without smoking!

one by one :hug: Sending supportive thoughts your way. You are being a wonderful, supportive daughter.

03-17-2010, 07:51 AM
Hi Beck Buddies & Coaches -

Goodness - yesterdays food took several twists and turns. :dizzy: A few things changed along the way - however - I was able to stay in my calorie range. I am grateful. Part of it was being extremely busy, running around, doing a project, going to the dentist and thinking about weighing today. I didn't do alot of Beck tasks. I 'made' myself read my arc/rc before I went to sleep - so at least that was done.

I did weigh this morning. The scale shows that I have lost 3 pounds since last Tuesday. :carrot: I am thrilled and happy! I know we're not suppose to hop on and off the scale. But, I had to check to see if it wasn't a fluke.

Today - I have much to do for the first leg of my trip. I have most of the things done for the 85th birthday party. I am getting excited to see some cousins I haven't seen since the last family wedding.

I am anxious, however, to be out of my food comfort zone. I have my rc, journal, beck book and I will try to carry on. I'll be using the food exchange plan., plus allowing up to 3 hundred extra calories daily. That seemed to work well when I was travelling in February. I am hoping for the willingness to use the Beck techniques. I will try to carry on. I am feeling hopeful because I was able and willing to try last time. I'll take it a day at a time.

planned food (although it changed during the day - I didn't go crazy)
logged food
fork down, no seconds, ate seated
lots of water
left a bite of food after each meal and snack
read arc/rc one time
stretches and strengthening

oops -
changed plan
ate way too fast
didn't use many resistance techniques
no spontaneous exercise
did not look at beck book
didn't think about fullness

chinamarie - I am SO glad you found a new primary physician. It will make a huge difference when you feel more of a connection with your doctor. She seems to be making really sensible suggestions. I am always so happy for you because you continually eat mindfully and enjoying each bite. big credit, indeed.

seadwaters - I am glad you get a respite from your treatments. Sounds like you need it. It seems if you are very very mindful about eating your apple while walking the dogs...perhaps, it could be your only exception to the rule. I don't know if this is bad advice - maybe. Other's feel free to chime in. I have a friend in Melborne - she is tired of the hot weather and ready for fall. It's fun and funny to hear everyone always talks about the weather no matter what hemisphere in which you live!

bill - shorts! 0 wowzer! Good for you walking to the library even though it ended up being closed. Hope the basement is doing well. I have been loving Clementines this year - they are extra good.

onebyone - I am sorry it's so hard to visit your mom with her slipping away. It's a heart break. I think it's nice that you two are speaking Hungarian - yes, a special thing. As far as the food - it is over - dust yourself off, move forward the best you can, forgive yourself and plan, pla, plan. Glad you posted all this.

bennyhanamama - GREAT being smoke free for a day. As for day eight - making time. What I have done is to get up early and do my journal, write down all the things I hopefully will check off at the end of the day. I count calories, so I jot them down in my journal as the goes along. I try to go over 'the lisit' before I go to bed.

gardenjoy - WOW a new low in weight and surpassing your exercise goal....that major credit. Awesome

hikergirl - big credit for checking in and getting on the scale. You can do this!!!!

Shout out to everyone that stops by. Tomorrow I start the first leg of my journey. I will check in as often as I can - every day, I hope. Thanks for being my coach and buddy.

03-17-2010, 08:17 AM
:wave: to all Beckies. Glad that you are out there, Becking along, step by step.

I'm impelled to post (from my BlackBerry) as I am in a neat London neighbourhood, just fuelling up with a planned salad before my next meeting at the British Library! Hope it's open!

How my work has changed too over the last 15 years. How adaptable we are.

03-17-2010, 10:26 AM
Day 5: Eat Slowly and Mindfully

I'm a fast eater from a family of fast eaters. This is not an easy goal for me. I'm going to combine it with another goal that isn't easy for me -- eliminate soda. A crucial piece to achieve this is to drink more tea. Since I like to read while I eat, I'm going to eat breakfast and lunch without the distraction of reading, then linger over a cup of tea, rewarding myself with my book or magazine. Umm. But that starts tomorrow because today is volunteer day and I need a fast breakfast and will be eating lunch with DH in the cafe.

WI: +0.5kg, Exercise: +0, 805/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bennyhannahmama: that sounds like a terrific compromise to give yourself time to make your health a priority in a busy life. I'll try to remember to write a detailed post when I get to Day 8.

onebyone: sounds like you are doing a good job working through things, figuring out where you can plan better next time, and getting some perspective on tough issues.

BillBlueEyes: an orange for breakfast is the reason I've been getting out of bed when it's gray out -- especially since the time change. It's like eating sunshine.

seadwaters: I think maybe you could grant yourself permission to eat an apple while walking since you savor it and it has pleasant and healthy associations for you. Sometimes I find that allowing myself one small little rebellion makes it easier to stick to all of my other rules. Ah, reading further, I see that I agree with Beverlyjoy on this.

ChinaMaine: If you think your symptoms may be from perimenopause, I recommend The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup. I'm eating ground flax seeds and sauteed tempeh because of reading that book. I haven't had fatigue, but I have been dealing with some insomnia and that seemed to help. I've also been following some of the traditional advice for insomnia (bedtime ritual, firm bedtime, etc). So I'm not entirely sure whether the isoflavones in the soy or the insomnia tactics have helped more. Good job on seeking out a doctor that's going to work for you.

Beverlyjoy: I think you have a great plan for the trip and that all this thinking about it is helping you find that willingness. Plus, it helps to be able to build on the success of your last trip. You go, girl!

silverbirch: thanks for checking in from London and giving me a vicarious trip to the British Library!

03-17-2010, 11:16 AM
Hi. Quick post. I am off travelling from this morning until Sunday. I am not taking my pc. Will do everything I can to get onto this site to post. I guess that means I have to remember my password :)

Not a good day with food yesterday. Bad actually. I did stand on the scale this morning (yikes...not pretty) and I am posting.


03-17-2010, 03:46 PM
Wow, what a weird day. I sat down to post yesterday am, then everything changed. Nothing big or catastrophic; just woke up with one plan for my day then and within 15 minutes I was on another path. Oh well, it’s nice to be needed. I tried posting while I was grabbing a bite for lunch (so not Beck) but was having trouble with the site and didn’t have the time to deal with it. I have a similar day today, but at least I knew it was coming and am ready for it.

So credit for eating on plan, even if the timing of my meals was not what I was expecting. Another credit for catching a quick run—yes, thanks to the time change.

Gardenerjoy, huge congrats on the new low and for sticking it out through the plateau. Kudos to you for doing the hard work to figure out what was going wrong. Great job hitting your mid-month exercise goals. Thanks for the idea of a laminated checklist. That’s a great idea. I love your idea to skip reading while you eat, then read while savoring a cup of tea. I’m an eat and read type of person as well.

CeeJay, ouch for unplanned cookies. Good luck remembering that they make you feel sick the next time you are tempted. You got me thinking that it’s worth making a response card, “Eating off plan makes me feel sick” or something. Good job getting your exercise.

Bennyhannamamma, I’ve missed all your dancing broccoli! Great job getting them moving again. Kudos for the am workout and thank you for the reminder to give myself credit (not my strong point). Congrats on making it through your first 24hrs without smoking.

Midlifecrisis57, yay for a great therapy session and a cathartic movie! So glad you are feeling better. You’re right that when we stop eating to deal with unpleasant feelings, we are forced to face those challenges head on. It’s a difficult thing to do and, at least for me, it’s a work in progress.

ChinaMaine, I agree that it’s tough to get out of bed after the time change, but it is nice to have more daylight in the evening. Love that warm weather and the chance to get outdoors and exercise. Glad you have a doctor who is willing to find solutions to your fatigue.

Seadwaters, ouch for getting the burns, but glad you had a good nurse to help you find a solution. I’m so impressed by people who realize they are not hungry and stop eating. So often I think, “I planned it; I must be hungry.” Most of us can’t enjoy or pay attention to food if we eat while standing, but if you are savoring your apple while you eat it while walking, then I think it’s just fine. Yay for machine maintenance day.

BillBE, LOL at getting rid of Lean Cuisine in the freezer. I just recently threw out a bunch that I had bought for DH a while back—I’m constantly trying to find a healthy lunch he likes. Lean Cuisine is not the answer. I’m so impressed by your walk to the gym in the rain. I forgot what it’s like to live in a wet climate. I think you said you got 2.5 inches in one day—that’s a wet month for us. Glad the waters are receding.

Beverlyjoy, yay for winning the battle with the sesame sticks! For me, the battle is over once the food is in hand so huge credit for that. Ouch for taxes—tis the season. Glad you got the back manipulation. Ouch for the upcoming soreness, but yay that it’ll feel good once you get through that. LOL at being a professional worrier. I am not, but I have some people who do the worrying for me. Congrats on another 3 lbs down.

Hikegirl, kudos for the weighing and posting. These aren’t small things; you can build on these two areas of discipline. Good luck regrouping.

Onebyone, So sorry about watching your mom go through Alzheimer’s. It is cool, though, like you said, bittersweet, to be able to share a special bond over speaking Hungarian. Ouch for the unplanned sugar, but good job using the experience to think about what you can do better next time. Great line: “Practice makes progress; progress not perfection.

SilverBirch, waving back. So jealous of your visit to the British Library.

03-17-2010, 09:48 PM
Today I made sure that my Beck tasks were top priority. After dropping the kids at school I came home and made a menu for the rest of the week and a shopping list. It was wonderful to go shopping on my own and have a plan. Unfortunately, between food shopping, a trip to the bank, getting gas for my car and dropping off a green snack at my daughter's school, that was all the kid-free time I had. So, since I ran out of time for exercise, I figured I would do it tonight.

My daughter joined an incredible group called, Girls on the Run and her second meeting was today. We rode our bikes to the school (I was pulling a trailer with my almost 40 lb 5 yo) and my son let me do one lap with my daughter (he didn't want me to leave him any more than that). He and I played Frisbee while the girls did their running. I made sure to hustle for it and his accuracy (or lack there of) helped me get some extra running in :) Then we biked back. It wasn't quite a full workout, but I'm still okay with it :D

Commit in Writing:

The spontaneous exercise I'm going to daily is:

- take stairs instead of elevators
- bring things upstairs instead of leaving them on the staircase
- park further away
- go for bike rides with my kids
- take a short walk during my lunch break

The planned exercise I'm going to do several days a week is:

- using the elliptical in my basement
- going for runs
- going for hikes
- re-joining my running group

So, I've decided I'm going to re-join my running group (Women in Motion) and I'm very excited-- it starts next week. It will be challenging because I either will only be able to go every-other-week, or I'll need to find a babysitter for my kids on the weeks that they're with me. That will be difficult though for a number of reasons. #1 I work on those Wednesdays, which many times means I don't pick them up from daycare until close to 6pm-- the same time I'd need to leave for the group and they'll need dinner. #2 The cost of a babysitter :( #3 I only have my kids on Wednesdays and Thursdays for those weeks, so I hate the idea of not being with them.
I might see if my boyfriend will be able to watch them sometimes on those nights. Either way, I'm going to do it! Every-other week is better than not at all.

Thanks everyone for your continued encouragement and your feedback as far as Day 8.

Hope to post more soon.

03-17-2010, 10:09 PM
Hello coaches

It's 8:42pm here and I'm worn out. I found myself completely irritated by the hoi polloi today aka people. I want to just stay in and pull the covers over my head. I soooooo want to avoid everything. Alas, a hermit's life is not for me so I was out, got the kiln firing the kid's March Break clay stuff so it's eady for their showing on Friday afternoon and then I rushed home to spend dinner with DH during his one hour break and I've spent the rest of the evening here on the net; looking at art submission deadlines, reseaching artists and their works, thinking about/planning upcoming projects and promising myself, yet again, that I would start to clear off my L-shaped desk so I can get to making things for the farmers' market which starts Mother's Day weekend. There is an Easter Market on April 3rd that I have been pondering but I've decided to pass on it. It feels so close I just can't see myself being ready for it. I don't want the stress of all that either and $-wise that market is not that great for selling things for me. It's all about the baked goods and the preserves and the other foodstuffs. Well, actually, maybe I would sell things but I am still not up to it and $-wise I just don't feel that real pressure to do it.

And coaches, I need some advice about something. There is a position opening at the school of art for a librarian. I currently work there as the ceramic technician and during the summer when I was a children's progrm technician I took on the job of starting to organize the library as we worked in there and it was wreck and it bothered me that much. It also bothers the school fundraiser person J who made it her business to find $ for shelving and for a donation of library software and funding to pay someone to do it. (The school of art is a non-profit organization so all the money for people and things is donated or comes from various governments.) The school has a "library" in name only; very disoorganized and completely useless in spite of having a great book collection. The vision is to have one librarian who keeps track of stuff and keeps things in order. Unofficially, everyone thinks that person is me. Officially the position will be open to all who want to apply and here's my snag: do I apply knowing / thinking that I may be moving away in 6-12 months? In talking to J about this position she is really looking for someone to stay in it long term. On the other hand, who knows if we really are moving. DH is of the opinion that I should apply if I want it. There are no guarantees for either of us, and no official word or date, just talk. Learning library software and doing more at the school would be another great addition to my resume but then I am getting busy: 10/wk ceramic tech + librarian job ?/wk (part time for sure) + teaching one night a week + farmers' market every saturday selling my artwork + the time it takes to make that artwork. And the time for making Art (different from market artwork) for gallery submissions is when? On the other hand I'd be making some steady money for a change - so it deceptive of me to try for this job knowing I may be moving or should I just pretend this is my life as it is now and not worry about the what ifs and just plan with what I know now to be true? It seems obvious to do that so why does it bother me? I guess I wish I could just tell them the truth but I can't; there's nothing to say. And they would be planning my replacement! I'm not ready to be out the door yet ;)

Have a good evening.

03-17-2010, 10:12 PM
Just a quick check in:

Saturday :dunno::hungry:

Sunday :?::hungry:

Monday :eek::hungry:

Tuesday :stress::hungry:

I am skating on thin ice. Was in the city every single day and just eating so much junk, not paying attention to anything ,was tired, was stressed, had no plan--- the usual list of things that lead to difficulty... almost got back on track on Monday, but blew up in the city again.

Today I did fine. As Beverlyjoy would say, I am grateful.

Credit today for:

reading advantage and response cards twice
rode bike 30 minutes
walked 20 minutes
did weights
posted to my coaches
ate on plan
made lunch for tomorrow and planned dinner.

wishing everyone a good day tomorrow.

03-18-2010, 07:03 AM
:df: WI-down 0.7 lbs. (new low) Did not read my cards, but made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (34m).

I had a good food day, although my saturated fat was through the roof due to the corned beef. I was tired yesterday, but could still exercise so yay! I’m down in the 150’s for the first time in 4 years, so that makes me happy. (Just hoping it sticks.) I find it funny how similar eliminating alcohol is to limiting night-time snacking to 1 planned snack when hungry. My reptile brain uses the same tired sabotaging thoughts. But good doses of ‘No Choice’ and ‘It’s not about me’ have done the trick so far.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Three pounds gone – now that’s something to be grateful for! ;) Just try to be reasonable and pay attention to the Beck strategies when traveling, and I’ll bet you do fine…

silverbirch :wave: Does anyone ‘shush’ you when you have a meeting at the British Library?

gardenerjoy Love your plan to eat slowly without reading and rewarding yourself with a cup of tea and a good read. Thanks for the book recommendation. I just downloaded one of her books from, it sounds very interesting…

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for posting and weighing-in!

shepherdess Kudos for being on-plan in the face of a ‘weird’ day.

Kim (bennyhannamama) it is hard to juggle kids, work, and a healthy lifestyle. Kudos for making quality time for Beck.

one by one Good luck making a tough decision about the new job prospect. I don’t think there’s any reason to tell them about DH’s potential job change until it’s real. But considering that this job will take time away from your burgeoning art career, I’d question whether it’s the smart thing for you to do now. My 2 cents…

CeeJay Kudos for being back on-plan yesterday and for all that exercise! Love the ‘big grins’ in your signature. I may do the same!

03-18-2010, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did gym after work; CREDIT moi. Worked on increasing the level back to where I was before losing a couple of weeks due to a cough. It's a bummer to be re-gaining strength I'd already gained and lost. It's a bit like re-loosing weight, I suppose. I'll just read those Beck chapters and do them backwards, LOL.

My good news is that I'm off for a long weekend starting noon on Friday - will be off-web on Saturday and Sunday.

onebyone - Difficult dilemma with the library job - would be hard for you to sit and hold your breath waiting for your DH's company to make its decisions. You might consider that if you applied your energy level and organizational skills, you could get the place organized before you had to leave - then they'd be looking for a different type person to take your place.

ChinaMaine - What great news that you have a new primary care physician who has a stack of strategies to try. And, that you're the primary executor and evaluator of their efficacy - that's a big deal to have a doctor who thinks you're a part of your health (as odd as that sounds, it doesn't seem to me to be universal).

Shepherdess - Weird days exist to keep us from feeling like the movie "Groundhog Day," LOL. Yay for keeping on track despite the sudden change in plans. Yep, 2.5 inches of rain should be a wet month for Wyoming - and a lot of other places. That, and the ten+ inches total, was just a lot of water.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for day #2, and Yay for rejoining your running group - that should get your endorphins going. Now Frisbee is good exercise.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for tea; so good to have an indulgence that continues to be identified as good-for-you by study after study. Thanks for "It's like eating sunshine." - hard to believe that anything could make me enjoy my oranges more, but that will. (DW, a realist, reminded me to enjoy them now - the season wanes.)

Susan (hikergirl) - Enjoy your time without your PC. Imagine how your life was full just a few years back before they were invented.

Beverlyjoy - Your careful planning for this trip sound like laying a solid foundation to allow it to be on-plan. A family gathering with cousins not seen for a spell sounds appealing to me. Thanks for the mention of Clementines - I worked a pair into my evening snack and savoured them. (Note the added u - it's Cheryl (seadwaters)'s fault, LOL.)

CeeJay - A good day is a good day. Take 'em when you can. You're ahead with "made lunch for tomorrow and planned dinner."

silverbirch - Waving back toward a "neat London neighbourhood." Need to get myself back to London - I saw so much, but only a tiny fraction of it. My fear is that when I return I'll fall into the British Museum and just stare at the Rosetta Stone - it blows my mind that I get to look at the real thing.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Yay for the great attitude that can see it's "one day closer to finish." Have to twist my head about to realize that you are actually nearly at Autumn. Wish I could send you a bit of our rain. I join the others in hoping that you can find a way to declare your walking apple part of your mindful plan and get to savour it again.

Readers - Week 4
Respond to Sabotaging Thoughts

Even though you now have many new skills
to fight sabotaging thoughts and to increase your
confidence, you should expect to face times
of doubt and disappointment.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 178.

03-18-2010, 07:27 AM
Hi Beck folks, friends, coaches, buddies...

Yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful. I stayed mostly with my plan (YAY) - I did have a lolipop (unplanned) and counted it in. I was really low on my calories -so I figured it was OK. (not really OK, however) I need to remind myself to plan for special's better that way.

Our wonderful little neighbor's always run over to say hello if we are outside at the same time. We've gotten into the routine of having a 'peanut party' when they come over. (actually dh started it last summer). I won't give them candy on a daily basis...but, peanuts are OK if mom or dad say yes. I held the bowl of peanuts for 30 minutes as they played with my grandson's toys - and I did not take a bite...big credit. I couldn't put the peanuts down because the dog would have eaten them.

That being said...I leaving to 'great unknown' of food today. I don't know what there will be around when I get to my stepmom's. Of course...there will be lots of 'goodies' and things I don't keep around. SO - I need to be careful about making good choices, keeping track, saying Not Fair, Oh Well, No choice, no seconds, record everything I eat, keep track of food exchanges the best I can, allow a couple extra 200 calories if it is necessary to stick with it, etc. It will be stressful...I'll take it a day/meal/snack at a time. I am allowing tastes of some of the special things. I packed a few pieces of fruit, fiber bars and rice cakes so I'll have some snacky things I am used to having around. I did OK the last time out of town - so I know I can do it if I have willingness. It is all about the willingness combined with circumstances.

DH just asked me if I was excited about the party, seeing lots of cousins, and stepmom's neat friends. I am really excited about that. It's funny - seems like dealing with food puts a bit of a damper on it. I mustn't let that happen. The weekend is not all about food, theoretically. It makes me sad/angry that for me it has to be dealing with food. Oh's not always fair.

I will try to check in, if I can.

made plan, logged food
no seconds, ate seated, fork down
read arc/rc
said not fair and oh well several times
lots of water
did stretches and strengthening exericses
read beck book
preparing for travel
felt fullness - some of the time
left a bite of food after each meal and snack
felt actual hunger

no spontaneous exercsie
ate way too fast - not very mindful - not tasting the food consistently
ate some unplanned food

bill - I am so glad you are feeling well enough to increase your workouts just about to where they were before you got sick. Enjoy your weekend!

chinamarie - I am thrilled for you being in the 150's! - reaching a 'virgin' weight since long ago is something to be so, so proud of. I agree about night eating and any 'bad' food habit is just like quitting any habit...HARD.

ceejay - I so so glad you had an on plan day...yay. Those hard days of last week are gone, gone gone....moving forward is where you are. Many credits too. - another yay!

onebyone - it seems like applying for the job is a win win...if you get it - you'll learn many new skills. If's always good practice doing an interview.

bennyhanamamma - your running group sounds so good!!! Your list of spontaneous exercise being written down is such a great idea. You are doing great things!

shepardess - sorry about the computer not working well...I hate when that happens! Glad you could stay on your plan and even got in a run! yay

hikergirl - hope your trip is going well!

gardenjoy - what a great plan - treating yourself to tea and reading after refraining from reading at a meal!!! Good luck with the pop. I can totally relate to being a fast eater. I agree it's a tough habit to break. You/we can do it!!

silverbirch - wow..posting from your blackberry - I am 'challenged' in that area. Great. glad you could get a big salad in before the meeting.

03-18-2010, 09:41 AM
Another day on plan. Things were surprisingly easy, even though it was busy. It’s a nice surprise. I got in my run yesterday afternoon. Another nice, but windy day.

Bennyhannamamma, I’ve heard of Girls on the Run and thought it sounded like a really cool group. Great job making the time to plan and shop for the week and it sounds like you were even able to squeeze in a good workout. Sounds like you have a good plan for your running group. Kudos for thinking of solutions to the scheduling challenges.

Onebyone, ouch for a day where you want to pull the covers over your head and ignore the world, but kudos for getting out of bed and facing the day. I don’t have a good answer to your problem. It depends on how sure you are that you are moving. But it sounds like you have already put a lot of time and energy into this job so it might be worthwhile to get something you can put on a resume for all of that. I agree with your DH. Apply if you want it and like ChinaMaine said, there is no reason to tell them about your potential move.

CeeJay, ouch for a tough trip to the city, but kudos for getting back on track. You have had good trips to the city before. Any idea what makes the difference? Yay for a good day after a series of bad days!

ChinaMaine, great job on a good food day, even if your saturated fat intake was high. I don’t think one day is a problem, so long as it’s low over the long haul. Love those “NO CHOICE” and “It’s not about me” responses. They do the trick when I remember to use them.

BillBE, yay for a much-deserved long weekend. Enjoy it! Re-gaining strength would be a bummer. I hope you are back to your old levels quickly.

Beverlyjoy, have a great time at the party. It sounds like you have thought it through and will be successful. I understand thinking that dealing with food will be a damper, but, at least for me, it has helped me enjoy being with those people more. I’ve always had anxiety in these tough food situations, but that “NO CHOICE” for me means, “Step away from the dessert tray and mingle.” Best of luck.

03-18-2010, 10:24 AM
Up early with a pain in the neck, literally. Too much sitting yesterday, I guess. Distracted from my weigh in this morning. Otherwise, volunteering at the Garden yesterday went well with several short walks admiring many blooming crocuses (croci?) and a few daffodils.

WI: N/A kg, Exercise: +95, /1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: good job with figuring out a way to stay on plan when things didn't go as planned -- I always find that difficult. In fact, one of my triggers for overeating used to be changed plans.

bennyhannahmama: so glad that you are excited about your exercise plans, especially your running group and I love that your daughter is doing something that sounds similar.

onebyone: I think it's fine to apply for jobs even under the conditions you are in. Nothing is certain in life. On their end, the funding could disappear six months after they hire you. They would feel bad about firing you, but they would do it anyway. I think you should make your decision based on the other questions implied in your discussion: do you have the time? do you need the money? do you want the experience either for resume building or just because you are interested?

CeeJay: huge credit for "Today I did fine." Persistence is key, after all, and it's not that easy. So good job for getting back to fine.

ChinaMaine: congrats on the new low!

BillBlueEyes: yay for a long weekend with no computer -- I find those can be incredibly relaxing, once I get over the notion that I need to check the net to see what's happening there ever half hour!

Beverlyjoy: Thanks for putting into words that your excitement of the party and trip is dampened by your concerns about eating healthily. I've had that experience, but never quite put it all together in logical thought. I hope eventually we can reach the point where parties are about people and not about food, either overeating it or controlling it. But, I imagine that would be something that happens over time. Anyway, it sounds like you have a terrific plan!

03-18-2010, 06:35 PM
Hello Coaches

As usual my saying that it's easier to stay on track than to get on track is bang on. I had some hot chocolate today. I didn't even like it but it's been sitting in plain sight for weeks now and I was too lazy to move it out of my eye line and today I caved and had it. That's the worst of it.

Well that and I am eating very salty things and it's my official weigh-in day tomorrow. Oh well.

I have made dinner from scratch today. yay. credit. I decluttered the top of my L-shaped work desk and moved my toaster oven over to it so I can get to work for the farmers' market. credit The clutter that I have no idea what to do with remains on 1/2 of the desk top for now. I did bag up a big bag of garbage though. credit. And it's garbage night too. I may get another bag ready to go, extra to the regular garbage. future credit for this...

I saw about 12 big black ants around my kitchen sink. Yikes. I think they are coming in the new window they installed last fall in the kitchen. Eeeek. My kitchen now really has to be cleaned or those critters will move in for sure! I did close both windows and that seems to have stopped thme but if I have to live like that for the rest of the year I will be very very :mad:.

That's it. Dinner time.

Have a good evening coaches one and all.

03-18-2010, 06:54 PM
Greetings. I took a quick glance at some great posts and will catch up on them this Sunday or Monday. I am committing here to check in every day.

03-18-2010, 10:24 PM
Hi everyone:

Just another quick check in. I need to learn that it is OK just to check in--even when I don't have time to read and post personals.

Today I was on plan- credit for:

weighing in
reading advantage and response cards
riding exercise bike 30 mins
eating on plan

Unfortunately I am back to the city tomorrow- restaurants for lunch and dinner. I am just going to try to keep it reasonable. I am then not in the city for 2 weeks straight so will not have that to deal with for a while.


03-19-2010, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wrapped up my week so I can start a long weekend today; CREDIT moi for planning so far in advance to take a day off before a weekend off. Gotta go get gas and air in the car - lots of little stuff. DW made a terrific corned beef and cabbage dinner on Saint Patrick's Day and I had some leftovers for lunch on Thursday. I do like corned beef with heaps of course ground mustard. But, I ate a chosen moderate amount both times, CREDIT moi. I remember having seconds and thirds in the past, sigh.

So I'm off Saturday and Sunday - be back Monday.

onebyone - Yay for making dinner from scratch; Yay for de-cluttering; BIG Kudos for giving yourself credit for it all.

Shepherdess - Can't complain about "surprisingly easy" from time to time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for blooming croci and daffodi - much healthier than blooming onions at Outback, LOL. [Wiki: 2310 calories]

Susan (hikergirl) - Waving back. Hope you've found some sunshine to walk about in.

Beverlyjoy - Seems like a plan - "It is all about the willingness combined with circumstances." I do like the notion of planning for tastes of the special foods - particularly since some of them might trigger childhood memories and warm feelings. On my last family reunion type of thing, I constantly felt the urge to eat everything as if family meant food. I even had a vanilla pudding with Vanilla Wafers because it was a common childhood dessert that I loved back then. Now, it's pretty much just so-so instant pudding and so-so cookies - but it sure brought back memories of good feelings from being a kid.

CeeJay - Yep, OK to just check in. Yay for 30 minutes on the exercise bike and super Yay for two weeks without trying to find food in restaurants.

Readers - Week 4
Respond to Sabotaging Thoughts

You'll also learn to respond to sabotaging thoughts, which is one of the most important skills you'll learn in this program. By weeks end, you'll be much better equipped to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 179.

03-19-2010, 07:26 AM
:df: WI-down 0.2 lbs. (new low) Read my cards, but made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (40m).

Another good day – for food and exercise. The weather was warm, sunny and windy. The ice is out on most of our lake, but our cove is always the last to go. The blue water is clearly visible so the sun just needs to melt our last bit of ice for us to have ice-out. I think this may be a record early date for ice out. It’s been late April / early May since we moved here… Usually we hear the loon call once we have open water, but I haven’t heard a loon yet this year. Probably is just to early for them…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Bill Kudos for gaining your strength back, one step at a time. Have a great time this weekend!

Beverlyjoy Kudos for joining in the peanut party fun, without eating the peanuts! Would it help to think that this weekend is a ‘learning’ weekend for you? You’re learning how to eat differently in social situations, and you are doing it so that in the future you can eat reasonably out of habit in the future. And of course, the ‘learning’ part is secondary to the ‘social’ part…

shepherdess Yay! For an easy day.

gardenerjoy Kudos for having a volunteer-job that involves exercise and flowers!

one by one Kudos for cooking and decluttering!

Susan (hikergirl) :wave:

CeeJay A 30 minute bike ride sounds like fun!

03-19-2010, 08:58 AM
Hi Beck folks -

I have a few minutes to check in. Day one of the journey went well. DH got himself some Snyders Mustard Pretzels for the road. (he doesn't have any overeating concerns - or weight challenges either ) So...I just looked at them and*used 'oh well' and 'not fair' - I pushed through the urge to eat a handful. Once the initial wanting was over - I didn't care that they were right next to me. CREDIT!!! The rest of the day I made mostly good choices for dinner and snack. (except for one cashew before bed and a tiny bit of extra bread at dinner) I am grateful for a good day 'on the road'. I am really pleased.

read arc/rc - two times
logged food
left a bite after meals and snacks
used oh well and not fair
read beck book
ate seated only
fork down between bites
mindful, slow eating - most of the time
stretches and strengthening

no spontaneous exercise
extra bread - second helping
cashew - gave into craving
working on feeling fullness
need to slow down and enjoy food while I am in a different place eating all my meals

I will try and check in later, if possible.

Thanks to everyone for encouraging me and helping me as I go forward into a †ime away from home and food that I don't usually have around.

03-19-2010, 09:24 AM
Hello Coaches

Today I get to record the number seen on the weighing machine and it says 263.4 = +1.2 = maintaining my loss = one credit

I am giving myself, and my body, a credit as I have had my ups and downs this week but, according to Beck, I am within the allowable +/- 2lbs she says we will fluctuate week to week so since I try to follow Beck I am not going to automatically fight her opinion on this one.

I am re-dedicating myself to weightloss this week. And I am going to incorporate some intentional exercise. I will aim for 2x this week.

New day, new week. Ain't it grand?

:wave: midlifecrisis57
Hope you have great weather this weekend and you get a chance to just enjoy it. You've been working very hard on many fronts.

:wave: seadwaters Glad your treatments are winding up. That must be such a challenge. I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend.

:wave: bennyhannamama Wow. Your whole family is getting super active. hope you enjoy your running group this weekend. Thanks for continuing to check in even when you feel resistance to it.

:wave: euseubias TGIF! Have a great weekend.

silverbirch Your comment about the British Library had me wishing I was there aleady. I have a must-see list as long as my arm. Glad to see you checking in. Have a good Friday.

Beverlyjoy I think that this food business is a paradox. By focusing so much on the topic head of time, you end up freeing yourself when you are actually facing the food in real life. It's because you are prepared and you are practicing new behaviour around food so it's noticeable to you right now. It will, as Beck promises, become easier. Have great trip!

Shepherdess Oh it is so nice to have an easy food day! I wish for you another one today. Thanks for your comments about my potential job... it helps me to think this through.

gardenerjoy Thanks for the clear thoughts about the potential new job. I got a new bit of news about it; it's a term position for about 4 months someone thinks. So your observation that if they ran out of funding or if the position had to be terminated I would be terminated whether they wanted to do that or not makes a lot of sense to me. I, also, have the right to do the same thing were I to have the job and then have to move away. So having that settled I am now on to the other thing: do I want to do it, really? So glad you are seeing flowers! I'm still waiting, and I hope we don't get snow. It would completely devastate the flowers which are up due to the warm warm weather all week.:(

hikergirl Have a great Friday; thanks for checking in.

CeeJay Thanks for checking in and think of all those meals eating out as oppportunities to practice dealing with restaurants and eating out! Before you know it you'll have it behind you. ;)

Billblueeyes Have a great weekend with great weather and great adventure. :wave:

ChinaMaine I've been watching the ice leave the river all week. The small areas where the ice surfaces get progressively darker have now given way to open patches of water and the open water on the other side of the ice is slowly eating away at the ice that remains between. There was one day where the river looked like it was full of miniature ice flows. That day a lot of ice had broken up. Everyday the ducks who have returned and the canada geese and the sea gulls all get closer and closer to the actual shoreline and not just the edge of the ice. I always wonder what they eat this time of year, besides the stuff people give them. And yeah, it is remarkable early for the ice to be gone, but they are predicting snow flurries (!) for tomorrow evening - 30% chance. Apparently, it is still March and not May.

03-19-2010, 12:11 PM
Yesterday was a great day, other than the fact that I didn't post here :(
Some of the highlights included:

When I walked into my office, there was an extra large bag of M&Ms with peanut butter in the middle. I promptly wrote a note explaining that they would be in the cabinet! I returned them to the cabinet at least 3x during the day and never had 1! :broc:

I took a walk at lunch. It wasn't until I had 10 minutes left of my lunch hour that I remembered that I had planned on walking. I decided I would go for a 5 minute walk. 5 minutes into my walk, I was enjoying it too much and decided to go for the full 10! :broc:
This is so huge for me because I always thought a short walk at work wasn't really doing much. After reading "Day 9", and specifically the Sabotaging Thought: What's the use of walking only five minutes?
Helpful Response: Walking for five minutes is better than walking for zero minutes.

Last night I took a walk with Jim (and Suzi, his dog) for 45-60 minutes. I love that he enjoys walking and it's such a nice time for us to relax, etc. We usually do this after dinner. :broc:

I planned on posting here, but fell asleep while Jim and I were watching tv after our walk.

Today I plan on reading Day 10: Setting a Realistic Goal and reporting back later. My kids are each having friends sleep over, so it might be a bit hectic!

Oh and I also want to mention that my plan to make sure that Beck "stuff" is my top priority when I have some time to myself is working out well. This morning, I have a couple of hours before I need to pick my son up from pre-school, and as usual, I'm overwhelmed with all the things I want to get done. But, based on my plan, posting here and getting a quick workout in make it to the top of the list!

I'm glad I'm not the only one posting from my Blackberry :) Technology is helping me immensely on this quest!

Glad you like seeing the broccoli :) I'm happy to see them again too. Nice job eating on plan and getting in a run... it's so great when these things become habit!

I love your summary through smileys! You forgot to use a smiley for Wednesday though: :cheer3::hun: I know it can be really tough to have a bunch of crappy days (oh believe me, I know!), but look how you turned it around on Wednesday!

Yeah for 150s for the first time in four years! :carrot: Wow, did you see your saboteur jumping in there? Just hoping it sticks. You need to kick the saboteur to the curb! It's not a fluke that you got here and you have the ability to keep it here!
Thanks for reminding me that I'm juggling a lot.

Enjoy your long weekend; you deserve it!

I love the "peanut party" and kudos to you for not eating one while holding the bowl for a half hour!
I know what you mean about dealing with food putting a damper on things, but at least the food does not need to be the highlight. There are people you are looking forward to seeing, catching up with, etc. Remind yourself that the socialization is the highlight of the party. Sounds like you have planned well both mentally and physically.

I've been meaning to ask you what your volunteer work is-- it sounds wonderful! Glad that you were able to get some spontaneous exercise in as well.

I was glad to see your use of "oh well" and I think you recovered very nicely. Hope those ants find another home for themselves outside!

So proud of you and glad to see you made sure to post, even while traveling!
Hope you're enjoying yourself.

I too struggle with remembering that a short post without personals is just fine! Good for you for doing it. I hope you find some good, healthy choices at the restaurants.

Yeah for a great day on the road! BTW, I love your use of "oops" for things that need improvement :)

Yes, it is grand! Isn't it amazing how our attitudes can shift from day to day? It never ceases to amaze me :)

03-19-2010, 01:02 PM
Day 6: Find a Diet Coach

That's done. This group is, collectively, a wonderful coach with many ears, broad shoulders, and an astounding array of talents and experiences to draw from. I thank each of you for your presence and dedication to your personal journies and our journey together.

The one downside to group coaching is that it's easy to just kind of slip away and not be noticed. Kim (bennyhannahmama) has agreed to notice when I do that and I'm doing the same for her.

WI: +1kg, Exercise: +115, 1015/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: we get ants this time of year -- they don't like it when the ground gets too soggy in the spring, so they start climbing and eventually find their way through a window. Some types of ants follow trails of other ants, so I find if I stay on top of killing them when I see them, the problem usually fixes itself when the weather dries out.

hikergirl: good job checking in during your travels!

CeeJay: yay for quick posts and a plan for eating in restaurants

BillBlueEyes: have a great weekend!

ChinaMaine: yay for that long list of credits! Ice out is a cool concept and interesting way to measure the pace of spring.

Beverlyjoy: good job on the first day of your journey!

bennyhannahmama: I'm volunteering in the Archives at the Missouri Botanical Garden, cataloging a collection of slides by a botanist photographer that will eventually be used to illustrate a plant identification database that scientists use. There are 10s of thousands of these slides, alphabetized by genus. I might get through As before we give up the volunteer work to work in our own garden this summer. Looks like I have a volunteer job for winter for the next decade or two! It's desk work, but we walk around the Garden at every break.

03-19-2010, 03:46 PM
I got my run in early yesterday because a big spring storm was moving in. Credit me for thinking ahead and planning. I got back home before the flakes started falling. The storm has made for a change of plans today. Not so bad. It was just a crazy morning trying to make sure all the animals were OK, getting them fed and checking to make sure new calves were not getting too chilled. But it also means that I cancelled my afternoon plans. I was going to take a load of wool to a mill about 2 hrs north in Buffalo, but I don’t want to be on the highway today so it’ll have to happen another time.

Food was good yesterday. I didn’t even eat all of my planned dinner last night. It usually takes a major force of will to leave food on my plate, but last night I just realized I was full and didn’t finish my soup, which was really good, or the piece of fresh, homemade bread. I think I may have inflated my portions a bit—a problem to tackle another day. But it was still a major success to not feel the need to clean my plate.

Gardenerjoy, I’m imagining crocuses and daffodils in bloom. What a great way to get spontaneous exercise. Ouch for the pain in the neck. Hope you feel better soon. Your volunteer work sounds so cool. My DH and I have gotten into plant identification—it’s for range monitoring purposes, but it’s so interesting.

Onebyone, ouch for unplanned hot chocolate, but if that was the worst of it, it really isn’t so bad. Kudos for maintaining, and yes, weight fluctuates. You had a lot of salt the day before your weigh-in and it may be reflecting retained water. Good job listening to Beck on this one and re-committing to your plan.

Hikegirl, waving back. Kudos for the regular check-ins.

CeeJay, kudos for the check-in. Just like eating, they don’t have to always be perfect. Kudos for another on-plan day. Good luck on another trip to the city.

BillBE, great job having sane portions of a favorite food. And glad you are finally getting some time off. Wishing you sunny skies and a pleasant trip.

ChinaMaine, yay for another good day of food and exercise. Love that warm weather for getting outdoors, even if the early spring thaw does make you wonder.

Beverlyjoy, I’m totally impressed by your willpower with the Snyder’s pretzels right next to you. I don’t think I would have had the strength—those things are dangerous. Glad you had a successful beginning to your trip.

Bennyhannamamma, I love the way you dealt with the bag of M&M’s. Great job being firm about leaving them in the cabinet and not having one. Yay for remembering that 5 min is better than none and 10 min is doubly good! I have a tough time remembering that one—maybe that perfectionist saboteur.

03-19-2010, 07:03 PM
Diet coaches

I have been TIRED and going to bed early. I have appreciated the kind thoughts and the chicken soup sent my way. It is lovely to be in my house and I really enjoyed Thurdsday at home with no treatment. But I missed posting Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was an interesting day and I am glad I was here. The neighbour on one side who I rarely talk to (1/3 my age and busy) stopped and chatted and offered help etc. I got to lend her a dog barricade for her sick puppy which was nice. Later in the day another neighbour came to visit (used to drive me to chemotherapy until she herself needed foot surgery) and I was asking if she knew of anyone who I could pay to garden (she belongs to a large church community) and she offered her 14 year old (6ft 2in) son who apparently wanted to earn a bit of money. It is such a relief to have someone to help - the place is looking a mess and really needs love and attention and I just can't manage it. It is a bush block and totally out of control. When I was at work/treatment on Friday the neighbour and two of her daughters (she has 10 children!) "snuck" up and tidied all the deck area around the house and cleaned the outside of the windows - it brought tears to my eyes and energised me in an amazing way. You might have gathered that I live alone and haven't got many social supports in this area - well didn't have.

I am reading back a few days and cherry picking some comments as I progressed - big hello to all my coaches

Onebyone - I am so glad that things are coming clearer about the job for you and that it is now only about whether it will suit your needs. Credit for maintaining you weight loss and rededicating yourself to it.

ChinaMaine - Don't you just love technology! I couldn't live without it all now. It is so frustrating to have chronic tiredness and illnesses that don't respond to treatment. Doctors are great to begin with but they sometimes lose interest when their efforts don't seem to help and they feel defeated. I find it also affects my feelings of credibility but you have to hang in there. Sounds like you have found a good one so hope it all turns out well. I have PM'd you about something you wrote on Wed

Shepherdess - Your commitment to running in almost any circumstance is inspiring - you are amazing and with everything else that is happening.

BeverlyJoy - Planning for your trip looks good - so organised. Enjoy your family and have a great time. Sorry about the foot and the back - we are a body and it dominates our life as many of the posts demonstrate. So I think it is totally appropriate to talk about and in my case whine about how it works. As well as the weather I am always fascinated with the US health system and insurance. I am on a White House mailing list about the health reforms and daily comes a new revelation - amazing that a system like that could survive (hope I haven't offended anyone!). I also think our taxes might be a little easier to do

Gardenerjoy - Congratulations on getting past your plateau in such a resounding way - credit for hanging in there

Bill(BlueEyes) - Impressive rainfall! Feeling very envious (without the drowning bit) as it is dry as a chip here. A shame it all fell in your basement. I appreciate the Australianisation of your spelling so that I feel right at home here. Glad your health and exercise are on the rise. Hope you have a fabulous weekend

FutureFitChick - :wave:

Susan (Hikergirl) - good to see you keeping your commitments to yourself - they are the hardest ones

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - it is really good to see the dancing broccoli again - they were a regular when I first joined. I never did so well with Day 8 and scheduling. I took it to mean making/taking time to diet and concentrate on the essentials of menu planning and buying the food and making the food to take to work etc. Otherwise I can't plan any further. And giving up smoking - ouch - tough but doable - took me about 3 years and everyone thought I would be the last person smoking

CeeJay - Doing well to check in - sometimes not having time to do personals stops me from checking in and I have to get over that

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - not always
Checked in to my diet coaches - here I am
Sat down to eat - yes - no apples at moment :)
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - YES - still under 100kg
Put fork down between bites - NO
Spontaneous exercise - No as not really mobile at moment
Weighed myself (if at home) - yes
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - getting better at this
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yes when I am wanting something totally inappropriate
Gave myself credit when on track - usuallyNot so good: :nono:

No exercise but not really capableWorking on: :woops:

Putting down my fork!

03-20-2010, 09:13 AM
Having a computer set up in my bedroom is definitely working to my advantage today. My kids both had friends sleep over, so they are all sleeping downstairs in the middle of the family room. Yesterday, my only exercise (planned or unplanned) was scrubbing the bathroom floor and some vacuuming. Not sure that I'll get any planned exercise in today (ice-skating lessons for my son this morning, Girl Scout camp open house this afternoon), but I will make sure to at least get some unplanned in.

It was kind of a nice treat do read Day 10 and see what a simple one it is :) I really have no resistance to setting a realistic goal. So, 5 lbs it is :D
I'm thinking about doing Day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire and Cravings today. After reading about it yesterday, I already found myself thinking about it before I ate. For example, before I had some popcorn and ice cream with the kids last night, I fully realized that it was just desire :halfempty

Since I've been reading both the pink book and the workbook, I'm trying to decide how I want to go about doing the exercise. The pink book just talks about monitoring if I'm feeling hunger, desire or craving each time I eat, while the workbook talks about checking in every hour to monitor those things. I think today will be too hectic to do the every hour one, and now that I think about it, I'm not sure what day wont be! So, I'll try checking in with myself each time I eat, or think about eating.

Glad to see that you came across an "easy" day too-- it's nice when you've already got a task all figured out! Your volunteer job sounds very interesting and I love that you take walks through the gardens on your break.

Yes, kudos to you for planning ahead and not using the storm as an excuse to not get your run in! So impressed with your ability to voluntary leave food over-- it's working :carrot: it's working :carrot:

It's so good to hear from you and hear that you are doing what you need to in order to take care of yourself. I love that at a time when you could easily say "to heck with it all" you continue to do what you can with the Beck program... I think that speaks volumes about you and your self-care.
The story about your neighbours (I feel the need to use your spelling :D) is so heartwarming, thanks for sharing.
Awww, I'm glad you like seeing the broccoli again! I think I'm pretty much interpreting Day 8 the way you did and it seems to be working. I honestly think it may have just been an (unconscious) excuse for me to not move forward. The quitting smoking is going very well-- haven't even come close to having a cigarette, but I've wanted one every single day! I have quit so many times in the past year and do well with that. The problem is when I think I can have "just one" because I'm out having drinks, etc. I will NOT make that mistake ever again!

Hope everyone has a good day. Hikergirl, I will be back later to check to see if you've posted.

03-20-2010, 10:10 AM
:df: WI-down 0.4 lbs. (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (40m).

Another good day – for food and exercise. I was hungry at snack-time yesterday morning. I don’t normally get hungry then, so I don’t specifically plan on a morning snack anymore. But I have a standing rule that if I’m hungry at 10-ish, I eat a 100 calorie healthy snack. I had a yogurt which held me over until I had a break from meetings at 1 PM. This week at work was downright reasonable – and I don’t have to work over the weekend. :woohoo:

The big change is in the amount of exercise I’m able to do. Even though I’ve had insomnia 6 out of the 8 last nights, I feel more energetic than I have in months. (Although, I’ve felt pretty tired from the insomnia, no fatigue!) As a result, I’ve exercised 7 of those days. And my daily average of minutes of exercise has more than doubled in March vs. the previous months. The new thyroid dosage is kicking in, I’m pretty sure. :yay: Over the last months I’ve been working on lowering my daily calorie intake by 200 calories a day and on solidifying my Beck skills. I figured if I did that, the weight would start dropping again once I could exercise regularly. And it seems to have worked. :D

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for checking in when traveling and for not eating those pretzels! Isn’t it empowering to know that using the Beck skills help you to say ‘ I didn't care that they were right next to me’? And kudos for the mindful eating when away from home!

one by one Kudos for holding steady on your weight during a challenging time in your life! It’s interesting that you are seeing an early Spring, like we are. We have 2 Canadian geese in the lake this morning. I’m hoping they continue migrating elsewhere, since we’ve never had them here before. They can leave quite a mess on the shoreline…

Kim (bennyhannamama) :yay: for having a good day! It’s great you are prioritizing your Beck/diet time – it’s so important to success… It’s great that you got so much walking in especially making the 10 minutes to walk after lunch. I think your plan to monitor hunger vs desire vs craving is a good one. It’s actually something I still do every time I think about eating…

gardenerjoy I agree, I can’t imagine a better coach than this group. And what a great insight to realize that the ability to slip away unnoticed is probably the biggest downfall to our coaching. Kudos to both you and Kim to find a solution.

shepherdess :yay: for leaving food on your plate – just because I just realized I was full. I hope you get some rest during the storm, after all your running around preparing for it…

Cheryl (seadwaters) I’m so happy that social support has found you. We all need a little help now and then, and we feel better when we know we aren’t alone. Some good credits today for recognizing hunger, etc., and resistance techniques. I’m sorry you are feeling so tired, take care of yourself and use your new-found social support… :hug:

03-20-2010, 10:52 AM
Yesterday was not great, foodwise and otherwise. Snow was falling on and off most of the day and the wind was pretty constant. Just a nasty day. So after being out in the elements all morning, I was stuck inside all afternoon with a general desire for comfort food of some kind. I resisted all day until the evening when my DH was having some chips and I just dug in. I wound up not having much for dinner, so as far as calories go it was pretty much a wash, but nutrition suffered, not to mention that resistance muscle. I can’t let this lousy weather and sudden changes in plans for the day derail my eating. It’s spring and it’s just the way it goes. And as far as spring storms go, this one was pretty mild—only a few inches of snow.

Exercise was some pilates and yoga. I needed a good stretch so it worked out. I’ve gotta get going, so no personals today. Will catch-up later.

03-20-2010, 12:29 PM
Day 7: Arrange Your Environment

Another easy day for me. My problem has never been the food that I had at home. I'm not currently working so that eliminates that problem (in my last job, the place where everyone put out treats was right outside my office door -- good riddance, I say!).

For me, the environment problem has always been when I'm out and about. Going to the library? There's a Quick Trip on the way. Need to pick up a prescription? I'll go inside instead of use the drive up window so I can check out the holiday candy display. A trip to Whole Foods? Well, everything they sell is healthy, right?

So, my environment changed when I made two rules:
1) No eating in the car.
2) No eating anything purchased from a drugstore or gas station.

That combined with Beck's rule of eat while sitting down has completely eliminated my foraging behavior.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +130, 1145/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: my weekend walking friend and I walked on Friday night, instead of our normal Saturday morning -- I suspect we were beating out the same storm that you did with your early run.

seadwaters: so glad you are developing a sense of community and already reaping the benefits!

bennyhannahmama: Yay for an easy Day 10 and good luck working with Day 11!

ChinaMaine: lots of good news with reasonable work hours, increased energy for exercise, and successfully lowering your calorie intake -- yay for the new low!

03-20-2010, 06:02 PM
Dear Coaches

A good food day yesterday. I avoided all the foods on my stay clear of list. I am enjoying the last of the summer fruits (mangoes, peaches, nectarines, custard apples) and have planned to eat them in this non-diet phase. Also our new season apples are coming in. The other thing I discovered yesterday was Gazpacho - I have never made or eaten it and it was so hot I decided to give it a try - amazing - it will help me see this Indian summer out in a healthy way. Temperatures in the 30s (above 85F) this weekend and all next week - very sick of it. Still really dark in the morning because summer time doesn't stop until Easter - but wonderful to lie in bed this morning with my laptop and watch the red sky as the sun came up.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Your life is amazingly full with your children and I am not surprised it is difficult to schedule time for dieting so well done that you do. Day 11 is one I found useful and I have to remember to stop and take a breath before I eat to do that evaluation so good luck with it

ChinaMaine - Glad you are getting a break from full-on work - and that you are able to exercise again without fatigue just normal tiredness! Great insight to lower you calories as your weight drops - I will struggle with that if it happens. And it is all working so credit to you

Shepherdess - Great insight to realise that the unpredictability of spring is getting to your eating - spring is like that isn't it although it sounds pretty wild in your part of the world.

Gardenerjoy - Yay for great rules - I am thinking I need to write some similar ones and need to spend more time thinking about my vulnerable times and make some hard a fast rules - will post them when I work them out. Lots of positives in your post

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - oops
Checked in to my diet coaches - here I am
Sat down to eat - yes - no apples at moment :)
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - YES
Put fork down between bites - sometimes
Spontaneous exercise - No
Weighed myself (if at home) - yes
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - sometimes remember to breathe before food
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yes
Gave myself credit when on track - usuallyNot so good: :nono:

No exercise planned or not - but really body not cooperating at the momentWorking on: :woops:

Putting down my fork! This will be a long term projectCheryl

03-20-2010, 09:21 PM
Hello Everyone!!!! Finally time today to do some personals.

midlifecrisis57- I could really relate to your post- I too am an old hand at taking responsibility for other people's feelings. It is such a relief to practice not doing that. It was very hard at first but I am slowly getting better at it but it is something I have to do some self talk about often.

silverbirch- hello there. Must be wonderful to be in London and heading for the library.

hikergirl-hello and good to see you checking in. Credit for weighing yourself and posting.

BillBlueEyes-yay for walking in shorts. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend away!! Strange to check in this morning and no post from you. You really are our glue here.

Beverlyjoy-glad to see you posting on your trip. Yay for resistance of the pretzels. Congratulations on 3 more pounds gone.

onebyone-I agree new days and new weeks are wonderful. Glad you are feeling motivated. Sorry to read about your mom's condition. My mom had a brain aneurysm and survived it. Unfortunately her short term memory and judgment are impaired - it is hard to see someone you love struggling with this.

seadwaters-your neighbours are awesome. How wonderful to be reminded of all the good people who are out there. Your list of credits is impressive.

bennyhannahmama- yay for Day 10- the 5 pound goals have been such a motivator for me- helps me focus on the present and not a magical, illusive far-off day. I hope you are very proud of yourself for quitting smoking. As for having just one, there is an old saying- "one cigarette away from a pack-a-day." I know the struggle to quit. I did it 8 years ago- it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

ChinaMaine-congratulations on your new weight low. That's fantastic. Glad you are feeling better and hope the insomnia eases up.

Shepherdess-sorry yesterday was not great but credit for exercise. I like your idea for a response card of -“Eating off plan makes me feel sick”, think I will add it in.

gardenerjoy- glad to hear about another easy day and your new low. Thanks for your tip on eating the nuts and dark chocolate chips- I am going to try that. Maybe that will help me fight the sugar cravings. They don't come that often, but when they do--look out. :o

For me, thankfully I am back on track. Another good day yesterday and one today too!!! Went to the city with DH yesterday. We went out for lunch with a friend- Dim Sum- and I ate the steamed stuff only and ate only until mildly full- what's up with that????- starting to act like a Becker. :):):) We grabbed Subway for dinner so that was healthy.

Yaaaaaaaaay for a trip to the city where I did not blow it.

Today credit for:

weighing in
posting to my coaches
riding exercise bike 30 mins
eating very healthy and on plan
reading advantage and response cards
eating slowly and mindfully every meal

I have been keeping a daily checklist of all the things I want to do (like excericse, counting calories, reading cards etc). This week I typed up a page of healthy foods and am challenging myself to eat as many as possible by checking off each day when I eat something on the list. This is fun and is challenging me to eat more of a variety of foods. Well, fun might be stretching it a bit.....

Talk to you tomorrow

03-21-2010, 09:35 AM
Today's challenge is a family meeting at a new time and with some newly developing personal dynamics. A bit nervous about it all. My mantra today is "no snacks." Grazing throughout the day is the worst thing I do when I'm out there. We're having a potluck lunch -- I'll fill my plate with the salad my mother-in-law promised to bring, the healthy Waldorf Salad that I'm bringing, and tiny amounts of everything else.

If the weather holds off on the predicted rain, we'll likely walk. Otherwise, I'll come home and de-stress with dance videos and yoga.

WI: +0.4kg, Exercise: +100, 1245/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: love hearing about your summer harvest while we're waiting for the first crops of spring -- we're probably a month away from locally-grown asparagus, rhubarb, and spinach.

CeeJay: what a wonderful Beckian day in the city! There's an experience you can build on!

It feels very strange to be the first to post in the morning. So, Good Morning, everyone!

03-21-2010, 10:56 AM
I ran the 5 mile race of my running club’s Winter Series Challenge yesterday. My DH was good enough do some of the AM feeding by myself so that I could do the run and then I met him afterwards and helped him with the rest. I ran it 2 minutes faster than last year, which was exciting. I was a bit worried when I arrived and the thermostat on my car said it was 10 F out. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it didn’t feel that cold when we started running and warmed up pretty quick. The wind was cooperating and the sun was out, so it was pretty nice.

Food was on plan, though it was another day when surprises just pop up. I was taking a knitting class in the evening and the plan for dinner was to grab a pizza on our way home. But we saw a calf being born on our way home. It had warmed up to 40 by then, but it was getting dark and the temp drops pretty quick after dark—we’re close to desert here. So we just wanted to wait and see how the calf born, stand and suck before we called it a night. So we watched for about 2 hrs and ate the pizza in the truck (I don’t know what Beck would say about that.) But I did stick to my planned amount. I was worried it would be a struggle, but it wasn’t. Mom and baby were doing good by the time we left, so it was a pretty great day.

Seadwaters, sending comforting thoughts your way! Sorry about the fatigue, but it is great that there is a community out there to offer some much needed support. Your commitment to Beck while going through an exhausting and stressful time is so inspiring! Your gazpacho and summer fruits has got me thinking about summer. Sounds like a great menu for a hot day.

Bennyhannamamma, great job recognizing that the popcorn and ice cream you wanted was just desire. I’m not so good at noticing the difference in the moment. Kudos for thinking of a plan to monitor when you have a hectic schedule.

ChinaMaine, it’s great that you have plan that lets you eat if you are hungry or skip it if you are not. I’m impressed at how good you have gotten about telling the difference. Yay for improving energy levels and for getting in so much exercise.

Gardenerjoy, yay for another easy day. It’s great that you recognized areas of weakness and have made a plan to deal with them. Good job planning around the storm to get your walk in. Sounds like you have a good plan in place for your family meeting—it’s tough to avoid grazing when the food is out.

CeeJay, yay for being back on track. Huge credit for eating well on a trip to the city! Keep these successes on mind next time you have an upcoming trip. Sticking to steamed stuff at Dim Sum sounds like a great plan.

03-21-2010, 11:36 AM
Not a lot of time to post, but I have some time, so I'm going to do it right now! Yesterday wasn't great, I kept forgetting to evaluate how I was feeling before I ate and I didn't make the best food choices. I also didn't make sure to eat slowly and consciously, nor did I make sure to read a few Advantages before eating :( I know I had a few nibbles of things while standing up too. Today so far has kind of followed the same pattern, but I know I can turn that around right now-- so that's what I'll do.

I did some really great things yesterday too. Ordered a grilled chicken snack wrap when taking the kids to McDonald's for lunch. Made myself a vegetable omlette for dinner since Jim was cooking homemade macaroni and cheese and I knew if that if that was my only dinner I would eat way too much of it (I did have some). Finally, I made sure to get some unplanned exercise in by playing frisbee and tag in the backyard with the kids for about an hour :broc:

Oh yeah and posting right now means I get one more :broc:
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

03-21-2010, 12:27 PM
Quick shout-out to all.

Whoever said "cherry-picking" posts to which I will respond, thank you! Seems appropriate that we "cherry pick".

For the challenge of social gathering with lots of tempting treats: I have not done this, but I will commit to my coaches right now I am going to try it. The scenario: tempting treats out for grazing. I will declare a fixed amount of time to let myself sample, either early, mid, or late in the affair, as I choose. The rest of the time will be "no grazing, no choice", and I will chew gum! I think it has possibilities. There is some evidence that chewing gum gives a fat burning boost to boot. Not sure on the etiquette of chewing gum and visiting, but don't care. I really don't. *laffin'. Given the way we have abandoned good manners in the last two decades, it just doesn't seem to be a big deal!

Chinamaine, you have been doing marvelously. I am so happy for your success. That said, I am envious as h*** about ice-out. So much for the Maine climate zone being akin to mine. DS and I have our customary bet on ice-out. He says April 10; I say April 5..ever the optimist, am I. We do see/hear loons the very second there is open water! I swear!

I can't imagine having a "lay coach" rather than the Beck coaches I have here; as Beverlyjoy so often says, "I am grateful". :)

03-21-2010, 03:42 PM
Hi beck folks...

My weekend has been great. The party was wonderful. It was a great celebration. I saw many cousins and family friends. My food has been mostly great. I got through Thursday and Friday well. On Friday I had only one slice of pizza for dinner with my salad. Credit! I even got through the party making good healthy, on plan, choices & allowing and counting in a small brownie. At dinner, however, when all the leftovers from the party and the cold pizza along with the different cookies, nuts & cake were put out to choose from - I didn't make the best choices. I ate more than I needed too - including lots of cookies, nuts, and pasta salad. (ugh) Today I got up and planned for a healthy day and have been doing that. I wish that I had not 'given to the food' - but - I did and it's over and I am moving forward. It's kind of amazing how I could be really doing well and feeling pretty OK about not having the portions of food I craved. I didn't go into a food frenzy at dinner last night - it was just like dr. beck says - my heart was beating fast, my mind was racing, I felt anxious and all the rest. . . before, during and after I ate way too much food. (glad it's over!)

So phase I of my trip is coming to a I am off to visit my son, dil, and gs - also doing some programs in a couple of elementary schools. I am glad to have a day at home before I leave again. I am planning ahead - bringing some of my favorite snacks. I will go to the store and get some things I like if they aren't available when I get there. I know there will be lots of foods I don't keep around - but, I will read my cards daily, check off the beck activities in my journal, write down & keep track of what I eat and try to 'live' with food in a healthy manner.

I will check in again later - have much to do now. Thanks to everyone for your support!

03-21-2010, 08:35 PM

gardenerjoy- hope all went well with your family meeting and that you managed it without off plan eating.

Shepherdess-yay for your 5 mile race and for exceeding your time from last year. And for eating on plan even though it was pizza, cause we all know how hard it is to resist overeating pizza!!!

bennyhannahmama-credit yesterday for eating sensibly at McDonald's and for making the veg. omelette to go with dinner. Your unplanned exercise with the kids souds like a nice time.

maryblu-hi there. Your plan of chewing gum instead of grazing is a good plan. I have been carrying around mints to pop when others are eating stuff I don't want.

Beverlyjoy-sounds like you are having a very good time. Good for you for getting right back on track today. The success you are having on your trips is inspiring to me. Gives me hope that I will be able to do the same on summer holidays.

For me, a fantastic day. Ate a healthy breakfast of egg whites and an orange, then had salad and soup for lunch. An apple for afternoon snack and am about to dig into vegetabe lasagna (very light on cheese) for dinner. Spent the afternoon with DH riding the ATV and also went for a walk in the woods.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Eating on plan
doing weights
walking 35 mins with DH
planning tomorrow and packing lunch up
reading advantage and response cards
eating slower and more mindfully

Have a good night all.

03-22-2010, 06:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had a lovely weekend out of touch. Apparently the world turns on its axis and travels its orbit around the sun even if I don't electronically monitor the news channels regularly. You go world, LOL.

Eating was very good at sit down meals; CREDIT moi. Not so good with snacks in several snack-and-chat late night sessions; Oh Well. Sat with a friend who ordered the same chowder and salad I ordered because "clothes in my size didn't fit on my recent shopping trip to Macy's." Then watched him polish off the basket of bread and butter that I ignored. At breakfast on Sunday I sat next to a friend who announced that she hadn't taken one of those smells-soooooo-good cinnamon buns; then said it again; then again; then got up and took one, LOL but really Sadness Out Loud since I've done that. She asked me to split it, which I gladly accepted, then she was very annoyed that I took about 1/8th - which was just the taste that I wanted (OK, but not to-die-for). She finished off the whole thing.

No special birds to report, but did see a fox in the woods - special for me because it was my first fox in the wild: bug bushy tail with white tip, pointed ears that were black tipped, trotting along the path unconcerned that I was up a slight hill watching. A real treat.

maryblu - Gum to reinforce "no grazing" seems like a good idea; I could have used that when I suffered grazing fever this past weekend.

onebyone - Good for you for avoiding the dreaded scale and using a "weighing machine" instead, LOL.

ChinaMaine - LOL at ice-out ahead of Minnesota. Can't wait to hear Loon stories.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Dance, broccoli, Dance!! Yay for deciding on a ten minute walk anyway.

Shepherdess - Nope, Beck doesn't cover watching a calf being born in 40 degrees (a tad chilly even if "warmed up to") - so eating the only food available in the only warm place available seems like a good choice.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Glad that you'll still be a coach among us. Yay for continuing with your March exercise plan.

Beverlyjoy - Yay that your journey is going well. Visiting cousins from long ago is special.

CeeJay - Kudos for a trip to the city under control. Neat to expand yourself into challenging foods - may you discover some jewels that you didn't use to like.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Don't we all dream of a 6'2" gardener tending our gardens. Yay for thoughtful neighbours.

Readers - Day 22
Say, Oh Well to Disappointment

At some point, while you're still losing weight, you'll undoubtedly feel discouraged. It might happen today if the scale doesn't register the number you're hoping to see. It could happen tomorrow or next week when you're with friends and see them eating foods that you can't have. At some point, the disadvantages of dieting will seem to outweigh the advantages. You might feel resentful or even a little rebellious: Why do I have to do what this book says? There must be an easier way.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 179.

03-22-2010, 08:57 AM
:df: WI-up 1.3 lbs. Did not read my cards, but made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (80m).

Saturday was not a good food day. We had company coming for dinner and had to get the dock in the water, get the new grill seasoned and ready-to-go, and a very messy house to clean up. So my exercise was chores. Early afternoon I was very hungry and still had several hours of chores ahead of me. Although hunger is not an emergency, I didn’t want to run out of energy when I still had work to do. So I had a slice of toast with peanut butter and changed my dinner plans to reduce the calories by 100. I’d still have finished the day at my calorie max if I had stopped there. But after dinner I said ‘I don’t care’ and snacked away. I need to find my RC for social situations and have it ready for the next time…

Yesterday, was a much better day. I ended up 50 calories over my max because I mis-remembered what I had planned for my evening snack. Oh well… Other than that I was right op for food. For exercise I raked leaves. Our property was a woodland until we built our house, and a number of dead / diseased trees were cut down in our backyard. There are roots everywhere ready to trip you up, so I pulled as many of them out as I could. It’s an ongoing project I work on every spring… I have some DOMS today from the yard work.

The Good (for Sunday) :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly (for Sunday) :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

shepherdess When the weather is bad and you are stuck in the house, you seem to crave comfort food. I believe that this has happened a number of times this winter… Perhaps you need some special strategies for days like Friday – special response cards and a special list of distractions. Just a thought…

Kudos for the 5 mile race (2 mins faster!) and it’s nice that Mom and newborn calf did well.

gardenerjoy I like your 2 new environment rules! Your plan for the social event Sunday sounds like a recipe for success. And it sounds like it was successful, except for one meal. That’s pretty darn good, and now you are back on plan again. :bravo:

CeeJay :yay: for eating until mildly full! I really like your idea of a checklist for healthy foods to eat during the week. Sounds like you had a great Sunday!

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting Sunday and committing to getting back on plan. Frisbee and tag – great spontaneous exercise!

Maryblu I like your plan for social situations. We were sitting on our dock on the first day of spring and had a kayaker paddle up to say ‘hi’. It is so weird, but nice… Yes we usually hear loons right after ice-out too. I have to assume they didn’t get the memo that it was a month (or more) early this year.

Bill Kudos for reacquainting yourself with living without electronic info 24/7. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Did you go camping?

03-22-2010, 09:57 AM
Hi Beck folks... It's good to be home. My trip kind of made my pieces and parts scream. I know what I need to do & I will do it so I can leave tomorrow for my next trip.

I need to have a healthy day today. I want to leave tomorrow in a 'good place' with my plan and my determination. I've planned and written my food plan for today. I used up all the pages in my program journal and I will start a new journal today. I am glad that this notebook has a few pockets for my note cards. I like that.

Yesterday went well, I am grateful. I ate one cookie off my plan and threw the rest in the trash covered with dish soap.

ate mostly healthfully
eat only when seated
tasted food
fork down
read cards one time
gentle stretches (back still hurts)
left a bite of food for all meals

oops -
did not write in my journal except for food eaten
ate extra cookie - I gave into a craving
did not plan my menu
ate too fast
didn't feel fullness much of the time.

I will be back for personals in a bit.

03-22-2010, 11:08 AM
My no snacking rule proved extra challenging out our family event yesterday -- we didn't eat lunch until after 3:00! But the snack options were salty processed foods that just weren't worth the calories, so I found a corner and stayed away from the food. I was hungry, but, just like I learned from the hunger experiment in the green book, I can survive a few hours of hunger with no ill effects.

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +55, 1300/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Glad our travelers Beverlyjoy and BillBlueEyes are home and well! And sending Beverlyjoy off on her next trip with good wishes!

Happy Monday to everyone else!

03-22-2010, 11:38 AM
Back from 5 days of scarey eating. I weighed myself this morning (yikes). I have a food plan written for the day, and I am about to read my advantage cards.

Send me positive thoughts.

03-22-2010, 01:55 PM
Hi again... time for some personals.

Hikergirl....glad you're back. It's good you have a plan and are reading your eyes.

gardenerjoy - many kudo's for surving hunger and many of your temptations! Thanks for the good thoughts as I go on the next leg of my trips.

chinamarie - sometimes the unplanned eating happens. Dr. Beck says to start fresh. It's a mishap - carry on!!

hi bill - glad you had a good weekend. Many credits for avoiding so many temptations. It's hard when out of the 'food comfort zone'. I saw three hawks on our car ride...I love the raptors as well as the pretty singers.

ceejay - your menu for yesterday sounds so yummy and healthy - big kudo's. Your many daily credits are wonderful...carry on.

maryblu - good for you willing to approach a difficult situation with a good strategy and plan.

kim - I agree - there are so many things to 'think about' when eating that just don't come naturally to many of us - slow eating, tasting, feel fullness etc. Playing with the kids certainly counts as good exercise!

shepardess - it's wonderful that you took two minutes off your running time...yay!!!! Good for you being satisfied with your dinner and able to stay on plan with things changing a bit during the day.

Shout out to anyone that stops by. Sorry to anyone that I missed. Now I need to get ready to leave early in the morning.

03-22-2010, 09:48 PM
Today was a mixed bag. The day declined as it went on. So, right now, I just want to make sure that I post.

Hope everyone else had a better day!

03-22-2010, 11:14 PM
Hello everyone:

Just a quick check in tonight.

Welcome back Bill B.E.

Another day on plan today. Yahooo. A healthy breakfast of egg whites, a snack of yogurt and berries, a lunch of salad and tuna sandwich on whole wheat, a snack of raw veggies and a dinner of leftover veg lasagna.

Credit today for:

weighing in
walking 25 mins with DH
eating on plan
reading response and advantage cards
checking in here
planning tomorrow and packing lunch

Not so good was the mindful and slow eating. Ate lunch in front of computer at work as I am off next week so am trying to accomplish a huge pile of work before then and dinner in front of the TV. Oh well, tomorrow will do better.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone

03-22-2010, 11:26 PM
Hi All,
Surfacing from a few weeks of feeling overwhelming, abandoning tracking food, and not checking in here. I got through 2 craft shows(made a profit on both), a visit from my father and stepmother from Canada, my dh landing in a pothole while walking, and spraining his ankle, and still waiting to hear from my doctor about what's up with my low hemoglobin levels, with some ocd thrown in for good measure. But today, I tracked food, credit. Came here, credit. Did not buy easter candy, credit. I remember being quite irritated when Easter candy started appearing before Lent even got going! I did decide to give up donuts for Lent, and have only had one, which I picked up without thinking. My goal this week is to track my food, check in here, and go for walks at lunch.
Hope everyone is doing ok!

03-23-2010, 05:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Felt good to do gym; CREDIT moi. Didn't even count that I walked there in the rain because it was a normal drizzle - not REAL rain like we had last week. It also feels good to have my own predictable food - not predictable in being the same, but predictably rational, healthy food that I look forward to. And that doesn't slide down so quickly that it doesn't register as having consumed food and needing to stop. Was recently reminded that the Cinnabun sold at malls is engineered to melt in your mouth, then slide down quickly with minimal chewing. [730 calories, 24g fat - or different website - 813 calories, 32g fat.]

maryblu - Waving. So, you just happened to have a spare $184 million you didn't need for gardening supplies?

ChinaMaine - Ouch when exercise is chores; Yay when chores are done. How do you put in the dock before ice out?

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Posting is a good way to stop a decline.

Susan (hikergirl) - Nothing like a food plan to get back on track. Sending positive thoughts in a basket.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - This Easter candy stuff irritates me also. I hate being reminded constantly that I could be stuffing myself with HFCS and watching so many people grabbing it. Congrats on two profitable days at your craft shows.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - MONSTER Kudos for avoiding snacks in a social situation through your expected lunch time. Good technique to find a corner to sit away from the food.

Beverlyjoy - Planning, planning, planning. You're an inspiration. And Kudos for "left a bite of food for all meals." A three-hawk day is a good day.

CeeJay - Yay for an on-plan day that even included "walking 25 mins with DH."

Readers - Day 22
Say, Oh Well to Disappointment

It takes time to change a mindset that took years to form. Even though you now have many new skills to fight sabotaging thoughts and increase your confidence, you should expect to face times of doubt and disappointment.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 179.

03-23-2010, 07:05 AM
Diet coaches
This is a really quick check in because I am determined not to miss another opportunity. Work is busy. Had the joy of not having to pack or organise food over the weekend because not staying in Sydney (because have a few early morning tests up home) but that also means I have to drive down everyday - just a bit tiring

I am reading my cards, not eating standing up, and trying to avoid eating to overfull - that is about all I can manage at the moment

Big wave to you all


03-23-2010, 07:34 AM
:df: WI-down 1.1 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (35m).

Yesterday was a good food day, although I was a little bit hungry most of the day. But I stayed on-plan, so credit moi. Exercise was good too and I was happy the rain was holding off until after dark. I've chosen my next reward - my next 5 lb mini-goal is 3.5 lbs away, so will probably be month or more before I hit it. But it is also 50 lbs lost so I wanted to get something bigger than normal to celebrate. I'm going to get a kick bike, which look like a blast!

The Good (for Sunday) :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yes!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly (for Sunday) :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for stopping at one cookie and then throwing them away – I love the extra step of covering them with dish soap! I hope you feel better today.

gardenerjoy Kudos for succeeding at the real-life hunger experiment!

Susan (hikergirl) Supportive thoughts coming your way… Kudos for posting and making a plan.

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting --- remember today is a new day!

CeeJay What a great food day you had! Hope you enjoyed your walk with DH.

Nuxmaga Nice to see you again! Ouch for feeling overwhelmed, but kudos for tracking food and posting here.

Bill Wow 700+ calories for a cinnabun – and they smell so good too. I swear the smell is also a tractor beam. ;) We had ice-out on Friday, but no loons yet. :(

03-23-2010, 09:19 AM
Hi beck folks... yesterday was a healthy on plan day. I am very grateful. I got back into the rhythum of beck tasks. I needed to do this...because I am leaving again for a week.

My lower back is not happy as I did an ouchy bend lift and twist. Ice and heat and a few meds to the rescue (I hope), I need to drive 4 hours today - yikes. I will stop every hour to do some gentle stretches.

I have things 'food wise' ready for the trip. Beck book , food journal, will do my exchange program, response cards, etc. I will try to check in here daily. I hope my son's laptop is working. It's been on the fritz - if so, I'll try to get to the library to check my email and stop by here to report in.

I have a program at a school tomorrow - I hope my pieces and parts cooperate!

Have a great day. Treat yourself as kindly as you would treat a good friend.

Thanks for your support, encouragement, and friendship.

03-23-2010, 11:34 AM
I just finished "book conferencing" in my daughter's classroom (each Tuesday, I pull different kids out of the class to discuss books they've read during the past week) and now have an hour and a half before I need to pick my son up from pre-school. The house needs a lot of attention (cleaning up, actual cleaning, laundry, etc.), but my priority right now is Beck. So that means, posting here and then a workout. The other things will have to wait.

I thought I was starting off on the right foot on Sunday morning (after posting that I was going to turn things around), but low and behold I found myself eating food standing up, eating my son's leftover eggs and toast for breakfast and it just spiraled from there. Went to the supermarket to let the kids pick out some candy for the movies and ended up at the bulk bins. I made a bag for myself and promptly devoured it, eating during the entire movie. I'm pretty sure it was stress related because Jim and I were both kind of cranky and taking all 4 kids to the store to buy bikes for 2 of them and then to the movies was a pretty big task. When I finally got home and the kids needed baths (which I let them skip because it was past their bedtime and they complained of being so tired) and I had to prepare for work and school the next morning, I was even more stressed and overwhelmed. Leftover candy to the rescue :(
So, without a doubt, my downfall there was lack of planning.

Yesterday, I woke up at 5 am and got a workout in! :broc:
Ate my protein bar on the way to work (what I usually do) and ate it so slowly and mindfully (taking sips of my ice coffee in between each bite), that I realized I was satisfied (not full!) with 1/2 the bar left over- so I STOPPED eating it!! :broc:

Brought a salad for lunch with tuna, but, instead of making up a small bag of crackers to go with it, I grabbed the whole bag of crackers as I was running out of the house late. So, I finished off the bag of crackers :( That's where that spiral began.

Then at night, found myself picking pasta straight out of the pot and didn't even try to stop myself.
It's time for me to start using my Response Cards (which I'm using in the same program on my phone that I list my Advantages, so they are always available to me), something I never really got in the habit of doing. The best I ever did was read them daily, but I either forgot to read them in the moment I needed them, or chose not to in the past :( I need to start doing something with them. I've only added a few to my phone and I need to add more. I would like to try to do that before the end of the day today.

Today is a new day! I just read everyone's posts and I feel a boost already. I also need to give myself credit for things I've already done today:

posted here :broc:
read all of my Advantages x1 :broc:
gave myself credit :broc:
ate my breakfast mindfully and slowly :broc:


It's so great to hear about your successful trip- you should be very proud of yourself! Hope your "parts" are feeling better soon. What type of program do you do in the elementary school? I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and enjoy MI. Thank you too for your support, encouragement and friendship!

Sounds like you had a great day! Your good days help encourage me, so thanks for sharing. The outdoor play with the kids was fun and something I probably never would have done a couple of years ago-- the extra weight plus feeling yucky about myself would have kept me inside :( I wish I remembering these things would be enough to keep me on track.

LOL re: "you go world!" I'm glad you had a nice weekend and survived being unplugged. Watching others exhibit the same behavior I used to is very difficult for me too. Part of me feels guilty that I've moved away from that behavior while they're still stuck in it. Sometimes, I think that's part of what holds me back and keeps me from being completely successful. That makes me sad and I'm working on it, working on believing that I do deserve to be happy. I appreciate your observations, thoughts and feelings on what it's like to see others making poor choices like you used to do.
Kudos for getting back to the gym and enjoying it!
Thanks for the reminder that posting is a good way to stop a decline. I never thought of it that way, yet it really seems to ring true.

Sounds to me like you made the best of your hectic weekend and yeah for DOMS from yard work :) I need to Google "kick bike" to see what that is. Wow- 50 lbs, yes that definitely warrants a big reward!

I'm very impressed with your ability to flex your resistance muscle-- go you! :carrot:

How did your first day back go? I sent you positive vibes!

It's good to see you back and posting! Congratulations on getting through so much and making a profit at the craft shows (what type of crafts do you make/sell?) I think your plan for the week sounds great-- it's so important to be realistic and set ourselves up for success, especially after a tough time.

I think you're plan sounds perfect-- keep taking care of yourself.

03-23-2010, 11:52 AM
Exercise yesterday consisted of tearing up the house trying to find some important paperwork that went missing. And we never found it. Ouch. On the positive side, though, I had this thought "If I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems" which I got from onebyone and put in my response cards. And, that thought came before any thoughts I had to overeat. In the past, that particular combination of frustration and embarrassment was a guaranteed trigger for an overeating episode. But with my new thinking, I was happy to eat my planned snack and move ahead, seeing what I could salvage from the rest of the day. Credit!

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +0, 1300/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-23-2010, 01:48 PM
In the last 24 hours:
• 157.6, did not eat standing up, made a food plan, stuck to food plan, exercised.
• not eat slowly, did not read advantage cards.

In the next 24 hours:
• challenges will be eating out at lunch in a restaurant with a friend ---- I will eat slowly, I give myself permission to enjoy food that may exceed my caloric goal of 400 calories (I will strive for 400 calories)….I will not use it as a springboard to overeating later on in the day
• challenges will be eating out in cafeteria at dinner time ---- I will eat slowly, bring an egg snack for between lunch and for after dinner (night school runs late)

Gardenerjoy---- congratulations – well done. Talk about using all of your newly acquired skills. Inspirational for me.

Bennyhann… --- spiraling – I understand what you are writing. I think, above all else, we need to take it easy on ourselves after this has happened because we can just pound ourselves into the ground. Acknowledging the event (as you have done) and then dealing with the immediate moment and then looking ahead a bit. Glad that you posted.

Beverlyjoy – have a successful trip. It sounds like you will be successful because you have a plan to look after yourself.

Chinamaine – what is a “kick bike”?

Seadwaters – sounds like you are doing well in a different environment (are you travelling?)

Billblueeyes – yeeeikes, regarding the cinabon calorie count. I caught your basket!

Nuxmaga – great to read your post and see that you are back. Congrats on your successful shows. Your goals this week are realistic (in my opinion) and I wish you luck.

Ceejay – congrats on an on plan day in a situation where things are a bit unusual (getting ready to go on vacation).

03-23-2010, 11:15 PM
Hello everyone!!!

Nuxmaga- glad to see you here!! Good list of credits. And yes, easter candy is very irritating. Go away bunnies!!!

BillBlueEyes- credit for the gym. Cinnabuns- yikes- I knew they were bad but 730 or 813 calories?? Just goes to show...

seadwaters-I hope you have some great music to go with all that driving you are doing. I drive a lot for my job so know how tiring it can be. Congratulations for your dancing carrot.

ChinaMaine- you are doing so great. Thanks for being a major inspiration to me. I love your idea of a big reward for 50 pounds. That is just such a huge achievement.

Beverlyjoy-have a great trip!!! You are all ready to continue with your healthy habits on the road again (LOL, sorry that was lame).

bennyhannahmama-yay for the attitude that other things have to wait while you do what is good for you!! Oh well to Sunday and Monday.

gardenerjoy- like the use of the response about eating over one problem leading to two problems. I used this one today. Yay for success with managing your feelings without food.

hikergirl- yay for all your credits. Good luck with lunch tomorrow and also the cafeteria at dinner. Good plan to bring a snack.

For me almost a very good day. I worked late and ate my afternoon snack at 3:00 so was darn near starving by 6:00. In the olden days I would have raided the snack machine or stopped for junk food for the drive home. Not today- I just said this is not an emergency and I can wait for a healthy dinner at home. Ate dinner at 7:00 and did not die from waiting. :p

Good things today:
weighing in
doing weights
posting here
eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing lunch
eating slower and more mindfully

Not great:
did not ride exercise bike or walk today.
did not read cards today

Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday.

03-24-2010, 06:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - All day meeting at work yesterday. Another all day meeting at work coming today. Feels like being in prison. I could be working, except, of course, this is my work, LOL. The good news is that I'm not in the main room where there's a constantly-replenished spread of food. And even better, those of us in the satellite rooms (connected by projected view of the presentation, but without the nuances of the speaker's face) can exchange side comments with impunity. Gives my mind time to think that I'd rather be eating. I didn't; CREDIT moi. I like today's quote, slightly modified, Once I truly accept working for a living, it becomes easier.

ChinaMaine - Now I'm excited about your kickbike - that looks like good exercise. Will be patiently waiting to hear about the first loon to find your open water. Kudos for staying on-plan despite being "a little bit hungry."

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for prioritizing exercise and pursuing your Beck stuff over house cleaning. Ouch for the stress eating, but Kudos for all the broccoli dancing.

Susan (hikergirl) - Good luck with your restaurant lunch; you're ahead already by planning it. Eggs are such a good snack idea; wonder why hard boiled eggs aren't offered at more places.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Interesting observation, "that particular combination of frustration and embarrassment" when looking for a misplaced paper. I've stuffed many a handful of whatever's when I've had that combination in the past. It's a hard one for me to separate the embarrassment from the simple need to just find something.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at your way of saying, "hope my pieces and parts cooperate" but sending supportive thoughts that they do. Four hours of driving certainly needs its own plan. I do "baby" carrots for long drives; it's still using food, which goes against my plan, but it's better than my old days when I used cookies.

CeeJay - Yay for whipping out the "this is not an emergency" and waiting for dinner. Good to be reminded about using that one.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Ouch for the tiring driving; yay for continuing to work your plan anyway.

Readers - Day 22
Say, Oh Well to Disappointment

When this happens, you'll need to remind yourself that you've freely chosen to diet. And having done so, you have another choice as well: You can either make yourself miserable by railing against the fates that "put you in this situation," or you can accept the disadvantages of dieting as a necessary means to an end. Once you truly accept that you need to follow the steps in this program, your struggles will diminish and dieting will become much easier.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 179.

03-24-2010, 06:56 AM
Diet coaches

Checking in before I sleep early again. I had a good food day - ate all the healthy foods I had decided were important, and a few things that would be best avoided! Scavenging in this phase sometimes leads to less than good choices - but I am still trying to observe the basic ground rules that Beck develops in the first few weeks of the pink book

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
Checked in to my diet coaches - here I am again so credit
Sat down to eat - except for when I was driving today and late for r/therapy because they messed up an appointment somewhere else. I ate my lunch on the run
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - except for the above yes
Put fork down between bites - needed a fork to do this! All finger food today
Spontaneous exercise - No
Weighed myself (if at home) - yes - still under 100kg
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - mostly
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yes
Gave myself credit when on track - YesNot so good: :nono:

Being rushed and grabbing food on the run
haven't read the pink book todayWorking on: :woops:

Staying on track and not losing sight of the goal - I have to come here once a day to remember that so thanks coachesCheryl

03-24-2010, 07:46 AM
:df: WI-down 0.7 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (38m).

Work has gotten crazy again – oh well… Food and exercise were good. I walked in a bitterly cold rain yesterday morning – credit moi. It feels like March again, not May. ;)

For those who asked, a kick bike (or kick scooter) is a scooter for adults (here's a range of kick scooters ( The front wheel is often larger than the back one. It’s supposed to be a great workout ( and looks like fun.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – a couple of times during the day I found myself wolfing my food and had to slow myself down - partial credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for a healthy on-plan day, in spite of your hurting back…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for making time for Beck and your children’s school. Ouch for the off-plan eating. But for eating only half of your protein bar because you were full – bravo!

gardenerjoy It’s great that this onebyone-ism ‘ If I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems’ worked for you! What a great success for you.

Susan (hikergirl) Credit for making a food plan and sticking to it!

CeeJay hunger is not an emergency - Kudos for using resistance techniques to keep you on-plan!

Bill I feel your pain about the all-day meetings. Kudos for resisting the opportunity to graze for FREE food (;))

Cheryl (seadwaters) re eating in the car on the way to r/therapy – sometimes life happens, right? So sounds to me like you are doing great! So is your last r/therapy session next week?

03-24-2010, 10:19 AM
Day 8: Create Time and Energy

I played around with the charts in both the pink book and the workbook. I discovered that my time from late afternoon (when I normally exercise) through bedtime is less flexible than I thought. No wonder I became more regular at posting here when I switched to mornings! I suspect morning will be the best time to write down my food plan for the day as well, when I reach that point again. Exercise seems to work best for me in the late afternoon and early evening -- one of my primary motivators for exercise is as a cure for insomnia and that seems to be late enough to make me tired at bed time but not so late as to make me too energized to sleep. For today, I'm going to try working in the Beck books again late in the evening, but I'm not sure that will always work -- it might be better to slate that into my morning time as well.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +60, 1360/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: yay for your credits and good job identifying and planning for your challenges

CeeJay: good job using the Hunger is Not an Emergency response!

BillBlueEyes: great to see you applying Beck principles to work frustrations!

seadwaters: yay for that long list of credits and for finding ways to deal with upsets that don't throw you too far off track.

ChinaMaine: good job staying on plan even while work is getting crazy around you!

03-24-2010, 11:39 AM
Weight this morning 156.9. Last 24 hours - I had a wonderful (high calorie) lunch but did not use that as a spring board to a binge. This is very big success for me. I stretched yesterday (no cardio). Today – goal is more stretching, food plan still to be made (I may have a lunch invitation)/

Billblueeys - today’s quote is very, very, very appropriate for me. Thank you. I think that I need to make it a screensaver.

Chinamaine - so it is a foot scooter for adults (like “The Blade” model for children). If that is the case then I have one in the closet and it is an engineering marvel. It glides and glides and glides ….so well, that in the event of rainfall there is a warning to not ride the bike (the glide is so good because the tires are so smooth and hard).

Bye for now.

03-24-2010, 10:29 PM
Hello everyone:

Just a quick check in tonight. I worked from 7am to 6pm today and I am totally wiped.

weighed in
ate on plan and healthy
ate pretty slowly and mostly mindfully
posted here

Need to do tonight:
plan tomorrow's food and go to bed early
read advantage and response cards

Not so good:
no exercise again today, that is 2 days in a row. Tomorrow I am right back at it.


03-24-2010, 11:01 PM
Overall good, but very busy day. More tomorrow!

03-25-2010, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Survived a second day of all-day meetings; CREDIT moi. It was bearable because the material was really interesting; but it still tweaked my Meeting Deficit Disorder (MDD), LOL. Lunch was bottom of the fridge leftovers - I didn't get around to making a big pot of something for my lunches and DW hasn't made anything with extras for dinners. Been scraping by. Grateful for a quarter of a baked sweet potato thrown in that I'd saved from a week before and grabbed before DW tossed it into the compost.

Walked into a evening social situation only 30 minutes after dinner and just took a cookie from the table piled with home made goodies. Ouch. I don't do that often. Did observe that I decided to have another and had the amazing thought that I had a food plan for the day and cookies weren't on it, so I could just wait until my evening snack of an orange that was yet to come. CREDIT moi for a recovery. At least it was one homemade cookie and not a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for "I found myself wolfing my food" - methinks that could be caused by MDD, LOL. I'd prescribe walking in the "bitterly cold rain" but - Kudos - it seems you already figured that one out. I'm glad March will take its turn; skipping seasons doesn't seem good for growing things.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. This is, apparently, the too-much-work thread this week, LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay for seeing your "high calorie lunch" as "wonderful" instead of a guilt trip to start a binge. My take is that it's easy to compensate for a real treat, but really difficult to compensate for guilty overeating. Thanks for the reminder that we all respond to different Beck quotes at different moments. She's got so many jewels in that book.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Interesting specifics about juggling your activities to get what you need. You remind me how much it annoys me to read those who (OK, it was Oprah's trainer) say that morning exercise is the only way to go, when many of us have other reasons for exercising when we do. You're juggling the balance of tired but not still excited. I chose my exercise time to replace my cheese-and-crackers time right after work.

CeeJay - Kudos for "slowly and mostly mindfully" despite an 11 hour work day.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - LOL that you can't put your fork down between bites when "Scavenging" for finger foods. Kudos for "not losing sight of the goal."

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well
In 1994, I learned an important lesson about acceptance. That was the year my youngest child was put on an extremely strict diet to control epilepsy. It was a mainstream treatment, called the ketogenic diet, prescribed by his doctor. Thank goodness, it worked! For almost six years (most kids are on it for only two to three years), my son ate three meals a day and no snacks. Each meal consisted mostly of fat - heavy cream and mayonnaise, oil, or butter - with just a small amount of protein and an even smaller amount of carbohydrates. You can imagine why he's my hero. For almost six years, he did not have one bite of candy, cookies, ice cream, or any other treat that contained sugar. He never ate a whole piece of fruit, a whole piece of bread, or more than a couple of chips at a time. He never had seconds or ate between meals. Not once.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 179.

03-25-2010, 06:57 AM
Diet coaches

Yep - only 4 more sessions of radiotherapy to go - counting down to next Wednesday. I have to be careful - a bit of all or nothing thinking creeping in - everything will be fabulous when this is over - perfect. I will be able to shop and plan and cook and diet. And of course it is never that simple. I will be tired and overcoming the side effects, and my joints will still hurt, and I will be just plain lazy and unmotivated a lot of the time, so I need to be realistic. But gee it will be nice to get it finished. The countdown is fun and inspiring

Everyone is looking really busy - a big Beck hello to you all

Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
Checked in to my diet coaches - Yep
Sat down to eat - Yes
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - Yes
Put fork down between bites - NO - will I never get this
Spontaneous exercise - No
Weighed myself (if at home) - yes - still under 100kg
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yes
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yes
Gave myself credit when on track - YesNot so good: :nono:
haven't read the pink book todayWorking on: :woops:


03-25-2010, 08:48 AM
:df: WI-down 1.3 lbs. (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (46m).

Work is a bit crazier than the day before and it’s likely to stay that way until I leave on vacation Saturday. Food was very good – credit!. On my walk yesterday morning I got hypoglycemic. I had solid breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries, bananas and walnuts. I don’t remember ever getting hypoglycemic after a good meal like that, so it really surprised me. :shrug: I had a quick snack of toast and 0.25 oz of cheese to get my energy back up. I balanced out my calories for the rest of the day to keep me at my calorie goal for the day. Exercise was great – 45 minutes and over 300 calories. I used to easily do over 400 calories in a day (up until October), and I can see that happening again soon…

NSV: I read on WebMD that it’s a good idea to, every Friday, to try on a pair of pants that don’t fit yet. The idea being that it’ll motivate you to stay on-plan through the weekend. It seemed like a good idea, so I pulled some size 10 pants out of the vault yesterday morning. I figured I wouldn’t be able to zip them, but I could. In fact, they were only a bit tight when I put them on and fit pretty well within a couple of hours of stretching. :dance: The front pockets do bulge out a bit, so I may not start wearing them out of the house yet…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

gardenerjoy Bravo for taking the time to figure out what time of day will work best for all the things you need to do to lose weight and sleep well at night. It does take an investment of time, doesn’t it?

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for not letting a little indulgence at lunch send you off your plan for the rest of the day!

CeeJay I hope today is a better day at work, but kudos for eating op on such a crqazy day.

Kim (bennyhannamama) yay for a good day!

Bill Ouch for the cookie, but great recovery! Thank goodness for resistance techniques. I kind of feel sorry for folks who haven’t found Beck; how can you ever lose weight and keep it off without learning these skills? MDD – so true! And our new multi-tasking work environment just makes it worse…

Cheryl (seadwaters) Yay that you have only 4 sessions, in less than a week, to go on r/therapy. And you can just take the Beck-stuff one day at a time… LOL – Put fork down between bites - NO - will I never get this – I have to disagree with you, I think you will get it. And :hug: for surviving.

03-25-2010, 11:34 AM
Day 9: Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise works for me. Since I no longer have overeating as a stress-reducing mechanism, exercise is my best alternative. It also helps with my insomnia, improves my strength and my confidence, and makes me feel happier.

Walking has always been part of my life, but I've been picking up some new tricks during this weight loss journey. Over the winter, I've discovered that exercise DVDs are effective for me. In the last month, I've discovered that I can pick up pretty much any DVD at the library and have a good chance that I can do it. I avoid titles that are obviously meant to appeal to 20 year olds who want to look like super models and I modify jumping moves to something that is safer for my knees, but I've now done a boot camp workout and a workout by Jillian Michaels. I'm looking forward to the increased variety of using DVDs from the library.

The exercise challenge under the Chicks Up For a Challenge Support Group has been perfect for me. I set up a minutes per month goal, increasing the minutes by about 10% each month, and log my exercise daily. I count all forms of exercise. I also use a site called 43 Things that is all about goal-setting. My goals there, things like "do 10 strength training routines in February" have helped me keep up an appropriate amount of variety in my workouts.

WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +80, 1440/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: good job with isolating one high calorie incident so that it doesn't throw you off for the rest of your day -- this is a vital skill, I think.

CeeJay and bennyhannahmama: yay for quick posts on busy days!

BillBlueEyes: I agree that a small slip for a homemade cookie is a completely different thing from a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints

seadwaters: Good for you for working out a good balance between realistic expectations and enjoying a fun and inspiring count down!

ChinaMaine: yay for the happy dance of smaller pants!

03-25-2010, 12:05 PM
Last 24 hours – managed through eating out lunch, stuck to approx 1600 calories. No exercise (but did walk, so I guess that that is spontaneous exercise. Weight 156.5

Next 24 hours - no external food challenges. Still need to work out my food plan.

Ceejay – great for staying on plan when working extra long days!

Billblueeyes - A Triumphant Credit to you for eating only 1 homemade cookie and having the ability to think it through!

Seadwaters – You Rock! You Rock!

Chinamaine - your continous “steady Eddie” and aware approach, your weight profile ----- a inspiring.

Gardenerjoy - the exercise goal (minutes) and the DVD idea is really good. I will try.

Bennyhan… - Good for posting on a busy day.

Bye for now.


03-25-2010, 04:49 PM
I have a question that you may be able to help with. I have unsatisfactory cooking experiences when I cook with egg whites (out of a carton). I mix the egg whites with a bit of milk (wisk it in) and then add the egg whites to the frying pain that already has a bit of onion and alot of pre-cooked veggies. What I end up with is very filling (a good thing) but it turns into a bit of mess with some liquid (water?) when the egg whites are cooked. Does anyone have any positive experiences cooking with egg whites and if yes...what do you do?

03-25-2010, 09:08 PM
Going to bed... but I can say I posted today! Today was crazier than yesterday. Tomorrow I will be home and catch up.


03-25-2010, 09:36 PM
I have a question that you may be able to help with. I have unsatisfactory cooking experiences when I cook with egg whites (out of a carton). I mix the egg whites with a bit of milk (wisk it in) and then add the egg whites to the frying pain that already has a bit of onion and alot of pre-cooked veggies. What I end up with is very filling (a good thing) but it turns into a bit of mess with some liquid (water?) when the egg whites are cooked. Does anyone have any positive experiences cooking with egg whites and if yes...what do you do?

Here's what I do: I use 4 eggs whites just from regular eggs- I throw out the yolks- put them in a cereal bowl- mix them up a bit with a fork, add a little bit of cheese and nuke for 2 minutes. Sometimes they need a little stir and another nuke for 20 seconds. Top with light tabasco sauce. Yum.

03-26-2010, 12:18 AM

Quick check in. The scale finally moved today- woooshed down 2 pounds. YAY.

Good day today and I am giving myself credit for resisting all snacks (including chocolate cake) at my morning meeting and sticking to my yogurt and berries. Credit for going out to lunch and ordering salad instead of the cheeseburgers and fries everyone else had. Credit for working late and feeling very hungry but waiting to get home to eat a healthy dinner of brown rice and vegetarian chili. YAY.

Yep, it was another good day. I am so happy and feeling strong. May it last.

Thanks to you all for being here and sharing your lives.


03-26-2010, 05:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Facing an ABSOLUTELY empty fridge, I pulled out the last Lean Cuisine frozen dinner to take for my lunch. I don't even remember which flavor - it has so little appeal. Breaking my own key element of my lunch plan - to have something I looked forward to. Stuffed it in the freezer at work. Before lunch I had to run an errand and walked back to the office past a known-to-be-superb Vietnamese lunch truck. Was a no brainer: grilled chicken and veggies over rice, and, for 25 cents more, a cup of hot and sour soup. Split it in half so today's lunch is waiting for me in the office fridge, and, the best part, my despised Lean Cuisine has migrated from my home freezer to the office freezer (without my name on it). My problem is solved; CREDIT moi.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Took a FREE sample of Crystal Lite Pure Fitness Drink Mix which is composed of Evaporated cane juice, citric acid, and chemicals. Instructions are to mix the packet with 16 ounces of water, but serving size is half a packet (15 calories). I suppose I'm to then put 8 ounces in the fridge for tomorrow, LOL. Have no idea what to do with this stuff, but, it's not taking up space in my freezer like the aforementioned. Pure because it contains sugar. Fitness because it contains sugar. When I was a kid we called this stuff Kool-aid and drank it by the gallon.

ChinaMaine - Congrats on the zipped-right-up NSV. And Kudos for doing 45 minutes of exercise when you're that busy with work. That breakfast seems just the right stuff to avoid hypoglycemic, but toast, cheese, and Oh, Well seems the right response. Hope that stays away.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. Sleep tight.

Susan (hikergirl) - Any day you eat out for lunch and stay on plan is a good day. Can't help you with the egg white question. You might try dropping that question into the Beck recipe thread - there might me some foodies who feel more comfortable answering there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Another 80 minutes of exercise toward your March goal makes it look like another month's goal will get met. Neat use of variety to keep moving toward your exercise goals.

CeeJay - Yay for "woooshed down." Chocolate cake at a morning meeting is just madness.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - So encouraging to see the end of the sessions - and so sane to recognize that all life isn't then resolved. Ouch for the painful side effects. Looking forward to counting down with you.

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well
. . .
How did we get him to comply with this diet? We used what I call the "Oh, well" technique. Whenever he wanted to eat something he couldn't, he'd get a star on a chart if he just said, Oh, well. "Oh, well" means, I don't like this, but I'm going to accept it and move on.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 180.

03-26-2010, 05:50 AM
[INDENT] NSV: I read on WebMD that it’s a good idea to, every Friday, to try on a pair of pants that don’t fit yet.

I completely disagree! I do this on a SATURDAY! Much better!

Seriously, though, ChinaMaine, it's a great thing to do. Fab that your pants fit pretty well. I have a pair which zip up, look good when I'm standing up but are rather, um, uncomfortable when I'm sitting down. They are my currrent pantsometer!

03-26-2010, 07:49 AM
:df: WI-up 0.4 lbs. Did not read my cards, but make a plan (sort of). Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (46m).

I slept late yesterday trying to get a few minutes back that I lost to insomnia. Food was good yesterday (credit!) I didn’t eat lunch until 3 PM because work was so busy. But it wasn’t an emergency and I ate a reasonable amount. I made my plan after work since I didn’t get it done before work. DH bought me a bag of GF cookies. I substituted those for my evening snack. I was rewarded with the best tasting GF cookie I have ever had. They tasted like the peanut butter cookies I made when I was a kid. I may freeze them because they will go stale before I can eat them…

We leave for vacation Saturday morning to fly into Las Vegas. After a 3-ish hour drive we’ll arrive at our B&B for 4 full days in Zion ( / Bryce ( National Parks. This will be our first chance to hike this season and we are so excited! I visited these parks 27 years ago, but DH has never been there at all… Thursday we fly to Cinci to visit my son and the rest of my family in that neck of the woods. It’ll be a fun and relaxing trip. I will post if I have the chance, but am likely to be mostly out of the loop for days at a time.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - partial credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

gardenerjoy It’s great that exercise is now your stress-reducing mechanism! The 43 Things site looks interesting…

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for sticking to your plan although you ate out.

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting on a crazy day!

CeeJay Yay for whoosh! And bravo for using your resistance techniques.

Bill Vietnamese lunch(es) – yum!

silverbirch pantsometer – I like that word for it!

03-26-2010, 10:18 AM
This week has had some very good moments and some equally bad moments. A part of me wonders if I created the bad moments to counter the good. First of all, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with a new therapist. This is the first time (and I've been in/out of therapy for about 18 years) ever I've stated "eating disorder" as one of my primary concerns. In the past, I never thought about requesting someone who specializes in this. If I remember correctly, I wouldn't even mention that I struggle with binging/purging until after several sessions. I still have a difficult time wrapping my brain around the fact that I'm "bulimic" or I have "bulimia". Because to me, in order to use those descriptors, the person needs to plan on binging/purging and it needs to be something that they do on a regular basis. For me, it's never premeditated and it comes and goes in phases. It's amazing how I can see how illogical that thinking is, if it were about someone else or about a different illness, but because I'm so close to this, I can justify it. Anyway, so asking for a therapist that specializes in eating disorders is a huge step. In addition, (thanks to suggestions from you guys) I've also found a therapist that specializes in CBT! So hopefully, I will click with her. I know it's been at least a couple of months since the last time I had purged, until this week :( It happened two nights in a row this week. I can't help but wonder if it has to do with this upcoming appointment and feeling like I really need to be "sick" in order to be seeking help. That's a really sad thought, but I can't help but shake the feeling that it's somehow related. Another aspect of this, is I remember having thoughts that it's okay if I'm messed up now because I'm going to start seeing a new therapist and she'll help me get better. :( Also, as I stated earlier, I definitely believe part of it was my saboteur. Wednesday night was my first meeting of my Women in Motion running group. It was so great to be back and see so many familiar faces. The energy of the group is incredible and in comparison to the last running group I was with (which was comprised of many serious, marathon trainers) so much more comfortable. I left there feeling fantastic and came home and had some sushi and leftover salad from lunch. It was later while on the phone with Jim that I started picking at a pasta casserole I had made the kids for dinner. I just kept picking and picking and if I remember correctly then also had a bunch of girl scout cookies :(

It feels good (although somewhat embarrassing and shameful) to get that off my chest.

I'm up to Day 12: Practice Hunger Tolerance. I just don't feel like now is a very good time for me to be doing this, but I also don't want to get stuck. I will work on Day 13 and Day 14 over the weekend so that on Monday I can get myself fully back on my program which will include:
- Wearing my Gowear Fit Monitor
- Tracking what I eat

Here are all the things I've been working on the past several weeks leading up to that:
- Posting/reading here on a regular basis
- Eating slowly and mindfully while sitting down
- Identifying hunger/craving/desire
- Planned exercise
- Spontaneous exercise
- Reading my Advantages on a daily basis

Even though I'm scared and I feel some resistance (I should probably write out the Sabotaging Thoughts and write a response for each one), I can see by looking at that list above that I'm more prepared than I've ever been to start following my program.

I have time to "cherry pick" a few personals before I run (literally!) to my daughter's school to visit her during the "March is Reading Month" celebration breakfast.

The kick bike looks like a lot of fun and a great 50 lbs lost reward! Let us know what you think once you get it. I might have to add that to my reward list :) And :carrot::carrot::carrot: for the pants you tried on fitting! Have a great time on your trip! I went to an adventure resort/spa in St. George Utah last year at this time and it was wonderful! Went to Zion for a quick drive through on the last day... can't wait to go back and hike there! And my boyfriend went to school in Cinci and we currently live in MI, so I feel like you won't be too far from me :)

I love that you let yourself enjoy the high calorie lunch without using it as a springboard to binge... I need to make myself a Response Card to remember that!

Nice recovery with the second cookie!

Yeah for only 4 more sessions left. Big kudos to you for realizing that it will not be a panacea!

Sounds like you definitely have the whole exercise thing down well-- that's great! I just did Jillian Micheal's 30 day Shred (level 1) workout for the first time this week (I've probably had the DVD for about a year) and it was TOUGH! But it was a great workout. Which one did you do and did you like it?

Congratulations on the scale finally moving, but even bigger congrats for all the wonderful decision you made and working out that resistance muscle. Your actions are very inspiring-- thank you!

03-26-2010, 11:49 AM
Yesterday was a rainy, at home, catch up day. Did fine on food. Something about my Wednesday volunteering messes up my neck and shoulders -- too much sitting and computer work I suspect. That effected my exercise and I don't like it, so I've scheduled a massage for Sunday morning to see if that helps.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +45, 1485/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: no help on the eggs -- I've become convinced that the yolks are good for me, so when I want an egg, I eat the whole thing. I get my eggs from local farmers whose chickens eat outside most of the year.

CeeJay: great job with all of your eating challenges and with giving yourself credit and feeling satisfied at the end of the day!

BillBlueEyes: great job solving your temporary lunch crisis. LOL at the Kool-Aid masquerading as health food. I got a free bottle of something at the gym once and threw it away. So much junk in it that I didn't even want to give it to the neighbor kid.

ChinaMaine: good job on identifying a late lunch as "not emergency." Have a wonderful trip -- it sounds amazing!

Bennyhannahmama: I'm glad you requested a therapist with both eating disorder and CBT experience. I think that's going to help a lot. I can relate to everything you said, even the part about having an appointment requiring some action to make sure you're really sick enough to justify it. Brains can be strange sometimes. It sounds like writing it all out helped you think through it -- so good job!
I did Shape Up - Front. I liked it but it was set up in some odd way that I can only play it on the TV -- it wants to be a CD-ROM in my computer. Mostly, I work out in my office, so it needs to work on my computer for me to use it very much. I'm looking forward to trying the 30 Day Shred since so many people at 3FC seem to do that.

03-26-2010, 11:58 AM
Weight 155.5. Food in last 24 hour s--- reasonable…no binging (although I did lose it momentarily with almonds…it was not a springboard to overeating insanity). Slow eating --- so so. Gym, yes.

Ceejay – thank you for the egg white info. Yippee for your excellent day!

Billblueeyse – wow, your resistance techniques are superb!

Chinamaine – What an awesome vacation plan! It is right up my alley. I will be cycling in Moab/Hanksville area towards the end of April. (I am desperately trying to work on my fitness level and work through the aches and pains)

Bennyhanna… - you are a very self aware person. In my opinion this bodes well for the success of your upcoming journey. Hopefully you will click with your therapist and if this happens then it can only end up positively. I send you gentle and positive vibes. Take it easy on yourself.


03-26-2010, 12:02 PM
Gardenerjoy - congratulations on a successful day and good luck with your neck (always a challenge to manager)

03-26-2010, 12:25 PM
Hi Beck folks - my son's computer is in the shop. I am checking in at my dil's mom's house. I wanted to let you know that I have been doing well since being on this leg of the trip. I am grateful. I've been doing the beck tasks...arc, logging food, etc. I can't really plan too much ahead - but, am trying to make good choices. I don't know about tomorrow, of course -- but, so far so good. I am grateful.

I hope you are all doing well. I'll try to check in again - or I'll be back home next week.

03-27-2010, 06:51 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Looked forward to my saved half of the Vietnamese Food Truck lunch. That's the way it should be. CREDIT moi for feeding myself. Was a gentle day at work - I actually completed my to-do list - even writing a memo explaining how to do a tricky maneuver on the computer by capturing some screen shots and stuffing them into a Microsoft Word document so my friends wouldn't have to repeat my unpleasant learning experience.

Was sunny and chilly for my four mile walk after work (CREDIT moi) - a nice trek with Robins VERY busy chasing other Robins as if it were Spring. Was rewarded by finding strawberries on sale for $2 a quart so I snagged two. I do like my strawberries for breakfast.

ChinaMaine - Waving toward Zion / Bryce National Parks - trying to hide my jealously. Have a good four days hiking.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Good luck on your new journey today. Hope you bring us all some good CBT tidbits; I've become a convert, particularly since I had such snarky thoughts about it when I first read the book, e.g. give myself credit every day, indeed, what a dorky idea, what am I, a child?. Today's quote is powerful for me, "...completely changed his mindset." That's what I've been experiencing over the past two years with Beck's stuff. I wish that for you.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yay gym; Ouch almonds - they need to be sold in 4 almond packets for those of us who don't have an enough-almonds-now sensor.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Scheduling a massage to counter the neck and shoulder issues seems like the right response. I've found that I need to do a few neck exercises periodically or I will begin to notice that my range of head motion decreases when I'm driving. Love watching that "1485/1550 minutes for March" moving toward goal.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for staying on plan with a Double Yay since you planned in advance to stay on plan. What is the name of the relationship between you and your DIL's mom? There are so many such relationships it certainly should have a shorter name - something like Co-in-laws, or CIL's.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - LOL at "pantsometer."

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well

Within a couple of days, he began to struggle less. Within a week or two, he completely changed his mindset. He knew for certain that there were whole categories of food he couldn't have at all, but he accepted what he had to do and settled down.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 180.

03-27-2010, 07:49 AM
I had a classic 'I don't care' night last night. It was an emotional reaction that was half parts frustration at a crazy week at work, relief that I wouldn't have to work for 10 days, and entitlement because vacation had started. I guess that's 3 halves, resulting in overflowing 'I don't care'.

Anyway today is a new day and I need to pack, so talk to you all soon!

03-27-2010, 08:54 AM
Quick post. Up and out early today to photograph the Garden.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45, 1530/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-27-2010, 04:34 PM
Hi there…last 24 hours --- yikes! Arrgggh. But I am here.

Gardenerjoy – enjoy your day. I just came back from 2 hours at my garden plot. I am trying to get rid of this invasive buttercup stuff. A lot of work.

Chinamaine – I hope that you enjoyed it fully!

BBE – it sounds like you had an uplifting day

Beverlyjoy – it sure reads like you are managing you food well in a situation that can be challenging. Great stuff.


03-27-2010, 06:49 PM
I just spent the last few days in Baltimore for a Women in Agriculture conference. The conference was great and it was my first trip to the East Coast, which was lovely. I loved seeing daffodils in bloom and cherry blossoms. I was fortunate to have great weather on the trip, but by the time I got home yesterday evening it was snowing and we’ve been getting snow on and off all day, though it’s not cold enough to stick.

Had a great Beck trip. I didn’t quite know how to prepare for the food situations, since the conference was providing our meals and I had no idea what they would serve. But I just gave myself some ground rules: 1) one reasonable splurge a day (meaning if the dessert was cheesecake, just a few bites would be enough) 2) no splurges before dinner 3) fill 2/3 of the plate with veggies 4) find some way to squeeze in exercise. So I followed my rules, skipping desserts put out for dinner, grabbing fruit off the snack table. The days were pretty sedentary—lots of sitting in the classroom, but I did take the stairs when possible, grabbed a few walks around the city when we had a break and even hit the gym once for a quick workout. I stepped on the scale this AM and there was no change, yay! But, snow and all, it’s good to be back home. It was fun feeding again, seeing all of the calves, more than when I left, and just spending more time outdoors. And I second BillBE’s sentiment from the other day, “It also feels good to have my own predictable food - not predictable in being the same, but predictably rational, healthy food that I look forward to.”

Nuxmaga, congrats on two profitable craft shows!

Seadwaters, yay for the final countdown of your radiotherapy sessions. Good job foreseeing the potential problems and keeping your expectations realistic.

ChinaMaine, hope you have a great trip—you definitely deserve a break. It’s so great that your energy levels are improving. Here’s to an energetic and active summer!

CeeJay, congrats on a scale that moves in the right direction and two more lbs gone forever!

Bennyhannamamma, great job posting regularly. Interesting thoughts about the sudden purges before seeing a therapist for an eating disorder—it reminds me of all those times I had a “last supper” before starting a diet the next day. But the good news is, you now have a great resource to help you work through these issues. Wishing you good luck!

Gardenerjoy, I’m so impressed that you’re becoming a workout DVD queen and modifying them when necessary. You deserve that message.

Beverlyjoy, huge credit for doing so well in difficult food situations! Hope your back is feeling better.

Maryblu, crossing my fingers that your ice melts by April 5!

BillBE, yay for the Vietnamese lunch truck to give you two healthy lunches to look forward to. LOL at your way of getting rid of the unwanted Lean Cuisine meal without the guilt of wasting food—plus you will be doing some poor co-worker a favor on a day when they forget their lunch.

Hikegirl, great job posting so regularly. Sounds like you have had some good successes over the past few days. Don’t let a bad day overshadow that. Great job recommitting to Beck.

Waving to anyone else I missed!

03-27-2010, 10:45 PM

More tomorrow :)

03-28-2010, 12:52 AM

Another good day!!! I can hardly believe I am really doing this. Feeling so glad that my clothes are loose and I am fitting into things that were too tight. Am not struggling as much with eating on plan. It is getting easier. I never believed that it would.

Credit today for:

Planning tomorrow
Eating on plan
Walking 35 minutes with DH
checking in here
reading advantage and response cards
weighing in
eating slowly and mindfully

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.


03-28-2010, 04:14 AM
Diet coaches
I am doing OK - just a quick check in as I get organised for the next 3 days at work before vacation time and the last 3 trips to Sydney for r/therapy. I am hanging in here and trying to make healthy choices. Today I did some environmental organising in preparation for the diet re-start day and I am looking forward to it even if not up for a lot of food prep at the moment.
Credits: :flow1:
Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once per day
Posted to list and read posts - Yep
Sat down to eat - Yes
Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite - I did
Put fork down between bites - not yet
Spontaneous exercise - Not a lot
Weighed myself (if at home) - no
Did a daily schedule? - no
Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yes
Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yes
Gave myself credit when on track - YesNot so good: :nono:
haven't read the pink book todayWorking on: :woops:

Getting organised mentally and environmentally for food planning / buying / preparation routineCheryl

03-28-2010, 05:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent a long time outdoors mucking about; it's not much exercise, but it's fun and what I like to do - CREDIT moi. Saw my first Double-crested Cormorant for the season - common, but they have to come back for the spring. Eating was good enough because it included dinner at a restaurant with friends; CREDIT moi. I made a good choice in my order, but ate almost all of it which means more salt and calories than I'd like.

I'm really moved by this Day 22 stuff in Beck's first book in the quote each day. This is a powerful chapter for me - the coming to accept that the sabotaging thoughts aren't going to disappear, but that my response to them can change.

ChinaMaine - Waving again toward Zion / Bryce National Parks even though you won't see this as you focus on hiking and being outdoors and not going to work.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back; hope you survived and thrived.

Shepherdess - Neat that you were in Maryland when the cherries were in blossom. Did you make the few miles to go see the Capitol and tour Washington D.C.? Nice plan to have in your pocket to face unknown food. Baltimore should have more variety for vegetarian dining than the carnivorous great West.

Susan (hikergirl) - Terse summary of the profound, "yikes! Arrgggh. But I am here." Yep, that's the path.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for photographing stuff that you love. The Boston Flower Show returned this year after missing its first year since forever. DW went - slightly scaled back from the past but still wonderful. Holding my breath for the last 20 minutes on your March exercise goal.

CeeJay - Another terse summary of the profound, "It is getting easier. I never believed that it would." Been There, Thought That.

Cheryl (seadwaters) - Yay for "enjoyed every bite - I did" - enjoying the small stuff while working down the last three Sydney trips for the big stuff. Counting down with you.

Readers - Day 22
Just Say, Oh Well

The same can happen to you. I don't think it'll happen as quickly, but the more you work toward acceptance, the faster you'll achieve peace of mind about what you have to do. You can't stop your sabotaging thoughts from arising, but you can respond to them. When you notice such thoughts as, It's not fair that I can't eat this, or There must be an easier way, just say to yourself, Oh, well. Or, in other words, I don't like this, but I'm going to accept it and move on. Doing so eliminates the struggle, helps you feel better, and allows you to focus your attention elsewhere.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 180.