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02-28-2010, 06:15 PM
I belong to the YMCA in my neighborhood. That is where I work out. They have all kinds of cardio equipment, weights, etc. and a pool. They also provide towels. The towels are the white, rough, skimpy kind you used to get a sleep-away camp.

Before South Beach, a towel would fit around me but it was always a struggle to keep it "fastened" or stop it from opening because it was so small, or because I was so big. Today was the first day I swam in a long time, and I had NO TROUBLE keeping the towel around me. There was even enough left over to tie a knot. NSV!!! (because the scale certainly isn't cooperating).

02-28-2010, 06:52 PM
That is AWESOME! :yay:

02-28-2010, 07:19 PM
That's wonderful, Mmc! What a great NSV! I don't quite know why, but you will almost always see a difference in inches before the scale moves down. But who cares? The way you look is more important that what the scale is saying, anyway. ;)

02-28-2010, 07:26 PM
That's wonderful!

02-28-2010, 08:53 PM
Woo hoo:carrot:

02-28-2010, 11:44 PM
That's great! Way to go!

02-28-2010, 11:45 PM

Awesome NSV!

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That is a great NSV