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02-28-2010, 12:13 PM
So now that I'm slowly (well not VERY slowly - the only reason why I say slowly is because I cannot yet eat any dairy products because my doctor warned me my illness won't tolerate it until I get off the meds in 5 days and since dairy is a big part of my eating plan... you get the picture) going back onto my diet plan now that I'm home from abroad, and halfway through my antibiotics for the lovely little parasite I picked up out there..... I'm noticing my body is like.... freaking out with all the fresh foods and veggies and healthy food I'm putting into it.

I'm so wired with energy that I literally feel like I have a buzz sometimes.... I lay in bed and can't even sleep when I'm tired! Which is driving me insane... especially since I need to sleep to work my long shifts this weekend!

It's like a catch 22.... I've got the energy, but it's buzzing out of my veins in such a crazy way that it's sapping my energy by not letting me sleep properly....

... which effectively is making me feel cracked out in some ways! Wth?

Has anyone ever experienced this or something similar after going off the healthy eating for a month and then getting back on? :?: