100 lb. Club - even though the # on the scale isnt moving ..

02-27-2010, 08:25 PM
I'm noticing lil things that are apparent to me that I'm losing something lol .. this is a really strange notice BUT it is something that i can see a difference in and its something i always complain about .. my feet lol .. last night my socks literally were falling off and they are usually pretty tight and before i went to the gym on Thurs i had to tighten my shoes because my feet were slipping out of them .. and tonight while soaking in the tub i put my feet up on the edge and i could see between my toes they were not squished together like lil sardines lmao and i have an arch lol i know its weird but its a change that I'm seeing .. i hate my feet cuz i can NEVER find shoes to fit me right they are always to tight maybe now i can go buy those Nike shocks I've been wanting :carrot:

02-27-2010, 08:33 PM
Wow, that's amazing !