South Beach Diet - Farewell to February Weekend Beach Chat

02-27-2010, 04:43 AM
Happy Weekending Everyone:sunny:

I haven't decided if I'm going to bed or getting up, but I am drinking coffee:coffee: so I thought I'd say Hi. For all our Olympic followers it will be a busy one leading up to closing ceremonies on Sunday....and we'll have a Full Moon(snow moon), as well.

Me:shrug: all I can think of is Spring, and we've still got a ways to go here. :crossed: that it will be here soon, and that my daydreams become reality. I think part of my restlessness is due to my wanting to be exercising outside again. No snow here this weekend and my bike trail has melted....I may just brave the elements and try riding my bike on that note, I'll try for a cat nap.

What's on everyones' agenda this Final weekend in February? Stop and chat before heading out :cofdate:

Ruth, did that flower really pop up in your yard??

02-27-2010, 07:21 AM
Hey Debbie! Lovely title! I've been asleep for 6hrs, usually it's 8 for me! I'm gonna go to Church tommorrow. Unfortunately, I haven't been since Lent started. I'm eager for Fall 2010, actually, lol. I know I'll be at least closer to my goal weight by then.

02-27-2010, 07:51 AM
I'm with you, Lex. When I was leaving the gym yesterday morning, I told the other girls that "I think we need to declare Monday the official "cute skirt and flip flops day" " they all laughed and groaned....we are just sick of winter and it looks like more "wintery mix" for this weekend and next week. March in Louisiana should be shorts time!!!

I'm ready for something new, so I ordered Zumba dvd's. Anyone else find it effective? Looks like a lot of fun anyway..

No plans for the weekend...yucky weather so it's clean the house and wii. I am finally finished all my Language Arts powerpoints...took me one year to do my weekends are more free for fun.

02-27-2010, 08:06 AM
Debbie, that isn't the actual snowdrop but they really are blooming beside my door. There were more yesterday. It snowed overnight and they are covered now but they'll be back.

The meeting and dinner party were a great success and the food was perfect. The three boys had a pizza and watched the Olympics. Most of us joined them after dinner so that small back room was pretty crowded. I ran a load in the dishwasher last night and have a few more things to do this morning and then I can relax.

This weekend I hope to get my seed order sent off and am very tempted by some plants in some of the catalogues. I need to wait though to see how my new flower bed out front survived this weird winter.

Time to crank up the day.

02-27-2010, 08:08 AM
Wow, I slept in until 6:30 this morning! I don't know why I feel guilty, though, but I feel like a good part of the day is gone already.

I'm so, so, so ready for winter to be over and Spring to get here! There's talk of yet another storm for Tuesday night into Wednesday. Pray for us!!!!!!!

So, on a bright note :sunny:, yesterday was rough. I was bored, and means I had the munchies all day. I managed to stay completely OP, though, but just barely. That was the first rough day I've had since Jan. 1, and I hope it doesn't happen again. At least I know I'm strong enough to weather through it. ;)

I think we're running out for breakfast and a few errands, mainly to get out of the house for a while. Caitlyn and I are syncing (sp?) our Wii's over the internet this afternoon, so we can compete against each other. That will be fun! My son and his family are all sick with the stomach flu, so we won't be seeing them this weekend. I'm quarantining them until they're all better again!

Farewell to February!

02-27-2010, 08:19 AM
Good morning from the snowy Northeast :coffee2: It just can't decide what it wants to do - rain then snow but snow so wet you get soaked walking a few feet Yuck!

Debbie - I'm with you wanting spring. I hope you can make it out for a bike ride today. Enjoy your nap :)

Okie - Hey Girl, don't put your life on hold until you reach goal! It's nice that you are so enthusiastic about this and it shows in your success. Get out there and enjoy yourself now :)

Good morning Cat :wave: My Dad keeps pointing out the similarity in temps between here and NO recently :) I've been curious about Zumba too. I look forward to reading your review. Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend. Might as well make the best of it :)

Not sure what's on tap for us this weekend but I'm sure it will all be around the house. The usual weekend list needs to get done, of course. There's a basketball game I'm excited about tonight. More experimenting with the mock coffeecake recipe :) Nothing too exciting. I need a weekend to process everything going on so will take some time for myself along the way.

Tomorrow DW and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our first date anniversary :) Since it was 11 years before we could get married we've always celebrated that one and probably always will. What I remember about that day is how warm and sunny it was. Certainly not like this year!

For now I think I'll pour another cup of coffee and make my list :)

ETA - I knew I wasn't the only one up and writing :)

Ruth - Sounds like a very successful and fun evening. I just got the annual Gardener's Supply survey that includes free shipping so time to look over the supplies :) I am really looking forward to hearing about your new bed.

Cottage - Wow, great job staying on plan yesterday! Those days are tough for me too. I didn't know about the syncing, sounds like fun :) Enjoy your day.

02-27-2010, 08:40 AM
Cyndi, I'm going to make the mock coffee cake later today, using your idea of peaches and blueberries. Any special hints or suggestions?

Cat, my SIL does Zumba, and loves it. She wanted me to join the class with her, but she lives 35 minutes away, so it wouldn't work for me. Have fun!

02-27-2010, 08:49 AM
Cottage - I pureed some of the peaches into the mix in place of applesauce. I also used the maple agave. It was very moist and very tasty. If I can find some cranberries I'm trying those today, maybe with a little orange extract and nutmeg. I've got most of my treat loving office requesting one for the dreaded staff retreat Tuesday so get to spend the weekend experimenting and tasting, of course :) Quality control is very important.

02-27-2010, 08:52 AM
Happy weekend and end of another month.

Debbie - I admit I have not had a chance to see any Olympic broadcast; only catching highlights on the news or online now and then. I'd like to get outside in some sun and warmth! No cold rides for me.

FoodO - Eager for Fall already!?

Cat - I have never done Zumba. But they have it at my gym and the people in class look like they are having fun.

Ruth - Glad your party went well. Are you a veggie gardener too or just flowers?

Cottage - Good job staying OP! I struggle with eating when I am bored. I had no idea you could do Wii with others remotely!

Cyndi - I wonder if you are watching the same bball as my DH. Happy anniversary.

Mexia - Good morning.

My mom's husband was moved to a short-term psychiatric hospital last night; it was a long, draining evening. She is not going to try to visit him until he gets his official psychiatrist on Monday so will have some time to refresh this weekend, as will I. And we both need it. I have to get a gift for the original hospital staff for her but then plan to actually grocery shop for myself and try some food dehydrating. And have some down time. It has been a crazy week.

02-27-2010, 08:54 AM
Karen :hug: take good care of you this weekend. You've more than earned a little down time and relaxation.

02-27-2010, 09:07 AM
Happy Saturday!

Debbie, If I'm up on the computer at 2:30 a.m... tell me to go to bed! :lol: I hope you get a nice nap today.

Okie, I hope you have a nice morning in Church. You go on Saturday?

Cat, I heard Zumba is great fun, but can be stressful to your lower back. Lots of hip work. ;)

Ruth, What a beautiful flower in the snow!

Cottage, Did you have fun on the Wii step?

Cyndi, Happy Anniversary! Will you go do something fun? This year will be 10 years for us. We'll have to plan something even more special than a trip to Sam's. :D

Mexia, Get to work! ;)

Me: Going bra shopping with MIL today. sigh.... Wish me luck. I'm hoping for industrial and pretty, but those never go together. Pretty bras for big girls only work if your boobies are fake and stand up on their own. Not mine! Isn't everyone glad to be talking about boobies this early in the morning??? :D

We've been invited to my BIL/SILs home for dinner tonight, but her post on Facebook last night said someone has the stomach bug. I'll investigate that before my healthy family goes over there.

Auston just got out of bed. Snuggle time! :) Hope your Saturday is perfect!

02-27-2010, 09:20 AM
Chel - once you are sure about the size try Bare Necessities ( I bought my bras there back in the 42G days and always found bras I really liked. I was never an underwire fan and they had a nice assortment of supportive wire free bras. Now I'd be sad without an underwire but that's the dark side if weight loss ;)

02-27-2010, 09:32 AM
Good morning all my chickies!

Lexiss - thanks for starting us off! I'm not as antsy to get outside as last year, probably because I'm using the treadmill more. I am looking forward to it though!

Okie - I'm starting to enjoy church more myself, although not necessarily at lent ;)

Cat- I think cute skirt and flip flops sounds fabulous. Not here today though! :)

Ruth - LOVE the avatar. Congrats on the dinner party!

Cottage - the syncing idea sounds fun! (I slept til 7:30!!!)

Cyndi - happy anniversary! Have a great date night!

Karen - I'm so sorry you and you're family are going thru this. You are such a wonderful person to be there for your mom so much. I hope you get just a little break this weekend.

Mexia- hello!

CHelby - you crack me up! I have the opposite problem...I often can't find bras small enough!!

Me- Hoping for a great weekend! It's STILL snowing here, I think it started on Thursday night. It is pretty though! It's a lazy morning. I guess I'll clean today...then date night tonight!! I think we're going out to dinner, and then to a brewery that has a band playing. I don't drink beer, but he does, so he'll be a VERY happy man.

Have a great one!

02-27-2010, 09:45 AM
Karen, :hug: I hope you have some fun and rest this weekend.

Cyndi, I'll try that website.

Twynn, Big boobs are WAY overrated! BTW, Can I buy something to keep Sparkit the 150 pound Wonder Dog out of my flower bed? He's decided that's the best place to nap and I'll have to shoot him come spring! (jk)

02-27-2010, 09:45 AM
Good morning!

Compared to things you ladies have planned I've got an embarrassingly relaxing day planned! lol Thanks to the 2 unplanned days at home my house is clean and the laundry is done (my usual Saturday chores). :) It's still snowing like crazy but it's a wet heavy snow, so snowshoeing wouldn't be much fun today. I've got a good book to read though, and a recipe I want to test out and of course my ever faithful wii. ;)

Happy Anniversary Cyndi & Julie!
Chelby, I'm envying your 'snuggle time' with Auston! I miss those days. :)
Karen, :hug: I'm so glad to read that you and your mom are going to have a little down time this weekend. Still praying here.
Cottage - how fun that you're going to play long distance wii games with Caitlyn! :) My daughter keeps telling me we should do that, too - but so far we've just talked about it. I know I sure like having my mom's mii toss me hula hoops and jog past me when I'm using wii fit plus. :p
Ruth, I'm glad to read that things went so well last night! I need to start planning our garden, too. I haven't dared think about it too much - I hate to rush winter away too soon. :lol:
Hey Cat :carrot: You've finished all the powerpoints? Hooray for you! :D You've been working on them since before I joined 3FC, I wondered if it was one of those "never ending tasks". lol Congratulations and enjoy your weekend!
Debbie, my mom's got 3 bird seed bags saved for me - your bags inspired me. Remember I'm still waiting to see a pic of yours. :) If you get out there today - enjoy your bike ride. Brrrrr!
Okie, have you got any special plans for the summer? I can't wait to be comfortable going for a walk or bike ride without a jacket, getting fresh veggies from my garden and kayaking and hiking with my DH. Not to mention having all that time off. ;)
But even though I love summer, Autumn is my favorite time of the year, too. I think it's got something to do with 'new school year', 'fresh start' and all that. I plan my life school year to school year rather than Jan - Dec. lol And I love the crisp air and beautiful foliage.

02-27-2010, 09:49 AM
Good Morning All,

I'm up early too. Just finished my workout (Firm Total Body Time Crunch) and on my second water bottle. Have some oatmeal simmering on the stove for breakfast. As far as weekend plans, I was going to maybe do some yard work but it's raining out so forget that. Guess I'll just get some housework done instead:( I have cabin fever so bad!

Femmecreole: I'm in Louisiana too. Between Houma and Thibodaux. I also think it's time for cute skirts and flip flops. I've been wanting to try the Zumba dvds also. Let us know how you like them.

Ruth: I drool over seed catalogs too!

Cottage: Congrats for staying on plan despite the boredom factor. That's always an issue for me.

Cyndi: Happy Anniversary!

Chelby: Good luck with the bra hunting. The industrial/pretty comment made me LOL!

Twynn: Date night sounds like fun. Hope you have a great time!

02-27-2010, 10:00 AM
Hi Cindy!! Nice to see another LA girl here! I am from N.O., but have lived across the lake for many years now. Came here to go to SLU in the early 70's and just never left. Yep, this cold rainy weather just has to go. Time for sun and festivals...

02-27-2010, 10:53 AM
Hi chicks! As usual, nothing exciting planned for my weekend. The usual chores and catch-up work. Maybe we'll get out to see the Percy Jackson movie, as we just finished reading the book. The kids spent the night at their grandparents, so I planned to sleep in this morning, but the neighbor kid called at 8AM to borrow a Wii controller. I guess that still is sleeping in some, especially for some of you early chicks!

Happy Anniversary Cyndi!
Good luck finding a new home for the girls, Chelby.
Heidi, enjoy your relaxing day. You deserve it.
Have a fun date Twynn.
Debbie, I am so ready for spring too, but this winter just feels endless.
Cat, let us know about the zumba. I've been curious about them.
Ruth, glad your party went well. I'm thinking I shouldn't plant a veggie garden, since we'll be away for a month or more this summer. But i really wish I could start planning what to plant!
Karen, I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend and a chance to recharge.
oops, mexia, I've been there! That's a terrible way to wake up. Nice to "meet" you.
Releve and Obsessed, have a great day!
cottage, I hadn't heard about the latest storm. Hope it doesn't hit us!

02-27-2010, 11:10 AM
Thank you. It is hard because I know I need to be the strong person for my mom and unselfish through all this. I have missed my yoga:( I am so fortunate that DH does not work outside the house and has handled the basement work, my poor neglected teen, and even delivering dinner to the hospital for us.

Chelby - My husband would love a trip to Sam's for our anniversary! We went to Hawaii for our tenth. I hate that all the bras for itty bitty titties like mine come padded and feel fake on me. Mostly I go without:)

Twynn - LOL about your DH. Men and beer. I have the same bra problem as you.

Heidi - What are you reading and cooking? I miss Falls in New England.

Cindy - Housework! What's that?

Scmoodle - How nice to have a night without kids.

I am off to hit the treadmill. I am actually looking forward to it! Oh - add me to the list of crackheads! I have been meaning to report that I finally tried the slaw and really liked it. At first I was not impressed, but it grew on me with each bite. I will make it again for sure.

02-27-2010, 11:11 AM
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been busy putting my kitchen back in order after the new floor went in. Also yesterday I gave a half day workshop on how to make earrings. Lots of prep there because I had to bring all the findings and beads. One of the ladies in my workshop was 85 and there was lots of patience involved. I was just thinking that maybe what goes around comes around and someone will be as patient with me when I am 85.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I am staying OP, this week was squeeky clean but I stayed the same not disappointed though.

Hope eveyone has a good weekend
take care

02-27-2010, 11:20 AM
Good Morning:sunny: Now I can say that!

I finally got to sleep *thank goodness*, and had a leisurely wake up with the family. :crossed: I think I may be getting a cold so I'm going to stay in and try to kick it.
Recycle on the agenda, more paperwork and I think I'll let a stew simmer while I go about my day.

Okie, I'm with the others, enjoy the Spring and Summer, one day at a time-now would be a good time to think of some fun outdoor things which would move you closer to goal.

Cat, I hope once we're out of the winter funk that we have a nice flip flop and short skirt season. I have a cute shirt that didn't fit last spring but does now!

Ruth, glad you're party was successful and can relax a bit today.

Linda, good job yesterday! :cp: Part of my stay up, was that I took a long nap instead of eating.

Cyndi, enjoy your day at home finding some time for yourself. What is the best time in your area for all the pick your own berry places?

:wave: Mexia!

Karen, find some peace and quiet :hug: :hug: Glad to hear you've joined the crackheads! Its actually so Chinese, but I like the new name better. lol We had it for dinner again last night.

Chelby, keeping the family healthy sounds like 1st priority.

Twynn, enjoy your date night. I don't drink beer but the breweries always have great shirts.

Heidi, I haven't finished a bag yet-but may today. I wish my whole camera setup was better. Enjoy your book and new recipe...and your chatty Wii friend.

Cindy, good for you :sp: finished with your workout before 9 on a Saturday. I can even find a way to turn housework into exercise these days.

Schmoodle, I hope you have a great day and that you don't get hit by the next storm-you've had more than your fair share this season!

Sophie, I was thinking of you this AM-glad you checked in. I wish I could have come to your class. I'll bet the new floor looks great!

Ok, off to chore-land.

02-27-2010, 11:35 AM
Good morning chickies,

Debbie- I have been hit or miss with the olympics watching.

Okie- Enjoy church and you need to go out and enjoy yourself more.

Cyndi- Happy anniversary

Chelby- it's almost time to replace my bras as well- I normally buy mine at Macy's when they are having their buy 2 get one free sale.

Heidi- enjoy your relaxing day.

Tywnn- have fun on date night today.

Cat- let us know how the zumba dvd is.

Ruth- glad the dinner party went well.

Karen- hope you get a chance to recharge your batteries this weekend.

Releve- good for you for getting your workout done early. I slept in this morning so didn't have time this morning- I will fit it in later.

Cottage- enjoy your breakfast out this morning.

Mexia- hope you got to work quickly today

Schmoodle- let me know how the Percy movie is- I am thinking of going but not sure

Sophie- I am sure you are glad to get your kitchen back in order.

As for me- Took DD1 Prom dress shopping yesterday after work no success, I think we are heading over to St. Louis later today to see if we can find better success. Her problem is she's a very fit girl whose got big full boobs 36D and some of those prom dresses are showing way to much skin for her and me so we are having problems finding a dress. Do prom dresses have to be floor length? She says yes but all of the stores carried alot of short dresses as well....

Okay need to straighten up the house before leaving this afternoon. Have a great day everyone

02-27-2010, 12:31 PM
Pearl, I guess fashions are different in different areas but around here they do not have to be long. DD wore a short dress to one of the proms she attended. Too bad we are not close, because I've got 5 of her formals hanging upstairs and she had a similar figure to your DD. She was a very fit dancer with D cup boobs. What about a halter style? That seemed to work well for DD, as long as it wasn't cut too low. She did a strapless one year and that was a disaster.

02-27-2010, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the advice Schmoodle, I will have her try on some Halter styles today.

02-27-2010, 01:43 PM
Good Morning

Just poppin' in for a quick hello while my husband is making breakfast.

DH got up at a reasonable hour, but all the rest of us slept in... big time... our company and I all slept until close to 10:00.

We'll probably spend another lazy day here... maybe play some video games... then we're all going to the Jazz/Rockets game tonight.

Smells like my ricotta waffles are almost done... :D

Have a great day on the beach everyone!

02-27-2010, 02:53 PM
I failed with bra shopping, but found 5 really pretty shirts for about $60 at JCPenney. Yay! JCP didn't even have G cups, though the website said they did. grrrr! Lane Bryant had bras with stretchy cups. Bad combination! According to LB sizes, I need a 40H. H!!! I guess I'll order several bras online and be prepared to mail them back... Sheesh!

Let's go take a nap! :D

02-27-2010, 04:05 PM
I like the lane bryant bras, but I am a 38 dd.


02-27-2010, 04:39 PM
Thanks for the inspiration Debbie! I went out for a walk and it was invigorating. The sun even came out.

Twynn - Enjoy date night!

Heidi - Hope you are having a lovely, relaxing day at home

Cindy - :crossed: maybe the sun will decide to make an appearance there too

Schmoodle - That phone call was just cruel

Sophie - I used to make and sell seed bead earrings. I still have lots of beads but haven't taken them out in ages. I would love to see some pictures :)

Pearl - Good luck prom dress shopping.

1oftheLuvs - A lazy day sounds like a great idea. Enjoy!

Chel - Sorry the bra hunting was a bust.... I ordered online because even the Maidenform store at the mall didn't carry my size.

:wave: Tammie

I'm going to make a blueberry smoothie. I'm in love with hemp milk and have been thinking about trying it in a smoothie. Today is the day (such excitement).

02-28-2010, 02:12 AM
Happy Sunday! I went to sleep again at 12pm and woke up at 11pm, lol! I figured out that I need to lose 16lbs give or take to be at a normal weight by November's end! That means I need to get exercising!

02-28-2010, 06:48 AM
Good morning! Jazz was suffering from lack of cuddling and woke me at four! I guess I could solve the problem by letting them sleep with me but that is not going to happen. Anyhow it's nice to get an early start on the day - I think.

Somebody forgot to turn on the snow machine last night and it was great to wake to a clear back deck. Yesterday was warmish all day and lots of the white crud melted. Yes, the snowdrops are still there and the forsythia I cut is now coming into bloom. I hung my kittywillow wreath on the door yesterday to encourage it - not that I'm anxious or anything!

I seem to be coming down with bronchitis which explains the sore back the past week. (Lungs are at the back too.) I'll go to the doc this week to get an anti-biotic as I sure want to be in good shape for Disney World mid-March.

Coffee needed here. See y'all later. Full moon tonight - the Snow Moon. (

:lol: The censor won't let me say p ussy willow. Too funny!

02-28-2010, 07:48 AM
Good morning!
Ruth that forsythia is a sign of spring for sure! :)

We got more snow overnight, I'm tempted to just ignore what's on the steps and walks, it's supposed to get warmer this afternoon and I'm wondering if it might just melt if we ignore it. lol I'll have to see if I can keep Fergie distracted til after church.

Pearlrose, I remember the whole prom dress shopping thing! :yikes: Best of luck to you and your daughter. We did our shopping 10 years ago and it was tough finding stylish dresses with enough coverage then. I expect it's even more difficult now. (Very few wear short dresses to the proms here, either. I go over to the promenade just about every year because there are always youth group girls there and they like it when I sneak in with my camera. :p I do see one or two short dresses, but the vast majority wear long ones.)

Okie, that was some nap! We'll have to start calling you Rip Van Winkle! :lol:

Debbie are you feeling better this morning? And did you get that bag finished?

Good morning to the rest of you. :hug: Have a restful, relaxing last day of February.

02-28-2010, 07:49 AM
Happy last day of February!

There's no fresh coat of snow on top of what we already have, for a welcome change this morning. :D I still don't know when I'll finally be able to see what's happening in the ground beneath all this white stuff. Sometimes snow acts as an insulator, though, so there may be some surprises.

Our tax guy is due here at 8:30, and I have a breakfast casserole and a cinnamon flop in the oven for him. He's a friend of Jake's who's been doing our taxes for ages, and it's nice that he comes right to our house.

Monica and Carley came out yesterday, and we had so much fun playing the winter olympics on the Wii. Caite ended up having to work, so we're going to try to sync our Wii's today. You can even access the internet and send email on the Wii. That thing is just amazing! I'll go for my usual visit to Mom & Dad's today, too, and hopefully Dustin, Andrea, and the kids will be feeling well enough later to join us for supper.

02-28-2010, 08:47 AM
Good Morning Everyone:sunny:

I'm still moving a bit slowly, and I was starting to wonder if my back had to do with getting sick, before I read Ruth's post Ruth, I hope you don't get super duper sick.

Heidi, I'm going to sew this AM-I'm passing on Church not wanting to pass germs around.

I'll probably pop in later-right now-:coffee:

02-28-2010, 08:53 AM
Good morning :coffee2: The cats actually let us sleep in today! Last night after the game I showed them the clock and explained the whole sleeping in thing. They pointed out that they had not had their treats yet. We reached an understanding. Maybe it worked ;)

Okie - Wow, if i sleep 7 hours I'm excited :) Have you decided what exercise you want to start with? What do you enjoy doing?

Ruth - Thanks for the forsythia. It's just what I need this morning.
Chicken soup, plenty of rest, tea with fresh ginger, lemon and agave, and get thee to a doctor in the morning :hug:

Heidi - Looks like it will be warm enough for the slow melt here this week. Of course then we get an early mud season ;)

Cottage - I've been tempted to rent the Olympic and Sports Resort games. Our video store friends also rent games. :crossed: hope the taxes are good news.

Jenne - Great job at dinner :bravo: Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Debbie - See note to Ruth. Take good care of yourself my friend :hug:

I love weekends :) Nothing too stressful on tap today. We've got some cleaning to do and I'll make a pot of soup for the week.

Tonight is dinner out for our first date anniversary. We met on the internet so the first date was a big deal :) We talked about going to a movie too but I'm going to hold out for Alice next weekend. Don't know why but I love that story and I love Johnny Depp so am really looking forward to it.

The banana blueberry mock coffee cake was a success. It mimics a nice moist banana bread. My brain turned to less innocent things this morning when I saw the leftovers though :devil: My Mom used to make choc. chip pb squares and it occurred to me I could do that with this recipe. Uh oh

On that note time to do the official weigh in for Feb. Not looking forward to it because I'm sure I haven't lost anything. I just hope I'm not up for the month. This whole age thing is a real drag.

02-28-2010, 08:58 AM
I hope you and Ruth get to feeling better real soon, Debbie. :hug:

I had to giggle at the new name, "Kittywillow". :lol: I actually like that term better and will start calling them by that.

Heidi and Pearl, I was helping my granddaughter Caitlyn shop for her prom gown a couple years ago, and we had quite a time finding a dress that wasn't too revealing. I think after looking at gowns in dozens of shops, we finally found the perfect gown at Deb's. Most of the dresses either make you look like a slut or look like prude nowadays.

Happy Anniversary to you and Julie, Cyndi!

02-28-2010, 09:08 AM
Good morning all.

FoodO - You will be glad you did. Just start slowly and add gradually. Exercise, I mean.

Ruth - Yikes - bronchitis. Hope you are better soon. Ha ha - I get it!

Heidi - Let it melt!

Cottage - How nice to have a taxman who does house calls, on the weekend, no less. Cinnamon flops sounds intriguing.

Debbie - I hope you feel better soon.

Cyndi - Funny about the cats. What kind of soup? I am so out of touch that I have no idea what movies are out there.

I can't decide if I have girl-envy today, since I only have boys and won't ever shop for dresses, or if I am glad I don't have to deal with it! I don't know about prom here, yet, but can say that for the other formals, the girls all had low-cut or strapless and very, very short dresses. They looked great but... really made my eyebrows rise.

MIL is coming today to watch DS's bball game. No time to cook so Chinese carry-out for dinner. I will choose as healthy as possible but that is never good.

02-28-2010, 09:19 AM
Morning all! Had a great day of pretty much doing nothing but playing (other than some house cleaning and laundry) We had some other fun too. Since I'm waiting for my zumba dvds, I did a little searching to find some videos online. I found this one and my husband and I had a blast ( I know I looked totally stupid, but it was fun and we laughed a lot. My son walked through the room and just shook his head. I need to invest in the right shoes though before I kill myself.

Today is grocery store and posting some grades and doing my fingernails. Life is good.

02-28-2010, 10:51 AM
How quickly our plans change. We just decided to make a Trader Joe run this afternoon before dinner. For us that's a whole afternoon so a well planned trip. I'd been thinking we would go next weekend but decided I'd like to have the option to go to the coast next weekend instead. It's way too much driving for me to do both in one weekend. DW also pointed out that the theater near the hotel we use can do 3D so might be able to stay over and see Alice in 3D! This is why we never got a new dog after Fox the Wonder Dog died. We are very spur of the moment :)

I've made a really good breakfast discovery. First a disclaimer - I like strong tastes, it's one of the tricks I learned along the way. I find something with a lot of flavor more satisfying and eat smaller amounts. I picked up some soft goat cheese with herbs and olives for a recipe. The recipe called for 1 oz, so I had 3 ounces left. Turns out it only has 4.5g of fat per serving, exactly the same as the rf cheese I'd been using. I scramble an egg in the microwave with 1 serving of the cheese. It is so rich and flavorful. I've been making s shortcut salsa with black beans, avocado, lime juice and salsa on the side. My taste buds are very satisfied and happy.

Karen - I've been thinking about the black bean tomatillo soup in the crockpot. It will make perfect lunches with some spinach mixed in (One dish lunches make my life simpler).

Cat - enjoy your day :)

Now to make my TJ's list.

02-28-2010, 11:02 AM
I like dancing, so I guess I'll start with that! When it's truly Spring, I'll ad walking! Fall is my fave. season, not too hot or too cold.

02-28-2010, 12:24 PM
Good morning,

Ruth and Debbie feel better.

Cyndi - I am dying to see the inside of a Traders Joe, none here. Will take a few pictures of my earrings soon.

Cottage - hope your news on taxes is good. I am dreading the process. DH usually does ours and he goes out and buys some scotch and has a glass close by while he is doing them.

Heidi - ignore the snow, it will go away eventually

FO - start dancing now.

its hockey afternoon here. The olympics have been just great for us Canadians, and if we get a gold medal this afternoon its a beaten record. The most ever won in winter olympics has been 13. Do I sound like a proud Canuk.
take care

Pearl - I still remember shopping for a prom dress even though it was ages ago. Finally picked a pattern and made one myself.

Karen - glad to see that you can relax a bit this weekend.

02-28-2010, 04:24 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

Didn't have time to pop in this morning because DH wanted to go to Cowboy church in St. Louis since PBR is in town so we went there.

We had success finally yesterday after visiting 3 bridal shops and 2 different Malls. Cottage we actually found it at Deb's- our mall doesn't have that store but am told we will have one next year. It's long and pink but it looks really cute on DD1 and even though it's strapless it doesn't show any cleveage at all.

We are going over to DS gf's house for dinner to meet her parents in a couple of hours.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.

02-28-2010, 11:50 PM
Hi All-

Got my instructions for Wed's colonoscopy and all day Tuesday I am supposed to eat pudding, jell-o and milkshakes. No fruit though. I bought some NSA ice cream and SF pudding and jello but ick on this! I was hoping to go back to PH1 for a few days but that must wait until Thursday now. Tomorrow will be clean Ph2 eating...I went more off track this weekend than I had wanted to and am finding it hard to get back on.

Oh well, back to the grind, and my water!