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02-26-2010, 04:16 PM
Colourful Pasta
f(rom Complete Beck...)

I have made this 300 calorie recipe. My plan permits me 400 calories at lunch. I find that this recipe is easy to make, filling, satisfying, and has some good flavours. I usually combine it with a 50 or 100 calorie cooked veggie serving. I would suggest that the parmesan cheese be applied after the dish has been heated in the microwave rather than before. If you do it afterwards the cheese will melt properly and not become all "gummy". Does anyone have any interesting variations on this.

Also, it is quite a good recipe for making multiple take to work lunches (I would assemble the salad with all of the previously prepared ingredients on the morning of, or night before the lunch)

Note, this is a new type of thread for us I believe. I have chosen not to include the recipe in this thread because I am going to assume that you have the book(?). Ok?

02-26-2010, 08:32 PM
My beck book doesn't have any recipes - could you post the recipe here?

02-27-2010, 02:59 PM
Hi. I have The Complete Beck Diet For Life book and it includes a thinking thin eating plan and some recipes. I gather that you have a different/earlier book. Out of respect for the author's rights "no part of this book may be reproduced in any form ....without prior written permission..." to as many sales as possible I won't retype the recipe. Maybe you can get the book out of the library (I think that you indicated in an earlier post that you are a student(?)?

05-04-2010, 05:54 AM
Hi Ulda45 -

The only source of recipes associated with Beck is the thinking thin eating plan in her second book,

The Complete Beck Diet for Life.

Are you reading one of the Beck books now?