100 lb. Club - "Slow" week - but inches have been lost!

02-26-2010, 01:14 PM
I weigh daily. Last week my scale read 224 three days in a row. So I "officially" changed the weight on my tracker to read 224.

The next day, I weighed in at 224.5 and the day after that = 229.5! Now, I was having some, er, "sluggish digestion" issues - so I figured that was part of the problem. I resolved those issues but I am still back at 226.5 for the past three days.

But I am still completely on plan and I feel "lighter" and I think I look a bit smaller in the butt & belly area when I look in the mirror. Belly especially...I've been carrying so much of this excess weight in that area so ANY changes for the better are noticable.

Since the scale and how I feel are not in sync, I decided to take some measurements today. My waist is actually 2 inches smaller than 10 days ago! And my hips one inch smaller!

I'm ecstatic about the measurements, but I also learned a good lesson here - don't get discouraged by the scale, gotta look at the whole picture!

I can now stick both hands down inside the waistband of my size 20 jeans when I'm standing up. :D

02-26-2010, 01:22 PM
HOOT 4 U! Keep on doing what you are doing!!