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02-22-2010, 06:06 PM
I am not on the SBD, but am familiar with the principles (I had the book a few years ago), and follow it loosely, adjusting for extra carbs because of a problem with my liver. If I remember correctly, this fits phase two excellently, though only if you can afford it. It is a wonderful replacement for sushi, which I am sure many of you miss. If you are making this for more than one person, you can even cut the rice in half, though it is difficult to cook so small an amount if it is just you.

c (uncooked) brown sweet rice 160, 34 carbs
1 sheet nori, crumpled 10
sml avocado, cubed 108, 10 carbs
1 oz crab meat 32, .25 carbs
c cucumber strips 4, 1.2 carbs
c carrot strips 18, 3.4 carbs
1 c spinach 12, 2 carbs
1 t soy sauce 5
wasabi and ginger to taste
Total: 324 cal, 51.3 carbs, not counting ginger

After you have made your sushi rice (measurements adjusted for amount, obviously, you can look up how online, adjusting cooking times for brown rice, and omiting sugar.) throw everything into a bowl. Stir together soy sauce, wasabi paste or powder, and ginger, if using powdered (less carbs), toss, then, ENJOY! :D

I invented this after being desperate for sushi, but finding that if I reduced the rice by half (a traditional roll calls for 1/2 cup rice), for less carbs, and cut out the cream cheese, for less calories, there just wasn't enough left to satisfy me. Adding a cup (or even two) of spinach, and turning it into a salad cured that problem! :carrot:

If I am not remembering the rules correctly, and this is not appropriate, please let me know. As an extra note, beware the wasabi, as most is made with cornstarch. READ THE INGREDIENTS!