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02-22-2010, 11:44 AM
Hey All!

So I didn't post my accountability for the weekend, but I did fairly well all things considered. We had a BBQ to attend Sat, bagels with the ladies on Sunday morning and pizza Sunday night. Given all that I stayed pretty close to plan (thanks to planning ahead), although because I was a bit over Sunday, I think I will lower my Wednesday calories (this is usually a high cal day for me) to even it out. My weight was as low at 176 Sunday morning, but usually by Monday/Tuesday when the weekend has metabolized my weight can be up as much a 3 lbs from my lowest from the week so it's looking like I did pretty good this weekend (we'll see tomorrow :)). I'm really trying to get my weekends closer to plan, but it's a struggle, making lots of improvement though. So here is the plan for today.

Weight this morning 177

Daily Calories (1650-1750)
Breakfast 461
Apple "nut" Bread (A low GI high protein creation) 341
Coffee 120

Snack 100
Yogurt (If needed, I've been hungry in the am so I brought some yogurt today just in case)

Lunch 328
Chicken Salad Sandwich 328
(I was going to have a salad too, but I forgot my dressing:()

Snack 267
Small Apple 77
Almond Butter 190

Dinner 399-444
Chicken Tacos 262
Brocolli and Cauliflower 56
Avocado 80
Cheese 45 (if I forgo the morning snack)

Snack 100-140
Skinny Cow Bar 100 or Skinny Cow Sandwich 140 (if no morning snack)

Total w/ morning Snack 1655 w/out morning snack and substitutions 1640 or if I need it ALL 1755 :)

Planning = Success! Good luck today everyone!