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02-19-2010, 06:43 AM
Good morning Chicks :coffee2: Coffee is on, grab a cup and join the conversation before starting your busy day :)

A very long time ago we had Feisty Fridays in our office. It started one week when we were bored and , truth be told, wanted an excuse for a treat. I always loved the idea though. Fridays can be so long and dull it's fun to re-envision them.

Today is an office day for me. I'm sure I'll be around later.

Kara - I must have the TV when on the treadmill. I either use Netflix instant play or a rental. When I can walk outside I don't even use my iPod but the monotony of the treadmill drives me crazy.

Cats are staring at me, better go feed them. They really aren't that bad but they are demanding ;)

02-19-2010, 06:47 AM
:coffee: Coffee's ready, and I'll even put the kettle on for those who prefer tea or cocoa. :) We need to toast the end of the work week and welcome the weekend! :cheers:

I'm taking my car in for an oil change before heading to Cindy's. I'm working today, but it promises to be an easy, short day. I may even take my book as there's not going to be anything to do. Next week will be a 3 day week for me, and I'll have a nice long weekend to look forward to.

So who's joining me this morning? :cofdate:


Good morning, Cyndi! You beat me to it today, so I just merged the threads. Feisty Friday is an excellent title, as everyone is antsy to get out of the office and start the weekend. I hope your day is a good one!

I have an exercise bike rather than a treadmill, and I have to have a book or the TV on, otherwise I'd be bored to death and give up easily.

02-19-2010, 07:02 AM
Good morning Cottage :) Hope your work day is short and pleasant.
Over the years we have invested money in home equipment rather than gym memberships so we have a treadmill, a spin style bike, an elliptical (our first and least sturdy piece) and a mini trampoline along with the usual fitness ball, weights and DVDs. And I still get bored when I can't get outside ;)

Speaking of toys, the Wii is calling my name. Yesterday morning I just wasn't in the mood and didn't do my yoga. Have to get it in this morning.

Shimmy Slim
02-19-2010, 07:17 AM
Bother, my post got lost in the merge! Oh well...

Cottage, I hope you enjoy your quiet day at work and that 3-day week you've got coming up sounds awesome!

Cyndi, all that exercise equipment sounds great to have around. I keep hankering after a Nordic trainer, especially while the Winter Olympics are on, but we don't have the space. Besides, my Wii has been giving me great results so I don't need anything else just now.

As for me... I've lost 5lb this week!! That brings me to 34lb lost since August, which I reckon is pretty good going on prednisolone! I'm now nicely motivated for another week of phase 1 :D

02-19-2010, 07:22 AM
Hello Cyndi and Linda! :wave:

Today is your last day of the work week - my last day of the vacation week. It came awfully quick! I had a great visit with my folks but it did feel good to wake up in my own bed this morning. :)

Linda, I hope you have lots of time to read - and thanks for putting the tea kettle on this morning. lol I don't do coffee but can't start the day without my tea.

Cyndi, I hope your day goes well. I've always gone with home equipment instead of gym memberships, too. We live so far out of town and the hours never mesh with my schedule. I'm so happy to have options at home to use whenever the mood strikes me. :)

This past Christmas Fergie bought me a TV to watch while I'm on the treadmill but I have to turn it up sooo loud to hear it over the treadmill noise that it drives me batty. I thought I'd look into wireless headphones but never got around to it - I usually listen to my iPod and for me that makes the time fly. Now I've moved the TV upstairs anyway, to use with the wii fit plus. :)

I've got a day full of 'odds and ends' ahead of me. Haircut, grocery shopping, laundry and the list goes on..... But I'm starting out with the wii fit. :p I don't often get to use it first thing in the morning and I hate taking the body tests after supper when my weight is up. :p

Good morning to those to come. :wave: Enjoy your Friday friends! :hug:

Oh, hi Shimmy Slim!
Congratulations on your great weight loss! :carrot:

02-19-2010, 07:42 AM
Good late morning! Good title, Cyndi - I'll try to live up to it. I'm with you on treadmill boredom which is why I got the wee DVD player.

Cottage, I'm glad you are having a more relaxing day - after the oil change, of course. I love getting my oil changed because the guys at the station are really full of fun and there is lots of kibitzing going on.

Heidi, trips away from home are a great break but I know what you mean about that first night back in your own bed. I love mine.

Shimmy, that weightloss is great, especially when you are on that dreaded Prednisone. By the way, I love your avatar.

I'm off to the gym, then more banking and then...drum the Office. This is the 200th Anniversary of the Old Stone Mill which is a really big deal. Their treasurer has been giving them grief about all the work and has insisted on working at home which will not do when you are dealing with government grants. She resigned in a snit and they let her since she's a miserable and crabby person. So......finish the story. There are several good people on staff and as volunteers which will make life easier. Today I'm going to see what I can do about figuring out how M. kept the accounts. I can't stand the woman and it's mutual but I will have Nathalie as my assistant to be the go-between. A new career at 71? I'm nuts.

Off to the gym right after I lug out the trash. And yes, I feel feisty!

02-19-2010, 07:44 AM
Good morning all!

Cyndi, I hope your Friday is a good feisty! What ever happened with that meeting the other day?

Linda, enjoy your down day. Hope the oil change is quick and easy!

Slim, congrats on the loss! That's huge!!!

Heidi, I actually jumped on the Wii this morning JUST to see what the weight would be! My analog scale is hard to read sometimes and I thought I may have been down a pound but I wasn't sure. I was down according to the Wii, but the number was different than my scale (as usual) so I didn't move my ticker. I will tomorrow if I think I see 138 again.

Ruth, good luck at the office! I'm sure you'll be able to put everything in order right quick.

My girls are home again today so they are busy playing dress up. They could really play dress up for hours on end! One day I had the laundry spread all over the bed and they played for an hour in it before I really had to fold it and get it away. They crack me up! Connor is home from school so we are going to get started on his work after we eat lunch. It's scraps today - gotta use up all those leftovers before they go bad. I think I might make that "beef" casserole tonight for dinner.

Here's a question for you guys... My aerobics teacher mentioned yesterday that she just finished a fourteen day fast. She said she did it to clear the toxins out of her body. A fourteen day fast sounds like a great way to lose a whole bunch of muscle to me, but maybe I'm missing something? I don't think I'd be able to do it. I'd want to eat everything in sight when I finished.

Nothing going on for us this afternoon so we're going to spend a relaxing evening at home. I'm hoping to catch some figure skating tonight - I've only seen curling and some downhill skiing so far. I need to get to bed early, too, because I haven't been sleeping well this last week. I have no clue why.

02-19-2010, 07:45 AM
Shimmy, congratulations on your big weightloss this week! That's fabulous! I'm starting to see great results already from using my Wii, too, and I've only had it a few weeks. :)

Heidi, it looks like you have a full day planned for your last vacation day! I enjoy getting my workout done in the convenience of my own home, too. I don't have any excuses about the weather or time schedules that way. Jake just installed a book holder on my bike, which I love! When I'm not reading, though, I like to use my bike while watching "House Hunters" on TV. The bike is downstairs in the grandkid's playroom, so I can turn it up as loud as I want, but my bike is a quiet one, anyway.

Hi there, Kara!
My girls all like to play dress-up for hours on end, too. It must be a girl-thing. :) I'm with you regarding the 14 day fasting. How on earth can that be a good thing? Your body needs nutrients to survive!

I just looked outside, and the sky is a gorgeous mauve color!

02-19-2010, 07:50 AM
Wow, Friday already. I was at Quantico yesterday,traffic was the worst, got home in time to run DD to Girl Scout Meeting and help DS with his book report. I did get to watch Project Runway, but I fell asleep halfway through. The kids get to sleep in this morning, 2-hour delay again today. Hopefully things will get back to normal next week.

My job situation is really stinking right now. Long story short, the position I've held for the last 4 years is traditionally a govt position, but I am a contractor. in-sourcing has finally hit home, and someone high up has decided these positions should also go back to govt. My customer has proposed I keep doing the job, and they will assign a govt person to fill the position in name only (and take credit for my work). I know the govt person they are proposing, and he is a potato-head. I really don't think that option will work well. I could push to get hired by the govt, but I don't know if I'd be able to telecommute and I live 90 miles away, so commuting is really not an option. I don't know how this will all shake out, but my stomach is in knots. Debating whether to dust off my resume and start looking, but maybe it won't come to that.

I'm jealous of Chelby, pearl, and Ruth about their trips to WDW. That's my favorite place to take the kids when DH is away (he hates it). I wish I was planning another trip, but we just went in January (and I was there in Sept). I'm planning a couple of big family trips to other places, so I won't be back to Orlando for a couple of years probably. Say hello to Mickey for me!

Cyndi, have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for your support.
cottage, enjoy your quiet day!
Heidi, the end of vacation is so sad. :( Hope you make lots of progress on your list.
Congrats on 5 lbs Shimmy! that's amazing!

ETA: Hi Kara and Ruth! Congratulations on the new career, Ruth! kara, my DD1 was a big dress-up girl, not DD2. We've got boxes and boxes of dance costumes, wish I could give you some!

02-19-2010, 07:57 AM
Schmoo, maybe next time we're home I'll swing by and pick up your dance costume box. :) I hope your job situation works out for the best. How awful to be on pins and needles like that! If you really do end up looking for another position, let me know. My brother-in-law works at the Pentagon now but spent a couple years as a "head hunter" and he has lots of good leads for the D.C. area.

02-19-2010, 08:04 AM
Good morning:)

Cyndi - I need an infusion of feisty today. Thank you.

Cottage - A three day week sounds nice. I love House Hunters.

Shimmy - :cp:woo hoo!

Heidi - Body tests sound better in the morning! Even if it is only the Wii talking. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I also love to be in my own bed.

Ruth - Are you a numbers person? I didn't see that one coming. DS is running for treasurer of a club at school and I don't think he has any idea what he is in for.

Kara - Surely she did not truly fast for that long. Must have done crazy detox shakes or something. I have heard that this is bad for you. In college a friend and I truly did fast for 3 days after reading about it in Cosmo. Crazy.

Schmoodle - I hope that the work situation resolves for you. :crossed:

I am too blurry eyed to think of a darn thing to say about myself today! Hmm.

02-19-2010, 08:17 AM
I'm a bum again this morning. Sometimes I have to give myself permission to slow down a little but I'll take the weekend to get back on track with the morning thing (mornings aren't as early during the weekend!).

Shimmy - Wow, congratulations on the success!

Ruth - I'm pretty sure that your picture is in the dictionary next to "feisty" :)

Heidi - I know what you mean about the noise. I hate using headphones because they are hot but will use them in movies with alot of quiet dialogue (maybe not the best choices for the treadmill).

Kara - Of course I have a Nutrition Diva ( link about fasting.
I whined about that darned meeting on Facebook last night. I ended up driving into town only to discover the meeting had been canceled and no one told me. And the BFH did not ask the contact person to email me as she said she would. grrrr

Schmoodle - I'm sorry about all the stress and the not knowing. We have been and continue to go through that. Julie lost her contract with the state a couple of years ago for the same reason, everything is coming back in house. Now they are making noises about taking back one of the functions of my agency (not mine). Years ago it was cheaper to out source the work. Now apparently it's cheaper to centralize and use computers.
Vacations are way more interesting - let's have wine and chat later about spring get togethers :)

Karen - Ruth is a constant surprise and incredibly talented in all sorts of ways! Rumor has it that I have feisty to spare so glad to share some.

I suppose I should think about clothes and wearing them. We don't have a dress code but I suspect that a bathrobe and scuffs would be frowned upon ;)

02-19-2010, 08:33 AM
I haven't read all the threads, but hopefully will be back later. Just wanted to say, it took a week for the scale to get over the Mardi Gras party, but I'm finally back to where I was last Friday. WooHoo!!! Here's to the continued down hill run! :lol: :cheers:

02-19-2010, 08:40 AM
Morning all :),
Today is the last day of my vacation week as well, so it's back to work on Monday. Today i'm going shopping with a girlfriend, then out to dinner with my bf and another couple. That's two meals out today. Here's to a day of good choices :)
I have similar feelings on the 14 day fast. I understand wanting to get toxins out of your body, but you'd lose muscle and it's just not healthy. Slim Quick has a 7 day cleanse, but you still eat a fairly normal diet. I figure eating the south beach style gets rid of enough toxins for me.
Have a great day ladies :)

02-19-2010, 08:53 AM
Hola muchachas y muchacho! I'm still on TOM. I can't wait to see if I can change my ticker sometime next week. Hasn't this year been going slowly for you or is it just me? I loved last year's speed, bada bing! I watched Figure Skating last night, good for Evan Ly. winning gold. I was so sure Yvgeny P. had it in the bag but he already has a gold medal so he shouldn't be too broken-hearted. Later, darlings!

02-19-2010, 09:39 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Wow! A sleep in here means lots of news by the time I get here! Cyndi, great title, I'm feeling a little "Feisty" myself. On the subject of cats, Sophie has to eat on the washing machine because Lexxiss would always eat her food and Bing is happy to carry on tradition. Lately she cries and cries until Kirk picks her up and sets her on the WM. He said he thinks she can't jump anymore(she was declawed when we adopted her). When I was up late, shes up and down all the time, she's just figured out she can get a free ride.

Schmoodle, thanks for sharing what's going on. I know, we can't do anything, but can be of better support here when we understand. Maybe things will work out but Kara's connection sounds good, too.

Shimmy, 34 pounds since August is Fantastic. I know how good that feels. Thanks for sharing the news, it helps keep me on track.

Kara, we used to love dressing up. I was thinking you could add some special items and "let" them dress up if they agreed to fold the laundry. :lol: BTW-I have alot of info on detox and fasting if you're ever interested-but 14 days is a little extreme, in my opionion. And yes, you lose muscle, which isn't what I'm looking for.

Cottage, I'm glad to hear you have an "easy" day since you're missing out on a day off.

Heidi, enjoy the "freedom" of your Friday off, maybe you and Penny can catch some couch time.

Ruth, I like all the account stuff...and I don't think you're nuts. I'm glad to hear you're feeling "Feisty"!

Karen, sometimes it takes me awhile to come up with some to you later. Maybe Ruth can send some "feisty" your way!

Chelby, glad to hear you stuck to plan after MGP. I'm interested in the recipe that Cindy posted yesterday. I've been thinking you should tweak some of your Creole recipes, too.

Lauren, have a fun shopping day. I enjoying eating out and making good choices!

Okie, "bada bing"! I think the pace will pick up when we get a little closer to Spring. Do you speak Spanish?

Me, late start so I'll pick up and reorganize before water aerobics at 9. I'm headed to the store for salad stuff and I'm going to try the for dinner tonight. Other than that, I'll just take the day as it comes. Snowing here, oh well.

02-19-2010, 09:43 AM
Karen, I believe she consumed water and broths but no solid food. I haven't really ever talked to her about nutrition so I don't know where her head is there. I might have to bring it up again in the future just to figure out her strategy.

Cyndi, thanks for the link. It was a very interesting read! I still don't think it's a method that would work for me, but I can see how other people might take advantage of the benefits of short-term fasts.

Michelle, glad you've caught up to last week!

Lauren, have a fun day out and enjoy your last day of vacation!

Okie, good to see you! I hope to catch that figure skating tonight. We get everything later here.

Debbie, thanks for the offer of fasting info. Maybe some time in the future it will be something I'll look into, but right now I would really struggle.

Kids are done their school work and we're about to go have a family fun day on the Wii Fit! Yay!

02-19-2010, 09:53 AM
Morning chickies (and Mike)!

Cyndi: I love love love the word feisty :devil:
Cottage: coffee is on here too (gotta love the Flavia machine here at work!)
Shimmy: THAT ROCKS! :broc: Congrats on the loss!
Heidi: I like to do wii fit in the nighttime then again the next morning b/c I miraculously drop 5 pounds ;)
Ruth: have feisty fun at the gym!
Kara: I agree with you. Fasting is not good for muscle unless there is some protein in her liquids somehow?
Schmoodle: my DW works near Quantico and is also a govt contractor - her contract ends March 1. So I feel your pain! Good luck in the job hunt.
Waisting, Mary, Chelby & FoodO :wave:
Debbie: I had the crack slaw last night and I would make the following recs-use ground chicken instead of beef, add some crushed peanuts to finish it off and use lettuce to wrap it like an egg roll! Yummy.

As for me, I'm having a crappy day. I never feel like I've lost weight. Esp in my belly which is where many lose first on SBD. DW didn't do laundry and therefore none of my jeans (that seemed big on me) were clean. I tried on two of the 4 other pairs I have in my drawer and not a one fit. So I am depressed.

Fearing a kick in the arse by Cin though, I am still OP and hanging in. No Wii Fit this am. I rolled over again when the alarm went off :( I just feel sucky today. Meh. It's Friday and I just hope the day flies by!

02-19-2010, 10:07 AM
Jenn, remember the last couple weeks when I wasn't losing anything and I was getting grumpy about it? I'm finally starting to see some results now. My pants are fitting better and the scale is definitely moving again. Who knows when that plateau will hit again, but for now I am glad to be seeing something. Know that it's coming and that you will be noticing differences soon. For what it's worth, I have found that I lose weight from the extremities in. My belly is the absolute last thing that goes, which is frustrating because it seems like it's the *first* place that puts on flab.

02-19-2010, 10:37 AM
Hi Jenn, Thanks for the colorful post....and the recipe suggestion. This time I'm going to use buffalo, beef or elk since thats what I have in the freezer and I've made a commitment not to buy meat for awhile. I do have organic chix which I could grind, but I'm saving that for my lunch salads. I will try wrapping in lettuce, though. If I stop at the HFS I could buy a handful of peanuts-I have tons of almonds, pecans and pine nuts but none of those sound very good.

BTW-six weeks into SBD I swore I was fatter than when I started- I know that you already know that results will happen staying OP, it's alot about dealing with the crappy feelings inbetween. I just had to keep reminding myself that this was, in fact, a self inflicted problem which didn't happen overnight, and was not going to change overnight either. I know you'll hang in there.

Kara, I always think my body shrinks before the # come off.

I'm happy to report that Rudi has already had his grooming appt and I've Yoga'd and done some bouncing around ( Holiday Challenge leftovers) so I'm happy to chalk up 2 more. I really love these challenges. The day by day accountability is definitely working up to a habit with me.

Ok, time to get ready for the pool. It's snowing really hard so I may just wear my neoprene headband to keep my ears warm then float around and catch snowflakes in my mouth. Happy Friday everyone!

02-19-2010, 11:04 AM
Yes Lex, I took 4yrs. of Spanish! It's an easy language to learn. I love it!

02-19-2010, 11:23 AM
Good morning everyone,

Schmoodle my sister is also waiting to hear if she is losing her position as well. Wish they wouldn't keep you waiting, I can't imagine the stress.

Chelby we go March27 through April 3rd. We got a two bedroom condo about a mile outside of Disney. The time we stayed in disney it was wonderful to just hop on their buses. But this time we are not doing Disney only. We did that last year and we went to both Disney World and Disneyland so I am ready to check out other stuff this year.

Go Ruth- that is great that you are willing to help out.

Day 2 Phase 1 for me feeling great so far.

Have a great day everyone else.

02-19-2010, 11:34 AM
Morning, everyone! I thought I'd pop over here and say hi. I don't know how you all keep track to answer each and every post...I'd have to take notes!

I am having a good day so far. Put on a pair of pants that used to be tight and today they are loose! Had breakfast out with the hubby and chose well. When my littlest gets home from preschool, we will have lunch here, then go shopping. She's my little shopping buddy and we always have fun when we go. Mostly, I am just happy it's finally Friday! The kids had a short week of school, but for some reason it has dragged on and on!

I hope everyone else has a good day!

02-19-2010, 11:43 AM
Debbie, I just can't imagine going swimming in the snow. How do you handle getting out of the water??? The place where we stayed down in Bavaria had an outside hot tub and it was hilarious to look out there at Tom sitting in the pool next to a group of kids in snowsuits throwing snowballs at each other. I watched from inside. I am a wimp about being cold. I actually secretly don't like showers (although, don't worry, I plug on through for everyone's sake!) because I hate getting out and being cold!

Okie, I have the worst time with Spanish because I cannot for the life of me roll my 'r's. I speak French and German but I can't get a handle on Spanish!

Rose, glad your Phase 1 is going well!

K, I spend a lot of time scrolling up and down to do the personals! :) Have fun shopping with your wee one!

We are having a blast playing the Wii here! We were doing the ski jump and the snowboarding and it made me realize that if I can't even do these things on the Wii, there is no hope for me to make the Olympic team. Not that I was really shooting for that anyway, but it still makes me feel kind of uncoordinated!

02-19-2010, 12:20 PM's only 8:15 my time and this thread is already so wonder I can't keep

Would like everyone to take a look at my ticker please....that's right, I am officially in ONEderland!!!! Down 2.6 lbs this week...which is awesome since I was up 1 lb last week. Oh how I love this diet! I still haven't exercised worth 2 cents. I really gotta get on that! Once I can get that part down I know the weight will just start to evaporate! I'll get there...eventually :o)

My BFF and her family are visiting this I took a four-day weekend from work. Which is nice in itself (I have two jobs and work 7 days a week). Looking forward to spending some quality time with them, they live 7 hours away, so we don't get to see each other very often.

Once they leave, DH and I will be moving the treadmill in the house. We have a back room that has a TIVO in it, that hardly gets used. I told him it's time for me to start catching up on my shows back what better way to catch up, than to be on the treadmill doing it :)

Hope you all have a Feisty Friday!!!

02-19-2010, 12:26 PM
Kara- I remember. And am glad it got moving again! My thing is that my pants never seem to "fit better" :lol3: as I go along. It's like suddenly, they are big and I fit into my smaller ones again.

It's a matter of exercise too - when I exercise more I tend to retain and it comes off in bigger chunks. When I don't exercise, I tend not to lose as fast. I just need to step it up! Grrrr ;)

Debbie, let me know how it goes with the crack slaw (saying just crack didn't seem to be right ;) )

02-19-2010, 12:26 PM
JYo: :congrat:! :broc: :broc:

02-19-2010, 12:30 PM
Jyoyo- congrats on getting out of the 2's!

02-19-2010, 12:36 PM
Jyoyo, that is awesome! You deserve a round of applause!!!

02-19-2010, 01:32 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Just stopping in real quick to say Hi before I go tackle this paper about Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" that I have sworn that I am going to finish before 3 and then maybe head to the gym and then to mall with my friend who became my room mate yesterday. Huzzah!

Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Friday!

02-19-2010, 01:40 PM
Hi: Everyone seems so busy. I went food shopping this morning for my SB food for the week. I have been on the diet only a week. Haven't loss anything, but still very motivated. It is now 12:43 EST and I am trying to motivate myself to vaccum. Think I better stop reading these threads and get started.

Happy feisty friday everyone!


02-19-2010, 01:52 PM
I'm back from the gym (workout with mom day), grocery store, and library. Had sugar snap peas for a snack and sipping tea catching up. After lunch I plan to hop on the elliptical. I am feeling virtuous today:) Not feisty yet... but working my way there.

Chelby - Happy scale day to you.

MJ - Happy last day of vacation. My best girlfriend shopping buddies live toooo far away. I miss that.

FoodO - I laughed thinking that now we have poor Mike surrounded by our TOM talk. My year is flying by! Only 3 weeks until we leave on vacation for spring break. Yikes. I loved watching Evan's happy expression.

Debbie - I sure have aged! Arm was fine; thanks for asking. DH did a yoga video at home today on a chair. I thought of you. I think I may have to jump on that crack slaw band wagon. Let me know how you like it. I like the accountability too. And I love the image of you with snowflakes:)

Kara - I keep thinking in my head "wii wii wii, all the way home" from the little piggy thing. I wonder how they came up with that name.

Jenn - I am so sorry that you are depressed today. Good job staying OP. You are usually the one who motives and cheers me up! And your colors today are very feisty. Last week I was feeling the same and just hung out here until I got happier again. And blogged about all the good things I could think of that day. It helped a lot. I am sending cheery and thin thoughts your way.

Rose - Glad your day is going well.

K - I agree with you - it is sooo hard. And my memory is so bad. I hate forgetting what is going on with everyone. My secret: two computer screens. I keep the thread open on one and work my way up. I type on the other. And I refresh the first screen before I reply... since so often someone else pops in. Sounds like a great day for you.

J- :bravo: Have a great visit and long weekend. I love my Tivo! And am way behind on shows.

Kate - How did the interview go?

Sharon - Well hello there:) Nice to meet you.

02-19-2010, 02:43 PM
Hey Karen -- The interview went GREAT. Im glad that my mom interviews people fairly regularly so she's given me some great tips for interviewing. I gave my interviewers a good handshake, was very personable and talkative. I should know by monday!

02-19-2010, 03:11 PM
Glad the interview went well, Kate! How nice of your mom to give you good pointers!

Sharon, welcome to the chat. Glad to hear you're doing well on Phase 1. Half way done!!!

I didn't do any decluttering today. I had planned to do it this morning but I had a lady come for tutoring and she ended up staying two hours instead of one, so I never got around to it. I could have done it this afternoon but I chose to play Wii with the kids instead, and I don't regret that at all. We had a blast and it was fun to spend that down time with them.

We had the mock cornbread with spicy "beef" casserole for dinner tonight. I ran out of cumin (horror of horrors!!!) and substituted chili powder instead. I also used Rotel tomatoes with lime and cilantro. I can't remember if I did this last time or not, but I added a thawed block of frozen, chopped spinach and a can of mushrooms. I doubled the "cornbread" and made it in a deep dish square pan I have that's probably 10 or 11 inches to a side. It fit perfectly but we have about 3/4 of it left over. Guess that'll be lunches for a week or so! (Or breakfast - I think I ate it for breakfast last time.)

Early bed for me tonight because we have a busy day tomorrow. Have a good rest of your Friday, all!

02-19-2010, 04:13 PM
:wave: Pearlrose

Ks, glad to hear the pants are smaller. Have fun shopping! BTW-I post like Karen does.

Kara, you probably wouldn't like our pool, but it's pretty good year round exercise when you get the hang of it.

jyoyo, :congrat: on onederland! Keep rollin'!

Jenn, you "crack" me up!

Kate, hope you finish your paper and move to happier ground. Have fun at the mall!

Hi, Sharon:sunny: and :welcome2:!

Karen, virtuous is a far cry from feisty! Glad your arm is better-I'll let you know on the crack slaw.

Organic broccoli was on sale so I just ate a whole bunch steamed w/lemon. It hit the spot! I decided to spend the next 2 days working on sewing projects-I'm going to try to take in some of my favorite shirts....otherwise I just get sucked in by endless paperwork and cleaning.

02-19-2010, 06:24 PM
Hey, everyone! I was thinking about you all and stopped to take a break and check the thread. I hope you're all well!

Schmoodle: You're in my thoughts!

Okay, I've got to get back to work! Only 37 more minutes to get everything ready for me and my girls to take off to the country next week!

02-19-2010, 10:18 PM
Thanks everyone for the support. I made an appt with the program manager Tuesday, so we'll see what he has to say. No point in worrying until then.
Debbie you are so right about getting sucked in by endless cleaning and paperwork. That's exactly what happens to me every weekend. I love the thought of swimming in a warm pool in the snow!

You chicks that are headed to Orlando, do any of you plan on checking out the Wizarding World at Universal? We are dying to go there.