100 lb. Club - Website to buy the diet bars cheaper - must see (not spam I promise)

02-19-2010, 01:19 AM
First of all this is not spam. I am on the slim 4 life plan and can't afford their suplements. I just found out I was allergic to one of the bars I bought 15 boxes of (rocky road). I went to exchange them as I just bought them last week and they said no. So I searched online and I found out where slim 4 life, slimegenics and weight watchers buys their bars. You'd have to check it out yourself to see if it's cheaper for you than at your store. They have all the different types of stuff and the stores just change the logo name and box name. It's www.nashuanutrition.com or just search nashua nutrition. I couldn't believe the prices the stores charge versus theirs. Sorry if this rubs anyone the wrong way but I just wanted to post it for everyone else as I just found it out today.
I hope this helps someone because I wish I'd know before I paid nearly six hundred dollars in products from slim 4 life.
With that said though, the diet is working!! :) 7 pounds so far!!