100 lb. Club - Changing scales question and changing WI day

02-15-2010, 11:59 AM
First, on the WI day. Since I increased my activity level, I've noticed that it can have an impact on the scale going up. This has been especially apparent on Mondays, because since I have extra time on weekends, I put in a lot more focused activity. Weekdays, it's usually about 30 minutes, but on weekends, it can be up to a couple of hours. And I end up seeing that on the scale on Monday - but that was my WI day. This week, I was 227 on Sat. morning, but back up to 229 this morning. I know there is some natural variation each day, but I've seen this pattern going on for a while now, and have decided that it's better for my motivational level to be able to count the lower day, which I think is still reflective of my overall loss - I do see the weight drop back off over the course of the week. So I'm leaving my ticker alone for now, but starting this week, I'm going to take Saturday as my official WI date in terms of changing my ticker - so hopefully, back down to 227 and below by then!!!

The other question is what do people do when they switch scales? I plan to buy a new one today and I'm just assuming it won't be exactly synched up to my current one. Do you keep the existing one for "official" WI or keep adding or subtracting the difference or just reset your original starting weight?