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02-14-2010, 04:46 PM
:goldpot:CC St. Patricks Day Challenge :cupgold:


It's time for a new Calorie Counters' Holiday Challenge!

Everybody did great on the VALENTINES DAY Challenge.
Some of us met our goals, some of us only got partway there,some went the wrong direction, but we all put in a great effort, learned some lessons, made new friends, and supported each other... and that's what these challenges are for. Now, we're ready to set our sights on a new challenge, new goals, and the next 4 & 1/2 weeks of this journey!

Here's how it works... Set a goal or goals that you would like to reach before St. Patricks Day , March 17th 2010 :lucky: . Your goals can be anything: pounds you want to lose, a smaller clothing size or outfit you'd like to fit into, sports or fitness achievements, or just a goal of keeping food and exercise on track. Whatever gets you excited about working your plan over the next few weeks, is the right goal for this challenge. You can set as many or as few goals as you like.

All are welcome! If you're not sure what your goal will be yet, but would like to join up and find some weight loss buddies, get and give support, please jump in, and you can post a goal later, when you think of something. Our main purpose is to motivate each other to keep the food on plan, keep exercising, keep getting leaner, more fit, and healthy.

I may not be able to check in daily,Since I am a mom of 3~ But I will do my best too. HAVE A GREAT CHALLENGE EVERYONE & HAVE A FUN & SAFE ST.PATRICKS DAY WHEN THAT DAY ARRIVES!


02-14-2010, 04:58 PM
Well I was at 163.6 today LOL ,yes up .4 from my valentines day goal Amount.
I made it to goal now I went back up the .4 But I have hurt my shoulder so I haven't been able to do any exercises for 3 days now~UGH!

Since we have 31 Days Until St. patricks Day & that is about 4 & 1/2 weeks.I would like to lose enough to Reach My 100 pounds lost most definetly which will be to get into the 150's and a loss of 3.8 pounds! And Would love to do this by March 7th Actually for my dad~He passed away Sept 7th 2007 But His birthday was March 7th.
I would like to reach that in his memory~NO PRESSURES~LOL
I would actually like to lose a grand total of 5 pounds but not sure when I can get back to my routines. which makes my goal weigh 168.6 COME ON 5 pounds!
Staying on plan calorie wise though So hopefully that is enough for now.

02-14-2010, 05:04 PM
I'm in! My goal is to be 10 pounds thinner!

Lori, I love your goal and the reasoning behind it; I'm rooting for you!

02-14-2010, 05:08 PM
I'm in! My goal is to be 10 pounds thinner!

Lori, I love your goal and the reasoning behind it; I'm rooting for you!

:hug:THANKS SO MUCH!!! Goodluck On your 10 pounds YOU CAN DO IT!!!:)

02-14-2010, 05:16 PM
just to let you know, there is a CC St Patrick's Day challenge here

02-14-2010, 05:26 PM
Well, shoot, peanuts is correct....what do we do now???

02-14-2010, 05:35 PM
just to let you know, there is a CC St Patrick's Day challenge here

ooops~Was unaware Someone had started up one.
I have been doing Calorie Counters Holiday challenges for several Months now and a good friend of mine started them.(Jamsk8ter) We just finished our Valentines day challenge Today~So this was the next on our list. No big Deal~I guess it
Will not hurt to have 2 St. Patricks Day Challenges~this kinda thing happens every holiday ~No matter which one people joins ~ I am WISHING EVERYONE ON BOTH CHALLENGES MUCH SUCCESS!!!:hug:

Kdm~No big deal~If your already signed up for the other you can join this one also...Be in both or Just 1 it's up to you.

02-14-2010, 05:40 PM
I'm new, so forgive me if this is a silly question, but wouldn't it make sense to just edit the OP to be a link to the other thread? Does it matter who starts it? :^:

02-14-2010, 05:48 PM
Evoo~Just was starting this to keep on plan with the challenges we have been doing for months. Not sure how to edit everything. Your right Doesn't matter who starts a challenge Or how many there is. Didn't mean to have any conflict. I see no problem with keeping both of them running ~cause I do not know how to edit this~
Thats the reason I had said above

02-14-2010, 05:56 PM
Oh ok. Gotcha. :)

In case you want to edit in the future I think you can edit an OP the same way you edited the post above -- just click the edit button that is at the bottom of that post... I think. Now I'll have to go look at a post where I started the OP to see if the button is there. :?:

Good Luck! We're all in this together! :cheer:

I'll try to check in on both threads -- my goal is to see the 180s!

02-14-2010, 05:58 PM
It doesn't matter to me if there's 2 or we combine them...but I'm just gonna say I'M IN! lol and my goal is to be in the 170's by 3/17/10...that's only 3lbs SO I BETTER REACH GOAL THIS TIME!!!! LoL

Another goal is to finish C25K (should be done the week before St. Patty's) but we'll see. When I'm done w/C25K, I'd like to keep running and improve my time...right now, mostly at a 12min mile, but would like to work towards 10min mile....Maybe that will be my next goal after completing C25K???


02-14-2010, 06:02 PM
LOL~evoo & kdm~so sorry for any confusion~I have been on this site for over a year and should know how to edit a thread~No big deal~Good luck on your goals!!!

02-14-2010, 06:35 PM
I'm in again. I missed my V-day challenge goal but I weigh less than I did when I started that challenge, and that's all that matters!

I'm in for 4lbs for this challenge - I have learned my lesson on setting goals that overstretch me during this time of year. Working the hours I'm working until about mid April means I need to just be sensible and conservative, which 1lb a week seems to be!

And a couple of non-weight-loss goals - complete a 5k race (I've done a bunch before, but I haven't run in a couple of months so I need to get back into it), workout a minimum of 3x a week, and stay on track with food at least five days a week. Now - I should be able to meet at least one of those goals! :)

02-14-2010, 07:00 PM
Im in :) i'm at 186 and since my last day to weight before st paddies day is 3/13 I'm going to shoot for 182. Good luck all :)

02-14-2010, 07:01 PM
Jules~glad you back for another challenge ~good luck with 4 Pounds & the non weight goals~YOU CAN DO IT!!!

02-14-2010, 07:02 PM
Aiesline ~cOME ON 182!!you can do it!!

02-14-2010, 07:40 PM
I started the other challenge not thinking that someone was "in charge" of these holiday challenges. I'm new here! lol

I just wanted to be proactive and get motivated with my weight loss and have others join in if they like. No big deal!

Take care and good luck to everyone!


02-14-2010, 09:20 PM
I started the other challenge not thinking that someone was "in charge" of these holiday challenges. I'm new here! lol

I just wanted to be proactive and get motivated with my weight loss and have others join in if they like. No big deal!

Take care and good luck to everyone!


Noone is "in charge" of the challenges...We have many Holiday challenges started on 3fatchicks site....There is usually 4 to 5 running for each holiday. We just happened to start 2 for calorie counters~Which happens sometimes also~For St. Patricks day they will pop up every which way in all type of threads~Not sure why everyone is making a big deal over it. So no worries~you have every right to start a challenge as so does the next person...We are all here to lose weight Or get fit & A challenge is always A great way to Make our goals!! You Take Care also & goodluck with your goals.

02-14-2010, 09:33 PM
IM IN:carrot::carrot:

For this challenge im going to aim for 4lbs...that will put me at 169 (OMG,DID I JUST SAY 169:D:D:D) still can't believe i weigh 173,lol...its been a long journey and so worth it:)

HELLO TO EVERYONE...gotta go,DH is giving me that "i can't believe your on the computer' look...

02-14-2010, 09:37 PM
misspriss~WOW!!! 160's!!! YOU CAN SO DO IT GIRL! Congrads on 173 By the way!!! your Hubby Just wants some of your greatness today too~So we do not Blame him For his look He is giving you ~hehehehehe!!!!

02-14-2010, 10:05 PM
Glad to hear everyone had a nice valentines day!! I'm going to do the coupon idea next year :)

I didn't make my goal of at least 6 pounds or over....I thought I would lose big the first week of being back on plan...It's okay though slow and steady works too! Works better without chocolate and other goodies :lol3:

Lets see for a goal I'm going to say 8 lbs. From last weigh in that will put me at 213...Thankfully we don't really do anything for st. patty's day other than wear green so there should be no high calorie treats to keep me from my goal. I also want to add regular exercise this challenge as well :exercise: Using the wii fit or walking at least 4 days a week ;)

Dh loved his taco bell and valentines cake! I also got him a card and a chocolate heart , and a huge reeses peanutbutter cup when we gave Valentines early on Monday...Never do that by the way then you end up doing sometime extra cause you feel bad for missing the actual holiday. I have to say though I like shopping on valentines day, you get to check out that lost look on all the guys faces shopping for last minute gifts...toooo cute:D

Off to do a wii workout to help with those extra calories today :hug:

02-14-2010, 11:07 PM
Lorra~You crack me up! I adore ya!!!!!
So Glad your back for another challenge.... OH And By the way A HUGE reeses peanutbutter cup Sounds amazing! OMG!!! the calories in that sucker would be so worth it~during a craving~heheheheehe~Thank God I have none around me! Let me know if ya get a bite! I Use to eat a reeses peanutbutter cup everytime I Went grocery shopping and I aint had one in months ~proboly in over a year~Sounds so dang good! My hubby is like yours though they can eat anything an stay Slim~cause there really active I guess~LUCKY GUYS! Anyways HUGS TO YA & goodluck with those 8 pounds ~YOU CAN DO IT!!!

02-14-2010, 11:16 PM
I'm in. I'm pretty sure I posted to to the other challenge too!. My goal is to have my BMI out of the obese range and into the overweight range by St. Patty's Day.

02-14-2010, 11:28 PM
Welcome Mkyice~SO GREAT OF A GOAL!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You can be in the other challenge/this one /or both ~its your choice.
Either way~I wish you luck with your goal!!
By the way,
My daughter is gonna love it when I tell her where your from ~Japan! She so wants to go over there for a visit when she turns 18.
She is totally amazed with Japan! She will be 17 years old May 17th!!!

02-14-2010, 11:55 PM
Lori~ we just go where the Navy sends us. I have to say Japan is one of the more interesting places we've been sent! :~) My oldest loves it here; she's 18.

02-15-2010, 12:14 AM
MissPriss - I realized if I meet this challenge goal, I'll also be in a new decade. That's pretty motivating - sadly it won't be the 160's but hey, a new decade is a new decade! Hopefully we both make our goals.

Lori - how amazing to be 3lbs away from 100lbs lost. I sure hope you have a seriously good celebration when you meet that goal within the next four weeks. That's so impressive. :)

I just had such a good "dessert". I mixed a fat free blackberry yogurt with 2tbsp ground flaxseed (it's really good for digestive assistance, if you know what I mean, plus I love the taste and texture!) and a chopped banana. It was so good and naturally very sweet - I was OK with the hubby eating ice cream and I didn't want to smack the spoon out of his mouth. :)

02-15-2010, 12:23 AM
Lori I'M IN! Doing the V-day challenge with you and everyone was one of the best things I've done in my life. I'm excited to do another challenge with you:carrot:.

I didn't reach my V-day goal but that's ok. I lost atleast 3lbs and an 1.5 inches in my waist and 1.5 inches in my hips and increased my exercise. I'd say it was a job well done. So for this next challenge:

1. lose 6lbs (as close to it as possible)
2. Increase exercise to 5 days a week and start ab program.
3. This is personal so for now we will call it "Operation STRONG"
4. Keep on track with CC and get more stickers in my journal.

That's it for now. I want to say hi and welcome to all the new people and a big smile and hug :D:hug: to all the V-day peeps...Another month with you guys...I can't wait!

Have a great night everyone. Sweet Dreams!

02-15-2010, 12:25 AM
mkyice~Awesome that your in the navy! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!
My daughter is into all the anime stuff~love to read the books/watch the cartoons /collect figures/ & even write her own books so she has came fascinated with it.

Jules ~ I plan on Visiting my dads grave when I accomplish 100 pounds lost...I Aint been there for quite awhile & I know that seems kinda silly proboly But I was so much like him/With bad eating habits And smoked cigs for years~And when he died of a sudden massive heart attack in 2007 ~It changed me~i quit smoking then started eating better And am kosing the weight...So In a weird kinda way I credit him for alot of it. He was & still is my hero!
By the way that desert sounds sooooooo delightfully delicious!


02-15-2010, 01:02 AM
Lori~ I'm not in the hubby is. My oldest is into all of the anime too. She went to a convention in CA last Spring (before we came to Japan). She had a blast.

02-15-2010, 01:53 AM
Lori and all, :wave:, I'm IN!

Okay, for my challenge this time, it's about a month which is perfect, because what I want to do is to make the final leap to healthy eating/living. I started in 2008 at 235, smoking, eating way too many cals of just fast food, nuker food, easy food, sodas, etc, etc. Over the last 2 years, I've cut out the sodas and the junk food, but still have been having the caffeinated tea with sugar and milk (though I've slowly cut the sugar back, a little at a time), and still have been smoking (but again, cut back from where I was 2 years ago). I've had the exercise dialed in for a while, seen some great improvements there, stronger lifts, gobs of muscle mass compared to where I started, cut my mile run just about in half, lol. So, lately, I've just been feeling like it's time to go for broke with this thing, ditch the last of the bad "intake" habits, get serious. It's like, I work my tail off in the gym, but then I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot with the smoking and the sugar intake.

So, here's my personal St Patrick's Day Challenge: I'm going Paleo-Zone with the eating. I'm almost there with the paleo eating (which is meats/fish, nuts, good oils/fat, veggies and fruit being the only grains/beans/legumes/dairy/sugar), and Zone is just a way of weighing and measuring intake, to keep blood sugar/insulin levels even throughout the day, basically calorie counting with portions already figured out for you, like an ounce of this meat and an ounce and a half of that fish have the same calories, that kind of thing, so it just makes it easier to plan portions...and that way I can tweak it down the line.

All the peeps I know who have done it say, the first two weeks are like getting off the crack if you're used to a lot of sugar/sugary carbs, by week 3 you start feeling a little better, and by week 4 you start seeing results and feeling like a new person, so the length of this holiday challenge should be the perfect test of that.

So, starting tomorrow a.m., no more smokes, no more sugar or milk, which means I'm just ditching the tea, because it's not the same to me without all the additives, so I may as well just ditch the caffeine at the same time..if I'm gonna have a crash and withdrawals, may as well get it all over at once, lol.

I'm not setting a weight goal, though this way of eating is supposed to lean you out like crazy, but mainly I'm doing this because, well, okay, the people I know that eat this way look like freaking muscled beasts with no bodyfat all the time, but also they are the fastest and strongest people in the gym, so I'm curious to see what happens as far as leaning out and what happens to my speed and strength in the gym. I'm ready to be superhuman now. :rofl:

02-15-2010, 09:50 AM
Morning, just checking in for the day.

I picked up some weighted 'pink' gloves yesterday for my kickbox workouts and i plan on doing one today. There suppose to help you burn more calories...will see

Yesterday was a fun day, took the kids bowling and of course i strayed from my diet..its ok, ive got a new challenge for myself this month...NO GOING OFF MY PLAN...i can totally do this;) ( i would normally have a cheat meal on more of that ready to get skinny:D)

Jules-I need to get back on track like you are with my snacks...i picked up some greek yogurt yesterday and some bananas, my favorite snack. I also picked up some whole wheat crackers and 2% cheese for another snack. It was hard to find whole wheat crackers that are actually whole wheat,LOL.

Hello to everyone!:hug: i will bb soon:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:


02-15-2010, 09:55 AM
Mkyice~oh~oooops~Well At least I am proud of you for being married to a navy guy then~LOL!!! I am proud of him too!! My daughter would freak out over an anime convention!! She loves the stuff.

JAM~You have cracked me up~And hey to be honest I already think of you as superhuman~CAUSE YOUR THE JAMINATOR!!! LOL
In all honesty I am wishing you lots of luck...I so badly wanna see you get of those smokes for sure~these breathing problems I have Was so not worth any of those cigs I ever smoked...& of course I hope you manage the rest too.~On cranky days you can log in & yell at me to make yourself feel better!!

misspriss~those pink gloves sound awesome!
& the bowling like super fun! ~We all stray from time to time~So no worries cause you know how to lose those pounds obviously~Cause your a little skinny minnie already girl!

Well Was at 164.4 this morning~DANG IT!!! I gotta get myself back to exercising But even walking hurts my shoulder horribly. Actually everthing I have tried does.I guess I just stay on my 1400 calories & eventually IU will be able to exercise again. HOPE EVERYONE HAS A SUPER DAY!
Will post again laters!!

02-15-2010, 10:48 AM
Lori - I'm in for sure! I'm calorie counting, and I think this is a great thread to be in especially if there are other calorie counters here. Food is my biggest struggle...I will need all the support and suggestions I can get!

My goals are to eat 1500 - 1800 calories per day. I want to do some form of exercise everyday even if it is just for 15 minutes....but I want at least 3 days a week were I exercise for 30 minutes at a time so at minimum 2.5 hours of exercise a week. I just want to make it through one week...and then I will go from there. I have a whole menu of breakfasts...snacks...lunch...and dinners made out for the week and I have all the groceries I need.

Thanks for the invite Lori!

02-15-2010, 11:25 AM
I am back for this challenge.
I am just getting over being sick and I need a little motivation to get me started again. I have been sick since last wednesday. Yesterday I did come out for a little sunshine. I got on the treadmill and did a little over 2miles. It was hard to get started but it helped.
I am glad to see so many of "us" returning from the previous challenge. I truly love the support with this group. Although I did get to post as much as I would have liked there were times that I made it in just to read, see how everyone was doing and that gave me a boost.

My goal for this challenge is 6.5lbs. This will get me to my 3rd 10% weight loss goal of 193. January was a verrrrry sllllooooww month for me, so I hope to get things moving again. I was VERY excited to see 199.5, but it is too close to the edge. Any weight bouncing and I go over 200. I will be glad to get down a little and have a little breathing room.

Good Luck All!

02-15-2010, 12:19 PM
Well, my goal is small, but I am hoping that it will be enough to get me comfortably into size 14 pants. My 16s are too big and my 14s fit but not comfortably. So that's my goal. ( I don't know how to put that on a ticker but I think 3 pounds is about what I can do in a month.)

02-15-2010, 01:03 PM
McKenziesmomma~ :hug: your welcome girl & I am so glad you decided to come on over!! There is alot of great people in these challenges with such great insprirations & Super Ideas to help with everything we all struggle with.
I have an idea on the 15 mintues...I started out with 15 mintues of exercise just walking while I talk on the phone...Took my breath the first month or so I did it cause I was so outta shape~But I didn't give up and now I Am up to 45 minutes 2 x's a day. It was something easy to do and when I talked on the phone it made it zoom by seemed like.~But there is all kinda of things you can do besides walking ~hope you find something great that works for you!!!

Jae165~:hug:So glad your getting over being sick~sending you some motivation vibes!:broc: Come on you can do it!!!!:D Glad your back for another challenge!

emileigh~sounds like a great goal to me!!:)
COME ON 14's fit her well For St.patricks day!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

02-15-2010, 02:23 PM
It's MONDAY :yay: All the treats are gone :yay: I'm ready to start this new challenge :carrot:

Lori- NOpe no reeses peanutbutter cup for me. Dh loves those things...He wouldn't offer I'm pretty sure of that :lol: He does actually want to lose about 20 pounds...but for him that will take 2 weeks max. You can't tell he needs to lose that on the outside but the number is important to him on the scale.

McKenziesmomma & emileigh- Welcome :hug:

I got my taxes done last night woo hoo...So happy thats over and done with! Will check back later ..Dd's home from school and OMG bored :lol3:

02-15-2010, 02:42 PM
I'm checking in on both threads. My goal is to be in a regular size 18. I will eat on plan (1200-1500 calories) Workout at least 5 times a week and at least three of those being at the gym. I was going to do the 30 Day Shred but not sure about that because I would have to do it before I go to work.

I can make it to the gym since it a building away from my office. I'm focused and ready to get'er done. Looking forward to a celebration with my hubby.

02-15-2010, 03:05 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

I'd love to join in on this challenge! This will be my first CC challenge so I'm excited! Today I start W2 of C25K. So, one of my goals is to stick with the C25K program, which would put me in the middle of W6 of the program on March 17. That's awesome to think about! Other goals:

Lose 10lbs
1200-1400 calories/day
Exercise 5x/week
Eat more veggies!!

Yay, let's do this!! :carrot:

02-15-2010, 03:37 PM
I'll join on this one too!

My goal will be to lose 5.5 pounds, stick within my calorie range, go to Curves at least 3 times a week, and average 8,400 steps a day.


02-15-2010, 03:41 PM
A St.Patrick's Day challenge? Hmm... well, I'm already with a first day of spring challenge... lemmie c... so on the 17th of March I want to be 225lbs or fit into my biggest jeans that I can't fit into now... at least 2 pairs!!

02-15-2010, 04:11 PM
I'm in! :luck2you:

Starting weight: 175.8
Goal weight: 169.8
Total weight loss goal: 6 lbs.

I can do it!!

Also, I have a pair of size 12 pants I'd love to fit into. I bought them prematurely before I was small enough to get into them. :dz: It would be awesome to button them up!

02-15-2010, 06:45 PM
Losing4another~ Aint they always bored?? So FUNNY!
~My hubby puts on a few pounds in the winter ~But like yours can get it off in like 2 weeks~LUCKY THEM! :D LOL
I am so glad they treats are outta your house I am a zillion miles away & was craving that reese cup bad!LOL:dizzy:

Welcome to the challenge!! And come on regular size 18!!! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!:)

Katy05~WELCOME!!! These challenges are such a blast ~Very glad your in good spirits & ready to reach some goals!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!:)

kerbear879~WELCOME~Come on 5.5 Pounds!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!:)

NightAngel26~WELCOME~ COME ON 225 Or those jeans FIT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!:)

MotoMichelle~WELCOME~ Come on 6 pounds Be gone & those size 12 pants Let them fit!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

My day..
OK~Bad choice I know ~But I decided in this blizzard weather were having in OHIO I could no longer sit still~I walked ~my shoulder is in alittle bit of pain But I gotta do something it was driving me crazy~I can not go outside other than to get into a car Do to my breathing issues in the cold weather & even if I could do that Were snowed in~so I decided To walk(indoors of course)..I hope I let my shoulder rest long enough...Its doesn't hurt horrible just kinda. I Gotta lose 100 pounds In My dads memory and this sitting here is not gonna get it done for me...I am determined to do this for him & For me. ~LOL~Or at least I am gonna give it one heck of a effort!:dizzy:

OH And fabulous news from last night that I have forgot to Share...I was trying on Capris I Had picked up at yards sales in hope of fitting into them by Spring/Summer time....And I had a pair of size 8's & size 6's in American Eagle brand~Anyways I tried them on several months ago~the 8's fit tight but I could get them on without laying down~the 6 's was pull them on & scream and hold the breath lay down Fight for air ~Zip them up then say they fit relase that dang zipper and get them babies off type of fit~! ~LOL ~Anyways the 8's are too big now! And the 6's fit like a dream!!! HOLY GOD I CAN WEAR a size 6 In American eagle brand~Only size 6 I own though~ DANG IT! But still so dang exciting!

02-15-2010, 07:12 PM
I just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I hope you all are having a great start to our challenge.

Lori: I hope you feel better and I know you'll get past the 100lb mark don't worry.:hug:

Today i'm on track so far, but i still have another class til 9 and i'm having a crappy day so I just want to eat cheetos. Yesterday was a rough day..(don't want to talk about it.) To add one more thing to my goals I said it in the V-day challenge I have a pair of jean capris from 7 years ago and I fit into them but they are snug, i want to really fit into them. So one day at a time. Well that's it for now..again I hope everyone is having a great first day. Talk to you later

02-15-2010, 08:05 PM
WOW! You guys have been busy posting!!! LoL

:wel3fc: to all the new people who's never done a challenge or never done a challenge with us! These challenges are very encouraging and atleast for me, keep me accountable!! I love signing on every day and reading the posts! I don't always post something, but usually read through the thread every day. As I've said before, it's all 3FC that's gotten me into ONEderland and where I am today!!!

Katy---I too am doing C25K...on wk 6, so I plan on finishing the week before's a great program!!! actually making me believe I could be a runner! LoL

As alot of you have said, a new size would be great...I have several pairs of Sz.16 jeans that all fit and some are even getting big...when I try on 14s they're still really tight...however, I was shopping this weekend and tried on several pairs of Sz14 dress pants and they fit!!!! I didn't buy any of course because I would love to get down to atleast a 12 before I start buying new clothes...hopefully, I'll be a 12 before June so that I can get new clothes for the beach! I bought a tankini in a sz. 16 that was on sale this past fall but I don't think I'm gonna need it...I'm starting to think I'll need a new bathing suit also!!! YAAHOOO!!!! :carrot:

02-15-2010, 10:29 PM
Yikes, everyone posting so much! I can just about keep up with reading but trying to reply to all the posts boggles the ol' brain.

But I did want to say to Amelia - try the Kashi crackers. I believe they're all whole grain, and I personally love the fire roasted veggie ones. I try and buy only super strong cheese, like blue cheese or goat cheese, so I use a tiny amount of cheese but get big bold flavor. It's a great combo. :)

Me - showed the hubby today that swimming IS hard work. We went to the pool at 5:30 as usual, and when he finally got over his wussy "Oh, it's so cold, it's only 80 degrees, I'm freezing..." moment, he swam for... oh... about two laps, then hung onto the side, panting. As I swam up and down, up and down... just cruising. He said afterwards - it's a lot harder work than it looks. Yes, it is! And yes, I am kicking YOUR butt at it. :)

I made turkey tacos yesterday but had my meat as a salad instead - I didn't want to spend 110 calories on ONE tortilla. The salad was huge and delicious. I had some leftover meat so I had that today with quinoa - love that stuff. Now I'm snacking on yogurt and banana, and that leaves more than enough calories for a fat free chocolate milk when I get home around 8pm. Then do it all again tomorrow! :)

02-16-2010, 01:14 AM
Hey Lori! This may be coming kind of late but I'm going to join this St. Patty's day challenge too!! :) New person here, so this is going to be one of my first challenges! Exciting!

My goal is to drop 15-20 pounds by St. Patty's day. I know it seems like a lot but I have a lot to lose, and I have been on that same pace. I just want to see if I can keep it up.

Good luck everybody!

02-16-2010, 01:29 AM
Lori- You crack me up girl :lol3: I could see you doing that two...WOW a size 6 thats wonderful no matter what brand they are. A couple more sizes and you will be able to share clothes with my 14 yr old ;)

Jules- woohoo on the swimming and passing dh up :jig: It's a lot of fun to beat the old dh's when your able to....women power :lol:

Fern- your not to late...No rules here on when to join...Jump right in and make your self at home :hug:

I'm thinking I did okay with my points today! I had to guess at some points so I hope I guessed right. Hmmm now what to plan for dinner for tomorrow?????

02-16-2010, 07:07 AM
Good Morning

Jules,thanks for the tip..the crackers that i picked up are awful so i will be definitely trying the kashi ones.

Lori-YOUR the skinny minnie girl with your size 6 self! WTG!!! Love your new avatar pic...such a cute couple!!

KDM-You'll be in those size 12's in no time!!!! Im hoping to be down enough to buy a new bathing suit exciting!

JD-HUGS, i hope you have a good day today...

A great big HELLO to everyone I missed and a great big WELCOME to everyone new to the challenge!

Im playing catch-up on the scale this week..still got ALOT of water weight(hopefully its just water weight,ack) to lose. Today is flushing it all out, gotta drink my water. Ive also got a nice step aerobics dvd planned and some much needed yoga!

Have a great Calorie counting day guys! Make sure you kick butt!!!

02-16-2010, 11:13 AM

Lori: I must have just missed your post last night but awesome job on the size 6! And American Eagle sizes run small in my opinion so even better!

KDM: You'll be bathing suit shopping in no time. And the size 14 pants is amazing. Good Job

Jules: Haha I laughed so hard when you said the hubby was on the side panting while you swam laps around him. Glad he could see how hard you work and how far you've come. Keep kicking bootie! :carrot:. Thanks for the tip on the crackers too! I needed some snack ideas.

farn00a57: Welcome! :wave: We are all here to help you lose those 15-20lbs. Good Luck

Losing: Nice job on the points. I won't be putting a sticker in my book for last night :(.....TOM started last night and I lost control.....That's why today is Skinny Tuesday for me lol.

Misspriss: Thanks :). I'm trying to have a better day today and just keep moving on. Such is life! I"m with you on the water weight and today I will be guzzling down the H2O. Hope you have a great day!

Everyone else sorry If I missed you, there are alot of new people here and I'm sure i'll get to know everyone of you! I wish you all a very happy SKINNY Tuesday.

So last night TOM...booooooo! I have so much work to do today for school. If anyone knows someone who can write code in C++, preferably a Ceasar Cipher program..please send them my way! I have a presentation tomorrow for an advertising proposal for my class and I'll be practing on the bf tonight make sure i'm really prepared. The prof showed us the "pecha Kucha"(spelling) form of giving presentations so she put some constraints for us to follow. Eghh! So i'll be on the computer all day before school tonight. I'll check back in later.

02-16-2010, 11:29 AM
I am so stoked today. I got up early did my ab and arm workout. Had my strawberry protein smoothie for breakfast and my strawberry yogurt for morning snack. I have plans to work out at the gym after work. I tried on my "dress" last night to see how much further I have to go. About two or three inches in the belly area and I will be a birthday treat for hubby. I'm going to be hitting it hard everyday so I can get in that dress.

Lori, I picked that name because I will be getting rid of the jiggles in my thighs and belly, everywhere really. I love you guys. This is probably the best thing to get me pushing for that regular 18. How crazy is that??? Can't wait til I'm on that last push to that size 10!!

02-16-2010, 12:17 PM
Hello Everyone!,
Thanks for the invite Lori, Well this is my first challenge. My goal is to loose 5 pounds and to exercise at least 3 times a week. Oh and to figure out my calorie range for weight loss lol.. Goodluck everyone!

02-16-2010, 12:34 PM
Good morning! Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! I look forward to reading and keeping in touch with everyone's progress during this challenge!

Lori Yay on the size 6 AE jeans! If I remember correctly (it's been a couple of years since I've been able to fit in my AE jeans), they tend to run small. So, go you!!

KDM WTG on the size 14 pants!! The 12's are in sight!! :)

Jules I love Kashi products so I'm going to have to give those crackers a try - they sound yummy!

jdonato Sorry about TOM and C++. I had a VB course in college and it was the devil! So, I'm of no help in that area. But I'm positive you'll get through it!

jigglefree Ab and arm workout so early in the morning? Show off! You rock!! Keep it up girl!

My update: Yesterday was a good day. I completed W2D1 of C25K and it felt great! My calories for the day came in at 1240, which was good, but I didn't get in as many veggies as I'd hoped. Today is a new day. So far, so good. I'll be at the gym after work today doing some cardio and resistance training.

I'm wishing you all an OP and fabulous day!!

02-16-2010, 01:23 PM
I'm just waiting things out right now and not looking at my scale for a few days... I went up 5 lbs just before my TOM and am going to wait it out a bit and see after how it is... it's too discouraging to keep looking at it right now.

02-16-2010, 02:40 PM
Katy05 - It's the only time I can get them in with a 21 month old. She thinks I can hold her and workout. I'm barely holding on myself. Jillian ain't no joke. But I'm getting results.

I'm trying to stay in the 1200-1400 calorie range. I'm trying to keep up with my calories on my iPod touch app but it will include calories for exercise. Today I will be leaving those out because I want to eat below 1400 calories a day. I only have a meal and snack to go and need at least 633 calories to be at 1200.

02-16-2010, 04:15 PM
Thank you everybody for the welcome! I'm really excited for this challenge, it looks like everybody is doing wonderful so far! keep up the good work!! I weighed myself this morning and I am down 2 pounds, so one step forward to my goal! :)

I also have a question: Has anybody had any of the Odwalla fruit smoothie/drinks? I absolutely love them. There's only 260 in a bottle, so that would be like a 300 calorie meal for me, yet i realized there are 50 grams of sugar!! Is this too much? I feel like now I should avoid these drinks. It's all fruit, so its natural sugar, but im not sure if that matters or not. thoughts?

02-16-2010, 05:05 PM
farn- the sugar could just be from the fruit that are in those drinks. I would take a look at the ingredients and see if there is any actual sugar added or high fructose corn syrup..if there is than the 50 grams might be a little on the high side.

Yesterday went well, I did over 10,000 steps and was about 250 calories below the target that the ilose app on iphone set for me. I am trying to decide of they set my calories too high so I am gonna test it out for a week or so and see if I lose at that rate.

02-16-2010, 06:37 PM
Jdonata THANKS GIRL!:hug: & HAPPY SKINNY TUESDAY BACK AT YA!Hope your having a brighter day today!!!:D
OMG~A 6 in american eagle runs small???? I AM SOOOO EXCITED!
There the only pair of size 6's I own so I can not compare them to anything else in that size!! But Now I am Even more excited!!!
~Tom Always Gives me such a time~Hoping you have a hassle free one!:)

KDM~Your doing so good!!!I am so proud of you~Zoom through those sizes~By Spring/summer you will be a shopping queen Cause you are losing fabulous!! Wishing you luck on your goal size(But I know you can so do it~!!):D:hug: Oh & I would say you will reach a 12 before June More than likely!!)

Jules~Aint it great to show our men up Every now & then? LOL
You kicked major butt!!! I personally do not know how to swim but your giving me encouragement from reading about you swimming to wanna learn.
I Live next to a major creek ~So I should learn for saefty reason anyways!! WAY TO GO GIRL~!!!!:D

farn00a57~welcome to the challenge It's never to late to join~so Glad you have!! No goal is too big or to small~Somtimes we make our goals sometimes we don't but we give it one heck of a try....So I AM ROOTING FOR YA TO LOSE THOSE POUNDS~YOU CAN DO IT!!!:D

Losing4another~LORRA~LOL! I absolutely love the emails you sent me!
So cool & sweet!! Made my day! Good job On the points...I have to estimate some of my calories sometimes on things not marked~and it seems to work out great~So I am sure you did great with that.

misspriss78~you made me smile!:D hehehehe~So glad you had a great calorie day~so far so good here....Hoping this weather doesn't become an excuse for me though cause I am on the edge here today But holding strong trying to have a good calorie day also ~LOL....Snow Snow & more snow~UGHHHH ~OH & i love my hubby so much~!So glad you like my avatar~I switch it all the time though ~I get bored~LOL! Not of him of course but of my pics.

jigglefree~YUM YUM ~Strawberries sound so good Anything strawberry! I am snowed in ~got plenty of groceries but Wanting some things that are at the stores ~LOL . I am so glad this challenge is helping you.
I can't wait to celebrate with you when u get into those regular 18's!!

MyJourney2Slim~ Your so welcome & I am glad you joined.
I sent you a message but incase it didn't go through right...go to and they have super calorie counting calculators on that site to help with the numbers we count daily.....May give that A try!!

Katy05~like I said to jdonata Above I so thrilled to here American Eagle runs small!! SO EXCITING!!! Great job on the calories!! Good luck with fitting in more veggies. Have a super day!:hug:

NightAngel26~TOM Always makes my scale go crazy & me too LOL:dizzy: (opr so my hubby says!! hehehehe) Hurry up & end tom so you can get some results howing on that scale!!:)

kerbear879~super job with the calories & the 10,000 Steps AMAZING!!!!:carrot:

well Hope I didn't miss anyone~Not checking for typing errors so please exscuse them ~My kids have been home for days due to the snow & were gtting more snow so they proboly will not have school for most of the rest of the week....So I am on high anxiety.
Walked today~Shoulder is still abit painful but not bad enough not to walk.
My calories are good today....The snow is depressing me Although it is beautiful It's depressing being stuck in.....But I am trying everything to keep myself occupied & busy....Think I am gonna do my nails 2morrow just to have something taking up the day~LOL.

02-16-2010, 07:00 PM
Hi everyone!

I didn't make my goal for the last challenge, so I'm back for this one. Heck, I probably would have done this one anyway! My goals are to lose 5 lbs. and/or (since everyone seems to be going for a pants size) to fit into a nice size 2 pair of pants. Right now, I seem to range anywhere from a 4 to a 7 (?) That doesn't seem correct. Those are my goals this time around!


02-16-2010, 07:34 PM
[QUOTE=kerbear879;3155547]farn- the sugar could just be from the fruit that are in those drinks. I would take a look at the ingredients and see if there is any actual sugar added or high fructose corn syrup..if there is than the 50 grams might be a little on the high side.QUOTE]

Kerbear879: thanks for that suggestion! I just checked and it seems like it is all fruit and grass! so I think I am good to go then?

Do you or anybody else know if there is a different between natural sugar and like sugar cane white sugar? I mean i know the general difference, but can you honestly have too much fruit?

02-16-2010, 10:58 PM
I'm here!

I want to be down to 175lbs by St Pat's - I'm at 180lbs now.

Gotta run!!!

(Guess who is super-busy? :D)

02-17-2010, 12:21 AM
MrsLovett~awesome to fit into a size 2 would be like a miracle day for me & your soo close!!! I have posted a thread several months ago about height/weight/& what size do ya wear...anywas all that makes a difference ~And shapes does too. I am an apple shape..So My upper is bigger & my lower is smaller. Some pear shapes wear size 13 to 14 at the same height as me but a Xs or small in a top to where I am wearing 7/8's (AND THAT size 6 fit) In pants/ jeans But mediums & some large in tops still. If ya wanna check that thread out sometimes just click into my profile ~& threads started and it's title is What size do you wear because....It's very interesting to read.

farn00a57~hoping someone with help with the sugar subject~Maybe google it If noone knows.:hug:

thundahthighs~HEY BUSY GIRL! Gonna get into those 170's super quick with all that being busy!!! :D

I had a good calorie day....watched me some Amercian Idol ...Hate that show sometimes & love it too...I am a junkie for it & i adore ELLEN So I am glued!
I am waiting for some of my favorite shows to start there new seasons though ~such as GLEE, Army Wives, & Drop dead diva was pretty cool too!!
they should all start again in like April or May.
I am snowed in here in OHIO.
The kids are missing tons of school...We are gonna need supplies soon so I am hoping to get out of here By Thursday or Friday At least.
It is supose to snow more tommorrow & some flurries activity on thursday then a break friday then A winter storm again Over the weekend.
We just got At least a foot of snow! ITS A MESS But pretty too~MAKES ME WANNA SEE SPRING WEATHER THOUGH SOON!:dizzy:


02-17-2010, 01:28 AM
I know I shouldn't say this, but I will say it and duck for cover - it was 71 degrees here today, and sunny. Ducking now from everyone east of the Rockies... :)

Sounds like everyone is going to try the Kashi crackers! I just Googled them - looks like there are five varieties (Original 7-grain, Fire Roasted Vegetables, Country Cheddar, Toasted Asiago, and Honey Sesame). The original 7 grain have 120 calories for 15 crackers (they're not big, but they are tasty), with 3.5g fat. I haven't tried the cheese or sesame ones, but I love the fire roasted veggie ones. I found them at Vons so they're easily available - I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks of them!

Another cracker option if you want more cracker is Wasa Crisp N Light 7 Grain (what's with the seven grains!) - three crispbreads are 60 calories and they're very light in texture. Also delicious with super strong cheese like blue cheese or goat cheese used very sparingly.

That's enough snack ideas from me for one day! Someone had a birthday in our office today and there was an ice cream cake. Luckily, it was a small one and our office manager cut super small pieces - yes, I had one and I worked out the calories based on the calories for 8 servings (it was cut into 20 pieces!). It was very tasty and 160 calories, which I was OK with. The rest of my day was on track and good choices, so I didn't mind a small treat - as long as I count it and journal it, and stay within my calories for the week, I'm good. :)

Now I'm trying to decide if I want to start running again or not. I've had runner's knee and been off running for a couple of months. Swimming has helped, as has weight training, but horse riding doesn't help it and yet I'm not giving that up until my leg falls off! But I love running and really want to get back to it. I may try a small jog tomorrow and see how the knee holds up. I'm getting old - joints are hurting! :)

02-17-2010, 11:38 AM
Today is a great day!!! I was at the gym yesterday and took the chance to weigh myself. I hadn't weighed myself for a couple of weeks and thought I would just jump on the scale since no one was around. I have lost 15 pounds in those two weeks. I was uberexcited.

Today I forgot to bring my shoes so I called my husband to bring them for me so I can still do my workout. I'm on plan and doing well.

Someone thought it was a good idea to bring chocolates and share with office. Well I was going to check the bag for the calorie count and work some in my budget. When I walked over to the bag, I decided I couldn't do it. I've been working to hard and it may trigger a cheat so I walked away.

02-17-2010, 11:53 AM
Someone thought it was a good idea to bring chocolates and share with office. Well I was going to check the bag for the calorie count and work some in my budget. When I walked over to the bag, I decided I couldn't do it. I've been working to hard and it may trigger a cheat so I walked away.

Jigglefree: good for you!! I had that same exact situation yesterday as well. Some girl in my class brought hershey bars and M&M's to class. I was so tempted but just eat it. The happiness we're getting from the weight loss is more than we get from the chocolate! I just took one to be nice and threw it away at the end of class. haha oops.... it sat on my desk the whole class period taunting me but ended up in the trash in the end! willpower!!!! haha

Well i'm down another pound today!! So that is a total of 3 towards my goal so far. So far so good. Let's hope it keeps up! Off to work out for 45 minutes and the take the dog for a walk!

Have a good day everybody!! :)

02-17-2010, 12:54 PM
Hello Everyone!,
Just wanted to check in and say that I'm down a pound from last week, I know that doesn't sound like much. I am new to calorie counting and still trying to figure out my daily calorie range. Well Good luck everyone!

02-17-2010, 01:24 PM
Hi everyone! Happy hump day! Yesterday was a solid day for me. I stayed OP, got in my veggies and got in a good workout at the gym! I also felt fabulous because I wore a skirt to work yesterday that I haven't been able to fit into comfortably in months! Sweet little victory!

Lori I'm an AI junkie myself. I have a couple of favorites so far this year but I can't remember their names! One of them, I think, is named Casey Johnson. He's from Texas, plays guitar, has long curly blonde hair, he's gorgeous and he can sing! I was so happy he made it on to the top 24!

Jules I went out and bought the Kashi 7 grain crackers at Target. They're delicious! I ate a serving yesterday with hummus. Very tasty!

jigglefree 15 lbs in two weeks is freakin' awesome! And deciding the chocolate was not worth it is also freakin' awesome! Go you!

farn The M&M's challenged you and you won!! Haha! I'm trying to beat the homemade fudge my boss brought it today. :frypan: BTW, awesome job on the weighloss thus far!

02-17-2010, 03:35 PM
Farn - to answer your question about the sugar, well lactose and fructose are both natural sugars found in dairy and fruit. My doc said these two were okay for me to consume. I seem to have no issue with having either one, however if I eat stuff with sucrose in it (regular sugar) then I get really sick if it's anything more than about 10 grams at once. Also I think those naturally occuring sugars are better for you as far as if you crave sugar. If you try having fruit instead, I think it would curb your sweet tooth and not make your blood sugar levels go whacky. But I guess this is just my opinion..

Yesterday was good, was under calorie target again by 100 calories or so and walked even more yesterday (around 12,000 steps or so). I really have to get over to curves tonight though if I want to go 3 times this week. Geez, how did it become wednesday already?

02-17-2010, 10:11 PM
julesp313~WOW WHAT LOVELY WEATHER!!! I am so jealous!! hehehehe
Although I do enjoy waiting for the weather change here to see the easter lillies pop up & bloom! But the snow sucks so bad right now!! Enjoy some of that nice weather for me!:D

jigglefree~so glad your day was great!!!:)

farn00a57~WOW 3 pounds gone already? WAY TO GO!:carrot:

MyJourney2Slim~ a pound means the world to me to lose So Its A HUGE DEAL!!!!:carrot:C-O-N-G-R-A-D-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

Katy05~AI TALK:
I know who your talking about the one that Kara Seems to have a thing for...LOL! I agree he is a pretty good singer! ~So Far I adore the colored gentlemen who was on the color purple Play thing~(musical) With Fantasia...I can not think of his name But geesh that guy can sing!
Another fav is the lady that is a bit hillbillyish and so far she aint made it in the top 24 but I am watching here in just a sec to see.
They showed her yesterday Singing/Playing guitar/ & a little harmonica playing...SHE WAS AWESOME! And she sang Natural Woman once and kicked but on it~gave me chills & that is AMAZING cause I usually do not get that attached to a singer!! But so far the one guy Is in that I mentioned above & I am hoping she is too cause They both are aweome!!! Oh & the girl that got in that had a best friend die ~She was awesome too~Some good choices this year so far~Will have to see.:D
I am too old for the show and always have been~they changed the age up a few years once I passed 28 LOL~I would have definetly tried out. I love to sing. I am an ok singer But I think alot of them on there this year could kick my butt! LOL:o

~good job with the calories!!

My day...Feel like crap~Just week feeling ~think it is time for TOM So I am weak and gasping for air and Feeling like crap~ughhhhhhhhh I am spotting But My blood is orange! It has been for the last couple of months....I am scared!
Gonna go lay down and watch American Idol It just came on!! Hope my girl gets in the top 24 If not~I AM GONNA SCREAM!!! I hope I feel better 2morrow. cause mmy car is stuck in my driveway. We got earlier but We got the car stuck coming back into the drive.

02-17-2010, 10:28 PM
I only like the American Idol auditions where they show the poor deluded people who really believe they can sing. I know I can't sing, I'm under no illusions! How can you not know how awful you sound? Ah, fifteen minutes of fame...

The scale today was at the lowest I have seen in at least two years, if not longer. That was a nice start to the day. No office treats today, either - nothing to tempt me! Eating my butternut squash soup now, which is so good but I probably should have had a salad instead - this is cold weather food and it was very warm today. I won't brag about our weather, I promise! Won't tell you how I had to have the windows down in the car when I had to go to a client at 3pm... won't say that at all. :)

02-17-2010, 11:15 PM

Congratulations on your new low weight!! Carrot dance for you, lady! :carrot::carrot:

So -I'd LOVE to be 175 by St Pat's. Can't say if I'll make it or not - my exercise has been all but eliminated by a crazy new work schedule. I am hoping to start the 30-day Shred as soon as I can get my butt out of bed with a second to spare, and coupled with a drop in calories to 1450 - I might make it!
I'm going to have be utterly PERFECT from now until then, I am afraid. The good thing is, the job has all but eliminated dinner - so if I mind my P's and Q's during the day, dinner can be nice and light and I hardly miss it.

Lori, thanks for another highly motivating challenge. You're looking FOX-AY, you and your arm-candy hubby! :hug:

misspriss, if you're in here - look for someone called Kurt Johnsen on Veria TV... You'll ADORE him. Right amount of burn, right amount of "ahhhhhh"...

02-18-2010, 12:18 AM
quicky post- Got to weigh in today and was happily a pound less than my scale :yay: seven pound to go to meet challenge goal :D sooo tired gotta get some zzz's NIGHT!

02-18-2010, 12:30 AM
Back on Can not sleep ~feeling like crap.

jules~~yeah the ones that can not sing are hilarious & hurt my ears!!!I thought it was fake casue I coudn't believe they actually thought they was good until I went to one of my brothers houses After my fathers funeral 2 years ago for dinner and watched him hog the karaoke machine~OMG ~He sucked butt~He was worse than all I have ever saw on idol every~I SWEAR! And he thought he was awesome~OMG! And right after my dad dies~How pathetic he thought he was putting on a show for us to brighten us up I guess~Some people are just stupid I guess~LOL Or at least my brother seeems to be & Whew Lord ~Of course Me with my big mouth & honesty & being an absolute mess cause we had just buried my dad said to him...You know edgar(his name is edgar) You have got to be the absolute worst singer I have ever heard in my life and this I promise you On Our fathers grave and you are embarrissing the heck outta me and If I hurt your feelings I apologize but Your driving me nuts and I can think straight so please lay of the karaoke just for today until I am far away! He looked at me and smiled and said~Your so funny sis~your always joking~you crack me up and then he started singing.......knocking on heavens door~And I could not bear to listen to that song for months after that~LOL!(and not because of the words But his horrible singing!)
I know I was mean~But I was stressed and he honestly sucked!:dizzy:
Thanks GOD He is too old to try out for Idol too! LOL

Oh By the way to drive with the windows down~OH MY ~I might even listen to my brother sing again to enjoy that nice weather!!!(That would be a rough choice LOL)

thundahthighs~:rofl: Fox-Ay & My arm candy hubby~LOL I needed to read that ~I nearly peed my panst I laughed so hard!!!

SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

I had to eat over my calories I kept feeling like i was gonna quit breathing or pass out even...and I kept thinking maybe anemia...So I Ate some peanut butter....It was high in calories But Its been about 1 hour or longer ago and it seems to hae helped some...I quit shaking and I am breathing better as soon as I get my sar unstuck from the driveway I need to get my butt to the doctors office.

02-18-2010, 01:22 AM
You people keep just posting and posting!! lol there's no way I can comment on everyone! lol But it sounds like alot of you are doing GREAT on this challenge...and it sounds like you all have way more will power than me! they had chinese food brought in to the office for the Chinese New Year and of course I couldn't say no! I was doing good w/calories until today! lol

I'm good on the exercise part tho LoL... did C25K wk6 day 2 last night...woke up this morning and did Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds Power Mile followed up with Exercise TV Total Body Sculpt...I've never did any of the WATP workouts and I LOVED IT!! i got it through NetFlix to try it out, and now I wanna go buy it!! Has anyone tried any of the other WATP videos??? I thought about trying the 3mile one...any suggestions?

OH...BTW...I love AI also!! But I really don't like the auditions...I watch it if I can, but usually just delete them off the I dont have a favorite yet, but the long hair blonde guy IS CUTE FOR SURE! lol

02-18-2010, 10:22 AM
Ugh. I think I spoke too soon!! I gained a pound back from the three I lost. I knew the scale wouldn't give it up that easy! I increased my exercise and everything, but oh well I guess. Still gonna keep on truckin'!!

Have a good day!! :)

02-18-2010, 10:24 AM
kdm~lol~i Agree!

Farn~Weight can go up & down Sometimes ~but I always claim the lowest weight I see cause usually within a week I see it on the scale again~cause salt intake ~More water than usual Or different foods /Can make our weight different So Do not worry yourself. Just keep on plan & you will see that number again in no time

Misspriss~ Just Saw The New Avatar & It Is~totally Adorable!!!!!

02-18-2010, 10:27 AM
Good morning everyone! It's almost Friday! My week has just flown by. I hope everyone is doing well. I felt pretty crappy this morning. Not sure why but I felt really bloated this morning and I was up a couple of lbs from yesterday. Boo. I've been on OP with my food and with exercise so I'm not going to let it get me down. Monday weigh-ins only count in my book. :)

I'll have to respond to everyone a little bit later... gotta get working!

Here's to another OP and fabulous day for all of us!!

02-18-2010, 10:50 AM
hating my scale this morning...stupid scale! Must have been the peanut butter. That stuff is evil for CC's :lol: I had the calories for it but it always messes with weigh in. If the family didn't love it I would ban it from my house.

Lori- do you still have hair with the kids being home from school so much? My dd doesn't get anymore holidays until spring break the end of march...Wonder if you all will get one with all the snow days ?

katy05- Can't wait until friday either. I need to catch up on some much needed sleep. If you've added more fruits and veggies in your diet that could be why your bloated...or TOM I suppose will do that too :lol:

02-18-2010, 10:53 AM
jigglefree: You're doing awesome with the workouts keep it up! About the calorie range...I'm trying to do the same...1250-1300 on no workout days and 1400-1500 on workout days but lately i've been taking in like 2000's my TOM but still! Do you have a good meal plan that helps you stay on track? Oh and I'm very excited you are so close to fitting in your dress.

MyJourney2Slim: That's a great goal and I wish you well with it. :)

Katy05: thanks for warm wishes. Yes my TOM is killing me! I can't stop eating. I finially lost a lb this morning from the 2lbs i've gain so far from this. ehhhh! I had my program due last night at 11:59pm. 2 more months of this and i'm done for good! I hope you feel better today and have a very OP day.

farn00a57: I'm just getting back to everyone's posts so about the sugar in the fruit drink....If it's natural sugar it's not bad for you in moderation. 50g is alot for one drink, but....if you took in that much sugar eating the whole fruit that's digested differently because of the fiber and the pure vitamins you get from the whole fruit. Still great job on the drink choice because it's way better than the processed juices.

MrsLovett: I'm the same as Lori, I'm apple shape so my size changes depending on the store. I wish you well in your size quest and keep up the good work! 4 is an amazing size :)

Sorry guys, I will have to post more to everyone later...too many ppl! lol which is a great thing and I"m happy for you all.

This week has been horrible for calories. Seriously TOM is killing me! I gained 2.6lbs and just lost 1lb so far. I can't stop eating! Today the bf surprised me and is on vacation today and tomorrow which makes me super happy. We got to go get coffee and bkfst this morning together...ahhh so nice. I haven't worked out this week, I don't know why I'm just drained and don't feel like working out, but I know I have to. The bf has a business trip the first weekend of March and I get to go! So I want to look good ;)

I'll post more later, I'm starting to have an anxiety attack....

have a great day everyone

02-18-2010, 10:56 AM
Good morning everyone!! Looking forward to a great day!! How's about we make it a FABULOUS ON PLAN DAY!! :cheer2::cheer3::broc::broc::goodluck:

jdonato - I'm not on a specific plan just counting calories. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday to stay in my range. I have a strawberry protein smoothie for breakfast ( 140 cals), yogurt for morning snack (100 cals), a veggie burger on a sandwich thin with lettuce and tomatoes for lunch (245 cals), plain cheerios for afternoon snack (100 cals), which leaves me with enough calories to eat dinner with my family (550 cals) and 100 calorie mini bag of OR popcorn for evening snack. On days I work out I will have something like veggies and granola bar if I go after I get off work. If I workout before I go to work then I don't normally eat anything extra or I will pack a larger lunch. Those are the days I'm uberhyper so I try not to workout before work too often since I need to be at my desk and I can't sit still. Not sure why it does me like that early in the morning. Some days I work out twice a day because I want walk with my husband and daughter in the evening.

02-18-2010, 11:18 AM
Hi everyone!

Sorry you've been feeling so bad Lori:( Hope you feel better soon!

As for me, I've been feeling extremely run-down lately. Not sure why. Especially the past three days. Right from the get-go, when I wake up... makes it difficult to workout in the morning, but I'm still doing it. Only for an hour or so though. Not my usual 120 mins. Grr... I feel so lazy. On the plus side, TOM is over, and I'm down to 112.4 lbs.! I had gotten down to 112.8 lbs. and then gained 3 lbs. due to TOM about a week ago, then I just kinda deflated I suppose! Where did it all go? :) Three pounds in a week!


02-18-2010, 11:38 AM
Since last night was my first official weigh-in since the challenge started(I go to a group meeting once a week), I can report that I weighed exactly the same as I did last week-168. I am having a medical procedure tomorrow and can't eat today, so that should help me a little bit this week.

Losing4another, I am trying not to eat peanut butter during this challenge. For several weeks I have been having 2T of peanut butter with a banana for a snack almost everyday. To me it was just so tasty and satisfying, but I have reached a plateau on my weight loss and the peanut butter is the only thing that I am eating that is real high-calorie, so I am just going to have to give it up for now.

To you American Idol fans, I haven't watched any American Idol this season, so I don't know who the contestants are, and I admit that I am missing it. I had vowed not to watch because I really don't like change and with Paula gone and Simon leaving after this season, I just thought I would go ahead and wean myself off early. But just hearing people talk about makes me kind of want to get back into it! Is there anyone as dramatic as Adam this time? I really liked him on the show(although not so much now).

Make it another good day, everyone!

02-18-2010, 12:24 PM
Hello Challengers!!

Thunda-I will check out that yoga instructor...good luck on your new work sure you will be fine!

emile-Good luck on your medical procedure..i hope its nothing serious!

MrsLovett-Good job on losing that TOM always sneaks up on us! 1hr a day in workouts are great!!!

Jigglefree-Im with ya...lets make today a good one!!

JD-Enjoy your time with your BF! Im sure you will be back on track in no time!! I went through a week like your going through last week...just totally BLAH on everything..will get through it!:hug:

Losing-yes,pb is evil...put tasty;) i havent' had a taste for it in a while though..and thats very weird for me:?: Maybe its because im eating pistachio's?:dizzy:

Katy-Thats a great way of thinking about it..i try not to let my 'during the week sneak peeks at the scale' bother me too much, my sunday weigh ins are what count!

Lori-Thanks, my avator pic was taken sunday. I hope you feel better soon...are you still taking those vitamins?

Farn-Have a good workout today! Im sure body is just holding onto water from your workouts...i can look out my window and gain water weight:dizzy:

thats all the time i have today guys...have a great day and lets keep kicking butt!!!!

Today i did a full upper body heavy weight lifting workout then some step aerobics burning a total of 573 calories in 1:20mins. My arms are fried:)

02-18-2010, 12:24 PM
farn The M&M's challenged you and you won!! Haha! I'm trying to beat the homemade fudge my boss brought it today. :frypan: BTW, awesome job on the weighloss thus far!

Katy05: haha yes they did! I don't know how I could handle homemade fudge though, now that's a whole different level!!

Lori: thank you for pointing that out! it makes me feel better knowing that it may just be a weight fluctuation, not that I gained a pound. I was gonna say there is no way!! haha but our body can be a mystery sometimes. :dizzy:

kerbear879 and Jdonato: thank you for your input! haha it makes sense now and make me happy that I can still enjoy my favorite drink! I use it actually as a meal. I am seriously a junkie for these things!! Even though they look like pool scum... :D

02-18-2010, 02:00 PM
Lori ~ Thanks :) Yes I know any weight loss is a good thing, I just can't wait for things to get movin lol.

JD ~ Thanks for the for the warm welcome.

Katy and Mckenz ~ I am new here too so good luck with your goals.

Everyone else hope you have a great day and keep on keeping on :).

02-18-2010, 02:05 PM
Lori- your little episode sounds a lot like what happens to me when I get a blood sugar crash. I tend to be a little hypoglycemic at times (hence the reason I can't eat a lot of regular sugar as my blood sugar gets all crazy!) I also have low iron levels and even with taking the darn iron supplement, it still seems to be rather low

So yesterday, the OH and I went out to dinner and I went well over my calories for the day. Then I weighed this morning, and to my surprise, I've lost 2.9 pounds since Monday..doesn't seem right but I must have been retaining water like crazy.


02-18-2010, 04:11 PM
Kerbear- I have hypoglycemia too! When my sugar drops I feel weak all of a sudden and have to eat something high carb (fruit helps best). Then I slowly start to feel better again. If I can't eat I get all shaky and sweaty until I can. It's really bad if I'm sick living on crackers and cold meds. It will also happen after I drink or eat something really sugary on an empty stomach.

Misspriss- Great workout :exercise: I'm not a big peanut butter fan...just had a craving for a PBJS ..Went lighter calorie on dinner thinking it would be alright...big mistake no more PB...or the j either since they are only good together ;)

emileigh- has to be the PB....Maybe replace it with some lean meat for a while...I wonder if maybe it's the salt? I will have to check the label. Fat and salt together are never a good thing..Hope everything goes okay for you tomorrow...Keep us updated :hug:

Jdon- Enjoy the BF time together...hopefully you two can do something fun while on the business trip.

Jigglefree- yummm love smoothies...are yours prepackaged or do you make your own?

02-18-2010, 06:03 PM
today is going by much better. Man I don't know why but my anxiety attack came on so sudden this morning, but I'm all good now :) So since the bf is home today we were able to finially get his car into the shop, the guy can only take it in the mornings, he works another job at nights. It was $100, which is way less than the other guy quoted, I guess it was more to it than the simple breakline, the back breakline was busted and they had to pull the gas tank down and crap...i'm don't know alot about cars, but that's so great to save money.

On our way back home we stoped at this discount fabric store and we finally found a fabric we love and soooo cheap too! We are redoing our dinning room table. When my grandparents got married they bought the set, then when my parents got married they got the dinning set, and they just gave it to us :)....Keep it in the family, so we refinished it to our style and we are re-upholstering the chairs. we can do 6 chairs for $25...yay! So since he's home tomorrow too and i'm off tomorrow we get to finish it then move on to finishing the hardwood floors :( too much work!

jigglefree: thanks for the advice. When i was eating the same things everyday it was easier to stay on track, and I just started to get busy and not have everything planned out like I used to. I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

misspriss: thanks, i feel less bloated today and I'm going to drink alot of water and keep calories low and hopefully fri or sat be back to normal again. I do love the pic of you and your family, your kids are adorable!

losing4another: If you saw above we finally got a cheaper deal on the car, the bf is so happy and it really saves us right now. Thanks for all your advice and your DH's help. I'm so excited for the trip, it's at some resort so he said i can have spa time while he works hehe.

Off to my next class, I'm always online becuase most of my classes i'm on a computer. I hope everyone had a great night, and thanks so much for all the support. I will get back to more of you later!

02-18-2010, 06:06 PM
jdonato: ooh a mini-vacation!! I love traveling! Even if it's just a small getaway. where are you going in March?! :D

misspriss: hahaha that is so very true!! I'm sure you are right. I have two exams today and I wouldn't be shocked if the stress/anxiety from that made me retain water. Picky body.... nice job on the weight lifting! that's one thing that I really need to start working on. I've just been doing cardio no weights. do you use free weights or machines?

kerbear: that damn water weight!!! Congrats that you lost it!! :) 2.9 pounds in a week is great!

emeleigh: i agree I loved Adam on the show, but not really right now. I do have to admit that I love his hair though!! I remember he recently had it green and black, that looked amazing! Well on him...hah I dont think anybody else would be able to pull that off

Mrslovett: its probably water weight! it seems that quite a few of us are dealing with that. Hopefully you feel better and not so run down!!

Losing4: haha I completely agree! I haven't touched peanut butter in months. I think i'm afraid of it! :dizzy:

katy05: I have to give it to you, you have strength to only look at the scale once a week! I feel like sometimes i become obsessed with that damn thing! haha

kdm: haha chinese food is amazing so I can see how you couldn't say no!!! why is it the stuff that tastes amazing is bad for you? Somebody screwed that thing up!

Lori: I hope you feel better!! I'm agreeing with kerbear with the whole low blood sugar levels. I've had a similar experience too, not as serious as your's however. Hopefully you get to the doctor soon and get well!! :)

Well my first exam went well today. I'm pretty sure I aced it!! Now I am busy studying for my second. Haven't exercised today, but will for sure once I get home. Staying on track with calories as well, so besides the studying today is a good day!

have a great night everybody! keep up the amazing attitudes and good work! :)

02-18-2010, 09:40 PM
Just checking in for a quick second.
I was feeling a little better today but everytime its time to eat again I would get shaky and my breathig would slow down...My TOM was nearly to an end even though I just started it then I would eat and it would nearly overflow(not to be gross) My blood is red again...Not orange So far.
I have had sugar checked before with no problems ..Not sure whats going on.
I do know that Its mainly when I have my period and a few days before it starts and sometimes a day or 2 after it ends. Then I get back to feeling alot better. My period is About 2 weeks early too I think...I never get it at the middle of the month its always around the beginning...UGH!!!
Misspriss~I skipped a few vitamins just forgetting to take them but have been taking them good the last cople of days.
Weird thing is I nealr feel crazy~like I do not wanna hear any noises~see any movement~ECT. ~More or less I am very irratable which is a definete opposite of how I normally am....I am like a major smart @ss To my Hubby~And the poor guy is not even doing anything to me...UGHHHH Hopefully can get to the doctor soon. My doctor is only in on Mondays & Thrusdays and My car was stuck today still in the driveway~I may have to make a trip to the emergency room If I aint better by 2morrow or Saturday whichever day the car comes unstuck in the drive....TALK TO EVERYONE LATER ~GONNA GO TRY TO GET SOME REST.

02-18-2010, 09:41 PM
Just noticed I mis spelled all kinds of stuff please ignore...I am to tired to edit.HUGS!

02-18-2010, 10:14 PM
going on a scale strike! lol...yesterday it was up a few and I hadn't even cheated until yesterday! lol maybe that's y i let myself eat the chinese food?!?!? who knows...but I'm on track today and chuggin the water....i'm gonna try to stay away from that mean 'ol scale until Monday for my official WI...we'll see how strong i can be! lol it'll be the longest since I joined 3FC in september....

did the WATP power mile again today...getting the WATP Fat Burning Miles tomorrow...I really enjoy the power mile, but hoping i'll like the FBM bc it'll offer a longer WO...

sorry I can't keep up with everyone's posts...looks like you're all doing really good...those of you who are sick, I send "get well wishes" your way...those of you who may be retaining water weight bc of TOM...i say "TOM SUCKS!!!" makes me wish I was a man...well not really, but atleast I'd probably lose this weight faster! HAHA and those of you taking classes...Good Luck w/your projects/exams...I couldn't imagine trying to lose weight/get healthy while also attending college!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME OP DAY!

02-19-2010, 01:43 AM
Hope everybody had a good day! I just wanted to geek out and tell you that I finally got my signature!! :) yaya!!!! Nerd I know. haha

Have a good night all! :)

02-19-2010, 07:33 AM
Morning, I'm not sure what workout im doing today..I know i need to do abbs. I also peeked at the scale(like i do every day,LOL) and im still holding onto alot of water,argh.

Were suppose to have some really pretty weather this the 60's, i can't wait!!

Lori-i hope your able to get to your doctor soon, feel better soon,k :hugs:

Farn-I use free weights and follow a dvd. over the years ive collected quite a collection of free weights. I also own a barbell. Cool Ticker,i was excited too when i finally got my signature...

ok,just checking in...i will try and bbl today,if not have a great day.

02-19-2010, 10:54 AM
I fit the size 18w yesterday!!!!!!! Now I just have to loose the "w"!! I'm excited. It gives me incentive to keep working out and stay on plan!! A couple weeks ago, I couldn't fit them and almost got discouraged.

I hear that Ohio Players and my theme song!! :flame::hot: FIRE!!!

02-19-2010, 11:48 AM
I'll be weighing in tomorrow... was hoping my TOM would be gone... but it's getting there. I think it will be good though! :carrot:

02-19-2010, 12:08 PM
jigglefree: congrats!!! That's awesome!!! :)

Hope everybody is having a good day today! My exams went extremely well last night...well at least I think so, but you never truly know! Not down anything from yesterday... No biggie. Off to workout!

misspriss78: I've been thinking about investing in some free weights too. It wold be nice to have them around the house so i don't have to constantly run to the gym every time i want to weight lift. Have a good workout!! :)

02-19-2010, 02:59 PM
Just checking in. I am trying to adjust my calorie level. I was wondering if any of you have a set amount of calories for each meal and snack? I seem to be going over my calories since I have lowered them. I wish everyone a great weekend!;)

Lori ~ I hope you feel better:hug:

02-19-2010, 03:07 PM
Just checking in. I am trying to adjust my calorie level. I was wondering if any of you have a set amount of calories for each meal and snack? I seem to be going over my calories since I have lowered them. I wish everyone a great weekend!;)

Lori ~ I hope you feel better:hug:

I try and make each meal around 400 and my snack around 300.

Farn-I think its nice to pull out the free wieghts and get my workout over with. Ive got a gym less than 5mins down the street and i can't seem to get the motivation to get in the car and go there,LOL...i'd rather workout at home. Good news on your exams!

02-19-2010, 03:13 PM
MyJourney: I actually try to have 5 meals of 300 piece, sticking to my 1500 calorie range, but i end up usually doing this:


It really keeps me from becoming hungry since I am not going long hours between meals. I'm pretty much "grazing." :)

02-19-2010, 04:12 PM
My St. Paddy's day goal is to be 198 for a goal of 7 pounds lost and to get to onederland!!!!

02-19-2010, 04:27 PM
I know that I'm late, but can I join in?

I think that it's realistic to lose a dress size, or half a dress size by next month, St. Patrick's Day. Also, St. Patrick's Day is my twin daughters birthdays!

I am doing more of a low fat/lower carb, no wheat/ alkaline way of eating. 1300 calories.

Hi everyone! :)

02-19-2010, 05:58 PM
Happy Friday everyone!!!! Today has been a great day! My office (all 4 of us - haha!) was treated to lunch today by the president of our company at a fabulous Italian restaurant. And you know what, I wasn't scared to eat out because I planned my day for it! They had so many delicious entrees to choose from, some of which were caloric monsters of course, and I ended up ordering grilled mahi mahi with angel haired pasta in a butter/garlic sauce. I know the pasta was full of calories so I made sure to only have three bites of it and I ate about a 1/4 of the mahi mahi. And it was filling! Oh, I also had a side salad (dressing on the side - did the fork trick!). One thing I'm super proud of is that I stayed away from the bread! That's major for me! The old me would've had at least 2-3 breadsticks. Silly me.

jigglefree Yay on the 18's!!!!!!! You're shrinking, you know that? Keep it going girl!

Girls, I'm so glad it's Friday! Here's to staying OP, sleeping in and having a great weekend!!

02-19-2010, 07:41 PM
Feeling About like I did yesterday...But did manage to get the car unstuck..Cause the snow is finally melting! Made a trip to Walmart and got some iron pills...Gonna start taking them 2morrow ~was afraid that adding with the multi vitamin might be to much for the day. Making a doctors appointment on Monday For Monday If Theres no improvement from the iron pills. Or If I get worse than I am now I will go to the emergency room over the weekend. So Far Its unpleasant & really scary But I am dealing with it....OK Enough about me...Other than this morning I was at least back to my ticker weight!! So that was good. 163.0


KDM322~Hope you are stronger than me on your scale strike~LOL
I can not stay off it not one day or I go nutty~Wait a minute I have always been nutty~I go crazy...Nope already been that too~hehehehehe ~but ya know what I mean.:dizzy:

farn00a57~the day I got my signature was like Christmas morning when I was a child!! LOL! Also glad your exams went well ~I AM SO HAPPY FOR YA!!! :D

misspriss78~water weight & Tom Weight sucks! LOL it will leave soon Just keep up the good work cause you rock!

jigglefree~:carrot:SO HAPPY FOR YA!!!! 18 W to 18 regular you can do it girl!! GOOD JOB!

NightAngel26~good Luck with weigh in~hope tom is gone for ya and the scale makes ya smile!

MyJourney2Slim~thanx! Only thing I try to make sure I do is eat the biggest meal in the morning...But I am trying to make everything smaller portions so I can eat more often But I quit eating Totally before 7 p.m. I know that aint exactly what ya asked but I hope that still helps some....HUGS!:hug:

cfmama~hey skinny mama! So glad you joined!! I love to read your post elsewhere So its exciting your in this challenge~Your a weight loss queen to me~I bow down to you....HUGS GIRL~COME ON ONEDERLAND!!:D

happymama4~WELCOME!! YES U CAN DEFINETLY JOIN!!! GOODLUCK WITH YOUR GOALS!!!:) Wow twins born on st. patricks day What a lucky thing~Your lucky charms! Precious! Are they identical? So curious~!! When I grew up a set of identical twins were my neighbors and my best friends.:)

Katy05~so proud of u for Being ready for that lunch at the office!!


02-20-2010, 12:36 AM
Death to muffins, and slow-cooker pork. That's all I have to say about that.


02-20-2010, 10:10 AM
Death to muffins, and slow-cooker pork. That's all I have to say about that.


Me too...death to cheese dip and nacho's then cookies...ARG:mad::mad::mad:

i have no comment on the matter:dizzy:

02-20-2010, 10:20 AM
I just joined this site few days ago, and decided to be a calorie counter so my goal is to give up the sugar and the snack foods..ugh

02-20-2010, 11:31 AM
Morning everyone!

farn00a57: We are going to a place in Illinois...don't know where, the bf said it was an amazing resort place and it will be fun. I like going on business trips with him, we stay an extra night and have a lil vacation. I'm excited. The last trip I went with him, we go every year to the other side of Michigan on the water and it's beautiful, it was the first business trip in well...probably over 4 years...since i've lost weight and felt comfortable to be social, and you could tell he enjoyed it too ;) That's why I want to really look good because I'm finially down to where he first met me 4 and half year ago....about the calorie thing, man I'm still trying to recooperate from TOM, I used to have a system so I have to get back on track with that. And contgrats on your exams. School is so hard and so time consuming but we can make it through it! Good luck :D

Lori: I'm so sorry your feeling like that. I know your scared and I'm here for you if you need anything. In the mean time I'll keep praying for you and give you one big virtual hug :hug:

KDM: again i'm with you chuggin the water! I'm finially done with TOM and hand a little swoosh, but not so much because I was really eating a crap load this past week, but today is a new day and new week. I hope the scale gives you better results :)

misspriss: keep up the awesome workouts! Death to sugar and high starchy food for me...that seems to really be getting to me and thowing me off course.

jigglefree: AMAZING! :carrot: congrats on getting into will for sure get to 18. That's a huge accomplishment and we are all very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

nightangel: good luck on your weighin, you can do it!

MyJourney2Slim: I hope you find a good calorie limit. originally I did 250-300 bkfst, 300-400 lunch, 350 dinner, then 2 100cal snacks around 1250 when i wasn't working out, but for working out my dinner would be around 400-500 and around 1500-1800 total depending on my workout. I need to get back on track again and find a happy balance. Wish you well!

cfmama: You will get to ONEderland...Good Luck!

happymama4: welcome! :wave: everyone is very friendly and supportive here. Good luck on your challenge!

Katy05: nice job passing up the bread, and if you can make good choices like that when you go out you will overcome so much in the future. Awesome job!

thundah: You know I luv ya:hug:I hope all is well. I need to get back on the workout wagon, so I'll join ya soon.

Chrys: Welcome :wave:. Giving up sugar and snack foods is hard but you can do it and we can help you with it. Wish you well.

If I missed anyone I'm sorry, I'll get to you later.

Today I woke up and saw 121.6, better than the 122.8 a few days ago from TOM, I know i've been way over calories and not exercising. I know most of you think i'm crazy for worrying about the 120's, and it's been a long journey and I just want to finish what I started. the highest I saw before was 160, that I know of, to be honest I wouldn't be suprised if it was 170 before that, so the last 5-6lbs are really irritaing me. Plus now i'm trying to lose some of the excess skin and "left-overs" around my midsection. I'm going to try and watch my sugar and starch intake later at night, that's what seems to get me and I then snack and snack and snack.
Today we are moving our friends so i'll get some exercise there. I wish everyone well and i'll post more later.

02-20-2010, 11:43 AM
eh my weigh in doesn't put me any lower.... bummer. Gonna be a challenge afterall! :(

02-20-2010, 01:01 PM
I did the power yoga dvd, it was really fun...i was shaking with some of those poses. Ive never done a bow pose and holy smokes, there are three in a row! I was stronger than i thought. funny thing is that when i was up and was trying to figure out how i was going to get down.

Welcome to everyone new!! Your in the right place if your looking for support and encouragement!! Good Luck to EVERYONE!!

ok, off to get some stuff done around the house...have a great weekend!

02-20-2010, 02:41 PM
I lost 3 lbs in 5 days, I'm getting closer to the weight I want to be. 2lbs to go! Then I'm going to try to maintain, which is nearly impossible for me.

02-20-2010, 07:12 PM
Sheesh, so much posting! You guys are chatty in this challenge - but that's great, I think it motivates and commiserates and helps. I can't keep up or catch up on four pages of posts, so I'll just move right along. :)

I had a "doesn't count" day yesterday - I've been doing that about once a month, where I just don't count calories, and I've found that any cravings I get for not-so-good-for-me foods can be postponed with the thought that on my "doesn't count" day, I can have them. That doesn't mean I eat 5,000 calories though - but if I'm having a real craving for something, I enjoy it. So yesterday I had a burger and fries for lunch - but my breakfast was my normal 280 calories or so, and dinner was soup (I wasn't hungry after that huge lunch!). So I would guess my day was around 2,000 or so, which really isn't bad. And then the scale this morning - instrument of evil - was DOWN. Oy. Anyway - having a good week, even though I am currently at work and last week was a 68 hour week. At least my butt is shrinking!!!

02-20-2010, 09:29 PM
I am the same way, I just can't keep up, but that is such a good thing.

I want to say WELCOME to all the newbies and keep working to all the regulars. It's wonderful to see so much activity on the thread. I really can't get in until the weekend now a days. It's so superbusy at work.

Things are going OK. I am down to 198.5 this morning, which is cool. I have been going crazy trying to get into Onederland and stay there. I have been back and forth, but mentally I keep telling myself, I made it and nothing can take that away. Weight loss has been really slow last month and this one. But a pound is a pound is a pound. As long as I am moving in the right direction I can't complain.

My Disney 5k is in 2 weeks. I am starting to get really excited about it. I will be out of town from 3/4 to 3/9. Because this is a trip based around my running I hope to keep my eating well in control. Vacation is a scary time for me, because I always seem to lose focus and have trouble getting back into routine when I return. I hope to do much better this time.

Hang it there everyone!

02-20-2010, 11:25 PM
I haven't been on here today because my friend gave me her California King Platform Bed and my husband and I moved that monster today. It was extremely heavy. We moved it down two flights of stairs in pieces from her house and up two flights of stairs at our house. The headboard weighed about 150 and we had to pack it in two cars to get to our house. It took 5 hours to get that bad boy moved. Which means I didn't do a organized workout but that bed should count for two days of workouts. Everything on me aches.

Didn't eat but about 1300 calories on all that activity and I don't have energy for anything. I'm barely typing. Just wanted to update you all on my progress.

02-21-2010, 12:32 AM
Just on for a quick post... Took a half an iron pill today~had read that sometimes you can get upset stomach when First starting to take them(so I started with a half one to be safe)...I instanly noticed a difference in my skin color..I got more red...More alive looking I guess.Cause I am very pale....And I had red spots But they looked normal..Just like a normal flesh color reddish white tone...I am bad at describing this LOL!
Anyways~Felt great within an hour or 2 but got an extreme headache And was having problems with blood pressure possibly....Everytime I would stand up I felt like all the blood rushed to my head and that My head was gonna explode from pulsating so much....then....If I walked to far in the house I was still short of breath...But I laid in bed most of the whole day And the iron pill seemed to make me feel more awake or whatever as long as I laid in there.
ughhhhh~LONG DAY! Guess I will know for sure if it's helping with in next few days. I am gonna go to my doctor Monday if possible ~he is really good about getting you in the day u call but he is only there on Mondays & thursdays....I HATE MY "TOM"! Every stupid time it gets worse & worse!!
I have been to gynocologist(however u spell it~sorry Can't think right) And same thing~Everything looks fine! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
8 years of problems~Diagnosed with anxiety disorder & asthma & now emphysema....It aint no wonder I have anxiety attacks I feel like crap so much it scares me into having the attacks! Sometimes when I first get on my period I have hot flashes and I can walk out in the cold for a minute or 2 and breath fine...But only for awhile...then I start having problems again... I have never to my knowledge Ever wheezed and I have never coyghed from astham or emphysema issues...Which would definetly be a part of it I would think...But every time they do those breathing test in the tubes in there office I fail them horribly.Anyways I think all my symptoms are to do with my "TOM" 1 year after I had my tubal my health went to crap! I can breath really great sometimes when I am on it ~Like All my breathing problems just went away for awhile...
I had a period of 2 months for my first year after my tubal then it switched back to once a month after one year And ever since then ~I have been nothing but a wreck!
OK I AM DONE~I had to get all that out!
I get so depressed over it and talking about it helps sometimes
I hope someone Like doctor house ~Hugh Laurie(yes I know that is a fake t.v. show & I am just being silly) Reads this & knows what my problem is!

HUGS TO EVERYONE~! Will type again as soon as possible

02-21-2010, 02:59 AM
~Lori~ I am no medical professional, but if you have emphysema you may not be oxygenating your blood properly, leaving you tired and pale. I hope you get in to see the doc on Mon.
Hang in there!

02-21-2010, 07:46 AM
I hate to stick this out there but..... maybe it is your doctors? After walking around barely breathing for a year and seeing a ton of doctors my vet finally figured out what was wrong with me and sent me to the right doctor.

02-21-2010, 10:07 AM
Good Morning

Lori-have you ever been tested for hypoglycemia? My mom went through some of the same symptoms that your describing before she was diagnosed. She felt like she was going crazy at times:( Hugs, i hope you find out whats wrong soon:( My thoughts are with you sweetie!:hug:

Jigglefree-High fives on the new bed,its always cool to get new free stuff;)

Jae-Good luck on your 5K!! Have a good vacation too!

Jules-Good job on the weightloss!

Hello to everyone i missed...

Ive got a full body workout scheduled for today..its a real burner too. TOM is here for me(a wk early) so that gave me some relief as to why i was a moody, junk craving witch all week:^:....

have a good day everyone.:)

02-21-2010, 10:21 AM
I'm remotivated now.... I've lost a little afterall! Anybody out there been discouraged this month? eh.. I'm better but I was very discouraged during my TOM... is this normal? Anyone else have that? :?:

02-21-2010, 10:53 AM
Good morning everyone!! :)

jdonato: that sounds like you are going to have a blast!! I hope you reach your goal so you can really enjoy your vacay! I am very jealous I would love to have a job that allowed travel and its great that you get to go with too and you guys do the extra day. That's perfect! I'm going to school for psychology and sociology but I swear I should have gone into the travel industry or something! haha. I can relate to when you are healthier you feel better about yourself and enjoy your trip more. It just makes the whole situation more comfortable and especially with meeting new people. You don't automatically assume they are judging you based on your weight. What are you going to school for? It is hard work but hopefully soon it will be all over and it will definitely be all worth it!! Thin, healthy, college graduates!! How perfect does that sound?! :carrot:

Lori: I'm glad to hear that the iron pill helped you feel better somewhat. That is scary however if you think it was giving you blood pressure issues. Stay strong and i hope you feel better soon!! I can only image how difficult it is to work on a goal while feeling're one tough cookie!!!! :)

misspriss78: haha yes i can relate, my gym is only like 5 minutes away too. It's literally like 5 blocks away. It's just the whole prep time that makes me unmotivated to get up and go. haha how lazy is that?! and the thing is too i dont really like working out when there are a bunch of people there too. I dont know why but for some reason it is awkward for me...? haha odd?

katy05: OH MY GOD. I have got to give you props. I LOVE CARBS!! And the breadsticks seriously are the best things ever. when i go to olive garden I am usually full by the time my meal comes because i ate so many dang breadsticks and salad. haha. and they go right to my thighs! you have amazing will power to not even eat part of one! congrats!

thundathighs: I have to agree with you and however just state this: DEATH TO CARBS. that's my downfall right there. haha

Hello to all the people who just recently joined!!! This is a really great group of people. I was so glad when I joined. They are all VERY motivational and inspiring.

Hello to everybody else in general!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am down a pound today. So that's 4 so for towards my goal!! Pretty happy about that since I was seeing weight gain and no loss the last part of the week. Wish it would have been more but hey I will take what I can get. Beggars can't be choosers. haha. well i am off to work out for 45 minutes. I have been working out for an hour the last few days and i'm really proud of that. I never thought before I could work out for a hour straight for physical reasons and lack of motivation. I attribute a good portion of my motivation to the people who are in this group. thank you for inspiring me! :D

Sorry about the cheesiness!! have a great weekend

02-21-2010, 02:02 PM
Workout done, did that full body weight lifting dvd. I was tired going into it but i got through it and burned 362.

Farn-I would feel the same way walking into a crowed room and trying to get my workout 'groove' on.

ok,hello to everyone...enjoy your sunday!:)

02-21-2010, 05:45 PM
Lori, I'm so sorry that you have been having problems. And it is so hard to have confidence that things will get better when you feel like you just can't get the right diagnosis. I just wish you the best.

Farn, I completely understand about the signature. I was the same way. It is motivating to be able to see that little ticker and to be able to change it when the scale goes in the right direction.

I had almost two days of not eating due to a medical procedure, and was hoping for a real big bump on the weight loss. I don't know what the problem is but this morning I had only lost .2 lbs, hardly worth noticing.

Jae165, it's great that you are in onederland. May you never see a weight number that begins with "2" ever again!

As Jules said this is a chatty bunch and hard to catch up after being away for a few days, so just hello to everyone. Hope this will be a good week in working toward your challenge goal, whatever it may be.

02-21-2010, 06:57 PM
Had 980 cal. so far today. It's about 6pm. That's good, I will just snack on grapes and strawberries later if i am hungary. My stomach is messed up today and I am not that hungary from the crap i ate yesterday( binged pretty much)

02-21-2010, 09:43 PM
Im a little late but Im in as well! Id like to hit my next ten pound goal come st patricks day. Soooo

SW 239
GW 229

02-21-2010, 11:38 PM
Matilda ~Welcome to the challenge & goodluck with your goals.

Just a quick check in....Thanx Everyone for your thoughts & Kind words...I appreciate them....I went to the emergency room today & my doctor was on shift there so that worked out great...He said everything seemed fine as far as blood work..He wants me to go to a OBYN Doctor now and See what the problem is..ughhhhhhhh...Well at least MY TOM IS stopping early ~i guess that is a good thing...I am still feeling yucky but my oxygen level with breathing issues was 100% (Which makes me think that I have breathing issues from something other than emphysema Or asthma! Cause I have never heard of people with these conditions having 100% oxygen level which I usually always have 98 to 100 And when they checked it I was feeling like I couldn't catch my air right!! )I will get it all figured out....And I am still gonna get this weight off too! ~THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY AGGRAVATIONS EVERYONE! I thank each & everyone of y'all.
Well off to bed...I am feeling lousy but Have high hopes tommorrow I will be doing better & will eventually get back to being able to at least exercise....I MISS WALKING! I proboly aint doing much on the scale right now as far as progress cause my calories have been a little off and no exercising. REGARDLESS~I WILL NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

02-22-2010, 12:22 AM
Lori - definitely push for answers because whatever is ailing you, you shouldn't have to put up with it. Some doctors look for the easy answer and don't dig any further and I think only the squeeky wheels (ie, annoying people like me!) get the attention they need. So don't stop asking questions until you get the help you need! I hope you feel better very soon. Oh, and you would be pleased with me - I just painted my nails! Admittedly, in very pale pink but I figured I won't be at my horse until Saturday, I may get a few days out of them!

Me - heading out of state tomorrow for two days, missing my swimming, but I think the resort has a gym so I'm taking my gear so I can work out - failing that, I'll just run around the parking lot or something. And try to eat sensibly which is hard when you're confined to a casino and its eating places!

02-22-2010, 01:02 AM
jules tried to go to sleep was having a bit of troubles doing so. So I got back up for a few...I AM VERY PLEASED!! I love painted nails!! In any color~light pink sounds pretty!!! Here is a pic of what I painted mine after those yellow ones the other day& since I am miss matchy here lately a Pic of the outfit I wore the other day with the painted nails that I thought went perfect with them along with silver accessories LOL!! I keep what ever paint job I do for about 5 to 6 days...Of course I was smiling so I was feeling a but better when That pic was took....They are dark blue with silver crosses...The nurses at the emergency room was fighting over whetever my nails was real or not...I told them they was real & they looked at me like I was lying....I even showed them I had one nail on my left hand shorter due to it breaking~they still thought I was lying...Made me feel good Even though I was feeling bad....Of course today I was dressed Like a lounging lady...In jogging pants And a t-shirt But I was so feeling like crap...So no pick of me today ~LOL ......AND THANX GIRL!! I will keep going to whoever I got to Until I get to feeling right...I gotta life to live & a hubby & kids to torment! heheehehe to Love on I mean! hehehehe ~hope noone minds the pics...I can not sleep:)


02-22-2010, 02:27 AM
farn00a57: Thanks. Tomorrow I'm going to get back on track. I have to "de-puff" from all the crap I've been eating. It is nice that the bf gets to travel for his job, he hates to travel only because he did it for many years before he met me, but I love it! Yes it is hard to meet new people when I don't feel good about myself. 40lbs ago I would be on a business trip and meet ppl and then have to see them at the company x-mas party or see them again the following year and I just felt uncomfortable. The bf is in the racing industry and all the men there all judge eachother's wives and it gets intimidating. I don't know if you know anything about racing women but they have a certain "appeal". Some are very beautiful and sweet, other's are middle aged trying to look 18, and tan waaaaayyy to much and if they bleached their hair one more time it'd all fall out! I spent 3 years trying to fit a certain image and then this last year I just realized I had to worry about myself, my health and be happy with me. The bf has always loved me and thought I was beautiful but I needed to think that too. So that's why this trip is more important to me for personal reasons...(still fighting the emotional battle)....... I'm going to school for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I've made so many mistakes when I first started but I'm finishing what I started. I'm taking 18 credits/6 classes. Now to find an actual career job. It's so hard, companys either want a Sr. Engineer or someone with 5yrs + well that's hard. And then they want students for co-ops...well I'm not going to be a student come May. So right now I work part-time in retail to make ends meet. But I pray every night and hold on to that dream you stated, "Thin, healthy, college grads"! I'll pray for both of us! :hug:

Lori: you are in my prayers also and you are a good person, everything will work out. I hope you feel better.

I just got home from work which is sweet! I was scheduled til 2am but we finished early, so I'm trying to wind down so I can sleep, i'm doped up on food and pop. Which is why starting tomorrow i'm going to start a mini cleanse. It's sorta like the South Beach Diet Phase 1, only I do have fruit but cutting out the starchy foods and sugar late afternoon and night and just lower sodium intake to bloat down and get back on track. When i have a high protien bkfst i'm fuller longer and feel way better! Plus I could use more fiber and vitamins from the veggies and fruit. I have so much more to say but i'll post this for now and if I can't sleep i'll post more later.

sorry to everyone I didn't get to, I will tomorrow. Sweet dreams and I hope everyone's doing well.

02-22-2010, 04:06 AM
Lori , I like your nails..:)

02-22-2010, 08:24 AM
good morning everyone~UGHHHHH~hardly any sleep On my way back to bed at 7:17 A.m. The bus has got the kids The hubby is gone & I need a nap.
Hugs to jdonata & Myjourney2slim & everyone else!
myjourney2slim~Glad you like my nails...I am such a priss over them anymore.
I was a tomboyish type when I was a kid since I had 3 older brothers and my sister is 5 years younger than me ~then I have yet another younger brother~so with all that I had to be tough.~Every since I started doing my nails though I am addicted~I realized I like being girly~LOL~Sometimes! ~Off to bed ~AGAIN!


02-22-2010, 09:24 AM
Good morning!

Lori-i love reading your post..there so uplifting & i love your nails, i always try and grow my nails out but when i do they start getting on my nerves and i end up clipping them off:dizzy: LOL. I use to wear those fake nails when i was younger so im not sure why they get on my nerves now(rolls eyes). You look so lean in your picture...good job, all your hard work in paying off girl!!!:hug:

Hello to everyone! Sending out good vibes to all...

TOM is zapping my energy and im considering a rest day,but my diet lately hasn't been good, so its hard for me to take a rest day from my workouts. There are alot of 'things' going on right now and i find it hard to stay focused on my diet. Im going to try and get back on track today with the calorie counting. As of yesterday im still up not freaking out about will come off again,just got to get back in the 'Zone'(as i like to call it)

i will bbl:)

02-22-2010, 11:38 AM
Back on the Monday Grind!! Well I did a workout this morning and will be at the gym for lunch. Looking forward to a good week.

Okay everyone this is going to be a great day and we can stay on plan. :high:

02-22-2010, 11:39 AM
Wow, there's been so much chatter over the weekend! I love it. I have a lot to catch up on! First, I have to share this good news with y'all...

I made it to ONEderland!!!

I weighed in this morning at 198.2lbs! :carrot: That means I have 8lbs to go to meet part of my St. Patrick's Day Challenge! That seems totally doable and I'm so motivated and determined to do it!

I'll be back around the lunch hour to catch up with y'all. There's been so much going on with you ladies that I need to comment on. :)

02-22-2010, 11:54 AM
I did good eating yesterday but I really need to get serious with the exercise,I am getting married this fall and I have a long way to go.
Everyone keep up the good work.

02-22-2010, 12:28 PM
I am enjoying reading all of your posts and getting to "know" you. I'm finding it hard to jump on, like a merry-go-round in the park that's already spinning!

I was down last week due to only losing 1 pound over a two week period, but several commented that my calories were probably too low and slowed down my loss. So I'm bumping up to 1600 this week and we'll see what happens. I'm continuing my exercise as I have been - about an hour on the treadmill each day, plus small weights/resistance bands for arms and legs; then on alternating days I'm doing Denise Austin's abs workout. A couple of days a week I do Denise Austin's cardio and only do 30 mins on the treadmill. I think I'm addicted to it! I wish we had the $$ to buy an elliptical. I told hubby I want one for sure when I get to goal for maintaining so I won't have to spend but 1/2 the time! I think my treadmill will be worn out by then anyhow LOL!

I look forward to knowing y'all better. I hope and pray my calorie boost will bring on more of a loss or I'll never make my St. P's Day goal!

02-22-2010, 12:48 PM
workout done, decided on 40min treadmill power walk...

Jigglefree-I live in Ga! About 45mins west in carroll county..pretty cool to see another chic living so close:) Have a good day.

Katy- :congrat: Way To Go!!!!!! What an awesome accomplishment!

hello to everyone...have a good day:)

02-22-2010, 01:05 PM
Katy: Congrats! Seriously that is so amazing and such a big accomplishment. Keep it up!

misspriss: awesome job on the workouts!

jigglefree: Keep up the good work!

chubbyphotographer: congrats on your wedding this fall! You well be so beautiful :) I wish you luck

susieyarb: Feel free to jump in anytime lol. It does get a little crazy which makes this challenge even more fun. I know what you mean by the elliptical, I can do more longer and have less pain on my body. I prefer it anyday. Hopefully you'll be able to get one soon!

So last night to wind down before bed I hand a couple of beers, and that's nothing I can't handle but for some reason at 6am this morning it didn't agree with me, or maybe something I ate at work but I was "tossing my cookies" all morning :( And the worst part, I had nothing in my stomach to come up....ouch. So I made bkfst hoping it will stay down. The weather here today is worse than a couple of weeks ago, and they didn't cancel school, umm hello when we get a winter storm warning and expected 8inches....ya might want to rethink the whole keeping school open? eitherway I'm trying to start my back on track phase but it's hard when i can't keep a whole lot down. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to fight to the death these next few weeks to get back where I want to be, and no sugar or starchy foods late at night or eating past me!:D

Have a nice day

02-22-2010, 01:31 PM
Well, my scale strike is over!! And I actually was strong enough to not "peek" at the scale..not even once!!! So, my WI today puts me 0.4 down from the start of the challenge...not a whole lot, but it's something! lol I'm also wondering if it's not a true number because I ran on the TM yesterday which seems to always make the scale go up the next day AND I kinda overate at dinner...but as someone has said before, A loss is a loss is a loss!!! Plus, I think TOM should be coming sometime this week so we'll see how that affects it also.....

I've been getting plenty of camelbak bottle holds 750ml and I've been drinking atleast 4bottles and sometimes almost 5...which is atleast 3LITERS of H2O PER DAY!!! I've made a new rule for myself...I must drink an entire bottle BEFORE I eat breakfast!!! Then I have another bottle during my WO and on my way to work...3rd bottle while at work before dinner...and the 4th during/after dinner....then start on the 5th when I get on the TM (but can't drink too much while trying to run! LoL) This has worked for the past few days, so we'll see how long it can last!

Glad to see everyone enjoying this's nice to sign on and "catch up" with everyone...and once again, I'm sorry I can't respond to everyone...but I'm off to do a couple WATP videos...

02-22-2010, 02:09 PM
Well over the weekend we ate out way to much and I am up 2 pounds:(but today is a new day, so back to being on plan. Keep up the good work everyone!

02-22-2010, 02:46 PM
I did good with my calories yesterday(1050) and today so far. I don't need that many calories since I am small. But yet I weigh 7 ounces more. I'm still gaining form eating too much on Saturday( binged), my body does that. Now as long as I stick to it and i know I will, I'll lose pretty fast. Got 4 lbs to lose that i had gained over the last month. I will do it!

02-22-2010, 02:56 PM
Checking in!

Start: 175.8
2/19: 175.8

Well, I didn't lose any last week, but I didn't gain either. Hopefully this week will be better. :)

02-22-2010, 08:29 PM
jdonato: You're boyfriend is in the racing industry? What type of racing? My family actual owns a couple of racing stores here in Minnesota. I have grown up going to drag races, NASCAR races, and events like Snocross and Supercross. Racing is like in my blood! As soon as you wrote "racing women" I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about! While most of them (well the one's at the track and what not that I have met) are fairly nice you can definitely tell it is all about competition with them. Who is the hottest of the group, etc. Totally way too much tanning and way too much hair bleach! haha I completely agree. My dad knows a lot of drivers just being in the industry and he used to own a funny car team so I got to meet and see a lot of the driver's wives and they are like models. I would not want to have to constantly be in that environment with those types of people as my "peers." :dizzy: While racing is very fun and exciting and that is awesome he is in that industry, I feel bad that you have to be subjected to that :( It would be sooooo stressful and I can relate. It's so amazing that you were able to overcome that though and not care what the others thought. And it truly does only matter what you think and feel about yourself. You have a great boyfriend I can tell who seems very supportive!! thats so great! Oh and no wonder you have anxiety attacks!! I have them too but with your degrees you are going for, geez louise! That has to be so difficult! Maybe we took too much on our hands by double majoring? haha I'm freaking out too about the whole job thing as well. The experience and I am majoring in psych and sociology with a minor in spanish, so I'm like...hmm will i even have a job? haha. unemployed college grad with LOTS of loans. SCARY! Good luck to you in school I'm sure you will do great!!

Katy05: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That is awesome you should be so proud of yourself!! You will have that 8 pounds gone in no time!! good work!!

Lori: your nails are AMAZING! I am jealous. I have been a nail biter ever since I was a kid and cannot drop the habit! gross i know!!

susiearb: just keep working at it!!! those pounds will come off sooner than you think!! It may be smart to up your calories. keep up the good work!!

everybody else is doing awesome, I have never met such a group of insanely motivated people!! this is amazing!

Recap of the day: I exercised for 45 minutes today, debating whether or not I should go home and exercise more or go out with my friends. Who I haven't really seen in a while....I am down a pound again, so that is a total of 5! :) yippie!!

02-22-2010, 09:44 PM
Hi again everyone! I hope everyone's having a wonderful day! First off, thank you so much to those wishing me congratulations for making it to ONEderland! Aside from that fabulous news of making it to Onederland, my day was decent, I slipped a couple of times - shared a rice krispy treat with one of my co-workers and had some twizzlers. They were both yummy and I enjoyed them so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I finished W3D1 of the C25K challenge today - yay for that. And aside from said slip ups above, I've been OP the rest of the day!

misspriss How'd you get started on doing yoga? I'm trying to incorporate new things into my exercise routine and thought yoga would be a good idea.

jdonato Hey girl! Is this mini cleanse you're doing a program you're following or is it something you came up with on your own? Please share!!

jules Good for you for having a good week and seeing a loss! As for your 68hr work week, ughhhhhhhhhhh. That's all I gotta say about that!

Lori Your nails look awesome! I can't believe you did that yourself! I'm actually pretty OCD about nails - I always have to have nail polish on them, even if it's clear. So, I'm doing my nails about 2x a week.

farn WTG on the workout! I think 45mins is a great workout for today but if you feel like getting in some more sweat when you get home, go for it! Just make sure to listen to your body and not over do it!

02-22-2010, 10:40 PM
Thanks everyone!! I enjoy doing my nails & that made my day!
~I have took pics of most everytime I have had a new color/design~I post them all on my Myspace page~LOL for fun. and since i have only been doing them since november I have a lot but not a ton. If anyone would like to see more for the fun of it I can let them know the way to my myspace page.The pics never turn out quite as good as the nails look though~Which is so aggravating!
I am off tom today & felt one heck of a lot better not totally better but way better! I even got to do my walking today ~Which made me feel alot better about me.
So Its definetly something to do with my TOM. I have an appointment to GYN Doc on thursday~So Hoping even if they do test that I hae to wait out the results on that they evenutally figure out what my problem is..and hopefully it's nothing serious.
Misspriss~ I love to read your post too girl!! U are a true treasure to me!

EVERYONE ELSE~I adore each & everyone of y'all but we got Cloudy with a chance of meatballs on dvd to watch & my kids just yelled that it is ready~ughhhhhh~Not in the mood to watch it But my kids are my everything(& My hubby to of course) & the hubby got 3 teeth pulled today And he is sleeping like a baby And I have gotta get my butt in there and watch that show with them~Just what I need a show with food falling from the sky!


02-22-2010, 11:12 PM
farn00a57: My bf works for DART Machinery. They do Cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds and codings for NHRA and raced Pro-Stock. As soon as I told him about your family his ears perked up and asked what stores? Where? Funny car? lol it was so funny. Like a dog hearing the word food or walk haha. It's funny you know exactly what I mean by racing women. I have friends going for psych and soc and it's alot of work! Plus you have a minor. lol you and I both took on waaaay too much! The anxiety attacks are going to get worse. I have an exam tomorrow :(. Thanks for the warm wishes and I wish you well too. I'm with you on the unemployed grad with lots of loans...ahhhh they ppl are calling me already and I have to keep telling them....I'M NOT DONE YET! lol

Katy: I'm following the South Beach Diet Phase 1, I've done it before and because of it i lost the last 20lbs. It helped get me my first 10lbs and from there I calorie counted and just watched my refine sugars and starches...well since this past two weeks with TOM man have I been going off the deep end. So to kick the cravings and bloat down I'm going back to phase 1. In the past I have made the mistakes of "oh wow I just lost 6-10lbs in 2 weeks, let's go out and celebrate"....ya then what's the point with the booze and nasty food. For me it's not just following the plan, I just use the guidelines...lean proteins, lots of veggies, no sugar or starchy food. Then I'm able to focus on what types of food I'm putting in my body like processed foods and stuff. So to me it's a cleanse and a way to get back on track. The menu can be very ellaborate and expensive which is why I use it as a guideline.

Today is day 1 of my mini cleanse and I was finally OP for my CC. *Sigh* I got to put a sticker for making my day :) Tomorrow I'm going to eat my eggs and turkey bacon for bkfst with my coffee...ya you don't want to see me give up coffee...It's scary!:o Just ask the bf, that's why on the weekends he has it ready before he comes in and wakes me up lol I love him :D. I discovered Grill Mate Marinades...OMG does it really help spice things up for salads. I did the Chipotle one on chicken tonight, and added fresh lime juice mmmmm just what I needed to get back. I'm tired of the same old salad and I'M TIRED OF COOKING! But this is fun for me to try something different. Now I have to think of snacks, so I have string cheese and I got a bunch of veggies and I have celery and peanut butter. I said I wasn't going to eat past 7pm...ummmmm....Mon and Wed I have class til 9pm, and Tu and Th til 7:30pm so i'd say past 9 for me. Well that's enough for now. I hope everyone had a great day and I will talk to you all later!

02-23-2010, 02:01 AM
Lori--You're nails DO look amazing!!! Question: Are you L or R handed?? And how in the world do you get both hands to look good??? I'm R handed, so my left will look halfway decent (not nearly as good as yours0 and then my right looks horrible!!! LoL Also..Good Luck at the OB/GYN...I'll keep you in my prayers that you get this problem solved once & for all!!!

Jdon--hope you're feeling better after getting sicks this AM...and good job getting on track today w/your mini cleanse & your calories!!

Fuitlady & Moto -- sending you scale wishes to get that sucker moving again!! and moving down that is!!! :D

Farn--I hope you chose to see your friends who you hadn't seen in a've already exercised for 45min...thats better than nuttin...and I believe in taking time out for your friends & family (especially those you can't see every day!)

Katy--CONGRATS on ONEderland!! I know I was SOO excited to reach that point in my journey!!! As for the rice krispy treat & twizzlers...oh well! atleast you didn't let it throw you off track for a whole day or more! I'm a firm believer in NOT depriving yourself!! If you say NO all the time, then you might just break and over do it majorly!!

As for me, I did 2 WATP videos this AM (Power Mile & Walk/Kick) followed by an Exercise TV WO called Metabolism time this AM: 1hr 10min and then I did the TM tonight (25min)...I was also OP w/calories!!! It was a really good day today!!! Let's see if I can keep it up!!!!! Buuuut, TOM is approaching...UUUGGH!

I posted the following on the C25K thread, so I'm sorry if any of you have read it there also....I think I'm gonna take a break from C25K...I've read a little about HIIT on 3FC and I tried it was pretty cool...I did 30sec at 7-8mph followed by 60sec at 3.5mph for a total of 15min (10intervals)...I think this will still keep helping me raise my stamina so maybe after a few weeks of doing this, I can go back to C25K where I left off (WK7) and do a 25min run...and eventually build my way to 30min...what do you guys think???

The long runs are just SOOOO BORING and I can't keep my mind off of the time remaining! Several of you have mentioned HIIT and I've never tried it until tonight...but I liked it, so I think I'm gonna do it for a while...

02-23-2010, 06:46 AM

We have an appointment this morning to look at place that's right down the street...with in walking distance. I was so excited about it i couldn't sleep last night. It's 3br 2bath, huge back/fenced in yard, new appliances & the kids don't have to change schools,they'll be on the same school bus:)... And the best thing about it is its owner finance(who is well known in the area)! DH and i have always had our eye on it.

Im just so excited, its everything we ever wanted! Sorry to go on about it...:dizzy:

No workout for me today...bbl

ETA- i had to change my ticker..the past couple of weeks ive had some slips and the scale hasn't been nice about it. up 6lbs...its GONNA come off soon:D

02-23-2010, 09:36 AM
Kdm~Thanks girl! I am right handed & so the right hand shown in the pic was drawn with my left hand~Which usually ends up a little off from the left hand.
To concentrate better I totally do my left hand first Since I am right handed...Then I relax while it is drying nicely then start on the right hand.
I also use q-tips for mistakes which help out alot!! I aint even sure what made me think of q-tips ~maybe my sister use to use them when she did her nails when she was a kid....Anyways that helps alot too. As far as the designs...Since I am using a brush still I USually do designs with lines (cause they are easier to do~And then I pray that the kids stay out of the room and they go on straight LOL!~HUGS!

katy~So nice you do yor nails too!! I love painted nails! There so pretty

Misspriss~Goodluck with the house~I do owner finace & it is fabulous..My house was only 2 miles from where I use to rent & my kids get to ride the same school bus and the moe was super easy so I have my fingers & toes crossed forr ya...Plus Your in my prayers to find something that is for you & your family.

jdonata~hope you have a Fabulous day!!

EVERYONE ELSE~Got to take my 9 year old to the doctor for his chekup~So gotta get ofline & finsh getting ready~

One last thing~anyone into watches Must go to shop NBC And order waltham 25 piece interchangle watches~OMG BEST THING EVER! MADE NICE AND EASY TO CHANGE STRAPS! EVEN CAN CHANGE THE BEZELS! my hubby got me a set for Anniversary since my ring was bought so early~Our 17th anniversary is the 25th Just a few days away....WOOOOOHOOOOO!!
Anywasy the watches rock! ~I am wearing a green band with a blue bezel today and A green top with a blue belt~& USING MY NEW PURSE! That wacth made my outfit complete & come together cause teh green & blue was a risk that ends up looking So cool~I hope anyways!! So happy with the watches That I wanted everyone else to have a chance to own them! type in waltham 25
I swear there on the top of my list for best things ever purchased! And That takes alot considering the great deals I get.

02-23-2010, 10:36 AM
Good morning everyone. I think I feel better today. I guess it takes two days to recoup from moving that big bed. I was working out yesterday and my legs felt like I had extra weight attached to them. It was just hard and I had to push myself to do my morning and lunch time workouts. I will be working out after work today and hopefully I feel better. I can't let myself start missing workouts because it could cause a problem.

Jdonato - They will keep calling til they get paid even though you keep telling them you aren't done. They don't want you to forget them.

Farn - With a minor in Spanish you will not be unemployed you have good majors that will allow you some flexibility.

Misspriss - I hope the place is everything you want it to be and you will get it if it's for you!!

Okay today is a new day to stay on plan and work towards GOAL so lets get it done. We have about 22-23 days left.:cheer3::cheer2:

02-23-2010, 11:21 AM
Hello everyone. I tried to go back and read everything since my last post and there has been so much good news and motivation.

Lori: I am glad to see you are feeling a little better. I really hope the dr figure out what is going on. And I love, love, love your nails. My nails are sooo thin. I wish I could figure out what to use to make them stronger. Everytime they grow a little and I decide to paint them, they break. So I have just given up. Let me know if you have any advice.

Katy: Super Congrats on getting to Onderland. As one that struggled I know how hard it can be and what an accomplishment once you get there.

Misspriss: Good Luck with the house!!! That is so cool. We wanted to move last year, but it just did not work out for you. I will keep my fingers crossed

KDM: I know a lot of people say the treadmill can be really boring. Since I have been through the C25K and kind of know where you are I would say finish it out. You are almost done and it's so super when you can claim "I have completed the C25K program" If you want why not just add the HIIT in as one of your runs. Do the intervals for the time listed in the C25K program. An remember that when running you need to be really patient in your training to prevent injury. Your respitory system adjust WAY before your skeletal. So you have to give your bone a chance to get use to the pounding. Please be careful. A golden rule I learned is you are not suppose to increase more than 10% in distance or time per week. And NEVER increase both at the same time.

jdonato: I hope you are feeling better and back on track soon. Good luck with the cleanse.

ME: Well I am still holding on to onederland by the skin of my teeth, but I am here to stay dang it! My weight loss has slowed, so I am trying to refocuse on everything, my eating and exercise. Although I am running 3x a week I am making sure to add in some crosstraining (kickboxing, ST, ABS, Walking). Just trying to find some balance and hoping to get moving again.
I have been keeping a picture journal and it's really keeping me motivated. Although the scale may be slowing down I can really see the difference in my clothes. Every month since I started I make sure to take a picture in the same outfit. And one pair of pants went from almost ready to burst to adding a belt, that is now 3 holes in. I have never posted pix here but I will try to put one on so you all can see. Pictures don't lie. So when you are feeling down, take that old picture and one now and see how proud you should be.

02-23-2010, 11:38 AM
Here is my picture attempt

The first is from Mar09 to Nov09. I started in Aug09. I was about 220 in the after shot. I am down even more now.

The 2nd is the results from the 6week bootcamp I did.

And the 3rd is from last week. I am wearing my skinny jeans from Old Navy. That was a fantastic feeling day. You know those days when you feel super skinny and extra fabulous.

02-23-2010, 12:29 PM
Jae You look fabulous with that sexy collarbone and in your skinny jeans! Tell me about this 6 week bootcamp you did - I'm curious!

02-23-2010, 12:55 PM
I designed the bootcamp myself. It was a mixture of Cardio, ST, core work, and yoga. 6days a week for 6 weeks. It was a little hard finding the time with family and work, but if necessary I was working out at 7 or 8pm. It got tough around the 4th week or so and I thought about giving up, but I stuck it out. Cardio was mostly running on the treadmill (long runs, intervals)
I have it saved, so I can post the first week for you if you would like to see it.

02-23-2010, 01:15 PM
I'd love to see it - thanks!!

02-23-2010, 01:28 PM
Here is week #1. I was just starting out so it was not too advanced. Although the stair climbing kicked my A$$ BADLY. I didn't know stairclimbing could be so bruttle

Week #1

The equipment I will be using is a treadmill, hand weights, Jump rope.

Day 1: Intervals of running
- Warmup 5min,
- Low intensity run 4mins, High Intensity 1mins, (Alternate for 6 sets = 30mins)
- Low intensity for 5mins
- cool down walk 5mins
- Ab work for 10-15mins

Day 2: Circuit Training -
The circuit is 15mins and should be done atleast three times. The breaks between the moves should be less than 30sec. The break between the circuit should be less than 60sec.
(if you have question on any moves please let me know, look up on SP or Google)

- WarmUP - Stair climbing for 5mins. (Going up should be faster than coming down. start out slow and increase speed on each set. )
- Hammer Curls (bicep) - 1mins
- Bent over flys (back) - 1mins
- Jog/Walk in place or back in forth in room (cardio) - 4mins
- Tricep Kickbacks (tricep) - 1mins
- Overhead shoulder press (shoulders) - 1mins
- Wide leg Squats (legs) - 1min
- 90' Chest flys (chest) - 1min

Day3: Long Run
- My plan is to do atleast 60mins on the treadmill. It will be a moderate pace just focusing on the time not the distance. You can chose any cardio for 60mins
- Ab work for 10-15mins

Day 4: Repeat Day 1

Day 5: Repeat Day 2

Day 6: Day of Rest

Day 7: Repeat Day 3

Feel free to move your day of rest, but I like my saturdays off.

02-23-2010, 01:38 PM
Jae--thats probably a good idea! just finish out C25K...I mean, heck, I'm on Wk7 and it's only a 9wk program!!! So, tonight, I'll forget HIIT and attempt the 25min run :) It's just so boring...I need something to might help, but TV would be better! LoL I run on the TM at work and I doubt there's a way I could get a TV in there...maybe my portable DVD player??? I don't know...but I should probably finish SOMEHOW!!! Thanks for your advice! ALSO---you look awesome!!! keep up the good work!

Well, I'm back to weighing every day again and I'm so glad I got on that scale this AM! I'm down to 181.8!! I still can't believe I'm in the low's so weird seeing these numbers on the scale...but after weighing this AM, I'm so motivated to get as much exercise in as I can!! I've also upped my cals. to 1500 (gonna try to keep it between 1480-1520) which isn't much of a change, but I'm gonna try it for a while...I'm still trying to find that magic # to lose 2lb/wk :D

***HERE'S TO ANOTHER OP DAY*** Good luck everyone & Keep up the good work!

02-23-2010, 02:01 PM
I know it can be boring but hang in there. It doesn't really bother me so I guess I am lucky. I am up to an hour and 15mins straight now. I guess because I have so much going on in my head. It's actually my time to figure things about and pray about stuff. When it's a clear day (in my head) I make sure to keep the music rocking.

What I would do is, if you are running 3x a week, make the middle run into intervals(HIIT). That way you have something to look forward to and a rest period in there.

And Congrats on the loss. I can't weight till I have to deal with weird feeling about the 180s

02-23-2010, 03:54 PM
jae~For stronger nails take biotin vitamin~theres no side effects to it and it is just $3.00 a bottle at walmart. Mine still break from time to time...Usually on my left hand. That 1 bottle last for a long time. for couple months.

02-23-2010, 03:55 PM
Oh & Jae ~ Wowza!! Look At U Hot Mama In Those Pics!!! Way To Go!!

02-23-2010, 05:22 PM
Hey girls, lots of things going on today. Im so happy to report that were no longer renting..were BUYING :carrot:Yep...were closing tomorrow.:D we should be completely moved in by next Wednesday im excited...but im also starting to feel throat is getting scratchy and im getting that 'sick' feeling in the back of my head...

I will keep everyone posted, no workout today..i will try and get in one tomorrow!

Hello to everyone and thank you for your comments:hug:

02-23-2010, 06:01 PM

JD~ I did South Beach a few years ago I loss like 50 pounds, I did it faithfully for year and a half then started to gain weight I didn't know why then, but it was because I was eating to much calories, then got upset had some sugar then it went down hill from there:(. I was thinking about doing it again and count calories this time.

Lori~ I would love to see more pic of your nails, I enjoy reading all your post. I am glad your feeling better..

Well hope everyone is having a great day!

02-23-2010, 07:52 PM
MISSPRISS CONGRADULATIONS!!!! It is so great to go from renting to buying~To think one day I am so sick of that wall color & hey I wanna paint that wall red/Yellow/Blue~Whatever color & U can up & do it & NO LANDLORDS TO GO THROUGH!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!!!I also think u have enough time to do the buyers credit thingy too still!!! Which is awesome!~Hey and no more raises on rent out of the blue!
I HOPE YOU FEEL WELL SOON~So you can enjoy every minute of it!

Myjourney2slim This should take ya to my my space page~I share it with my hubby~LOL Its Under Christopher & Lori ~It's a my space page & we share the page LOL~too funny~Anyways ,Once you get to the profile page just click On photos Where it says veiw My photos/gifts section and it will take u to all photo albums ~there all labeled Feel free to look at any Or all of them that ya wanna I got pics of lots of different stuff on there ~OH & do not freak out over my daughter pics if ya look at them ~She dresses like an emo/goth/Depressed/Punk~But is a spoiled rotten angel that just looks like the devil in her stuff!I get a kick out of her~She gets mad when people at school call her a poser~But actually she is ~hehehehehe ~but sssshhhhhhhh ~I never said that~hehehehe ~Anyone else that wants to check it out feel free too.HUGS TO ALL!!!


Off to there now!

02-23-2010, 09:30 PM
Had 1100 calories today, which is good. I lost a whopping 1/2lb! lol Hope the scale is down again tomorrow morning. It should be, I've really been sticking with it.

02-23-2010, 10:07 PM
4 pages to get catch up on from all you chatters :D

Haven't been doing very good keeping calorie count. Had a few depressing days and had a few what is the point days :( Not sure why I haven't learned that blowing my diet only hurts myself.

My daughter school lost 3 girls on Saturday...They were hit by a train. Please please keep these girls families in your prayers. Our newspaper had a story from one of the mothers this morning soo heart breaking to read :(

I'm still around haven't ran off

have a good evening everyone :hug:

02-23-2010, 10:33 PM
katy05: thanks!! I've been working really hard at it, trying to make an effort to really improve in that area. I am trying to stick to 45-60 minutes a day and I have tried doing more, but my body just wouldn't allow it. haha i agree i want to make sure i dont over do it cuz then exercising just get monotonous and boring. haha which it can be already.... :)

Lori: I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better chica!!! you are so strong willed it's inspiring! :)

jdonato: haha that is hilarious that would be the same exact response my dad and brothers would have had. haha. racing guys..... my parents owned a company called Pro Motorsports. We had several stores throughout the midwest and we carried racing apparel and merchandise for everything from NASCAR, NHRA, muscle cars, dirt bikes, etc. With the decline in the economy it went bankrupt which was extremely troubling and a very hard time. In 2005 however we opened another store called Motorheads and have to franchise No Fear stores in Minnesota. My dad owned a funny car in like 2001-2006 I believe; can't remember the exact years. He had first Tim Wilkerson, then Cory Lee and finally Bob Bode as the drivers. They never did that well however, so I doubt your bf would know of it! haha It was the Pro Motorsports car and then swtiched to Arbee a company Bode owned. Bob Bode still races even though we are not a part of it anymore. I go to Brainerd, MN to watch the races every year. It's so fun! Sorry for that blabbering! Anyways, have you been prescribed medication for the anxiety attacks? I was given Zoloft, but decided not to take it because I didn't want to be on meds my whole life. I'm thinking I should have though. Anxiety attacks are terrible. I hope your's dont get any worse and good luck on your exam!!

KDM: yes haha I went to go hang out with my friends. I decided that 15 more minutes of exercise was not worth the laughing and fun I would have with them. Im glad I did. Sometimes when you go on a diet and start to exercise it becomes such a part of your life that you become almost obsessed and forget other parts of your life that used to make you happy. I need to remind myself of that.

Misspriss: congratulations on buying! That is so awesome! And you should be happy I would be talking about it all the time too, it's a huge thing! :)

jigglefree: yeah my spanish minor is what I am hoping to use as a "one-up" so to speak in terms of getting hired. I'm hoping that will help me. I have just heard a lot of people say " oh what are you going to do with those majors?" etc when I tell them what I am doing, so it's hard to not get discouraged and panic. Hope you feel better! You have so much motivation and perserverance when it comes to exercising! :)

jae165: congratulations on onderland and it doesn't matter if it's by the skin of your teeth, it still counts!! you look great! :) Your bootcamp sounds great, I seriously might give it a try! thanks!

fruitlady: hey a 1/2 a pound is better than nothing!! :)

Losing4: I am so so so sorry to hear about the girls in your daughter's school. That is tragic and so terrible....i don't know what to say except that those little girls and their families will be in my thoughts and prayers. :hug:

well i had to catch up with all the chatty cathy's on this page!! :) i had a pretty good day today! I had a very very odd jump I lost 3 pounds from yesterday. I am very excited about it but just wondering if it is some weird body fluctuation and i will be heavier tomorrow. still though it is exciting. I am down a total of 8 since the beginning of this challenge! only 12 more and I will be at goal!! whoo! it's in sight and i only hope i can keep up the motivation to see that my goal is reached. I have been working really hard exercising every day and not going over my calories at all, so it is great to see it finally paying off. well back to work i go! have a good night everybody!!

02-24-2010, 12:42 AM
fruitlady~good job Staying on plan. I have a question though...Just because I am concerned....Have you consulted a doctor about eating under 1200 calories daily? I have read that it is unsafe...I hope that u do not get mad at me for asking...& I am super proud of your loss~just wanna make sure your eating enough though. ~I hope that question was ok to ask...HUGS TO YA!!!!

Lorra~OMG girl that is soooooo sad...I am so sorry to hear that~those girls families will defintely be in my prayers.When I was a teenager I done rideshare with my brother on summer jobs ~he drove~i was only 14...We was heading home one day And someone beeped and he got pissed and nearly stopped cause he thought it was a boy he didn't get along with...When He did He Noticed he was Getting ready to go straight out in front of a train that went through the town I still live in.Thank God He got stopped in time...It was one of the scariest things ever happen from my childhood.
Trains are so dang dangerous! I feel so bad for the 3 lost & there friends And family's...SO SAD~Couldn't imagine reading a mothers words to that ~just the thought of it all breaks my heart. So far they stopped the trains here But there suppose to be back running through here within 4 years I heard~UGHHH
HUGS TO YA! Glad you posted!


as for me...Well I gotta dentist appointment 2morrow so wish me luck getting there...cause I wanna get outta going so badly~Cause I am scared But I need to get my teeth fixed though So I am trying to keep a positive attitude & this is for a cleaning which is The start of the whole process.

I just done some catch up cleaning on my house and now I am feeling like crap~I wish I hadn't done it ~My hubby has been doing everything though & I felt like he needed a break cause I have been so weak....Now I am weak & feel crappy again...Maybe I am just tired. ~I am gonna stay positive regardless...I am always so down on myself alot ~So I am trying to change that about me.
OH~Caught the American Idol Show 2night ~3 favs of the night were Siobhan Magnus,Didi Benami,& Crystal Bowersox~crystal is from OHIO & I adore her!!!! If she goes all the way to the top 3(yes I have high hopes for her) I have decided to go to her welcome home Thingy! Since I live in OHIO~COME ON CRYSTAL! ~Yes I am an american idol junky~hehehehehe! & I ADORE ELLEN ON THE SHOW!

02-24-2010, 11:21 AM
Oh & Jae ~ Wowza!! Look At U Hot Mama In Those Pics!!! Way To Go!!

:o Ahh shucks... Thank you. I am trying really hard this time around.

Hey girls, lots of things going on today. Im so happy to report that were no longer renting..were BUYING :carrot:Yep...were closing tomorrow.:D we should be completely moved in by next Wednesday im excited...but im also starting to feel throat is getting scratchy and im getting that 'sick' feeling in the back of my head...

I will keep everyone posted, no workout today..i will try and get in one tomorrow!

Hello to everyone and thank you for your comments:hug:
:carrot::carrot::carrot: Congrats...I am so happy for you!
I hope you feel better soon. It's probably your body releasing all the stress and excitement.

Losing4: That is so sad. I will be sure to pray for the families. I could not imagine. And I will keep you in my thoughts too. We all go through these times. Remember to keep everything simple and when you are ready come back at full force.

Farn: Thanks. It's driving me crazy but I am here. If you want a copy of the rest of the bootcamp let me know. You are doing an awesome job. 3lbs and one night and 8 all together. Keep it up, whatever you are doing. Goal is soooo close and I know you can do it.

I had some shocking news this morning. So last night was my long run night. I did 5miles again (only my 2nd time) and this morning i woke up to a 4lb loss. I am 195.5 I had to get on the scale a few times to believe but it was there over and over. I am like Farn, questioning will it be there tomorrow. But either way it there and I am claiming it as my low and keeping it moving. I will just keep my fingers crossed that my body is finally out of that funk and we can start moving again at a decent pace.

02-24-2010, 11:57 AM
KDM: Thanks. I'm feeling a little better but starting to get what Misspriss has. I totally understand about taking a break from C25k, and seriously that's so awesome you've done that. It takes alot of work and dedication to go through that. I hope you find something that works for you :)

Misspriss: I told you things happen for a reason and I am so happy for you! It's exactly like Lori said...If you want to paint a room hot pink on a whim you can go for it! Plus it's sooo much nicer without Land Lords. The first night sleeping for me was the best, waking up and walking around kowing it's mine! I hope you and your family have a great move and a wonderful life in your new home. :hug: Hope you feel better too!

Lori: I do love the nails! I hope your feeling better today. Some rest will help :)

Jigglefree: You are right about the student loans. First then send a letter saying since I'm graduating in August 2009 then I'll have to start paying a few months from then...ummm well I'm not graduting then so I called and told them May 2010, they said no problem we will change it and it's all fixed. Then I get a letter saying since I'm graduating December 2009...and yet again...I told them May 2010. Lol everytime they say they got it and fixed it...YA RIGHT! It's ok though, I have no problem paying them back, just get the darn date right. Hope you have another OP day!

Jae165: Wow the pics! You look amazing! seriously, a completely different person. And you can see the collar bone and the change from your 6week boot-camp. Keep it up!

Myjourney: I know what you mean bout gaining back the weight. I didn't know it before but yes it was the calories. So i've learned from doing it in the past that everything in moderation. It's worked so far, I'm down 2.2lbs from starting it but I know most of it will be water weight. so I'm going to work out and increase muscle too, I don't want to lose water and muscle. I know people say the low/carb diets are bad and stuff, but I really can't put down the South Beach diet. After the first 2 weeks you can eat bread and pasta and fruit, just slowly work your way up and you eat all the servings a day any healthy person eats. You just eat the whole-wheat/grain stuff. I hope everything goes well for you.

fruitlady: I love it! I see your progress and it gives me hope on reaching that last little goal! and the 1/2lb is still amazing. Great job!

losing4another: I will pray for the girls' families. Hope you have a good day.

farn: I'll have to ask the bf if he knows the names. It is funny how they react to racing. He thinks just cuz i'm going for EE that makes me a mechanic and he can talk about it and I totally understand every word he says...:?'s ok though I enjoy watching him try. About 4 years ago I was perscribed zoloft and for me I hated it! I had side effects, and felt numb. I would have to stop taking them just to feel something. I hated how I felt on it, so then I went back and got on Welbutrin. I had depression and anxiety, and this helped me alot! I felt normal and then I started to lose weight, do better in school and I wasn't depressed anymore. for the anxiety about 2 years ago I got xanax(spelling). I have .25mg tablets. I started taking about 2-3 a day then went to taking only 1 a day, then to 1 every month or so and now I only take maybe half of one (.125) once in a while, maybe every 2 months normally during exams when I can't sleep. I've learned to overcome alot and losing the weight really solved alot of problems. but if you feel like you need it get on the medication! I wish I would have done it years ago to help, and don't be afraid to swich meds if you are feeling bad on one, just talk to your doctor and be completely honest so you two can figure out what helps. I felt the same way about being one medication my whole life, but once you start to feel normal, things get better in your life and then you start to see you don't need the meds anymore you can pick up the peices on your own. And your doctor will get you on a program so slowly get off of them. I hope you find something that works for you! Thanks again!:hug:

I think I got everyone, If I didn't i'm sorry and I will later :)

Thanks for the get well wish everyone! Monday I was finally able to keep food down. And normally when I "toss my cookies" I lose my voice for several days and I brake out in blood vessels on my face from the stress of heeving(spelling)...I try to avoid "tossin my cookies" like the plague. So now I"m starting to feel what misspriss is, a scratchy throat with that icky feeling in the back of my head. I'm trying to rest as much as possible. I don't want to get sick again. Did well yesterday with the CC and Im down 2.2lbs from Monday. I'm still going to workout and gain muscle becuase I know with this I will lose water weight but I don't want to lose muscle. Hopefully I'll fell well enough tomorrow to get a workout in. well that's it for now, have to get ready for class. I hope everyone has an amazing day!

02-24-2010, 02:26 PM
Hi everyone! Just a quick note to check in. I was down 2lbs this morning since my weigh in on Monday! I won't change my ticker until my "official" weigh-in next Monday but I wanted to share some good news! I worked out Monday (W3D1 of C25K and some weights) and took yesterday off because I was so damn sore. My eating has been in check for the most part - had a couple of slips the other day but they were accounted for and I've been in the 1200-1300 range Monday/Tuesday. Today is OP thus far and I have no plan to do otherwise the rest of the day! I am super excited about something, though... my boyfriend flies into town tonight from California (we're in a LDR right now) and will be here until Monday. He's well aware of my weight loss efforts and is totally supportive so I expect to not have any issues of being OP whilst he's here. Yayyyy! I'll try to check in daily while he's here.

Meanwhile, let me tell you... you are all awesome! Stay OP, enjoy your day and burn some calories!

02-24-2010, 03:07 PM
I've done well so far staying w/in the 1600-1650 range since Monday. I feel like I'm eating all the time, though!

I've got to get off here and onto the treadmill. I plan to do at least an hour on the TM and then do Denise Austin's abs workout, she kills my abs!

Katy- when you said you're in a LDR I read that as Labor and Delivery Room LOL!

02-24-2010, 07:45 PM
Had 1200 calories today, did well considering I really was extra hungry today. I didn't eat extra though. I convinced myself that hunger is a good thing to feel, that means you didn't overeat earlier and I waited til lunch to eat. farn00a57, I lost another 1.5lbs, I guess I was stalled. I stall for a few days too sometimes and then all of a sudden I lose 3 lbs. too. your not alone!

02-24-2010, 08:26 PM
I haven't posted an update so here goes. My goal is to have my BMI out of the obese range. I started the challenge with a BMI of 32.14, today my BMI is 31.3. 1.4 points to go! I may not be able to make it, it was a pretty lofty goal, but if I don't, I hope I come close!

Keep up the great work everybody!

02-24-2010, 10:42 PM
thanks for the prayers everyone :hug:

Jdon- Get well soon...One good thing about being sick is it's easier to stay away from all the bad foods.

jae- thanks....Words to keep in mind. I have to get my mind back to eat because I', hungry or because of anything or everything else. Great job on the four pounds :exercise: After I lose more than a pound I'm scared of the scale for the next couple days until I know that number is a keeper :lol: Way to go :yay:

Lori- do you take a multi- vitamin? Maybe there is more than one thing your body is missing. What about your thyroid have you had that tested lately. Before I was on meds for that I was always achy for no reason at all. How did the appt go?

The girls hit by the train two were 14 and one was 15. There was also a teenage boy with them that was a boyfriend to one of the girls...He made it though and was able to get out of the way. He seen everything :( They were on a bridge trying to take a short cut to the beach. The city has talked about putting a fence up or adding a walk way since it's said a lot of people take that short cut. I'm sure one of the girls had took the tracks before to know that it was a short cut. For some reason they were doing this at night..the trains come thru mostly in the evening after 4pm. Had to hug the hubby after all this happened because hes very protective of DD...I'm the one that says let her go and have fun... hes the when and where. He makes me see the holes in the kids stories when they want to do something alone like that. Drives me crazy sometimes though. I know a lot of moms are hugging their kids tighter these last few days...even the mean teenager ones ;)

may tomorrow be another day on plan :yes:

02-24-2010, 10:54 PM
Hey everyone, I'm back!! My computer had stopped holding a charge so I've been gone for a while. I finally got a new computer today! I've still been having trouble dropping the weight since I started my new job. I burn anywhere from 2800-3200 calories on days that I work. So I've been eating 1500-2000 calories on those days, and aiming for 1200-1500 on my off days. I've been drinking about 64-80 oz of water a day. So I guess for now it's just a waiting game. As of this morning I was 179.4 so I'm hoping to get to about 173 by St. Patrick's Day. This is a bit of a stretch because that's 2 lbs a week, but hopefully it'll happen.

02-24-2010, 11:01 PM
Just on for a quick post ~lorra.. Have an appointment to get my thyroid checked next week...Have an appintment At the GYN 2morrow Of all days (My 17th anniversary LOL) & The dentist appointment I had today ~went well considering I was A panicing fool!! I was so scared & was shaking lijke a maniac!~but getting my teeth cleaned was the first step to my teeth getting fixed so I am proud of myself for following through...I have fillings to be done on March 24th! & then soon after I should get to post a smiling pic of me With some teeth showing!
They are also gonna fit me for 2 partials cause I have alot of back teeth And a few side teeth missing. So They say partials will work well~Hope there right.
I am super tired But feeling better...Have Multi Vitamins & started to take them again yesterday~Gonna make sure I ado daily from now on...Just incase.
~Off to bed


02-25-2010, 06:39 AM
Good Morning, just checking in before the day gets crazy again..

Im dealing with idiots at the power company...they turned on the power at the WRONG address yesterday:mad: how in the world can they make that mistake? The water is getting cut on today and i hope all goes well. AND DH had to cut the water off here(old place) because there is a leak in the hot water heater...i said this place is getting in the last word:p

JD-i can't wait to spend my first so excited about that! Hopefully it will be soon!:hug:I hope you feel better today! Take it easy!

Lori-Yeah,can't wait to paint the rooms whatever color i want...its almost like im in a dream or something,just doesn't seem real? I told dh that yesterday and he pinched me,LOL. Good luck to you and i hope a diagnosis is found soon...hang in there,just like JD said...good things happen to good people!:hug:

A big Hello to everyone i missed,looks like were all doing well! I will try and bbl, ive got to go and buy a vacuum today because mine broke yesterday:mad: and im sure its really broke after i kicked the s*%~ out of it;)

02-25-2010, 10:47 AM
Hey everyone!! I'm soooo excited. Like that's unusual...:D I tried my goal dress on this morning. I was looking good. I know by my hubby's birthday it will look real good. :jig:

I don't want the jiggles showing and my two workouts a day is working. I'm only doing one today though. I will make it count. I will be doing 30DS and another cardio video. :woops:

Today is a new day to get it done.

Lori - Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy it after the gyn visit!!:celebrate:

MissPriss - :congrat::congrat: Enjoy your new place, I remember the time!!!

Zoochick - Welcome back.

JD - How are you feeling today. Don't try to do too much and end up doing more harm than good.

02-25-2010, 10:53 AM
Just catching up here. Lori, I'm glad that you survived your dentist appointment. I have to admit that I overcame my fears by always asking for the nitrous oxide, but most people I know don't get the gas and still do okay. In any case I know it will be well worth it.

misspriss, it's great about your move. So much hassle but lots of rewards also!

Last night was official weekly weigh-in and I managed to lose a pound so that was okay--I've definitely done worse.

So for today, I wish everyone on the challenge the most positive thoughts whether the scale is down or up, persistence is the key!

02-25-2010, 12:25 PM
I'm finally caught up with myself...wooo...

02-25-2010, 12:54 PM
losing4another: Thanks for the get well soon. And again i'm very sorry for those girls and their families, especially how it made you and the DH feel. It's a good thing to have the balance of one parent not so protective and the other very protective. My mom was the parent who when my sister and I said we were going to a friend's house she would call a and make sure ahead of time a parent was there and was aware of the situation. lol I hated it as a child but thank her all the time now for caring. My bf didn't have that and got into alot of trouble as a child. So when we become parents, he'll be the one to see past their lies because he's done it all! lol I hope you and your family have a great day.

Lori: HAPPY ANNIVERSIARY! I saw the pics on myspace and you have a very beautiful family and wonderful home! You are very lucky and I hope you have the best day ever! Gool luck at your appt.

misspriss: Thanks. I hope your move goes smoother. I laughed to hard when you talked about your need a new one and the bf says ours is just fine....ya and how often does he vacuum? one of these days he'll come home and it will be in peices and he'll ask what happened? response, "It fell down the stairs:?:" hehe.

jigglefree: I'm so happy you fit in your dress. That will be the best B-day present for your hubby :) :carrot: Keep up the good work. I'm feeling a little better today thanks for asking. My throat isn't as sore. I'm trying to rest because as you said it will do more harm than good, and last time I worked out and didn't got worse. So yesterday I went to CVS and got Niquil D....I used my CVS extra care bucks and $2 coupon and got the big bottle for $2.56 wahooooo! I'm a big coupon person lol. So I took a dose of that last night and I was sleeping like a baby!

I really wanted to workout today, it's been 2 weeks and the scale is showing a loss but it's one of those that shows body fat and hydration. Well the number is going down but the body fat % is going up...I know it's not the most accurate but it still bothers me. One of the biggest things I wanted in our last challenge was to increase lean muscle so i'm happy that the weight is going down but not at the expense of losing muscle tissue. Maybe i'm just paranoid. But I know that Jiggle is right. so one more day of resting and then back in the game!

I hope everyone has a great day and I will be back later on here to chat more.

02-25-2010, 01:50 PM
jdonato: ugh those side effects sound terrible. that is exactly why i decided not to go on medication. i think for now i will just continue to stay off because I feel that i am getting better and getting things in control. It's good that you found something that works for you too!! people don't know how bad anxiety and panic attacks are until they actually have them. they're dad takes xanax too and only takes one whenever he feels he needs it, which isn't much anymore since he started exercising. i'm hoping i can follow suit with'd the test go?!

Lori: happy anniversary!!! thank you for the congrats on the 5 pound challenge, i was pretty excited! haha. i take multi-vitamins too and they really work for me. i used to get major headaches daily and random aches and pains all over that i had no idea where they came from, but i have been taking multi-vitamins for over a month now and i feel great. i'm figuring i must have been off balance some where. hopefully they work for you too!

gotta run to class but i hope everybody is doing well and having a good day! it seems like everybody is staying OP and really kicking *** in the workouts. I didn't work out yesterday, woke up late and was busy the whole day. i hope to get a work out tonight when i get home from school. i haven't lost in the last two days but eh oh well, that is going to happen. not too worried. i've been slacking on my water for the past couple days too.oops...

02-25-2010, 02:16 PM
It sounds like everyone is doing well:)
Lori~ Happy Anniversary!! And thanks for sharing all your pictures you have a beautiful home and family, I love all the trees.. Oh and I really like your nails too.. I need to let mine grow.
As for me I feel like I am struggling with calories counting, I really want to get this I need to get this. I am not going to give up, I think I just need help. I just don't know where to start lol..:dizzy: Have a wonderful day everyone!!

02-25-2010, 02:25 PM
Just a quick run through.
We are preparing for another 6-12+ inches of snow, so the schools decided to close. So my daughter is at work with me today.
Luckily it has not gotten too bad yet. I am hoping the worst holds off until after I get home and in bed. If it's bad tomorrow we will all be staying home.

I was 196.5 this morning, so I can safety claim my loss. I usually have a nice drop the morning after my runs and then on others days, when I do ST or regular cardio videos, I go up a little. I am sure it will come back down soon. Friday is my official tracking WI day so hoping to have it back tomorrow.

I was thinking last night about where I am now and realized that I am 8.5lbs from the lowest weight I can remember as an adult (187). I was using LowCarb at the time and I can remember seeing that # on the scale, once, and then it all went to **** and I started blowing back up (quickly). So I am almost to a major milestone. It's so close but so far. I won't assume it will be easy, especially after being stuck at 203 for a while, but I KNOW I will make it.

Thanks to everyone for all the support you have provided me along the way. I really don't know if I could have made it without all the support and friends I have made.

Hang Strong!

02-25-2010, 02:29 PM
I'm new, so I apologize ahead of time, but what's the difference between this thread and the other St Patty's Day challenge thread without the CC in front of it?

I'm so confused :p

02-25-2010, 02:32 PM
Happy Anniversary Lori!!!:carrot::carrot:;):carrot::carrot:

MyJourney, I started at sparkpeople. It's a great site and helped me understand my eating. It also set up my calorie range for me based on weight, exercise level and goal. It was really helpful in the beginning when I did not know what I was doing. They also have a food and exercise tracker.

Between here and there my life has improved 1000%

02-25-2010, 02:37 PM
ShylahEQ there is not a major difference. They were just set up by 2 different people. You are welcome to join either or both.

Just jump right in. The support here is great.

02-25-2010, 02:48 PM
I'm having a rough day today, my son's daycare provider has made me angry!! I'm an emotional carb eater and I just want to get me a bag of doritos or some chewy choc chip cookies and go to town.

But I will not! I had some peanut butter with my apple today and that helped a lot. I even went so far to have a dollop of sour cream with my chili. It's almost 2pm and I still have 1000 calories to go for the day (~1800 total), so I'm feeling good.

02-25-2010, 02:55 PM
So far I'm doing ok today. Was extra hungry this morning, so instead of reaching for my peanut butter. I got the strawberries out and ate about 10 of them with some f.f whipped cream. It did the trick!

02-25-2010, 02:56 PM
Way to hang in there and not let the stress beat you. Trust me you have done a great job. I have been there and sometimes I don't come out as clean as you did. But it's all a learning process.

Hang in there.

02-25-2010, 03:10 PM
Jae - I saw your pictures and you are doing the THANG!!! I have only been at this a little over a month and have seen good progress. But looking at your first week workout/bootcamp I thought about setting up something. I may even try yours!! LOL

Shylah - Good decision on the apple and peanut butter you conquered the doritos and cookies. Focus on doing the right thing each time and you will continue conquer the desire to emotional eat.

How is everyone's day going. Hope you are getting little victories that make you happy!!

02-25-2010, 04:03 PM
Happy anniversay Lori!!

Well I was down to 178.4 today. Finally losing some of this water weight. Today didn't start off too well. One of the bravest little boys I know earned his wings early this morning at 2:10 am. He's my boss's son and is only 6 years old. He got diagnosed Nov. 08 with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). It's an inoperable brain tumor that wraps around the brain stem. He was only given 6 months to live after diagnosis, but fought for 15 months. His family is so strong and is an inspiration, I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. So please everyone, pray for this family, and the brave little pirate who lost his fight. If you want to here his story visit

02-25-2010, 05:14 PM
Lori- Thats sucks to have a gyn appt on your anniversary....My yearly is due on my b-day (august) month. This last time they tried to give me an appt on my b-day and I said no way :lol: Of all the days in August I knew they had any other day I could take. Glad to hear your getting your thyroid tested. That can have a lot to do with the run down feeling..Also with dieting you really need the extra vitamins from what you cut out of your diet to save calories.

Misspriss- happens all the time here....Our mortgage company has the wrong address for our house and every year when we renew our insurance we are told they can't because we have to get something from the city saying the address was changed..It was never changed it's all their mistake! Someone put the house numbers wrong into the computer and we pay for it every year. I've been to the city got all the papers saying there was never an address and never will be yet still year after year the same thing. Got a new letter after I sent in the city info this time..Now they want a letter from the 911 department saying it was changed....Hello it was never changed...Welcome to home ownership though's not all bad.. promise :)

jdon- Love the extra bucks and the rewards at walgreens. I've been lazy with the coupon hunting though these last few months. I was all stocked up on all the personal items for a while...can't bet the for frees and under a couple bucks items. Dh's mom was over protective too....Well heck she still is and all her kids have moved out of the house. As a kid I could pretty much do what ever I wanted. My mom was single and sick a lot plus she worked nights. My dad was in texas and I spent some summers with him that included church three nights a week and not being able to do anything unless it was with the church. I hated it there because life with my mom I had so much freedom...probably a little to much though. My daughter is a lot different than I was. Shes been spoiled and doesn't feel the need to run off with her freinds to have fun...Going to the mall with mom means you can buy a lot more things then hanging with your friends with 20 bucks. Glad your feeling better :hug:

My on plan day has been going well...I got my groove back I guess :lol: TOM arrived today hope she doesn't mess me up for weigh in

02-25-2010, 06:53 PM
~In A hurry But will try to be back on tonight...Thanks so much everyone for wishing me A happy anniversary!! Gyn appintment went well~She tested me to see if I was anemiac too And said she had a feeling I was...But will not know until Monday ot tuesday of next week.

Will Post again 2night or in the morning cause I would like to post to everyone I can!!
HUGS~Off to spend the rest of the evening with my sexy hubby~(WINK !WINK!)

02-26-2010, 12:30 AM
Its late night & I am Still in a hurry ~the temperature has dropped here in OHIO & my computer desk is near a patio door(french doors) That need replaced.(Which thank God will be getting changes as soon as the weather warms up here!) ~And Its cold that is bothering my breathing probs....So Still gotta make this short....HUGS TO EVERYONE!

To those that veiwed my pics on my space thanks so much for your comments!I aint sure if anyone got to seee my new pic of my black nails with white zebra-ish Stripes ~that looks totally 80's and match the outfit I have on in avatar pic or not~I uploaded them late yesterday to myspace ~& There one of my favs for sure.

ANYWAYS~Congrads to those losing well~Hang in there to those who aint.
Well this drafty door is getting to me So I will type again soon! I had a new low weight yesterday 162.4 & I weighed the same today~Hoping to reach those 150's By March 7th for my 100 pounds lost & My dads memory! then lose another pound for st. patricks day.

The door is getting to me & I do not wanna start having another ashtma attack~I have had 2 of them 2day~And was fine after my inhaler But I need some rest & Do not need anymore attacks.
HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-26-2010, 02:06 AM
just a quick update before I get off work and head home to bed....i posted this on the C25K thread also, but wanted to share w/you guys....

I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO PUSHED ME!!! I stated on Monday that I was going to take a break from C25K and try HIIT...well, I didn't stick to that plan....I figured (after hearing advice from several ppl here) that I should just finish the C25K program since I pretty much only had 3 more I did my first 25min run today!!!! I guess since I never did D3 of W6, it counts as me officially finishing W6!!! And I plan to do 3 more 25min runs before moving to the 28min runs of W8!! You guys are the greatest!!! Such inspirations!!! I also figured out that to keep my mind off of the "minute count-down" I hooked up my portable DVD player in the room at work where the treadmill is!! It worked like a charm!!! I only stopped once to go tinkle! LoL I plan to do my next 25min run on Saturday!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

02-26-2010, 07:30 AM
Oh my, were a chatty bunch...THAT'S GREAT! Quick update here....

No power yesterday, we had a run around w/the power company agian. They promised to have it own today so will see, were suppose to be moving in starting tomorrow so gotta have power! The good news is we have water there and there was NO LEAKS, thank goodness! Its been sitting empty for a while so i was scared there would be...

I will try and catch up with everyone soon...i got a short KickBox workout in yesterday, it helped with my anxiety...

02-26-2010, 10:18 AM
Wish I could keep up with the chat! I'm too much of a spaz poster. :lol:

This week I lost 2.2 lbs! :carrot:

Goal: 169.8

Start: 175.8
2/19: 175.8
2/26: 173.6

Very happy about that. 3.8 lbs to go!

02-26-2010, 10:24 AM
:exercise::exercise::exercise: This is what I'm not feeling like today. I have to get it together because I want to get to my goal by St Patty's Day. It was a struggle to do my 30 day shred with Jillian this morning. But I pressed on. I will make it to goal and I will maintain my goal for the rest of my life. This is how I pump myself up for days like today. I tell me all about it. As I still got to go to the gym a lunch to get my sweat and strength training done.

02-26-2010, 02:05 PM

Misspriss~Hope they get that electirc on soon for ya!


motomichele~good job On losing 2.2!!!

Hugs to all~Still cold so Post will remain short.
Keep up the great work everyone!!!

I was at 161.6 today!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO Come on 150's!!
I am so excited to be so close!
Sorry for keeping it short & not replying back to everyone but my asthma & this dang door with cold air Flowing through next to my computer are keeping me from staying on the computer very long~UGHHHH~I can not wait to have the new door put in~it's all ready ordered....Just waiting for warmer weather!
HUGS EVERYONE~Will type again soon.

02-26-2010, 02:17 PM
Doing good with calories today. But yesterday was a different story, I went 900 cal. over my limit. I gained 1 lb.! So, I am sticking with it now.

02-26-2010, 03:34 PM
Thanks, Lori. :)

02-26-2010, 03:37 PM
hey just a short little note before I am off to exericise, walk the dog, and then go to work!!! I am down a pound today so that makes it a total of 9 pounds towards my goal. I only have 11 pounds left to hit my goal. I really hope i make it but starting to think that I won't be able to since St Patty's day is coming close. I sure am going to give it a run for my money tho!! We will see. I've been going in spurts of dropping a few pounds and then nothing, then dropping. So i honestly have no idea what the end result will be. I have been OP as far as my calories go the last few days but I only exercised for 20 minutes last night and didn't exercise the day before that. I have just been really tired for some reason, no motivation to exercise. So i have to force myself today. I'm not going to be too hard on myself however since that will still be 5/7 days I have exercised. Well i'm off!

Have a good day everybody!!!

02-26-2010, 04:39 PM
Down a little today too..Even with tom in the building :lol: My niece is selling girl scout cookies and guess who has to buy some :eek: Shes going to be sitting outside a store in the cold to sell them so I have to go buy some....but then what? LIfe what do you do? :shrug:

Have a good weekend everyone :hug:

02-26-2010, 07:02 PM
I've done well this week with staying w/in my calorie zone. I've not exercised as strenuously, though, because I've done something to my hip. I've done WATP videos 3 days and only 2 days of treadmill.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I hope and pray it's good news!

02-26-2010, 07:53 PM
My daughter was in GS and they use to have a program where you could buy a box and have it donated to a local charity/organization (The group is decided on by the GS). After cookie sales were complete they'd deliver all of the donated cookies. You can see if her troupe is participating in something like that. Then you could both "buy" the cookies and not have to worry about eating them.

02-27-2010, 12:20 AM
your welcome Moto!!

brrrrrrrrrrrrrr~its soooooooooooo cold Near this stupid door!
It's snowing like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy here in OHIO!
~So Just wanted to say~On my way to bed...near this door is not the place to be with asthma.....Looks like everyone is doing great! Keep up the super work!!
Lorra~Maybe donate them to the local preschool in the area.....Or maybe eat 1 or 2 a day until there gone & just buy 1 box.(OMG Girl scout cookies are soooooo tasty!) I Band cookies from my house totally! They are full of calories & So delicious & too darn tempting to me. HUGS & GOODLUCK WITH THAT ONE!!!!

Off to bed..............STAY STRONG EVERYONE!

02-27-2010, 03:06 AM
Just got home from work...was going to wait until Saturday to start Wk. 7 of C25K, but was feeling good and we were slow at work, so I went ahead and did D1, 25min jog! And once again, only stopped once for not even 30seconds! I can't believe I'm able to do it! The DVD player really helps tho...I've been watching Twilight! LoL Even tho I've seen it atleast 4x, it helps pass the time as I jog along!

ALSO, the scale has actually be friendly this week...and even with TOM attempting to arrive...but it's slowly moved down 0.2 every day...let's hope it stays down for WI on monday! Besides C25K tonight, I did WATP this AM before work...maybe my body likes 1500 cals...i dunno

Miss--Good luck w/the move!! AND dealing w/those electric co. idiots!!

Moto--Congrats on the loss!!!

Jiggle--I like the way you talk!!! I need to start talkin to myself like that! Hope you're lunch break gym session was good!!

Lori--Sounds like you need to move the computer!! LoL It's no fun being cold!!! Hope you don't get too parents are in WV and they are only getting 7inches or so, but said everywhere around there were gettin hit hard! Stay safe AND WARM!! BTW, congrats on the loss! 150s are so close!!!

fruit--Good job getting back OP...we all have mess ups..I'm starting to believe it's how we learn!!!

farn--9 POUNDS!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

losing--Girl Scout Cookies are the DEVIL...just like Reese's PB Eggs!!! I had one yesterday...but counted it in my daily cal.

susie---which WATP workout do you do?? I've been doing a few different WATP videos AND LOVE THEM!!

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! I'll be working and dreading TOM!

02-27-2010, 09:30 AM
So excited this morning! I lost 3.5 pounds for the week!

When I made my St. Patty's day goal, it seemed unreachable but now it is definitely in reach!

Krista, I have the WATP for Abs that uses the belt/resistance bands. I have the 1, 2 and 3 mile ones. I did the 2 and 3 miles last week. The 2 mile seemed too easy for me now and the 3 mile made me feel like I was going to die about 2.5 miles in LOL. The 3 mile is more strenuous from the beginning. Maybe I need to do the 2 mile and the 1 mile back to back for now? They really are low impact, but I still sweat a little.

02-27-2010, 11:07 AM
Another quick check in today. I am down another 3 pounds. I have been having these big jumps lately after a few days of no weight loss. I'm wondering if some of it is water weight...I guess we will see tomorrow. I just got done working out for 30 minutes and I stepped up the resistance on the elliptical, so it was a good workout. Did an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday. I will exercise more when I get home tonight probably just another 30 minutes. I have a 12 hour work day ahead of me! It's going to suck! everything else as far as calories and water i have been OP.

Looks like everybody is doing well!!! keep it up!! It's almost March and our final stretch is coming!!!!!

02-27-2010, 02:02 PM
mkyick- thanks for the info! They should put that somewhere when selling and I bet more people would buy an extra box just to donate. Will ask about it the next time I buy them. My daughter loves that movie too! Shes counting down the days until new moon comes out even though shes seen it already.

Lori- Burrrrrr is right :hug: Yes you should move that computer until the door is replaced. :yes: Not only is it cold outside here but raining too yuck! All I want to do is stay cuddled in a blanket....Tom being here doesn't help either. I ended up buying 2 boxes. Was going to by three but luckly I only took 10 bucks thinking they were 3 bucks a box ... was told the wrong price so didn't have enough for the third. Lucky me :D Had my niece pick out what she wanted us to buy so only one box of my favorite thin mints...otherwise I would of bought only thin mints. The hubby is home this weekend so they shouldn't be here to long. We hardly ever have cookies in the house without me having my 100 calorie packs for back up :lol:

Farn-great job :exercise: keep reminding us on our that ;) thats all i needed to hear today!

Going to break down and turn on my darn heater...... burrrrrr Stay warm!!!!

02-27-2010, 02:19 PM
I shouldn't have joined this challenge - I haven't posted all week! It's just too insane at work - I clocked 63 chargeable hours last week, which means I actually worked about 70 (some admin stuff isn't chargeable to a client). I've been up since 6am today working but at least I'm doing it at home and not having to drag my sorry butt into the office. The only good news is that it's March on Monday and busy season officially ends March 31, so the end is now in sight!

As for the whole weight loss gig, I'm sort of holding steady. I was out of town Mon/Tue and despite being careful and working out at the hotel gym (which was REALLY nice), it was still harder than being at home with the pool, my local gym, and my own kitchen. The rest of the week has seen NO workouts - I just can't do it with 12-14 hour days right now and the stress level has soared lately. I know a good hard sweaty workout would help my stress but I'm so tired, I can barely function so I had to give something up and it was the workouts. But - the pool reopens today so I'm going to try and get in there once I'm done with my work. And next week should be just a tiny bit calmer so I'm going to get my workouts in again. Sick and tired of being tired!

Hopefully I can post a bit more often next week, even if it's only to say I'm here and still trying!

02-27-2010, 02:58 PM
I had 1050 calories yesterday and I lost .5 lbs. not much, but at least something. That seems to be my magic number for losing weight. I'm going to try to do it again today but am 200 cal. over my breakfast limit already. Got 2 lbs. to go!

02-27-2010, 03:48 PM
Jules~I adore every visit you get to Do during a challenge~So even if busy always join~post when your able & hang in there!!

Lorra~Thin mint cookies~OH MY! Sound delightful! ~Thank god I bought out the last bit of candy canes at the savealot store for a sweet fix here & there!LOL There 40 calories per candy cane and I can make them last for hours...~Hope they last until next Christmas...If not I am gonna have to figure something else out~I do admit those cookies sound so darn tempting! hehehe

It warmed up a bit today so I am ok by the computer at the moment.
Since I am a stubborn idiot~LOL I can not find anywhere else in the house that I would like for it to be at the moment.
Trying to wait it out for warmer weather cause my door should be placed in sometime in March ~plus were getting a new roof & A New gutter system...The house was lovely but a bit in need of a few things when we bought it But I aint complaining ~it was a farmhouse & that was my type of dreamhouse ~Came with nearly 4 acres and there is a creek across from it.
To fish or canoe or whatever so its a great place.
For those that liked the trees in my myspace pics...I love them too~But 1 of the huge ones will be getting cut down before the roof is started~it is right up on the house Nearly touching the front porch and keeps ruining the roof.~So Although I will miss it ~it needs to be removed.
We have 3 huge trees right next to our house and they are tulip poplars (I think thats what there called~LOL) they bloom a beautiful flower in the begining of summer to end of Spring(somewhere in that time frame)~but are a Huge mess when they fall off!! Its like fall time when they do here! So I will be glad to get rid of 1 of them at least although the shade helps with cooling~LOTS LESS SWEEPING!
Anyways I got another new low today 161.2. I'm SO dang close to losing 100 pounds! Come on 150's! I think I will make it to that goal at least I am hoping so.To lose 100 pounds by my dads birthday march 7th Or before in his memory!~I am working hard at it and it is showing so far.
I can bearly believe I only have 11 more pounds to go to reach My MAJOR GOAL!~It seems unreal....I will lose a few pounds more if I need to once I get there. My only problem at the moment is my belly And With every pound lost it is getting smaller ~So 150 might just be that magic number after all. Regardless it has been my goal for a little over 15 months and I am so happy to be so close to reaching it!!!

HUGS TO ALL HAVE A SUPER SATURDAY!~Oh & ignore all my typing errors~I always spell something wrong or add a extra word or something crazy~LOL

02-27-2010, 09:50 PM
Lori ~ I am so excited for you. You are so close to goal. I know you'll see the 150's soon.

02-27-2010, 11:01 PM
Lori, this is such an exciting time for you! You'll be at 100 pounds lost in no time and then to goal right after that! I looked at your pictures and you look like a completely different person! You've done an amazing job.

02-27-2010, 11:16 PM
Thanks so much mkyice & susieyarb~I appreciate it.

I am sitting here taking a break from making friendship bracelets ~LOL
I saw them in a catalog after I made one the other day & thought OMG there charging 12.50 for 3 bracelets! I can make them for pennies...Was making them for me~ Now all 3 of my kids have placed orders ~LOL~LUCKY ME!
I need more string!
YES I am bored! LOL
I am so excited that all the cool stuff I could not fit into when I was a kid is coming back into style! I get a second chance to wear the 80's styles!! I gotta get some leggings ~I can not wait to be done losing weight so I can shop for a permanant wardrobe. The friendship bracelets I can make with my eyes closed nearly & was so thrilled to see them back in style! I love them things~Even if they are for kids~I will make them work! LOL
Well ~off to post on the other threads I am into~SO THANKFUL IT WARMED UP Some TODAY! I can sit by the door!

02-28-2010, 02:46 AM
Went ahead and did C25K Wk7-D2 today! WOOT! It was hard bc I started getting that darn side stitch, but got through for the most part...stopped once for 2min and then started again...TOM is officially here and I think I'm gonna use tomorrow for my OFF DAY...weight was a little up today, not sure if it's TOM or the lunch meat I had yesterday??? prob. a little of both

susie--WATP for Abs?!?!? Sounds awesome!!! I'll have to look for that's the first program that I actually LOVE to do!!! haha

Lorra--mmmmm THIN MINTS!! They're my FAV!!! good luck staying away! lol I know I wouldn't have the willpower!

Jules---sorry you're so busy, but even if you can't post, you'll still remember you're in this challenge and the end result is all that matters...good luck w/de-stressing!

Lori---ooo, so close to 100! you're such an inspiration!

Fruit--congrats on the loss...AND finding that magic #...i'm still trying find mine

02-28-2010, 02:55 AM
I am sitting here taking a break from making friendship bracelets

I was making one the other day, youngest daughter came in and saw it and wants me to teach her how to make them.

PS I love the 80's style clothes too!:)

02-28-2010, 10:12 AM
Man sizing is confusing most of the time. I tried on a pair of size regular 18 jeans and they fit better than the 18w jeans I had on. I planned to go shopping today to see how a pair of regular 18 pants fit. I'm still going and will let everyone know. :D:D

Yes I'm still working out like a addict :running: , eating on plan :hun:, expecting changes :) , so why am I afraid of trying on smaller sizes. I tried on everything in my closet and got rid of all the TOO BIG clothes and even most of the clothes that haven't fit in a long time, FIT :). But at stores I panic when it comes to trying on new clothes.:shrug: HELP!!!

A funny: It is very rare that I have a sugar craving but when I do I will eat weight watchers or skinny cow ice cream or animal crackers. I usually have something in my daily calorie count that's sweet like chocolate cheerios to keep those in check. Well yesterday my husband was trying on his "too little" clothes and they fit. When we were at the bank we passed by a ice cream shop and I suggested we share one. He said no you are trying to get me. We will not be eating any ice cream from there because we have no idea how many calories they have and could be all our calories for the day. I laughed and told him I appreciate him keeping me on task.


02-28-2010, 03:20 PM
I had 1100 cal. yesterday, I stayed the same weight this morning. I did eat a little more than I'm used to. That's ok. I don't know if I will ever lose the 2lbs. I wanted to.

02-28-2010, 03:48 PM
I didn't weigh myself today and I don't think I will tomorrow. I don't have time to work out today and I had a skim no whip mocha from starbucks. (guilt)..... and some BBQ shredded pork.(guilt #2)...I may not weigh myself for a few days. I feel so guilty. I know I shouldn't but i do. It's alright though 'cuz I will get back on the horse tomorrow!! I'm not going to eat the rest of day day just in case, or maybe just have a salad....ugh....

everybody else have a good day and stay OP!! this is my first day I havent.... :(

02-28-2010, 08:20 PM
Can I just say that the men who are skiing the 50km cross country race in Vancouver are either phenomenally fit or totally mental? Possibly both... 50km... crazy crazy stuff.

I just made my lunches for next week - I made chili. Well, sort of chili - turns out the chili seasoning wasn't very spicy so I threw a packet of taco seasoning in as well! Apart from the seasoning, it's "clean" - extra lean ground beef, kidney beans, onions, green peppers, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, and diced tomatoes. So good, and it made five servings and I calculated it as just under 300 cals per serving. How do you guys figure out calories for a homemade meal? I usually add them all up and then however many servings I get out of it, divide the total by that. Not sure if that's the easiest way but it works for me!

I also went for a run today that I am certain my body will make me pay for tomorrow! I haven't run in a few weeks, but it was so gorgeous here and I didn't want to be inside, having just spent three hours with my horse, so I went for a slow, short run - but it felt SO good to just move! I can't wait til it gets light at 5:30am so I can go regularly again.

Lori and Krista - thanks for reminding me that it's about sticking with it and posting when I can! I do get motivation from reading how well everyone is doing - and Lori - you are THISCLOSE to your goal, that has to be ridiculously exciting!

02-28-2010, 10:29 PM
KDM322~tom is always Out to get us LOL!~So hang on it will be gone before ya know it & you should get a big swoosh on the scale!

mkyice~hehehehehe~yeah kids love them too right now cause there back in style....I made my daughter some about 5 years ago when she was approx. 12 Years old and she wasn't that into them ~now she is making orders on colors & styles ~LOL & speaking of 80's style...I went to the store in my town where everthing is cheap & new & lots of cool items ~name brands ect...Not sure if u have heard me speak of a fabulous Shirt that is totally 80's! And some leggings With l the designs in them In black.(like back from the 80's) there like cool tights but non footed~I always wanted some but never could afford them when I was young & acutally could not ever find any to fit me back then ~LOL! I also got a purse that went with the shirt...It rocks!(I hope anyways!)
My whole town I live in will proboly think I am over the top cause there all hillbillish but thats ok ~there always looking at me now Wierd cause I try to do the 80's stuff A little bit & dress up too~But this outfit should really get them talking~ I was gonna post a pic to show everyone~but I think I will save it for my 100 pounds lost pic!!!:D
I felt like a cool teen in it~But May look silly in it since I am 34 now~aint sure~But I love it regardless~! totally something I would have worn back in the days if I would have been smaller & Had the money to have bought it... & silly or not for my age I am gonna wear that outfit with pride! LOL~Geesh I am blabbing on & on~SORRY ~HEHEHE

jigglefree~So proud of ya~When things are getting to big maybe you can safety pin them in From the inside...If you aint good at sewing. If u lived close to me I would sew them for ya. I love to sew.

fruitlady~I am thinking maybe your calorie intake may be too low...This can prevent loss too I have heard & be unhealthy~I am just so worried maybe your not eating enough...Maybe check out and use there free calorie calculators there to see.:hug:

farn00a57~we have all had our days we have ate more than we should have...Thing is ~is not to ever ever ever ever ever GIVE UP~And just start fresh the following day!! U doing awesome! I am very proud of u!:D

julesp313~Yes I am sooooooooooooooooooo Excited to be soooooooooo close to goal!! I just have a little bit of a belly left and the rest of me is skinny~OMG~I AM MORE OR LESS SKINNY! 1st time ever in my life (unless I was as a child But I do not remember ever being!) & 11 pounds from being Normal weight & at goal! wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo
~yep girl I am excited~LOL
Good job On going running!! :hug:

EVERYONE ELSE~~Hope all is going good for everyone~Hope the weekend was super for each & everyone of u! HUGS TO ALL!:hug:

02-28-2010, 10:44 PM
Lori~ I love reading your posts! I can't wait to see the 80's inspired outfit. It sounds great. I miss the oversized sweaters with leggings and slouch socks. I wish I were stateside so I could go hunting for fashion bargins. I can go out and look, but even if I was at the lowest possible weight for my height, I wouldn't be able to find clothes that fit (I'm too tall for the clothes here). The Navy Exchange here carrys very little that fits my height. I am at the mercy of online shopping.
I saw that you like to sew. So do I. Mostly quilting and crafts although i dabble in making clothes. now I'm rambling! :~)

I am on plan and waiting to see what the scale has to say on Thurs.

02-28-2010, 11:05 PM
mkyice~Believe me I wanted to post a pic of me in that outfit quickly but wanted something for my 100 pound day celebration(if that day ever arrives~LOL) ~I too love those oversized sweaters! Even those sweater dresses kicked butt! And the socks I loved too!!!!!!!! I actually had a neon green pair that I left when I was 13 at my grandpas in Alabama On vacation & he had to ship them too me In ohio cause I was throwing a fit. He said it would have been cheaper to just have bought me another pair of socks but I threw a fit Because I lucked out to find those...And he mailed them~LOL
As far as sewing...I use to sew sock Monkeys all the time. I actually use to sell them on ebay years ago...LOL I thought they was adorable. I also make pillows from time to time & would love to make a quilt someday~As far as clothes~thats a neat idea to do~I could design my own which would be fun.
I hope you do well on the internet. I wonder if the home shopping networks such as & ship to japan.
I am sure they do. Maybe try them they sell alot of things with Long lengths & they actually do value pays~!where u can make payments too~No credit needed.
They have adorable stuff!
Also ( i think I spelled that right~so If it takes ya to a silly Webpage I apologize LOL) Anyways they sell stuff with up to a 37" length!!
Reasonable I think! About 35.00 for jeans but there name brands & ins style And the carry size 1's to size 21's I think. Truely cool in style clothes too.
~Were both rambling~but hey it's fun to from time to time~LOL

03-01-2010, 07:11 AM
I started the morning off good. I made it through my first day 30 Day Shred level 2 better than I thought I would. I'm so happy with me. Getting ready to get my foods ready for my work day. Still working on my regular size 18. Time is drawing to a close.

Okay everybody let's make today a great day!!! WE WILL make our goals for St Patrick's Day!!! :goodscale:goodscale

03-01-2010, 10:38 AM
Lori: I came on to see if you'd made it - it's so close I think WE ARE ALL on pins and needles waiting for the big news from you! I also can't wait to see that 80's inspired outfit on you.

Jigglefree: I was dealing with this fear of trying on clothes last week. I went shopping on Friday and I think one problem is that it's sooo overwhelming! I've been so limited on my choices for nearly 15 years (relagated to that small little nook called the Women's Plus Size Section). To have all the rest of the store to choose from was very overwhelming to me. I was wandering around like a thirsty person in the desert!

Jules: That chili sounds really good. I think I'm going to try it with some ground turkey. Good for you on your run! I sooo look forward to the day when I can run! I can do a burst for 30 secs to 1 min at a time but then I'm dying.

I'm just keeping on my calorie plan today (1600-1700). I'll do a 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds and Denise Austin abs workout. I need to go to the grocery and get some more fresh veggies and fruit. TOM came to visit today, ugh, so just dealing with that. Up at 6:30 and got Hubby and my 9yo dd out the door for the day. It's a rainy, dark Monday here and the baby is still asleep after being up in the night, so I'm wanting to just lie around on the heating pad all day . . . but I won't - up and at 'em time for me.

03-01-2010, 11:07 AM
jules, I'm glad you are here even if you are having a hard time keeping up. I know the feeling:).

Lori, you are so close that you really can make the 100 lb milestone, and I know your dad is proud. If you make it by March 7, that will be great, but even if you don't, he must still smile to know how well you have done.

I would really like to pick up my weight loss but we are going through stress in my household because my daughter just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. She has been living with us because her job is in our town but spending weekends with the boyfriend. Now she is very sad and will be here full-time for a while at least. I am happy to have her but it is hard knowing that she is in emotional pain, and not knowing what the future will bring.

Good luck to all today and this week!

03-01-2010, 11:27 AM
jigglefree`AWESOME JOB! Most of the time we can do what we think is impossible if we put our minds to it & u are doing it ~SO DANG PROUD OF YA!!

susieyarb~heheheh I am on pins & needles too Waiting! I was 162.2 but my breakfasts on the weekend are within calorie range but different then what I take in of the week so they make my weight go up & down a day or 2 at the beginning of each week usually...I am on plan though & determined...So I AM hoping the day will arrive soon....BTW~So proud of ya for all that exercise~Walk away the pounds I here is a super thing for exercise. Hope your gloomy Monday turns into some sunshine for ya.Hugs!

emileigh~thanks girl~cause that meant alot to me. As far as your daughter..being hurt after such a long relationship is so hard on a person.
Maybe they will end up back together...Cause if it is meant to be God will find away for them & if not he will send her a new improved prince charming to ease her pain Eventually when the time is right. Hope your family stress goes down soon...I know how hard it is to stay on plan when your stressed.HUGS!

Well just did my morning walking...Getting ready to eat some breakfast...PIZZA! LOL YUMMY!
I am hoping I have a good day & I hope y'all do too!!

STAY STRONG EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

03-01-2010, 11:46 AM
I went off my mini cleanse this weekend and gained 3.6lbs! I know alot of it was water weight, and to be honest, that's ok. I will get back on it and continue. I have to get back to working out, now with school getting harder i've been busy but it's still no excuse because I could find time to work out. I have to be more efficient in my life and today is March 1st! Start of a new month and 16 days left of the challenge. The bf is doing his challenge because his bday is March 16th, he wanted to be at 200lbs but he's at 225lbs. He can't complain because he's lost atleast 15lbs so far and he's not even putting alot of effort:mad:(men suck for weight loss! lol). I hope he gets close to his goal :). He's having a hard time with this birthday, 30 was hard for him, but this one is one of those "I should be further in my life, I should have accomplished more....". That's ok I'll be there for him to reasure he's done so much with his life and I'm very proud of him.

So friday we leave for the trip, it's at some resort and spa, I can't complain for a business trip lol. Tomorrow I plan on getting my hair highlighted (roots are looking bad!), whiten my teeth, mani and pedi and fake tanning. I use lotions, I'm very fair and burn easily plus prefer to be skin cancer free! It's spring break for most colleges in the next few weeks so pale is not something I feel like being. And I will keep up my eating and CC and feel great! Last night I got some new skincare stuff. I'm having a hard time with my bday this year. In my adulthood i've noticed wrinkles on my forehead, and little around my eyes. My sister is more eyes and less forehead. So i've managed to reduce around my eyes, but my forehead is looking worse, and now i'm noticeing smile lines! What the crap! So I got a higher spf day cream, garnier, and a thicker night cream, garnier. Hoping a little tlc will help it. I know I'm crazy but this is what's getting to me. If anyone has any idea how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles please help! I need to take better care of my body, I don't moisturize as much as I should, body and face, and watch the food that goes into my body, CC is good but 1500 calories of ice cream every day or 1500 calories of fruits and veggies you know? On a positive note i've managed to get debt taken care of in my life. with my tax return I was able to pay off my last credit card and be personally debt free! This does not include student loans, that's a different story. Plus Im working more hours so that's really helping. :)

Well that's it for now, i'm going to quickly get ready for class, I will get to everyone personally later. Hope everyone has an amazing day!

03-01-2010, 01:18 PM
:wave: Hey Everyone.
I can't believe it's March and we are coming up on the last 2 weeks of the challenge already. Time to kick up the :workout: a little more.

The weekend for me was pretty good. I finally got a chance to run outside on Sunday. I am so glad. Being on that treadmill all the time was starting to get to me. Then I went out with the kids for a little while. On the way back I hit a pothole and now my car is making funny noises:mad::(:mad: I am trying not to let it get to me, but it is really driving me crazy. We leave for our mini-vacation (my Disney 5k run) on thursday, so I have decided I am not going to let it spoil my plans. I will get it checked when I come back.

My weight is holding pretty well. I was at 196.5 this morning. So even though I finally got off the bubble of 200, I still need 3.5 for the challenge. The time is short but I plan to stay on course and just try my best.

Have a great day everyone!

03-01-2010, 01:59 PM
jiggle--good job w/30DS....i've heard it's super hard...I may try that eventually :) you're doing awesome!!

susie--TOM here too....HATE IT! Here's to not letting it keep us down! We must continue to exercise!! LoL

emileigh--sorry to hear about your daughter...we all know how much it sucks to break up after a long relationship (well probably most of us know) give it time, and she'll realize it'll be OK...she probably doesn't wanna hear it will, but she'll realize it sooner or later...**Hoping the stress goes away for ya**

lori--mmmm pizza for BF! I love that!!! Also, can't wait for the 80's outfit!

jadon--that water weight will come off faster than ya know it! but you knew that already! lol CONGRATS on being debt free(minus the student loans)...we're currently working on that too..paid off our credit card last fall, then we'll be sending our last payment on my car this month (tax refund helped w/that)...then the plan is to have his car paid off by the end of the year...then to start working on those HORRIBLE student loans I have...I did this debt snowball calculator that said we could have that loan paid off in 3 years, but I don't believe it! LoL I guess it MIGHT be possible if we cracked down and didn't have a life (no eating out, no vacations, no gifts, etc) but what kinda life would that be!!!

jae--that's cool you got to run outside...i'm terrified to even try that!! i'm the TM i can run at a steady pace, but i'm afraid i'll try to go too fast outside and not run long enough...also, POTHOLES are the devil! i'm sure all that ice and salt they put on your roads didn't help w/the road conditions! I hit one here last year and it bent my rim! they just come up on ya sometimes there's no way to miss 'em...hope you can get if fixed for cheap!! HAVE FUN IN DISNEY!! And GOOD LUCK with the 5k

As for me, I'm down to 181.2!! WOWSERS!!! I might actually make goal! I worked out ALOT this week AND tried a new calorie range...seems like 1500 might work for a while...we'll see if it continues...Only 1.4 more to lose for this challenge!! I only set a 3lb goal because I was setting the previous goals a little too aggressive and it was getting frustrating never meeting a goal! LoL So, hopefully this one will be conquered!! Off to do WATP and an Exercise TV WO...maybe C25K Wk7D3 tonight after work???

03-01-2010, 02:16 PM
I had 1080 cal. yesterday so the scale rewarded me! I'm down 1 lb. from yesterday with little effort. 1 lb. away from goal!

03-01-2010, 03:35 PM
i was a little down thinking that i only had a week to lose 5 lbs to hit my goal of being in the 250's, but we have 2 weeks. Hooray! i have to get my mind back on track, i'm in a winter haze.

jigglefree- what is the 30 day shred like? i've heard of it , but don't know anyone who has done it.

susie - it's hard to get motivated on gloomy days. i know how you feel there.

emileigh - sorry to hear about your daughter and her bf. seeing her sad makes you want to beat up the boyfriend for causing that pain i'm sure ;)

Lori - pizza for breakfast is my kind of breakfast lol

jdonato - a resort / spa for a work trip?! nice!! i'm in michigan too and anything to get out of this snow is welcome i'm sure

Jae - sorry to hear about the car. :( but thanks for pointing otu there are 2 weeks left to this challenge lol, i was just thinking 1!

Krista - grats on the loss!!

03-01-2010, 04:22 PM
Jae: I'm so envious of you getting to do the Disney 5K! We went to WDW in November and when I was researching the trip, I saw a lot of talk about the 5K and thought, "I could never do that." But now, just a few months later I know I COULD! WDW is such a magical place. Wishing you extra Pixie Dust as you run!!!

Krista: congrats on getting that one pound to disappear, I know you've been working at it a while now!

Jdonato: What a fun time travelling you've had lately! I'm all into the fake tan too, I'm as white as a ghost realistically! Have a great time!

Lori: I was wondering about that pizza you were having for breakfast too! I made pizza for the fam last week and the cold pizza in the fridge the next morning was calling my name (but I didn't cave in)! I love cold pizza for breakfast! I think yours must have been a different kind, though?!

03-01-2010, 05:12 PM
thanks lori for the support!

I kind of slipped with those two items but apparently not as much as I thought I did. All I did after that was adjust what I ate the rest of the day and made sure I hit my water goal and find some time to exercise regardless of what i was doing. It wasn't the traditional exercising, but i found ways to keep my body moving!

I'm actually down a pound today which is really great news for me. I hadn't lost in a few days and ate some things that I didn't think I should have but apparently still can. Yesterday made me realize that on a diet I don't have to deprive myself of everything I really want to eat, and as long as I maintain on plan the rest of the day and adjust accordingly i can still succeed. I unfortunately have come down with a pretty bad cold so i have like no energy to exercise. The motivation is there, but not the energy. I only have 7 pounds left to lose until I hit my goal. I'm pretty sure I can make it as long as I shake this cold and get workin on my fitness!! :)

ONLY 16 MORE DAYS LADIES!!!! We are almost there!! Don't give up now! Try and make it a goal to stay OP the rest of the time!! a mini-goal within our goal!!! Good luck!!

03-01-2010, 06:16 PM
Jae165: Sorry to hear about your car. But amazing job on the weight loss so far! You've come along way.

KDM: I know what you mean about cracking down and not having life. But i'd rather have that then feel the stress of the debt. Oh how the student loans are going to hurt. I did anticipate the water weight, and I think I set too high of a goal for this challenge. My weight seems to fluctuate within 4lbs. It's hard finding a balance to keep it off. I do so well and binge on the weekends! ahhhh. So you are right, small goals first. Congrats on your weightloss :)

fruitlady: keep up the great work!

ShylahEQ: i know what you mean I need to get out of the state, but it's in illinois lol so not too much warmer, just relaxing.

susieyarb: i am so white right now, and i feel so much better when I am tan(fake tan hehe). Yes traveling with the bf on his business trip is amazing and fun time for us.

farn00a57: you go girl!:carrot: you will reach your goal and then some! good luck :)

03-01-2010, 06:43 PM
I got my rear in gear and did my 2 mile WATP and Denise Austin's abs workout. 45 min all together.

I'm running low on my calories today, under 700 going in to dinner. We'll see how I come out for my totals!

03-01-2010, 07:03 PM
Hey everyone. Well the past few days haven't been so great. All of a sudden Saturday evening I got a sore throat. Then yesterday I felt horrible all day at work, was really weak with no energy..turns out I had a fever most of the day. Then today I wake up and I feel better, but I can't talk. Now I'm starting to cough a lot, which is making my throat really hurt again. On a good note though..I'm getting a 30 min massage, manicure, and spa pedicure Thursday FOR FREE! It was a present from my boyfriend's parents. I can't wait! Also, I was down to 177.8 this morning. The pounds are FINALLY starting to drop again.

03-01-2010, 08:19 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

It seems likes it's been forever since I've been here! I'm so glad to read that everyone has been doing well. My boyfriend flew back to California this morning. We had an awesome time! Celebrated my dad's 55th with family/friends and then just spent quality time together the rest of the time. It was perfect up until he had to leave. :( I stayed OP food wise but didn't exercise as much as I wanted to. I only did my last two days of W3 of C25K. I was supposed to start W4 today but I skipped on the gym. So, tomorrow I start W4.

Official weigh in today puts me down 1lb from last week at 197lbs. I'll take it!!

03-01-2010, 09:57 PM
Fruit--YAY!! only 1lb to go!!! Is that for this challenge or for you're ultimate weight goal???

Shylah--YES! We DO have 2 weeks!! actually 2 1/2 since St. Patty's is on a Wed!!! GOOD LUCK!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Susie--Thanks! I have been working hard (we all have!!!) and it just seems like I've been in the 180s FOREVER!! Well come to think of it....since the beginning of December! It's time for a new decade!! LoL

Farn--Congrats on the 1 pound!! And you're absolutely correct about NOT depriving yourself (atleast in my opinion) I feel if we deprive ourselves of EVERYTHING we used to love or crave, then we will cave and engorge (sp?) ourselves when we're having a weak day :o) Hope You Feel Better Soon!!

jdon--It IS hard finding a balance! But you've already come so far in your WL journey, atleast you're teetering and not just going up!!! Good luck finding that balance!!!

Susie-Good job on your WO and Calories today! I'm in the same boat, getting ready to eat dinner (I sleep late bc I work late so all my meals are pushed back from the average times---I don't usually go to bed until atleast 2AM!) and I still have 945cal!! usually don't have that much, but I kept my mind busy this afternoon and didn't "graze" when boredom struck!! LoL

Zoochick---Congrats on the loss!!! And I hope you feel better soon!!! Atleast the scale is moving again!!!

Katy--Sorry you're BF couldn't stay longer...I don't know how I'd handle a long distance relationship!!! Also...Good Luck with Wk4 on C25K...I'm finishing Wk. 7 tonight...but if I remember correctly, Wks 4 & 5 for hard for me!! By that 3rd 5min run, I was ready to die!! But, as I found out, if you keep w/it, you'll be I've said before, I had to find something to distract me from counting down the time...solved that problem w/a DVD!! LoL

As for me, I did the 30min Walk on WATP and the 20min Metabolism Boost Exercise TV WO this afternoon before work...and I plan on doing Wk7-D3 of C25K tonight before leaving work (treadmill) and I'm OP w/my 1500cal range!! It's starting to be a great week (if ya don't think about TOM! LOL)

***UPDATE: Got busy at work and didn't get to do C25K...will try again tomorrow :(

03-02-2010, 12:15 AM
~hugs to all~ I Am in a hurry ~took me 2 & 1/2 hours to do my nails & I am sleepy........Gotta get a tooth pulled 2morrow....I will be getting partials for those teeth I am missing~None in the front are missing...Just side & back ones....Wish me luck ~I done the cleaning ~LOL But getting a tooth pulled sucks! (No it doesn't hurt It is just a bad tooth & needs pulled so they can fit me for my partials......I am ready to fall over~So Off to bed I go...I will type to individuals 2morrow. HUGS!!!!

03-02-2010, 10:11 AM
:belly::swim::ebike::running::strong::boxing::trea d::workout::running::bike2:

Whatever your workout plan is let's get moving today. I'm feeling really good and I want us to make goal this month. Two weeks left and we gotta make it happen. We are going to be eating healthy and resisting the food that will stop us from making goal. Come one everyone let's make it a great day!!

Oh and I'm so on plan and focused. I did an ab workout this morning and will be going to the gym this afternoon for my cardio and strength training.

03-02-2010, 11:20 AM
susieyarb: Great job with the workout and the cc for the day. Keep it up!

zoochick777: sorry you've been sick, but it's good that your resting. and Congrats on the weight lost that's amazing! :)

Katy05: I'm happy you and the bf got to spend time together and THAT YOU STAYED OP! That's really great! Seriously my bf is my downfall when it comes to bad eating habits lol. Great job on the loss..1lb is 1lb more to being healthier.

KDM322: Thanks :hug:You are so nice and very sweet. The great thing about my new journal is I can really keep track with stickers and color(i color coded everything :dizzy:) So I looked yesterday and noticed I have a problem with binge eating. I knew I had this but needed to see it on paper. So I joined the binge-free challenge on here and taking it one day at a time. And after eating right yesterday, a little over calories, but I lost 1.2lbs of water weight so that's good. I hope everything is going great for you and keep up the good work!

Lori: I wish you luck at your dentist appt. I know it's hard when they pull teeth, but it's worth it! You're going to make your 100lb goal, and have a beautiful go sexy! :carrot:

jigglefree: OMG I LOVE YOU! lol you are so positive and it's just what we all needed. You are really kickin booty! I'm working very hard to have an OP week and I hope you have a wonderful day! :hug:

As I said earlier I have a problem binge eating. I will do great all week and becuase I feel great and look good i'll celebrate then on the weekends just go nuts! Allow me to give you an example: (This will make you really want to stay OP and barf)......

Friday night go to the bar with the bf after work have a few beers. A few beers turns into 5 beers, 2 long Island Ice Teas, 2 shots, a burger and fries (btw I make sure we get home safely after that, NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!)...then going to Taco Bell....a fully loaded nacho, beef chalupa, and a burrito....the next morning.....Tubby's 12inch sub, two orders of fried mushrooms with extra ranch, then chineese food for dinner.

I'm not kidding that's only one day! It makes me want to cry. This isn't every weekend but it happens too often enough when we go out. The alcohol hinders the choices, then the next day it's like "well i already screwed up so what's one more day?" I've joined the Binge-free Challenge on here and will try and go a few weeks with out doing that. I can see having a night like that once a month or once every two months.

Like I said it's not every weekend, but that's just an example of the WORSE case scenario. My weekends are my down fall because none of us wants to cook and we've work all week and just want to take a break, but I set out to make a life change and I will! Wow this is huge for me to admit all of this.

I hope everyone has a great day and I"ll post more later. Thanks for listening.

03-02-2010, 11:34 AM
hey all, just a quick post today before I'm off to the dr. I hate being pessimistic but this is really turning into a crappy week. I am sick, which isn't bad, but I fell outside last night on my way to work and seriously hurt my ankle. I can't walk it hurts so bad. I'm going to the dr. today to see if it's a sprain or a break. i'm so devastated because now I can't exercise and I feel like this is going to upset my weightloss..ugh right when i finally found the motivation to lose the weight over all these years I get injured. any suggestions on exercises I can do without using my feet? haha

03-02-2010, 01:01 PM
Good morning everyone!

I can't believe it's March already (I keep thinking that)!! The weather here in Texas is absolutely gorgeous and it just helps me feel... good. Busy morning back at the office today caused me to not eat my breakfast until now. I typically eat Kashi cereal every morning for breakfast but today I'm eating a whole wheat english muffin with PB and 1/2 a banana because I forgot to bring milk to the office. Nice change, though. I start W4 of C25K today. I'm worried I won't be able to get through it but I'm going for it anyway. I have to!!

jdonato I admit, it was really hard staying OP with my boyfriend around. Although he is super supportive, he still eats like sh*t AND he stays thin! Not fair! We didn't refrain from eating out but I made it a point to make healthy choices when we did. It was tough but so worth it. I'm so proud of you for admitting your binge eating to us. You know what you're doing wrong and now you're ready to fix it. I know you can do it. It may be hard but you know it's worth it. I'm rooting for you.

farn I'm so sorry you hurt yourself sweetie. Sometimes we run into those bumps in the road and it's up to us to get past them to our destination. I know you feel defeated right now but I also know how badly you want to become healthier. And trust me, you can still do it. Bum ankle and all. If you can't exercise, put more focus on eating healthier until you've made a full recovery. If you're able to do some exercise, do it. Your doctor should be able to tell you what you should/should not do when you see them. You're going to get through this!!!!!!

03-02-2010, 02:29 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your ankle :( I really hope it's not broken. Try looking up some chair exercises, I'm not sure what your impact level is, but they can be modified and made harder.

Do you have any resistance bands? Those can help make more of chair exercises too.

03-02-2010, 06:30 PM
Hey ya'll. Today is a little better. I still can't talk, but I decided to call in sick to work today since whenever I move around a lot I start coughing A LOT. On a whole though I feel better, just hoping the fever doesn't come back tonight. I'm off every wed and thurs also, so I have another 2 days to get better before having to go back to work. I was pretty happy this morning too, I was down to 176.0. I got rid of 1.8 lbs of water weight, so it turns out that not drinking enough water has been my problem the past month. So glad I finally figured it out!
Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well.
Farn Sorry about your ankle. Hopefully it's just a sprain and it'll heal quickly. I tend to sprain my ankle a lot (they roll easily), and it usually heals within 2-3 days.

03-02-2010, 07:34 PM
I really ate too much today(3800cal.), I feel sick. I was doing so good and I blew it. I had 1 lb. yet to lose, and now it will be more like 4lbs. So depressing.

03-02-2010, 07:42 PM
agh... tired been cleaning today, i figure that's enough of a workout for now.

fruitlady- yeah that's a bummer...I've been doing that lately too... maybe counter balance with exercise and try to head off some of it? It'll work out. :hug:

farn- bummer. Hope you're ok... I guess maybe upper body exercise might just a thought. It's a pain when ya can't get around... the doughnuts sneak up on you... watch out for those crafty buggers!