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02-12-2010, 01:31 PM
So. I have been 'dieting' since Jan 4th... and had a small tragedy that required I go off 'plan' for a week. I gained all the weight I had lost back. Now that the funeral is over and football season has ceased... I am ready to get back on track.

I chose calorie counting because I don't think lowcarb is right for me, and I am WAY too cheap to do meal delivery and have been under the knife enough times to know that I will NOT have surgery unless its an absolute necessity.:bb: :^:

I weigh 210(or did last Monday--I only weigh once a week) am 5'3 with a small frame and an apple shape. My doctor wants me to get to 115.:eek: I seriously don't think I have ever(in my adult life)...or WILL ever see 115 again, I do not want to look thin. I want to look fit... and more importantly I want to be STRONGER. I have horses and chores, so the actual strength would benefit me more that the 'look'. I have had to learn to ride ALL over again(100 excess lbs plays **** on your balance:o)

Any motivation you gals(and guys???) can give me would be VERY much appreciated. I do workout DVDs at home, follow a zig-zag sort of calorie counting plan and am trying to better myself!

(Sorry for the novel....)

02-13-2010, 02:03 AM
Hello and welcome.

I'm still a newbie around here too and am also starting on my weight loss journey. I've been at it since New Years (though I didn't weigh myself until January 5th), but so far, so good!

I agree with you on the low carb thing...not for me either! Tried it last fall and did lose some weight, but ended up burning out on the plan and gained it back :( I love pasta/rice/bread too much to give it up for life--and since I'm looking to make a "lifestyle change" vs. a "diet"--calorie counting is much more realistic for me!

I think being here is great motivation! For me, support like this was the "missing link" in my other weight lost attempts. To be able to talk to people who can relate to you, to see others' succeses (as well as their mishaps and re-starts) is so helpful to me. Having somewhere where you can be completely honest about your progress, your goals, your fears...priceless!

Ok, now I'm writing a novel, lol. Again, welcome and hope to see you around! You can do it!!

02-13-2010, 09:19 AM
I think the main thing is having a plan, so you are doing great that you have one!!

I'd just be very careful to weight, measure and track so that you know you are being as accurate as possible about your calories. And to try to be realistic about your goals. The weight didn't go on overnight, and it's not going to go of overnight, so don't let that discourage you.

I like to think of a mix of shorter term goals - like getting into the next lower decade. But I also like to think big picture too - and imagine myself a year from now. Even if I'm losing slowly, it's still going to be a dramatic difference over the course of a year. Can you imagine how happy you''d be if you were 30, 40, 50 lbs lower than you were a year ago? Well, next year you will be!!

02-13-2010, 10:06 AM
Thanks ladies!

I think setting 'small' goals(but for me ten pounds is STILL a huge thing...) is key for me. Unfortunately I seem to have the common "all or nothing" mentality. I have been reading and I chat indepth with a friend I joined with and try to muddle through and make changes.

One change I made was my soda. I used to drink anywhere from 4 to 7 cans of Coca Cola Classic every single day. Now its diet Mt Dew and water... and my next step down is Unsweetened Tea and Water. I will get there.

This is really tough, but I feel like I HAVE to get it done. I do not want to go into my 30's as an obese unhappy person. My 30th is Dec 30. That gives me a full year to make (or at least START) some positive changes, right?

three herring
02-13-2010, 01:08 PM
I started on Sept 1, and have counted every single calorie since then. I've lost 47 pounds even thought I am extremely sedentary, as I live in a truck. I started with a goal of 1300-1500 calories for my first 4 months, then dropped it to 1200 for the first quarter of this year. I cannot exercise for 5 weeks (we are on the road 5 weeks, off for 5 days on the 6th week) except when on hometime, where I walk as much as I can and swim everyday. So my calories have to be lower than if I could exercise along with my diet.

Any diet will work if it is done was written and adhered to. I've done so many of them, but whatever the restricted item was, I eventually wanted so badly I'd go off on a binge and never get back to the diet. Now, I make sure I have at least a small portion of foods/drinks that I really like. Most of the time I prefer real food, simple, fresh and stay away as best I can from the foods I use to binge on...the junk.

What I like about calorie counting is that I can eat the foods I want to, as long as I count it. It also keeps me aware of what the consequences are of my choices, what works, what doesn't. I also watch my carb intake, but I do not put limits on it as I do my calories, but lower them when I can.

I have two recommendations, do use a nutritional software to track (so easy!) and give yourself a range of calories so that the number doesn't become an absolute to obsess over, rely more on the average calories for the week or better yet, the month as your goal for your calorie total.

Wishing the best for your success!

Skinny Magee
02-13-2010, 08:28 PM
I have started AGAIN to try and lose weight. My doctor has me on a very low calorie diet and is monitoring me weekly. This is my first week and I am 5 days in and down 4 lbs. I know that I shouldn't weigh myself more than once a week but with a history of an eating disorder and weight/food obsession. I find myself doing it once a day. I think that once I start to see a weekly loss, I may be able to stop but who am I kidding!!
I am currently 5'2" and weighed 222 five days ago. Today, I am 218. My real weigh in with the doctor is on Tuesday. I am hoping to be down at least 5.
What has really helped me is to write everything down. I have a meal plan supplied to me by my doctor and I follow it strictly. I count every single thing that goes in my mouth. I am sure it was on here that I saw someone had the saying "You bite it, you write it" with their picture. That has totally been my motto! I am also proud to say that I have NOT cheated one little bit. I was giving my daughter chips and dip the other day and didn't put one little crumb in my mouth..didn't even lick my fingers. It was a bittersweet moment. Knowing that I have no clue when I would be able to sit and enjoy some chips and dip AND knowing that I have the willpower to not taste any of it.
I know that this is will be a slow journey to my goal weight of 130...but I am sticking to it this time and know I will be successfull!!