Calorie Counters - Switched from low carb to calorie counting and loving it

02-07-2010, 06:24 PM
I switched from low carbing to calorie counting a 3 days ago and I love it. I usually mostly prepackaged foods for portion control and the convenience factor. I got to the point that the thought of another egg or piece of meat made me gag. I needed a break. I eat bread and lost weight!! I am 5 8" and weigh 154 as of today. I eat about 1400 or less each day.

Today Day 3

Weighed 154.0 pounds down 0.5 pound.

Breakfast-Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Strawberries & Cream Shake (170 cals) 4 Slices Hormel Microwave Bacon (70 cals) breakfast total 240 cals, Coke Zero (0 cals) Total Breakfast Calories 240 cals
Daily Total 240 cals

Lunch- Freshside Grille Smart Choice Shrimp Scampi from Long Johns (330 cals) Coke Zero (0cals) 330 cals Total Lunch Calories 330
Daily Total 570 calories

Snack- Pack of Peanut Butter Nabs(190 cals) and Coke Zero (0cals) 190 cals total snack calories
760 calories

Dinner-Large Bowl Potato Broccoli Cheddar Soup (300 cals) coke zero Strawberry banana yogart (80 cals) Total dinner cals 380
Daily Total 1140


Yesterday Day 2
Weighed 154.5
Breakfast- cinnamon roll oatmeal(160 calories), 4 strips hormel microwave bacon (70 calories), coffee with splenda and 2 tbsp of sugar free french vanilla creamer (40 calories) breakfast total 270
Daily Total- 270 calories

Lunch- 2 slices heiner's bread (60 x 2 = 120 cals) 1 pouch starkist tuna salad (100 cals) bag of doritos (150 cals) diet pepsi(0 cals) lunch total 370
Daily Total= 640 calories

Snack- Sweet/Salty Slimfast Bar (200 cals)
Daily Total= 840 calories

Dinner 1 can campbells healthy request new england clam chowder (2x130 = 260) coke zero (0 cals) dinner total 260
daily total =1100

snack 2- 100 calorie slimfast snack bar (100)
Friday Day 1 weighed 157.0
Breakfast coffee with splenda and 1 tbsp french vanilla creamer (30 cals), 1 pack cinnamon roll oatmeal (160 cals), 4 slices of hormel microwave bacon (70 cals), coke zero (0 cals) 260 total calories for breakfast
Daily Total 260

Lunch- 1 can of Chunky Baked Potato Soup wtih cheedar and bacon bits (190 cals x 2=380 cals for the whole can) Coke Zero (0 cals) Total Calories for Lunch 380 Calories
Daily Total 640

Snack- Slimfast Bar Sweet/Salty (200 Calories) Coke Zero Total Snack Cals 200
Daily Total 840

Dinner- 2 slices heiners bread toasted(60x2=120 cals) 1 pouch starkist tuna salad (100 cals) 1 bag doritos (150 calories) Diet Pepsi (0 Calories) Total Calories for Dinner 370 calories
Daily Total 1,210

Snack 2 Slim fast chocolate nougat gone nut bar (100 cals)
Daily Total 1,310

02-07-2010, 08:24 PM
I did the same thing. I was successful at low carbing but thought it was a lot of trouble and hard to sustain. I find calorie counting works best for me. I would suggest that you add some fresh fruit and vegies to your plan.