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02-06-2010, 06:58 PM
I am a 6 foot, 33 year old male, and I have been in the 215-225 pound range for most of the last 10 years of my life. My body hides the weight well, but that is still in the obese category. There was a few months where mostly just I stopped eating and dipped under 200 pounds, but that of course was short lived, and I quickly gained it all back. Currently I am a full time husband and father, and I take that job very seriously. We spend most of our entire Sunday doing church activities, and I am on the road traveling around the Northwest at least one full week a month with my full time desk job. With all of the diet programs, pills, and gimmicks that we are inundated with today, each telling me that it's the one thing I need to finally start shedding the pounds, I was left wondering; can a guy like me who has very little free time and has been obese for the last 3rd of his life lose weight quickly and safely without spending hundreds of dollars on any of these gimmicks? Here is where my goal comes in, my mission unflabbable. To go from 220 pounds to 185 pounds in 85 days, less than 3 months using only good nutrition and exercise. To add a little incentive, I entered a "biggest looser" contest with 5 of my family members, and we each have $10 on the line.

I actually started loosing weight the day after Christmas, but just found this website yesterday, and I am excited about networking and sharing my story as well as encouraging others in their weight loss journey.

Let me know if you all have blogs on blogspot, I would love to follow other bloggers as we shed these extra pounds!


02-06-2010, 08:54 PM
Hi, Jeremiah! :wel3fc: And I hope you win your contest!

02-07-2010, 05:46 AM
Hi Jeremiah and welcome. :)

I just checked out your blog and boy, you really DO hide the weight well....or rather you DID. You probably look fab now with your approx. 17 lb. weight loss....not to mention the getting buff at the gym.:D

Men lose weight SO much faster and SO much easier than women do, as a general rule....due to physiology. Men have more muscle and also do not have the genetic propensity to pad certain areas with fat (for child-bearing, mostly).....and muscle is more efficient at burning calories.

However, I have only one small bone to pick with you.:D
On your blog, you wrote:

...I liked this idea, because it was more nutrition guidelines rather than a restrictive diet that starves you like those no carb fad diets.

I have lost 55 lbs. on the Atkins diet in approx. 7 months. In addition, I lost 30-something pregnancy lbs. back in the early 90's and maintained the weight loss for 12 years.....until I was put on a medication in 2005 that altered my metabolism and caused a 60 lb. weight now I've lost almost all of it with Atkins.
And believe me.....this is the ONE and ONLY diet/WOE where I'm not starving/ravenous all the time. For one thing, the mild ketosis decreases your appetite (not to mention increases your energy) but for another, the liberally allowed fat keeps you full much, much longer....and there is no counting of calories....only net carbs (total carbs minus fiber).

The main reason I'm telling you this (even though your plan is clearly working great for you and you should stick to it IMO) is that it is SO common that people think the low-carb Atkins diet is dangerous...esp. when they're not completely informed about what it is. It is NOT all is NOT dangerous, you are NOT fact, are quite the opposite. I eat a totally clean diet on Atkins.

And just as an aside.....low carb is now becoming one of the new, cutting-edge treatments for diabetes...AND not only the recent Mayo clinic studies but all sorts of prior studies are showing that low-fat does NOT prevent heart fact, quite the opposite....because in this huge push to promote low-fat diets, in order to make the foods still palatable after removing all or most of the fat, they mainly added and increased the sugar, mainly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (why most of them don't have less calories than the full-fat versions...check the stats on the packages)......which they are now starting to believe is responsible for the huge epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the past few decades.....that carbs are what caused all this obesity....not fat. And in fact...not over-eating either. That it's not over-eating causing obesity but more obesity that causes over-eating.

I encourage people to actually check-out the low-carb diets because in many cases they've heard all sorts of untrue rumors.

deena :)

02-09-2010, 01:12 PM
Hi Deena

Thanks for checking out my blog, and your feedback!

Maybe I should re-word it to starve "me" with the no carb diets. Although I agree that there are lots of conflicting reports on whether or not a low carb diet is unhealthy, I wasn't intending to generate an opinion either way. When I tried it several years ago, albeit 1 day, I was craving carbs like crazy! I imagine that there is a curve that you need to get over where your body stops craving those things, or maybe it was just me. With the whole grain diet that I have been on, I haven't had cravings from the first minute, and have been constantly satisfied basically eating something every couple of hours. I couldn't be happier with the results, and can see myself easily maintaining this for years to come with a relatively simple lifestyle change without having to make any sacrifices. That was an element that was important to me, and I just couldn't imagine myself cutting out carbs from my daily diet, especially long term.

The other thing that was important to me personally in my weight loss was to build muscle and lean body mass. Sure a no/low carb diet would cause me to lose weight, but if I want to quickly build muscle at the same time, I would need a consistent dose of carbs to assist my body in re-building those muscle fibers after a resistance training workout. Many of these low carb diets restrict or limit exercise especially during the beginning stages of the diet because muscle mass needs a healthy amount of complex carbs in order to repair itself and become stronger. What will end up happening when doing a high resistance training routine on a low carb diet is a loss of muscle mass as well as fat loss. I didn't want to sacrifice my muscle mass in my goal of losing weight.

I think your right on with avoiding simple carbs, and it sounds like you still eat some complex carbs, that is right on. Simple carbs, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup is bad for you no mater how you slice it.

Great job on your results, sounds like you have found a plan that works for you. Keep fighting the good fight!