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02-04-2010, 07:35 AM
Good morning ladies! I had another bad bout last night right before bed so ended up sleeping in the recliner all night. It is more comfortable for me that way and I can put both heating pads on.

Jean: I have 4 days left on the estrogen then that is done. The other I am going to talk to her about taking me off of. You know, I had less problems before I started going to the doctor like I am supposed to. :^: You have a wonderful, wonderful time in Hawaii with your friends (and family if any are going with you this time.) Drink one of those tropical foofoo drinks for me and tell the pineapple I said HI! :lol:

Susan: I am trying to just suck it up until I go to the doctor, but am hoping once the estrogen is done I may level out a bit more. They put me on the darn stuff to stop the bleeding and all it has done is gotten worse. The hormones are irritating those polyps somehow.

We watched "Leverage" last night and it was about a con man psychic. It was interesting to see what the frauds do on those tv shows to convince people they can contact the dead. You would be surprised how they use information to make you believe they can speak to your dead loved one. The show was pretty cool. Jack and I like it a lot, but he usually doesn't stay up and watch because it doesn't come on until 9 pm here and he goes to bed at 9. Since he has a dr appt tomorrow and won't be going to work, he stayed up late and watched it.

I got half the upstairs cleaned before the cramping started in again so I should be able to finish today. I don't think I am going to go with Jack to the dr, though I would like to ask Dr Anderson what could have caused those sharp pains when he didn't pull anything. Poor guy, his blood work came back last week and they called and his hdl is still the same. I told him if it were me and the darn huge doses of niacin they have him on aren't work, I would quit taking the darn stuff rather than suffer those horrible flushing/itching/burning bouts he has from them. I mean, it isn't going to get worse because the numbers are the same as when he wasn't taking anything.

Well gals, I am going to go. I hope you have a nice Thursday. Tonight is "Burn Notice" my favorite program so don't want to miss it. I might have to take a nap so I can stay up! ;)

Take Care all! Faye

02-04-2010, 02:51 PM

It started snowing in the night and is still spitting out little flakes. We probably won't get more than 2 inches at the most. I gotta tell you this. We got so sick of paying a big bill for TV watching for we just watch news and a few programs and it just wasn't worth paying that much since we are concentrating on cutting back to save for a motorhome. Well listen up listeners, we now have TV over our laptop computers for a grand total of a one time payment of ~ are you ready for this ~ $30 for 4,000 stations which we will probably still only watch our couple of programs. Yes, they have FOX news in the mix and baseball and any other porgram you can think of. Also with a bus cord the computer can be hooked up to a TV and watch programs on the big screen. Life is good. We can take it with us anywhere we may travel if we want to. We have a small flat TV that only weighs mere ounces to put in a motorhome (may even get a better new one before the time comes that we do go). Our big one we will sell along with the furniture we bought while here. That is months and months away though but I do like to get my ducks in a row.:o

DONNA FAYE You don't have long now to wait until you can get a conference with your doctor. That must be horrible to have those attacks of pain. My heart goes out to you. :hug: It is good that you can get some sleep in your chair.

JEAN What date is your departure to the land of sun? :beach: I am sure you are getting quite anxious now for it to come.

SUSAN I am sure you will like that new cook book. It looks like it has some yummy recipes in it and I am looking forward to trying them. I have quite a few of the WW paperback cookbooks and their spiral notebook big book kind also.

Well Magnolias have a good afternoon/evening. :wave: Type at y'all later

02-05-2010, 06:57 AM
Good morning to you all! It is raining here still. It started yesterday and seems to still be going at it.

Susan: I know this storm him you full force yesterday. I hope all is well with you. You might be without power and can't get in here, if so, just know we are thinking and praying for you. I saw on tv yesterday when we were waiting to go in to see Jack's cardiologist that you were going to get slammed and big time. Just huddle down and keep warm and take care.

Jean: Happy vacation and hope you and your friends have a truly grand time. I am chomping at the bit to get out of town next weekend even for a little trip.

Maggie: You two are sure wanderlusts. It seems like you just put down those tiny roots and are going to rip up again. Hope the tv thing works out for you. I just changed our programming because our package is too expensive and we don't really watch the movie channels much. I do have the tv on a lot, but much of the time it is for noise since I am alone. Half the time there isn't anything to watch!

I have clinic duty today, but sure hope I don't have problems with the pain and such. I would hate to sit for 3 hours in an uncomfortable chair and feel bad besides. Maggie is right, I have a couple weeks then we can start to solve this thing. I did stop my hormone meds. They put me on them to stop the bleeding in the first place and since they seem to have made it worse there is no reason to continue them at this point. It isn't like they are heart meds or something that I could be threatening my health if I don't take them. If they feel I need them, they are going to have a big strong case to me about it that's for sure because this is no way to live. Like Jack said to me yesterday, "I feel so helpless because I can't do anything to help you feel better. Your quality of life has been effected and that's not right."

Well, I am giong to see if I can get a couple hours of snooze time. Fortune got me up at 4 to take him out, but he went back upstairs and is asleep with Jack on the bed so I am going to sneak some alone time down here in the recliner.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend all! Faye

02-05-2010, 12:20 PM
Good morning, ladies! I'm in for the next few days. Rain and sleet so far and high winds but snow is to start this afternoon but only about 4 inches.

I had my quilting bee last night and rushed home from work to get dinner ready for 2 of my friends. We had a great night at bee, but I never turned my computer on yesterday...can't remember when that happened last. At least my house is sparling clean and I don't have to do a bunch of housework this weekend...time to quilt! I am going to make new curtains for my kitchen so I can start with those.

Faye, all our utility lines are underground so we seldom lose electricity unless a transformer blows up or something major like that. I hope you start feeling better now that you stopped the hormones. Especially since you will be going for your weekend with Thomas soon.

Maggie, how do you sign up for that tv? I only have a few programs I watch and the news so I'd like to consider that and save the cost of cable which is about $75 a month. I have a friend whose husband was in the Air Force. When he retired, the sold everything they had and took 2 years to live on a sailboat and sail all over the Caribbean and Central America. For the past 3 years they have been living in a log cabin in the northern most part of Maine but they are selling up this spring and getting a motor home to tour the US and Canada for however long it takes. I have no desire to travel anymore unless there is a quilt shop at the end of the trip and several along the way.

Sewing machine is calling and so adieu.

02-05-2010, 01:44 PM

It is a bright (cold) sunshiney day here in the Heartland. I am not going outside any this day. I have a house ready to solder up and that is the plan. My night was not what I call a good nights sleep for I was up every hour. Must have drank too much liquid in the late afternoon. I am drinking my coffee and slowly waking up now.:o Not much going on here this day.

DONNA FAYE I love those out of town jaunts. Our short get aways take us about an hour away to our favorite butcher shop that makes that excellent jerkey. It is about time that we make that little trip once again for we are getting low on meat in the freezer. I have quite a bit of chicken though so I will be making chicken meals for a couple of days anyway. Tonight I think I'll make baked chicken and some of that rice mixture and a nice tossed salad. Yep sounds like a plan. Hopefully stopping those hormones will help your condition to settle down some. Jack is definitely a keeper.

SUSAN You are getting more of that snow then we are but we get enough to have to shovel off the walks. The web site for the program we purchsed for computer TV is http// There is lots of information there. That $75 you will be saving each month sure helps out when you are on a fixed income especially. I still love the fact that when you get it ~ it is for only a one time price and they have so much to offer. There are several companies out there that offer this type of TV but Will did the research and this is the one he came up with to be the best.

JEAN Guess you will soon be having Hula lessons and eating poi. Enjoy your days in the sun and come back with neat stories to regale us with.

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias :wave: type at y'all later

02-06-2010, 01:17 PM
Good morning, ladies! Rain and snow today. The water is really high. I'll need to keep watch at high tide today!

I went to WW this morning; down 2.8 for the 2 weeks. No congrats, though, because that is what I gained on retreat so I'm back to where I was in January. But it's encouraging. Only the WW diehards there today. Our leader was telling us about a woman who comes to the earlier meeting. She is lifetime. She has been dragging this shopping cart full of rocks with her. Finally our leader asked her about it. She said she was over goal and she never lets herself get more than 4 pounds over goal, but when she does, she drags the cart full of 87 pounds of rocks, the amount she lost to get lifetime, to remind her of how hard is was to walk when she was so overweight. She drags it in the grocery store, when she walks the dog, where ever she goes until she's back at goal. It's her anchor.

Maggie, I'll look into the tv, thanks for the website. Are you already using it? I looked at the cookbook and I will buy it but I decided it would make a good incentive to not buy it until I was out of the 160's (3.2 pound to go). It will be a nice reward. Are you going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow?

I got some chili out of the freezer for supper and I'll have a sald with it. I'm having a baked potato with the 0 point Green Giant broccoli in cheese sauce on it and a cup of veggie soup for lunch.

Have a great day!

02-06-2010, 02:47 PM

It is cold here this day and the snow is practically all melted but we will probably get some more this coming week. Chica has found a way of getting out of the back yard but doesn't go far. She was out front when the mail man came today and growled at him so she is a "watch dog." Anyway Will told her to "get back in the yard" and she ran around to the back and got back into the back yard. I just don't want the dog catcher to get her. He patrols the neighborhood regularly. Will said he will fix the gate. :) Not much going on here in this burg this day.

SUSAN Yes we are using the computer TV already and the program is easy to work. There is even a TV guide where you can look up what it is you need to know about what is on and where. Had cable shut off before the new billing cycle started so we don't have to pay that bill. No, we don't watch the super bowl festivities. Not into football that much. But baseball will be watched for sure.;) I love that broccoli cheese dish and am fixing me that this evening. I am making baked center cut loin chops, that veggie dish for me but Will doesn't eat broccoli so I'll make corn for him. Also I'll toss gogether greens for a salad. I may even make a few little biscuits. I am going to congratulate you for your loss. It is a loss anyway you want to look at it even if it was what you put back on. It wasn't ready to stay off the first time so now you are back to where you started that is a good thing. So CONGRATULATIONS

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-06-2010, 05:28 PM

A interesting article that appeared in the New York Times today on the FDC looking into portion sizes manufacturer put on their packages as opposed to what people actually eat and what they might do about it.

02-06-2010, 08:11 PM
Good afternoon gals. Today was commissary day then I tried to take a nap, woke up and got sick out of the blue and threw up all over the place then I was ok. Have no clue what that was about. My sister called right after that and so here I am later than I usually get in here and post.

Susan: I think people triple even quadruple a serving if they just eat what they think is a serving. Until I started doing serving portions, I ate that much thinking it wasn't all that much. It is surprising when you do portion how much you do overeat even if you aren't trying to lose weight, etc. Thanks for the article link.

Maggie: We have had a bunch of rain here, but no snow, thank goodness. Oooh, I wouldn't want the dog catcher to get ahold of her either. Hope Will was able to get it fixed.

Not much else going on here. Hope you all are having a fun weekend! Have a good one! Faye

02-07-2010, 11:48 AM
Good morning, ladies. 25 degrees but the sun is out today. We only got a little over 2 inches of snow because we were on the edge of the storm, but the roads are nothing but ice so I didn't go to church again.

Nothing going on today. I'll probably watch a movie or two while I quilt.

Faye, the article was pointing how manufacturers give unrealistic portions in their nutritional information in order to lower the calories per serving. An example is the soup in a bowl from Healthy Choice and Campbells. People take it to work, heat it and eat the whole thing, but the nutritional information says that its actually 2 servings and if you eat the whole thing you have ingested the healthy sodium recommendation for the day. To this day I weigh and measure everything I eat because if I don't, those portions get bigger and bigger. I hope you are feeling okay today.

Maggie, Did Will get the gate fixed? Chica sounds like such a nice dog I know you don't want anything to happen to her. What will you do with her when you are traveling again?

I got chicken out for dinner. Guess I'll look though a couple of cookbooks and find a new way to make it.

Have a good day.

02-08-2010, 10:26 AM
Good morning to you all! We woke up to a heavy snowstorm for our area. It was totally unexpected and took all by surprise. Luckily, the school boards were on their toes and canceled school. This snow is heavy and wet. They closed the I-240 flyover as they call it because of it icing over and causing major accidents. It was another not so well thought out construction, partly because of the exits on both sides of the flyover. Anyway, it is white and wet here today.

Jack has his appt with hand clinic finally. I hope they can sort him out because there is something definitely wrong. He can have a sharp pain just tying his shoe or the other day he picked up and set down my purse and he hurt it. The pain lasts too after the initial sharp pain so he has some kind of nerve or tendon or something damage in there, I am betting nerve because of the way it acts. I just hope they can help him.

I now have most all the trip plans done. I sat and did a list of addresses for the hotel, the attractions, and restaurants we might want to try for Jack to put into the gps and he did that yesterday. I bought the tickets for the mystery dinner, though I had to change the date to Valentine's day night, got the aquarium, Imax and river gorge trip paid for and we will just buy tickets for the incline railroad when we get to it. I think we are going to bypass Rock City because it is going to be pretty chilly. We will probably make a trip to their mall and check it out for a couple hours and with meals and swimming at the hotel pool and movies in the room and such I think we will fill up his time nicely.

Susan: I am making chicken and noodles today. I cooked and deboned and shredded it yesterday and got the broth all fixed so now all I have to do is cook the noodles with it. It will be nice for this cold day. I know most people see those soup commercials on tv and think, "Wow, 80 calories for the whole can," when it is really only a half a can they get to eat for that. It shocked me too when I started reading labels that not only the labels, but commercials are really misleading.

I guess I better go and get some breakfast. I had a rough night last night sleeping, feel like I might be getting another cold, so slept in a bit this morning.

Have a great start to your week and Jean, we are all jealous of you being in warm weather! :D:D

02-08-2010, 08:37 PM
Good evening, ladies! A cold day today...never got above 31 degrees. At least the ice melted.

I had my mammogram, bone scan, echocardiogram and nuclear stress test today. I am worn out. I think the technician probably found something on the echocardiogram because right in the middle of the test she asked me if I had a follow up appointment scheduled with my cardiologist and when I said I did she said that was really good. I ate breakfast at 7:30 am and then could have nothing to eat or drink until all the tests were over so by 5 I was famished. I went to IHOP and had pancakes and eggs. IHOP is right next door to the cardiology center. It sure tasted good. I'll probably be in bed by 8 tonight. I have work tomorrow, dinner with the girls and then night chapter meeting of the quilt guild.

Faye, I wonder where that storm came from? I hope it doesn't find me. Actually, we are supposed to have rain tomorrow. Did you get any answers about Jack's hand? The poor man. Just the arthritis in the thumb I dislocated last year is bad enough. I'm sure he needs both hands for his work. I need to go on trips with you. You have everything all planned and taken care of. When my group of ladies goes on one of our jaunts, we may have motel reservations but everything else is by the seat of our pants. Your chicken and noodles sounds good. I haven't had that for a while so maybe I'll fix it Wednesday when I'm off work.

Well, I'm going to get ready for bed and call it a day. Have a good night!

02-09-2010, 08:25 AM
Good morning ladies. It is raining here now. Basically, a big slushy nasty mess. T is out of school again today because he is county school and the outlying country areas are still bad. I imagine the city school kids are miffed about it. Last time it happened, all these parents posted about it on one of the online tv stations here.

Susan: Jack went to his appt and the note on the door said they were closed because of the storm. Now if someone can drive to the clinic and put up the sign, why could they not have called the appts for yesterday and tell them they weren't going to be open. So he is going to in pain until they reschedule him and it took almost a month to get the appt for yesterday. He hurt his hand putting his hand in his back pocket to smooth it out yesterday so he definitely has some serious problem. Hope your cardiologist can sort you out. Could any of your steroid use cause your heart issues? My mother in law had to take steroids for a long time because of a brain tumor that was removed long ago and she developed congestive heart disease from it.

I guess I better start on the ole morning chores and get some work done this morning. You have a great day and stay warm and dry! Faye

02-09-2010, 05:23 PM
Good evening, ladies! High of 38 degrees today with rain, sleet, and snow in the forecast for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

Faye, our kids have now missed 5 days of school so they will have to go an extra week in June. Looks like we are trying for 2 weeks.

Poor Jack, hopefully they will reschedule him quickly this time.

My breathing inhalers and Prednisone can cause heart problems but so can COPD (via pulmonary hypertension). They also cause osteoprosis and cataracts. It's a loose-loose situation.

I have my quilt guild meeting tonight and dinner before hand with my friends. If it looks like the roads are getting bad, I'll leave early and get myself home.

I stopped at the library on the way home for books and books on CD so I am prepared for bad weather.

Have a good evening!

02-10-2010, 08:46 AM
Good morning all! I got a decent night's sleep last night so I actually feel better this morning. A few more of those and I will be more right as rain, that's for sure. I talked to Kelly last night for quite awhile about the trip and such but about what is going on with me. I told her I have to fight now to keep from getting down about it all and she told me it isn't a sin to give in to feeling bad. When you feel bad, you feel bad and you don't have to be all jolly just because you think you shouldn't be sad, a grouch, or whatever. It did make me feel a bit better about complaining all the time. I am "I'm sorrying" Jack constantly about saying I don't feel well, but for the time being I don't feel well. My feet and hands are now staying swollen, I have gained a ton of weight from one of these meds and that's besides the spotting and cramping and such. I am looking forward to this trip just to be somewhere different and with Thomas who will make me happy no matter how I feel. He is such a little minx. I saw on his facebook post that he played "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" on his IPhone and won the million dollars! I have to preface it by saying he has wanted an Iphone for over a year and his parents have said absolutely not! Well these last few months they told him if he saved the money he could buy one. He asked me last night how much money he would need this weekend and said he had hardly any. I told him not to worry about it that Nonny and Granddad would cover his expenses and spending money and I asked him what he spent it all on (already knowing) and that's when he said it was a surprise and he would show me on Friday. Anyway, he said he had a surprise to show me (not realizing I guess that when he posts from his IPhone it indicates it comes from his Iphone.) :lol::lol: I made a comment about the Fifth grader game and he said that was part of the surprise and said something about oh well I will just tell you but I said, no to just wait until Friday and he could tell me all about it then. He is such a delightful mix of genius boy and 9 year old imp. I applaud his parents for keeping his head from ballooning and helping him be just a normal 9 year old even if he can outthink people far above his age.

The other grandson is leaving with his parents today to fly to Mexico and see Alicia's dad. He has major, major heart issues and a couple weeks ago he was in the shower and his pacemaker wires were sticking out of his skin I guess!! He has been in the hospital since then and not doing very well. I think Alicia is preparing herself for the worst but I hope her dad is well enough to enjoy his grandson. Jackson is at a great age now.

Susan: It is freezing cold here and the roads can be patchy, but for the most part are ok. The weather warms up during the day so it melts and gets wet then ices over at night when the temp drops. Have fun at the guild tonight. I am going out later and getting my hair cut (I gave up on letting it grow out it is driving me kookoo) and doing some last minute errands before our trip. Jack will get everything out of the attic tonight so we can start the packing process. Kelly and Tom are keeping our baby while we take theirs (theirs being human and ours being canine,) which was sweet of them, so I have to give him a bath and get his stuff ready to take over there besides all of our packing so I guess I will stay busy. I am making a pot roast, carrots and potatoes for dinner so I can put that in the oven and leave it to cook, which makes that a bit easier.

You all have a wonderful hump day today. Oh and btw, the hand clinic gave Jack an appt for Thurs of this week so at least they got him back in quickly. I just hope they do something for him because it is hurting all the time now it seems and the cold weather doesn't help either.

Faye :brr:

02-10-2010, 01:51 PM
Good morning, ladies! What weather. We are having snow right now and then a nor'easter is coming in tonight with rain and high winds. I love global warming but I think the ice age is coming. LOL

I'm off work today so I can just stay in and sort fabric. I'm really embarassed to have so much, but I do have friends that have even more. I need to get busy and make even more quilts to use some of it up. I've got a pot of cheesy vegetable soup (1 point) on for lunch and extra for other days. I'm making baked chicken, pasta with basil pesto, and broccoli for dinner.

Faye, I'm glad Jack got a new appoint for this week. Hopefully they will be able to help him. I love hearing about Thomas. He's a little genius that is still a normal kid and that is hard for parents to do. He's a lucky boy. Jackson is going to be a world traveler before he goes to pre-school. I'm sorry it is because his grandpa is ill. I'll bet at this point you would not hesitate if they wanted to do a hysterectomy. I feel so bad for you. The weight will come off quickly when the medication that is causing it goes away. I hope the weather is good for your trip.

I'm going to get my menus planned for the rest of the month today. The big quilt show is the last week of the month and I need to have my plans in place.

Have a great day!

02-10-2010, 02:07 PM

I tried to post yesterday and everytime I tried to post it took me to over to "Twitter." Not much going on in this little burg. It has been on the very chilly side but I can stay insided. I did go out for a hair cut on Monday and then to WW that evening where I showed a maintain. Been working with glass some and doing some typing. Nothing exciting happening for sure. I did make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup yesterday which we had for dinner and will have some more today.

DONNA FAYE I do so hope you continue to feel better. Your little Thomas is certainly a light isn't he. The lights are on brightly in him for sure. Makes me wonder what he will be like all grown up. I will keep my fingers crossed (so to speak) for Jack that they can do something for that pain in his hand.

SUSAN Sounds like you have a regular yard goods shop there at your house with all that material. I do understand though, need a variety from which to choose your patterns from.

Have a lovely day this day. Type at y'all later :wave:

02-10-2010, 03:01 PM
Hi, Maggie! Good to hear from you. It looks like we are all in the same boat, weatherwise.

I just had a call from my doctor. I have osteoporosis and she is starting me on Fosomax (?) which I will take once a week. She's hoping it won't cause my GERD to flare up again, but all the osteo meds can cause GERD to worsen. I was hoping I didn't have it, but I sure had all the signs with the loss in height, extended use of corteosteroids and Prednisone, and low Vitamin D. She wants me to drink a quart of milk every day and I'm not supposed to bend over or twist from side to side because they could cause a bone fracture. How I could do that living alone I'm not really sure. The whole thing is depressing. My echocardiogram showed my pulmonary hypertension has stayed stable and there is little chance I'll have a heart attack. I may be the first one in my family to escape heart disease in at least 3 generations. So that was good.

The snow has stopped but the temperature has dropped 4 degrees in the last hour and is now 28 so everything will be freezing over.

02-11-2010, 09:39 AM
Good morning gals! Jack is supposed to be back home around 10 since he has another dr appt today. I have done nothing so far this morning, but then I didn't sleep again last night so I was pooped this morning when Jack got up. I get finished posting here I will jump up and get my chores going before he gets home. Can't let him think I sit around doing nothing all day....;)

Maggie: Obviously Twitter really wanted you to talk! :lol: Looks like chicken has been popular with our bunch. My chicken and noodles were yummy, even had them again for lunch the next day. I love to make my own noodles, but opted for the really thin store bought ones. I got my hair cut yesterday and had my nails done again. It made me feel better. I wanted to grow my hair out long enough to get a bob, but no go. It was driving me nuts and looked horrible no matter what I tried to do so off it came yesterday. Hope your weather is improving. We are cold here, but no precipitation expected. I need to go and get the suv washed and vacuumed out to go to Chattanooga before we go as it really needs it. We haven't had any decent weather to have it done. Jack takes it to work once a week and lets the seagulls poop on it. I have given him strict orders NOT to let birds poop on my car, but he doesn't follow through! :lol::lol::lol:

Susan: You must have a whole box of meds. I know I do and I don't have to take half of what you do. I guess one of the things about these darn hormones is the extra weight has really impacted what I can do. It would be different if I were normal size and gained it at least it wouldn't be difficult to walk and such, but all this extra weight has really made it hard for me. I like being active even at my size but this has really made it difficult. I went to Walmart's yesterday and had to walk all over the store to get things I wanted and was wiped out when I finished and crampy. I absolutely hate that. She is going to have to fix my swelling feet and hands too. I can live with the ringing in my ears from my one med, but we have to do something about my feet swelling. Ahh well, I will just have to do the best I can until the meds either settle down they find stuff different that works or whatever. I noticed that since I am off both the hormone meds I have quit the spotting so obviously that is what was causing the everyday stuff. I am not opposed to the hysterectomy if that will fix things for sure.

Well gals, I need to get hoppin.' Oh and just between you and me, don't tell Thomas, I missed 3 questions on the fifth grade program last night. My only defense is I have been out of school a long time! :D Faye

02-11-2010, 05:35 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Nice sunny day is the middle 40s - but snow is on the way for Monday and Tuesday.

Nothing going on today. I just got home from work. I'm having ham, baked sweet potato, and green beans for supper. At least there is some good tv tonight - I like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Tomorrow is day quilt guild and lunch out.

Faye, I have 10 prescriptions right now, plus my multivitamin, Fish Oil and calcium. The copays are bad enough, but I'll be in the donut hole by June and have to pay out of pocket after that. I won't tell Thomas about your missed questions. School circulum has sure changed since I was there.

Have a good evening!