Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ February's Thread

02-01-2010, 08:35 PM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

02-01-2010, 08:46 PM
Sooo, ya ... I was supposed to start this last night; but better late than never they say ... :lol: ... got busy doing other things and forgot! :dizzy:

Anyhoo ... we had really cold weather again last night; it went down to about -22C and we revved up the furnace again to keep us warm. It was cold today too -- about -15C with some light ***** squalls but we braved the winds and went out shopping and to run some errands anyways. Gotta pay those bills ... ;)

I bought a thick plush new fleece blanket for our bed; I wanna be warm, but it is so nice I feel like stealing it to use on my sofa. I have it in the dryer right now, as they say to wash it before using (never know where they have been, I guess).

We had meat pie with french green beans and salad for dinner tonight. I discovered them when we were putting some stuff in the freezer today. I forgot that we had 3 meat pies in the freezer for Christmas; and we never ate them, so we had part of one tonight; and have some leftover for our lunch tomorrow too.

Hope you are all well; have a great evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-01-2010, 09:08 PM
BUMP ...

HI, it's me again ... just closed the January thread. DH says it's already down to -20C tonight; so it's gonna be another cold one out there for sure ... :brr: Time to go make my tea and read some; and put my feet up after all the walking I did today. I felt much better today; and so far, I don't feel sore, so I hope that's a good sign.

Oh, my new plush burgundy fleece blankie is done; maybe I'll go wrap myself in it to stay nice & toasty! ;) Keep warm people ... :D

02-01-2010, 09:39 PM
Hello everyone I hope that I am in the right place....I used to be pretty active on this board years ago....I had been doing pretty well lost about 40 pounds and then one day when I was taking my daily walk my knee ballooned and everyday after that it did the same thing this went on for about a week and then I went to the doctor to find out why and that is when I got the news that I had R/A. At this point the doctor had told me that walking everyday was no longer an option and sent me to the RA doc more then a few rounds predisone....fibromyalgia....depression and I fell in to the fridge not to resurface until I got sick and tired of being fat. Not sure what to do about exercise just yet as my knee still gives me problems and some days it just hurts to move but I have been kind of being more careful with what I eat still not sure that I could pull off the same kind of diet plan that I was on before because it relied on me walking 5 out of 7 days a week....and now it hurts to take a shower most days. I want more out of life my doctor says that lossing weight will help my joints and my back pain.

02-01-2010, 09:48 PM
HI LUCY ~ :welcome: BACK to 3fc's and to this thread ... I had just replied to you in the old January thread and you popped your post over here. Good girl, you got that all straightened out.

We can sure identify with your plight on this thread; everyone here has some kind of physical challenges to deal with on a daily basis. We are glad that you decided to come back and join us on our thread; and we look forward to getting to know you better as well ... Rosebud :hug:

02-01-2010, 09:54 PM
Thanks and sorry for the goof up but my brain is still in I am still not sure how to do this and both of my issues are a big problem but I am willing to try at least I need to loss the predisone weight and that is about 60 pounds :( Then I will work on the depression weight 100 pounds then I will be back down to where I was when I left here 2 years ago :( I have been looking around and others seem to have some kind of medication that helps them but my meds don't seem to help and the fail safe is predisone and that makes me so hungry all the time....ugh

02-02-2010, 12:01 AM
LUCY ~ there is a predisone thread on this forum that you can do a search for; you may like to read about other's experiences with that drug. From what I have heard, many if not most people that took that drug, gained weight while on it. Yes, you'd think the doctors would find another med instead; but I don't know much about that specific drug as I have never been on it (to my knowledge).

Over the years, I have just taken tylenol and/or rested my legs. One time when my right knee was dislocated the doctor gave me some kind of pain pill and that helped, but I don't remember what it was called now. After I popped my knee back in, the constant pain went away. Later on, it would pop out and I would have to keep pushing it back in. Over the years that has been slowly healing, esp since I started using a cane on that side; so it's not near as bad as it was before ... only gets really bad if I walk on it too much at once, so then I have to rest it for a few days.

I have to pace myself and do the xtra walking every other day; if I am sore or my legs/feet/knees bother me, I rest them until they feel better. Then I do other things at home instead like chair aerobics, dancing, stretchie bands, hand-weights, and other light toning exercises. Swimming might be good for you.

02-02-2010, 07:52 AM
Thanks I am now looking in to what kind of lifesyle change I want been looking at nutrisystem, jenny craig, etc for now I am just counting calories. I will go and take a look for that predison thread.

02-02-2010, 01:40 PM
LUCY ~ I bumped up that Prednisone thread for you; so it's now on the first page again where you access it more easily (on the same page as this thread is on) ... :D


02-02-2010, 03:07 PM
aww thanks ;)

I am gonna go take a look at the thread...have been doing good today :) I have even called my old gym to see if they could take the freeze off my account but it has been so long that I needed to call the main office and I haven't heard back from then just yet.

02-02-2010, 08:36 PM
HI LADIES ~ well, we had another :sunny: day today; we have been very blessed the last few days with all this sunshine. It was cold last night, but the sun warmed the day up for us to about -10C, which wasn't too bad.

DH had to put a new handle on our back door, and said that his hands were still freezing anyways. He locked himself out, so I had to try to get the door unstuck: a hammer wouldn't budge it, so I finally had to use a screwdriver and that worked! It took him awhile but he finally has it opening and closing again ... :lol:

LUCY ~ hope things work out with your gym so that you can go back again. Do they have a pool there? What kind of exercises would you try?

I made my own Chinese food for dinner tonight; had baked chicken balls with rice and stir-fried veggies: onions, mushrooms, celery, carrots, snap peas, red pepper, corn, and sliced cabbage with some broth & soya sauce for flavor. It was really good.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-02-2010, 09:06 PM
Hello Everyone

It has been a day a pretty good one but it doesn't look like the gym is going to fix the mess up :( Long story short I stopped going when the doctor said no more walking got them a doctors note and put an unlimited freeze on my account when I tried to unfreeze yesterday they told I needed to call corporate and they changed computer systems blah blah blah so now they can't find my account.

I was going to try to see a personal trainer for a little while to get an idea of what I can and can't do with my health as well as using the toning tables that I "should" be able to do. I am going to wait to see if they call me back with some good news but I am not holding out much hope. I think I am going to look into the YMCA because they have a pool and other things for my youngest to do while I am there but the new one doesn't have the pool built just yet and the other are farther away from me so I just don't know at this point.

Now the good news I have stayed at about 1,200 calories today and my fit day says that I burned 3,317 calories just by being me today :)

02-03-2010, 02:43 PM
HI LUCY ~ I was wondering how you decided on how many calories to eat at the beginning of your journey? From my knowledge and experience, 1200 seems way too low to start out at -- becuz you will inevitably hit some plateaus along the way, and you want to have some leeway so that you can cut down about 50-100 cals to get your weightloss going again.

Our PURPLE, who will come by sometime this week; started out at 2000 to 2200 calories and lost weight on that. Then when she hit a plateau, she would lower her calories to get losing again. Now that she has reached her goal weight (or close to it), she is eating about 1500 calories a day to maintain her loss of over 120 lbs. (You are starting out lower than that)

I started at 2100 calories which was a recommended average amount by a science researcher in New York; now I am doing about 1800 during the week and 1800-2000 during the weekend, give or take a few cals. This way, I have some flexibility too. Our local dietician told my mother that IHHO, no adult should eat less than 1500 calories a day, as the body needs that much just to be healthy, especially a larger person.

We have to make sure that we are eating an amount that we could maintain for the rest of our lives. If we eat too low now, then when we increase our intake later on, we will gain all the weight back -- which has happened to me in the past, many times. There is a CALORIE COUNTERS FORUM on this site -- maybe you could start a thread there and ask others their thoughts about how much they think you should eat each day based on your weight & height.

I know cutting 500 calories a day, should result in a 1-2 lb loss for each week. In the beginning, you may lose more, but some of that will be water, then it will be fat from about 3-4 weeks and on ... :hug:

02-03-2010, 10:04 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had lovely :sunny: again today; and we're lovin' it too! We had lots of birdies comin' to our feeder the last few days. The colder temps encourages that, so we put out extra food during February and March for them, as these are our coldest winter months.

Just stayed home and did stuff around here as I seem to have caught a wee cold when we were out yesterday; DH says he caught it too. So it's better to just stay home and recupe, as they say.

:wave: to PURPLE and RONNI ~ hope both you ladies are feeling OK this week. I'm sure you are busy, but do take good care of yourselves too!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-04-2010, 06:40 AM
Hi ladies

Life for me still remains very busy glad my life is not normally like this I would not hack it :D I have woke up to a grey and dreary morning drizzling down with rain so umbrellas :rain: at the ready. The last two days it has been sleeting on and off and two sharp frosts in the morning which took most of the morning to melt away.

Gosh is it February already where did January go at the moment it seems a blur :?: Tomorrow is another busy day with visiting my sister in hospital and then going on to see my parents oops no a I mean the other way round :D So tomorrow will go in a flash no doubt at 90 mph I am hoping that in a few weeks time that things start to slow down and get back to normal.

I have had no oxygen therapy this week due to the sniffles so I am starting to feel better that a little more as each day goes by but I knew it was the wise thing to do. If you try treatment the pressure will always win as it will give you acute pain in the ears so just not worth it. Slowly this cold is disappearing nothing like how I felt on the first day which was my worse due to it triggering my trigemenal neuralgia.

On the food front thing have been a good week on plan so pleased there not so good on the exercise front though :o not really felt like it. Hopefully when the cold has gone I will get back to walking a little most days. Ate some lovely home made soup yesterday. This soup was roast butternut squash and roasted onion soup. It was in a chicken stock and seasoned with a tiny bit of curry. If you are able to take it more spicy then curry or chilli will be nice in this soup. I just blitzed it down with my hand blender to make a smooth thick soup which was very tasty :yes: Yesterday I served it with a little bit of granary French stick.

DRAMAQUEENLUCY :welcome2: Lucy to the board nice to meet you and hope you find the board helpful.

It is hard coming to terms with not being as active as before due to our bodies challenges. Like you I used to walk nigh on every day which aided the weight loss. I had two relapses in with my MS which then put paid to my walking for months. I can walk a little now but I soon get tired :tired: and it becomes counter productive as then for two weeks I can barely do anything as I feel so rotten.

My sister a few months back was also diagnosed with a form of arthritis but not the same as yourself. My sister has osteoarthritis and for that form of arthritis is young at 40. I am not sure if you have spoken to a professional person whether that is a doctor or a physiotherapist to see what form of exercise would be OK without aggravating your arthritis further. Any amount of exercise is better than none no matter how little it seems it all adds ups.

Oh dear I am forgetting myself I forgot to introduce myself :o I will try and do it in a nutshell which I am not renowned for :nono: I am a 45 year old lady who is using the calorie counting method I pan in about 1500 per day. I am not losing at the moment but am maintaining as I can't seem to lose that final bit but from where I started I am more than happy. I am or stall I say was a psychiatric nurse in a locked unit at a medium secure facility. I ultimate aim was to progress to maximum secure facility but then in 1998/99 I started to experience problems which lead me to believe I might have MS due to my medical knowledge. I didn't want to give up with my beloved nursing so I kept my fears to myself for 9 months until things came to ahead when the MS hit my legs. I then eventually told my DH what my fears where who persuaded me to see the doctor the rest is history I was diagnosed some 9 month later with MS.

Eventually when I surfaced about the parapet after years of playing the perfect ostrich I embarked on losing weight I found this site was was my saviour and has kept me on the straight and narrow ever since. I started on the programme that Rosebud told you of about 2200 per day and have slowly worked down to about 1500 per day or there about. Even at 2200 cal per day I was still losing 2 or 3 pound per week at the beginning as I had been consuming vast amounts of calories per day for years. Oh yes by the way I am from the UK you might have guessed that already from my spelling :lol: I live in Robin Hood county of Nottingham which many people have heard about due to the legend or our football club if they come from other European countries.

I hope to get to know you more over the forth coming weeks and start to enjoy your successes along the road with you :D

ROSEBUD It is sure good to be able to drop by today I have missed my normal pace of life not this one I have adopted at the minute 90mph. Nice to have the time to catch up and have a bit of me time.

My sister still remains in hospital she has had some ups and downs along the road. Her feeling as come back in her leg but low blood count so has need a transfusion to correct that. Walking with the aid of two physiotherapists now so the path to recovery has begun which will be a slow and long haul.

No further news about my father's tests so fingers are still crossed :crossed: for good news on that front I think he goes and sees the specialist this month not sure which date though. Dad has a catalogue of different people he has to see on a regular basis from the practice nurse, doctor, heart specialist, diabetic nurse, chiropodist to name a few now added into the equation is the specialist for his bowel. My mum is is private secretary I reckon ;) what with this appointment this day and that appointment that day if it wasn't for mum I am sure he would not attend them. Yikes not to mention his medication he wouldn't have a blind clue if it wasn't for mum dishing them out and telling him or reminding him to take them. When mum had her appendix out a few years back me and my sister tried to sort him out he swore blind that was not the right medication that mum gives him. I am sure I could sort medication out for one person when I was in charge and dispensed a whole wards medication on a daily basis he drove me "crazy". :stress:

I have one delivery to do next week that is to Luton about 100 miles from home so not too bad and it is a straight route there and back traffic permitting. No other deliveries on the horizon as present to our knowledge.

You know I am maintaining at the minute well my DH said my body shape was changing and half believing him as I did was still not sure. Then someone asked me had I lost even more weight has it looked like I had. I know I hadn't I regulate my weight by going on the scales which lets me know if I am on track or not. Couldn't believe my ears so maybe this long spell from weight loss is my body now taking shape after all that weight lost of one person if you look at the amount I lost. It is not as though I can do vast amounts of exercise to sculpt my body that way as you know so it is pleasing to know the little walks are paying dividends. So good news on that front and it has pleased me on end as comments like that help boost your will power to keep doing what you are doing as it is the right thing for you.

Time for me to run and start to thing about preparing some lunch as no preparation done as yesterday I went shopping and by the time I had finished with that I was bush whacked as the Australians say :D Bye bye all and take care till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-04-2010, 08:32 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

It has been an interesting few days here...I started a new med this week that is really messing with my tummy :( I had a site bookmarked and that told me that I was eating about 3,200 calories a day to maintain my weight I think that it must have been more because I was gaining but when I asked the doctor about it he told me that it could have been the predisone so who knows at this point? The doctor told me to try to stay between 2,200-2,100 calories per day but with the medication messing with my tummy until the afternoon the most I have been getting is about 1,800 I have been able to eat some kind of breakfast but lunch and snacks are very very hard because my poor stomach is in an uproar. The new med is Savela just started to take it this week. I had a talk with my Rheumatoid doctor about the weight loss that lead him to change my medications, he is the one That I am working on this with he told me that yoga would be very good for me as well as using the pool and some kind of water aerobics with others that have RA & Fibromyalga. I am looking in to everything but it has been hard to find a place not to far from me that has a pool/classes. I can go to the YMCA but they only have only one pool that is farther away and don't have any RA water classes so I am going to call the arthritis foundation and maybe they know of a place that I can go to there is a list on their website but the only one that would have been good closed down it's program but the list doesn't look like it was updated in years....ugh According to the doctor water and yoga seem to be the only things that I can do at the moment he did say that as I loss weight the swelling in my knees will go down and then I maybe able to use other equipment. I have a wii so I may see if there is a program it that does yoga I hadn't thought about it before, I will have to look on amazon.

OK well I think that I should tell you all a little about me. I am a 40y/o single Mother to 2 boys ages 18 & 12 I work a full time job as getting on disability is hard and I really wouldn't make enough to survive. I am an office manager for a roofing company and have been there for about 5 years now :) I love my job the guys are all great and are like family to me. I have been seeing someone to talk to about my issues with being alone/RA/not being able to do what I used to, etc I also have many many other doctors and seem to live taking someone to some doctor as my youngest is ADHD, LD & Speech we are a very busy family. I thank you both for the welcome and hope to get to know you both better in time :)

02-04-2010, 10:17 AM
Lucy-:welcome2: Glad to meet you and I know you'll find a lot of support here! I was wondering about some gentle strength training? Small weights are inexpensive (Walmart) and you can work your arms and upper body areas-building muscle up helps burn calories all day. I also use a stability ball for crunches and other exercises, as I have back and knee issues, along with MS.

Rosebud-Hope you and your DH are starting to get over those colds. It's that time of year. Our DS3 has one now too. I'm just hoping for an early spring, no matter what that stupid little rodent said a couple days ago:lol: Your stir-fried veggie combo sure sounded good. I'm gonna try it for lunch some day, then experiment on the family later! Good advice to our new Lucy-you have so much wisdom and I love reading your posts.

Purple-Glad there's been improvement for your sister and still no bad news for your dad! Still keeping them in my prayers. Will put you and your DH in them too, so you don't get more run down and ill. We've been running and running too, but seems like we're not accomplishing anything:dizzy: Your butternut squash soup sounds good too, so I'll have to pick up one of those soon. I've just learned about spaghetti squash and have been eating it with my spaghetti sauce (which is mostly from a jar-lol!) and also with our chicken noodle soup. The family used regular noodles and I used the squash and it was wonderful. Only 8 calories per ounce for the squash!

I've been trying an experiment the last week or so. By chance (or really, Divine guidance) I read in a couple sources about gluten intolerance and discovered that so many of my recent symptoms matched those listed. I have been having such terrible abdominal pain, bloating, and other symptoms, along with gaining weight, instead of losing, and just feeling miserable, so I decided to cut out gluten/wheat products for a couple weeks to see what happened. Lo and behold, I've lost over 4 pounds in 4 days, as well as 4 inches off my stomach and hips. And, more importantly, the bloat, pain, and other belly issues have gone away completely! I even have much more energy all day long. Now, I know I can't just use that as a complete diagnosis and need to add back something with gluten in it to see what happens, but I'm gonna give it a couple more weeks before I do that and see if I keep feeling better. My sister said that she had read that some experts (whoever they are) actually recommend gluten-free diets for people with MS.

I'm just glad I'm getting some more energy, as there's so much stress right now. We have to go to mediation tomorrow hoping to settle our lawsuit against the driver who crashed us 4 years ago. DH's mom has her breast cancer surgery on the 15th (any and all prayers welcomed as they are not sure until they get in there whether it'll be a lumpectomy or mastectomy). Lots to do regarding taxes and fafsa. And, yesterday, I found out that my dad is still losing weight-he's down to 175 (I've never seen him under 200 in my entire life) and has been having problems falling down, since he has so much swelling in his feet that he can't move them properly to walk. Yesterday, he fell outside his vehicle at his work and couldn't get up until someone saw him from the street and went for help:cry:. He lives 600 miles from us, so we're trying to figure out how we can buy a new house that's only one story, so he can move up here with us. Much of that depends on the outcome tomorrow. The stresses just never end here:no:

Well, hope you all have a really nice day! :hug::hug::hug: for everyone!

02-04-2010, 10:12 PM
:hug:DEAR RONNIE ~ We are definitely sending up lots of prayers for you and your family right now, and for your DAD, and your MIL and her doctors for wisdom during her surgery on the 15th: got that marked on my calendar right pronto!

Yes, that sounds like a good idea to get your DAD to come and live with you so you can keep an eye on him and help each other. As you know, my sister NUMPSTER, bought a bigger place and my Dad & SM will be staying with them for the winters and helping each other. They both have had their health issues lately too, as you all know; and she & her DH will be able to keep an eye on them too. ;)

Am also sending up some prayers about your legal issue tomorrow; that all will turn out for good for you and your family -- and that you will have peace about it. It would be so nice to get it all resolved amiably and quickly. :hug:

02-04-2010, 10:27 PM
HI LUCY ~ sounds like you had a great meeting of minds with your doctor recently; and your plans sound good. I hope that you can find a pool and aquatic program that will help you; that is close by. Yes, you could do some light yoga breathing and gentle movements; speaking of that ...

Have you ever heard of TAI CHI? I think that you might like that; I have a tape of one that is a "Gentle Tai Chi" for those with health issues and seniors, etc. It uses slow moments of the arms (esp) and legs to a soft music. It is so popular in China that they even do it during their work breaks out in the public and in the parks; people of all ages do it. It is kinda like yoga too, just delicate movements that stretch the limbs and body, but without overdoing it ... I'm sure that you might be able to find a dvd of this at as well.

You may be able to find a WII yoga program too. It sounds like you have a busy life also, just like Ronni & Purple do presently. Life with kids always keeps you busy, from what I have seen and heard. PLus you have a full-time job as well, so that keeps you active too. You probably already get more exercise in than you realize ... :D

02-05-2010, 12:24 AM
HEY PURPLE ~ glad to see that you are feeling better and came by for a visit in spite of all that your family is going thru right now. I am glad to hear that your sister is doing so much better; and that she has her feeling back in her leg and is starting therapy & walking already -- will keep prayers going up for her and for your Dad too ... :hug:

You have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow as well; hope you have a good day though, and do take good care of yourself too. Don't over-tax yourself too much now. DH and I picked up a wee cold this week, but I am starting to feel much better; just a few sniffles left for me too.

We went up town and picked up a few things we couldn't get earlier this week; we went hunting for some bird seed and dog food and found some good deals today. I also picked up another plush blanket; so now we have enuff to keep us warm and cozy ... :D

So I got in lots of walking today; am pleased that I got extra walking in three times over this past week. We had lovely :sunny: today, so it was perfect day to go out. We had fish for dinner tonight becuz it was easy after a busy and tiring day.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-06-2010, 02:56 PM
Hello fellow chicks

It is a grey day here but no rain the temperature is around 8c so not too bad overall. We have been warned that there is a cold spell on the way and not to expect temperatures above freezing. Although hearing about the weather on the East coast of the USA it sounds simply nothing. I do hope that any of our users on 3fc whom are in that area are OK and I will be thinking of you.

A good piece of news my sister has come home but still remains on much medication which includes opiates. She is now walking with a cane but can only manage short distances which is to be expected in the circumstances. Thanks for the continuing prayers which have helped her through this difficult operation. Unfortunately she has lost weight which seems funny to be saying this on a weight loss site. My sister has the opposite problem to us and has difficulty keeping the weight on and she does not have the weight to lose either. She is very slender and has a small build she is around 5ft 7in but pans in when well around 140 (heaviest she has ever been I have seen her as low as 105 and she looked awful. Not that she has an eating disorder but is one of the lucky soles who lose weight at the drop of a hat and struggle to stay at a good weight)

LUCY Sorry to hear that your medication is playing havoc with your tummy side effects can be horrid. I have been fortunate so far that I do not suffer to greatly with side effects. Steroids (predisole) can have the side effect of weight gain so all you can do is eat sensibly and stay in the range of calories suggested by doctor. I know that is seeming mission impossible with the tummy being as upset as it is. All I can suggest is try and make sure that the calories you do consume are nutritious so that way you get all the essential vitamins and minerals. I am sure that for a short period of time 1800 calories is very adequate but I am sure that you doctor will be monitoring the medication and charting the side effects. If this drug regime really does not suit I am sure there are others for you to try that will suit your body.

I hope that you have some luck with RA classes in your area for swimming and yoga. Please keep us informed how things go. Like Rosebud says tai chi is low impact on joints and you may find that it is something that you could have ago at. I am sure that you will find something it is often the case that trying to find out what is out their in your area which is easier said than done. I did not find the MS therapy centre until over a year ago and I had been diagnosed for over 9 years! Here there not much help if you are diagnosed with a chronic condition such are as we have. It would be so nice if there was a "pack" with all sorts of information in that would provide useful after you have got over the initial shock of the diagnosis and are at the stage "now what do I do from here".

You are a very busy lady and do much to be proud of it is not easy being a single mum at the best of time not to mention having physical challenges yourself to content with. I take my hat off to you and I admire you greatly I am not sure that I would be able to deal with what you day in and day out. I know how hard it is looking after a child with challenges of their own as my sister has a child with Perthes disease. In English ;) this is a condition of a hip that presents itself from the age of 4 to 10 and it is due to insufficient blood supply to that area and the bone dies. If the child is luck (most are) new blood supplies will be created by the body and the new bone will gradually appear over 1 to 3 years. Still the bone in my niece has not fully grown and she is now 12 years old and had the condition I think for 4 years.

She was coping well but need lots of pain killers to hold the pain at bay at times. Unfortunately as she has got older she moved schools in the September to go to secondary school but she now has been confronted with more walking in school and lots of stairs. She is in so much pain that she is now having a stronger cocktail of drugs and can only attend school part time. Now physiotherapist is trying to build up muscles in her back and leg which have become weak due to the gait she has taken to protect her hip. She is so brave she does not complain even though she is in lots of pain and does not look well :hug:

RONNI Thanks for the prayers for my family sure do appreciate them. Yes I am hoping that I do not become ill in this roller coaster that I am on. I know that I did once before when it lead to a relapse which I am trying to avoid. I know stress can be a trigger for a relapse so trying to use my techniques from my nursing days into practice easier said than done :lol: It is so much easier telling someone how to do it and be the facilitator of a relaxation session than practice it yourself. Hey they do say nurses make the worse patients :D

Yes I have heard of spaghetti squash which is a gem of a vegetable for substituting for spaghetti pasta. Unfortunately the range of squashes here in the UK is virtually nil :lol: It was not until recent years have we seen butternut squashes we get marrows also and that is about the top and bottom of it. We get pumpkins but they are like an arm and a leg in cost then when Halloween has past then they virtually disappear off the shelves. Hmm they must think no one wants to eat them but I like a pumpkin soup made in very much the same way as butternut squash soup it gives a nice flavour. I hope that in years to come that we shall get affordable ranges of squashes for us to try.

Wow what a difference to your body not to mention weight loss and inches loss with lack of gluten in your diet. I know like you say it is not the bench mark for gluten intolerance but if you feel better on it then nothing to stop you from going down that avenue. Even getting advice from doctor or dietitian regarding this if your are worried in anyway that you maybe lacking something in your diet from not having the foods that gluten is contained in.

Like your sister says some experts believe that if gluten among other things is omitted from your diet it improves MS symptoms. I know one such diet is something called Best Bet diet but I know for me I would not be able to incorporate such a restrictive diet into my daily life. Cutting out gluten is one thing but omitting dairy, gluten, legumes the list goes on what is permitted. I think I could tackle one reasonably easily but all together is another matter mission impossible for me but if that is the choice for any MSer I do not discourage anyone for giving it ago.

Sorry to hear that you have so much stress in your life right now but it natural with all that you are juggling right now all which are pretty stressful individually never mind all come along on one bus load together.

I am sending prayers for your father and MIL regarding their health. I do hope it is a good outcome for your MIL forth coming operation. :hug: poor Dad being unable to get up after falling it is awful not being able to get up with help and can sympathise with Dad. ( I can't always get up and rely on DH getting me upright) No wonder you were so upset about Dad I would have been had it been my own father. I really do hope that you are able to get a bungalow (one storey dwelling here in UK) to suit your needs and Dad can come and live with you. Plus one bonus I am sure that a one storey dwelling will suit your own physical challenges that you have regarding mobility or may have in the future. I really do hope that you are given the strength you need to meet your forth coming stresses in your life and I am thinking about you and your family :grouphug:

ROSEBUD Thanks so much for the prayers for my family it has been much appreciated and I am thankful that my sister has come through her operation and on the road to recovery. I really hope that she sees some improvement after the operation though there are no guarantees this will happen as the surgeon told her. I think the operation was also done to protect her spinal cord with her disk being pushed out of shape and was now showing signs with pins and needles / numbness in her legs. I hope that she has less pain than she did as that will be be a bonus anything else is icing on the cake.

I am trying so hard not for it to affect my health as I know a relapse may chip away a little bit more of what I am capable of doing right now. I try to have a tiny bit of me time every day to ensure I can chill out and relax the best I can. If I can sit and read a book for a little while often that takes me to another time and place that the book is set in. Magically it allows you to forget your worries and cares for a short moment in time.

I have been to the farmers market today which was heaving I think everybody decided to visit today and the car park was very full. I was lucky and picked up all the things I wanted to buy. Like sugar free cakes and scones. Great for treat without being too bad on the calories. At least the sugars are natural ones. I was speaking to the baker and he told me date (pureed) are used to sweeten many things like fruit cake or carrot cake. It is nice that they are making a range for diabetics and those who are watching what we eat. I have put them into the freezer ready for pack up days on deliveries.

I hope you all having a great weekend take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-07-2010, 12:24 AM
HI LADIES ~ Just stayed home and did lots of research today, as we had a visitor this afternoon who makes and rents and sells motorized bikes from down in the Ottawa area.

He shared some tips with me about losing weight; he is on the FIT 4 LIFE plan and has lost 40 lbs in only just over 2 months; but he started high. I read that program when it first came out in the 80's and instilled some of the ideas when I could. I may give it a whirl for a day or so to see if I can master it. I already have the dinner on some nights; and fruit and snacks alone now, but putting the whole plan together would take some planning and extra effort for me, I think.

I'm not sure (as I was back then) that I would like the whole plan as it is so opposite of how we have been eating all our lives. However, a lot of the ideas may help those with IBS or other digestive disorders. Our family has so many of them, including lactose intolerance; digestive and absorption problems; and IBS ... all of which the author claims can be helped by their plan.

Have a super Sunday ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-07-2010, 01:18 PM
Hi Ladies

Having a quite relaxing weekend after the racing speed of late our life's had been going. I have been out for lunch today from a treat from DH much appreciated.

I have cooked a couple of gammon joints today. One to eat and one to freeze policy that I try to adopt when ever possible. I am going to use one for sandwiches tonight and the other has already cooled down enough to be frozen. Had an accident today when I thought I could lift this pan of water and but my strength is going slowly from me and all I did was pour boil hot water on my foot :cry: Quickly did the first aid procedure for burns and I think I have managed to stop the blistering although it is red I know it could have been far worse. My guardian angel must have protected me from what could have been a nasty accident. I have put some cream on my foot for minor burns called "sudocrem" it works wonders at taking the stinging pain associated with burns. So lesson learned today not to lift that pan with water in it now as it is above my capabilities. I sometimes over step the mark and think things are within my abilities and they are far from it resulting in all sorts of mischief ;)

Our dear Rizzie is not so well today he is a bit lethargic and can't be bothered attitude. He has spent a lot of the day asleep which is not like him he normally likes to have a good playing session with his ball being thrown or hidden around the house to find. He has perked up a bit this afternoon but still not right by a long chalk. He is still eating as he has had a little bit of of cooked gammon I had cooked earlier. No vomiting or the runs but I think he has arthritis has he is struggling to get in to his chair at times and his rear end doesn't come with him. Will keep an eye on him closely if he does not pick up he has got himself a one way ticket to his favourite place the vet (not really he makes such a racket he is embarrassing not that he his aggressive or anything like that when being examining just over excitable)

ROSEBUD Sounds like you have been busy with your internet research where would we be without the internet and it's usefulness in providing us with information to our fingertips.

Nothing to lose by trying your friend weight loss programme it may suit your life style and health issues. You can always return to your eating programme that you are on at the moment if things are not working for you. I have heard of the programme but not that I know anything much about the programme apart from the name. You never know you may find it is the one for you not one programme suits all. I think we know that when we read others stories and find that they had tried numerous times before but not succeeded but trying something new and the penny dropped for them.

There are so many people whom suffer from the health issue called IBS and its debilitating symptoms that it has anything that can lessen the symptoms and make you feel in control rather than the IBS is worth it. So often it is triggered by certain foods or beverages and the symptoms so embarrassing at times. Medication can help but if you can control what triggers it in the first place then medication can be reduced or not taken altogether. The more I hear of IBS the more people I hear that have the condition in various severities it would be nice if there was a cure for it :)

Must go and finish my :coffee: before it goes cold till next time have a lovely Sunday and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-07-2010, 02:53 PM
Not really sure if this is the place to post this, please let me know if I've messed up.

I am disabled, trying to lose weight and have been trying to find ways of exercises to suit me with my limited capabilities.

Well I found that Avon is selling a couple of things that are ideal for people with mobility problems. They are selling a Tone and Stretch Band for £3 in the next couple of weeks (I'd been advised to get one and had no idea where! lol) and a Gyroscopic Ball for toning your arms. Both of these can be used sitting down and seem not to be too demanding on the body.

I don't know if this is an international thing for Avon, or just in the UK, but I thought I'd share this if anyone else like me has had trouble finding things that suit them.

02-07-2010, 09:47 PM
:welcome: TIGZ ~ Yes, you certainly are in the right place. We are glad that you decided to join us here in our thread. I see that you are from Scotland; my SM and her family are from there and possible one of my Grandfather's too. We're not sure, but he does have a Scottish surname; although some immigrants used to take on other's names when they came to Canada a long time ago, but we do know that they did come from the UK.

Thanks for the good tip on where to buy a new stretchie band. I really liked mine but the last few times, I was using it; the danged thing snapped in half, and then in half again ... :lol: Gave me quite a fright really, but it was funny too. We do have AVON here too, but I don't know if they sell all the same products or not, but you never know.

I also do other toning exercises laying in my bed in the AM before I get out of bed, plus I do arm aeorbics in my chair. I even do some while in the internet while waiting for things to come up; I do arm movements (sometimes to music) and chair situps or tummytucks as I call them, but they all work the same.

Here's how you do them: you hold your tummy in and cross your arms in front of you, then move forwards and back about 8-12" ... repeat about 10-15 times. As time goes on, you can do more. Sometimes I vary it by putting my arms out in front of me, clasping my hands; and over the back of my head. Stretching your legs out in front of you whilst doing them also helps work your lower tummy too. I repeat them each way about 10 times.

Do you have a eating plan that you like? Do come back now, and tell us some more about yourself. And maybe you could explain more about that exercise ball for your arms; I haven't heard of that one yet, but maybe I'll google it ... :hug:

02-07-2010, 11:43 PM
HI PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you had an accident with the boiling water :yikes: -- yes, we have to be so careful esp with things like that. I'm glad that you weren't injured any worse, but I'm sure that was bad enuff; might be better to leave the heavy lifting to DH from now on. I pray that your foot heals up well and quickly.

Also your Rizzie is under the weather too; gotta send up some prayers for him too. Our girls had the same problems as they aged too; and NIKO seems to catch our colds. There are so many going around these days. One of DH's cousins is bed-ridden this weekend with one; so we are praying for her to recover quickly.

I may try some aspects of that Fit 4 Life plan; not sure if I could do it all the time, but I will try and gleam some benefits from parts of it at least. I was thinking of trying some meals or maybe every other day and see how that goes for awhile. I did the breakfast and lunch today just to try it out. I found the lunch menu a bit lacking; only 2 choices given, so that will definitely need some work.

We had milder temps today with the :sunny: out for awhile too -- it got up to -7C this afternoon. Made roast chicken with veggies and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight; so nice with lots left over for another meal.

Hope you all have a Marvellous Monday tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-08-2010, 10:28 AM
Hello fellow chicks

We have a grey dreary morning but fortunately no rain not been out so far today so not sure how warm it is. Although this is typical weather for this time of the year for the UK :yes:.

Today it has been a vegetarian fayre for lunch with harricot and aduzki beans (spelling?) sweet thai chill. I cheated and used a sauce from a jar I must confess and the beans come to that. It make a lovely dinner and made double portion so that we can put a meal into the freezer for a later date. It turned out better than expected I must admit :T.

Well our Rizzie seems much brighter and perky this morning more like back to his normal self which is pleasing :hug:. Not ate much yesterday but that is the same with humans if we feel unwell often the first thing to go is our appetite. He has at least wanted to play with his ball in short bursts today so maybe he is on the mend and had a 48 hour bug or something like that or just his arthritis catching up with him. He is no spring chicken at 11 I forget his age at times as he is so sprightly not acting his age at all when I compare to my SIL Alsatian dogs who are the same age they do seem elderly in the way they are.

Already made sandwiches for tomorrow at the ms centre and whilst I was doing that I made today's tea as I would have all the same things out. So all organised now I think for tea and tomorrow. Need to have a shower later to wash my hair which is a little greasy I noticed this morning. Friends of ours are now on their holidays and they have gone to Sri Lanka for a fortnight. 4 days touring and 10 days in a resort. I hope they have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing about their travels.

TIGZ :welcome2: to the board glad you have found us and this is the right place as you have challenges like the rest of us who post on here.

Like yourself I am also from the UK and have found this board a godsend as her people understand how difficult it is to undertake exercise and our achievements in this area maybe small but here on this board are big :)

Thanks for letting us know of different forms of exercise that we may look into any suggestions are gratefully received. I have heard of bands that you have mentioned but not the company you mentioned. Look forward to getting to know you better over the forth coming weeks.

ROSEBUD Yes painful lesson learned about moving heavy pans I just get carried away and sometime forget that is beyond my capabilities now. I just think I go into "automatic pilot" mode when working and this makes me absent minded :dizzy: I am very fortunate that I have altered sensation in my feet I have lost a lot of normal feeling from my knees down really and each relapse more has been taken away. With lessened feeling in my lower limbs I am blessed in not been in pain from the burn when clearly I should so I am fortunate for that reason. I will have to keep a close eye on it to make sure that it is OK. There is no blister but it is very red for a two inch square area just above my big toe on my left foot. Thanks for the prayers for the swift healing much appreciated.

Your prayers for Rizzie seem to be working as he is seeming a much perkier fellow this morning with that glint in his eye looking for mischief :lol: I know as our baby gets older it is to be expected he will slow down like we all do when we are older. I really hope your prayers for your poorly cousin whom is bedridden is well soon and back on her feet are answered.

Even if you do not fully undertake all of the "fit 4 life plan" taking bits of it that you can incorporate into your daily menu could be good. To be honest as you know I count calorie well when I started on this journey I would take recipes from all different sections of this board. Plus a big help for me as a starting point was the pyramid of food which gave me a guide to how much of each food I could have. Like say 2 portions of dairy or 5 slices of bread. It really helped me tow the line in and a good starting point over the months I have tweaked it has you know adding or taking away things as needed to where I am today. It is a growing processes one I think I will always be learning something new that I can incorporate into my life style.

Well in the absence of a fairy godmother :D I must go as I have dishes from dinner which still need washing as we had a later lunch today so hence pots still lingering about. So hope you all have a smashing Monday and catch you all soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-08-2010, 04:48 PM
Hi Ladies,

Thank you for the lovely welcome and advice. Had a very busy day and not been able to do much. Just been raiding youtube and found some really good chair workouts to try. LOL Does anyone else feel like a complete muppet when you are doing a workout dvd? I wish I could do it with a paper bag over my head! Must remember to close the curtains ROFL! Or I might end up on youtube!

Hoping tomorrow won't be just as hectic and will get a chance to do a shopping list and menu for the next few days. I always find it easier for doing the shopping and financially if I make my menu first and then make the shopping list from that. Then I need to go around the supermarket with blinkers on! Not good in a mobility scooter, but fun to see the nervous look on the faces of people in front of you! Mwaaaahahahahahahahaha (Evil Laugh:devil:)

Why isn't winter over yet? We got a little sunshine here this morning and even though it was blimin freezing, I felt it charging my batteries.


02-08-2010, 08:41 PM
HI TIGZ ~ you have a great attitude; sounds like you have some fun in your scooter in the grocery store. The weather here was cold today too; one of those days that you definitely want winter to be over with pronto.

We had to go out today and those winds almost blew us away. DH had a dentist appointment, otherwise we would have just stayed home. We picked up some fresh foods and did some errands whilst we were out there; but boy, I was glad to get back home.

DH was just saying it feels cold in here right now, so I am going to put the furnace up a bit to make it feel warmer in here. I just noticed that I can hear the winds coming down the furnace pipe ... :yikes: The cold is bothering us much more as we age.

I'm glad you found some exercises to do on youtube; and yes, DH sometimes comments to me that I look like a traffic cop waving my arms around all over the place ... :lol: I said I don't care; it works for me, so I don't care whether others think I'm nuts or not ... ;)

Hope you have a great shopping trip tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-08-2010, 08:51 PM
HEY PURPLE ~ so glad to hear that you and Rizzie are both feeling much better today. Every now and then, our NIKO has a day where he seems to sleep a lot, but then the next day, he is right as rain.

I am making lots of double meals now myself; I try to make at least that many now. Tomorrow we are having leftover chicken and roasted veggies from Sunday's dinner. We had hamburgers today becuz I was famished. I did fruit for breakfast but by dinnertime, I am starving. I calculated that plan has way too few calories for me. I may do the odd meal, but the overall plan doesn't suit me at all; as it's way too restrictive ...

I think vegetarians or even vegans would like it better; it really sounds to me like that's what the plan is really about ... plus it's very low cal to boot. I don't miind a meatless meal here and there, but I am a meat lover; I just seem to function better with lean protein and complex carbs. So, I am going to stick to my calorie-counting as I am doing so well with it now.

Hope you have a terrific day at your therapy tomorrow; and do take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-09-2010, 06:26 PM
"I donít wanna work today
Maybe I just wanna stay
Just take it easy cause there is no stress"

:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::c arrot::carrot:

Gorgeous day here again today, I'm like Jekyll and Hyde when the sun comes out LOL!

Going to look at a new car tomorrow. I should be excited. But I'm not!

Rosebud - Thank you for the kind words about my attitude, most people just think I am nuts. Unfortunately the attitude fails me frequently as I have bad bouts of depression. Marketing idea: Chocolate flavoured Anti-depressants YUMMMMMMM!

Purple - I know where you are coming from. Its so hard. I was raiding youtube last nite for wheelchair workouts. Actually found a couple of if I can get 2 minutes to scratch my butt......LOL

Anyways, cheers all! Have a good day!


02-09-2010, 09:08 PM
:lol: HI TIGZS ~ well, I think you have to have a good sense of humor in this life; and with what some us here on this thread are dealing with each day, we need an extra dose of something ... ;)

And, dark chocolate covered anything might be a good idea; I had some dark-chocolate covered almonds at Christmas. That was a great idea too. I can have 4 for only 100 calories; and I only have about 4 left. I put them out in my freezer for a weekly treat; after that, then I can start on the very dark chocolate bars :lol: ... but in moderation, of course! :D

We had another gorgeous :sunny: day today; and the temps came up to -7C which isn't too bad really. We'll take it! Just stayed home and did some laundry today; and a few light housechores as well. Stayed off the net all day waiting for a call, which never came ... :p

We had a lovely dinner of leftover roasted chicken and lots of veggies. Had a good day and was very happy with how I did. I made some homemade chicken-veggie soup with some of the broth and veggies from the other dish; and have enuff left for tomorrow's lunch as well.

Well, it's time for my evening tea -- have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow ladies ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-10-2010, 01:00 PM
Hi fellow chicks

Well today is a mixed bag when it comes to the weather one minute brilliant sunshine :sunny: and the next snow ****. The weather though over the past few days has been getting slowly colder and distinctly chilly :brr:.

Tomorrow off on our travels DH and I we are delivering in Luton which is not too far from London our capital city. Lets hope the weather does not turn for the worse and we have heavy snowfall:no: We are delivering the usually beanbags for BIL but I have still to get myself organised and make the sandwiches for the journey. I have just got back after doing the weekly shop at the big superstore near my home. Mind you I am blessed for supermarkets as I have quite a few different ones all about the same distance from my home (5 mile radius) so we can pick and choose.

In the supermarket we go to I dropped by on the off chance that my glasses would be ready at the opticians as it has nearly been a fortnight since I selected the pairs (had an offer on two pairs for the price of one). I have gone for varifocals the same as my old pair of glasses. I have wore my glasses for a few hours but the change in prescription has made me feel dizzy after several hours of wearing them so to give my eyes a rest I have gone back to my old pair. So I have got to gently introduce my eyes to the new prescription over the next few days. The glasses I have selected this time are not wildly different from the ones I wear at the minute nearly the same shape but the glasses arms are slightly wider. One pair is light and one pair beige but even then not vastly different from each other. I have not got both pairs as unfortunately the lady who was fitting my glasses noticed a fault in the enamelling of the glasses so they have returned to have them replaced before they are given to me.

Like I said earlier in the post I have yet to make our sandwiches to go with us on our travels as the service stations are so expensive. I have also got some plan cooked chicken for our Rizzie so he has something to tide his hunger over with until he gets home. Plus it is not fair to be eating right next to him whilst in the van and he get absolutely nothing. This way he thinks he's not missed out and I feel guilt free for giving him something.

I have had a tiny bit of a tummy bug I think since Monday with the trotters not that I have felt too unwell or anything just a shade off colour and reduced appetite (not a bad thing ;) ) Went for my oxygen treatment yesterday so and starting to feel human again :D Missed out last week so been a fortnight since my last oxygen fix so was ready this time.

TIGZ Yes I know what you mean exercising in the lounge to a dvd in the lounge on full display to the neighbours so needless to say the curtains are swiftly shut before the men in white coats come and cart me off :lol: Mind family all think I have a few screws loose for undertaking the career path I did of psychiatric nurse :yes:. My ultimate aim was to work at Rampton (maximum security psychiatric hospital) unfortunately just as I started to seriously look for Sister posts there (Sister is a rank in nursing or the male equivalent is Charge nurse) MS came knocking on my door.

Shopping is hard with all the "goodies" on offer to tempt you to fall off the path of healthy eating. There are aisles that I avoid altogether now and don't even stray down them otherwise it could be lethal :o I am lucky as I do not have any children whom I have to cater from so nothing to tempt me and my DH in our house. So if I do go on the munchies in the home it is on food that is not too damming on the waist line at the end of the day. I have yet to go round in a supermarket with my scooter ( I can just manage the walk round but absolutely tattered afterwards) oh no me on a scooter and food in the aisle not a good mix :nono: I can see that I am going to have an embarrassing accident knocking down a food display and you can guarantee it will be glass jars of something or other :o. I am new to a scooter by the way I have just about mastered using it outside without flattening someone (unlike the first time I used on I pinned our best friend to our car after I come hurtling down their driveway at full throttle :scooter: Unfortunately our friend as not let me live that one down yet :D

It is lovely to have you on this board posting with your lovely upbeat personality and my warped sense of humour. My DH also has this lovely nature that I love so much and drawn toward. Many of the nurses I worked with thinking about it over the years had it and it was our pressure value on coping what at times with stressful and difficult situations. Look forward to having more of the same Jekyll or is it Hyde ;)

ROSEBUD Well glad to report our Rizzie is back or normal being mischievous and having that glint in his eye telling me that he his looking for more trouble :D Appetite is back to normal and yesterday he was a bottomless pit and I reckon he had hollow legs cos I just couldn't fill him. He was making up for the last few days when he ate enough to keep a sparrow alive ;)

Well at least you gave the "fit 4 life plan" a whirl and it wasn't for you as you did not find it filling enough. I like to feel full and satisfied so something along the lines of volumetrics looking for the foods with little calories and volume to fill my tummy. I know my tummy has shrunk since I have been healthy eating and foods that I happily munched away on now make me feel green at the gills for eating them. (serves me right for being naughty and giving in to temptation :lol:) At least you can go back to your normal style of eating plan as it is working as you know by smaller clothing for one :carrot: We know how important victories are whether they be the scales or not. Along the path that I have taken I have had both and they have given me pleasure not to mention incentive along the way to carry on.

I think it happens to most of us as we get that little bit older the more we feel the cold. It maybe due to the fact we are not so active as we were when we were twenty years or so younger. Plus with age comes health issues like arthritis not to mention other aches and pains. I know I feel the cold much more that I ever used to. My hands and feet are nearly always permanently cold my DH joking says " I reckon you must be dead " with being so cold. I know my DH who always wanted it cooler than me is now finding it cold at times especially on his shoulder which is arthritic.

Gotta run and a few chores I still need to do for today if I can been good to drop by though and catch up .

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-10-2010, 09:22 PM
HI PURPLE ~ it was so nice to hear from you today; a big, long post too. Glad that you got out to your therapy yesterday, as it helps you so much. We were gonna go out today for a couple of pick-ups and for a walk, but the winds were really cold, making it feel much colder than it was. Tonight it is suppose to drop down to -17C, and with the winds, that would feel more like -27C; I can already hear the winds coming down the furnace pipe as I am typing this post. :brr:

DH is out watching a charity hockey game at our local arena; he likes going to things like that. I used to when I was younger, but I didn't feel up to it with colder temps. I do better earlier in the day really. Today, we were making up our bed with a new blanket that I picked up and I pulled my groin muscle ... :yikes: that really smarts. Thankfully, after I rested for a while, the pain subsided and I was OK to get dinner going early, so DH could go early to the game. In the future, I am going to have to be more careful, and DH says that he would rather do those things than have me hurt myself again.

I had a really good OP day today; was happy about that. I am tweaking and revising my plan as I go. Instilling some ideas from other plans, but still using my basic plan that I devised many years ago now. I am getting better at it as time goes by. I have decided that it is better to stick with what you know works for you best.

Our winter carnival is on full force this weekend; sounds like they have some awesome things going on again this year. We have a new recreational committee that have been doing a fabulous job; so we are very blessed to have such dedicated folk in our town. We hope to get out and see some of the events this year.

Hope you have a wonderful trip tomorrow; like your RIZZIE, our NIKO loves to go with us no matter where we go, or how cold it is. DH thinks that we should try to find him a coat or sweater of some kind, as he is becoming so used to being a house pet now. Finding one his size will be the issue; he is a medium-sized dog. I don't know whether he'll want to wear it though, so we'll have to see. Maybe I'll put on one of DH's t-shirts to see how he reacts; that's what I did with our girls. When I saw they were OK with that, then I bought them sweaters.

Well, that's all the news from here for now -- do take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-11-2010, 10:01 AM
Well, I overdid it yesterday. Ended up flat out on my back on the couch, grinding the teeth, migracool patch on forehead, doped up to the eyeballs! :dizzy: I was so desperate for relief I missed American Idol and took a ROASTING hot bath instead (just call me lobster!). Better today though. Sun is shining again, gorgeous but freezing here. Took this pic 2 days ago. This is what we see just yards from the front door. Makes is easier to get up in the mornings when this is what you see:

Car News

Went and signed the papers for a new car today. Going to go back on the Motability Scheme again. Less stress with no MOT's, Insurance and repairs etc etc etc

My Motability Gripe: The amount of people on the scheme who need automatic cars and the astronomical deposit for family sized cars that are automatics. Even the deposit you need to put down on one with enough room in the boot for your wheelchair - RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! Someone there needs a reality check!

Anyways, car will be here in a few weeks YAYYY!!!:broc:

Purple - Hope road trip goes well. Need to post a pic of Rizzie. I have a GSD and an Afghan/Collie cross. Here's mine:

Rosebud - Groin strain - OWWWWIEEEEEEE! Hope its back to normal. I totally understand being better earlier in the day, I'm like that too - on a downwards spiral from breakfast. Really had to learn well how to pace myself when I got back out the wheelchair, its a balancing act.:yoga:

Right, going to have a coffee now and see if I can pick myself up for the afternoon!


02-11-2010, 10:42 AM
Hello everyone!

I have had some computer issues that kept me down for a few days :( Lucky for me I have a computer wiz in the household so I only had to wait on the parts :)

Well let me start by saying that my tummy is feeling much better and the new meds seem to be working as I must have lost some weight because my jeans fit I started a water aerobics class last night and that went really well I was able to do the whole class but was very very tired after and just snacked for dinner then went to bed before 8:30 :yawn: I did swim my youngest son for the hour before that so I think it may have just been a shock to this body of I was a little disappointed to find out that I only burnt about 400 calories and it seemed like so much work! I have joined the ymca and that was the pool I used it is farther then I wanted but I couldn't find anything closer so...what could I do? I was very happy that I was able to do so much more in the water then I can on land...I was very proud that I made it through the whole class ;) I am going to look up how to use the stability ball and will ask about Tai Chi I am just not sure what all I can do right now....maybe a trainer could help me figure it all out I don't know but I have been doing something everyday and my calorie intake is staying about 2,100-2,300 per day yeah some days it is about 100 more then the doctor suggested but I am just not gonna beat myself up over can't hurt that much, kwim? I am going to try to use the bike at the gym today for a little while or maybe the elliptical I am not sure just yet and the more I am thinking about it the more I think I would like to meet with a trainer at least a few times but it is so expensive...well maybe with my income tax.

Purple~Your poor niece....I know what this is like as an adult but as a kiddo it must be so much harder! God Bless her!

02-12-2010, 01:04 AM
HI TIGZ ~ that's a really nice picture of the view near your home; that is worth getting up to look at indeed. It must be so beautiful to sit out there with your morning java and so peaceful too. Ah, the eyes on that lovely little furry baby ... so deep; he/she looks like a sweetie and the Shepherd looks so mysterious in the dark. :lol: I love furry babies myself; will have to show you a pic of our NIKO too.

Vehicles are expensive no matter how you get them, it seems. We didn't pay much for our second-hand car, but the upkeep does cost as you know. Yes, I am feeling much better; just resting seemed to help that (I am so grateful). Today, I just took it easy, doing light stuff only. DH did the big vacuuming today; that is such a big help to me. That took up the morning while I did other small things; but lesson learned: there are just some things that I can't and/or shouldn't try to do anymore.

HEY LUCY ~ glad you got your PC issues all sorted out; like car repairs, PC issues come up regular. You are doing very well and boy, you are going to town with the exercise thing. Be careful not to overdo it now; we don't want you to hurt yourself, but you could try one thing at a time and see how you feel.

It was a colder day today as well, but we did have gorgeous :sunny: all day. I sat in the sun for awhile and did some reading during a break and it was so nice. The sun makes it seem like it is warmer than it is; DH went out for awhile but came back in becuz he was cold. I am happy for the sunshine becuz it really makes February and March so much more bearable for us up here in the north. I sit in my rocker by our front window and it feels like I am basking in the sun, even if it is winter.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-12-2010, 08:30 AM
I never did make it to the gym yestersday my youngest had a orthodotist appt before and it didn't go well he was hurting so we went home and then I made him something soft for dinner. I did get the house cleaned up a bit the boys sure can mess it up fast! I was up a lot last night as my joints had been very stiff so I am debating the water class tonight it may get better once I am in but moving is very hard so I just don't know if I will have the energy after working today and not sleeping well :(

I have 2 furbabies as well Princess & Izzy..I ill have to get some pics up of my babies ;)

02-12-2010, 10:25 AM
Good morning, everyone! Gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I had time to get on here and visit-must do better at that, as it helps so much to communicate with others in the same boat.

Lucy-glad you're able to join the Y and have some workout time. I'm sure it'll help, even with winding down from stress and such.

Tigz-beautiful view and furry babies! Welcome to our group too!

Purple-ouch! A burn on the foot can be very painful-maybe some advantage to diminished sensation (if there can be any advantage, you know). I once dumped a pot of boiling water down my tummy and ended up with a blister right at my waistband. I knew then that I had to start being much more careful. My biggest problem has always been falling. I even fell a couple weeks ago when I had snow on my shoes and stepped on a concrete floor, then whoop! Down I went on my knee again and it's still stiff. Hoping your travels went well this week! And, so glad Rizzie's feeling better!

Rosebud-Hope you get to go out to some of your Winter Carnival activities. Sounds like fun! I'd like to find some fun activity to do, but I'm thinking more of somewhere with palm trees and sandy beaches-lol! Not that anything like that is bound to happen, of course.

I was reading Dr. Oz's book, "You on a Diet" and found a hint I'd like to share. He says that eating about 70 calories of healthy fat (you know, those omega fats) about 20 minutes before a meal triggers the fat-sensing chemicals that our brains need to help us start to feel full. Now, I've always had a problem with portion control and wanting second helpings, so I thought this is something I really need help with. His solution is to eat 6 walnut halves or 12 almonds or 20 peanuts about 20 minutes before your meal and IT REALLY WORKS! I'm so surprised that something so simple helps me keep my portions within reason. I knew I had cut my fats way too much, so now I get those healthier fats and feel more full with less food at any meal.

Our DS3 is going on a youth retreat this weekend-his first time to go away on his own (well, with the youth group, of course). He's looking forward to it, even though the boys that had caused problems will be going also, but there will be lots of other kids there that he likes to hang with, so he should have a great time!

Our lawsuit was settled for more than we expected, but less than our attorney said we should have gotten-oh,'ll be enough to pay off the medical and even some other bills, so we're not complaining. Just wish drivers would learn to be responsible and insurance companies weren't such crooks!

Well, must go get some work and schooling done. Hope you all have a great day and weekend too! Oh, and happy Valentine's Day :val1:!

02-12-2010, 01:04 PM
I was reading Dr. Oz's book, "You on a Diet" and found a hint I'd like to share. He says that eating about 70 calories of healthy fat (you know, those omega fats) about 20 minutes before a meal triggers the fat-sensing chemicals that our brains need to help us start to feel full. Now, I've always had a problem with portion control and wanting second helpings, so I thought this is something I really need help with. His solution is to eat 6 walnut halves or 12 almonds or 20 peanuts about 20 minutes before your meal and IT REALLY WORKS! I'm so surprised that something so simple helps me keep my portions within reason. I knew I had cut my fats way too much, so now I get those healthier fats and feel more full with less food at any meal.

First of all, thank you for the welcome Ronni, nice to meet you. Does the book offer any alternative to nuts? I'm nut intolerant and not too keen on fish. Maybe an omega-3 capsule 20 mins before would work.

Having a busy day today with kids, cars, housework (yes I do some lol!) and making jewellery in between. Used to make jewellery years ago, before "The Chair" and then the kids, now finding I have some extra time since the kids are in school and I can make jewellery without stressing my body out. Got a local charity night coming up so I am going to sell some there and see how it goes. If unsuccessful there's always Ebay LOL!;)

Need to go, making salad to go with dinner tonight.

TC All talk laterz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02-12-2010, 03:39 PM
Hello Ladies

Lots of lovely post for me to read today so hopefully I am now up to speed. I went on my travels yesterday and did a trip to Luton. It went very smoothly and no hold up on the roads plus a big bonus we found the delivery place easily as well.

I am in the process of making some red lentil soup. I have just made a stock from ham hock bones now waiting for that to go cold to skim any fat that might be lurking in there. I have already prepared all the vegetables to go in to the soup so well organised on that front. So we should have a lovely soup for tomorrow with it begin lentil soup it is very filling as well.

Brass monkey weather here at the minute the wind is so biting so I have to wrap up like I am about to rob a bank :lol: Goodness knows what people think of me and especially when I have to do it around the freezer section of the supermarket as it can trigger my trigeminial neuralgia.

RONNI Yes time flies by so quickly and without you realising it has been several days since you have made an appearance on 3fc and I raise my hands up to that and guilty as charged :D

I have had a few falls in my time but :crossed: none recently. I am becoming increasingly unsteady on my feet though I have notice so I am sure it is a matter of time seems to come with the territory. Like you have done it seems to always seek out the weak spot for landing on just to irritate it some more.

I had a great trip with DH and Rizzie but unfortunately our baby had some horrid smells emanating from his rear end. Typical the van did not come with pegs for our noses :lol:

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that you have been in the wars with pulling a muscle in your groin Ouch. I hope that it gets better soon and you don't get too much pain from it. Your DH and mine seem to be alike in rather doing things for us so that we don't hurt ourself. I know sometimes he is in pain himself with his shoulder and he suffers in silence. So I have to be observant and watch for the signs that he is in pain. I can then offer pain relief, either a massage, heat pad or medication. But you know men and tablets biggest babes out bless them. He would not ask for pain relief and getting to take a tablet is a feat in itself :dizzy:

Is the festival or carnival that is eminent is that the one where bon homme makes an appearance? I hope I have the spelling right as we have nothing like that here in the UK.

LUCY Pc's can be great but so frustrating when they won't go :( I am lucky also that my DH is quite handy with pc so is able to do a few things for me. I can reformat my own pc now but at one time had to get nephew to do it for us. So we gradually learnt the process from him so we did not have to call upon him for that. The nephew in question is a bit of whizz when it comes to pc's so we are fortunate that this is his background but he now works in the family firm for his uncle and with his mum.

Glad your tummy has settled down and it is not giving you so much hassle. At least one bonus came out of it which is your jeans fitting :). It is handy to take your measurements with a tape measure because often the scales may not go down especially if you are exercising but the tape measure will highlight those non scale victories which are just as important. I was surprised along the way that how many inches I had lost over the time. So often the scales may not have budged an ounce but progress has been made in other areas. I really wished I was much braver and had photographs taken of myself at the beginning of my journey. But I was the Master at dodging and avoiding photographs like they were the plague. I never wanted a record me if I did see myself in a photograph then in my mind I was this 150 goddess (which oh boy I wasn't)

It does seem disheartening when you have worked your socks off for something like 200 calories and it seems that it should be 10 times that much. The exercise we do get in all adds up over time and if you losing even if it is a little at a time then you are doing something right. People are so disappointed that they are not like losing 5lbs or so every week but it is much better to lose 1-2 pounds per week. It might not seems like much but it sure does add up and soon people will notice the change in your body.

Hey the odd 100 calories over is not be beat yourself up over you might find another day that you are 100 calories less so it all works itself out in the end. So you have the right attitude towards the little overage that you might have one day. I now am on 1500 but some days that could creep up nearer 2000 but other days it is nearer 1200 so if you add it up over a week it would average 1500.

Yes having disability to contend with when you are that age it is hard. Before my sister became disabled I was the only member in the family who was remotely knowing what she felt like. So I sat and had a chat with her and she opened up to me as I think she as always known me as disabled as I was diagnosed the same year as she was born. By the time I was diagnosed with MS I already had a degree of disability. It seems so unfair that she will not know what a "normal" childhood is like to run and play like other girls without having loads of pain.

TIGZ Thanks for sharing the photograph of the view from your home and your furry babies. (they're gorgeous by the way ) Wow what a view from your home that is beautiful so picturesque. There are some stunning views in Scotland and I simply love it up there. I had numerous holidays to various parts of the country. The last time I was in a log cabin not too far from Moffatt (spelling? hopeless at spelling ;) ) I would go again but we take my parents on holiday with us and my Dad is getting frailer so we tend to choose places a little closer to home.

I too have a car on Motability which has been a god send and taken the stress out of maintaining a car and the expenses that come with it. I know what you mean the prices for down payment for family cars can be astronomical I wish that there where some affordable ones. I know it is a charitable organisation but people with disabilities do have families. I have a family car big enough for 4 adults, a dog and scooter. We have the car this size as often we take Dad to hospital plus our holiday. Then there are times throughout the year when my parents come and stay with us for short periods. I best get off my :soap: before I get myself in mischief ;)

This is a picture of my furry baby he is called Rizzie and he is a Staffordshire bull terrier. He is 11 years old in January going on two at times ;)

I have loved your post with its humour akin to mine. Made me laugh when you put the picture of the :moo: our nickname for our dog is Moo this is because he was once ignored being called in from the garden so I crept out to find him munching away on grass :lol: The only other time he has ignored me is when I have found him several times nose to nose with the next door neighbours cat. Neither sonic (cat) or Rizzie daring to make the first move so both staring each other out. Rizzie seems to have a fascination with cats. We found him in my parents garden having his nose scratched to pieces by the neighbours cat Percy. Our silly dog just sat there and let him do it :dizzy: So now he has a little white scar on his nose for his run in with Percy. You would think he would learn but he seems hypnotised by them :D

Well must wash up the tea pots as the butler has not done them tonight ;) I also fancy a drink as my throat is forever dry :coffee: take care ladies been great stopping by

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-13-2010, 12:08 AM
HI PURPLE ~ the temps warmed up for us some today; we had a bit of ***** in the AM, then the :sunny: came out for most of the day -- and now the temps are sitting around a balmy -10C, so it feels quite warm in here right now. I may even have to turn DOWN the furnace tonight ... yeah! :carrot:

DH was brave and went out to a couple of hockey games; but he said it was very cold, so he had to go inside wear the heat was. As we get older, the cold bothers our muscles and joints much more. The big events will be starting this weekend mostly; and DH's favorite is the smash-up car derby on snow; and it gets bigger every year.

I don't know if the bonhomme will show up or not. I know that there is one here, but whether he/it will be around for this carnival or not is a mystery. They have them in Quebec a lot and at all their carnivals and many winter celebrations. DH & I did see one in our town one year, but we can't recall now when it was; he just seems to show up at some places here and there. Maybe we have a shy bonhomme ... :lol:

We had a quiet day today; I have been taking it easy so I can rest my groin muscle -- don't want to aggravate it at all. The best way is to not do anything that is stressful to that area, but I felt better as the day progressed.

That is a nice picture of RIZZIE; that is cute how he gets up on his hind legs for you to take the picture. I tried to take a pic of NIKO yesterday, but as soon as I got out the camera, he decided it was time to get up and stretch. He looks at the camera with an inquisitive expression; you can tell he is wondering what it is ...

Glad you had a good trip yesterday; funny that RIZZIE seems to have indigestion problems on the trips. I think most dogs eat grass; our girls always did that, esp the terrier; and we have caught NIKO doing that as well. I read somewhere that there is something in grass they like. I read in a book that grass is very high in vitamins. Dandelion leaves (the young ones before flowering are best) are also extremely high levels of Vitamin A and other vitamins & minerals: who knew??? :shrug:

Ate well today: had steak & mushroom medley for dinner tonight. Did some reading for awhile, and decided to come in and get a post in. Take good care and do have a wonderful weekend with your folks and family ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-13-2010, 12:17 AM
TIGZ ~ what kind of jewelry do you make? Maybe you can take some pictures of it and show them to us; I think that is great to make things at home. You can also sell some at Farmer's Markets; we have some young ladies that do that here: they make beaded neclaces and bracelets and sell them. Christmas bazaars and trade shows are another good place to sell them.

02-13-2010, 12:29 AM
HI RONNIE yah, that's a good idea about the nuts and Omega-3 oils; will definitely try that to see how it works for me. I have some walnuts & almonds here, so could try them; but I would have to work really hard to discipline myself with the peanuts. Maybe if I got some non-salted ones, I wouldn't have a problem with them; I may try that. I think I may even have some Omega-3 oil caplets here, so I wonder if that would work too.

I do have to be careful though as the fish oil, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 oils can thin your blood; and I am already on aspirin therapy for that too. I had to cut one when I started taking the Vitamin E caplets for my skin. It is strange but a lady was telling me that if your blood gets too thin, your skin has trouble healing; seems that the doctors either don't know this or didn't pass that tidbit on to us. :?:

Anyhow, this oil is good for us; but we have to take just a bit. As I mentioned before, one of my books says that we need 1-2 tbl of good oils each day for optimum health; you learn something new every day ... thanks for sharing those tips with us ... :D

I hope and pray that DS3 will have a fabulous time at this youth retreat; hope it is well-supervised and that he has fun too. It will be a bit quiet at home this weekend; hope you and your DH can get some good rest time on this Valentine's weekend. Got any plans?

02-13-2010, 12:39 AM
HI LUCY ~ hope you and your DS are both feeling better tonight. About the swimming and gym thing -- maybe if you go swimming every other time, and do a gym exercise in between, that will give your body a chance to get used to it. You'd think the swimming would be good for them; and it likely is, but you may have to start out slowly in the beginning and work your way up until your muscles and joints can get used to it. Sometimes we forget that our poor old bodies are not used to these kinds of exercise assaults ... :lol:

I have been doing a new toning exercise the last 2 days; I really luv it but today I noticed that my right shoulder doesn't like it. So I will try doing them only every other day to see if that helps. These old injuries keep causing havoc when I am just trying to get in better overall shape. I may have to modify things a bit, so we'll see. I am trying to invent new exercises that I can do ~ and that can be done indoors year-round also, but it does take some trial and error on my part, and I have to be careful not to hurt myself while trying them out.

Have a great weekend with your family too ... :D

02-13-2010, 07:07 PM
Hello ladies

I hope your all having a lovely weekend as our Canadian friends are now hosting the winter Olympics now that is one Olympics we will never host something to do with the lack of snow :lol: Although we are hosting the summer Olympics of 2012 the first time since 1949 I really would like to go but I expect the tickets will be £££ and out of our price range. Then there is the parking to consider in London which is not the easiest of places to park at the best of times unless you know the city which we don't. We do go on deliveries but are straight in and straight out hoping to dodge the dreaded parking wardens who put parking fines tickets on your vehicle for parking in the wrong place.

DH is looking forward to Pancake day on this Tuesday to many of you this will be known as Shrove Tuesday. Must pick up a lemon or bottle of lemon juice as I like to have my pancakes with lemon juice. I will use sweetener instead of sugar to cut on the calories a wee bit. Although this will be my main meal of the day I can cut back a little bit at dinner time (on Tuesday my treatment day so my cook meal of the day will be at around 5pm rather than 12.30ish.).

I finished making the soup today the red lentil one it was a success at tea DH thought it was rather nice to say the least. For dinner I had rice, vegetables and veggie burger. The rice I put in some condensed low fat soup added onions and garlic plus veggies for a tasty dinner. I made enough for another day which I will have with chicken breast.

I have a pair of new glasses not sure if I let you know but I am gradually "breaking them in" so to speak. It is not an easy transition it has made my eyes ache and sore. This is because they are getting use to the stronger prescription and the prisms in the lens. Today has been the most successful yet I have managed all but about an hour and half with my new ones so it will not be long before I am wearing them full time. I have wore glasses all the time (not just for reading) since I was 21 years old so know fully how difficult some lens are to get use to. The worse by far was varifocals now they took 6 weeks for me to be use to them. I was all right until I went shopping and then it felt like items where coming off the shelf towards me :fr: Otherwise I was OK but eventually I mastered them I was so determined to do so I did not want two pairs of glasses now I would only lose one.

ROSEBUD Your DH is a braver soul than me going to watch the hockey in the cold weather. Maybe the consideration of you going to turn the furnace down is a sign that Spring is around the corner for you :carrot:

We already have signs of spring I have seen the crocuses and snowdrops leaves peeping through the soil. I will have to look in our garden to see if any daffodils are making an appearance. We are still prone to frost or snowfall at this time of the year so we are not out of the woods yet.

I see that you maybe considering taking omega 3. I am not very keen on fish unlike my sisters DH. I take flaxseed which is high in omega 3 the other benefits of flaxseed are

* Omega-3 essential fatty acids, "good" fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s.

* Lignans, which have both plant oestrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed contains 75- 800 times more lignans than other plant foods

* Fibre. Flaxseed contains both the soluble and insoluble types.

I take my flaxseed in my cereal in the morning but other ways of using it are in soups, stews or flaxseed muffins to name a few. I have put it in porridge and fruit yoghurt as well so there are many ways to eat it. I find it very filling with having it for breakfast and sustains me till dinner very easily.

It took me months to train Rizzie to sit on his hind legs and "beg", plus give his paws, put the ball directly into my hand. My husband does not have the patience for that sort of thing. It is hard work but when you seen the end result it is so worth all the effort. For me to take the picture I had the ball in one had just out of camera shot and the camera in the other hand feeling like a juggler at the time :D Needless to say we had to have several photographs before I snapped the right one thank goodness for digital cameras else I would use a reel of film just for a few good shots. Now that would have been mega expensive this way is so much cheaper and easier come to that.

I knew that young dandelion leaves were good for you but not for what vitamins etc. I watched a programme on what you could eat off the land and what people ate during the war. So nettles where on the menu also. Not that I have tried either the nearest I have had is dandelion and burdock pop which has probably never seen a dandelion in its life and more likely chemically flavoured :o I am sure there are many things like that we just think of weed or just pass them by never giving them a second though are good for us. We get so use to getting most things from the supermarkets and other shops that we forget what our ancestors ate for years. There are many berries which much be rich in vitamin C that we could eat but don't. I do go blackberry picking but that is about it and have when I was young picked wild mushrooms. Not that I could pick out a mushroom from a toadstool. It was my father telling me that was a mushroom otherwise I would have been clueless. I have picked also chestnuts wild gosh it is all coming back as I sit here and beechnuts but that is like 30 odd years ago.

It is getting late here time to make :coffee: hot chocolate I think and then think about heading towards my bed. No rocking required tonight I have been busy for the best part of the day with cooking so up and down like a yo-yo. Take care my fellow chicks till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-14-2010, 12:34 AM
HI PURPLE ~ I see that you stayed home this weekend, but got lots of cooking done; yes, your beans soup does sound very good. I like to make bean soup now and then; and DH really likes it too, esp when I use navy beans and veggies, which is sometimes called a HOT POT.

We had much warmer temps today; the :sunny: came out this AM and brought the temps up to about 0C, which is warm for this area in February. Now it is ***** a bit but the temps have fallen back down to about -10C tonight.

Our winter carnival is in full force today; lots of things going on esp for the kiddies and those with lots of xtra $$$ to spend. DH braved the winds today, but finally came home late afternoon as he was frozen. Tomorrow is the final day and he wants to go to the smash-up derby which is his favorite thing.

Here is just a partial list of the many activities we have in our winter carnival here ... Parades and fireworks; snow queen & princess pageants; log rolling; ice sculpting; karoke & talent contests; indoor and outdoor ice hockey; sleigh rides; helicopter rides, dog sled rides for the kiddies, polar ice water dip; tug-of-war; indoor & outdoor dances; food-eating competitions; raffles & games & many other contests; ice fishing derby, smash-up car derby, etc.

We haven't seen any of the Olympics as we don't have cable or satellite tv; but I hope to follow them on the internet like I did last time. Our Canadian friends on our Canadian Winter thread have been giving me updates about the games today; sadly, their was a tragic luge accident today. Am praying for those involved and that this won't frazzle the nerves of the other athletes too much for the rest of the games.

Tonight we are just having a quiet time at home keeping warm; and we had pizza for dinner. I had smoked chicken and lean ham with mushrooms & olives on mine. DH had pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers on his. I share my crust with NIKO to keep the bread calories down for me.

Monday is a civic holiday here in Ontario called FAMILY DAY; so it is a long weekend as well. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow as well. Take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-14-2010, 09:05 PM
Hope you all had a lovely :val1: VALENTINE'S DAY :val1: today ...

Did you all do anything special? Some years we do, some years we don't. Last year, DH bought me a snake plant (I asked for it); but I told him not to buy me chocolate this year, and he complied as I already have some dark chocolate here from Christmas yet.

We had shepherd's pie (I didn't make it; I cheated and bought it frozen so I could just pop it in the oven). For dessert, I had some chocolate yogurt ice cream with pieces of the dark chocolate in it; that is my Valentine's treat for today ... yummy!

We have been having ***** here for most of the day, but the temps were warmer too. DH says that the winds were pretty cold though. He did get to go see the smash-up derby on snow today; and he said it just keeps getting bigger and more popular each year.

We could hear the heli's overhead for the afternoon -- taking folks out for a ride over the town. The fishing derby was on today too; as were some more activities on the lake. This is the last day of our winter carnival; and DH said that more people came out for it than the summerfest, but I think it is a fun way to break up the monotony of the long, cold winters here.

Take good care -- and hope you all have a Marvellous Monday ... :val3: ROSEBUD :val3:

02-15-2010, 05:45 PM
OMG - where to start? I feel like I have been gone for a week!

I've lost a whole day somewhere. All the blinding headaches came to a head this weekend and I slept for more than a day (soooo not like me). About every 18 months I seem to have this sort of crash and its like my brain just shuts me down for 24 hours and I sleep like a corpse. Weird. Or does anyone else have anything like this? Anyway, no headache at all today YAYYYY! Thank God, thought I might need to switch to decaf! ARGGGGGGH! It just baffles me how I can get headaches at all when I take enough medication to knock out a small elephant!

So I think I missed Valentines day, so hope everyone else had a good one. We don't really bother with it. Significant other thinks its all some elaborate conspiracy from the Hallmark Corporation anyway!

Rizzie is sooo cute! We need more puppy pics on here! Our Megan eats grass a lot too, but she also eats just about anything you put in front of her. Favourite 2 foods are raw carrots and clementines! Maybe that's why shes 12 but acts like 3, just like Rizzie.

Jewellery - well it has ground to a halt, I've ran out of stuff. Will order what I need hopefully tomorrow. Will take some pics when I have some more to show, thats if my mum doesn't run off with it all! She likey very much!

Mmmmmmmm Lentil Soup! Purple you have inspired me! I will be hitting the kitchen this week make a great big steaming pot of lentil soup! Yummmmmm. Hehehehehehehe!

Got loads to do this week, not sure how we can fit it all in. Need to go to the supermarket tomorrow and stock up. Get something nice and healthy in for dinner.

Lots of appointments ie doctors, educational psychologist for my son, headteacher at school, benefits advisor, local MSP. I'm so glad the headaches have gone and I am firing on all cylinders again!

My tip of the week: FREE YOUR INNER NINJA!

Take care all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02-15-2010, 08:36 PM
HI TIGZ ~ sorry to hear that you have been having bad headaches; but glad that they are all gone now, and you had a good day/nights rest. We had a quiet Valentine's Day at home (well, I did) and I just had an EZ frozen oven dinner (Beef Shepherd's Pie). The only thing was that -- this was a new one we hadn't tried before, and you could have gone blind looking for the boeuf. :lol:

I kept laughing my guts out becuz I kept thinking that this was really a beef-flavored Vegetarian Shepherd's pie with no Shep in it ... there were lots of veggies in it (big peas & carrots) with lots of beef gravy, and lovely rosebud mashed potatoes on top though. I was laughing becuz I thought someone had just asked me recently if you could make vegetarian Shepherd's pie and I said that I suppose you could. Well, now I know that you can ... ;)

Anyways, no harm done but I sure was hungry for some protein today. DH had a piece of bread with his so he felt OK. Tonight we had meat pie; one with lots of meat in it, plus veggies (green beans) and a romaine salad. I was actually so full that I saved half my salad for a snack later. I also gave some of my crust (the bottom) to our dear NIKO; he loves that and I can shave off some cals that way too ... :D

We have been having a big ***** storm here today; it started last night and continued all day long, but it looks really pretty out there. Poor DH is now exhausted from pushin' around the snow from the end of the laneway and doorways. I keep telling him to take it easy; now he is falling asleep while trying to watch a movie (I'm not surprised). He wonders why he keeps getting up so early -- but he poops himself out and then falls asleep right after dinner. It gives him something to do though and some exercise too.

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day; and I just did relaxing things around home today. I still do my toning exercises each AM upon waking -- that takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes; I vary them each day though. Then, I did some walking around here and some other chair aerobics as well. Any days I don't get xtra walking in, I do more stuff at home.

Take good care and have a great week, ladies ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-16-2010, 05:54 PM
*Drags sorry a$$ into forum and collapses in corner*

It has been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day. Stick a fork in me!

Got my jewellery bits all ordered and on their way YAYYY! That'll keep me busy Can't wait for it to arrive. Will take plenty of pics. Will need to ban my mum from seeing it! She'll be after the 5 fingered discount.

Saw my son's Education Psychologist today, went fairly well. Other than talking about psychology for a brain busting hour and a half. Add in shopping, paying the bills, organising my Avon orders and the jewellery and my brain is a little stewed tonight.

Talking of stew... LMAO @ Rosebud & vegetarian shepherd's pies! We must get the same ones here! I've had beef stew with one piece of beef before. Shocking! Although, in my younger and maybe not so wiser years, I almost got chucked off a plane from Turkey for asking after the in-flight meal - and I quote, "Can you please tell me what the mystery meat was?" :rofl: Stewardess replied with face on fire and foaming at the mouth "CHICKEN!" Then it became a scene from a movie when all you could hear was each row whispering further and further towards the back of the plane "Ah, it was chicken right enough!". God I was happy when we landed at Glasgow! I'm telling you there will be a day we will turn to eating dog food as it has more nutrition in it! The stuff my puppies eat from Aldi is actually quite appetising to look at with veggies in it as well. Shame it smells like sh1t! Not much difference in smell once it has been erm, "processed" and deposited on the grass!

I feel a change of subject coming on... or a sick bag, not sure LOL

Fed up with Winter now. Fed up feeling cold, getting wet everytime I step outside for a nano-second, fed up hibernating. I want spring to well, spring! I want to feel the heat of the sun on my back and my skin, to go out and breathe fresh air, to be able to throw the kids out on their bikes, to get my garden sorted and be able to sit outside and watch the world go by. Godammit, now I am pee'd off!

Have had to put the soup on hold until next week. :cry: Just don't have the time this week. Maybe at the weekend. Kids are away visiting their bio-daddy (scumbag) as of yet he hasn't had a more interesting offer. So might have a little spare time then. Then me and my SO will spend another week getting their heads back to normal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Scumbag. Sometimes feel like all the work and effort we make to raise them as good kids gets completely undone in 2 days at his house. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :censored: Well, they love my homemade lentil soup and I suppose its a good home comfort to get into them as soon as they come home. Did stock up on some vitamins today, so will try the omega 3 thing before meals. Will let you all know how it goes.

My tip of today is for a song. If you are needing a little pick up or get up and go song, download this: On A Mission by Gabriella Cilmi. :lifter:

"I am a woman on a mission, whoa oh" hehehehehehehehe

I should maybe listen to it now....or "Goodnight Sweetheart, well its time to go!"

02-16-2010, 10:14 PM
HEY TIGZ ~ it's now official ... YOU ARE A BONAFIDE HOOT OWL ... ;) You had me :rofl: all over again with your "mystery" meat on that flight thingy ... :lol: The only reason I knew that pie was supposed to be beef is that the box said so ... but I kept saying, "this is really a vegetarian Shepherd's pie" and I'm sure that must be an oxy-moron or something like that ...

You think that's funny ... you won't believe it but some dummy went and bought 8 of those suckers -- ya, I'm that sucker! Well, you know they were on sale and I'm a gonner for a sale, so now I'm stuck with 7 more vegetarian beef-flavored deceitfully called Shepherd's pies, becuz anyone knows that Shepherd's pies are supposed to have LAMB in them, not beef anyways!!! :cry:

So much for truth in advertising, right? Right! There's no dang boeuf in it either ... drats and we gotta eat all 7 of them things. So I have been conjuring up a plan -- think I will cook up some boeuf and put it on our plates then top that with the fake Shepherd's pie and DH will be totally fooled I'm sure! Voila, we have real "Fireside or Cottage Pie" once again.

Oh dear, what can you do? Live and learn, they say! You know, I actually know a guy here in town that used to eat kitty chow (ya, Purinas); I'm not kidding. He works in hospital lab (or used to) and says that it is a nutritiously sound food ... really. Now we know why we see so many little old ladies buying those littel tins of cat food; I'm sure they are just a little confused as they do look a lot like those little tins of minced gizzards & liver pate gourmet sandwich spreads ... :lol:

Ok now, don't get me started ... anyhow, we had a good day shopping and I didn't fall prey to anymore silly sales; phew! Picked up lots of salad and veggies though for the week. Got lots of walking in but now I feel like the tin man, so I am gonna have to go and put my legs up for a while. DH did way too much snow pushing and is already fast asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow, and watch those sales, it could be a trap ... Rosebuds :flow1:

02-17-2010, 10:28 AM
You all are just cracking me up:lol3:! Sounds like there are similar issues everywhere with the false advertising on food packages-here we get pot pies, which are just a pie crust with either turkey, beef, or chicken, gravy, and veggies, but they're mostly just the gravy with a few little veggies and maybe a small chunk of the meat. Fortunately, they're really cheap and quick to fix in the microwave for when we need to eat and run, so we still keep them on hand for the DH and kids. I used to work in a plant that made those little airline meals and they were totally disgusting (at that time)-vowed to never eat on an airplane again, that is, if I ever got on an airplane again, which I have not (for about 22 years!). My mom used to work for a major airplane engine manufacturer and she would tell us stories about the sabotage and inadequate inspections going on at the plant, so I just choose to drive everywhere--guess my dream of going to Hawaii will never come true!

Tigz-you asked about the nuts. I looked in the book again and all he suggests is nuts to get the healthy fats, but it does sound like the real key is to get some kind of fat (about 70 calories) into your stomach about 20 minutes before your meal, so I'm thinking that about a half ounce of a full-fat cheese might do the same thing and dairy is supposed to help lose belly fat, as well. I sometimes do extra cheese at meals, as cheese and yogurt are the only diary I can eat without severe lactose issues. I was also wondering (maybe I asked you this before) if you eat a lot of garlic? I found out that many of my migraines are triggered by garlic. Just a thought.

Purple-I'm wondering if you've gotten used to your new glasses yet? I'm a little concerned as it usually only takes me about 2 hours to get used to a new pair. When I've been unable to get used to them or got headaches, it was because they had the prescription wrong or there was a defect in the lenses (which is very common in these polycarbonate lens materials). It did take me a couple days to get used to the bifocal when I had to get them 3 years ago, but I can't get the 'no-line' bifocals (and, my DH couldn't get used to them either, so he went back to the lined ones also). Hope yours are doing better, but I'd sure check with the optometrist if they're still giving you problems.

Rosebud-Are you and your DH as tired of the snow this year as we are? We have piles next to our driveways that are taller than me (and, no short jokes!)! There's absolutely no safe way to pull out from a corner when driving and the last few days, all the roads have been coated with solid ice from the snow blowing across them. The only exercise I'm getting is shoveling! And, that's getting really old......

Lucy-hoping that you're feeling somewhat better. Working out in a pool sounds really wonderful. We don't have anything like that close enough to us for me to be able to go. Be sure to let us know if it seems to help with some of your joint pain.

My DS2 had a fun day yesterday. The police department that he rides with had a terrorist training activity, so DS2 got to go help by acting as a terrorist and hostage during the many drills they were running. They all use those air-soft guns to shoot at each other, but it's a very serious training, so the Explorers really feel privileged that they are asked to help out. He really enjoyed being able to "shoot" the cops he works with-lol!

Well, looks like I need to go get DS3 up and at 'em today. He's been incredibly tired since his weekend youth retreat-I'm thinking they did not do much sleeping at all! And, as with many 13yo's, he needs a lot of sleep! So, off to rattle his cage.....Talk to you all later! Have a great day!:D

02-17-2010, 10:41 PM
HI RONNI ~ Yes, we have been having ***** for the last 2 days and they are predicting more for the rest of the week. I took some pics of it yesterday; as it was piling up on the deck out front. It's -6C near the house but I can hear those winds howling out there, so it is probably a lot colder out in the open ... :brr:

Thanks for the tip about the meat pies; I have bought some little pastie things for DH that were the same. We had some of those meat pies on sale last week, but I didn't buy any; but DH would have probably ate them anyways too.

You mentioned that cheese is supposed to help us lose belly fat; was that in your new book? How does it help that; I'm really curious about that too! I read on the net recently that some early research says that blueberries may help too; and I have lots in my freezer that we picked this summer, so guess what I am eating almost daily now! We will definitely be picking more this year too ... :D

My DH suggested that if you are afraid of flying to Hawaii to go by boat; that made me think of a cruise -- how about a Hawaiian cruise? Is there such a thing? Might be worth investigating, but you would have to get to the starting point, but you may be able to drive or take a train, I guess.

Just stayed home today and rested; as I seemed to need that. Guess I did a bit too many exercises yesterday, and with the walking while shopping added on ... it was just too much. Gotta watch that: less is more, they say. Hope you all have a great week ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-18-2010, 06:41 PM
"Stress, stress, wonderful stress. Nothing quite like your head in a mess"

One helluva day. Just getting a break now after spending half the day on the phone and the other half doing chores grrrrrrrr. Just done a pile of ironing that would sink the Titanic. Thank God I can do it sitting down!

Anyway, just had some grapes and starting to chill and going to think "nice thoughts" hehehe. Got a mini greenhouse today, nice and cheaply priced. Going to grow some seeds and I have some shrubs that I got for a pound that I need to bring on. I've got bulbs that need planting too, but I am going to get the kids to help me with it all. Think it will be a good little project for us. DD is 7 and DS is 5 BTW. Got a great little seat on wheels yesterday from local charity shop, superb for lots of things, ie sitting at pc, cutting kids hair, washing dog, gardening...list goes on. Will make it possible for me to do more and although I will be sitting down it will in a strange way get me off my butt!

Hoping most of my jewellery supplies arrive tomorrow, give me something to do this weekend as the kids are away visiting their bio-daddy. Need something to keep me sane, the quiet is just too spooky! Will just need to pamper the puppies! GSD is showing all her behavioural signs of coming into season ie she's depressed! Awwwwwwww, poor thing. I just want to cuddle her and feed her ice-cream LOL She always "acts up" in the weeks before, sticks to us like glue, goes off her food, stands at the door nose in the air, sniffing for ages... She's following us around with her head hanging looking like someone stole her wowwy-pop! Well, we'll know for sure when next door's dog rings our doorbell!

Well, time for my supper ie nighttime selection of meds, so I'll be offskies!


02-18-2010, 11:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it's another frosty one out there today/night; the temps hovered around -7C mostly becuz of the steady northernly winds coming our way all day. Tonight, it is ***** again; more work for the snow fairies tomorrow. Now they are predicting :sunny: for Saturday; hope they are right becuz that would be nice.

HEY TIGZ ~ that sounds like a great idea (the mini-greenhouse thing). We used to have a big one, then we downsized to a smaller one; and we found that plastic works much better than glass, as glass burns the veggies. DH found some dryer drums so I can plant some bulbs and veggies in them.

I am going to order some regular and garlic chives which are full of vitamins (esp Vit A) and plant some here and out at our lot; they are perennials and will come up for years. We had some for a long time at our last place; they are really nice for soups and sauces.

I really want to plant lots of green beans as they are my favorite green veggie (and broccoli follows after that) as they are easy to grow in a drum or anywhere really; just have to watch for frost. They are also full of vitamins, esp vit A too. I will also see if I can get some parsley (also mega high in Vit A) to winter over in the bed next to the house; maybe on the south side, we'll see.

I just grow the easy stuff and buy the more difficult ones; I buy broccoli and cauliflower becuz the bugs get them before they can grow here. Have to stick to the hardier short-season stuff up here too; but that still gives us lots of options: carrots, salad & table onions, summer turnip, radishes, lettuces, green & yellow beans, etc. We can also grow peas, potatoes, and corn, but we don't have the space here; so we buy them. I've grown other things here like tomatoes and cukes, but they do best in a greenhouse.

Anyways, I stayed home and did stuff around home; resting a bit in between. We had fish for dinner: fillets that I dredged in seasoned flour to keep them light with veggies & salad. Our DLL gave DH a pretty rainbow trout which I tried to rescue from mutilation :lol: as DH's filet knife has had the biscuit (it's too dull). Anyways, I managed to save about 11 oz -- certainly enuff for at least one dinner (it always shrinks down a lot when it's cooked though).

Hope everyone out there is feeling well and has a Fabulous Friday tomorrow; and do take good care .... Rosebud :flow1:

02-19-2010, 11:17 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I hope you all are feeling well and having a fabulous Friday night! We are just taking it easy at home and keepin' warm, cuz it's frosty out there. We had lots of big fluffy ***** all week. I just saw we have a bright sliver of a moon out there tonight: it's still pretty! I am listening to golden oldies on the radio while reading and posting on here -- very nice.

Take good care and have a wonderful weekend too ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-20-2010, 01:11 PM
Hello Ladies

Feels like a life time away and lots of great posts to read. I have been having a hectic life at the minute. I really wish I knew where the time was going, I think someone is hiding it from me ;) Who's is going to own up to to taking the hours of the day from me :D

It has been starting to catch up with me this racing around like a blue you know what fly. I know this as at night I am falling asleep in my chair and sleeping 8 hours solid and still wanting more. I pray my health is still granted to me and that I do not suffer a relapse.

I went to see my sister in Grantham yesterday and she is looking well considering she has been through the mill. She is at home now which I am sure that now that she is there she will continue with her slow recovery. Her wound on her back looks wonderful considering that it is that long since surgery. It is nice and clean and not to mention going to be hardly noticeable once the swelling etc goes down. The surgeon has made a grand job of this. Now she is mobilising with a walking stick so we look at bright pair together hobbling along :) She is on a lot of pain killing medication and I know from my professional background in medicine they are strong. She is on two sorts of what are refused to "controlled drugs" this is MST and oramorph (syrup form of morphine). Not to mention then drugs to combat the side effects.

We have had a sprinkling of snow in the past few days but it swiftly goes as the sun gets up in the sky during the day and is gone by night. It was a cold night last night it was suppose to be down to -4c in our area. Yeah :carrot: our daffodils are coming up in earnest and they are nearly 2 inches in some areas of the garden which are more protected.

TIGZ loved reading your lively post and had to laugh at the witch with her cauldron good job DH does not see that as he would agree that was me ;) especially as he is frequently a guinea pig to my latest creation to come out of the kitchen.

Today we are having sweet and sour chicken for tea (having cooked me later today rather than dinner time as I have been busy catching up on chores in the house) may add some beans of some sort to bulk out the dish just not sure which one to use at present. I did some bulk buying a few days ago and bought about 30 chicken breasts (with the fillets) plus a large container of lean mince beef. So been busy separating it and putting into usable size portions that I can pop into the freezer and use at a later date. We buy these at the cash and carry so it turns out so much cheaper. Only thing is you have it in catering size portions so you have to spend time dividing it down into more realistic portions for the two of us.

If I have time to breathe again i hope to be making a soup maybe tomorrow if I am feeling up to it. Not sure what I will create this time just depends what I have in the vegetable line in the fridge. Leek and potato can be surprisingly tasty considering it only has so few ingredients with walking the path of healthy eating I omit the cream that people use you could use natural yoghurt or fat free Greek yoghurt as healthy alternatives. Even framage frais (? spelling is doubtful on this one :D ) can be used but I have not used it I must admit.

Glad the appointments when well at the psychologist for you son (? I think it was this gender only firing on one brain cell today :lol:). It seem you life is busy at the minute like mine.

I get humdinger of headaches once in a blue moon now (more frequently when I was nursing) so possibly triggered by stress or lack of sleep :tired: I like you are on a shed load of medication enough to knock an elephant out like yourself. So one of those mysteries in life why we get this pain when we are on so much pain killing medication. Baffles DH and me why this is the case. The only remedy is going to bed and just sleep it off. Normally I sleep for hours after one of these blazing headaches. and that seems to cure it.

The trouble is when you have not cooked a meal yourself you could be eating anything rather dubious calling itself one thing but certainly baring no resemblance to what it actually suppose to be. I went to France and I asked for a steak (beef) and they must have though I was gullible I have that sort of face :D I was fortunate at that time to speak fluent French (I could barely string two words together now as I am out of practice). I knew it was not beef I was eating and suspected that it was horse. I asked to speak to the manager and I finally got the truth yes I had been eating horse. I would not have minded if it was clearly not deceived but it had been put on the menu as that. Then I can make an informed decision as to what I am eating. Not that I am fussy I am willing to try anything just so long as I know what it is.

Dog food now don't get me started on that ;) I hate the smell of that especially the tinned variety so our Rizzie has no choice it is dried food not that it smells much better. Mind you our Rizzie can be gross at the best of times once rolling in other dogs you know what or foxes come to that. Gee whizz trying to get the foxes mess off of him was a nightmare. He has rolled in rotten food and the best thing was we were out and about when he did that. So we had to sit with him in the car stinking the place to high heavens. We did could not stand the smell so no matter how cold it was we kept the windows wide open to get some fresh air. You may have these joys to come with your puppies ;)

RONNI Yeah :carrot: I can finally see properly with my new glasses. I must have knocked out the fitting of them so when I went back to the opticians to have a word they found they were 1.5 mil out. So I was looking through the wrong part of my lens completely not to mention the prism was drawing my eye to the right spot. It feels like heaven after struggling for nigh on a week. Will pick up my second pair next week as they are ready for collection and fitting. I have had varifocals since just before my 40th birthday which is quite young to require them apparently. They do take some mastering I must admit but I am glad I persevered and mastered them. Not that I thought that I every would do at one point just that I was determined I was not going to have two pairs of glasses or bifocals. My attitude has changed since but I thought they would make me look old bifocals. I think cos I associated bifocals with my grandparent hence the age think. Though I have since seen this is not the case.

Sounds like your son had a blast (excuse the pun) with the police. It is good that they get the chance to interact with the police and have an educational element. I had a lecture from the police during my nurse training when I was upgrading my qualification to a higher one. It was a great lecture all about drugs what they look like so we had the chance to actually see they so those of us who had more of a sheltered life knew what we were looking for. I enjoyed my session with the coroner the best he talked about interesting past cases and then the afternoon we acted in a proper court session with actors. So if in a professional capacity you get called to go to a coroners court you knew what to expect. You may if you are unlucky have to go if a patient commits suicide on your shift. I was very lucky that this did not happen to me but it so easily could have. I called in sick to work that day (starts of my MS progressing but undiagnosed at this point) and a gentleman was doing something sexual and it went wrong. Why this conclusion was put into the equation was they he was naked at the time and showing no signs of depression or suicidal thoughts prior to his death. What they do is deprive them selves of oxygen with something like a carrier bag over head or our case he had used clothing to put round his neck. He ended up hanging himself by accident so it was left as an open verdict as I recall. I thanked god that I was not on duty and did not have to deal with the aftermath of this horrific incident but I did feel guilty that someone had filled in for my sickness and had it by default. Although I did become a counsellor to one of the members of staff whom it happened to. If ever an incident happened that was distressing not necessarily this awful outcome we counselled each other for as long as was needed. I was counselled once when I found a gentleman hanging from a disabled frame around a toilet. Although I managed to save his life by taking his body weight and thus gaining vital oxygen to the brain. We carried alarms with us which if we activated it pin pointed where you were and what ward. Then staff from your ward and others would decent to help out with the incident. 9 times out of 10 it was because someone was being aggressive no longer listening to verbal commands due to their mental states and restraint is needed by staff.

ROSEBUD I see that your country is hosting the winter Olympics this year but there was tragic accident to a young man. I have not watched much of the winter Olympics as I am more into the sports that are shown at the summer Olympics. I do like the ice dancing though and have for years.

I thought today our Rizzie would be worn out after spending the afternoon with my nieces as they run him ragged. I think they secretly put a battery in him yesterday :lol: as he is full of life wanting to play ball and has got that glint in his eye looking for mischief. Normally after he has played with my nieces he spends the next day asleep as he forgets he is an old man getting and is not 2 years old any longer.

Rainbow trout is not something I have cooked. I have seen my sister cook it as they are big fish eater the whole family. I on the other hand am not a fish eater I hate bones in fish so easily put off by those. I do like the taste of trout when I did have a bite to eat of it.

Greenhouses can be a useful thing to a gardener I know when Dad was gardening he use to have two of them. One mainly for cucumbers and the other for tomatoes. Then he used to do his own bedding plants so there was rows of trays with all the different sorts he used to grow. Not that I was allowed too near them as I am certainly am not green fingered in any way shape or form. No matter how hard I try I just have not got the knack I will stick to the kitchen which I am much better rate of success.

I see you are still getting quite a bit of snow falling and will do no doubt for a few months yet before you are snowless again. I bet you are longing for spring to kick it. Did you enjoy the carnival that is hosted this time of year? Maybe that is one positive of a long winter and of course you have the celebration of Christmas as we do. Where you decorate you home and porch.

I have just finished my dreaded ironing just before I came on here and soon I will have to go and start tea as I am getting hungry now. Was up fairly early today so meal times have been a little earlier than normal. I am sure if I do not start soon i will get a gentle hint from DH about being starving.

Time to run now till next time take care fellow chicks

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-20-2010, 09:27 PM
HI LADIES ~ well the temps here got all the way up to +1C today; we had a few light flurries but not much. The weather people said it was supposed to be sunny, but the sun only came out for less than .5 hour and disappeared again. Mr. Sun is supposed to be out full force over the next few days; hope they are right becuz we haven't seen him for while.

I just stayed home and did stuff around here today; taking it easy. I had a night off from cooking: I had a 6" submarine for dinner and DH had real fries & gravy from his favorite place near our home. It was nice not to have to make dinner and it cost us less than $10.00 which is good for here.

Hope the rest of your weekend is a pleasant one. Ttyl, it's time for my tea ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-21-2010, 08:27 AM
Good Morning fellow healthy eaters :D

:fr: woke up this morning to a good covering of snow everything looked so beautiful with this untouched virgin white snow. No further snow since I have been up but more is forecast for the day. Here's me hoping we had seen the last of the heavy snowfall for us but someone had other ideas :D

I have my witches cauldron out making a brew ;) all right I own up I have the pressure cooker on the stove making a vegetable and lentil soup. I have started with ham stock cubes and just threw the vegetables I had in the house in to it. I put loads of vegetables in as when they cook they shrink a little and I want a thick warming soup especially for the horrid day outside.

The sweet and sour was a success last night and in the end I decided to pop some mung beans in with the chicken breast and it was rather nice. I was lucky to be able to pick up some sweet and sour in light variety. Plus the mung beans where on offer in the supermarket and the chicken was part of the bulk buy so rather cheap. So over all a good meal on the pocket not costing £££ which in this day and age is a good thing :yes: .

Well I :crossed: think the battery fell out of our Rizzie in the night ;) as now he is sleeping like a baby. Yesterday he was none stop wanting to play and wanting more and more. I bet any minute now he will start snoring and oh boy can he snore for England when he gets started. It makes you wonder how such a loud noise can come out of a small dog like him one of lives mysteries I suppose :dizzy:

We were planning to go out for Sunday dinner but with the weather being as it is we have postponed it until weather is better. It was only DH and I going to the local cafe so nothing that has upset other people. Our friends returned from Sri Lanka yesterday at sometime I bet they feel cold after the warmer climate they have been in to be faced with snow :(

Yesterday I think I had a bottomless pit and nothing seemed to fill me seemed be grazing like a :moo: I suspect my TOM is looming and then I will have a day after I start where my appetite is poor so it usually balances itself out. It is just a matter of choosing items that are not too calorie laden so the damage is not so bad. I dread to think how many calories I must have ate before the healthy eating probably a weeks worth for lady in a day :fr: it is a frightening thought sometimes how much I used to abuse my body and expect it to work just fine. To think I use to smoke like a trooper and eat virtually none stop :dizzy: The only think I have never abused is alcohol as I had an hangover once that made me feel so rough plus then went to work even the smell of food :barf: So that was the greatest tool for off putting me for life I think. I do have the odd glass of wine but it is really once in a blue moon I tend to prefer something none alcoholic.

Right time to go and check on the soup before I burn it. Have a lovely Sunday and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

02-21-2010, 07:24 PM
Is bedtime yet? LOL

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, just been too knackered. Been making some jewellery, forgot how mentally draining it can be! But I am fairly pleased with the results so far. Will take some pics soon.

Between that and usual household stuff, time has just flown the last few days. We've also been trying to track down some new sofas. Well second hand ones LOL. The ones we have just now are really bad for making my legs jumpy, both sitting and lying down.

Foodwise, well I haven't been great - I'll admit it. Its creme egg season, I can't help myself!

I have been trying though and have been fighting the temptation with caramel snackajacks. I also have been taking a new concoction of vitamins which seems to have been helping me with keeping my energy up. Unfortunately it seems to have worn off tonight!

Will try and catch up next week all, take care! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02-21-2010, 07:53 PM
HI TIGZ ~ nice to have you drop by; always enjoy hearing from you too ... glad to hear that you are making some more jewelry so we can see it. My DH & I used to make wooden toys, plaques, and other woodcrafts many moons ago. We don't do that anymore, but it passed the time and helped us buy groceries during the lean years ...

I do have some pics somewhere of the bigger stuff; never got a picture of the toys though -- wish I had though. We donated the rest we had in storage to Goodwill until they were all gone. We noticed that they sold them all this year, so they are floating around in little boys and girls homes now.

Yes, the temptations out there for us are unlimited; first, there is Christmas, then Valentine's and now Easter and all those candies. I do well with V-Day and even Easter. Sometimes I allow myself just one peanut butter egg if there are any to be had, becuz they are the only ones I like, so that makes it much easier for me. I did really well at Christmas this year. I limited myself to 3 things in my stocking; and I still have some left. I get one mini-dark chocolate square each day; at that rate, I reckon I'll still have some left 'til June or thereabouts ... :lol:

OH dear, DH had an accident; knocked over his coffee right into his slippers! Yucky, yuck ... :lol: Oh well, gotta laugh at life's foibles, I say. I take vitamins too -- I have deficiencies so I need them, and I really believe that they are helping me too. Hope you have a great week coming up!

02-21-2010, 08:17 PM
HI PURPLE ~ nice to hear from you, and for two days in a row too. Last night, I was tired, so just did a quick post; but I have more time tonight. I made dinner a bit earlier tonight for that very reason.

We had creamy mac with chicken for a change and DH just loved it. I think I shared that recipe here a while back. I usually make it with lean hamburger, but had some chicken patties left to use up, so did. I used penne pasta with veggies in a creamy mushroom sauce. It was yummy and so filling; and I have some leftover for a nice lunch too.

Yes, you have been very busy; we didn't see you all week until the weekend. I am glad that everything seems to be going well for your Dad and your sister. I'm glad that she is feeling a bit better, even if she has to take a lot of pain meds for now. I know it will take her some time to completely heal though, but walking with a stick is another improvement and step forward (forgive the pun). ;)

I have only eaten Trout when I was a child, but now I can't recall whether I liked it or not; I must have, becuz we always ate it. DH hasn't had it for a while either; I may have to look up recipes on how to prepare it. I think my brother (who always caught it for us) would dredge it in flour or crushed soda crackers and fry it in a pan. I may just google that ...

I will remember what you said about being served horse instead of beef steak in France -- :lol: Here that would be illegal; as they can't say it's beef if it is something else. They have to say what kind of meat it is; so it is wise to read labels for sure.

What we find is that they are cutting corners so much that there is just very little meat in some things now. If you want lots of meat, then you have to really pay for it; like double or triple the price. It is getting so that I would just rather make the food at home to be sure of the quality I am getting for my money.

It's amazing your flowers are still coming up when it is so cold there right now, and with the ***** falling lately. Boy, what a surprise to get a big snowfall again last night. We had lots all last week but Mr. :sunny: finally showed up today, and for all day ... and it was glorious too. We even got to see the sun set through the kitchen window whilst eating our dinner.

That's a sure sign to us that spring isn't too far away. Just 5 weeks until April; and the snow was melting off the roads today as the temps were up above +0C for most of the day. DH just said that the temps have fallen back down to -10C for the night ... oh well.

Hope you have a more restful week; and do take good care of yourself too ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-22-2010, 10:43 AM
"And I know its gonna be..........a lovely dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
"lovely day, lovely day, love-lee day"
Note to self: Post earlier in the day when I still have some energy left!

Gorgeous day again here, sun splitting the sky but absolutely Baltic! I have a dreadful feeling, this is Scotland's Summer we are getting just now! You'd think it was summer from the sunshine, until you step outside and freeze your butt off.

However, sun + new vitamins = very bouncy Tigz! Yeeeeehaaaaa! Boing Boing Boing ROFL

I am taking a pro & pre-biotic multi-vitamin, Vitamin B-Complex, Coenzyme Q10 & Omega 3-6-9. Seems to be working well. I seem to have more energy and I haven't been as hungry the last few days. Couldn't even finish my dinner last night, which is just not like me. Will see how long it lasts!

SO has started to clear our back garden. He's going to completely gut it and put new wooden panels up and bark chips down. Maybe this year it won't be underwater for 3 months with the flippin rain! Grrrrrrrr. I just hope we get a summer this year. I don't think I can stand another summer of just rain, rain and more rain. When the garden is all done it will be lovely just to sit out there with a coffee or something with a little more kick for SO (I need to come off the meds to drink :().

Got to go collect the kids from school soon. They have a concert tomorrow, all Scottish Music at the Village Hall. Should be a good laugh.

"Ah, ye cannae shove yer Grannie aff a bus - PUSH PUSH"
Take care all Hope you all have a good day XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

02-22-2010, 09:28 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the temps actually fell down to -15C last night, but by the time I went to bed, all the trees were covered with JACK FROST; and it actually looked very pretty, but it was very cold out there!!!

Just stayed home and kept warm today; did stuff around here. Made a roast pork with lots of veggies for dinner tonight, and have enuff for another dinner to put in the freezer; plus some for a nice soup for a lunch too.

Hope you all are having a great week ... Rosebud. :flow1:

02-22-2010, 09:35 PM
OH, HI TIGZ ~ I was musing that it is no wonder that you weren't hungry after taking all those supplements; they probably filled you up by themselves. Actually, I take a few myself, but I take them over the day, some at each meal, so that isn't too bad.

We had sunshine for the last couple of days too; we needed it with the colder temps here. That is great that your SO can do any garden prep at this time of year at all. We are still knee-deep in ***** here; but the roads started to clear a bit today. They are predicting some more snow for this week though ... drats, but it's almost March and it is winter in Canada ... oh well! (((sigh)))

That concert your kiddies are in sounds like a lot of fun; enjoy yourself and have a great time ... :D

02-23-2010, 11:21 PM
HI LADIES ~ just a fly-by tonight; just had a quiet day at home. We had lots of big, giant ***** flakes fall all day long today; it really was so very pretty. DH grumbles about it a bit; I don't know why as he doesn't have to do the shovelling (just the steps). I love it myself becuz I'd rather have the snow and the warmer temps that come along with it.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the dentist to have my last filling done. Glad that will be done with soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday ladies;and do take good care too ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-24-2010, 10:19 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ had a very successful day at the dentists; everything went really well and quickly. All my repairs are done now, so I don't go back until mid-summer for a cleaning ... :carrot:

It's really cold here right now; it's at least -15C, but there's a really cold northern wind out there as well. Last night, we had to put an extra heater on in our bedroom so I could get to sleep, so I'm gonna put up the furnace tonight so we can keep warmer ... :brr:

Did get a bit of walking outdoors in that wind but was glad to get back home and stay here. Had a good on plan day for food; we had some leftovers from Monday (roasted lean pork and veggies) to which I added some nice brown rice and a mushroom sauce.

Hope you are all well and keepin' warm; take good care and have a lovely day tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-25-2010, 02:56 AM
Hi, Ladies! It sure looks like everyone is as busy and tied up as I have been. It's been quite a week for us with too much running around, too much snow and wind, and waaaayyy too much cold air-it's even gotten below 0F last night and tonight again! Oh, please, send spring here soon! I was looking at my flower beds wondering if there's any way all my bulbs and perennials will survive the 30" of snow on them. Then, I had to laugh when the electric meter reader came and he was wearing snowshoes to go through the yards! When my DH had the job several years ago (in a different group of towns) a customer called in a complaint when he walked on their snow-don't know how exactly he was supposed to get to their meter without walking on the snow, but I guess the customer thought he should walk on air:dizzy:!

Well, I do believe the stress has caught up to me. I have been so tired the last few days, I can hardly function, but now, tonight, my legs have started tingling again and it's so bad I simply can not sleep at all. It's almost as bad now as it was when this MS all started 17 years ago. So, if anything I write here doesn't seem to make sense, you know it's from the fatigue:tired:. I just hate to go back to bed to toss and turn and keep DH from being able to sleep, as he has to go to work at 6 am. Think I'll just stay in the recliner tonight....

Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow (or today, I'm not sure what time it is right now)! Keep warm and think springy thoughts!:flow1:

02-25-2010, 11:48 PM
HI RONNI ~ you know, DH and I were up last night at about the same time as you. I fell asleep on my sofa and NIKO came out to get me as he always does; so I sauntered off to bed. DH got up and couldn't sleep so decided to have a coffee; so then with all that racket, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and had a nice hot cuppa tea. :lol:

After that, DH stayed up and I went back to bed and slept in late for me (about 9:30 am). He did sleep a bit on the sofa, but was up at the crack of dawn and outside by the time I got up. The snow fairies came and cleaned up our laneway as it ***** all night and with the winds, it was very cold out there. I can feel right now that the temps have fallen again, and the furnace is finally kicking on.

The winds really make if feel colder, as I had to put the furnace up to 74 F to get it to 70 F in here. As long as I stay near the furnace, I am warm but as soon as you go further away, the temps drop. I am so glad we picked up the small heaters, but I think I may buy a bigger one for next winter for the bedroom, as I have hard time getting it to 68 F in there. Oh well, we have lots of blankies on the bed now (one thick fleece blanket, plus 2 comforters).

I hope that you get can get some sleep tonight; and will be sending up lots of prayers for you for your health and some peace for you all ... :hug:

02-26-2010, 05:22 PM
Hi, Everyone! Well, the sun's visiting us today and it just looks so nice out! Made it to 29 degrees F too, so maybe the really cold weather is headed out for good (yeah, right!). We decided to take this afternoon off and watch some Olympic action (I did sneak in a little sports history at the same time, but don't tell the boys that;)).

Still having the numb-tingly feelings and also got a migraine, so I've just been facebooking and 3fc-ing, but I must figure out something for dinner at some point here shortly.

We had a couple good things happen this week, though. My cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby boy Wednesday. We received our settlement check from the car "accident" lawsuit and it was for more than we thought it would be (apparently, the insurances were willing to write off part of what they had paid out, which was quite a surprise), and-here's the biggie-DS2 has been offered a partial football (US football) scholarship to the college he has been hoping to go to!! That, along with his academic scholarships, should give him almost all of the funds needed for his tuition and rooming. We're very proud of him and he's absolutely ecstatic!

Well, hope you all have a great weekend! :hug: for everyone.... see you later!

02-26-2010, 05:54 PM
RONNI ~ well, that's some awesome news for sure; many blessings for you this week. This should give you some peace of mind! Sorry to hear the headaches have returned; will send up some prayers about that for you.

I read your post in the CE's thread, and hope that you do get to go visit your DAD soon too; that would be nice. Take good care and try to get some much-needed rest this weekend ... :hug:

02-26-2010, 06:47 PM
Hello all! Hope everyone is well. Congrats on all the good news Ronni! Nice to hear about nice things happening to people.

Been busy busy here as usual. Kids concert went very well. DS became the star of the show - unintentionally! He was enjoying it all so much, with the dancing, of course he's the youngest and shortest boy in the school, so they pair him up with the oldest and tallest girl! He adores her though and was trying desperately to swing her about the dancefloor! Then there was the singing of "Cannae shove yer Grannie aff a bus" which for some reason he has made a special connection with! The actions that go with the song were never so passionately demonstrated as by my DS!'s just such a wee character, he had everyone in knots. He has such a great sense of humour, kind of sick and twisted....hmmmm... no clue where he gets it from!

DD was wonderful as well, she is growing up so fast its shocking. She was quite lady-like with her dancing. She's our little pink princess!

Get our new car next week some time Yeeeehaaaaa! SO has been driving me nuts as he hates driving my old rust-heap. I think he'll have me driven all over the place for the first month every spare moment we have. That's if the weather allows. Had more bad snow in the area the last 2 days. For some reason, the hills around us seem to always give us some shelter, so we have nothing here, but 2 miles down the road and there's 6 inches of snow. My parents only live 15mins away in the car and they're virtually snowed in! Not that I am complaining, no snow, no ice means I can still get out! The bad news is the weather has been so wet and soggy that SO has had to abandon the gardening - for now. He has just bought me a bench for the front garden from Evilbay though! Awwwwwwwww. I also have some more seeds on the way and the kids gardening gloves, so I am hoping it picks up a bit next week.

Eating wise, not great but not bad either the last few days. Had a gorgeous salad last night. I LOVE veggies! Yummmmmmmm Going shopping tomorrow for some more and finally going to make the lentil soup I've been threatening for a couple of weeks now!

Anyways, energy has now left me. Going to get my butt off to bed now.


02-28-2010, 09:15 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I had come in yesterday, but wasn't feeling well so I had to go lay down for awhile and take some meds. It was my own error really; I got into some nachos on Friday and the salt did a real humb-dinger on my system, making me swell up and retain water like crazy.

So, there will be NO MORE JUNKIES for me, I'm afraid; they are making me ill. It's the massive amount of salt that is in them that is causing the problem for me. For some time we have been blaming menopause and wondering what was the cause. This time, it was clear that the problem was caused by salt, which caused swelling and feeling ill.

I took some meds and then laid down; I am sure that I must have gone to the LLR at least 20 times until about 1:30 am. By then, I was feeling much better, and was able to finally go to bed and get some good sleep; and I sure had to go again in the morning too. So today, I revamped my menu plans to lessen the salt as much as I could. I didn't put any salt in our food today, and had a few sprinkles only twice, but I think that I will be able to cut that out as well.

We had beautiful :sunny: all day yesterday and for a good part of today. I spent the afternoon talking to my sister, NUMPSTER, while our dinner of chicken and roasted veggies were baking in the oven. I also baked some apples and blueberries at the same time; I really like how they taste together: their flavors actually compliment each other.

HI TIGZ ~ sounds like your kiddies were simply precious at the concert; great memories for you down the road (they grow up so very fast). Our temps were much better here too and the snow is actually melting. Glad you will have your newer car soon.

HEY to PURPLE and RONNI ~ hope both you ladies had a great weekend. Purple hope all is well in your world, with you and your sister too; still sending up prayers for you all. :hug:

Take good care ladies; I'm off to put my legs up again tonight. Will have to take some meds for awhile again to try and help that. I am subbing spices and herbs in my recipes to replace the salt too; and I think this will be a blessing in disguise really ... Rosebud :flow1:

03-01-2010, 03:41 PM

LADIES, PLEASE GO TO THE NEW MARCH THREAD in this forum ... see you there! :D

:flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

01-24-2015, 04:10 PM
Hello everyone I hope that I am in the right place....I used to be pretty active on this board years ago....I had been doing pretty well lost about 40 pounds and then one day when I was taking my daily walk my knee ballooned and everyday after that it did the same thing this went on for about a week and then I went to the doctor to find out why and that is when I got the news that I had R/A. At this point the doctor had told me that walking everyday was no longer an option and sent me to the RA doc more then a few rounds predisone....fibromyalgia....depression and I fell in to the fridge not to resurface until I got sick and tired of being fat. Not sure what to do about exercise just yet as my knee still gives me problems and some days it just hurts to move but I have been kind of being more careful with what I eat still not sure that I could pull off the same kind of diet plan that I was on before because it relied on me walking 5 out of 7 days a week....and now it hurts to take a shower most days. I want more out of life my doctor says that lossing weight will help my joints and my back pain.

joyful retiree
01-28-2015, 03:52 PM
you probably didn't notice, but this is a very old thread & the last entry said the thread was closed. If you start a new thread, you'll most likely get some responses.