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02-01-2010, 06:32 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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02-01-2010, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The sun was shining right through the cold when I went for my walk; CREDIT moi. Had items to buy at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and got caught by the FREE samples at both; Oh Well. Methinks I gotta put more effort into my FREE sample issue.

Other that that, eating was OP; CREDIT moi. Weekends include my beloved peanut butter, banana, and walnuts on toasted whole wheat bread ends sandwich. Yay for being so happy for such a simple treat. Yay for peanut butter.

maryblu - Yay for de-cluttering. Let's make February a de-cluttering month - I've stagnated and the piles remain even though many are now sitting neatly in boxes as if that was a solution to getting rid of stuff.

onebyone - Ouch for frustrating buses and burnt out. But Yay for the report on your visit with your mother that didn't get sidetracked by mother-daughter stuff. You seem to be winning there.

ChinaMaine - Snowshoeing out your back door sounds fun.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat to cook up from the Perfect Storm of Cookbooks. Count me as one who really enjoyed Julie & Julia. Always think of the scene where she leaves a pound of butter at the Julia Child museum. Sending supportive thoughts to you and your brother as you continue to heal.

Shepherdess - Drooling for "butternut squash ravioli’s." There's a place nearby that makes those with a touch of Gorgonzola cheese. TDF.

CeeJay - Ouch for "a great big honking OH WELL," but Kudos for giving yourself credit for the weights and biking. Sending supportive thoughts for your two night away - your friends "no choice" and "resist" will serve you well.

silverbirch - Waving back.

Readers - day 17
End Overeating

In order to successfully lose
weight and keep it off, you have to stop eating
when you've eaten the amount
of food on your plan.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 154.

02-01-2010, 08:15 AM
:df: WI-up 1.1 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (35 mins).

I’ve had no tiredness or fatigue for 2 days. If this lasts a couple more days, then I think I might be past this 2 1/2 month bout of it. I really, really hope so. I want to get back into regular exercise in the worst way. To that end, we went snowshoeing again yesterday. We live on a secluded cove, that is protected from most winds on the lake. We walked out of our cove and got hit in the face with a strong January wind. We turned around and decided to retreat. ;) We walked over to the other side of the cove to do a bit of exploring. There’s a parcel of land that is definitely not buildable (butts up against a wetland) but we saw being cleared last summer. We walked around the property and found the unplowed road to town. It was later afternoon, and we didn’t want to get caught too far from home in the dark. We headed home, but maybe next weekend we’ll snowshoe up their road a ways.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – yes even though I was hungry for hours yesterday afternoon – oh yeah!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yay!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Forgot to read in the pink book

shepherdess butternut squash ravioli – yum! Would it make sense to reduce your planned amount by 1 ravioli, and replace it with protein calories of some kind?

CeeJay It’s a great idea to practice "no choice" and "resist" on your trip. If you could also practice identifying hunger vs non-hunger before eating, tolerating non-hunger without eating, and eating mindfully, enjoying every bite. I think it might help too. Good luck!

Maryblu Kudos for the decluttering.

gardenerjoy lol at your ‘homage to cookbooks'.

one by one I remember well when I rode the buses everyday. It wasn’t unusual for me to spend 90-120 mins getting somewhere. Very frustrating indeed. My aunt used to spend every winter in Costa Rica, but it has gotten increasingly unsafe over the years. She had 2 very scary incidents, one of which was life-threatening. Your DH is quite right to be careful. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but he really can’t be too cautious.

seadwaters Kudos for being on-plan for food, and :yay: for I am able to do more than I thought with a bit of pushing!. It must feel good!

Bill yay for peanut butter, indeed.

02-01-2010, 09:05 AM
HI.. I am back from my weekend with family. The antibiotics are kicking in a bit and I am coughing less and ears are improving. My weekend out of town with family went well. I used my second food plan (exchanges), wrote down what I ate, made thoughtful choices when eating at restaurants, drank lots of water, ate only when seated, no second helpings, did my morning stretches and strengthening exercises, and read my ARC. All major CREDIT. I am grateful. I am not sure how or why I was able/willing to do so - but, like I said I am so grateful.

I still can't taste or smell's kind of a mixed blessing. It made me say..."not worth eating it, if I can't taste it." However, I also kept trying to taste SOMETHING.

Even though I there were things I did not do while out of town I am not going to dwell on them.

Billiebe - I love apples too. Those sample stations can be magnets - they are though. It's hard to flex the resistence muscle on that one . Sound like everything elsr went well. Good!

seedwaters - glad you are back on track. So many credits, great. Learning from actions is such a good lesson indeed.

china - it is major to identify satisfaction and stop when feeling full and eating mindfully. Major cudos.

futurefitchick - it isn't easy to stay with a program when not feeling well - good for you. Hope you are all better soon.

sheperdess - not going overboard on butternut squash ravioli is huge credit. Good for you...enjoying something special in moderation.

ceejay - I love how your sister is now older! "one doable day" sounds like a good plan.

gardenjoy - chicken and dumplings - now that is comfort food in my book.

one by one - I am glad that your undereating didn't cause overeating later. Good for you heading for nutricious foods after. I

I will catch up with everyone else later. Have a meeting to get ready for.

02-01-2010, 09:19 AM
Post by seadwaters yesterday (when it was already February in Sydney)
But moved without preserving her name by BillBlueEyes - Ouch.

Just a quick check in tonight

Nothing negative to report and I did all the program - read my cards, sat down to eat (most of the time), ate mindfully (nearly always), weighed myself, measured my food and ate on plan, and when I desired things not on the plan tried the "oh well" strategy. That could take a bit of practice - months in fact.

My weight is down 1.3kg or about 3 pounds so that is nice. I had a hectic day at physical therapy and it is productive to be forced into activity - nothing I would do willingly but I can see the benefit. I am able to do more than I thought with a bit of pushing! But tonight I am a bit sore and tired. I am also waking up at 4am and getting up which is a bit annoying given I am on leave and only went to bed at 11pm! But I feel good. Off to bed for some reading and rest

02-01-2010, 09:24 AM
Coaches/Buddies I did a lot of mountain biking this weekend, along with the usual chasing of small children and normal household activities. I did fall hard once, but fortunately my face broke the fall. Yes, I'm fine, and no permanent disfigurement.

I made some really good choices with Beck techniques, including eating half a muffin because it was enough and "oh welling" the fact that I wanted the rest.

I am considering swimming today. It's been at least 6 months since I hit the water.

Work and home have been stressful as usual. Actually work is better and home is worse, but this is the way it goes.

OK, let me take a stab at personals.

BillBE Thanks as always for starting the thread and being our fearless leader. I will second the yay for peanut butter sentiment. You must do a better job of visualizing slimy, dirty hands on those samples. Who knows what nasties you'll get?

ChinaMaine Good to hear your fatigue has abated and that you got to go snowshoeing. Sounds like fun! Love the shortness of the bad and ugly lists.

Beverlyjoy Nice to meet you! Glad your antibiotics are kicking in. I always have the hardest time staying on plan while I'm sick, so kudos for your hard work on that.

Happy February everyone. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day! Try not to get stuck!


02-01-2010, 01:16 PM
Tomorrow is Ground Hogs Day, hope its not sunny like today or he sees his shadow and 6 more weeks of cold winter! I live NOT TOO far from Pauxetaney now and want to go up for the annual bringing out of the critter (the townsmen wear tophats, I think) and apparently the ground hog brew flows freely for those who brave the cold to get there---but I have therapy at noon, so I may have to wait till next year. oh well. Bill, speaking of getting up early for outdoor historical fun: have you ever gotten up at 4am to go to the Lexington reenactment of the Revolutionary war? Love it!

1by1: your stories remind me of Melody Beattie's. I enjoy reading your saga!

Futurefit: I got em--the good vibes! Thanks so much and back at you!

Pengie: getting past denial is so part of our journey. Kudos for hitting the Beck again. Do you have the green book yet? The ironic thing to me is that when I exercise the resistance muscle, it, of itself, seems to remove the blinds of my's like a payment I make to get to know myself better.

GDjoy: I agree totally with the vegetable cravings obstacles! However, I think it can be trained: I have learned to look forward to raw cucumber at 2 meals a day, and even, I might say, 'desire' the curried roasted carrots at Whole Foods. Yummm. At least I know I am disappointed when they don't have them in the buffet! And as for Beck, do you have the green book yet? I'm not sure I read it there (might have been Cousens' Conscious Eating) but I think she says not to chew gum....get used to an empty mouth. And I just bought a big pack of gum. Drat!


02-01-2010, 01:41 PM
Had a good family day yesterday. We went to see dh’s great aunt. DH and I have been going through a lot of old family documents and photos, so we brought the pictures over to her and got her telling stories on all of the family. She seems to get a kick out of telling us the good stories. After seeing her, dh and I went to the cemetery to get the names and dates right. His great aunt is very sharp, but she gets the generations mixed up. It probably sounds a bit morbid to walk around the cemetery, but it’s nice to have a place to visit these people, most of whom died before dh and I were born. We’re feeling like we’ve been getting to know them.

After collecting stories and visiting the cemetery, we went had dinner with dh’s dad and stepmom. I managed to stay on plan, despite being repeatedly asked if I wanted a beer or glass of wine. I just kept repeating that I was happy with the diet pepsi. A glass of wine did sound really good, but, you know, “no choice” and all that.
So, all in all, it was a good day, even though there was little exercise.

ChinaMaine, glad to hear that your energy is returning and your ready to get back to exercise in the worst way. Your snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun. I’m going to have to try it one of these winters. Your idea with the raviolis is a good one. I’ll have to try it next time.

CeeJay, kudos for all the exercise. Ouch for straying off plan over the weekend. Weekends can be tough, but good job saying “Oh well” and taking the time to figure out what went wrong. Good luck on another trip. Just remind yourself that you were successful on your last trip and you can be successful again.

Maryblu, lol at “Now she gets to age beyond me.” Glad you had a great celebration with your sister, and good job getting back on track afterwards.

Gardenerjoy, I am dying to see Julia and Julia—maybe one of these weekends dh is gone. Love the cooking, but it is a once in a while thing. Good for you for indulging a bit while realizing why it can only be an occasional indulgence.

Onebyone, good job nourishing yourself and then getting the rest you need. Ouch for the frustrating day with public transportation. Glad your dh is playing it safe—sounds scary to me.

BillBE, yay for the sun shining through the cold so you could have a pleasant walk. Ouch for free samples—I’m beginning to think I’m lucky that the closest trader joe’s or whole foods is a three hour drive from here.

Beverlyjoy, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Great job staying on plan and keeping up all of your good habits on a family weekend. As for “I am grateful. I am not sure how or why I was able/willing to do so - but, like I said I am so grateful.” Don’t sell yourself short, you were able to do it because you’re strong.

Seadwaters, huge credit for a day with nothing negative to report! Congrats on dropping kg and lbs!

Wndranne, ouch, but lol at “I did fall hard once, but fortunately my face broke the fall.” Yay for all the exercise and I hope it eases the stress from home and work. Kudos for eating half a muffin and saying “oh well” to the rest.

Midlifecrisis57, the Ground Hog day celebrations sounds like a lot of fun, but I would have trouble turning down the brew. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a cloudy day and a winter on its way out!

Beach Patrol
02-01-2010, 02:20 PM
Scale says +3 :(

How much longer can I call it "water weight"??

02-01-2010, 03:40 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I went along with my husband to his race yesterday, but I did not ski because I was too sick. I pretty well ran between the car to read papers and to the bottom of the race hill to take his picture on his 6 race runs down. I did make it to the gym today for my first gym workout without my trainer there to keep the big bad gym bullies (that only have actually existed in my head) to make fun of “fat girl”. Go me! But, I think I need to pay better attention to the weights my trainer has been using so that I don’t overdo it. I did require a mid-day rest (but not bad for being sick in my opinion). On the sad side, my digestive system appears to be upset with me for having merely provided it with essentially a liquid diet for the past several days. Anything firmer than an overcooked noodle hurts too much to swallow at the moment. And I would love for that congested feeling in my ears to please go away.

Also, I’ll jump on board the decluttering train this month.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +4.0 lbs., which I don’t understand!!
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: just playing it by ear based on how I feel
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeachPatrol, good to see your post. You can ditch the three. Just pull out your book!

BeverlyJoy, your weekend success sounds stupendous. It sounds like you really prepared ahead and the Beck strategies are really becoming second nature to you. That’s terrific.

BillBlueEyes, I like the soy milk for the isoflavones. Go functional foods! Maybe you could shop with big woolen mittens duct taped to your hands. Then, you couldn’t try to eat a sample in one of those little cups without getting fuzz on your food (YUCK!) and you’d be indirectly supporting Shepherdess.

ChinaMaine, glad you had a good day snowshoeing. Fantastic job at identifiying satisfaction and stopping. That is awesome! Your cove sounds wonderful, January wind and all.

CeeJay, crossing my fingers for you that you get back on track.

GardenerJoy, your evening sounded splendid and a wonderful way to celebrate that film. I bet that you were ready for suck an event.

Maryblu, happy decluttering.

Midlifecrisis57, hope today’s a great eating day.

Onebyone, sorry to hear about your rough day.

PatchworkPenguin, great self-observation and correction on giving yourself credit.

Seadwaters, glad to hear you’re back on track. Those bad days can really take it out of you. Really good job on revisiting previously read chapters and acknowledging you’ve been desiring food all day but weren’t actually hungry. Congratulations on getting rid of 1.3 kg. That’s great. I liked your report on “Oh Well”. I haven’t gotten to that one yet, but will let you know how it goes. Too bad about the sleep, but maybe you just don’t need the extra hours right now?

Shepherdess, mmmm… Squash ravioli. Such a treat! Glad to hear you were on plan the other day. I’m sure your ancestors appreciate you bringing their memories about again. Fantastic job on “No choice” for beef and wine!

Wndranne, oops! Your face! Great job on the “Oh Well” muffin!

02-01-2010, 06:48 PM
Futurefitchick - last week you asked me What do you mean by “time food”? - what I mean by that is I keep track on how long I take to eat meals and snacks. I am a very very fast eater and I am really working on slowing down.

02-01-2010, 10:46 PM
Good Evening Coaches:

I'm thrilled it's Groundhog Day tomorrow. Also it's an ancient Celtic Fire Festival day, meaning the wheel of the year turns another bit-and I may add, another bit toward the sun:sunny:

DH and I skyped tonight. What a time we live in. I could see him in Costa Rica, he could see me in Ottawa, and we are talking to each other for over an hour, all for free over the internet. I remember how out there it seemed for us to think of phone + seeing the person you were talking to on a screen. Pure science fiction. Pure fantasy. Completely ordinary now.
What would it be like to be a kid right now with this stuff as your everyday experience. Very interesting.

So his first workday went well. They got a welcome package: teddy bear, squishy stress ball and squishy stress star, and headphones. They got a company overview and DH got his work laptop. He's the only foreigner in the group of 11. He said he liked it and thye had buffet lunch at his hotel (as it happened) so the lunch which he packed he saved for his dinner. DH is eating a lot of fruit including the banana! He never eats bananas here but since they are local there they are cheap and he's partaking.

For me I slept a lot today, forgetting to drop my Year of the Tiger print off at the school for the installation of our prints today. Yikes! I emailed the organizer with apologies and it looks like they are still labelling and installing tomorrow so I will be in the school show. I feel very much like this right now--> :faint:

Tomorrow I am working in the ceramic room most of the day I think. I'll load the kiln and clean some shelves and sieve the glazes, maybe make some glazes too-top off a few buckets. I need to stgart paying the room some attention. I feel I've been shirking there given my focus on my teaching and DH's stuff.

I will alos join the Beck Declutterers. Maybe I'll start a new thread for us. A Beck De-Cluttering Challenge maybe? NO CHOICE throw it out?

I ate sitting down. credit
I ate three meals with no seconds credit
no sugar credit
was sedentary but was tired so listened to my body today credit
weighed myself once this morning and saw a 3lb drop = 263.8lbs un
officially credit for weighing myself
ate fruit credit
:devil: had cravings for sugar today did not indulge credit
:devil: had incredible desire to eat a lot today. My breakfast was much bigger than usual for me these days. O well. My food was much less than normal yesterday with lots and lots of walking. It was important for me to have the no seconds rule today. I can see where that helped me put a STOP sign at the end of my meal that I would not cross for anything. credit for having a plan for my behaviour, way more important for me today than a very strict plan for my food.

Must get to bed now coaches. See ya!

02-02-2010, 12:18 AM
Hello Everyone:

maryblu -glad you enjoyed the concert. Oh well about dinner and good for you for getting right back on track.

gardenerjoy -your dinner sounds like lots of fun. I really liked the Julia and Julie- Meryl Streep is so great.

onebyone -boo for Sunday buses. Glad you got to Skype with DH- it will make your time apart go much faster.

BillBlueEyes -I think I am going to try your whole wheat peanut butter, banana and walnut sandwich- every time you talk about it I really want it.

ChinaMaine -glad you are feeling better. Thank you for advice about concentrating on identifying hunger vs non-hunger before eating, tolerating non-hunger without eating, and eating mindfully, enjoying every bite. I am not really good at any of these things and need to keep practicing.

Beverlyjoy -glad to hear your weekend went so well while you were away. We all know that it is not easy to do.

seadwaters-good for you for being down 3 pounds- that's great.

wndranne -ouch (a real one) for falling off your bike.

Shepherdess -sounds like you had a good day and kuddos for turning down the beer and wine.

Beach Patrol - ouch for the +3, but Beck says just keep doing what you are doing and it will go down again.

FutureFitChick -hope you are feeling better soon.

I am checking in from the hotel. I am so happy to say that I am on track.

Credit today for:

-Weighing in.
-Riding exercise bike at hotel for 30 minutes. There was no one in the exercise room which was good, cause I am not sure I would have gone in if there was someone in there. Plan B was going to be a walk, but it is pretty cold and windy out there.
-Doing weights- yep I brought the weights along with me
-For food- ate my regular food today for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I got to the city at 4:00. My usual routine in the city (preBeck) was to order into the hotel room, either Chinese or pizza. Tonight I went to a restuarant alone- something I usually hate doing. I ordered reasonable food (pasta and seafood- no cream sauce)and read my advantage and response cards while waiting. I did not feel so strange being there alone after all.
-And I am posting to my coaches.

Honestly if I can deal with these trips to the city and staying at the hotel, I am going to be sooooo glad.

Good night all!! :grouphug:

02-02-2010, 05:46 AM
All - Gigantic ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. My laptop just announced that the Operating System is missing.

Sending warm thoughts to you all from DW's computer. I've got a problem to solve.

02-02-2010, 08:46 AM
Coaches/Buddies, still sick. Cough, cough, cough. Blech!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -2 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, I need to pay better attention to this
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none scheduled today
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: playing it by ear due to being sick
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, time eating sounds like a good idea.

BillBlueEyes, bummer about your OS. Hopefully it resolves painlessly.

CeeJay, great job at the hotel with exercise and eating out alone. I know that takes a little getting used to.

Onebyone, great job on no seconds!

02-02-2010, 08:51 AM
Hi Beck folks-

Yesterday went well with my food and some things. I am glad to be home in my own 'food zone'. Today I can actually taste the coffee for the first time in 2 weeks. I hope that means this cold etc is on the way OUT. I've got a 'free' day - so I will catch up in my office and start sorting things for taxes -ugh.

Yesterday's credit
drank all my water
wrote down food
wrote down times taken to eat meals and snacks
put my fork down between bites
ate only when seated
read arc and rc
planned food

need to work on
spontaneous exercise
feeling the food in my tummy
tasting the food - maybe I can now that my tastebuds are starting to work again
think about cravings, hunger, desire

ack!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my personals done and then they disappeared. I'll have to come back to do them again.

Have a great day!

02-02-2010, 10:07 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Well I am tired of eggs today. I had my breakfast egg sandwich and really didn't want to eat it but made myself as a) it's breakfast and b) I'm not hungry for eggs but I will be starving if I go out the door without eating.

That I am tired of eggs has never happened to me before. Go figure.

Uggh! I just read that all the groundhog prognosticators are in agreement this year: six more weeks of winter. :p phooey. Wiarton Willie, Shubenacadie Sam, and Punxsutawney Phil, all saw their shadows. I could have guessed we wouldn't get off light. What I hope is that we get a summer this year. We missed summer last year.

Time to go. Have a great day coaches.

02-02-2010, 10:15 AM
Coaches/Buddies Not a bad day yesterday. Got my swim in, and ate on plan. Been dealing with some tough emotional stuff, and didn't let that get in the way. Credits all around, including making some hard choices. Had an issue waking up hungry in the night and plowing my way through a couple too many snacks, but no major disaster there either.

DS got me up at 4, so I did go back to bed this morning after DH took the kids to day care, instead of doing the run I was contemplating. I'll try later today, but not sure that sleep wasn't the best decision anyway.

midlifecrisis57 Did you get to see the groundhog? That sounds like fun.

Shepherdess Sounds like a lovely family day. Hope you are doing well.

Beach Patrol Is it water weight? You know the answer.

FutureFitChick Hope you are feeling better, and kudos for getting to the gym anyway. Hang in there.

Beverlyjoy Slow eating is a good skill to master. I must admit I'm still working on that. Amazing how I forget to simply pay attention to one of the most pleasurable things in life, instead of savoring every moment. Hurray for tasting coffee.

onebyone Sorry about the fog, but hurray for Skype. A cool little invention, that. Nice job on the long list of credits. Sorry about the egg aversion and hope it passes.

We don't have groundhogs here (I think). I'll have to check on what the coatimundis think.

CeeJay Sounds like you did a great job at the hotel. That is so hard.

BillBE Hope you find your OS. Did it threaten to run away on you, or is this a surprise?

Great day everybody!


02-02-2010, 10:38 AM
I am getting to personals now...since my laptop ate the ones I did before!

wndranne - glad you got your swim in - credit!! and, for making the hard choices.

futurefitchick - hope you feel better soon! Giving youself during the day as you go along is major good. (and a good reminder for me)

Billieblueyes - OH NO...hope your computer is working fine soon. Good job on three pounds down.

ceejay - major credit for your hotel stay!! Eating in the restaurant and reading cards while waiting. You are DOING it. Good for you.

onebyone - skype - such fun. Wonderful credits especially the STOP sign! - sounds like it's time to change up breakfast. I agree - ugh on more winter!

Beach patrol - hang in your cards - that sometimes helps me to stay in focus.

shepherdess- I LOVE that your aunt was telling stories!! There's a storytellers' saying that goes "When an elder passes on, a library closes." Maybe you can record them for other family and future generations. (I am passionate on this subject - can you tell) Good job eating out even with the naggers.

midlife - enjoy your sunshine.

wndramme - credits for mountain biking and using Beck Techniques!!

Shout out to everyone else and anyone that I missed.

Have a great day folks.

02-02-2010, 05:11 PM
I managed to stay on plan yesterday even while making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My husband wanted cookies, and I’ll admit that it sounded pretty good to me. So I had one after dinner, and kept it at that. Of course, now I have a lot of cookies in the kitchen—so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. I’m going to try to pass as many off to the ranch hands as I can.

I got my run in yesterday. We’re still having amazing weather. The above freezing daytime temps make for great outdoor exercise, but the melting snow is then freezing at night. The hill on our driveway is a sheet of ice, which makes the beginning and end of my run a bit of an adventure. Oh well, everything has a tradeoff.

BeachPatrol, that scale can be so uncooperative, but don’t give up! Sometimes water weight can hang around longer than it should, and sometimes that creeping number means it’s time for some soul searching. Either way, it’s fixable!

FutureFitChick, great job getting to the gym on your own, and yay that the gym bullies are only in your head! Sorry for still feeling lousy—hope you are feeling better soon. And yes, that scale makes no sense sometimes.

Onebyone, great job resisting that desire to eat and giving yourself the rest you need! Glad things are going well for your dh in Costa Rica. I thought it was funny that he won’t touch bananas in Ottawa, but in Costa Rica it seems to work. I guess he’s just a locavore.

CeeJay, great job getting your exercise and eating on plan while on the road. I liked Beck’s idea to make a memory card after these successful events. I read those cards when I’m facing a similar situation. I love the attitude, “Honestly if I can deal with these trips to the city and staying at the hotel, I am going to be sooooo glad.”

BillBE, hate those computer problems! Maybe onebyone’s dh will lend you his stress ball while you solve it. Good luck!

Beverlyjoy, so glad you are feeling better and tasting food again. I love the idea of a “food zone.” It is true that dieting is so much easier when you control the environment.

Wndranne, huge credit for staying on plan while dealing with “tough emotional stuff”, but ouch for “tough emotional stuff.” I hope it finds a swift resolution. Choosing sleep over exercise was probably the right decision. Exercising tired just isn’t that good for the body.

02-02-2010, 07:50 PM
Dear Wndane: No see groundhog this year. Its so EARLY and 80 miles from home. But I plan to go cruise the place in warmer weather, check it out, and get up there in a future year when the weather doesn't prevent travel. It sounds like a hoot!

Checkin in, anyone about 90 days into Beck and diet and losing weight? I have suddenly developed insomnia and restless leg syndrome at night. I have had these symptoms before. I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something. must look up hypoglycemia symptoms. Thanks for reminding me!

Shepardess, I m jealous of your above freezing temps! When it goes up to 30 degrees F here it feels balmy! So I go out and start cleaning deck and the water freezes! So I know what you mean! Beck Memory cards? I must find out more! Haven't gotten there yet.

02-02-2010, 10:40 PM
Evening coaches

I did something I've never done foodwise today. I bought a package of frozen fish in batter and a package of frozen potatoes and when I shook them onto my baking sheet I stared at them and thought: I don't need that many, I can have half. So I grabbed a baggie and packed up 1/2 of what was on the sheet and it's in the freezer for another day. What I cooked was still a lot and I ate a bit past full (o well) but I am so proud of not cooking and eating the whole thing. credit.:carrot:

I'm still feeling really tired. I think I need to up the green stuff.:broc: And I need the sun.

Dh told me something funny on the phone-his laptop was retrieved by IT for something so no Skype :( -seems it's not just Billblueeyes with OS problems today. He said during training today the trainer got stuck and didn't know the answer to something and asked DH if he knew the answer. As the dutiful student
he complied. The question?
Q. Why do some online/real life poker tables have long lineups?
A. Either there's a famous player at them or a really bad player at them or both. These are the players others want to play.

I never knew that.

Have a good restful night coaches.

02-02-2010, 11:31 PM
Hi All,
Well, dh is finally feeling better, thankfully! We think it was some sort of food poisoning. He went to work yesterday, but that wiped him out so he stayed home today, and that helped. And his car might be done on Friday--yay!! There's still the issue of the insurance not wanting to pay for the rental car because the dealership misrepresented things, but to have the car back will make it more bearable to deal with.

Today, tracked food, credit. Stayed under calorie goal, credit. Made a foray to a vending machine for a TastyKake TastyKlair Pie(one of the hazards of living in PA is TastyKakes), but broke off a good amount of the not-very-inspiring crust, and threw it out, so credit for that.

I am feeling very frustrated by my OCD. I've been doing rituals more often--which sucks up a lot of my time. I've come such a long way, but the perfectionism is quite entrenched, and I keep looking for a "just right" feeling. I'm sure Beck would be able to point out some major sabotaging thinking swirling around my brain right now! "Just one more web page, just one more link or site, and then I'll actually make a decision etc." Fortunately, I have therapy tomorrow.

I'll join the Beck de-clutterer challenge! I have a dining room table somewhere under piles of paper that are related to doing cost of goods sold for my business.

BeverlyJoy--I like your idea of writing down the time it takes to eat. My sister and I are the two fastest eaters we've ever come across. Eating at warp speed certainly does provide way too much time to eat more than others at the table. . .

onebyone--yay for not cooking the whole package!

CeeJay--Kudos for eating out on your own and ordering well!

02-02-2010, 11:53 PM
I couldn't seem to get motivated at all yesterday -- not to exercise, not to post. But, I didn't overeat and got the scale reward for that! Today was a bit better. I think that everything just got too much last night and I had to acknowledge being tired.

WI: -0.75kg (new low), Exercise: +60, 60/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: good job on the exercise and eating while living in a hotel. I was very proud of myself when I did that well during a conference in October.

BillBlueEyes: hope your computer problems are getting solved

FutureFitChick: sending healing energy your way!

Beverlyjoy: glad you're doing better and that you have lots to give yourself credit for.

wndranne: yay for getting back on track and not being derailed by emotional issues. Got on down to Nuxmaga's post and it caused me to wonder, are you getting some help for what's going on with you now?

Shepherdess: good job keeping on plan with chocolate chip cookies baking. Could you freeze some? That always helps me slow down my consumption.

onebyone: good job on changing the habit of eating the whole package! Glad things are going well for DH in Costa Rica. My favorite green thing this time of year is cabbage. Good as a salad, good as a soup. Cheap, too.

Nuxmaga: Glad DH is doing better -- you've got a lot of stresses going on right now. Hope therapy helps.

02-03-2010, 05:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Smart techies are out looking for my Missing Operating System, LOL. Spent the whole day thinking, It couldn't have gotten far, it was here just a minute ago. Bad timing since I'm crammnig for a soft deadline today and a hard deadline on Friday. My head is a little distracted at the moment. Problem not solved as I type; will be chasing some more today.

Real food was OP yesterday, CREDIT moi. But, a head cold with a sore throat just moved in, so I popped cough drops all day - Ouch, I eat them like they're good for me, but they're just candy. Will work on that when the head returns. Exercise consisted of running about looking for the missing operating system. Was not a stellar day.

maryblu - Just read that the seed companies are short on stock this year; need to order early or you might only get Marigolds.

onebyone - Heading to London one step at a time. Too bad the great ships no longer sail there; you'll probably have to fly.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the hard fall; sending supportive thoughts for the stress.

ChinaMaine - Sounds fun to go exploring the properties around your lake when the ice gives you access. Don't count on everybody knowing that land abutting a wetland isn't buildable - you might need to be ready with some preventive legal action against a clueless who thinks he'll build first and ask permission later.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Emailing a pot of Chicken Noodle Motivation - that should help, LOL.

Shepherdess - I've been to cemetaries comparing dates in stone against the oral traditions. Cemetaries sometimes reveal stories that the oldtimers don't tell, LOL.

CeeJay - Kudos for doing exercise at the hotel gym; that's a hard one for me.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - May the car be fixed good as new.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for being sick, you sure have my sympathy today. That's probably 4 pounds of congestion; I can feel that much for sure.

midlifecrisis57 - Thanks for the tip to watch the Lexington reenactment of the Revolutionary war - presumably "by the rude bridge that arched the flood."

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a visit with family going well; the potential is always there for the opposite.

Beach Patrol - Waving back.

seadwaters - Sorry for messing up your post when I tried to move it. Good work pushing yourself on the physical therary.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Since the beginning of the week, you've been planning what you're going to eat before you eat it. Do you wonder, Why can't I just eat when I'm hungry and stop eating once I'm full?

Ideally you would eat only when you're hungry and stop eating when you're almost full or mildly full. Chances are, however, that you're not naturally good at this skill. Most of the dieters I've counseled didn't know how to recognize when they were really hungry and when they weren't. When they relied on hunger signals to guide their eating, they invariably overate.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 158.

02-03-2010, 07:17 AM
:df: WI-down 1.1 lbs. Read my cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (28 minutes).

I had back-to-back meetings from Noon to 6:30 PM yesterday, so had no time for an afternoon walk.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – I was in town yesterday morning, but just said ‘no choice’ to thoughts of buying hash browns – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Read Day 10 in the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- didn’t exercise as planned

Beverlyjoy Nice that the antibiotics are doing their thing – hope you keep feeling better. Credit for making reasonable food choices on your trip, as well doing stretches and reading your cards!

Anne Ouch that home has become more stressful than work and that you’ve been dealing with some tough emotional stuff :hug: Here’s to hoping that both home and work become less stressful soon. Kudos for eating half a muffin because it was enough and "oh welling" the fact that I wanted the rest.

shepherdess It’s nice DH’s great aunt regaled you with ‘good stories’. It’s fun to listen to stories like that isn’t it? While snowshoeing can be quite aerobic, it definitely is not around the lake on packed snow. If we can get somewhere with some elevation change, or some new snow, it would be a better workout. But we do find it a fun way to spend time together… Kudos for giving your DHs chocolate chip cookies to the ranch hands.

Beach Patrol How much longer can I call it "water weight"?? :hug: :hug: :hug:

CeeJay Bravo so handling a trip into the city so well!

midlifecrisis Both restless leg and insomnia can be caused by vitamin deficiencies – RLS from iron/B-vitamins and insomnia from vitamin D. I have celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a wide range of symptoms including vitamin deficiencies. Celiac is more common that diabetes, but woefully under-diagnosed here in the US. I too had RLS, insomnia and hypoglycemia. Once diagnosed and treated for celiac, RLS disappeared and my insomnia and hypoglycemia got much better. Just some food for thought…

one by one Yay for putting half you dinner away to eat another day!!

Nuxmaga Kudos for a good day yesterday! I hope your therapist has some good strategies for dealing with our OCD today. And glad that DH is starting to feel better.

gardenerjoy Kudos for not overeating in spite of a lack of motivation!

Bill I hope they find your OS soon – such and odd thing! Sounds like you did well yesterday in spite of a cold, computer problems and deadlines at work. Kudos!

02-03-2010, 09:01 AM
Hi coaches/buddies...

Yesterday was a good day. I lived with food in a pretty sane manner. I am grateful. I got on the scale and it says I am down 2 pounds. YAY. It's a major credit especially because I was out of town last weekend. It's wonderful.

Today is a meeting with folks about a new project. My friend emailed me yesterday to say that she had baked her special Irish Tea Brack for the meeting...because she knows that I really like it. So, I am including a very small piece into my day. I think I can work it out. I have found out that saying I am borderline diabetic (I am not) will get me out of being encouraged by people to eat lots of sweets. People are much more concerned about diabetes than losing weight.

I have many credits - I am so grateful
lots of water
tasted food - some of the time
fork down between bites
no seconds
ate only when seated
identified hunger -vs - desire - craving - some of the time
measured food
read arc - only one time
read rc
timed meals and snacks (really trying to slow down)
read Beck Book
planned food ahead of time

working on-
sponateous exercise
being more mindful of food, it's taste

I am really working on slowing down when I eat. I have spent most of my life thinking about food - but, when it's time to eat it - I eat so fast that I hardly taste it. Beck has helped me in this area.

I hope you all have a GREAT day.

02-03-2010, 09:14 AM
Coaches/Buddies Another 4 am wakeup call from DS this morning. Not sure I'll survive this long term. Then he and his sister had a shrieking contest. Perhaps I'm not in the best frame of mind at this moment, but it is the moment I have, so I'll do my best. No exercise yesterday, and eating was ok, but not fabulous. Still doing the nighttime snack thing. Resistance techniques are weak when I'm half asleep. But I put a home-made Mr Yuck sticker/post-it on DH's ginormous box of Rice Krispy Treats, courtesy Costco, so perhaps that will help.

Beverlyjoy :wave:

Shepherdess Nice job with the cookies. Hope that trend continues. Your running on ice makes me feel lazy about neglecting my own running.

midlifecrisis57 Sorry you missed the groundhog. It does sound like a hoot. Perhaps next year.

onebyone Good deal on your half and half fish and chips. Interesting poker insight.

nuxmaga Glad your DH is feeling better. Sorry your OCD is sucking up time. Hope the therapy helps.

gardenerjoy I so relate to your opening statement. Thanks for your concern about my emotional stuff. There are things I don't choose to share here for various reasons, but I'm getting some real-life support on this one.

BillBE Ouch on the head cold and the still missing OS. Hope it turns up today.

ChinaMaine Those are some meetings! I find that kind of schedule just sucks the life out of me.

OK, time to go contemplate the day and make some kind of a plan. It is supposed to rain, so I may have to be creative, or just run in the rain and enjoy the novelty. I also need to eat breakfast and drag my butt to work soon.


02-03-2010, 09:55 AM
I just hit my 5 lb mini-goal. :woohoo:

I had set this goal 18 1/2 weeks ago, so it's been a long time coming. But when I realized in early December I was at a plateau, the wise ones on this list counseled patience. And it has paid off! I think I'll order a new collage frame for my reward!

Cheers! :cheer3:

02-03-2010, 10:09 AM
Quick hello, Beckies,

Work overload, yay for that. I have a job, and work that I love.

Just had to shout out to onebyone..keep those stories of online poker coming. I love learning about this realm. XSO plays, so I had some experience with it from the user end, but to hear about the nuts and bolts is too cool.

BillBE, how do you know so much about the promiscuous development of wetlands and sub prime lake shore? Re:

"Some preventive legal action against a clueless who thinks he'll build first and ask permission later."

BTDT. The only flaw in your statement is: the developer is not clueless. He knows exactly what he is doing. That statement about it being easier to get forgiven than to get permission--that has been the MO for greedy evil developers in this county for years. That is what *forced me to run for office. The only downside to living on a lake is defending the turf. There are a lotta bad ideas out there.

Re: seed shortage. Am waiting for the state to legalize hemp growing. Many, many applications for that stuff! No clue as to availability of seed, however.:?:

02-03-2010, 12:17 PM
Food was on plan yesterday. . .until the chipfest while I was making dinner. Then there was the unplanned chocolate chip cookie after dinner, just to cement that the day was totally blown. Then it was heartburn in at bedtime. Sigh. . . I’m not even sure what started the chip munching, I was feeling a bit hungry, though not ravenous. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve still not learned that “hunger is not an emergency.” I keep thinking about moving onto the next Beck stage (in BDFL), but I read the first paragraph that asks, “Have you really learned that hunger is not an emergency.” And the answer is no. So I’m in a diet holding pattern. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to go back and do the hunger experiments or not.

I did get my run in, so there is one success. The day was not a total bust.
Midlifecrisis57, I’m working out of The Complete Beck Diet for Life, and in this book, whenever you have a memorable diet experience, have a good restaurant experience, a good family dinner, holiday party, fit into a smaller size, whatever makes you feel proud as a dieter, make a memory card about the experience. Then you can go back over those cards when you are facing a challenging situation or just need a kick in the butt. They just remind you of the times when you have been strong.

Onebyone, good job putting half of the food away—no credit, but. . . Just credit. Also remember that these days are getting longer. You’ll see the sun again. Yay for your dh being at the top of the class.

Nuxmaga, I’ve never heard of Tastykakes, which is probably a good thing. Good job not wasting calories on “not-very-inspiring crust.” Good luck kicking that perfectionism out the door.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on the new low. Great job eating well while facing flagging motivation. That must be a sign that your good habits have sunk in. Thanks for the idea of freezing the cookies—I’ll do that today and hopefully avoid another disaster.

BillBE, ouch for the cold moving in. LOL at cough drops just being candy. My mom always kept some in her purse and would give them to us as treats, so I do see them as candy. Sorry about the missing operating system and the added stress. Good job not turning to junk food amidst the crisis.

ChinaMaine, congrats on meeting your mini goal. You continue to inspire me with your mindful eating. I hope to get there one day. I didn’t realize you had Celiac disease. We have a friend who has it as well, and it has opened my eyes to just how many things have wheat in them.

Beverlyjoy, yay for living with food “in a pretty sane manner.” I wish I could say the same. Congrats on 2 lbs gone. I love the borderline diabetic excuse.

Wndranne, lol about the Mr. Yuck sticker. Hope that works. Don’t let my running make you feel lazy. I haven’t been getting up at 4 AM. One thing I have learned from my training is that rest is as important as running.

Maryblu, yay for work that you love!

02-03-2010, 01:35 PM
1by1: Atta girl with the fish apportioning--getting two meals out of one package--that's saving money, too. Hahaha about the lines at the casino!

LambLady (Shepardess): I like the memory cards ideas! Good memories of dieting--what an great idea!

ChinaMaine: :carrot:

Wndranne: Mr Yuck sticker? LOL. that's cute! Marshmellow treats got to you? Marshmellows --my god, another downfall for me ("but they have no fat")...ya, right, but the nutrition in them? and the speed with which you can down calories? Marshmellow Shmarshmellow. Response: Beck pink day 19, right?

Beverlyjoy: I have used the prediabetic excuse too. I have used every excuse. No one pays attention to me anymore--thank goodness. They know I watch my weight and they leave me alone! Anyway, its probably true: we are all prediabetic if we are addicted to the taste of refined sugar for 40-50 years--we'll end up diabetic, there is hardly a doubt of it, it's just not said because the sugar lobby is so powerful.

Reinforcing thoughts for slowing down: before you eat: 1. do the buddhist/jon kabat-zinn raisin exercise. That will slow you down! Breathe slowly for 3 minutes before you start, and as you breath, practice sitting tall, pulling in tummy, and lowering shoulders down your back. When you are starting your meal, a meal alone or at home, take your watch and stop every minute. put your utensil down, and count for 10 seconds. eat one bite, chew it slowly, stop for 20 seconds....etc. I slowed down a 5 minute eat to about 30 this way. Its crucial to go slow so that your BODY can tell you are full, rather than your mind saying you should stop. It takes 20-30 minutes for the neuron path to complete its satiation message!

02-03-2010, 01:45 PM
NuxMega: PA you say? Yes, there are many goodies in our state cuisines! Where I live its all about the ice cream. Everyone raves about their favorite stand. Actually the BigMac was invented down the pike from MILs. Enough said.
Vending Machine Pastry got ya? BeckDay19, right?

02-03-2010, 01:50 PM
ChinaMaine: Muchas gracias! " Both restless leg and insomnia can be caused by vitamin deficiencies – RLS from iron/B-vitamins and insomnia from vitamin D. I have celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a wide range of symptoms including vitamin deficiencies. Celiac is more common that diabetes, but woefully under-diagnosed here in the US. I too had RLS, insomnia and hypoglycemia. Once diagnosed and treated for celiac, RLS disappeared and my insomnia and hypoglycemia got much better. Just some food for thought…" I took some homeopathic meds one night (during) and some Magnesium-Calcium-Zinc to prevent last night, and it didn't recur last night. I'm just puzzled why I get it when I'm dieting. I don't get much of any nutrient when I'm not consciously watching food for nutritional value, ie, dieting. It seems to happen at a certain weight for me. hmmmm. More research needed. I thought I had celiac too, but it turns out to be "just" IBS. but dieting really really helps!


02-03-2010, 02:04 PM
WOOOOWWWWEEEEEEEE -- working, planning for big party, potential identity theft for DH and I (clever little hackers) and sick child has ended up with lots bad eating and no time to even read posts, let alone post myself. Ummm.... as I write that, I realize that poor planning actually ended up in bad eating. Dang. Stupid epiphanies.
Hope all is well and am looking forward to getting back to some normalcy next week!

02-04-2010, 12:10 AM
Two meals out, but I left half the meat on my plate both times. Probably too much salt, though. Credit for getting in my exercise on a day of multiple appointments.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +60, 120/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: LOL at "Exercise consisted of running about looking for the missing operating system" -- hope you're making progress there.

ChinaMaine: ouch on the exercise, maybe taking it slow getting back to it is a good thing anyway? yay for the long list of credits! Congrats on meeting your mini-goal!

Beverlyjoy: yay for "food" and "sane" in the same sentence!

wndranne: hugs for your continued challenges -- love the Mr. Yuck sticker idea!

maryblu: I have a hemp tote bag that wears like iron -- too bad American farmers couldn't have grown it for me!

Shepherdess: ouch for the chips and cookies but yay for exercise and for posting here!

midlifecrisis57 glad your RLS is improving -- good job on working out what works for you

KidsLibraryLady: yay for epiphanies, look forward to seeing you back here.

02-04-2010, 01:54 AM
Hi coaches

I guess it's Thursday now but I wanted to check in tonight.

I had a surpirse sabotaging thought while making my dinner tonight. As I took the spaghetti down from the cupboard a :devil: voice said "It's ok. You can have as much as you want; you're the only one home." (meaning DH is gone away). Where'd that come from?
I then told myself no and then I seemed to completely forget I said no choice and I ate the whole thing, a GIANT bowl and then I ate seconds justifying it to myself that I saw it therefore I could have it as I considered eating it all before anyway (yeah in my sabotaging thought I said that not my Beck mind!).

Wow coaches. What happened there? Well, first off while eating I was completely distracted as I was on the phone with my brother as I munched away. I didn't think to call him back as it is so rare he calls me and he really felt like talking so it was so nice and I had such limited time that i wanted to do both. My eating lost out as I lost focus and then wanted the end bits "the best part" probably cause I could really taste what i had just eaten!

Other than this the day was good. Lots of spontaneous exercise. The sun shone and it was warm enough to take in some of that sun on my skin without the fear of getting frostbite on exposed skin.

My drawing class went well though only 1/2 of them showed up. Those who came worked hard and made progress.

So after the wobble of today I am still on course. Have to pay more attention and remember to persist in victory:carrot: I WILL NOT undo all my success.

02-04-2010, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - "Was lost, but now is found." Actually the Missing Operating System indeed wasn't lost, the boot sector that said this was a hard disk was missing. But, smart people got me up and running with a new hard disk. Feeling a bit skitzy this morning.

Eating good enough except for cough drops, which I'm allowing myself just to try to get past my immediate deliverable while my head is stuffed and throbbing. Oh Well. Did have an opportunity to have seconds on rotisserie chicken for dinner and passed. CREDIT moi. Kinda big deal: when I started to go to the third floor yesterday morning, feeling miserable in my head and not sure when my computer would be back on line - I thought, I'll just take the elevator this morning. Don't know where that came from - I switched to walking stairs four years ago and never looked back. CREDIT moi for seeing that and hiking away.

maryblu - My area is full of "promiscuity", LOL; I'll tell you our stories later.

onebyone - Ouch for crazy Sabotaging Thoughts - Yay that today's a new day.

Anne (wndranne) - I need one of your Mr. Yuk stickers for my cough drops, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for meetings instead of walking. Hope it's better today. Congrats on your mini-goal.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for exercise despite appointments. Teach me how, LOL.

Shepherdess - Ouch for home made chocolate chip cookies; you gotta find out who's baking those and stop them, LOL.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for "Stupid epiphanies." LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - Wow, slowing down a five minute eat to 30 is terrific.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for slowing down while eating; tough to break a lifetime habit.

seadwaters - Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Here's a way to determine if you've overeaten. Think about how easy it would be to take a walk at a moderate to brisk pace before you eat. You should be able to walk at the same pace just as easily after a meal, too. If you can't easily take a moderate to brisk walk after a meal, it means that you've eaten too much and you might have an unrealistic definition of fullness.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 158.

02-04-2010, 09:31 AM
:df: WI-up 0.4 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (31 minutes).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Read Day 12 in the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- I substituted a glass of wine for my snack last night. It’s a wash in terms of calories, but it’s the kind of substitution I’d rather not make.

Beverlyjoy It’s pretty amazing that you were out of town and still lost 2 lbs – your hard work paid off! Speaking of hard work – lots of credits yesterday! Interesting observation that people are more concerned about diabetes than losing weight.

Anne home-made Mr Yuck sticker/post-it – lol. Rice crispie treats are so tempting, so kudos for this solution. And :hug: for having to get up at 4 AM – that’s gotta make it hard to get through the day.

Maryblu If someone builds on that parcel of land there’s a good chance it’ll be the owner, not a developer. It’s an even better chance that the person clearing the land last summer was the owner. That’s how Mainers are – they mostly do their own work. Even so, I’ll bet they know or suspect the lot isn’t buildable.

shepherdess Ouch for the chipfest and chocolate chip cookie after dinner. Yes, wheat is in too many things. But I have so many more food options now than I did 5 years ago. So, it’s not really hard to stay GF anymore. Except, of course, when I’m brain-dead. ;) I realized in January that I had been eating granola bars for my snack every day, that were almost certainly contaminated with gluten. They don’t have wheat as an ingredient, but they do have oats. :doh: Since oats and wheat are often grown in the same field (crop rotation), oats usually have wheat in them. (similar issues for the plants that process oats). I think my fatigue for the last couple of months was a reaction to the gluten in the granola bars, but I’m definitely on the mend.

midlifecrisis Someone at a health food store told me that Magnesium supplements helped RLS, but I’ve never researched the issue. I do, however, take a magnesium supplement everyday anyway. Too bad you have IBS; at least with celiac there’s a treatment that eradicates all symptoms…

KidsLibraryLady Sounds like you are going through quite a stressful time. Planning would help you to eat better, so I hope you can find the time.

gardenerjoy Kudos for leaving food on your plate at the restaurants. It’s impressive you managed 60 mins of exercise on a busy day.

one by one Ouch for sabotaging thoughts. Any ideas on what you could do differently next time?

Bill Interesting how sabotaging thoughts can be a blast from the past. Does it give you same feeling as seeing a photo of yourself in a ‘stylish’ 80s haircut or outfit?

02-04-2010, 09:39 AM
Coaches/Buddies So the plan last night was to go out with some friends and have a beer and either an appetizer or a dessert. But after the beer, both sounded good so I did that. This is a reminder that even small amounts of alcohol can make judgement a little iffy.

Probably no exercise today as I run DD to the doctor, run to work, and then run DD to gymnastics. Followed by passing out on the couch. Not the good kind of running. Big mountain bike ride planned tomorrow though. Hopefully I'll keep it upright.

ChinaMaine Yes! Great job on the mini-goal after persisting for so long. A lesson to us all there.

maryblu The developers sound like jerks. Except spelled with an A. I preordered the next Michael Scott book, coming out on my birthday in May. Something to look forward to.

Shepherdess Sorry about the chip-fest.

midlifecrisis57 Hi! How are you doing?

KidsLibraryLady Lack of planning...yes, this is my life lately. Good job on identifying the issue. Hope the identity theft thing gets ironed out quickly. That is such a pain.

gardenerjoy Nice work on the meals out and getting exercise in.

onebyone Sorry about the attack of the spaghetti. Sounds like distracted eating is a big culprit in 1) not recognizing the quantity and 2) not focusing and sticking to the plan. :hug:

BillBE I think you should switch to yucky cough drops, so you know you'll only be eating one when you really need it. Plenty of yucky ones out there. Happy new computer.


02-04-2010, 02:22 PM
It's been awhile since I've been here. I've had good days and bad in my absence, but I think luckily the balance is shifting and I'm having more good days.

Today I have:

Finished logging my meals from yesterday, even though they were off-program and made me look at the fact that I was 500+ calories over plan :broc:

Checked in here :broc:

Logged my meals for today :broc:

Avoiding eating chocolate that's in my office, by coming here instead :broc:

Gave myself credit for good decisions :broc:

I am going to borrow someone's idea of writing personals for the last 3 people who have posted before me (at least when it's been so long since my last post.)

Glad your computer problem is solved (that's one of those things that just nags at me all day long)! Wow, so interesting to hear about your experience with your thoughts about the elevator. Just shows that we will all be dealing with these issues for the rest of our lives! Kudos to you for catching that and avoiding the slipper slope.


Wow, so far I've just read the good and it seems like you couldn't be any more on target-- nice!

Hmmm... was the wine a last-minute decision? Do you think you would have felt better if you had planned it? Kudos to you for acknowledging it and substituting it, rather than just adding it :D


Yes, I too notice that alcohol will impact my decision making :( You came here and reported about it, so kudos to you. Good luck with your stressful day and I hope you get a great ride in tomorrow!

02-04-2010, 02:33 PM
Hi coaches/buddies - yesterday was a good day :) - I stayed on my plan & am always grateful for that. My plan included KFC grilled chicken 395 calorie meal. There were 2 small pieces chicken and they had skin. I wanted to eat was already counted into the total and I did eat the chicken with the little bit of skin. But, the rest of the evening I kept thinking how I should not have eaten the skin and a wee bit nervous about it. :dizzy: Good greif!!! Looking sillly. It was a nice treat and eating the skin didn't cause a binge.

Major credit - I convinced my DH we didn't need to make hot turkey sandwiches for the super bowl gathering with our cousins. He makes really buttery mashed potatoes (although I could always take mine out before he butters them up - but, I don't want those leftovers) and I have to taste the gravy when I make it. So - I insisted on white bean chicken chili! Trying to keep my environment easier to live in.

many credits-
planned food & ate planned food
read arc
read rc
really thought about hunger/cravings/desire
fork down between bites, eating seated. no seconds - all of the time
ate mindfully - some of the time
trying to taste the food more
read the beck book
timing how long to eat

working on
spontaneous exercise
ridding the house of DH's goodies.

Today I worked for the first time in three weeks. I had to reschule several programs scheduled in January. I only coughed one time during the two performances. I can count my programs as some kind of exercise today.

bennyhanna- glad to hear you've had more good days than not. Writing down off program foods is a huge credit!

wndrmme - your mt. bike ride sounds like a good plan. Yes - alcohol can lessen one's reserve.

chinamaine - such good credits - especially giving yourself credits though out the day!

billieblueyes - so glad your operating system wast lost. Sorry to hear that you are sick. HUGE credit using the stairs instead of the elevator when you are sick!

one byone - hop right back on your plan..those old habits sometimes sneak back - glad you are still on course.

gardenjoy - leaving half a portion of food on your plates are a major credit.

kidslibrarylady - Hi! Are you getting ready for the big snow coming our way. You sound so busy. Hope things calm down soon.

midlifecrisis - thanks so much for the slowing down ideas!

sheperdess - I think that learning that hunger (or wanting to eat) is not an emergency takes alot of practice.

Shout out to anyone I missed - gotta go. Have a good day. :D

02-04-2010, 02:35 PM
1by1: I read your spaghetti woahs (pun intended). Sounds like you were on track cognitively, but not behaviourally. What if you added a step to your cooking when DH is on the road: Only make one serving. Then at least you'd have time to cogitate while getting second helpings cooked and your mind might be able to intervene before you ate. It's really tough not to overeat on the phone, I concur! When I'm eating, I don't answer, I let it go to voicemail and call back, or answer but leave the eating area till the call is done. It's just not worth messing with a CBT dieter in training, even for a brother or sister, says me!

LambLady: about the chipfest: where those your chips or chips for another family member (not the sheep one hopes!)? If they are "your chips" have you tried putting a serving in a plastic baggie to help you stick to portions? If another family members, if you put that boundary around it: would it help you to NO CHOICE them? Chocolate Chips, smips, been there, know the dangers lurking in small brown turret tops. And tortilla chips. Though when I go to the movies I take a 1 oz (14 chips according to package) baggie and hence avoid loads of popcorn and I know what exactly my nutritional facts are. And I still get a little of salt on the tongue!

02-04-2010, 05:25 PM
Coaches/Buddies, cold finally started to clear up yesterday. But there is still a lingering cough and minor sore throat. I can deal with that, although the cough kept waking me up last night, even with Niquil. Had an extrememely busy day yesterday and another today. I don’t foresee it letting up any time soon actually. Yesterday I brought my lunch and snacks with me (credit), but I didn’t pre-track my calories, so I’ve a gain today. It may also be a factor of eating solid foods again too. Hit the gym yesterday as planned.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +2 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes, though could stand a better eating environment
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes

BennyHannahMama, SO GOOD TO SEE YOUR CUTE PICTURE AND POST. WE’VE MISSED YOU. Fabulous job at avoiding the chocolate. Great idea about responding to the last three. I’ll totally have to try that.

BeverlyJoy, glad you’re back home. Congrats on leaving the extra 2 pounds behind on vacation. Awesome sub on the with the white chili. Are you a performer?

BillBlueEyes, sorry to hear you are still dealing with computer issues. Glad it is improving though. Good luck on your Friday deadline.

ChinaMaine, great job on No Choice Hash Browns. Congratulations on meeting your mini-goal. That is fantastic and gies me hope. Great job on staying on plan today.

GardenerJoy, congratulations on your new low. That is fantastic.

Maryblu, glad to hear you are happily busy.

Midlifecrisis57, interesting observation about your changed sleep patterns and Beck. By the way, I think your whole tone in your posts has changed since you got into your own place!

Nuxmaga, good lucck at your appointment today. I hope you feel better soon and I’m glad your husband feels better.

Onebyone, interesting observation about being tired of eggs. I go through periods where I find I just can’t stick with the routine any longer and have to make a new plan. Tremendous job with the fish & potatoes.

Shepherdess, great job for getting back to running. Too bad for chips and a cookie. Any luck on tracking down the cause?

Wndranne, good luck with the emotional stuff and credit to you for taking care of youself. Love the Mr. Yuck idea. I really appreciate your mentioning the alcohol influence on ordering. I’m going out tonight for a class and alcohol will be there.

02-04-2010, 11:27 PM
Hi All,
The car is back! yay! It looks brand new, so here's hoping it drives well, and that all our craft show stuff still fits. . .

My therapy appt was helpful, though I'm still dealing with lots of sabotaging thoughts related to my OCD. My therapist emphasized reading the values response card he had me create last time, as well as having compassion for myself, since I'm finding it hard to go against the OCD, and have a lot of stressors. That's a tough one. Sometimes I think if I have compassion for myself then I'll have to deal with a wave of grief about a lot of painful stuff, though my t thinks I'd survive it. Being hard on myself just makes me more obsessive, but I grew up with a child's idea that "if I'm perfect then maybe my parents will love me. Try harder."

Tracked food today, credit, and stayed under calorie goal in spite of some potato chip issues(I hear you Shepherdess!), credit. Resisted ordering mashed potatoes at dinner in spite of being in a funk, and desiring comfort food, credit.

Well, I should go to bed. Have a good night.

02-05-2010, 12:14 AM
Every meal at home today -- it's so much easier that way!

WI: +0.45 kg, Exercise: +66, 186/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: This was the best part: "So after the wobble of today I am still on course." That's how Beck is making all the difference for me.

BillBlueEyes: yay for a working computer! Thanks for the story about the elevator and good job on taking the steps.

wndranne: hope your running around day went as well as it could and that you enjoy the bike ride tomorrow

bennyhannahmama: good to see you back with all of your dancing broccoli!

Beverlyjoy: congrats on the good day. We're doing 3 bean vegetarian chili for the Super Bowl!

FutureFitChick: glad you're on the mend; hoping for a quick recovery from the last of the cough and sore throat.

Nuxmaga: Sounds like progress with the therapist, if slow, but that's often the way it goes in therapy. I don't remember if I know your age -- are you anywhere near perimenopause or menopause? I'm reading The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup and she paints a very hopeful picture of that being the perfect time to revisit past memories and emotions and then let them go. There's some fascinating brain chemistry she relates to all of that.

02-05-2010, 03:17 AM
Hi coaches

Since it's so late I'll just do this point form:

:carrot: credit: discovered my pet portrait painting class can paint! yay! (what a relief). 1 student arrived with a completed painting she started in last week's class and it was good. She said she would not have done it without the class. Nice compliment to me in that comment.:carrot:

:carrot: lots of walking again

:carrot:no seconds and halved what I wanted to eat - still ate a lot but seem to be calming down with that

:shrug: working on trying to get all my meals in! Imagine, I am missing meals. go figure. I seem to have mastered Hunger is not an Emergency and gone to extremes with it. Odd, truly odd, for me.

:shrug: veggies still missing but a :carrot: for buying broccoli slaw to add to soup. I will continue to search for an easy green thing solution.

:shrug: sugar cravings today :carrot: DID NOT answer their call

A BiG :shrug: for being afraid of weighin tomorrow! geez louise. What's that about? off the top of my head: that my weight loss is not real; that the scale will creep up; that this cannot last :devil: thoughts those and so not helpful. :wizard: Be gone!

See ya back here tomorrow coaches.

i will persist in victory.

02-05-2010, 06:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Feeling like my own computer now that I have Firefox running. Yay Mozilla. Food was OK - especially dinner where I turned down a normal sized bowl of a new lentil recipe because of head cold misery. Took off from work early. Exercise was coughing.

Tried sleeping but that didn't work. Went to bed fully dressed out of confusion. Head colds leave me spinning. It will come to an end - not concerned - but I'm making everybody around me miserable since I won't take sick days because our deadline doesn't slip just because I have the right to take a sick day. In my next life, I'm gonna be a postman so I get great walking every day and, when I take a sick day, someone else does my work for that day - it isn't waiting for me tomorrow.

onebyone - LOL at missing meals - maybe they're with my Missing Operating System.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for being off-plan with exercise. Kudos for at least being aware of it. Will have to try your idea to use the yucky tasking cough drops.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for more good days.

ChinaMaine - LOL at "‘stylish’ 80s haircut or outfit" - sometimes I can't stand to look at my own wedding pictures for that reason.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for a working car. Kudos for wrestling with your Sabotaging Thoughts using CBT.

FutureFitChick - Yay for hiting the gym with a head cold; you're doing better than I am.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, eating at home is much easier.

midlifecrisis57 - Yep, don't mess with no "CBT dieter in training," LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, Major Kudos for making Super Bowl plans that fit your eating plan.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

People without weight problems feel somewhat uncomfortable when they eat to the point where they can't comfortably take a walk after a meal. But, when you eat to that point, your might not feel the same discomfort. The sensations you notice might feel normal to you. Your definition of fullness might be part of the reason you gained weight in the first place or have had difficulty losing weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 158.

02-05-2010, 07:58 AM
:df: WI-unchanged Read my cards, made a plan (but forgot to make a schedule :shrug:. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (31 minutes).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope

Anne Ouch for the beer-fueled-restaurant-ordering. I hope you have fun on your bike ride today.

Kim (bennyhannamama) luckily the balance is shifting and I'm having more good days :yay: Kudos for using us to distract yourself from chocolate at the office…

Beverlyjoy Two big victories yesterday – getting a reasonable fast food meal (they do exist!) and putting together a super bowl menu that allows you to stay on plan.

Future Fit Chick Glad your cold is finally taking it’s leave, but sorry you are so busy at work. Lots of nice credits though yesterday!

Nuxmaga I’m glad your therapy session was helpful. Credit for not ordering mashed potatoes at dinner.

one by one lol at having trouble fitting all your meals in. But do try to get them in, because skipping meals is likely to result in elevated hunger levels, which will in turn result in overeating…

Bill I despise our current state of affairs – where you have sick days in name only. I hope you feel better soon.

02-05-2010, 11:10 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh-in and saw 264.4. This is -2.4 from last week. I continue to drop weight at an astonishing 2lbs per week. Gee. I am both amazed and afraid. Fear is rising in me as too many things are "too good". I get deeply suspicious when life is too good. That will tell you all you need to know about me coaches, and my past. :o It's been a long tough road to this point. But I've worked hard and pushed myself to do more and to do the things I am afraid of and to not say no to things if I haven't tried them. It's all coming to fruition and getting what you want can be scary. Good scary but scary.

As Dr. Beck would say "O Well."
embrace the good persist in victory

I have seen myself saboutage myself, especially with weightloss, many many times over the years and I worry I will do that again. And the only way to disprove this is to not do it; to move forward through these uncomfortable feelings and to focus on the joy:dancer: of pants getting loose around the legs and a shirt I could wear again because my arms fit into the sleeves once more. These are clothes at my top size range but I had grown out of them and was in danger of leaving them behind in December.

I think I am starting believe I really am losing weight. At 264 I am a solid 10lbs below the 272-276 yo-yo range I was in for the last 6-8 months of 2009. I could not, no matter what, stay below 272. And here I am, 264. It has to be real.

embrace the good persist in victory

Today I will have breakfast lunch and dinner. I had breakfast. :carrot:
Lunch will be soup with broccoli slaw added in so I get some veggie goodness.
Dinner is leftover roast chicken and potates, with soup stock to be made immediately after dinner from the carcass. I'll take a multi vitamin and a calcium/magnesium supplement as well today. I'll drink my water today too. And I think I'll do some extra journalling and reading re: anxiety and acceptance. I shouldn't say anything bad about the good things. I feel genuinely very fortunate very lucky. I know things can change in a millisecond. Why borrow trouble right coaches? Right.

Enjoy your day. TGIF:carrot:

02-05-2010, 12:29 PM
Hi coaches/buddies - yesterday I stayed in my calorie range but, changed my lunch and added more at night - I didn't have enough calories (don't faint!) I didn't get to many of the beck tasks. I was tired. However - I still stayed on track - so, I am grateful for that.

ate while seated, fork down between bites, no seconds - all the time
ate mindfully - some of the time
did morning stretches, alot of movement at work, did arm weights later in the day (major credit for the arm weights)
gave myself credit - some of the time

Oops -
didn't read arc or rc
didn't think about hunger vs cravings vs desire
slowed down eating - some of the time only
made a plan but changed it quite a bit
not moving forward in the Beck book

midlifecrisis - good idea putting chips in baggies portioned out. This is a wonderful reminder. thanks

futurefitchick - Hope you are ALL better soon! Yes, I am a performer - a professional storyteller, writer and puppeteer. It is such a joyful thing to do as a job. (alot of preparation and practice, however)

nuxnager - your therapist has a good reminder for us all - to have compassion for ourselves.

billieblueeyes - I went asleep too in my daytime clothes when I was sick one night. Take care now.

china marie- enjoying everybite is such a HUGE credit. So many credits are terrific.

onebyone - wonderful -being down 2.4 pounds! I too sometimes get to fear that things are going too well and I am waiting for the let down to come. I think it's why we have to take it one day at a time.

I hope you all have a great day. We are going to have a big big snow storm here. I know the neighborhood children will be delighted!

02-05-2010, 03:03 PM
I guess my post yesterday was lost. Eating was on plan two days in a row, which feels like a major accomplishment. Had a major struggle last night after dinner—not quite sure why. I had that “I don’t care voice.” I just kept reminding myself that I would care later, though I wasn’t really buying it. Going to bed was the only thing that solved the problem.

My life is about ready to go into major upheaval. Our first two calves were born about 15 days early, but everyone is healthy. Dh and I had planned on moving in about a week to a little house where we could keep an eye on the calving heifers—these cows are having their first calves and require constant supervision. But these new early babies have pushed up our timeline. So we’re going to move over the weekend. The house we’re moving to is “rustic” so it’ll be a lot like camping out. I’ve been worried about what the disruption will do to my diet. I guess it’s just like any challenging situation—lots and lots of planning.

Midlifecrisis57, the tips for slowing down before eating were good. Calming down and changing your mindset before picking up the fork are helpful.

KidsLibraryLady, yikes on identity theft. With sick kids at home, the last thing you need is added stress. Hope the epiphanies help in the future.

Gardenerjoy, huge kudos for leaving food on the plate. That’s pretty tough for me. Good job getting so much exercise in on a busy day. It looks like you’re starting Feb. with a major bang, exercise-wise.

Onebyone, ouch for the sabotaging thoughts, but good job recognizing the problem so you can avoid it in the future. Credit for lots of spontaneous exercise, and a good day, otherwise. Loved the thought, “I seem to have mastered Hunger is not an Emergency and gone to extremes with it.” Maybe you can send some of that excess my way. It’s interesting that the dropping scale brings both happiness and also fear. I read something recently about that, will have to find the article. Losing weight can bring anxiety because we suddenly have to think of ourselves in a new way. Will see if I can find it.

BillBE, yay for finding the missing operating system! Hope you can now turn your attention to better things. Good job passing on seconds—that would be tough for me as well. And kudos for taking the stairs even while sick. Hope you are feeling better soon! It’s difficult when you don’t feel like you can afford the time off.

ChinaMaine, kudos for getting your exercise in, and yay that you have the energy to get back into the habit. Great job continuing to be mindful of your hunger levels. At least you substituted wine for your snack—I’m always tempted to have it in addition to my snack.

Wndranne, you need your rest! Your bike ride tomorrow will be better for it. Hope your life is beginning to settle down, though by all your running around, it doesn’t sound like it.

Bennyhannamamma, good to see you back here. Yay for more good days than bad! That’s moving in the right direction.

Beverlyjoy, good job on getting your dh on board with a healthy super bowl party. As for that nagging guilt about the chicken skin, I suspect that might be your inner perfectionist talking. You’re right to ignore her—she’s rarely helpful. Good job staying on track while tired—that’s always difficult for me.

FutureFitChick, glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. I wouldn’t give too much thought to a little weigh-in blip. Your body is still trying to mend itself. Good job keeping up your gym habits while feeling under the weather.

Nuxmaga, yay for a therapist to give you some perspective on those sabotaging thoughts. It’s always difficult to let go of those old habits (no matter what they are). The devil you know. . . Huge credit for dealing with them and for staying on plan (mostly) while doing it.

02-05-2010, 06:04 PM
Coaches/Buddies, having a mixed day. Started out at the gym early this morning, but just was in a bad mood from the moment my feet touched the floor this morning. I did not create a food plan for today, but have repeatedly made “better” choices than the ideas that first came in to my head. I plan to have lots of quiet time this weekend for working and renewing my focus on Beck behaviors.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: no

BeverlyJoy, what a cool career! Congratulations on you great successes yesterday!

BillBlueEyes, hope you feel better soon and that you got through your deadline today.

ChinaMaine, I’m sending you magic fairy dust that will trigger you to think positive thoughts about yourself when you engage in healthful behaviors.

GardenerJoy, good for you, eating at home. I plan to do a lot of that this weekend to try to get my eating back on track.

Nuxmaga, congratulations on the car repair. That has to be a relief. My thoughts are with you working through the OCD. Just strive for progress each day, not perfection.

Onebyone, great job! You seem to being doing terrific on your own! Congratulations on the loss too.

Shepherdess, wow, 15 days early! Good luck with your move. Are you going to be able to post while you’re “gone”? Congratulations on 2 great days of being on plan.

02-05-2010, 08:01 PM
Oh well! Had two slices of cheese (forbidden) pizza after Choir practice last night, served by choir. Besides giving in once, I transgressed by eating it all, eating standing up, and then, boldly, going back for a second slice, and eating it in the car on the way home! All off my behavior modifications!!!!

WHy, I ask myself. 1. weakened after I accepted a cough drop from my friend and sucked on it: dry throat cough during choir rehearsal. What I could do better next time: remember to keep bottled water on hand.

Felt dizzy yesterday several times using cleaning agents. I'm sensitive to chemicals. But also, I've been eating about 1500 calories a day for weeks, and it may not be enough for the more active lifestyle of homemaking I've undertaking with my new house. Barnard (my diet) says we must eat 2000 calories a day minimum (I think) I will try to increase calories and see if that helps dizziness.

Emotional imbalance: had been having an episode with MIL, and was, I think, trying to lean on choir too much to pick up slack in relationships: hence trying to cement bonds with community eating. I would like to be more expressive and not turn to food for comfort--but then that's what this is all about, and therapy, and oh boy--trying to change 50 years of habitual comfort eating! BUt it is good to be able to sit with this and reflect on some of the triggers, and take credit for not continuing to eat off plan or binge when I got home. I went right to bed. Woke up with a growly stomach that feels like starvation but its not really, just digestion! Struggled with guilt all day, and fear of day at a time, right?

Thank you, each and every one of you coaches, for being a Higher Power, accountability buddy, and friend. Thank you for reading, supporting, and sharing your struggles with me. I get so much strength! And I have NEVER ever though "Oh well" when I "blew it" before. This is a new experience for me! I hope it works better than my old strategies for dealing with falling off the wagon.

Love MLC.

02-05-2010, 10:18 PM
midlifecrisis57 where would I be without the magic of the "oh well"? head face in sugary things I think. EXCELLENT job at utilizing the same strategy. your post reminded me of an old overeaters anonymous saying: progress not perfection I changed my foodplan for dinner and to say I cooked my food in the least healthfully way would be very accurate. In fact I defiantly fried my broccoli slaw in the greasiness of my fatty pork chop. This, coach mlc57, is comfort food to me plain and simple. I'm not stressing over it. One meal out of what, 21 for the week, really is minor, and in your case out of 90 x 3 =270 meals. An oh well for you and a big credit for 90 days on plan.

FutureFitChick I woke up grumpy too. Mostly cause I finally fell asleep at 4am to awake to the phone at 7am. I got up and stayed up. Excellent job making better choices all day long.:cheer3: This is how we can live our life during and after we get the weight off. Nice.

shepherdess I had a twinge of envy for your life, dictated by the needs of your animals, and the scheduling set by Nature herself. I don't think many people live that way. It's great to read about it. Thank you. And yep, count on the change being disruptive. Just be practical and plan. You'll be the better for it if you can hang on to your program, even if it's a simplified version for your more rustic surroundings. I wish your cows and their calves good health in the days ahead.:moo:
I'd be interested in the article you mentioned. More information is always welcome.

Beverlyjoy You're doing lots of good work :cp: credit to you! Seems you've let the chicken skin episode go too and that's good. What does it really matter? Credit for letting it go:angel:

ChinaMaine You are going like a house on fire:flame:. Credits firing on all cylinders - excellent! (hmmm. does that make sense? CONGRATS is what I mean!) Also good news on reaching your mini goal. :dance:

BillBlueEyes I think your OS took the sick day you should have had. Didn't your corporate head office this year tell all their workers to stay home if they are sick, even a little sick and not full blown sick like you sound like you are, in this year of the HINI pandemic?
:hat: <--- offering you a hot toddy
extra credit for taking the stairs and for hanging in there to see the job through. BTW I am living that day 18 quote. Thanks for posting it.

:wave: to everyone who posted who I didn't directly address and to those of you out there reading who never, or rarely post. We're happy you're here too. Have a good evening.

02-05-2010, 10:50 PM
Hello All,
Another frustrating day at work with sabotaging thoughts of "You can't really change the OCD. You'll always be anxious doing your job, so distract yourself with websearching." Unfortunately, the only break I took was to go foraging at the vending machines, and the junk I bought didn't even taste good. I am glad it is the weekend.

Tracked food, credit. Walked to dinner with dh, credit. Passed up donut with my coffee, credit. Went to the cafeteria with a craving for pizza, and decided against the sad looking mini pizza's when the sign said 580 calories a piece(can that be possible??), credit. Started calculating cost of goods sold--part of my decluttering challenge--credit.

one by one--I am very familiar with the fear of things getting too good. . .I tell myself I don't need to know how it's going to turn out right now.

midlifecrisis--Yay for sitting down and figuring out some of your eating triggers! That's essential.

futurefitchick--Credit for making better choices than your initial impulse. Thanks for the reminder of progress not perfection.

Shepherdess--big credit for two days on plan with eating!!

Beverly--Credit for staying on track.

ChinaMaine--Yay for your nice long "good list"!

Bill--I'm sorry to hear about the head cold!

02-05-2010, 11:36 PM
Hello everyone:

KidsLibrarylady-hope things are returning to normal for you. Glad you are back here.

ChinaMaine- you seem to be consistent every day with your "good" list. That is really quite an achievement. And congratulation on your 5 pound mini goal.

wndranne- hope you got to your long mountain bike ride. Good for you for staying on track while under stress.

bennyhannahmama- hi, nice to see you back and glad you are having more good days than bad.

Beverlyjoy-Yay for being down 2 pounds. I really can relate to what you said--- that you have spent most of your life thinking about food - but, when it's time to eat, you eat so fast that you hardly taste it. I have been thinking about this often this week. I am struggling with this and I was thinking that for me, it might have something to do with being ashamed about eating and in many ways hating eating, therefore making myself get it over quickly. I don't know, but that is kind of making sense for me.

FutureFitChick-glad you are feeling better and good for you for hitting the gym even though you are not quite fully recovered.

Nuxmaga-I think that if you can live through the painful stuff while it is happening, then you can absolutely survive dealing with it. You already have been dealing with it for all these years- you know what I mean? Sending you good wishes.

gardenerjoy- so true that eating at home is so much easier. I wish I could avoid all restaurants for the next year. The only time I am doing restaurants is when I have to go into the city and it is always a stressor. I am going to check out your book suggestion of The Wisdom of Menopause.

BillBlueEyes- hope you are feeling better tonight. My DH has also been sick with a terrible cold. Miserable is the right word. I share the problem of no one doing the work if I am away and being away just results in too many late nights trying to catch up. Still, sometimes you need to give yourself some rest.

midlifecrisis57- I think you are very wise to just say Oh Well for the pizza. Your eating 90 days on plan is amazing to me. I understand about trying to change a lifetime of comfort eating. That is where I am today, at age 48. We must carry on no matter how many oh well's are to come.

onebyone- thanks for posting the saying- "progress not perfection." So happy for your achievement of hitting 264.4. Look how far you have come!!! Hope you don't let the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop bog you down. That feeling is familiar to me. What you wrote about that really hit home. I also get afraid that this is all going to end and I will be on the couch with comfort food most nights of the week again. We need to fight that and try to sort of relax into this way of eating forever.

For me- I have struggled through the week but have come out the other side feeling pretty good about things. I know for sure that if I eat sugar, I get out of hand and just want more, so avoiding sugar is really a key for me. Trips to the city are hard, but I did so much better than usual this time. Not perfect by any means but going in the right direction.

Today I gave myself credit for:

Reading cards
Weighing in
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
lifting weights
resisting lunch out at work and ate my healthy stuff instead
eating on plan
planning tomorrow's food

Hope everyone has a good weekend. :grouphug:

02-06-2010, 08:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate cough drops and exercised by coughing; Ouch. Thanks for all the good well wishes. Went to the drugstore and bought one each of the symptom relief stuff. Ever brought Sudafed from the pharmacist behind the counter where he scanned my drivers license so they could track whether I was buying huge batches to make one of the illicit drugs; felt like a criminal, LOL.

Still miserable, but completed my deadline sufficiently to call it passed.

onebyone - Congrats on one more barrier broken on your way down. Thanks for the hot toddy. Yep, my company insists that we stay home with flu symptoms, while simultaneously reminding us how important it is to meet customer's deadlines.

ChinaMaine - Yay for continuing to do good stuff.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Good string of stuff including walking to dinner with DH. Kudos for passing on a donut.

FutureFitChick - OK, so better choices isn't a food plan but still winning over bad choices.

Shepherdess - Yay for being a calving midwife; Ouch for having babies with hooves.

CeeJay - Yay for doing better on trips to the city. I, too, find that sugar is a trigger food.

midlifecrisis57 - Yep, sucking on a cough drop can lower your resistance; sucking on a whole bag even more so, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for continuing "fork down between bites."

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

You might eat beyond the point of normal fullness for several other reasons, too. One, you might want to prolong the eating experience - that is, have food in your mouth for a longer period of time. Two, you might have difficulty turning your attention away from eating if you know there's food readily available. Three, you might b e concerned that if you don't load up now, you'll be too hungry before you can have you next meal or snack. You might link the sensation of overfullness with feeling safe or protected from discomfort. In other words, you eat more now to avoid feeling hungry later.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 158.

02-06-2010, 08:57 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Woke up well rested this morning.
Yay for well rested. credit to my body for doing this for my brain.

I did my one weigh-in and saw a 263. I ate a lot yesterday and sometimes in the past I have seen this phenomenon: what I think should happen doesn't and so the weight bump up didn't materialize and the number went down. That scale lives in an alternate universe to the one I live in. credit for weighing-in only once and not stepping back on/back off/back on/back off 3-4 times to see if the number is "right". That habit seems for the most part, broken. creditfor doing something long enough to break a habit.

I am off to the ceramic room today to get some work done and then up 2 floors to the printmaking studio to make some prints with a friend. When I get back home my job will be to start getting the 10 somethings together for the Cerebral Palsy pick-up on Monday morning. I have a real opportunity to get clutter out of my house. I can't let it pass me by!

Have a good Saturday.

PS the fear I felt yesterday around the weightloss is gone this morning. So glad I didn't eat over those feelings. credit

02-06-2010, 09:36 AM
:df: WI-didn’t weigh-in Read my cards, made a plan (but not a schedule). Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (32 minutes).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Used resistance techniques – I got back from my afternoon walk very hungry, and stayed that way until bed-time. I added a bit of food to each planned meal/snack in an attempt to feel satiated. I ended up 200 calories above my max calories. – Oh well…

one by one :congrat: for your continued weight loss, and especially that your clothes are starting to feel looser. Fear of success can be an albatross, but you have a great attitude. This time will be different!

Beverlyjoy Kudos for being within your calorie range in spite of being tired.

shepherdess How long will you be in the rustic cabin? Rustic… will you have wifi, electricity or running water?

Future Fit Chick Kudos for frequently making ‘better’ food choices – especially when you were in a bad mood.

midlifecrisis 2 slices of pizza off-plan after 90 days isn’t the end of the world – you are doing great over all. I think it might make sense to have some more calories during the day. I’m impressed with how you thought through the reasons why you might have eaten off-plan.

Nuxmaga Ouch for your sabotaging thoughts, and for distracting yourself with bad vending machine food. Would it help to keep a list of distractions with you so you can distract yourself with other things?

CeeJay Congrats for doing well on your trip into the city, and for the insight about sugar. And kudos for a nice long list of credits.

Bill Hope you feel better soon…

02-06-2010, 12:55 PM
HI coaches and buddies

Yesterday was a good day - I am grateful. :) I made a new recipe for dinner and didn't taste it until dinner - major credit! :D I could kind of tell from the smell. If I had really needed to taste it...I decided I would put a tiny bit on a plate and sit down.

We have all we need for the snow storm - should get about 12 inches. If you live in the Baltimore, DC or Philly area - take care. It, however, it's delightful to see the neighborhood kids playing in the huge piles of snow.

I made my NO CHOICE response card. I feel like a big baby - but - I just feel sad about no more spontaneous eating. I know that this is key to learning to live with food in a sane manner - but, I still am having hissy fit about it. :p

credits - a good beck day
ate seated, no seconds, fork down between bites - yes
mindful of food - tasting it - yes ( I am calling it - talking to my tastebuds!)
gave credit - alot
arc - 2 times
rc - 1 time
planned food
followed plan
read beck book and made a couple more rc

working on
spontaneous exercise
thinking about hunger - vs - desire - vs - craving

shepardes - reminding yourself that you would care later is a major credit. In regard to moving closer to the calving area - at least you'll know where you'll be and, like you said, will need to do alot of planning. I hope you can still post.

futurefitchick - it's so good that you know you are in need of some quiet time for renewing.

midlifecrisis- It's amazing how one small thing can trigger eating unplanned food later on! I hope your dizziness goes away. I am too dealing with some 50 years of disordered eating - I think that's why now we take it a day at a time.

onebyone - so glad you brought up 'progress not perfection'. I think that's why giving ourselves credit during the day for the things we do on plan is so important. It's hard to be perfect.

nexmaga - many, many credits! - good to see. Glad the vending machines are in the past.

ceeyay- I agree - the thinking constantly about food and eating and then NOT thinking about the food when we eat can be mind boggling and complicated for me. I am trying really, really hard to enjoy my food - maybe for the first time ever. I hope that being mindful and tasting our will help us break this lifelong way of thinking.

Billiebe - I had to 'sign' in for my cold medication too. It's so that people don't buy it in quantity and make meth! Feel better soon...glad you made your deadline.

china marie - again you give yourself credit for eating mindfully and enjoying it - it tells me that it really can be done.

Have a great day!

02-06-2010, 03:27 PM
Hi accountability coaches....

another day of slipping a bit: we got a big storm here and my furniture is on a van stuck in Carlisle PA unable to get over the Allegheny's so its been a frustrating day: I've been shovelling all day to try to make room for a 80x10 semi and also, on the other driveway, get the cars out. The snow is heavy by the road, but not too bad otherwise. I'm needing protein for sustained energy and eating beans, beans, beans. But last night there were some peanuts over plan, and today, macaroni wasn't actually on the plan. Frustration, revenge, resentment...the classic triggers for feel good eating. I will go back out and try to focus on getting the snowplowing done and take a nap me thinks. Thank you for all your kind words! I figure once 72 hours go by from eating an addictive food (cheese), the cravings will subside. Only 24 hrs to go! OMG 580 calories in one serving of pizza? I underestimated!

02-06-2010, 05:55 PM
When dh got home from yesterday, he told me that he had almost gotten a chocolate bar for us to share, but remembered that I was going to have a glass of wine. He didn’t want me to have to make that choice, so he made it for me. Yay for a husband who is supportive. I got more practice with the whole “hunger is not an emergency” thing. Dh got home late and dinner was very late, but I waited. To my surprise, the world did not end and I was fine. While I was doing the dishes after dinner, I realized that I hadn’t had my evening snack since dinner was so late. I decided I really didn’t need it since it was so close to bedtime. Then I tried to convince myself that I really was hungry. Once again, I just ignored it, and guess what? I did not starve to death in my sleep because I skipped a planned snack!

I hope all of you on the East Coast are weathering the storm. As long as the power stays on, I like to get snowed in every now and again. It’s like God telling me to spend the day with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Sending all of you warm thoughts—I know it’s been a heck of a winter for you.

RE questions about the rustic cabin: we will have electricity and running water, though the water has quite a bit of iron and there’s no filtration system; so we’ll still be drinking/cooking with bottled water. The house is just very poorly heated and insulated, so it’ll be chilly. The kitchen is, well, scary. The oven has been re-claimed by mice. So I’ll be back at my own house on occasion to make a casserole and do some laundry. We don’t have internet connection at that house; so posts will be intermittent. We’re too lazy to move a tv and dvd player over there, which is a good excuse to do lots of reading. I’m actually looking forward to that part.

FutureFitChick, ouch for the bad mood, but good job getting to the gym anyways and making good food choices. Hope you get the R&R you need over the weekend.

Midlifecrisis57, hate strengthening that giving-in muscle, but good job getting a plan for next time. I agree that eating enough while dieting is very important—that has been the most significant change for me. Under-eating may have also left you vulnerable to that slice of pizza. Think of all the exercise you’re getting with that snow shoveling!

Onebyone, I loved the OA saying “progress not perfection.” That’s one I need to keep in mind. I’ll keep looking for the article. Yay for being well-rested. And good job only weighing yourself once—you’re right that when you keep stepping on that scale you’re giving it too much power (I’ve struggled with this one as well).

Nuxmaga, yikes, 580 cal for a slice of pizza! I sometimes wonder how restaurants and food manufactures can squeeze so many calories into such small packages. Good luck dealing with those nasty OCD thoughts—they sound like a character from a bad horror movie. They’ve got their hooks in you and won’t let go.

CeeJay, congrats on a successful trip. This should build your confidence for future trips. Sugar can be a serious stumbling block. Kudos for avoiding it and making your life easier.

BillBE, great job finishing your deadline. I hope that it means you can take some time off work and get healthy. I have often wondered about the fitness benefits of coughing. It does seem to work the abs. LOL at calving midwife.

ChinaMaine, if you were paying close attention to your hunger/satisfaction, you may have needed those extra calories. I’m so impressed by those who are able to listen to their bodies. I’ve always had such an adversarial relationship with my body that I don’t understand any of the signals.

Beverlyjoy, good job making the “no choice” card. I had a similar reaction, and sometimes still do, but overall it’s been a relief to put a stop to spontaneous eating (most of the time!). Good luck working on the hunger vs. desire vs. craving. I’m still working at that one. It’s tough, but the more I work at it, the more helpful it is.

02-06-2010, 09:08 PM
Had to postpone the birthday party due to snowstorm and sick three-year-old. She has had two different illnesses this week. We are now both getting over a stomach bug-- keeps the bad eating away! ;) Hears hoping the baby and DH don't get it. That would be terrible. Just wanted to check in!

02-06-2010, 09:48 PM
Hello Everyone:

BillBlueEyes- Glad you are done with your deadline. If you are still feeling terrible on Monday maybe you can take a day off.

onebyone-so 263 eh? Fantastic- even if you don't see it in the next few days, it will be back. Thanks to Beck for setting us straight about fluctuation.

ChinaMaine-yay again for all your credits. And for dealing with your hunger in the evening with an extra 200 calories, not exactly a binge!!!

Beverlyjoy-what a fantastic set of credits. Talking to my tastebuds---I love it.

midlifecrisis57-sounds like a lousy day for you yesterday, hope today was better. We are about to start in a snowstorm that is supposed to continue until Monday.

Shepherdess- Yay for your husband. And good for you for practising "hunger is not an emergency" yesterday. Enjoy your stay at the cabin- sounds like an adventure.

KidsLibrarylady-hope you and your daughter are feeling better and that everyone is on the mend so you can throw the party.

For me- another good day!!

Credit for:

-weighing in
-reading advantage and response card
-checking in with my coaches
-eating on plan and healthy today- steel cut oats and blueberries for breakfast, salmon and salad for lunch, an orange for afternoon snack, and beef, potatoes, squash and green beans for dinner. Evening snack will be yogurt with pumpkin and a few walnuts. Yummy food day.
-walking 30 minutes in the sunshine with my mom and riding exercise bike 20 minutes.
-planning tomorrow's food

Have a good Sunday everyone :grouphug:

02-06-2010, 11:27 PM
Greetings from Snowy PA!

Well, Philly to the south of us got 28 inches I do believe. We slogged through the snow looking for a lunch place. A diner was open, and the sandwich was gargantuan--I ended up leaving at least half on my plate, credit. Had coleslaw instead of the chips, credit. 3500+ steps, credit. I figure that can be multiplied by at least 2 because of pushing through snow. . .

There's rumor of another storm on Tuesday. Bleah. The trains weren't running and as we walked by we could hear a recording on the loudspeaker telling passengers to take an alternate form of transportation. . .dogsled??

02-07-2010, 12:51 AM
We're throwing a small Super Bowl party tomorrow. So today was about shopping and prepping. We're serving chili mac (with three bean vegetarian chili) and salad. My sil is bringing appetizers. There is beer. That's enough stuff to make it a party but nothing that is likely to cause a binge like Super Bowls past. Yay!

WI: +0.15 in kg, Exercise: +65, 281/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: I'm glad your work deadline passed and I hope you can take time to take care of yourself! I had to quit taking Sudafed due to high blood pressure long before they started the signing policy. I've only done it once to buy some for my sister-in-law who was running into limits trying to buy enough for her whole family. That really did feel illicit.

Beverlyjoy: I'm also still occasionally in mourning about the end of spontaneous eating, or, more precisely, spontaneous overeating. Those feelings are getting fewer and farther between, though. So stick it out! It gets better.

Shepherdess: I'm with you on not understanding my body's signals. It's one reason that Beck is working so well for me -- just plan it. I'm keeping an open mind that maybe someday, far removed from past episodes of eating for reasons that had nothing to do with hunger, I will recover an ability to hear my body.

midlifecrisis57: be careful with all that snow!

KidsLibrarylady: sending healing energies your way for you and your daughter and immune-heightening energies for DH and baby!

CeeJay: yay for another good day and a long list of credits!

Nuxmaga: good for you for getting out and walking in the snow!

02-07-2010, 06:06 AM
Hi coaches
I have been totally distracted and finding it impossible to get online in the evening. And of course the longer you leave it, the harder it is because there are all those posts to catch up on. I have been looking at them every day and following everyone's progress but haven't got back in the evening to be accountable - and I think it shows in my attitude to food and my diet. So here I am!

Over the past few days since I checked in last: I have been reading my advantage and response cards once most days, reading the Beck book and doing the exercises - probably alternate days, usually staying on plan and making a food plan the day before, there has been a bit of mindless eating standing up - and getting an awful surprise when I realise I am doing it! I found some lemon sorbet in the freezer which I decided to throw out and left on the bench for a while. It of course softened and then I just had to try it and it almost turned into a feeding frenzy - credit that I actually stopped (before it froze my oesophagus) and threw it out :lol: . I think I could recognise that as desire because I certainly wasn't hungry and I didn't crave slushy sorbet!

Hopefully from now I can keep up with the postings and my postings again from here

02-07-2010, 07:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Continue with the coughing and feeling miserable. The only silver lining is that I have no particular desire to eat.

onebyone - LOL at "scale lives in an alternate universe." Good luck with your de-cluttering opportunity.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for feeling hungry and not eating.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Wow, 28 inches is a lot of snow. Congrats for slogging through your snow to make it to a diner. Yep, double your steps for sure.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good luck with watching what you eat during the Super Bowl today.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for two different illnesses in one week - and a postponed birthday party. May you survive the snowstorm.

Shepherdess - Kudos to your DH for making a sane choice about the chocolate bar. Ouch for a rustic life with mice in the oven, LOL. Hope the ladies appreciate your efforts to attend their birthings.

CeeJay - That does sound like a good food day. When you write "yogurt with pumpkin and a few walnuts," how do you add the pumpkin?

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for furniture stuck trying to cross the Allegheny Mountains - seem like something from the early 1800's LOL.

Beverlyjoy - I certainly agree; making a new recipe and not tasting it until dinner deserves major Kudos.

seadwaters - Kudos for stopping with the slushy sorbet; I hate it when I fall into something that I've just declared unfit for human consumption, except for, of course, me.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

In order to lose excess weight and keep it off, you must break the connection between overfullness and normal fullness. To do so, you'll need lots and lots of experiences of eating to normal fullness and saying to yourself, This is great that I'm stopping now. You'll then begin to associate overfullness with feeling abnormal. Once you change the connection, you'll struggle so much less and feel less deprived.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-07-2010, 09:51 AM
Hi choaches and buddies- Yesterday was a good day - I am grateful. :) I did most everything well. I did eat an unplanned rice cake when I had a bad taste in my mouth from sucking a sf hall menthol lozenge (tastes terrible :p - did help me to stop coughing).

Today is Super Bowl at our house. I've made a menu that is health friendlly, really. This is a huge difference from the years of a fat/sugar food fest. :dizzy:

My foot/ankle is feeling terrible this morning.:( I really want to postpone my surgery until September if I possibly can. Lots of ice today!

Many credits -
lots of water
exercise - strengthening and stretches, recumbent bike
I was mindful for every meal and really tasted my food (talking to my tastebuds!)
I took 20 minutes to eat meals and snacks
read arc - 1
read rc
ate seated, fork down between bites, no seconds
planned food

oops - ate that rice cake - not the worst thing in the world
need to move forward in beck book

Today I am going to give myself 2 peices of cornbread at dinner time and only eat one with my chili. I am working on that now.

I hope you all have a great Sunday! :D

02-07-2010, 10:10 AM
Hi ladies and gent,

BillBE: thanks for posting the pieces of Beck: I am just rediscovering normal fullness again after 72 hours of sloppy eating. For the first time since the pizza slip, I woke up feeling my gut in the confines of its pelvic nest, instead of that massive lump that had returned TEMPORARILY to remind me what I was missing in eating off plan! I have been having a hard time because of obsessing about food, but today I feel at peace.
The snow left MIL and FIL without electricity or heat overnight and into the next day so DH generously offered them shelter here and drove down the (sacred) 12 miles between our homes to pick them up and invite them to stay with us last night. I panicked at first when I heard, but CBT to the rescue, decided firmly NOT TO REACT to whatever happened. And I didn't. THough DH urged me to socialize, I just stayed in bed when they came, and then came running down when new neighbors dropped by to visit. MIL was fine, not bossy or nibby, brought dinner (all the stores were closed around here so we'd have gone without!), and they have electricity again so they've already left this morning. Hubby took the hit--he slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and has a sore back this am, but I was comfortable in the guestroom bed (only bed in the house till furniture arrives today). No time for Superbowl, wah, but we'll be getting my 2 grand pianos today--yay! Waiting on the movers showing up now.
Carry on dear fellow Beckies: today's mantra: "I feel full already, don't I? Who says I have to clean my plate? This uneaten portion is going in the fridge for manana." :smug:

02-07-2010, 10:51 AM
:df: WI-up 1.3 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan (but didn’t make a schedule). Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (54 minutes).

Once again, we’ve missed the bad weather south of us. After 2 really tough winters, we seem to be having a typical one this year. Our temps are seasonable, and the sun was out yesterday. We have a foot of snow on the ground, so don’t miss the extra snow that is being dumped on the mid-Atlantic states.

We went snowshoeing across the lake yesterday. The properties across the cove from us are all seasonal, so the houses are empty and roads unplowed. We walked down a road until it ended at a major road. The distance was about the same as what I walk every day, but felt like more. It was a lot of fun to break a snowshoeing path, and to walk in the woods though.

When we got back, we got on google earth to take a look at the road we walked, and to see what other one we might try today. We’ll head back across the lake today and go up another road.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yeah!
- I posted here – yes!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope

Beverlyjoy Kudos for making an RC for spontaneous eating. Every single day I miss being able to eat when I want (rather than when I’m hungry). But we have to trust that this is a better way to live… Nice for eating, fork down between bites! Have a great time at your super bowl party. Your recumbent bike, is that an exercise bike, or a ‘real’ one? I’m fascinated by them and wonder what they are like to ride…

midlifecrisis Shoveling snow burns a lot of calories. So you may need to add some calories on days when you are doing a lot of shoveling. It sounds to me like you are doing very well under the circumstances. Try to be reasonable, write everything down, and give yourself credit for the good choices you make… Great use of CBT for both food and family challenges! 2 grand pianos – I missed that you are a pianist! Are you a pro? Does DH play too?

shepherdess Yay indeed for your supportive DH. h got home late and dinner was very late, but I waited. To my surprise, the world did not end and I was fine. – lol. Sounds like this resulted in a couple of epiphanies for you! I used to enjoy snow days too, but now that I work remotely, a big snow doesn’t give me any down time. I miss the unplanned downtime… Enjoy your quasi-camping experience!

KidsLibraryLady Hope you all feel better soon, and that the baby stays healthy.

CeeJay Yay for another good day, and for such yummy food!

Nuxmaga Kudos for walking to lunch!

gardenerjoy Kudos for having a healthy super bowl menu – enjoy the party!

seadwaters Nice to see you and credit for posting! Don’t worry about personals, do them when you can… Posting is the important part; I find it helps me to stay accountable to myself knowing I’m going to tell you guys about it all… It sounds like you’ve been doing pretty well though – credit! But ouch for the sorbet…

Bill Rest and feel better… :hug:

02-07-2010, 12:05 PM
Dear Beckies,

We have been chatting a bit about the obsession with food, the feeling of "loss" at not being able to eat when we want, what we want, as much as we want.

Food will always be signal to me and not noise. I don't look for that to change. If I see food samples, I look at them. If there is a buffet, I look closely at it all. *sigh, and Oh, well. I usually indulge, too..with much smaller portions than of old, I mean really tiny portions of lotza stuff, and only the perceived good stuff!

Even after more than 7 yrs. of maintenance, I still love food. I was talking to an acquaintance of a friend of mine last night about my recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes and Egg Noodles. She looked at me in wonder and asked, "How do you stay so thin cooking like *that?" I mumbled something about the sweet potato thing being totally healthy, the noodles not so much. She was not a heavy person, either, but apparently she is one of those who "watches what she eats".

For me of course, it boils down to eating those things I love, just less of them. That is how I don't feel loss or deprived. It works for me, and I have just accepted that I will always have the love affair with food.

That said, I just reread CeeJays healthy menu for the day, and it sounds mighty fine to me. CeeJay, you aren't *that far away...want a dinner guest? I'll bring the music!

ChinaMaine, I am so envious of you having a DH who is such a good playmate, exercise mate. That compatibility is hard to find. I know some avid X country skiers who leave me in the powder! They can't out dance me, though. What kind of snow shoes do you wear? Do you know anything about those new fangled ones? They look so weird, but I think I could get by with a cheapie kids pair.

Happy Super Bowl day, and post storm day, all.

02-07-2010, 12:08 PM
A few crackers mysteriously found their way into my mouth yesterday—I’ve got at least one hand that didn’t get the memo about the diet. Not a big deal calorie-wise (and I made up for it by skipping bread at dinner, but it certainly doesn’t help the resistance muscle much. Other than that the day was good. I did skip my run. I was just feeling a bit tired (and lazy). But I didn’t let myself stay on the couch. I did some yoga instead and I think it was the better choice. My shoulders are feeling so much better.

We’re spending the day getting ready for our move. I’ll see if I can get a run in today. . .

KidsLibraryLady, ouch for the snow storm and stomach bug, but it’s great that you’ve found the silver lining. I’m wishing you a healthy household.

CeeJay, yay for a yummy and healthy food day. Your menu sounds great. Great job staying on plan with both food and exercise.

Nuxmaga, lol at each step being doubled when slogging through snow. I think that’s true. Good job eating well at the only open diner you could find. Cold stormy weather always makes me crave comfort food.

Gardenerjoy, your Superbowl party menu sounds fantastic. Love that vegetarian chili! Good job on all that exercise!

Seadwaters, glad to see you posting here again! I agree that coming here and being accountable is so helpful. It keeps my mind focused on Beck and it helps me think through mistakes and success. Sounds like your general trend has been good, so credit for that!

BillBE, hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, get your rest and lots of herbal tea with lemon and honey. At least that’s what I like to sooth the throat.

Beverlyjoy, sounds like healthy Superbowl parties are all the rage here! That’s great that we can find fun, festive foods that work into our diet. Don’t sweat the rice-cake. In the grand scheme of food sins, it was very, very minor.

Midlifecrisis57, ouch for in-laws without power and heat. It sounds like you dealt with it well, giving them a warm place to stay without letting it drive you crazy.

ChinaMaine, your day of snow-shoeing sounds wonderful. It’s so great to be able to exercise outdoors during winter. Good job keeping up your good eating habits.

Onebyone, here is a link to the article I was thinking about. It briefly touches on a few things you were talking about the other day.

02-07-2010, 12:48 PM
Maryblu - I'm a newbie at snowshoes. We tried them out at a local ski / tobaggon / snowshoe facility last winter, and really enjoyed it. My nephew works in a outdoor sports store and recommended we buy after the season was over. We did and got ones we really like for $40 per pair. I just checked on Amazon now and see that they are pretty outrageously priced (to my frugal eye anyway). So you may want to try renting a time or two, and then buy a pair in late March or April.

02-07-2010, 12:55 PM
Coaches/Buddies, since I started using my GoWear Fit, there have been no days where I have tracked my food and my weight seemed like a mystery to me. Well, yesterday I had a major case of the lazies and used my self as a human garbage disposal. And today, my scale reflected an unexpected loss. I’m confused but am feeling confident as I am moving forward. I have lots of work to do today, but did some preparation work in the kitchen and meal planning for the day that made me feel really good. I’m still overly tired, but maybe I’ll try and get outside at mid-day and walk the dogs or something to get my blood pumping.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none plannned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, what a great and disciplined idea to put your tasting needs on a plate and required yourself to sit down. Thanks for sharing that. I can totally empathize with the whining about your no choice plans. Sorry you’re in pain with your ankle. Interesting strategy with the cornbread.

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the reality check that “better choices” and “food plans” are not equal. Hope you feel better soon.

ChinaMaine, have you come up with any ideas to help remind yourself to give credit to you during the day? Your snowshoeing adventures sound wonderful. If you are trying to track distance ever, allows you to do that fairly easily.

CeeJay, travel is really hard, but you did great this last trip. Keep it up! Do you eat your yogurt with pumpkin & walnuts all cold? Is it canned pumpkin?

GardenerJoy, great job planning for your party.

KidsLibraryLady, hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon!

Maryblu, loved your cheery and realistic insights that you’ll always like food. That is really wonderful.

Midlifecrisis57, fantastic insights from your experiences eating off plan. I mean really fantastic. You have an intuitive gift, my dear! Great spontaneous exercise in the shoveling. So glad you are at peace finally after being off plan. OOOOOHHHHH! 2 grand pianos. Wow… Someday, maybe we’ll have one…

Nuxmaga, hugs to you! It sounds like you’ve had a rough several days. Sometimes it is really hard to get out of your head, isn’t it?! It is great that your cafeteria posts calories right next to the item. Hope the dogsled teams get to work for you soon!

Onebyone, congratulations on 263!

Seadwaters, great job stopping yourself in your tracks with the sorbet.

Shepherdess, awesome for a supporting husband. That is great. Just think of the chilly house as extra calories you’ll burn by your body working harder to keep you warm.

02-07-2010, 01:05 PM
I am back for a few personals..

shepardess - like you said - a few crackers doesn't ruin a whole day. But, because of Beck I think we tend to think about unplanned eating more. I don't do yoga but do love to meditate. Kudo's for DH being so support of the chocolate vs wine snack!

maryblu - Food will always be signal to me and not noise That is well said.

chinamarie - Kudos for snow shoeing! So many credits, too. GREAT! My recumbant bike is a stationary bike - it's a little different in style than the old kind of exercise bike. It's a bit of a different angle and it's suppose to be easier on the knees.

futurefitchick - Glad you feel like your moving forward. Many good credits...Kudos. Hooray for a scale surprise.

midlife - there does come 'peace with a plan and less obsessing. WOW...two grand piano's. Well, that's.....GRAND!

Billbe - Feel better soon. If you aren't eating - don't forget to drink and stay hydrated.

seadwaters - glad you posted...I totally understand how 'one bite' can trigger so much eating. Forgive yourself and hop back on your plan - it's a new day.

gardenjoy - it's amazing how Super Bowl parties have gotten a bit healthier over the years. Have fun and enjoy your chili.

nuxmaga - you take care and be safe!!! Leaving half a sandwich is amazing credit!!

Ceejay- great, yummy food plan. Lots of credits. Kudos and carry on.

Kidslibrarylady - sorry about your little one being sick and all. take care now.

Have a good day, folks.

02-07-2010, 11:08 PM
Evening Coaches

I went to the school to work in the ceramic room and when I left, after being informed by front desk staff that the school would be closing in 15 min and promising I'd be out ASAP she nodded and said no problem and then I was done and I rushed downstairs and into a darkened front lobby where I tripped the motion detector and set off all the alarms!

She'd left forgetting I was there and had armed the school alarms.:mad:

So, after panicking and finding the one phone available to me in the school (I *gasp* do not own a cell phone) I called information to get the number of Pat who works in the office, called her, and got her machine and left a panicky message. Then I walked up to the alarm and tried entering my security code from the summer...and it worked. The alarm stopped. Thank god for the school's security slackness. So I then called Jeff the head of the school and told him my predicament including that I feared I couldn't leave cause I had no keys to lock up and he told me it locks automatically so I just had to arm the alarm and leave. I put my old code in again, it worked, and I left feeling really rattled.

Earlier in the ceramic room I found myself reaching into my bag and removing a tiny mandarin orange, peeling it, and popping it whole into my mouth like candy. This was right before I buckled down to getting some test glazes done. I think it was an avoidance tactic. It didn't buy me much time if that's what it was. It was completely non-thinking/unconscious this orange eating episode until I was popping it in. O well, but curious.

I, coaches, have not gathered a single thing for the CP people tomorrow. NOTHING. No de-cluttering was done, no clean up, no sorting, no bagging or boxing. Nothing. Talk about resistance and procrastination. Wow. ENORMOUS procrastination. I am now aiming for ONE bag of stuff to be done before 8am.

One bag seems like all I can manage. This makes me feel very :(

I don't feel like I had a very successful day but I guess I did. I guess. The whole not getting things sorted and packed for the CP pick up tomorrow has coloured my whole mood. I have to give them something or it will really depress me.

02-07-2010, 11:16 PM
Coaches/Buddies After finally seeming to get my act together, I got serious, made a goal to give myself a 10 lb gift for my birthday, and put together a serious plan. Then backlash! Oh my! The diet equivalent of falling on my face. My excuse? Superbowl. How freaking stupid! I fell for this line of BS from my own self?? Really????

Ah, well, the plan remains.

I'm having my (relatively minor) surgery a week from tomorrow, and I'm going to start a concentrated period of effort a couple days after that. This is the day after a major bike race I got talked into doing, because, you know, that's just how I roll. Halfway nothing.

I am again sort of distracted. Life intervenes, does it not? I continue.


02-08-2010, 02:06 AM
Just a quick note of thanks to all my Beck coaches. I appreciate/learn from you all so much.

I never feel pressured to do a complete personals list. Since you all say so much of meaning to me at different times, I am happy to be able to acknowledge and respond to you as I am inclined. I do marvel at those of you who can manage to do the whole list, however; it is way cool, and it is meaningful, for sure!

1X1, thanks for sharing yourself so completely and especially for the decluttering thread.

ChinaMaine, thanks for the advice on snowshoes, and especially for the connection to remote lake living in the same climate zone. You *so *seriously feel my joy and my pain!

Midlifecrisis, I can only echo the astonishment of other Beckies at *2*grand*pianos! And, why, btw, is the plural of piano "pianos" rather than "pianoes"??? hummmmm??

FutureFitChick, lovingly known to me as FFC, I know you will use the scale as a tool, rather than an instant read on your day's activity as it relates to weight loss. I know that maintainers who weight daily are more successful, but for those of us on a long weight loss journey, it is important to remember that consistently following Beck will give us the result we want, and that we don't succeed or "blow it" in one day. The scale is not an accurate, instant measure of our efforts based on one day's reading. I hope I made sense with this train of thought.

wndranne, you go, girl! If you say you are giving yourself a 10# birthday present, then I know you will find a way to wrap that succa, too.

Shepherdess, I am so busy picturing you in your birthing is a cross between my memories of what I pictured reading Heidi and Broke Back Mountain.....*laffin"...and feeling a little sheepish Oh, I know..I'm baaaaaadddd.

02-08-2010, 05:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Congratulations to the fans of the New Orleans Saints everywhere. Thanks for the so many well wishes. Never left the house yesterday. Feeling a little better this morning so I'll go in and see how that goes - can always come home. I do have about two hours of work that I gotta do so I'm not blocking the rest of my team. Exercise zero; Ouch. Food was below plan. I make a lousy sick person; feel sympathy for my DW.

Felt a silly elation when the scale showed a two pound drop this morning - as if dehydration was a good thing. It does require me to accept its return without panic.

maryblu - I hear ya that "Food will always be signal to me and not noise" - but I'm not ready to believe it yet. I still dream the day will come when it's just food - it's not about me.

onebyone - Screaming Kudos for keeping your cool during that blaring alarm situation. Neat that you resolved the whole situation without a major visit from school security - or worse, the town's fire department with three ladder trucks.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for yet-another-major-bike-race; you are living your life. Sending supportive thoughts that your recovery next week is also only minor.

ChinaMaine - Yay for the fearless explorer breaking new trails in virgin snow.

Shepherdess - LOL at "one hand that didn’t get the memo." That Inter-organ communication stuff is a challenge.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for overly tired - hope today is a more rested day. Welcome to the two-faux-pounds-lost club.

midlifecrisis57 - Congrats for surviving the sleepover with the IL's. hmmm... "2 grand pianos" - I have a friend who manages to play both hands on the same piano, LOL, sounds fine to me.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for healthy Super Bowl snacks. Ouch for your foot - hope the hurting goes away.

Readers - tip!
If you finish what's on your plate, and feel disappointed that you can't eat more, remind yourself that you'll be able to eat again soon. You might say, It's okay, I'm going to have a snack in three hours - an apple and a cheese stick ... I can wait. Then immediately read your Advantages Response Card to remind yourself why it's worth putting up with this momentary disappointment.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-08-2010, 05:26 AM
Hi Coaches
Here's me being accountable. Today was weigh-in day and I have lost another 1.2kg so that is pleasing (in spite of the sorbet!). Today was physical therapy again (missed on Friday because of a fairly wild storm) and it is fairly strenuous - takes a few days to get over. But worth it I think. It will be nice when some of the benefits come.

Credit today for :D
Reading my cards
Checking in
Measuring my food and eating on plan
Reading my Beck book
Eating mindfully most of the time
Eating sitting down (except when I 'noticed' myself eating a slice of cheese as I made a salad)
Weighing myself
Breaking 100 kilos!
Found myself stuck without food and didn't panic - waited until I got home
Exercising and taking opportunities for 'spontaneous' exercise (couldn't find a parking spot :) )Not so good :(
Haven't made a food plan for tomorrow yet
Haven't made a schedule - both of these are difficult because I am on holidays and it doesn't seem so urgent - can make my food plan in the morning - but I must do itWorking on:
Staying accountable
Developing structure - especially for when I am back at work next weekThanks Beckies - have a good day

02-08-2010, 08:21 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan.

Felt tired yesterday, so decided to take a rest day. Then I went to bed for a 3 hour nap. Oh well… BTW – It’s scary how the ads on 3 fat chicks seem to keep track of keywords in my posts. Today I have a huge celiac disease genetic test ad.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yeah!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Don’t think there’s any thing to post here…

shepherdess Kudos for taking it easy, and for skipping bread at dinner to make up for the behavior your errant hand.

Future Fit Chick Although you used yourself as a human garbage disposal it looks like you’ve gotten right back on a good path. Kudos!

one by one What a crazy experience at school, but it sounds like it ended up okay. Good luck with decluttering this morning.

Anne Yay for coming up with a plan and a timeline!

Bill Hope you keep feeling better, in spite of being in the office…

seadwaters :yay: for passing the 100 kg milestone! I’m glad the physical therapy is helpful. And lots of credits!

02-08-2010, 10:04 AM
Hi coaches/buddies!

Yesterday went well. :) Everything was planned for the Super Bowl gathering. DH went to the store to get something and came home with Dove Dark Chocolate & olives and artichokes from the olive bar. Well as soon as I saw them - I kind of panicked. :dizzy: I wanted some too. I took a few deep breaths and said that eating those things were not an emergency. That I could have some of those things planned later in the week. MAJOR CREDIT. :D Our friends came with brq smoked beef for sandwiches and popcorn for the microwave (they said they weren't bringing anything) Again I panicked. I wanted that smoked beef ALOT. I did pass it up :) - & she said she'd leave me some for another day (but, she took it home later - I was kind of disappointed - but, it's really OK!) Last of all - my friend made her popcorn and plopped a small bowl of it in my lap. I did eat some of it and counted it in my daily total of calories. I was still within my calorie range. I am not worrying about a cup of popcorn, really. All in all - I am giving myself credit for a good evening! :D I am grateful.

I am at the part of the book where you leave food on your plate - so I took two pieces of corn bread for dinner and only ate one. YAY :carrot:

I took about 25 minutes to eat my chili and cornbread CREDIT - :) while other folks were back for more quickly. It's amazing.

Today is working in my office on things.

Credits for yesterday:
passing up lots of temptations
giving myself credit - most of the time
making my plan ahead
sticking to it with one exception
reading beck book
arc no choice cards - 1
rc cards 1
fork down between bites and no seconds
mindful eating/ really talking to my tastebuds - almost all of the time
lots of water
left food on my plate
used anti craving techniques

working on
spontaneous exercise
feeling fullness (just starting to think about this)

china marie - oo - a three hour nap - you must have really needed it. - Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep! Wow - I think those are MAJOR credits. Good for you.

seadwaters - losing more weight - that is wonderful! Good credits too! I am glad the pt is working out and feels worth the effort and being so strenuous.

Billiebe - I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I understand about feeling happy about seeing the scale go down - even if it's sick weight loss. You take care now.

maryblu - don't worry about who you do or don't reply - I think we do as much as we can and how we can. I know there will be days when I can't do personals. That's life.

wndranne -I think a ten pound loss for your birthday is a lovely present. Super Bowl is gone - hop back on your plan and carry on.

onebyone - goodness the alarm fiasco must have been awful. I think one bag is better than none. Keep working at it. Would you be as hard on others as you are on yourself?

I hope you all have a great day! BTW - thanks to all you Beck folks that have been so kind and helpful as a coach and food buddy. This makes a huge difference.

02-08-2010, 05:01 PM
Coaches/Buddies, yesterday went really well for staying under my calorie target, but my plan did get modified a bit when my husband requested SuperBowl guacamole. But, I stuck to a single serving of tortilla chips, which while not one of the things I consider a danger food, rarely am I disciplined enough to do so. I grocery shopped too and did not bring home any item I did not plan for. My workout this morning went well and although I had several deadlines today, managed to get my tasks done before they were due. Off to plan my food for tomorrow…

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1.0 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: ate sitting down, but worked through snack and lunch
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, terrific job on putting the unplanned food into your plan. Great job! Really fantastic job for being the slowest eater at your table. That is major for you!

BillBlueEyes, bummer about the exercise, but maybe you need the extra rest. Glad you are on the upswing of the illness.

ChinaMaine, way to go on giving yourself credit! I’ve been looking for that post!! :)

Maryblu, thanks so much for reminding me to put the scale in context…

Onebyone, oh goodness! What a high tech school building you have. Great thinking on your toes. I bet that was enhanced by your healthy diet. Too bad about the unthinking orange eating, but better than a vending machine candy bar! Here’s to hoping you cheer up soon!

Seadwaters, fabulous on the 100 kg! That is terrific. Cheers to you as you progress on your journey.

Wndranne, what a cool approach to just setting out to give yourself a 10 # gift. You are powerful!

02-08-2010, 11:59 PM
Evening Coaches

So I checked in at the school today to see if all is well after setting off the alarms yesterday. Pat, who I called but who didn't get the message at all, said the security company sent someone out to find the doors locked and the alarm set. All due to me but it cost the school $35 for that. Apparently two weeks ago a student got locked in and set off the alarm and they called 911 and the cops gave them a hard time so I was lucky to a)be on staff and b) be on staff with a security code. PHEW.

After stopping by there I went to visit my mom and we went out to the mall.
My mother's memory being what it is I deserve umpteen CREDITS for refusing her offer to buy me candy and chocolate, oh at least 20x while we were in the dollar store. My mom has alzheimer's but is really functional and physically very strong but boy. Sometimes she can really repeat stuff and buying me candy was something she kept asking me. I almost got irritated but didn't; she's only being kind afterall. I need to take it-this is the way things are now, as in I don't take candy home with me ever and my mother repeats things. 99.9% of the time these two elements never come together.

I started doing something again that I stopped doing a while back. I step on the scale before bed curious to see how much I drop by morning. It seems to be on average 2lbs. Why this is of interest to me I am not totally sure, except it reinforces the ephemeral nature of the scale and of bodies and of how much they fluctuate, while I do nothing but sleep, and in this way it helps me detach from that number on the scale. Dr. Beck says weigh once, everyday, so I am not following Beck on this :?: Should I? What do you guys think?

Other than this I walked a lot, avoided sugar, sedentariness and seconds therefore on plan all the way. credit. I am also waiting to eat until I am definitely hungry, very very clearly hungry, these days and that too is working for me.

Have a good restful rejuvenating night's sleep coaches. :goodvibes

PS CREDIT to me for getting one bag of clothes donated to the CP pick up people this morning. I got rid of some stuff that I was truly happy to see go byebye. CP left me note with a # to call for pickup anytime of dishes, linens, books, small furniture &etc. I plan on using this #

02-09-2010, 05:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Yay for slow recovery, even when it's slower than I want. Ate reasonably at a working lunch with food brought it - rather pleasantly surprised that 3/4 of the people chose the boxed salad with chicken on top. Also couldn't help but noticing that the largest person and the thinnest person were deeply into the chips and cookies. No insights; it was just one sample of one meeting.

Still no exercise; Ouch. But did get to a grocery store so I have some veggies to make for my lunch today; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Monster Kudos for remembering patience when talking to Alzheimer's; that's a tough one for me to even think about when reading your post. And Kudos for avoiding the three evil S's, "sugar, sedentariness and seconds." You sound like you're doing well.

ChinaMaine - Yay for becoming more aware that Big Brother is here and now. The point was driven home to me when I wrote of my trip to Chi-na and started getting Mandarin adds from Google, LOL.

FutureFitChick - May I salute you for getting tasks done before their deadline. I've read that there are people who can do that, LOL. And Kudos for continuing with your exercise.

Beverlyjoy - Standing down olives and artichokes is strong stuff; olives sneak past my filters by whispering in my ear that olive oil is good for my heart, LOL.

seadwaters - Yay for putting out for your physical therapy - keep the faith. And Kudos for eating sitting down all day; that one also takes practice, but at least it doesn't leave you sore, LOL.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

Do the following:

For a month, after each meal, ask yourself, Could I easily go for a moderate to brisk walk? If you're not sure whether or not you can, try it.

If the answer is yes, tell yourself, Good, then I'm experiencing normal fullness.
If the answer is no, tell yourself, This is what overfullness feels like ... It's not normal ... At my next meal, I'm going to make sure I don't put too much food on my plate.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-09-2010, 06:08 AM
Tuesday went well - even though I hobbled around a bit after yesterday's exertions with physical therapy

Credit today for :D

reading my advantages cards - I added one - Can't wait to be able to do up my shoe laces and not faint
making a food plan and sticking to it
making an agenda for the day and achieving what I wanted to
reading my Beck book
weighing myself
sitting down to eat usuallyNot so good :(

eating without thinking
feeling hungry - but a good opportunity to practice resistance and distraction fairly successfullyWorking on: :)

Being on holiday - not too good without work to structure my lifeI have to say I was really impressed by Beverlyjoy's excellent resistance in the face or remarkable challenges - something to work towards!

Hope everyone continues to have a good week and that BillBE continues to improve

02-09-2010, 07:20 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan. Still tired so took another rest day

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yeah!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – pretty well, partial credit!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise

Beverlyjoy Great job on the super bowl party! And Kudos for feeling fullness…

one by one Kudos for being a good, patient daughter – and for waiting until you are very, very hungry to eat.

Future Fit Chick Sounds like you had a terrific super bowl experience – congrats!

Bill Hope you keep feeling better, and more quickly.

02-09-2010, 10:00 AM
Coaches/Buddies I thought yesterday was on plan, and lo and behold, not so. Oh well. But a big eye opener that I've been eating off plan long enough that off plan now looks on plan. Time for adjustment.

Have to take DD in for a blood draw. This will not be fun. Four-year-olds and needles are not a good combo.

Have a good day everyone.


02-09-2010, 10:12 AM
HI Buddy/coaches.

Yesterday was a good healthy day- I am grateful. :) I did many of the Beck activities. I am still dealing with that foot/ankle pain :( - it needs to calm down before Thursday. I hope, I hope!

I have been working on feeling full.: Ya know- sometimes I think that part of me is broken. :dizzy: I never really feel fullness yet. A friend told me to think about how each bite feels as it gets down to my tummy. To really try stay in tune with it. Maybe I'll just need to have the food on my plate planned out and stop when it's gone. (or leave a bite on my plate) Time will tell. I'll keep trying.

Last night I was really craving the dark chocolate from the other night. I even went 'looking' for it. I never found it - that's good! But - actually had talked myself out of it anyway.:)

planned food
stayed with plan - logged it
mindful- tasting food - alot of the time
fork down beween bite, eat sitting, no seconds - all of the time
rc - 1 time
arc - 1 time
reminded myself that eating is not an emergency
left a bite of food on my plate every meal

working on
spontaneous exercise
feeling fullness

anne - actually, you had a good realization - now you know. Hope the blood draw goes well.

china marie - you consistently do so many good things - thinking about hunger, resistence, etc. It's a wonderful accomplishment. Hope you get rested.

seawaters - I hobble around alot myself! Thanks for your thoughts - I wish everything with food wasn't always a challenge.! you said - reading my advantages cards - I added one - Can't wait to be able to do up my shoe laces and not faint- good one!

Billiebe - glad you are feeling a bit better. It's really nice that one of the options for the lunch was a salad with chicken!!!

onebyone - glad the alarm fiasco worked out OK. It's hard to see you mom that way. I have a good friend with Alzheimer's. I know's got to be in there, somewhere. Kudo's on no sugar and your bag of giveaways.

futurefitchick - kudo's for staying in your calorie range even though your plan took a few twists and turns! Also bringing home no unplanned things from the grocery is GREAT.

Everyone have a great day.

02-09-2010, 10:37 AM
Hi Coaches

It's 9am and I feel good today. If anyone is curious I was 263.8 at bedtime; 263.0 in the morning. Sleeping is magical.

I'm feeling good this morning. No particular reason except DH comes home at the end of the week and I guess I've missed him more than I knew as I am really looking forward to his return. It's funny, cause I think of "missing someone" as a "I can't live without them/my life is soooo empty" dramatic overwhelming non-functional romanticized thing and I function pretty well and I still do my thing as when he is here and well, we've been together 19 years and this is the longest we've ever been apart. It's been curious to me I haven't had more longing but I think that's more of a survival thing. I can't function in that state and I have stuff to do. My life is better when my DH is in it. That's the best reason to have a DH isn't it?

ChinaMaine Kudos for all your program consistency inspite of continuing to feel tired. I wish for you more energy soon. :hug:

seadwaters Congrats for all the credits. I too find it a challenge to live a structured program during unstructured holiday time. Just remember your plan has to be flexible enough to accommodate your life. Enjoy your summer weather:beach: Will you go to the beach?

BillBlueEyes Glad to hear you are feeling better and energetic enough to walk to buy vegetables. :running:This is a good sign. Several friends are living with the "100 Day Cold" around here (they named it & it seems to the right name) including my best friend Tim whose 9yr old DS has been home for 3 weeks and his 7yr old brother who feels he should get to stay home too. Tim is very very tired. (He's a stay-at-home dad who's now stuck at home!)

FutureFitChick Wow so many successes in the face of so many challenges! Kudos to you. The whole going to the grocery store and not bringing back off-plan food is always a challenge for me. Credit to you for not giving in. :)

Beverlyjoy Wow another Beckster got through the challenge of Superbowl intact! Excellent work! Many credits there. Thanks for reminding me to lighten up on myself. I took your advice. ;) Also it's curious how you are working on feeling fullness and I am working on feeling hunger-well tolerating/allowing hunger. When I wanted to feel full I would top up my dinner with glasses of water 1-3 to be exact. If you really need to feel full to see what that's like try it: good for you, not off plan and will get the job done. BTW your "Move, ticker move!" in your signature line with the little cheerleader always makes me laugh.

wndranne Hi :wave: I was reading your last post and I too am a halfway nothing type person. I am sure your surgery will be a minor annoyance for great benefit. Great motivation to get yourself to refocus on your plan by giving yourself a 10lb present for your birthday. This is really one of those things no one can buy you! Brilliant.

Enjoy your day today folks.

02-09-2010, 02:40 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I’m doing it! Finally I’m doing Day 12’s Hunger experiment. Once again I had forgotten that I’d set up today as the day and I was headed to sit down with ½ grapefruit for a snack this morning when it dawned on me that I had spent time reading last night to get this done today. I’ve had a few moments of 8/10, but they only lasted less than a minute. Hunger is very distracting for me and has made it hard to focus – my mind instantly starts whining about not being able to eat today. So far, no headache, which was my next greatest concert. I do plan to have dinner promptly at 5:30 PM though, which is on the early side for us. But, that means just 4 more hours to go.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: Didn’t weigh today lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, good job for talking yourself out of off-plan food. Here’s hoping we are both able to reconnect with our stomachs to experience full…

BillBlueEyes, good job with the veggies. I am really glad you are feeling better too.

ChinaMaine, fantastic job with the credit, again! What is working for you now?

Onebyone, really terrific job with the shopping and your mom. I think you should stick a post it note with your goal weight on the scale. Remove it only when you are weighing in the morning. Great job also with being on plan and waiting for your hunger to eat. Also, you made a nice start on the decluttering. That is fantastic. Sounds like you are doing pretty terrific right now.

Seadwaters, your shoelaces card sounds fantastic. Your holiday will be over soon enough, I’m sure. So, enjoy the rest of it if you can.

Wndranne, hope your daughter made it through the blood draw OK. Sending you some focusing energy for your planning!

02-10-2010, 05:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Slowly feeling better; thanks for the contiued well wishes. Eating was on plan; CREDIT moi. Had the opportunity to think about vending machines but didn't. Not yet exercising; Oh Well.

onebyone - Yay for feeling good without a reason - would think that reaching Nirvana would be like that.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for a drifting standard for on-plan. Four Ouches for being four years old and facing a needle.

ChinaMaine - Neat to continue to read you giving yourself credit for satisfaction vs. fullness.

FutureFitChick - Can't wait to hear how the Day 12 Hunger experiment goes.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, I think my "feeling full" part is broken too. Gotta just work on trying to recognize it. At least I no longer think of the stuffed feeling as normal.

seadwaters - Yay for hobbling around, anyway. Good luck making the transition to holiday.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

Do the following:
. . .

Every time you'd like to overeat but don't, give yourself credit. You might say, for example, It's great that I'm exercising my resistance muscle.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-10-2010, 06:06 AM
Credits for today: :flow1:
Read my cards - Yep
Read my Beck book - a little
Checked in - here I am
Measured my food - I did
Ate on plan - mostly
Ate mindfully most of the time - I tried to
Ate sitting down - mostly
Weighed myself - YES
Exercised - No
Made opportunities for incidental exercise - not really
Gave credit for positive behaviours - I did
Made a food plan for tomorrow - not yet
Made a schedule for tomorrow - not yetNot so good: :nono:
I took many excuses to try to food I was cooking
Working on: :woops:

Staying focussed and mindful - keep forgetting I am on a diet. You are all so in the zone and I need to get thereBillBlueEyes
Well done at the work lunch and yay for the fact that they get in healthy food. I always find these functions difficult - no reasonable food and I always eat like there is no tomorrow??!? Very mysterious.
Oops - you snuck another one in - hope you get to exercise soon!
Even though you are so tired you are keeping up with the program and exercising when you can - a great example
Anne (wndranne)
Hope things went OK with your DD and the whole blood letting thing. It seems to be easy to stray from the program - coming here is the only thing that saves me!
I agree with 1x1 - your ticker makes me smile. I too am working on the “when am I full” v “when do I want more”. I even found recently that I was loading my salads up with lots of greens and then I read the section in Beck that said beware of “free” foods because you get used to the full feeling - OH WELL - sigh
You seem very chipper recently - it must be exciting having your DH coming home soon and getting to plan the future - enjoy. And you seem to be flourishing on the plan.
Hope the going hungry experiment went well - I have to say I had a rather late breakfast for that one! But it is informative

02-10-2010, 08:16 AM
:df: WI-down 1.5 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan. Still tired so took another rest day

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yeah!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior –credit!
- Read the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise

Anne Have you stopped logging all your food? Or measuring? Is that how you got fooled into thinking you were on-plan?

Beverlyjoy Re not feeling fullness. Feeling fullness does take some practice. Hopefully you just need more practice. I’ve started to look for an absence of real hunger to decide when to stop eating. Do you think that might be a better signal for you to look for? Great job on the tasting food and fork-down (etc).

one by one I too rarely ‘miss’ my DH, but I always am very happy to have him home again. Who wants any kind of romanticized non-functional thing? ;)

Future Fit Chick Kudos for your success at the hunger experiment! About giving myself credits, it just a matter of not ignoring the fact that my commitment is to write down the credits during the day, when I log any eating behavior. It’s just not a strong enough habit yet…

Bill Yay for vending machine victory!

seadwaters Lots of credits – yay! To stay focused and mindful you are a diet, perhaps you need more structure or some visual reminders to help you get in the zone. I need a lot of structure – I schedule my day, and plan and log my food online. I go back to the online tool throughout the day to sync myself back. But I know a lot of others on the list rely heavily of tactile or visual reminders.

02-10-2010, 08:36 AM
Hi buddy/coaches...

Yesterday was a good day - I am so grateful. :) I am especially grateful because my foot/ankle was very very painful and I didn't eat over it. I didn't want to take the la la drugs because I have to perform tomorrow. The two don't mix! :dizzy: Rest, tylenol and ice seem to be helping.

I weighed today. I am so so excited to see three pounds gone from last wednesday. :carrot::carrot: Always grateful for that. I did, however, get on the scale twice just to make sure.

Today is another quiet day. I'll get things ready for tomorrow and practice a few things.

I am glad many of you like my cheerleader saying 'Move ticker move" I put it there a while back when I had a 6 week plateau and it seems that was how I was feeling.

I did many of my beck tasks yesterday. I mostly sat around. I did change my dinner to a LC pizza. My foot was sore and I didn't want to stand around cooking. It fit in my calorie range fine. I wrote it down.

gave credit - most of the time
fork down, no seconds, eat sitting only - all the time
mindful eating/tasting - alot of the time
each meal and snack was around 20 minutes long
planned food
ar - 1 time
rc - 1 time
looked further in the beck book
exercise - few minutes of stretching
tried to feel fullness
kept telling myself that FOOD doesn't make things stop hurting (this is major for me)
felt hunger before lunch
left one bite of food on plate at meals.

working on
spontaneous exercise
making more response cards.

Chinamarie - I hope you can get rested today. I’ve started to look for an absence of real hunger to decide when to stop eating. Do you think that might be a better signal for you to look for? I will try this...thanks.

seadwaters - Staying focussed and mindful - keep forgetting I am on a diet. I think what has helped me in this is willingness to write it all down - the beck stuff (read ac, being mindful, fork down between bites, etc.) When I take the time to write down what I want to do - it makes me think about it. Then...I can check it off or not at the end of the day or in the morning.

Billieblueeyes - kudos for staying on your plan despite feeling sick - plus avoiding the vending machines is major. Thanks for your day 18 post...I am really trying to figure this one out.

futurefitchick - wowzer - kudo's for doing the hunger exercise. That's great. Tracking your food is great, too.

onebyone - down .8 is 1.5 sticks of butter - sleep is magical indeed. My DH travels alot for work. I miss him and am always glad when he comes home. I totally agree. However, I always say that he been gone so much of our marriage that it's really not 32 years we've been married - but, more like 23.

Have a great day folks.

Have a great day.

Beach Patrol
02-10-2010, 01:24 PM
I have lost my mojo. :(

I've been fighting a stomach virus the past week - stomach rumbly, head-achey, gross-pukey-blechness abounds. Have NOT felt like exercising. The only food I can stomach is crackers, toast, and some chicken soup. Anything else comes up or goes out fast. :barf:

AND YET...My weight is going UP... I am at 175 now. I have HUGE belly bloat! (WTF?!?!?!?!) And yes, I did go to the doc Monday - 183 by her scale :mad: (I hate her scale!) and she confirms "it's just a stomach virus, you'll just have to let it run its course... no meat, no dairy, and take some pepto a couple times a day" :rolleyes: Um, yeah, like I WANT to eat meat or dairy right now? Not remotely!

Anyway, I'm just feeling crappy & feeling sorry for myself. Hating the fat, hating the feeling of "might as well just give up", hating everything. Waah. :stress:

Somebody tell me something good... please? :^:

02-10-2010, 01:48 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I found yesterday’s hunger experiment difficult for a number of unexpected reasons. I was home yesterday as I didn’t particularly need to travel to work. I found that I couldn’t work in my family room, which ajoins my kitchen. I was really sleepy, which I should’t have been after as much rest as I got over the weekend. I ended up napping for a large portion of the morning and afternoon. I found the actual hunger sensations few and far between, with a total of less than 5 minutes in discomfort as great as an 8. But, I was nonetheless miserable for most of the day. I could not concentrate to work or kept finding myself talking/thinking about food. I can’t decide how much is just whining versus how much is biological. My husband, who has never had any need to diet criticized me for napping, pointing out that the point of the experience was to feel hunger and know that I was OK regardless of the hunger. But still, something feels off for as much misery as I was experiencing and my complete inability to concentrate on anything.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -2.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeachPatrol, so sorry to hear about your stomach virus. That sounds like a long time if you were already at the doctor Monday. Keep hydrated. The scale will work itself out when your body is not fighting that bug. Right now, your physiology needs to concentrate on battling the bug, not trying to figure out where the glucose is. Take care of you and get lots of rest.

BeverlyJoy, I need to think about how much this (kept telling myself that FOOD doesn't make things stop hurting (this is major for me)) is playing a role for me. Thanks for pointing it out. Only 16 oz. more between you and your next goal! Great job.

BillBlueEyes, glad you are feeling better and passed up the vending machine.

ChinaMaine, I’m still really excited on your credit break through!

Seadwaters, not sure where “the zone” is, but I’m still struggeling with every bite I’m not taking.

Shepherdess, hope all is well in the far away house!

02-10-2010, 10:52 PM
Hi All,
I am emerging from winter wonderland!! I don't think I've seen this much snow since I left Canada 25 years ago!

Tracked food, credit. Walked 5900+ steps, credit(through snow!) Refrained from eating the last piece of dh's fabulous shrimp, red onion and cheddar pizza, in order to have a piece for lunch tomorrow, credit. Today's calories were a spike off the chart, with dh having the day off from work and making good meals. But Monday and Tuesday were good, and I feel confident I can go back to my target goal again. No Zumba today since the snow preempted just about everything.

Bill--glad to hear you are recovering!

Beach Patrol--sorry to hear about your stomach bleahs. Credit for going to the doctor. Your body is in no mood to be rational right now--the weight will sort itself out after your body has recovered.

Beverley--sorry to hear about your sore foot/ankle, but yay for not eating to soothe yourself.

02-10-2010, 11:26 PM
Hello everyone!!

Re the pumpkin and yogurt- this is one of the best things ever. I grow sugar pumpkins and bake them in the fall, mash them up and freeze in single servings- about a quarter cup. I defrost and mix one of these with about 1 cup of plain yogurt, a small shot of sugar free syrup, and add some walnuts. Really it is a great bed time snack.

maryblu- thanks for your words to FutureFitChick about the fact that when we are on a long weight loss journey we don't succeed or blow it in one day. Needed to hear that when I read it last night. You helped me get back on track after 3 days of off plan eating. BTW- I would be happy to have you over...just start driving north. ;)

For me: I really did not do well Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday night. Day time eating was on plan, then I lost the thread in the evenings. I think it was a combo of a lot of things- very overtired this past week, working too many hours and over the weekend, not planning very well, having my mom bake goodies for DH, and that rebellious feeling that does me in sometimes. The "so what" thing.

Anyway I was getting panicked last night about feeling out of control, feeling that I was blowing it and that this was just like all the other times. Lots of sabotaging thoughts. I came here and read all the posts from the past few days. And knew I just need to start fresh today. And today has been fine.

Credit today for:

eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing lunch
weighing in
reading response and advantage cards twice
did weights
rode exercise bike 30 minutes
posted to my coaches
giving credit for positive behaviour

Concentrating on developing this skills:

eating slowly, noticing and appreciating food

Thanks for listening. :grouphug:

02-11-2010, 12:06 AM
Hello and good evening coaches

I had kind of a rough start to the day but it's ended up all warm and fuzzy. I'm still in love with that beginner's drawing and painting class.

Actually, this is the second day in a row I've been quite overcome by warm fuzzy feelings. Hmmm. Yesterday in the ceramic room, I was working away and the volunteer for ceramics, a man named Martin, showed up unexpectedly. So I really enjoy martin and am so grateful to have help in the ceramic room that I am always thrilled to see him. Well this time he told me a very long story about his Uncle Buddy who when he heard Hitler had invaded Denmark left New England to join the RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force at the ripe old age of 19 and hen proceeded to make a name for himself as The Mad Dane. He had an ability to fly higher faster and swoop better than the others often with 20 minutes to do something extra before the others caught up. Anyway really long story and at the end of it i was genuinely moved. The care that Martin took with his family and this person and the history well I found myself being very forthright and frank and mushy. I didn't mean to. I jus said "Martin you know you're a really nice guy. I really like you and am glad you're my friend," but by the end of the statement I had embarrassed us both. *sigh* I am sure we are never to speak of it again. *sigh* And then tonight my students were trying an ink drawing on big watercolour paper using a chinese calligraphy brush, india ink and white gouache plus 2-3 tones of inky washes inbetween. I took DH's black blazer, his white shirt, the suit bag and his tie and hung them against (my now standard) white draped sheet with one strong spotlight on it. This was their subject. When the class came to an end we turned our easels inward to see everyone's work and could feel tears well up. My breath was taken away but I LOVE ink. And seeing these beginner's do their first ink drawing. Oh it was almost too much for me I felt so moved. Wow what's up with my emotions? Actually in Overeaters Anonymous they say that when you remove the excess food you unbottle the emotions and they all are intensified so perhaps that's it. Anyway, I sure am feeling things deeply and i can't quite keep things in:o

foodwise things are good but the can of cashews are talking to me tonight. I'm not answering. i can have some tomorrow. i may have to get rid of them if they keep it up!

02-11-2010, 05:45 AM
Hi coaches
Your responses and discussion remind me that it is about putting dieting first - there are so many distractions and I need to keep that Response Card #6 in view. I use an online program to log food as I eat it and to plan food for the next day but I need to be sure to always use it - some days it slips

Today I was going out to lunch and last night I read the Beck book and it was day 30 - Staying in control when eating out - boy was it appropriate. The sabotaging thoughts of It's OK to eat more than I planned because - I rarely get to eat these foods / It won't hurt / I can start again tomorrow / I should eat more so I get my money's worth - that she raised are exactly what happens when I have been on diets - and I was even beginning to think them in preparation for lunch today. So instead of overeating and breaking the diet I actually followed the advice - I went online and looked at the menu, planned what I would eat, only ordered that and resisted offers of bread from the wait staff, I even pushed aside half of the (wonderful) mashed potato. So I was really pleased with myself - CREDIT - and pleased that I read that chapter again this morning

Credits for today: :flow1:
Read my cards - yes

Read my Beck book - thankfully yes

Checked in - yep
Measured my food - carefully
Ate on plan - yes
Ate mindfully most of the time - I did
Ate sitting down - always
Weighed myself - YES - and it was up this morning - stay calm

Exercised - No
Made opportunities for incidental exercise - yes
Gave credit for positive behaviours - I did
Made a food plan for tomorrow - working on it now

Made a plan for the day - I have a schedule
Not so good: :nono:
Not a lot to report except I am still not up to exercise - but I need to force the issue I think - physical therapy tomorrow
Working on: :running:

Maintaining the Beck structure and making time for it at the beginning and end of the day

02-11-2010, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Came home early in prep for the monster snow storm; it didn't hit the Boston area - Yay - there's about an inch of snow over frozen slush to remove, but the foot didn't drop here. Sending supportive to all you guys digging out big time.

Felt good enough that when the emergency arose during dinner prep that DW didn't have a jalapeno pepper for the lentils, I volunteered to walk to the store; CREDIT moi for a beginning of exercise. I didn't cough myself to embarrassment while shopping. Today's the day to increment my maintenance ticker by a month; CREDIT moi. It does seem wimpy to take credit for the passing of the planet in its orbit, but there it is.

onebyone - Wonderful story of your drawing class. Gotta love the thought, "I LOVE ink" - suspect that your student do well because they're picking up on your excitement.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for using resistance techniques. Ouch for tired; sending supportive thoughts for your energy to return.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - "Winter Wonderland" to say the least. Papers say you guys are under record breaking snow. I don't mind a little friendly competition with Canada, but not for depth of snow, LOL. Kudos for turning down your DH's shrimp pizza; drooling.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for finishing your hunger experiment. Really interesting impact that had on your day. Wonder if you can now notice when you feel like napping or feel miserable that it's just your distance from your last snack.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for keeping your wits when the ankle/foot is painful. Smart move to re-plan dinner under your control rather than snarfing whatever was visible. Yep, this day 18 stuff is a challenge.

CeeJay - Thanks for the pumpkin in yogurt update. Will have to try that (using canned pumpkin, having not thought in advance to grow, bake, and freeze my own). Yep, "start fresh today" - Kudos for getting back on track.

Beach Patrol - Ouch for suffering under a stomach virus - which never deserves to be called just as in "it's just a stomach virus," LOL. Emailing you a bowl of hot chicken noodle mojo.

seadwaters - OK, so we're posting at opposite ends of our respective days - but at the same time. I wish I'd quite having silly thoughts such as, If I were seadwaters, I'd already be done with the difficult meeting scheduled today.

Double Kudos for giving yourself credit and executing a Beck demonstration of eating at a restaurant. And for ignoring the bread. And for leaving yummy potatoes.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

Do the following:
. . .

If you're triggered to overeat, remove the triggers. For example, if you're serving yourself a family-style meal, move the serving dishes to the side of the table away from you after everyone has taken portions. If someone serves you too much food, move the extra amounts to the side of your plate. Get another family member to put away leftovers, as well as clear and scrape the dishes.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-11-2010, 06:58 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan. Still tired so took another rest day. The continued tiredness is getting to my mood. I’ve been feeling kind of weepy the last day or so. But I’m trying not to dwell on it…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yeah!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior –credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise
- Did not read the pink book

Beverlyjoy 20 minute meals and snacks – excellent! I hope your foot feels better…

Beach Patrol I hope you feel better soon. My guess is that your flu-bug is causing some water weight gain. It’ll come back off in due time; I think patience is in order. ;)

Future Fit Chick Well the hunger experiment seemed to affect you quite a bit. But it sounds like it still wasn’t an emergency (as Beck likes to say). It sounds to me like you need to make an effort to plan your days so you minimize the possibility of missing meals or snacks. A very good thing to know, I’d say…

Nuxmaga Your DHs pizza sounds yummy!

CeeJay Evenings are the worst time for me too. Kudos for starting fresh and having a good day!

one by one Beware of the talking cashews! ;)

seadwaters Kudos for day 30! Great job planning for your meal out.

Bill Kudos for walking to the store and incrementing your maintenance ticker!

02-11-2010, 10:01 AM
Coaches/Buddies, yesterday went pretty well overall. I was just over my calorie target for the day and made it to the gym, although my trainer was snowed out.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes, and added a new one
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes

BillBlueEyes, congratulations on another terrific month. Regarding your hunger experiment comment, does hunger affect you in those ways too?

ChinaMaine, thanks for your comments about the Hunger Experiment. I really appreciate it as I am trying to put that whole experience into context. I hope your energy returns soon and the weepies go away.

CeeJay, bummer about the last few days. I’m glad to hear you are back on track and doing great!

Nuxmaga, great job on saving the last piece for lunch.

Onebyone, what a cool day yesterday was for you.

Seadwaters, I’m laughing because I just made the same response card today as I was prethinking my lunch ordering strategy. I haven’t gotten that far in Beck, but I am delighted to know she covers it. Hope you are feeling well enough to exercise soon.

02-11-2010, 03:17 PM
We have witnessed the birth of about 15 calves, so we are on our way. We haven’t hit the peak of calving so we haven’t had to do the midnight and 3 AM checks yet. We just do one before we go to bed and one first thing in the AM. I had a break this AM so I am back at the house getting a few things we decided we couldn’t live without. I also took the opportunity to go for a run. My running schedule has gotten a bit irregular, but I have been squeezing in a run here and there. My goal for the next few months is to keep enough miles under my legs so that when all the spring craziness is over I’ll be able to get back to my old running program quickly.

Food has been good, caloriewise. We’re still having kitchen challenges, which has meant eating lots of takeout. One nice thing about the house we’re staying in is that it’s a whole lot closer to town than our house out here. So we’re trading the amenities and comforts of our own home for proximity to town. I’ve been careful with the takeout portions, but since it’s not my usual healthy home cooking, it does leave me feeling pretty hungry. So far I have been able to tolerate it, but I’m looking forward to being able to cook again (hopefully tonight!).

I hope those of you on the East Coast have dug yourselves out. I was thinking about your plight on my run this AM. One of my favorite authors, James Galvin (a WY author!), wrote (my paraphrase) that snow has the widest range of physical properties of any known substance and it’s amazing that the Eskimo language does not have more words for snow. Most of our snow is light and dry and so it all blows away to Nebraska. A foot of the heavy wet snow is a different beast altogether. But I’m sure the last thing you want to think about while looking out at your winter wonderland is the great variability of snow quality.

FutureFitChick, kudos for doing the hunger experiment, and don’t feel bad about napping. The hunger experiment can be extremely useful, but there are some dangers. I did a CBT Eating Disorder program, and in that program stressed regular eating because hunger does have some dangerous physiological side effects. That program was extremely helpful, but left me running for a granola bar every time I felt a twinge of hunger (real or imagined). Beck’s hunger experiment was helpful for me because it reminded me that occasional hunger is OK and bearable, as long as my body is well nourished overall.

BillBE, glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Congrats on another tick off another month of maintenance.

Maryblu, if you ever need to relive your childhood memories, we do this every year. You’re always welcome to roll out a sleeping bag on the floor of the cabin!

And for everyone else, keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your posts, but don’t have time to comment on all of them. I’m off for more calving!

02-11-2010, 04:37 PM
Hi Buddies/Coaches - yesterday went well :) - I am grateful. I am especially grateful because I did not overeat on my weighin day, again. That's a big credit for me - it's three weeks that I've been able to do it.

lots of water
give credit - some of the time
fork down, eat seated, no seconds - all the time
mindful eating/talking to my tastebuds - some of the time
made two response cards
arc - no choice cards - 2
rc - 1
exercise - little bit
left a bite of food on plate at each meal
tried to feel fullness - some of the time
planned food - change a few things, wrote down changes
logged food

working on
spontaneous exercise
changing plan - I always stay in my calorie range - but- need to stay more with the plan

I hope everyone is having a great day. You are so helpful for me and inspire me in this program. Thanks so much.

02-11-2010, 06:28 PM
catching up on yall since 6th page:

FutureFitChick: scales are sometimes lagging and sometimes leading, I found. How serious was your "human garbage pail" eating, calorie-wise or fat-wise? Did you to-heck-with-Beck go off plan completely or did you "merely" overeat your restricted dietary food? What brought you back? You posted, that's a good thing! Its a safety net to have the forum!

1by1: once again, I'm entertained by your foibles! Glad you remembered your security code under all that pressure! Seems like the orange was a tiny price to pay for such an upsetting episode! As for the weighing in, minimize your time on the scale...its too easy to get caught up in the number and it doesn't mean much in the long run. I'm for the fit of clothes over the number on the scale. I used to get on the scale 20 times a day and dehydrate myself in weird ways--like spitting out my saliva--to keep the number down. Stupid, but I was a kid and didn't know.

Arizona Anne: Two words, "oh well". Don't be too harsh with your self! I liked someone's earlier comment that Superbowl party food actually seems to be getting healthier! I think it might be true, hadn't thought of it, but, true this year. We had dinner during the game instead of dinner AND snacks.

Mariblu: I suppose the plural of piano is piani, since it's an Italian word, what? But I think pianos is preferable to pianoes. Oh what that Dan Quayle did for confusing the spelling of plural words ending in o. doh!

BillBE and Superbowlies: wasn't it obvious that the Saints were going to win, despite the odds on favorite Colts, with the "WHO DAT" WHO doing the halftime show? I wonder how the Colts felt about that? I'm glad for NO though, WHO wouldn't be? And I DID like your two hands-one piano poke. I teach, so I get to have one to play the duet part on if there is a four-hand two piano score. Or me and the DH are just fooling around in improv mode.

Seadwaters and ChinaMaine: Sounds like you each had good day of eating mindfully and carefully for the most part. I enjoy reading your posts because they remind me of all the steps I could do, better!

BJoy: Your superbowl-munch resistance-muscle is INSPIRING!!!!! Good for you not being swept away by 'panic'. You did GREAT!!!

FFC: Kudos on your superbowl-restraint too! I love guacamole and tortilla--thank god they are on my food plan, though I have to be careful not to overdo (like I did at the Cheesecake Factory).

02-11-2010, 10:31 PM
Hello everyone!!!

onebyone- I loved your story's you posted last night. Enjoy that feeling of happiness.

seadwaters- it is hard to keep up dieting when you are distracted. I think that's why the planning is so important. Then when things get crazy there is not a lot of thinking about food needed. What helps me is every Sunday I make up my mind what I am eating for dinner each night of the week, depending mostly on my work schedule and I make sure I have everything I need for groceries. Sometimes I change things but when I am super busy I don't have to think too much and that saves me from unhealthy eating. And also, hurray for fighting your sabotaging thoughts before lunch.

BillBlueEyes- smiling at you taking credit for the passing of the planet.

ChinaMaine- no wonder you feel teary. You have been feeling rotten for so long. Sending you good vibes.

FutureFitChick-yay for a good day yesterday.

Shepherdess- 15 calves! And running and eating sanely while not being able to cook. Not too shabby!!!

Beverlyjoy-yay for a good day yesterday. Good for you for not overeating on your weigh-in day. I know all about that problem. LOL. Seems every time I hit a new low I react in a bad way.

For me, it was a good day today. I was thinking about one of the Beck response cards which says in part "...And in fact there are times when sticking to my plan has made life easier because I don't have to think about or struggle over food..." That is proving so true for me. When I am on plan I am more relaxed and happy. And in control. These days when I am not doing what I want to do as far as exercise and food goes, I am worrying and obsessing about food. It feels terrible. And that is a very good thing!!!:D

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Riding exercise bike 30 mins.
Doing weights
Planning tomorrow and making lunch
Reading response and advantage cards twice.
Eating on plan


02-12-2010, 05:59 AM
A good day today - went to physical therapy and really didn't feel like doing anything. Quite uncomfortable and sore joints (nothing to do with exercise) and sore back etc. But I am glad I did it because it made me feel more mobile afterwards and I will feel better for it.

BillBlueEyes - Glad you are improving. Opposite ends of the day and sides of the world - interesting isn't it. I'm checking out as you are checking in! Hope your meeting today (Thursday) went well! And well done on another month

ChinaMaine - I can relate to tired and weepy. Had quite a bit of that on chemo and you really get sick of yourself. You are doing so well to stay on-plan feeling that way. I didn't even attempt it (and am answering for it now!)

FutureFitChick - Beck is full of all sorts of useful suggestions for me - I can't believe how practical it is. Credit for getting to the gym and staying on program. I love your list of "Advantages" - can relate to some of them

Shepherdess - What an interesting life - and managing to exercise and cook to plan while it is particularly interesting and challenging - Credit. Hopefully you got to cook some enjoyable and filling food!

BeverlyJoy - So good on weigh in day! The temptation is certainly there for me too so kudos for avoiding overeating and all your credits for the day

Midlifecrisis57 - Nice to hear from you and good to see you here

CeeJay - thanks for the encouragement - I do need to plan and this weekend will be challenging to get organised for next week which is the first week back at work full time (no sick leave) for about 6 months - and I start radiotherapy which will be a bit of an interference. So I will need to plan well. I am not much of a cook and fairly challenged domestically but I will spend the weekend getting organised

Credits for today: :flow1:
Read my cards

Read my Beck book

Checked in
Measured my food
Ate on plan
Ate mindfully most of the time - getting better at this

Ate sitting down

Weighed myself - YES - and it was down again

Exercised - YES
Made opportunities for incidental exercise

Gave credit for positive behaviours

Made a food plan for tomorrow

Made a plan for the day
Not so good: :nono:
Ate to overfull at dinner (and didn't really eat enough during the day) - even though on plan and inside limits. I need to watch that
Working on: :running:

I have been getting a bit grouchy and resentful about dieting so will need to put some work into that. Don't normally get into the 'it's not fair' but found myself feeling that way. It will be a long time feeling set upon if I don't do something!

02-12-2010, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Continue working rather hard - meet a deadline and the next one looms. But working hard is good for the soul. I did think about eating at the office so I could work late, but took a walk to run an in-building errand up four flights of stairs. When I got back, I realized that my mind was mush and that I wanted to go home and sit in my favorite chair with a mug of tea. CREDIT moi for making a sane decision. When done my tea, I had the energy to work for 30 minutes and accomplish what would have taken me a whole evening back at the office feeling grumpy.

Did have the opportunity to pass on some warm cookies during a meeting; CREDIT moi. Hoping to get back to exercise soon.

ChinaMaine - Sending supportive thoughts for continuing to encounter tiredness. Can you read when you're tired?

FutureFitChick - Yay for continuing with your gym (even without a trainer). Re Hunger experiment: My response wasn't as dramatic as yours - I guess I didn't have a response really. I felt hunger briefly, but knowing that I wasn't going to eat, it quickly went away. I was happy to eat when the time came for dinner, but I didn't feel the impact that you felt that affected your day. Interesting differences.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats for three weeks in a row. And Kudos for "talking to your tastebuds" - now that's a new strategy for me.

CeeJay - It is neat that "sticking to my plan has made life easier" - just feel so good to have one part of my decisions for the day settled, so to be happy dealing with the rest.

Shepherdess - Hail to the midwife of 15 calves - and you're just "on your way" - good grief, how many do you have coming? Ouch for 3 am checks, although that's my favorite time of day so maybe I should have been a rancher. By the by, I thought of you and your fellow ranchers when I slipped on a pair of smart wool socks to face the cold yesterday; thanks to you all for growing such good stuff. (OK, thanks to the sheep who do the real work, but thanks to you guys for shearing if off, LOL.)

midlifecrisis57 - Hope you're doing well. Neat that you do improve with your DH - that's a gift.

seadwaters - Kudos for doing your physical therapy despite feeling like not. Ouch for the appearance of the sabotaging thought, 'it's not fair' - that's such a low life to sneak in; just gotta stomp on it a bit.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

Do the following:
. . .

Respond to your sabotaging thoughts. When you've finished what you planned to eat, you might think, Oh, I really want to eat more. If so, tell yourself, No, I'm normally full ... I want to be thinner, so I'm going to stop eating now.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-12-2010, 08:58 AM
Hi Buddies/Coaches

Yesterday went well - I am very grateful. I had a busy morning with two programs to do at a preschool. My neighbor came with me to help get things in and out -so I wouldn't have to walk on the lumpy bumpy snow filled parking lot with my sore ankle/foot. I need to call the doctor again - my cold and cough are just about gone (should be after 4 weeks) - but, my ear still is stuffed up, can't hear much and hurts. I am flying to Los Angeles in 10 days. I need to get this ear better for that!

I was able to do the 'skip a meal' exercise yesterday - I worked in the morning, ran my mom around with her errands and could gone home to eat lunch at 1:30. But, I did my grocery shopping. I came home and ate something about 3:00. I felt real hunger...not emotional hunger. I also felt a little lite headed - so I was glad to eat something.

gave myself credit - many times
fork down, no seconds, ate seated - all the time
ARC - No Choice - 1 time
RC - 1 time
mindful eating/talking to my tastebuds - alot of the time
planned - it changed though because I skipped lunch
logged food
left a bite on plate - some of the time
feel fullness - I am trying
Hunger - cravings - desire - actually felt hunger
exercises - stretches, strengthening, performing

working on
didn't drink enough water
no spontaneous exercise

Billieblueyes - many kudos for doing the stairs and drinking the tea, getting revitalized and then getting more work done!

seadwaters - so glad the pt paid off in the long run. I think it's actually a credit to know that you've eaten to overfull, to recognize it - then decide you want to work on not getting there again.

ceejay - I totally agree about how 'freeing' having a plan can be. Don't have my head 'spinning' with thoughts of what can I eat next.

sheperdess - many kudos for making time for your run and staying in your calorie range in challenging conditions. I just know you are a good calf mamma.

futurefitchick - being over a little bit is ok now and then. Isn't it good to keep track and then you know! Kudos for getting in your workout despite your trainer being snowed out.

china marie - I hope you feel more rested and cheerful very soon. So many important credits...YAY!

onebyone - wow - walking away from cashews is major!!!

nuxmaga - Tracked food, credit. Walked 5900+ steps, credit(through snow!) Refrained from eating the last piece of dh's fabulous shrimp, red onion and cheddar pizza, in order to have a piece for lunch tomorrow, credit. Wow ...these are great planning and doing.

02-12-2010, 11:17 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Today was weigh-in day and I am down 2.4lbs to be at 262 for the week.

My food, however, was not the best yesterday. those &%^$! cashews. I can't have them in my house. Though I managed to keep it to one handful serving twice, the last time I ate the rest of them all at once, no stopping, and no excuse or need for them as I had them right before I had dinner.
And on top of this, they triggered in me deep cravings :devil: for all manner of junk food. They just aren't worth it.

I also ate to overfull yesterday. And I just went with the sabotaging thoughts that told me it was okay to eat all this food and that I didn't care. Well, I did care, and right after I worried that I sabotaged my weigh-in day-I too used to always do this-alwaysalwayswalways-but in spite of my best efforts it didn't happen. I feel like I got a pass this time. No credit here for bad choices.

Guess that's it. I'm exhausted this morning. DH flies home tomorrow to arrive around 1am so I have some cleaning to do around here. I'll check back in later.

TGIF coaches.

02-12-2010, 02:27 PM
Coaches/Buddies, happily made it to the gym. Did you read that? HAPPILY! I never imagined I would ever write that. Heading into a difficult weekend, with lots of work to get done and lots of eating events with Valentine’s Day, candy making for my husband, and a wedding anniversary. I commit to you that I will determine responses in advance to the events.

Had an interesting conversation last week with a researcher that studies infradian eating patterns. One of her publications was on the weight gain people have during the weekend as compared to the week, regardless of whether they are dieting or not. Her data implied this pattern could be really holding us back in maintaining our healthful nutrition-related activities. Just wanted to share (and remind myself) as we go into yet another “holiday” that may involve us in eating abnormally over the weekend.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -0 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast while driving
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: yes, parked further away and walked today
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: will tonight
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, you are doing so well with the fork down and no seconds. That is really terrific. Take care of your ear, as flying with ear pressure issues stinks! Fantastic that you were able to sanely grocery shop while missing a meal. I am really excited at your credit to yourself progress.

BillBlueEyes, kudos for cookie passing as well as taking care of yourself as you continue to recover. Thanks for the addition comments on the Hunger Experiment.

CeeJay, great job for coming to appreciate the beauty of a successfully executed plan.

Midlifecrisis57, hope you are getting settled in your new place with your lovely pianos. Regarding my “human garbage disposal-ing”, it was with a particular food, not just anything. Once I finished that food (and got it out of the house, as if the trash can was broken…), it was over. I will have to resist bringing that into the house, especially since I didn’t have a plan for it & was pretty well eating to get rid of it so it would no longer tempt me. I know, the order is a bit mixed up there in logic, but it was what it was.

Onebyone, great job on what I believe is a new low for you. Regarding the nuts, can you portion them out into baggies when you bring them home if you continue to bring them home? Have a great reunion with your husband.

Seadwaters, too bad you hurt after PT, but I am happy you get some mobility out of it. That is cool that you feel you don’t normally get grouchy about dieting. Please let me know your secret to this, as I inevitably feel this way that more restrictive my eating plan is.

Shepherdess, 15 and not at peaked. I am gobsmacked by the vastness of your enterprise. Wow! Running after pulling calves is incredible. Would a crockpot be of any help to your current kitchen woes? Thanks for the comforting words of the hunger experiment, as I’ve continued to worry about my response to the experience.

02-13-2010, 12:02 AM

Tonight I fell into old behaviour: I bought a mid-size 4-6 portion lasagna and ate it all.
Yep. I ate it all. 1/3 through I got the message that I was full and had had enough and I should stop. Then I told myself to ignore it and keep eating and "see if you can eat it all.":devil: of course I can eat it all. hello?:mad: But like a little kid taking the bait I ate it all. I wanted to feel bad-over-stuffed, upset, like a failure.

I think this is a response triggered by the "this is too good" sabotaging thought.
Actually no.
I had just gotten off the phone with a friend whose life is so very difficult that I find it hard to listen and harder still to know what to do. Her challenges are on a scale that I don't have any comparison to. And then I read an email from another friend whose life is also hijacked by challenges and there I sit, having squeaked out from under our challenges knowing I can't do the work for my friends and really I can't do anything about their challenges. I can only keep in touch, and lend an ear and keep my opinons to myself unless asked. I can't solve anyone's problems but my own and my life is sooo great right now. Boy do I hope I can fully :hug: embrace the goodness sooner rather than later. This means the weightloss, the rise in our $tandard of living, the moving to an exciting new land, the opportunites that will open up because of these things. I need to persist in victory: let myself have what I have and enjoy it, not saboutage it.

A big O WELL to eating to overfull tonight. I did stop. credit I am not continuing to binge. credit I came here and posted about it so I can drop it and move on. credit I do have to honestly say that I now enjoy feeling "just full" way more than overfull. Overfull now does feel wrong-but I think I have to break it's connection in my head to "punishment". Funny how I have taken food=nourishment and twisted it ot be food=punishment.
Now that coaches, is a very very old connection, childhood roots no doubt.
Anyway I'll bet some of my uncontrollable eating had to do with my frustration at being unable to help, or even know what to say.:(

O WELL. Lesson? Beware the emotional phonecall. Beware the large food portion in the first place. Expect your :devil: voice calling you to self-saboutage and don't listen to it. Follow what i know to be right because i do hear it now. Following causes me to feel at peace. Ignoring it and pressing forward into what I know is not right causes me to feel like this: uneasy, questioning mysel and my motives, having to come here to figure things out, man. If I had eaten the 1/3 of the lasagna I wouldn't be having any of this conversation. It's way easier to do what I know to be right for me. How I ever cme to this space is beyond me but I am glad that after 2 years of hanging out on this Beck forum, sometimes on program, many many times off program, maybe I was learning some things all along. Guess that's my silver lining in all of this.

Time for bed. :wave:

02-13-2010, 05:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Welcoming the thought of a three day weekend (Monday is President's day in the United States - a catch all holiday celebrating the birthdays of famous presidents so that the stores can have big sales and we can spend more money, LOL). Didn't eat anything off plan; CREDIT moi. Didn't do any real exercise; Oh Well.

onebyone - Ouch for "&%^$! cashews" - I stopped keeping an open bag of those in my pantry since they were one of my favorite grazing foods. At a handful a pop, they seriously contributed to my excess weight.

And Ouch for your diversion into the lasagna. Kudos for pulling out with some lessons learned Maybe cooking single serving sized stuff is the right strategy for you when you're eating alone. Sending "Safe Journey and Welcome Home" thoughts to your DH for his flight home today.

FutureFitChick - Just WOW for "HAPPILY!" going to the gym - such a change for you. Interesting research into weekend setbacks in our eating; thanks for sharing. Good luck with your candy making without nibbling. And Happy Anniversary!

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for doing your skip a meal exercise and experiencing real hunger. How high and for how long? Did you have any of the side affects that FutureFitChick reported?

Glad that your cough and cold are just about gone - wincing at the four weeks time.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

Do the following:
. . .

If you feel anxious, remind yourself that hunger is not an emergency. Remember, you can tolerate the feeling - you proved this to yourself on Day 12 (pages 121-126). Hunger will come and go, and you certainly can wait to eat until your next scheduled snack or meal - there's always another coming.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-13-2010, 08:02 AM
Hi buddies/coaches.

Another good day - I am so grateful. I kind of can't believe it - but, I'll take it. I went back to the doctor because my ear is still fulll of fluid and I will fly on an airplane soon. She said that I could go the an ENT and have a tube put in my ear to drain it. Eek gads! The other alternative is a decongestant and steroid nose drops for the plane ride with the possibility that my eardrum can become very painful or even burst - maybe. Yikes. I opted for the medicine.

We changed our dinner plans during the day - to have our neighbors and their three young children over for pizza. They kept my driveway cleared all week while dh was out of town. Plus it was close to one's birthday. Big credit for taking three smallish squares - weighing them for an approximate calorie count, no seconds and reminding myself that I had one serving of pizza and I didn't need more. After dinner dh pulls out candy for the kids. I didn't know that was coming. I didn't eat any saying - if I want it tomorrow I'll plan for it. I really don't know how I am doing this - but, I am glad I am.

My personals just disappeared while I was typing them.- ack - I'll come back later.

02-13-2010, 09:29 AM
My mother-in-law passed away yesterday. On Thursday we had a fun evening. She came downstairs for the evening - we had a few laughs, watched her favorite TV shows and encouraged her to stay with us for an extra half hour. MIL had her usual glass of wine.

Friday morning around 9:30 I took a break from work to go up and bring her some notecards I had gotten for her. She usually wrote several letters a day to friends and family. I found her looking very peaceful. We are sad, but we celebrate her life and the time we had with her. When I called my son, he mentioned a quote he had read recently “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain” We talked at length about the many ways that MIL had exemplified that sentiment.

In 1939, MIL hitch-hiked across the country with her sister (she was 21) - she went to Yellowstone and the New York World's Fair. In WWII, she served in the Navy in Boston, Portsmouth and NYC. She taught high school English and raised a family. She had a wicked sense of humor and loved poking fun at my DH. She always had a positive, honest attitude toward life, without rancor, self-pity or cynicism. She did indeed dance in the rain.

My Mom suggested we plant a garden in her memory. MIL and her sisters had a wonderful habit of calling each other 'pussee-willow' (this is intentionally misspelled to get around the forum's smut police) and the letters to each other were all addressed to P.W. So, there will be pussee-willows in her garden. I'll contact her sisters to find out what her favorite flowers were, and we'll plant those in her garden too.

Thank you for listening.

02-13-2010, 09:47 AM

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It was one of the most beautiful, thoughtful tributes I have ever heard or read.

I am sitting here bawling my eyes out at the beauty of her life, her family, and her wonderful DIL.:hug::hug:

And thanks for the great wisdom your son shared:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

I see so many of my dear Beckie coaches doing exactly that.

02-13-2010, 10:11 AM
Sending my warm supportive thoughts, ChinaMaine, to you, your DH, son, and family.

You have always spoken so positively of your MIL, and so positively of taking her into your home when she was left alone. It is such a great memory to know that you were there for her to make her final journey such a joyful one.

02-13-2010, 10:46 AM
Hi coaches-fellow travellers,

Once again, I gotta borrow the vernacular from the Beach Patrol: I got my mojo back. Dang. It took a whole week since the pizza binge to get back to where I was and when I made it back, wow, sweetness. Gratitude for sticking with it through the old stuffiness. I have renewed energy, have music Youtube piped through amp, (Ry Cooder, where have you been all my life; Terrence Trent D'Arby, anyone?), have a six hour sleep pattern (I was sleeping about 14 hours a day when I started dieting, hibernating, detoxing and hiding from inlaw crowding). So, progress.

This morning I read Days 21 and 22 of the Pink Beck. I have started keeping handwritten index cards in the kitchen cabinet for emergencies (my other response cards are on computer and kindle, but when in a crisis, I need to grab something while I'm flailing, no time for logging in!). It has helped!

I'm still not up for weighing in, though I'm thrilled to see that Beck has us watching our scales only ONCE A WEEK (I still prefer the OA once a MONTH), and that she has us looking at baseline and negative to five pounds, then start a new chart, rather than actual poundage--who wants to know they weigh over their ceiling weight anyway? Her wisedom is just astounding. Right on!

But I'm still not ready to get on a scale. I watched hourly for too many lonely teenage years, hoping for magic. But I am a little more open to it, maybe in another month or two I will get on a scale. One thing I found that worked was using the scale in my pharmacy, once a month. That way I couldn't obsess at home. I haven't found a scale in public yet. Remember those big old scales that used to be everywhere? Watling was one brand. They dispensed horoscope scrolls, non? I'm talking America 1930s-1970s?
Nostalgia. I feel old.

02-13-2010, 11:37 AM
Love your tribute to your MIL, ChinaMaine. Lovely. I felt the same way about my grandmothers passing. Our mothers are just antique little girls, after all (hitchhiking across country in 1939!) I think we must be related. Sounds like what mine would do. My aunt actually hitchhiked across Europe in the 50s and wrote about it. She went to Gould Academy btw. May my passing be as peaceful as your MILs. Wow.

BJ: Kudos for the portioned pizza. You are a better man than I!

1by1: Amazing insights into your overeating. It makes great reflection. I agree, food can be a great punishment (overeating), though I suspect we were both rewarded with food. My Dad used to take me out (singled out of 4 kids) to go have ice cream at HoJos so he could have a strawberry short cake and "talk" to me. Hmmmmm. Yeah. Punishment, bait, lure, inappropriate. (He finally divorced my mom when I was 18, and did/do I feel guilty/guilty pleasure/emotional talk/problems I couldn't solve for him/paid to listen with food/ yeah, it definitely resonates!)
I can only tell you, my friend, that it really helped me to read Melody Beattie's books about codependency and boundaries. I know I crossed a big hurdle in self-sabotaging thoughts about 20 years ago when I realized that I was only one person and could only handle one person's issues (mine) and I only needed to eat for one to do that! I think we get kind of brain hijacked into thinking that its okay to eat 4-6 servings when we are trying to solve the problems of 4-6 people at a time! It only makes Ego/Hunger sense! Anyway, Beattie and Fritz Perls were helpful to sort that all out. Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings for years. It took alot of work, but it is SO Much nicer to be one, living and eating for one, and detaching from the people around me. They need to solve their own problems anyway. You are ONE person: Onebyone! One at a time. One day at a time. One serving at a time. There are people and problems out there you can't fix. Pay attention to ONE. Toi. We can get so diverted trying to do the impossible for others. We are two of a kind, you and I, I can relate!

02-13-2010, 12:00 PM
I've been a quivering mass of grumpiness and resistance the last few days. Given that, I've done pretty well. But, as comforting as that thought is, it's a sabotaging one that encourages me to continue on that path. It goes along with my other sabotaging thoughts: "I've lost so much weight already that I deserve a break" and "My worst days now are better than my normal days used to be." The problem is that my sense of normal is so warped that taking a break and going back to normal does not mean maintaining my weight, it's a direct path back to 240 pounds. I've been at the top of this slippery slope before, and I recognize it.

I need a new normal and that includes all my Beck principles, including posting here. I'm going to try posting in the morning for awhile to see if that helps.

All the stats, then, are yesterday's except for the weigh in.

WI: +0.55kg, Exercise: +60, 611/1400 minutes for February, Food: plan? what plan?, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

ChinaMaine: so sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. I'm glad that you've had these last weeks with her. Take care of yourself at this time.

02-13-2010, 12:02 PM
Seadwaters: OMG, I just have to comment on your emoticons: they are fabulous: the treadmill is awesome! Thanks for listing checklist, I still enjoy seeing those checklists come in, reminds me to review them, which I don't do on paper, just in my head.

BeachPatrol: You are my hero! You are probably detoxing. Have you given up some junk food that needed to be cleansed out of your system? I have good days and bad days too. When I feel nauseated, constipated, burning, I think of my discomfort as a plug getting released and processed through my system. Its just a suggestion, but it has helped me avoid giving up when the bad days come. Do rest. Do eat what you can on plan and skip the extras. Be patient, the cleansing will pass and you will get more energy than you had before. Check out cleansing diets on line to see more about the process of detoxing. We need to expect this when we diet and not see it as a setback but as the necessary process of cleaning out internal organs. Yes, your tissues are bloated as they detox. Then the water carries away the junk. You will probably go back to the progress you'd made and be past a plateau. Hang in there! You are getting healthier, actually, like a fever cleanses out the infection. Good luck!

FCC: Disposing of the forbidden...oh yes, I remember doing that with half gallons of something that goes in the freezer. I have tried every every every way to bring that stuff home and portion it out. No can do. So I moved the decision point out of my house and into the store. And now I've moved the decision point out of the store and resolve before I go in the store not to even go into the evil aisle where those cartons await the unwary. AVERT AVERT AVERT...that's what I say. I look on the other side if I have to pass, only now the smart pushers are stocking both sides of the aisle with that stuff. So I look at the floor or ceiling. Its cold in that aisle anyway. Yuck! I just go without frozen food. The whole lot of it. Who needs it. I love fresh produce!!!!!! yummmmmmsssssss.

02-13-2010, 12:13 PM
GJ: I can so relate to your sabotageur-within. Actual words I've said to myself. YES! WE DESERVE! WE ARE Healthier Now so we can indulge. But we know better.... I credit you for catching yourself in where you are at: struggling. I put the blue-behavior-team-only-collar on (I volunteer in an animal shelter) when I feel the way you do and devote a 3-day to following every Beck suggestion (use a checklist in the book?). For me, I know I've ingested, knowingly or not, one of the addictives (for me: chocolate, sugar, cheese or meat) and my brain is in hijack mode. I am so grateful for a great DO Psychiatrist too, for he has done a great job px'ing for me to "feel normal", and I realize we don't all have such a resource (I didn't for years). All I can say is, you've got some food sensitivities bugging you, I bet, and if you look carefully at your foods it might help to avoid what you know leads to these feelings. I am encouraged by the story that Gandhi used to change one thing in his diet every four months, or so I understand it, to fine tune his diet. It takes the reflection on the foods themselves to find our hidden weaknesses. We all have them. Everyone is different, but we have so many options in our society to try everything and expect to get the high/satisfaction that is promoted for sales. It can't be right for every constitution. GOOD LUCK!

02-13-2010, 05:53 PM
Dear ChinaMaine

I am so sorry to hear the news about your MIL. May I say how impressed I have been over the last few months with your kindness, your humanity towards her. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give one another.


02-13-2010, 07:01 PM
Coaches/Buddies, got to go to the “big city” today, which included a trip to Trader Joe’s. I miss that place. Have had both a busy and very enjoyable day. Food has included several poor choices, leaving me short on calories for dinner. Hmmm… salad I guess will be in my dinner plans.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes, but didn’t consider them when making poor food choice today
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate in car
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, so excited for you. Not only are you almost at your next goal, but you’re almost down 50 pounds! Great job at reminding yourself you could incorporate tempting food into your plan for the next day. Great job.

BillBlueEyes, great job on eating on plan 100%. You’ll get the exercise in soon. I’m sure of it.

ChinaMaine, your story about your mother-in-law’s passing is sad, but so incredibly life affirming and warming at the same time. The garden sounds splendid as a memorial to such beauty.

GardenerJoy, what an imagine in my mind was conjured by your poetic but beauty-less “quivering mass”. Somehow those words don’t align with the honest & strong woman I know you are! And food plan is the one that we are both writing today, right?

Midlifecrisis57, hope the unpacking is going well.

02-13-2010, 07:36 PM
China Marie - I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother in law. I am also sorry it came so unexpectedly. So nice to have that last nice time together.

I I love the idea of a garden in her honor - that's lovely. You and your family are in my thoughts.

Take care now.

02-13-2010, 11:40 PM
ChinaMaine What a wonderful legacy your MIL left you and what a wonderful legacy you are building for your own family in how you loved and cared for this woman. The examples you've both set have affected me this evening. A garden is such a wonderful tribute and I am sure family members will be moved as well. All the best to you and your family as you go through the days ahead.:hug:

So, Year of the Tiger tomorrow.

..^ ^..
-- . . --
= <> =
-- ! --

Bye Bye Year of the Ox.

My Chinese Friend, S, told me today that it is okay to wash your hair and sweep your floors on Chinese New Year's Eve but DON'T DO IT TOMORROW or you'll wash away all the good luck for the year ahead. Tonight you can get rid of the unpleasantness of last year. I am doing dishes and just about to wash my hair. I definitely won't do this tomorrow. My Tiger year is looking great. I don't want to mess with it.

So, foodwise today was back on track. I was, once more, moderate and reasonable and did not over stuff, or have seconds, or eat sugar and I wasn't sedentary.

DH just landed in Toronto. His next flight is here to *me* leaving Toronto at 12:15 am and arriving here at 1:15am. My friend T is coming over at midnight and driving me over to the airport so we can meet his plane and get him home. I'll be bringing his winter coat.:brr: He'll be feeling the difference. It was 29C when he left. -10C here. Tomorrow he'll be shovelling off the front step. Yesterday he was turning the air conditioner on. O well. I'm looking forward to hearing his stories. Just last night he told me if we aren't living in London England by xmas (imagine!) we'll be going to the office xmas party in Costa Rica. So this coming xmas I am at a party in London or Costa Rica.
I could never have dreamed such a thing... and I think up some pretty far-fetched stuff.

Anyway better go. I really am going to wash my hair and it looks like my ride will be here early.

Have a good evening everyone.

02-14-2010, 03:33 AM
Hi Coaches

I missed a night checking in and tonight I am doing it early because I have lots to do and need an early night. So this is a quick one.

Tomorrow is a big day - it is the first day of Chinese year of the METAL Tiger - this is my year - the beginning of my (Chinese) 60th so hopefully auspicious somehow! (Every 12 years is TIGER and every 60 years is METAL!) It is also the first day of radiotherapy and the first day back to more-or-less full-time work for about 6 months. And it is all a bit of an organisational nightmare because I will be spending Monday and Tuesday nights in town with an acquaintance so that I do not need to drive everyday to treatment from my home - I live about 75 km from the treatment centre. Now I only need to drive down Monday morning and both ways on Thursday and Friday. But I didn't realise how much organising it would take for food - for breakfasts and lunches and dinners - plus other necessities. Interestingly today's Beck chapter was day 32 - TRAVELLING - so again it was really relevant and had useful advice.

There has been so much news to catch up on.

ChinaMaine - a touching tribute to your Mother-in-Law and I was one of the many with tears in my eyes as I read your post. You are a great example of how to be with someone during this phase of life.

Onebyone - oooh - you must be so excited. Enjoy seeing your husband tonight and I am sending good wishes your way. You seem to have put the lasagne incident behind you - I really felt for what you were going through with that - so CREDIT

FutureFitChick - I am not saying I don't get grouchy - I am a lot and would rather be eating whatever, whenever. I just don't normally feel that it is unfair - I usually think well why not me! But I was noticing a sense of, phooey :tantrum: I don't want to do this and it isn't fair, creeping in. I am often annoyed I actually have to think about what I eat and how much!

I hope you all enjoy your Monday holiday!

Credits for today: :flow1:
Read my cards - once

Read my Beck book - yes

Checked in
Measured my food - YES

Ate on plan - YES

Ate mindfully most of the time - sort of

Ate sitting down - a few slip ups

Weighed myself - YES - and it was down again

Exercised - No
Made opportunities for incidental exercise - NO opportunities

Gave credit for positive behaviours - Yep

Made a food plan yes - for the next 3 days!
Made a schedule for tomorrow - yes - will need to be careful to include BECK time
Not so good: :nono:
Freaking out about getting food organised for 3 days away from home - it would be so easy to just get really yucky take away!
Working on: :running:

Being organised!

02-14-2010, 08:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Just don't have the energy to do much yet, although the coughing remains reduced. Ate on plan; CREDIT moi. Plan an excursion today to look for some Bald Eagles.

onebyone - Welcome home to your DH; LOL that you had to bring him a coat at the airport. His thick Canadian blood will return in no time. Yep, it's year of the Tiger for the Beckies.

ChinaMaine - You remain in my thoughts. I so delight at the thought of "pussee-willows in her garden." Your MIL sounds like one spirited lady.

FutureFitChick - Yea for Trader Joe's. LOL at reading your Response Cards twice, "but didn’t consider them when making poor food choice today" - awareness is the big step to action; you're on it.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for one serving of pizza and no candy. That's neat.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Big Kudos for recognizing all that stuff as Sabotaging Thoughts and being wary of the slippery slope.

midlifecrisis57 - Celebrating the return of your mojo.

seadwaters - Thanks for the info on the year of the Metal Tiger. I agree it's an auspicious year for you and the success of your radiotherapy. Auspicious begins with being on Day 32 Traveling just when you need it.

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full

Break the Connection

If you easily stop eating before you're overly full, you might only need to practice today's task once. On the other hand, if you struggle to stop eating before you've overeaten, you might need to continually work on this skill for several weeks.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-14-2010, 10:16 AM
Hi coaches/buddies...

I had a good day yesterday - I am grateful. :) I forgot to put a bit of dark chocolate in my plan :dizzy: (the stuff I didn't eat before). So, before it was gone (DH) I added six dark chocolate m&m's - I made them last about ten minutes. SO delicious.

Today we are going to our couisn's for a vd dinner. I asked her what she's making so I will plan the best I can. I will need to resist stuffing.

gave credit - sometimes
fork down, eat seated, no seconds - all the of the time
mindful and tasting eating - some of the time
eat slowly - most of the time
plan food - yes, made a couple changes and noted
logged food - yes
leave one bite of food on plate - some of the time
arc/no choice - 1
rc - 1
remember that eating doesn't help physical pain - yes

working on
exercise - none
spontateous exercise - none
feel fullness - I am trying

Billiebe - hope that cough goes soon. (I still have mine after 4 weeks -yikes). Kudos for staying on plan. Enjoy the eagles. I love the birdies, too!

seadwaters - I am wishing you well in your radiotherapy, being back at work and organizing it all! WOW - making your food plan for three days ahead is a huge credit. You take care now.

onebyone - so glad you have been back on track - credit, indeed. I think getting back isn't very easy or comfortable.

futurefitchick - I love trader joe's too. So many healthy goodies at a reasonable price! Good for your spontaneous exercise!!!! Reading your response cards twice is good - it will help in the long run.

midlifecrisis - kudo's for finally putting the pizza incident behind you and getting your mojo back. Good idea to have your index cards, computer and kindle for the Beck principles!!

gardenjoy - so glad you grumpiness is going away. "I've lost so much weight already that I deserve a break" and "My worst days now are better than my normal days used to be." I think that you realizing that you can't go back to that kind of thinking as an excuse to eat more is a HUGE credit.

02-14-2010, 01:46 PM
We had some excitement this morning -- an SUV ran into a power pole on a slick hill near our house and the top half of the pole was knocked off along with all of its lines, including a high voltage one. We took a hike in the snow to converse with firemen and the neighbors and to see what was going on. The good side is that I can already claim a half hour of exercise for today. The down side is that I missed my weigh in this morning.

Yesterday went well and I'm feeling better now that I'm back on plan. I didn't realize how much being off plan was effecting my mood.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +60, 671/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: thanks! and, yes, I wrote a food plan for yesterday and have one for today!

onebyone: hope you had a happy homecoming with DH!

seadwaters: you have a lot going on! I am so impressed that you are working out what to do to make your eating work well, even with such challenges. One thing that has worked for me is to accept less variety in the name of convenience. My last trip, I had the same sandwich and salad for both lunch and supper for three days in a row and it was fine. Thinking of you!

ChinaMaine: continuing to send healing energies to you and your family.

BillBlueEyes: hope you see some eagles today and that the outing improves your health.

Beverlyjoy: you can do resist the stuffing! Knowing that you need to ahead of time is half the battle!

02-14-2010, 02:35 PM
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! The heifers gave us a break yesterday. We had one calf at midnight, but nothing else for the rest of the day. So with the break I was able to get my long run in. I was tired and didn’t feel like heading out, but I told myself just a short run and I could go home. There was blowing sleet, but the weather cleared, although the wind kept up, and I wound up feeling good enough to do all my miles.

Eating has been fairly good, although there was an issue with eating too many crackers the other day. I had planned to have some as a snack, but I know better than to eat them straight out of the box, especially while tired. Other than that, things have been good and I’m able to cook—yay. I’m not measuring my food quite as much, but I think this is a good thing. I’m still trying to pay attention to portion size, but I want to get to the point where I know portion sizes without always needing the measuring cup. It is also somewhat helpful to not be around a computer, so I’m not tracking calories everyday. I’m trying to teach myself that just because I’m not tracking every single calorie, every single calorie still counts. It seems to be working so far, but I haven’t been at this long.

The girls are still giving us a break today. There was one calf born at around 6 am, but other than that there weren’t any girls even thinking about it. This is pretty normal when we have sudden weather changes. Anyone close is in a hurry to have her baby before the weather goes haywire, as it just did. It got up to 40 yesterday, though, as mentioned above, with lots of wind and sleet. Then we woke up to sub-zero temps this AM (that new baby is in the barn under a heat lamp). So I’m back home doing laundry, catching up on e-mail, getting some baking done. I think today’s exercise is going to be a long yoga session this afternoon.

ChinaMaine, condolences to you and your family on the passing of your MIL. She sounds like “a kick in the pants,” and around here, that is one of the highest compliments we can bestow. I love the idea of dancing in the rain. The garden sounds like a wonderful tribute to her memory.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on not overeating on your weigh-in day—for three weeks, no less! I have had similar struggles. For me, the urge to eat after weighing in was linked to strong emotions—positive if the number was down, negative if the number was up. Beck is helpful for me because I’m taking baby steps to seeing that number as just information. Huge kudos for making chocolate last—it’s never easy for me!

CeeJay, kudos on staying on plan. I agree that I feel better when on plan—more relaxed. So why is it so hard to remember that when I’m fighting a craving? I guess if I knew the answer I wouldn’t need Beck.

FutureFitChick, Huge congrats on happily making it to the gym! Thanks for the info about infradian eating patterns—you sent me to google once again. Ouch for poor food choices. It’s always difficult on those busy days, and I would have a difficult time staying on plan with a trip to Trader Joes. Good job saving the slip by rethinking dinner.
RE crock pot: yes, we packed our crock pot. It’s just a matter of planning—I’m finally getting a handle on it.

BillBE, ouch for feeling tired, and double ouch for another deadline so you to keep you working hard while sick. Yay for a three day weekend that will hopefully have you back on your feet. Your excursion to see bald eagles sounds wonderful. Good job for planning some exercise even while tired!

Re calves: if all goes well, we should have 80. Glad that wool is going to good use!

Seadwaters, I love the idea that this is an auspicious year for you! It’s a great attitude to have while beginning a new treatment program, increasing work, and all the while, sticking to your plan. Huge credit for doing the planning while eating away from home.

Midlifecrisis57, congrats for getting your footing. I hate it when a poor food choice throws me for a loop that I can’t get out of for several days. Keeping your cards stashed around sounds like a great idea.

Gardenerjoy, ouch for “quivering mass of grumpiness” (and an lol). Great job recognizing that sabotaging thought—I too am looking for a “new normal.” Huge credit for doing well while confronting all of these difficult emotions. And talk about being able to find the silver lining—kudos for being grateful for the half-hour of exercise you got due to an accident that will no doubt bring you some challenges.

Onebyone, I know all about those sabotaging thoughts trying to tell me that I don’t care, only to find out too late that I really do care. I just wish I could remember that those voices lie. Yay for your dh coming home! It’s so exciting to think about a new year, with new possibilities—England or Costa Rica, what does it matter? Either possibility is pretty exciting!

Best wishes to all of you!

02-14-2010, 04:35 PM
Coaches/Buddies, Happy St. Valentine’s Day. I had a lovely breakfast of a grapefruit and oatmeal with mangos, reacquainting myself with my measuring instruments as I went along. Dinner tonight will probably be mostly vegetarian, with possibly a fish not made in a butter sauce. Yesterday was really productive and I got in a whole room’s worth of decluttering which felt great.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, impressed at 6 M&Ms taking 10 minutes.

BillBlueEyes, can’t wait to hear the details of the eagle spotting. I got to get “up close” (across a river) to a pair of nestlings at Yellowstone three and one-half years ago. It was shear joy just watching them, including seeing them learn to eat treasures from mother’s expeditions.

GardenerJoy, hope everyone was safe with the vehicle incident this morning. Terrific realization about the benefits of being on plan.

Seadwaters, good luck with your radiotherapy. And welcome back to full-time work. I hope that after the first week of working out meals things are a little bit easier for you in terms of getting into a meal routine.

Shepherdess, great jon getting in all of the miles yesterday. Terrific that you are practicing appreciating the value of every kilocalorie. I love hearing about the farm events.

02-14-2010, 10:18 PM
Dear ChinaMaine,

So sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. Your tribute to her was very moving. Sounds like she was an extraordinary free-spirited person. Can't imagine there were many women in her time that would hitch-hike across the country.

Your mom's idea of a garden in her honour is wonderful.

Take care.

02-15-2010, 07:51 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went out to look for some eagles and was rewarded with a long, close view of an immature Bald Eagle soaring over the Merrimack River just above the ice jams where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This guy was in no hurry; just soaring to please the crowd of three that awed aloud in admiration.

Eating was on-plan; CREDIT moi. Exercise still eludes me. But do have a great NSV. At the supermarket as I walked out the door, there was a basket of valentine's candy marked FREE! That's right FREE. There were those little hearts made of Necco Wafers and some hard candy. I paused with interest, looked them over, and felt no draw whatsoever. Walked away only with the mild twinge that I'd left something FREE and wished it was food.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - A high voltage line down is some excitement. We had one down a few years back and the firemen had a difficult time keeping the rubber-neckers from walking up to it to take pictures of the sparks. High voltage is mean stuff.

FutureFitChick - A whole room of decluttering is some valentine's day gift to yourself; Kudos.

Shepherdess - Kudos for the clarity in "just because I’m not tracking every single calorie, every single calorie still counts." Hope your midwifery continues well. Do the mom's come wake you up when they're ready? How do you decide it's OK to sleep?

Beverlyjoy - Congrats for making six dark chocolate M&Ms last for ten minutes; that might be a world record. Yikes indeed that you still have your cough after four weeks. Isn't there a time limit or something. Do you continue to take cough medicine or just sit and wait?

Readers - day 18
Change Your Definition of Full


If you finish what's on your plate and feel disappointed that you can't eat more, remind yourself that you'll be able to eat again soon. You might say, It's okay, I'm going to have a snack in three hours - an apple and a cheese stick ... I can wait. Then immediately read your Advantages Response Card to remind yourself why it's worth putting up with this momentary disappointment.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 159.

02-15-2010, 08:30 AM
Hi coaches and buddies!

Hope you had a nice VD. We went to our cousin's for a nice supper. I stayed on my plan - I think. I didn't weigh or measure anything - it was a a guest-amit. I wasn't willing to measure and weigh there. I think it was OK. I was the last one done eating :) - huge credit. They were clearing the table as I finished up!

Yesterday our little neighbor came over with a valentine card and 2 Tootsie Roll Pops. I love those. I thought - I'll eat mine tomorrow and put it in my plan. While I was in the other room DH ate the cherry one favorite. Ugh...only a brown left. Don't like that flavor. I was disappointed - so silly. It's really OK, though.

I posted my advantages here on another thread. Several times during the day - when I peeked in - I read them out loud again.:) It was helpful.

On Friday I will be leaving for 10 days - first to celebrate my Grandson's 3rd birthday. Then eight days in Los Angeles to help take care of my sister after back surgery. I am quite nervous about being out of my food comfort zone - home. I read the Beck chapter on traveling and vacations. She suggests to get your strategy in place a week ahead of time and then read it every day. I will use my second plan (exchanges when we are in Michgian). I think I'll be able to count calories in LA. There will be so many things in those other homes that I will be tempted to eat - sweets, cookies, etc. I will do my best. Dr. Beck suggested that maybe allowing an extra 300 calories a day can take the stress off or a day with a splurge. I don't want to lose my mojo. I am kind of scared about the food stuff. Although - I've emailed a short list of things I'd like to have in the house to eat for the week at my sister's suggestion.


fork down, no seconds, eat seated - all the time
gave credit - many times
planned food (I called my cousin to see what she was fixing for dinner)
logged food
left a bite of food on plate - some of the time
arc -3 times no choice - 1
rc - 1
exercised - stretches and strengthening
read the beck book
ate slowly - tasting - alot of the time

working on
spontaneous exercise
feeling fullness

billiebe - major kudos for walking away from FREE candy. I am glad you got to see the eagle. We have hawks near us (they think our bird feeders are a smorgasbord) One day, and young coopers hawk was sitting on our compost bin. He/she was beautiful. I kept walking closer and closer and got about 15 feet away. It was thrilling - but - I kept wondering why it didn't fly away. Then I read that juvenile hawks don't realize their fear of people until they are close to maturity. Who knew?? You asked about how I felt during my skip a meal exercise - I was kind of nervous. I could feel an emptiness in my stomach. I wasn't freaking or anything. Mostly - I was feeling light headed!

futurefitchick - kudos for pulling out the measuring utensils!

gardenjoy - a poll down...the kind of excitement we can all do without. However, I am glad you got in that exercise. I am happy to hear that you are feeling like you are back on your plan.

shepardess - it sounds like you are doing so well while away from your home as you do the calving. It's good to know how to eyeball amounts because we can't always measure.

Have a great day, folks.

02-15-2010, 01:29 PM
I passed my halfway exercise mark, halfway through the month, yesterday. Credit for that, especially since I had some "I don't wanna" days earlier this month.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a home-cooked meal (salmon rosti -- a recipe clipped from Eating Well magazine, roasted vegetables with toasted pumpkin seeds and a balsamic mustard sauce -- a recipe I made up on the fly, and some not very good Pinot Noir -- which made it easy to keep my serving to a glass and a half). And, we watched the pairs figure skaters in the Olympics. It was a nice romantic evening.

WI: -0.55kg, Exercise: +65, 736/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: I like how you are cautiously moving in the direction of not measuring and not tracking every calorie, while still being very aware of what you are doing. Love reading about your calves!

FutureFitChick: yay for your plan to have a mostly vegetarian dinner or "fish not made in a butter sauce." The dollop on our salmon rosti was yogurt cheese (made from nonfat yogurt) mixed with a little lime juice and capers. Mmmm. And no butter in sight!

BillBlueEyes: I'm so happy that your eagle foray resulted in a memorable moment! Credit for Valentine's Day candy not even appearing to be food to you!

Beverlyjoy: Congrats on doing so well with the Valentine's Day events. I think you're doing great with planning ahead for your trip.

02-15-2010, 02:52 PM
I have started at the beginning.

Something that Dr. Beck said in Day 1 really struck a chord with me.

If you follow only some of the steps, you'll probably have trouble losing weight or maintaining your weight loss. Then you'll blame yourself: I just can't do this! I can't lose weight!

I did have some great success following parts of the program, but now I'm struggling and I'm sure it's because I never fully followed the program, nor did I stick with it. I remember the days when I felt like a "normal" person and I wasn't constantly obsessed with food, dieting and exercise. I felt comfortable in my own skin and I never minded picking out clothes to wear. I took these things for granted and became complacent. Now I'm resenting the fact (and worrying about) that I need to concentrate on this program. I'm trying to remind myself that I can be successful if I follow the entire program and take my time.

Commit in Writing
I'll read my Advantages Deck at the following times:

1) First thing in the morning when I wake up and if I'm working out on the elliptical in the basement, I will read them then.

2) Before I put any food in my mouth, I will read at least 3 of the Advantages

3) Before going to bed

My reminder system will be:

1) Waking up in the morning will be my trigger (and I will keep my cards on my night table)

2) Starting to place food in my mouth will be my trigger to read a few Advantages (must remember to have them with me at all times and if I forget them will stop and think of 3 Advantages)

3) Going to bed will be my trigger to remind me to read them one more time and will then place on night table to have ready for the next morning.

Today's to-do list

X I created my Advantages Deck (already had this done)

X I wrote, recorded or posted these advantages elsewhere (I have them written in my dieting notebook

X I implemented a reminder system (see above)

I felt miserable this morning when I woke up after a weekend of major indulgence without even trying. My stomach is all bloated, I feel like I look pregnant and I knew I had to do something. I started the day eating well and then gave in to eating cake someone brought into work.
I'm trying really hard to work the program from the beginning though and not jump ahead. Therefore, in those terms I've had a successful day because I completed everything related to "Day 1".
I did not weigh myself today, I haven't worried about eating slowly necessary, giving myself credit, etc. I am not supposed to know about (or therefore feel guilty about not doing) those things yet. The only thing I am doing is reporting to you guys, my coaches/buddies.

Also, I've decided to work with the Beck Diet Solution for now. I also have the workbook which I don't think I've ever even opened. I'm at work right now and don't have it with me, but tonight I plan on using it.

Thanks for listening. I hate that I've been so hot and cold with this lately and I feel embarrassed that it's happening "publicly" in front of all of you. I feel annoyed by myself and think it must be annoying to "listen" to me all gung-ho and enthusiastic one day and then back groveling the next :(
I know that these feelings are probably only causing me to sabotage myself further, but it is what it is. I hope I can get my **** together, I'm getting so tired of this battle.

02-15-2010, 04:51 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I consider last night’s dinner a success. We ate at a tapas restaurant and I chose one “heavy item” (a cream based soup) and stuck to vegetables for the rest. I stopped when I was full! YIPEEE! I saved room for a special desert and stayed in my calorie target for the day. Tonight is our wedding anniversary so we are going to go out again. We’ve chosen a Japanese restaurant where I can have miso soup and some sushi to stay at a healthy calorie target for the day.

My workout went well at the gym this morning. My trainer bumped up my aerobic exercise time and increased all of my weights a notch. So far still feeling good from the change.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: didn’t weigh
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BennyHannahMama, I love seeing the picture of you in your cheery pink jacket. Glad to see your post. You do not in any way need to feel guilty about your “hot and cold” posting frequency/following the plan. My interpretation of and the impression I’ve gotten from others is that it is important to take Beck at the pace you need it so that you can really learn to implement these habits in your life. If you need to start at Day 1 for you, then it is great that you are doing it. This community is here to support you, not judge you! Take a breath and we’ll be here to take things a day at a time as you are ready. For me, it’s not about perfection but progress.

BeverlyJoy, great job at planning ahead for the trip. Your family sounds wonderfully supportive.

BillBlueEyes, great job on skipping the free opportunity to damage your health. Hope you are feeling up to exercise soon.

CeeJay, hope you are doing well.

GardenerJoy, super job at being 100% on track with your exercise. What a role model you are!

02-15-2010, 06:44 PM
Hello everyone!! YIPPEEE for a Monday off work!! Hope you are all enjoying the day.

midlifecrisis57- glad your mojo is back. Isn't a great feeling to pull yourself up after a fall and know you don't have to revert to old ways of doing things? I loved reading your thoughts about eating 4-6 servings while trying to solve the problems of 4-6 people. That just makes so much sense to me and I have never though about my life in that way. Like you, I am trying to detach from family situations that I cannot solve/change.

onebyone-yay for being back on track foodwise. Thanks for posting about the situation with the lasagne. It helps me a lot to read these kinds of experiences and know I am not the only one who feels the way I do. Hope you and your DH had an awesome reunion.

seadwaters-good luck with the radiotherapy. Hope all goes well for you. Sounds like a big week with getting back to work and not being at home all the time. Good thing you have a plan- major credit for that.

Shepherdess-good for you for running, even though you must be so tired.

BillBlueEyes-Our family day in Manitoba is Louis Reil day. Your idea of a good time-- looking for eagles is exactly like my idea of fun! We spend many summer holidays at Lake of the Woods watching eagles. Magnificent creatures. Also- credit for ignoring free candy!!

Beverlyjoy-yay for eating on plan on VD. I understand your nervousness about vacation. It is good that you are staying at your sister's- that way it is not all restaurants all the time. Maybe you can make your sister some tasty meals-that way you are in control of what is on the table. Hope your ear is much better before you fly.

gardenerjoy-credit big time for your achievements with exercising. Your valentine's dinner sounded really good. I watched the pairs event last night too, but the DH definitely was not on the couch for that. LOL.

bennyhannahmama- I echo FutureFitChick's comments. We have to do this at our own pace. I am slowly trying to incorporate Beck's suggestions into my life and to make this a forever plan, not just a diet that will be over some day.

FutureFitChick-yay for last night's dinner. You stayed in your calorie range and stopped when full. That's hard to do in a restaurant.

For me- it has been a really good 3 days. Went to the city with my mom shopping on Saturday and ate lunch at Subway and dinner at Mongo's so was able to keep things very reasonable. Credit for fighting the momentary thought that since I was in the city, I deserved to eat something unhealthy. This happens to me everytime I go into the city- the feeling that it is a special trip so I deserve to eat stuff I should not. Really, I am in the city a lot and I need to finally change that way of thinking. Yesterday and today I have been out walking in very nice weather, watching some Olympics and all around relaxing.

Credit today for:

weighing in
walking 35 mins
doing weights
reading advantage and response cards twice
eating on plan
planning tomorrow and packing lunch
posting to my coaches


02-15-2010, 10:13 PM
Kim! I'm so glad you are writing. I just love your style, love it. Keep writing no matter what!

I think its great for us newbies to read your writing, about complancency, bloating, sounds so familiar to me! You are showing us how to start again, start again. It's part of our lives!

I have picked up something that has helped me stay on track. I have started wearing those LiveStrong rubber bracelets and I have color codes like the dog collars we use at the animal shelter. If a dog is obedient and well trained, he gets a green collar. I have a green bracelet on right now: I am following my program. So if my sabotageur starts to whisper sweet nothings in my head, I look at my wrist and see the green and say, "no way, I'm in accordance right now and its easier to stay on the path if I'm already on it. Shut up!"

If I go back to a slip, I will exchange the green for a blue, which means, behavior modification is underway. I need to be strict and observant for at least 72 hours: Absolutely write everything down, read the Beck books, read he responses, top priority.

If I make 72 hours straight, I can switch off to yellow, which means, we're out of the danger zone, but still need extra follow up. I'll wear the yellow till my wake up tummy says we're back on track.

If I get sick or something, I get to wear the red bracelet, which means, I'm focussed on resting and getting better for the moment.

Having the privilege of wearing green is so rewarding-- free from worry and obsession--in obedience--able to, like you said, Kim, not worry about what to wear cuz everything in the wardrobe fits with room to spare: yes!

I'm over the honeymoon stage, already, the day is long and disciplined and I have to practice putting things off for the right timing. And I'm weary of this never-ending snow falling--can't get out and about much. But the green bracelet is a huge motivation to stick to the discipline.

Oh, the dogs: yellow collars can be taken out, but only by volunteers who've had yellow level training: these dogs tend to pull, bark, be more difficult to handle. The red is medical, we can't take these dogs out. The blue dogs are behavioral team only--they take specially trained volunteers: they bite your boots or have other quirky behaviors that need special handling and patience. Dogs move from one collar to the next as they become better socialized for adoption. So I figure, my appetite is in training, and its very much like a homeless dog!!!!! my bracelets remind me how much special care I need to take in my commitment to the program.

02-15-2010, 11:19 PM
Hi All,
Quick check-in after a week of way too much snow! Walked 8000 steps, credit. Tracked food, credit and stayed under calorie goal, credit. Yesterday was a Nascar party(I don't even watch Nascar, but oh, well) and a calorie explosion, so I was glad to be back on track.

ChinaMaine--I was sorry to hear about your MIL. The garden idea sounds wonderful!

BennyHanna--We learn by trial and error--there is no way to perfectly get better, eat better, live better. I often judge myself harshly for not doing things exactly right the first time, and it's been a revelation to discover that I'm just doing the best I can, and that's not a sin.

02-16-2010, 06:58 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Finally went to the medical center to have the old lungs checked - two weeks and still coughing exceeded DW's limit for not bugging me to see a doctor. Got the standard "Lungs don't sound happy, better start as if you had pneumonia while we wait for your X-ray, but, of course, it could be viral, in which case the antibiotics will do nothing." <sigh>

Ate on-plan, lethargically; CREDIT moi, lethargically. Exercise was going to see the doctor then to Trader Joe's for some strawberries and blueberries.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for getting "back on track" after a Nascar race, enjoying the pun. And Kudos for 8000 steps with all the snow you have.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for getting back in the saddle; know that that's hard. Thanks for the reminder that Beck suggests that we do all of the plan; pick and choose might not lead to success.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for standing down the "I don't wanna" to keep up with your exercise goal for the month.

FutureFitChick - Happy Wedding Anniversary! May you have many more. Kudos for wise choices with a bunch of restaurant dinning.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at your hawks who "think our bird feeders are a smorgasbord." Yep, seen that. Neat story about the immature Coopers Hawk; they are one beautiful bird. Interesting that skipping a meal made you a little light headed; that makes sense. Yay for staying on plan when eating with family.

CeeJay - Salivating at your eagles at Lake of the Woods. Happy Louis Reil day yesterday - suppose Canada is too big to use the same name for a national holiday, LOL. Kudos for rational eating at Subway and Mongo's.

midlifecrisis57 - What a neat strategy to use LiveStrong bracelets to track yourself. Like, "my appetite is in training."

Readers - day 19
Stop Fooling Yourself

Dieters have an amazing ability to delude themselves about food. They might be very rational and reasonable in other ways, but not when it comes to dieting. Think about times you've dieted and were supposed to limit what you ate. Did you give yourself a "fake" excuse to eat?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 162.

02-16-2010, 08:02 AM
"Stop Fooling Yourself" hit the mark this morning. My ticker is stuck, my BGL is crappy lately and I have not yet finished the Beck book. I needed that boot in the butt. Thanks, Bill.

02-16-2010, 10:01 AM
Good morning:

Just wanted to share this- I am down another 2 pounds and that means I am one pound away from -20.

The difference with Beck has been this:

I have lost 20 pounds before- quite a few times actually. In the past, I never celebrated it. In the past, I would be focused on how hard it was to lose, how much longer it would take me to lose it all and how long it seemed to take to lose 20.

This time with Beck-- I feel grateful it is gone, proud of the work I did to get here, confident of the changes I have made, and I know that I am just continuing on, no matter how long it takes. I am not obsessed with the scale. I am focused on self-care and health.

So thanks to you for the wisdom, advice, and support I get every time I check in. I know I am not alone in this and I know I can succeed.

Have a great day everyone!!!:grouphug:

02-16-2010, 11:22 AM
Hi Beck buddies/coaches-

Yesterday was a good day - I am so grateful. I got on the scale for my weekly weigh-in and I have lost another pound. :):) (Yay- 4 sticks of butter - gone :) ). I reached my mini-goal of 224 and now will change my next mini goal to 219. :D I think the 'teens' sound good.

Yesterday was a nerve wracking day. Another 9 inches of snow on top of 17 from before. But - I am warm and have what I need. My program at a school was canceled - all the schools (even colleges) are all closed. The teacher wants to reschedule which is good.

I fell asleep in the easy chair and woke up about midnight - my first and usual inclination is to get something to eat before I get into bed. But - I said - eating now isn't an emergency and I've eaten plan today. MAJOR CREDIT

lots of water
fork down, eat seated, no seconds - all the time
eat slowly/mindfully - most of the time
taste the food - alot of the time
plan food - log food - all the time
leave a bite of food on plate - some of the time
read ac - 3 times
remembered that food is not an emergency
reminded myself that food does not take away physical pain

work on
rc - 0
no choice card - 0
spontaneous exercise
feeling fullness (I think that part of me is broken - but still trying)

ceejay - two pounds down is so awesome! Staying on your plan when you wanted to eat that city food is major!!

billiebe - good to get the lungs checked. Yesterday I only coughed three times - so I am making progress. I ended at the doctor's office three times for this thing. You take care now.

futurefit - wow - stopping when you are full is major!! Big Credit!!

bennyhannamama - I am so glad you pointed out about really working the Beck program to make it work for yourself. It's a good reminder for me too. All the things you are putting in place is setting up for success.

gardenerjoy - what a wonderful healthy VD dinner - kudos. Also - being halfway into your exercise goal when you aren't in the mood for it is really great!!

ruth - I need to move forward in the book too. Let's move forward.

nuxmaga - wow 8000 steps! The food explosion is OVER - glad you can get back on your plan.

midlife - your bracelet idea sounds good - go for it. I understand what you mean about the honeymoon period. I have been doing well - and am hoping that it's not my honeymoon period too. Good to see it in yourself and move forward!

02-16-2010, 12:29 PM
I was hungry much of yesterday or just wanted to eat -- I'm still not that good at telling the difference. But I kept telling myself that hunger is not an emergency and reminding myself what I planned to eat next and when. Didn't succumb to off-plan eating, but that struggle is one of the things that's causing some of my grumpiness this month. I think, in the past, February was one big eating fest to cope with the weather and the sheer grayness of the month, and I'm not yet used to the new way of doing things.

Lots of exercise yesterday -- shoveling snow and some yoga to counteract the effects. A bit sore and tired this morning, but nothing that feels like a strain or injury -- that's an improvement over previous years of shoveling and I'm grateful.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +110, 846/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bennyhannahmama: Glad to see you back! I also struggle with resentment "that I need to concentrate on this program." One thing that helps me a lot is to remember to compare myself with "successful dieters and maintainers." If I try to compare my effort with what I imagine everyone else is doing, I drive myself crazy because it seems like I have to work so much harder. But when I compare myself to successful dieters and maintainers in this thread and other places on 3FC, the effort feels much more in line with what others are doing.
I also share this feeling "I hate that I've been so hot and cold with this lately and I feel embarrassed that it's happening "publicly" in front of all of you." So don't feel like you're alone in that. And, of course, every time I come back, everyone is ridiculously supportive and encouraging. I'm starting to think that posting needs to be the core of my program; everything else falls rather naturally into place when I do it.

FutureFitChick: way to go with your Valentine's dinner and making a plan for the anniversary dinner, too. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

CeeJay: good job with changing your thinking about what you want to eat when you're in the city. Yay for the 19 pounds gone and for the dramatic changes you are seeing in your thinking and behaviors. You are doing great!

midlifecrisis57: love your color-coded bracelets!

Nuxmaga: good job on getting back on track after a Nascar blow out!

BillBlueEyes: glad you're getting things checked out -- here's hoping that it's the berries and not the antibiotics that are required for renewed health

Ruthxxx: good job in finding motivation in our daily quote

Beverlyjoy: yay for meeting one mini-goal and starting another!

02-16-2010, 09:17 PM
Coaches/Buddies Back from my big race this weekend and my surgery yesterday. Fighting off anesthesia fog. Everything went well on both events.


02-16-2010, 10:13 PM

midlifecrisis57-interesting idea about the rubber bracelets- let us know if it helps. I like what you said: "it's easier to stay on the path if I'm already on it." How true.

Nuxmaga- credit for all you did yesterday. Good that you are back on track! LOL- that made me laugh.

BillBlueEyes-sorry that your illness continues. Hope you do not have pneumonia. Your DW was right to insist you check it out.

Ruthxxx- hi-- good to see you here.

Beverlyjoy- yay for a good day yesterday and another pound gone. Congratulations on resetting your mini-goal. Aren't these 5 pound losses wonderful?

gardenerjoy-good for you for resisting your urges to eat yesterday. I like what you said to bennyhannahmama- about comparing ourselves to successful dieters and maintainers. When I am discouraged I visit the goal forum and check out people who had as much to lose as I do. That is so reinforcing. Also, thanks for the kind words.

wndranne-hope you are feeling OK after your surgery.

For me- an OK day, not great but not a disaster.

Credit for:
riding exercise bike 30 mins.
doing weights
reading advantage and response cards
posting here
weighing in
planning tomorrow

No credit for:
a rash spontaneous decision to join my coworkers at lunch instead of eating the healthy lunch I brought. I ordered fries with gravy on the side and a piece of chicken. Why did I do that? It was just sort of like- the rebellion in me saying "so what, only one meal" and "have been doing so well"...the usual nonsense I tell myself. I ate the chicken and half the fries and then decided it tasted rather gross and if I stopped right then I would not be totally out of the park for the day. I lightened up dinner so calorie wise probably was not a total disaster. So I guess some credit for that.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow

02-16-2010, 10:38 PM

Pick Two Reasonable Diets

1) Calories In vs. Calories Out using my GoWear Fit and the website to track what I've eaten. No foods are off limits, but I will focus on high-fiber, healthy, whole foods. I will try to incorporate as many vegetables and fruits in my diet as I can.

2) Beck Diet for Life Solution diet.

Commit in Writing

I picked a primary diet and backup diet that are: Diets I can follow for the rest of my life. They are flexible and healthy. I can feel like a "normal" person while following either of them.

__ I read my advantages deck at least twice.
I read the full deck this morning when I woke up. I also read three advantages or thought of three advantages each time I ate today. I forgot each time to do it before I put food in my mouth, but the second I put a bite of food in my mouth I remembered! So, eating was the trigger I wanted it to be, but now I see that I want the thought of eating to be the trigger. This will definitely be tricky, because I don't think I'm aware yet of when I'm thinking about eating (not all the time at least). I will also read the full deck again before I go to sleep.

__ I read Response Cards as needed.
I didn't read any Response Cards today. I'm only worrying about the card that addresses reading the Advantages Deck and I had no resistance to that today, so did not feel the need to read it.

X I investigated diets.

X I chose a reasonable primary diet and a back-up diet.

I really like the idea of thinking of or reading 3 advantages before I eat something. I think I might change the "thinking" to writing. I don't think it's realistic to expect that I will always have the cards with me, but if I rely on just thinking about them, I can see getting too lazy about it. Re-writing a few of them, will probably help. And actually, now that I think about it, I think I'm going to put my list of advantages on my cell phone since I have it with me 99.9% of the time. Maybe I'll put them in little memos, 3 together, so I can just open up and look at one of the memos each time before I eat. That way, no matter where I am, I can glance at it, without anyone even knowing what I'm doing! I like it :D

Today, I also broke out my Beck workbook. I really like the analogy she uses that learning to diet is like learning to play tennis.

... You can't expect to just pick up a racket and win a game. You need a coach, someone to teach you exactly what to do. Having the right mindset is also important. You have to recognize that it takes time, energy and effort to perfect your tennis skills. You have to practice them over and over-- and, in time, tennis will get easier and easier. But you still can't expect to win every game. Even if you're a good player, there will be days when you makes mistakes. Realizing this ahead of time makes it easier to handle your disappointment when you lose a game. Imagine if you had unrealistic expectations: if you truly believe that you should be able to figure out how to play on your own, if you thought instruction and practice were unimportant, if you expected yourself to play exceptionally well every day-- and that there's something wrong with you if you had difficulty...

This analogy makes so much sense to me! Now to remember it.

I agree, sounds like your dinner was a success and that you're setting yourself up for success again-- congratulations for that and Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for your supportive words! That's a mantra I must get in my head, "progress not perfection".

Good for you for fighting back the sabotaging thoughts about "deserving" to eat something unhealthy-- that's so awesome! You just strengthened your resistance muscle bigtime! Congratulations also on taking care of yourself and relaxing and enjoying your days off.

Congratulations for 20 lbs lost :carrot::carrot: and thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Beck, they are super-motivating!

Thanks for being what feels like my own personal cheering squad! :o I'm so happy for you that you've found something that works well to motivate you. Thanks for sharing how the bracelet system works, I think it's a great system.

Good for you for getting back on track! I hear what you're saying about being too hard on ourselves and needing to accept and realize that we're doing the best we can. I think the tennis analogy I wrote about above really speaks to these things.

I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and hear your frustration about taking antibiotics "just in case". I hope whatever you've got, it gets better very quickly. Kudos to you for continuing to post, even when you're not feeling well. Another great example you're setting for all of us!

I hear ya' on the not reading the whole book. I've been following Beck on/off for over a year now and have not read the whole book (either of them!) I am now. I hope things are turning around for you.

I love your analog of 4 sticks of butter-- great reminder! Where are you that you're getting that much snow? I'm in MI and it's so weird how little snow we've gotten this winter.

Sounds like you are doing great! Maybe you can think of other ways to help yourself get through the gray days of February. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone in my feelings. I also find what you wrote about making posting the core of your program and everything else falls into place. That definitely gives me something to think about too.

Wow, a big race and then surgery-- you've been a busy woman! Glad to hear both went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

02-16-2010, 11:23 PM
Hi Coaches

Well pretty much DH came home and he scale went up 4lbs overnight. Then down two the next day and today's eating was a bit of a free-for-all. We finally could afford to have movie day again, and so at the theatre all my strategies for movie day eats were rusty and I ran scenarios through my head but in the end opted for the Coke and the popcorn. I always got the popcorn and drink but that was before I implemented no sugar January 1st. I think I've had sugar three times since the first and make today the most sugar in one day since the 1st of the year. When DH met me at the theatre he informed me that we got another disconnection notice for our hydro. I just paid $372 a few weeks ago and now there was another one for $176. Then DH told me the good news: he not only got paid but got paid the full amount for a month's worth of work inspite of being there only 2 weeks. I asked him "is it a mistake? Will they take it back? Will you get less next month?" and he said he already cleared it with R who trained him in Costa Rica that "that's the way we do things around here." DH has now got us all caught up on every bill and I still can't believe it all for real. My whole life I have struggled for $. Some months good, some awful, but nothing ever lasted, good or bad, and that was okay as I did what I wanted to do and lived focused on doing art. I am just wary of the big reward waiting for the big loss to be on its heels.
I don't think that's the reality here and I need to adjust my thinking.
I cannot use food for this. It's not about food it's about the acceptance of reality and living a day at a time if I can't cope any longer than that.

So, in the end, we celebrated by going to the restaurant beside the theatre for dinner, inspite of me being full from popcorn and pop. I ordered a burger with 3 cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy plus coffee. When we got out of there we went or a long walk which was extra to my walk already today. We were consciously choosing to work off some of the calories and that was good. But a) I don't like being this full b) I don't like thinking I have "ruined" my weightloss for the week with today's indulgence c) I am worried about using food inappropriately esp. now that money is not really a barrier to doing this d) DH is my eating buddy. we have to re-work some of our patterns. *sigh* We had to anyway but now we really have to or this weight I lost will be right back on.

Persist in victory comes to mind once more. I cannot afford to let go the success I have achieved thus far! I need to guard it jealously, even if it means DH and I are no longer eating buddies. The night after he came home we walked to get cat food and he bought 2 big bags of chips plus a container of cinnamon hearts. I hate those candies but the chips called to me. I was able to forget about them and (credit) had none. DH whisked them away from me but it was easier without him being here to remind me it exists in the world.

Something else I noticed: while DH was away I ate no bread. DH always has his white bread by the coffee maker and it reminds me to eat bread. I'm not a huge bread eater but I do like rye bread. So the past few days I re-introduced bread and all of a sudden I am puffing up and bloating and my weight jumps 2-4lbs. Is this a reaction to yeast? I think I am better off without the stuff. I just never knew that. My body works better without bread. I really don't miss it and jjst want it once in a while.

I'm also frustrated by not knowing what's gong on with the move. Are we moving? When are we moving? Where are we moving? Major questions, not to mention are we bringing the cats? It's possible now if we follow certain guidelines. That's not the issue but do I want to subject them to a plane ride? Shouldl I do this to them? Can I find them homes otherwise? Do I sign on for my market season? Do I send in applications for summer art festivals and shows? It's hard to be "business as usual" but I guess that's all I can do. Well the real thing to do is to get to work on trackoing down the materials needed to prove my ancestry to the british governent which entitles me to a UK Ancestral Visa allowing me to work inthe UK for 5 years. DH and I both have UK grandfathers which makes both of us eligible for this and so this is our next step along with getting the cats microchipped and getting them their rabies shots (req. #1 and 2 for entry into the UK and a good idea whether they come with us or not).

I'm babbling which is a feat given this is the written word afterall.

Focus. Focus. Focus. and Relax and enjoy the ride. That's what my gut is saying... and so I will try to do that once more.

Thanks for reading and listening. Sorry to be so, I don't know, such a wreck:dizzy: btw DH doesn't really get this at all... it's all very real to him... I am also feeling very insecure in our relationship, like I'm going to be left behind. I think that before we both made little money and now he's 5x what i make.*sigh* This is hard for me coaches. I must be going to learn some very important things very soon about myself and my relationship.

Oh boy. "Great."

Have a good evening.

02-17-2010, 07:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The good news from the doctor is that I don't have pneumonia, although it gives me great pleasure to type pneumonia since I learned to spell it in the sixth grade and haven't forgotten. The bad news is that the magic pills won't make the cough go away (although I know I'm to take the full regime). And thanks again for the continued good wishes and for your patience with me firing on only one cylinder here for so long.

Left some potato on my plate at dinner; CREDIT moi. And since I knew that I wouldn't use the leftovers for my lunches and they would head out to feed the worms in our compost, CREDIT moi again.

onebyone - Yay that "Persist in victory" is your rock as you work through all the mental and physical changes this Big Whack makes on your life. Kudos for mindfully thinking through the impact of bread in your life - don't have to have scientific cause/effect reason. If it affects you, it affects you. Sending supporting thoughts as you work through all this. Are you preparing to switch from Canadian English to British English?

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on your race. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Any chance you can use that anesthesia to forget about unhealthy eating habits, LOL?

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for coming out swinging - choosing two diets, commit to writing, and reading the whole Advantages deck. Appreciate your Beck quote; that learning to play tennis analogy strikes me, also.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for wrestling with hunger thinking. I agree that February is a month to be endured; I used to think that Valentine's day candy was its savior, LOL. But keep the faith. We just ordered our vegetable seeds yesterday. After a joyful discussion and memories of what worked, we decided to just concentrate on what works in our own garden. Had to give up sugar snaps as the English House Sparrows have moved in and eat the plants to the ground before the first snap appears.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for a Beck kick to get rolling. The list of sabotaging thoughts listed today just make me shudder realizing how many have crept into my thinking.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats for reaching another mini-goal (is there a reward coming?). And Yep, "Yay- 4 sticks of butter - gone." Glad to hear you only coughed three times all day; I appreciate a little encouragement that this will pass.

CeeJay - Neat that you're celebrating your approach to your 20 pound milestone. Yay for Beck helping you to do that. Big Kudos for coming to grips at mid-lunch to remain mindful of eating for the day.

Readers - day 19
Stop Fooling Yourself

Read the following list of self-deluding sabotaging thoughts and check off those that you've had in the past.

It's okay to eat this because . . .
It's not a whole piece.
I'll eat it only this one time.
It's not that fattening.
I'll make up for it by eating less later.
It won't matter.
I paid for it.
It'll go to waste.
I'll disappoint someone if I don't.
everyone else is eating it.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 162.

02-17-2010, 07:24 AM
Hi Beck Buddies/Coaches

I got through another day on my plan :) - I am so grateful. Last night my foot/ankle was very very painful.:( I REALLY wanted to eat. However - I thought about the Quadrupal D's from the Beck book - deep breath, drink water, distraction, and distance. I need to think of a way to remember the other anti-craving techniques. ISNIR - I just made this up for Identify cravings, stand firm, no choice, imagine how you'll fee after eating, remind self why. It seems funny - that's how I remember lists of things. I might not have my response card on me at all time.

I skipped ahead in the Beck book to the chapters of travelling and eating out since I'll be away from home for ten days. I made the response cards.

give credit - many times
fork down between bites, eat seated, no seconds - all the time
eat slowly/mindfully/tasting - some of the time
plan food - yes
log food - yes
leave a bite of food on my plate - some of the time
use anti craving technigues - yes
read beck book
arc - 3 times
rc - 2
stayed on my plan

working on
spontateous exercise
feel fullness

billieblueyes- glad it's not pneumonia! Yes, your cough will go away - eventually. I know you're wishing sooner than later. Hang in there Kudos for feeding the worms and NOT yourself!

onebyone - it's really hard to not know the future. It's so good that you are holding on to your successes. Bread can be a trigger or a binge food for many folks. It's so positive that you are figuring out quite a bit - even as you don't know so much of your future. Hang in there.

bennyhannamama - I am in central Ohio. We lived in Michigan for 23 years in Holt. Our son and his family live in East Lansing. Yes...Michigan usually gets much more snow than Ohio. We've had 27 inches in the last 12 days. Thanks for the quote about dieting and learning to play tennis. It's such a good reminder.

ceejay - kudo's for only eating half of your lunch and rescueing the day. I just did the response card for eating in a restaurant. I think I'll keep a copy of it in my purse - it's so easy to be lured by the food.

wnndrame - so glad to here you are back and the surgery went well. You take care now.

gardenjoy - huge kudos for getting past your desire to eat by using the beck techniques!!! I totally agree that this senario can be frustrating and make one grumpy - but you DID IT and got through it.

Shout out to anyone that I happen to miss.

02-17-2010, 01:13 PM
Very chaotic couple of days, but wanted to check in. Food is fairly on track and I had to reschedule my workout from this morning to tomorrow or Saturday morning.

Hope you are all well.

02-17-2010, 01:14 PM
A good eating and exercise day yesterday -- it helped that I didn't leave the house!

Since my muscles were stiff from shoveling snow, I did my Nia DVD. I have to remember to put my cynicism in the corner of the room for the duration so that the quasi-spiritual stuff doesn't annoy me, but it's the greatest workout for loosening everything up.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +62, 908/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

wndranne: Congrats on completing both events! Take care of yourself as you recover.

CeeJay: realizing that a special treat tastes "rather gross" and stopping is a big step! That mindset of remembering to pay attention makes a big difference in the decisions you will make from now on.

bennyhannahmama: it's great to see how well you are starting -- I love the idea of putting your Advantages on your cell phone! And I love the quote you pulled from the book -- needing instruction and practice and not expecting perfection makes sense to me, too!

onebyone: so glad you posted. You are going through a wonderful and awe-ful time. Remember to breathe. So many changes and so few that you can really pin down. Anyone would feel like a wreck. Good for you for still thinking through your food choices and your lifestyle and for posting here!

BillBlueEyes: not pneumonia is good -- feeling better would be best, hope it happens soon! Good idea about ordering seeds, that might be just the ticket for me, too.

Beverlyjoy: ISNIR! That's great! I love when the mnemonic is pronouncable.

02-17-2010, 09:51 PM
Coaches: wow! Everyone is either doing well or having a great (thorough) second start (go Kim!) or having real concerns about real issues that demonstrate how we grow when we put down the food/escape route (1by1). I have been going through the same doubts as you, 1x1, re: changes in lifestyle with spouse and I know how you are feeling. Oh, do I know! That's why my moniker is midlifecrisis! But DH and I moved out of our house in August, and lived with his parents till Jan 29, and moved into our beautiful old antique estate then, and things are much better. We are starting couples therapy next week!!! I'd been seeing the therapist alone since September and today he told me I'm finally ready for the couples counselling part of the program! It is so good to have moved because our marriage is getting renewed: reset, re-missioned. It is soooooooo good. but the journey has been full of fear and pain: all I can say is, it has been worth it to learn to sit with my feelings. I figure, if I can tolerate hunger, I can tolerate other unpleasant feelings as well. Feelings that feel like panic!!!! So Beck is helping me in more ways than just learning to eat right: it spills over into other parts of our lives as well. I can see that in these Beck forum entries: our lives are all becoming richer, no matter where we are coming from: our awareness and sensitivities get better when we are not headfirst in the fridge or the cupboards everytime something makes us uneasy, restless, bored, insecure. We are all becoming more interesting people as we learn to make sense of feeding ourselves, nuturing ourselves, better.

I'm red bracelet today, btw, fighting battle fatigue from the 20th straight day of more snow in a city paralyzed by the sheer quantity of the stuff, unable to remove it all. Back to green tomorrow methinks. I miss my green!

Persevere ladies and gent, persevere!

02-17-2010, 10:25 PM
Hi All,

Tracked food, credit. Stayed under calorie goal, credit. Walked 6200+ steps, credit. I like to refer to February as the "F-Month"--it's cutting into my momentum to do Zumba. Our street has an icy rutted snowpack on it, and parking its a logistical challenge, and I'd rather hibernate and watch the Olympics. Too bad being a slug isn't a sport.

I'm rebounding a bit from the last OCD exacerbation, for which I am grateful. I made a tape of the response card of what I truly value in life, so I now I need to start listening to it, so it gets as much airtime as all the OCD fears.

Bill--Hope you are recovering from your non-pneumonia!

02-17-2010, 11:31 PM
Hello everyone

bennyhannahmama-yay for picking your 2 diets. I like your idea of reading 3 advantages before eating. That way you really focus on what you are trying to achieve while eating. I liked the tennis example too- it helped me when I read it. It is all about handling the disappointing days and not using them as a reason to quit. Taking it slow, expecting road bumps and so on-- all the things that have got in my way in my past attempts to lose.

onebyone-it is good that you are taking the time to analyze exactly what is going on with your off plan day. I would add that I know how hard it is to stick to a plan and not eat junk with someone in the house not doing it. My DH weighs what he weighed in high school and he has no trouble packing away the goodies. I do find it hard to have that stuff in the house even though when he buys it I make him keep it in a box in his home office. I still know it is there. I am thinking about banning it all to the garage so I won't know if it is there or not and it will put a bigger barrier to helping myself to it. You have a lot going on right now- maybe your DH will agree to cool it on the junk food.

BillBlueEyes- glad you do not have pneumonia-that's some good news. Thanks for posting the section from Beck on self deluding thoughts. I have been letting them seep into me this week. I have printed it out to carry with me the next 2 days when I have challenges coming.

Beverlyjoy-yay for another day on plan- they are adding up. Kuddos for not eating when you wanted to.

FutureFitChick-food on track!!That's excellent.

gardenerjoy-yay for a good day yesterday.

midlifecrisis57-wishing you the best in couples therapy. I agree that Beck helps in many more ways than just eating correctly. I feel that my life is getting so much better on so many levels. It is very real not to be stuffing myself when I am stressed, worried etc. I am way more focused on what is going on in the moment.

Nuxmaga-I would have a gold medal if slug was a sport!!!Glad you are feeling better.

For me today credit for:

riding exercise bike 30 mins
reading advantage and response cards twice
posting here
weighing in

Not so good: ate toast at bed time last night because I was tired and up too late. Today I ate on plan until I found myself working late and ended up with pizza pick up on the way home. Again I found it as gross as the fries yesterday. I think I have been eating so healthy that the overdose on fat, grease and salt is too much. I have been thinking tonight about what is triggering this--I think I am overtired, I am staying up too late, I am working too late, and I am slacking off on the planning. And I am doing the "I don't care" thing too much.

Tomorrow I have two challenges- potluck lunch at work and then in the afternoon I am ripping into the city for an appointment ending at 5:30. Then Friday I am back to the city. This can easily mean 2 more days off the rails. I am going to make a plan tonight to deal with it and commit to doing what I need to. Either that or my success on the scales a few days ago is going to be gone for awhile again.


02-18-2010, 12:36 AM
Hi coaches:

Today was a good food day. I resisted eating something that I actually spooned into a bowl right after I got home from teaching class tonight. I put it back deciding it would be there for me tomorrow. Credit. I cooked from scratch. Credit. I ate my meals and had no seconds. Credit. All good. Did extra walking too. Credit.

Another successful beginner's class tonight, our first focusing on painting in acrylics. Everyone did 1/6 of Van Gogh's Starry Night as a colour mixing/colour study exercise. At the end of the night I assembled the 6 parts into the whole and their jaws dropped. (I've attached a jpg of the class results below. Most of these
people have never taken and art class before. I think they're doing amazing.)

Credit! Success!

Thanks for the support and the understanding coaches. I am sure I will need you guys again sooner rather than later.:hug:

02-18-2010, 05:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Stayed home as a sick day like I should have during the previous two weeks to spare the world hearing my cough. Spent the day moving little and now feeling guilty for that. You know, feeling like a fraud since I don't have a named medical condition. Howsomeever, CREDIT moi for listening to my body. Actually, I spent a good part of the day reviewing other sections of the document that we released at our deadline, just as I would have done at the office. But I did it in bluejeans and my favorite red plaid flannel shirt so it felt like fun.

onebyone - What a neat composite picture - I can well imagine their jaws dropping when they saw it. Beck would probably tell you to remind yourself that you do good teaching stuff - maybe even make a success card to be able to read the next time that you're hit with the negatives about teaching. Kudos for stopping after stuff was already spooned into a bowl.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - LOL at "Too bad being a slug isn't a sport." Then we could watch it on the Olympics. Ouch for icy rutted snowpack. Only 12 days left in the "F-Month."

FutureFitChick - Waving back. Ouch for chaotic days when it's so much easier to stick to a food-plan and exercise-plan when the rest of the day lines up according to plan also.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Amazing that not leaving the house helps you to stay on plan; it just drives me bonkers. Kudos for doing your Nia DVD with compartmentalized brain - whatever it takes, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch that your foot/ankle doesn't know that its time for causing pain is over. Just over. Quiet thyselves you pain noticing neurons. Kudos for standing down the food anyway. Thanks for Quadrupal D's and ISNIR. Good mnemonics to remember to use the Beck strategies instead of just reading about them.

CeeJay - Kudos for identifying overtired as your trigger. Interesting that the old brain just doesn't function so well without its rest. Good luck with your forays into the city.

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for "renewed: reset, re-missioned." Ouch for 20 days of too much snow. Love being reminded that our lives are becoming richer.

Readers - day 19
Stop Fooling Yourself

Read the following list of self-deluding sabotaging thoughts and check off those that you've had in the past.

It's okay to eat this because . . .
. . .
it's just the crumbs.
it's free.
I really want it.
it's a special occasion.
I'm upset, and I just don't care.
I'm craving it, and I'll probably just eat it eventually.
These thoughts delude you into eating when you shouldn't. After all, a calorie is a calorie, no matter when, where, or why you eat it. You might be able to see how irrational these thoughts are right now. Yet, in the moment when you really want to eat something, you might try to convince yourself that these thoughts are valid.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 162.

02-18-2010, 08:36 AM
Thanks everyone for your very kind and considerate thoughts and well-wishes. It has meant a great deal to me. Today is my first day back to work. I've tried to take the lead on getting MIL's space and things organized. While it's difficult for me, it would be an order of magnitude harder for DH. I've gotten MIL's space pretty well cleaned and organized. I've washed and packed up all her clothes, and plan to donate them to a local nursing home for veterans. We've donated the wheelchair to hospice, but they can't take the lift-chair since it is made of cloth. We'll see if we can find a way to donate it to someone who can use it... We're still waiting for the pharmacy to come and pick up the hospital bed and oxygen condenser-concentrator, as well as the many extra oxygen tanks we have. Once the hospital bed is moved out of her room, I'll steam clean the rugs. There are a few other things that need to be organized, but the heavy-lifting is done.

We're hoping to have a 'garden party' and invite her family (spread across the country) to join us to plant her garden. We're shooting for Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May here in the US)

Today is also my first day back on Beck. I haven't gone completely off the rails, but I've also reverted to some old behaviors. I haven't been planning or reading my cards. I have made some meals / snacks I knew weren't reasonable in terms of calories (and just didn't care) and I've eaten past fullness several times. I've succumbed to eating chips and dip almost every night, as well as drinking too much wine.

But today is a new day, and I will make a plan and schedule, will log my food, and begin to get back into the groove. No personals today, I'll plan to do those tomorrow morning.

02-18-2010, 01:26 PM
Yesterday's exercise was an hour's walk in one of the finest public gardens in the world, which just happens to be a twenty minute drive from my house. We searched about and found some blooming witch hazels. No crocus flowers yet, but I saw some leaves popping up out of the snow. The southwest corner is the Japanese Garden and it is always pretty in snow.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +70, 978/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: love your observations including "We are all becoming more interesting people as we learn to make sense of feeding ourselves, nuturing ourselves, better." We rock!

Nuxmaga: thanks for F-month -- very helpful!

CeeJay: good job on realizing that the next couple of days will be challenging and resolving to make a plan to deal with it.

onebyone: the VanGogh painting exercise made my jaw drop, too! You are an amazing teacher! Yay for all of your credits!

BillBlueEyes: "two weeks of cough" is enough of a name for a medical condition. Glad you managed a fun day staying home.

ChinaMaine: glad you're back and doing as well as one could expect under the circumstances. In my experience of these things, it's easier emotionally to do the cleaning and organizing quickly rather than having it hang over your head, so I'm glad you found your way through those tasks and kudos for sparing your husband from them. The Memorial Day weekend plans sound lovely. Take care of yourself -- getting back to Beck seems a great form of self care at this point.

02-18-2010, 01:34 PM
Hi beck coaches/buddies - last night was tough for me. I caved into sabatoging thoughts about living with foot pain and how I wanted to eat over it. - and did eat extra food. I knew that I would have to take the wheelchair for my school program. (it's very humbling) It was just too far to walk - my friend Sally came and 'wheelied' me around. I rarely need it. But, I think it's better to be willing to use it every now and then as apposed to not working and doing what I love. However - it makes me frustrated and sad. After the unplanned eating, the usual bad feelings about myself and my determination popped up. I should have written down the extra food - I didn't even think of it. I woke up wanting to go 'scrounging' for tasty bits of different food. However, I have been able to push through those feelings and have made a plan in my mind - I will write it down. After my program at school this morning - I was tired and wanted to stop at Wendy's for a salad. I pushed through and came home and eat planned food. I am grateful for that.

Ya know - I have been following the Beck plan pretty faithfully for almost two months. I figured it would happen some time. I need to push through as I don't want to leave for my trip feeling kind of shaky with my food.

lots of water
made plan
logged food (until I started overeating in the evening)
ar/no choice - 2 times
RC - 1 time
fork down, eat seated, no seconds - part of the time
gave credit - some times
anti craving techniques - part of the time, until evening

gardenjoy - your garden walk sounds lovely. I a great way to get exercise. Many credits - that's so good.

chinamarie - it's good to be back in your routine a bit. That will help. The sorting, giving away things, and making desicions can be stressful - I am sending good thoughts to you as you go through it.

billiebe - I am so glad you were able to take a day to heal and rest yourself...yes, good credit.

onebyone - so many credits and cooking from scratch, too!!!

cee-jay - I think it's hard to stay on plan when you're tired. You've identified it though, big credit. Good luck at the potluck.

futurefitchick - glad you checked in!

windrame - both events is rest!

nuxmaga - major steps!!! Great credit.

02-18-2010, 02:45 PM
We're getting a break right now while a storm is blowing in. We needed a break because we had a few long nights. And, as my dh says, everyone is alive and healthy despite our best efforts. We've had a few mishaps, due to our inexperience, but instinct is a powerful thing, luckily more powerful than our ineptitude. We did have our first complicated birth the night before last. When we did our midnight check, we found a girl in labor, with a pair of hooves presented upside down and no head showing. DH sent me to bed, and took the cow to the vet for a caesarian. He was amazed at how quick and effecient the procedure was. It's an hour drive to the closest large animal vet, but the vet had him back on the road with a healthy mother and baby within 20 minutes.

So we are catching naps when we can, but this whole thing really messes up your circadian rhythms (those who have raised small children can relate). Oh well, it's all worth it. I had a few days of not-so-great eating. Just more unplanned snacks than there needed to be. I just wasn't planning like I should have and am having a difficult time remembering that snacking doesn't fix tired. I did take some time to make a few days of plans and did the necessary prep. So I had a good day yesterday and am on plan so far today.

Exercise has been good as well. I slowed down on the running because I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something. I'm doing short easy runs, and only after I've had some sleep. Other than that, lots of yoga, which feels great. So thanks to taking a bit of a break and loading up on echinacia, vitamin C and zinc, I'm getting the better on this cold.

FutureFitChick, congrats on bumping the exercise up a notch and for eating successfully at meals out. Good job staying pretty much on track during a couple of chaotic days.

BillBE, I loved the description of the soaring eagles. Sometimes I think raptors just like to enjoy the updrafts and show-off. Glad to hear you don't have pneumonia, but sometimes it's nice to have a name for that persistant cough.

RE How do I know when to sleep? Every several hours, we someone needs to take a look at the expectant mothers. They begin showing signs and you can get an idea how far away from birthing they are. As much as possible, we let them do everything on their own--birth the calf, lick it off and let it suck. We just watch to make sure everything goes well, and for the most part, these girls have done it all by themselves.

Beverylyjoy, good luck eating well while traveling. It sounds like you have done a lot of the necessary prep. Congrats on another 4 sticks of butter gone (it's such a helpful visual).

Gardenerjoy, congrats on hitting the halfway point on your exercise goal, despite not feeling like it. Great job staying on plan while battling hunger or disguised desire to eat. I'm not great at telling the difference yet either.
LOL at "I did my Nia DVD. I have to remember to put my cynicism in the corner of the room for the duration so that the quasi-spiritual stuff doesn't annoy me." I've had some workout dvds like that.

Bennyhannamamma, good to see you again. And don't worry about going "hot and cold" on the Beck program. I think we all do that. I like to think of the committment to the program like the weight chart: those little fluctuations aren't what matters; it's the general trend. And your general trend it working the Beck program.

Ceejay, great job eating well while in the city. It's always tough to break the pattern, when you are used to "treating" yourself. Congrats on another 2 lbs gone! I agree that the celebration makes a big difference. Yay for finding off plan eating gross. I think that's a huge step.

Midlifecrisis57, I like the bracelet idea. What a great way to keep a constant reminder. Yay for couples counseling and a renewed marriage! I agree that Beck spills over into other areas of our lives--just like food. It's not just about the digestive track. Ouch for fighting fatigue. Hope you are up and running soon.

Nuxmaga, I can identify with the "calorie explosion" good job getting back on track. Great job rebounding from your OCD. Next up, a rebound from the F-month blues.

Wndranne, congrats on a successful race and a successfuly sugery! Hope you make a quick recovery.

Onebyone, so glad your financial worries have been eased, but ouch for the uncertaintly. I love the line "persist in victory." You've been doing great, and you can get back on track after one difficult day. Good job on thinking through your eating patterns. I think the close examination is always helpful. Great job on a rebound from a day of indulgence.

ChinaMaine, glad to see you back. You're a good wife and DIL to take care of your MIL's things. Good job getting back to Beck after a few days off.

02-18-2010, 08:33 PM
Coaches/Buddies, whoa! What a busy few days. I am ready for some sleep! Can’t get too caught up on that yet, as there as still a few more tasks in my way. I am taking a break from writing a really terrible essay for a class. Uck.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes Monday. We had made plans to go out to a Japanese restaurant, but when it came to be dinner time, I had no appetite (and my husband didn’t really either), so we just stayed in and watched some Olympics instead. Not so exciting, but it was a nice evening.

Eating the last several days has been fast food when I have the chance to grab it. Glad this busy schedule is only temporary.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: not yet

BennyHannahMama, great job with your restart. You make a great point about stopping before you eat to review a few Advantages.

BeverlyJoy, great job hitting the mini-goal. I knew this was your week! Great job on not emergency = not eating. You’ll push through this difficult phase. You’re strong!

BillBlueEyes, really glad you made it to the doctor. I hope you are feeling better soon.

ChinaMaine, really good to see your post. Great job at jumping back in.

CeeJay, glad to hear you had a good couple of days off. I appreciated your comment about needed to not feel like being in the city = special eating event. I need to break that association as well. Congratulations about the -20#! Great job handling the eating out with co-workers. Fantastic observations that your tastes are changing.

GardenerJoy, great job not giving in to the cravings! You made me laugh when you mentioned parking your cynicism in the corner for your meditation.

Midlifecrisis57, liked your bracelet system. Good job on sorting out the family stuff.

Nuxmaga, hope you are digging out of the snow OK. Loved your tape idea.

Onebyone, neat art exercise from your class.

Ruthxxx, hope your toosh is recovering from the kick.

Shepherdess, great job with the planning ahead to get back on track.

Wndranne, glad your surgery went OK. Hope you are back to 100% soon.

02-18-2010, 11:33 PM
Coaches et al: Hey, I'm watching Olympic figure skating replays on the web (oh my, our carrot cheer emoticon is moving to lady gaga's pokerface in perfect synch!). And here is the thing: sometimes we resent a bit that we have to watch what we eat and diet and all: but we have this in common with all the ice skaters: I'm sure positively that they are all on special diets for strength and endurance and grace: I was living in Montreal when the Olympics were held there and believe me, ladies and gent: they are watching their weights-big we are just one with all the Olympic athletes. Big huge credits to us!!!!! Its no fun, but then again, its fun cuz look at whose company we are in?!!!???!!!!

ME: I passed up the goodies at choir practice, except for a mimosa that was handed to me. I got whew, high off that one! Not used to champagne!
I'm still on RED medical: eating only 2 meals a day till my IBS settles down. Not much in the hunger zone, but some resentment for having to diet, But Olympic athlete realization has helped that a lot!!! :carrot:

LambLady (shepardess): Love your stories about midwifery. I was at a friend's when her goat gave birth, it was a breech...we all had to work together and we brought forth a little kid. I held it, what a strong suckling instinct they have! It was so sacred to be there at birthing the animals!

Bevjoy: two months, honeymoon over? Hang in there for the long haul. Its all good.

GJoy: is that a Fredrick Law Olmstead public garden? You are looking at spring bloomings? I'm so Jealous!

ChinaMaine: Hang in there. We're rooting for you! It sounds like you have a good perspective on priorities right now. You'll get back to BECK since you are still logging in to the Forum and finding support!

BillBE: Bully for you listening to your body! Who cares if it has a medical name or not? Insignificant. A cough is a cough! And its a serious symptom! Take care! don't you think Day 19 just about sums up BECK?

1X1: I didn't get to see the jpg of the Van Gogh class. Did anyone see it? Can you attach it again? I love Starry Night. I agree with others, sounds like an inspired class. Kudos!

Cheers amigas and amigo!

02-18-2010, 11:38 PM
1X1: I SEE your jpg of Starry Night: I'm in a different mode. Its WONDERFUL!!!! THANKS FOR POSTING FOR US. YOU SHARE so much with us...I love it.

02-19-2010, 04:47 AM
Hi All
This is a quick check in to keep me on track. It was so nice to read all your postings and see what is happening for you all. It has been a hectic week which was generally on plan. I had to exercise all my distraction techniques yesterday at physical therapy - the doctor was late for my appointment and they brought in morning tea with muffins - they called to me loudly. I am so glad I didn't have one. Today, because I was working at home, I didn't leave enough time before I drove down to radiotherapy (70 minute drive) and found myself without lunch and having to wait around and then make the 70 minute return drive with no food - got back around 3pm. I reminded myself that hunger wasn't an emergency and that I would live - so that worked until I got back. And then I bought a large hamburger :(. Oh well. Let's see if we can recalculate the food for the day. I had weigh in this week - 2 days late on Wednesday I had lost another 0.5 kg (1.1lb).

Credits for the last 5 days: :flow1:
Read my cards - intermittently

Read my Beck book - no - I need to catch up

Checked in - today!

Measured my food - YES

Ate on plan - mostly

Ate mindfully most of the time - sort of

Ate sitting down - usually

Weighed myself - No - not able to until yesterday

Exercised - Only at physical therapy

Made opportunities for incidental exercise - yes

Gave credit for positive behaviours - Yes

Made a food plan yes - except for today and not for tomorrow yet!
Made a schedule for tomorrow - not yet
Not so good: :nono:
Still freaking out about getting food organised for 3 days away from home - it would be so easy to just get really yucky take away! And I am really busy with work - so will need to get organised this weekend again
Working on: :running:

Being organised - still!

02-19-2010, 06:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate all my raw veggies with my lunch at work; CREDIT moi. I have skipped those frequently in the past two weeks out of lack of interest. Felt myself and wrote a good memo describing fixes to the stuff we're working on. Was feeling feisty enough that I had to edit my own memo to tone it down - liking part of the old self coming back.

ChinaMaine - Welcome back. Kudos for attending the sorting and disposal tasks ASAP - with Double Kudos for sparing your DH the pain of trying to do it. Right on with "But today is a new day ..."

FutureFitChick - Small Ouch for being sleep deprived - unfortunately your deprivation has been one-upped by a midnight midwife. Those of us who weren't catching calves all night are only second rate sleep deprived, LOL. Yay for making a nice Anniversary evening at home. Kudos for continuing to read your Advantage Cards and Response Cards.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - So jealous here that you were looking at "blooming witch hazels." There's nothing blooming here that I can see. Thanks for the reminder to be on the lookout for Crocus.

Shepherdess - The reality of ranching is blowing my mind. Trying to imagine the job of being a large animal vet ready for a man with cow to pull up for a ceasarean in the middle of the night so I can send him off in 20 minutes with a calf. Just WOW for it all. Yay for remembering that "snacking doesn't fix tired." It's so hard to have rational thoughts like that when tired. Yep, I also believe that raptors like to show off - if I could soar like that, I certainly would.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for confronting your feelings and taking the wheelchair to follow your determination. That encourages me as I've observed the relatives in my life losing out as they try to hide from the world that their mobility has declined. Kudos for standing down your "wanting to go 'scrounging' " - you really had a day of face-to-face with stuff.

midlifecrisis57 - Thanks for the reminder that we aren't the only ones who watch what we eat - helps to fight the pity party tendency. Yep, "Day 19 just about sums up BECK" - every time I reread that list of "It's okay to eat this because . . ." I cringe.

seadwaters - Now that's a double indignity - first to be kept waiting and then to be offered unwanted food. Big Kudos for deploying "hunger is not an emergency" - neat to hear that being used. Sending supportive thoughts as you work out the logistics for your travels for radiotherapy.

Readers - day 19
How to Stop Fooling Yourself

The next time you have an urge to eat something that's not on your plan, notice what's going through your mind. Only on rare occasions do people put food in their mouths without thinking about it. There's usually a thought that precedes eating. Pay particular attention to thoughts that start with the phrase, It's okay to eat this because . . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 162-163.

02-19-2010, 07:47 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, did not make a plan or schedule. Food – off-plan (over by 200 calories); Exercise – off-plan (no exercise). I did start to get back into the game yesterday, and today will be even better.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Read the pink book – yep!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise
- Used resistance techniques – I had an extra glass of wine last night
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope

gardenerjoy Sounds like a lovely walk – I love finding early signs of spring…

Beverlyjoy I think you are right to focus on your ability to do what you love. So kudos for using your wheelchair even when it made you frustrated and sad. Congrats for pushing through your sabotaging thoughts. Would it help to create response cards for the negative thoughts around your foot pain and it’s effect on your day-to-day life?

shepherdess Wow you are having an eventful couple of weeks. Kudos for being reasonable when you daily routine is blown to smithereens.

Future Fit Chick Kudos for reading your cards and giving yourself credit for positive food behaviors.

midlifecrisis Sorry that the IBS is kicking in, but kudos for using the Olympics to put your diet in perspective.

seadwaters Kudos for skipping the muffins! And for eating on-plan otherwise.

Bill Yay! For eating all your veggies with lunch.

02-19-2010, 08:08 AM
Hi buddies/coaches

I got through yesterday staying in my calorie range - I am grateful. I did take a few twists and turns in my plan, but, stayed in my range. I am feeling more positive about going forward.

For the next ten days I may have on and off internet access. However, I really do want and need to check in often. I know it will keep me on track. I am taking the beck book, my food notebook, responce cards to help me along the way.

My foot is feeling better today. I had it rewrapped by the doctor. I need to hold off on this surgery until my mom has her surgery and is feeling OK. My foot/ankle surgery has a really long recovery time of no weight baring - so, I need to be ready for living with that when I do it.

chinamarie - thanks...ya know, I think I will make some rc for living with this lame foot/ankle. Great idea. Glad you are getting back into your game!!

billliebe - lots of veggies is GREAT! Glad you feel like your coming back to your old self and feeling better. Thanks for your day 19 reminder. I appreciate you posting these daily.

seedwaters - Kudos for passing up that muffin and facing the reality of the hamburger. Good thing - making your plan!

midlifecrisis - such a good reminder to us how that athletes, etc have to watch what they eat too - so it really isn't the end of the world that we do too.

futurefitchick - rest up after these busy, busy days. Happy anniversary!

shepardess - wow a cow getting a csection...I never even thought of it. I am glad you could help her. You are doing well...carry on.

Have a great day friends - your support and ideas and friendship has helped me alot in this journey. Thanks.

02-19-2010, 11:56 AM
I made plans for eating at all of our favorite restaurants in the first couple of months of this journey. But, now we have new restaurants and I need new plans for them. I've been resisting making a plan because no plan somehow means I get to overeat. But I feel bloated and I'm not weighing myself this morning because it will be too discouraging. It's not rational to eat this way while being frustrated that the scale hasn't moved in a month. So, time for plans.

McCormick's: take home half of the main dish or try a salad entree instead
Basket Case: salad and grilled cheese sandwich, but take home half of the grilled cheese
Cardwell's: leave some beans and rice on the plate if I have the tostado salad; leave most of those fried strips if I have the Chinese salad; for other entrees, take home or leave half of the main dish.

WI: N/A kg, Exercise: +40, 1018/1400 minutes for February, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: sorry for the bad night, but good job reporting here and it's really great that you resisted the Wendy's and stuck to your plan. I like ChinaMaine's suggestion for you, too -- I'm glad that you plan to act on it. Hope all goes well with your travels.

Shepherdess: Good job with figuring out a way to plan in the midst of the confusion of multiple births!

FutureFitChick: glad you had a nice anniversary, even if it wasn't quite what you planned. DH and I have really been enjoying watching the Olympics together -- it can be a fun shared experience.

midlifecrisis57: We live near the Missouri Botanical Garden. We celebrated its 150th birthday last year, so it's even older that Olmstead's work, although he later did a design for part of it once that was only partially implemented -- the lake in the Japanese Garden is about where he had a lake in his design. Witch hazel is more of a winter blooming plant, not really a sign of spring -- now if we started seeing crocuses, that would definitely be a sign of spring!

seadwaters: you are dealing with a lot! Good job on that long list of credits.

BillBlueEyes: glad that you're experiencing glimmers of your old self.

ChinaMaine: yay for starting the game yesterday and for "today will be even better." I stole "Progress, not perfection" from onebyone and made a Response Card of it.

02-19-2010, 04:24 PM
The sun shines for the first time in two weeks, I mean, shines with No snow in the whole day's forecast. Yes!!!! Snow is melting! I woke up at 7am instead of 9am this morning, so I'm transitioning back to GREEN-GO BECK status. I'll spend a day or two in YELLOW-ALERT-CAUTION as I resume 3 meals a day, versus 2 meals and extra sleep. So far, the day has been productive and fun. Eating is lean and well timed, 4-5 hours between meals, 4-5 hours of planned work and BECK work: one item of which is checking in with you 2 times today.

Seadwaters: Glad to see the hunger: not an emergency reminder. Its so true, since we humans, probably all animals, are designed to survive semi-starvation for short periods of time (except diabetics and others with matabolic regulation illnesses). None the less, it is important, I think, to plan re-entry to eating carefully if you find yourself going way past normal periods of time between meals. I like a 4-6 hour range between Breakfast and Lunch, and Lunch and Dinner. If I go longer, dinner is too late (Hate going to bed on a fullish stomach)...and I end up with two meals only--which is okay, but not my plan. If I go 6-7-8 hours, I assume my body is going into semi-starvation hibernation (not sure of the facts on this, but)...and if I eat a big meal this empty, with my stomach shrunken a bit, I'm going to feel like the snake in the Little Prince: mega distended. So I break the fast slowly and eat small amounts, wait 20 minutes, eat another small course, wait 20 minutes, etc, so that I can get nourishment, but not overwelm. It also makes me wary of going beyond 6 hours, cuz its a hassle to break-fast this way! Ideally, I want 4-5 hours limit.

BIllBE: I find all this feeling yourself and feistiness quite amusing! You don't have to explain yourself, it's quite charming as is. But I wonder if you meant something other than this very Woody Allen Imagery (Bananas?): I'm sure I would write a great memo I'd need to tone down too if I felt so good! Also, I'm not sure I understand what you meant by your old self coming out from the raw veggies: the heavier self or the svelter self? Again, if you WANT to clarify, that's great, if not, I'll use my imagination or common sense or whatever...though I might misunderstand you! :D

ChinaMaine: sounds to me as if, on balance, you rocked your THursday! Kudos!

Bevjoy: I'm encouraged to see you report that you are within caloric range. Makes a huge difference to be "in range" after a struggle, I know!!!!

GJoy: Haha. "having no plan means its [ok] to eat". Hey, one of my stock phrases, unconciously of course! Last night I knew I'd say that to myself when the choir broke for a big snack, so I brought my own. I was able to look that devil in the eye and say: "sorry buster, good try, but I have not only planned, I brought my own snack. So, NO WORRIES!" and that was that! Thanks for the info about the garden, Olmsted is such a safe bet since I designed most city parks from New England to Seattle! The lake made me wonder if it was him.//The restaurant preplanning is a brilliant bit of pre-frontal cortex work! I learned long ago to make a decision to take a second meal out of a restaurant and stretch my food budget that way! These days, I enjoy sharing my dietary constraints with the server, often getting a healthy substitution. Or a Panera, when they ask what I want for a side, I say I don't want a side: it freaks them out! What's really empowering though, I think, is to eat my portions and just leave the rest, not boxing it up for home (exception: undressed salad, like Marais, I'll take). But just to walk away from a marinara pasta, or a taco salad, wow. that's what skinny people do. I think. maybe. hmmmmmm..

Later alligators. Color me Yellow today. Green like a frog again tomorrow I hope!

02-19-2010, 08:16 PM
Promised myself a second check in tonite cuz I'm wearing Yellow! I have happy carrots dancing :carrot::carrot::carrot:
because I've been struggling with desire and white knuckling it all afternoon. Was there some addictive substance in my diet I was in denial about? Yes their was: sugar coated peanuts in my trail mix: which I was IGNORING. So, I dutifully went through the remaining mix just now and pulled out every single sugar coated peanut and gathered them up and threw them away in the garbage. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Happy Dance.

02-20-2010, 12:53 AM
Hi Coaches

Feeling blah today and that turned into a desire for excitement and that turned into food excitement. DH and I had been planning for pizza day. he was pushing for it last night. I told him no, I weigh in on Fridays and as it was (I'll tell you in a minute) my weight was up +1.0lb this morning for weekly weigh-in.

My first gain since January 1st, 2010.
saboutaging thought: is it over? is that it? will I gain it all back now? can I only lose weight when DH is gone? NO DH wasn't gone since Jan 1st... so... I still feel like it's coming back. Right now I don't even know how I lost it....

I've been bloated and puffy all week. Could be that "special time" making its way through my bodily systems, probably is, but it has me feeling less-than.

Last night my pet portrait painters were frustrated and had me all wound up too. I didn't have my pre-class afternoon nap and so I was tired. I don't naturally function well between 6pm and 11pm. I am really "off". Turns out the nap helps me maintain my cool. I almost lost it a few times last night with the woman who is so very negative. As her painting develops in front of her eyes she denies it all the way, and insists on saying out loud how her subject is harder than anyone else's.

Umm, no.

Young C, who celebrated 15 this week, was close to tears lamenting how she could not paint! She hated ALL her work. *sigh* Then when I discovered she only wanted to paint what was in her head -- well okay then. This we can do. So I made her follow the contour of the animal in her photo and then to paint it to please herself. She looked at me and said, "I can do that? Really?" "I do it all the time," I told her. Then by the end of class she had one painting she liked, one she hated and promised to work on and then she said "that's my first painting ever." EVER. Wow. No wonder she couldn't see shadow shapes and subtleties. She's a true beginner. Hello?!

And then the third student is actually finished her painting and doesn't realize it. She's getting lost in the details and they never end. I was encouraging her to do her background. It's a terrible beige. She couldn't let the minutiae go though and packed it in early. Is okay. She will.

I held back and checked myself several times. It came to me that I am the teacher! I can't lose it! Just step back, take a breath and look and do the next right thing. That's it. If you take the steps as they show themselves to you and don;t get distracted the path, the painting, the Beck prgram, the wieghtloss, it all follows-right as rain.

An aside: I'd love some rain right now. Then it'd be spring. I am sick and tired of this cold and this winter. I want it gone.

So after my frustrating class I saw my bus go by, the next one in 30 minutes and it's cold, so I decided to take a cab. I don't have a cell phone so I needed a pay phone and as it was close to 10pm I walked to the grocery store that's open until midnight, discovered they didn't have a bank machine to get me money for a cab, but then found out I could get cash back from a cashier if I bought something. I bought a few items, nothing off plan BIG CREDIT and some natural almonds. I ate the 100gr/ 2 servings packet of nuts while sitting waiting for my cab to show. I didn't stop myself. I felt like being upset and prolonging it somehow. Perhaps as an excuse to eat. This was unplanned eating but the pizza ++ we had tonight was planned and I feel crummy.
O well.

Tomorrow's another day coaches. Thank goodness.

02-20-2010, 08:08 AM
Hi beck coaches and buddies - my first day on the road has gone well - I am grateful. I have been using my exchange diet for now. I've been willing to write everything down, give myself credit, read the rc/arc, push extra food to the side at the restaurant, eat slowly, and get in a few minutes of exercise.ed

Today is my grandson's third birthday party - pizza, salads and cake etc. I've planned ahead for what I will eat, not take any seconds and be seated when eating. I am enjoying my grandson so much - he's a joyful child and makes everyone around him laugh and smile.

onebyone = sorry about the tiny gain. Dr. Beck reminds us that the number is only one moment in time being influenced by many many factors. Knowing that still doesn't make it easy to see that number .

midlifecrisis = good for you in checking in two times yesterday as you had planned! Enjoy that sunshine. Carry on with your plan.

gardenjoy - kudo's for planning ahead when going to these restaurants - it really does make the difference!

Everyone have a great day.

02-20-2010, 09:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Worked from home again to spare the world my cough; I sure do like doing this from time to time. Ate a lunch as if I were at work - left-over mango cous-cous and all the raw veggies; CREDIT moi.

A tiny bit of exercise: had to go pick up my car from the make-this-loud-muffler-sound-go-away place, was nearly closing time, so I jogged about half of the way and walked rapidly the other half; CREDIT moi. I just ignored the coughing; I'm tired of it. Sounds great to drive a car that runs quietly. Yay for mufflers, muffler pipes, muffler pipe extensions, muffler clamps, muffler pipe clamps, muffler pipe extension clamps, and all the other stuff listed on my bill - they work. Ouch for the cost; makes me want to drive a Model-T.

onebyone - Neat hearing you walk your students thru the pain of creating. Glad you finally got your first up tick so you can deal with it and mush on - they're guaranteed to come. Your year-to-date loss so far is worthy of admiration.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for working the transition, per "I did start to get back into the game yesterday."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat to pre-plan your favorite restaurants. Kudos for spotting the Sabotaging Thought that not-planning is permission to overeat.

Beverlyjoy - Happy Third Birthday DGS; neat to think about him making everyone around him smile. Kudos for so carefully packing "the beck book, my food notebook, response cards" - you can always buy socks if you forgot those, LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - Big Ouch for "sugar coated peanuts" - someday sugar will be listed as a drug and a warning label required on the package front like on cigarette packs. Yay for YELLOW on the way to GREEN. LOL, my writing style can be very confusing; I've stood in front of large audiences trying to read an important point being projected in front of the room and not able to figure out the syntax of the sentence I'd written - poor audience. I merely meant my good self was waking up from the coughing.

Readers - day 19
How to Stop Fooling Yourself

These are usually fooling-yourself thoughts. You need to prepare yourself in advance for these kinds of thoughts. Create an It's Not Okay Response Card similar to the one below and read it daily, perhaps whenever you read your Advantages Response Card. Also, pull it out whenever you think you're at risk of not following your plan.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 162-163.

02-20-2010, 11:22 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan or schedule. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (40 mins). My first day without sadness, and DH woke up this morning happy and feeling great. Yay!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- I posted here – yes!
- Read the pink book – yep!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise

Beverlyjoy Kudos for such great planning, and follow-through, on your trip!

gardenerjoy Bravo for making plans for the new restaurants in your area.

midlifecrisis Kudos for a great GREEN day!

one by one It sounds like you had a pretty good food day, but I can certainly empathize with ‘ Tomorrow's another day coaches. Thank goodness. Here’s to a great Saturday!

Bill I hope your cough goes away soon. It’s been so long…

02-20-2010, 11:50 AM
Coaches/Buddies, knocked down with a bad headache today…

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: no change
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eatcing behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: not yet

BeverlyJoy, I hope you and your mom have speedy recoveries! Glad to hear you are enjoying your grandson have such a great plan in place.

BillBlueEyes, glad you are taking it a little bit easier on yourself. Ouch for he car bill.

ChinaMaine, 25 pounds! You only have 25 pounds to go until you meet your goal!

GardenerJoy, what great preparation to have meals planned out at all of the restaurants you normally patronize.

Midlifecrisis57, I sincerely appreciate your athlete diet realization.

Onebyone, too bad for the frustrating day.

Seadwaters, I really appreciate your difficulties with time and commuting and applaud your strengthening resistance techniques, even if it was not a perfect outcome. You’ll get everything organized this weekend. I’m sure of it!

02-20-2010, 12:47 PM
Still feeling a bit fragile with all of this. We went out to lunch again yesterday (DH needs distraction from uncomfortable dental work that, if it doesn't improve, will require a root canal). I followed my plan at the Japanese restaurant (order the Yakisoba but take home nearly all of the chicken for a sandwich the next day), but there's no way of avoiding too much sodium, so I didn't weigh myself this morning. Then, I messed up my plan last thing at night by eating an extra slice of bread because I wanted it and I didn't care at that moment.

Part of what is going on is that we're watching the Olympics, which I'm very much enjoying. But somehow, I'm still expecting myself to do things that I would normally have done in that time -- creative projects and yoga or qi gong. So, I'm feeling behind on everything. I either need to change the habit of watching the Olympics or lower my expectations. Since, the Olympics only happen every couple of years and since I don't always get into them as much as I did this year, I think I'll let go of some expectations and just enjoy the ride.

WI: N/A kg, Exercise: +30, 1048/1400 minutes for February, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: yay for transitioning back to green!

onebyone: This seems so wise and just what I need right now: If you take the steps as they show themselves to you and don't get distracted the path, the painting, the Beck program, the weightloss, it all follows-right as rain.

Beverlyjoy: I'm glad that you are doing well on the road and that you are enjoying your grandson!

BillBlueEyes: glad you are feeling well enough to ignore the coughing. I know conventional wisdom says to wait for exercise until the cough quits, but I tend to wait until I can't stand it anymore and then just pretend it's gone. So far, that strategy hasn't resulted in bronchitis or pneumonia.

ChinaMaine: it's good to see that you and DH have got through that first, and most intense, wave of grief. Yay for all of those credits!

FutureFitChick: sending healing thoughts in the direction of Indiana for your headache.

02-20-2010, 03:06 PM
Dear Coaches, woke up to another sunny day! (We only get 159 of them a year, I think, here in the Appalaches). I was hoping to go GREEN today, but something told me: no. It was a half hour later out of bed than I like for GREEN, I had bad dreams (Cars not working, DH not working) and i just felt like EMOTIONALLY I wasn't ready for a worry-free GREEN. If I feel emotionally uncomfortable, I vote for YELLOW. So its a yellow day, two forum check-ins for me, sorry 'bout that! THe good news is, YELLOW bracelet days can be learning days, even revelation days, because instead of being all Extroverted, there is time for me to reflect a bit. I am, and I recorded some conversations that need therapy !!!! and also had some revelations about YOGA and ordered some Eric Franklin books (omgoodness, guru a moi!). THen I tried to practice some metta meditation, starting with loving kindness towards myself--didn't get too far with that, got a long way to go (Learning day!...see what I mean?)

ONEBYONE: you have a rare talent: to be a visual artist and also a literary genius! These two talents are sooooo opposed, they are rarely found in the same individual!!!! I know what you mean about the finished painting--I'm a watercolor amateur after oils/acrylics, and it sure is hard not to paint WAY past finished!!!! I do everything way past finished, actually. That's how I roll. Doesn't work too well though. Insecurity? Maybe. change of subject: I laud you for describing the behaviour that led to the eating off plan. Sounds like the demon to overeat got to you way earlier--somewhere in the lost nap, frustration in class, missed bus, finding a solution to get home, something had to give-in!!!! That's what I mean by a yellow day. When you can see it coming like that, the amassing of little frustrations, it's time to go on high alert, cause we're SO VULNERABLE!!!! Do you have cards with you and stuff? Be more prepared with cab fare every class, just in case this happens again? More preparation might be needed. I can totally understand you eating to stay warm, if you were outside. Oh, those cold nights in Montreal when I was at McGill for two years. oohhhhhhhhhhhhh cold! Eating is better than freezing to death! :D

BevJoy: Grandsons, yay! I can see why you might be distracted. Kids and superfluous eating can certainly go together. Glad you are taking great care to keep them separated. When I babysat for other families as a teen, wow permission to eat, granted! Never again!

BillBE: there, you see, I really was wrong about what you meant by your old self!!!!! Thanks for getting it straight for me (cough cough). Et je change le suject: Model T's have no muffler I take it? How fast dd those babies go anyway? Probably way faster than you'd need in a Boston area commute at rush hour, non?

Abientot, mes cheries et BBE!

02-20-2010, 03:11 PM
Hi everyone,
Sorry its been a while...Been super busy with school and going to the gym.
Ive lost 18 pounds since I began in January. Im still doing my class and i guess its working. Ive written some response cards and even written down when I hit a mile stone! Like last week i wore a skirt that I havent worn is years because it was too small. All my jeans are big and I need a belt to wear them;)
Im having a hard time keeping on track on the weekends! During the week I stay in the plan....

Ive been to the gym at least 3 days a week and have all ready seen a change :)

My goal is to lose 2 more pound before the end of the month:)'The weather seems to getting a bit warmer and I long for spring when I can ride my bike!

Have a good night! Best regards from Malmö Sweden

02-20-2010, 03:44 PM
Dear Coaches, woke up to another sunny day! (We only get 159 of them a year, I think, here in the Appalaches). I was hoping to go GREEN today, but something told me: no. It was a half hour later out of bed than I like for GREEN, I had bad dreams (Cars not working, DH not working) and i just felt like EMOTIONALLY I wasn't ready for a worry-free GREEN. If I feel emotionally uncomfortable, I vote for YELLOW. So its a yellow day, two forum check-ins for me, sorry 'bout that! THe good news is, YELLOW bracelet days can be learning days, even revelation days, because instead of being all Extroverted, there is time for me to reflect a bit. I am, and I recorded some conversations that need therapy !!!! and also had some revelations about YOGA and ordered some Eric Franklin books (omgoodness, guru a moi!). THen I tried to practice some metta meditation, starting with loving kindness towards myself--didn't get too far with that, got a long way to go (Learning day!...see what I mean?)

ONEBYONE: you have a rare talent: to be a visual artist and also a literary genius! These two talents are sooooo opposed, they are rarely found in the same individual!!!! I know what you mean about the finished painting--I'm a watercolor amateur after oils/acrylics, and it sure is hard not to paint WAY past finished!!!! I do everything way past finished, actually. That's how I roll. Doesn't work too well though. Insecurity? Maybe. change of subject: I laud you for describing the behaviour that led to the eating off plan. Sounds like the demon to overeat got to you way earlier--somewhere in the lost nap, frustration in class, missed bus, finding a solution to get home, something had to give-in!!!! That's what I mean by a yellow day. When you can see it coming like that, the amassing of little frustrations, it's time to go on high alert, cause we're SO VULNERABLE!!!! Do you have cards with you and stuff? Be more prepared with cab fare every class, just in case this happens again? More preparation might be needed. I can totally understand you eating to stay warm, if you were outside. Oh, those cold nights in Montreal when I was at McGill for two years. oohhhhhhhhhhhhh cold! Eating is better than freezing to death! :D

BevJoy: Grandsons, yay! I can see why you might be distracted. Kids and superfluous eating can certainly go together. Glad you are taking great care to keep them separated. When I babysat for other families as a teen, wow permission to eat, granted! Never again!

BillBE: there, you see, I really was wrong about what you meant by your old self!!!!! Thanks for getting it straight for me (cough cough). Et je change le suject: Model T's have no muffler I take it? How fast dd those babies go anyway? Probably way faster than you'd need in a Boston area commute at rush hour, non?

Abientot, mes cheries et BBE!

02-21-2010, 12:18 AM
Hi coaches

Looks like I need to re-group. I was antsy here at home today. DH's new schedule has him off on Mon and Tues, or Tues and Wed, and he's feeling a little off working regular weekdays- hours: noon-9pm with an hour off to spend as he wishes throughout the day. When he was playing poker for himself he'd work 3-4 hrs, then break 1-2 then on for 3-4 and etc. No one to answer to but himself, the finances, and sometimes, rarely, me. So we are both adjusting to his newly regimented life.

I ended up leaving this morning by myself on the bus and wandering about and during that time my foot started acting up and right after that my knee, same side/same leg. The foot was hurting like when I had plantar fascitis. Yowch. And then the knee was achy, like arthritic or something. The only thing I've done differently is put supportive foam insoles in my shoes, which I wore yesterday with no problem and now today things hurt. Once home I went barefoot and the pain is less so it must be the insoles.

I hate hurting. It makes me feel vulnerable.

While out I was very hungry and used DH as my excuse to "bring him home a treat" and bought two no-name containers of those chips in a can type chips because "they were on sale: 2 for $2.00 a good deal!". No. I forgot. Cheap doesn't mean I can afford the calorie hit, the emotional hit, or the hit to my program. I can only afford it financially and what part of doing the Beck thing is financial? Well, it is free to do after you buy the book(s), minimal cost really, could even be zero cost actually. So, being OP is NOT related to $ and "good deals". Somehow I must remember that-a response card could take care of that. Also I am slipping in my commitment to eating real food. Those chips are pre-chewed if you ask me. Definitely falling into the category of non-food primarily just an addictive item.

I also ate seconds for the first time wanting to "finish the stew off" like the refrigerator cares if there's still a bowl of stew in there for tomorrow. hello? It doesn't care. But this is what I told myself as I went for seconds. I also seconded the chips so I could finish them off. I was stuffed and sort of anaesthetized which, as I have said before, is for me the point.

I am in complete reaction mode here this weekend. I am blue-white from lack of sun. I feel slow and now achy. I don't trust myself or my program to work anymore and I do know this is a :devil: lie. Choosing to believe the :devil: gives me backhanded permission to eat "whatever like it matters anyway you are completely ineffective."

Uh, no.

In OA we used to talk about "the fight" being over. This was the fight with the food, or with the program of choice we were following, but basically we just tried to accept ourselves as we are and get on with it, doing the best we can. I have to accept that it is tougher to follow my food plan with DH home, and that I use this fact as a :devil: reason to overeat and to not eat as well because that's what DH likes and I want to make him happy. Credit to me for caring but no credit for doing so at my own expense. I didn't weigh myself today after the food we had last night and I doubt I will weigh-in tomorrow. My goal will be a sane food day: no seconds, no sugar, no sedentariness (pains notwithstanding here), seated eating, and whatever other s I can fit in... strength/be strong also.

Good night coaches.

midlifecrisis57 thanks for the kind thoughts you send my way. I really walk around completely unprepared and hope to pull a rabbit out of a hat every time. Mostly it works but come tired/scared/frustrated/lonely the rabbit skips out on me and rabbits move fast so it's gone before I can say wascally :bunny2: wabbit. I need to prepare for my day properly again. Thanks for the reminder.

Hopefully I'll get back to full responses to everyone soon. Know I read everything everyone writes and I am rooting for everyone--including those who don't post or just drop by now and again. :carrot:root:carrot:root:carrot:root!

02-21-2010, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Got in some exercise by walking to the drug store to buy more cough syrup; CREDIT moi. Had a problem. They'd given my a coupon last trip for $4 off a $20 purchase. I didn't want $20 worth of cough syrup. But I saw their Listerine-a-like at 50% off the second liter. Remembered that I thought that we needed some. So bought two liters. Now I was in for about $13 and I was standing next to the valentine's candy on super sale - about 75% off. So, I could get $28 worth of it for $7 and get $4 back making it $28 worth for $3 - almost 90% off. Too good to pass up. Then I remembered that I'd turned down some for FREE last week and walked away; CREDIT moi. I hate that my neurons still dawdle on the absurd like before my journey. And the Easter candy was right behind me; they have no shame.

Ate on-plan; CREDIT moi. Only ate half of my half of the lamb stew DW prepared - not for noble Beckian reasons but because food isn't yet appealing (and because I could drool over the thought of having it for a lunch next week).

onebyone - Thanks for "So, being OP is NOT related to $ and "good deals"." - from an addict; that's just what I needed today. Kudos for continuing to fight the good fight as you adjust to changes in your life, since adjusting to changes is your life for this next phase.

ChinaMaine - Remembering to continue to send supportive thoughts as your and your DH move through the stages of grief - even into acceptance. Yay for your 30 minutes of exercise.

FutureFitChick - Yay for writing out tomorrow's food plan despite the headache - that's certainly "learning to dance in the rain."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - If you know the secret for, "I think I'll let go of some expectations and just enjoy the ride." let me know. It's such a waste of a good life to suffer from un-reasonable expectations. Think I'll just adopt your notion for exercise and cough, "...wait until I can't stand it anymore and then just pretend it's gone."

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for ordering books to salve anything; that's one of my addictions that I have no intention of fixing, as long as I can move some out to make room. Kudos for continuing to track your emotional state with caution; another day of YELLOW to get back in your grove is a day well spent. Yes, Model T's did have mufflers - cheap, visible, orderable from the Sears catalog, replaceable by the average joe. A good looking, restored Model T wouldn't last long on some of the tougher Boston streets; they're worth some money.

Maggie (spacecadet) - Congrats on 18 pounds year-to-date. Yep, my take is that your class is certainly working. Yay for the NSV's of tight clothes fitting again. Suspect that you'll have Spring there in the "Florida of Sweden" before we do here in the North Pole of the United States, LOL.

Readers - day 19
How to Stop Fooling Yourself
Create an It's Not Okay Response Card similar to the one below . . .
It's Not Okay

It's not okay to eat unplanned food of any kind. I'm just trying to fool myself. Every single time I eat something I'm not supposed to, I strengthen my giving-in muscle and weaken my resistance muscle. I might feel good for the few seconds I'm eating, but I'll feel bad afterwards. If I want to lose excess weight and keep it off, I absolutely must stop fooling myself.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 163.

02-21-2010, 06:58 AM
Hi coaches
I am checking in to keep myself vaguely on track. I am having trouble with all the aspects of the program mainly because I don't marshal my time too well. Didn't she know it when she said we need to plan and have a schedule that included dieting. I have come down to Sydney one day early because I have early classes tomorrow and lectures to prepare so the weekend was even shorter and so was the planning. At least if I am going to check in it forces me to engage with the response cards and the advantages of the program etc. I always read everyone's posts because they are so heart-warming and motivating - but I need to post too or I can avoid my responsibilities to me.

So I haven't been reading cards or books, I haven't been scheduling my time (just crisis management), but I haven't been eating too badly. At least I have had to organise and plan food until Wednesday given my travel to Sydney. That is working quite well and I am glad I haven't abandoned that to fast food and sandwiches! I have been doing my physical therapy stuff - so credit that at least. Actually walked up some stairs today!

Anyway - enough rambling from me. I am off to read some response cards and a chapter or so before bed

02-21-2010, 09:57 AM
hi beck folks-

I have just a moment now to check in. Yesterday went well despite going to a restaurant for lunch and my grandson's pizza birthday party at supper time. I am very grateful. I've been writing down my food and keeping track via exchanges. I had a couple extra exchanges but I have allowed that for myself. I read my response cards, did my stretches and strengthening exercises, had lots of water. I am grateful for the willingness to keep trying away from home.

I am so enjoying my time with grandson! His favorite thing to say these days is "Good idea!" I love that.

I will try and check in later today for some personals. I appreciate having this place and you folks to help me work this program.

02-21-2010, 10:50 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (43 mins).

We had a nice day yesterday. After lunch we went snow-shoeing across the cove. We walked further down one of the unplowed roads over there. It’s been above freezing every day for over a week, so the snow has been melting quite a bit. The snow that’s left is very heavy and makes the snow-shoeing more difficult… But it was fun to get out in the snow and to see how the other folks spend their summer vacation. We were surprised to see that many of the folks have out-houses! Many of the lots over there are tiny too, with small cabins and trailers right on top of each other. The lots by us are all 1-2 acres – it definitely makes it much nicer for us.

We went out to dinner last night. It’s a nice local Asian restaurant, that mostly has Thai dishes. I generally avoid Thai and Chinese restaurants because soy sauce contains wheat. And most restaurants are not aware of how to cook gluten-free. But the kitchen and staff here are very aware to cooking gluten-free, so it’s such a treat to go there. Last time I had a curry dish, so this time I decided to go for a classic Pad Thai. I had done some research ahead of time, so I knew Pad Thai was packed with fat and calories.

My plan was to have a light appetizer, followed by being very careful to only eat Pad Thai until satisfied. I figured the appetizer would be enough depress my hunger level by the time the entrée arrived, and would help me to feel satisfied more quickly. I had Tom Yum soup which is a light, spicy broth with mushrooms, onions, and shrimp. It was yummy and I ate half (so I have the other half still to enjoy). I only ate 1/3 of the order of Pad Thai. Credit moi for the planning and for following through at the restaurant! The Pad Thai was pretty bland, but they have other things I can try next time.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- No spontaneous exercise
- Read the pink book – nope

Future Fit Chick What a great list of credits yesterday – kudos! Hope you feel better today…

gardenerjoy I’m enjoying the Olympics more than usual this year too. Kudos for adjusting your expectations. And credit for following your plan for the Japanese restaurant. I had the same sodium issues in my food last night…

midlifecrisis Hope your YELLOW day worked for you yesterday – kudos for recognizing you needed a yellow day…

Maggie (spacecadet) 18 pounds down – fantastic! It’s feels great to have your clothes get looser doesn’t it? I think it’s time to buy a new pair, so you can enjoy smaller clothes that fit you well. That would be a great reward for your hard work…

one by one Good luck finding a way to stay op when DH is home. Sending supportive thoughts that you’ll find a way to take care of yourself while you enjoy time with DH.

Bill Credit for walking away from the Valentine’s candy (that probably would have tasted mediocre at best). It’s especially nice that your recent victory with free food helped you declare victory over deeply discounted food. ;)

seadwaters Credit for eating well even though planning has been difficult lately. Kudos too for posting here!

Beverlyjoy Great job on eating reasonably when traveling. I’m glad you enjoying your grandson so much!

02-21-2010, 05:03 PM
Still not caught up. I've had trouble getting the anesthesia out of my system and have been sleeping a lot. Eating is terrible as I struggle to stay awake when kids are home and exercise has been nonexistent. Hoping it passes soon.


02-21-2010, 09:08 PM
Hello everyone:

Shepherdess- thanks again for posting about your life on the farm. It is really fun to read. Hope you are getting as much sleep as you can. Amazing you can eat on plan, run and do yoga on top of everything else. I need a dose of your determination.

FutureFitChick-hope your headache is gone.

gardenerjoy-I am also in the Olympic mode and am lacking sleep and am behind on things. Just settling in for the big US-Can hockey game-- there goes Sunday night. LOL. Good thing this does not happen every year.

spacecadet- hi to you in Sweden from me in Canada. Congratulations on the 18 pound loss- that is fantastic. Nice to feel your clothes falling off!!!

midlifecrisis57- Yay for a yellow day where you took time for yourself to learn.

onebyone- sorry you are having such a hard time. It seems there are so many changes in your life right now. It is no suprise staying on plan is hard. But you have come so far, so just look at this as more learning time. I know the frustration you are feeling. I have been struggling too.

BillBlueEyes-credit for walking away from the Valentine's candy deal. No deal when you think of the calories! Hope you feel better soon.

seadwaters-I share in your difficulties planning and eating away from home.

Beverlyjoy-kuddos for doing well yesterday despite a restuarant trip and a party. That is fantastic and not easy to do.

ChinaMaine-your snow-shoeing afternoon sounds so relaxing. Great exercise and a nice way to get some fresh air. Good going at the restaurant also.

wndranne- sorry you are still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and hope you are feeling better soon.

For me- it has been a shakey week and weekend. Doing some of the things I want to be doing some of the time. I do great when I do not have to deal with the following: being tired, being away from home,and special occassions. I am great when I do not have food in my face. Yet I know I have to learn to deal with these things because they are a reality in life. I wish I could just stay home, but I can't. Sorry if I sound like I am whining, I just need to get past all of this.

I am back in the city for 3 days and 2 overnights this week. :( Am planning on taking the pink book and doing a bit of soul searching in the evenings.

Credit today for:

weighing in
walking 30 mins with DH down a quiet back road.
reading advantage and response cards
posting here
eating on plan so far
planning tomorrow

Have a good week everyone

02-21-2010, 10:03 PM
Hi coaches

The achey body continues today. I was okay once I got going but now that I am winding down the aches are returning, albeit in new places. My intuition is telling me to start moving my body gently once more, like finding my yoga book and starting that, or signing on to the tai chi classes a few blocks from here, or going swimming for free in my neighbourhood pool-or at the local Y-or at the gym downtown convenient to the school I work at which I can now :) afford.
Basically I think I need to move this body. It's getting stiff and sore and cramped up from not being used. Walking is good but I need more. credit to my subconscious for delivering me this message loud and clear.

Food today was on plan: three meals, no snacks, no seconds, no sugar, no sedentariness. Good stuff. I did weigh-in this morning: 266 = +3lb. O well.
It's just a number. credit for weighing in and not letting it louse up my day. It didn't.

I think tomorrow I will make a doctor's appt for a full check up for myself. They wanted to see me about my newly elevated cholesterol numbers and called about that in early Dec. I never called back. On my side I have 4 specific concerns I want to address, whether they are easily dismissed or not I will ask about them as if I am leaving the country I'd like to have them checked out before I go and enter a new medical system *shudder. scary.* If something turns out to need attention I'd rather do it here and now. I'd like to do all this and be confident that everything is fine with me but I have fears around my health so this is tough for me to do, but do it I will.

So this is how it is for me tonight coaches. It snowed today and it snowed overnight, nothing major but enough to go "Oh man, :( it's freakin' snowing again. :( "

Everyone :wave: have a good night.

02-21-2010, 10:25 PM
Becks, I want to eat!!!!!!!! It was a tough day for some reason. Well partly it was because I was sick yesterday and today, some tension going to my first Race Relations class at the cathedral. It's a great class but we confront issues like social injustice in my own neighborhood and it makes me wish I could do more....Unsettling. I wanted to eat over it. Oh well.

Onebyone: Your insights into your behaviour and triggers and reactions continue to amaze. You really feel what is going on with you. It is only a matter of time and practice and you will get to your've got facing reality figured out beautifully! You are past denial. Acceptance will come when you are ready. You have us on your side... good job today with your food. You are loved.

Ceejay: yay for soul searching! with or without the pink book. You're wonderful!

Anne: you can recover from anasthesia first. Rest is vital for you now. Rest.

ChinaMaine: your report sounds great! I'm glad for your researching the Thai Pad and also the variety of international foods you enjoy up there in Maine. Who'd have thunk it? Sounds like you find a way to enjoy each and every day. Good for you!

Talk to you again tomorrow, champs!!!

02-22-2010, 12:04 AM
It took me awhile to get to day 3 and I can't say it was purposeful or because I was trying to master other skills before moving on... it was just because I got stuck in a bad place. I've had a lot going on... Dad and sister were supposed to come visit, but Dad ended up in the hospital the day before he was supposed to come (with an intestinal blockage) so only my sister ended up coming. He's out now and doing better, but everyone is disappointed he didn't come, especially my kids.

So for the days between "Day 2" and today, I had many completely out of control days. I felt horrible about myself by the end of each evening and hoped that the next day would be better. I did some journaling the past couple of days, trying to figurej out what's going on with me. I only came up with a couple of possibilites. One is that because all other things in my life are going very well (love my job, in a relationship with a wonderful man, divorce crap is behind me, etc.) I feel the need to sabotage something. I can't handle the concept of "everything" being good. I'm not sure if that's what's going on or not. The only other theory I came up with is that since I'm not yet following my "diet", I'm feeling the need for some kind of last hoorah, eating whatever I want, whenever I want, etc. It's also helping me hit that proverbial rock-bottom which will therefore motivate me more once I do start following my diet.

So, I didn't reach any great conclusion about what's been going on, but today was much better and for that, I am very grateful.

I found a new app for my Blackberry in which I can make lists online and then sync to my phone. I added all my Advantages to this and now have them with me at all times. Before I eat anything, I quickly read 3 of them. This is working pretty well when I remember :)

Commit In Writing

When I feel like eating standing up , I'm going to: Remind myself that if I want to lose weight, I must sit down when I'm putting food in my mouth. I will read a response card that states the above if necessary.

I'm going to remind myself to sit down when I eat by: not sure!

How have others completed this sentence? I know in the past I have been pretty aware when I'm about to put food in my mouth when I'm not sitting and I catch myself. It's usually more about making the decision not to do it, it's not too often that I do it completely unconsciously.

I also did some work in the workbook today. One of the things I needed to do after answering the questionnaire was look over my answers and write down a few important things I learned about myself.

My motivation needs to increase
I have very bad habits when it comes to food and eating
I need this program and I need to follow EVERY aspect of it and not make excuses as to why I don't need to follow certain parts of it

Today's To-Do List

X I read my Advantages at least twice ( I read them first thing this morning and I read 3 before eating each time today. I will read the whole list again before going to sleep.)

__ I read other Response Cards as needed (I'm not really in the habit of doing this. I didn't really feel I "needed" any today though, either. I think as I add more skills to my requirements, I will need them more.)

X I created a Response Card to encourage myself to sit while eating (I wonder if when I'm thinking that I don't have to sit down this time, will I stop and look at the Response Card??)

__ I created a reminder system so I'll remember to sit while eating (need suggestions for this one.)

X I sat down when I ate: most of the time

There were a handful of times today when I caught myself and stopped before putting anything in my mouth (that felt great!). There were also a couple of other times (once while making dinner and the other time while clearing dishes from the table) that I didn't catch myself until the food was in my mouth :( I'm very happy with my first day at this though!

Need to get some sleep.

02-22-2010, 05:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Got caught with a change of plans that meant I'd have to go until mid afternoon before I got home for lunch. Ouch. But, unfortunately, there were cookies and corn chips for those of us who didn't remember that we were supposed to brown bag a lunch to get through. The good news: I declared un-greasy, unsalted, corn chips to be food and ate a reasonable amount of them while avoiding all the platters of cookies and candies and other; CREDIT moi. The bad news: just when I'd had about enough and feeling a bit smug, the bowl of cashews appeared out of nowhere; despite all the good suggestions last time I found myself wallowing in tree nuts, I dove in again. A bit embarrassed here. Ouch. I now gotta remember to at least think about using strategies when nuts appear. Ouch again and Double Ouch as well. Glad for today's quote to remind me to move forward and not dwell on this but do need to acknowledge that I've got a hole in my head when nuts appear unexpectedly. (Interestingly, from a large bag of dry roasted almonds I counted out six to eat with my oatmeal that morning - no thinking involved, six were on my plan. And I like almonds more than cashews.)

maryblu - Waving. Will you kindly explain to me how a US hockey team can win a game against the Canadian finest? Good grief, I'd expect to see a warn winter day in Minnesota before seeing that.

onebyone - Yay for fighting the 4 No S's: "no snacks, no seconds, no sugar, no sedentariness." And Kudos for not letting the scale knock you off stride.

ChinaMaine - That half serving of "Tom Yum soup" in your fridge has got me drooling; sounds like good stuff. Interesting to discover out-houses at summer shacks so close to your multi-acre world. That's the kind of surprise that always happens to me when I visit Maine - like the time I stayed in a nice Inn and found a working switch board with those plugs that are pulled out and stuck in the right hole. By hand. By a human operator.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Sending supportive thoughts for your dad; hope he gets though this quickly. Yay for continuing to fight your way onto the path you want. We gotta get the message to Dr. Beck to update her book with neat strategies like an app for a Blackberry for the Advantages; good job with that.

Beverlyjoy - "Good idea!" to "to keep trying away from home" - sounds like you're having a great time and staying on track both.

CeeJay - Kudos for recognizing the set ups: "being away from home,and special occasions." Those are toughies all.

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for the pain of social injustice. Yay for being able to feel that pain - even though all feelings are capable of sending us the Sabotaging Thought that eating is the solution.

seadwaters - Ouch for life in crisis management. For me, the transition out of that mode is really tough. Sending you best vibes to work your way out.

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track

Yesterday, you learned about fooling yourself thoughts that tend to talk you into giving in to desires and cravings. Today, you'll learn how to respond to a specific fooling-yourself thought - the one that encourages you to abandon your diet for the whole day after you've eaten something you're not supposed to. Your thinking might go like this: I can't believe I let myself eat this! I've really blown it ... I might as well eat whatever I want for the rest of the day and start dieting tomorrow.

But there's no reason to wait. Have you really blown it completely? Of course not!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 166.

02-22-2010, 09:09 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (10 mins). I was tired yesterday and decided to take a rest day. I just walked Moose for 10 minutes.

We had a good day. I kept busy almost all day yesterday. It was a bunch of little things that kept me on my feet and walking around. Food was good too – I finished my Tom Yum soup along with a small slice of veggie pizza for lunch. Dinner was salmon with brown rice and greens.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- I posted here – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

Anne :hug: I hope you recover from the anesthesia soon.

CeeJay You’re right challenging situations are a reality in life. Would it make sense to tackle one challenge at a time? Come up with a plan for that kind of situation and then work on it. And once you are happy with how you are handling that kind of situation, then pick another one to work on?

one by one Sorry you are feeling achey – kudos for using it as a catalyst to move more. Kudos for a good food day!

midlifecrisis Your class sounds really interesting. Sending supportive thoughts to help you respond to your feelings without eating off-plan.

Kim (bennyhannamama) Sounds like you’ve done a lot of good work on getting yourself on track. Kudos!

Bill Wow – what a challenging food situation. Good luck remembering your plans to prevent you from wallowing in tree nuts the next time. Yes Maine abounds in surprising anachronisms.

02-22-2010, 01:08 PM
Oh for goodness sake, I've slipped back to BLUE. The worst level. What is my criteria, you ask? Well, two, I just decided: the first is, I ate 1/4 more than my plan: that is 125% of my plan. A no-no. In small increments that I could easily have stopped earlier, like at about 10% over, or 15% over. But I just kept going back in a kind of anethesized zombie thing. Don't have a clue what was triggering that. Maybe if I talk about it: fear of couples therapy starting tomorrow? Fear of snow and ice forecast for this week, more hassle parking in town for my regular rounds? What?
The second criteria: woke up with the covers thrown off and sweating. That's a sign I overate, always. (I'm too far past mp for it to be hot flashes). I'm happy for this, it was only 500 extra calories and I sweat, so that means I'm much more sensitive to overeating than before (which may have required 1000 extra calories or more, a binge!). I'm glad I'm getting more sensitive: a week of extra 500 a day is 3500 kcal, right? So, lets nip it in the bud. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE AND TAKING MY CONFESSION TO GET REAL!!!

ChinaMAine: Must know more about a creature named MOOSE. Love it. What is it that you walk with this name? I firmly believe walking companion animals gives us double kcal consumption. It's that powerful and doubly healthy.

BillBE: EXACT same strategy I used yesterday at the race relations meeting--I didn't know they were catering free lunch for us: tons of cookies and a plate of corn chips, and sandwiches and juice, and potato chips appeared. I had my lunch with me, but decided it was OK to eat corn chips since I needed to share something that we were all eating. Now I wish I hadn't since it contributed 200c to my over indulgence (which included another snack food I bought later and ate all by myself--oriental mix!....hmm. ). Cashew nuts and almonds, thank god, I can take in smaller quantities cuz I know how much fat there is in them. Had to pass on peanut butter at grocery yesterday--just too much of a good thing. I got some hummus for bread--quite a bit less in calories and fat than nut spreads. change of subject: I drink almond milk by the way...if you love almonds, have you tried it? Its part of my no-dairy routine and its great if you like the taste of almond or marzipan. change of subject: hadn't thought of the idea that eating is the solution, in my distorted thinking, to social injustice. Oh dear. You may have just nailed me on that one. I'll have to find a more productive way to fight back!!!!! Sweating in bed is not a very effective to do that--for sure. I just joined some UN groups that Scott Malcomson is on at Facebook. He is the author of ONE DROP OF BLOOD, my current read re: social injustice. Perhaps that is a better step than eating! Eating is a first response, not an effective response. No, wait, actually, they feed us lunch so that we will break bread together, the races, while talking about racism. At least institutional racism. AND one of the goals of the program is that we will invite each other to dinner in our private homes. SO FOOD IS PART OF THE ANSWER! It's just that it has to be shared, you can't hoard it for yourself alone in your house in the darkening winter evening. YOU HAVE TO INVITE PEOPLE OVER TO SHARE THEM. Gosh, that might explain why I went to the grocery store on the way home and stocked up on snack food. Thanks for that insight, BBE. Gosh, I checked in today full of shame, and now I feel like I learned something bigger than just not eating!!!! YAY BECK, and you, especially BBE!!!! BIG :hug:

BENNYHAHA: I think you are right about the reasons for your struggles. I think you've just got that success reassurance of meeting goals and "no what" and "is that all there is?" and "why do I have to struggle so hard just to maintain, its not fair" and "its not as much fun to diet when you aren't seeing progress anymore cuz you've met goal". I love your insight that you "need to hit rockbottom again to get motivated". Only that is not true. You ARE MOTIVATED, but you have alot of resistance that is normal and that your captors (the food industry who wants you hooked on their products) know how to manipulate. Remember, it doesn't profit you to overeat, just them. And they can afford the private cooks and personal coaches and ski trips and yacht cruises to deal with their excess weight problems: we don't, right? We have to exercise our wits and not get to extremes. Beck says over and over again that we don't have to go to rockbottom to turn around. Its a life style choice, that's all. You've already made it, you are committed, or you'd leave this forum behind. Come here for insights as you account, as you are doing, and you'll be where you need to be.
Change of subject: since you asked, here is my response card to Day3 task. Hope it gives you some inspiration somehow. Its powerful for me for some reason, though I can see that there is alot of private shorthand in it:
" Task 3 DAILY Dieting is much easier when I am always seated with my whole meal or snack set in front of me before my first bite, and when I clean up afterward. A. I remind myself to eat seating down by imagining myself in the meal setting first, at table, and banning eating in cars. On the road: fast foods are available in restaurants-- so go inside (no drive thru windows). Water and coffee/tea are the only drinks allowed in car. B. If on a trip: plan stops for the ritual of sit down eating! C. Prepare and sit because visual stimulation satisfies appetite. Visual presentation raises importance of the ritual, which lowers stress of eating=more digestive power. E. Full biochemical recognition of food intake takes 20 minutes."

tata for now ladies and gent. I feel so much better!!!!

02-22-2010, 02:04 PM
Quick check-in, which I didn't manage yesterday.

WI: +0.55kg, Exercise: +0, 1048/1400 minutes for February, Food: on, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

02-22-2010, 05:08 PM
"His biggest and best-known client, Mars, pays him $2 million a year. In return Boggs has for years made sure that every US serviceman and woman gets a Snickers bar or pack of M&Ms in his or her rations almost every day."

source: "Hired Guns: The City's 50 Top Lobbyists

Their weapons now are BlackBerries and cell phones. But connections, savvy, and fundraising clout are still the keys to the influence wielded by the city’s 50 top lobbyists.

By Kim Eisler Published Friday, June 01, 2007 <>

And you think you have it hard resisting the bins at the checkout counter!

02-22-2010, 10:16 PM
Hi beck folks/buddies/ coaches

Checking in from my sister's house. It's good to see her after her big back surgery two weeks ago. She's progressing well. I was just thinking...good greif - first my sister has surgery, then my mom soon and me after that. We are falling apart!!

Today on the plane I brought a peanut butter sandwich and an apple. Along comes the steward with breakfast of HOney nut cherrios, milk, muffin, banana. I passed - Major credit!!! Boy - that looked like more fun than pnb on wheat. ONce I did it, however, it felt good.

My sister's friend went to the store/restaurants yesterday and got about 12 different kinds of chinese food, cookies, ice cream for us to eat all week. Ugh - I thought I'd be doing the cooking and have 'control'. I did pretty well - but - I'll have to figure this out for the rest of the week. Maybe picking out the protein and supplementing with rice and fresh veggies. It was a nice gesture - just not the best for me. All in all I think I was still in my calories range - but, don't know for sure. Her friend also picked up some of the things that I asked for too - that was good!

I've been writing down my food, read my rc and arc, did my stetches and strengthening, no seconds, no eating standing and keeping track . I haven't been able to do much planning the last few days. I think I can do better with that now.

gardenjoy - 1400 minutes of exercise is awesome!

midlife - you are so right about 500 calories doens't undo everything if you can stop there. You've got alot of stressors ahead - you CAN do this.

chinamarie - your menu looks wonderful and so mnany credits are wonderful. Kudo's for feeling satisfaction and fullness =- that's major!

02-22-2010, 11:54 PM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. Did Zumba, credit. Had a doctor appt--my bad cholesterol is down, but so is my good cholesterol, which is related to exercise apparently. I've stopped walking at lunch, and my doctor thinks that could be the reason. I had plenty of sabotaging thoughts over the past few months that it didn't matter if I didn't walk, sigh. But the dr loved my blood pressure and the the overall cholesterol number. Well, I should go to bed. I'll check in again soon.

02-23-2010, 12:02 AM
Quick shout to all. I can barely keep up with reading your posts, let alone manage posting myself; I have been totally consumed with de-cluttering. Yes, I am serious as a heart attack.

BillBE, no idea how USA pulled off the hockey trick, but we're laffin' now, ay? Sorry CeeJay and onebyone. :hug::hug:

02-23-2010, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had a working lunch. Big green salad with sliced chicken breast was available, which I ate; CREDIT moi. Ignored cookies, sandwiches, and full HFCS sodas. Short walk; short CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Good grief; MONSTER Kudos for "totally consumed with de-cluttering."

ChinaMaine - Waving back to Moose who hasn't been visible of late. Still drooling over Tom Yum soup.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Congrats on "blood pressure and the the overall cholesterol number" - Yay for Zumba.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for being surrounded by "12 different kinds of chinese food, cookies, ice cream" - good luck staying the course.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Waving back. Yep, some days are just days.

midlifecrisis57 - Interesting stuff about your race relations meeting. Reminds me that sometimes breaking bread is more important than following today's plan. Yes, I've tried almond milk. I like it but don't have a reason to switch from cow milk. (I'm unmoved by the statement that Homo sapiens is the only species that consumes another species breast milk.)

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track

What did you eat? An extra hamburger? A doughnut? A slice of pie? Let's say you ate some food that contained 500 calories. To gain 1 pound, you have to eat in the neighborhood of 3500 extra calories - seven times what you ate. An extra 500 calories is not going to noticeably affect your weight. So you've eaten 500 extra calories - so what? Does it make mor sense to stop now or to keep eating? There's no reason to keep eating and take in an extra 100, 200, 300, or even 3,000 calories.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 166.

02-23-2010, 06:54 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise). I was busy at work and didn’t make the time to do the exercise in my plan. I need to make the time…

It was a good day for food though. It was such a busy day at work, I didn’t eat lunch until 2 PM. But that meant I wasn’t hungry for a snack :). DH made a delicious dish for dinner – Cornish Game Hen, coated with curry and mango chutney, and fruit that cooked in the juices at the bottom of roasting pan. Yum!!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – except for dinner, I ate that delicious game hen until, but not past, fullness. ;) partial credit
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- I posted here – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope

midlifecrisis Ouch for just kept going back in a kind of anethesized zombie thing, but kudos for stopping and turning a new page. Moose is my mutt of a dog. He is a goofy pointer-border collie mix. I wish Moose enjoyed walking as much as I do though…

gardenerjoy credit that food was on-plan.

Beverlyjoy Kudos for planning ahead for the plane! Ouch for having off-plan foods in the house for the week. Bravo for so many credits while away from home.

Nuxmaga Credit for zumba and lower overall cholesterol numbers. Interesting about the connection between good cholesterol and exercise.

Maryblu Kudos for decluttering!

Bill Kudos for having a healthy salad for lunch!

02-23-2010, 12:21 PM
We ordered a new big truck that's going to make some of our landscaping plans for the next few years possible. And I didn't overeat in all the uncertainty and excitement that surrounds that sort of thing. Credit!

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +50, 1098/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: glad that you are enjoying your visits. Yay for eating your own food on the plane! Sounds like you are doing well even with unexpected challenges.

Nuxmaga: Yay for a mostly good doctor's appointment.

maryblu: Go you with the decluttering!

BillBlueEyes: Good job on making the best choice at a working lunch. Love the short credit for a short walk.

ChinaMaine: That Cornish Game Hen sounds delicious! That's a change we've made over the years -- we used to each eat one. Then, we split one. Now, we usually have leftovers. Of course, I think the hens that they sell have increased in size in that time, too.

02-23-2010, 02:15 PM
Hi Beck folks - I was writing the personals last night when the computer died so I didn't get to everyone. Frustrating. It was a faulty wire.

I made it through the rest of the day - taking thoughtful amounts of healthiest food. Now that I know what's here I think I can manage. I've decided to continue doing the exchange plan - I think it will work best.

This morning I ready my arc and rc and made a new one.

Billiebe- salad, chicken and no cookies is a huge a credit. I saw an eagle Sunday sitting on top of a tree next to the Ohio Turnpike - so regal!

gardenjoy - I can relate to thinking eating in regards to something exciting happen. Good for you. Enjoy that new truck!

chinamarie - Good for you - getting through to a late lunch. Such a yummy supper too.

maryblu - HI...and carry on with the decluttering.

nuxmaga - so glad the doctor was pleased.

Have a great day.

02-23-2010, 02:22 PM
I am back home! Dh has a conference for the next few days, and then we have shearing at the end of this week, so someone else is watching the heifers. I will be helping out during the days, but no night shifts for this week. I thought that I would have a long leisurely afternoon yesterday. I was looking forward to getting a run in—I haven’t gone in almost a week since we got a fairly large snow storm. Then I thought I would have time to clean my house, wash my dogs and try out a new recipe. But life had other plans. So after a hectic day, we finally made it back to a very cold house. The furnace stopped sometime overnight or early morning. So after much cursing, my husband got the basement furnace running, but couldn’t get the upstairs heater working—the one that actually circulates the warm air through the house. He had get on the road. He was already getting a much later start than he wanted to and was looking at a long drive on icy roads. So to make a long story longer, my house is not clean, my dogs are not washed and I put a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. Oh well, it wasn’t the healthy new dish I was going to try, but calorie-wise it was just fine. On the bright side, I did resist stress eating and food-will-fix-cold eating. The dogs and I spent a chilly night huddled around a space heater.

DH gave me a lecture before he left about calling for help. Apparently I try to tough things out because I hate asking for help. So I promised to call the heater repair place in the morning. But I tried messing with it before the place opened this morning, and eventually I got it to work. This poor heater—we keep saying, “Just one more winter and we’ll get a new one.”

So today is a new day. . .

FutureFitChick, hope your life has settled down and you have caught up on your sleep. Great job continuing your good behaviors while life is hectic.

Midlifecrisis57, I like the idea of being in the company of Olympic athletes. Many of us mistakenly assume that lots of exercise gives us a free pass to eat whatever we want, but elite athletes are a good reminder that the best reward for all that exercise is healthy eating. Ouch for the overeating, but good job catching it quickly and getting back on track. I loved the story about the kid. Yes, it’s amazing how quickly animals like lambs, kids and calves stand and then suck after they are born. Seeing the baby’s born makes the winter worth it.

Seadwaters, great job staying mostly on plan while your life is hectic. It’s especially hard when your schedule has a drastic change, you’re away from home and under a lot of stress. I’m impressed that you’ve given up fast food sandwiches. Keep up the good work.

BillBE, glad to hear you are slowly, but surely returning to the land of the healthy. My dh would be so happy to hear that your dw makes lamb stew. Not many Americans cook with lamb anymore—my dh could give you a whole history about it. Ouch for the cashew incident, but good job getting back on plan—now the corn chips would get me.

ChinaMaine, yay for getting back into the game! So glad to hear that you and your family are beginning to heal after your MIL’s passing. Huge credit for a successful Pad Thai meal that keeps on giving. I’ll have to remember that next time I’m having trouble stopping at a restaurant—If I stop now, I’ll have more for later.

Beverlyjoy, huge credit for eating so well on the road. Glad to hear your sister is on the mend. Good luck dealing with the house full of well-intended, but unhelpful food. You’re doing great and will find some good strategies.

Gardenerjoy, man do I hear you on “resisting making a plan because no plan somehow means I get to overeat!” Good job overcoming those irrational thoughts. Ouch for your dh’s root canal! Great job avoiding eating because of excitement/uncertainty.

Onebyone, great story about the negative student in your class. Sounds like you dealt with the situation really well—you’re a good teacher. Ouch for the aches, but good job recognizing your body’s need to move.

Spacecadet, great to hear from you again. Congrats on 18 lbs down, and good luck with 2 more! Sounds like Beck and your class are really working for you.

Wndranne, ouch for the post-surgery misery. Sending you comforting and healing wishes.

CeeJay, ouch for a shaky week and weekend. I know what you mean about doing well at home, but when faced with food, well, it makes life difficult. The good news is that we can get a little better a bit at a time. You have already made some successful trips, so you can build on those successes. Good luck with another trip.

Bennyhannamamma, so sorry to hear about your dad, but glad he is doing better. Great job doing some soul-searching and coming up with a plan to combat all the saboteurs!

Nuxmaga, congrats on a good bp and good cholesterol overall. That lower good-cholesterol number may have been a blessing in disguise. Sometimes the best defense against sabotaging thoughts is good, hard proof that they are wrong.

Maryblu, waving. I’m so impressed that you’re serious about decluttering. I looked over that thread and know it would be good for me. . .but maybe later (yes that was my old diet excuse).

02-23-2010, 05:45 PM
Humbled to my knees today, though I'm back to yellow because last night I did something unusual: I shuffled into the kitchen in the dark at 11pm and rooted around in the drawer for some tortilla chips, tried to figure out 50 calories worth, and then caught myself and put them back with a sigh. I'm so proud for that, I went to yellow today and was out most of the day so kept out of trouble! Sort of. Anyway, I think I forgot my meds yesterday because I had nightmares last night that brought me to the floor in anxiety. I thought I was losing my mind/had the flu. I took meds and started reading a book about religious fasting and have been reminding myself that dieting can be not just to get thin, or to pack the most taste into as few calories as possible, a gourmand dieter, but simply a way to find peace of mind in simplicity. Less is more. Fewer items in the salad can be more satisfying. Fewer courses in the meal, more gratitude. Funny how we can go to either extreme (gourmand dieting or austerity/spiritual fasting) or be somewhere in the middle.

BevJoy: I love your acknowledgment of opportunities to eat not taken. Sounds like your friend had thought comfort foods would help-- I know I always do--but that you know for you, comfort foods are really discomfort foods.

Nuxie: Love to hear those biostatistics improve! Lastest health news in google reader yesterday was correlation of dementia with high blood pressure. Now that's a reason to try to keep the BP stat down!

BilleBE: sounds like your working lunch was a success! I love it when I observe other people exercising restraint at the buffet table.

ChinaMaine: Cool Moose! Does he point when you walk him? We get them at the shelter (abandoned by hunters, I was told), and they stop all the time, but they are pointing. I love it. And collies--what a sweet sweet breed.

Shepardess: neat story about how you messed with the heater and got it going. I wish husbands, sometimes, would respect that we have our own way of getting things fixed, and its not always the sequence they would use. We're working on that at my house! He seems to think his priorities should always precede mine, but I think its better if he lets me tackle a task my way, and he can tackle it his way. We each get there eventually! But we are each entitled to feel our own empowerment and our own priorities. ;)

02-23-2010, 09:43 PM
Hi all! I have been off the Beck radar and wayyyy off plan. I really have to figure out how not to put my own needs on the back burner--- or, in this case-- behind the stove somewhere. I have been so busy taking care of everyone else, I made no time for myself. No excuse, really, just a very bad habit. I have been looking at joining a YMCA so I can take my kids in for child care while I exercise. I have a lot of guilt about that since I am a stay at home, I feel like I should be staying at home with my kids, not letting someone else care for them. Oddly enough, if another SAHM was to say this, I would think they were being ridiculous. I really don't think 5 or so hours a week is going to ruin them. Sigh. I am such a nutball. So... I need to buckle back down, wipe the dust off of my book and get to planning!

02-23-2010, 10:42 PM
I did well with this one.

Commit in Writing
To remember to give myself credit consistently, I'm going to: Put multiple reminders in my phone that say "credit". These will be set to go off throughout each day.

Today's To-Do List

x Read my advantages at least twice today (I read the full list first thing in the morning and before I went to bed. I also read 3 advantages before I ate most of the day.)

_ Read other Response Cards as needed (I'm still not doing this and not really sure if that's a problem yet. If I remember correctly, once I reach week 2 and begin my diet, it is then recommended to read these routinely, not just when needed.)

x I created a reminder system for giving myself credit (Set the alarm in my phone to go off 7x per day with the word "Credit")

x I sat down to eat: every time (Unless there's a time I'm forgetting, I really think I did this EVERY time I ate- woo hoo!)

x I gave myself credit for sitting down to eat: some of the time

02-24-2010, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Didn't think of taking my cough syrup this morning - now that's a good sign that it's on its way out. Eating on-plan; CREDIT moi. Exercise minimal - time to quit being an invalid and get back in that saddle.

ChinaMaine - Good grief, we've become the food porn thread, "Cornish Game Hen, coated with curry and mango chutney, and fruit that cooked in the juices at the bottom of roasting pan. Yum!!" Good luck with your quest to make time.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for the phone call reminder to give yourself credit; that's a new one. We just gotta get Beck to update her book.

KidsLibraryLady - Yep, right back on the horse. It's a tough one to attend to personal needs when consumed as a caregiver and SAHM. Give yourself credit for fighting a tough one.

Shepherdess - Now I'm impressed - fixing the basement heating system with her bare hands in the dawn before the deadline to call the repair guy. Just Wow. Kudos for avoiding "stress eating and food-will-fix-cold eating."

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for losing personals - I hate that. Kudos for finding healthy foods on your travels.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for a big truck; Yay for BIG toys, LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for turning down the midnight corn chips even after calculating their calories; you've got something working your plan deep inside the conscious brain.

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

Acknowledge your initial slip. Tell yourself, Okay, I shouldn't have eaten that ... I made a mistake ... This one mistake is certainly not going to make me gain weight this week.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 166.

02-24-2010, 08:52 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read only 2 of my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

Work is very busy again, and I’m having trouble breaking away to exercise. I wake up and start working, and quit just before dinner. We are trying to make things more reasonable by brining on 3 new resources. But getting them to the point where they can do productive work is time-consuming. Plus I’m doing all of the work I normally would do now. It’s worth it, but time-consuming.

Food was great until after dinner, so credit! We have been making an effort to go out more lately, so we went out for a belated Valentine’s dinner last night. I had Vietnamese Seafood Stew (yum!) but I inhaled a small bowl of rice pudding when I got home. Then I found an old bag of potato chips and had a serving of those. I ended up 150 calories above my daily max. DH and I have agreed not to buy any more, and I need to get rid of the rest of the chips.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Read the pink book – nope
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – nope, I at those chips just because I wanted them
- Used resistance techniques – see above
- Spontaneous exercise - nope

gardenerjoy Credit eating on-plan in the face of uncertainty and excitement!

Beverlyjoy Yay that the exchange plan will work for you!

shepherdess Ouch for the furnace. Last winter we had a bad cold snap, about 10 days where it was up to 30 degrees below zero at night, and never made it out of single digits during the day. My DH was in South Dakota helping his Mom and I was home alone with a malfunctioning boiler. I spent several nights heating the house with a fire in the fireplace and space heaters *everywhere*. So I feel your pain… I’m glad you got it working. Kudos for not overeating in the face of that!

midlifecrisis :bravo: for putting the chips back. I needed you to be the angel on my shoulder last night! Our dogs have been from the pound too. Moose doesn’t live up to his lineage very well. He doesn’t point and he is very lazy. But he is sweet, cuddly, and has the most expressive face I’ve seen in a dog. So we’ll keep him. :)

KidsLibraryLady Welcome back! I think many of us have a hard time putting ourselves first. But it is necessary for our own health and happiness. And that is good for those around us. Good luck dusting off the book!

Kim (bennyhannamama) Credit for a great day!

Bill Let’s both make a pact to exercise today!

seadwaters :wave:

02-24-2010, 10:51 AM
I got in a run yesterday; my house is cleaner; I’m chipping away at a mountain of laundry; and I made something fun, new and healthy for dinner last night. So all in all it was a good day, although the dogs still desperately need a bath. Yay for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Today is a big day of doing prep cooking for shearing on Fri and Sat. Usually at shearing, someone picks up some KFC or pizza or something else greasy, and my SIL, MIL and I bake some goodies. But my SIL (a careful eater) and I made a change of plan. We were both on the same wavelength and decided that we were going to have some healthier food for everyone, and we’re still going to have the goodies.

Yesterday, I was at a local feed store picking up some sheep paint for shearing, and I saw that they had their seeds in. I’ve been getting the gardening itch, so I bought my seeds. I’ve also ordered some gardening supplies—deer and rabbit repellants, some seed starting supplies, etc. I can’t wait to get out to my garden that, right now, is covered in snow, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Midlifecrisis57, great job putting down the tortilla chips! It’s never easy to stop the train once it’s left the station. Ouch for anxiety and the flu. Hope you are feeling better soon.

KidsLibraryLady, it’s hard for caretakers (both by personality and occupation) to take care of themselves. One way you can think about it is that you are being a good mom by getting to the gym and taking time for dieting. You’re setting a good example to your kids. Also, if there are other kids in the daycare, it might be a very good social time for your kids. This time is important!

Bennyhannamamma, congrats on a good day! I love the idea of putting reminders on your phone to give yourself credit. It’s funny how hard the credit thing is for so many of us.

BillBE, yay for not thinking of the cough syrup! So glad you are feeling better, little by little. Kudos for easing back into exercise. Many regular exercisers try to jump right back in where they left off after they’ve been sidelined, but you’re right to slowly get back in the game.

ChinaMaine, ouch for long working hours, but hopefully your three new resources will ease your workload soon! Ouch for post-dinner unplanned eating—maybe due to workload stress? But good job making the decision to keep the offenders out of the house.

02-24-2010, 01:29 PM
Hi beck buddies/coaches - I don't know how I am managing this - but, I am doing OK away from home. I don't know where the willingness to try is coming from. I do think that writing my food down and committing to do all the Beck 'stuff' is helping. My sister ended up having a wonderful array of healthy things too to eat- and somehow I am not eating the plethera of goodies that are everywhere. Our cousins come to visit yesterday and I made tea and put out cookies from the bakery. I told myself I could have one of those cookies tomorrow and plan for it. I just can't beleive I could do this. So I guess, for today, Beck is helping and working. I can't say about tomorrow- but, I thankfully don't have to worry about then. My new motto - plan ahead for the future - but, take it one day at a time.

credit- writing down food, keeping track of food exchanges, reading Beck, lots of water, giving credit, eat seated only, arc/no choice, rc, dealing with craving, getting past hunger, ate slowly some of the time.

no spontaneous exercise, I still can't feel fullness (I think that part of me is broken)

shepardess - wonderful planning ahead with your family to have healthy food at the shearing. Glad you are getting sleep!

bennyhannamama - I created a reminder system for giving myself credit (Set the alarm in my phone to go off 7x per day with the word "Credit") What a great idea!!!

chinamarie - many good credits and kudo's for you and dh vowing to rid the house of tempting goodies. Huge credit. Being over 150 calories is really not too bad. That's good!

billiebe - no cough syrup...yay - this means you're getting better. Tha'ts wonderful. Kudos for staying on your food plan.

kidslibrarylady - so glad to see you again. It is so easy to put everyone and everything in front of ourself. Yet - often we should put ourselves first. Tricky. The good thing about the Beck plan - one can go forward with it at any time.

02-24-2010, 01:42 PM
A good Beck day yesterday. Today's challenge may be a lunch out on DH's whim, but I've got my plans for that!

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +60, 1158/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: glad your managing with unexpected food choices. An exchange plan is essentially what I do most of the time and seems to work particularly well when I'm having to guestimate things. It helps me keep my eating under control even when I have less than perfect information to work with.

Shepherdess: good job coping with a lot of unexpected and rushed events. I'm so glad that the end of the story was that you got the heater running! Life is much easier to cope with when you are warm enough. Yay for catching up on things and feeling good about it. I'm so impressed that you and your SIL are making a change to a long-standing tradition of unhealthy eating. What is sheep paint? Yay for seeds! I'm going to place an order later this week.

midlifecrisis57: Yay for putting back chips after you already had them served! That is a huge accomplishment and a big step toward thinking thin. Hope you got a good night sleep after the nightmare-ridden previous night.

KidsLibraryLady: good to see you back here! The Y with child care sounds like a great idea. It will give your kids a chance to gain some new experiences with accompanying new skills.

bennyhannahmama: you are inspiring me! I started this program with the green book, using a copy from the library. But seeing how this can work when you really work with the pink book, I'm going to buy that book and the workbook and take a more systematic approach.

BillBlueEyes: Glad you are seeing such an improvement!

ChinaMaine: hope you get in some exercise today! Good job on the restaurant eating. Could you just throw the rest of the chips away? That can be a liberating action that makes a powerful statement that this is no longer the way I eat.

02-24-2010, 04:29 PM
Good morning coaches

ChinaMaine - thank you for thinking of me with that little waving icon. I was reading how everyone was going thinking that I was too rushed to check in and there it was. And here I am checking in. Will check in again tonight with personals and report back to coaches

I have a similar problem of not being able to take time in work for me. I am planning really well for the days I am down in Sydney so that it is easy to stay on plan even though I am busy - because it is all the food I have! But last night I sabotaged myself. I was coming back to my home after a really busy 4 days (start of semester and worked on Sunday) and hadn't planned ANYTHING for dinner - so I got fish and chips!I didn't even let myself talk myself out of it - too tired and all the other options required effort. Hopefully this weekend there is more time to plan better. Fortunately I noticed I was full half way through the F&C and stopped eating so some credit for that. I must be getting better physically because I found myself halfway up a flight of stairs without realising it - then thought how will I get the rest of the way! Soon I will approach stairs and hills with less dread.

Weigh in this morning - down .5kg

Credits: :flow1:
Read my cards - intermittently

Read my Beck book - no

Checked in - today!

Measured my food - YES

Ate on plan - until last night

Ate mindfully most of the time - yes - this is getting better

Ate sitting down - yes

Weighed myself - not daily - no scale

Exercised - Only at physical therapy

Made opportunities for incidental exercise - yes

Gave credit for positive behaviours - Yes

Made a food plan - not for the rest of this week - MUST

Made a schedule for today- doing so now
Not so good: :nono:
Not taking the time to work the program - will check in again tonight
Working on: :running:

Making time

02-24-2010, 06:38 PM
Hi there. I am back after a long time away. I had some difficulty posting a post about 35 min ago. I am just trying again.

02-24-2010, 06:46 PM
Hi again. I am working through some of the recipes in the back of the Complete Beck book. The soya cheese, toasted almonds, and raisins snack is very satifying for me. Yesterday I cooked the Sweet Pork and Apples with Broccoli (I may modify the cooking technique of the meat the next time I cook it...I think that I will sear it in a well seasoned cast iron skillet and then cook in a higher temp oven). Today I had the colourful pasta salad (easy and good). I also have made the Cabbage and Snow Pea was ok. I made the cinnamon Oat Muffins and they tasted great, have interesting ingredients, but they were not totally satisfying for breakfast for me---not to worry, I have 16 of them to use up and form clear opinions on (assuming that they last me for 16 days etc etc).

Please, give me your suggestions and favourites with regards to the recipes in the back of the book.

I need to get off of this crazy see saw that I am on with regards to my eating. It often rules my mood, my interactions with people etc etc.

My most important Advantage Card reads - I will have a sparkle and I am powerful when I sparkle.

02-24-2010, 11:15 PM

This was one of those tasks in the past that I struggled with... but it was also a task that I tried doing right from the beginning along with a whole bunch of others at once. This is the first time I have followed the program day by day. My confidence is building each day and it feels terrific! Feeling good is very scary for me, so I need to keep an eye on it and watch for my "saboteur" :devil: I know right now I have a lot of enthusiasm and it won't always be like this. Today I ate everything slowly and mindfully and I noticed that it was definitely more satisfying. I put my utensils down a lot and tried to make sure that I didn't take another bite of food until I had swallowed everything that was in my mouth.
One thing I feel like I'm not doing "right" is eating in the car. I usually only do this on the days I work (which is 2-3x per week) for breakfast (usually a protein bar) and snack on the way home (piece of fruit and cheese slice).
I *could* wake up earlier and eat breakfast at home, but I'm usually so anxious to get myself and the kids out the door and don't really feel relaxed until I'm in the car. I can't imagine being able to take my time eating breakfast because I just wouldn't be able to relax.
Pretty much the same thing in the reverse at the end of the day, I like to save my snack until the ride home (it's about a 30 minute ride) so I can get my work done and get out of there. So, I hope I'm not fooling myself with this, but I do work carefully to make sure I'm eating slowly and mindfully, even when I'm in the car.

Commit in Writing

When I feel like eating quickly, I'm going to: Read my Response Cards...

Do It Anyway- Even if I don't fell like using a diet skill, I have to do it anyway. If I do only what I feel like doing, I won't be able to lose weight and keep it off. and Eat Mindfully- I need to eat slowly and mindfully while sitting down-- EVERY SINGLE TIME.

To remind myself to eat slowly, I'm going to: ?? I eat in different places all the time (at my desk at work, in lunchroom at work, in family room or kitchen at home so I can't see "placing" something at my place setting to remind me.) What do other people do for this one? Today I've had no problem remembering, but I'm sure I will in the future.

Today's To-Do List

X Read my Advantages (Full list in the morning and throughout day before I ate. Last night I stayed at my boyfriend's house and after already being in bed for awhile, I realized that I hadn't read my list. I didn't want to wake him and go get my list, so instead, I tried to remember as many as I could from my list. I got 21 out of 31 :carrot: It was kind of a fun little game and I thought it was great that I came up with a creative way to deal with it. I've also relied on my memory a few times before eating because it was too inconvenient to look at my phone or my Advantages Deck. Either way, it's becoming a habit which is making me very happy!)

_ I read other Response Cards as needed (Didn't feel the need)

X I ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every single bite: All the time!

X I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful dieting behaviors. (I know I did, because each time my alarm for "credit" on my phone went off today, I had already given myself credit for something since the last time I had eaten!)

Thanks for your response. I really appreciate you pointing out that I am motivated- just meeting a lot of resistance! And I also like the point that I wouldn't keep coming back here (no matter how sporadically, etc.) if I wasn't motivated! In the past few days I really feel like I'm starting to unearth that motivation :) Thank you also for taking the time to let me know how you remind yourself to sit while eating-- that was definitely helpful! BTW, so impressed with you stopping yourself with the chips-- go you!

:wave: Hi friend! It's starting to come back to me. I continue to think about what you said about not overthinking things, just follow the program-- thank you so much for that wonderful advice!

Wow, I can't believe I'm inspiring someone, thank you, that's great to hear. I've been struggling for awhile, but do feel like things are finally starting to click. I originally started with the pink book (never followed through completely) and then switched to the green book. I thought the green book make more sense intuitively, because I couldn't imagine incorporating all of those skills into my life so quickly-- a new one each day. I'm not sure why I didn't let the part about taking it at my own pace apply to me. When I recently tried following the green book, I felt overwhelmed trying to follow so many new skills at once. It felt like I was juggling and every time I got one ball up in the air, another would fall. This is working well for me right now (and the workbook is just extra reinforcement) and I fully plan on taking the time I need to feel comfortable with each new skill. I'd love to hear how things are going for you and wish you luck with all of it!

02-25-2010, 12:33 AM
Hello Coaches

I picked up a funny little bug this week: earache + sore throat + hair hurts.
yep. My hair hurts and sometimes I get a headache. This hair hurting thing, I had that even as a kid. I think my electrical system is weird but not weird enough to be big trouble, only weird enough to catch my attention sometimes. Like this week.

Anyway I have been more full than empty this week and so the scale is showing no loss. I am a steady 264.6. I guess it's reflecting the steadiness of the household as DH is finally getting into a new groove with his new job and I am finding my way with that. Soon we'll start gathering the documents to try to file for an Ancestry Work Visa with the British government. DH seems to think that if we, or rather if he, had this piece of paper we'd be heading over there ASAP. I know his company is also working on the work visa for him but this way may be faster. This is also the only way for me to be able to work.

In spite of the uncertainty I have sent out an application for a summer art show here and am moving forward with organizing the art show we did last summer here. I will continue to make my plans as if nothing were happening. It's really hard to do this though. Really hard. Like tonight my beginning students asked me if I was teaching again. I know they'd take my class again but I had to say "if I do it'll be in the fall" and leave it at that. I don't even know if I'll be here in the fall.

Foodwise I'm calming down and each day is an improvement on the one before. Oh! BIG CREDIT coaches! We went to the movies yesterday and I brought my own microwave popcorn with me in m large bag and I tucked away a bottle of water too. So I planned for the food and avoided the theatre popcorn and pop that I got the week before. It was completely satisfying too.

SO: no seconds, no sugar, no sedantariness and I did have a snack of a pear at my class tonight but it was okay and planned today.

Talk to you tomorrow.

02-25-2010, 01:27 AM
Just got back from first Couples Therapy meeting and then the Met's HD broadcast of Simone BoccaNegra at the Cinemark. Wow! What a day! "Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us" "peace" those are the lessons of this GREEN day. I'm getting the hang of things again...of living more richly and fully in my own home (like at do at campus in the summer). I'm doing more yoga for strength and lengthening and lightening the load off axial skeleton---what a great deterrent to hunger. And 3 Eric Franklin somata-imagery books came in the mail today. I'm in heaven!

KidsLibLady: What's a SAHM? And you definitely need to have someone look after your kids for at least 4 hours each week so you can pursue your own interests! My doctor ordered it when my kids were youngsters. I had a neighbor child come over and mother's help: I was home but I took a nap or read a book: 2 hours, 2x week. Sanity! I think every Mom should consider it a duty to have someone look after the kids while Mom exercises or does something to recharge her batteries. It's CRUCIAL! And it gives the kids a break from their Moms, too, which is also good for them!

Benny: You go girl! sounds great! I love how appreciate suggestions from others, and how you reflect on things. I think you have good reasons for eating in the car, if I had your schedule I might too, as it is also time alone!!! I just wonder if you can honor the meal properly while you juggle your food with traffic. I wonder if you can't somehow figure out how to eat with your kids in the morning and start them out feeling relaxed, nurtured, and loved. But I remember how hard that is to do, my kids are long since gone off to boarding school and college. Maybe just one day a week, or even a month, you could try practicing a family breakfast on a weekday, just to see what it would take on everyone's part (Have the kids set out breakfast for YOU?).... ideal world, right? Eating alone is still a wonderful experience. I guess if you have no other distractions like the radio or music on: you could practice mindful eating in the car, no? I ALWAYS want music while I drive, and then I can't stay focussed on eating. 'Sides--it makes me desire more more more. And I had to give up bars of food. Couldn't eat just one! But that's me. Not you!

BillBE: thanks! I like that! Deep in the brain! Go amygdala!

China: where did you get that cool bravo signage? Awesome! I'll be your angel, anytime! And Moose's expressive face--did you say he has a bit of pitbull in him? They have the most expressive faces--foreheads-for-eyebrows I've ever seen in a dog's face. LOVE THEM TO DEATH and they are lazy when they are sittin' around! Love them...and cuddly to boot! if only they wouldn't eat my boots!

Shep: Thanks for the kudos: I love the train analogy. Yes, it was a crucial moment of not lifting food to my lips! And it made today much easier!

Bevjoy: Nice work on your plan and contingencies! Great!

Gardenerjoy: Thanks for your support! Yeah, the bad dreams were actually a brainfever--I didn't mention it to my hubster, but he had the same symptoms 24 hours later. We think it was a flu. Very strange brain waves with that one!

Seadwaters: you are making great efforts! Kudos! Your head is in the right place to work the Beck!

Hikergirl: Welcome back! May I suggest that you try just two ingredients or three ingredients and only 1 or 2 courses to a meal when the going gets rough. I've found that simpler is better. Gradually get your creative cooking going, but it can be seductive in itself to go for "the best" recipes too soon. They make good interrim rewards though! Check out Marais salad: I just had one at a french restaurant (dressing on the side, and I didn't have any). Yum light! (5 ingredients though-fairly complex).

Onebyone: Good preparations for taking care of yourself at the movies et al! And I think you are right to make no change in plans if you haven't announced your move. Good thinking. As a fellow instructor, it is best to hold off news of moving until you are just about ready to go. It just starts rumors and changes in plans. Give 4 weeks notice--that's enough!
Funny you mentioned the movies, though. I started into my theater for the opera with a Starbucks cup of coffee and they wouldn't let me take it in! So I lingered in the lobby trying to finish it, but couldn't. And I didn't want to sneak it in my bag, as my companion suggested. So my companion offered to take it through the gate under her hat. I let her. THen the usherperson followed us all the way to theater 18 to see if I had the cup!!! The nerve! I managed to finish it and throw away the cup without getting caught. It was more fun than not, though, to sneak the food in after the manager knew I had it. I had a baguette in my purse the whole time too. (they didn't allow any food or drink that wasn't purchased at their concession). Ah, the sweetness of food sneaking, even though its legit Beck food!!!!!

02-25-2010, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Work work work. But I'm not eating about it; CREDIT moi. I saw someone getting exercise yesterday. Close as I got. CREDIT moi for thinking about it - Ouch.

onebyone - Seems like it might be nice to have a touch of steadiness in a phase of change in your life. Kudos for bringing your own popcorn. Now it's my understanding that it violates the theater rules to bring in your own food and drink; might even be against the law. Maybe a felony with prison time - which would be inconvenient to your current schedule. Just thinking, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Amazing, you found a bag of potato chips and only had a serving - I'm impressed; Kudos. As one of your diet coaches, my role is to tell you to work less and exercise more, but can't bring myself to do that right not for some reason.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for "it's becoming a habit" - it's the dream that all these strategies get there.

Shepherdess - Yay for conspiring with your SIL to introduce healthy food. Do sheep mind getting sheared? Do they mind getting spray painted before hand? Your world is a bit different from life here in our little East Coast conclave.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, Kudos for telling yourself you can have a cookie tomorrow; I need to remember to use that strategy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sixty minutes of exercise; I'm jealous.

midlifecrisis57 - I am so jealous that you went to that broadcast Verdi opera - was it good? Did the audience applaud at appropriate times? Were there Texaco ads between arias? Yay for 3 books in the mail; what could be better?

seadwaters - Yay for taking half a flight of stairs until you realized it; neat progress. Do folks in Sydney put vinegar on fish and chips?

Susan (hikergirl) - Neat that you're trying, and modifying, the recipes in the green Beck book. You could start a thread here in the Beck forum with your recipe comments - others who are interested might respond there. Yep, I've had the site reject some attempts to post; I've very consistent lately copying my post to notepad before hitting [Submit Reply].

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

. . .
Recommit yourself to your diet. Read this chapter again, as well as other parts of the book or relevant Response Cards.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 166.

02-25-2010, 11:06 AM
Hi Coaches

Caesar, my cat who came to me via my mom when she moved to the retirement residence in September, was relentless last night. He wanted food. NOW. He jumped up, started biting my fingers (always a sign) and then proceeded to bat around anything that wasn't nailed down. It was 3:45am. I got up and fed him. At 5:45am he was back and then at 7:00am which coincided with a call from my Florida sister who is coming up next week to close the sale of my mother's house-which is good family news.

Why go on about this? Well I am home and not at school in printmaking. I think I am heading back to bed for the day. This stupid vague bug is toying with me the way Caesar toyed with the empty Smarties Hallowe'en-sized box, no doubt from deep underneath the bed when I was eating that stuff.

I just need to take care of myself today and to be ready for my pet portrait class tonight. I really hope they're not frustrated again. Oh well, suck it up Buttercup. You're the teacher. You can't show your frustration there and so I present it to you dear Beck readers.*frustration* <--voila!

Oh well. I think I'm tired and should go back to bed. I think that's the best thing I can do right now.

PS. Caesar is sleeping like a baby.

02-25-2010, 11:17 AM
Hi coaches and buddies - I am having a pity party here and sabatoging thoughts - I am living in a house of goodies and I can't have my fill. I know it's temporary - but, I am in the "It's not fair" mode now. I will read my arc/rc cards and look at the long term picture.

I really need to think about Dr. Beck's son who, for six years, ate mostly fats to control an illness. I must use him as an example and say "Oh well" - even though I don't want to.

Yesterday I stayed on my plan - I am grateful. I read my arc/rc/beck book, logged my food, did my exercises, ate slowly, tasted my food alot of the time, had no seconds, ate seated.

no spontaneous exercise, can't yet figure out the fullness part.

onebyone - sorry you are coming down with something. Seems like so many folks have gotten sick this year. Sorry your cat kept you up so often - would he eat some dry food if you put that out at night? Take care now. KUDO"s for bringing your own popcorn to the movies.

midlife - living richly and doing yoga are wonderful ways of living. Good for you.

billiebe - I am going to eat my cookie today - hope it will take me out of my deprived mode. This food 'game' is sometimes a bit crazy.
Good for you not eating off your plan when you are so, so busy with work.

bennyhannamama- you are moving forward in your Beck tasks so well and with alot of thought - major credit. Carry on!

gardenjoy - it's a great credit to have your plan ready for going out to eat even though it's dh's turn to pick the place. Great!

seadwaters - the fish and chips yesterday are over...Beck says to move forward after choice you are not pleased with.

hikergirl - Hi!

02-25-2010, 11:50 AM
Hi Everyone.
Thank you for the welcome.

I am just reading through the posts and getting "to know" everyone. I can relate to so many of your comments. It is a pleasure and a relief to be here.

I am going to a bar this pm (pacific time) to watch the Womens Canada-USA Gold Medal hockey game. Yikes, I am going to have to come up with a way to navigate through that.

Billblueeyes - I will take you up on starting a recipe thread.


02-25-2010, 11:58 AM
We stayed home for lunch yesterday, after all, which was helpful to me. We tried two new dishes at supper -- vegan ones. Neither recipe was a keeper, but credit for trying.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +50, 1208/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: credit for making and staying on a plan while you were in Sydney. Finding yourself suddenly without a plan after all of that is a learning experience, so credit for learning from it!

hikergirl: love your Advantage card! I don't think I tried any of the Beck recipes when I had that book out of the library. I may have to get it again. I love getting healthy cookbooks from the library and trying a few things, copying the occasional successful recipe to keep for the long term.

bennyhannahmama: No eating in the car was my first rule for myself. But, I think you have good reasons and it doesn't seem to sabotage your effort. When it gets warmer, could you eat when the car is parked after you get to work and before you leave for home? I'd say to keep going with what works.
I bought the book and workbook yesterday and I'll read Day 1 today.

onebyone: sending healing energies your way. I'm so glad that things are calming down for you and you are finding a way to deal with the uncertainty. Acting as if you will be where you are is certainly a good rational approach, albeit a difficult one. I'm impressed with how well you are doing it.
I'm glad this is the place where you can share your frustration. Yay for taking care of yourself. I think you should wake up Caesar every time you seem him sleeping in the daytime, maybe that will make him sleep at night!

midlifecrisis57: glad you are having such wonderfully fulfilling experiences! and yay for green!

BillBlueEyes: Some days half of my exercise is yoga. Would that be a good path for you to get slowly back in the habit?

Beverlyjoy: much sympathy about the house full of goodies and being in "it's not fair" mode. Could you manage a short walk around the block in those moments? That usually helps my mood and would give you a credit for spontaneous exercise, to boot.

02-25-2010, 02:20 PM
DH gets home this afternoon, just in time to put the sheep into the shearing shed. It’ll be nice to have him home, but I just wish we had a bit of time to relax together. But credit me for getting dinner prepped this AM—all I need to do is pop it in the oven. Another credit for planning and prepping for easy dinners after shearing. They are usually long, exhausting days.

I got my run in yesterday, even though it was one of those days where you keep rocks in your pockets to keep from blowing away. I made cookies yesterday, and managed to keep from nibbling while they were coming out of the oven. Baking is an occupational hazard. We have at least a dozen busy workdays a year where we’ve got a crew to feed. So I have to learn to live with being around tempting baked goods. But I’m getting my resistance techniques in place. I’m telling myself, “These aren’t your cookies.” And they’re in the freezer now (thanks Gardenerjoy). I’ll find what works.

Beverlyjoy, don’t sell yourself short. You’re managing to do so well because you are doing hard work and establishing good habits. Congrats on a healthy trip. Your new motto, “Plan ahead for the future,” is a good one. Good luck dealing with the “it’s not fair” mindset—can you get out of the house for a bit. Maybe that would help. Or read your advantages and remind yourself that what’s not fair is living without these advantages.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on a good Beck day! Great job planning ahead for a challenge—it makes all the difference. That exercise ticker is pretty impressive.

RE what is sheep paint: Brands are painted onto sheep. The paint washes out of the wool. In fact, you can barely see the brands by summer. We use different colors so that we can easily sort the sheep. When they’re running down a chute, you can easily spot the colors on the brand.

Seadwaters, LOL at “it is easy to stay on plan even though I am busy - because it is all the food I have!” What a great strategy! I have that old Ranchwife mentality, keep your freezer and pantry stocked because you never know if you’ll get snowed in or feed an unexpected crowd. Yay for making it halfway up a flight of stairs without realizing it! Congrats on getting stronger.

Hi Hikegirl! Where do you live in British Columbia? My husband and I lived about 30 miles south of Vancouver (in Bellingham, Washington) when he was in graduate school. And I spent most of my childhood just 60 miles south of the border on the other side of the mountains. I have a lot of great memories going up to Whistler to ski and going up to Penticton in the summer—there were water slides. I like the stir fry recipe—the edamame in it is great, but I didn’t think it had enough veggies, so I skip the salad and side vegetable and add the veggies to the stir fry.

Bennyhannamamma, yay for growing confidence, and good job identifying that saboteur and being ready for it. It’s just like anything else—it’s easier to deal with when you are ready for it. As far as eating in the car, see if you can really be mindful while you are doing it. If you are mindful, I think it’s OK. If not, I like Midlifecrisis57’s advice.

Onebyone, ouch for earache, sore throat and hair hurting. I’m trying to imagine that, but just can’t. Congrats on calming down each day and each day being an improvement! The scale will begin to move again once you get back into a routine. Good luck with your class. You’re handling their frustration very well, but I know it’s emotionally draining.

Midlifecrisis57, congrats on a green day. I love that yoga—it’s a great workout for more than just the body! Glad it’s bringing you some rejuvenation. Love those lessons you learned at couples therapy, and hope it all goes well.

BillBE, ouch for work, work, work, but kudos for eating to deal with it. Sorry for missing exercising, but credit for missing it.

RE do sheep mind getting sheared? I don’t know an easy answer. They’ve got ten lbs of wool on them, so they will appreciate having it off when the weather warms up. But it’s cold now so I don’t think they’re too happy about it. We’re not being cruel. It’s crucial for us to shear them before they begin to lamb in April, and even though it’s cold now, it’s usually dry. We get wet storms in March and April, and those storms can kill newly sheared sheep pretty quick. We’re trying to give them several weeks to acclimate before those storms hit. Any time we handle the sheep, it stresses them, even though we try to be as low stress as we can. They may be domestic animals, but domestic doesn’t mean docile. Most of the shearers come from NZ, and they shear all year long. They shear throughout the southern Hemisphere: Aus, NZ, South Africa, South Amer., and then they move to the northern hemisphere. So they’re very practiced. They average 2 minutes for an adult ewe (yearling ewes are quicker, rams take longer). So the actual shearing is very low-stress—it’s amazing to watch a good shearer (you can find video on youtube). The sheep do get knicked up a bit, but the shears are so sharp, most of the cuts are like shaving cuts.

Sorry for the long answer—if you ask me an agriculture question, you’re in for a long winded, more-than-you-wanted-to-know answer.

02-25-2010, 09:57 PM
Whoa this is a busy semester!

Just checking in to say that things are going well. I'm continuing to get to the gym 3x/week and this morning lost 1 pound that has been extremely stubborn to depart with.

Hope you are all well & I hope (but can only hope) that I can catch up with everyone this weekend.

Take care!

02-25-2010, 11:40 PM
Joined the YM today! One step in the right direction. :)

Midlife-- SAHM= Stay at Home Mom. I teach about ten hours a month outside of my home but, by and large, I am at home with my two girls, one and three. Goofy and goofier.

02-25-2010, 11:55 PM
Hello Coaches

In spite of the ear ache now showing itself in the other ear (thank goodness I have only two ears and not, say, 4 or 6 -this is the silver lining no?) which is irritating as I slept and sweat and hoped I killed the bug. Alas, it's just moved quarters and split ranks *sigh* in spite of these challenges I feel great. I am home from Pet Portrait painting class where my students are inspired. Wow.
Very little frustration tonight, mostly sadness that the class is coming to and end and what will they do now???

It's a great compliment.

One student brought in a giant 24" x 48" canvas. Awesome and started in on it freehand which is really not how she approaches painting. I love seeing everybody take chances. She also completed another pet portrait over the weekend, making three completed paintings. She is on fire. So great.

Anyway, I could go on but I won't. I think I need to paint something soon.

I have to say I have been more empty than full today so that makes me feel better food-wise. It's a necessary state for me to lose weight. Tomorrow is weigh-in day and this morning I was 263.6 so I may may be back to the 262.6 where I was pre-DH's return, and can start to head downwards once more. I cannot lose focus now.

I am hoping to join the next round of beginner's tai-chi classes a few blocks away. I need to do something to gently stretch this body of mine. it's cramping up the darn thing! I can feel myself hunching over slightly from the hips on up. hard to explain but basically I used to stand straighter and this belly of mine has my center of gravity off and I compensate at my hips somehow--it makes them sore and man do I hate feeling pain in the hips. Talk about feeling like an old lady. geez. Credit though for actually feeling these things and for feeling optimistic enough to think i can do something to feel better! I have friends who are driving me NUTS in their complete willful resistance to facing their lives and their own personal challenges. OMG. basically I have backed away from a few of them as I cannot take willful inaction. It drives me crazy. But I hate having the universe decide things for me. Change happens anyway, why not try to direct it, not with an iron will but gently giving in when needed or when it's actually a better plan than the one I had but also having a plan. hello? Anyway I digress but it's getting super-frustrating to watch this around me.

It's your one life for pete's sake. Don't you want to DO something with it?

"Oh well," as Dr. Beck would say (such a useful phrase). I don't have to live that way and that's all I have to deal with and can deal with anyway.

Have a good night.

02-26-2010, 12:15 AM
KidsLibraryLady: Ah! SAHM: I was once one of that racket. Good gig! Doesn't last long enough! But its nice to talk on the phone daughter is 21 and just called to say she was stuck in a storm. I'm 700 miles away...not much I can do but comfort with words! Still gotta comfort though--that never goes away! Never knew true undying love till she was born! daughters. love.

Shepardess: i love to watch sheep being sheared...used to watch at 4-H sheep festival in NH. I didn't realize there were professional journeymen shearers. Neat to know! Your words of comfort and advice are beautifully written. You must be very focused to get all these things accomplished! Good for you!

Onebyone: only thing to say:

BillBE: I figured you'd be impressed with the opera adventure. Yes it was EXCELLENT! I love Placido who played the lead role singing baritone, a bit out of his range..and oh that Jim Morris, what a handsome man! The audience didn't clap (just my sis and I did) was a full house of older people...very sweet: I just wanted to hug them all. They were opera lovers though. During the 20 minute intermissions, we went back stage with Rene Fleming hosting; to interview Levine about the piece, or talk to Morris and Domingo, or watch the traincar set changes. Amazing. It was soooooo good, I'm sure you can catch them in the Hub: watch for two more this season: Hamlet is next. mid April I think, and then one in May. check on met opera site.

I'm not talking about food tonite. I but I did hook up with some spaghetti squash. It has been a long time. That is one fun vegetable!!!!!

Stay warm. HUGS from Appalaches.

02-26-2010, 12:46 AM
bennyhannahmama :wave: You are doing so well. Kudos for all your efforts. So glad to see you making great solid steps forward. Feeling good is very scary for me, so I need to keep an eye on it and watch for my "saboteur" Ah yes. We share the same :devil: <--LOOK! It even looks the same ;) Feeling good must become our "new normal" don't you think? Feeling good with none of the self-questioning 85% of time (I won't strive for 100%) or how about feeling good, accepting we feel good, and then moving forward. No questions, no drama, just a nod to the good feelings and moving on. Maybe a thank you to ourselves, to the universe, and an acknowledgment of the work we have done to get to that point. Just keep on keeping on B - you're making great progress.:hug: Accept it; it's real. It's the saboteur who's a big fat liar. :)

midlifecrisis57 I read this in your post: lightening the load off axial skeleton- Axial skeleton. What is that? What part of the body is that? And who is Eric Franklin and what are somata-imagery books? My guess: somata=body imagery=visualization/healing I, of course, may have googled this by the time you respond, but I would love to know what you find great about him or his approach to whatever it is he does really well... this sounds like an English assignment doesn't it? "In 20 words or less please summerize..." Awesome you had a GREEN Day which, as it happens, is a favorite band of mine... may you have many more and soon :broc:

BillBlueEyes "Oh well" :shrug:to the no exercise yet BBE. Soon you'll be back at the lunges, happily kvetching about them here. All in good time. Kudos for not using food to cope, or, alternately, employing "feeling bad" as a excuse to eat. Actually, BIG kudos for that.

BeverlyjoyI am living in a house of goodies and I can't have my fill. This would indeed make me feel deprived as well. BUT think about all the good stuff you are doing and how long you have worked to get to that place. PERSIST IN VICTORY! Don't throw it all away on a brief encounter, a short-lived food love affair, that will make you want more all the while making you feel bad for doing so... it ain't worth it! ;) And just a question for you: I know you wrote that you can't feel the fullness part, can you feel the emptiness? Like feeling true, absolute bodily hunger? Just curious...

hikergirl :welcome2: back fellow Canuck. Oh I see the Canadian Women won gold tonight. Athletes. Amazing anyone wins gold at that level of sport... or silver or bronze. How did you do while out celebrating the win? Did you make a plan (most important skill) and how did it work out (almost secondary to having a plan as we strive to be better...progress not perfection!) ?

gardenerjoy Kudos for closing in on your exercise goal for the month. You've reminded me I need to keep searching for recipes :stir: that DH and I can share. I am always pre-occupied with his intake of white bread a la wonder white bread. He has an aversion to onions, peppers, and mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables-all of them. Surprisingly he likes the green bean. Go figure. Anyway they're not forbidden as he's used to picking things out and he's one step better than his brother who won't eat all those PLUS no tomatoes. I find myself cooking stuff for him and stuff for me. That gets old really fast. It's worth it to keep trying to find the common ground though.

Shepherdess What do you paint on the sheep? Is it a number, a letter, a symbol? One colour or a few colours? Does your ranch have a name? At the Carp Farmer's Market where I have sold my art work the local farmer's all have names for their farms which I love. Doug, "the lazy farmer" (he never weeds) has Laughing Winds Farms. Andy owns Acorn Creek Farms and Randy has Harvest Moon Orchards. I always wanted an estate with the word "folly" in it somewhere. Credit for maintaining your prep and your planning for the busy days you are experiencing. It really is the key. If there was an icon with "patting on the back" I'd place it here, but I'll add this one in lieu of it :dancer: Excellent job making and ridding your space of those cookies that really aren't yours. ;)

FutureFitChick :wave: Enjoy your busy semester and the loss of that stubborn 1lb. Kudos for getting regular workouts in during a busy time.

KidsLibrarylady Kudos on joining the Y today! GOOD JOB putting yourself first, acknowledging your own needs. This is excellent and will serve your whole family system well. :hug:

02-26-2010, 06:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Repeat of yesterday. DW asked if I was ever going back to the gym; Ouch. During a confused moment yesterday, the thought arrived that food would solve that. So I realized that there was an in-building errand I could run. It worked; got my juices flowing again. For those of you who don't have basements, you would be less jealous if you owned a wet vac and knew what I did last night. CREDIT moi for posting.

Congrats to all our Canadian readers and contributors for that Hockey Gold Medal yesterday.

onebyone - Ouch for the bugs migrating to the other ear. Since I'm not a doctor I'm stuck with thinking about them gingerly stepping over the neurons to get there, LOL. Neat that you got some beginners fired up. Thanks for "happily kvetching" - this thread continues to expand my vocabulary.

FutureFitChick - Thanks for the reminder that super busy can still include gym; Kudos for that.

Shepherdess - Kudos for remaining diligent about nibbling when faced with hot cookies. Thanks for the shearing explanations, love reading that stuff.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts as you cycle through Sabotaging Thoughts while surrounded by food. May your carefully saved cookie help kick you into the right place.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - So neat to try new dishes and decide on the keepers; my DW and I do that, it's fun. Thanks for the yoga tip; maybe I'll start walking as if I were going to a yoga class and get my exercise by wandering about looking for one, LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - Absolutely agree with comment about spaghetti squash, "That is one fun vegetable!!!!!" Even more jealous of your opera adventure after your details. Thanks for the pointer to go look for it. I know folks who routinely travel to New York to hear the Met live.

KidsLibraryLady - Yay for a step in the right direction for exercise. Do your girls get to go with you and have a place to hang out?

Susan (hikergirl) - Did the whole bar explode when the Canadians won? Must have been a wild night.

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

. . .
Draw a symbolic line. Don't give yourself until tomorrow to get back on track. Instead say, Here's the line, right here, where I stop this unplanned eating. Mark this line by brushing your teeth, polishing your nails, going out for a walk, calling a friend or your diet coach, or engaging in some other non-eating related activity.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 166.

02-26-2010, 08:37 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Official weigh-in this morning: 263.4 = no change from last week :) I will take that and move forward this week.

It's very windy here this morning. Grey skies once more with none of this guy :sunny: showing. Oh well.

I'm off to the school tbis morning. I've stayed away from the ceramic room for a few days, time to re-connect and get some basic things done. I'm also trying to come up with a few templates to use for making a series of prints for my art in the park coming up the first week of June. Now this, coaches, is early planning for me. I've just sent off an application to this art show saying I'd be bringing prints to it; not paintings or jewelery like I usually do. Time to change gears and shake it up but this means I need to build my inventory and I need to do it while I am at the school and in the print room. I need to wrap my head around this and so I am starting to focus there. Nothing like starting from scratch, or so it feels. I like that feeling when it comes to artwork; not so much in other areas of my life though. ;)

Time to get ready to go. Have a good day.

02-26-2010, 08:38 AM
Like bennyhannahmama, I use my phone for the ARCs and the RCs. I've got a BlackBerry and I just have them as lists on the memopad app. I have three reminders set up to read them (morning, afternoon and evening). The other thing I'm doing, now I've lost some weight*, is to make comments on the ARCs. For example:

I'll feel fitter and healthier.

Very important. And it's starting to happen.

* 12lbs, actually, since the early days of January! :cool:

I lurk here, you know, and enjoy everyone's posts. I don't have the brain space or time to post as well! Thanks for letting me.

PS to Shepherdess: we don't shear here until the summer. Lambing has already started all around. Most are still only a week or so but there are a few early ones (the 'teenager lambs') who are getting a bit keen. I have to go out at regular intervals to shout at those who want to vault the wall and get into the garden! How they complain. (And a possibly TMI note to Bill: the buzzards love the afterbirth!)

02-26-2010, 09:47 AM
I listen. Yo, Beckies, this just jumped out at me from a post by Robin:

"Sweeten up that plan of yours, customize it, make it more appealing to you, find foods that you love, get rid of the junk, make some food laws and rules that you can abide to. And then get EXCITED about the changes you are about to make. Don't dread them. Find the joy in this!!! In other words - set yourself up for success. Stop thinking poor me, I can't eat this and I can't eat that. Remember - staying FAT is the poor me. Staying FAT is the deprivation here. You're depriving yourself of the best you possible. No deprivation involved passing up on some calorie laden foods. None what soever. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle is a joy and a blessing, it's no burden. REALIZE that. Because it's a biggie. Tell yourself that even if you don't believe it right now - eventually you will KNOW it."

I have never heard it said better. I seriously never have. God love her, our dear Dr. Beck is just a little, shall we say, less passionate? *laffin'.

Beckies, if we could just *get this. *sigh.

02-26-2010, 10:51 AM
Hi Beck friends, buddies, coaches.... I got through another day of staying out of all the goodies and eating within my exchange plan - I am grateful. I put a cookie into my plan yesterday - when it came time to eat it... it was gone. :p My sister must have eaten it. I actually felt sad :(- I a substituted some dark chocolate and am happy that I still got to have a treat. :D

Thanks to all with your ideas and support for my dilema of being away from home in a house of goodies. I did do alot of distraction things and went outside for a while - good ideas folks.

Today I am meeting with my two college roomates from the dorm freshman year in....1970. Gosh, that's 40 years ago. :dizzy: KInd of makes me feel old!! They both live in California now. They know my sister and will come to her house for a visit and then we are going out to lunch. I think that I am mentally prepared for the lunch out. It's hard to get together with folks that knew me when I was a normal weight - however, I think I had disordered eating then too.

I - read beck book, arc & rc, logged food, ate within plan, did exercise, eat only seated, reminded myself "why" often, felt hunger, left a bite of food on my plate at meals.

Also - ate too fast, no spontaneous exercise, fullness issue (but, have a new plan to address this)

maryblu - thank you for posting robin's thoughts. It is so true - I appreaciate it greatly.

silverbirch - such a good idea to add more ideas and comments to the arc.

midlife- I like spagetti squash too...such a good reminder!

onebyone - I will take that and move forward this week. That is a good attitude. I know you will feel some inspiration in your new art endevours. You asked if I had felt hunger in my tummy....yes, I actually have felt an emptiness and a hunger pang. It's just the fullness I am working on. Perhaps if I think about how the food feels in my tummy on the way down and when it gets there, I can be more in touch with this feeling. Hope your ear feels better.

billiebe - ouch - on dw's comment about the gym. Glad an errand got your mind 'right'. Oh no - I hope you weren't dealing with a flooded basement. If so....been there and it's the pits. Sorry.

kislibrarylady - it's GREAT that you joined the Y. It's a wonderful place with alot of motivation and inspiration.

futurefitchick - hooray for a pound down! Glad things are going well.

shepardess - thanks for the ideas and encouragement in dealing with my 'it's not fair' mindset. may not be fair - but it is what it is. Yes...I am going to be going outside more often. You have so many great credits....kudos for doing all that planning ahead with meal planning and even getting in a run!!!

gardenerjoy - it's a big credit to try new dishes. I think that keeping it interesting and fresh sometimes can help move us forward. The old 'standby's' are good - but, it's fun to try new things.

hikergirl - hope it went well watching the game...planning helps. A recipe thread sounds like a good idea.

Everyone else - shout out to you. Hope everyone has a great day.

02-26-2010, 01:20 PM
Started the Pink book and accompanying workbook, but I didn't get through Day 1 yesterday -- I forgot how much introductory material there would be! So, I got through the intro of the Pink Book. I'll get a bit farther today.

I did my entire Brazilian Dance DVD for the first time. I think I bought it to reward myself for meeting my exercise goal in November. At that time, I couldn't complete any of my dance DVDs that were longer than about half an hour. Now, I have no problem dancing for an hour at a time and doing it as often as every other day. Yay for that and credit for noticing the progress.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +70, 1278/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: Great job with all the prepping and planning. Thanks for all the info on sheep shearing -- that is just fascinating.

FutureFitChick: good to "see" you whenever you make it!

KidsLibrarylady: yay for joining the Y!

onebyone: so glad your painting class went well. I've been doing some qi gong videos (If I understand things correctly, tai chi is a type of qi gong). I like how they make me feel (including my hips which are a problem for me, too), although I have to put my arms down fairly often because I can't hold them up as long as some of the moves indicate. Yay for a good weigh in after a challenging week!

BillBlueEyes: I know more than I'd like about wet vacs and basements, mostly learned in the last couple of years since we moved into the new house. The old house had a sump pump that seemed to correct most problems before they happened.

silverbirch: thanks for the UK lambing details -- very fascinating. Good job with your ARCs and RCs -- I like the idea of adding notes to make them reflect your experience.

maryblu: we should get Robin to write a book!

Beverlyjoy: good job dealing with the disappointment of not getting to eat the planned cookie! That would be a tough situation for me.

02-26-2010, 02:35 PM
Wow, I just typed a lengthy post to this thread and then I lost it. Billblueeyes did suggest that I cut and paste to a scrath pad along the way. Lesson learned.

Silverbirch - great application of the Blackberry.

Shepherdess - I am in Vancouver BC. I have been to Blaine and to Birch Bay quite a few times. I have driven through Bellingham on the way to Seattle. Unfortunately I do not go to Seattle very often (it has been years). You live in a lovely area with some great cycling (LaConnor, Anacortes etc). Thank you for the suggestions on the stir fry

Somebody asked about the experience in the bar during the women's gold medal hockey game. Well, through a bunch of puckheads in an establishment, toss in some beer and a bunch of televisions with an important game on and you have a recipe for alot of energy. My food and drink experiences in the bar were successful in that I did not binge. That is a major triumph for me. I was not successful at sticking the the Think Thin plan but I think that a binge was averted because I read the Advantage Cards and REsistance Cards before I left. This morning I revisited them, made a food plan for the day and read the cheat sheet messages to myself and I am comfortable that I am on the right track.

Kislibrarylady – I truly believe that Y’s offer you the opportunity to feel connected to yourself and something bigger (the community). I hope that you enjoy it and able to give it the time to fully experience the connectedness

Midlifecrisis – how did you prepare the spag squash?

Onebyone- you Rock!

Futurefitchick – I am giggling at your treadmill avatar (it is an avatar isn’t it!)

Beverlyjoy- great Resistance techniques.

Gardenerjoy – impressive stats

Maryblu – I have read that quote you posted 4 times…it is very good, now, to have the ability to really “see it when I read it” when I am losing perspective and about to eat uncontrollably.

Over and out. I have not reread this for typos etc.


02-27-2010, 07:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - He went to the gym, he did; CREDIT moi. OK, wasn't a knock out workout, but it gets me back in the game. Had a particularly satisfying on-plan dinner because I served myself a modest portion from the pasta-veggie-chicken dish sitting on the table for the whole meal. And no seconds; CREDIT moi. And had a desire for a second evening snack but didn't; CREDIT moi. Felt like I was doing my Beck stuff.

maryblu - Love the passion. Thanks for the quote. Yep, being "EXCITED" sounds like a sound basis for a program-for-life.

onebyone - Yay for wrapping your head around a creative project. Life is good.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for losing a planned cookie; Yay for dark chocolate as a substitute. Yay for dark chocolate always! Actually, I was dealing with a basement that wanted to become flooded if not attended. After 30 years living here, the 125 year old field-stone walls of our basement have discovered a new path to admit water. When built, the basement wasn't presumed to stay dry - how could it, the walls are just a stack of stones.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Oh definitely yes, Kudos for an hour of dancing and Kudos for noticing the progress. Yay for sump pumps when you're lucky enough that an experienced contractor sloped the whole basement floor into a corner.

Susan (hikergirl) - Ouch, again, for lost posts, again; that's a pain. Laughing at "and you have a recipe for a lot of energy" - sounds like a fun night.

silverbirch - Congrats on the scale loss so far this year. You must be doing something right. Yep, I've read that the "buzzards" recycle the afterbirth. Have also read, TMI coming, that they will sit on the bums of moms waiting; Ouch.

Readers - day 20
Get Back on Track Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you now you shouldn't, do the following:

. . .
Give yourself credit for stopping - at any point. If you want to keep eating but you don't, you deserve credit! It's important not to let yourself become demoralized. You need to give yourself some slack for being human and making a mistake.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 167.

02-27-2010, 10:40 AM
Yesterday was a good day - I am grateful. I had a great time with my roomies from freshman year in the dorm. We went to a French Bistro and I was willing to push half of my salmon to the side because it was a huge portion - credit.

I had 3 food exchanges left at the end of the day - and used one exchange with some dark chocolate. I savored it.

credits - no seconds, logged food, exercise, thought about hunger, ate slowly, no seconds, left food on plate, tasted and enjoyed food, gave credit through out the day, re, arc, lots of water

- no spontaneous exercise, ate a bite standing, working on fullness

billieblueeyes - sounds like you are feeling better - so glad to hear it. It's good you got to the gym and got in some exercise. Your dinner sounds good - kudos on no seconds. So good that you had a on task beck day. Thanks again for posting excerps - always good reminders You have an old old basement - I hope you can redirect or plug the water.

gardenjoy - huge credit doing your dancing and being able to go for a longer time. That is a big accomplishment! Glad you got your beck book and workbook to work with.

hikergirl - I have lost posts too. Often I save it as I go (copy it) - that works most of the time. Hope you have a GREAT day.

Tomorrow I fly back home - there's lots of snow there along with a new snowstorm- hopefully it won't impact my flight home.

02-27-2010, 12:26 PM
Hi fellow Beckies

I am just checking in to say I hope I can get a grip on my eating today. This past week was terrible. All the usual issues- eating because I was stressed, eating because I wanted something to comfort myself, eating because I was away from home, eating because I had no plan, eating because I was pretending I didn't really care and/or I would regroup later, eating because the food was there.......

(When I say eating I mean- overeating and eating junk food).

I am in self sabotage mode. I know what I need to do- I just need to do it.

So credit today so far for:

weighing in
eating a healthy breakfast
making a plan for the rest of the day for eating, exercise and reading cards
posting here

Hope everyone has a good day!!!

02-27-2010, 01:27 PM
Hi there.

While I did not “get moving” yesterday, I have already done my gym work this morning. I did stick the the Beck Plan yesterday and navigated my way through some challenges and triumphed.

Billblueeyes – great stuff regarding getting to the gym and being “centred” with your eating.

Beverlyjoy – I am almost always unsuccessful at leaving food on my plan. Big credit to you!

Ceejay – Billblueeye’s post Day 20 comment applies ---- Remember to Give Yourself Credit for Stopping

Have a great day all.


02-27-2010, 03:15 PM
Yesterday, I got to garden for exercise for the first time in 2010! The weather was warm, at least compared to the unseasonably cool February that we have had. The ground is muddy where it isn't frozen, so we couldn't do very interesting yardwork. But clean-up is the kind of gardening that I can count as exercise -- hauling the cart interspersed with squats and reaches, aka circuit training!

The intro of The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook has three preliminary requirements:

1. Choosing a Diet Coach. Thanks y'all!

2. Choosing Your Diet. By which, she actually means one diet and a second for a backup. I've been following "gardenerjoy's Exchange Plan (tm)" and, really, it's probably the only diet I will follow long term. But, it's probably always going to require some recalibrating now and then to make sure that I'm eyeing portions well and that I have a good balance of exchanges. One of the more fun ways to recalibrate is to follow someone else's diet for awhile, so I'm going to play along with this.

Diet 1 is The DASH Diet -- I followed this for awhile years ago to stabilize my blood pressure. But I didn't lose weight because it wasn't designed for that. Since then, someone has come out with a book that does include plans for losing weight. So, I requested the book from the library today.

Diet 2 is gardenerjoy's Exchange Plan augmented by calorie counting.

3. Choosing Your Exercise Program. This one is also already done courtesy of 3FC. Setting a minutes goal in the monthly thread under the Chicks Up for a Challenge support forum is working great so I will stick with that.

WI: +0.45kg, Exercise: +90, 1368/1400 minutes for February, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

hikergirl: good job not binging at the hockey celebration in a bar

BillBlueEyes: congrats for making it back to the gym. It's probably best to start back slowly.

Beverlyjoy: so glad your visit with friends went well, including the eating.

CeeJay: it's great that you're back and making credits for yourself!

02-27-2010, 10:20 PM
Hi there! I just can't seem to pull it together, people. I need to get it together!

onebyone-- your hair hurts-- I can hear my eyes when they hurt. I didn't know that was weird until I said it one day in front of a bunch of co-workers. Luckily it was a bunch of women I had worked with for a long time so they could tell me how weird that was. I can also hear it when other people tell me their eyes hurt. It's a crackle. Talk about a weird electrical system. :) I have a cat you are welcome to have, should you want another one. :)

Shepherdess-- interesting info on the shearing; I have never seen that done. Good idea to put the cookies in the freezer. I am glad that worked. My MIL puts hers in their deep freezer in their basement and defrosts them right before she serves them. Hard on the teeth but probably accounts for her slim body.

FFC-- WOOHOO for ridding yourself of the pound! Especially with a busy schedule.

midlifecrisis-- yep-- I am crazy about my girls. My three year old wore a dress, tights, ballerina outfit, extra dance skirt, about ten necklaces, light up ballerina shoes and carried a wand to her music class. It was hysterical!

BBE-- you really haven't lived until you have bonded with a wet-vac in a basement. Such fun. The child care is actually why I joined the Y. We have a treadmill and elliptical machine but I don't have time to use it. This way I can get in some exercise during the day a few times a week while I sort of have the girls. Day 20 tip is timely. My husband actually asked me what my plan was. Glad you are back at the gym!

maryblu-- printed off the quote- thanks for sharing

BEverlyjoy-- sounds like you are pretty much keeping it together despite some challenges. being out of my home throws me for a loop--great job! Hope your trip back to the snowy land of OH is a good one!

Gardenerjoy-- WOWOWOW on the dancing... what a huge improvement. I am going to try Zumba Gold on Monday. If I don't break anything, I will post how it goes. I am not the least bit coordinated so I am sure it will be interesting. YAY for going outside. I can't wait!

hikergirl-- hi there! I am looking forward to speaking to adults at the YM. That's if I can catch my breath for long enough to do so. :)

Ceejay "I am in self sabotage mode. I know what I need to do- I just need to do it." Giiiiiiirrrrrlllll i am SO right there with you. Ugh. Why do we make it so difficult?

02-28-2010, 12:10 AM
Hi All,
I tracked food today, credit, and put it on my graph, credit. Walked 8500+ steps, credit. Left a small pile of feta from my Greek salad at lunch, credit. We're getting ready for a craft show next weekend, and contemplating whether we will be loading the car in a blizzard. . .that's stressful. I'm ready for my slug olympics to be over--I spent way too much time laying in bed watching the games. Yesterday I had chocolate chip pancakes, and I gasped when the huge stack came out--it looked like the batter ran to the edges of the grill. The waitress offered me a box right away, and I tucked one inside, and didn't even miss it, and forgot to take it with me(yay!!!).

02-28-2010, 12:21 AM
Nice going Nux on the forgotten box. I like that! Sounds like everyone else is getting better or just getting back. It has been one stressful month for most of us, on the whole planet!!!! (more quakes and tsunamis today!). I have been doing well keeping things very simple and clinging to prayer for patience. A little hungry at night but listening to satiation signals. 72-second poses (asanas) really helps too. Standing on one leg in a standing split is amazing for taming the restless feeling that used to make me think that the answer was FOOD. Now it is sobriety! Food was my drug of choice, I see that now! Now I long for relaxing shoulders and jaw instead! SO I wlll go do some exercises for that now and go to bed. Tata!

02-28-2010, 02:16 AM
I have spent the weekend organising clothes, making menus, shopping, cooking food to freeze, throwing away half of it because I didn't like it (!), and generally getting organised to do my Beck stuff as BBE puts it. I have been a bit disorganised and off program since I got home on Wednesday night - finding it difficult to keep up! But I will persist with trying. Midlifecrisis makes me think of yoga - I used to go three times a week and was quite advanced - I need to start again with the simple standing poses until I am stronger maybe. You are all experiencing snow and cold which to me seems so desirable (always wanting what I can't have) - it is very hot and humid here and overnight it is difficult to sleep - even though it is starting to cool down now. Last weeks nights were 28 Celsius and 100% humidity - yuck

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Got food organised: posted today: downloaded and iPhone ap that will allow me to synchronise my lists; Advantages cards, Response Cards, Anti-Craving Techniques, Menus maybe (still haven't finished syncing)

Not so good: :nono:
Feeling a bit negative and overwhelmed - just need to hang in there. Not a lot of exercise as a bit uncomfortable at the moment. Could relate to OneByOne - I have severe arthritis in one knee and get plantar fasciitis in the other heel and it makes hobbling a bit difficult. It will settle ...

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GET BACK ON TRACK - NOW! Being more structured with working Beck and with posting - even if I can't acknowledge everyone's contribution. I am too new to know everyone and to keep track of their posting and I get guilty and contrite for not making personals. Maybe I have to leave that for a while except for something that sticks in my mind or I avoid posting even if I am reading everyone's advice avidly