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01-31-2010, 11:30 PM
I recently read through Idiot's Guide to Weight Loss (some good stuff, some bad). One of the ideas they had that I thought was good was basically a "dear john" letter to your fat self. They suggested writing your fat self a letter, thanking it for the good things it has done for you, explaining why you no longer need it, and saying a final goodbye. I have begun working on mine, it's really difficult. It might be really helpful to those who need to deal with the issues behind how they put the weight on, why they kept it so long, etc.

02-01-2010, 07:35 AM
Seems like there might be something to this...Maybe more than carb addiction, or genetics...there probably is a psychological aspect as well.
I am still thinking...This is not a complete list...it's more like a maybe list...but here goes....
Good things:
* Protection in cold weather
*Stores estrogen (keeps you younger)
* Substitute for real life issues
*Reason to not be fully engaged in living

Why I don't need it:
*I can buy beautiful clothing to keep me warm
*I will look and feel younger if I slim down
*I can deal with problems a day at a time
*I want to live my best life and conquer my self esteem issues
:carrot:GOODBYE FAT:carrot:

02-01-2010, 10:41 AM
There was a recent episode of RUBY (Style network, I saw it on Comcast On Demand this week) where she (Ruby is now 350 pounds, down from over 700, I think) could not part with her biggest clothes she owned. Her dresses were frumpy sacks that literally covered most of her bed, and she is a very flamboyant southern redhead with a new wardrobe that suits her personality. Her rationale for not getting rid of them was "I might need them" but there was something more going on...

It was very interesting...she discussed it with her group of friends that meets weekly (I think it is called the "fat ladies club") and they talked about why they did/did not keep fat clothes and the consequences of those decisions.

I was personally shocked by her inability to let go of her fat self...I have not been able to stomach looking at a picture of myself for 15 years, I hate the way I look, etc. I suppose it is because I have been over the thing which drove me to be fat for quite some time, but did not have the energy to get over being fat until fairly recently. I have only recently realized that I'm no longer what people think of as "fat" - even though I have probably got 40 pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight, I don't wear plus-sized clothes any more (I wear a 14, the national average, and I have a big frame, so I don't even look pudgy compared to the other 14s I know). I have to say, I don't miss being the fattest person in the room (although I don't celebrate it when someone else is)...